Kobe’s Heard Enough

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Just so we’re clear, any Lakers legends or anyone else interested in waxing poetic about Kobe Bryant‘s team should just keep their comments to themselves.

Bryant made that clear when peppered about all of the drama surrounding the Lakers these days.

So Jerry West, Magic Johnson and everyone else should listen to what Kobe has to say around two minutes and 40 seconds into this video so they’ll know exactly how the Lakers’ leader feels (some language not suitable for children or the squeamish):

Consider the wagons circled in Los Angeles after Bryant talks like this.

Now we’ll have to see if the Lakers can back up his words against the Spurs tonight on TNT (10:30 p.m. ET).


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  2. kobe24 says:

    again so many haters..kobe bryant is one of the all time great..wether you like or not,,,,,
    trade him????..only a dumb Gm will trade kobe…..well iguess youre really a hater..

  3. francisco says:


    RAY ALLEN 76.1
    JEFF GREEN 70.3
    CHRIS PAUL 64.8
    RUDY GAY 62.6


  4. michael says:

    Maybe its time Kobe looks at Kobe… I dont get it ..Hes like # 105 in league shooting % in League /Hes #50 in threes .. and of course ..Only two players in league monte Ellis and suprisingly blake Griffin shoot as much Kobe only two … Both shoot much higher % .Blake of course by ton ..He shoots till he gets hot but how many 8 for 29 games does he get
    you can say hes one greatest all time but really hes ball hog who lost his hops .. Lakers should be offering trading him while he has value ..to someone like Golden State

  5. Augustine says:

    If he really didn’t care he wouldn’t react like that. Obviously, he cares a great deal.

  6. Gary says:

    Guess we have to wait till Playoffs to see LA Beat the Spurs LMAO!

  7. JJ says:

    Kobe does what Kobe does. Let’s just see what happens in June.

  8. realist says:

    Kobe has earned the right to tell it like it is. If he doesnt give a $#!+ about what critics say right now, he doesnt give a $#!+. Honestly, I love Jerry West and what he did for the NBA not to mention the lakers, but IMHO he would totally get owned in todays game, so you have to take his criticism with a grain of salt anyway. Magic is thinking like a part owner of a team and future owner manager of a future team from the business future side of things, so you can take his criticism with a grain of salt too. All in all I don’t even think Kobe or the reporters in this video are reffering to West and Magic as the critics they refer to, its the sportwriters trying to make a story out of the pseudo-panic that happens with every championship team when theyre not firing on all cylinders.

    Boston started out last season like what 23-5 and then was a .500 team the rest of the damn season. lakers haven’t had a single stretch of more than 12 games where theyve played .500 basketball, much less 54 games worth of .500 basketball.

    Kobe has been in the league for goin on 15 years, and has had the media spotlight and critics on his @$$ everyday since day one. His frustration stems not only from his talented teammates not having the same drive and determination to maximize their full potential on a consistent basis, but also from the writers and “critics” telling him and his team how to do their jobs. When it boils down to it, yeah he makes about 100 times what i make every year, but he gets paid to do a job, and then there’s all these outsiders criticizing the way he and his team are doing their jobs. So he has everyright to tell people that have no contribution or influence on the way his job gets done, to kiss his @$$.

    That being said, you have to back it up too. more times than not, Kobe does. and like Kobe said, we’ll see if people are still talking some $#!+ in June. Until then, the only one’s doin the criticizing are the players and the staff of the actual championship contenders (Lakers, Celtic, Celtics, Spurs, Magic, Heat, Bulls…in that order btw). Everyone else can shut it and see how it plays out.

  9. naitsirk says:

    dude should show some respect for two of many all time great that wore the lakers jersey…
    west and magic has carved their names in the purple and gold…

    • steelkobe says:

      Then those 2 all-time greats should’ve shown respect to the best player to ever put on a Lakers jersey. This has nothing to do with them, yet they can’t help but say something to antagonize the team they love. KB can talk about West and Magic in whatever way he wants, because- 1.He’s the best Laker ever, PERIOD. 2. They spoke up first and he wanted to reply. 3. Anybody who follows the Lakers knows about Kobe’s love for the past greats of, not just the Lakers, but all of basketball, he was replying to 2 people who made stupid comments, he wasn’t replying to 2 all-time greats…when they went and made those comments, they became media members, not legends.

      • Trikridan says:

        You (Steelkobe) obviously did not see Magic play enough,,,,Or you are just too young to know real greatness. There’s a reason why he’s the one with the Statue in front of your stadium.

  10. Gary says:

    I can understand Kobe’s frustration. The team is doing pretty good but still getting criticized. But if he doesn’t want to hear this kind of talk he should have won the big games this season. So bottom line, LA is fine but they shouldn’t be too upset that people want to see them win outside the playoffs.

  11. latte' says:

    again kobe needs jesus. he does not sound smart when he is cursing at everyone else. if you are frustrated then ignore people . kobe has a huge ego problem right now. everyone on that team needs some shine and spotlight also, not just him. he is angry because he is WRONG… get JESUS kobe !!!!!!!

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      I agree with ignoring. Kobe’s been through worse than this.

    • browntie says:

      This doesn’t have a thing to do with Jesus.

      Magic, West & Jackson& West ran to the papers and cried publicly about how disappointed they are in the Lakers to try to tug at the emotions of the players so they’d play better, so homo. So Kobe called confronted them directly for acting like sissies, no homo. I’ve never really been a Kobe fan, but I always has the utmost respect for his game. That’s changing though.

      Cursing out Magic & Jerry West when they deserve it… This dude is so many things MJ never was, both right and wrong. Completely 100. And funky.

  12. LOL says:

    Yea but TOO BAD FOR KOBE, that both Magic and West have EARNED the RIGHT to critique the Lakers, so HE can kiss THEIR butt.

    • trix says:

      I dont know about that one…Kobe is everybit as greast a laker as those two…success in l.a has always been measured by the championships they have. in that sense kobe has more than west and just as many as magic and his career is not over yet. So maybe those two should stop critiquing the lakers so hard

    • realist says:

      kobe has already played more games then both of them…all as a laker. played in more playoff games than both of them…all as a laker. Has been voted an all-star more than Magic and only one more to go to match West. Has been to the Finals in half of the seasons he’s been in the NBA, and if he gets there this year again thats more than half…all as a laker. did magic get to the finals 7 times…I love Magic, but c’mon…just because theyve retired and Kobe hasn’t doesn’t mean KOBE hasn’t “EARNED the RIGHT.”
      its easy for those legends to talk when theyve got nothing at stake anymore. So…i guess that means…they can kiss each others butts?

      Or better yet the rest of the league and all of the critics out there can kiss the Lakers butts as a collective whole.

  13. DarrenMichael says:

    Just to keep it simple, Kobe is right. Every year they coast through the regular season and hit a couple slumps and deal with the Kobe shoots too much and his teammates need to step up talk. They played bad basketball right before the playoffs last year, then turned it on and got a ring. They havent missed the finals in 4 years… But did I hear that right though? Did he tell Magic and West to kiss his (butt). Wowzers!

  14. Quincy says:

    I know how to react now but Woah, kobe really let it fly on that one. I’m suprised carmelo hasn’t cussed yet. But kobe is upset about all this. He just wants to keep his team focused and to not loose track of their goal. respectable… Kobe isn’t my favorite guy but I see his frustration.

  15. Dorothy P says:

    Thats some crazy stuff,but kobe has a right to be angry.Its do or die for his teammates tonight!!!