Kobe’s Greatest Hits, IV

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Guess who’s back?

That’s right, Afro-Kobe returns in our look back at Kobe Bryant‘s long and storied NBA history. It doesn’t matter how many times we see him at this stage of his career, it’s worth a shake of the head to remember just how ridiculously athletic he was as a youngster. He had serious Hang Time!

Look for yourself here in Kobe’s Top 10 Plays from the 1998-99 season. And yes, there is a Greg Ostertag sighting in there:

Remember, this is just the fourth installment of our look back at the Top 1o Plays from the Black Mamba‘s career. Every day between now and the All-Star Game (Feb. 20) weโ€™ll be posting a new season top 10.

Just remember, if you see that wrist band on his left arm above his elbow, our main man Afro-Kobe is probably in the building!


  1. John Thomas says:

    This is all nonsense. Chasing23 has an article that documents all of Kobe’s misses and makes in the clutch:

  2. Miguel says:

    Kobe is the best !!! Congratulations from Chile !!!

  3. heyyou says:

    kobe is the best nba player ever see he should have more mvp …

  4. jimmy says:

    kobe should have more mvp than one he a best player in the nba

  5. Live in Boston Love the Lakers says:

    I love the commentators comment about Kobe being 1 shy of his career high. Little did he know.

  6. wutang1985 says:

    the only reason i rememba the name arvidas sabonis is becoz of the number of times kobe put him on a poster

  7. bataraza24 says:

    to all james fans dont watch kobe highlight….just simple as that…the more u hate is the more u luv…
    i think if kb24 get his 6 rings…what next??? of course u compare kb to mj again…

    kb24 all the way…

  8. Inamikgreg says:

    Why is everyone hating on Lebron for leaving Cleveland and going to Miami to join Bosh and Wade? Would he have a better chance of winning ring(s) if he stayed in Cleveland? In order to enhance your legacy, you’re gonna need to win rings, and Lebron knows this. I believe Kobe is better than Lebron just based on overall basketball skills. Lebron is the better athletic specimen. But whenever you listen to comparisons, it always come back to “well Kobe has 5 rings, Lebron has none”, which is unfair. Kobe is a great player, but his legacy has been enhanced by the fact that he played with Shaq (dominant big man) and Gasol (maybe the most skilled big man playing right now). In between those championships were lots of scoring and little team success, leading Kobe to demand a trade (which I don’t fault him for). Kobe’s legacy is far superior to Lebron’s. Let’s see what happens during Lebron’s tenure in Miami. But right now, Kobe is better, no doubt.

  9. Ken in NJ says:

    Kobe is a rare winner. LeBron is an excellent performer. What a difference.

  10. wow a great player like kobe but i think Lebron James have that and more skills than him bye his power moves and incredible shot and pass Lebron the one and only

  11. John says:

    MJ Said it himself LEBRON is a coward he cant handle either competition or dalonte West not sure which one but he went to Miami on a desperate search for a ring… I wonder if KOBE was still ringless after 7 years???? Its not nice to compare a mans skills to a boys. KOBE is A Legend, Lebron is a great scorer but nobody remember people that put up alot of points and no rings. He might as well do himself a favor and go play in Turkey from now just like his boy AI

  12. Charles (Kobe) Bryant says:

    I’m a fan of Kobe and as such do not see the videos of Lebron but you who are fans of lebron doing watching the videos of the best! That says it all are watching this video because the man is Kobe and Lebron not

  13. Alfredo Serrano-Monche says:

    KOBE is the Best playerof the world, Wade and LeBron are the future players, but KOBE will get the next Championship. 3peats mabe 4peats. I’m very sure of that.



  15. KING JAMES says:


  16. kingnepp says:

    enough of those words,theyre both great,, they both have skills that each ader dont have.. kobe has more clutch than lbj. great shooting too. but lbj has more passing than kobe gud distribution 4 d teammates.plus the power of body too penetrate.. the bottomline is none of dem r great but both of dem! cant be compared!

  17. japanboytony says:

    LeBron is the best just face it………..

  18. DJ says:

    Ha Frodo has more rings than LeBrick.

  19. kobe4L says:

    kobe is the best ! no one can question it ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. marky says:

    No body plays like kobe bryant. Just look at his moves, its silky smooth and his fundamentally sound!!!

  21. marky says:

    Kobe is the best player in world!

  22. Josh says:

    Nice highlights, but come on, this was like 11 years ago. Let’s look ahead towards the future and what the new fresh guys like kevin durant and derrick rose have to offer.

  23. Diogo Nigri says:

    Two preseason plays in the countdown, shouldn’t count!

