About Last Night: Heat & Spurs Flex

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Spurs needed some Antonio McDyess heroics at the buzzer. The Heat got a monster performance from LeBron James from buzzer to buzzer.

With the Eastern and Western Conference All-Star reserves announcement as an appetizer, we couldn’t have asked for a better menu last night.

The winners can take plenty away from their performances.

The Heat’s true MVP showed that he’s still the one man in the league capable of completely overwhelming an opponent in ways that few other players can. James lit up the Magic for a team-record 23 in the first quarter, had 29 points before halftime and probably could have scored even more. That budding Heat-Magic rivalry we were all hoping to see doesn’t exist right now.

Meanwhile, the Spurs continue to make fools of their critics (us included) for assuming that they won’t be able to match up in the frontcourt with other elite teams. McDyess and Tim Duncan have membership cards for the NBA’s Silver Foxes Club. But they’ve still got plenty of juice left in those old(er) arms and legs.

Before the game, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich trumpeted the Lakers as the NBA’s best team, insisting that the two-time defending champs are still the best the Western Conference has to offer (despite his team’s league-best 41-8 record and two wins over the Lakers this season), per ESPNLosAngeles.com:

“I think they are the best team in the West,” Popovich said during his pregame remarks before the Lakers hosted the Spurs. “I think the struggles are overblown by you guys and gals. They are who they are. They’ve been doing this a long time. They just won two [championships] in a row again and there’s no doubt perhaps there’s going to be some nights when it’s just not all there emotionally. We run into that now, we’ve got the best record and we run into that and we haven’t won a championship in a long time so we don’t have that excuse and it happens to us.”

There was an assumption, foolishly, last summer that the best team in Florida this season would have a clear path to the NBA Finals. Both the Heat and Magic had designs on the top spot in the East (forgetting that the Celtics own it until further notice). And when the two teams met twice before Thanksgiving, the Florida State Championship Series was afforded all of the hype and hoopla you’d expect it to have, including verbal sparring between the two sides.

The way James and the Heat ran roughshod over the Magic last night, a vow of silence might be in store for Dwight Howard and his crew. James showed Magic GM Otis Smith exactly what kind of competitor he was by destroying the Magic from start to finish. It was one of his finest performances to date and surely his best in a Heat uniform.

A 51-point night, on 17-for-25 shooting, with 11 rebounds and eight assists is beyond outlandish. There’s not another player in basketball capable of doing the things James does when he’s locked in and focused the way he was last night.

The Magic’s rally was spirited and we’ll give them credit for fighting back from that 23-point deficit.

But what’s done is done.

The Magic started yapping in the summer. And James continues to do his best talking with his play.

“Just playing this team got me going,” James said. “We understand that this wasn’t just any regular game. There was a lot things said about us in the offseason that came from this organization. So, we just wanted to come in here and play to our abilities and make a statement.”


  1. anonymous says:

    I hope San Antonio Spurs won’t suffer a first round upset from the Portland Trailblazers. (Pray that Lamarcus Aldridge won’t get gravely injured by one of the veterans. No More Robery Horry or Bruce Bowen to do it.)

    It’s too early to say that Miami Heat can win the east. I can’t wait to see Miami Heat and Lebron’s revenge game against the Boston Celtics (BOS leading the regular season series 2-0) too bad Udonis Haslem is not around to protect the big three. Lebron should be called “Revenge King” The more people talks trash to him, the more he gets better and do it with his plays, then later tweets it out.

  2. Tough Guy says:

    People says Kobe is better player than James because Kobe has 5 rings, and James has none yet. I am not sure if that is fair to justify who is better. If a team has LBJ, he can play in all positions to help a team to win while Kobe mainly just play as point guard. Look at Cavs, LBJ can make a team to have 2 best NBA regular seasons. I don’t think Kobe can do that.

    I hope LBJ can win a title this year to shut people’s mouth. But that time, people will say Kobe has 5 rings, but James only has 1, so LBJ need to win more than 5 rings to truly become the best.

  3. pintados says:

    just want to point out regarding how bias most in the NBA or maybe even the NBA itself towards James. How many times have I read in a lot of games where James was the best player in a win over some team but I find Wade’s photo on the cover and the recognition was towards Wade’s effort when it was James who put up the numbers in scoring and in assist.

    To me, if you lead in assist and in scoring… that is leadership… and bonuses on rebounds, blocks and steals…..that is James…

    I think that it was all because a lot of people hated “the Decision”…. And a lot of people love’s Kobe…so they got to hate Lebron no matter what… They have forgotten that Kobe was as egoistic, self-righteous and show-off as Lebron (if that’s what most people think) , if not even worse, in Kobe’s first 7 seasons while Kobe haven’t proven anything yet at that time (plus a rape case). He was just lucky to have Shaq and Phil Jackson.

    James on the other hand had proven more than Kobe in his first 7 seasons (if not more than Michael Jordan), 2 season MVP and 2 all-star MVP…. And see what a big difference it made to Cavs? Cavs 8 wins only and 23 losing streak now only means that…… LEBRON BROUGHT A REALLY DUMB TEAM TO THE PLAYOFFS, TWICE TO THE CONFERENCE FINALS AND ONCE TO THE NBA FINALS IN HIS 6 SEASONS.

    Most people just became so biased on James and just forget how valuable James’ game is.

  4. Valentina Sheks says:

    King James said it all against the Magic. People are just overly critical, they spoke too loud, and offended the sleeping giant in LBJ. He came out with a response that said it all. Say all you want critics, LBJ is a Legend, no one does it like him, he rides on critism, he glides on the storms like the Eagle bird, he lets the chicken yack and talk, he soars to heights above their reach. The HEAT was so intense that the the Magic wand could not stop the explosion. The Giant struck with a venom. He sealed all the lips of his critics since he left Cavs. He is an MVP any day, he matured greatly and please he is human too. He has a Chemistry going on with D Wafe and Bosh, they have a 3:16 going on. Kudos and HEAT you have my prayers and blessings – Congratulations on the next Championship.

  5. Paul says:

    Laker critics only have one thing to MAYBE cry about, and that is perhaps Artest is happy with finally getting a ring and has lost his true heart for the game (like Ben Wallace after he won the ring, never cared anymore). But truthfully, that theory is very questionable, because Artest has shown up many times in crunch time to halp Lakers make stops when they need him. Their record isn’t terrible considering Bynum out for so long and Pau overplayed first two months as well as adjusting without same full bench as last year. In fact, they are on track for second seed (only because of San Antonio’s incredible record) and they will turn it up towards the end of the seaon. Of course, in the playoffs Phil Jackson will get the most out of them and San Antonio will only be able to beat them in the conference finals if they stay healthy because every player (9 players deep) is key to their success right now!
    If Lakers do get by San Antonio, then they are most likely destined to 3 peat, regardless of who they play. Miami will not be able to handle the playoff pressure and toughness to succeed and win this year and they may easily miss the finals altogether. Bosh, Miller, arroyo, big Z and the rest of the Heat no-names are too soft. Their toughest guy (mentally) is injured still and may not be 100% for the playoffs when he is back.
    San Antonio and Boston all the way!!!! With San Antonio in 6 (split games at home, win two of three on the road and get title at home in game 6). Sorry Phil, but I am a Duncan fan and he still guards the paint and diverts most drives and interior shots better than anyone in the league still. Anyone that watches their games can clearly this every night he plays, but most fail to pay attention to that detail because all the young fans look for is dunks and highlights and cannot appreciate an older HOF big man still 100% able to affect any individual offense that comes at him near the hoop!

