Blogtable: NBA’s best team?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Quit beating around the bush: Best team in the league? And is that your fave to win the title in June?

David Aldridge: The Spurs. Right now? Absolutely. But in June, the Lakers are still my favorite. I haven’t learned much over the years, but one thing I have learned is that you dismiss defending champions at your peril. L.A. is struggling to find its A game during the regular season, but when the playoffs start, and it’s just one opponent, and Phil Jackson and Jim Cleamons and Frank Hamblen and Brian Shaw can zero in and take away what you want, and Kobe is Kobe, and the Lakers’ 21 feet of big men are healthy and engaged, I’ll take L.A. until further notice.

Steve Aschburner: So this is trick juxtaposition, eh? The best team in the league, in my opinion, is the San Antonio Spurs. Their record, their maturity, their knack for taking care of business in all circumstances are unsurpassed. But they aren’t my favorites to win The Finals – that would be the Boston Celtics. Boston is a little shaggier in the regular season, with injuries making for some funky lineups and rotations. But these guys know the window is closing on them in a way even the Spurs don’t face, and they won’t be forgetting how close they came last June.

Fran Blinebury: Celtics.  They have defense, shooting, clutch performers, awesome size, a healthy Kevin Garnett and after Sunday’s showing on the Golden Coast, probably enough attitude to become even Katy Perry‘s favorite team: Undeniable.  Fine, fresh, fierce, they have it on lock.

Art Garcia: Doesn’t 40-8 mean anything to you people? I realize it’s been trendy to say for a decade or so that the Spurs don’t get enough respect. That they fly under the radar. They’re boring. But would this question even be asked if the Lakers or Heat or Celtics had that same record? Of course not. We’ve always got to rationalize someone else being better than four-time champ San Antonio. That being said, I’m picking Boston.

Scott Howard-Cooper: The Spurs are the best team in the league, and that’s coming from someone who just watched the Celtics run a clinic on the Lakers. San Antonio has been more consistent lately, even with the Tuesday loss at Portland. Boston lost to the Wizards and Suns within the last six games and, just as bad, got all of 71 points against a poor Phoenix defense. Still, I will stick with the Lakers as my pick to win the title because that was my preseason prediction and there’s no point in making a new call with every wind change of the long season. But let’s just say the Spurs would be a very good pick.

Shaun Powell: The Celtics are benefiting not only from a veteran nucleus that’s been together for four productive years, they’re finally getting healthy. Of course, that leads directly to the next question, about who’ll win in June. As KG’s knees go, so go the Celtics.

John Schuhmann: The standings say it’s San Antonio and the statistics (point differential) say it’s Miami, but  I say it’s Boston. The Celtics have the second-best record, the third-best point differential, and they’re 4-0 against the Heat, Lakers and Spurs. And yes, they’re my favorite (right now) to win the title. When healthy, they’re the deepest team in the league, and they’ve played pretty well having not been all that healthy. Defensively, they obviously have what it takes. And offensively, they’ve got a ton of weapons and they move the ball as well as any team in the league.

Sekou Smith: I know the Spurs have the best record, the Lakers are the two-time and defending champs and the Heat have the best 1-2 punch, but the Celtics have the best team. The Spurs have the best argument of the other three contenders. Having the best record in the regular season is often a mirage — ask the folks in Cleveland — come playoff time. Boston has four All-Stars playing at a high level, no one else has more than three. The Lakers were my pick to win the title in June, but that was last June (and maybe even October). I figured they’d edge the Celtics because Andrew Bynum would be back and from his knee surgery before Kendrick Perkins. Now Perkins is back and Bynum is nursing a bone bruise. Did I say Celtics already?


  1. Bệnh trĩ says:

    Bệnh trĩ…

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  2. markfromdachi says:

    What about the Bulls people? They are in it to win it this year, we have Miami’s number

  3. yuhate says:

    Oh and the Lakers their not even a worry on my mind…Spurs maybe, Lakers nah!!

  4. yuhate says:

    Why do people say Celtics cant stop Miami I think we all saw the same games last year and when the nitty got dirty Miami took it to Boston!!! As a matter of fact Miami took it to everyone except the champions Dallas of dont hate APPRECIATE!!! HEAT VS. THUNDER thats what Im betting on ;p

  5. […] Though most Power Rankings have them as the top team in the league right now, many NBA pundits still pick the Boston Celtics or Los Angeles Lakers as a better team and favorite to win the […]

  6. Landon says:

    the celtics are more worried about the playoffs than the regular season, that’s why they lost to below .500 teams but it’s surprising that they have the 2nd best record. no matter what record they get they will be champs, especially when healthy. that’s why they got to the finals (and would have won if there were decent refs) with a 50-32 record and the 4th seed in the East.

  7. Heat baller says:

    Okay let’s get things straight here the spurs are the best team in the league right now I don’t care who has beaten them the celtics are number 2 and the heat number three with the bulls a wildcard at 4. Now let’s talk about the lakers, if I hear one more person say they don’t care about the regular season and they’ll cruise through the finals you are delusional they are far too inconsistent and are getting on in years and pau is a little girl when it comes to being aggressive under the ring while odom should be taking far more minutes off Bynum with the way he played early in the season. I will concede that they will win their division only because every other team in their division have bad records but that will be the only thing that can save them this year they can win the first round but they will not win the second it’s about time they changed things up and try to get a younger player in to replace Ron artest or Derrick fisher if they want a shot at the title next year because this season is a lost cause. San antonio are the new kings of the west and will represent the west In the NBA finals this year with the heat and celtics both having equal shots at taking the east.

  8. Ronaldo says:

    During this regular season so far the Spurs, hands-down, is the best team. When all is said and done its the record that speaks for itself. Come the playoffs, well that “could” be a different story. Best team of course will be the one holding the LOB trophy in June. If history though is any indication, anytime you have the Spurs clicking on all cylinders in the regular season they do have the heart of a champion and are tried and tested. I do believe the Spurs will go all the way this year, will just be a matter of how they get there, as opposed to if they get there. In my opinion they’re the best equipped to topple the Lakers, Miami or Boston. If I was to talk like a die-hard fan though, OKC baby!

  9. jizza says:

    Miami will make it to the Final for sure, enough for the old dogs

  10. does anyone watch basketball or do they just get on bandwagons? just because the spurs have the best record doesnt mean anything…. for example when lebron was in cleveland how many times did they have the best record and not go anywhere ?ok they went to the finals once just to look like fools…cause everyone had them picked to “win it all” the celtics will come out of the east because they have the most playoff experience and they got the deepest bench in the league. the spurs or lakers out of the west but they just cant match up with the celtics in a 7 game series.

  11. jizza says:

    Miami the best, enough said

  12. mike says:

    If the Spurs stay healthy they have a good chance coming out of the west. They had one of there worst performances against LA recently and still came away with a win. During each of there championship years they would always make a run against the NBA elite heading into the playoffs. I’ll be paying attention to these last 15 to 20 games to make my decision.

  13. Miller says:

    The lakers are the best team. forget records, when it comes down to finals, we all know the lakers dominate. A.K.A. the last two years/

  14. Michael Hartman says:

    Keep counting them out. The Spurs have won 4. Same old guys getting the rest they need. This is Ginobili’s year.
    Go Spurs Go.

  15. jason says:

    One thing is certain, no 3-peat will happen…Celtics will restore supremacy…if Celtics cud stay healthy thoughout the playoffs, this season is theirs…The only threat that i foresee ryt now are the spurs but the C’s are very motivated and determined to win.

    According to coach DRivers, the C’s first 5 had not been defeated in the playoffs..which i bliv was right…if Perkins hadn’t been injured last season, it shud have been a Celtics all the way.

  16. MiamiAllTheWay says:

    you guys are all really stupid if you cant see that Miami is taking this championship! its all Miami this year, u guys are gonna be all surprised once ull c the big three in miami holding the trophy

  17. lakers baby says:


  18. expertadvice says:

    Miami….Lets just look at the facts..LeBron and Wade are good enough to make it their by theirself(seen LeBron do it) and Wade has already one with only shaq.. he has LeBron and Bosh now.. Heat took a while to click. Healthy they are unstoppable. yeah i said it unstoppable. the spurs have a good record but lets be honest.. when lebron or wade take over the game they dont have anybody on there side to put up points like that. Boston are a good 2nd but they arent fast enough to handle the heat. and while everyone is talking about Boston being good defensivly lets not forgot about the heat on D. We got LeBron and Wade.. that right there shuts down Kobe Bryant and o yeah he has nobody, Russell westbrook kevin durant, manu ginobli and tony parker, Paul Pierce and rajon rondo or ray allen. AND we got Bosh, who is very lengthy think about it. D.Wade is league leader in blocks for guards. We all kno about lebrons chase downs. And 3rd and 4th leading scorers on a team with a nearly 20 point scorer as a 3rd. We can get some bums for the rest of the team and still be contenders. but INSTEAD we got Haslem, Big Z, Carlos Arroyo, James Jones, AND mike miller…ALL OF THEM WILL HIT THE OPEN SHOTS CREATED BY BOTH LEBRON AND WADE HAVING TO BE DOUBLED TEAMED OR JUST SIMPLY DRIVING TO THE HOOP. o yeah and did i mention that we got mario chalmers??? wat about damp?? who can compete with us??? id say the team to get a shot if they can pass the lakers would be the thunder… They got a lot of talent and win they mesh right they seem unbeatable. BUT LETS ALL BE REALISTIC HERE… you can ay the lakers are going to turn it up in the playoffs and there bored.. MAybe lerbon and wade and bosh are bored right now and just trying to ride it out until they get there shot in the playoffs. HEAT BEAT THE THUNDER 4-2 FOR THEIR FIRST OF PLENTY STR8 CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anybody trying to argue with the facts are just plain stupid

    • you are not a real basketball fan… the celtics have the best bench in the league and the best defense. anyone in the NBA should be able to hit open shots when you have three franchise players on your team. miami will win just not this year… the role players you named dont match with the celtics in a 7 game series. the rest of miami players are for the most part bums. compare miamis roster to the celtics roster

  19. J says:

    spurs wont go pass the lakers in the playoffs cos they dont have frontcout depth..