  24. Han says:

    poor quality clips, iยดm sure could be better (just digitizing the original tapes)

  25. I still believe that Jordan is the best but KOBE is the only one close to Jordan.Today, by all accounts, KOBE is the best. Some people still have the weird belief that SHAQ made Kobe but i believe the opposite is true. KOBE made that LA team to be the best ever.It is true that Shaq was the most dominant player but Kobe was the engine behind that three peat. Thanks

    • LakersWillWin says:

      No one remember game 7 where Lakers were down by 15 in the 4th qurter and Kobe brought them back. The haters can say Kobe rode Shaq’s back, but if Kobe had not of scored like a madman in the 4th quarter Lakers wouldn’t have begantheir 3peat quest…

      • japanboytony says:

        no one remember when shaq left and kobe couldnt get the team over the hump and went to the front office crying asking to be trade. but we talk about bron dude please bron is the best player in the world. kobe is good but hes know lebron james. the cavs had the best record in the nba last year know there last all because of one player if kobe was on that team last year i know they wouldnt have the best record or even be consider a championship team…..

  26. ALL TIME GREATS says:

    How many times as Kobe led the league in any statistical category?? For all the talk about his scoring he has only led the league in scoring 2 times. As far as other major statistical categories he has NEVER LED THE LEAGUE. AI had led the league in scoring 4 times. Kobe only has 1 MVP, although I’m sure the media will move heaven and earth to give Kobe another MVP. This guy is very overrated. The championships are great but Horry has 7 and they’re not saying he is a top 5 player. With that being said the championships are the icing on the cake, but there isn’t much cake with Kobe.

    • RJM says:

      Now your just a hater bro. Plain and simple. I love MJ, but when has he led in any major statistical categories besides Points? The answers is no. Assists? Never. Rebounds? Never. Steals? Never. Blocks? Never. That’s because MJ was a shooting guard, and so is Kobe. The role of the shooting guard is to score, and everything else comes second. Winning the scoring title twice is a major accomplishment considering, Kobe played with Shaq in his prime for 8 years, as well as having to compete for the scoring title against the likes of Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady who were monsters when it came to scoring also. You obviously know nothing about basketball by saying Kobe Bryant is overrated. And seriously, are you comparing a career 10 ppg role player like Robert Horry to the great Kobe Bryant? Yes, he contributed to his 7 rings as a solid role player, but has he ever carried the load on a championship team? Like Kobe did on all five of his? The answer is no. Kobe and Horry shouldn’t even be in the same conversation. Lastly, I’m not saying that Kobe is #1 because MJ has earned many more individual accomplishments than him. But if the conversation is based on sheer talent and skill it’s equal. Kobe may not be the GOAToption A, but he is the GOAT option B.

      • japanboytony says:

        carry the load 5 yeards dud please i give him 2 years we all know that lakers was shaq team and hes the reason they won the first three could have won 4 if they would have thrown the ball to shaq a little more. if bron played with shaq in his prime for 8 years 6 of them would be champioship seasons. and for all the people saying bron shouldve left he did rite nobody wants to play in cle.

      • Inamikgreg says:

        Jordan has lead the league in steals more than once. Look it up.

    • L8kr4life says:

      Spoken like a TRUE HATER or like someone who DOES not know anything about basketball whatsoever…

  27. ALL TIME GREATS says:

    EXCUSE ME WHILE I y a w n…

  28. mirko says:

    now 1 kobe 2 wade 3 lebron between 10 years 1 wade 2 kobe lebron 3

  29. mirko says:

    watch d wade best plays aahahahaha when was a rookie he wins th playoffs olny him

  30. rashdad says:

    lol,if a ball game is played ,I Love to see this magical skills Kobe Bryant Playing.He is impressive ,tallented player whose ,any one love the ball game will admire.I wonder what its comparison with Lebron.It is like you compare death and sleep.

  31. kobe_crossovers says:

    go to youtube, search Kobe crossovers…you will see a bunch of crossover mix tapes.

    go to youtube search lebron or jordan crossover mix tapes…… THERES 0 lolzz!!

    Maybe in 100 years we will see another 6’6 shooting guard with a 6’0 point guard dribbling ability. Just maybe we will see, i wouldnt give it too much hope though….Kobe IS TRUELY A RARE TALENT

    If kobe did not make it into the NBA, kobe would of still been one of the BEST basketball player worldwide, because his skills/talent would land him a spot in the AND1 crew.

    If jordan/lebron didnt make nba…..LOL city leagues, maybe yearly tournaments… and1 wont even want them, poor…VERY POOR dribbling ability… haha

    OMG, imagine kobe and hotsauce going back and forth with crossovers and trick moves….yeah sometimes i really wished he played in and1 instead…..sigh

    kobe truely the RAREST TALENT/SKILLS in the history of the nba…..YOU CAN’T DENY HIS TALENT!!!

