Blogtable: Kobe & the Lakers

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

What’s more true: Kobe hogs the ball too much, or Kobe’s teammates aren’t helping him out?

David Aldridge: The latter. Watching them Sunday, he had no choice. Artest was on Pluto, and KG did yeoman work keeping Pau Gasol from his favorite spots, and Kendrick Perkins was able to body up Andrew Bynum without help. Now, I think by the playoffs, Bynum will have his legs under him, and that will make a big difference. But now, if Gasol isn’t rolling, the Lakers are a one-man show. It’s still a great show, by the way.

Steve Aschburner: I used to be as vigilant as any Kobe critic for those nights, weeks or months when he would neglect his Lakers teammates and force things. Or worse, when he would bullheadedly pass … and pass and pass to prove a point. But now Bryant only “hogs” the ball as a reaction to insufficient help from his mates. Michael Jordan would have slapped one or two of these guys by now on the practice floor.

Fran Blinebury: While it’s true that Kobe becomes Kobe, the alpha dog against the world, in difficult situations, the truth is that an overall roster that doesn’t match his overall drive (never mind ability) is more to blame.  In short, Jerry West was right.

Art Garcia: Kobe is Kobe. He’s not gonna change and he shouldn’t change. Show me someone else on the Lakers that has near the … ahem … that Eddie House pantomimed Sunday in Oklahoma City. Pau, Lamar, Fisher, Bynum and Artest, especially Ron-Ron, need to show up for Showtime. Kobe has his faults, but this isn’t his fault. Otherwise, let Mitch Kupchak shake things up.

Scott Howard-Cooper: The teammate thing. Look at the fourth quarter Sunday. As big a game as the Lakers can play in January – against the Celtics, at home, needing to show the two-time defending champions can start stringing together wins against elite teams – and no one else stepped forward. That was telling, in all the wrong ways for L.A. Kobe’s reputation works against him in this conversation. But it doesn’t tell the real story.

Shaun Powell: Both are true. Kobe hogs the ball when his teammates don’t help out. One leads to the other, and it will cause the Lakers’ championship string to snap if they don’t figure it out in time. Whenever the Lakers act passively, and every one of the supporting cast has been guilty at one point or another, Kobe lapses into his worst habit. But if we’re sitting here sweating Laker issues, it must be February.

John Schuhmann: A little bit of both. At times, he definitely gets tunnel vision, where his teammates might as well start running back on defense once he gets the ball. And for the Lakers to be at their best, he’s needs to trust them like he did when he gave the ball up to Ron Artest with a minute to go in Game 7. Some of his teammates aren’t playing as well as they have in the past, but others are. StatsCube says he’s assisting at a slightly better rate than last year, so I wouldn’t say that a distrust of his teammates is the Lakers’ biggest issue at this point.

Sekou Smith: What else does anyone want him to do? He goes for 41 and no assists in that loss to the Celtics and if I hadn’t watched Pau Gasol shooting fadeaway jumpers around the basket during crunch time I might lean toward Kobe hogging just a little too much. If he had anyone else he could turn games over to for extended stretches I don’t think Kobe would have a problem doing that. He’s had to bark at his teammates for not taking open shots this season. Five years ago Kobe might have been guilty on second-degree ball hogging. But not now.


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  2. Abs says:

    The best thing for the lakers would be if Brown because point guard
    Odom because Small forward
    and get one extra big guy to rotate around with them..

  3. jr says:

    celtic fans and people need to stop B*in about how the celtics didnt have perkins cuz lets not forget the lakers didnt have bynum for a WHOLE SERIES and now people want to say that celtics lost because they didnt have there center really people just need to shut up



  5. 3Peat,17,6 says:

    the only one hatin is John Schuhmann…everybody else agrees that The Black Mamba’s teamates need 2 step up…maybe u should stop doin ur lil stat homework ACTUALLY WATCH some lakers and realize that stats don’t always tell the whole story…fisher is just like a tenured professor he is old maybe needs to get replaced but still gets the job done…we don’t need him till the post season anyway where he hits a game-tying 3 to send the game to OT, hits a go-ahead 3 to seal the deal in a 3-1 lead over the magic in 09…then he single-handed wins the game for the lakers in Game 3 in boston last season…then hits a 3 in game 7 that ties the game at 64 (watch the game startin anywhere u like and i think u will agree that after that point the lakers didn’t exactly seal the deal but lets just say never looked back) cluth performer IN THE POSTSEASON…next ron ron…i guess u could look at stats for that one that say he is averagin career lows in everythin BUT keep in mind that he didn’t exactly play that great last season either but he to stepped it up in the playoffs…keepin durunt on check…scorin in the WCF vs the suns and if they gave MVP for single games he was MVP for game 7…now gasol…i just simply don’t see effort in him a lot of nights…he’s completely chocked in all the “big” games this season but just remember 3 straight finals since he got here he’s our 2nd best player and he’ll definetly raise up his intensity come playoff time…bynum is simply comin back 4rm injury…and the bench well like stan van gundy said “odom has started 2 much 2 be considered 6th man of the yr” and i agree…he’s been the most consistent starter besides kobe…and 4 the rest of the bench mob…don’t 4get that barnes and ratliff r out…blake hasn’t exactly been the better replacement that everyone expected over farmer and brown was pretty good the 1st 8 games of the seaon and hasn’t been consistent since….consider all of those factors…some haters might say they’re excuses but no they r facts…and yes i might be a lil bias in that i completely worship kobe bryant but come on enough said this guy has HAD TO carry this team on his back…laker fans do not panic they’ll be fine come playoff times…and haters stop lookin at stats but if u insist on lookin at stats consider the stat of the lakers being the 3rd best road team this season…yes they might have lost 8 games at home this season more than the past 2 yrs of just 5 and 7 but IF they don’t pass the spurs they’ll beat them on the road accordin to the stats right?…and also accordin to the stats when they r at home they r 32-3 at staples in the playoffs since gasol got here….so stats or not stats stop hatin on the lakers stop hatin on kobe and sit back til june when the lakers 3peat when they tie the celtics at 17 banners a piece and when kobe ties MJ’s number of titles then u can talk!!!…:)

  6. 1-2 punch says:

    dude, mike cant win a champion although he got insane stat in playoffs, he won it after he listened to phil that he should trust his teammates so that the triangular offense can be worked.& kobe, though he had suck shooting in game 7;
    but after he realized it, he stopped throwing the ball the net, he changed his work to collect 15 rebs!!!plz give some respect to kobe;though hes not the best, but at least hes the future hall-of-famer,!finally, listen to sekou who’s a professioner

  7. hsbr00m24 says:

    lets be real, lakers can’t win without kobe, sometimes yeah he is too selfish and hogs the ball like its his girlfriend, but hey the team is not stepping up, Artest career low in fg%, Min,reb,stl,reb… this was the guy who practically won the 7 game against the celtic … so now the new guy coming out of the bench, Barnes wich was doing his thing is injured. Bynum is playing like in his 50%.. Gasol… if he doesnt score 20+ we just cant win… odom has been the only efficient and stable guy so far, another team we are not playing with the same roster that we did last year. every top team (beside Spurs) has new guys doing there thing. so instead of blaming everythin on kobe (specially the haters) watch the games and not the highlights.

  8. LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

    Apparently this dude is all about stats. Ok… Here are some numbers to crunch:
    81 Pts in a regular season game (2nd most ever, more than Jordan ever had in a single game, note it was also done on very efficient shooting stats so you can say he took a lot of shots, but it’s far from hogging the ball if Kobe shooting is the most efficient option… also FAR more than your boy d’wade, who you apparently don’t love or hate, has ever had in a game and probably more than he ever will have)

    12 three-point field goals in a single game – tied for the most ever in a single NBA game. He was 12/18… very efficient, again. That game, he even had the same number of “selfish” assists as the Lakers PG did vs seattle on jan 7th 2003, check the box score.

    4.7 Assists per game – Kobe’s “selfish” career average. Since when is dishing almost 5 dimes a game selfish? Wade is averaging 4.2 per game this season with LeBron finishing on his left and Bosh finishing on his right, Kobe has Artest bricking away and Gasol being a woman in the post, Kobe doesn’t have anyone to throw lobs to on a regular basis since they use Odom to throw lobs to Shannon Brown on their out of timeouts lob play.

    As far as your “he could not pass first round of playoffs without shaq” comments:
    Despite saying you’re not a fan of any player, we’ll use your Dwayne Wade example,
    Number of rings Wade has without Shaq: 0
    Number of rings Kobe has without Shaq: 2
    I’m starting to see a bit of flaw in your logic.
    Number of rings Kobe has without Shaq: 2
    Number of rings Shaq has without Kobe: 1
    Last time I checked, 2>1

    “The guy is a lucky winner”
    Yeah, especially during games like December 20th, 2005, when he outscored Dallas 62-61 by himself through 3 quarters. No literally, he had 62 pts through 3, Dallas had 61, and he sat the 4th, Lakers won. Real lucky guy. We’re talking a Dallas team with Devin Harris, Dirk Nowitzki, Josh Howard (in better days for him), Eric Dampier, and Keith Van Horn. Not exactly random scrubs.

    “What team in the NBA beats the Celtics when the best player shoots 6 out of 24 in game 6″
    Only the team with KOBE BRYANT on it.

    “He gets all credits from collective efforts”
    I thought he was busy hogging the ball too much for it to be a collective effort? Furthermore, name me a team that you would say doesn’t win through collective efforts? Come on, it’s not communism here, collectivity does not imply equality. Sure, Odom works his ass off too, and Gasol *tries* to but tough but just really isn’t, and I’m sure Artest *thinks* he’s trying, so sure it’s a collective effort, but does that mean everyone deserves equal credit? This isn’t your little league games where the coach has to pretend everyone is good enough to get playing time.

  9. Be J says:

    to Big D ,,,, yea right lets seee

  10. Asian24 says:

    Trade Kobe??? Are you kidding me?? Only stupid guy will say that.

  11. big D says:

    too bad the fakers wont be meeting the celtics again this year

  12. mr.Bronson says:

    3peat for the lakers! melo and chauncey for artest brown.walton and future picks.




    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      u disgrace all laker fans for even saying some crap like this….

      Melo for Kobe? Are you serious…if anything Melo has on Kobe at this point is YOUTH and HIS KNEES

      Yoiu talking about Kobe just known for scoring, then WTF is Melo, thats all Melo does is score…if he was so GREAT then why hasnt he done anything for Denver since he been there for 8 years….
      -He had Iverson on his team, who was still avg 25pts a game, along with Melos 25pts per game and he couldnt even get out the first round, LAKERS BEAT EM EVERY TIME!!!
      -they get billups and finally make a push going the West Finals, and once again beat by KOBE AND THE LAKERS

      So tell me here? who really is the better player….get over yourself, you aint no laker fan…you a cheap wannabe…

      Melo has a very talented team around him too, people who can score, people who can defend, and those that can do both along with his offense yet they NEVER can make a splash…GTO off this blog

  14. cleem says:

    LAKERS!!!…..Attack Offensively!…….also fisher, kobe and gasol… attack always to getting Foul 2 the Line… lakers attack is more getting Foul..

  15. cleem says:

    Dont trade derick fisher….he has good defender for celtics in to finals… he defend Ray allen in finals he cant make offense 3point line.. and Odom put in the starting five line up…..Bynum put on bench to substitute Gasol or Odom…. The problem is Point guard…Lakers need Point guard make offense or Small forward running fastbreak with Kobe… Micheal Jordan have Peppen… Kobe Bryant need small Forward good running offense like ariza is gud defender on Paul pierce or Lebron.. U watch last season with Ariza onlakers he defend Lebron,.. Lebron he lost on drible,, he cant find offense,. and he Blocked Lebron on 3point line.. watch lakers vs cavs 2009 season…. Artest put on the Bench……. or put on Power Forward like Dennis Rodman… artest he did not make offensive rebound he position on small forward,, he always on 3point line, he watch the missed shot from hes teammates.. put Artest on Power Forward or bench… i know artest he has ability on rebound, hes physical rebounding…. and Give minuets for kobe to 40mins, i know hes goodd passer and rebound.. last month kobe average 28mins per game, how to make more assist kobe in hes teammates if kobe 28minuets only… hahaha watch out….. dont trade fisher, kobe needs fisher.. hes captain… i love fisher….hes classic…. im fan of Micheal Jordan

  16. Bruce22 says:

    Lakers, plz be aggressive at all quarters. attack there offense using your defense. plz3x…

  17. alex says:

    I wish Jackson would play Ebanks anc Caracter more. These are two great rookies that would add a whole other dimension to the team. Getting Barnes back healthy would be another helpful thing. Blake ain’t cutting it at all. He looks lost. Farmar played with a lot more conifdence in that system then Blake does. Losing Ariza was a big mistake, but I would certainly play those rookies more and get rid of Blake for another point guard that will fit the system.

  18. nbafamegame says:

    and omg no waay ! 4 assists ?! for his career ?
    michael jordan has 5.3 assits for his career , big whoop ! is he a ball hog too ?

  19. nbafamegame says:

    @francisco you are by far the stupidest person ever ….
    trading kobe could probably be the stupidest mistake of their lives.
    selfish right ? how is he selfish ? you can still PASS the ball and still not get an assist -.-
    why in the world would the heat trade lebron for kobe in the first place ?
    you think only the lakers team management knows that kobe only has a few years left in him?
    god .. you make me laugh , you might as well just shut*p and leave .
    enough said .

  20. objective says:

    let me share some wisdom with y’all. We all know that kobe is the marketing guy but for the Lakers to win this year, it’s time to start acting like a team. When they win it’s all about Kobe and when they lose it’s mostly somebody’s else fault. Everbody’s agree right ? You guys don’t think that the rest of the team don’t know this ? Gasol worked very hard at the beginning of the season and he is exhausted and he did it for the team. Shanon should get more minutes and even if they lose a game they NEED to trust each other and just rotate the ball. EVEN if it means LOSING SOME GAMES ! This can be the difference for the playoffs !! You getting me ? I dont think that a three peat is possible, Too many strong teams with good chemistry is out there but that is the beauty of the game we all loves: Everything is possible. One Love !!

  21. dontdrowninthelake says:

    oh ya one more fact I forgot Kobe is the only player in the last 20 years to average 35 points a game since Jordan in the 80’s. Check it up he is just to great.

  22. dontdrowninthelake says:

    Listen these are the facts. Lakers with in a 10 season span has been to the finals 7 times. 7 players from the Lakers played more games then any other team in the last 3 seasons go ahead, check it up do your homework. Kobe and Fisher have played more games then any other player in the last DECADE I repeat DECADE. Them as a duo have won 5 within 7 appearances so in a percentage they would be 71% when going into the finals. Kobe scored the 81 points which is the second highest score in a game ever. Kobe holds the record with Marshall for the most 3pt in a game ever in NBA history. Kobe is in the top 10 scorers of all time list, he just passed Olajuwan. Kobe is the only player in the NBA to play threw 3 generations of players and be successful, think about it 1994-1999 he was up against players like Payton, Jordan, Pippen, Stockton.. 2000-2004 then he had more dynamic players to play against, Vince Carter, Iverson, McGrady, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash… 2004-2011 you have the young energetic healthy players who are well trained, Lebron, Carmelo, Wade, Durant, Rose, Chris Paul. And threw all those players he played his A game brought it every night well most. The only person on this list which he hasn’t surpassed yet is Jordan, and take a look at all the great names I just mentioned. If you cant appreciate greatness then you will not like Kobe, Lebron is great, he is more of a athlete that cant be stopped until somebody can physically match him which is not hard to find but technique, is not something you can just stop. Technique is built off the love for the game basketball, how much you dedicate yourself to learn more about the game of basketball. We all know Bryant is a Geek and studies film like a coach would. So this debate about Lakers and Bryant being the best player look here, I just gave you the facts and the explanation, if that’s not enough, then you simply just don’t understand the game of basketball.

  23. RenzJakolero says:

    and lets just w8 for the playoffs. . i love alpha

  24. RenzJakolero says:

    as phil jackson answerd the question “Why they cant win over the elite teams ? he answerd “just becuase they are not yet playing their PLAYOFFS game..

  25. sand says:

    the lakers need some young energy who is hungry the current is not hungry only kobe fish is to old artest dont care gasol to lazy odum u dont who going show up rest of the is too inconsistant but that phil fault bc he dont play them right u cant have all role players in the game at the same time they cant make shot for themselves u cant have them in game in 4qt and u r down 7-8 not all role players there is no offense they are lose but phil just sit there like everything going to work it self out u have to coach but he is a poor job these days lack of play start at the top stop blaming the players look at phil jackson he is suppose zen master do your job

  26. mos says:

    i am a die lakers fan for over 30 years the lakers have the talent but right now phil jackson is not using it right i know phill won 11 championship but ihehave to relives that fisher is not the fisher of old dont get me wrong i love fish it not his fault but father of time have taking over like it will with all of us but lakers r not getting thing from this position no threat phil should change the line kobe at pt brown or blake at 2 bench artest in favor of odom stop trying to make your 2 team better than rest of the nba bc they r not there no way u start that 2 team in the fourth qt and u r dowm 8 r more pts witn no offense in the game the last game there war no way that bynum was no in the game for defense and rebound phil is the blame not the pla

  27. down says:

    Bynum, Artest & Walton for Melo & Birdman, and we’re good

  28. now everybody saying kobe had to win the lakers and spurs game… does it matter i mean look at the playoffs when lebron was with clevland and they won 2 out of 3 against boston and everybody thoyght lebron bout to go get him a ring biut you see when it was important the celtics won thats just like kobe when they was up 66 to 64 against the celtics in game 7 he hit a big shot and then later he shot a 3 missed then Gosal got the rebound and got it to Kobe then he went in got fouled and scored and wet the free throw… so he went 6 for 24 but he got his points from the free throw line did you not watch the game…. so he had a bad game at shooting but Gasol picked up when kobe needed help… they won when they needed it so yall need to let kobe keep the train moving you can jumo on it or move out the way cause we gone do what we do…we aint gone win the championshgip every year but we gone win when we need to so back off all yall Lakers HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Everybody talking about kobe a ball hog and that he wouldnt have the 5 rings without shack and gosal…. Well for all of you that think that think of it like this would Shack or Gasol have a ring without kobe while they play for the Lakers????? no is the answer…yall say kobe dont pass well the man had 7 assists in the first Quarter with no points i call that passing…anybody else agree??? Everybody in the world knows kobe the best player in the lead…who does what the man do a fade away three for the win,shooting over to big men to win the game, splitting the defense to draw attention then kick it out to fish for the game winner… i dont know anybody that has did half the stuff kobe did… yall say Lebron is the king…well where is king James rings???? oh he dont have any well how is he the king??? Now back to him being a ball hog… if he a ball hog then explain to me who else on the laker squad gone take the ball with 5 seconds left and shoot over two 7ft men??? i didnt think so… so how is that ball hogging if nobody cant do it… so you telling me you would rather let Rondo try and shoot the game winning shot before you would let Paul Pierce try and hit the winning shot??? I dont think so… so before you go around calling kobe a ball hog you need to make sure you got your facts straight…. maybe the team prefer kobe to win them yall need to get it right before yall talk about kobe because he is the best player in the lead….when Lebron win 5 rings and its his teams then talk to me but until then you might wanna shut it up bout kobe…..

  30. wtf123nope says:

    we need to get rid of ron artesticles he dumb and slow like shaq he gets lucky alot and thinks hes mr big shot like justin queerber trade him for ariza ARIZA he was one of our best palyers and making that trade was stupider than that lucky tip in that frootloop got

  31. MAGIC SUCK says:





  32. 123 says:

    lakers need more points from their PG ,come on now derek fisher just average under 7 ppg and steve blake just about 5 ppg and often get outrun by other PG ,and even ron ron have his worst year ,but he is still the best defender in the team , lakers still need his physical presence in defensive end

  33. sonam says:

    yea i agree kobie hogs ball too much n y not hes the best in team n best men should step up.wht eva comment on above kobie is the best entertainer great leadership smart player n teerific move n best player in the world..

  34. blaire says:

    maybe the lakers would make a trade. Maybe they should acquire carmelo anthony as a fast forward, he can help a lot for the lakers. The lakers should trade maybe bynum, fisher for carmelo

  35. a fan says:

    Anyone thought of trading artest and a few others for tayshaun prince? He’s having the best season of his career and is another veteran presence who could help the lakers 3-peat. Although I’m no sure how the cap space will work.

  36. Damo says:

    Artest is useless he is not a good fit for the lakers bring back Trevor Ariza. Or trade Bynum and artest for a package deal or something. and for crying out loud get rid of fisher and Walton!

  37. joop says:

    kobe!! kobe!! kobe!! kobe is the king!! he is the mail man!!! he is the the truth!!! he is superman!!! he is the dream!!! he is th admiral!!! he is the air!!! he is the big ticket!!! and last but not the least “HE is a BALL HOG”

  38. pho kim long says:

    kobe is the man for stats, yeah stat it right kobe!!! cmon beat the top teams, 34 wins against the bad teams, and 1 win only against the top team. they really need more free throw comebacks

  39. fong pao says:

    kobe needs to talk to phil jackson on how to pass the ball

  40. KOBI 4 MELO says:




  41. critic for u says:

    if kobe can score 30pts and atleast 6assist no problem for u kobe, but all u know is just shoot the ball, what is the goal for that? 61pts again for the record? his teammates mouth are shut coz he is the sore leader of the team

  42. lotus says:

    kobe needs to play off the bench for them the rest of the team to get no distraction and get theyre rythm back

  43. francisco says:

    that is sooo true “nets fan”

  44. nets fan says:

    kobe scored 81pts bcoz he is a ball hog, LOL!!!! try make dwane, lebron, or even ron artest to shoot 50times against the a very bad cavaliers, LOL!!! and lets see what happen??? its just a gamble of the day against the very bad team raptors back then, he is still hugging the ball till now. LOL!!!

