Blogtable: Rondo vs. Nash

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Right now, do you want Rajon Rondo running your team, or Steve Nash?

David Aldridge: Rondo. This is no knock on Nash, but you asked me to pick one or the other, and I go with Rondo. Like Nash, Rondo now doesn’t give up his dribble until he absolutely has to — which is usually just before his teammate pops open. I was talking with someone — I think it was Ray Allen — who said Rondo used to wait until you were open to get you the ball, and by then, the defense had time to recover. Now, because he knows his teammates so well, Rondo can anticipate when they’re going to break open, and get them the ball when they’re ready to score. And Rondo is just superior defensively to Nash — he’s quicker and longer.

Steve Aschburner: The idea of Steve Nash as the point guard on the Boston Celtics is a lot more intriguing than the hypothetical of Rajon Rondo running things for the Phoenix Suns. But I know, I know, that wasn’t the question. So let’s put it this way: Seeing as how my team would be required to play defense, I would opt for Rondo. He is more active, more aggressive and more athletic at that end of the court, more than making up for the polish and shooting eye he gives up to Nash.

Fran Blinebury: If my team is the Celtics, I’ve got all of the other bases covered and can afford to play a point guard who still doesn’t hit the outside shot enough, then I’ll take Rondo for the young legs and raw speed.  In most other situations, I’ll still take Nash.

Art Garcia: Well, if my team where the Celtics, I’d pretty much want to stand pat. No one loves Steve more than me, well except for Marc Stein, but this is Rondo‘s time and he deserves the MVP chatter he’s getting despite barely scoring in double figures. Rajon has triple-double skills, is a menace at both ends of the court. Nothing wrong with the two-time MVP and I would never bet against Nash, but Rondo just does more. And there’s math: Rajon turns 25 this month, Nash 37.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Rondo. Nash is a better shooter, one of the best ever for a point guard. But Rondo is much better defensively and has become Nash’s equal as a distributor. Nash cannot match Rondo’s two-way impact, and Rondo has the additional boost of twice doing it in The Finals.

Shaun Powell: I can live with Rondo either passing up jumpers or missing them because defense is what tilts this contest in his favor. And that’s what wins in June. Nash is still deadly from outside (53 percent) and the free throw line, and runs his team as well as anyone. But who’s he stopping? And what’s he ever won?

John Schuhmann: Rondo, because I assume that “running your team” entails playing both ends of the floor. And while Nash is the much more complete offensive player, he’s also a complete liability on defense. I’ll take Rondo’s inferior J over Nash’s inferior D.

Sekou Smith: Rondo. If all my point guard had to do was shoot and pass, Nash might be the pick over all of his younger and more versatile peers, even at this stage of his career. But Rondo brings a dynamic to the position that Nash cannot, namely on the defensive end. While Nash has long been a defensive liability for his team, even when he was playing MVP ball, Rondo is capable of not only guarding opposing point guards but also wreaking havoc on much bigger players. His ability to change games with his work in the passing lanes and on the defensive end in general is unrivaled. He’s a world class distributor as well, and yes, it helps to have world class receivers on the ends of those passes in Boston. All that said, shouldn’t we be arguing Rondo or Derrick Rose or Rondo or Deron Williams, anyway?


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  2. nashty says:

    do you guys think that when rondo reaches 37 he will still ave. 12.4 asst. per game?
    nash is 37 and he ave. 11.9 asst. per game.

  3. kweebabbii says:

    rajon rondo all the way babby. im his bigest fan ever so u know nash is not a bad player but rajon is better than ever. you can hate it or lovve it rondo can run my team


  5. CarL55 says:

    RONDO vs NASH i wOuld go fOr NAsh , nash is can do anything he’s fast good in assist and good in shOOting

  6. thanos says:

    What’s wrong with you comparing these 2 ? the ONLY thing they have in COMMON is that they play as POINT GUARDS.


    1. TItle RONDO VS NASH is very unclear. Comparison is about them as players or as point guards ?
    2. I hate how people talk their mind just out of favor. READ FIRST, then talk. (In case you want to compare them as point gurads

    3. I see you say this a lot:Nash makes bad players look awesome. But don’t talk about the “Big Three” like they are the BEST 3 NBA players to ever walk the earth. Be serious,they are not like 90%FG shooters. When they don’t play, rondo steps up and meets Nash ‘s points and not only (remember playoffs performances averaging triple double)

    If you want to compare, STUDY IT FIRST! Don’t talk out of nothing but crap in you head.

  7. equationboy013 says:

    Look, Steve Nash makes not so good players look very awesome. Rajon Rondo has brilliant players to start with. Plays before are way different from plays now. Rondo has something (a championship) to defend. Nash has none. So if you think Rondo’s development as a player is fantastic, think again.

  8. TWAN says:

    wow yall tripin rondo better then steve nash period. nash is only better then rondo at shooting. And Nash had chances to go to the finals and he had good talent on the team. Rondo has been the best player in the nba finals the last 2 years if u dont agree u didnt watch the celtics games

  9. alex says:

    rajon rondo is way better than nash

  10. bagznc says:

    i meant top 4 team in the east, even with him they are not top 4 in the west

  11. bagznc says:

    im done. in 3 years when rondos 27 with no big 3 he will be exposed… and even when rondo has big scoring nights its because he has inferrior pgs on him or teams have to respect KG’S midrange jumper and pp and allens overall offensive greatness, im not saying he’s the worse point in the lg, i just cant put him ahead of the “do everything for their team” point guards whose squads would have post lebron cavs type records without them… cp3 d-will d rose and nash and i cant say he’s better than russ westbrook who plays just like rondo but is an offensive threat every nght without him thunder are 8th seed at best. but i feel like if rondo got hurt and delonte west was healthy that the west nate robinson combo would be enough for the celtics to b a top 4 team in the west, thus not making him as pivitol as the afore mentioned… didnt he miss like 5 games or something and the c’s didnt miss a beat, d will missed 5 the jazz won one game…….. lord help the suns if nash misses 5 we might not score 70 points in those games

  12. reem says:


  13. jake says:

    For anyone who says that Nash isn’t a great shooter, or thinks that D Will, Rose, Westbrook, anyone is a better shooter, here’s some stats. Ever heard of the 50-40-90 club? It means 50% FG’s 40% 3’s and 90% FT’s. As of right now there is……1….. player in the NBA in that category. Steve Nash. The only reason that those other PG’s average more points than him is because Nash is unselfish. If you watch the Suns, Nash takes less than 10 shots almost every single game. But just from his %’s, if he shot more, he would be averaging a whole lot more. He would just rather set up his teammates because he is the perfect team player.

  14. Rondo,der is not many words 2 justify wat he can do onda court,i beliv he’s it

  15. big D says:

    Like someone mentioned earlier both Rondo and Nash have different shoes to fill in much different roles. Rondo does not have to score 20 points a night to win ball games he does it with his defense and passing capabilities not to mention if he had to he could put his team on his back and carry them offensively too hes done it before. His specialty is stealing the ball #2 in the league and assists #1. On the other hand Nash is a great offensive player and his team depends on that every night also a great passer Nash Nash deserves to be traded to a championship contender though his days are numbered

  16. bagznc says:

    why does everyone keep talking about rondos bball iq/

  17. Dougiefresh says:

    This shouldnt even be a question. . . RONDO period.

  18. Sunsman says:

    One more thing, that hasn’t been mentioned so far in this blog (as far as I have read). Rondo couldn’t make the USAB world champ team. He pulled out to save face. His complete lack of shooting ability made him just not suited to the european style of game that the USA team would play against. He made the list of players because he is a great PG, but he is a flawed player with his poor shooting.

    I understand his FG% is over 50% but as I pointed out above he gets a couple of lay ups a game due to his steals and fast breaks. Rondo’s defence is what makes him special, plus he can play passing lanes as he can depend on those behind him in Boston.

    For comparison, Nash has had team mates that consistantly play flawed D. He has to play conservative defence himself, and as such is not a spectacular defender gaining highlight reel steals/blocks etc. (I don’t mean to hate, but most fans think Lebron is a great defender – he isn’t, he is an outstanding athlete).

    Each game Nash’s opponent PG also has to play both ends of the floor, and Nash just wears them down with superior offensive ability and amazing conditioning even at 37 years old. Thus allowing Nash to be so effective in the 4th quarter and in crunch time…. I believe John Schuhmann provided an article in the last 6 months that showed that Nash is in (by memory) top 15 NBA in crunch….. Rondo wasn’t on the list.

  19. Brian S. says:



    • tenzin says:

      steve nash owns rondo..rondo is a pathetic shooter, has more turnovers than steve..even steve can play good D , its just that rondo has got more steals than him..nash is one of the best shooters in the league..he has way more points than rondo..

    • Rajon Rondo says:

      HAHAHAHA. You fools. Nash is better than Rondo. As you see, at his age (37 this february 7, monday, hey! a game against golden state) , he’s second best in assists in the league as of this season. Further, he’s introduced to a new team, yeah like Gortat, Carter, Pietrus, Warrick, Turkoglu (early this season). Rondo had been with the big 3 since 08, and look, it’s difficult to adjust to a new bunch of guys almost every year. After losing Stoudemire (3rd best scorer in the league with 26.0 ppg), and Jason Richardson (119 threes made(2nd in the league) and 16.9 ppg), Nash could make these newbies to become great players. Come on guys, look at game recaps of the phoenix suns and count how many assists Nash does in the videos. I bet it’s Nash all the way.

  20. Chris says:

    nash had alot to work wit every year! rondo has alot to work with aswell so ill take em off the list of top point guards! best point guards! D-Will, D-Rose, cp3. because they dnt have much to work with but they can get a W. all Rando has to do is pass it inside to KG or outside to peirce or allen nash is to old now and his team isnt even gonna make it into the play offs

  21. Q_J says:

    my boy rondo
    a true (i repeat-A TRUE) point guard, his team’s floor general

    personally, i am a HUGE stevie nash and d.rose’s fan but rondo’s abilities and basketball IQ make him a constant triple-double threat(especially when it most matters,the playoffs)

    RR the future of the point.guard position

  22. bagznc says:

    @T3 Rondo is Not the leader of the boston celtics. Paul pirce is the leader of the C’s and KG is the defensive leader of the team. Rondo is the BALL BOY for three guys who would have never won rings without putting there numbers to thier own numbers to the side thus ending all this talk of ego. coach rivers will always tell you we are undefeated with our starting lineup… and even this year the c’s didnt miss a beat without rondo

    Rondo is not a great defender he is an okay defender. he has quick feet and athletisim but he also has KG and KP behind who combined with PP make up the best defensive front court in the lg, and the play a lazy man zone that allows rondo to cheat passing lanes. cp3 russel westbrook and derrick rose are the 3 best defensive point guards in the lg.

    rondo crashes the defensive boards because its his job to facilitate on the break not to finish on the break, and because its team philosophy that guys box out Rondo is usually unaccounted for when he crashes. other pgs grab boards like the affore mentioned cp3 d-rose and westbrook (he needs a nickname and he is way better than rondo)

    question who are the top 10 pgs in the lg in order:
    Derron williams
    Derrick Rose
    Chris Paul
    Russel Westbrook
    Steve nash
    Rajon Rondo
    Chauncy Billups
    Tony Parker
    Jason Kidd
    devin Harris

    • Pete says:

      “Rondo is not a great defender he is an okay defender. he has quick feet and athletisim but he also has KG and KP behind who combined with PP make up the best defensive front court in the lg, and the play a lazy man zone that allows rondo to cheat passing lanes. cp3 russel westbrook and derrick rose are the 3 best defensive point guards in the lg.”

      Rondo was voted (not by random fanboys, but by NBA coaches) in as the best PG in the NBA when he recieved his place on the all defensive first team last year. I’m pretty sure that the ‘opposing’ coaches in the NBA wouldn’t have voted him in if they thought he was an average defender who just cheats a lot on passes.

      And Derek Rose is nowhere near being the best defender in the NBA – as a defender he is merely average.

  23. Pete says:

    It’s funny, anytime Rondo’s name gets brought up anywhere, the anti-Rondo crew always come up with the same two arguments.

    The first is his shooting ability – this is a weakness in his game, so this is a fair criticism.

    The second is that “he plays with 4 future Hall of Famers”. This is NOT a weakness in his game – this is a scenario he has been put in, and it’s something he has no control over.

    The funniest part is, the first thing people use as a argument against guys like Kevin love or Al Jefferson being all-star team is that they play on bad teams.

    So let me get this straight…

    A player can’t be great if he plays with other great players, and a player can’t be great if he doesn’t play with other great players.

    So what people are saying is that a guy can only be a great player if he plays for a team which is good, but not good enough to win a title? Hmm..

    Was Chris Paul any ‘worse’ a plyer last year when the Hornets played miserably then he was this year when they are playing like a playoff team? Answer: no, he is just as good a player now as he was last year. The quality of a team does not immediately determine the quality it’s star player.

    So, all of you guys here are saying Rondo’s numbers are better because he is playing with the four dominant hall of famers (well three – Shaq is hardly the dominant guy he once was). But, what evidence do you have to asume that putting him onto a worse team would make him a ‘statistically’ worse player?

    There was only one year when Rondo didn’t play with the big three and that was his rookie season, when he was fresh and inexperienced. When he got thrown into the mix with the big three the next year, it’s not like his numbers immediately went through the roof – on a per minute basis, they didn’t increase THAT dramatically compared to his rookie season, when he was playing on the worst team in the NBA.

    So, it was intil his third year (and his second season playing with the big 3) that his numbers actually took a really big jump…so there is absolutely no rational way to determine that his numbers increased because he had a great supporting case…rather then simply due to his own personal development as a player.