  6. mel says:

    “ALL EYES ON ME” lebron should have a tatoo like that lol
    who cares about dwight mocking on him i’ll show my game to you dwight that’s all period…

    about lakers spurs match-up yesterday that was intensively unfired but sorry to say spurs grab the win due to mcdyess tip in

    the three peat is in danger right now

  7. Kane says:

    Hi everyone, I’m a very keen fan of the NBA from Australia. I’m a New York fan and always have been. But i would like to say a few words about this topic. I believe LBJ and DWade are playing awesome BBall together. LBJ lacked offensive help at the Cavs, well he has that now. Miami’s defensive is not an issue at all, the only issue is at the centre position. DWade is such an unselfish player who is learning to play his new role. It is not his team anymore! As soon as he comes to terms with that, which he certaintly is! Then they will be very hard to beat in a 7 game series. I watched both games yesterday on tv in Australia and the Spurs were fantastic. Look, what the Spurs did yesterday in LA…. Is what LA has done to teams over the last two seasons. Finding a way to WIN!! Thats what Championship teams do. I think that game will really hurt the Lakers because they have not lost that way in a long long time. Thats what they have done over the last to seasons, they got they’re own back yesterday. Sorry Laker fans, but i think Spurs v Heat!! Spurs in 6!!

  8. spurfan74 says:

    i was glad to see tiago get some early minutes with some decent D. i still feel we’re gonna need his size to beat the lakers and celtics in a playoff series. the trophy would already be in the bag if we still had scola…

  9. Lakers/Bulls Guy says:

    Chicago Bulls Vs. LA Lakers in the Finals.. yeah!

  10. all the way miami says:

    dwight “the joker” howard .. he imitates lebron and joking.. but in the end of the game he and his team is joke..lol

  11. McDyess’s final shot should have been called for a 3-second violation, and the basket should have never counted. He was in the paint for 4 seconds. See the Playback will see McDyess stayed without moving out of the paint for the whole 4.6 seconds.

    I have gone to every Laker game for the past 6 years. Since my tickets are on the third floor, I can see what everybody is doing. Here’s what went wrong and has been going wrong, in my assessment.

    Phil Jackson, with all due respect to him and his eleven championship rings, if he is to win the championship this year, needs to rejuvenate himself. He has to be active with the referees, complaining all of the time when he sees a non-call or a bad call for his team, exactly like Popovich or Doc Rivers do. They work the referees all game long. Phil Jackson sits and rarely or never gets up from his chair to complain he is a nice and great coach . When he takes a timeout, he mainly takes it for his team to rest. He has a small chalkboard and he keeps writing on it until the referees blow their whistles to indicate the timeout is over. Then he comes back and all of the players listen to what he has to say. He spends no more than 10 seconds talking to them, and then they go back to the game. Popovich, for each time he calls a timeout, he gives his players a play to execute which they do each and every time. That’s why every timeout turns into a score for San Antonio, and this makes a big difference at the end of the game. As to last night’s game with San Antonio, the biggest mistake Phil made was to not get Bynum into the game to defend the final shot. That’s the main reason that the Lakers need Bynum. I am sure it would have made the difference.

  12. Hamid Zahoor says:


  13. Gemstone says:

    I’m a Kobe fan but I will have to admit that Lebron James has the potential to be better than him. Even now, there is a strong argument about Lebron being a more complete player than Kobe. We have to ask the question, can Kobe put up the same all around numbers on a consistent basis than Lebron? Who has a higher fg%, higher apg, higher ppg, higher 3p%, higher rpg, higher efficiency, higher spg, more double doubles, and more triple doubles per season, in his career? I’m not saying Lebron James is better than Kobe (obviously Kobe has 5 rings, 2 finals mvp, and his clutch rivals MJ), but I’m looking at things objectively. I am a Kobe fan, but I cannot lie to myself. Lebron James continues to prove to me and a lot of people that he has what it takes to not only surpass Kobe, but MJ as well, by the time his career is over. I don’t however, believe in such a thing as a G.O.A.T. To believe so, is to say I know the future. I don’t. MJ was the best of his era and probably even compared to now. Kobe is maybe second, currently. But there is no such thing as a the best ALL TIME.

  14. Sutton says:

    I slept my self happy with LA lossing last night. . .Laker fans act so cocky. . .”take that, take that, take that” said like diddy. LMAO

  15. paul says:

    lebronn is the best player in the nba!!!!!! lebron for MVP

    • dddog says:

      i agree. Lebron is prob the most skilled, talented individual player to ever play the game. Im not a lebron fan, but you can not deny his talent. he is a walking legend. a freak of nature.

  16. kdub says:

    regular season really shouldn’t matter, but come playoffs where every team has to step up. If in fact LA does meet the Spurs, thats where you have to question wether Duncan can produce at a high rate, because without him, the spurs will be undersized over LA’s bigs.

    with that advantage going to LA..i do think they are capable of making it to the finals again, losing possibly to Boston.

  17. Karl says:

    LeBron is truly amazing. the MVP. If Miami can win Boston in the conf finals there will be Miami-Spurs in the finals.

  18. SPURS FAN says:

    the spurs have played against the best teams in nba and despite that game against orlando they have shown they can take any of them. The loss against boston wasn’t anything horrible in fact both teams played well, the bulls weren’t so muhc problem for the spurs and the’ve already spanked L.A. twice (let’s not even talk about the so called championship contenders Mavs). I believe that when the spurs meet lebron james they will win the game and finnally they’re going to be taken serously to make a tripo to the finals against boston i think. Until know all i’ve heard is lies like Bynum is great player and the lakers have the most talented roster 2) the spurs are old they’ll get tired 3) The mavs are a really great team 4) the thunder are gonna be the toughest match against Lakers in playoffs 5) the lakers will be champions again 6) NOWTIZKI IS PLAYING LIKE AN MVP!!!

    I believe it’s time to give the spurs some credit and finnally stop saying that they’re on the top of the conference because the lakers are allowing them but the lakers soon will recover..

  19. Jerron says:

    Well, Spurs is great and the Lakers is great. It was a great game last night for comfort. The Spurs will have to keep pressing on the need to strengthen its defense and the Lakers bench needs to help the started with more passion or the front office may have to shop for support (acquire bench).