    • wtf123nope says:

      lol ur so funny lets meet someday so i can learn ur ways and be a comedian like u cause ive always wanted to be a ballerina like u

    • Abs says:

      Nets u idot no one can do what kobe did that night,
      DId u knw he was scorin above 60 percent that
      game , My balls Lebron or wade can do that.
      why didnt they ? they had all the time in the

  45. gadzmin011 says:

    Kobe became a ball “hogger” since the exit of shaq. He wanted to prove that he can carry the team by himself. However, he can’t. Good things came when they got pau gasol to back him up, Along with bynum and ronron, he’s no longer that powerful. He’s no longer selfish. however, his being “choleric” makes me sick.

  46. Kobe Bean Bryant says:

    And to Abs. WOW. Since Pau Gasol joined the team, 3 NBA finals appearances and two championships. I think 99.9% of the basketball world would disagree with you. And by the way; he’s one of the most humble NBA players I’ve ever seen. So for you to say he calls himself a superstar????? Since when? Have you ever listened to any of his interviews? I think not! What a ridiculous comment!

    • bin ladii says:

      3nba finals and more free throw comebacks for the lakers

      • Abs says:

        u idiot ..
        if u put any good big man with kobe and lakers will be a championship team
        What am tryin 2 say is that u shuldnt compare Gasol to SHaq.
        Wen shaq was gasol age he was averagin around 28 points and plus 12 rebounds.
        All kobe need is Average all star to win ,,

  47. Kobe Bean Bryant says:

    My God, people have to get off this ball hogging issue already! Look at what this man has accomplished! He has incredible stats and championship rings to back it up. C’mon, really, even you fans that don’t like him. Let me pose a question to you! Your tune would completely change if Kobe some how ended up[ on your team! C’mon now, admit it. You would be on cloud nine, and in basketball heaven! LOL! I’m glad he’s a Laker though!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. hmcsp says:

    As an individual performer, Kobe is up there with the best of them, BUT this is a team sport. Overall he is a 43% shooter. He needs to pass the ball to Bynum, Gasol and Odom when he is in because they shoot 57, 54 and 53%. Kobe’s goals should be avoid 3pt range, and go for 20pts, 10 assists, and 10 rebounds per game so they can win. He is too skilled of a passer to not be able to get the ball to Gasol and Bynum. Garnett and Pierce would have been in foul trouble and on the bench with Shaq if kobe would have kept passing the ball to the big guns.

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  50. yanick says:

    i said it before and i will say it again. Kobe’s teammate are overrated, they got two 7 footers big, yet they get outrebounded and outmuscled, the game with the kings, they were outrebounded, against boston last sunday, same happened even though boston was playing small. That to me makes absolutely zero sense. The should be outrebounding every team in the league. Gasol was weak against a 6 foot 8 guy checking him, the big mans don’t protect the paint, they don’t know how to defend the pick and roll and i wonder if it’s the coaches that gotta take the blame. Artest SUCKS, if you’re incapable of hitting while open shots or making layups, at least shut your man down. Kobe had to check pierce at the second half on sunday cause Artest was letting him do as he pleases, if you cannot contain pierce aka slow motion, how the heck will you check Lebron James? Please Kupchack, make the trade for Carmello Anthony.

  51. koubey says:

    I hate people who always rely on stat. I think people just don’t watch basketball anymore and listen to what the media has to say only.

    • lakers haters says:

      so what can u say about the lakers?

    • francisco says:

      because stats are a huge CHUNK of reality, if you ask people who is the best CLOSER of the GAME….kobe, kobe,
      this is a perception from MEDIA COVERAGE.
      highest true shooting percentage, last 30seconds of game or down 1-3 since 2008-2009
      RAY ALLEN 76.1, JEFF GREEN 70.3, RASHAD LEWIS 66.1, CHRIS PAUL 64.8, RUDY GAY 62.6

      no kobe, no kobe

  52. Ballr says:

    Iverson and Kobe on the same team would be awesome. 2 vs 5 . Lets see who can take more shots.

  53. hickamicka says:

    Vijay!!!!! are you retarded? hating on Shaq???? the man who commanded triple teams and put up 30/20s. (no i’m not going to look up the exact stats) you are seriously deluded, because everyone knows that kobe would be missing 3 rings if it were not for shaq. ingrate!

  54. Ivan says:

    Bring Melo to LA!!!!!

  55. Abs says:

    Pau Gasol is the problem.. That idiot calls him self a All star..
    I can’t believe they were comparin him 2 shaq wen he was in LAL.
    When Shaq was in Lal he was avergin way mre points rebounds and blocks.
    Pau is a joke .
    if i was GM i wuld trade that idiot for a really All star..

  56. Sutton says:

    Trade Kobe to the Bucks. . LMAO!! . . have him spend the next 2 to 3 years there . .lol

  57. justme says:

    what the heck is goin on? when lakers loose the game they blame kobe….what is this? it doesn’t make sense at all, they always blame kobe they people always blame him, always said he hog the ball, can’t you tell? he pass the ball but his teammate is not good enough to finish it thru the basket, they missed the shoot, so is still’s kobe’s fault? that’s crazy, i don’t get it, im telling this to all who criticize him can you please watch carefully before of say something, too bad to kobe coz he has a teammate not good enough, and lebron you are so lacky coz you have a good and better teammates, remember the assist never call assist when they missed the shoot, and another thing i am mj big fan but i not blame to see the reality that his teammate contribute a lot to get the victory, with out pippen, rodman, steve kerr, and many more…that’s way if im admire kobe coz he told when he has interview he told with out he’s teammate they dint won the championship…so blind people out there… fair enough coz wth out him shaquille o’neal may be has no championship until now, coz when shaq played at magic to playoffs and championship….so open your eye people and you mind…kobe did eveything to his teammate no matter people say he do it not for him self to kobe no matter people say to you just keep focusing in you carrer and to you job…people is envy coz you made lots of history in the NBA may be there favorite player is still nothing….!!! keep up the good work…GOD bless!!!

  58. jose make a trade says:

    ya shuld trade artest for richard hamilton from the pistons
    or artest for iguadala from the 76rs


  59. LALALALa says:


  60. 8675309 says:

    do a trade. fisher, barnes, and blake for a better point gaurd and artest for danny granger.

  61. lakers haters says:

    kobe needs atleast 6assist per game and then shoot 30pts or if he wants to aim 81 to 100 go for it lol, as long as he keeps passing the ball, you wont get blame

  62. lakers are dumb says:

    kobe needs more playes to watch him shoot, lol!!!

  63. oneMANshow says:


  64. Jimmy Jam says:

    And if you were a real professional you would know that the Lakers cannot be blame for the Spurs or any other team getting better this year. The Lakers are 19 games over .500 and you ask this d%^& @$$ question.

  65. abcde says:

    kobe is the problem, coz everytime the lakers goes down by ten or more, they panic, kobe wants to take over, and everytime he miss the ball he will keep on trying, till they lose the game, what happen next? the team loses theyre composure to play, theyre teammates loses theyre rythm because the ball is not goin smooth, “pass the ball” and keep atleast 7 assist per game the most, then u can shoot whatever and whenever u want kobe.

  66. SHOWTIME says:

    Trade KOBE thats the dumbest crap ive ever heard in my life….i think you need to stop while your ahead….

  67. pedro says:

    kobe bryant is not the problem. He is shooting well and he is passing the ball. The lakers need more entusiasm and they need to get hunger like they never won a championship. If they are able to do that and play like they played starting the season they will get the championship for sure.

  68. joegotgame says:

    Get Carmelo Anthony

    • skeebz says:

      yah agree try to get a deal since artest wants to out in LAL why not to trade him along with fisher , luke walton? come men!

  69. LakersSuck says:


  70. Jimmy Jam says:

    What? Are you people morons or just bored and need something, anything to talk about? The last time I checked the Lakers were in 1st place in their division and there was nearly 3 months left in the season. You should be asking who is to blame in Phoenix, oh, no one would care I see. Wow, get a life people.

  71. Dingo says:

    Until other players on the Lakers match Kobe’s passion and drive he’s going to have to take over and “hog” the ball unless he wants to fade away. The last few months the other Lakers have been soft, Pau is getting pushed around at will and shows no agression or ability to handle any other forward around the league. As soon as any team gets physical with them other than Kobe and Fisher they all back down. Its also obvious how absent Artest has been and while you can live without him scoring a lot his passion and agression has been missing where they need it most, on defense.

  72. Jicory says:

    this is the rregular season, wait until the playoff when the real season start.

  73. big ant says:

    this is nothing new if your a laker fan every year we have the same conversation… last year the same thing kobe is injured and getting old and the team isnt firing on all cylinders then the playoffs hit and everyone wakes up same ol same ol bs, it just gives the sports writers something to talk about.

  74. Robert says:

    trade artest barnes blake ebanks and fisher for carmelo and billups

  75. Vijay says:

    In addition for those calling for a Kobe trade, you guys are obviously invalids. I mean wow. I wouldn’t trade a 40 year old Kobe. Stop the hate guys. The guy is good, with or without Shaq, who by the way is trying to hop someone else’s championship train again this season, no one talks about that. if he is so dominant as he always claims he is, he should have joined Memphis or better yet stayed in Cleveland and led the Cavs to the Finals. The guy is a joke, pretty much right after he left LA. He got fortunate and teamed with Wade and rode Wade’s coat tails to another title. All downhill from there.

  76. Greggy says:

    hey..!! for koby’s hater’s.. let see this final’s on june… lakers have their 3 feet!!!!

  77. Vijay says:

    First of all people, as I keep saying it was a game in January, had the Lakers manage to win, we would be hearing, ooh they were lucky and come playoffs the Celtics will rinse them out. As the heavyweights has weighed in on the subhect, aka the analyst, I agree with the fact that Kobe at one time in the past, particularly numero ocho Kobe, would be found guilty of not second degree ball hogging, but first degree ball hogging. I have said before that this is where Lebron is better than Kobe (I’m a Lakers fan and a die hard Kobe fan btw) in that Lebron will pass it to this baby sister if she is open on the court, or a guy with no hands, Kobe will empty his clip tens times over before he does that. I love it and hate it all at the same time. Wouldn’t change it, cause if he changed it, we would not have witnessed “81”.

    Secondly the Lakers cast needs to step up, Point Blank. As Odom said if we “the rest of the Lakers” don’t show up then it forces Kobe to take over from much earlier in the game. Bynum will get his legs back hopefully, as well as not let Big Baby school him in the post. I’m still amazed by that btw. Gasol will be more aggressive when it matters, for my big man is a bit worn down already and I’ve said before, you don’t get a best regualr season record award. Artest hopefully will get interested again. Odom is showing up every night. For the guy that mentioned getting back Ariza, please not last night Ariza was injured. I wouldn’t mind getting McGrady. For let’s say (Artest, Caracter, Theo Ratliff). That should work.

    Anyways as Phil said though, and I have always said, a focused, determined and interested LA squad I will take to battle against anyone, the squad as it is today Feb 03rd. And as for those who miss Vujacic, myself included, unfortunately that was a necessary trade to get an additional big, I’m happy though that he is getting regualr minutes.

    LA will get it right. I am looking for championship habits not just wins. I will be watching Thurs rematch against the Spurs with earnest.

  78. Jowell Chua says:

    MJ the best there is, there was there ever be basketball player in the world

    KOBE the best there is, there was, there ever be BALLHOG basketball player in the world.

  79. kaare weidling says:

    kobe is still the among the 3 best players in the world. its the help. i liked the comment about Gasol being a women in the post (lol), and eventhough i like his game, the injury to bynum forced him to play more physically in the start of the season and the Lakers are paying for that now. he is a finesse player, not a banger. Artest is apparently still celebreting the 2010 title, cause he has’nt showed up for the season yet. and finally, all respect to D-Fish, but he simply can’t stay in front of the elite pointguards in the nba. they need another solution at the point. shout out to the big bad Blake. he is not just a dunker. he has great balance and timing and a nifty touch. when he develops a jumper a la Amare, look out.

  80. lilstaccG says:

    kobe is gone pull threw wit his ass an pau finna start jamin on people if not make a better 5

  81. plrn says:

    “abcdefg” is the straight truth!!!

  82. ernangisLAL says:

    hey guys what are you talking about? even LAKERS are struggling still they can made to the playoffs and hold the 2 or 3 position, then lets all see how black mamba can poison their opponents……. THREE PEAT RE-PEAT

  83. Teaser says:

    Lakers won last year because Kendrick Perkins got injured in Game Six. No center who can defend the middle. Common guys, give me a break. Lakers didn’t beat the Celtics. The Celtics beat themselves because of Kendrick Perkins’ injury.

  84. francisco says:

    even a guy like Rusell westbrook would take kobe place(i KNOW HE IS A POINT GUARD)

  85. skeebz says:

    get MELO Mr. Mitch Kupchak thats his partner back in olympics it is gonna be a very good move …

  86. Kooobbee24 says:

    The problem is when kobe tries to take over the and he starts missing shots. then nobody gets the ball and the opponent starts scoring points. you see most of the lakers open but he don’t pass. he has to start learning how to pass the ball in those situation. nobody is the problem they just have to learn how the pass the ball and make easy shots.

  87. KG says:

    just watched his comments on trade talk , looks like he was nervous about it . said a couple of bad words and didn’t even licked his lips . wtf?? and not swallowed his spit like he always do … OOOh my god , there’s something’s goin’ on

  88. Drop it says:

    I really hate these statistician wannabes and Mr. I-know-everything’s.. Why can’t you just be fans, watch your team’s games and stop posting egoistic comments? Geez.

  89. Alright, here's the deal says:

    Obviously, things aren’t glorious in LA Land right now. It could be attributed to a lot of factors. Personally though, I felt that the Lakers made a big mistake in ‘trading’ Trevor Ariza for Ron Artest. While the upgrade in skill is obvious, the hardest offensive sceme in Basketball to understand right now is the concept of the Triangle Offense, especially with the Guru (aka Jackson) teaching it. Ariza was just one of those players who was able to adjust on the fly, while Artest seems to flourish in a strict system like one imposed by Rick Adelman, where Artest flourished in his stints with Sacramento and Houston. Do the Lakers need to make a trade? YES. For what and whom? Debatable. Either way, the Lakers need some form of a spark. For example, look at the Boston Celtics in their most recent championship. The Celtics made one of the smartest decisions in my mind in signing PJ Brown for the veterans’ minimum; let’s just say that as the playoffs got underway, Brown stepped up in ways that nobody thought he would. We all know what Brown did throughout his entire career, and that was all on display as the Celtics won the championship. Or maybe its just a matter of playing time concerns, perhaps the Lakers could use their latest aquisition from the Sasha Vuyajic trade: Joe Smith, a veteran of the NBA who has a similar skill set to PJ Brown. Perhaps the man who has not played much could be the key to what potentially could become a three-peat

  90. shawn says:

    really? come on how hard is it just to pass? i mean u might average 5 assist but when yoou shoot so many baskets it doesnt add up.

  91. Afg baller says:

    Some people don’t understand that kobe is doing whatever is needed to win games. kobe sets the play not the assist. besides if Gasol were to shoot like odom right now kobe would be passing to him more lke last year. Besides kobe doesn’t want to be scoring leader of the nba he just wants to beat jordan in rings and points. He’s focusing on a last ring he knows points are easy to get. Lakers need to trade artest and walton for melo and forbes and gasol for randolph. it will fix everything needed

  92. ZenMaster says:

    Dont’ blame Kobe.It’s too easy any time the team is in troubles.But remember for example the game against the Celtics.He has no choice.Kobe is the best player of the last decade and the best player in the NBA but the media has other favourites.

  93. francIsDIOT says:

    francisco is a Kobe/Lakers hater.

  94. latte' says:

    kobe needs jesus. he needs to retire and leave the game to the upcoming players. he is not the great anymore. he hogs the ball and then when he isn’t scoring then he wants to place the blame on everyone else but himself. he needs to go get help from jesus. i am not a kobe fan, never have been, never will and that is okay, but dont give everyone else your problems kobe. you are NOT god. GET HELP!!!!!!! GET HELP NOW !!!!!

  95. Pete-86 says:

    I still don’t get it! Why are we actually discussing the problem of Lakers like they have just lost their title? ‘Till June they’re the champs whether you like it or not. And I’d rather restrain myself for blaming anyone in LA before new champs are crowned…

  96. latte' says:

    kobe needs jesus. he needs to retire and leave the game to the upcoming players. he is not the great anymore. he hogs the ball and then when he isn’t scoring then he wants to place the blame on everyone else but himself. he needs to go get help from jesus. i am not a kobe fan, never have been, never will and that is okay, but dont give everyone else your problems kobe. you are NOT god. GET HELP!!!!!!!



  98. john says:

    Kobe does hog the ball when things need to be done . WHen he was younger(Shaq) time he would hog the ball but now only when necessary . After his career he will be a great coach . Bottom line the Lakers have to keep their defensive head in the game all four quarters. No one is totally inocent or totally to blame for the bad record against good teams.GOd speed be with the Lakers,. They Will get it straightened out



  100. Niño says:

    Kobe bryant is a ball hog! And i like it b’coz he wins championship, he lead his team MJ was a ball hog and he also wins a rings wilt was a ball hog, bill rusell too….so whats wrong with that? Sekou smith kobe loves to be challenge or to be doubt….his teammates are still the perfect tools to win the three peat….they just have to turn the up the fire before is too late….ok?

  101. carllos says:

    arizaa come back please !!!!!!

  102. aybar hedu says:

    I think Kobe hogs the ball too much. Why else would someone shoot 13 straight shots?

  103. TOMG says:


  104. TOMG says:


  105. Jamie S* says:

    People tend to jump the gun on these things. Sekou Smith is one of the few writers I can actually stomach, but for the most part. If people do their own research, they’ll see that there’s not really a rift in L.A. They are dealing with a few injuries right now, but they also limped into post season play last year. People have short memory. And no, “Ron” does not want to be traded. Writers just try to create a rift, but I think they’ll be o.k. And I still pick them to win it all. They go through this every year. Their this–and their that, their not this–and their not that. #24 simply said, its my job to keep the train moving forward. And people use blogs to express their hate. And its pathetic, but kinda funny. See you at the finish line!!

  106. alex says:

    this is the lakers, kobe didnt start taking over until the 4th quarter this is deffinatly more artest than anything, this guy is supposed to shut down the opposing teams best player and what did he do, pierce went off for 32 and once kobe started guarding pierce he cooled down leaving ray open and ray had himself a respectable 21 non the less the whole game gasol couldn’t hit anything bynum was uneffective and rondo was dealing to everything also davis was having him self a game too and odem has size on him theres no reason he should be getting rebounds between 3 lakers and then going back up with it this is 100 % the lakers fault in the past you can blame kobe but now he pretty much gives his team 3 quarters to handle business and when they dont he takes over unfourtunatly his team couldn’t handle business on either end and when pierce wasnt going off ray was and fisher couldn’t stop rondo at all. they need to trade artest basically get another ariza because he was perfect and it was a bonehead move to essentially trade him for artest and also they need to seriously think about what do with the PG because pretty much all fisher is good for now is making a lucky 3 in a tight game the bigs and bryant need to be the foundation with shannon coming off the bench but other than that i consider everyone dispencible

  107. TOMG says:


  108. abcdefg says:

    my comment above should be “(baseball, second retirement).”

  109. Josh says:

    How can you call Kobe a ball hog at all? It’s obvious that he is the only one who knows how to actually play on the team. It’s not his fault that he has to do all the work just to score points. He does share the ball, but when he does, the player usually never gets the points in or out of the paint. Derek Fisher has barely contributed, Artest can’t shoot very well, and Gasol…I’m not sure exactly what he’s doing.

  110. Furkan Ahmed says:

    Kobe isn’t a ball hog, nor are the teammates helping no one. Jerry West was right as he said the players are getting old, but yet they still manage to play the game and win; beside, there’s a reason why are back to back champions. They need to work together as a team as they used to in 2007-2008. Ron Artest shouldn’t leave the team, as he is one of the key to the lakers win.

  111. skeebz says:

    hey guys calm down, why are you guys just talking about lakers and celts? is the celts the only team who can beat the balck mamba? wake up! theres plenty of’ ’em like cavs ooops sorry bout that..

  112. abcdefg says:

    i don’t think i have anything too important to say, but one hilarious thing i notice about people over-plauditing kobe: there are several comments about bringing in melo, nash, kidd, and other great players to fill out the roster! REALLY??!?! might as well get the best player at every poisiton, have the beastiest team ever, and still give kobe all the credit. yes, he does get all the credit despite what other people have said here to the contrary. besides, lakers are one of the most, if not the most, talented rosters already. give me a break!! some guy even went of spuriously about how kobe was the reason he has five rings and, absolutely outright, took all credit from shaq, and did not even dignify pau enough to give him peaunuts of credit for the last two. truth is, and i know kobe-riders don’t want to admit it like some sort of closeted-fear, that kobe hides behind bigs! HIDES BEHIND BIGS! he can’t win withou them. (not like MJ he can’t) speaking of peaunuts, lamar odom is an amazing all-star, i know he actually isn’t but he is lol, who would rather get paid peunuts and win rings than do anything on his own…this is why the argument that the lakers don’t have enough talent is pretty strange to me. los angeles yankees. kobe can win 8 for all i care, and he is still a shill of the prototype – michael. i don’t like putting up stats, because that just starts ridiculous stat wars, kind of like why there are many denominations from the same book, the bible. this is because like the bible is a falible book (i.e. subject to interpretation) but here are some stats – jordan 6/6 finals, kobe 5/7. jordan always finals MVP. kobe not. kobe always had dominatnt bigs. michael, never. jordan left the game at his peak twice (baseball, first retirement). kobe, will have his career dwindle ungraciously. kobe 81 (aformentioned somewhere above), michael 72-10 – you tell me which stat rocks more?? and most importantly, jordan put chicago on the map while LA put kobe on the map. I saw someone above disrespect MJ, this lack of understanding of the game’s history is absolutely HERETICAL! Jordan droping 40’s at 40 etc, etc, etc…..JORDAN legend. KOBE great but overrated! sorry, truth hurts. end diatribe.


    we need a trade……………. ASAP

  114. Nik says:

    milos..kobe is not too old..youll see him in the playoffs..