  20. mavs says:

    move on from the past

  21. mavs says:

    forget the past im talkin bout this yr

  22. OhMen says:


    It’s the regular season. Come play-off time the Thunder,Spurs,Lakers and Hornets can beat the Mavs in the first or second round. Last year, Caron Butler was healthy, but did you remember how the Spurs manhandled them in the first round? 2nd-seeded team got eliminated by a 7th-seed. =)

  23. mavs says:

    Mr. 42-8 i wud like to let u know that the beat all the teams that i listed without caron butler soooo…….. mavs r best team

  24. Davide Erba says:

    Celtics are the best, but untill 5 years one between Thunders or Bulls will win the Title. It’s sure.

  25. I say boston,cos dey got all it takes 2 lft da title,talk abt defense,offense,shooters n best guard in da league rajon rondo

    • Tyler says:

      Rajon Rondo best gaurd in the league? thats real funny, have you heard of a guy by the name of derrick rose??????? He’s the best duhhhhhhhh

  26. Joel says:

    im a huge fan of spurs so i believe that they can win the conference otherwise ill go for utah,dallas,okc for west and boston,magic,bulls for east .i hate lakers because this is the team most favoritized by ppl who dont watch the whole nba games .i hate also miami not because of wade and bosh(the two are amazing players) but for lebron who acts as a point guard,shooting guard,shuting forward,power 4ward,center.
    this is for lebron
    “dude,basketball is composed of 5 players per team playing in the court.remember that!”

  27. Joel says:

    my favorite team in the NBA cant be change and that is the SPURS and now that their standings roar like a beast i definitely believe that they are the last team standing in June and the one holding the conference trophee . 🙂

  28. bagznc says:

    my first round predictions ( if no major trades for any team is made)

    boston vs indiana miami vs philly bulls vs hawks orlando vs knicks

    spurs vs suns mavs vs hornets lakers vs jazz thunder vs nuggets

  29. bagznc says:

    its wide open once the playoffs get here the champion this year will be more tested than any other champ has since jordans bulls. every series in every round will pit teams with allstar calibur players against other all star calibur players. teams with different philosophies against totally different or extreemly similar styles of plays no more 1st round cup cake matchups in either confrence. its been a long time comming.

  30. bagznc says:

    its all about match ups in the playoffs and as long as raymond felton stops shooting bad shots the knicks (even without a melo trade) will sneak by the magic or celtics, and the hawks(please trade for a center move al to the 4 j smoove to the 3) could upset the bulls or the heat. the spurs right now can beat any team in the west in a seven game series but would struggle most with the nuggets if they keep melo

  31. hapak says:

    i think the heat will make it to the finals.. and his opponent is the dallas mavericks..
    i love these two teams…

  32. josh5635 says:

    I’m going for Miami…yea Boston beat em twice already, but when playoff time comes Wade and James are gonna play with a chip on their shoulders(we all know how Wade plays when he’s angry, and we all saw LeBron drop 51 on jesting Magic). Hopefully Miami’s bench becomes persistent(miller can drop 30 himself) and Bosh plays like he did in Toronto…can’t really match up the Heat with Spurs, they haven’t played yet

  33. Doc Rivers says:

    The Best team in the league right now is the Boston Celtics…

    Face it, other teams don’t stand a chance…The only team that has the chance to beat the Celtics is the Lakers…

  34. Mavs says:

    correct me if im wrong

    • Parker says:

      Their best player is too soft in the playoffs. Their second best player is out for the season. They blew a 2-0 lead in the finals against a seemingly inferior Miami team in 2006. The following year, instead of redemption, they receive further humiliation by losing to the 8th seed in the first round of the playoffs. Like the Cavs of old, they are a great regular season team, but a complete flop in the playoffs.

    • 42-8 says:

      First off the mavs have been hit with badluck for another season with butler, 2nd jason kidd is not the same player from just last season, 3rd with all the investments into bigmen this offseason chandler is the really the only threat the mavs have in the post(besides dirk) so expect teams to attack the paint to try and get chandler in foul trouble to force haywood or the other 2 inexperenced C’s to play. last season they were tossed in the first round by a spurs team with a horrible bench were only hill and blair really did anything. Spurs, lakers, Jazz, nuggets, and even the thunder all can knock out the mavs in the physical playoffs & even with the slight chance they do have in making it to the finals they will be too banged and bruised by the west who is still the much tougher conference to even really compete with the Celtics, Bulls, Magic, & Heat. srry dude unless they can pull off a huge trade at the deadline like last season you can most likely expect a 2nd round knockout.

  35. Mavs says:

    mavs are the best team!

  36. Mavs says:

    mavs beat spurs, heat, lakers, and celtics sooooooooo……..

  37. Chris says:

    Today I assigned numerical values to each teams records based upon the streangth of each team played *. The result, the TTP score (tough to this point score). The top team for a given confererance is 8 points, lowest value assigned is 1. The values are assinged from the highest to the lowest teams in the current actual standings. I.E. If in Dec. you played San Antonio twice that would raise your score by 16 points because they are worth 8 points each game played (they hold the highest place for their conference). Based upon the TTP (tough to this point) score, I adjusted the actual standings to reflect a “true standings” value system. Using the TSVS I extrapolated the final outcome of the regular season records based upon the strength of the remaining schedules for each team using the current values assigned to each team. According to my calculations this shall be the outcome of the NBA Western Conference regular season: #1 SA 63-19, #2 Dal 55-27, #3 OKC 54-28, #4 LA 50-32, #5 NO 50-32, #6 UT 43-39, #7 Den41-41, #8 MEM ?-?. By the way, I was right about LA they had by far the easiest schedule of any team. They had a TTP score of 18 while the highest TTP score was 27 for New Orleans. They will pay for that easy starting schedule though. They have the highest SRSV (strength of remaining schedule value) of any team in the NBA, 77! The lowest is Dallas at 42. Oddly enough LA’s low TTP score and high SRSV score proves that the NBA is fair with the schedule. Or at least they haven’t found a way to cheat yet. * I did apply three changes to three teams records based upon certain circumstances. I lowered New Orleans for Nov. and Dec. because the did not have Chris Paul for those months. I lowered Jan. through the end of the season for Portland because they lost Brandon Roy mid Jan. through the end of the year. I changed Phoenix for mid Jan. to the end of the season because they are now a completely new team with the Orlando trade. Outside those no changes, no changes were made. Besides these three changes there are plenty of credible changes that could have been made, but one runs the risk of polluting the results with personal bias if you were to include any but the most extreme circumstances.

  38. Dean Nazario says:

    I pick San Antonio over Boston. The 1 game they played, Boston shot 60% while the Spurs shot 40% and only lost by 2. Lets not forget it was in BOSTON also. But all I’m asking for is for Garnett to not hit me in the balls for posting this comment.. please.

  39. Aaron17 says:

    the heat are taking it. with mike miller returning to form we are already one of this top 3 teams, once haslem gets back and da play offs are in motions the heat are going to focus in and take it all the way.

  40. Marko says:

    The Celtics are great, the Spurs are even better(Lakers have no chance,,)…. But no..
    The Heat will win it..
    1, Bosh is a great scorer and a great rebounder for a big man..
    2, LeBron is GRAT during the season (2 MVP’s in a row)…
    3. D-Wade is Btter then great in the playoffs…


  41. Tdog says:

    dallas mavericks are the best team in the nba right now

  42. Dio says:


  43. John says:

    Here is the thing. There is a lot of parity in the league among the top 4 and they are: Spurs, Dallas, Celtics and Miami. Whoever wins the championship this year will need a bit of luck.. a favorable ref call and/or bounce. That said, my pick to win it all is the Spurs.. but Dallas is flat out a great team and could easily win it as well if they stay healthy.