  20. HEATFAN95 says:

    say what you want but look at lebrons numbers with the HEAT they are only getting better month by month and he is the true MVP of the Heat BECAUSE Wade has been missing to many games he has been injured a bit and had that migrane now we will have to see what happens after that foul by dwight last night landing wade on his back. you cant hardly judge the Heat yet cause as long an lebrons numbers keep getting better he will be a much better player by time playoffs come and maybe Wade will stay healthy and get his game going and bosh has been great all year im excited to see how this whole thing unfolds i beleive the HEast can beat any playoff team but any mistake could lose em a series

  21. dontdrowninthelake says:


  22. jj says:

    i think wade is the mvp of the the miami not lebron. yes he had a great game last night but other nights he has like 15 points. wade has a ring, he won a championship lebron has not…. if lebron wins a ring this year it will be because wade made it happen. it’s why he came to miami to get some help, so to me wade is the reason lebron will be getting a championship so he is the true MVP here not lebron. now you could say it goes both ways but like i said wade has a ring already which he got with out lebron and lebron is still ringless…. just saying.

  23. Gary says:

    Haha, the Florida Clippers got smashed on and only came back because the Heat slacked off. James should have drooped 82 just to be and @$$. Dwight Howard needs to quit bball and become the new mascot for the Miami Dolphins with those little @$$ teeth of his. Next the Heat will smash on the Celtics showing how the new team plays and everyone WILL BE A WITNESS TO THE NEW CHAMPS this June.

  24. nZ SEVENS says:

    I seriously think it is going to be a Spurs vs Celtics final just because of the fact that these two teams play as a TEAM. There game plans are quite similar having no individuals and working together as a team to win games. The lack of depth will show come play off time and the and i believe that team that plays well using all 5 players will ultimately win the finals. I think the Lakers reliance on Kobe will soon wear him down. But if they can play more as team they will be a force. The Heats game plan is too predictable using L.B.J or Wade to drive in. They will get shut down by the better defensive teams. The bulls are the underdogs which i am still unsure if once healthy. But i stick to my decision of Spurs vs Celtics final.
    Celtics in 7

  25. S says:

    Its great and all for Lebron to be serious and motivated right now but I have to say this. With three minutes left, they essentially blew a 20 point lead. That is inexcuseable and I was glad to see that Lebron, Wade and Spoelstra were not too happy about the way they closed that game. Lebron has shown awesome statistics throughout his career AND in the playoffs….I think aside from having tragically less talented players the past three seasons is that he has not exuded the gritty leader. I hope this year there is no Jay Z rapping, photo taking and laughing on the bench, but more of that icy, I want to rip your throat out and if any team mate of mine doesn’t bust their ass, I’ll kill them mentality. I think THATS what separates him from Jordan and Kobe right now…it definately is NOT a lack of basketball skill or athletisism. He has been a leader, but just not as effective of a motivator and hopefully last year was a good bitter lesson for him. I am definately rooting for him and Dwayne Wade who is one of the toughest, best, and inspirational men in the NBA with all he does on and off the court.

    • order144 says:

      that 20 pt lead also started to dissapear right about the same time dwade decided to come back and play hurt, dude is kinda dramatic sometimes in my opinion, nor does anyone mention he is kinda a liability on the defensive end, i know iknow, look at the stl and blk, but that doesnt mean you can play straight up man to man perimiter d, especially when you got a bad back, the coach obviously has more history and familiarity with dwade but miami will have to become lbj’s team if they wanna compete for a championship, no knock to dwade tho, i agree he seems to genuinly care about giving back and has a will very few players today have, but lebron has overcome doubts since high school, and i predict he will do the same with the hate and thank the haters in the long run for making him a better player on his way to multiple rings, nobody talks about it but didn’t jordan take 7 seasons to get a chip as an older, more mature man, if lebron wins this yr or next pretty sure he will have been younger than jordan was when he 1st won it all

  26. HEAT says:

    @Spurs-Lakers: Duncan to Kobe—“Watch the throne”

    @Heat-Magic—Dwight did all that mocking and LBJ SH*TTED on ’em.

  27. RunWay says:

    I think the Lakers should trade D. Fish but the thing is they won’t do it, Kobe said he wanted D. Fish on the team and he’s gonna stay. But if they could make some trades, they should do whatever they can to trade Walton. And remember Barnes is still out and Ratliff is still out. When they comeback the Laker’s will start heading in the direction, but only if Artest plays like he did last night,

    And about Lebron being the best. He is probably the best athlete in the nba but not the best player. Also assists only count if your teammates make shots, so stop acting like he’s the only player scoring a lot without being selfish.

  28. John says:

    Whoever gets to the finals and wins is going to need a bit of luck. Obviously the Spurs are the best team in the NBA simply based on their win loss. The only thing missing is Duncan’s play. He has really dropped off especially his offense.

    You all have to admit that the Spurs are working on 13 straight playoff appearances. They have 11 seasons with 50 or greater wins, 4 titles and a .700 winning percentage over that period (which by the way is the best record in all 4 major sports). That proves the Spurs are the best team. The record is indisputable. Back to back championships are difficult but so what…You have to look at a team over time. Pretty impressive.

  29. James Medina says:

    both games were awesome but the Spurs and Lakers was just the competitive game i wanted to see!! Both teams played very well on the defensive end and forced each other into difficult shots… I think the spurs are the only team in the west that can maybe beat the lakers!! Hope to see these 2 teams in the Western Conference finals!! That would truly be showtime!!!!

  30. MUHO says:


  31. artest and gasol for melo

    • mybloodissilverandblack says:

      Why trade Gasol? Are you crazy? They’re better of with him rather than have Bynum and his glass knees.

      I’d say Bynum for [name of young Orlando Magic player here], then Artest for [draft pick from a team here].

  32. Laker Hater! says:

    I seriously dont get the laker fans! Seems like u have nothing better to do than to talk about how great the Lakers are…ALL THE TIME…it got old quite a few months ago, if not YEARS ago, And PUUHLEAASE stop talking Kobe…U talk about Lebron being the bad guy…Black Mamba? a short movie? what kinda narcissistic S*** is that? So if u are talkin about Kobe all the time, u r telling the world that sans Kobe, the Lakers will have their’s handed to them…And if thats the case, beats me how u can call the Lakers the best team around? And also, Heat fans, please stop trying to make Haters, believers, A very few loyalists outside the Heat fans like Lebron…so eat the bullet and get it straight, no matter the number of MVPs he gets, he’s and going to be (at least for a long time) the most hated NBA star ever, and who am I or u to say other wise?

  33. Parker says:

    Lebron was just two assists short of a masterpiece. I remember when Kobe had almost identical stats in a game a few years back, he played 12 minutes more than Lebron and took a lot more shots. Lebron is the true MVP of the league! If the award goes to Amare or D-Rose, then by definition they are more valuable than Lebron. Really? Answer this: if you put Amare or Rose or even Kobe in the Cavaliers now, will they take them higher than Lebron did? I don’t remember Kobe even getting past the first round of the playoffs without the best big man or big men in the league.