  115. javi says:


  116. bataraza24 says:

    wow!!! after this…what happen next? hehehehh

    STILL KB24 is the all-time lakers best player and all-time best NBA player…

    to be continued…

  117. Thegangster says:

    i mean c’mon dudes, i mean we all now kobe is crap…. i mean he doenst know what basketball is….. i mean he must have missed like 32 staright shots at one point in his career…. i mean if i had to decide between kobe, and a pile a of crap i’d pick kobe… but thats only because we have a big enough pile of crap on the floor already with derrick fisher…. basketball !

  118. Ryan says:

    It’s NOT about points scored per game. It’s NOT about assist dished per game. It’s about passing the ball when you’re in double or triple coverage. Passing the ball to a teammate that has a better look than you. This article is about Kobe “ball hogging” and NOT his stats. Anyone that says “Trade Kobe!!” isn’t being realistic. They’re just playing NBA2k11.

  119. Amelia says:

    …loving Niti’s comment =) Can’t we just appreciate and sit back and take in the game for once! Kobe knows what he is doing, He has done this before under Phil many times!

  120. Rod says:

    Stop talking of individual players, the Lakers are a great team as can be seen by their rings. See you laker haters in June! Kobe is the best basketball player in the league, they’ll get it together when it matters.


  121. NiTi says:

    So shooting about 20 shots per game makes you a ballhog (KOBE)

    But shooting 20 shots per game and holding the ball for 20 seconds out of a 24 second shot clock doesn’t (LeBron)?

  122. en says:

    the lakers should not trade fisher, just move him to the bench and find some body real good for his starting role. blake and brown are noth good enough for the lakers to win a championship with them as starters.

  123. LakersSuck says:

    the lakers suck

  124. CHOI AMPER says:

    To Mr. Imad akel,

    Your saying that lakers only won the title just because of the absence of celtics center (kendrik perkins)? That’s a big NO! When celtics won the NBA finals LAKERS center ANDREW BYNUM is also injured. That’s part of the game. Celtics cant win NBA title back to back with their present players like LAKERS do. They already have it done and prove that they ate the best team for the past two years. Mr. Imad Akel, comment when celtics has the title like lakers do. I’m talking about the players of celtic and lakers at present! See all the stats.. lets just see if celtics can beat miami in the play off..

  125. john says:

    Take off his marketing and see that kobe a player but not a legendary

  126. Francisco Garcia says:

    I think kobe is a good shootter, but remember that the celtics are good team I meant an excellent team

  127. shuffo says:

    Ron Artest bajo de nivel hoy tiene un cuerpo mas grueso y eso está impidiendo que sus tiros no sean buenos y su defensa se lenta, kobe es kobe pero no puede él solo, los que están ahí para defender que se pongan a defender y los que están a ahí para meter puntos que metan puntos

    Ron Artest low level today has a thicker body and that is keeping your shots are not good and their defense is slow, kobe is kobe but can not alone, those who are there to defend to be made and those who defend are there to get an injection points points

  128. nashB2Bmvp says:

    don’t panic guys, LA is the depending champ here, and still they have the caliber to do it again for the third time.

  129. nashB2Bmvp says:

    don’t panic guys, LA is the defending damp here, and still they have the caliber to do it again for the third time.

  130. nashB2Bmvp says:

    don’t panic guys, LA is the depending damp here, and still they have the caliber to do it again for the third time.

  131. milos trendevski says:

    Kobe should retire
    he is to old for another title

  132. Ao1 says:

    I blame everyone… It’s a team game. Failure to one is failure to all. They just need to work a little bit harder on their “D.” Poor D rotation which is the result of poor communication. They need to be more physical. And Lakers, box out!!! P. Gasol, hallenge the shot, those guys the drive to the basket right in front of you!!! Lakers are making points but their not really stopping the opponent from scoring. Very inconsistent on defensive ends.

    • Ao1 says:

      I don’t think KOBE is ball hog. AT times there’s just no help from the team…. like vs the Boston for instance, during the fourth quarter, how many times Gasol, Odom, Bynum attempt to do something but they’re not making it. Specially Gasol who is a good player but too soft. Boston is very physical. So I don’t blame KOBE for trying his best to carry the team alone.

  133. en says:

    i think fisher is too old to be a starter. and still the lakers win another championship. artest barnes and blake are all over rated. and bynum is a walking time bomb, with his knees. gasol and kobe and odom done their jobs to me. except it seems when kobe shoots more it hurts the lakers team and when bynum and gasol shoot more it helps the lakers chances of winning much more.

  134. BlackMamba says:

    4 all u laker haters that r saying kobe should get trade yall can kiss the baby

  135. Boston loser says:

    @ Imad Akel

    A injury is just lame excuse of losers.. Bynum i think is also injured when Boston won the championship? check you facts dude

  136. Nik says:

    francisco this is the must stupid thing ive ever heard.if kobe isnt good than who is dwade??have u ever watched at last one basketball game this season?the lakers need a good PG and SF.they should trade artest for ariza or durant cause he wants out.and they should trade blake and joe for c.paul.

    • francisco says:

      nodody said kobe is not good , he is one of top 5 players nowdays.he is a great player dude

    • eddd1 says:

      they may be the stupidist trades ive ever heard. OKC and NO would only give up paul or durant for bryant. and they probably wouldnt do that especially for durrent. what is the point in saying that??? you may aswell say that they should go get jordan, bird and abdul-jabbar.

  137. JAMES WORTHY says:

    Anybody who has play ball before knows that feeling,when you are losing a few games in a row, and you teannates cant or dont want. And you are like ,Im shooting everything.But 90 percent of the time the way to win is sharing the rock, this is basket ,ni tennis,you cant win by yourself

  138. francisco says:

    Look I do not HATE kobe , I hate HOLLYWOOD. I know that all Kobe fans are angry for a reality that KOBE is going to be a branch of jORDAN tree of Basketball(Jordan is the Trunk). there are other trees in that forest, LEBRON IS BECOMING a trunk just parallel to JORDAN.

  139. Melchor says:

    If kobe is not a good player, why there are lots of comments here! Fly haters!

  140. Lakeshow93 says:

    For those who hate on Kobe…all I can say is wow. It is true that history shows his ball hoggin traits. However, more so then ever this needs to be a team effort. This can no longer be a two man game because you have too many young guns out there. And yes the Lakers are getting older. But, we all know that when the Lakers heads are in the game….they are the team to beat. So to me this question of is it Kobe or his teammates…..well it is neither, but all of them. We have seen it with all the great teams of late….not old. Even the Chicago Bulls had slumps and times when games are not that important. However, when it came playoff times….you saw them show up and go at….just like the Lakers and even the Celtics. Is this a problem…..YES. But am I worried as a fan. NO. I have been a fan too long to not understand this. Now if the Lakeshow takes this kind of approach heading into the playoffs….then yes. the 3rd Ring will become impossible. So I would not blame either side until after the All Star break. But for now just blame the whole team in general because of their approach to these games. Also we have to remember that this is not like the old Lakers and Celtics where they approached every game as if it was a championship game making the opponents feel helpless the next time around.

  141. Jay Bram says:

    Just a dumb excuse to talk about the Lakers. They’re not even doing that bad.

  142. jas says:

    I believe Kobe is getting out and he needs a team to step up and play without him. So if Phil neeeds to get some young talented players, thats what he needs to do to keep Kobe around. With Kobe being in the league for so long i believe he doesn’t need this much presuure from anybody. Get players who are not so dependent on Kobe, so that if he needs a break around mid season, he can get it. bottom line

  143. Leonard says:

    Lay off francisco already guys..obviously he has no idea how things work on NBA..LOL……nyway, I think its time for Fisher to go,theyll be OK with S. Blake…Ron Ron too,deffensively hes great but most of the time he doesnt have a clue how to ride with the flow of the hes so slow..runs lyk Mutombo..

  144. Amelia says:

    Almost forgot…which NBA fan in their right mind would say they would NOT want to see the Black Mamba take 11 shots in a row?? Are you serious right now? Is this a joke??

    Cleary you have no appreciation for what this man can do on the court even if his teammates are not active. I would still want Kobe to be Kobe on any given night!!! Selfish or non selfish – he can take 30 shots in a row and I couldn’t care less…forget the stats …his name is Kobe Bryant!!!

  145. JAMES says:


    • francisco says:

      BUT jORDAN WAS AN OUT OF THIS WORLD SCORER 30 POINTS PER GAME 30>25.5 , jordan shoots 49.5%
      almost 50 dude , kobe only 45.5, which is good but not outstanding.Jordan is the original , kobe a bad COPY.
      the difference between MJ AND KOBE IS statistically not get me wrong., Kobe longevity makes him
      the best shooting guard after MJ, BUT at any discrete moment in time a guy like Dwane Wade is better(like now).LEBRON is in
      his own category parallel to JORDAN, HE IS A SUPERATLHETE.

  146. Johnny says:

    Its a bit of both imo. Kobe does tend to hog the ball – but i guess its like that cause his teammates aren’t doing much either. Jordan couldn’t do it alone, and neither can Kobe.
    If it continues to go like this, the Lakers will NOT threepeat and Kobe may not win another ring (he’s only ever won under coach Jackson)

    Trading for Ariza? Possible, but not with the way the the Hornets are playing. They’re playing fine. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  147. says:

    no one is to blame. its just that lakers are plagued with injuries with their key players like bynum and barnes. no trades will solve the problem. lakers should sign ime udoka and francisco oberto (heard he wants comeback). and if ever they will trade before the deadline. it should be with the sixers. bynum-artest-ebanks-walton fot iguodola-williams-nocioni-battie. they get a good defense both outside and inside. they get youth(bench depth) and it would just cost them additional 1-2million in salary.

  148. dipstheo says:

    Give the couch some space to deside.

    • Ao1 says:

      I don’t blame KOBE if he shoot all the time… He lack of help from his team. Odom is very inconsistent. Bynum needs to work more harder. Paul is too soft. He needs to be more physical specially on defensive ends… By the way, KOBe is not hugging the ball! Check out the game real good before saying things like that!

  149. Amelia says:

    I love reading what other fans have to say and I usually don’t like to comment but after reading the ignorant comment from Franacisco…I have to say something!! Are you kiddin’ me right now? Do you know anything about bball? Why would trading Kobe even be an option for L.A right now??? He is the team’s franchise player!!! He just locked in a year 5 deal last year and says he wants to retire as a Laker! The only team that is beating the Lakers right now…are the LAKERS!! It’s simple math – as Laker GM said…this team can play better than this!! He knows it and so does Phil.

    If a trade happens I will be surprised. I think this team is still very deep and talented and after picking up Barnes and Blake over the summer and starting the season 7-0 with out Bynum – there was no doubt this team would make another finals appearance!! I think the problem was when Gasol played too many minutes in November and that really hurt him as he never fully recovered even with Bynum back. I do agree Artest has to get going soon, he was the key in game 7 against the Celts last year.

    Another thing I need to get out. For the love of god people…it is only February!! Laker fans know the Lakers play when they wanna play!! Remember this is a team that has gone to the finals 3 years in a row!!! Are you kiddin’ me right now? Do you know how difficult it is to make the finals and to think they can do this for the 4th year in a row…would be absolutely amazing!!! The Lakers have locked in so many post season games than the other teams in the league right now. So the mental and physical energy will not always be the same for every single regular season game. Like Phil Jackson said…they have “locked in another extra season” because of the playoff games they have endured since 2008.

    As a Laker fan – I’m not worried at all! Bring on the media critics and the trade rumors!! Laker Nation knows this team can still pull out the key wins when it counts =)

  150. eddd1 says:

    Is it me or does no one see the inconsistancy with whats being said from game to game about the lakers. if pau makes a good shot, the commentators instantly talk about him being one of the best P/Fs in the game. If odom has a good game people are saying hes one of the best 6th men around and should be considered for an all star spot. that bynums one of the better C’s in the league. AND NOW people are saying that kobe doesnt have enough help. those two thoughts dont and cant go together. either pau, odom and bynum are not as good as people say, or kobe is a know it all ball hog.– probably the latter

  151. Leonard says:

    I am a Kobe hater..why? because he is such a great player and he isnt on my team..a ballhog?..dats ok cause he has that ballhog license in his wallet..just like the best players that have played and is still playing in the league.he hogs the ball when he needs to..last game,the lakers needed the ball in his hands almost every time in that game cause the other guys became helpless when smothered by good deffense..I still think they have a chance to get that 3peat especially after games like that..I bet they already deciphered what the hell needs to be done….I wish they wont though LOL

  152. CrazyMan says:

    well sometimes kobe can be a little bit of a ball hog but i still respect him for what he does on that team maybe there just bored after all its a long season, when a superstar gets exhausted the whole team get exhausted too. but come playoff time when they get a rest we’ll see if they got enough fuel on their tank


  153. Melvin says:

    Yeah, let’s wait until playoffs suckaz.. Kobe haters (Francisco and Amad), just you wait and see…

  154. DNG SRNO says:

    Just to make a point here…every team here in the NBAis gunning for the championship, that’s why they’ are trading and trading…just like the miami and celtics. Miami needs lebron and bosh??? Wow…and the celtics needs shaq?? I dunno why though. Every teams wants what the lakers have for 2 consecutive years now. They will spend all their money (every teams) just to win it. Can we blame them (lakers) if they lose? Me…i won’t.

  155. thejerr says:

    HEY!!!! trust me, we dont want ariza back, artest is still a bit better on D in my opinion and both of them are the same on offense (ron cant hit the back side of a barn…. arizas always good for going 5-16 when ya give him tons of shots) so i dunno who started this ariza back to LA thing but please……. STOP! haha

  156. Ron says:

    Lakers are due for a new star to take over soon…I suspect Kobe can last about 2 more years. If Lakers don’t Win the ‘ship’ this year, then Kobe’s in for 1 more year under a new coach (Phil’s retiring this year). And if Kobe, doesn’t get that 6th ring soon, he’ll retire..(At least he should). MJ was in the league for 15 seasons (1 season he played only 17 games which was his return). Kobe is on the same boat, this is his 14th season. Sure Kobe is 31. But after all the injury and the grind of playing w/o a single season (MJ took 2 retirement periods). I think it’s time…Kobe is a phenomenal player and legendary. He now brings a forceful offensive game (but he’ll always get 20+ pts). His D against younger guards, and energy to lead the team to the top is minimal to non-existent now. I’ve followed Kobe since his rookie year and he’s a legend to the game. Now to follow the next legend / NBA game changer…”Blake Griffin”

  157. lope says:

    i think the best thing to do is trade all lakers player except kobe to cleveland and you will find that all your comments will be answered.

  158. AGRESSIVE says:


  159. AGRESSIVE says:

    francisco I’m with you

  160. Lebron James says:

    The real reason why L.A. is dying, its because of Kobe…period. He just leave his teammates watch him score and he never shared the ball to his team…he is absolutely the most ballhog player in the league history. He can score, but he can’t lead a team. He is soooo ambitious…too old for him.

  161. Sheed says:

    The problem with kobe bryant is that he sometimes makes up his mind of what he is gonna do offensively regardless of what the defense gives him. If you start to trail in a game dont start jacking up threes when there is 2-3 people guarding you, move the ball and trust your teammates. If you trust your teammates good will come to you. Just look at the Celtics, the lead the league in assists AND FG %, coincidense, i think NOT! This a team game people!

  162. PhilWhereAreYou says:


    Could the problem be, just maybe, teams have figured out Jackson’s offense?
    Players can’t help Kobe if they can’t get clean shots.
    How come great coach Jackson hasn’t come under the gun here?

    • Lakeshow93 says:

      That could be possible but not likely because the triangle offense when ran correctly is just about impossible to defend. Tex Winters pretty much came up with a flawless system. But more it is how the Lakers run the offense. As I stated before the Lakers are getting older but not old enough to still win it all. I believe the Lakers problem is their approach to the game. When you have that many rings….things are not the same. There is not a real challenge during the season. But that can be a double edge sword. But all I ask is that everyone pay attention to the standings and if you know Phil….he will not let things get too far out of hand….but yet will pace this team to a decent position in the playoffs that way technically you do not have to play hard. What the Celtics as well and you will see that they are probably doing the same thing because they know despite what Miami and Orlando think…..the Celtics are still the team to beat on the East regardless of position and they know it. Same on the West. Even the Spurs coach said the same thing….come playoffs….the Lakers are still the team to beat.

  163. LenHard23 says:

    artest should be traded.. he lacks focus on offense and defense this season.. lakers should trade him for a tyshaun prince type of player.. kobe will always be great but to win the championship again he needs his teammates to step up like they did in their past two championships..

  164. kobeaintballhog says:

    dude if KOBE’s a ball hog, then he would have scored another 81 points in ur faces hahaha…look he doesn’t need to be a ball hog t owin games, it was only cause last game VS the celtics he had no choice most of the times…every possession was as tough as NBA finals…this is no easy game…and if his teamamte aint steeping up or helping the team..who can lead the team KOBE. A ball hog is defined when a player only thinks for himself and when he wins he only win for himself…KOBE is no ball hog…if u judge a player as ball hogs just by looking at stats i have nothing to say..cause u aint even watching the actual game but only studying stats where’s the fun??? Talent wins games but teamwork wins championship. KObe has over 5 rings…is that what u call a ball hog winning rings???

    • mike says:

      ok, i hear that,He isn’t a ball hog but your not saying nothing about him missing pratices but hes still playing in games.Come on! he gets away with that because hes kobe.bottom line is shannon brown should be getting way more touches because he can be star on any team.artest is slow jams an fisher is a flopper that should be on the bench.Odom is soft talented but soft.Trade needs to happen.

      The hardest thing about staying so damn good is being motivated.they are not.

  165. mike says:

    Im sorry but as raja bell said..kobe is a selfish pompas errigant something something.
    He’s a hog and who does this guy think he is not having to pratice with his teammates.He thinks hes better then them.
    I would never want to play with him only against. These other guys are so limited to touches anyway that the ball always and i mean always has to run through kobe.i get it!!! it has to but what do you expect to do when other players are so limited to the touches and creativness if the ball always has to go to the baby.

    bottom line is you play with kobe and you have a chance to awlays win 100%% but i rather be the guy dunking the ball on him.I rather have a teamate that’s humble like durrant then someone who think he’s do damn good to praice.ANYDAY!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T STAND THE CELTICS BUT THATS TEAM BASKETBALL AND DEFENCE WINS BABY

  166. LALALA!!! says:

    KOBE will never be traded… not only is he a great clutch player offensively and defensively. what they pay him comes back doubled!

  167. byhron_cute20 says:



    NASH 13
    HARRIS 34
    PAUL 3

  168. don’t be blind by the LAKERS losing..sometimes its part of a plan…jackson is a wise guy and a real tactician..just like last year.because when it comes to play off….their real games comes out…..

  169. byhron_cute20 says:




  170. Knowledgeson671 says:

    Whatever the Lakers do about a trade it will definitely be from the bench… That Supporting cast has to step up… I only see Shannon Brown and Lamar Odom playing their parts consistently… Everyone else needs to worry where they’ll end up next… Pau is slipping back into that sleeping Giant role again… He needs to get aggressive… Bynum will be 100% soon and he will become the unstoppable force Shaq once was years ago…

    THE LAKESHOW IS NOT OVER ladies and gentlemen… this was just a short intermission…

  171. Kid says:

    BullsWin7 is right. yes that’s the problem now.

  172. The Giant Baba says:

    They have no heart or desire. They are expected to win. On paper their team is far better this year then last year.
    Bynum is injured every year and then by the playoffs he’s fine. It’s the same routine with this team every year. Every Year they talk about trading Odom and they never do. Fisher has the agility or a sack of potatoes. Kobe is a ball hog and is over rated. Ron Artest is a basket case. Gasol is soft their bench is inconsistant. Its the same stuff every year and then they “win” the championship. The NBA is a business. The Lakers are paying for these lesser teams to remain in the NBA. Lakers tickets are the most expensive by far. If the team sucks the rich LA people won’t come to the games. They will go off sailing on their boat or drive around town in their bently or some other foreign contraption they drive. Hang out with women with so much plastic work done to them they are sponsered by Hasbro Toys. You know “REAL” basket ball fans.
    Bottom line is that the NBA puts on all of this drama with the Lakers just to make them appear weak and then they come back and win and then they talk about how much adversity they had to go through to get there and win. Which is crap to me. Kobe is not nearly as talented as Magic, Larry or MJ. He wouldn’t even be able to hang in the leage during that time area. Kobe Sucks, Lakers Sucks, NBA Sucks. I am not happy with this product one bit.

  173. BullsWin7 says:

    I’m a proud Laker Hater but I’m not a Kobe hater. Kobe is not the problem. His teammates just stand there and expect him to do the work.

  174. tammi says:

    lets wait till june!!!!!

  175. Kid says:

    Just a perception here, most are right. Lakers have a problem on their chemistry build-up now. And you have good points to Kobe’s part. What I see is that he helps his teammates, implying the fact that they must not always rely on him (that it is not always Kobe, it is everybody), that seems like what the other teams do (ex. Lebron plus Wade or nothing without them). Perhaps they need a trade. Celtics, on the other hand, becoming better and solid. That’s my claim.