    Question: if Rondo’s through-the-roof assist numbers are only due to the ability of his teamates to hit shots (rather then his ability as a playmaker), then why is it that the other guys who spend time at the point (Nate, Marquis, Delonte) have not averaged even close to Rondo’s assist numbers on a Per-48 minute basis?

    Assists per 48 Minutes
    Nate Robinson: 5.3 (5.9 as a starter)
    Delonte West: 5.5 (6.3 in Cleveland last season)
    Marquis Daniels: 3.18
    Rajon Rondo: 16.1

    You could argue that Nate is a bench player, so doesn’t get as much opportunity to make plays – but in his 11 games as a starter his AP48 didn’t really increase significantly (5.9 vs 5.3).

    Delonte West’s stats tell the complete opposite story – he has actually averaged LESS assists per 48 minutes for Boston this year then he did last year in Cleveland (5.5 vs 6.3).

    Likewise, if ANYBODY could average Rondo’s type of assist numbers playing PG in Boston, why is it that Rondo’s AP48 is actualy greater then all three of the above ‘replacement PGs’ combined?

    Obviously this entire theory is bogus. Looking at his teamates numbers it is blatantly obvious that Rondo averages a good 10 AP48 more then a decent backup PG on the same team.

    So knowing that Rondo averages +10 AP48 compared to an average playmaking PG on the same team:
    1. Take the AP48 of Phoenix’s backup PG Gordan Dragic: (8.08)
    2. Dragic averages 1.5x more AP48 then Nate in Boston, so consider this into Rondo ‘assist gain’ (10 / 1.5 = 6.6)
    2. Now, Rondo should average around 6.6 AP48 more then Dragic, so lets add this (8.08 + 6.6 = 14.68 AP48)
    3. Adjust to match Rondo’s minutes (14.68 / 48.0 * 37.3 = 11.40)

    Now these calculations aren’t exactly scientific perfection, but they reasonable…and according to the calculations, Rondo should be able to average about 11.4 APG if he were playing in Phoenix instead of Boston.

    So, Rondo might have the odd extra assist because he’s feeding a great shooter, but clearly most (if not all) of his exceptional assist record is a result of his ability to orchestrate the offense and his exceptional passing ability.

    Also people might be reading into Rondo’s situation the entire wrong way around – out of the 4 future Hall of Famers in Boston right now, all four of those guys have achieved career highs in FG% in the last two or three seasons…after they started playing with a developed Rajon Rondo at the point.

    Don’t be surprised if it’s Rondo’s assist numbers that is allowing those guys to score as efficiently as they do…and not the other way round.

  24. T3 says:

    @Z OK Rondos does’t haye any MVP but which would you rather have a tiltle or a MVP award. All great players are judged on how many rings they have not how many MVPs they have. O yeah there hall a famers but not like there in there prime of there career. when nash was playin with those player i named there where at the top of there game. Plus Rondo shows great leadership i think it would be hard to make three hall a famers happy espically with how big there egos are but Rondo is so great that he can do it.And no one no maybe rondo will play great at 37 to.Just all you Suns Fans or Nash fans need to face it Rondo is the best piont guard.

  25. mj says:

    all i can say is that the two point guards shouldn’t be compared because they have unique talents. Nash is one of the best point guards of all time. and rondo is, at the moment, is considered as the best all-around point guard in the league. what if the big three in boston be changed into “The One”(Rondo)……………..?

  26. imaria says:

    ow menn. whats this?

  27. dan says:

    Why isnt Steve Nash a All Star? It is really sad knowing that there are no real basketball fans out there. Nowadays its all about Swag,whoever could dunk nicer, jump high and has athleticism.

  28. dan says:

    I don’t know what to say. I’m not exactly sure why this blog exists and why this is even being discussed. Clearly Steve Nash is the best point guard in the league. He is better than Rondo and i truly believe that Steve Nash will remain number 1 until the day he stops playing.

  29. this is stupid says:

    i think this debate is stupid becasuse if you were to consider a younger nash, who is a two time mvp who like most of his teamates didnt play D because pheonix lead the league in scoring, I think this debate would be different. besides the celtics pride themselves on D so with rondo developing with that mentality hes gonna be a better defender I’m not saying nash is ever going to make an all-defensive team but I think his D would be more acceptable if he were on the c’s. And dont get me starter on rondo’s shot or free throw pecentage .

  30. Lebron James says:

    Nash….is definitely better than Rondo…thumbs up!

  31. PG-leadership says:

    hahaha. totally agree. nash’s defensive play is underrated. its just a fact that PHX wasnt a defensive team at all. offensive wise they have been great – also as a playoff contender – with turkoglu,frye,amare, j. rich.
    but seriously if you wanna compare then compare the youngsters:
    rondo,westbrook, rose, cp3 maybe also d. will.
    nash is just another generation.
    and nash is absolutely > rondo.
    nash is better with the assists and THE SCORING!!! rondos assists are also awesome and hes really working but hist shot? terrible!!! thats why nobody guards him when hes open around FT-line: no worry. his fg% and 3pt% is just way too low to really scare any defense.
    and the reason for him looking good at D is that boston has got a very good team-defense. noone is able to play defense alone. well you can steal and block some and save your man. but you cant defend a pick n roll alone or play zone-def alone. so this whole D comparison is a little bit stupid coz nash and rondo havent been in the same place.

    to sum up: nash is not (or its not a huge difference) worse at D but way better with his awesome jumper from outside and general fg than rondo.

    stop this stupid comparison now!!

  32. neutral says:

    i’ve watched rondo and nash

    but i gotta say, i’d pick nash
    well, it’s true rondo was spectacular last playoffs,
    it’s like he was he star, not the big 3.he can drive well, he can dish an assist (but not as good as nash does) personally i think he only have that much assist because when u have teammates like the big3, who wudnt get an assist?

    but name any other pg who can do wat nash did
    he turned phx suns into a championship contender team,
    he made ordinary players look good,
    what happened to his former teammates who were good wen they wer in phx? only few of them can catch our attention now.
    nash ddnt have a title just because he lacked a big man who knows how to play D,
    he had dirk, but dirk can’t play D like tim and kg, that’s why dirk wont win a championship,
    he had the inconsistent amare,
    i think the only player he’s been with who’s good at D is marion
    nash is underrated as a defender,
    just that he’s never been in a defensive team, and that he’s better in O than D

  33. Vaibhav says:

    I don’t think we should even be having this debate. Comparing players sucks. I mean that every player is special and plays differently. Each player has some great qualities and some not so great. Every player impacts the game in his own way and it doesn’t seem fair to pick one over the other. I see people fighting all the time over who’s the greater player. LeBron or Kobe? Kobe or Jordan? LeBron or MJ? Bird or Magic? Why don’t people just understand that all of them are great players who influenced the game of basketball in their own special way.

    And,secondly the League doesn’t give enough credit to the older players like Nash, Kidd, Shaq, T-Mac, Vince Carter and Iverson to name a few. People forget how great all of these were and they start comparing them with younger players. They don’t understand that players can not be compared with each other because every player plays on different teams, in a different era, a different situation.

    All I’m trying to say is why not stop comparing players and just enjoy what each one of them has to offer. Let’s just enjoy the beautiful game of basketball.

  34. MG20 says:

    In my opinion, Rondo wouldn’t be half as good a PG if he were on any other team. His passes aren’t creative, aren’t difficult and, for sure, his passes aren’t the ones creating offense for the Celtics and opening opportunities for them. They have a great set of plays which create offense and all Rondo does is make a simple pass to a player which a play is designed for. I just don’t see his passes creating offense on a team that doesn’t have such meticuolous offensive sets. Most of the times you just see him dribbling the ball, not moving, and waiting for someone to come of a screen. I think Nash’s passing is quite the opposite – it creates opportunities for his teammamates, while Rondo’s passing, as I explained, is actually created by his teammates and great plays the C’s have…
    I also think his terrible outside shooting gives him an advantage in some sense. Defenders are stepping away from him which makes it easier for him to pass. If someone were to get up close on him he’d have to work more to make passes, and I think he isn’t quick or fast enough to simply blow by his defenders.

  35. Sun says:

    Me Sun Yue better than black and canadian PG.

  36. Z says:

    @T3 yes nash has no championship but does rondo have 2 mvp awards? And those talent youve said does not compare to the three hall of famers rondo has right now. And imagine can rondo play like the way steve nash has been doing at 37 years old? i think not it just shows how good a point guard steve nash is.

  37. me says:

    Everyone keep saying if they switched teams, If they did you would have Nash and Ray as ur starting guards. That would be WAY to much pressure on the good defenders to help out ALL THE TIME, The celtics wouldnt be better, they would actually be worse. And rondo on the suns would just make the suns players follow the leader and try on D. They wouldnt just play uptempo

  38. T3 says:

    Haha i couldn’t disagree with you anymore.Defence is the most important part of the game looking through history at peolpe like Michael jordan, or LeBron James, Kevin Garnett or any other great player. what makes these players great is the they are not only great offensive player but the also take more pride in there defence and that what makes these players great. also look at the top scoring teams through history you will notice that they do not win the championships.It is the top defensive teams that win it.Everyone wants to hate on Rondo cause he so called can’t shoot well look at steve nash’s field goal percentage and Rondos percentage and you will notice that they are very close to being the same.O and I want You To name one team that has won a title with out more then one great player>If you want to hate on Rondo For his teamates the i can do the same for Nash Ah didn’t he play with dirk,Joe Jonhson Stoudimire, mike finley, Shaq, so nash has played with great player to. He is just not as great as Rondo cause he is not as talented as Rondo.

    • MRS NASH says:

      alright, WELLLLL does nash have a team with 4 other great players on it now? no. and he didnt have all the players you mentioned on his team like rondo did. and nash gives his players great passes, and the suns cant put the ball in the basket(still gotta love the suns thoo). and last time i checked, teams win basketball games (including titles) by putting the ball in the basket, not by which team has the most steals or whatever. and i think we all can agree that nash is one of the best shooting point guards of all time, if not the best. idk why nobody questioned how great steve nash was last year when he took his team to the Westerm Conference Finals, and now everybody here is hatin on him. His assits per game are super high now too, higher than last year. ever since the suns arent doing well, everybody is blameing nash on being a bad point guard! and again, Rondo wouldnt even be known if he wasnt on a great team like the celtics surrounded by amazing players and shooters. Nash doesnt have that Luxury. and ive heard freethrows are important, isnt nash best of all time?

  39. Amanda says:

    I’m a HUGE Rondo fan, but I have to give respect to Steve Nash too. The first C’s game I went to they lost to the Suns and I remember being really annoyed at how good he is. I agree that it’s hard to compare the two because they are at different stages in their careers and they play in different systems.

    I think that Rondo has been absolutely phenomenal the last two years and has really matured into a great basketball player. He has improved in all aspects of his game. I actually feel like his is underrated as a team leader because he doesn’t score, but that’s not everything. The way he distributes the ball and organizes the offense is spectacular. He is averaging a double double this year, leading the league in assists, and is 2nd in steals. He is great on defense with his steals and his rebounding ability. Most of all, I really love watching the basketball Rondo and the C’s play. It is creative and shows great teamwork. I believe that he still hasn’t reached his full capability as a player, and I would credit the Big 3 and Doc for their contributions to Rondo’s development. He’s had a great opportunity to learn a lot from them and has taken full advantage of it.

    For Steve Nash, he’s obviously a better shooter than Rondo and at least an equal distributor (comparing careers, he’s better, but Rondo is still too young to do that). This can definitely give his team an advantage on the offensive end. I don’t watch him as much as Rondo so I really can’t go as in depth about his game, but I know that he performs really well for someone his age and has made a huge difference for the Suns!!

    In the end I would have to choose Rondo to RUN MY TEAM RIGHT NOW (actual content of the question, not overall comparison) because I believe that he can score when he wants to, distribute like no other, and makes a difference on defense. This video says everything about Rondo’s potential: Also, in the C’s win against the Spurs this season he recorded 12 pts 22 assists 10 rebounds and 6 steals.

  40. barry d says:

    To Nash Who? you make great points about jason kidd. Hes put up a lot of counting stats by padding against poor oppostion teams, i.e. non playoff western teams and all of the historically weak eastern teams. But when you compare accomplishments you have to factor in level of competition, and nash has blown kidd away against any meaningfull competition. Against 3 western conference finals and 2 mvps in ultra competitive western conference , while kidd is failing in the west when the playoffs start just as he did during his prime previous. Nash stats would have been coors field like in the minors too (oops i meant eastern conference at that time)

  41. celtics #1 says:

    rondo for sure!!!!! rondo can score.but he has people like ray,paul,k.g.,shaq,glen davis,marquis daniels,von wafer,and nate robinson!!!!

  42. jordan23 says:

    i really cant understand how you all can compare “rondo to nash” kobe to jordan” etc. how can u compare a all star to NBA legends!!! rondo looked at nash’s game to get better!! kobe admired jordans game when he was 11 for god sake!!!! so please world dont compare legends to all stars!!!

  43. NASH WHO?? says:

    a bunch of nash groupies on here, no excuses get a ring or at least get to the finals and talk, otherwise WHO CARES! Nash is better than kidd offensively? Last time I checked KIDD IS SECOND ON THE ASSIST LIST !!









    • MRS NASH says:

      okay, wow. you dont even know what ur saying cuz nash is second in assists this season… kidd is ninth. and have you checked the title of this?! RONDO VS NASH? i dont think we need to talk about Jason Kidd, what has he done this year? a lot less than nash. ya.

  44. rs says:

    to Shaun Powel — when just regular fans brings that facts , like , sonebody is better player because ho got a ring , it is still Ok – we are just fans .But when basketball expertise says “And what’s he ever won?” – it is just stupidity …
    B-ball is a team game and when you do not have around good players you cannot win . Even in sports , like tennis , chess , boxing — it is arguable who is the all time best or just now – Federer , Nadal – who is the best ?

