HT’s All-Snub Team: Where’s The Love?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — All the rebounds, double doubles and slick commercials in the world don’t mean a thing without a little respect.

And apparently Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love hasn’t earned enough of the latter. How else do you explain the league’s leading rebounder and double doubles king being left off of the Western Conference All-Star team?

In a league that’s in love with metrics, Love’s would appear to be off the charts everywhere but in the one place that no one player can impact the digits on his own. The Timberwolves are a Western Conference-worst 11-37.

It’s an insult to the men who did make the team to wage an argument against anyone that’s already on the team. This is a subjective situation for the coaches in both conferences charged with selecting the reserves. They’ve confirmed my faith in their ability to always get it wrong.

That’s right, I said it. They blew it as usual.

They never fail to disappoint me with their inability to dole out the rewards for guys that are grinding (not every All-Star has to play on a winning team). What incentive is there for a player on a bad team to grind the way Love has when the coaches essentially tell you, “you’re putting up historical numbers, but we’re not buying it.”

Bad team or not, if 21.4 points, 15.5 rebounds and a league-best 43 double doubles doesn’t move you, what does?

That’s why we’re making Love the captain of HT’s All-Snub Team, and we don’t care if he get’s the Commissioner’s gift spot as Yao Ming‘s replacement.

The rest of the squad:

Raymond Felton, Knicks

Monta Ellis, Warriors

LaMarcus Aldridge, Portland

Josh Smith, Hawks

Carlos Boozer, Bulls

Steve Nash, Suns

Lamar Odom, Lakers

Andrew Bogut, Bucks

Zach Randolph, HT Grizzlies


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  2. vill says:

    Too bad for Shaq, given his funny antics and popularity at WestCoast( specifically at L.A), he would probably still get voted to All-Star if he remained at West Coast where he played his best years and best memories..But now that he is with the East(where he played during his declining years…and people already forgot his dominace as a rookie with the Magic more than a decade ago).. All-star is all about popularity and less about performance..Thus, Yao Ming, who remains popular among all the Chinese population in the world, will always get voted reagrdless of his performance..or regardless whether he plays or not..
    And teams with not much fans worldwide like Minesotta Timberwolves and Golden State Warriors and Portland Trailblazers will always have a hardtime getting All-Star votes

  3. vill says:

    Well, Yao Ming’s selection is indeed ridiculous..but as long as the All-Star selection is decided by online voting year after year, Yao Ming will always get voted(maybe even after he retires) given there will always be at least half a billion online votes from China alone…Isnt that ridiculous? Players get voted not for their season performance?!
    And when a team is not popularly watched, then it’s going to be almsot impossible for Warrior’s Monta Ellis or Minessota’s Kevin Love to get voted no matter how good they play for their teams(against Yao Ming who dont even need to play to get voted for All-Stars)..
    Come on, NBA, do something!!!

  4. CHICAGO97 says:


  5. t dot says:

    zeeeeeboooooo wtf????? where the hell is he????

  6. Mel_Fox_76 says:

    Okay my last stat info. I’ve taken a look at last season’s efficiency per 48min ranking:

    Last big suprise. Tim Duncan, Chris Bosh and Carlos Boozer should have been regular season MVP candidates (behind Lebron James) in 2010. Wow…

  7. Mel_Fox_76 says:

    Wow! I’ve one more surprise, surprise. Many are considering D-Roseto be MVP this year. His numbers have increased,especially his points, treys and blocks. But believing the efficiency per 48min ranking, he’s only no. 31!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another surprise is Nene being on rank 17.

  8. Mel_Fox_76 says:

    Nobody knows how good player x would be on team y, but how should Glen Davis produce the same things like Love on the Timberwolves roster? Probably he would improve a lot in scoring and rebounding. But it isn’t clear, if he would score on a high percentage and he wouldn’t start to become a good 3p and ft shooter…
    If we don’t concentrate on different performances of the same player in different teams (which is speculation), we should take a look at the player efficiency ranking or even the same stats relatively to time (that means per 48min):

    Surprise, surprise!!! Except few blips, it says a lot about the real value of players for their teams. Who’s on top? Kevin Love. Who isn’t expected to be one of the top 10 in the whole league? Pau Gasol, Blake Griffin, Al Horford and Dirk Nowitzki. Nash, TD, KG, STAT, CP, Booze, ZBo are in the front row as well.
    Next suprise, surprise. Where are the top players KB24, KD and D-Wade? Ouch! Places 20 to 22!!!!!!!!
    Another surprise, surprise. Where are Melo, Manu, Tony Parker and the Truth? Between rank 38 and 48!!!
    Last surprise. Where Joe Johnson and Monta Ellis. Not even on the top 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So this could be another view to answer the question who’s helping his team to win…

    C ya


  9. […] I believe (and I think that doesn’t make me alone on this) that there were a number of NBA players deserving to get the nod to start in the All Star Game. I think if Mr. Stern does my suggestion above, it would be a fair competition between the rest of the All Star snubs. […]

  10. ricy says:

    whats up with all this LOve for Love his team has 13 wins and may end up beign the worst team in the league this year. Love sucks, glen davis could put up his stats if he were given the freedom on the crappy itimberwolves team and didnt play any defence/

  11. ninjakol says:

    i really think there are LOTS of players in the league deserved to be an all star but that doesn’t mean anyone selected doesn’t deserved it either.. the EAST starters all deserved to be there not because fans voted for them but because they put up MVP numbers and they’re winning… as for EAST reserve, 4 celtics?? for me YES! i hate to admit it but all 4 of them deserve there, rondo ld the league in assists, pierce lead them in scoring, ray allen have career numbers in FG and 3pt i mean why doesn’t he not an all star?? and celtics without KG is like a normal good team not an elite team… and bosh?? i think he deserve to be there too… he’s the main reason when the heat have a 20+ games run with only a dallas lose… as for horford and johnson.. well i think its better if its josh smith and horford though but johnson leads them in pts and asts… as for EAST snubs, i know felton is good but can you see him average better than joe johnson or pierce?? or is he better than rondo and d.rose in PG spot?? boozer have better numbers than both bosh and kg but maybe coaches voted for kg and bosh because of how valuable they are to their respective teams.. (but i still think boozer deserve a spot in the east) as for noah and bogut… i really really think if noah didn’t get injured, he would be the back up center instead of horford because of how he play well during the oct-nov months.. but even if he’s not injured during the all star game, i think its better to rest during the weekend and just watch the game coz bulls will need him for the 2nd half of the season specially they have more road games left than home games… and for bogut, i think he deserve to be there too but he is like DTD basis!! he has monster games but also inconsistent games… thats why coaches select horford instead of him…

    as for the WEST, we can’t blame yao for being there! blame the fans who voted for him or blame the one that puts his name in there… as for the WEST reserves, you can rank the top PG in the west and you will see deron and westbrook to be the top two… d-will lead his team in pts and ast and they are winning… he has better averages than nash and parker.. as for westbrook i know nash and parker have better career averages than westbrook but westbrook owns them this yr! he deserve to be there… do you really believe oklahoma in the top 5 teams in west with only durant?? westbrook averages 22 8 5 and one of the top stealers in the league, can you honestly say nash deserve the spot over him?? as for manu, he is the best player on the best team!! its a more degrading to the league if the best team doesn’t have any representative in the all star!! as for blake griffin, do you guys know their record on their 1st 20 games and their last 20 games??? do the math, they have more wins than utah,phoenix,dallas,lakers and much more improved than their 1 win start!! its not because he is dunking, its because they are winning games now!! and Dirk? why doesn’t he an all star? he is more deserving than any other PF in the west!! he’s the MVP before he gets injured!! his team lost when he’s injured and he’s teams the best in the league before he gets injured!! the only thing is duncan, i think he shouldn’t be there… if someone is saying they have the best record and there should be more than 1 then i rather have parker and manu over him… as for WEST SNUBS, kevin love should be there!! no questions asks! aldrdge should be there too!! both have better numbers than pau and duncan… as for zach,gay,k-mart,monta you guys deserve to be there but its just someone is more deserving to be there than them (except for the starters since they are voted by fans)

    this is my ALL STAR lineup if given a chance to choose:
    EAST starters: rose,wade,james,amare,dwight
    EAST reserves: rondo,allen,pierce,boozer,bosh,horford,josh smith (remove kg and joe johnson)
    WEST starters : deron,kobe,durant,dirk,love (remove melo,paul and yao)
    WEST reserves : paul,westbrook,griffin,aldridge,manu,zach,gasol (i put pau gasol because they need center and i don’t know anyone better than pau at center)

  12. Tucas says:

    I think bargnani should atleast be on the snub team
    andrew boguts been slacking this year while bargs is having a career year

  13. Neil says:

    I haven’t actually watched the All Star game in years and I don’t really care to watch it at all. Who wants to the watch the same 12 players from the same teams. I say expand the rosters to 15. Sure someone will still be snubbed but at least I won’t be told that every Celtic player outside of Rondo is an All-Star. Put Paul Pierce on the Timberwolves and see how good he is then. Put Kevin Love on the Lakers then all of sudden he will become worthy of an All-Star spot. This is just stupid every year. Even the much hyped dunk contest features one guy who we know will probably win it all. Wow! I’m so enthralled.

    Why not feature another game of the All-Snub team. Guys who deserved to make it but didn’t. I bet they would actually play real basketball and not “Lets see how many times we can dunk.”

    War the Superbowl and America’s true love of sport. Even a lockout won’t stop it.

  14. MRS NASH says:

    Steve Nash is said to be one of the bestpoint guards of all time. he is number two in assists, and my goodness, why is he not on the team? have you seen his passing? amazing. have you seen his shooting? fantastic. he is the best point guard in the leauge now. why is Chris Paul starting? nd why is Deron Williams even on the team? What has he done? this is crap. the west is gonna get destroyed by the east with no good point guard. And why is Yao even there?
    Ahh! this is so dumb. Nash should be on the team, too bad no one thinks he is good anymore cuz he isnt on a winning team and AMare isnt there. Nash changed his whole game when amare left, and he has rocked it. He’s been doing great. Bettre than ever. I hate how people only look at his team, and not him. He started all star last year. not even on the eam this year. He deserves it more than anypne. Not even debatable.

  15. court says:

    I actually think Duncan will get the spot instead of Love because your talking about the greatest power forward of all time. I think the fans really had a mistake with putting Yao as a starter you know hes not going to play so was it really even worth it?