  44. rcandcess says:

    I’ll take the Spurs, both as the best team, and the team that can win the championship. People keep on saying that Boston and LA get better when playoff time comes. But they’re forgetting that the same level-up can be expected from the Spurs. Lest we forget, they have the longest running stint of participating in the playoffs since Tim Duncan wore a Spurs jersey. And speaking of Tim Duncan, he’s logging in an all-time low in minutes played, yet he still plays a pivotal role in every win of the Spurs. When playoff time comes, he will be a beast in offense.

    People also keep saying Boston’s big four have been comfortably playing for four years, making them an intact solid core. But they’ve only played 4 years, with only 1 trophy as a result. The Spurs’ Manu, Timmy and TP have won together the last three championships of San Antonio. They, I believe, deserve a better acclamation than any other big three thus far in the league

  45. MRS NASH says:

    in the finals this year? Dallas and Boston…of course. LAkers arent doin too hot now.

  46. miney mine! says:

    SPURS all the way baby!

  47. Captain Insano41 says:

    C’mon what about the MAVERIKS beat Boston,Knicks back to back!!! Y’all are really dum for real

  48. mark sanchez says:

    we SHoULD w8 for the FINALS so that we know who will WIN the title this year!!!….,

  49. Ice Pogi says:

    Celtics AND Lakers…. Those are great teams that lost to a below .500 teams… Celtics lost to WIZARDS and Lakers lost to Sacramento KINGS… I’m a HEAT fan but i give it to SAS this time… They’re winning… and you wouldn’t hear them blaming someone when they lose… and they are not cocky…

  50. bagznc says:

    in the east it again is about matchups the cetics can beat miami but will have trouble with the magic. the reaon is the cetics defense is geard toward stopping the guy with the ball and dribble penatration thats what the heat do drive and kicks dont work aginst the C’s but what the magic run a player movement ball movement offense that gets them open looks and if they hit the open ones they can beat the celtics

    saying this i think the bulls have the starting five talent to play aginst any style of defense because of derick rose but i think they lack the ideal depth on the wings to beat the spurs in the finals

    spurs over bulls in 6 unless bulls get a good 2 guard for the low, then its SPURS BULLS game seven d-rose wit the rock down by 2 wit 10 seconds left………………..

    PS im a lifetime suns fan untill they lose nash then i’ll be a fulltime knicks fan (amare’s my favorite player) untill robert sarver sells the team. phoenix should’ve had 2 rings with that roster and rondo and deng were our picks look at em now

  51. BostonF says:

    Boston will win it

  52. bagznc says:

    for those of you who still think the lakers can turn it on when they need to must remember that they need home court advantage more than anybody in the west. look at last year lost 2 in okc, lost 2 in phoenix, lost in LA aginst boston the only team the swept was a more than usually hurt in the playoff jazz team who will be a hard out for any wetern team if they could finnaly get healthy ( but they should have kept BigBodyBoozer now the bulls have a reall chance to sneak into the finals)

    but the playoffs is all about matchups and the lakers are not the team they used to be i think they can beat up on smaller teams like the thunder or unhealthy jazz or nuggets in a seven game series, battle with the mavs or hornets(other halfcourt slow tempo teams) and struggle with run and gun transition teams like the healthy nuggets this years spurs( who do run thanks to depth and youth) andlongshots to make it but succesful run and guns the suns and rockets.

  53. MyMainManManu says:

    chicago bulls might be the dark horse of the eastern conference… once joakim noah is back it will make a lot of difference come playoff time and for sure they will give a scare to boston and miami… what are you talking about? DALLAS? cmon they are only good at regular season games… they were number 2 seed last season and had a cear advantage on their lineup but wasonly crashed by the the underrated spursat #7… SPURS WILL WIN THE TITLE! Sekou dont say anything stupid…

  54. Danny says:

    Spurs are the best in the league so far but I am predicting a first or second round exit for them and expect the Lakers to yet again make the finals but lose to which ever team makes it from the east my pick is the Heat but I think the C’s, Bulls and Magic all have a great shot at it. If they all stay healthy I am predicting the conference semis to be 7 game classic series but I honestly think that the 4 from the east are better then the best from the west. Spurs are aged and come a 7 game series against talented teams with younger legs I cant see them winning, the Lakers have a chance at a three peat and that is what will get them to the finals but it wont get them over the line, lets be honest the C’s lost the plot in game 7 of last years finals and that is the only reason the Lakers were able to win it. So in closing I predict a Heat V Lakers final series with the Heat winning it in 6 with LBJ averaging a triple double.

  55. ariel821 says:

    Dallas mavericks

  56. Usuck says:

    Lakers LOSE again… “Ryan” stop dreaming about it!LOL.. Lakers can’t even beat the Thunder in the playoff!
    Spurs and Mavs in the West

  57. dan says:

    i know this is irrelevant but why in the world is Steve Nash not a All-Star? and russell westbrook is

  58. Dallas Mavericks And Dirk Nowitzki in the Western conference And Derrick rose And the Chicago Bulls in the Eastern Conference

  59. david says:

    spurs are the best team. How could you doubt that. Hall of fame coach, Hall of fame players, best record. What more do you want? I’ll tell you why the spurs are the best team; unlike these other “championship conteneders”, the spurs come to play with what they’ve got, they don’t have to go pickup 2 or 3 superstars(lakers+ heat) and they sure as hell don’t have 5-6 players on their team with over 15,000 career points(boston). They come with what they’ve got, and a great coach.

  60. MyMainManManu says:

    60% shooting percentage for celtics to win by 2? wow! it’s not gonna happen comeplayoff time.. spurs will crash them.. cmon give spurs credit.. they are the best team… capable of beating your bets!

    • BostonF says:

      Well The Celtics were up by 9 points in the last 52.2 seconds, hadnt the Spurs been lucky to make 2 consecutive steals which come playoff time wont gonna happen again. 2 consecutive steals is unlikely to happen, it only happens once in a while. Although I will give credit the Spurs are playing great basketball this season. You can deny that they do have a shot at the ring this year as well.

  61. MyMainManManu says:

    spurs will surely reach the finlas.. and once they are there they will never let the title slip away.. even the celtics will never have a chance beating them..

  62. SaaLkataa says:

    this is the most interesting season with much strong teams. i think boston or spurs. lakers are … but chichago or my favorite o. thunders are exellant. don t forget miami,dalas or kniks. it will be very interesting

  63. bigboy11 says:

    lakes fans still think their team can turn it on when they want to , they are just not as good as they were last year

  64. Ryan says:

    Excuse me “USUCK” you do suck at reading the future. Lakers are walking away with another trophy this year. Once they reach the finals it will be theirs. The only real difficult thing will be san antonio in the Western Conference Finals. But the Lakers have ousted San Antonio for quite some time and they will continue to do so, home court or not, Lakers are walking out of this season with a trophy. Too many emotional factors that will pump them up when the time comes the biggest one being Phil Jackson is leaving so lets get him that final ring. Not to mention the one thing we have that no other team does and that is Kobe Bryant. He will find a way to win per usual.

  65. Amanda says:

    1. Perk being back will make a huge difference for the Celtics. The Celtics nearly won last year and are a better team this year. They have more depth and the starters are playing some of the best basketball they’ve ever played. They have their flaws, but I think they could beat anyone in a 7 game series. Doc Rivers is a smart coach and a great TEAM motivator.

    2. I don’t even want to talk about the Lakers winning the championship because they won’t even make it to the finals. I’m sorry but everyone brings it in the playoffs.

    3. I definitely see the Spurs facing off against the Celts in the finals. They’re a good team and Manu Ginobili has stepped up his game big time this year. Their consistency proves that they are the best team in the NBA… right now.

    4. The Bulls and Miami are both great teams with great players, but they are not champions.


  66. Soopreme says:

    I think that the whole league is really just hoping and praying that the Heat will not solve their chemistry issues this year and are thinking next year will be when they jump off.
    When the Heat played Boston this year 2 of the big three didn’t show up in those games.(Primarily wade who was awful and maybe Boston’s Defense had something to do with it). If Spoelstra can get the big 3 all on the same page come playoff time they will win the Championship. If he doesn’t then I think Boston will win it.

  67. 1SPURS1 says:

    Lookout! San Antonio is just killing all these teams. Not to mention that the play the Sacremento King today which is a fairly bad team by the way. The SPURS are the best. Period. Has anybody seen their rankings in the Western Conference and in all of the NBA. Well in case you haven’t, they are on top of everybody. EVERYBODY. They just beat the Lakers for the second straight time. It’s already passed the middle of the season and haven’t even lost 10 games. Their have won so many games at home.I know all this talk about L.A. or Dallas beat San Antonio in Western Finals or Boston beating San Antonio in the Finals is just a bunch of bull. People are talking about how Boston beat S.A. already. They may have won, but by 2 freaking points. All I know is that San Antonio will beat Boston or Miami in the Finals.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOOO SPURS GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. iadera says:

    One word. Celtics!