  45. Brian S. says:

    These analysts have some problems. Lets compare Rondo and Nash. Two “elite” pgs. Lets see how they got there. They both had to start out going through many obstacles. But in the end, Steve Nash was the one who created himself as a legit point guard, making ANYONE he plays with a BETTER player because at Dallas he played with some non-Hall-of Famers. Please don’t get me wrong, I respect all Rondo has done especially how he has more confidence than before. But lets not forgot he has always played with the Big 3: the Hall of Fame team of Pierce, Allen, and Garnett. Not only are these guys legit guys who can carry their own weight, but also they MAKE IN ALL THEIR SHOTS. So that is why Rondo gets 12.5 assists per game, because he has players who are actually good and make in their shots. Lets put Rondo on a bad team and see what he does with the players around him. Of course the team will be better but his production will be a lot lower. He might be avging single point assists.

    Look at Nash. He transformed a last place Phoenix team to a first place contender. EVERYBODY LOVES PLAYING WITH HIM. He is a great guy and brings a certain winning attitude to the court when he plays. He showed that in the 2004-05 season with Phoenix. Every time the Suns went out they seemed to forget about their past and played great basketball with Steve Nash running the team. Still to this day, Steve Nash comes with the positive attitude and tries to work around the players he has. I bet you with Rondo’s stubborn “I am the best point guard in the NBA” attitude, he would throw a fit if he was working with the same players Steve Nash is playing with. Steve Nash will never give up on you and the team and he will give it his all to improve. A stubborn Rondo would want an immediate trade to a contending team with an All Star or a Hall of Famer… Just a prediction

    Everybody brings up the argument about defense. It is really not like Steve Nash is bad at defense. He is actually a solid defender when it comes to guarding point guards. He knows all of the moves and has experience. You can’t just say “Oh I want Rondo because of his defense”. If you have good defenders on your team, you don’t really need for your point guard to be a good defender. Steve Nash never really had a defensive team or a defensive system in Phoenix. If he had better defensive players, he would probably have won some championships.

    Finally, lets look at stats. Steve Nash is just better offensively than Rondo. A lot better offensively. There is really no argument against that fact. He is the best jump shooter in the game. Nobody has had more 50-40-90 seasons than Nash, His smooth jumpshot has the ability of going in against anybody in this league, no matter how big or small the player is. He has the amazing ability of finding any cutting player on the court and runs the nicest pick and rolls with big men since Stockton and Malone. He accounts for more points on the scoreboard than Rondo. He also is “Mr. Clutch” and most of the time, when his team needs it, he can turn on and make some clutch plays to try to close off the game. Of course this doesn’t work all the time but still it is hard to argue against how clutch Steve Nash is. The Suns need Nash more than the Celtics need Rondo.

    If the Celtics had Steve Nash, they would be amazing because of the experience and what Steve Nash can bring to a team. Imagine an great offensive team like Boston being the best in the league. If they include Nash, there could be a possibility of having that nice pick and roll with Garnett. I can believe Nash can adopt to a system with so many Hall of Famers and succeed.

    If the Suns had Rondo, he would probably ask for a trade… actually demand a trade because he is kind of stubborn. He would give up with the lack of talent the Suns have. Steve Nash would actually improve the team because he has a better attitude than Rondo (like what Nash did in the 04-05 season).

    One Conclusion: Steve Nash at 37 is better than Rondo at whatever young age he is at right now (too lazy to look)

    And please David Aldridge- Nash is 10x a better dribbler than Rondo. Nash is the best dribbler in the NBA. He ALWAYS keeps his dribble… thats kinda one of the many things he is known for…

    Analysts- Stop using the defense argument over and over. Steve Nash is not horrible at defense, he just has bad defensive players around him (Unlike Rondo who has KG, Perkins, among others)

    • Pete says:

      “I bet you with Rondo’s stubborn “I am the best point guard in the NBA” attitude, he would throw a fit if he was working with the same players Steve Nash is playing with. Steve Nash will never give up on you and the team and he will give it his all to improve. A stubborn Rondo would want an immediate trade to a contending team with an All Star or a Hall of Famer… Just a prediction”.

      Dude, where on earth to you get this garbage from? Have you ever even SEEN an interview with Rondo? Have you ever seen Rondo play, and the way he carries himself on the court??

      When has Rondo EVER said anything like that? When has Rondo ever talked himself up, put other players down, or had an unsportsmanlike attitude?

      Every time there is an inverview with Rondo he’s comments are always modest – when people ask him about his increadible games and achievements, his responses are always along the lines of “It’s not all about me, It’s a team game and I just try to do anything I can to help the team”.

      Likewise on the court, Rondo is one of the last people you will hear fighting refs about calls, picking up technicals, playing dirty – he is a very modest player, and is extremely respectful towards other great players in the league.

      Next, you contradict yourself – you say that defense “doesn’t really matter” because Rondo plays on a team full of great defenders, so he doesn’t have to be a good defender…then you go on to question what Rondo would produce on another team. Make up your mind, because this defensive ability (apparently unimportant in Boston) could be absolutely critical on another team.

      Finally, where did all this garbage come from about Rondo demanding trades if he played for a struggling team? Did you see last year when Celtics were strugglng with injuries and really playing pretty mediocre? How did Rondo respond? By working his butt off, and adjusting his own game to provide whatever it was Boston needed on any given night – scoring, defence, rebounding, playmaking, leadership, you name it. When Boston played Chicago in the previous playoffs, Rondo pretty much single handendly kept Boston in that series and got them over the hump by averaging a near triple double the entire round.

      You can fairly argue about Nash’s achievements and talents comapred to Rondo’s because they both have many…but to describe Rondo like he’s some type of unsportsman like spoiled brat is innacurate and unjust. There is a guy who fits your description, but his name isn’t Rajon…it’s Lebron.

      • Brian S. says:

        Doc Rivers has actually told the media that Rondo is stubborn and moody. I advise you to research about things before you come with a bs defense against it. WHAT DO YOU MEAN RONDO IS NOT “DIRTY”? HE HAS STARTED FIGHTS WITH COUSINS, KOBE, AND EVEN RON ARTEST!!!! DO YOUR DAMN RESEARCH! LOOK IT UP ON YOUTUBE!

        Also you should watch the Association: Boston Celtics where he admits that he is “the best pg in the nba”. HMMMM that might be the most MODEST comment I have ever heard in my life???????

        DUDE if you are on a team with THREE HALL OF FAMERS WHY THE F WOULD YOU WANT TO BE TRADED????? EVEN IF THEY ARE INJURED???? IM TALKING ABOUT SUNS LIKE TEAMS. TEAMS WITH AN UNDER .500 RECORD…. DUDE WHAT KIND OF LOGIC IS THAT. Nobody would go like “A few players on my all star, hall of fame team that is over .500 and still 4th or 5th in the east are injured… that means that I want to be traded” I am talking about teams without all stars who are NOT CHAMPIONSHIP MATERIAL….

        I NEVER said ROndo has an unsportsmanlike attitude nor did I say HE BRINGS PLAYERS DOWN…. I like Rondo. I respect how he created him self in the NBA. He created himself out of hard work and determination to be great. I never put him down like that in my comment above.. I think he is one of the elite pgs. But we still have to consider the fact that he has the Big 3 behind him.

        I never said Rondo is a “spoiled brat”. Lebron is no “spoiled brat” either. First of all I think ROndo made himself who he is from hard work. Where in my above comment did I say anything that makes you think I think he is a “spoiled brat”?
        Lebron Spoiled brat? Please. He came from hard times to become who he is.

        I know both players really well. Steve Nash is my favorite player. I believe Rondo will be great. He wont become the next Nash, but he will be the next Rondo. Who in their prime is better? I dont know but I do predict Nash. Once Rondo gets a jump shot who knows how dangerous he can be…

        Please dont get me wrong. I dont know what I said to make you think all of those things but please tell me what makes you think that I think ROndo is “spoiled” . Rondo is in the all star team this year.. he deserves it. But he does have a bad side as to many nba players… an attitude. Sometimes a certain attitude cant get you far…… stubborn, impatient, but essential i do agree

  46. barry d says:

    rondo is a perfect fit for boston, so I’d take him over nash, even if i consider nash superior overall(his offense adds up to slightly more than rondo’s defensive advantage) But let’s stop this nonsense about jason kidd’s superiority to either of these two because he went to the finals twice. Going to the finals in the east at that time was equivilent to the 8th seed or not making the playoffs in the west. Kidd for his career has won nothing in the playoffs in the west, with phoenix or dallas either time. He was one of my favorite player in his prime in the west but first or second round exits are his ceiling in the west. nash has went to the western conference finals 3 times, and rondo has won multiple championships having to beat a good western conference team, (which kidd couldn`t and still can`t do even coming to a 60 win team in dallas)

  47. nashtytwotime says:

    I have read every post here, well most of them lol! I have got to pick Nash as a better point.
    First off everyone is comparing him to a guy who is more then 10 years younger! Nash is 37 years old to put up the numbers he is putting up is just WRONG! Secondly, He definitely has inferior talent on his team. Rondo has 4 HOF players to pass to. Thirdly, Nash is able to play different styles (mostly transition, however, he can play half court). He has played on different teams Rondo has not. Fourthly, Nash is a better shooter 50/40/90 4 times most ever.

    Things that Rondo does better then Nash
    Better defender (however, I think Nash tries though- just to small and doesn’t have enough quickness).

    Other then that I think Nash is better, We are trying to compare a player who is 37 years old to a player who is what 25? To even be playing at the level Nash is playing at is incredible. In fact, it is unbelievable. Most players would be retired by now.

    I think this discussion needs to take place when Rondo is 37 years old. Then look at their legacies personally. If Rondo is still in the league.

  48. No Excuses says:

    When dwights contract is up and the celtics have enough money to pay him, it will be rondo and dwight. the olley oop show

  49. No Excuses says:

    i am sorry to do this to nash but it must be done.

  50. bagznc says:

    cp3 got hurt collison came in did his same numbers… knocked cp3 down a bit, d- will is the best point guard in the lg right now.followed by in order: d-rose westbrook(rondo with offense and real perimiter defense) steve nash cp3 rondo. ibase this off of stats and then the only scenario that matters overall importance to the team, the C’s might not win a ring without rondo’s play but they would be in the playoff hunt. but if any of these other guys missed 20+ games, season over.
    and for those that hate on nash’s no ring consider he plays in the west for his whole carreer (17 yrs) where the road to the championship goes through san antonio or LA and for the suns some times both, and theyve only missed the playoffs once

    • Pete says:

      Boston (and Rondo’s) road to the playoffs the last few years has gone through Cleveland and Orlando – two elite teams at the time, with Cleveland being the best regular season team int he NBA how many years in a row?

      The bottom seeds in the East may be pretty weak, but the top 3 or 4 seeds in the East have been as strong (if not stronger) then the top 4 in the West – so come playoff time the Celtics haven’t had it any easier.

  51. jarvis says:

    even at 37 nash is still better than rondo on either team.if the celtics traded rondo for nash they would still be a great team probably better.if the suns traded nash for rondo the sun would’nt be a good team probably worst.if rondo has so much great d in the suns blow out of the c’s why did’nt he shut the 37 yr old nash down.that old man still has skills.

  52. ballhogg says:

    and by the way….whats with CP3???? 2 years ago in talk for MVP and beeing the best PG in the league and now not even in the talk. kinda sad. i’ll go with CP3 any time, before with nash and rondo

  53. ballhogg says:

    saying phx would be a no playoff contender with rondo as PG is ridiculous. i mean in case of switching nash for rondo. the celtics would not be as dominant without rondo. even though he is not a great shooter. he brings a lot of other abilities to this team. yes, maybe he would not be such a great addition to the suns, but look at the roster. totally different to the celtics one. rondo gives the celtics what they need and lacks in what they already have.
    nash is the perfect fit to the suns. but for some reason i just dont think that he would fit with the celtics…dont know why

  54. BTG says:

    Nash if he was younger this is a guy that can score the ball as well as passing sure rondo is a good defender but im not sure that if he was in nash spot on the suns that he would have 2 mvp’s and running that team the way nash doesit

  55. Your Mother says:

    Defence Wins Championships.

    • Duane says:

      Never has, never well. Defense + Offense wins championship. Ask Magic or Bird or Dr J. Even Duncan’s Spurs knew they had to put up 100-110 PPG to beat the Suns in those years.

      • Pete says:

        Check the nba champion teams over the last 15 years and check what they ranked in the NBA defensively, and what they ranked in the NBA offensively.

        I think you’ll find that the vast majority of these teams ranked higher in their D then they did in their O – check for yourself.

        A phenomenal defensive team with average offense (i.,e. 08 Celtics, Rasheed’s Pistons) can win titles…but phenomenal offensive teams with average defense typically dont.

        To win games you need offense AND defense, but defence is typically more important, This is because even the best offensive teams have bad shooting nights, and when they do they tend to get thrashed. On the other hand, a great defensvie team can play their best defense every single night if the effort is there.

        Excellent defensive teams tend to be more consistent, and in the playoffs consistency is everything,

  56. Mike says:

    Really, not one pick for nash? And that “rondo MVP chatter” has long died. I agree, rondo is what makes the celtics work now, he’s extending pierce and kg’s primes as we speak. An exceptional passer and rebounder, and he gets steals but I would stop short of calling him a lock down defender. Nash has the best handles, passing, and arguably one of the best shooting touches in the history of the game. Rondo wakes up every morning and looks at a poster of nash on his wall. Everybody is talking about how Nash would make the C’s worse if he and rondo were swapped, how much worse would the suns have been with rondo running the show? Nobody would be worried about pick and rolls with amare and rondo when rondo lays bricks on every shot 12 feet or further. Nash keeps defenders on their heels because he can flick up a bucket at any time. And someone in the comments tried to act like Raja Bell and Leandro Barbosa were legit talents flanking nash. So is it just a coincidence how much less they do without him setting them up? Be real, two time MVP Steve Nash all day. In fact, just that he’s 37 and keeping right in step with the competition, while the other elite PGs of the best era of PGs in NBA history are entering/in their primes, proves how great a talent he is.