  16. STERN says:

    Well all star is for the FANS!!! maybe that’s why its the FANS pick but anyway he got the nod so stop crying already for the people who keeps hammering the NBA

  17. theprophet says:

    please tell what are your reasons for selecting ellis over nash. i mean nash still has numbers, same with his two mvp seasons. though phoenix is not winning as much as the previous seasons still the suns are winning compared with the warriors! i cannot understand why they are talking about why ellis is not in the all star! and they are not talking why nash is not in the all star!

  18. Allen FTW says:

    Im sorry but all these people saying Ray shouldnt be an allstar……shooting the best shooter ever shooting the best he has ever shot? get out…

    • johan says:

      yea, uree totally right, hes almost tied with regie miller with most three ever made, and he has had an outstanding season so far so i agree with you.

  19. nosternnmore says:

    is love first all star with the baddest team record?

  20. Roger says:

    Anybody that leaves D-Will of the All-star team just flunked the IQ test. Really?

  21. Evan says:

    Way to go Commissioner Stern by adding Love to the team! It was the right move. A couple of tweaks I’d like to see as far as the All-Star Game and voting go. Expand the roster. 1 to 3 more guys per roster. Also, change the forward, center, guard voting to frontcourt, backcourt voting. Congrats Kevin!

  22. Tom says:

    Kevin Love should give the NBA the Garry Templeton response, to wit: “Ain’t startin’; ain’t departin'”.

  23. gabby watanabe says:

    and if Yao ming is in an injury, kevin love can replace Yao for the center position.
    But if they put Gasol or Duncan in the center position, there will be no replacement forward or center for the western all-stars. GO WESTERN ALL-STARS

  24. DA TRUTH YO says:






  25. PJ says:

    gasol is going to start for the centers

  26. javi77caseros says:

    Hi, Are you thinking well? I thought that all you had more understanding of the game, this is basketball dudes!!!!!!!, and monta Ellis never will be better thab Ginobili i his entire life, Ellis is playing on a loser team, Oh is so Sad for you, Im sorry, but if ellis deserves more than Ginobili you dont understand how you can win a basketball game, basketball is not only take a lot of shots, is defensive, is systems of play, is the Extra pass to your teammates. You think that basketball is play like LB James and Melo Anthony, and this players only can lose forever and EVER, if Ellis would be in a basketaball team as Spurs or Celtics or lakers, only would be an ordinary player, look at Richard Jefferson, he average 18 or 19 ppg in his career, now is pointing just 12,6 ppg and is not for his age, is cause Ginobili, Duncan, and Parker are better than him, and sure was better when Jefferson average 19 ppg and ginobili average 16 ppg in 2005-2006 season too.
    I thought you understand this words, i hope you learned a little of this game reading this!

  27. Mel_Fox_76 says:

    Another example:

    Shaq shouldn’t be a part of all al star games since 2007. But what was the highlight for the 2007 All star game? Shaq dribbling like a guard against Mehmet Okur. You see? That’s the all star game…
    FUN. If you can, try to enjoy it in this sense. There are enough important games in a season to care for.
    So I’m really looking forward to see the very elite players, who are all playing in LA. LBJ, D-Wade, KB24, D12, STAT,CP3 and Durantula.

    Enuff said.

  28. denis says:

    It’s not just about the STATISTICS people ! Get it ?
    When i see somebody want’s to trow out Dirk out he doesn’t know the game !!! Anybody watched the game vs Knicks the last night ? The guy hobled,on one leg,couldn’t run so fast,cleary injured,not close to 100% and scores how much ? 29 ! So this is what is not written in the statistics guys…

  29. Mr. E says:

    I would also like to say I think Paul Millsap was a noteable all-star snub who has had an underrated season and would have made my all-star reserves for the Western Conference

  30. Mel_Fox_76 says:

    In my eyes all selected players are able to play on an all star level for one night (even the older ones;-)) and most of the fans will be happy to see them. Most important thing of the all star game is good entertainment (that means DUNKS! and show) and that ballers stay healthy for the remaining games. The all star game is NOT the time for getting props. This happens after the regular season. It’s called All NBA 1, 2nd, 3rd team, All defensive 1st, 2nd, 3rd team and so on…

    C ya


  31. Mel_Fox_76 says:

    So next try:

    Hi folks!
    Obviously most people here are not understanding why Love, Aldridge and Nash haven’t made it for the West. Well, officially it’s said the coaches have the choice. But who really believes the NBA is a place for honesty? Come on. It’s a business orientated entertainment thing. Many decisions are made behind the stage. Is it only fortune that the most gifted talents get drafted by their favourite teams (AI to Philly, LBJ to Cavs, Derrick to Chicago)? No. It’s organized. And that’s how it is in several areas. I don’t want to tell an Area-51-story, but there are different interests. And basketball is business. And entertainment. It’s not changing our lives. In my eyes, knowing is okay, though the result is okay. And the example of the drafts shows interceding can have a good outcome. Those ballers wouldn’t have such a good career outside their home areas, especially in the first years, believe me.

  32. Mel_Fox_76 says:

    why isn’t my reply being released?

  33. Mel_Fox_76 says:


  34. denis says:

    Listen guys…I don’t really understand so much hate for the NBA and the coaches for choosing. Words like that they don’t know the game and fans do is to funny to comment. I don’t disage with Love don’t being selected. He will be seleced as a sub for Yao and Griffin deserved it too. So that good!? Now Zach deserved it but didn’t get it,but also Aldridge,Parker etc.,but guys the West is so crowded with good players so you can’t really blame them !!! The most correct thing is that Griffin and Love would be selected (only teams with loosing rec) and deserved it. And we got that…so it is everything ok.

    And know i want to give some love to the SPURS ! I mean guy why so much hate for them ??? They have the best record in the league, and i mean look at the western conference,it’s so packed with so much good teams and they are beating everybody! They beat all the best teams in both conference, except Boston where they lost in the last sec. And now,they have just 2 players on the ALL STAR roster and i still see guys complaining about Duncan and Ginobili !!! C’mon people, Show some love…I saw some word Ginobili doesn’t deserve it,haha. He should seriously considered as an MVP and you argue about ALL Star…It’s not just about the STATS! You must look at the plays on both end’s of the floor,about game winners,about determinations and thing that give you wins! Remember just the sequence when Ginobili won the game vs Bucks and the night after that made a winning shoot vs Denver and then made a charge against Carmelo! Tell me how many players can do that ?
    Also to finish,don’t want to write an esay about Duncan and what he represents,but consider everything i said now, you have 4 Boston players in the all-star. Spurs have 2 only…Boston leads the east who has only 5 good teams and the rest is garbage…Minesota has 11 wins and i think 7 or so of them are against east teams ! If Duncan doen’t deserve it Garnet doesn’t deserve it also! If Tony Parker (carer year in asists) dosen’t deserve it so Rondo doesn’t deserve it also,if Ginobli doesn’t deserve it then Allen doesn’t either ! So stop hating on the SPURS,show some love…
    Mat Winer saind the best,i quote: ”Why is great boring ?”
    thx for reading

  35. Golfnutz38 says:

    So how does a guy, who on a team that has had more injuries than most other teams in the league and is still in playoff contention, Yes I’m talking about the Portland Trailblazers and LaMarcus Aldridge, Not make the All-Star team, I mean come on Man! He has taken over leadership of this team, and his Scoring has increased steadily every month! He gets snubbed every year and is consistently one of the best power forwards in the league not just western conference by my opinion the best in the league. I’m getting sick and tired of instead of Basketball being a game anymore the NBA is more business than game. What does he have to do to get the leagues attention, or the commissioner. NBA is getting to be no fun to watch anymore, cause you can watch the game and anyone with a decent intelligence, can tell that Games are called unfairly, referees give special attention to certain players and it is just not fair. So does he have to get on his knees and beg the league to let him play? No he has shown by his play that he is the best power forward in the western conference. And why would the NBA let Yao’s name even be on the ballot for anyone to vote on? This deserves a huge COME ON MAN!!!!!

  36. ben says:

    kevin love definitely deserves to be an all-star.. but the thing that worries me the most is the fact that he might be another zach randolph or david lee from last year’s all star game (good players, but just simply boring). TO ME, the all star game is interesting because of the amazing highlight plays (alley-oops and tricky passes, not hook-shots and mid-range jumpshots) that are showcased by players like lebron, d-wade, rose, rondo, dwight (pretty much everyone on the east team, because for some reason they just make cooler plays). kobe, melo, cp3, durant, and of course blake griffin will definitely be interesting, but players like duncan and nowitzki are so plain. the all-star team needs someone like monta ellis, someone who is willing to run. so what im pretty much trying to say is, all-star games should be filled with players who can play a full game of fastbreaks.

  37. special'k says:

    this is my west all star reserves Steve Nash, Deron Williams, Manu Ginobli,Rudy Gay,Dirk Nowiski,Blake Griffon,and Kevin Love.

  38. Zach says:

    Eric Gordon anyone?

  39. Aaron says:

    ok i understand that people are upset about the selections and that not wrong by any means but as for the fans why would you vote for someone who we knew would be out for the season as a starter (yao ming)? as for the coaches vote they need to look at what the player has done for the team. Aldridge is #1 for portland keeping them in the playoff race and throwing up career high numbers one of which is his 40pts in their game vs the spurs the best team in the league i remind you. aldridge has carried that team makeing him and the team as a whole better. now to my least fav reserve pick. Blake griffin. What has he done for his team? oh thats right he hasent got them near a playoff spot and the only reason he made it was cause hes a “high-flyer”. he makes espn and the top ten plays every night and with that what does the team have to show for his apperent success? oh thats right a nice loosing record of 19 and 29 not even close to a winning record. kevin love has a chance but what hurts him is the teams record their at a losing record just as the clippers are. back to aldridge. he out performed every reserve that he had a chance with for that spot including blake griffin in the last games that he played them. he out scored them out rebounded them he did it all. so i trust the comminsioner will make the right decesion this year if the 2nd spot opens cause of injury then both kevin love and aldridge are the two picks but if only the ming possistion is open i pick aldridge for what he has done for his team. before im done i also have one more thing about kevin love. ya you didnt make the team but you dont have to goto the papers and the internet to complain about it take it like a man and keep up the work your doing to make next year

  40. specialfriedrice says:

    firstly they need to fix the balloting, the ballot card shouldnt come out till 1 month into the season and they should be based on the current seasons performance ie recent years Yao AI and Tmac all took a spot they shouldnt have (yes they didnt play and u damm right they shouldnt) the point is all star status should be based on the merits of the current season, as for love not being on that team just crazy, i predict if he dosnt take yaos spot timmy or dirk and conveniently miss the game.

  41. Badger says:

    Bosh out, Horford to PF, Bogut in.