    What we learned today is that if the Heat can get past the Celtics in the playoffs they will play San Antonio in the finals.

  34. nbafan says:

    Finals Fakers/Celtics boring, overrated and overdone. No one wants to see the old legs of the Fakers. Time for you guys to rebuild.

  35. K says:

    Yes sir! What LeBron did last night to Orlando looked damn near Jordaness. That’s how Jordan use to torch NY, Detriot, Boston and hell any other team that dared question his greatness or competitiveness. Otis Smith tried to down play his absurb comments last night by saying that “he was to busy of a man to worry about some comment that he made back in the summer.” Whimpy; be a man an stand on your remarks and take your “ass wuppin!!!” That perforamce last night by LeBron was courtesy of Mr. Otis Smith’s comments period. That performance last night also should serve as notice to everyone in the league that if this man (LBJ) is focused, mad or feels like you have disrepected his game; this is the kind of heat that he can bring.

    I love this version of LeBron James “the villian.” Since he’s decided to embrace his new found title, he has now gotten back to being that dominant player that he was in Cleveland. You shut people up by kicking their ass and in the words of Dwight Howard “I’m not yo friend!” Dwight Howard showed that last night when he laid out D-Wade on his drive to the basketball. Dwight showed absolutely no remorse for what he had done; reminded me of the good ole’ days of the “Bad Boys” of Detroit. The only thing that would have made that whole thing a complete replay of the good ole days of the NBA, if Miami had put Jamaal Magloire in an instructed him to take a hard foul against Dwight Howard on his next move to the basket. Unlike Mike Miller going up to Hedo Turkoglu earlier in the game to see if he was okay after he accidently fell into the back of his knee. I know it’s not the intent to hurt anyone but Mike, text him later and ask him if he’s okay; not during the course of the battle. What Dwight Howard did was send a message; Miami should have sent one right back to him.

    • Gary says:

      Yeah Miami needed to send a message back to Howard and if Haslem was there it would have been done. Howard sucks and last night was just more proof of that.

  36. Gerson says:

    lebron mvp

  37. karibkween says:

    Gasol for Melo and the Lakers 3peat.

    • HiredGun says:

      Gasol for anyone and the Lakers will be mired BACK in mediocrity, just like what they were after Shaq left.

      The Lakers have two legit centers which they can take advantage of any given night. Why should the team let go of any of them?

      The Lakers are in the West, just as the Nuggets are too. There’s no way in hell Denver will give the ones they’re trying to beat any advantage.

      I say give away Steve Blake and/or Ron Artest and/or Matt Barnes for some young blood and/or draft picks.

  38. alper says:

    lebron show, 51 sayı 11 ribaund miami 104 -100 orlando

  39. ErdenFan says:

    Laker vs Boston is what i would like to say but Spurs are just too good this year. but anything can happen in 7 games. The Bulls are looking good but i dont know if they are truly ready for the play-off same goes for the Heat they have the talent but i dont know if they have then bench.

  40. HEATFAN91 says:

    Im not sure about the winning tip by Mc Dyess… I think it shouls be 3 Secs Violation Call.. hehe!!!! What do you think? some experts please?

    • NBAfan says:

      he went to box out at 2 second left so its ok and was a great tip, awsome victory for the spurs…. 2nd time and in la house xD

    • Kindergarten Cop says:

      The Spurs in-bounded the ball with 4.6 seconds. Duncan’s shot was out of his hand with 2.1 seconds left. McDyess (or any other player) is free to occupy the lane after the shot leaves the shooter’s hand in an attempt to secure a rebound. I don’t think that any official would ever make a call like you are suggesting in this situation – even if it was technically the correct call when going by “the letter of the law” (similarly to referees swallowing their whistles on the last play because they don’t want to decide the outcome). But in this play, even if you follow the rules as they are written – there was no violation. Simply put, the Spurs won the game on an exciting last-second play.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        I personally thought it was offensive interference, but the Hornets know all too well that it won’t get called at the end.

    • mybloodissilverandblack says:

      Three-second violation applies when there is no one within an arm’s length near you and you’re camping in the paint. So, no, it wasn’t, it shouldn’t have been, and similar cases will not be a 3-second violation.

      Good box out. That’s what it was.

      • mybloodissilverandblack says:

        @LakersWillWin: Clearly, the ball was NOWHERE near the cylinder when Dice tipped it in. Even if the replay rule allows a review of basket interferences and goaltending calls, the call will stand: Basket counts. Spurs win.

  41. BLACK MAMBA #1 says:

    I think the problem with the Lakers is that now there letting all this drama and concern get into their heads, they just need to play confident and tough. They need to just play their game and let the rest of the stuff work itself out, way to many time they play down to their opponent and instead of just playing how they should play ALL the time. I definently think that people are blowing this way out of proportion. Theres no need for a trade or anything besides two key bench guys are injured, just play hard and smart and I’ll respect and cheer for you Lakers

  42. Laker Fan says:

    I am a Laker fan and I don’t expect the Lakers to do something huge this season. LAL is about playoffs. i can guarantee you that. there is no transactions needed for the Lakers to go back to the track. Artest is not as good as ariza. But when he had a great night, it surely is great like no other.

    As for king James, I am not a fan of him, but i am 90% confident that he’ll still be the mvp. When he left the cavs (best team in the east before he left), they became the worst. That’s LeBron.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Cavs started ok until the injuries. Everyone says LeBron left and they fell.
      Well, of course he was 90% of the reason they fell down, but remember Delonte West is gone, Shaq, Ilgauskas, LeBron… Ok, that’s a a lot to lose. Factor in injuies like Varejao and of course they are going to play awful basketball. I hope Cleveland picks it up.

  43. Heatfanatic says:

    Lakers are fine. As said by trix, they are the two time defending champs until someone beats them 4 times out of 7. I think my Heat can do it but, Lakers should be and are in my mind the favorites to win the title, followed by Boston then us, he Heat. People need to stop panicking, though it is kind of funny to see. 🙂

  44. Todd M says:

    The Lakers will be fine if Artest plays good defense like he did last night against Manu. Fisher has to step it up. If the Lakers make a trade they need to get rid of some of the bench players: Joe Smith, Walton, and Eubanks for a solid point guard who can score, play D, and “dish.” As for the Spurs’ fans, get real. They are playing Phoenix Suns basketball with a bit more emphasis on defense but as Charles Barkley stated, “they are too small to compete in a 7 game series against the likes of the Lakers.” Lakers or should I say Lamar Odom loss that one last night by not blocking out. Yes, it would have been a good win for the Lakers. They made a good come back and locked down the Spurs in the final minutes. The Spurs will fall in the 2nd round of playoffs, very similar of the Suns of the past. Duncan is playing limited minutes because he can’t go 35 plus anymore!