    • Nii Nue says:

      This is what I tried to say in ma submission just above. You cannot look at them and just one is better. and besides the argument is not who is da best but who will fit your team

      • Mike says:

        yea you said it well my man. its really the only position in the league where, armed with a good argument, you can pick from a huge pool of players to decide who would be the best to build a team around. nash, rondo, d rose, cp3, d will, russ westbrook, they all bring it

  57. Landon says:

    Deron Williams owns all these guys. Closest matchup is either Rondo or Rose.

  58. jude garay says:

    Rondo VS. Nash???? i dont think so….Nash is a perfect offensive passer Point guard……even though he is turning 37 years old…men….He is becoming awsome as he goes old….no other player can do that….Think of That…

  59. botew says:


    nash is in the west, kidd is in the east.

  60. Nii Nue says:

    I do not think there is a straight forward answer to this question because there are so many serious scenarios that both of them could fail or pass in them. Many are saying Ronda is a better player because of his defensive prowess. Nash is a liability to his team because of his lack of defensive abilities. First of all Nash and Ronda are not on the same scale in terms of age or era. It is like comparing the end of one era to the beginning of another. Two different players under two different philosophies.

    Now most of the answers from the panelist was tilted towards who is a better point guard. The question is which ball-handler will suit your team (system). Rondo’s lack of offense is covered up by sharp shooting of Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. Unlike Boston, the Suns do not have a very strong defense. If they did I do not think we would be talking about Nash’s defensive frailties. What if Rondo was on a team like Bulls where the offense is dependent on Rose. Can he average about 20 – 27 per game?

    There are two school of thoughts here. One school of thought believes that the best way to defend is to attack. Another believes the best way to attack is to defend. Personally I believe you need both, a mix of good offense and good defense. I remember when Amare, Marion, Diaw, and Barbosa were with the Suns they were a high scoring team not because of their defense but due to their speed (or offense). They could create so many different kinds of shots from different situations.

    So to answer your question is not really easy. You need to consider the talent on your team, the age average of your team, what is your team lacking, and synergy. Based on this I think Rondo is good for Boston and Nash good for Suns. If both players swapped Nash would have higher assists averages whiles Rondo could lead the steals table.

  61. i would go for RONDO… he is so good at assists, rebounds, and steals…

  62. money moses says:

    if i have to choose between rondo or nash im choosing derrick rose best point gaurd in the league right now hands down no one can carry a team like he does and extremely well at both ditributing the ball and scoring

  63. Michael says:

    C’mon! You make Steve Nash sound like the worst defender in the league right now! I mean he is certainly a better defender than about 10-15 starting Point Guards in this league right now. Yeah Rondo is good especially his defense and passing blah blah. Just refer to Pete’s comments. But his free throw percentage is .1% better than his field goal percentage. WTF. And i thought Shaq and Dwight were the worst free throw shooters of all time. Anyway, Rondo still has to prove that he can win games WITHOUT KG, Allen and Pierce. If in the next 7 years he improves his shooting and be a proven champion, then he has a shot at Nash, Kidd, Stockton.

  64. LA LA Land says:

    Nash would require guys that would play defense…

    cmon, even Kobe needs Artest to cover guys for him…

  65. RondoFan says:

    Although i like rondo he was under rated in 08 no one was talking about him but since the big 3 joined and progressive years pass he’s became an all star himself Steve Nash is old and in years to come rondo maybe even better then Nash. I would pick rondo over Nash because since the big 3 are still in Boston he cannot show his true potential and as long as Boston keeps putting all star in the team his potential will still be hidden and it wasn’t until last year that we saw some of his potential yes he can’t shoot very well but that doesn’t mean he can’t put points on the board and he is still young and can work on those things in years to come rondo will be better or if not is already better then Nash but i give credit to Nash for what his done but rondo is the Man “Relate to Last year the steal from under someone’s leg and 2 point after the steal was something very spectacular and he can definitely bring a team to a playoff” he got me entertained over high profiled players. Rondo is the better pg in my opinion and his style of play suits Boston because he can defend better and if Steve Nash were to go to Boston then Boston would be more of an offensive team then it is right now.

  66. mmja says:

    if nash has defensive skills!! its probably unfair

  67. mae says:

    i’ll go for RONDO. He’s much better than nash.

    • Hackz says:

      lol much better at what? and don’t only say defence. because the celtics play team defence… FREETHROWS I dare you to say that? LOL

  68. emmanuel marcelo says:

    how about rondo vs jason kidd on his prime. rondo is certainly the younger version of jason kidd. Kidd for me is still one the best ever point guard in the NBA, bringing the Nets twice in the finals with just role players on his side. they are like the pistons who won the 2004 finals, unfortunately Kidd doesn’t win a title so far and no MVP on his resume. but when it comes to Kidd can you say “what’s he ever won” like what mr.Powell said about Nash. Kidd is one of the best player who plays in the league that didn’t won the MVP award.

    • Pete says:

      Kidd took New Jersey to the Finals…Nash has never been in the finals.

      Kidd really had no more talent int he Finals year then Nash has had at times either.

      Being a PG is all about running the team first and foremost, so as a guy who’s nuber one goal is to ‘make teammates players better’, team achievements always come before individual ones (except extreme circumstances).

      Rondo and Kidd have both taken their teams to the NBA Finals – so did Magic, so did Stockton, so did Isiah. Not all of the great PG’s have won a champtonship, but the ones we remember have all played in an NBA Finals game – they have all led their teams to a conference title.

      Nash never has led an NBA team further then the Western Conference Finals – he has never played in a championship game.

      You can say what you want about the various supporting cast, but Stockton didnt have much (other then Malone) in Utah, and Kidd didn’t have anything (other then Carter and Jefferson) in New Jersey – both PGs led their teams to the NBA finals without a legitimate centre and without much more then a star sidekick and a few role players.

      Nash had just as much talent (Stoudemire / Marion / Barbosa / Diaw) as Kidd did when the latter turned New Jersey (yes – New Jersey!!) into a title contender.

      • Duane says:

        Nash’s Suns have made it to the WCF 3 times in 6 seasons. Here’s the thing – Nash was the only member to play on all 3 teams. Compare the consistency in San Antonio’s starting 5 vs. Phoenix over that stretch (where SA also went to 3 WCFs). Nash was handed a new team almost every year.

        Kidd’s Nets had one great series in their drive to 2002-03 finals – the ECF against the Pistons, where they spanked them 4-0. But the Nets were a 49-win team who got dominated by a Spurs team that had to get through the Lakers and Mavs first.

        Now, Kidd definitely deserves kudos for getting the Nets to the Finals, but NJ wasn’t an exceptional team that year. They had a good playoff run against a weak conference, save for a fiesty Pistons team that was low on scoring.

  69. mayor jv says:

    rondo is soooo overrated

  70. Dan says:

    Rondo only depends on his ALL STAR TEAM MATES, So he is the assist leader. Nash can bring the suns into the playoffs even if he is the only all star player, Like shawn marion and amare stoudamire, Nash is the reason why they are send in the all star game 🙂 Rondo cant live Without allstar team mates or one of the best shooting players of all time like allen,garnett,peirce and other team mates. nash can do it even he only had Dudley,Frye, and other rising stars, Rondo cant make clutch shots not like steve nash, NASH IS A TWO TIME RARLEY MVP POINT GUARD! but when it comes in hustle plays or defense, rondo got it,

  71. Phamie says:

    Nash is better than every point guard in the NBA right now. Nash makes his teammate better even they are not superstars.
    He can create a great offense in every position, Not like rondo who had Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett who can score and they are the reason of the boston great success, Not rondo although his part of it. So I Take NASH as my best Point Guard…..

  72. karo ATLHAWKS says:

    You can’t compare Nash & Rondo…The fact that Nash won back to back MVP’s. Plus the year Phoenix was supposed to win it all the REFS screwed it namely Tim Donaghy…. I bet Nash still has fuel left in the tank & could always handle the pressure in the playoffs…Lets see, the clock is ticking on Nash’s illustrious career…Wish he got once last chance with a contender

  73. Cory says:

    If nash was on the celtics he would do way much better then rondo!! cant compare srry nash is a legend

  74. Hackz says:

    Nash > Chris Paul > Deron Williams > Jason Kid > Derrick Rose > Tony Parker(would destroy with the options Rondo has > Russell Westbrook > Rondo. We wouldn’t be talking Rondo at all if he wasn’t on the Celtics, ONLY REASON WHY HE’S THERE BECAUSE HE WAS THE CHEAPEST POINT GUARD THEY COULD GET for the Big 3 to leech off easy assists for the big three, if Paul, Nash, Deron or Rose ever became free and would play FOR THE RIGHT PRICE they would drop RONDO in a heart beat They would be auto championship for an extra 2 or 3 years. Any average point guard with decent Defensive ability would plug in and off 7-10 assists with RAY ALLEN on off the BEST SHOOTERS all time, KEVIN GARNETT and PAUL PIERCE. It makes me sad to think that a PG like Rondo would ever be compared to a PG like NASH that carries the caliber of play and production comparable to John Stockton and Jason Kidd level of credibility the only PG that would ever deemed such praise is Chris Paul who carries a Stagnate Hornets team the Playoffs every year that he’s healthy not sure for his Rookie year. THIS BLOG IS STUPID NASH, PAUL AND WILLIAMS never have played with Hall of Fame TALENT. Rondo gets benched for lack of production offensively at times, Nash gets benched because he’s old and they have a lead or near the end of a bad game. everyone gets benched near the end of a bad game tho.

  75. Keenan says:

    Ill take Steve Nash, Im a big fan of Rondo,but still, Rondo needs to improve his shooting skills. Rondo is covered by a lot of talents in his team while Steve Nash has few , but Steve still can handle the situation and find the open man. So ill take Steve.. 🙂

  76. Sunsman says:

    @ melly mel….. Um….how can you say such dribble. Jason Kidd is a better 1 on 1 defender over his career. And that is about it. Both run the floor well, both can pass with either hand and get the ball in the sweet spot for their shooters nearly every time. But Nash flat out has more offence than J-Kidd. Come on Nash is on his 5th straight season of 50/40/90 while being at least 2nd in league in assists.

  77. Danny says:

    Nash: Rondo is a great point guard. He can make plays out of anything and has a great passing and shooting ability. Nash does the same thing except he has more experiance and 2 MVP titles in his trophie case. If Nash were the same age as rondo, Nash would win this debate 100 %

    • Pete says:

      If Nash was the same age as Rondo, he’d win this debate 100% aye?

      Well, Rondo has now completed 4 seasons in the NBA, so lets check the stats for Nash and Rondo in both players’ fourth seasons…

      Nash only averaged 27.4 MPG in this season, so I have ‘adjusted’ his stats to display them on a ‘per 36 minute’ basis.

      Both Rondo and Kidd played 36 MPG during their 4th season, so here are the adjusted numbers…

      36.0 MPG, 11.2 PPG, 2.9 RPG, 6.4 APG, 0.9 SPG, 2.4 TOPG, 0.477 FG%, 0.403 3P%, 0.882 FT%

      36.6 MPG, 13.7 PPG, 4.4 RPG, 9.8 APG, 2.3 SPG, 3.04 TOPG, 0.508 FG%, 0.212 3P%, 0.621 FT%

      Check the stats and you can see that with the exception of 3P% and FT%, Rondo was clearly a far superior player least year then Steve Nash was at the same part of his career.

      Not only did he score more, he also rebounded more, got more then twice as many steals, and recorded more assists – all by a pretty significant margin. He also had a far higher assist:turnover and steal:turnover ratio in that year…and he shot at an overall higher pecentage from the field.

      Even if you then move on to the 5th year, Nash still only outperformed Rondo in scoring based categories – PPG, 3P% and FT%. Rondo again killed him in assists (12.5 vs 7.3), Rebounds (4.5 vs 3.2), steals (2.5 vs 1.0), assist:turnover (3.1 vs 2.5), steals:turnover (0.6 vs 0.3) and FG% (0.515 vs 0.487).

      So unless you had a team where a shooting PG was absolutely critical, you’d have to be absolutely nuts to not take Rondo over a Steve Nash of the same age.

      It wasn’t until Nash’s 8th and 9th seasons that he really stringing the kind of ”pure PG” numbers to rival what Rondo is producing now (in terms of APG, Assists:TO, etc) and even then he was never giving you the same production on the boards or on the defensive end of the floor that Rondo is providing Boston with now.

      Look at Jason Kidd’s career and you’ll also see that his numbers were also very similar to Rondo’s at this point in his career.

      Just goes to show how good Rondo COULD be in another 3-4 years time…


      For those who are curious, Nash’s ‘unadjusted’ stats that season were:
      27.4 MPG, 8.6 PPG, 2.2 RPG, 4.9 APG, 0.7 SPG, 1.82 TOPG, 0.477 FG%, 0.403 3P%, 0.882 FT%

  78. Abdul Khan says:

    Nash is a lot better than rondo, the style better for nash!

  79. melly mel says:

    Celtics : Still going to the playoffs without Rondo

    Suns : Not going to the playoffs without Nash

    Nuff said!

    • Pete says:

      This does NOT mean that Nash is better the Rondo – it just means he is more critical to his team.

      You cannot judge a players skill level based on the number of star players they share the court with, otherise we’d say that Monta Ellis is better then Dwayne Wade.