  42. Orange says:

    Steve Nash definitely should have made it. Despite the Suns’ struggle this season, he is still playing like an all-star. He is SO much better than Ginobelli AND Westbrook. Besides, Tim Duncan already made the cut. Steve Nash, with his career winding down, is STILL PLAYING LIKE AN ALL-STAR. So mad that he’s not up there with the rest of them. Second in the league in assists, and scoring in double digits consistently. Give this guy some credit!!

  43. Drizzy says:

    Taena, im not saying that Manu and Timmy are bad players. Im saying they are not putting up all star numbers, and thats what the All star game is all about. Look i dislike the spurs, but i respect them and their organization. All im saying is look at the stats themselves.
    Tim Duncan-11 ppg 10 rpg 3 apg to Kevin Love-21 ppg 15 rpg 3 apg… whats more all star worthy?
    Monta Ellis-25 ppg 5 rpg 5 apg to Manu Ginobili-16 ppg 5 rpg 3 asp… Whats more all star worthy?
    if the all star game was the most wins team then timmy manu tp dejuan blair and richard jefferson should be on the all star team, but it isnt thats all im trying to say. and actually i play basketball for university of washington… so i kinda know what im talkin bout

  44. Paulo says:

    Last year Chris Kaman was all star…Can you believe that?
    The all star game needs LOVE

  45. Mr. E says:

    Kevin Love thus far is the biggest all-star snub. Every year, there is always going to be people left off the all star team but Kevin Love is just putting up a great year and would also have my vote for Most Improved Player.

  46. John says:

    I personally think that its disgusting that the east is represented by a mere 6 teams, 3 of which have multiple players on them. I think a true all star game needs to have all of the best players, not just the players that will get the highest ratings or create the best match-ups. I have no problem with the fans voting in the starters, but Yao Ming doesn’t even deserve to be in consideration, they need to replace him with the center that has the best stats of any other center in the west. I don’t know who that is off the top of my head but if it is Kevin Love then he deserves it, if there is someone better than they deserve it. The all star game has slipped so quickly from being a true battle between the best players, to just being about ratings and the stories within the game. Personally I would almost rather see the snub team play than the actual all stars. While most of the all star players do deserve to be in the game, I believe that the NBA should be more like the MLB in one sense, all or most teams need to be represented in some way in the all star events. I am saying this as a lowly Pacers fan, who year after year I have to suffer my way through this illustrious weekend with only bittersweet joy. Yes, Danny Granger has represented the Pacers the last couple years but he got minimal playing time and he totally blew it in 3-point contest. Now I don’t want to sound like I’m just complaining because of the Pacers lack of success in all star weekends of the past, so I will say this, I want to see every team represented, whether they have an all star player, rookie/sophomore player, or other contest participant, they all need to be recognized. The NBA is the only professional sports league that doesn’t involve every single team in it’s events, which to me is sad. If the NBA ever wants to boost its ratings, they should start marketing the entire league instead of focusing on a couple specific players.

  47. Fanofthegamesince91' says:

    i agree with the person who said that players should wear their team jerseys in the all-star game cuz your there representing your team not just yourself, so that should be a must, and the league personally is messed for changing that. i also agree that there are some players on the rosters that don’t deserve to be there over others. i believe Yao being on the team is an absolute joke and all about popularity, as well as melo being a starter. i mean sure he is an all star like player (when he wants to be) but i mean compare how he played this year and how his team played without his normal contribution and then flip that and look at how Dallas did without Dirk and look at his numbers, he should be starting over melo. also for Gasol and Duncan to be on the team over Love and Aldridge is funny to me. yes they are both good and i respect that, but nobody is playing like Love really right now in the NBA and the performance that Aldridge is giving this year with portland and all their bad luck, the least u can do is give the kid a break and give it to him, based on that alone. Also i gotta say i was pretty happy to see that the fans did Stoudemire and Rose right by making them starters. Bosh just isnt having an all-star season so he should be replaced. chris paul shouldnt be the starting point guard though, it should be Deron Williams or someone else im sorry. also in some way shape or form Zach Randolph should be an all star as well

  48. Callum says:

    Compare Griffin and Love’s career highs

    Points Griffin 47 Love 43 Griffin’s better
    Rebound 18 31 Love’s better (by a mile)
    Assists 8 9 Love’s better
    Steals 3 3 equal
    Blocks 2 4 Love’s better

    Overall, Love is better than Griffin, why isn’t he in all-star team?

  49. wow says:

    wats this about players that arent playing that well the teams that they are on are just great teams the lakers have kobe but the spurs are great as a team but the people on there really only have team stats.for people that are playing at a elite level they deserve the nod not some bs about all we care about wins the players if they are playing as exceptional then they should be on the allstar team i mean what if kevin love doing all his hard work and if he aint on the allstar team then people then the choice is obvious i mean how can u justify picking people just from a winning team if they arent playing at an elite level

  50. Mike says:

    I usually like your blog here, but I’m not sure that the coaches got it wrong, at least in the West. (The East is a different story. As much as I like the Celtics, I’m not sure if they deserve to send 4 guys there. But I digress…) Who would you like to leave off to put in Love?

    –San Antonio is so far ahead of the pack that at least two guys from their team have to be playing at an All-Star level. Take off Duncan to put in Tony Parker, but Love still stays off.

    –The Lakers have won the NBA Championship the last two years, so at least 2 guys from their team are playing at an All-Star level. Hence Pau Gasol.

    –Russell Westbrook is averaging 22, 8.5, and 5 on a really good team too.

    –Blake has made the Clips fun to watch. Who has *ever* done that? He is also putting up big numbers too.

    the rest of the reserve picks are all the best player of a team that would be (if the playoffs ended today) headed for the playoffs.

    Look, with only 12 picks, with (realistically) 5 or 6 players from the top 3 teams in the conference going, that means that only 9 or 10 teams from the conference are going to have a representative. Simple math. That means that 5 or 6 teams from the conference aren’t going to have *anyone* going. That is a lot of great players being shut out.

    Even Nash didn’t get to go, and his numbers during his MVP years (he won twice) weren’t much better than they are now. What is this about lifetime achievement again?

  51. Bro says:

    Love deserves to be on the all-star team.
    He is he most efficient player in the nba right now, even above lebron.
    As far as I remember, the last time any player average 20 points and 15 rebounds was like 30 years ago.

    I don’t see why Griffin is in there – just because he have good dunks???

  52. Kevin says:

    Deron Williams is arguably the best PG in the league (certainly the best in the West) and you want to replace him with Monta Ellis??? Please!! The only Point Guards approaching Deron’s talent is Rondo and Rose. But in the west, Deron is the best. If he was in a system like Chris Paul, he’d be averaging more assists and points. Considering the function of Jerry Sloans system, D-Will is best.

  53. Chuck says:

    The league’s leading rebounder (Love) and second in assists (Nash) not in the all star game? How pathetic! So tired of the NBA. I love Manu but Nash, 2 time MVP, is having the second best season of his career and is being overlooked. Love, not very flashy but extremely productive. Everyone wants to talk about African Americans not getting a fair shake in MLB and NHL but everyone is scared to say what they know to be true: The NBA is extremely anti-white guy. Racial Equality needs to work both ways. I hate the NBA, love basketball!

  54. special'k says:

    Steve Nash is ten million times better than russell Westbrook. HE’S A TWO TIME MVP!

  55. […] This article sums it up best: HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS – All the rebounds, double doubles and slick commercials in the world don’t mean a thing without a little respect. And apparently Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love hasn’t earned enough of the latter. How else do you explain the league’s leading rebounder and double doubles king being left off of the Western Conference All-Star team? In a league that’s in love with metrics, Love’s would appear to be off the charts everywhere but in the one place that no one player can impact the digits on his own. The Timberwolves are a Western Conference-worst 11-37. It’s an insult to the men who did make the team to wage an argument against anyone that’s already on the team. This is a subjective situation for the coaches in both conferences charged with selecting the reserves. They’ve confirmed my faith in their ability to always get it wrong. That’s right, I said it. They blew it as usual. They never fail to disappoint me with their inability to dole out the rewards for guys that are grinding (not every All-Star has to play on a winning team). What incentive is there for a player on a bad team to grind the way Love has when the coaches essentially tell you, “you’re putting up historical numbers, but we’re not buying it.” Bad team or not, if 21.4 points, 15.5 rebounds and a league-best 43 double doubles doesn’t move you, what does? That’s why we’re making Love the captain of HT’s All-Snub Team, and we don’t care if he get’s the Commissioner’s gift spot as Yao Ming‘s replacement. HT’s All-Snub Team: Where’s The Love? | Hang Time Blog […]

  56. Hybrid says:

    I do agree with allowing fans to vote, in general fans choose pretty exciting all-star players, but maybe the NBA should set standards, restrictions as to who can be voted in as a starter to avoid another. But it’s whatever I guess

  57. Trent Smith says:

    Heat- I respect your opinion with your picks, but to take Ellis over D Will are you CRAZy! Deron is in the top 2-3 PG’s in the NBA, if not the #1. He should be a starter over CP3! Don’t get me wrong Chris P is an amazing point guard, but he doesn’t having the power or the scoring ability that Deron does. Deron avg. 21.9 a game and still has the same amount of ast. that Paul does. It is just because he is from Utah and not one of the big name city’s so he doesn’t get the votes. I also agree that Love should absolutely be in. How do you have those kind of numbers and not get to be an All-Star! The Nba is crazy this year. Between the officiating, and the All-Star picks I’m close to taking a break from even watching it anymore and I haven’t missed watching or listening to a Jazz game for 4 yrs!

  58. Tony Snow says:

    yao only gets all them votes kuz the chinese vote for him.

  59. […] Aldridge made the HT All-Snub Team, and the argument for his inclusion on the team is legitimate. Just not at the expense of Griffin, […]

  60. Jake says:

    ummmm Nash, Ellis, Aldridge all deserve to be on it… none of the spurs do.. they may be 40-8, but none of the players are all star worthy. they should be on the all wins team.

  61. Randy Lucas says:

    I have NEVER understood why the All Star Game is during the season instead of the end of the season. To me, an All Star is one who performed throughout the season. Ballots shouldn’t even be printed until the season is over. By the time we get to 82 games it is obvious who’s name should be printed on the ballot. That way we don’t have players like Yao to choose from. No disrespect to Yao, but I am sure he will agree that he shouldn’t even be considered.

  62. taena says:

    Hey Drizzy do you know how to play basketball? do you really know what you are talking about? Timmy and Ginobili are the stars of spurs. Even if the team have a good coach but don’t have good players they will not win the games. Can u imagine the spurs without Manu and Timmy? Just watch the all-star game ok and learn how to play basketball.