    • 41-8 says:

      so what if the spurs are smaller. i can sum up why the spurs can go a 7 game series with the lakers and win with 2 Words. Drumroll please……..MATT BONNER. Matt Bonner is gonna cause phil jackson to sit either Bynum or Gasol causing Odom to play alot more and getting rid of the size advantage in the post & that is the reason why the Spurs beat the lakers by 16 points in the december matchup. Spurs have a much better backcourt than the lakers with Parker,Manu,Hill,& Neal vs Fisher,Kobe,Blake,& Brown. Blair and McDyess will be very physical and gasol will get thrashed in the post. i love the spurs are playing suns type offense yet are still a top 10 defensive team. the games that duncan has played 33-38 minutes he has had huge Games this season. and this is the 2nd game that the spurs have shutdown kobe for most of the game with manu, jefferson, and hill. one last thing. everytime the lakers have won the title in the kobe era is when they have had Homecourt. hey got thrashed by the Pistons in 04 and the celtics in 08.

  45. long memory says:

    SO many comments when LA 1st started the season with that weak schedule. SO many comments when Miami was 9 & 8. Spurs -LA was a great game. They will be the final 2. Lebron just showed why he is hands down the best in the game today. And Boston and Chicago are Major threats in that east! Orlando’s take jump shots til you die is not getting it done in a best of 7.

  46. Ice Pogi says:

    @derf flores
    Why don’t you replace Jackson as a coach… You know so much…. Maybe the Lakers will fire up….

    Nothing great on that series… It’s time for the next generation talents…. HEAT BULLS THUNDERS MEMPHIS CLIPPERS

  47. Bigd28(LAKERS) says:

    The Lakers are still the best team in the NBA and if its coming from one of Phil Jackson’s most rivaled competitors it should show all the haters that we are still the best. News flash everyone: no one cares about the beginning of the season and the Lakers can walk into any arena in the country at any given point and win a series of 7.

    • mustangtommy says:

      If you think, after what you saw on Dec 28th and last night, the Fakers have a chance against the Spurs in the western conf. finals then you need to learn more about PSYCH 101. The FAKERS know, right now, the road to another championship leads through the AT & T center. You praise your opponent and respect them. Both squads know what it takes to win a championship. Trevor Arriza was a spark for them and, by the way, knew how to play defense! I already have my spot picked out on the river BOYS AND GIRLS and i sure as hell am not gonna see any blue and gold on that day!The LAL are the team to beat! AND THEY HAVE BEEN about 8 more times than the Spurs have. HOME COURT ADVANTAGE is what wins series. Not some imaginary switch Or Mamba Magic . THe Yen 4 da Zen was way back then in case u haven’t noticed Phil doesn’t coach the team anymore and will NEVER get that back again!

      • LakersWillWin says:

        LOL again with the “Fakers”
        at least the Lakers didn’t get swept by Phoenix last season

  48. beantown c says:

    if that was the antonio mc dyess 10years ago, that rim will rock up to the rafters!!! man!

  49. Ice Pogi says:


    They hate him because he’s wrecking the other team… Here’s a good question… why is it when the HEAT having a losing streak.. all you can hear was a negative… some say they won’t make it past 1st round…. But when the Lakers are losing…they’re saying they can bounce back… its too early for the season…. Now trade this one trade that one and they will be champs again…. Are they really sure that LAKERS gonna win it again??? The HEAT has a better record than LAKERS… In my predictions EAST CELTICS HEAT MAGIC… WEST SPURS MAVS THUNDERS… and this time LAKERS will have a rough bump on the THUNDERS…. ….even the Sacramento Kings can drop them…..How’s That For REAL!!!

  50. Jordz10 says:


    Lakers Vs. Celtics? = Great

    Celtics Vs. Spurs? = Nice

    Heat Vs. Lakers? = Maybe A few years from now….

    Heat Vs. Spurs? = hmmm… I don’t know..

    Chicago and Orlando? = When the teams get seriously serious, NOT this year definitely Periods….

    • HiredGun says:

      Heat vs. Lakers in the next few years ain’t gonna happen. LAL is on the decline, as Kobe is, even if we don’t feel or realize it, is aging. He’s, what, 33? And he’s been playing since he had that crazy ‘fro in ’97! Who knows how much elite play he has left? One big time injury and he’s out.

      And by then, the Celtics are REALLY old, giving the Heat some kind of a less tight path out of the East. Then again, there’s Chicago.

      So, yeah, LA-Miami ain’t gonna happen. Unless of course we’re talking about the Clippers.

  51. AC says:

    I agree that the Heat won’t make it this year to the Finals. They’re starting to figure things out and have really played well as of late but they still have some major flaws. The Celtics are the clear favorites in the East.

    Since the beginning of the season I’ve said that it will be a Lakers vs Celtics re-match but the Spurs have honestly impressed me this season. I live in PHX and we are die-hard haters of San Antonio but I’ve been impressed with their play. The West to me is wide open. The “Lake Show” is going to have to be perfect in the post-season to make it back to the Finals.

  52. alex says:

    i am seeing a pattern, the heat only beat teams who ran their mouths, they slaughtered the cavs twice obviously and now they have beaten the magic twice though i think that magics performance out weighed the heats win we all know 80% of the time if the magic need a 3 they get it and i think hedo should have taken that not ryan anderson but what ever. other elite teams that have stayed to themselves, the heat are yet to beat, the mavs and celtics so come the post season its going to be interesting to see where they draw their motivation from because i don’t see the celtics doing much talking in the near furture

  53. Jordz10 says:

    Finals: Celtics Vs. Lakers? = Great series

  54. derf flores says:

    there is no trade happen,,,everything is fine,,,just only play tough defense,,,and kobe passes the ball to his team mates…surely lakers will win,…just play one on one defense from the spurs,or celtics…coz when lakers playing with the celtics,,only rondo penetrAting inside,,and the lakers double team him,,rondo will pass outside the 3point arc,,that’s the play of celtics,,same with the spurs,,,they pass the ball quickly and some fakes,that’s why other player can free…go lakers,,play tough defense…

  55. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Sekou Smith, -ME-. -ME- said: With dramatic wins last night over conference rivals, the Heat and Spurs showed why they're elite. http://t.co/VWJPqfh […]

  56. SSD LAKERS FAN says:

    If this was any other team there would be nothing to worry about, however, this is the LAKERS. I am a big fan, but the players have a window of two to three years max to playing at a high level (including 2010 – 2011) and be at the top of the conference and WIN championships. THIS WINDOW is it for KOBE and the BOYS.

    So this organization knows it is alot more urgent than people think. You are not going to win championships if you cant beat the top teams in the NBA in the regular season.

    Thats why i believe a trade is important. They need some more offence (Artest and Fisher are not producing).

    I think Fisher is a bigger liability as a starter than Artest (he should have been coming off the bench this year, but it looks like they promised him the starting position so he wouldnt sign with the Heat in the offseason). I say trade Fisher/Steve Blake (cause it looks like Fish will not be traded), and draft picks for Steve Nash. Phoenix may trade to LA (even though they are in the same conference considering they are not going anywhere with the team they have), may as welll dump salaries.