      Take Ellis away from Golden State and they won’t win a single game, but Miami have still been able to win without Wade – I’d still take Wade over Ellis if it were my team.

      Aside from that, Nash is playing in Phoenix, and Phoenix are a good 2 games OUTSIDE of a playoff spot right now, if we went based purely on your on your method of judgement here Nash simply leading his team to…a failure to make the playoffs.

      Look at how far Phoenix went last year compared to this year and it becomes obvious as hell that Amare had just as much to do with the Sun’s success as Nash did – take away either one of the two and the team would struggle (or fail) to make the playoffs.

      • Duane says:

        Not true about Ellis. The Warriors are -2.0 PPG when Ellis is *on* the court. Compare that to +5.9 with Stephen Curry and +5.9 with David Lee.

      • Pete says:

        So you’re trying to tell me that GS would be a better team if they didn’t have Monta Ellis?

        You can throw up stats all you like, i’d still be very hessitant to believe that.

        If Monta Ellis got injured suddenly and missed to games, how many of those games do you think GS would win?

        Now take Wade off the head for 10 games and tell me how many games Miami would win?

        Both teams are gong to suffer dramatically, and everyone knows how imporant Wade is to that Miami team…but I doubt the Warriors would win more games over that run then Miami would.

  80. melly mel says:


    I think rondo is great, but lets be real if any of us on this commenting board could pass the ball to pierce, allen, or garnett all day how would our assists look!!!

    And I am just sick of hearing about NASH! If you mention Nash please mention Jason Kidd first!! What records has nash past kidd on yet? They are practically the same age, nash will never be better than kidd!

    • Jawo says:

      Hey dummy, remeber that Nash started out as a bench player thus ruining his stats. No one expected Nash to be the player that he is. Kidd should be what he is bec he was a pick 3 at the draft as i remember.

    • Pete says:

      Nash is a much better scorer the Kidd is, but I have to agree – I would take Jason Kidd in his prime over Steve Nash in his prime anyday of the week…and twice on Sundays.

      Kid was never a brilliant shooter, but he was decent enough that he’d hit the open shot if you sagged off him.

      On the other hand, he is probably the best rebounding PG of the last 20 years (I don’t count Magic – he was 6’9″ ffs!!) and the best ‘quarterback’ to play the game since John Stockton. Kidd was the pure definition of a guy who made everyone around him better, and he did this better then even Nash.

      Kidd also had an untouchable combination of speed, size and strength which made him a better then average defender on the perimiter and in the post by PG standards.

      The true definition of a pass first point guard, Kidd was also one of the most versatile players to even play the game – never in recent memory have I seen a player make a mockery of the whole ‘triple double’ statistic – it seemed like every single time he played he was flirting with a triple double.

      Scary part is he is now something like 37 years, and he still flirts with a triple double on a day to day basis…

      Rondo actually reminds me a LOT of Jason Kidd because even though he is a much smaller guy, he has (imo) a very similar style of game – the defense, the athleticism, the rebounding, the ability to score when called apon, the exceptional court vision, the incredible IQ and the ability to make other players around him better. Like Rondo, idd never had a great jump shot either – only difference is that Kidd was a better free throw shooter then Rondo is, and Rondo scores at a higher percentage from the field.

      People ask “what would Rondo do if you put him on a team without all of these stars???”

      Look at what Jason Kidd did at each of his stops – in Dallas, in Phoenix, in NJ.

      In Kidd’s 4th season in the NBA with Dallas his stat line was:
      36.0 MPG, 9.9 PPG, 4.1 RPG, 9.1 APG, 2.0 SPG, 3.00 TOPG, 0.369 FG%, 0.323 3P%, 0.667 FT%

      In Rondo’s 4th season in the NBA with Boston his stat line was:
      36.6 MPG, 13.7 PPG, 4.4 RPG, 9.8 APG, 2.3 SPG, 3.04 TOPG, 0.508 FG%, 0.212 3P%, 0.621 FT%

      Asside from PPG (advantage Rondo), FG% (advantage Rondo), 3P% (Advantage Kidd) the rest of the categories are nearly dead even.

      Also similar is Rondo’s ability to rack up triple doubles much more easilly then he should be able to – another trait common between he and Jason Kidd.

      • Duane says:

        I wouldn’t argue Kidd over Nash. I wouldn’t take him, but I can easily see the argument. But Kidd is less than “not a brilliant shooter”. He’s a lousy shooter. He’s become a solid catch-and-shoot shooter for Dallas, but off the dribble he can’t hit the floor with his hat. Amazing rebounder, great defender, deft passer. He’s a Hall of Famer, definitely.

        But as has been said by others, it depends on your team. Yes, Kidd leads Nash in most areas. But per 36 minutes, Nash is a much better scorer and has a better APG. Kidd can’t be touched by any PG not named Oscar when it comes to rebounding, and he’s probably behind only Payton and maybe Alvin Robertson as a defender.

        I will note, however (because it comes up a lot) that Nash’s performance in playoff games tops Kidd’s. Yes, Kidd took NJ to the finals but let’s be honest about the calibre of the East at that time vs. West during the Suns’ big years.

        In the playoffs:

        Kidd is 14.8/7.4/8.8, true shooting percentage of .496
        Nash is 17.3/3.5/8.9, true shooting of .584

        Nash has a better rate of win shares per 48 minutes (but can’t touch Kidd on the defensive portion of it).

        I know the game is much more than stats, but I’m throwing up numbers because there is a perception that Nash gets favourable support because he’s liked, or a nice guy, or whatever. But personality aside, the numbers are there.

      • MRS NASH says:

        Why is kidd even in this?

  81. Mike says:

    What a bunch of cliched nonsense. Do any of you guys research this stuff or just “go with the flow”?

    Forget offense, as I think we can all agree Nash is still about the best in the game at the PG in this regard, but let’s look at how the “elite” PGs have done against him this season. After all, he’s a defensive liability (cough>> old and normal build so he must be bad at something<<cough), right?

    Vs. Nash this season (2011), Williams has shot 25%, Westbrook 29%, Rondo 11% …

    Derek Rose has shot 42% against the Suns this year, Parker 44%, Chris Paul shot 50% against them but I'm not sure that many others have had a night like that. I mean … who do you want to pull out? Tyreke Evans? Try 30%. Billups? 39%. Some of these guys have had 2-3 games already. How many can be chalked up to "off nights"?

    Does any PG shoot over 50% against the Suns right now? And yet people talk about Nash's defense!? Nash is 6th in defensive rebounds amongst PGs this year. He has taken less charges this year, but often leads the league in that, right? I mean, if there is anything more overrated than people still talking about "The Decision"," it's got to be Nash's defense. Give me a break. The guy is an excellent team defender and probably an average one on one defender. And I'm not going to look it up but the number of guys he has torched this year is proabably just scary. A quick check shows that he guy has 26 double doubles and leads all guards, fer crying out loud.

    This took 2 minutes to look up. Did anybody on the "expert panel" bother with this or just run their mouths?

  82. otis says:

    Rondo is a better winner then any of the top 5 point guards in the league big 3 or not.
    He also is the best playoff performer then any point guard you can name right now.
    To not be a shooter Rondo on any given night can strike any team for a triple double.
    Because the big 3 are there he doesn’t have to score as much, but when has he too jumper or not he flat out scores with the best of them.
    Isn’t this the same Rondo who has beat the Rose era bulls twice.
    Stats don’t always translate into wins especially titles ask Stockton, Barkley, Malone, Kidd, Lebron, Rose, Paul, Nash, Williams, Iverson and so on.
    Rondo is a great player when it counts.
    Rondo is one of the few players that can play on any team and not disrupt its chemistry and make them better similar to Jason Kidd.
    Rondo’s I.Q. is Crazy to say he wouldn’t be a playmaker wherever he goes is like saying leading the league in assist is not based off of good decision making.
    LOL why doesn’t Kidd lead the league he is in Dallas, why not parker he is in san antonio, why not derek fisher ihe is in L.A., Why not rose he is in chicago.
    Personel plays a part, but to say that it is solely because of the big 3 and not his I.Q. on the floor would be insane.

  83. Mimibasketballislife says:

    I like Nash and Rondo lol, rondo is still young with alot to prove in the years coming by then iam sure his jumpshot will improve and FT/shooting%. Where as Nash is about to put up the jersey soon, having been one of the best point guard ive seen play the game so far. So for NOW i’d go with Nash. Honestly i dont like picking guard over guard i mean each mean something really important to their teams why experiment?!

  84. catalyst says:

    i pick Nash over rondo, simply because Nash is more vital as a PG to any team that would have him compared to rondo, unlike Nash, rondo haven’t played on other teams except the C’s, so there is no guarantee that rondo can maintain his numbers given the chance of being traded. About rondo having high basketball IQ and being efficient? i doubt that, rondo is the leader in APG but also in TURNOVERS. And screw all of the one’s saying that Nash-rondo being compared is unfair because of the age gap, it is unfair because rondo hasn’t proven anything without the big-3 while Nash, need i say more about it? a 2-time MVP!

  85. Jim says:

    @ Jeff: Chmapionship? I think that is mostly explained by coaching. Has Nash ever worked with a coach that has won a championship? I’m tryin go thin, but Nelson, D’Antoni, Gentry… am I missing something?

    I guess “Big Shot Bob” would be the best player imagineable, based in your logic.

  86. wiGGy says:

    Rondo! Its the same as choosing Kidd or Nash, answer: Kidd. Nash maybe a two-time mvp but only in the west. Kidd was able to bring his team (New Jersey Nets) to the Finals back-to-back.And he has the best all around skills of all point guards. Just ask Rajon, Deron or former team mate Nash.

  87. SNash Fan says:

    I Agree rondo is playin with 4 hall of famers kg shaq pierce and allen he is very overated all he can do is pass to players shooting about 50 percent and he is not the defender he is made out to be he gets blown by all the time all he does is reach and hack until the ball comes loose which he never gets called for fouls now with nash he has no good team at all compared to rondo and he still averages a double double i would take nash any day over rondo. If they switched teams u wouldn’t even know who rondo is. anybody could fill rondo’s shoes on the celtics all u have too do is pass to 4 hall of famers i can fill his shoes. i used to like rondo until they overated him so much. and rondos the only player in the nba who can fall with the ball and get back up as i recall thats called a travelin violation.

  88. Matthew says:

    Okay were talking a point guard in Nash who’s had the most 50-40-90 seasons in the history of the NBA as oppose to Rondo whose having a good season but playing on a team like the Celtics and averaging 38(32 mpg for Nash) minutes a game and he only has 1 more assist averaged than Nash common -_____-; Lets forget the talk about the Phoenix/D’Antoni system which makes Steve Nash an elite point guard and how if he was on the Celtics he wouldn’t be the MVP type player he is. But lets also put Rondo in that scenario if Rondo played in a system that focused on offense he wouldn’t be doing the things he is doing now neither. All this argument basically is is that Nash’s defense vs Rondo’s jump shot, personally I think it’s outrageous to believe that Rondo is Nash’s equal as a passer, Rondo has 3 Hall Of Famers to pass to in Ray Allen second most made 3s in NBA history, Kevin Garrnett former MVP and one of the best inside scorers in the NBA not to mention a excellent mid range shooter, Paul Peirce a knock down shooter and is so crafty on the inside. Lets see who Steve Nash has, Marcin Gortat? a watered down Vince Carter? A 38 year old Grant Hill? Channing Frye? Robin Lopez? If you really believe that Rajon Rondo would be averaging anywhere near 10 assists with this kind of supporting cast, THINK AGAIN AND THINK ONE TIME AFTER THAT!

  89. Nash-Die-Hard-Fan says:

    Nash is the best point guard!!! Picture out when Rondo turns of what Nash age today.. Im sure he cant play in that high level.. Nash Basketball IQ is superb.. Even he cant win a ring he is definitely a Hall of Famer Guy.. Good Luck Idol…

  90. Andy says:

    NASH! Then Boston can finally do what it’s trying to achieve – the oldest team in history.

    • Andy says:

      Also Rondo is a far far overrated defender. He’s a very average perimeter defender compared to Rose, Barea, Parker, Paul, Williams. The Celtics semi zone defense does make up for it though. Sure he gets steals but so does Monta Ellis so that’s not a great yardstick.

  91. BostonFAN says:

    ya crazy… of course rondo… nash played longer den rondo.. you see rondo every year improvment man.. come on we goin for tht 18..and no magic or heat gonna stop us goin to the finals

  92. MRS NASH says:

    Okay, i dont agree with any of this! Steve Nash is one of the best point guards of all time, and no one would be able to run the suns team like he does. No one plays defense in the nba, and its not like nash just sits there and let poeple score. He actually trys on D, so idk why everybody is bashing him. He is one of the best shooting pointguards ever, and personally, i think in the nba shooting is more important than defense. And why did everyone think Nash was so great last year and now nobody even thinks he is better than Rondo? i’d sure like to see rondo play on a team without Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Shaq. Nash lost Stodmire, and he had to alter the entire way he played, and he is still doing great. And again, if defense is so darn important, why are teams scoreing like 120 points a game??????

  93. MRS NASH says:

    Okay, i dont agree with any of this! Steve Nash is one of the best point guards of all time, and no one would be able to run the suns team like he does. No one plays defense in the nba, and its not like nash just sits there and let poeple score. He actually trys on D, so idk why everybody is bashing him. He is one of the best shooting pointguards ever, and personally, i think in the nba shooting is more important than defense. And why did everyone think Nash was so great last year and now nobody even thinks he is better than Rondo? i’d sure like to see rondo play on a team without Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Shaq. Nash lost Stodmire, and he had to alter the entire way he played, and he is still doing great. And again, if defense is so darn important, why are teams scoreing like 120 points a game???????