  63. T says:

    LOL you are a idiot Duncan is averaging career lows and you think he should be on the team??? It’s not a lifetime achievment award its the 2011 all star based on the first half of the season. In case you forgot last time Aldridge matched up against Duncan and the Spurs he droipped 40 and the Blazers won. So you get your facts straight Duncan should not be an All Star.

    • T says:

      The Spurs are 41-8 and Duncan is a big reason why. His numbers are down, but he’s STILL the man on this team.

      Don’t fault Tim Duncan because his team is good and plays a *WINNING* brand of basketball.

  64. ^^ says:

    i think coaches have seen the thing that doesnt show in stats.. defense?hustles, ability to change opponents shots? that is why duncan is there.. and the spurs are winning.. and i am dissapointed that parker is not in the discussiion of the snubs.. ^^

  65. glock93308 says:

    Monta over Ginobili
    Aldridge over Duncan
    Randolph over Dirk
    Love as starting center

    Felton over Allen
    Boozer over Bosh
    Bogut over Garnett
    Josh Smith over Pierce

  66. Coach Gary says:

    Replace Tim Duncan with Lamar Odom. Replace Yao Ming with Kevin Love.


  67. ricy says:

    If David Stern doesnt put lamarcus in the allstar game then I think i will stop watching the NBA. There are arguments you could make against any other player on snubs list except for him. Leading a injury riddled team to the playoffs and schooling Griffin Love ZBo West and Duncan in head to head matchups.

  68. How can you snub Kevin Martin from the All-Snub team? He’s been phenomenal this year — giving his all and winning games for a subpar Rockets team.

  69. Coach Gary says:

    Something else to consider is if they are are going to be four celtics because of their record, and getting to the finals last year. Then how did Lamar Odom get snubbed when his production is All Star caliber especially when compared to guys(All Stars) on teams with worse records.

    Also a very very interesting side note.. Lamar Odom’s production per minute is INSANE! He doesn’t get the minutes of most power forwards, his ability to still put up those numbers and be the efficent**. WOW!

  70. Sebastian says:

    OK you poeple are insane with replacing Ginobili with Ellis, Manu is just as deserving of making the team than anyone else, the guy is almost carrying the spurs on his back, bloody hell, you guys are just probably bitter that he ignited your team. Second, all of those that say that they shouldnt be on the team cause theyre too old, what the hell does age have to do with anything? might aswell drop kobe bryant aswell while you’re at it(ginobili is 33 and bryant is 32). Truth is, even if he may slow down eventually, he has played like an all star until now and that’s what matters. n. Also, according to the logic of some, this would mean that the best team in the nba doesnt deserve any representatives in LA, now that’s pretty stupid. So stop the hate and actually appreciate what he and the spurs have done till now, you dont see 41-7 every seaso

  71. chicity says:

    all-star game voting is so arbitrary, the big names will always get the votes over certain guys who are more deserving…a better debate is who is having the best season at their respected positions…ive got d-rose, wade, lebron, durant/lebron, and kevin love

    • Aaron says:

      ok u say the big names always get the vote that we should have the player who is best at their posistion well all but love on your list is a big name in the nba you cant just look at them but what they have done for their team aldridge in example has carried a team with 5 knee injuries this season alone and has kept them in a playoff posistion well putting up career high numbers

  72. themishky says:

    There’s nothing wrong with the current system for choosing the all-star teams; the fans vote on who they want to see and the coaches pick who they think deserve it. Fine. The system isn’t flawed, but the choices do suck.
    If your argument is against the “popularity contest” style of the system, remember that kobe was the top vote-getter with 2.3 million votes. Derrick Rose got 1.9 million, and I voted for him every day. There are 15,000 people that go to every T-Wolves home game, if they would all have voted for Love every day during the balloting, that’s 1.2 million right there. I guess the fault is in trying to get Americans to vote…

    But seriously, the coaches leaving him out is pretty lame.

  73. slamdunk406 says:

    I think that Yao shouldn’t have gotten on because he’s hurt. But the NBA can’t control the stupidity of the fans. Who the hell would vote for Yao Ming in their right mind, knowing that he’s hurt? I guess a billion+ people in China doesn’t hurt. I think that Russell Westbrook should be off and Monta Ellis should be on. Also, I think that Love will and should replace Yao. The only reason that Griffin got the nod over Love was that he Dunks better and the game is in LA. If the game was in Minnesota or any other non-LA place, Love would have gotten on. I think Love should also gotten on ahead of Griffin because he’s played more years, has better numbers, and Griffin is already participating via Dunk Contest. Maximize your players and market by allowing as many players from as many franchises as possible to be involved in All-Star Weekend.

  74. jj says:

    no offense meant toTIM DUNCAN. He is a great player and a future hall-of-famer but I believe he should not be an ALL-STAR this year.His numbers speaks for himself, Kevin Love is way better than.

  75. G says:

    Wow no love for the Spurs. Typical. Predictable.

    Tim Duncan doesnt deserve it? Manu Ginobili doesnt deserve it? Tony Parker not even mentioned? Kevin Love deserves it they say. LaMarcus Aldridge deserves it they say. Numbers dont lie. Well I have to agree, numbers dont lie. BUT if you are going to talk about numbers. Talk about ALL the numbers. Kevin Love has amazing numbers. No denying that. Then again, who else is gonna rebound for that team?? What hes doing is historical they say. Well the 41-8 start is the 6th best start in NBA HISTORY. LaMarcus Aldridge, again, amazing numbers. AGAIN, who else is gonna do that for that team?? Would his scoring avg be that high if the true leader of that team in Brandon Roy were playing? Id would wager, no. Monta Ellis, (whos is my 2nd fav player in the league) a scoring machine! Umm, anything else? Dont fault Tim, Manu, and Tony because they share the ball amongst the whole team. Manu (19ppg), Tony (17ppg), Tim (14ppg), Richard (12ppg), George (11ppg). The Spurs have 5 players that avg 15 attempts a game. Only team in the league who can say that. Lets not forget the 41-8 record. Why are they 41-8 without a player scoring monster numbers. BECAUSE THEY PLAY TEAM BALL. It isnt just about scoring, if that were so, why havent I heard Kevin Martins name? Eric Gordons name? Both avg more pts than Love or Aldridge. Bottom line, theres always gonna be snubs. Each and every year. Its pathetic to see the Spurs get no respect despite leading the league at 41-8. The Pistons of 2006 had 4 all stars that year and they werent even leading their conference let alone the league. This year, the Celtics get 4 in and they are 3.5 games behind the Spurs. Cmon man, wheres the respect?!

  76. UD-WADE says:

    there is a difference between MVP voting and Allstar voting… For the allstar voting, the most important are numbers you puts on the current season…. Love numbers are there… those who talk about defense, i agree but… Melo, Durant, Dirk… at least those 3 are befinately not better Defenders… Now like i said team recoord is not a big factor in all star votin… 2008 Miami had the Worst record in the league but my men D.Wade was there. Clippers are rising because of Blake Griffin for sure but also because of Eric Gordon, Baron Davis (and clearly rest of the team stepped up).
    With Beasley often injuried, Love is the only Warrior on that team. I really dont think Timberwolves could have at least suppassed Cleveland without LOVE… If you have wacthed Ball games like i did this year, there is really no doubt Love is an All Star this year

  77. RCaz says:

    David West gets no respect

  78. SimplyMe says:

    I feel that Aldridge should get the replacement spot, but I think that Aldridge should have made it over Duncan. As Charles Barkely said last night, Tim Duncan got on there because it was “A Lifetime Achievement Award.” I hope Aldridge gets it.

    And Yao shouldn’t have even been on the ballot to begin with, then he wouldn’t have gotten voted in by the fans. He only played in 5 games, therefore he had no business of the ballot. The NBA only did that so they wouldn’t lose the fans over in China.

  79. Omar says:

    omg wheres steve nash why isn’t steve nash an allstar wtff

  80. Joey says:

    Why are people saying to replace Manu and Duncan? That means you have 0 players from a 41-8 team not @ the all star game. The Spurs aren’t just winning games, they are DESTROYING the league, and if you have 0 players from their team @ the all-star game, then that my friends is an EVEN BIGGER travesty than not having kevin love or lamarcus aldridge there. Fans are dumb. Duncan is averaging career lows not because he’s sucking, but because he’s averaging a career low in minutes (29 a game) and that’s by design from coach Poppovich. If kobe bryant and lebron james played 29 minutes, you would also see their numbers drop as well. You can’t put up numbers if you’re not in the game. If Duncan had his usual 33-35 minutes a game, you will see 20 points and 10 rebounds a game. And Manu is an MVP candidate this year. He deserves to be on there period.

  81. Drizzy says:

    Okay… First of all. Pau Gasol and Tim Duncan should not be on this list. If any Laker beside Kobe is on the team it should be Lamar Odom. Not Mr. Softy Pau Gasol. Kevin Love and LaMarcus Aldridge are ddefinitely more deserving. Yao Ming should not have even been on the ballot. Thats pure insanity. Kevin Love or L.A. should replace him hands down. Im not all for Zach Randolph ” Carrying his team ” because he has Rudy Gay’s help( who is by the way putting up all star numbers ) and his team is going through a lot of drama, which surely does not help when going through a slump. But Monta Ellis should also be on this list replacing Ginobili. Ginobili is getting old, and yes his team is the best but that is because they are well coached. So overall for the west the roster should look like this
    *Chris Paul
    *Kobe Bryant
    *Kevin Durant
    *Carmello Anthony
    *Kevin Love or LaMarcus Aldridge
    Dirk Nowitzki
    Monta Ellis
    Steve Nash
    Blake Griffin
    Russell Westbrook
    Kevin Martin
    Depending on who doesnt get picked to replace Yao… Kedvin Love or LaMarcus Aldridge.