    Steve would be a great addition to this team, and he deserves it !! but it short they prob wont get him, so go for a younger point gaurd and/or Trevor Ariza type guy and get some youth and energy on a team that is looking old FAST.

    Celtics seems to grind out wins, while Lakers are getting out played in every game that counts (lets face it were not impressed they can beat all the teams under 500, they arent the HEAT, CELTICS, SPURS, and BULLS.

    • mybloodissilverandblack says:

      Yeah man, and then they let go of Farmar. Worst move by your team. They took youth out of their system, while the Spurs injected some.

  57. PosterBoy91 says:

    You’re obviously still in a 2010 state of mind. Let’s be real and reasonable. Until Lakers shake up there roster and/or stop having 40+ points and 0 assists for Kobe, they won’t survive to even see the Finals. As far as the East, the Celtics may or may not choke up. What happen is that teams that make it far in the playoffs consecutive years, tend to not have that fire and be lax on the defensive end. And the East is not a place to fall back and comfortable in, especially with the Heat’s speed, the Magic’s floor spread-ability, and the Bulls’ crowd-pumped offense. I say all that to say this, 2011 Finals will not be a Laker/Celtics match-up or will Lakers get a 3-peat. This season is a WHOLE lot different.

    • John says:

      Spurs/ Bulls in the Finals. Spurs in 6.

      • mybloodissilverandblack says:

        These predictions are the type that makes Pop gnash at the media. And maybe also the fans.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Kobe almost had a triple double last night, that was the only game with no assists in a whle. He’s been getting 10 assists a night the past few games.

    • HEAT says:


    • Reason says:

      Look at the Celtics again, they are playing WAY hungrier than last year. The Finals hurt them. KG has been more intense, Ray, and Pierce are shooting ridicolously well (52 and 51% respectively) and Rondo is tallying assist numbers we haven’t seen since Stockton. The way Shaq has been playing and the way Perkins was amped to get back just seem to make a Finals reappearance more of a reality for the Celtics. Of course the Heat and Magic of late are also looking to win. (I’d favour the Heat over the Magic due to obvious reasons).

      All in all the most interesting match-up will be the Heat-Celtics/Bulls and well the Magic have to wait till the playoffs the loss to the Celtics was disappointing after the laughters before them.

      I’m not a Celtics fan so much, but the Association on ESPN for the Celtics this year really made me appreciate them much more.

      Lakers are struggling big though, Pau Gasol just looks exhausted after the strong start to the season he had. We’ll see how things go after the all-star break.

      Spurs are my darkhorse though (just over the Bulls) the games they won are from a very different philosophy, and I’d imagine they’d switch back to their defense first mentality when they get back to the WCF/Finals. Really scary because you know that they’re more than able to succed with either philosophy (run and gun or defense).

  58. Kurtlin says:

    Why Does Everythinq Always Come Back To The Heat. No Need To Take Shots At A Different Orqanization Because The Lakers Aren’t Playinq To Their Best Abilities. The Heat Work Hard Niqht In And Niqht Out To get Better. & Trix That Must Mean You Didn’t Find The 16-Point Blow-out Of The Laker’s Interestinq Either, A Little Christmas Present From The Heat !

    • Ultimate_Spurs_Fan says:

      What I’d like to know is why you are using the letter ‘q’ in the place of the letter ‘g’ …..LOL

      • Micah says:

        I’d like to know why he stars every word with a capital. I don’t know if i can take a guy seriously when he does that.

  59. Math Simon says:

    Wow, I didn’t expect the Spurs to beat the Lakers!!! I am a Spurs fan though don’t get me wrong, I just agree with Pop over there that the Lakers are the Best team right now. However, we won only cause of a tip-in. It would be nice to see the Spurs soundly defeating the Lakers though I know it would be extremely tough to do it. Well, for now a win is a win. ^^

    • Res Jud says:

      Do you not remember the manhandling victory the Spurs handed to the Lakers December 28, 97-82? If you don’t call that a sound victory I don’t know what is. In respect to the Lakers, they are well have consistanlty been the number two team in the West they are in a good position to make it to the Finals, there would be some concern if they fell to the 4th or 5th but a strong 2nd is a great position. They will get that back from the Mavs. Although I do agree with the lack of production Fisher has contribued, but that should have been addressed during the offseason, I say stick with your veteran point guard who has been with the Championship teams though the decade of sucess.

  60. Brendan says:

    The funny thing about the regular season is that, well, it is the regular season…..

    How did the Mavs do two years ago in the playoffs, and the cavs last year….?

    And the spurs are much older than those teams……

    • Steve says:

      The difference between the Spurs and the Cavs/Mavs is that the Spurs are a championship team with the rings to prove it. Playoffs should be very interesting this year, and I’d say that the Spurs/Lakers are the teams to beat in the West, with the East being a bit more wide open.

    • mybloodissilverandblack says:

      I’m sick and tired of that “Spurs is old” stigma. That’s ignorant. I mean, do y’all know how many Spurs are older than 30 years old? JUST THREE. Timmy, Manu, and Dice. The rest are either at their prime or still young.

      Get your facts straight. It’s not the same Spurs of the yesteryears anymore. This is team building a bridge to its future.

  61. PosterBoy91 says:

    anyone notice how Lebron referred to this game as not just another regular game. But does anyone remember him saying that the Lakers on Christmas were just another game. If 2 and 2 still equals 4, I’d say Lebron thinks the Magic is a harder team than the Lakers. Man, Lebron is phenomenal. triple double against kobe. 51 against dwight howard. One question….WHY ARE YOU STILL HATING LEBRON JAMES???

  62. tRay says:

    Lakers played well last night they just got beaten by the better team on a last second shot that’s all. No need to worry just make a note to box out lol I do agree with some people that they do need to trade D Fish and/or Ron Ron because Fisher is just a flopper and Ron Ron is just well Ron Ron. They’re better off having Shannon start at the point. I really think they should have gone after Delonte West instead of Blake only because he can defend better and is really a PG/SG and could back up Fisher or Kobe.

  63. Steven says:

    Great games last night! I’m going to have to disagree with Pop on this one, the Spurs are best in the West. Not saying they’ll for sure make the Finals but right now they are head and shoulders above everyone else. It would be great to see Boston and San Antonio in the Finals!

    Also, it’s time for the Lakers to get rid of Ron Artest.

  64. laker fan? says:

    man the lakers record sucks! pick it up guys

  65. Playray says:

    I guess it might be just that the Celtics vs Lakers finals were so great last year, one of the greatest finals and most interesting to watch in long long time, what makes the people think that Celtics vs Lakers will meet again this year.

    I must agree with some people however, that Lakers need to trade, D-Fisher and Artest are producing very low from starting-five. Bynum is getting healthy and his impact is on defense anyway, but they rely too much on Kobe and Pau for a reason – why rely on Artest or Fisher when they just can’t play as good. Spurs-Lakers WCF’s will be interesting to watch. And as a Celtic fan I hope Celtics win, no reason to think different so far.