  94. MRS NASH says:

    Okay, i dont agree with any of this! Steve Nash is one of the best point guards of all time, and no one would be able to run the suns team like he does. No one plays defense in the nba, and its not like nash just sits there and let poeple score. He actually trys on D, so idk why everybody is bashing him. He is one of the best shooting pointguards ever, and personally, i think in the nba shooting is more important than defense. And why did everyone think Nash was so great last year and now nobody even thinks he is better than Rondo? i’d sure like to see rondo play on a team without Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Shaq. Nash lost Stodmire, and he had to alter the entire way he played, and he is still doing great. And again, if defense is so darn important, why are teams scoreing like 120 points a game????

  95. MRS NASH says:

    Ok, i dont agree with any of this! Steve Nash is one of the best point guards of all time, and no one would be able to run the suns team like he does. No one plays defense in the nba, and its not like nash just sits there and let poeple score. He actually trys on D, so idk why everybody is bashing him. He is one of the best shooting pointguards ever, and personally, i think in the nba shooting is more important than defense. And why did everyone think Nash was so great last year and now nobody even thinks he is better than Rondo? i’d sure like to see rondo play on a team without Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Shaq. Nash lost Stodmire, and he had to alter the entire way he played, and he is still doing great. And again, if defense is so darn important, why are teams scoreing like 120 points a game????

  96. MRS NASH says:

    Ok, i dont agree with any of this! Steve Nash is one of the best point guards of all time, and no one would be able to run the suns team like he does. No one plays defense in the nba, and its not like nash just sits there and let poeple score. He actually trys on D, so idk why everybody is bashing him. He is one of the best shooting pointguards ever, and personally, i think in the nba shooting is more important than defense. And why did everyone think Nash was so great last year and now nobody even thinks he is better than Rondo? i’d sure like to see rondo play on a team without Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Shaq. Nash lost Stodmire, and he had to alter the entire way he played, and he is still doing great. And again, if defense is so darn important, why are teams scoreing like 120 points a game???

  97. Nash1234 says:

    Seriously, guys. What has Nash ever won? WELL, he’s won two MVPs, many assists titles, led an underdog Suns team to the conference finals twice and, for good measure, two skills challenges. Rondo has only got one more ring than Nash and that was in 2008 when Rondo basically just went along for the ride with the Big Three. Rondo has become the MVP of the Celtics, it is true, but the championship wasn’t really his that he WON. Rondo is a great player, it is true, but Nash’s shooting (best shooter in the history of the game) and passing eclipses Rondo’s limited abilities in these areas (Rondo is shooting 45% from the stripe compared to Nash’s 93, in the field and 3pfg Nash wins as well), and Rondo’s admittedly great defense still does not make up for these flaws. Nash is the best point guard in the NBA, it’s just a shame that he’s on a great-spirited but unfortunately rather mediocre team, whereas Rondo is on the 2nd best team in the league. In my book, Nash beats out Rondo (including the very recent time the Celtics visited and lost to the Suns) any day of the week.

    • Pete says:

      First of all, Nash is not the best shooter in NBA history – Ray Allen is, followed by Reggie Miller and Larry Bird (not necessarilly in that order). Nash is definately up there, but not the best.

      Second of all, Rondo has been in the NBA four complete seasons. In that time he has been in the playoffs three times, been to the NBA finals twice, won a champtionship (and come withing 6 points of a second), been named to the all defensive first time once and recorded 11 triple doubles.

      You can fairly argue that Rondo was not the biggest reason for Boston winning the title in 08, but you can’t say that he was a bench warmer who just went along for the ride either. He played 32 minutes a game for Boston in the 2008 Playoffs, where he averaged 10 points, 4 rebounds, 6.6 assists, 1.7 steals and only 1.8 turnovers per game.

      Those might not be MVP stats, but they are very solid numbers coming from a guy who had to adjust to being a leader in only his second season in the NBA – the 1.8 turnovers in 32 minutes was especially impressive for an inexperienced point guard in his first ever playoffs.

      You absolutely cannot even begin to argue that Rondo made no contribution to Boston’s 08 championship – he may not have been their best player, but he earned that ring.

      In each playoff series the Celtics have played in since then (for the next three seasons) Rondo has pretty much been their MVP – and last year he played a huge part in leading an aged and injured celtics lineup to the NBA Finals – something Nash has (to this day) still never achieved.

      • Duane says:

        It depends on your definition of shooter. Some guys like Jason Kapono or Steve Kerr were great set shooters. Some guys, like Allen and Miller, are great pressure shooters. Nash is without question the best pull-up shooter in NBA history.

        But if you just want to look at raw success – from the floor, the line and the three – no one is close to Nash.

        From a Hollinger article on ESPN:

        “I set about creating a formula to rank the best shooters. I thought I’d have to dream up something very complex to adjust for all the variables involved, but it turned out a simple formula worked far better than any of my more exotic concoctions. I simply added a player’s 2-point, 3-point and free throw percentages. We’ll call this “Combined Shooting Rating,” or CSR for short.

        CSR works for a few reasons. First, the free throw is a pretty fair arbiter of shooting ability. It’s the only true apples-to-apples measurement we have, because it’s always 15 feet from the hoop and unguarded, regardless of what system the team runs or how the player is used. It’s only one shot among many that need to be in a player’s arsenal, but it’s an important one.

        So now that our rather simple CSR method is clear, let’s get to our list of the top 10 shooters, which also apparently doubles as a great predictor of post-career broadcasting, coaching and front-office opportunities. According to CSR, they are:

        Top All-Time Shooters By CSR
        Player 2-Pt% 3-Pt% FT% CSR
        Steve Nash .515 .431 .903 1.849
        Steve Kerr .494 .454 .864 1.812
        Reggie Miller .525 .395 .888 1.807
        Mark Price .501 .402 .904 1.807
        Jeff Hornacek .515 .403 .877 1.795
        Chris Mullin .533 .384 .865 1.783
        Peja Stojakovic .485 .400 .895 1.779
        Larry Bird .509 .376 .886 1.770
        Ray Allen .482 .396 .893 1.770
        Dana Barros .488 .411 .858 1.757
        Min. 10,000 career minutes

        That’s right: Steve Nash. By a mile.

        I’ve always written that his shooting is his most underappreciated skill, but even so, this blows me away.”

  98. P_rey2 says:

    its nash come on guys rondo is a young player he is only good for 5 years 5 years from now he will be on the bench sitting unlike nash.. he has no players like the truth ray allen and comp. nash makes his teammates look good.

  99. Gadzmin011 says:

    Some guys here are making speculations of situating rondo in steve nash’s team, and vice versa. Don’t you think it’s quite unreasonable and illogical to do such experiments. Stick to what’s occurring guys and you’ll understand.

  100. Gadzmin011 says:

    If someone is to talk now about Nash or Rondo leading a team, he must forget about Nash’s 2-time MVP record and Rondo’s 2008 “immaturity”. We should consider, most of all, their performance in last year’s playoff (well, that’s the latest to be discussed). I know everyone should agree with me that, if the game 7 of the finals had been won by the celtics, Rondo should be the Finals MVP. We had witnessed his prowess in three consecutive series against the likes of Orlando, Cleveland and Los Angeles. It wasn’t the big three who earned the spotlight but the little floor general – RONDO. In short, he shouldered the responsibilty of carrying the Celtics to the Finals. in Steve Nash’s case, the achievements that the phoenix, it was Stoudemire’s big games that contributes much to those achievements. Well, like it or not, Rondo, together with Rose, is a great point guard eyed by the league recently.

  101. Chris O says:

    I’ll take Nash please. Steve Nash is averaging 11 dimes on a talent deprived Suns team. If the Phoenix Suns had a Big 3, his season average for assists could quite possible be at 15+. Not only does he dish out accurate passes, but he can flat out shoot the basketball (something Rajon Rondo can’t do). Rondo does have the edge in speed and defense but his shooting struggles drastically bring down his effectiveness. Steve Nash is a Hall of Fame point guard who is constantly over looked because of the mediocre teams he’s played for. Had he been given a Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce, he would have multiple rings on his hand.

  102. T3 says:

    I think there is no debate i now nash is a great player. But he doesn’t play both sides of the floor to be considered the best, you have to be great on offense and defenses and Rondo proves every time he is on the court that he is the best point guard alive.

  103. MRS NASH says:

    Ok, i dont agree with any of this! Steve Nash is one of the best point guards of all time, and no one would be able to run the suns team like he does. No one plays defense in the nba, and its not like nash just sits there and let poeple score. He actually trys on D, so idk why everybody is bashing him. He is one of the best shooting pointguards ever, and personally, i think in the nba shooting is more important than defense. And why did everyone think Nash was so great last year and now nobody even thinks he is better than Rondo? i’d sure like to see rondo play on a team without Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Shaq. Nash lost Stodmire, and he had to alter the entire way he played, and he is still doing great. And again, if defense is so darn important, why are teamsscoreing like 120 points a game???

    • me says:

      they only score 120 on the middle of the pack teams like PHO and NY, Thats why they wont win. AND you most def have to take into account how many rings someone has, if not do you really think people would say Duncan is the best PF ever, over KMalone

      • MRS NASH says:

        excuse me, ME? that is not even correct. you dont know whats up. ROndo is no where close to as good as steve nash is, and everybody who knows anything about the nba will agree with that!

  104. TalkingNba says:

    Hi all to whoever is reading this , i have begun to watch nba since 08 when the big 3 first came out in boston and i have always admired rondo because he has a funny name to say but i like it how rondo started off as a weak pg due to lack of shooting and obviously in 08 his name was no where heard due to the big 3 and since last year I’ve been so surprised that rondo someone who surely not talked about alot brought a old Team like boston to the playoffs with his amazing plays.

    The way i see it is
    Competitors have their own style of play Rondo is best suited if a Team has a very good offensive team due to the fact that he just has to pass the ball and make some plays if offensive players are being well defended
    Steve Nash has his own style of play he makes people look good and he is more of an offensive point guard that is why you see phoenix suns with high numbers. Without a doubt they are both very incredible players and i have high respect for them there is no actually better pg since they both have one of the best passing ability and given to the big 3 alot of great things will happen or if rondo was to replace nash in suns , suns will still pull up great numbers . All that said i like rondo better then steve nash but their age is to big of a difference and if nash was on celtics team then nash could do the same as rondo but better on the offensive side and celtics would probably be a offensive team then a defensive team right now.

  105. true.point.guard says:

    man, all that math stuff and PER and whatever – those don’t produce championships. rondo carried the C’s to the finals last year, everyone who was watching knows that, and almost avg’d a triple double before the finals. Rondo’s a championship-calibre player. Nash can’t BUY his way to the finals.

    • gary stephenbs says:

      For a true point guard I guess you haven’t learned that TEAMS win championships. One more time, TEAMS win championships. For hating on Nash for not winning a championship is unfair because it is a combined team effort to win championships. The question is who would you rather have running your team right now. Go with Nash who can single handled run a high scoring attack, or Rondo without the big three. Rondo would still run one hell of a show, but it wouldn’t be is good as Nash. If you put Nash on the Celtics for Rondo, Nash would have some sick numbers as well and they would definately win a ring. The ring argument is null and void because Rondo was never the so called “Man” of the Celtics, he wasn’t even the Kobe to the OG Superman. If you want further evidence for the Nash case refer to the many posts above.
      If you still think a ring is a ring and puts him above Nash, then derek fisher is better at running the show than Rondo. Its irrational to put value on rings because it cannot be itsn’t quantitative.

  106. Fact Not Fiction says:

    Why is this even a question? NASH!

  107. trav says:

    i agree 100% with your comment

  108. Grizzled says:

    If you want to give Rondo props for his defense, then you have to use a statistic like adjusted +/- to even things out. Wayne Winston just did his all-stars at Guess who topped the list? Rondo? CP3? Rose? Nope. Steve freaking Nash. His number was 62. For the statistically challenged, that means that when he is on the floor, he is the most effective player in the league.

    If you are astounded by Rondo’s great assist numbers, consider this: Nash’s assist rate is the same as Rondo’s per 48 minutes. The same, that’s right. Rondo also gets a huge advantage on his homecourt. Look at his home and away assist rate over the last several years. It is always 10 to 20 percent higher. Nash’s is always about the same. The Boston scorers give him a lot of questionable assists, whereas Phoenix has a pretty stingy scorer. Makes a huge difference. If Steve Nash were in Boston and playing Rondo’s minutes, he would be getting about 15 assists per game and his adjusted +/- would be even more phenomenal.

    • Jake says:

      I was wondering about that score taker at the Garden. I watech some highlights of Rondo’s “assists” and there were a couple that made me wonder. One play he made a simple chest pass to a guy who pump faked his man and got him in the air then drove to the basket and scored over a couple defenders. If that’s an assist, then I could probably average over 5 assists per game for the Celtics.

    • Nashty says:

      It really is sad to see people bash Nash when all he does is outperform every other guard in the league.

      When has Nash ever shared the floor with three Hall of Famers?


      Let’s not mention Rondo has had consecutive years to learn the Big 3’s style of play which helps greatly when running an offense. Just imagine Nash with that opportunity.

      I hate this guard vs guard comparison, it doesn’t take into account WHO the point guard is playing with.

      Not a single NBA fan would be so high on Rondo if he wasn’t on the Celtics. That is a fact.

      And I’ll leave you Steve Nash haters with this:

      Steve Nash has SEVEN 20 point 15 assist games this season.

      The rest of the NBA COMBINED has THREE.


      • Pete says:

        “Steve Nash has SEVEN 20 point 15 assist games this season.

        The rest of the NBA COMBINED has THREE.”