    Now on to the Eastern Conference… Rajon Rondo should not be able to play due to the amount of Games he has missed, if that is why you’re going to snub Carlos Boozer as well. Yes he is leading the league in assists, but in half as many games. Paul Pierce is not putting up better numbers than Josh Smith, and Dont get me started on the worn down Garnett. He was almost a starter!!! Kevin Garnett is the equivalent to Tim Duncan in winning a Lifetime achievement award in being placed in this years game. Ray Allen is in no way more deserving than Raymond Felton who is the second piece, to Amar’e, in bringing the Knicks back to being relevant. I Dont think Joe Johnson has had a great year either. When you look closely, Wilson Chandler of the Knicks is putting up the same numbers, Minus 1 apg. So why not put Chandler in the game either? ( Not that that is what Im trying to say ) Al Horford??? Really? Is he Really an All Star. He is just like Andre Miller. No Flash in his game at all, and hes only averaging 14 points and 9 rebounds… Its during times like this that i wish teams like the Grizzlies were in the Eastern Conference so Zach Randolph could knock the Sh*t out of Al Horford and not even give him a chance on the All star Team. Chris Bosh should not be on the team. He is the softest big man in the league, other than Pau Gasol. He would rather shoot threes ( not very well ) than use his 6 11 frame to go in and dunk on somebody. So yeah, i pretty much think the entire reserve for the East is WRONG, accept for maybe Rondo, but thats only because he is leading the league in Assists. Call me crazy if youd like, but this is who I think is actually deserving of a spot in the east
    *Derrick Rose
    *Dwyane Wade
    *LeBron James
    *Amar’e Stoudemire
    *Dwight Howard
    Raymond Felton
    Josh Smith ( Just because this is possibly the only year he could ever make it )
    Andre Iguodala
    Rajon Rondo ( Iffy, but he is no doubt the leader of the Celtics )
    Carlos Boozer ( Iffy as well, but putting up 20 and 10 is always all star caliber )
    Andrew Bogut ( Because he should have got it last year, and is still playing well )
    Stephen Jackson, Brook Lopez, Danny Granger ( Just because he puts up great numbers, while dealing with all the bs on the Pacers ) or Andrea Bargnani… Yes Andrea Bargnani, he is putting up career numbers, way better than Chris bosh and Al Horford, and Kevin Garnett.

    Call it crazy but Im sick of the lifetime achievement award in the all star game.. Who doesnt remember last year when Allen Iverson, and Tracy McGrady were voted as starters in the east when they hadn’t even played a game. Makes me sick

  82. qwertyuiop says:


  83. UD-WADE says:

    Seriously, i’m also disapointed in league coaches for not choosing Love. Also disapointed when i heard Kenny Smith sayin that ever all in Love situation would have gotten the same numbers…. Rebounds are something very dare Anybody to garantee me he can get Loves Rebound when even Dwith Howard is outrebounded. This year, Love definately deserve an All Star spot over Tim Duncan (no disrespect to Timy… like shaq those guys are icons, but his number are a joke near Love…). Time to let the rising stars enter the debate. I relly think several players are voted because THEY WERE ALLSTARS THE PREVIOUS SEASONS. But coaches have to focus only on this season number… I’m a huge fan of Basketball and i like justice in sport… I’m not Love fan but for what i,ve seen so far this season, If Love is not in the AllStar, that is pure unfairness… I,m not watching the AllStar game this year because of that… Coaches REALLY REALLY DECEIVED ME…. I though they know more about BasketBall than fans…

  84. Knickson says:

    Am upset with the nba for not putting kevin love,raymond felton,zach Randolph the numbers talk for its self BUT have tim duncans old as lol am not watching the game but i have an idea the snub game

  85. sk says:

    lamar odom should have made it over pau gasol. i understand pau is a good player and i am a huge lakers fan, but he has not lived up to his potential this season and that means he should not be an allstar. as a centre you need to be tough, and Pau has found a way to play even softer this year. As for replacing yao ming, if Kevin Love isn’t selected its gonna be a huge blow. He shouldn’t suffer because the GM of the Timberwolves sucks. And I agree that Tim duncan, as good as he is, is not an all-star this year, L.A. should get huge props for what he has done this season and especially with the abscence of Roy.

  86. bigboy11 says:


    • SimplyMe says:

      Griffin’s team does have a bad record and therefore if u leave Love off because his team’s record then they should leave Griffin off, but because his dunks are on freakin ESPN every night, the coaches put him on there. But he shouldn’t be there either if they are going to base the decision on team record.

  87. Ballerr says:

    Personally, I think it’d be better off the reverse… Vote in Reserves, coaches vote in the players. I mean… of course their gonna choose the best players at each spot. It really eliminates the *Injured Superstar* as a starter bcuz of popularity.

    Now since the reserves were out, theres more questions as to WHY they didnt make it. Could have been avoided had Fans gotten the chance to vote.

  88. T says:

    And I don’t have a problem with Blake Griffin making the team for a few reasons:

    – He’s having the best rookie season since Tim Duncan, who was an All-Star… Griffin’s numbers have improved every month.

    – He’s arguably the most exciting player in the league.

    – He plays for LAC and the game is being held in LA.

    – His team has IMPROVED. IF you watch LAC, it’s not hard to see that he elevates the play of his teammates. They were among the best teams in the NBA during the month of January and Griffin was absolutely amazing.


  89. whispers says:

    srsly why is nash nt in the all-star squad? (back-to-back 2 time MVP, leadin double-doubles in guards, leadin assists for western conference, future hall of famer n the oni reason why suns hav hopes of makin the playoffs) if i were to list all his achievements it would take all day long!
    n wad bout monta? he’s lik 1 of the most prolific scorer in the league n with those game winning shots hell yea he’s an allstar!
    i srsly hope somethin happens so nash would get the spot he deserves!

  90. T says:

    Kevin Love isn’t an All-Star.

    His team has only three more wins than the Cleveland Cavs lol. And on top of that, they’re the second worst defensive team in the entire league and Love plays a role in that. He’s one of the WORST defending power forwards in basketball. Why do you people think Coach Rambis was benching him and playing *Anthony Tolliver* at the beginning of the season? He was trying to teach Love a lesson that DEFENSE wins championships and if you can’t defend, you won’t play! Love doesn’t move his feet and he doesn’t know where to be at the defensive end.

    Love is just another player putting up great numbers on an awful team. The Timberwolves haven’t shown any improvement all season.

  91. J. Robinson says:


    • Bruno says:

      I totally agree. It has been years now that Josh Smith is putting up these numbers and he keeps getting snubbed. It really baffled me last year that Horford got a place over him and now the same all over again. I would even say he’s more valuable then Joe Johnson because Johnson just scores and that’s it. Would somebody please explain it to me, because I don’t understand it.

  92. Dustin says:

    Why is Ray Allen an all star? I think Raymond Felton and Josh Smith deserve to be All-Stars over KG and Ray. No disrespect to to KG and Ray but Felton and Smith are much younger and more talented.

  93. Johnny says:

    Money, Popularity, Glam, and way………… in the back talent and teamwork, hence why said players got left off even if there better. The NBA does not care about anything that doesnt feed the money machine and makes them look good.

  94. Dleage says:

    Zack Randolph dominated Kevin Love the other night, yet he gets no consideration. They were feeding Kevin Love at the end of the game, just to keep his double double streak alive. He got 10 and 10. Come on, he is a good player, but he is certainly not better than Zbo!

    • Lablock says:

      I’m from minnesota and I watched that game as well. Honestly our players are kinda pshcizo sometimes. other guys try to take over the game and do too much individually, but they really don’t have the talent to do so (major reason why we lose so many close game). KLove is the only consistent player on the team even when he is having a poor shooting night he still scores because he is able to draw contact and get to the foul line. And he gets there more than anyone else on the team even though the ball is not in his hand the most or 2nd most.

      I didn’t think he would make the team because of our record, but there are definitely a lot of deserving forwards in the west that should have got in.

  95. Mo says:

    aldridge should get yao spot. i don’t blame yao as he didn’t vote himself in. however he should never have been in the all star ballot in the first place. kevin love should replace timmy-i don’t really need to explain. deron williams is good but he isn’t having an all-star season so his spot should be given to ellis. manu is on the team with the best record-you have to have someone from the spurs it just makes sense. eastern reserves are pretty much spot on. alsoo when garnet got injured you could see a difference in the celtics. ray allen on the other hand is not an all star.

    • beno says:

      have you been under a rock he won kia player of the month award october and november and will break the best vdefenders in the leagues ankles, can you say pants on the ground

  96. Angel_Reyes says:

    Ok ok… so the starters are selected by popularity cause people who watch the game have the right to see whoever they want playing in the game, i’m fine with that… however i need to stress PLAYING in the game, what good is it to vote Yao becasuse people want to see him play, if he’s not going to play! there should be some kind of rule to not be allowed to vote for a guy that you know is not going to be healthy enough to play… rest my case.

  97. chris says:

    also i like how blake griffin gets the nod but not kevin love or the other guys, if ur gonna make the bad team argument. the nba wants to give people a shot at watching some alley oop dunks for griffin at the game but not reward a much less flashy hard worker like kevin love. griffin is a spectacular talent, and i look forward to watching him but what kind of message does that send to the players. i know the all star game is for the fans and its meant to entertain, and what better way then some highlights from griffin, but i also would like to see some of these guys get their due, especially kevin love. theres always gonna be some guys that people will feel should have made it, but come on! kevin love is ridiculous.

  98. will c says:

    its a game only 4 entertainment… fans should have a vote… and by the way i do think kevin love is having a monster year…. but check this out.. lebron led his team to the best record in the east last year… kevin’s wolves are in last place… nba teams dont respect a team with that kind of record, and realistically, neither do the coaches

  99. chris says:

    its a disgrace that kevin love was left off the team. not only one but in my opinion two questionable guys on the western squad. yao of course cuz he hasnt played but what about duncan. i love tim duncan but this year he is career lows statistically. lets give some love (literally) to a new guy who is working his butt off and killing it every night. 30/30 this year? 43 double doubles? i know his team sucks but come on this dude is the man. hes an all star in my book thats for sure.

    and what about aldridge, killin it in portland. stepped up his game so much and has the injury ridden blazers in the hunt this year. also feel bad that josh smith was left off (again) and horford is going. nothing against horford hes a great player but this is the all star game and i think the nba should recognize some of its great young talent and give them an oppurtunity to showcase their talents on a larger scale.

  100. seal says:

    Why is tim duncan, ray allen, kevin garnett and chris bosh on the team felton has been amazing for the knick, josh smith has been consistant all year as well

  101. Tony Snow says:


    ELLIS over Manu

    LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE (21-9) & KEVIN LOVE (21-15) over Pau Gasol (18-10) and Tim Duncan (13-9)

    how is 13 points and 9 boards all star level?
    this is current…not what you did 10 years ago.

  102. Randy R says:

    I would like to know why there are so many people who think D Will doesnt deserve to be on the team?

  103. jonnyg says:

    i like it that the fans get to vote, but i don’t think the fans selection should be 100% of the vote, i think the fans should be maybe half, or do 1/3 fans, 1/3 coaches and 1/3 players votes in selecting all-stars, kevin love, as well as lemarcus aldridge def. should be on the all-star team. Tim Duncan should not be on there this year, hes had his time in the sun, its time to pass the torch.