    Just a point to the Celtics (and to Rasheed Wallace), I think Sheed did better play compared to Perkins. Sheed is flexible, Perkins is not. Perkins’ play has parameters, always below the basket. So the Celtics (at game 7) is stronger. And I think the claim that Celtics are stonger last Finals if there is Perkins is not justifiable. Just a thought, peace to everybody.

  176. NBA GURU says:

    It’s Kobe’s fault. I will explain why. Kobe is the ultimate professional, even to a fault. Kobe hogs the ball in practice. Does not help build confidence in practice. Does not promote game situations where he has to pass to another shooter at the end of games. The NBA has changed. You can see it on the sidelines after games and during games. There is little to no bonding or fellowship. You can’t say that his teammates aren’t getting it done. They fill the stat sheet. Sasha V was traded to NJ Nets for crying out loud and has come clutch for them. The Lakers don’t have a knock down three point shooter but they have a team that is built to attack the middle and pound it into the paint. If you look at the end of game interviews you don’t see the Lakers share interviews much like the Magic, Heat or Celtics. The elite teams in the NBA have to build a bond outside the lines now more than ever so that it reflects on the court. Kobe needs to be the leader that the team needs him to be. Kobe might edge Lebron as the best player in the planet for now (and by very little) but Lebron is by far a better teammate and Leader on and off the court.

  177. T-Mark says:

    They need to trade Gasol and some “bonus” to Dwight. And all would be like in good times of kobe and Shaq!!!

  178. #9 says:

    kobe is worse than two people playing 1-on-1 basketball, he will never become mj NOT EVEN CLOSE

  179. Leo says:

    Mitch, give some help to Kobe…
    he’s the best ever with MJ
    don’t let things go worst.
    if the guys don’t want to play hard anymore,
    add players who want to WIN !
    Kobe is ALWAYS hungry, he wants another ring
    and he does everything for it…
    He’s the only one.
    Go KB Go.


  180. dann says:

    trade steve blake, caracter and ratliff for much better players!
    they are not helping the team!

  181. kidoo says:


  182. sara says:

    Trade D Fishe,without KOBE la is nothing

  183. Dean says:

    Pau gasol: 3 years in lakers 3 finals.

    he has the most IQ in the entire league.

    when kobe make 30 points or more, they lose. when he make 20 or less, they win.

    in game 7, 6- 24? come onn what a joke. they win because the amazing plays of gasol.

  184. bengh666 says:

    hey francisco, who’s dumber? kobe who shot 6/24 on a game seven and their team won it or is it the team that got beaten when their opponents best player shot miserably? its not all about stats dumbass!!!! how many title did the big dipper had?? how about the self proclaimed king???kareem have a monster stat, but didnt won the bulk of it until magic came to the scene. basketball is a team sport. a team with an able star like kobe have a better chance of winning a title than a team who dont have one. Tmac had an MVP like saeson last decade but was not able to take his team deep into playoff. and he have Yao on his back and an able teammates. Even Jordan himself needed help from paxson, kerr, rodman and his supporting crew when he is having a bad game. Again Francisco, it is not all about individual STATS!!!
    ex: 70’s Knicks won two championship
    78 Portland
    88-90 Detroit

  185. rae says:

    to all the critics of KOBE get lose..KOBE will prove that are wrong…..

  186. rodrigo says:

    a kobe le esta llegando la edad

  187. LA LA Land says:

    hhhmmnnn… let’s wait till Kobe throw another tantrum at the Lakers management and they pull-off another Gasol-like trade that will screw the league once more… hehehe….

    well, seriously… Kobe is the problem more often than not… he is a great offensive baller… that much is given… but when he scores, his teammates plays out of sync because he becomes the focus too much… he is a good passer (when you command double-teams, you should be)…. but when he passes, there are times that (as written in the blog) it is just to prove a point that his teammates can’t do anything…

    he should become the leader more… the Lakers are the best team on paper… they just need to play like that on the floor….

  188. rae says:

    WHY there are people always point a blame on KOBE? is it because they are jealous for what KOBE accomplish or they are just cheering a loser team. 5 time nba champion and soon KOBE will the no.1 scoring at all time.. the lakers are doing fine there is no need to panic. go lakers lakers go

  189. KOBE sucks GAY says:

    You know what KB 24 is GAY… This is the reality so u KB fans u better watch u this… KB cant win a championship without the help of Shaq and Pau… Still MJ23 is the best player in the NBA…

  190. Sheed says:

    @ TINGYMAN – Yeah sure you had bynum hurt, sure bynum is certainly as inportant to the lakers as KG is to the celtics! The fact that you compare the impact of a player like bynum who is a kid basiclly to a former league mvp and future hall of famer like KG shows how much you know about b ball! Celtics ARE the best team in the NBA and has been since the big three came to boston in the 07-08 season! How else did they woop the celtics in 08, by 39 points in the deciding game no less, where youre precious little kobe bean-bag bryant was 7-22 for the game and 53-131 for the series LOL! Maybe if the had given Gasol more than 62 touches the whole series they could have at the most pushed to a game 7. You see thats what happens to Kobe when he faces REAL defense, he cant do nothing with it. He can carry his team on his back when he faces bad teams and no real defense.The lakers need to go to gasol ALOT more often, if they dont do that they have no shot at another title. In case they do get to the finals and meet the celtics they dont have a shot period! cause guess whos Ding up on Gasol, tahts right former D-player of the year, KG!

  191. fırat says:

    lakers lost when kobe take less than 20 shots or take more than 20 shots you remember the problem is not about kobe all of his teammates trade brown fisher and artest shannon brown is one of the most selfish player in the nba his assist average is 1.9 what is this when he plays he take many shots according his minutes and he is also ball hog fisher is pg and his assist average less than kobe and there is no need to talk about artest ı think brown should be more assister he should’t take a lot of shots

  192. SK says:

    Stop blaming Kobe,,, it’s others… They should have a performance clause in the contract so that they can cut the salary… this aholes once sign the contract and they don’t show up… Mitch please Shake up…. otherwise Phil is not 4-3peating… I agree that MJ would have slapped the players by this time…. Unfortunately Kobe lacks that aspect from MJ…

  193. Zatic S. Finch, III says:

    To Imad Akel, you couldn’t be more wrong. The Lakers beat the Celtics both times in the regular season last year, so how were the Celtics the better team? And you say the Lakers only won the Finals because Perkins got injured…then explain the blowout in game 1…the close win in game 3…game 6 was a blowout before Perkins got injured, the Celtics weren’t gonna win that game anyway…and even without Perkins the Celtics had a 13 point lead halfway through the 3rd qtr when the Lakers were looking out of sinc. So how did the better team lose? Easy…they didn’t. The Lakers pulled it together and beat the Celtics just like they were supposed to. Bottom line is the 4 games that the Lakers won in the finals were the four games that Artest shut down Pierce. Lakers were the better team…period. So what if they live seperate lives off the court. They put it together on the court when it counts. Back to back champs. Deal with it. Hate or celebrate.

  194. fromItaly says:

    Hello everybody.
    I write from Italy, and I admit I am a fan of the Spurs. I think the problem of these Lakers has two faces: one is SHOTS DISTRIBUTION, and the other is TRUST.
    Stats say that, when Kobe takes more than 22 shots, the Lakers have a 7-9 record, this season.
    In these games, their only victory against a winning team is against the Knicks. And two of their seven victories came in game where their opponents shot under 40% from the field.
    In addition, 6 of their 9 defeats came against winning teams.

    Shots distribution:
    For example, in the loss against Sacramento, Kobe took 27 shots from the field, and attempted 12 free throws. This means he shot more than 30 times from the field. In the same game, Gasol shot only 11 times with 2 free throws, and Bynum took 8 field goals and added 4 free throws. Odom had a bad shooting game, with a ugly 0-7 from the field.
    In this game, Kobe shot more or less 33 times, while the three other great players of these Lakers took only 29 shots.

    I think Shaun Powell, above, has partly reason. The fact IS that, when his teammates are struggling for whatever reason, Kobe falls in his old habit, and hogs the ball. But here enters the problem of trust. The trust Kobe MUST put his teammates’ in. They are great players, maybe they won’t be remembered as some of the strongest players of all time… But today Gasol is one of the best 3 big men in the league, Bynum (when he is healthy) is a lethal weapon for the space he occupies in defence and for the points he can score in the paint, and Odom is a fantastic player, that can do everything on the parquet.
    If these players know that, when they are struggling, Kobe don’t rely on them, they have no stimulus to try to get better in that game. And this because just Kobe ignores them.

    In conclusion, I think Kobe should realise that a true leader has also to put himself on the same level of his teammates in order to elevate their play. Especially when they struggle.

    Thank you for your patience if you read all this post, and forgive me if my English is not perfect… I don’t write many times in this language.

  195. PaUL says:

    Kobe’s assist stat is recent games, his points are down.its because he doesnt hog the ball.he doesnt have to.he has great players who can contribute well..but during the celtics-lakers game, his teammates are lower than average contributors..kobe is a great passer.but kobe doesnt even have any assist during the game which means his teammates cant score.i think his teammates have to wake up.just because they won the championship last june, doesnt mean they are any better.they always speak about practicing and be better.they are all words now.they have no excuse.they have the best in kobe and phil.what is left is for them to step up.they have to prove a point.they are two time defending championships.and this calls for an alarm for other teams to stop them.specially the celtics.

    • cefri says:

      i think the lakers organization should search for kobe’s heir apparent. they must do it now so that their goal of a threepeat will not diminish. mitch should try to get melo now . . . that would be a nice addition for the lakers. with kobe and melo, this is a deadly one-two punch combo. mitch should deal artest & bynum for melo & nenen . . .

  196. DLAZ says:

    the LA needs an active and fresh legs point guard that could spread the ball on the court better, be a threat in the offense and compete to the level with the elite point guards of the elite teams now like parker-spurs, terry-dallas, rondo-celtics, wade-miami…. fisher right now needs to retire from the game of basketball and give other point guards a chance to play in glitters of LA to rule the game with Kobe, Pau, Bynum and Odom… LA has the weakest link in the no. 1 position- a good point guard will complete the puzzle for LA to be on-top of NBA again!

  197. Kelvin THomas says:

    Here we are tlkin about how kobe’s team mates arent good enough for him.. kobe this kobe this… we are all forgettin how scrutinized lebron was for failing to win the ring with the cavs.. no one was bloggin about how bad the rest of the team was at any point in time. Now we blame him for leaving the cavaliers. Clearly we can see now (cavs have the worst record in the east) how much lebron did to his team to get them to the top of the league.

  198. Fantastic EL says:

    i think Lakers need on more gasol, so they can do alot post, hook and boards…

  199. DLAZ says:

    the LA needs an active and young point guard that could spread the ball on the court better, be a threat in the offense and compete with the elite point guards of the elite teams like parker-spurs, terry-dallas, rondo-celtics, wade-miami…. fisher right now needs to retire from the game of basketball and give other point guards a chance to play in LA to rule the game with Kobe, Pau, Bynum and Gasol… LA has the weakest link in the no. 1 position…

  200. kobe sucks says:

    trade kobe not artest kobe s time is over

  201. kobe sucks says:

    the lakers should trade kobe because he is a selfish f__l!!

  202. b.d says:

    trade grandpa fisher and the crazy ron ron
    fisher has hes plays but yet he still aint that good point guard want to know why ? cheak out last game between the lakers and grizzles , mike conley had 28 points and was hot all cause of lack D espically from fisher try to focus on each game when the lakers with another team that has a good point guard they always have a prob in that matter also that guy is very very old hes 36 and can barley run on the fastbreakes
    artest is still good on defence but he lacks alot in scoring my advice is to bring a young swingman for the lakers
    like paul george from indiana hes very good but just needs to gain a little weight and work on hes body

  203. Black_Mamba (GER) says:

    kobe is fine and lakers need his scoring,defending,closing skills and experience. Ron is needed for the playoffs against those Durants,Pierces,Lebrons,etc.

    I agree that the Lakers need some Perkins Guy – Bynum fears injuries and Gasol is just too light.

    i read almost this whole blog and I saw new addition names like: Melo, Nash, Billups, D.Harris, St.Jackson,CP3,

    I think its already too late to swap a starting player for a new one ( team chemistry!) and almost nobody thought about salary caps and contract conditions. how should the lakers finance Melo? CP3 is free agent next year.
    D. Harris has almost no playoff exp and would not come off the bench. Billups is better scorer than fish but worse defender. Lakers have no scoring problem – they need a long arm PG with quick feet. but who is on the market for few money? Who slows those Rondo,Westbrook,Parker,Nelson,CP3 down???????

    S. Blake should step up and Shannon Brown is not improving as everyone hoped so. Matt Barnes can be a real key player – has hustle energy and got 3 pts skill. i cant see any real improvement with a trade – just less chemistry. Only Team Defense can help against quick PG´s.
    My Starting 5


    in crunch time: fisher , artest, bryant, odom, gasol

    off the bench:


    Finals 2011 Celtics vs Lakers over 7 Games NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  204. notkobefan says:

    maybe kobe’s teammates don’t give it their all because it’s no fun to play with him.

  205. deeno says:

    ahhm excuse me..last time i knew is that kobe is a winner compared to other sg’s in the league,except manu and mj ofcourse..

  206. Jowell Chua says:

    Kobe is the greatest ballhog ever, trying hard MJ wannabe, teammate basher, thats the reason he scored 81 points = Ball Hog

  207. Ron says:

    Look, the Lakers are 3 games behind last year(Champs) and two games behind the year before(Champs) Every year the same people panic at the same time. Get over it!! The Lakers are going for a Three-peat, they are not rebuilding. Everyone just needs to be quiet and talk about the Clippers, THAT team seems to be what everyone is talking about.

  208. francisca says:

    francisco f u know how to play basketball think about it! kobe is kobe you cant compare him to anyone!
    you compare him to another guards nor player! does they win a rings?
    think about it
    its not about the stats its about the big game!

  209. FranciscoIsAKobeHater says:

    stats is stats. kobe is kobe. franciso is a hater.

  210. Gregory-Poland says:

    I agree with the “totallyballhog’ man in almoust everything, almoust becous Lakers need one trade to became the best of the best; they need to trade Kobe and find a good leader who could level up all team

  211. Harold says:

    kobe is the best!! they are all the best.. i think they just need time to regroup!! lakers is the 2 time nba champion and every team wants to beat them, they always trying to beat lakers and put a huge effort against the lakers. that why sometimes lakers lose because other team study there play and try to match it up… lakers you need to regroup.. you can do it.. GO LAKERS!! MANY PEOPLE BELIEVE ON YOU GUYS

  212. Herr says:

    I’m not a Laker fan, and I hope they lose to be honest so all these immature people will leave (they’re all Laker fans), but I have noticed that Kobe seems to be playing a bit more selfish.

    Against the Kings, he seemed to want accomplish his scoring record that he accomplished. It took the Lakers completely out of their groove.

    The way the Lakers are set up, which is how teams should be set up, is to have a great arsenal of players. They’ve got a starting unit of everything a starting unit should consist of. Problem is, Kobe takes over, and takes everyone out of their games. Kobe is suppose to be a consistent scorer, of maybe 20 points a game, and finishing any close games. It’s what he should always do.

    If the team is failing, then it’s fine for him to take over, but they won’t win likely, and that’s not Kobe’s fault, it’s the inconsistency of the team.

    The problem with the Lakers is they lean on Kobe too much right now, and that makes Kobe become a selfish player.

    Even his assists last night were to break his record. Some of them looked like poor decisions on his making, he’s just lucky the shots fell. Would he have been distributing the ball if he didn’t know he was coming close to making a rare list? No way at all.

    The Lakers need to put a leash on Kobe. The Bigs need to become more tough, and the rest of the squad needs to show up and make better decisions. Also, Defense is 50% of the game. Lakers have been allowing like 100+ by their opponents the past 3 games, two of which have been loses (and I doubt they’ll beat the Spurs). Winning with offense never wins championships. Ask Phoenix.

  213. mambastrike says:

    I think the problem is lack of chemistry by the additions lakers made … like blake for instance , everybody says how he can play defense and when i look at him on the court againts better teams he doesnt take over the other guy when the screenrol happens , hes confused and everybody goes through him and scores an easy basket on him.Just cant play defense.(worse than farmar – way more confused and dum) And about offense , yea he does understand triangle but he has no chemistry with the team … like farmar for instance… who took some shots make some shots for him self… and with blake is just always the same… niothing new (and in the late times he doesnt average more than 6 pts a game just play his stupid game)… and matt barnes eather…hes maybe better trade than blake but still not enough chemistry(but ok… we can survive the playoffs with him .. not with blake)… for the wrap up…. , I say the problem is in the bench with no depth at all (everybody in nba has better bench this year – just look at the celtics bench for instance) lack of chemistry, and i think they must trade blake, and maybe again joe smith or somebody and get a better chemistry player and better players overall than these two ones… or just deppen you bench…. and if they have luck maybe they get some good trades with chemistry develpoed later on in the season.

  214. this is only a trial for our laker team… after this issue everyone can recover their missing role to their team lakers… more power lakers team.. ( pls do not do the trading) .. t.y

  215. Laker says:

    I think Kobe is a bit of a hog, not a big one thoug, just the he takes hard shots to get them in, but I thing Lakers ran out of fuel a bit


  216. jm olson says:

    kobe is different now compare before,he is better than michael jordan now..kobe is the wisest nba superstar i’ve ever seen in my whole life.

  217. SOCOLD says:

    And what is really all this Jordan is the greatest player ever crap????? I Loved Jordan when I was little, but let’s sit back and think what really makes him great??? Is it highlights??? Dominique Wilkins, Kobe, Vince Carter, Lebron James, Dr. J all have those. Is it Championships??? Bill Russell has 11, and Robert Horry has 7, Is it NBA MVP’s??? Because Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has 6 as well, and is the NBA’s all time scoring leader, Is it stats??? Elgin Baylor averaged a Triple double, is it All-Star appearances??? Kareem had 18, and Shaq had 15…..What, because he was a great player on a great team???? Just like every championship team has had, Kobe, KG, Tim Duncan, Shaq, Isiah Thomas, Hakeem Olajuwon. See, Michael was just the man of his time, like Bill Russell was, and Magic Johnson, and like Kobe is now, and like Lebron will be. But really, after pointing out these facts, what really makes him the greatest player ever??

  218. Johnny says:

    The motivation will come playoff time. Then the Lakers will step up, just wait n see

  219. boxhead413 says:

    This team is in serious trouble, a number of things need to be corrected.

    First – get rid of Fisher – waive, trade, play him off the bench or simply just don’t play him (age has hit this guy really hard).

    Second – get rid of Ron-Ron, he’s not focused and is detrimental to the team, keep hearing Ariza’s name being brought up as a trade but at this rate any player will have a more positive influence than this guy.

    Third – tell Kobe to lay off a bit, love this guy but someone needs to speak up and tell him there are 4 other players on the court with him.

    Last and most important – REST ANDREW BYNUM!!!!! Tell this guy to rest and take a season off (to FULLY recover) or he will end up like Brandon Roy – in his mid-twenties and barely able to walk. Keep Gasol at C and Odom at PF.

    Any thoughts??

  220. Micky says:

    It’s always the same Hollywood drama evrey single year for the last three years now..And most of the time it ends up with a ring. Remember last season they finished the regular season with a sloppy ass record of 6-8. Then they almost got knocked out of the first round by OKC, the season before almost knocket out by houston (without Yao or T-mac). They’ll figure it out…

  221. NiTi says:

    Kobe is usually the scapegoat when it comes to these situations. The stats that show “when he shoots more than 20 shots per game the Lakers are 2-13″* or “when he shots less than 20 shots the Lakers are 21-2″*.

    There is one thing these so called Espn and “Experts” don’t get. I watch a ton of laker games, and whenever the Lakers get off to a good start, and lead by over 15 points during games he doesn’t shoot much. He knows they will win and gives others the oppertunity.

    Then when his teammates aren’t doing well and they maybe trail by 10 points at the beggining of the 2nd half, and players like Pau Gasol, Ron Artest are nowhere to be found, he starts shooting to get his team going and maybe cut the deficit. (Perfect example is the game vs Boston)

    That’s why those stats are decieving and people should never completely trust stats if they haven’t watched the games.

    Also @francisco Since you like stats and Wade so much, here’s one for ya:
    The team that D-Wade owned in the finals by averaging over 34 PPG and being called “The Greatest Finals Performance Ever”

    Well that was against the Dallas Mavericks! The team Kobe Bryant singlehandedly outscored through 3 quarters that same year. He had 62 points and the entire Maverick team had 61, that’s greatness.


    And during the away game he had 43 points and scored, what later proved to be, a gamewinner from 30 Ft.


    So to summarize: Dwyane Wade averaged 34 PPG against the 2006 Dallas Mavericks while Kobe averaged 52.5 PPG against that same team!

    Stats are not reliable unless you actually watched the games!

  222. corey says:

    you people that blame stuff on kobe are just insane and typical kobe haters , it’s everywhere in life people hate other people who make it big its called envy. none of these players are young so they have no excuses for having big games , if someone else would step in and take charge kobe would be happy to let them , take some stress off him , so don’t use excuses to hate on kobe , and you cannot make big shots if you don’t try for them , yes you also have the same risk if you miss , but you cant be nothing great if you don’t have the nerve to try , and we should recognize a legend when hes here ,and appreciate him, cause in the end basketball isn’t about stats and numbers , it’s sports ENTERTAINMENT , so the so called “flashy moves ” and “nice dunks are what this game is about , yes winning is nice which kobe 99% of the time comes through , i mean if you want stats and your not worried about entertainment go watch golf .. lol .. enough said.

  223. mike says:

    why not just tell everyone that its not the playoffs. i understand that must intrigue every single fan to be in tune to the regular season. I just dont understand why everyone feels the need to talk about how much the lakers suck during the regular season. the celticus were 27-27 last year during this time, and they still made it to the nba finals. stop talking about the lakers. let them lose all they want, its JUNE that matters, god damn.