    • David says:

      Is Kobe really 6’6? He looks more like 6’8 what with his arms and legs flailing on every play. He’s great but just not as smooth and artistic for me as D-Wade. Well, no one is for that matter.

  32. Reason says:

    LeBron goes hard that 51 point game against the Magic was too much. But really now? you really saying Kobe is nothing to LeBron? SMH

    Kobe was the best player in the league up until the beginning of the 2009 season according to analysts anyway, then LeBron became the current best. When LeBron turns 33, KD will be the best and we’ll all see that, “this guy is the best forget everybody else” discussion is useless.

  33. ELDiablO says:

    just say thanks for the entertainment he gave us..probably u love/admire before then came lebron..ur admiration transfered to james in addition to that ur admiration/love for KB becomes hatred..

    so now that lebron rules u admire him..tomorrow u will hate him because griffin is there making his name

    so all KB/LEBRON haters just shut up

    • DallasIAN says:

      Lebron James is a great player. We can’t deny that. But Kobe was great too. All players play best in their younger seasons. Now we’ll see players like Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin dominating the NBA. The days of Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Dirk Nowitzki, Carmelo Anthony, and such will be behind us. See to a great NBA season.

  34. blackjune says:

    is there a way to get these in better resolution? It is strange that nba.com doesnt offer that option in their regular videos, i understand though that it is harder to get these older clips in hd

  35. Ti Brown says:

    Afro-Kobe(#KB8) was nuthin but the funk. #KB8 would throw it STRAIGHT on your monkey and could give a what about your name was. #KB8 is owed more luv for his dunks, both in the game & in exhibitions. Top-10 all time and rarely even gets mentioned when folks list the greatest dunkers. #robbed, #snubbed, #hategreat

  36. Alex says:

    This is rare stuff you got here,i can only say THANK YOU and keep up the good work!

  37. NYK! says:

    Sekou id love 2 hear from u if u have a chance plez reply thanx: everyones been coming on the blog lately and turning the conversation towards kobe over lebron or lebron over kobe and even some mj talk in there as well. in my opinion we have to wait and see and at the end of their careers we can discuss it but id like 2 know ur opinion: who is better? Kobe whos won 5 rings, 2 scoring titles and an mvp (along with alot of other accomplishments), or Lebron whos won a scoring title and 2 mvps (along with alot of other accomplishments) ??? KOBE or LEBRON?

    • brian says:

      Lebron? c’mon.. he knows only dunk. low fieldgoal percentage outside the paint and poor dribbling skills to get away from defenders thank Kobe and MJ

  38. Gary says:

    Wow more videos of the PAST. But I guess you have to look back since the future don’t look too bright right now…

  39. Chuck says:

    Nothing of Lebron. Lebron is best play we EVER have?

    In terms of what? Of grace? We have Bird. Of scoring? Kobe has 80, Wilt has 100. Of the ability to carry a team? Allen Iverson, with a dismal cast, went all the way to the finals. Oh, and he won a game there.

    And honestly, Lebron still has years ahead of him, but I hope no one looks up to him as an idol. His attitude is wrong. If the world had just 1% of their population with his egocentrism, the world would be a horrible place to live.

  40. 24laker24life says:

    kobe is best..how many rings does lebron have?? not 5 thats for sure..yeaa miami will probally win in the future but he has to come to a team with all-stars to get a ring.lakers3peat!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Lebron James says:

    He is nothing…He is nothing of Lebron…..Lebron is the Best Player we ever have….

    • Really now? says:

      Blindly ignorant fanboys are the worst. These are just highlights from his, what, 3rd season in the NBA? Is it really necessary to constantly dig up hate and compare the two? Just chill and enjoy these awesome plays.

    • DBBJ says:

      I’mma Lebron Fan, and I ain`t talkin’ crap like you. Lebron ain’t better that kobe

    • LABRYANT says:

      if lebron his the best why did he jump ship to join 2 all stars to win…if hes the best other players jump ship to join him..how many titles does he have..and he aint winning one this year..they wont get past boston an with the lockout looming next year thats two more years gone by..

    • Qi says:

      Your blindness disgraces LBJ

      • Mikey T says:

        Labryant speaks so much senese, lebron just does not have that rutheless, cut-throat winnera mentality that kobe has, kobe could be surounded by a bunch of college kids and turn them into contenders just by his attitude

    • gaby says:

      well this has nothing to do with lebroke so go find videos of him ….

    • Na3iim says:

      so yeah theyre talking about two best players have ever lived in the NBA.
      where is lebron’s name here ? theyre not talkin bout him
      you can go and cry with him about not havin any rings..
      agter 2 seasons or so KB black MAMBA got 3 rings in a row (:
      so there is no argument about whos the best


    • LAKERMOB says:


  42. 24 !! says:

    one can only smile and admire the greatness ๐Ÿ™‚