  104. luis tapia says:

    how did boozer not make it over KG or chris bosh.. boozer is also on a winning team and has put up better numbers than both of them.. and im very disapointed that felton didnt make it.. he should of made it over ray allen.. the only celtics that deserved to be in it this year is rondo and pierce.. not KG and Ray allen.. the allstar is starting to become BS.. its supposed to be whos doing best half way through the season.. but its turned into a popularity contest not only with the fans voting the in but also with the coaches votng in the reserves..

    • Law064 says:

      Yo KG deserves his spot for the simple fact he is healthy this year and playing a lot better than last year. Bozzer missed almost a month. I still think Josh Smith or Carlos B should’ve made it over Bosh. Ray Allen earned his spot as well Raymond Felton is having a good year but Ray Allen is as well. Kevin Love is the biggest upset along with Lamarcus A.

  105. Sotiris says:

    I don’t think Kevin Love is the right choice for Ming’s replacement! Lamarcus Aldridge deserves that position more than anyone else in the Western Conference! He is the leader of a team that can actually win and surprise everybody with its position in the League. He elevates an underrated roster in the playoffs seeds even though Blazers without Roy are not that good.

  106. Whozdat says:

    You know what is crazy though– With Doc coaching the east, 4 of the Celtics making it. In a tricky way the East already have team chemistry. Its like the Celtics and friends not the East All Stars, The Celtics against the West haa. Its going to benefit them playing against such talent right??? Interesting.

  107. Whozdat says:

    These selections are tough to come by because its so many great players in the league right now, young and old. The concept of indivually great players and team concept are becoming more of a factor in this discussion. Lamarcus could have made it over Tim and definitely Pau. His team record is where it is because of him, granted its not the best in league nor conference but he’s willing them along with his play alone. Dont get me wrong i think Tim is having a great season and is a reason that the Spurs are winning but they are such a team that its really nobody that is above the rest other than Manu honestly.

  108. magic32 says:


  109. gabby watanabe says:

    hey why isn’t kevin love an all-star
    love is a rebounding and double-double machine
    he could be an all-star next year if he keeps up his his rebounding in a high level and make lots of double-doubles.

  110. Bryn Jonesy says:

    All ‘star’ game is an absolute joke. Please someone tell me, in what universe is Al Horford a better centre than Andrew Bogut? please i dare you…how many times does our aussie have to dominate the rest of the NBA centres to gain deserved respect? shame on you NBA. ps. Lamarcus Aldridge should be in as well he has dominated and Portland are in playoffs territory…whats the deal????

  111. Rasheed says:

    The whole boston team, 3 heats, and 2 hawks made it because “they’re winning. The bulls was #2 now #3 n dey only hav 1 player which is D.Rose. I can see y sum may say Noah n Boozer can’t make it because they were injured but there is no reason Luol Deng shouldnt hav made it

  112. Xyphe says:

    Love should be in the team. Enough said.

  113. NBAFAN says:

    Sekou you said it best! Kevin Love should have been in the all-star team no doubt. However, except for the “bad team” argument there is something else that bothers me – the “lifetime achievement” award. With all due respect to Tim Duncan, and there is a LOT of respect due, he is not having an all-star season. sure he is a contributor to the spurs’ major success this year, but considering all the talent in the western conference (especially KLove), and considering that Manu was also elected, I don’t believe Duncan should have been there…

  114. Des says:

    Kevin Love shouldnt be Yao Ming’s replacement. That spot rightfully should go to Zach Randolph. Nobody remembers Zach Randolph because he NEVER DUNKS. But he destroys your favorite teams Power Forward. Blake Griffin doesnt even deserve an allstar berth due to his team record but hes gonna get more bids in the future.

    PUT ZBO in the allstar game

  115. Kiss my @ss YAO! says:

    China + Yao = s2pid people
    LOVE for YAO. David Stern? do somethin!

  116. Bob says:

    duncan? aldridge dropped 40 on him a few nights ago…Worst choice for west reserves i’ve seen in a while

  117. BigAl says:

    Stephen Jackson should have been selected over Ray Allen.

    • ray says:

      yeah……thats because ray ray is like takin a million attempts and makin 3 or 4 of them while stephen is shootin lights out from everywhere … wait did i jus say it the other way arnd……yes i did…..i feel DJ auugstin is a better pik and GW than jackson…….wat a stupid choice man…..

  118. Michael says:

    I think Steve Nash deserve to make the cut….

    Why??? Its just so obvious that Nashty is the leading in double2 in all of the point guards in the league…

    No disrespect to the wise coaches who made the vote for the all star reserves but I think that you only focus your eyes

    to the top teams in the conference, of course except for the talented Blake who i definitely agree that he Belongs…

    Maybe they(the coaches) should include Nash, Ellis, Love and Aldridge instead of Williams, Ginobili, Duncan, and Pao

  119. jonathan says:

    why you people are so mean with duncan and ginobili? they have the best record all season long. they deserve to have players in all-star. they just have two. if you are concern with duncan and ginobili stats, why you do not critised the boston who has four representative. garnett,pierce,allen,and rondo numbers are also not monsters?

    • cris says:

      i think most ppl agree dat da spurs should have more than 1 all–star but i think wat ppl are sayin is that it should b parker n ginobli instead of duncan due to his numbers being his career lows.i personally haven’t seen a lot of da spurs game so i can’t say if duncan is not deservingbut what i can say is that the spurs deserve to have more than 1 all-star


  121. Damo says:

    Bogut should be there ahead of Bosh & Felton ahead of Johnson in the East.

  122. Eric says:

    Bogut i would love to see in the team but still a little to in consistent. I am a a Aussie so being realistic, plust bucks should be winning more games. As a Spurs fan would love to see them rest and not play but even though Timmy D is a future hall of famer others should be in, if two spurs from the leading team should be manu and tony this year, even though they only get 2 players in to the celtics 4? whats that say about the celtics cast crew 4 all stars yet not even the best record???? I hope bogut makes a all star in the future to shut doubters about him being a number 1 pick as well, even though you don’t hear the critics to much anymore

    • Damo says:

      Bogut is a little inconsistent, but if he could shoot free-throws he would be averaging nearly 20ppg. His recovery from injury has had a big effect on his season.

  123. KM says:

    Fans have very little choice in Pro sports so I like that they pick the starters. It’s the job of the professionals to correct any injustices done by the fans (call it the Yao factor). If the pros don’t want Kevin Love then maybe they should reconsider how they pick reserves or conversely the message to players is get out of loser teams like Minnesota as quickly as possible because nothing you do there matters.

  124. Chistoff says:

    No disrespect to Timmy but Love should have his spot. It’s not a lifetime achievement award!!! Tim Duncan is a Hall of Famer but isn’t all star recognition about the year you are having, not the career you’ve had. Ellis should get Yao’s spot….come to think of it, just about anyone else in the league could have it…If he’s getting voted in for playing 5 mediocre games (Yes I understyand the voting system…but when does the NBA step in)

  125. Lijah says:

    People should stop hating about Manu being on the All-Star team,c’mon he’s from the BEST TEAM in the league right now and they probably wouldn’t be in that level if he was not playing an All-star caliber performance.

    But I do agree that Tim Duncan shouldn’t be in that list.Kevin Love’s sick rebounding and scoring averages are just too hard to ignore and Portland is still a winning team even without its franchise player because of a guy named Lamarcus Aldrige

    The East reserves are just right for me, I believe that the four Celtics that are voted by the coaches are all deserving.

    • Law064 says:

      I Agree wit you @Lijah how does LA not go to LA for the Allstar game. The dude is killing despite the weak people surrounding him. I don’t think Bosh deserves to be a allstar this year I would’ve chose J Smooth over him. Monta Ellis LA and Kevin Love all should have got the nod.

  126. Lijah says:

    People should stop hating about Manu being on the All-Star team,c’mon he’s from the BEST TEAM in the league right now and they probably wouldn’t be in that level if he was not playing an All-star caliber performance.

    But I do agree that Tim Duncan shouldn’t be in that list.Kevin Love’s sick rebounding and scoring averages are just too hard to ignore and Portland is still a winning team even without it’s franchise player because of a guy named Lamarcus Aldrige

    The East reserves are just right for me, I believe that the four Celtics that are voted by the coaches are all deserving.

  127. Trey Johnson says:

    Where’s my name on this list?

  128. Nick says:

    How the hell did Lamarcus Aldridge not get elected onto the freekn all-star team? Oh yeah, i forgot the Northwest hasn’t been explored by pioneers yet…

  129. jkiff says:

    all star starters are chosen by the fans. since china has the biggest population in the world, yao ming is definitely going to be chosen. its not the nba who decides the starters, its the fans. a true nba fan would know this as an obvious thing. but i agree, love is definitely a much better choice than al horford, problem is, love plays PF. there are too many good forwards in the west. i think he deserves to be there thatn TD (coz of his numbers).
    i agree with sekou, “not every All-Star has to play on a winning team!!!!” c’mon coaches!!!
    Stern, better choose wisely on the replacement for yao!!!!

  130. ephraim says:

    kevin love deserve most…he should be an all-star this year…!

  131. OhMen says:

    Sekou said…

    “Bad team or not, if 21.4 points, 15.5 rebounds and a league-best 43 double doubles doesn’t move you, what does?”

    WINS. Numbers are just numbers.

  132. lol says:

    Stop saying Duncan or Ginobilli does not deserve the All Star Game spot. 40-8? nuffsaid.

  133. All-Star 2011 Selection is whack says:

    For this year’s reserves selection is completely WHACK. Let me just start off by saying the reserves picked is completely biased simply cuz the coaches wanted to see the most popular team to have the most players and in some cases no balls to rescind some of the players on the ballot (I’m pointing directly at Yao) and oh yeah it is all about the benjamins at this point right? It’s sad to see what the NBA has become now, the All-Star selections back in the days was ten times better than nowadays, this just proves it. Also, it was a lot better when the players wore their own representative team’s jerseys instead of these plain boring All-Star theme jerseys, just wanted to throw that in while I’m at it.

    WEST – Yao, Griffin, Duncan?
    EAST – Bosh, Johnson, Garnett, Allen?
    Nothing but popularity and accomodity contest, while players such as

    EAST – Felton, Boozer, Bogut, Smith, Iguodala
    WEST – Aldridge, Love, Randolph, Martin, Ellis
    didn’t make the cut. While it’s stats the coaches look at, at least look at the contribution some of the players have done for the team like what those snubbed players have done for theirs.