  69. optimist says:


  70. wtf123nope says:

    I want LA to beat all those other faggots cause ur gay

  71. NBA adict says:

    I believe that the final 4 would be BOSTON and MIAMI for the east and SAN ANTONIO and Los Angeles Lakers/DALLAS for the west. But honestly I believe Miami would not win the title this year so my bet for the finals is Boston vs San Antonio.
    BTW For me in the near future Blake Griffin will win the M-V-P and then win the championship.

  72. Parker says:

    Any team can rack up Ws in the regular season for many reasons (ie: having a superstar, playing elite teams when they are injured, luck, etc), but in the playoffs you cannot win 7-game series unless you play as a TEAM, have really good COACHING, and your ROLE PLAYERS come through for you.

    Look at the CAVS last year: most wins in the regular season because of Lebron being an outstanding player, but in the playoffs their incompetent coach looked lost, Lebron got tired, his teammates sucked.

    Look at the Celtics and Lakers last year: both had outstanding coaches, both played as a team, and when one player was having a bad game, others stepped up.

    For these reasons: CELTICS vs LAKERS in the FINALS!

  73. Kobe says:

    LA is the best team! I just love rubbing oil to bald point guards and giving foot massages to tall spaniards. And of course my naughty boy Ronron. I won’t let them trade you! LA is the best. I hope we can transfer to San Fransisco if you know what I mean. ; )

  74. MrPiss says:

    Lakers lost again. This time to the Spurs.

  75. MavsFan says:

    The Mavericks have had injury problems this season but if their all healthy there is no doubt in my mind they are the best team in the NBA. Before Butler and Dirk got hurt, their record was almost as good as the spurs. And they were playing harder teams, they beat boston, san antonio, orlando twice and miami twice. And they did that without Beaubois. And now with the addition of Peja Stojakovic they will soon be unstoppable.

  76. Amanda says:

    the spurs have definitely been the most consistent team so far. the playoffs is a whole other story, but i’m going celtics vs. spurs in the finals with the celtics going all the way?? i think it’s a joke to assume the lakers could actually win a 7 games series against either the spurs or the celtics. i also don’t think the bulls, magic, or even miami could beat the celtics in a series either. the spurs are just performing too well and the celtics are too dynamic.

  77. 1SPURS1 says:

    The SPURS will take it all the way. They still have to lose 7 more games just to lose their top spot in the Western Conference and have to lose 3 more just to lose the TOP spot in the NBA. They will beat the Lakers in the Western Finals and beat Boston in the Finals. !!!!GO SPURS GO!!!!!!

  78. Ji Ja Ju says:

    Lakers will win the title. People here are talking about home court advantages, team depth, 1-2 punch Miami…… PLEASE…… You forget to CONSIDER two other factors : Phil Jackson and LUCK! Throughout the years, lakers I know has NOT been the BEST team, but they’ve been doing VERY WELL. The reason is during clutch times (FISHER, KOBE, even Robert Horry), they MADE their shots. If that was not LUCK, I don’t know what is. And, Phil, the best yet UNCONVENTIONAL coach, he knows how to get his team together (he’s the genious of enhancing ppl’s mentality) when important times come. He knows being “complacent or shaq-kobe feud” is just a process. so, lakers and boston again at the final with lakers taking trophy on game 6 at staple center

  79. arsenal fans says:

    dont forget the bulls.. they are serious contender when they all get healthy in the playoff.. they play very good team basketball and there diffence is pretty good too..

  80. LEBRON KILLER says:


  81. SA,GO says:

    i believe getting 4 c’s on the ASG is not fair. as well as bosh getting the nod. allen is shooting very good rigth now but i think felton is more deserving. i think boozer has done more compared to bosh. fake tough guy is just riding james and wade. man those 2 are averaging 16 asst on a team full of junk other than bosh so his 18 pts is nothing because thay are served on a platter. boozer has averaged 20 and 10 and they have the same record and got injured as well (though boozer has missed more games).

  82. Ryan says:

    Very Simple LAKERS over Celtics in 6 games. Lakers will pick it up as always when playoffs start. Want proof’ look at the lakers last year limping into the playoffs ending the regular season with loss after loss after loss. The result was a championship, this is typical laker drama in lakerland. Happens every season at least a few times a season. The lakers will go to Boston on their home floor and take game 1. Boston will then crush the lakers Game 2. Boston will then steal their last victory of the finals on LA’s home floor in Game 3. The lakers take game 4,5 and do what boston could not accmplish last year like they should take game 6 and celebrate in front of the celtics fans and in front of “I need a wheel chair” Paul Pierce.
    Lakers 3-peat and send Phil off the way he deserves

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  84. matt says:

    the spurs are goin to win it cause they know how to play team ball the they dont just need that one person just like the other teams doo.. the ohers teams have so many all star players in that one team an yet spurs just got tim ducan so win they win it all …. every body goin too look dum …

  85. luis tapia says:

    forget about this question.. i just cant believe garnnett made the all star team over boozer.. and ray allen over felton.. boozer has better numbers than garnett by a lot and felton deserves it way way way more than r allen.. the all star game is becoming BS.. they say that all those celtics players deserved to be in it because of their overall record.. haha BS the bulls are second in the east and only have rose in it.. boozer definitely deserved it this year..

    • TINGYMAN says:

      i tend to agree with you, but this was a “coaches” decision, so i guess ill leave it to the “experts” on this one

      • BostonF says:

        Boozer is indeed in the list although considering an All-star requires not missing games prior to the ALL STAR which he had missed a few games.

  86. WOOOOAHHHHH says:

    LAKERS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!


  87. gil o. says:

    I am a San Antonio Spurs fan, but I am also a fan of the Nuggets, Suns and the Rockets. When the Spurs are not playing, I am watching NBA games on whatever channel. The point is that I enjoy basketball and play the game , for fun , on occasion. Some people claim that the Spurs are boring to watch. It maybe so. Who the hell cares about a good pass or a crossover dribble ( that will take the defenders shoe off ) , or moving without the ball to improve positioning for an open pass ( assist ). To alot of people this a boring and it may be boring to you and you probably would prefer to see a dunk and get your adrenelin going and call the teams play ” exciting ” But the game and the goal is to win. Answer me this. When was the last time your team won a Championship? Probably not to many, a least not 4 Championships over the last 11 years like the Spurs. Another question? Would you take an your exciting team to watch on a limited basis or would you rather see your team win on a regular basis and give you trophies and excitement all thru the off season and get you excited for the new season and win again “ON A REGULAR BASIS ” PS I meant no disrespect to your team. I am an NBA fan.

  88. Fastbreak says:

    Spurs have the best record, but they aren’t the best team. All a team needs to do really is slow the game down, or win a shoot out. If you look at regular season luck can deliver you a lucky record like they have. But over 6-7 game series that kinda of strategy will NOT work.

    Celtics are a really solid team atm, even though I hate them. But I don’t see the Lakers reaching the Finals. Too many people talking about Lakers being bored and stepping up for playoffs. Whether a jinx or just an epic let down, fact is their team chemistry just sucks, and a different month wont change that without a lot of work and heart, which clearly the Lakers either dont have or dont want to put forth.

    With that said solid teams can lose series to teams, also depends heavily on who comes into the playoffs healthy and on a roll versus who had the best over-all regular season. To sum up, being the best right now doesn’t mean anything, even homecourt advantage because there are still too many games left.

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  91. shannx says:

    go spurs go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. 2k says:

    Lakers and bulls for the finals thats wat it goanna be the celtics better hope rondo and Kg cand score like last year cause now everybody in the playoffs know how to stop rondo and ray allen choke in play offs and pierce cant handle tough defenders and they better hope for their other players perkins and davis to get their garbage points Heat they are the wild team so who knows and dont 4get the magic they are the ones with the most depth team

  93. Mark White says:

    The Spurs have it all, offense,defense and a good bench, you can tell with the 40-8 record. If Manu keeps up the MVP season the spurs will make it to the finals and win it all.

  94. BULLS7 says:

    the bulls rock man d rose is the mvp bulls are not dirty like the celts lakers spurs the sucking heat imeanm d rose is amazing
    d rose is a beast and the bulls no body talks bout them they still play their asses off

  95. James Flynn says:

    You know most people might overlook the BULLS. But lets keep in mind that they are 34-14 WITHOUT NOAH. They have also beaten all the best teams in the league including Miami, Boston, Orlando and the Lakers. With D-Rose playing as well as he is ( MVP no doubt) with Noah about to join the fray, this team will only get stronger. Having said that, everything can change once the Playoffs begin, and the more experienced teams will have the edge when they do, but i think the BULLS need to be added to the conversation.

  96. bagznc says:

    magic wont be there, sorry pointguard issues (jameer cant stop or score on any of the east elite) big game gilbert(still has lebron nightmares) and most important dwight is not enough inside for any of these combos: boozer/noah kg/perkins/the oneals, and though the heat are amazing up front they have enough bodys plus the attacking styles of d wade and bron bron will keep him on the bench i foul trouble. in the playoffs the magic wll miss MARCIN GORTAT

  97. RMshady says:

    Hello McFly??????