  224. sami says:

    after read all this comments! it makes me think they dont know nothing about nba.. cum on ya! they won back to back, its hard staying at a high level during the season after winning back to back championship..wait ’till playoffs start then we’ll see who’s talking crap..but right now they ‘re still rolling..

  225. lakersFTW says:

    trade melo in n problem solved :DD

  226. LA LA LAND says:


  227. sex says:

    Kobe needs morrison, mbenga, vujajic and farmar back! They’re the bench warming cheerleaders.. notice there was a huge drop in performance shortly after the sasha trade.

  228. ryan tsang says:

    Kobe is no choice so he made lots of bad decisiona even some of them were not very bad, but it’s not healthy for the team in long run.

  229. stfu says:

    You guys are annoying it took kobe 8 years to get rings as ” the guy” lakers have reached the point where there done and its time for a new dynasty to appear just stop crying you kobe fans always got an excuse

  230. SVK kubo says:

    i dont understand when someone says “trade kobe…” realy . Its unreal and stupid . But i think the Lakers need someone who can take shot also . Like bulls – Michael and Pipen . But who . I whould like if the player was Carmelo … but i think its unreal to . Or , Ok Fisher , he gave a lot of important shots… but it’s mainly what to PG do? OK when u like Fisher – trade Blake – Lakers need someone speed crative PG ..its just my opinion .

  231. chippy says:

    Kobe is the greatest basketball player in the planet right now, no doubt about it and no one could say that he needs help. It’s just that they’re not in the groove right now. They’ve been like this before but come playoff time, you see them at their very best. Even the best team in the NBA suffers a slump but not for long. As a die hard lakers fan, I do believe in their talents as a team, just let them jell more, remember they have new acquisitions that’s not accustomed to the triangle offense.
    Trust in each other is the most important factor for a team to be successful and with the players’ commitment to teamwork, I’m sure the thee-peat is not a remote possibility.

  232. celtics vs lakers says:

    celtics won championship without laker’s bynum. dont make an excuse last year when lakers won over celtics because perkins isnt there

  233. stevO3 says:

    My wish is that Lakers needs to find a fast and energetic point guard who can set the plays. No disrespect to Fisher.. He is a little slow when playing against today’s point guards. If we can get either Aron Brooks, Conley, or others guards..which will make the team a lot better. We lost to both Boston, Cav(formal LBJ teams) last year and we beat celtic on the road and won the championship. I don’t think it is a big deal. All lakers have to do is win the game which are winnable. lost to king at home, blow out by Bucks, and lost season series to Memphis is unacceptable. I think they didn’t play seriously. Artest used to be real good when he played at Houston and King? Why not playing offensive like that. they rely too much on KObe..

  234. kiriyama420 says:

    Francisco is stupid. “Lucky player” my ass.

  235. stevO3 says:

    Starscream is a joke. Do you even know how to spell basketball? Kobe can play 1 V 1 in KG.. that’s a joke. seriously.. that’s a joke. he shot over KG all the time. most recently. he shot 3 over KG the other day even though Lakers lost the game.

  236. stevO3 says:

    francisco is stupid and a Kobe hater. How in the world you can shoot the ball efficiently when your fingers are broken. There is no player on earth who can ignore the pain and still led the team to Championship. Kobe stats wasn’t as good when he was scoring 40 04 50 points per game. Winning a championship is not all about scoring. Kobe stats was 7 out of 24 which is really poor, but when you have to put on tape around 3 out of 5 fingers.. I don’t even think Francisco can do it even in his dream. Show some respect. It’s funny that Paul Pierce said we don’t have any superstar in our team like Lakers. He got to be kidding. KG was a super Star. Ray Allen was a superstar and so is Paul Pierce. His name wasn’t mention like LBJ, Wade, Melo, and Kobe because there are too many Supers Stars surrounding him. He is a superstar, but he was the worst among them that’s why his name wasn’t not mentioned a lot. Look at the way Celtics loaded up their rosters. It’s much more deeper and more expensive than Lakers. If Lakers’s GM isn’t cheap, then we would be getting a lot of good players. We supposed to get KG prior to Gasol, but they didn’t want to pay KG. We lost Ariza because they don’t want to pay him. Now they got rid off Sasha and Jordan who can boost off the bench because they don’t want to pay. They want to win Championships, but hey don’t want to spend. Kobe name is mentioned a lot because he is the most famous basketball player on this earth and a lot of people got jealous. I don’t care what they said, he still is the best. If he is not better than Jordan, but not worst. We have more basketball fans now than then, so I would say he is more popular than Jordan. I am talking about fans only in China and all the asian countries. The problem with Lakers is they don’t bring in consistent energy every game they play. If they play a bad team, they lower their standard or levels which to me a kind of underestimate the opponents. They have to be ruthless every single game whether it is regular season games or playoff games. They do need changes right now to push for 3rd championship because they have a lot of slow players.

  237. von bangs says:

    there’s no one to be blame… its just to happen that the ball is round? got it!? hope you guys understand what i mean.. there’s nothing to worry its not playoffs yet.. and the lakers is one of the top teams in the Western Conference.. and for those who criticize that HE only made 6/24 from the field.. well isn’t it amazing they won despite that poor performance of his? are you insane tell me who never misses any shot all of his career. but think first.. those players who is their go to guy ok? idiots?

  238. BallHOgKoBE says:

    I see things a little different for the Lakers. I see Kobe is not the most valuable player on this team. Pau Gasol was racking up stats in three categories at the beginning of the season. On points, rebounds, and assist. And the Lakers were on top of the NBA that time. They looked unstoppable. And then they went back to the old ways. Kobe reasserting himself. With Pau Gasol not contributing solid numbers, this Lakers team looks beatable. Gotta have Pau Gasol back on the MVP track. Cos without him the Lakers, and them playing this way, they wont last a wee bit in the playoffs.

    One more, i dont really understand what’s the difference between a ballhog and teammates not contributing. THERE’S NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL. One ballhogs and naturally the others cannot contribute. ITS NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Never the other way around specially if you really play the game.

  239. kbthebest says:

    Yeah. This is tiring. All the haters are definitely tiring. When Wilt scored 100, everyone’s jumping. When MJ scored 69, everyone was happy. But when Kobe had 81, even VCarter said, it was something not worth celebrating too much because it kinda messes the way kids think about basketball. When other players do something crazy great on court, it becomes celebrated so much. But when Kobe hits his stride, or does something outta this world, you hear a lot of bad talk. Give him the props people! Just like what Sekou said, you gotta give it to him. He’s the only other SG aside from MJ who had done/accomplished outta this world feats. Ain’t that enough? Don’t compare him to anyone. Not even Lebron or Wade. The latter are just kiddie meals still hunting for what he’s gotten long enough right in his hands.

  240. kobebOn says:

    hahahahaha…Kobe play’s a hog ball because he play’s for everything to his team and all lakers team know that matters…Phil Jackson trust well as his team Mates .that’s why.. that’s the right reason why kobe make a hog ball..

  241. Ronald Marcellana says:

    its really that telling, the back to back champions is not showing the form that make them the champions. One, they did not perform well against the top teams in the leagues the latest is the celtics not to mention lakers are playing at home. averaging 13 pts on their lost.modesty aside being a die hard fan of lakers since magic era, if kobe does not ball hug specially now that his team mates including the starters are in disarray where does lakers go.seeing at the standing 2 or 3 teams have past them on the overall standing. the only bright light would be Lamar Odom. hopefully artest wakes up realizing the season has started and its on halfway. secondly, before the season starts i thought the lakers has upgraded their roster but what are we seeing, its so disappointing.. do i see the need for a trade?

    i just hope my lakers picks up on the second half of the season.LETS KO LAKERS!!!!!!

  242. kbthebest says:


    Kobe deserves credit for everything he has done. Since his “Shaq and Phil and Haters Against Me” era, the guy played the best basketball we’ve seen after MJ. The credits are long overdue. Just accept the fact that your bashing will not really bug him because he knows, all of the basketball world knows, he’ll get up there.

  243. KB24forever says:

    i think you guys are awfully right. i read the articles and can’t believe what ron-ron is thinking. he wants to be traded? is that really an appropriate way to think after winning a championship? but if that what he wants. he might be traded and i feel that kupchak would get a great acquisition with a ron artest trade. ariza might be a nice choice with his defensive and offensive consistency. but i will let kupchak decide on whos o trade or not. but if im the one to decide. ron, wants to be trade and he might do hell in the floor when he don’t get want he wants. so let him be traded.

    KOBE BRYANT ain’t a BALLHOG. he is just a GREAT OFFENSIVE PLAYER, thats why he gets the ball that much.
    peace out!

  244. showtime says:

    lakers have a good team. pau just isn’t playing tough right now.

    they should limit fishers minutes to keep him fresh for the playoffs and give more playing time at the point to steve blake and shannon brown. they also need to play joe smith and derrick caracter more to keep pau gasol fresh as he is playing the most minutes in the team. if caracter or smith can’t handle it, they need to trade for another big man

  245. ramen says:

    yah… kobe is a BIG ball hoger..
    it is a fact.. he scores 40+ pts and yet his teammates
    doesnt even get a double figure score..


  246. noe says:

    Lakers suck but kobe sucks way more salchicha

  247. Minger says:

    What a bunch of bull crap from most of the “analysts”. Kobe is as selfish as they come and naturally when your superstar is selfish and can banish you to Hoboken New Jersey whenever you make a mistake or just on a whim, you tend to be very hesitant with the ball. Gasol is probably just tired at this point in the season and might need some time off to rest. I didn’t see Kobe even looking at his teammates during the fourth decisive quarter so enough about those first quarter stats, they’re meaningless. Every time he got double or triple teamed he didn’t pass the ball off but instead tried to make it on his own which resulted in many lost balls and even an offensive. ON the other hand, the Lakers roster is in my opinion awful, meaning mainly Fish, Artest, Walton who are all a liability offensively. Walton and Fish also defensively. Get Ariza back.

  248. The Expert says:

    i agree wsith u francisco your right trade kobe for a younger star like melo cause im the expert

  249. psyche18 says:

    i think they have to trade artest. maybe get ariza back or try to have 2 young improving forwards.

  250. colby and the fakers says:

    DISBAND THE LAKERS TEAM………………………………….

  251. Carlo (LA fan) says:

    kobe doens’t hogs the ball too much because he’s got to do he’s job because if he isn’t hoging the ball then they would lose always. For me i think that kobe bryant needs a litle help they need more shooting guard

  252. Erik says:

    We needs to bring Nash in L.A. and the pbrblemis end.

  253. Edward says:

    Kobe hogs the ball too much? That’s normal, and it’s fine with me. i don’t care if he has to do it by himself.
    That is why im a LAKER Fan and it is in his own discretion to pass or not as long as it will be a point convertion and the fans will be happy.

    No need for trades this time. they are in the process of mixing the ingredients that is due for the playoffs run. i know the Kobe and Phil has something up their sleeves and will amaze us. Artest is a key ingredient to this team. we need toughness and aggressiveness that artest can only do. Miracles will also come in handy, This is the City of angels by the way.

  254. Eric says:

    People seem to care alot about Kobe yall funny but his Career is done thanks to Miami

  255. muho says:

    relax lakers fans, like last year they will figure it out and at the and of the day everyone will see who is the real champs. also there is nothing wrong with kobe he is just an amazing competetor and he wants his team to win. right now the best thing he thinks for winnig is scorng the basketball and he is doing it.

  256. Russel says:

    MIAMI HEAT will win the title!!! Sorry Kobe and Lakers. 2011 Finals MIA-SA and James finally will get his ring

  257. letso7 says:

    No one should blame Kobe. He is a one man show. Never a team player.
    And am not talking about his stats.
    He should have worked his difrences with Shaq for the greater good of the team.
    After Shaq left the team , he could not pass first round of playoffs. Thats all.
    With all those great adittions they got two more rings.
    Now if he can’t make those teamates shine, it just proves that he is one of the best,
    maybe the best all time offensive player who played the game. Not a leader.

  258. Ice Pogi says:

    Some say LBJ is more ballhog than KOBE… you maybe right… But ….. Comparing those 2…. LBJ is more effective ballhog than KOBE…. put LBJ on the lakers… still a contender… now put kobe to cleveland… KOBE wins back to back champs because he had some pretty help from his team mates… LBJ on the other hand….got nothing… It is LBJ vs. CELTICS… just like DWADE vs.. Celtics last season… the good thing on both DWADE and LBJ is they don’t blame anyone even if they’re losing…Dwade knew that LBJ is their ace player… but LBJ knew too that DWADE is their true leader…. they respect each other… and they respect everyone on their team…. Dwade brings motivation on his teammates… not intimidation…. Kobe uses intimidation to his teammates when things gone bad….that’s how he motive his teammates… blaming them…..

  259. The Expert says:

    kobe is getting old he’s past his prime he needs to be traded now before his value goes down if the lakers are smart they should go after melo who is 7 yrs younger than kobe and not a ball hog as him plus melo is a pure scorer and plus he dosn’t take 30 shots like kobe does all kobe wants is most pts in nba history thats y hes taking alot of shots they aint gonna win against good teams if he kepps it up kobe has alot of years under him 15 and he’s slowing down this is there last yr with coach so this is there last chance at there run but i think there out in the first round to the thunder

  260. Tevin Fawkes says:

    Lets be real. Every time the Lakers win a championship, the GM changes the roster. This year the Lakers got steve blake, matt barnes, and joe smith. Really? I’m a Lakers fan and I know that in order to beat the lakers all you have to do is play a fast pace game. So my question is why get rid of Ariza and Jordan. We need to add fresh legs to our team, not keep signing old players that can’t play a fast up tempo game.

  261. Miami Trio says:

    Hey Yo! Fighting for Kobe? LOL! Kobe ballhogs alll the time. I am a Kobe Hater! Seriously! I don’t have much to say… I can say only that MIAMI versus (any team who could make it not definitely Lakers) and either if Lakers will make it, a sweep in the finals will happen. GO MIAMI!!! BOOOOOO LAKERS!! KOBE GO TO HELL!!! KILL YOURSELF!!!! I HATE YOU!!!! DWAYNE WADE = 3 , LEBRON JAMES = 6, CHRIS BOSH = 1 ….3+6+1= 10 CONSECUTIVE RINGS! LOL. GO MIAMI GO!


  262. Boon says:


  263. Lakers Line-up
    C – P. Gasol
    PF – B. Griffin
    SF- R. Artest
    SG – “The Black Mamba” K. Bryant
    PG – D. Fisher
    A. Bynum
    L. Odom
    M. Barnes
    S. Brown
    S. Blake

    Trade Smith and Walton and two Rookies to B.Griffin
    and Sign a Free Agent

  264. did says:

    Kobe is Kobe! after d rain the sun will rise up to d lakers 4 d 3rd time.

  265. francisco sucks says:

    you are an idiot francisco shut up.

  266. Annoying says:

    “totallyballhog” is a Kobe hater to the max. Listen boy, don’t ever say Kobe doesn’t have leadership. without him 2008 Olympic team wouldn’t win shyt. without him, Shaq WOULDN’t win shyt. Kobe is the guy makes big shots. clutch shots.His player of the decade for a reason. he’s a 5 time champion for a reason. Kobe get’s alot of attention because he is that dam good. you can’t deny it, stop hating already.

  267. fırat says:

    tonight there’s spurs against lakers match at staples and you will see kobe score 35+ maybe 40+ and dish 5+assists what about your predictions

  268. Prof says:

    Kobe is holding the ball too much. He’s like Derrick Rose of Chicago Bulls. Rose is taking too many shots and his shooting percentage is one of the worsts in the NBA.

  269. fırat says:

    why anyone don’t blame kevin durant when he scores 40+points using 25+shots isn’t that ball hog and someone says okc playing team basketball that is big lie when kobe score 40+everyone blame him who is better passer durant or kobe or who is much ball hog durant or kobe think about it

  270. The Expert says:

    lakers need a change trade kobe for melo

  271. da man says:

    dont get me wrong im kobe fan but when things go wrong he does everything by himself. his other teammates might as well get back on d.

  272. laker diss says:

    LOL. Lakers fail, but check this out i will give them some mail, stating they suck to death, come on now kobe is all they got left. lamar odom? gasol after a game smell like feet, you talking about boston, lets take you back to when the lakers lost to the heat. ima get lebron on kobe come jump on that wagon, it’s time for king james, so release the kraken, on a closing note, kobe better try out for american idol, because the lakers wont make the finals, let alone win another title

  273. joe says:

    I have to say its both kobe and the teammates fault that they lose games that you can possibly win. Kobe is a great player one of the greatest behind MJ. The lakers just have a bad habit of not trying to defend at all, they need to get their act together and give their best effort in each possession of the game just like the opposing teams. The Ron Artest trade was a great move, we need him for playoff experience and especially his D. Also he spreads the floor with his not so great three point shooting. Derek Fisher is a must have, if you dont watch the games he at times do the smallest things that makes the lakers win. He had that game 3 in the finals that gave us a W. What i do suggest is to trade luke walton and the rookies for a quicker guard who can pass the ball or is good in fast breaks, because the lakers are horrible when it comes to fast breaks they stumble and make a turnover like 90% of the time. the lakers have a great roster even though we’re missing matt barnes and theo ratliff. LO and pau gasol and kobe are the big 3 in the lakers . No matter what the record is against the elite, we’ll still do a 3peat . Just get rid of Luke because he flat out sucks!

  274. d_fear says:

    ohhh c’mon! Kobe really hog’s the ball too much! like what happened last game against Boston. He scored 41 points and got 3 rebounds but he has no assist even a single point! So how can his teammates will help him if he himself didn’t know how to pass the basketball to them.

  275. audiRS4 says:

    I agree the Lakers need to do something to shake things up. Start Blake at PG and have a starting line up of Bynum, Gasol, Odom, Kobe & Blake… Fish can come off the bench when we need big shots.. he can’t keep up w/ the fast guards even 2 years ago…. n he is not getting any younger… think they would probably make a trade before the trading deadline.. trade away Walton, 1 of the rookie…Character? and a draft pick for a high energy guard to come off the bench for the 2nd unit.. I think that’s their biggest problem. I didn’t like they traded away Sasha for Joe Smith. But I think the bigs a fine the way it is right now. After Reliaf comes back from injury and Bynum gets more in shape deeper into the season. I think when everything is set and done, you’ll see the Lakers back in the finals this year and win it. That’s if they make a move before the trading deadline.

  276. PHIL says:


  277. Yangbo says:

    I think fans are though around the word “Ball Hog” too loosely. I mean unless a player are jacking up shots, w/o caring if the team win/lose then that player is truly a ball hog.

    1. Kobe is LA’s # 1 option, so obviously he will get most of the shots.
    2. Kobe has avg around 50% fg during the recent struggles. I mean if a player is hot let him shoot.
    3. It’s Gasol, LO, Drew’s responsibility to demand the ball. Just because Kobe is rolling doesn’t mean they can just slack off and watch him play 1v1. They need to move w/o the ball and create passing lanes.
    4. Although during the LA vs Cs Game Kobe shot a lot during the forth, he didn’t “Force” shots down the stretch like he once did, all the shots he took where mostly high % shots for him. Also during the forth, pretty much LA was like “here Kobe take the ball and make a play” every single time.

    I definitely don’t think Kobe is a ball hog, I mean if your team makes are struggling will you pass them the ball? LA has the talent, they just lack the effort, either on Offensive or Defensive. I only seen the “Championship Lakers” during two games this season, against Nuggets and Jazz where they played on both ends of the floor. Also for the fans that don’t think LA needs to worry, I think its time for them to worry, sure they are #2 seed, but their schedule was so easy early on, and their upcoming on is rated the #2 most difficult or something along those lines. I want to see how LA handles the up coming road trip.

  278. PHIL says:

    TRADE PHIL JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  279. Lakersfansince91 says:

    If anyone is to blame for the Lakers losing to Boston blame Phil and Luke Walton. The minute Luke came in to guard Pierce in the 3rd quarter, Pierce went off on his scoring run. Remember the Lakers had the game in control by half time. Also Ray Allen hit some big buckets everytime Brown was guarding him so I would question Phil’s defenseive assignments. IMO Phil should have put Kobe on Pierce, Brown on Rondo and Fish on Ray Allen.

  280. subayloco23 says:

    lakers is still winning though

  281. totallyballhog says:

    yeah yeah fanboys always say that kobe is not a ballhog and i agree what others said here that kobe always get the credits…. when they win, it’s always because of kobe, when they lost it’s always becuase of his teammates…. heck in losses, the GOAT MJ still looks good… kobe on the other hand still can’t refuse to become a ball hog especially now that he’s after his legacy…. just remember the game 7 finals when kobe tried to become ball hog on the ealry part of the game which favored the boston until he realized that they’ll not win unless he trusts his teammates… and yeah, the lakers are a complete team now no need for trades… what they need now is leadership which kobe doesn’t have….

  282. jerry says:

    kobe’s replacement have’nt born yet!!!

  283. eddie says:

    The Laker’s struggle is the defense, not offense. Kobe take a lot of shot… off course, is Kobe Bryant. Who do you want to take them? Artest? or maybe Fisher? Course not.
    You only have to check one stat PFG.
    If you’re playing Boston or San Antonio or Miami and they gonna score 65% trouhg the game it doesnt matter if Kobe pass the ball or take all the shots for himself.. YOU GONNA LOSE.
    They have to step up on defense or this season it will be really short.

  284. bataraza24 says:

    not all the time you’re going win in regular season…even you are no.1 in the nba…LOOK AT THE CAVS B4..2 in a row # 1 in nba…but what happen in PLAYOFFS? back to zero…but of course uv got a HOME court advantage…


  285. Tope says:

    Kobe is just doing his job, his teammates should step up..