    While out of respect some of the reserves chosen are All-Star regulars, why not give the spotlight for other players? I’m just saying, isn’t the NBA all about showing what the WHOLE team in the league of the association have to offer?
    If Griffin is on the spot, then share the love to some of the players who are on a losing team but deserving an All-Star spot of their own or in some cases players that DO deserve to be in it while carrying the load for the team.

    It’s a travesty and the reserves’ selection, let me say it, once again is just completely WHACK

  134. LOVE4LOVE says:




    • LOVE-D-NUMBERS says:


    • Gunderrat says:

      Love is good but he doesn’t make any of the players around him any better, let him get his and they lose period. LaMarcus is doubled constantly and still gets his but also the team gets the wins and did you forget how LaMarcus dominated your man Love???

  135. ComedyKorea says:

    They gotta change starters process to:

    25% fans
    25% coaches
    25% players
    25% chicken wings

  136. KensonChriston says:

    why is yao ming still in the nba? this guy is the biggest bust ever in the nba draft. what makes him number one is he got a starting spot on the roster…are u serious? come on mr. stern, the chinese own most of our economy, dont let them make a joke of the nba…… i am not a racist, but i would like to hear from anybody in america, let alone houston, that voted for yao ming. if he evens shows up or is sitting on the sideline i will never watch another all star game.

  137. Chham Tak Sean says:

    I don’t see how 4 Celtics could make the All Star team. Rondo is deserving, the dude is ridiculous with the ball in his hands. Pierce is mediocre, but good enough to be named an All-Star. But Allen and Garnett? These two old farts are way out of their prime. I understand the fans choose the 5 Eastern Conference starters, whom are very deserving by the way. But whoever chose Allen and Garnett must be on crack or something. Oh wait, it’s Doc Rivers, coach of the Celtics. No Wonder!!
    Yao is an All Star because China only has about 1.4 billion people….understandable. But obviously, Yao will be replaced. What about Ginobili and Duncan? Duncan is no doubt a GOAT Power Forward, but he’s way out of his prime. Ginobili is slowing down too, and Ginobili over Ellis, Love, Aldridge? Oh yeah, it’s Popovich…should have known. I’m surprise Popovich didn’t pull a Doc-Rivers maneuver and have Parker and Blair on the Western Conference roster. History proves that coaches are always biased. So when will the NBA and Stern step in and choose the All-Star reserves for crying out loud. Where’s the Love? Where’s LA? Where’s ME? And no, I’m not referring to the state of Maine. Peace….

    • Kevin says:

      Coaches aren’t allowed to vote for player on their team. It’s not a coincidence that they are the 2 best teams in the league right now, have 2 of the best coaches, and have so many guys in the All Star game. Obviously the voting coaches are rewarding winning teams more than individual stats.

  138. CelticDan says:

    Man, I really don’t think Ginobili deserves to make the team… And Love, unexplainable, he’s gonna be the next Garnett!

  139. Bill W. says:

    Why is Luke Walton not on this list?

  140. Monte Ellis not making the all star team just goes to show how off the ballat is. Not taking anything away from all the great players already nominated but come on! Get some new blood in there! Kevin Love maybe? I dont think Manu and D Williams should have made it in, all though i personally like them allot as players, i do think Eliis and Love should of taken there place. Ming shouldnt have even seen the ballat. Dont get me started on the east1

    • Randy R says:

      How can you justify saying D Will shouldnt be on, he is one of if not the best point guard in the league.

  141. Johnny D says:

    Zach Ranolph got screwed over just as badly as Aldridge did. They both carrying their teams to potential playoff berths. If they were in the East they would have easily made the reserve list. As would Monta Ellis and David West.

  142. oig says:

    yao should not be an allstar starter at all. he miss a lot of games. this was a sh*t. aldridge, love, nash, ellis is more deserving than duncan, ginobili and especially yao. all star reserves in east is just alright. but too much celtics reserves there. LOLs!!

  143. oig says:

    yao should not be an allstar starter at all. he miss a lot of games. this was a sh*t. aldridge, love, nash, ellis is more deserving than duncan, ginobili and especially yao. all star reserves in east is just alright. but too much celtics reserves there. LOLs!

  144. oig says:

    yao should not be an allstar starter at all. he miss a lot of games. this was a sh*t. aldridge, love, nash, ellis is more deserving than duncan, ginobili and especially yao. all star reserves in east is just alright. but too much celtics reserves there. LOLs

  145. Herr says:

    Andre Miller said it well.

    It’s all publicity. LaMarcus has taken his team to playoff contention when everyone gave up on the Blazers. Teams don’t come into a matchup going “okay how we going to stop Duncan/Gasol/Griffin from dominating us?”, yet they say the same for Aldridge.

    Biggest Snub was Aldridge. Bad thing is that Stern makes the pick, and we all know that greedy bastard just wants money. LaMarcus won’t bring him a dime like Nash or Love will. Also, Stern absolutely hates Portland. He’s been trying to get Paul Allen to move the Blazers for ages because Portland is such a small market, yet PA refuses to so Stern gives us all the crap we complain about.

    I’m disappointed in the NBA coaches. You let a man that deserves it and was aiming for it for his dying mother get sidelined and miss the place he deserves more than ANY powerforward even in the game.

    • m9 says:

      Couldn’t have said it better bro. LaMarcus has carried all season. It’s a real shame. Pitty Portland aren’t on the east coast he’d be straight in.

    • batmana says:

      “Teams don’t come into a matchup going “okay how we going to stop Duncan/Gasol/Griffin from dominating us?”, yet they say the same for Aldridge.”

      Are you kidding me? Blake Griffin is almost the most dominant player in the league right now and every team is playing specific defense on him which is either double/triple/quadruple team him and pray he doesn’t turn you into a laughingstock or rough him up with cheap dirty fouls and still he regularly puts up 30 points and 12 rebounds. Nothing against Aldridge, he’s been spectacular but to take something,,, ANYTHING away from Blake is plain stupid.

      • Gunderrat says:

        And yet the Clippers still don’t win in spite of all the studly things that Griffin does, Portland on the other hand is winning due to the all-star performance from LaMarcus.

  146. gfe says:

    Yah i agree alot of all star snubs.. im a huge fan of phx and i think if timmy can make then nash should as well, with all do respect to the all the other players. Also i dont like the whole all star system voting etc. they should try something new next yr, do what the NHL did select a set number of all star players and then get two captains and then let them select their teams i think that would make it alot more interesting. it would be pretty awesome to see kobe team up with dwight, nash and lebron, rose and griffin etc itd be an amazing experience for fans. nba should look into it.

  147. KnicksFan says:

    allstar team shouldn’t be a popularity contest…but thats the politics of basketball.. allstar game is an individual selection based on your numbers. well it should be..NBA gets it wrong.

  148. ok? says:

    Tony Parker.

    Not even on this list?

    • Gman says:

      He should be, he has a great year

      • Dre says:

        Really? You think Parker should be on the list? He may be playing decently but he’s still only a mediocre pointguard in a guard heavy West. I think if anyone should be added to this Snub list it should be Bullups. He’s playing great ball and kept the Nuggets alive when Melo was playing bad.

      • court says:

        Dre, tony should be on the list. He is having an outstanding year. He is probably one of the most underrated guards in the league. He on the best team in the league And without him they probably wouldnt be the best team in the league. And Billups? hes getting old.

  149. JJ says:

    Yao should never have been on the ballot because he was injured and he only played like 5 games!
    and i don’t think duncan should be on the team either, hes good but Love or Aldridge deserved that spot more

    And then we have the East and they got a really good team so its definately gonna be the East this time
    i can’t wait to see LBJ dunking on Griffin!!!its gonna be so lol!!!

  150. Kal says:

    WOW!!! Eastern Team is all from JUST 6 TEAMS (majority from Boston & Miami!!! They need to spread it out more. I don’t think Bosh or Ray Allen should be on the team, nothing against them.

    If you look at NHL All Star game, they try to incorporate as many players from different teams as they can. It’s rare to see 4 players from the same team on the All Star roster.

    ****Trivia question: Which professional sports team had 10 players in the All Star game?????????????

    Go back to 1980’s – Edmonton Oilers. Rarity and will probably never happen again!

    • are u serious?? says:

      that’s because the nhl has like 20 or so spots on a roster..but i do agree they should TRY to select talent from as diverse of teams as they can..but then again who really is having an all-star calibre season on any other team in the east this yea? i can probably think of two, Stephen Jackson and bogut, but that’s about as far as i can think of other than the players from the top 6 teams (bos, mia, chi, orl, atl, nyc)

  151. nashty13 says:

    Steve Nash and ellis should have made it over Williams and ginobili. nash is 2nd in assists and carrying the whole suns team. he is great passer and shooter. ellis is an amazing scorer, more than 25 a game. he has hit a gamewinner against the pacers and clutch shot to send the SAC game into OT. Ellis carries the warriors, also and can score and pass at teh same time. Giniboli’s stats are way down and he is not even carryihn the spurs, he has huge help from parker adn duncan.

    • Jake says:

      When a team is 41-8 I think they deserve someone on the All-star team. Nuff said.

      • Joseph says:

        Well you already have Tim Duncan already who shouldnt be in it, it should be Kevin Love and Ellis should be in for Manu and Duncan then have Aldridge for Yao Ming.

      • MRS NASH says:

        okay Jake, so what? it means the Spurs work well together. Steve Nash has no one on his team that is amazing, and he is still the best point guard in the leauge today. i think that Deron willliams shouldnt even be on the team, he doesnt do anything. and whyis Chris Paul starting?! what has he done?! most overrated player besides Rondo. this whole allstar team is dumb. i love the west, but with thei players on the western allstars,. im ready to see the east kill hte west.

    • Williams is carrying the whole Utah team, and doing a better job of it as shown by their record.

    • dave says:

      hells yeah Nash ftw! go suns!

  152. Lapinnoir says:

    Yeah its a shame love and Aldridge have to battle for the last spot since they both deserve it

  153. stu says:

    Put in bogut!!!!

  154. Peter Starck says:

    Boozer has higher overall statistics of points and rebounds or points and assists of any of the seven reserves selected for the Eastern team. Bosh’s averages are lower than Boozer’s in scoring and rebounding. Johnson has not been as statistically productive as Boozer either. Leaving Boozer off is a travesty.

    • Jake says:

      If you factor in how many games Boozer has missed this season and consider that in every game he missed he averaged zero points, zero rebounds, zero assists etc. then I think it makes a lot of sense that Boozer isn’t on the All-star team.