    It’s the Celtics title to lose. If they’e healthy(and they haven’t been). They’ll win. Already beat San Antonio without KG, PERKINS and Delonte West. Tell me, WHO is SA gonna Add b/w now and June??????? Because if they face up in June and Boston has those 3, with Roster that already bested the Spurs once, it’s Boston in 5 or 6, depending on bad David Stern wants to try and screw Boston again.

    40-8 with no Key players missing time????? Good, but NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

    • SA,GO says:

      are you watching their games? tim has played very limited mins and parker had some games of due to a bad finger. keeping your body injury free is a skill. durability is a skill. you say you lost to LA because Perk got injured. you lost because you lack the SKILLS. hate on that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    • Turk says:

      Not good enough? Are you kidding me?
      I’m not even a spurs fan, but seriously dude.,, You must be cracked out or something

  98. Magical says:

    Everyone seems really quiet about the Magic, who after the trade and sickness ordeal have come out playing some really solid basketball.

  99. joe says:

    Presure on time spells out Lakers favor. Kobe has highest level of all around skills / best inside shooter
    Fouls not being called favor Boston
    Layup game favors Miami
    Poor Defence favor Chicago
    Ending up with the bigger side of the wish bone stick favor San Antonio

  100. Turk says:

    ahem…….The Bulls……..dare I say it.
    Watch out for them.
    I’m not saying they are the best team right now, but they are up there.
    They’ve been playing great basketball lateley, and it’s scary thinking of what’s gnna happen when Joakim comes back.
    They have a great defense, not to mention DROSE is on that team, and most importantly the bulls have HEART.
    Come playoffs, there is nothing this team isn’t capable of doing.
    ahem…..Conference Finals?……… . . . . . . . . .NBA Finals???????

  101. ballhogg says:

    i just dont get it. SA has been playing consistent GREAT basketball. just look at the record. i know, its the middle of the season and all but if any other team had this record, especially LA, Boston or even Miami they would be the fav to win it all.
    look how the lakers are playing. i mean they are a one man team. but everybody is talking about how they will be ready for the playoff. who knows if their style of play or their lack of skill (except kobe and odom) will improve till then?

  102. BULLS7 says:

    i love how know ones talking about the bulls. theyre tied for 2nd in the east with miami. they beat miami. they beat olrando. they beat the lakers. they beat the mavericks 2 times. they beat the celtics once. theyre ranked number in the defence. bulls most underrated team in the whole entire league

  103. aybar hedu says:

    I’d like to see the Clippers win ,but I think the Knicks and the Thunder will be in the finals.

  104. jude garay says:

    For me…The best team is the miami heat….there are more lot of things will happen…the season it’s not over yet and the miami heat are not burning cause they are adjusting of their playing style..If Steve Nash will be traded to Miami Heat… Im sure they will know what is the meaning of “Heat”….it’s not just depending on the standings… depends on the players around it…..

  105. Marissa says:

    Defense wins Championships and check the stats the Bulls have the best defense in the league. The Bulls are a complete team they have their super star Derrick Rose their vets Carlos Boozer and Kirt Thomas their shooters Kyle Korver an Loul Deng and lets not forget Joakim Noah. So forget about the celtics, heat, spurs, magic, and the lakers, the Bulls are going all the way!

  106. Ao1 says:

    The best team on 2011?
    Minnesota vs Cleveland
    0 4
    MVP : Varejao triple double… 45ppg 25rpg 20apg

    Hahahaha!!!!!!!!! Keep dreaming Cavs.. who knows what can happen. Miracle is always available so keep wishing!…

  107. Stereoview says:

    Regarding the Celtics, people need to get away from thinking of “the big three”. It’s the big five. The opponents are facing 5 future hall of famers not three. They have seven players that are really really tough. No dead wood on their bench at all. Their rookies are definite keepers. OK, they can trade Jermaine if anyone will take him. Delonte “soap opera” West too. I doubt this will happen.

    Anybody watching the Celtics play this year a lot needs to be impressed with how they can just be hanging around losing the whole game (Geez, this ain’t going good) and then turn up the heat and close it out in the last two minutes. Pierce, Allen, and Garnett are absolute assassins in the final seconds.

    As assassins go, I’ll tip my hat to Manu. The guy is scary. Really scary. Kobe too. If they stay healthy, the Celtics amazing depth WILL carry them. No one has the “eye of the tiger” like Kevin. He comes to beat you every night and if you fall, he will step on your throat.

    Miami? Don’t think so. Who will they match with the point or center? They don’t have the horses. If you look at efficiency per 48 minutes, eight of their bench players rank 300 or lower. Their weaknesses will be exposed. If they draw Orlando in the playoffs it might be over right there. Then there’s Chicago and they are consistently improving so that could be a problem too.

    I’ll be surprised if the Lakers make the finals this year. San Antonio and Dallas will both be tough to get around.
    Pau is a great player, but he can’t dominate a healthy Kevin Garnett.

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  109. CrazyMan says:

    the best team right now is the san antonio spurs. and i think they can go all the way to the finals
    oh yea i remember last year when the spurs were in the 7th ppl thought that there guna get swept by dallas but look what happened. spurs can be really dangerous in the playoffs

    but my prediction is :
    (western conf) Spurs vs lakers = Spurs (game 6)
    (eastern cof) Miami vs Boston= Mia (game 7)

    FINALS – MIAMI(game 7)

    PCCCC !!

  110. CrazyMan says:

    the best team right now is the san antonio spurs. and i think they can all the way to the finals
    oh yea i remember last year when the spurs were in the 7th ppl thought that there guna get swept by dallas but look what happened. spurs can be really dangerous in the playoffs

    but my prediction is :
    (western conf) Spurs vs lakers = Spurs (game 6)
    (eastern cof) Miami vs Boston= Mia (game 7)

    PCCCC !!

  111. Franco says:


  112. Leonid says:

    Strange that no one even briefly mentioned Chicago, ’cause they’re still the best defensive theam in NBA. I think they just might have the guts to at least make it to Conference Finals.. That being said, I hope it’s Chicago or Boston.. East that is

  113. jaimz888 says:

    well… well.. well… the lakers will vanish all the way…. go go go for the 3peat>>>>>

  114. Luis says:

    I hope the spurs win the finals this year just to prove all these analysts wrong

  115. Daniel says:

    I think the Black mamba, the Lord of the rings, Pau, Drew, Lamar, D-Fish are going to have they THREE PEAT!!, JUST WAIT AND SEE, LAKERS ALL THE WAY!!! GOOOOOO LAKERS!!!!!

    • Fat Bogdan Alexandru says:

      For the rest of the season, you will see that celtics will win the lakes, miami, orlando series. And the playoffs will prove once again that the celtics really are the best franchise in the NBA. the balck mamba, you make me laugh, honestly. He’s nothing but a B@#ch ass millionare that has a few good moments left in him. And Pau Gasol, don’t get me started on him. He’s tall, has no moves of his, and his ass will drop on an injurie on one of those pathetic hook shots with his right arm. Give me his brother, give me rudy gay, give me something, but not the lakers.

  116. bigg 3 says:

    spurs have lost only 8 games but have lost to Miami, Orlando, lakers, annd celtics. This pvoves that spurs acn be stopped in the playoffs by the lakers. Even though it wont be lakers and celtics againg this time I think it’s going to be OCK and THE BIG 3. then finally every one will say HEAT ARE THE BEST, after they take the prize home.

    • Ahmad says:

      Dude hate totell you but the Spurs didn’t lose by the lakers we won them. And we never played Miami yet. So go and get your facts start.

    • Turk says:

      I don’t think that PROVES the Spurs can be stopped by the Lakers in the playoffs.
      I agree with you.
      I think the Lakers are a better team.
      But what you said still doesn’t prove anything.

    • SA,GO says:

      the best TRIO that is but best team? forget it. they can’t land a more reliable roles players other than haslem you know why? to much salary for the big three. if i am a free agent and knowing i can contribute for a team to win it all id rather go to chi, spurs or okc. real chance of winning with a reasonable paycheck. basketball is composed of 12 men not 3. hate on that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

      what now

      no heat ring definitely until the super amigos are willing to cut their pays

  117. bigg 3 says:

    When Miami is finally healthy watch out, cause this year the big three will own. spurs, celtics, bulls, and lakers are no match for HEAT!

  118. Jemai Corpuz says:

    Definitely the Lakers will win 2011 Champions
    and they will Heat in 7 games series
    but the magic and celtics will a rematch playoff 2011
    hopefully magic will win 4-2

  119. Fat Bogdan Alexandru says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but i think that boston will finish no1 seed in the eastern conference, miami and chicago are good teams but the celtics have ray allen going for it’s record, and it’s going to keep doing that all season, they have KG, the heart of defense and team. And from my personal point of view nobody has the heart to win the championship more than the Truth. As for the lakers, i thinks they are a bunch of baby’s calling on every shot expecting to be fouled. I admire phil for what he has done, but don’t think that kobe will be able to deliver another ring(he’s not MJ, no matter what).