        As opposed to…

        NBA league leaders in triple doubles [playoffs and regular season]
        Current accumilated total for 2008-2009, 2009-2010 and 2010-2011

        1. Lebron James: 18
        2. Rajon Rondo: 11
        3. Chris Paul: 7
        4. Jason Kidd: 6
        5. Russel Westbrook: 5
        6. Kobe Bryant: 3
        = 7. Josh Smith: 2
        = 7. Andre Miller: 2
        = 7. Paul Gasol: 2
        = 7. Stephen Jackson: 2

        Rajon Rondo is one of only 10 players who have recrded more then 2 triple douples over the last three seaons. He ranks second in the NBA with 11 (6 in the regular season, 5 in the playoffs).

        In fact, going into only his 5th season in the NBA, Rajon Rondo already ranks in the top 10 all-time for playoff triple doubles:
        1. Magic Johnson: 30 (over 13 seasons)
        2. Jason Kidd: 11 (over 16 seasons)
        3. Larry Bird: 10 (over 13 seasons)
        4. Wilt Chamberlain: 9 (over 14 seasons)
        5. Oscar Robinson: 8 (over 14 seasons)
        =6. John Havilcek: 5 (over 16 seasons)
        =6. Rajon Rondo: 5 (over 4 seasons)
        =8. Charles Barkley: 4 (over 16 seasons)
        =8. Elgin Baylor: 4 (over 14 seasons)
        =8. Walt Fraizer: 4 (over 13 seasons)
        =8: Scottie Pipper: 4 (over 17 seasons)

        The players on this list with the next fewest seasons were Magic, Bird and Frazier who achieved theirs over 13 years.

        If Rondo continues at this rate, he’ll need only 6 more seasons in the league (10 total) to record 12 playoff triple doubles and knock off Jason Kidd for second all-time.

        Don’t believe it? Look for yourself:

        From the stats I can find, Nash has only recorded three triple doubles in his entire 15 year NBA career – two in the regular season and one in the playoffs – and none in the last three years.

        Comparing these two guys now is comparing a two-dimensional player to a three-dimensional player. Nash is definately a better shooter, and thus a more well-rounded scorer, but Rondo has a much deeper talent/skilled level as an overall player.

        He’s not as good a scorer, but he is on par with Nash as a passer and playmaker, he’s more athletic then Nash ever was, he’s a better defender and he’s a better rebounder.

        Also consider that Nash is in his 15th season in the NBA – he’s hit a development wall, and though he’s not really slowing down, he’s not getting any better either. Rajon Rondo is just entering his 5th year and is already this good – he hasn’t even come close to reaching his potential yet, and he’s only going to get better.

  109. true.point.guard says:

    Rondo > everyone else.

    This question boils down to what your team needs. If you lack any semblance of an elite team, go with Nash/Rose. If you have offensive weapons and need a true floor general/triple-doubler/defender/high-BBall-IQ player, RR’s your man.

  110. Tdub says:

    Wow. Some of you guys have no idea how the game of basketball works. Namely this martez watson guy. When guys play off of Rondo because he is a horrible shooter it gives him SO much extra room to see the floor. There is never anyone crowding him. It’s almost like his inability to hit a jump shot is a good thing for his passing game. So stop acting like what NAsh does is easy. Steve Nash is the greatest passing point guard EVER and it is not hard to argue that he is the greatest shooting point guard of all time either. His shooting percentages from the field, form 3 and the foul line are incredible. If we switched NAsh and Rondo, NAsh would be dropping assists ALL NIGHT with allen, peirce, shaq, garnett and perkins. But that is more than I could say for Rajon on the suns. He’d be nothing but an average point guard who plays scrappy defence.

    • abn says:

      couldn’t agree more to that.

    • Jake says:

      Nash is better than Rondo, but John Stockton is the greatest passing point guard ever hands down.

    • MRS NASH says:

      i agree completly, go steve nash(:

    • me says:

      nash is not, I repeat NOT the greatest passing PG. He’s the best over 34, and he plays in a uptempo system. He’s played in more than 160 more games than magic has, but he has almost 2300 less assit. Jkidd is the best passing Point of this generation. Dont believe me look at the #’s. I do think Nash is one of the top ten, but he clearly is not even top 5 of all time

      Magic 906games 10141assit 11.2apg
      Stockton 1504 gms 15806 assit 10.5apg
      Kidd 1235games 11326 assits 9.2 apg
      BigO 1040games 9887 assits 9.5 apg
      Isiah 979games 9061 assits 9.3 apg
      KJ 735games 6711 assits 9.1 apg
      Nash 1060games 8896 assits 8.4 apg

      • quince says:

        I think it’s just because Nash was just backup point guard at the start of his career. That’s why he has lower apg.

      • MRS NASH says:

        Steve nash has the ability to shoot as welll, so obviously hes not gonna have as much assists. and have you seen the suns this year? they cant make a layup to save thier life! so that woould be why he doesnt have as much assists.

  111. bagznc says:

    Rondo plays with 3 first ballad hall of famers, and if not for the players around him would never be in any discussion staring with “best anything”. i hate how shooting passing lanes makes a player worthy of being a great defender(a la kobe bryant) what point guard did Rondo shut down in any playoff series? not rookie Rose not Chauncy Billups, oh wait i know jameer nelson and Mo williams and Derrick Fisher and Mike Bibby. None of wich are elite. notice half of the columnist said “if the team was the boston celtics” but what if the team was the indiana pacers or the current Cavs? would you still want rondo over nash, i doubt it, because he is not the player we think he is and if he doesn’t develope a consistant jump shot he will be exposed once atleast one the Big 3 retire. Rondo is less developed offensively than dwight howard he is also an overated defender atleast you know what you get with steve nash no matter what 11 guys you put on the team with him, steve really makes his teammates better and can be compared only to chauncy Billups in that reguard and maybe j-kidd back in jersey

    • Pete says:

      I actually disagree with that…partially.

      I do agree that Rondo would not be the player he is today if didn’t play for this stacked Boston team since 2008. I believe that his opportunity to play in championship games, with so many veterans with great basketball IQ (Allen, Garnett, Pierce, Cassel, PJ Brown, Rasheed) at such a young age is hugely responsible for the way he developed and the player he has become.

      BUT it isn’t everything – Rondo was by all reports a stubborn kid at first, and while he always had the potential talent (defensive ability, athleticism, length, vision) it was his maturity as a player and his hard working mentality that allowed him to earn the respect of those future hall of famers he plays with. In 08 Rondo was indeed very green, and there were times he had to get taken out of the lineup because he was an offensive liability.

      But, he got better throguh the playoffs, and by the end of the NBA Finals (the last few games) he make a massive contribution to Boston winning that title. You think Boston would have won that series with Eddie House or an old Sam Cassel manning the poing intead?

      Important thing is that Rondo grew into his role – Boston from the start needed him to be a floor general and a leader, they never asked him to be a scorer. Boston’s system measures success by a players ability to know their role and play it well (not to do everything), and Rondo does that as well as anybody in the league.

      I have no doubts that Rondo would be a different player if he started out playing in Chicago – he would have probably slowly developed into a more of a scoring PG, and may have ended up less disciplined due to a lesser degree of veteran mentouring around him .

      HOWEVER, while I do believe Rondo’s team had a lot to do with him developing the way he does, I don’t believe his play this season is because of the players he plays with. He has now developed a mentality and leadership ability on par with that of the veterans he plays with, he now has 3 years of strong playoff experience under his belt…and his ability to perform well above and beyond what’s asked of him when it counts (end of games and in the playoffs) is something that you’re born with…you can’t teach clutch, or the ability to make smart decisions.

      Rondo’s ability right now is a combination of the training he hass recieved from great mentours, combined with an excellent natural talent and an exceptional basketball IQ. Put him on any team in the league and I see him making a big impact anywhere – he’s the type of player who will make his teamates better, and the type who will run his team however it needs to be run in order to put that team in the best position to win games.

      Rondo can score if he needs to – he has shown on many an occasion that he can take it to the hole and score inside practically at will when he really wants to…he just doesn’t want to, because hed rather get his teamates involved. He knows that a team ith four hot scorers is tougher to beat then a team with one hot scorer and four other guys begging for the ball.

      Note that Rondo’s 13 APG combined with his 10 PPG mean that he is directly responsible for anywhere between 36 and 49 Points of Boston points each and every night – that means that somewhere between 40% – 50% of Boston’s total points (assuming they score just under 100 PPG) points come as a direct result of Rajon Rondo running the offense…and that’s not even considering the additional 3-4 passes Rondo makes each night leading to free throw attempts.

      I don’t care who you are, that’s a damn impressive number for a guy who is playing on a team with so many elite veterans who can create their own shot if they need to.

      I’m not saying Rondo is better then Nash, because Nash would contribute to just as much of his teams production as Rondo does (if not more) – all I’m saying is that people should give Rondo more credit for his achievements.

      I dont care what player you are – Steve Nash, Derek Rose, Russel Westbrook, Chris Paul, Deron Williams…not one of those guys would average the high scoring numbers they do right now if they shared the scoring load with Allen, Pierce and Gernett. Rose would probably average around 18 PPG in Boston, while those other four guys would struggle to average more then about 13 or 14 player on a team with so many scorers.

      Likewise, Rondo would unquestionably average closer to 16 PPG – 17 PPG if he played on the Suns, Bulls, Thunder, Hornets or Jazz. Because he’d be forced to put up more shots, he probably develop a solid jump shot much faster also if he played for one of those teams (from sheer reptition).

      He’s in Boston and his greatest asset to that team is not his shooting, and so that’s not his priority.

      Interesting quiz question: Who were Boston’s top 8 players in Field Goals made last year?
      1. Ray Allen – 464
      2. Rajon Rondo – 459
      3. Paul Pierce – 409
      4. Kevin Garnett – 402
      5. Kendrick Perkins – 314
      6. Rasheed Wallace – 266
      7. Tony Allen – 129
      8. Marquis Daniels – 124
      9. Glen Davis – 122
      10. Sheldon Williams – 63

      Rajon Rondo ranked second on the Celtics in FGM (by only 5 FG), and was third on the team in FG% (behind only Perkins and Garnett).

      Rondo’s PPG numbers have been signifacntly below that of the big 3 because because he doesn’t hit a lot of three point shots and he doesn’t hit (or attempt) a lot of free throws, but he clearly (and does) put the ball in the basket as well as anyone anyone on that team.

      Rondo isn’t a great shooter, but he can definately score.

  112. Zakk says:

    I would definately take Rondo over Nash, or any other PG in the NBA for that matter. Rondo shows a dynamic ability to play both offense and defense, one that Nash has never shown. Regardless of the lack of defense shown by the Phoenix suns as a whole, Nash as a single could still do his part to slow down opposing PG’s. Rondo does. Rondo is able to lead a team both on offense and defense. Leading and carrying a team doesn’t necessarily mean having the ability to score and provide a complete offense. Leading and carrying a team means making the correct decisions and putting your team in a winning position. Rondo does this on a consistent basis. He puts up 10+ assists in every game. With that kind of ability, he has no need to score, because he is putting his teammates in scoring positions. Also, Rondo has the greatest composure. He may not make many shots, but when the time is running down on the clock, he often times makes a play, whether it’s to end a quarter, half, or game, that kind of composure is valuable to any team.

    • Donut says:

      did you watch celtics and phx game last saturday?

      • Coffee says:

        yup i did watch it. what’s ur point dough boy

      • Jon says:

        celtics would’ve beaten phx if we weren’t on the second game of a back-to-back and we lost an hour due to time zones. that plays a lot into how we perform in the game. i bet next time around rondo will light nash up with 20 assists. so stfu.

  113. Melanie says:

    At this point in their careers, Rondo has a more complete game by far than Nash, and has the ability to change the game more than any other point. There are way too many 2 guards playing point (like Rose, for instance). Your point guard should NEVER be a true focal point of the team as you put it. They should run the team, and yes, should score. But if that’s all they do, they’re a shooting guard. The argument should be: “how many TRUE point guards are in the league”? Truth is….not many.

    Defense wins championships!

    • Duane says:

      Good points Melanie, but to your last comment – Nash’s assist percentage this season is 54.4%, tops in the league and 5th best of all-time (4 points higher than Rondo). What that tells me is that Nash impacts the offense more than any point guard in the NBA right now (for better or worse). The increased scoring is more the result of a lack of options in Phoenix.

      Also worth noting is Nash’s PER of 24.02 – second among PGs after Paul (Rondo sits 9th at 18.74) and 7th in the NBA. To be doing that at 37 is phenomenal. In addition to creating more chances and scoring when none are available to his teammates, Nash is also getting to the line more often than Rondo – 4.1 to 1.7, where the latter is shooting a grade-school like .516.

      Now, let me be clear – Rondo is a fantastic defender. His mid-range jumper has been improving steadily, and he’s developed into a far better passer than many suspected he would be going into the draft. He’s younger, longer and is adding a better offense to to a great defense.

      And consider their numbers head-to-head:

      Nash and the Suns are 6-3 against Rondo and the Celtics (and that’s during Boston’s strong years, not 5-6 years back).

      Nash – 14.6/3.0/10.0, on 52% and 44% from 3. Steals at 0.7 and blocks at 0.2

      Rondo – 13.1/3.1/5.8, on 52% and 38% from 3. Steals at 1.7 and blocks at 0.1.

      Who’s stat line do you prefer? Can it be argued that Rondo shut Nash down, or that Rondo exploited Nash’s defense?

      • nyk says:

        u cant determine anything from games against each other its just one game or individ. series

      • Jake says:

        Or it’s nine games like he talked about. That’s a pretty good sample size. Plus, who ever said that a “True” point guard can’t score? Magic average about 20ppg a game. Isaiah Thomas was probably the best scorer on his team. Pete Maravich was an amazing scorer, and so was Walt Frazier. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH A POINT GUARD SCORING. Especially if that pt. guard is one of the best shooters of all time. The more your point guard is capable of doing the better. Right now Rondo is a worse shooter than Nash is a defender, and Rondo’s flaws don’t usually get exposed because of the system he plays in.