  286. NBA Expert says:

    OK to settle things once and for all,

    Kobe is not a ballhog. It might have seemed that way because he shot practically all the shots in the last half of the 4th against the celts but thats cuz bynum and gasol were being so dam effeminate. Kobe was being aggresive cuz all the other Lakers had given up already they should really work on their conditioning only Kobe was earning his paychek

  287. nba says:

    im a fan of great gmes. i like the idea of melo and kobe. that would be one hell of a game when lakers meet heats on the finals. but the possibility for this trade to go through is really low. gerald wallcae would be a perfect fit for the lakers. he’s athletic and he plays really good defense. trade artest for wallace and fish and bynum for cp3. move odom to PF. trade walton and other players to detroit for rip to fill up the bench.

  288. bataraza24 says:





    from philippines…pacman is the best…kb24 s the best ALL-TIME PERIOD.

  289. Mengesha says:

    Francisco you are watching porn not basketball, how do you come up to call Kobe selfish when Kobe had 7 assists in the 1st 12 mins. alone.
    get real and watch basketball so you can learn more about the game

  290. Starscream says:

    I think Kobe need a rest and play baseball instead… He is not a tough player and even he will play one on one to Garnett, for sure Kobe will become a Turtle thats keeps on running against the Horse…Kobe sucks!

  291. Shaun says:

    If Ron Artest is wanting to be traded from a 2-time defending championship team; possibly going for its 3rd straight championship, then what team would be willing to pick him up? He mind as well retire. In my opinion, he should try a different sport. What person in their right mind would want to be traded from a defending championship team, when so many other NBA players wish they were playing for such a team??

    Can anybody out there answer that for me???

    Knowing Ron Artest’s past, he should thank God just to be called a Laker. Ron, you should REALLY think about what you are about to do. BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!

  292. Francisco Is Ignorent. says:

    Just have patience. They will come around. Relax people. They are the 2 time defending champs. We could go into this in depth but i feel, just wait they will come true.

    P.S. Derek Fisher is the BOMB!

  293. blackmamba04 says:

    this what i think, try to be in kobe’s shoes.. your a star player in your team and everyone is looking up to you to win a ball game.. then you let your teammates play, but they don’t deliver or even don’t play good defense.. what would you do? who’s gonna take the shot if everyone is not confident of taking it? come on guys… here is to kobe haters, just shout up… you just can’t accept the your favorite player is not as good as kobe.. why is it that if lebron doesn’t pass the ball, or wade, or peirce, or other players hogs the ball too much you don’t put the blame on them? why because kobe is better.. and you just can’t accept it.. damn… grow up people…

  294. Denise says:

    KOBE IS NOT THE PROBLEM, like Mark Jackson said the rest of the Lakers are not coming to play. PAU is playing soft against guys like KG. and he is not going after rebounds. is Pau tired? why si the whole team playing like they the will automitacally go to the finals.. Kobe is not ball hogging , the team needs to man up!!

  295. larry says:

    The lakers seem to older and slower. I know it is still early. Everyone believes the lakers will turn it on when necessary. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were talking about Kareem, Magic, Worthy, Cooper, and Scott. Other than Kobe and maybe Lamar, the other guys on the team are not good enough to turn it on or raise their game, whenever they please. There are plenty of reasons to be alarmed,
    The more respect Kobe has for another player or team, the more he shoots to prove to the world he’s the best. The ways he plays is the lakers greatest strength and biggest weakness.
    I always thought it was the guards responsibility to get the ball to the bigs. That was not done when Kobe shot 10-12 times in a row. It’s hard to stay focused and want to play defense when you become a spectator

  296. MJ4EVER says:

    The question is…either kobe is a ball hog or not? The answer is a big YES. Look, they lost to celtics with kobe by 41 point BUT “ZERO” assist. Does the latter is an absoulute prove for that? I watch the game, there have been times his teammates are free but didn’t get the ball, well maybe because he doesn’t trust them, or he’s trying to win the game by himself to prove somthing to celtics (that won’t work at all for celtics). But you know what, I don’t hate kobe — but what i hate is his his being a “ball hog”. That’s the point I want to watch more Lebron than him too. Because Lebron used to fill-in the boxscore (with huge points, assists, steals, blocks, etc.). He’s a very good facilitator (a poin-forward really), he can score 40’s, 50’s “with huge assist” stats as well. That’s the point where most of the team would love to have Lebron join them instead of kobe (as simply people hates kobe for being the ball hogger in most cases, thoug he’s one of the great players in his generation).

    You may want to ask kobe, and probably he may answer you wirth a big YES too (but maybe, nah am taking a lot of shots as my teammates don’t want to take it — common that’s not true kobe, those teammates you have are professionals and can take the shot if they have the ball or opportunity). I don’t buy the idea that an nba player won’t take a shot if he got the opportunity then!!!!!

    • Lakersfansince91 says:

      Can’t have assists if your teammates aren’t hitting their shots.

      Kobe shot 16-32 for 41 points for a very efficient 55% shooting. Artest 1-10, Gasol 5-13, Fisher 1-6… Without Kobe the rest of the team shot a measily .38%. FG That’s unacceptable. Kobe is defintely not to blame. And for the record… A high assist number really isn’t a true indicator of a player sharing the ball. Allen Iverson has a career 6.2 assists, which is not bad… but I would defintely not say that he was a player who shared the ball, infact I would say he’s one of the biggest ball hogs in the history of basketball.

      Kobe just can’t win.

  297. MJ says:

    Jordan is not the best planet in the world
    maybe in the Space Jam movie yes
    even Lebron, Wade and Kobe
    Can murder those stink and trash Jordan’s era
    What is the team to beat ?
    garbage teams when Jordan played
    its so easy for MJ to win
    If Kobe, Wade or Lebron is playing against the team (jordan era) these guys are so happy

    TODAY, every team is WINNABLE
    more powerful
    more efficient
    TEAM today became contenders..
    If Jordan is Playing today..he need help with his sweet refs that gave him “sweet calls”

    MJ is great in time that NBA sucks..garbage teams..players are weak

    Kobe,Wade and Lebron better than MJ

  298. Andrey Ninov says:

    Its not about trading fisher hes a franchise legend and should end his career at LA but need some major replacement hes not that young anymore and need to enter from the bench,
    Yes Artest its a great defender but far from the Offensive impact that Had Ariza and Butler to the LA and all the Melo lovers this just not gonna work mostly hes got to big salary , not that young either and hes not hungry anymore…i personal think that hes not gonna fit in la we need some one more like devin harris to rotate with fisher and ron-ron and odom into the wing and one more big man cause of the short bench

  299. Dvoice says:

    Kobe is not a ball hog. This guy is “very competitive” and will do anything in his power to win the game when his team mates are not playing well.

  300. What amazes me is that Kobe Bryant career has been mitigated to damn if you do damn if you don’t. People talk about Jordan’s career 13+ years later as if they grew up watching Jordan tear up the east all those years, forgetting how demanding he was forgetting how many shots he chucked up. Perception is everything and in the eye of the masses I cannot recall a more polarizing figure in the NBA. how does one with such talent who has and continues to work so hard every off season to become the best get shoved into a corner and labeled simply a ball hog. To conjure up the thought that he doesn’t trust his teammates when he out performs them. It’s never or rarely a simple Kobe is still a dominate player but rather Kobe had to take the game over because he can’t trust these guys. It’s quite sickening actually, Kevin Durant is actually a player that is similar to Kobe Bryant a pure shooter but he does not have the defense, athletic ability nor offensive repitor as Mr. Bryant however he is lights out from anywhere on the floor. When Kevin Durant chucks the ball up 31 times 29 times etc. and has a poor shooting night no one makes it an eye sore. But if he scores while shooting the ball 25-30 times then he is simply amazing. All of you Bloggers, pundits as well as posters should be ashamed of yourselves for not appreciating what Kobe Bryant has done for the league and what he has been able to accomplish. saying he didn’t have an assist, is dumbfounded coining Kobe Bryant scoring as Kobe being Kobe is poor judgement and it’s disheartening to know that what Kobe was and still is is a BASKETBALL player who happens to make a lot of money he is a product of Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. He is not someone who makes a lot of MONEY and happens to be a basketball player and if that difference doesn’t resonate then I never expected it to in the first place. In closing Kobe Bryant is under appreciated and the NBA won’t realize who they had until he’s gone.

  301. SOCOLD says:

    And this is way off subject, but maybe the Lakers should start Shannon Brown instead of Derek Fisher, and Lamar Odom instead of Ron Artest……just a thought. Seeing as how those are the most energetic players on the team.

    • TINGYMAN says:

      then who do we bring off the bench? ron artest and fish would not be a positve to our bench while our starters are resting

      • SOCOLD says:

        First of all, Fish spent the first 3 championships coming off the bench for Ron Harper the first year, and Brian Shaw the next 2……and before that, he was Nick Van Exel back-up. So don’t act like Fish has been a starting point guard his whole career. I’m a huge Laker fan, but truth is truth, Fisher only starts because he’s a championship veteran. And if Lamar’s stats as a starter this year, are better than they are with him coming off the bench, then why wouldn’t you continue to start him??? He started the last game vs. the rockets, and had a 20-20 game. Do I really need to say more??

  302. FANTARD says:

    Kobe need help

    If he scores and start shooting
    teammates just watched him
    Gasol on poor defense,
    No team defemse/offense
    No hussle play
    no spark, no motivation to Win at all.
    It seems that only Shannon his doing his job…everygame, he delivers
    I know, Kobe recognize that

  303. Jason says:

    It’s hard to contribute when you never touch the ball. Yes, Kobe was the only positive factor in the game against the Celtics, but Kobe was trying to take the game over well before his teammates had a chance to prove their worth. 29 times he found himself open enough to take a shot. He never found an open teammate. The Celts won, but I fault them for not realizing that Kobe was not trusting his teammates and they should’ve triple teamed him every possession.

  304. oSCARFACEo says:

    Kobe is the best..Dont judge kobe..The team need to discover their weaknesses..They can handle the Miami Heat they also struggle how to fix their team..but later on they discover the weaknesses in their players and team..Lakers will win another championship this season..thats for sure.. 🙂

  305. Sheed says:

    Gasol and odom aint getting enogh shots. Cant get any rythm going if you got a guy on your team avging 30+ shots a night. And people should stop with this Lakers need help! They are playing pretty good basketball and have a good team, the loose to teams like boston and san antonia because those teams are just better than the lakers and it dont matter who they trade or who gets more shots they still dont winning no more titles. The shouldnt even have won it last year and the year before that! The celtics have been the best team in the nba since the 07-08 season, lakers got to face orlando in the finals in 09 cause garnett was out in the playoffs and they won game 7 last year because perk was out so will everyone let this go already! Lakers aint bad but they still aint winning no more title. Neither is Miami btw

    • TINGYMAN says:

      neither will the celtics win “no mo title” “sheed”. obviously your a boston fan that is butthurt over the fact that the lakers have been the best team over 2 years. remember that in last years finals, bynum wasnt playing up to his full potential due to an INJURY. So stop with all your bs about how kp was hurt, we had a man that was hurt also

  306. ron says:

    the problem is kobe is not ballhogging the ball enough! his assist has gone up this season which means he could be shooting instead of passing to teamates that probably wont score the bucket.

  307. heatles says:

    i aint hattin on fish but honestly speaking he needs to be traded for a better,true point guard. the only reason the lakers signed him is bcoz he is kobe’s personal choice. they need a point guard. trade ron ron for a good PG. sure his a tough guy but i dont think he complements the lakers on both ends of the court. his defense is also running slow. and i more thing if gasol dont play his best then trade him for a true tough guy. trade fish and ron for CP3 or nash. surely kobe needs some help.

  308. John Bautista says:

    @Francisco.. dude, for God’s sake.. before you talk about the “FACTS” (stats) you are talking about..look at the history..Kobe compared to Wade..i know they are both great players..but Wade is not yet at the level of discussion of greatness as compared to Kobe..ok..go to the stat sheet..look at the Miami’s boxscore for this season..all their scores have come from the majority of the BIG three..then if you see at least 10 instances that the scoring came from the other players beside the big three then I’ll give you a nod on saying Wade is greater then Kobe..even Lebron can’t be in the argument of being the Best Player on Earth ryt now..LEBRON is all power no finesse..

    • TINGYMAN says:

      exactly, and as time goes on, lebron would become worse and worse, power players eventually lose their strength and have to compete against younger stronger players, however, finesse players get better and better as they learn their finesse

      • SOCOLD says:

        and I’m sorry, but this is just a bunch of bull……Shaq built a whole career off of power, and has 4 rings to show for it. Lebron is a great player, and the NBA has never seen anyone with his size, speed, strength, and agility. The man is talented. And I don’t remember the last time Finesse won a championsip, all the years I’ve been watching, the team that one was tougher than the other. Just like when the pistons beat the lakers in 04

    • francisco says:

      look Dude stats are not everything in basketball but they are the objective part of the game, you decide that WADE is not at that level of discusion based on a subjective issue(you like KOBE OR YOU ARE A LAKER FAN).IF Kobe had been
      a MIAMI heat player(before the big 3 era) , he likely had 35 points per game during his career , but shooting 40%, because he had to absorbe all doubled team and pressure and for sure no rings at all.
      He is GREAT player , But he has been blessed to be a LAKER , HE has been blessed to play ALONG SHAQ in his
      prime(27 or 28 ppg and 10 rebounds). Now HE has an super TEAM of big MEN(Basquetball is a game of tall people) ,
      and when he gets 41 points and no assists is because everybody else is bad ,,jejejejeje. this is probabilistically speaking
      very unlikely.
      you talk about finesse , that is one issue that makes Kobe likeable, But I take Shaq(his prime) over Kobe any day.

  309. kibbles says:

    i am a huge fan of kobe but we all know he’ll never be as great as MJ. but nanzc whatre you talking about? kobe does not copy Mj’s moves, and even if he did whats it matter? have you seen some of the shots that kobe and MJ have taken in their careers? if kobe can copy some of mjs moves and actually MAKE the basket that speaks more volume to his game than you could ever understand

  310. SOCOLD says:

    Lol, Kobe hogging the ball too much. If Kobe score 15 and has 12 assist and the Lakers lose, people will say, “Kobe needs to score more.” If Kobe scores 40 and has 2 assist, they’ll say, “Kobe needs to pass more.” Well I say, as long as they’re winning in the playoffs, let the regular season be the regular season. Although nearly impossible, it seems people in a sense expect the Lakers to win 82 games….lol. Everyone starts talkin crap when the Lakers lose to the leagues worst teams. If I remeber correctly, I believe last year they had loses to Toronto, Indiana, Memphis, and Charlotte, and didn’t Iguodala win on a game winner??? Not 100% sure. But anyways, the Lakers go through this year after year. Kobe is not Lebron, D-Wade, Carmello, or Kevin Durant. He plays the role his team needs him to. The same way those other player do for their teams. So, to sum it all up, the issue is the Lakers motivation. It upsets me seeing them lose, but I sit and think about it, and I realize……….I didn’t just lose a game, nobody cares about me being a fan of the Lakers when they win, or when they lose. So the only people who should be concerned about ball hogging and team play on the Lakers, are the Lakers players.

  311. LAKER_NATION_24 says:

    4 words for yah francisco……you are an IDIOT

  312. nanzc says:

    kobe is a copycat stud, mimicking mj’s moves won’t help him topple jordan on the best nba player ever to play basketball,,,,,keep copying kobe,,you look corny.

  313. jan says:

    can’t blame KOBE the ball hugs him every time he plays.

  314. Craigab21 says:

    Francisco is a total hater of Kobe as we can all see…..For the past 5 yrs Kobe has been unselfish and putting his trust in his teammates…when ur a superstar and creating for ur teammates and their not making use of it,u av to try and make things happen for u,so i dont blame kobe for not trying to take over the game at times…..Another thing,Fransisco if ur gonna check stats,kobe has it all,from being an allstar for yrs,1st team defense for yrs and he’s been breaking scoring records all the times…..Kobe will always be Kobe and no matter what happens he will always be among the greats…..Dwayne wade is a great player but he won that ring with the help of shaq and alonso mourning giving them alot of defense and both offensive and defensive rebounds…..Kobe has been playing with back spasms,knee injury that needs surgery,broken fingers and a sprain ankle and still win a championship….give credit where u should cuz kobe deserves it all.

  315. Kobe4Life says:

    Lakers need more effort and a shakeup is imminent. Time for them to make a move and go get CP3!

  316. kibbles says:

    oh and fransisco, if you ever get back on here, you really just dont know basketball.

  317. BG says:

    the lakers need better point guard and ariza they need some young legs on the court not grandpa fisher that’s my opinion

  318. KobeMelo says:

    Boss Mitch Kupchak. . Please TRADE Artest, Joe Smith, Luke Walton, 1st/2nd Round Pick for Carmelo Anthony .. So we can match Wade and Lebron vs. Kobe and Melo in the finals .. if in case … Kobe needs a teammate that has the same mind set that he has…. If no trade, could be no ring =(

  319. kibbles says:

    you really think LA would ever trade kobe?? the face of their franchise? are you dumb? without kobe theyd be in rebuilding mode again. LA is not the type of team that eneters that mode often. Them and boston are elite teams which have a reputation to hold up and are expected to always be great. If you think the Lakers would every get rid of Kobe, the only guard besides jordan to reach 27000 pts and is definatley a first ballot hall of famer you just dont know basketball. So kobes getting old, so what? i think 25 , 5 and 5 in only THIRTHY THREE minutes a game is pretty good. especially when hes still shooting 46% from the field

  320. DevilsAdvc8 says:

    if you can score 81 points in a game, then you must be a ball hog. coz only some major ball hogging can get you that much points.

  321. bonafiedgee says:

    Then another thang I get so tired of hearing people say” he got them rings because of Shaq” i love Shaq but how many rings did he win before he played with Kobe…I thought so..this dude played with Penny and couldn’t get it done till he played with Kobe. When he left he went and played with DWade he should’ve won another, but Kobe was left with Kwame, Smush Parker, Mark Madsen and Chucky Atkins..need i say long was Jordan in the league before he got a ring..oh yea he had to wait for Pippen and Rodman cuz he wasn’t able to do without them…#24 G.O.A.T

  322. Triptothetip says:

    Guys Kobe is a great player period. He is not Micheal Jordan but both had similar qualities. Every championship team needs a leader and Kobe is that guy. He does miss shots(you would too in a double or triple team) but its not being afraid to take the pressure shot that makes him the leader. Whether the lakers win or lose this year it will be because of Kobe leadership and the reaction from the team. The must be spurred from Kobe to play at the elite level they can all play at. Trading players is not the answer. They all must accept accountability and play 100% flat out every game then they will win and win regularly.

  323. kb24 says:

    trade fisher an artest

    lamar can play SF an lakers can get a better point gard

  324. mark says:

    i think they should trade fisher or artest. they’re not stepping up. bring back ariza. or get carmelo. and they have a chance to win a title again. i think kobe is not selfish anymore. kobe is doing what he should do to help his team to win. so guys don’t blame kobe.

  325. WiseOne says:

    Actually, Kobe even dropped 11 assists a couple nights ago, 7 in the first Q. It was only because his teammates were helping him out. when does that ever happens besides that night?????

  326. Rhold says:

    Trade Artest for Melo! Kobe-Melo MJ-Pippen

  327. kobejackfan says:

    trade ron artest derek fisher 1st round pick for stephen jackson of bobcats…..

  328. WiseOne says:

    Seriously people. . . why would you question kobe

    Kobe is simply the greatest

    he only hogs the ball cus there is no point to pass to weaker teammates who will miss. He is a born leader. Get it right at stop hatin.

    probably hatin because he has made your favorite team look like clowns.

  329. mane 101 says:

    if the lakers bigs arent doing their jobs and shannon brown and lamar odom are the only bench men off the bench that are contributing kobe has no choice to hog the ball because his the starters arern’t helping him see how many open shots they get they always choose to go in the post i think the starters need to step up cause their giving kobe a bad name…. trade ron artest and steve blake .

  330. kobenex says:

    what’s wrong with the lakers now? i don’t like the way they play…. bring back TREVOR ARIZA out BLAKE… get CP3 out ronron… common guys!

  331. KOBEBEEF says:

    Kobe usually hogs the ball, but no one says anything except now, and the majority of comments here seem to be the typical Kobe fans saying things like ” Kobe is the Man!” bla bla bla. pass the ball more get a new point guard, good to go.