  120. IMTHATDUDE89 says:

    Idk what’s wrong with half of you with these blogtable guys, but to not have even mentioned the Chicago Bulls is an absolute fail on their part. This team is tearing up the league right now. Including having beat 2 of the 3 teams mentioned in this article(Miami, and L.A.). They have the BEST PG in the league today (D. Rose), and they now have a supporting core around him. Are we forgetting that the Bulls went 12-4 in January without Noah? Imagine when he gets back in the line-up. Rose, Boozer, Noah, Chicago’s “Big-Three.” They may not be as offensively productive as Miami but I’ll give that up for the defense and the hustle. Right now Chicago is holding teams to a league low 43.6 percent shooting. Can’t believe they’re not even in the convo….crazy!

  121. ggginobili says:

    Am I the only one excited with a possible DBlair-Big Baby matchup in the NBA Finals?

  122. aza says:


  123. L.A. LAKERS for sure if they trade Steve Blake, Luke Walton, and Joe Smith for Chris Paul of New Orleans Hornets. Then they would sign strong free agents just like Jerry Stackhouse, Wally Szczerbiak, Rafer Altson, Michael Finley, Larry Hughes.

  124. Lorem says:

    I have heard this every time. The spurs are always the last one called on the list. Yeah, they’re boring, but f*ck it! They are consistent! It’s an odd year, people. It’s the silver and black’s year! Go, Spurs! Go! Kill all them doubters!

  125. LAKERSSSSS says: people are insane
    i know the lakers will win..
    records nor any points or scores dont matter..
    its not about the digits..
    you just can say BOSTON will win it all.. or the HEAT will win it all
    or the SPURS will win it all?..
    or even my fave LAKERS will win it all
    just wait for may and june to see the results..
    you cant predict the future..
    just seat back and relax..

  126. Kevin Garnett says:

    Thank you C’s for your support.. I will assure you that we will bring number 18.. with the best line up.

  127. humble lebron says:

    kobe is the best,lakers got bored in season,playoffs is different

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  129. Brylleskie says:

    I think all the teams must fight without a homecourt because sometimes more teams are winning because of the fans in their homecourt

  130. GemZel16 says:

    I admit 4 years ago I was the one of the bandwagon fan of the new Celtics bcoz I love their style. And I saw through games how Rondo developed from doubtful PG (ask Payton) to one of the league’s best.

    Injuries, age, inconsistency.. Say what you want but I am a fan of the Celtics from now on. I pick them as Champs this year

  131. […] teams to face off right before we enter the All-Star break (which could very well be …Blogtable: NBA's best team? (blog)Celtics beat Lakers 109-96 in NBA finals rematchTMCnetOld man game is winning in the […]

  132. chucky says:


  133. Boon says:

    Get steve nash!

  134. fuentes956 says:

    spurs vs boston finals. Yes boston beat the spurs, but they had to shoot more than 60% to win by 2 points. Thats not going to happen in the finals. So my pick the SPURS.

    • BostonF says:

      neither will the Spurs make a quick lucky run in the last 2 mins to get even close to 2 points, it wont happen again when Boston will have a 9 or 7 point lead in the last two minutes.

  135. laker diss says:

    LOL. Lakers fail, but check this out i will give them some mail, stating they suck to death, come on now kobe is all they got left. lamar odom? gasol after a game smell like feet, you talking about boston, lets take you back to when the lakers lost to the heat. ima get lebron on kobe come jump on that wagon, it’s time for king james, so release the kraken, on a closing note, kobe better try out for american idol, because the lakers wont make the finals, let alone win another title

  136. bigboy11 says:


  137. bigboy11 says:


  138. bigboy11 says:

    Celtics are the easiest team to beat in the east if u can shut down rondo

    • ILIKEOKC says:

      uhm. hate to say this but, when rondo was out with his injury for a few games. The C’s still stayed with a winning record? Without Shaq as a starter, still a good record. With Semih Erden as a starting center they were like 6-2? And they practically went half the season without perkins. And Delonte West hasn’t even been playing yet. (well at least for a while) And same goes for jermaine.
      So come playoff, even without rondo playing at his best, you’ve got about 2 real solid guards in nate robinson, and delonte west. Daniels has had his good moments. They’ve been pretty good even with robinson and daniels playing starting PG. Scary thinking they haven’t been a “complete” team yet. Wait till they can integrate Delonte and then they’ll practically be unbeatable. Fact of the matter is, when one guy doesn’t have a good night, you’ve got a bunch of other guys to pick up slack. Davis,Shaq,Robinson,West coming off the bench?

    • Imad Akel says:

      lol there are so many players that can take over if you’re gonna shut down rondo.

      what’s the plan shutting down rondo anyway?
      double team? he’s a passer anyway and will find the open guy!
      man up on him, he’ll fly past you (i dont know if you noticed but the point guards on most of the championship teams are getting old. the only point guards that can keep up with rondo are on teams that wont reach the finals in the west, and teams like golden state and chicago in the east, although im not sure rose is faster than rondo even)

      The only thing you can do is give him enough space to make him shoot coz his jumper still sucks. but what’s funny and cool about rondo at the same time is he knows his shot is crappy and if you watch him now, you notcie that he really runs out the shot clock instead of taking an open shot. he keeps looking for a whole in offence or some1 to pass to but he no longer shoots unless he’s at or infront of the free throw line lol.

  139. Cavaliers says:

    There are still 20 days for the trading window to close….we have plans to trade in Kobe from LA, D Rose from bulls, Shaq and Rhondo from Celtics and Cousins from Sacremento. Then we will take on Miami and james in the final to clinch the nba championship.

  140. bigboy11 says:

    last season playoffs, Lakers barely made it past OKC THUNDER they are more experienced now and the Lakers are older and struggling against 500 teams dont see th Lakers making the finals,kobe knows it and the gm knows it see he wants to trade players now. the celtics and the spurs are really playing good now dont know they will start to break down playoff time, DANGER IF THE HEAT IS HEALTHY AND PLAYING GOOD GOING INTO THE PLAYOFFS DONT THINK ANY TEAM IN THE EAST CAN BEAT THEM, they are the easiest team to beat in the east if u can shut down RONDO that team, relies on him too much. Dallas one to watch if butler comes back before the playoffs, it is possible a MIAMI/DALLAS FINALS

    • BostonF says:

      Boston can still win a game even without Rondo around. Miami cant stop Rondo though but Boston has proven that they can stop Lebron like what they did to him last year. You stop Lebron yoo stop Miami. Wade and Bosh wont be able to penetrate inside the paint as much like they always do with the other teams when KG is around.

      It will always be hard to stop a point guard. Steve Nash and Rondo for example. Lebron tried it once guarding Rondo last series with the Cavs. That didnt go well.

  141. SA,GO says:

    i think the spurs line up is underrated. tim duncan is a 2-time mvp and 3time finals mvp. manu’s all around play is well above many all-star but playing a second or even third man on a team and given his limited min played he is given a limited accolades. look what he did to the USteam in the olympics and the 03 finals. same as tony playing along side duncan hurt his resume but for both its winning thats come first. another is their playing style. nobody is noticing their skills because it is “boring”. whait IF they play for a free flowing team like monta on GS and joe jonhson on the old suns they’ll average more than those two somebody says but will not win any RINGS. they say a healhty celts will win it all but a gainst a healthy spurs i dont think so. a motivated lakers will beat anybody but spurs are always motivated will beat any team. miami’s Super amigos are the best trio, i say the team is composed of 12 players. manu vs dwade, manu can hold his own, jefferson against james is sure for james, bosh against duncan on the finals duncan all the way. 2 for three for the amigos but how about the other 9? their supporting cast is awfull what if leCHOKE james crumble in the playoffs what now?

  142. D Rose says:

    Its D Rose here and my team is gonna win the championship this yr PERIOD. The MVP title doesn’t matter, all that matters to me is bringing the championship home to Chi-town.

  143. Gerrora says:

    Miami of course… Celtics are all combined DIRTY Players, Spurs are too boring to see in the final.. Kobe no comment..

  144. leumij02 says:

    It’s L.A. Lakers. Well, their struggling lately, but It doesn’t mean that they out of contention. Remember, It also happened last year. Regular Season is far different from playoffs. When playoffs comes, the team who wants it more will definitely win the championship. In the last two years, the Lakers want it most. Just watch when NBA playoffs kick-off!

  145. SOCOLD says:

    Best team in the league??? Spurs, because that’s what the stats say. Favorite to win the title??? Lakers, because having the best record in the League hasn’t mattered the last 2 seasons. And all this bull about the Lakers win because they have home court advantage?? The last 3 championships have been won off of home-court advantage. And no matter what you say, and the end of the day the winner still gets a ring. And in all honesty, you can’t sleep on the Celtics. I’m a huge Laker fan, and I know for a fact that playing them in the finals makes all Laker fans nervous. The Spurs are dangerous too, but they’ve been known to tire out in the playoffs. I think it’ll be Lakers vs. Celtics again, but the east is the conference to watch this year. Celtics, Heat, Bull….all playing great basketball. I guess it’ll just come down to which team wants it more in the playoffs. Lakers get 3rd 3-peat, case closed.