  66. Gotti says:


  67. Spurs 210 says:

    Spurs are the best,Im Glad we beat those pittiful Lakers,i Knew us Spurs would pull it out. Two and Zero for the season,

    • Just saying says:

      im a die or die laker fan..
      ive been watching kobe putting dunks shooting shots since he got in tha league
      but look at the lakers, look at the players and after what id say now, judge me
      im a normal guy talking about a great game and huge players, i dont like lebron, because when you see him playin you look at a guy who plays for money, to sell more nike products.
      as an mvp, i see d-rose as a true leader, but why ? because his simply hungry, he got talent he got everything, and till this day, hes tha best point guard ever in the NBA.

      talking about the LA Lakers ? their hand ain’t hungry.
      look at Artest, he no longer plays as hungry for a championship as he used to play last year, Pau is tired, put still ace.
      i still dont know why odom isint a starter, cuz his performance needs a bow from the laker fans
      the only one whos playin for hunger with passion is K.O.B.E
      13 years in the game and hes doing nothing, but gettin better every single season..
      they used to have a motivation, i hope they’d get it, because it would be sad not seeing the lakers three-peat
      spurs are old, with much respect, but they wont last 7 games with the lakers, not when kobe gets his appetite is the playoffs. spurs are hungry for some rings, and they will get it if they get passed the lakers
      Lebron and the heat wont pass the celtics, if they passed the bulls.

      • excuse me? says:

        first of all, i’m not a big fan of how lebron handled the “decision” but he left cavs when he could have earned a lot more money to go to the heat to win a championship. So your clearly incorrect and there is absolutely no way he could be this good if he were in it for the money he already has a rediculous amount of money so why would he work so hard and put so much effort in to earn abit more lol 😛
        Also D rose is one of my favourite players but he is absolutely no way near the best point guard ever…yet…you should really look back at some other point guards right now hes not even close but its only his 3rd year he has loads of time to become one of the best. I would say that he is the best in the league right now tho.
        Totally agree about the lakers tho. They’re only really getting consistent prodution from LO and Kobe none of the other players look like they can be bothered. Pau is so talented but hes not strong enough or agressive enough in my opinion.
        Celtics will win this year you can tell. Spurs have the best record but the celtics just seem to have really clicked when they have everyone back from injury they will be even scarier they have no weaknesses in their starting 5 at any position no perkins is back.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Taking 10 million less on a contract of 100+ million already isn’t losing out on too much cash…

  68. WG says:

    Sekou, You disappoint me

    Here i thought you would be one of 2 or 3 guys on NBA.com who knows better, but by suggesting James is the “True” MVP of the heat, I have lost any respect for your knowledge of the game.

    My finals Prediction is Spurs vs Celtics
    Spurs in 7.

    • Sekou Smith says:

      No respect because we don’t agree? Man, that’s harsh. He’s the two-time MVP of the league and you don’t think he’s the MVP of his team? Do tell.

      • Evan says:

        There’s their weird sentiment going around that Wade is the true MVP of the Heat, even though: the Heat haven’t won jack in the past few years with Wade leading the team, the Heat are yet to get a win when LeBron isn’t in the lineup, and the Cavaliers have gone from the best team in the east to the worst team in the league since LeBron has left. I don’t get it either.

      • HiredGun says:

        I think of LeBron as the Heat’s hired gun. The same goes maybe for that other guy they got from free agency.. uhm, Ilgauskas? No, the other one.

      • order144 says:

        i personally think lebron has even deferred to dwade a lil bit in the the name of fitting in and being a good teammate and he still has better numbers, and lebron’s numbers come in the flow of the game alot more than wade’s, and aside from the points, lbj is the heats pg and gets other guys going. some people wont like this but dwade’s body language sometimes seems as tho he is tryin to out do lbj, hope it doesnt ever become an issue like kobe-shaq, although they did win 3 chips.

    • trix says:

      I dont like lebron but i will admit he is the true mvp of the heat. Heat will do better when lebron leads the team when wade is not playing as opposed to wade leading it without lebron. Thats already evident this season. Lebron wins games just ask the cavs

  69. Caleb says:

    The miami heat could go all the way and win it all. The lakers are not a problem and the Celtics are the major rival

    • DBBJ says:

      Totally agree, the problem for MIAMI is Boston, no one else

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA The heat could NOT beat the LAKERS in a 7 game series! That is one hell of a funny joke!

      • MrPanama says:

        Miami is the team. I hear comments about them being mature or not as a team, and already, they are playing pretty well. A lot better and quicker insinct than the Lakers and Celtics were when their team was in this position. I think what everyone fails to understand, Miami has 3 superstars… not 3 ‘great’ players. All three of them on their respective teams last year did their job with hunger to get those teams where they were at. Come this year, insinct or not, it’s gonna be scarey playing this Miami heat team with these 3 (hopefully healthy) superstars. Mark my word.

      • Heat03 says:

        How about Chicago? Yes, Boston are the major threat, but i’m not comfortable with taking on Chicago.

    • mybloodissilverandblack says:


  70. Travis says:

    yeah we’ll see about that “Faker Nation”

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Whats so “fake” about LA??? So tired of “fakers” figure out something new.

      • Jake says:

        Los Angeles Lackers. As in lacking desire, determination, and the movtivation necessary to win. They are also lacking a bit in the wins column right now.

  71. Travis says:

    Man, that was a great game last night with McDyess’s last second tip-in. So yeah even though Lakers were in that game and there’s still more season left, they have to be concerned. I’m not saying worried but concerned. They have a tough road trip coming up, which includes Boston and Orlando (plus New Orleans, Memphis, and New York). So as a Spurs fan, I say congrats to the Spurs.

  72. Sixto Davila says:

    no lie, it was a great game. the 2 best in the west.

  73. LAKER_NATION_24 says:

    overall….comes June….its going to be celtics and lakers in the finals…im sorry but as good as heat are they wont make to finals this year….and as for bulls and magic well celtics have to much skill and strenght and way more experience playing with eachother….thats why Celtics and Lakers rematch would be the best…. but this is just what i think

    • celticsrocki4L says:

      hell yea..celtics lakers remach all day

    • Imad Akel says:

      the lakers lose to the spurs when they don’t have home court advantage.

      News flash: The lakers are AWESOME and have great stretches when at HOME in the playoffs.
      The lakers tend to lose away from home.

      They went to 7 games against OKC last year in the playoffs.
      Against the celtics, if ray allen hadn’t gone cold in that game, they wouldnt have won at celtics home court.

      And they wouldnt have won their last game if it wasnt for home court advantage and non-kobe players getting riled up by fans.

      in short: i do not see the lakers getting past the spurs. not one bit. even if they win all their home games in the playoffs, what happens on the road?
      Never ignore home court advantage.