  332. bonafiedgee says:

    I don’t really understand the criticism Kobe gets as a ball hog especially in the Kwame Brown, Smush Parker day’s. I think this guy doesn’t get the respect he deserves as being maybe the most TALENTED player ever. Henry stated that he must trust his teammates but when they standing flatfooted not rotating and waiting for him to win the game for them he has to make a decision, win or satisfy everyone elses expectation’s.Then we he passing the ball everybody complaining about that, saying he need to take over now Lebron or Durant putting up big numbers scoring 35 or 40 and now they the best in the league but when Kobe was scoring ridiculous numbers he conidered a ball hog…QUIT HATING on Kob, This dude has the heart of a lion and is the ultimate competitor, there’s only a few player’s i’ve seen with his will to win, Jordan, Magic, and Isaiah. Nobody complained or said Jordan was a ball hog when he scored 50 or 63 points and won the scoring title consecutively..guess what people to hit 63 points you have to shot the rock a lot, but it’s Ok because it’s Mike huh? A lot of you cats leaving comments don’t know nothing about basketball, you just watch Inside the NBA or hear Mike Wilbon make a statement saying that Kobe needs to trust his teammates..well his teammates need to trust themselves and say they gonna get it done and quite lollygaging and bring something to the table..everybody got to eat so bring yo ingredients

  333. Dimitri French says:

    I’m not a laker fan or a Kobe fan but OBVIOUSLY it’s the teams fault. Kobe only starts jacking when the team is playing like straight garbage

  334. The Truth 34 says:

    look for all u laker i mean faker fans, kobe is selfish, doesnt pass the ball. Got his azh beat against the celtics, Kobe ball hog like 10 possessions for like the last 6 mins of the game, also he had NO i repeat NOOOOOO assist in the game vs celtics. All need to be said

  335. corbenix says:

    i’m not a KOBE fan yet without kobe on the team,they are helpless. remember Iverson, Larry Brown didn’t let him play for several games,why? Iverson is a very good player yet doesn’t pass a lot..Even Jordan,when he first came at the NBA he doesn’t pass the ball too,not like when he came back,that is why Pippen gets the time to shine because Jordan and his team work the ball around. MJ’s coach was Jackson also so I bet he knows what he is doing

  336. Read this!!! says:

    This is a dilemma and there may be no right or wrong. But I have to disagree with some people here. I admire Tim Duncan for letting Ginobili and Parker have MVP seasons. I admire the Celtics’ Big 3 for sharing the ball unselfishly and letting Rajon Rondo be their general on offense. I even admire the Heat (I’m a Heat hater but in the sportsmanship way not the crazy way) for doing what they’re doing down there in Miami. I look at the Lakers and I see Pau Gasol having an amazing beginning of the season. He was an MVP candidate to me and the Lakers’ best player at that point. I see Odom, and the beginning of the season he had. I take a look at these two guys and remember in last year’s playoffs how every single time the Lakers’ beat somebody everyone said it was all about their length. And then I look at Kobe. One of the best players ever, and I wonder if he’s OK with having another guy getting MVP credits, another guy on his team being the Finals MVP. I remember his issues with Shaq and I can’t help but wonder if Kobe is just not willing to take that. Is he a Tim Duncan, KG, Allen, Pierce, James, Wade, Bosh? I just don’t think so. However, as long as his teammates are not seen on National TV YELLING at Kobe and DEMANDING the ball every single possession it’s on them and it’s their fault even though that’s likely not an easy thing to do.

  337. Agent ORANGE says:

    Its just HOLLYWOOD in L.A.

  338. KobeBallHogger says:

    when he was a rookie i could see that he had talent and i liked him…then if you’re a true fan of basketball just look at how his teammates felt about him his rookie year and to now…he has no friends like other superstars on other teams…ask yourself why that is…laters L.A.FAKERS…GO MAIMI BEATING SPURS FOR CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE!!!

  339. Boonie says:

    Kobe is not a ballhog he just is the star of that team and he gets paid to help the team win.The lakers do need more talent cause fisher and artest to slow and rusty.Kobe should be putting up 30 points or more a game every night till they get the lakers together.

  340. KaOeNe says:

    – I personally don’t think that Kobe is hogging the ball (in the past games he is averaging 8+ assists), is just that his teammates are not playing like they used to and believe me KOBE WANTS TO WIN!

    – Lakers are struggling on Defense.

    – Pau & Ron NEED to work with their agressiveness. Sunday vs. Boston, Gasol was playing soft and KG didn’t allow him to found his “hot spots” and Ron Ron was in other planet. Does he even remembers how to play ball???

    – Derek Fisher should be traded; he doesn’t even averaging 10 pts per game!!! I think they need to trade a faster/ YOUNGER / efficient PG

    – Odom should be a starter!!!! He is one of the best 6th mans in the NBA right now.

    – Bynum is playing well, despite of injuries that seem to follow him….

    – Luke Walton should be traded, I personally think that Lakers don’t need him. His space in the roster can be used with a more productive player that can average at least more than 2 point per game…

    – Shannon Brown & Steve Blake are playing well but I think that they can make a better job. They are young, quick and talented but need to work their consistency.

    I’m a BIG Lakers Fan but just like Jerry West said: “Lakers are getting old”; they are #2 in the West but they need to make the correct changes in the correct time and the correct time is NOW!

  341. Kyle says:

    First of all, kobe is not a ball hog. He takes shots because he and his teamates count on him to score when they’re down. (its kobe, duh) Thats where his 40 point no assist nights come in that everyone sees and calls him a ball hog. Other nights he’ll have 25 with 8 assists (pau, odom, artest, bynum are on and scoring) Thats why his avg ppg is only 25. They need to find a new point guard right now without getting rid of d fish, just bring him off the bench then trade luke walton and ron artest for backup for lamar odom who should be starting at small forward and wait til 2012 to get dwight howard (he’ll be a free agent) and let bynum (also a free agent in 2012) go.

  342. LA forum child says:

    Eveyones barking up the tree. Pau is pulling a slack…needs fire up his ….. Shannon Brown doesn’t play good def. or knows how to pass down low (trade him next season)….and if Ron doesn’t feel he’s part of this Lakers team trade him to. I can’t wait for Matt Barnes to get well, he’ll play harder as we already seen. I’ll take him over Ron, if Ron can’t get his game together (check in with your psych). Fisher is the vocal for the team, we need his veteren experience and stop bashing Kobe, Lakers still are reigning champs until the fat lady sings..

  343. Big Boston Fan says:

    I dont think Kobe is the problem

  344. Ross says:

    Kobe is simply the greatest ever.. Apparently slightly better than Michael Jordan.. Hope they get Carmelo before the trade deadline..

  345. Humaid says:

    people ur just over reacting..THis is the season…unfortunaly the l.a. are in bad luck but its ok. They jst need to adjust and see,,the 3peat is coming soon!!kobe is the best!!

  346. moneyearl says:

    in big games kobe establishes a rhythm early-shooting or passing,when the lakers are up 15,the other guys look real good,when they are down 15 the same complaining teammates are scared to shoot or dont even play defense.So when the superstar player has to shoot them back in da game,guard the opposing best g/f and play point and they lose its because kobe would not pass. I wouldnt pass to 7″big man who fades away with a 6 to 7″ height advantage.because there’s no way cousins and scola should be able to keep gasol off his spot and push him out to perimeter.

  347. Andrea says:

    I see both from Kobe. And I’m not just talking about Sunday’s game that the Lakers, as a team, should have won. As long as I have been following the Lakers in 99, Kobe hasn’t changed his attitude towards the game he plays and who he plays with. Everyone says, its Kobe’s team. Well if it is Kobe’s team then he should be the one to trade and draft the players he wants. But everyone wants to point fingers at the other players when they don’t win. Since when was did this become a 1 person team. He’s not a perfect shooter, so start blaming him as well for poor shooting. Sure he has great ball handling and foot work, but a team cannot win any championship with one person. Learn to share and believe in your teammates to move their butts to where they need to be to get the shots off. If Mitch is going to start trading more players off, then maybe he needs to look at the continuous injured players on the team. Teams cannot win with players that stay in that revolving door. get rid of them! You win as a team and you lose as a team. They need to start playing as a team.

  348. Michael says:

    After the 2001 season the Lakers put up everyone had to get on another level to compete

  349. Michael says:

    Name one or more players that have won it all with a mediocre team once or multiple times, then we can “compare their careers.”

    Miami had it really easy in 06 compared to the nba post the 2001 year where the Lakers basically sweeped the entire NBA finishing with a 4-1 stomp to the face of A.I’s coming out party in which his team had the best away record by far he led the league in steals and scoring and got the mvp.

    A.I was touring the country kicking your butt at your house got owned 4-1, the best big man duo arguably ever in Mr.Fundamentals and David Robinson ironically nicknamed the twin towers and boy could they score, Robinson has put up 71 before and they got sweeped NO team in 2000-2001 had over a 58 win record(only the spurs had a 58 win and lakers/76ers had 56 a piece) and it was very competitive.

    In 2006(the year kobe put up 81) 3 teams had 60(mavs) 63(spurs) and 64(pistons) and the mavs barely held on to a 20 point lead in game seven that went into overtime, had the spurs won they would of picked the heat apart who had an easy ride to the finals going 8-4 vs crappy teams (bulls,nets) and beating an old pistons squad 4-2 and the first two games vs the mavs before dwayne abused the crappy penetration defense of the mavs

  350. albert says:

    ariza best fits with the lakers offense and played good defense. But money issue made him leave LA. He’s good now at NOLA. A starter and compliment west and most importantly a daily recipient of CP3’s dimes.

  351. Lakers GM said that the Lakers are not delivering, so its his job to make sure the team gets the best help. Do you thing, when LAL’s GM said “getting the best help” he is referring to Carmelo Anthony? And if he will, will Melo fit in LAL, playing side by side with Kobe Bryant? I need your opinion guys. I’m in a whirlwind here.

  352. SammySalsa says:

    honestly im a lakers fan and i think the problem lies with Ron Artest he is playing like he is ready to retire and if he doesnt step his game up he could see his career go that way. The lakers need a new point guard who can guard any other point guard 1 v 1. Pau Gasol is always going to be soft. If Kobe can be Kobe than Gasol is just going to be Pau Gasol (SOFT). Andrew Bynum is their muscle but at the moment is going to need help before he gets into his rhythm again (If he doesnt get injured again). But all in all the lakers should have never traded Trevor Ariza. But thats done and dusted the problem is now with Kobe’s supporting players Artest, Fisher, and Pau.

    STEP IT UP GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  353. Lakers GM said that the Lakers are not delivering, so its his job to make sure the team gets the best help. Do you thing, when LAL’s GM said “getting the best help” he is referring to Carmelo Anthony? And if he will, will Melo fit in LAL, playing side by side with Kobe Bryant? I need your opinion guys. I’m in a whirlwind here.

  354. Predictory says:

    I think lakers wont show there true championship play because many teams want to defeat them…. its not the elimination game but Phil and other players of lakers will show there to blood of championship in the playoffs and thats the lakers strategy for now…

  355. rossyboy says:

    First of all Kobe is not a ball hog. He used to be because he had to be. Secondly, every team has their ups and downs……yeah we are in a little bit of a rut right now but every team goes through that. Everybody needs to get off Ron’s back, everybody knows he isn’t an amazing scorer but his defense is amazing. Give it a couple weeks and Pau and Bynum will be back and show other teams what the Lakers do. For the person who said Kobe cant shoot you are a moron. In an interview before the finals this past year, paul pierce said kobe is an amazing player. That’s alot coming from a celtic. For those who said that kobe needed to be traded, all i have to say is what would ever make you think that? That’s like saying the bulls need to get rid of derrick rose and the knicks need to get rid of Amare. Now for Odom starting, that’s not what Lamar does, his role is coming off the bench and taking over. People do not need to expect the lakers to win every game. They aren’t gonna blow every team out of the gym, you have to remember they are playing against the best players in the world. Enjoy basketball for what it is.

    • TJ says:

      It is a team effort, no kobe and phil has no rings. I like phil but if he is so great why is the rest of the team not pulling their weight. Kobe is determined and driven to win and if his team isn’t man enough to put up with that championship drive then they shouldn’t play one of the greatest sports created. Does anyone tell a drill instructor to be nicer to recruits, i didn’t think so. Quit hating. rossyboy that was one of the best post on this blog

  356. B'Cash says:

    Kobe is ok,i guess its now that people realise that he hogs the ball too much but when the lakers win no one says anything and thats how he has been playing all along so i can’t blame him.Kobe is the best in this game,so his teammates needs to step up and help him get to their best level.

  357. lhontek12 says:

    Dont trade artest because he is a great defender!!! we know that he is a great defender last game 7 Nba finals at the staple center!!!

  358. rj reyes says:

    KOBE is the man! without kobe, LA is nothing!

  359. ChrisLAL. says:

    Lakers are doing fine. They have the talent. Everyone knows that. But once the blaming game starts, it can bring down chemistry. So don’t point fingers…We seen it happen years ago, and it shouldn’t happen again. Recently, the problem has been focusing throughout the whole 48 minutes. There are points in the game where they feel that they have the lead and relax. Thats just the way they are…They as a team just needs to be FOCUSED. just my opinion…

  360. lebronfan and lakers fan. says:

    kobe’s ball hoging is absolutely true. but it isnt true to say that he doesnt have consistent team mates, or his team mates are not playing well. the problem is they need to change their offence a little bit, and their defence ofcourse. lakers is a real good team, but still even though you have good players on your team. with no kind of strategy, they need to change things a bit. as for phil, he’s a good coach. i know that phil knew about this that he needs to make some changes in order to maximize the players ability. no matter how good the players are, their still weak on the court if they havent found their team proper rhythm.

    by the way, im a laker fan.. but not a kobe fan, but a lebron fan.. i dont hate kobe or skeptic about him, i just preffer lebron james athleticism.. thats all

  361. 1lt says:

    kobe has proven himself a million times, he’s the lakers’ leader…and if his teamates doesn’t show the aggresiveness and intensity in a game…then what do you think a leader would do? i think the kobe’s supporting cast we’re very inconsistent…
    aggresiveness and intensity wise.

  362. Rod24 says:

    Guys, lets be honest all eyes are on Kobe because he is the team leader and when things arent working well for him someone has to be criticed. All teams in the league have had ups and downs. So far the Spurs are playing great basketball. Kobe is doing his work LA is playing well and they are 2nd in the conference. I do agree that they new guard sometimes Fisher looks old and slow for LA offense and that we havent seen much of Artest this season but let´s wait till the play offs, this is a playoff team. Show some respect to the still NBA champion and to the best player in the league.

  363. omosaje says:

    This is ridiculous for those people who blame Kobe for Lakers Problem.Kobe wants more ring than anyone in NBA and he shows it every night.

  364. PG16 says:

    I think Lakers needs more motivation, They must also improve their teamwork and strategies. Other players should also contribute because it seems that only Gasol, Odom, & Bryant works in the game. What happened with Artest & Fisher? I don’t want them to be traded but it seems that they’re skills are deteriorating. I know that Gasol didn’t contribute that much in their game against the Celtics but I do understand him because he was adjusting in his position. He plays well when he is the center. Take a look with their game against the Rockets… Bynum is not there and Gasol is back in the center and he played so well. Moreover, Odom was in and he also contributes much. I also agree with the idea that Trevor Arizza should be back. Jordan Farmar is also a good former player of the team. I really hope that they can make it to the finals and win the game again!

  365. Matt Bobe says:

    I know this has nothing to do with any of what we’re talking about but what about trades for the Lakers? We should trade Luke Walton and Derrick Character for Luis Scola from the Houston Rockets. We should also trade Steve Blake for Nick Young of the Washington Wizards. I think that we should also trade Devin Ebanks for Trevor Ariza from the New Orleans Hornets. Can u imagine how much those trades would help the Lakers? Does anybody agree with me?

  366. JOHN says:


  367. Mauro Nascimentp says:

    I think that Kobe and lakers needs a new great player to make the bigg three like miami did….. Carmelo Anthony should go to L.A. so KOBE, GASOL, AND CARMELO could win this year one more RING….

  368. Felipe says:

    There are a lot of talk comparing Jordan with Kobe, but they are very very different from each other, maybe the fade away jumper or their similiar clutch could cloud a little bit your sight.
    Kobe holds the ball too much and he doesnt know how to encourage his team, first of all because of his past as young ball eater and second he doesnt have a co driver like Pippen was for Jordan.
    I dont really know what is it but Kobe is not enough to fire up his team and the differences he has had with Phill Jackson are
    dumping his team leadership.

  369. JBS says:

    Kobe is not the problem. If Pau acts like he wants the ball, he’ll get the ball. For the first twenty games of the season, he looked like one of the greatest centers of all time. Now he’s barely playing at an all-star level. Kobe’s a highly intelligent basketball player. He knows there’s a 7’2” ambidextrous center on his team with footwork like Hakeem, soft shooting touch and nice face-up game, that shoots 80% from the line. Nobody who loves to win as much as Kobe does would neglect Pau offensively, if Pau was being assertive. Kobe has matured since his days with Shaq, but you still have to act like you want the ball or he just won’t see you.

    Kobe’s not going to catch MJ’s scoring average. He’s got nothing left to prove except that he can win six or more championships.

    Lakers need to step their game up collectively. They play smart on defense, they just don’t play hard all the time. The C’s play hard on defense for 48. When Ron Artest isn’t playing with intensity he’s barely good enough to be in the league, much less in the Laker starting lineup. Come on Lake-show! nobody outside of San Antonio wants to see the boring-a## Spurs in the NBA finals.

  370. Attorney says:

    Mr. Sekou Smith.. when you say “hogs” .. what do you mean? perhaps what you intended to say was “Hugs”..

  371. Ed Byron Monares says:

    Two 40+ points from Kobe this season, and both lost. But this doesn’t mean Kobe took over too much, his team was down, his teammates weren’t at their best, so he stepped up. Kobe was just doing his responsibility. Are his teammates doing the same in a day to day basis?

    “Steve Aschburner: …Bryant only “hogs” the ball as a reaction to insufficient help from his mates. Michael Jordan would have slapped one or two of these guys by now on the practice floor.”

  372. Edwin says:

    Does anyone even need to ask. Of course Kobe, the “me,me,me” guy IS a ball hogger. Interesting…I was looking at Lakers win and loses and the Lakers seem to loose more when Kobe scores over 30 and seem to win more when he does not. Coincidence? I don’t think so. It is Kobe’s egotistical attitude that sometimes poisons the minds of his teammates and makes them lose interest and that’s why they are having problems. Let’s face it, it wasn’t until Phil came back that the Lakers played well again. Phil is the only coach that can make any team become a winner. He is the reason for their success, not Kobe. If Phil were not there, Kobe would be averaging 35 points or better but the Lakers would never have one a championship.

  373. lakersfan1129 says:

    One thing that amazes me is that people are freaking out that the lakers are playing “terribly” when they are still second place in the west. Yes, I am a die-hard lakers fan to the bone. I also understand that this team has played in 3 straight NBA finals, so that is a lot of milage on the majority of those players.

    That said, I watched the game against the Celtics, and it’s true, Kobe looked like the only one trying to make a contribution. Fisher and Gasol had their little moments and the team kept it close up until the 4th quarter, but they seriously just gave the game to Boston. Everyone except kobe, because his competitive nature will allow him to do nothing else than try to win every single game, even if it means doing it on his own.

    I for one would not be opposed to trading ron artest, if we can get something valuable in return for him, all he is is a distraction that the team doesn’t need. Once Bynum gets totally back to full health and Barnes and Ratliff get back from injury, I think they’ll be ok, but they still need to just grind through these games and get some wins under their belt before the all-star break.

  374. Mitch says:

    Fisher definitely isn’t pulling his weight as a PG. He gets good defensive plays and steals, but averaging 6.6 PPG and 2.8 AST as a PG?


    He’s shooting at a 38% FG percentage. Even if he hits clutch shots. Luck can only take you so far. But even though his shooting is down and his PPG is down, he has near NO assists.

    Stats wise he isn’t pulling his weight. He does good on defense. But so does Lamar and Bynum. That’s why they picked up Artest.

    Ron’s getting steals too, but his PPG are down to 8.1 from 11.1 last year. He’s on Pluto.

    Kobe is a ball hog when he tries to kick start some production. I definitely agree with Shaun Powell and Sekou Smith.

    Plus, I’m sure Kobe’s knee isn’t doing him any favors either.

    Anyway. My two cents. Back to the Clippers game.

  375. the thing is says:

    the thing is, they know they already got themselves a spot for playoff, they just dont want to hustle things up and risk themselves an injury. chill, you cant be a better player overnight, and you cant be a crappier player overnight either.

  376. SIgi says:

    I would hog the ball do if i would know that when i pass to a teammate is equal to a lost ball

  377. petey says:

    Kobe is amazing – the rest of the team needs to step up

  378. arck says:

    this is absurd!!!!!!!!!!!1 kobe does not hog AT ALL. he for the most part takes good shots and had like8 assists last night!! all of these reporters are obviuosly terrible if they say he is a hog. his teammates sukked tht game so what else is the best player in the world supposed to do… take over!!! if lebron did it the reporters wud kiss his feet and tell him he is amazing! also the refs. just bc its kobe tht al lthese ppl are doin it!!!

  379. dom says:

    You guys must be running out of things to write about.

  380. Emmanuel Stalling says:

    First, I am not a Kobe enthusiast, but enough is enough. The 19.5 shots per game that Kobe Bryant is taking this year are the lowest he’s taken in the past seven years. Over the past three, he’s taken 25 shots per game, BUT he’s shooting 52% from the field. Any player who is shooting that much at that FG% is not hurting his team, but carrying them. When Pau Gasol puts together a string of games where he is actually trying and they finally bench Ron Artest in favor of Odom at the three, Kobe will slide back into his normal volume shooting (which is still more than anyone in the league), and people will leave him alone. NEWSFLASH: The lakers are 34-15, which puts them on pace to win 57-58 games, the same amount they won last year when they won it all. NOTE: They won “only” 56 in 01′, and 58 in 02′, both championship seasons. The only reason that anyone cares so much is because the Spurs are so good and second place is unacceptable in LA.

  381. @michaeljordan says:


    Kobe is definitely one of the best………… the lakers record is not that bad compared to the heats record

    • Bill says:

      Is this really you Mike? Kobe IS the best. The Lakers are’t the best team – this year. Chauncey for Artest and Brown plus a pick.

  382. Aimar says:


  383. Henry says:

    Just simply kobe must trust his teammates as well as he shoot the ball to the basket. Or maybe, he want to prove something to the celtics team and to other tough team that he was the only the no.1 scoring champ on his team….??? just move-on kobe and make some (EXPECTACULAR) play’s as a team not just as a (PLAYER)…..!!!

  384. fox3 says:

    kobe’s not a ballhog ! !
    he is supermega ballhog! !