  146. Pete says:

    Boston and LA are the favorties to win the title for me, but only because of the way they have proven themselves as champions and playoffs teams over the last 3 years. This however, all depends on what happens in LA..with all this recent talk of a ‘roster ‘shakeup’

    Start playing around with that LA roster and you threaten chemistry half way throiugh a season – if this happens, will they be able to get back on the same page in time for the playoffs?

    If LA keeps it’s roster in tact (or at least the key parts) then i’m predicting Boston and LA in the Finals, with Boston winning the series in 6 games (4-2) – assuming both teams remain healthy. Bynum and Gasol clearly struggled against bostons; frontline (Garnett, Perkins, Shaq, Big Baby), Artest was a liability against Pierce, while Rondo and Allen made Derek Fisher look lost. I definately see LA beating Boston in a couple of games, but I can’t see LA winning more then two games against the Celtics in a 7 game series (maybe 3 if they get a lucky one).

    Chicago are the ‘Lebron’s Cavs” of this season IMO. They have one superstar (Rose) and two borderline all-stars (Boozer and Noah) but I just don’t think they have enough consistent offensive weapons to win a 7 game series against someone like the Celtics, Magic or Heat.

    I see Rose trying to carry the offensive load on his own while Boston (Pierce, Allen, Shaq, Robinson, West, Baby, Garnett), Orlando (Howard, Arenas, Richardson, Turkoglu, Nelson) and Miami (Lebron, Bosh, Wade) counter attack from all angles.They’d win one or two on Rose’s heroics, but the other four would be lost to the better ‘team’.

    Just my opinion 🙂

  147. taylor says:

    all of u guys r crazy the bulls r sooo underated they are tied for second in the east and they are beast
    Derrick Rose=MVP
    Nunber 7 for Chicago…. Lets Go Bulls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. rhys says:

    the best team in the league right now.. is the spurs… but i htink chicago for a darkhorse in the playoffs.. D.rose MVP

  149. je says:

    lakers will beat them all… who’s the champ? where’s the champ? regular season is nothing, playoffs is something..

  150. not a cavs fan says:

    cavs is da best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is very obvious!!!they have larry jamison and morgan willimas in their lineup!!its not a problem even if lebby james is not in the team!!!!!!!!just look at the history,they have 19 championship celtics had 8,lekers had 7 and spurs only had 4 crowns!!!and look at da standings,,they are 43-4 , they have da best record in the nba

  151. Brittany says:

    My Celtics of course it’s all about #18….. Best defense best offense best starting 5 best chance to win this year !!!!

  152. PAUGASOL says:

    LAKERS! 😉

  153. parker says:

    Boston vs L.A. Lakers in the finals again. The league has bad teams, good teams, great teams, and elite teams. And then there are super-elite teams and there has only been two of them in the last four years. It’s going to be the same story again. A healthy Celtics team and a healthy Lakers team in the playoffs can crush the dreams of any team in the league.

  154. Lexi says:

    the best team in the nba? With out a doubt the Chicago Bulls!!!!!! they r in the 3rd place in the east n have only had all their starters for about 2 minutes this season. Just wait till Noah gets better the Bulls are gonna b unstoppable!!!!

    • Pete says:

      Ahh..sorry dude, but the Celtics have a better record and have had far more injuries then Chicago have…only it’s been to 80% of their Roster (rather then just 2 or 3 guys).

  155. rojok9 says:

    Boston Celtics. 4 hall of fame startres and prob a 5th in a few years for rondo that actually enjoy playing with each other. Even with shaqs inconsistence since christmas he still holds his own or out plays opponents even on bad nights.
    San Antonio Spurs solid basic get it done basketball that is out performing all the fancy teams like Miami and L.A. that can be the only other threat if Artest doesnt leave L.A.

  156. Alex says:

    You are all wrong, the SPURS is the best team, period.

  157. Mitchel says:

    Nice one MrPiss.. You got me there.. lol

  158. Chris O says:

    Regular season means nothing and it’s been proven true numerous times in past years. The past two years the Cleveland Cavaliers have had the best regular season record and how far have they gotten? Last year the Boston Celtics were the 4th seed the the East and 9th seed overall. Come playoff time everyone was writing them off for being “too old” and they took the defending champs to a game 7. They 96 Chicago Bulls team won 72 games because they were great (having the best player of all time doesn’t hurt) and they proved it by winning it all. However a great regular season doesn’t always translate to a championship. When the Cavaliers won 66 games they didn’t win anything so even though the San Antonio Spurs are playing incredibly right now, the 2-time defending champs are still my team to beat.

    • BostonF says:

      Very Good Point, although you can’t entirely say that Regular Season means nothing at all perhaps in the playoffs a little but if you also look at the facts. Teams who usually have the homecourt advantage in the Finals will most likely win. The 2-time defending champs with Kobe have never one a championship with them having no home court advantage. Perhaps you can say if Boston might have the home court advantage last year they could’ve won it maybe. That’s why Boston is doing their best this season so that they’ll have homecourt advantage this coming playoffs and possible the Finals

  159. Matt says:

    You know what’s the best part about this? There’s no talk about MIami being the best team. It’s all about the Celtics, Spurs, Lakers and rightfully so.

  160. RollBall says:

    Those guys who gave their so called experienced opinion is not paying enough respect for the SPURS. Watch for this team to spur you on!

  161. P_rey2 says:

    it depends on the playooff, im looking for 5 teams when they met on playoff,
    on the east coast its Orlando vs. heat; celtics vs. the winner of the 2..
    on the west coast its L.A. vs SAS but L.A will win it they will be tested on the series against the SAS
    its L.A. & Heat if they trade crish bosh maybe for nene whos having a superb season!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i still go for the defending champs
    they will go for the 3-peat!

  162. ldhl89 says:



  163. Joe says:

    The C’s are finally getting the respect they deserve good job guys.

  164. LILLIAN WADE says:



    *HATE ON IT! 🙂

  165. LILLIAN WADE says:

    Hate on it!

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  167. MrPiss says:

    Cleaveland has been the most consistent team by so far. They deserve to be the Champions. If all are healthy, they can beat everybody in this league. Go Cavs be the champs and bring home the crown & be declared as the NBA finals ’07 champs!

  168. Youme says:

    Must be hard to point to that game or to another…I find the Celtics for the moment, I miss only two games…I think they play in ‘effective’ way!!
    Good luck for everybody!!

  169. MJGreatest says:

    As of this time, the Spurs are the best and the league. But come playoff time, it will be different. . But let’s just wait what happens in may & june. We might see an upset chicago beating Boston or NOH beating Lakers. Or maybe the 8th seed blazers crushing the Spurs. I see Boston & Lakers in seven games. Game 7 at boston and Celts will win. Anyting can happen.

  170. get real says:

    talk about “team”, Celtics is the no brainer for the best one in the NBA.

  171. Elizabeth says:

    I still GO for the All- TIME CHAMPIONS……LAAAKERS
    like they say when the play offs come around it is game time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • joeynba80 says:

      Yeah it´s gametime, i want to see kobe crying when the spurs kick them out a few years ago. The story will be different this time, lakers is not enough team to beat the celtics and it werent last year.

  172. Alex says:

    The Cavaliers are by far the best team, might aswell give them the championship right now!

  173. LKid says:

    @Ice Pogi
    Celtics can’t pass Magic ???? Lolz they just beat Magic last time in the conf final and this season they split 1-1. Lakers couldn’tt handle Heat while Celtics beat them TWICE. So what the point? You think Lakers are 2 time champ so they will win this time???? People keep talking about wait until the playoff then the Lakers will play for real. Yeah, right. Boston just lucky? if luck can give you the top spot in the East, I will take that. At the time when Celtics can’t run anymore, probably the same thing will happen to Lakers. BTW this is the last year Phil Jackson will coach the Lakers, it is gonna be interesting for the Lakers next year. lolzzzzzzz

    • Pete says:

      Also, Boston lucky? With the amount of injuries they have had over the last 3 seasons???

      No team in the league ourside of maybe Portland has had worse ‘luck’ then Boston has with constant injuries over the last 3 years.

      Boston have been incredibly unlucky…and when you combined their lack of health with the average age of their roster it makes it absolutely amazing that they have been as successful as they have this season (and in the prior three).

      These guys have played with more heart, soul and grit then anyone else in the NBA in the ‘big 3’ era.