      • Jacob says:

        I do not agree with u… This is ALL-STAR ballot not MVP, so the player playing break due to an injury doesn’y affect his ALL STARITY so much. Bosh also missed couple of games, and in my opinion he just sucks. 18pts 8 rebounds and no defence stats like stl and blk, give me brake – that guy is just not an All Star. Boozer is way better offensivly and equal in D.

        Love’s not beeing in the game is just ridiculous! C’mon that gut is bringing up numbers the league haven’t seen in over 25 years! And some of them never (like getting over 15 rebs and shooting 45% from beyond the arc!). Why the F%$@ is Yao even in the ballot? Are this chineese people handicaped, the guy won’t play, he is definitely OUT. He should be also OUT of the ballot! But stern is just making pure marketing and wants those bilion chineese voters to visit the NBA.COM ever day, don’t they have anything better to do?

    • nbeatz says:


  155. Victor Manoel says:

    Come on, what should we do now? These choices suck. Because of the League, now I hope Tim Duncan gets injured, do you see? Congratulations, Mr. Stern…

    • SA,GO says:

      why not add 3 to the 12 player line-up, extend each quarter by 3 more mins and evaluate the choosing format like 1 pg, 2 wingman and 2 bigs. after all the purpose of the game is to entertain. just saying

      • Kevin says:

        That’s a great idea, especially the new format. So many players are PF/C and 2/3, those categories would solve a lot of the “which position does he really play?”

        This is probably Duncan’s last all star game, show some respect. Love will have many opportunities in the future as I’m sure he’ll continue to put up massive numbers. Besides, if anyone gets Yao’s spot on the West, it should be Aldridge.

      • Larry O'Connor says:

        I agree the position requirement is bogus! many of thewestern power forwards are sittin while the centers are so bad I have to pick one and none of them deserve to be an all star.

    • typper says:

      How dare you wish a player HURT! As much as I hate the LICKERS! I wouldn’t wish anyone hurt! TD doesn’t care if he is an ALL-STAR or not!

  156. ArizonaBill says:

    Yao Ming is in because the NBA wants fans to vote for the all-star starters. There’s a LOT of Yao fans in China with access to computers or at least the site. Yao will probably be a write-in starter for at least 5 years AFTER he retires!

    Too bad the guy leading the Western Conference in assists gets snubbed because of his team’s mediocre record. As Seku points out, playing for a losing team is a big challenge to overcome in all-star balloting, as shown also by the snubs of Love, Ellis, Bogut and Randolph. Maybe since teams can have a “15 man roster” they should do the same for the All-Star game.

  157. and monta ellis says:

    This is rediculious
    how is monta ellis not on the team
    he went toe to toe with bryant and almost won
    he is a crazy good scorer

    how is yao even on the ballot list
    he sucks anyway
    my god,y r the majority of people so stupid

    yaos replacement shpuld be lamar odom
    he has had a reat year

  158. Rip Greenfire says:

    I feel bad about it, but I’d replace Timmy with Love, and give my center replacement to Aldrige, who’s been playing so well and carrying his team.

  159. Fact Not Fiction says:

    Yea I agree with you big time J. A spot for Love should have been opened up by taking Yao off. He won’t even play so this is just stupid!

  160. J says:

    It amazes me how Yao (Ming) can even be considered an All-Star this year (2010-2011 season) after just playing 5 games!! Averaging only 10.2 ppg and 5.4 rpg and he gets selected as a starter for the Western Conference Team!!

    Meanwhile on a struggling Minnesota team (11-37), Kevin Love is averaging 21.4 ppg and 15.5 rpg and yet he isn’t even on the All-Star roster!!

    When is the NBA going to start making All-Star rosters based on players performance? Instead of making it a popularity contest!!
    (By the way, I do respect Yao as an amazing player – when he’s not injured – but his selection this year as an All-Star is simply ridiculous)

    • Malcolm says:

      I agree with you. But you have to remember that its fans who voted forY ao Ming to be a starter. Its not the NBA’s fault. Kevin Love deserves to be an all star and remember because Yao Ming is hurt there is an extra spot open on the west and I believe Kevin will get that spot.

      • Jeff says:

        if i were kevin, i wouldn’t except it. I would tell them if i’m not good enought for you with the way i’m playing, then i don’t want your charity spot. thanks but no thanks. With the numbers he has put up, he deserves to be there, even before griffin, just because he dunks better, give me a break. lol

      • Jeff says:

        thats why i like college better basketball better, no bs.

      • James says:

        I totally agree with J, but only slightly with Malcolm. True, it is the fans that voted for the starting line-up. But if it weren’t for the billion votes coming from China, Yao wouldn’t have even been an afterthought. In the minds of everyone outside of China, Yao’s career was over two years ago.
        There are so many snubs this year that, for the first time in my life, I have no desire whatsoever, to watch the all-star game this year. I mean…four Celtics? they’re playing well, buy four of them? they may as well play the game in Boston. And what has Bosh done to deserve a spot other than play the role of an uninspired side-kick?

        The whole process for selecting starters and even reserves is an insult to the fans, and yes to the league itself. But be that as it may, with the state of the league now, there may not even be a season next year.

    • I totally agree with you. Ellis and Love deserve to be in more than some in my opinion.

      • dave says:

        players that don’t deserve their all star spot-tim dunkin, manu ginoble, yao, chris bosh, kg
        people that should be in those spots love(i voted him as a starter), nash, ellis, felton, danny granger

        manu is playing decent, but not allstar level..just because he is the best player on the best team he got a spot, but his stats arn’t amazing.

      • bob says:

        lol what has granger done to deserve an all star spot? be on a bad team and do nothing to help except take a bunch of bad threes?

    • B says:

      that’s what happens when you have 1.3 billion chinese behind you. Yao ming would get voted allstar even if he drove the rockets’ team bus

    • The Kid says:

      theres a billion people in china homie

    • Heat says:

      I agree, but you have to look at the West centers. There was no one else to vote for except Yao so I dont really blame anyone for voting for him.

      As for the All-Snub team:
      I would take Pau Gasol off and put Love in.
      I’d take Ray Allen off and put Raymond Felton in.
      I’d take Deron Williams off and put Monta Ellis in.
      I’d take Tim Duncan off and put LaMarcus Aldridge in.

      These are my opinions.

      • Kel says:

        I agree with all of those except Ray Allen deserves it more than Felton. He’s having a career year. 50% from the field and 45% from long. When he scores 20 pts or more, the Cs are like 21-0. I know people may be sick of the Celtics, but all four deserve it. I also think Pierce should defend his 3-pt crown against Allen.

      • Ben-O says:

        Are serious Tim Duncan gets a All-Star Spot, Hes averaging 13 dam points a game. Just cause hes on the team with the best record and hes TIM DUNCAN !!! LaMarcus Aldridge has been carrying the Blazers on his back 4 most of the season. Aldridge dropped 40 points on Duncan and the spurs only 3 days ago! U have got to be Kidding me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fastbreak says:

      Allstar doesn’t mean pretty numbers. Kevin Love is not an allstar because he is incapable of leading a team to victory. Numbers are nice, and his certainly are impressive, but if they accomplish nothing then they mean nothing. I’m not saying he needs to be on a powerhouse team, but you cant be an allstar on the WORST team in the nba and only 11 wins.

      Allstars lead their teams to victory and are explosive players that make difference between a win and a loss. Look at OKC without Durant? Miami without Lebron or Wade? Lakers without Kobe? Timberwolves without Love….well they would probably have the same record, maybe closer to Cavs but he just isn’t a game changer, just a stat machine, and that doesnt equate to allstar.

      • Larry O'Connor says:

        team record is a team effort. Love is a STAR. He deserves to be there. Lemarcus over Duncan I agree. Duncan has a better supporting cast than Aldridge but is not playing better. Deron or Monta? Derons team is better coach is better so he gets the Nod.I disagree! I think all stars should be selected by the players themselves. When the fans vote you get Yao Ming. When the coaches vote its not bad but the players themselves they know who should be there they should vote for the starters. No player can vote for his team mates. Whos with me on that?

      • nbeatz says:

        Lets really think of this, just because he is on a bad team means nothing. Love goes up against Bass and Howard, Gasol, Bynum and Odem, Bogut, Jefferson, Shaq and Garnett, Bosh and Big Z, Amare, Chandler and Dirk, Emeka and West, Horford and Smith, Martin and Nene, Scola, Zach and Marc, and Duncan. Do you see something wrong with what your saying. Just because he is on a bad team dosent mean he does’nt play againt the best. There is also somthing eles to say. Every single player I have mentioned is taller then Love and most but 2 or 3 of the players mentioned are much stronger. Stop looking at team stats, look at individual stats…………….I do however agree with you about Duncan, because he has great players around him, Jefferson, Parker, Gin, Blair, and the rest of the bench doesnt mean he shoould be an allstar. If we are looking at Duncan as an allstar then why did’nt we look at Shaq as an allstar the last seaon he was with Miami averaging 14.5 and 8. (Looks like Duncan)…….. Because that was a bad team. If Wade was healthy I can 100% Garaunte Shaq would have been there?????????????? Team play means Nothing. Aldridge diserved Duncans spot…. Plain and simple.

    • Larry O'Connor says:

      The coaches knew Stern was going to select Love thats why they didn’t pick him! Dont hate on the coaches they do a decent job picking the reseves. The fans are the ones who cant pick (Yao Ming). the biggest problem in the whole ALL STAR program is the position requirements! In the west how many power forwards are out while the centers suck! I looked at the center selection for the west and couldnt find one I would select in a pick up game in my neighborhood. yet Lemarcus Aldridge and Zach Randolph are watchin. That my friends is a travesty! If the fans are going to pick all star starters they should have to pass a test first. the fans who dont know squat dont vote! If the players picked the starters you know they would truly be all stars, as long as players cant vote for their team mates. Also the coach of the all star team should not pick the reserves it should be the West coaches picking the west reserves and the east coaches picking the east reserves that way you avoid the celtic reserves from taking over thanks Doc.

      • Coffee says:

        Doc Rivers did not pick the reserves. Coaches voted them. get your facts straight.

      • Coffee says:

        after saying that the coaches did a decent job picking the reserves you end it with something that Doc picked the reserves? what a contradiction. you must be high on something.

    • JWJRosario says:

      Its cuz of all the Chinese fans

    • Cleatis Moore says:

      the fans that vote for Yao are a countrywide base…the fans that vote for the other NBA players don’t even compare…so we can’t blame the NBA…we could take a look at ourselves…there are many times we can vote but do we vote every day for the player(s) we want in the All-Atar game?