    • tRay says:

      Well said.

    • martez watson says:

      i agree 100%. this is the league. you can easily find a guy to score, a guy to rebound, a guy thats a good passer, and a good defender (besides Nash). But how many guys can you find that fits all of the above.

      Rondo is the future 2nd best point guard ever. #1 Magic

      • gary stephens says:

        Rondo is still developing and Nash is on the decline (but still balls hard) so comparing them, like many others have posted is really hard to do objectively. Rondo could definately finish as an alltime great, but he’s not there yet, but stil one of the best in the leagues, very complete, nasty on defense, and a great passer, but put either on a terrible team like lets say the cavs or wizards minus john wall, nash would have them in the playoffs for sure, rondo could take a bad team to the playoffs, but teams would just make Rondo into a scorer and his lack of outside shooting would show. Right now for one season I’d take Nash as the better pg but in there primes I’d think Rondo would be the no brainer, to build a team Rondo again would be the no brainer, but Nash can still bring it for sure.

      • Aj says:

        if Rondo is better than why did the suns beat the celtics the last 3 games in a row

  114. mike says:

    I agree with others that Rondo is the man….but in the head to head match up the other day RR was outplayed big time by Nash! Now one must consider it was 2nd of a back to back for Celts….but Rondo had not played well for about 10 games before that LAL matchup.Once he gets an outside shot that he hits successfully and shoots FT’s>75%….he’ll be complete!

  115. Duane says:

    I agree that the comparsion is a bit nonsensical given the age difference. But I would add that there is a surprising lack of consideration of the environment. Given that we are talking about the PG position, leadership and the ability to dictate the offense comes into play. For the Lakers and their triangle offense, Nash would be largely wasted while Rondo would be a great fit. Rondo also makes more sense for the Spurs and the Bulls, with his ability to lock down and distribute in the half-court. But the Clippers, Thunder, Mavericks and (of course) Knicks would all likely do better under Nash, giving them spacing and shooting options.

    The cast must also be considered. As mentioned, you can get away with a low-scoring PG if you have Ray Allen and Paul Pierce in the mix, both of whom can take over a game. But if you have fewer scoring options, or an offense with fewer weapon types, a pull-up shooting PG makes a huge difference, as it does in New Orleans, for instance.

    Nash’s defence is a bit over-maligned, I think. Looking at head-to-head stats between Nash and his counterparts – Paul, Rondo, Williams, etc. – you’ll see he comes away just fine. Certainly they are no better are stopping him as he is at stopping them. But there is no question whatsoever that Rondo is the better defender, and this is critical to the Celtics style of play.

    An interesting experiment would be to play each of them with Miami for two weeks. Miami doesn’t need the scoring that Nash provides, but it could definitely use a consistent 3-point threat and someone who could stretch out the defense to give James and Wade even more room. Conversely, they could certainly use Rondo as a great distributor and he would fit right in to their defense – someone who could make the key steal or stop in crunch time.

  116. Sciros says:

    And as a follow-up, if you were to replace Nash with Rondo, you’d have such a failure of a PHX team that the playoffs would be out of reach guaranteed. Nash IS the reason that PHX has been relevant for the last several years and the only PG that should be in the same conversation when it comes to “running the team” is CP3. Rondo has yet to show that he’s capable of being the focal point of a team the way Nash and Paul are, making this comparison really silly.

    As for the ages, are we talking about “running your team” or “running your team in 2016”? Because looking at today’s contributions, you can’t tell who’s older now can you?

    • Jeff says:

      Which explains Nash’s championship right?

      • ZKane says:

        If your trying to imply that Rondo’s credentials include a championship, I’m guessing your forgetting the fact that in ’08 Rondo was the weak link that almost prevented the Celtics from winning, not the PG that led them to it…

      • Jac says:

        wow Rondo did not win a ring because of his play lol…and he does not play defense…the Celtics just play GOOD TEAM DEFENSE

      • gary stephens says:

        Rondo definately earned his ring without a doubt. Right now Rondo is playing unbelievable ball. He is a terror on the defense, but if you really look at the roster of the two teams, Rondo definately had more talent. I think the case that Nash does more for his team right now is valid. He’s keeping the ship afloat after that MVP candidate went to NY. I’m just defending Nash because it seems like Rondo fans are just picking on him cuz he’s old and yes I agree he is a defensive liability. But its no diss on Rondo, I think he’s a top 4 point guard in the league. I think he is better than Nash because he is complete, but what Nash has been doing is incredible.

      • al says:

        Jeff youre an idiot. Saying a player is better just because he has a championship ring is moronic. Im sick of people using that to support their arguments. Imagine Jordan never ended up winning a championship. Would you then use that as evidence that say, Paul Pierce or Ray Allen, or any other guy with a ring, is a better player than Jordan ever was? Rondo was on a team way better than Nash ever had. Rondo wasnt even considered in the best 3 players on his team at the time. Nash was a 2 time MVP. Wake up and use that little brain of yours.

      • No Excuses says:

        some people are just winners, obviously Nash isnt one of them…

    • martez watson says:

      Just to follow up on these Rondo haters, wat Nash or CP3 have done for their team that Rondo hasnt done for his besides shooting. When have Nash been amongs the leaders in steals, when have Nash been amongs the leaders in rebounds for point guards. when you a great shooter like Nash and CP3 and players set screens for u all game players close out on hard and when you hav the speed to blow past them any starting point guard can find the open player. Unlike Rondo he’s not a great shooter. when Rondo get screens, the person who is guarding jus goes behind the pic because they know he is not a great shooter. But amazingly, he still manages to get where ever he wants on the court and sets up an open players.

      Nash had plenty of help in Amare, all around player in Hill, Shaq, a knock shooter in Richardson, and still couldn’t get it done. I’ll give give CP3 a lil credit because he got close to the finals by himself.

      A player is judged on his stats and the number of championships people, dont forget that. Rondo stats are better than both Nash and CP3 right now and will be at the end of each of their careers.

      • Jake says:

        His stats aren’t better than Nash and CP3. His assists are, but that’s about it. I dare you to look at his free throw percentage… he makes Shaq and Dwight look like pure shooters. Don’t try to argue that Nash had a better team than Rondo, he has never had a team as good as the one Rondo is on right now. He gets where ever he wants on the court because he’s not a threat to score unless he’s inside ten feet.

      • dave says:

        hmm how many 50-40-90 seasons does rondo have? how many times has rondo lead the league in assists? ft%? rondo is a WAY better defender, but Nash is a pure genious. who is the top scorer on the suns? Nash the second is Vincanity with just over 15 a game and nash still gets 11 assists a night. if nash and rondo switched places Nash would definately be the mvp AT LEAST one more time, im guessing his #s would be about 12 and 16. rondo would be efficient in phx, but not great. his shooting and the lack of other good players would ultimately lead to MAYBE the 8th seed. i see rondo getting 16 and 8 with gortat and the guy he feeds the most.

    • ivan says:

      sorry but more rubbish.the point guard is the distributer of the team.rondo leads the league in dimes. he is one of the best defenders at the point.nash is not even a worthy comparison so now we bring in the name cp3 hahaha. thats a far more intriging battle but WHEN rondo gets a deadly shot he will be the best point guard ever.haha EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Aj says:

        First of all Rondo isn’t even a better shooter than Dragic and you’re saying he’s better than Nash? Nash is the most accurate free throw shooter in nba history Rondo is not even close to that plus Rondo can’t shoot 3 pt’s he’ll probably airball it

  117. Sciros says:

    Wow… this discussion goes to show that most of ESPN’s columnists have the basketball IQ of Sasha Pavlovic. Do you have any idea the numbers that you’d be seeing from Nash were he to be playing in Boston? The Celtics have a defensive system that works, and Phoenix doesn’t — to say that, were Nash on the Cs, he would be such a defensive liability that he wouldn’t make up for it in other ways compared to Rondo, is an awfully difficult claim to back up. Considering the kinds of assist and point numbers Nash puts up when he is THE focal point of other teams’ defenses, it is actually scary to think what he would be capable of (yes, even at 37) when Nash is sharing the floor with Pierce, Allen, Garnett, Perkins, etc. I wager that he would put Rondo to utter shame in terms of overall contribution. No lead is safe if you have Pierce, Allen, AND Nash spreading the floor around the perimeter. C’s as a team would have a field goal percentage of 55% or something obscene like that.

    • Pete says:

      Rondo had a reputation as a defensive speciliast BEFORE he joined the big 3 in Boston – in fact as a college player, his defensive and passing ablities were two of the top points advertised on his scouting reports.

      Eddie House was an average defender and a great shooter when he played for Boston in 08 – swapping Nash for Rondo in Boston would be like taking Rondo as he is now, and trading his defense and rebounding for Eddie House’s shooting and athleticism (or lack thereof).

      It wouldn’t be all that specatular, and the inability for nash to contain his defensive assignment would mean more pressure on guys like Shaq, KG and Perkins to have to rotate and provide help D – which probably means more fouls on Boston’s bigs.

      Look at Sam Cassell – he was a hell of a shooter and a great playmaker with exceptional basketball IQ, but he lacked athleticism and was a defensive liability at his age. He really didn’t thrive in the Boston system, did he?

      • gary stephens says:

        I’d probably take rondo because his defense, but don’t compare Eddie House to Nash, thats so disrespectful to Nash and his legacy. How many assists has Eddie House made in his career, like 10 games for Nash. I think the Celtics could win championships with either so I think the whole switching teams scenario is kinda pointless. The Celtics are a great team, with size, depth, balanced offense, the greatest shooter of alltime (sorry Reggie, but you were a bit before my time), and most importantly TEAM defense. How would you recommend stopping some Nash and KG pick and roll. How many left handed passes would Nash zip to Allen or Pierce in the corner. Nash is a baller, a leader, a hall of fame, House is just some guy that could catch and shoot when you really need a quick three and thats it.

      • Pete says:

        If you read my response properly rather then just seeing “nash” and “house” and getting all defensive, you would see that I did not at any time actually compare hose to Nash.

        Eddie house is a pure role player – he a few of Nash’s characteristics in that he is a deadly shooter, an average defender, a pretty average rebounder and not particularly athletic.

        Rondo also has four of Nash’s characteristics in that he is an exceptional passer, an exceptional ball handler and has outstanding IQ and court vision.

        What I was saying is if you want to imagine how Nash would be in Boston, simply take Rondo’s court vision, ball handling and passing ablities and combine it with House’s shooting ablity, his average rebounding, his average defense, and his average athleticism.

        We’ve all seen Eddie house play in Boston, so we’ve all seen how he has performed in these aspects of his game – he contributed practicaly nothing with his rebounding, he was a defensive liability, and he was consistently beaten off the dribble by quicker guards, On the other hand he had moments where he buried other teams with his shooting, but this didn’t happen too often because when he was on the court he was a 4th option behind Allen/Paul/Garnett.

        Putting Nash in Boston would be like taking Eddie House when he was in Boston, and giving him Rondo’s superior ball handling, passing ablity and court vision.

        You can’t compare how pure Nash would produce in Boston based on his current play in Pheonix because he would play a very different game – but if you imagine a strange merging of Eddie house and Rajon Rondo (who have both played in Boston) then you can get some idea.

        Rondo is largely so successful in Boston because of his speed (allows him to lead the fast break with ease), his court vision and passing, his combination of quickness and length (allows him to cheat on the passing lane with less risk of being beaten), his help on the boards and his ability to get steals and convert them into fast break points.

        With the exception of the court vision and passing Nash doesn’t posess any of abilities – his ability to shoot as well as he does is the only big advantage he has over Rondo, and this isn’t such a big benefit (as we can see from the House example) in Boston where he wouldn’t be called on to shoot and score as often as he is in Phoenix.

    • ivan says:

      This is crazy talk.apart from the obvious age difference,rondo can do so much more then nash. apart form a deadly shot that is.
      He has docs system on lock. or is it rondos system? Then there is defence wins games. winning games wins championships.
      I like nash and like watching the guy play but if i were the man in charge of boston i wouldnt change a dam thing. The suns have only one hope lose every game left this season and hope for a miracle player in the next draft.Then trade nash while he has a good trade value. Sounds harse but i think it makes sense.

      • Aj says:

        Are you kidding me Nash is the best pg in the league right now averaging more points than any other pg in the nba plus nash is 2-time MVP and went to the ALL-STAR more than Rondo he was even the starting pg for the west 2 years ago nash is way better than Rondo period

  118. John says:

    I think it’s a little ridiculous to compare Rondo and Nash. Mainly because of the age difference. It would be like comparing Shaq with Blake Griffin, too much of an age difference.

    With that being said, I do believe that discussing Rondo vs. D. Williams or Rondo vs. Rose would provide a better comparison. *Nudge Nudge*

    Lastly, I believe the reason Nash hasn’t won anything doesn’t have to do with his skills. I think it has something to do with the quality around him. Sure, when Amare was around they still didn’t do much, but Rondo won the golden ticket by becoming the floor general for the Big 3.

    • WADE ALL DAY says:

      i would have 2 agree with john

    • Pete says:

      Amare? Barbosa? Marion? Raja Bell?

      Nash had a LOT of options to aid him back in his MVP years – Amare, Marion and Nash scored just as many points between them as Garnett, Pierce and Allen do for Boston, Barbose put up similar (or better) numbers to what Big Baby does also.

      Nash had a LOT to work with in those years.

      • gary stephens says:

        Come on seriously? How much defense did the Suns play. Nash has had talent on his team, but I’d say he might have had 1 year at a legit title shot, have fun playing the lakers or spurs in the playoffs with no defense.

      • angel says:

        we actually did play both of them last year we swept the spurs and lost to the lakers but i think it was close to a title