  74. Teh Roflmonster says:

    Well, it’s official. The San Antonio Spurs are definitely going to win it all.

    Sorry, Charlotte.

  75. Gaz_23 says:

    Well said trix, if the Lakers play like that more often they’ll be fine. Would be great if the Lakers and Spurs met int the WCF. As for the East it now looks like a two horse race between the Heat and Celtics, the Magic rely too much on their outside shooting and don’t have any decent backup for Dwight. The Bulls are definitely a dark horse though and could cause problems, especially when Noah is healthy and back on the floor. All in all it’s shaping up to be a fascinating season!

    • trix says:

      i dont know if magic is really as a big a threat as people think. They are a good team but will not be able to beat the celtics or heat. BUT i certainly believe the bulls can. They are not playing at full strengths most of the season and they are doing fine. They have great upside. Whats nice is that they have a good length that can bother the heat with noah and boozer it will be tough to guard both of them. Needless to say they have d-rose too who is a star. If they can get some productive play in from the 2guard position they will be amazing. Someone like rip hamilton who is on the trade market can do them wonders. Besides there defense is one of the best in the league. So i expect them to surprise people with their play in the playoffs granted they are healthy

      • Mikey says:

        I totally agree with your comments, But on top of that, I think instead of looking at Heat/Celtics rivalry in the East, I have big confidence in Bulls at their paces right now both on the defensive end as well as their ability (or simply Derrick Rose’s ability) too produce points. With all that being said, I think Bulls will beat Heat (simply by attacking them interiorly with Noah and Boozer playing together). I don’t see Heat being a matured team (sorry to all those fans cheering for Miami, but I just don’t see that as the case).
        In terms of west, my opinion is that if no injury occurs any time from now to April, Spurs will be the team to beat in the west, Mavericks and Lakers will have an awesome series but in the end Lakers will win, so it will be a final between the old Champs and new Champs. I can’t wait to see those two collide together.

    • Scott says:

      I agree with you Trix, RonRon is my guy and he did alot for us in the playoffs last year, but i think an interesting trade would be to trade him for an upset-with-his-organization and Compton/LA native Tayshaun Prince, he’s veteran, experienced, a champion and hungry for another title. However, I strongly disagree with midseason trades with the Laker organization, or any organization that runs a triangle offense because it takes so long to get accustomed to, which is why Joe Smith is just a bench warmer, yeah he’s got some miles on his legs but he’s still a skilled veteran

  76. trix says:

    As a laker fan im not terribly disappointed about last night’s game. Spurs are a good team and played good. But the lakers were in it and played till the last split second. It was a good fight and i can live with that. Much better than the games against celtics and heat

    • jr810 says:

      I have a message to the Lakers management if they seriously wants to be at the Finals, trade D. Fisher/A. Bynum/L. Walton or R. Artest either for Steve Nash or Carmelo Anthony. The impact of D. Fisher had been almost nothing, A. Bynum had been more cold than hot and R. Artest performance had been poor or mediocre. So based on the management moves, we (Lakers fan) will see how far they want to reach into playoffs.

      • trix says:

        Only bynum seems to be half decent trade asset for the lakers. Fisher is too old and artest is playing bad and his contract is long so they are not really attractive to other gms. For sure your not going to get a carmelo anthony or a steve nash for those guys. I think the lakers dont need big names (kobe and pau are there) they need some energy off the bench. Thats one thing that looks flat to me. In the past lakers had a wonderful bench but thats lacking now. Odom is great but the other guys are not doing the job. Steve blake was a much talked about addition but is not doing the job farmar or sasha did last year. Those guys brought energy off the bench. Besides that, ron artest has to play to his abilities. simply put. If he plays at his best the lakers will play great. and with respect to fisher, he is getting old but as a laker fan im not going to count out the possibility of a big game in the playoffs because he is done it so many times. Another major thing is that the lakers big need to dominate. They have the most talented combo of big and yet they are not playing to their potential. So the re-occuring theme seems to be guys playing to their potential rather than the talent level. So if the lakers just put in more effort and bring energy off the bench (hopefully when barnes returns that will happen) they should be ok. Ive been keep on saying this over and over again this season: sure the lakers are shruggling and other teams are playing better, but untill someone beats them 4 times in 7 tries in the playoffs they are the 2-time defending champs. cut them some slack and wait till the playoffs

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        they shulda kept farmar, and they shulda kept vuajic….those were TWO SHOOTERS….we are missing their offense badly right now!

        If Pau has an off night, only one scoring is Kobe pretty much..with some help from Odom when he;s out there, but thats not going to cut it. WE NEED STRAIGHT SHOOTERS, PURE SCORERS, our honestly i dont see us THREE PEATING

        i mite hav to change my name

    • mybloodissilverandblack says:

      As a Spurs fan, I saw the need to bolster SA’s frontcourt, either by implanting a bionic knee into Matt Bonner’s knee to get him out of injury, give DeJuan Blair some height enhancers, or inject Tiago Splitter with fast-acting protein slash muscle buffers.

      And of course, as a Spurs fan, I am thrilled about the poise that the Silver and Black showed.

      By the way, props for the Magic; they were down 20+ in the dying minutes of the game, yet showed some class to not give up without a decent fight.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        As a big time LAKER fan i will officially say, they SUCK this season! Making the finals is totally out of the question unless they make a smart trade. Gasol has gone back to his soft a** P***y ways!! Fisher is old! And the bench ie Steve Blake is not playing the way i thought he would. Kobe cant do it all every night, Odom has played well. But the rest of the team is plain sorry!! They have lost to too many teams that they shouldnt have! Spurs, Heat etc or teams the LAKERS should have beat.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        HEATSUCK im rite there with u brother….they messed up when they let farmar go in offseason and THEN they traded vucajic AWAY to the nets earlier this year

        TWO DUMB MOVES….

        and we have nothing to trade for, nobody wants Ron. People have overly hyped him, yea saved us in Game 7, but LOOK PEOPLE, that was a lucky night for Ron and a BAD NIGHT for Kobe, plain and simple.

        The guy is a good defender, but flaws are team so much because of LACKLUSTER OFFENSE, he is left open and MISSES EVERY SINGLE SHOT!

      • 23 says:


    • Spurs 23 says:

      Did you guys already forget we beat you by 15 the first time around?

    • Murloc says:

      Last nights game ended great, but didn’t it seem that both teams just weren’t into it. I know that wasn’t Spurs basketball. Haven’t really watched the lakers much but they seemed off too.

      But it was good to see the Spurs stay in it even with Manu, Hill and Neal having off games and Bonner out. Now I know having the best record in the league translates to anything in the playoffs…but 41-8 is impressive had Miami. LA or Boston had this record the trophy would have been flown in already.

      This will be a great playoff Matchup…look at the overall history, They are at .500 in W-L (70-70 ish) and dominated the championships since 1999.

      I thought it was funny how the announcers were saying that the Lakers wanted to slow it down and play tough defense and the Spurs wanted to play up tempo. the tables have turned.