  174. bagznc says:

    best team right now has to be spurs and they are not playing the usual boring basket ball they usually play this is due to having depth theyve never had youth they havent had since tony timmy and manu were the young guys, finally having a real small foward and finally playing transition basketball i like the spurs to come out of the west, and i wouldnt be suprised to see the beat the wait for it wait for it..Bulls(if healty) in six

  175. asdf says:

    Lakers are not gonna win this playoffs

    in fact they wont even make it to the finals

    ppl think they are gonna come back playing well on playoffs but they are wrong

    spurs, mavs, or even thunder will beat them in the semi conf finals

  176. JMoon says:

    Best team is . . . drumroll please . . . Boston. No question about it. They play better as a team, they’re scrappier, more hard-working, talented, defensively tough, etc., than any other team. Second best team — probably the Spurs, then Heat at third. Don’t know where La Lakers are (We never do until May and June come around).

    • whatever says:

      the lakers are clearly number one in may and june—-have you not seen the last three years??????

      • joeynba80 says:

        U ARE WRONG you mean the last 2 years, three years ago were the Celtics control and it was the last year, LAKERS got lucky because kendrick perkins injury but now celts a deep center position, this year is going to be a blowout like 3 years ago.

  177. vug3 says:

    Ummmm…. its hard to make title predictions, especially before all star break but i’m a die hard spurs fan so i’ll pick them no matter but uhh, how in the world are the spurs boring??? no you guys watch their games? have you ever heard of manu “light kobe” ginobili??? did you see what he did to donte cunningham last night? have you heard of a certain frenchman named tony parker who is 2nd only to lbj for points in the paint?? have you seen richard jefferson dunking on ppl like he was 20 again??? c’mon ppl. spurs have made the highlight reels as much as any so called “exciting” team this year and past years as well. No respect man….no respect.

    • SA,GO says:

      can’t agree more to that. if manu and tony are palying on a run and gun team you’ll see them averagien 24+pys. many are talking of the laker celt swagger and experience. tim, manu and tony got into the finals as many as lamar, kobe, and gasol. im not a superstious person but its an odd year.

  178. deontae says:

    forget all da other teams…………… im goin wit miami heat cuz dey got lebron and wade and bosh……….. they have the youngest BIG THREE on dere team………….. the lakers are gonna lose…………. ITS GON BE HEAT VS. SAN ANTONIO.GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  179. Ice Pogi says:

    Are you sure that the HEAT will struggle in conf. finals???? What about the Lakers???? They are struggling as of now.. how much more in the playoffs??? LAKERS just lose to BOSTON and now you acknowledge that the celtics are on the finals…Wow hove you forgot already that the LAKERS LOSE TO MIAMI HEAT too and it was BIG TIME??? what??? At west it all seems to be clear LA and Spurs will decide whose turn is to lose to Boston. Are you sure??? Boston can’t pass MAGIC.. now let see who wins the game between HEAT and Magic… Celtics just got lucky…. soon they can’t even run anymore…and their luck might run out….specially to PAUL cockness Pierce…

    • nene says:

      Ice Pogi clearly ur a PP hater and a celtic hater…..blogs should be open to open minded ppl not ppl who just hates a team becuz u kno the true strength of their potential (obviously reason to be hated) I dont like the heat but cant deny their talent….I dont like the magic but gotta admit they are offensively well equipped to get the job done I am so not a laker fan but they are the team to beat out west until beaten…( they are the champs) so for u to sit behind ur computer and down play a team that’s clicking on all cylinders and arguably the best or RECORD WISE BETTER THAN THE MAGIC is a total bias on ur part and clearly I shouldnt have wasted my time replying to u….having said that I PICK THE BOSTON CELTICS TO WIN IT ALL THIS YR

    • BostonF says:

      @IcePogi: Seriously you say Boston can’t pass Magic? Boston beat the Magic 3-0 in the playoffs last year before closing it to 4-2. Magic was closed to being eliminated straight 4-0. The only time Boston was defeated was when KG was injured and it even went on a game 7 series. Dwight Howard even gave out a should be win against the Lakers had he not been shooting a LOT of missed freethrows. They cant match the way Boston is facing the Lakers

  180. awesomeman says:

    I would like another team besides the Lakers and Spurs to be in the Finals. Getting a little old, it was nice to see Dallas go.

  181. Go Manu says:

    I´ll pick the Spurs right now… They´re playing a very good basketball, maybe a bit boring, but still efective…

    In june, that’s a whole different thing…

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  183. VVP-515 says:

    Boston is the best team in the league for now. Spurs should be able to enter the finals. LA lost motivation so far, and to win the battle against the spurs is their cap. Heat will struggle to pass to conference finals, and for sure Boston will make them out. Magic is the contender for conference finals as well. I love Chicago actualy, but DR is the only warrior and it will be very hard for him to push the team through semifinals.
    At west it all seems to be clear LA and Spurs will decide whose turn is to lose to Boston.

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  186. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    I Like Boston to win the title this year. Heat is good but i don’t think this is not their year. probably heat era begin in a year or two after the good but old team like boston, spurs, lakers retire.
    why are hangtime bloggers dissing spurs tho? none of them think spurs can make it? they were one of the best team in last 10-12 years. (if not the best) plus they keep talking about spurs being old. lakers are not a young team too.
    my final pick is Spurs V Celtics (if both teams are healthy)
    probably this is last year for both team to win it all so they will probably play their ass off with more heart
    after this year probably OKC and Heat will rise for NBA superiority and hopefully my knicks can be a threat to heat when we get melo next year.
    anyway my pick is boston this year.

  187. lebron i am ready says:

    dwwwwwwyyaaaaaaane out how he will takeover playoffs..lebron alongside with him and bosh.. cant wait for haslem to be back(great backup 4 bosh)..then its kick a** time lol..wohoooo..go heat..peace\/,

    • Turk says:

      The Heat suck. They’re going to lose in the first round of the playoffs to whomever they play, guarenteed.

  188. Lebron James says:

    On papers its Boston and San Antonio who are more consistent and show some deep in their lineup. But once the playoff started and everything are in place for contenders….. it will be hard to say…who will win it…but definitely its not LAKERS.

    • LABRYANT says:

      Its not the Heat ..thats for sure..Lakers vs Celtics..Lakers get bored with the regular season..when the playoffs start its a whole different season..cant wait for thursday when the Spurs roll into town

      • NBAfan says:

        Lakers have not won the NBA championship with KOBE if they don’t have home court advantage, so yeah regular season means a lot to them.
        5-1 w/ home court advantage
        0-1 w/o home court advantage
        and only gone to the finals one time w/o home court advantage throughout West.

      • joeynba80 says:

        NBA FAN you are TOTALLY RIGHT

    • whatever says:

      even though is dont like sekuo, he siad it best–the regular season means nothing in the playoff ( ask the cavs) except where u play, and no matter what seed you are, from 1 to 8 you have to win on the road to win the championship (as boston could not do in game 6 or 7) san antiono cant win on the road as well, they will be out by the 2nd round mark my words and it wont even be the lakers, it will be the mavs

      • Ahmad says:

        Last time I checked San Antonio has the best home and road record in the nba. And the Mavs are not that good in the playoffs.

      • Sebastian says:

        didnt dallas get ousted by the spurs last year in the playoffs? and wiht the mavs having home court advantage? im just saying

      • Brazz says:

        Man you’ve got to be sick in the head, if you think Mavricks are going to beat the spurs period.

  189. REEM says:


    • Rayo_Mortal says:

      Relax Keltic Fan…
      There is too much regular season left…
      2 many things can happen…

    • Imad Akel says:

      I hate to admit it but I think it’s a spurs year.
      I’m a celtics fan, they have a good shot but come on odds are in favor of the spurs.
      Celtics have a decent shot though. I give the celtics 1:2 odds against the spurs.

      I think the heat and the lakers are wild cards. You just never know when they might take it up a notch.
      Especially the heat since they go really strong when not injured.

      I give both those teams 1:6 odds against the spurs for the championship.

    • AussieNBAfan says:

      Yer one question,
      does it make you feel special or more important to leave your entire comment in caps lock?
      cos to the rest of us you really just look like an idiot.

    • Alexzo48 says:

      Wake me up in april when the lakers start playing real basketball. Excellent take Mr Aldridge. Sekou… How could u pick the celtics? I’m very disappointed! Lol!!!

    • thetruth hurts says:

      Boston barely beat them… me if they play one another in the finals S.A. will win. They are much more consistent and have lots of depth.

      • John says:

        True, The Spurs are so deep and so well rested this year that I really think that they are the favs fo the championship.I always hear that they can’t compete with the size of the Lakers, but we’ve seen twice this season that they can. If I thought the Celtics could stay healthy I might pick them though……

    • Jaime says:

      Guess you forgot some important tidbits on the Boston/S.A. game REEM!! Boston shot 61% from the field as opposed to the Spurs 45% for the entire game and only won by 2pts. When the Spurs have the home court advantage throughout the playoffs and the NBA Finals, I take the Spurs in 7!! ANy Questions!!

    • Marty says:

      Just exactly where have you been REEMED? Apparently in your brain…

    • G says:

      Cmon Reem, yeah Boston beat them BUT its like Doc Rivers said. “That team (Spurs) are scary. We had to shoot 61% in our house to beat them by just 2 points.” THINK ABOUT IT.