  385. joe says:

    Kobe is a one of greatest players in history of NBA … But , sometimes he makes his teammates look bad .Of course , he is from different world than another Lakers .But , he has to trust them .I feel , another players are just afraid to shot a ball – what if i will miss . actually , wondering if teammates are happy to be in same team as a Kobe … think he creates to much pressure for everybody

  386. Sunsman says:

    Ahh, must be time for someone to gift the Lakers another fantastic player for someone like Marc Gasol….. Just wait, this is going to happen….. Artest & Luke Walton to Nuggets for Melo. Lakers 3-peat. Just wait, you’ll see

  387. Hamid Z says:

    LEBRON JAMES & MIAMI HEAT 2010-2011 Champs!!!

  388. ked says:

    MELO! to LA-LA Land. . . and another championship run for the LA LAKERS

    Prince , HAmilton, Nash. . . .

  389. ryan santor says:

    kobe is kobe.. bryant is bryant.. He will carry the team untill they grab their 3rd straight championship rings.. the rest of the guys will solve their problem esp. the coaching staff… i believe in LA and i give them my respect.. GO LA!!! Lots of filipino people love you!!!!!

  390. youngstar655 says:

    Lakers just suck…<—PERIOD

    • TJ says:

      quit being a hater these posts are for actual basketball fans, not team fans. I’m a spurs fan but always give credit where it is due, If they, and Kobe suck, why are they two time defending champs. Kobe is still the best in the game in way more areas than just offense

  391. gamali3l says:

    Sorry for my english, i’m from PR… well I’m not actually fan of Kobe, I’m more a LeBron fan, but Kobe is having a great year and he is one of the best players in the NBA right now…and his teammates aren’t playing good basketball, they can start with Odom in 3 and bring Ron from the bench, and they are not a great regular season team, they are playoff team, that’s why they have won the last two champs… I’m really not looking for a great regular season for Lakers but i give my respect for them in the playoff…and on that loss with boston, kobe did score 41 but he didn’t miss a lot of shots…but he has to trust more in his teammates, I know that if your teammates aren’t having a good season u have to go out and show the world u are the best by your own…but the basketball game is not about one is about a team and I think kobe has to be that main guy in the meetings and in the practice and try to elevate and gave confidence to his teammates… and if that happen, lakers go for 3rd straight or boston win finals… sorry Miami but it’s true…

  392. Mass says:

    I dont care what anybody says, kobe has 5 championships rings, so whatever he has been doing its been working. Regular season doesnt matter. I think the lakers finished last season like 4-8 or something like that, and look what they did.

  393. 3 master says:

    In reality, Kobe is not good shooter. In my opinion, Sh. Brown, or even Artest can easily score 20 or more scores if they attempt more than 30 like a Kobe does. Kobe makes his teammates down too. He dominates game and blames others, not himself. All the time. Not some time.

  394. asero15 says:

    why all of you comparing kobe to the other player? all of you, you have to think of this.. when michael jordan exit…kobe is the next greatest palyer ever…so when kobe got retired, maybe the king james the next greatest player..not d-wade…lakers is the best team right now in the nba. with or without ariza and artest…

    • TJ says:

      asero i agree with u except for the fact, FACT that they are not the best team in the nba right now, the spurs are followed by the celts and bulls.

  395. andree316 says:

    to all the pros and cons, you must trust your team,, you cannot blame anyone on its failure. why you just keep on believing, and pray for the success of the team.. it might be non sense but it help players to upright the things that they made them down.. cheers for LAKERS… GO FOR the 3rd GOLD and NO TO MINING AT ROMBLON, PHILIPPINES.. WEEEEEWW



  397. Baltazar says:

    It’s true that sometimes Kobe hogs the ball, but his teammates have to move to help him pass the ball. For Kobe it looks like his teammates don’t make big effort to get the ball, so he can’t do anything else but to shoot. In fact, if Kobe doesn’t shoot the lakers could not get much points.

    No matter what people say, the LA Lakers will be the champs for the third time.

  398. ace says:

    i like Kobe’s capability to carry his team, but i think that he cannot carry his team alone… i think that he needs his teammates more than they need Kobe… the problem with Lakers, they Kobe’s parasite…. when they see Kobe working… they play like their leaving everything to him

  399. John says:

    Healthy Bynum is a huge difference??? C’mon, this bynum guy is overrated. He hasn’t proven anything except to being constantly injured.

    there are even times before that this guy is being considered an all-star caliber player. Seriously?? If Bynum is an all-star caliber of player, then about half of the total NBA roster are all star caliber players as well.

    So, anyone that will say this bynum guy is a great player, i suggest you go to your doctor right away and take some medication coz you’re definitely not on your proper mind.

  400. jorge says:

    i think they should trade luke walton because he’s not doing nothing at all.

  401. Kenrocc says:

    What the heck is up with all these doom and gloom articles concerning the Lakers? The Lakers are never consistent, this is the same crap they were pulling last year. These are the same Lakers that went Seven games with an undermanned Rockets team than proceed to beat Denver in six and Orlando in 5. The same Lakers team that went six games with the Thunder last year than proceeded to sweep the Jazz. They just won two titles in a row, they have no motivation to consistently do well during the regular season, when they can easily just float there way to the playoffs, and just like last year when its playoff time they are going to do what they need to do. They win when they want to, its that simple. Lets relax on the propaganda crap shall we?

  402. Ck1 says:

    gotta love how the topic of this discussion is whether Kobe is a ball or not meanwhile he jacked 11 assists just last night. Not forgetting how no one from his team decided to show up against Sacramento or Boston. there’s this stat that claims the lakers win quite a bit more when kobe takes fewer than 20 shots which is somewhat understandable under the notion that ball movement is much more efficient. nevertheless, i think if we were to really put the lakers to the test given that they play with the same inconsistencies they’ve been playing with and put them up against any top tear team in the nba and have kobe shoot let’s say 10 shot, i’m sure the stat would be quite a bit worst than it is now. Either way, ball games are won on the defensive end. so kobe taking 30 shots or 10 isn’t necessarily the lakers biggest worry

  403. R0b1n says:

    kobe needs help… wake up PAU.,RON-RON…your not champion for nothing. show the whole nba fans what you got!!…

  404. brooklyn kapo says:

    lakers need a trade we need back farmer and sasha

  405. Myith says:

    In my opinion, this is probably gonna end up being a cross between lebron and carmelo, if kobe gets out of LA like lebron, he’s gonna be booed off the court by Laker fans, but if he stays, he’s gonna do the carmelo, the GM wants a trade and while melo is in denver or kobe’s in LA, he’s bound to get screwed over by the fans, just like what happened in court with that one lady

  406. laker fan says:

    the lakers must trade matt barnes and steve blake for carmelo and other good guard so the second unit of the lakers is a blast..

    Lamar odom
    Carmelo anthony
    other guard
    shanon brown
    pau or bynum

    looks nice rite..

  407. Grant. says:

    Joel you are a freakin’ champ glad someone else thinks odom should start as the three,

    they should also trade fisher ratliff and one of the rookies for another decent pf and pg…. steve blake is better than fisher and younger… but I would also be up for him being traded with walton… they are too sf heavy…

    I dont see why we are stressing though… we arent doing “badly” they suffered the same crap last year and it took the okc thunder to scare some focus into them… they get bored doing what they know they can… haha

  408. taylor gang or die says:

    trade derek fisher and ron artest and future draft pick (1st or 2nd) for phoenix for steve nash and cash

  409. ivan popovich says:

    Lakers without kobe are nothing. The team slacks off thinking that kobe can get it done him self. Kobe’s the best, if the Lakers trade kobe then they have serious issues. They need to trade some one like Barnes or Artest, im not really sure who but anyone but kobe. Phil Jackson has to be hella selfish to trade kobe, because he know’s how much kobe has done for the lakers. They would have even half the finals wins they have right now without kobe.

  410. joel says:

    To Francisco: I tot u are a basketball fan and looking on the stats? Do you know that Kobe is the 3rd Laker player with more than 5000 assists (now 5005)? U must be sleeping … 🙂

  411. Hercules says:

    Micheal Jordan takes a lot of shot per game and he did it specially during the time that his teammates were not playing right but no one called him “selfish” or “ballhog”. Kobe is doing great and he should not be the one to blame… How I wish that all those who write comments here really understand basketball. I often play basketball and everytime my teammates lack of energy or can’t make any basket I step-up and courageously make basket for the team,,, they don’t call me “SELFISH”…

  412. Gee aka Redman says:

    well all i have to say is the Lakers are the best team when the playoffs starts and am still waiting to see which team can beat them i a 7 game series… we have the best coach in the game with 1 of the best top ten player of all time so wait until june and we will see who would be the champion.

  413. vince says:

    No one is around to pass.. because Kobe is Ball Hog! and Salary Hog! thats why there is no one else to pass the ball!

  414. 10kentoo says:

    Kobe at times hogs the ball too much but atm there just isn’t enough drive from our lakers team, all kobe wants too do is win and it seems like at times the other don’t care. I think lemar is playing outstanding but I also think at times he’s scared to do the right thing just in case it can hamper his stats, gasol doesn’t seem to have enough drive right now but I think it’ll come back and Ron is just not hitting anything, but it was a bad trade in the first place in my opinion. Also fransico you’re correct about his shooting percentage but look at the stats deeper. You need to look at how many shots kobe has taken because he has needed to take them, when kobe has an open shot he hits it but he never has open shots. Sometimes Kobe could pass the ball but more often than not there’s not a better option so Kobe’s used to taking it upon himself to score/try to score. I also think that kobe needs to drive the lane more often like young kobe as now he drives and fades too often, but I still have confidence in this lakers team. When we pull together and we’re working on all cylinders we are in my opinion the most complete team in the league. But it’s getting artest and fisher and kobe to hit those outside shots while pau dominates inside, and this rarely happens. I also think that all of our players can take a page out of rondo’s book and be more patient. Out team needs to trust the play more rather than the one on one play were seeing at the moment. But I think blaming Kobe is pretty stupid as he’s having more or less the same year to last year.

  415. ked says:

    hmmmf??? MELO . . . . to LA-LA-LAND. . period. .trade gasol and ron ron

  416. JAyhawk21 says:

    People just don’t understand it doesn’t take one guy to win a championship. Dudes, Jordan didn’t do it by himself and Jordan gets most of the credit, but there was Pippen, Kukoc, etc.. Kobe just does what he can to be in position to win. Why do people judge evrything he does. Theres no team that hasn’t won a championship with a bad team, obviously when a team wins a title they are going to be good, come on now, he just gets most props because he is the superstar there. Nobody needs to move, they won last year, now they need that motivation back…

  417. Spencer says:

    Kobe is the best thing that ever happened to LA. He never hogs the ball, and even if he did anyone who called him out on it would have to be mentally handicapped. He could drop 50 a night it he went hawk

  418. Jaheen Ahsan says:

    its not kobe thats making the lakers lose, its artest. kobe is still good selfishly while artest is just scoring like 6 ppg. keep kobe, but trade artest for someone like ariza. the magic got turkoglu back after two years out of orlando, and now it should be ariza’s turn. come back to l.a ariza!

  419. Antav says:

    Here’s the correct answer:

    Fran Blinebury: …….. the truth is that an overall roster that doesn’t match (Kobe’s) his overall drive (never mind ability) is more to blame.

    Kobe’s teammates need to MAN UP!!!

  420. Oscar says:

    The simple fact is when Kobe scores 30+ they lose, when pau scores 20+ they win. Kobe is the star but pau is the key. He is way to soft for a 7 footer, So teams just beat him up now. He is not getting easy shots so the lakers look to kobe to pick up the slack, but when that happens team chemistry goes out the window. They have the biggest frontcourt in the league but they are looking real slow and bynum is still not %100 so he can’t throw his weight around (serves him right for having surgery late to take a holiday!) I think they will be much better by the playoffs though. But I can’t see them getting past the celtics or miami at the end of the year.. and it’s not because they aren’t talented, I just think the passion is gone.

  421. Wizz says:

    Lakers are just bored right now. They need to be motivated..But when playoff comes..I bet anything they are gonna be unstoppable.


      This is a RIDICULOUS, and PATHETIC excuse that the Lakers and Lakers fans are using WAY too much. Theres a difference between having a lapse in a couple games throughout the year. But when you go on MULTIPLE STREAKS of games where you feel you have to use that excuse, theres something ELSE wrong there, bottom line.

  422. tv guy says:

    Kobe and the lakers will get there. But you cant tell me that d-fish is the point guard that will get the job done. His game is done. D-fish’ minutes are going down as well. If the lakers could trade d-fish, artest, and LUKE WALTON for some descent players, We all know how great a ball player Bill Walton was, but as Charles Barkley said “we arent giving out life time achievement awards”. Get someone who can seriously play.

  423. wtf says:

    that’s why they can’t compare kobe to jordan. if kobe wants to be the best, he needs to do the leadership that other hall of famers like what they did before.

    • moneyearl says:

      im from chicago so i saw all bulls champ. runs,jordan choked teammates in practice ,if u hear of kobe doing the same thing, it will be the ball-hog gone pippen,grant,even cliff levingston never lacked heart or not showed up in “big” games unlike gasol and odom

  424. SAn says:

    trade ron for carmelo

  425. shengming says:

    Kobe was ballhog a few years ago. However, the recent championship rings have already proven that Kobe is a different player now. Being more observant, you would have noticed that Kobe would make a pass even if he was in an ideal place to shot. In these two years, Kobe’s assists percentage has gone up. This shows that Kobe is no longer a ballhog but a true leader who is trying to lead Lakers to win games. Pau and Andrew are dominating under the ring, but without kobe, they would be different players. I have obersve that Kobe will try to keep the momentum of his team by passing in the first half of the game. Unfortunately, his team was making unnecessary mistakes which put them in an unfavourable position in the game. Thus, Kobe has to stand up in the second half and put the ball into the ring even if he was being marked by several players. You cannot say he is a ballhog as he was forced to pick up the team in the second half. I would like to note that Lakers are the defending champion. Every single teams in the league want to beat them. That is why the treatment and pressure that every Lakers players get from the games will never be the same as the other players in the NBA. Kobe is not a ballhog. His teammates are supporting him. It is the treatment and pressure from the league that put them in a different position now.

  426. Dre says:

    Its funny how people here are talking about Kobe shooting 6 for 24 in game 7 of the finals. What about his performance throughout the entire post season? If it wasnt for the numbers Kobe put up, the Laker would not have even made it to the finals. Not to mention his defense on players like Westbrook, Rondo, Daron William and the list goes on.. Kobe is not All Defense every year for nothing (including the years with Shaq) The rest of the team need to step up their intensity! Sometimes they act like they dont care about losing the big game throughout the season. Its frustrating for me and im just a fan!

    Also people are saying Kobe luck is running out. lol You dont get lucky and when five championships in the NBA. That is hilarious!! Did Wade get lucky and win a championship with Shaq? Was Shaq “lucky” to have the best shooting guard in the league on his team when he made his championship run with Kobe. If i’m not mistaken, Shaq never won until he teamed up with Kobe. Shaq was “lucky” that Kobe was there everytime he fouled out of a game and Kobe had to win the game. Lets not forget. Women lie, men lie, but the stats don’t.

    • moneyearl says:

      good job dra, everybody forgets shaq was on the bench in those 4th quarters and kobe and horry were hittting those clutch shots

      • LOL says:

        YEA, SURE he was. Shaq was out there being the UNSTOPPABLE DOMINATING FORCE that he was in his prime. HE was the UNDISPUTED leader of that team, and blew Kobes stats away in their years in the playoffs and NBA Finals. Your livin in a fantasy land.

  427. LAKERS! says:

    Trade Artest get a more versitile SF

  428. Erock says:

    Kobe has to do it when his dumb teammates don’t want to show up. If his teammates play well, then it’s no problem, it entirely depends on if his teammates show up or not.

  429. Chris says:

    I agree with you Kobe24 I’m a Lakers fan and they don’t need any Trade they’re fine! Like Lamar Odom said after the game yesterday they just need to communicate more on defense.

  430. albert says:

    i think that what the Lakers need to do is to trust their teammates. Kobe is still running the show but the role players need to step up in the long run. Ron Artest must do his best on the defensive end. he can help on the offensive end by knocking down open shots.

  431. cerdeira says:

    no problem, last year talking about the same question, Kobe too much hoarder, gasol soft……Lakers champions

  432. ichigo says:


  433. joeblow says:

    “Five years ago Kobe might have been guilty on second-degree ball hogging. But not now.”

    C’mon Sekou! Kobe-the-ball-hog was an even more ridiculous descriptor five years ago. Let’s ignore the fact that he led the Lakers in assists, but his team mates were TERRIBLE!!! Ladies and gentlemen, the 2006 Laker roster:

    Kobe Bryant
    inconsistent Lamar Odom
    halfway decent Ronny Turiaf

    That was the strength of the team, period. The rest of the roster was garbage:

    Smush Parker ???
    Brian Cook ????
    Kwame Brown ???
    fLuke Walton ???
    Stanislav Medvedenko ???
    Chris Mihm ???
    Laron Profit ???
    17 year old rookie Andrew Bynum ???
    Devin Green ???
    Sasha Vujacic ???
    Von Wafer ???

    An assist always involves TWO players, the passer and the shooter. With Kobe passing the ball to on of the worst circus of clowns surrounding a superstar in recent NBA memory, who did you want shooting it instead of “ballhog” Kobe back in 2006?

    • Dre says:

      Great point! Im glad someone said it. They dont understand that it takes two. They only understand that when Lebron isnt gettin his assists. Then people are quick to say his team must not be making shots. When its Kobe, hes just not passing. Its

    • Jo says:

      Turiaf wasn’t a factor that season.. at all. Go do yourself a favor and check his 2005-06 numbers during the reg and playoffs, and smack yourself upside the head afterwards. dude played 23 reg games in 7 min or so, averaging scrub numbers.

      Even when he did become a factor in 07-08 (which im sure you’re confusing with), that foul maniac was never all that. But I digress.. I do agree with the premise that Kobe’s supporting cast that season was terrible outside of Odom however.

  434. Bill says:

    This is from a true deep green Celtic. Kobe is the best in the NBA. He has developed into a better team player these past ten years without losing his abilty. He needs a system that consistantly works with all players involved. Consistantly – that is the keyword. Finally, the Lakers are a great team, all they need is Chauncy Billups.

  435. Leon says:

    I do not blame any one i dont see them struggeling its only the begining of feb. i see no need for panic because they are not living up to “Lakers expectations there like theforth or fifth best team in the league( record wise ) there just not up to laker expectations why should they bother on these little games i mean really let everyone think they have an edge because if the playoff started today all they would have is a maximum of two playoffs away scenerios but at fransico that isnt fair because everyone you can compare statisticly with kobe came either from college or was automatically starting when they came to the league oh how they for get statisticly kobe had a 3 rings by year 7 hell as a matter of fact go look at kobe 7th year and compare it to lebron dwade or anyone else u can think of stats wise well let me 30.0 ppg6.9rpg 5.9apg 2.2spg all im saying is he came off the bench first two years so that brings down the mean and let me ask how many ppl in the league today average 15.4 off the bench i mean well he started one game but still that says enough I mean they have a couple of injuries but when the smoke clears this is the most dominate team from the past decade as i remember and a lot of ppl are hating and waiting for that down fall trying to find some evidence of lag or something when all the can do is hope and try to remeber the 3 years when shaq left and it was kobe will never when again … and i think u refered to his team as mediocre name me from the year 2004-2006 lakers one person in the NBA who is a starting player on there team (of course besides kobe) well let me help u no one hmm but how they bounce back if this made since to you or didnt please comment and i will get back to you and excuse my spell checks was in a hurry

  436. itsallabout18 says:

    well, I believe with what John Schuhmann said, Kobe’s team mates ain’t performing at the level they were performing in the past, and at the level they are expected this season…they better start picking things up or they’ll gonna end up watching the mighty celtics raise banner number 18..hahaha

  437. Random Person says:

    Because the Lakers are THE MOST TALENTED team in the NBA (besides maybe Boston). They should be first in the West hell even first in the league (despite the Spurs amazing season).
    Of course they will get bashed for that. But if you’ve been following the Lakers the past few seasons you know how annoyingly unfocused and inconsistent (with the effort) they get. Sometimes you can even tell they just don’t care. Last year they kept giving away games to -.500 teams. Kobe becomes old Kobe when everyone else is playing badly, and I don’t blame him. He just needs to learn that his teammates will never get back in rhythm if he decides to single handedly take over games every time .

  438. heezy says:

    well lakers need to step it up.. if they dont they might as well stop thinking about that 3rd championship.. and yes kobe has been hogging.. but do u blame him??

  439. J.Jay says:


  440. ldhl89 says:

    google NBA ball hog

    and guess what


  441. says:

    kobe is a ball hog, gasol got robbed of the mvp award twice

    • JGD27 says:

      Come on “Smart”. Kobe has huge numbers (and better numbers in comparison with the Regular Season, by the way) in the Finals. So you can’t say “Gasol got robbed”. It sounds (paradoxically) like you were the stupidest person in the world

    • Rayo_mortal says:

      but the NBA will never give an MVP to a Spaniard player, because there is racism…
      ironically the white people who actually runs the NBA gives almost every MVP to an Afroamerican People…
      The Truth is almost SAD…..sorry

  442. says:

    kobe is a ball hog. gasol got robbed of the finals mvp twice

  443. bball21 says:

    People, The Lakers do this every year, lets also remember they are missing Theo Ratliff, Matt Barnes & Joe Smith trust when they come back & LA gets rolling they will be just fine. LA dont need no trade all they need is to play with more agression & Ergancy thats it, & as far as Kobe being a ball hog yes at times he does but what star shooting guard doesn’t. If you watch LAker games you can easally tell he is not the selfish play for his own stats player he use to be, & hello untill someone takes LA out in the playoffs they are still the champs.

  444. bleep says:

    Kobe was and is still a ball hog. Finals series against Detroit. I will never forget that. (That was the year I changed teams and cheered for a younger more explosive guard.. Dwyane Wade.) But despite that they still win. It just so happens that this year his team mates aren’t helping out. So he has to hog the ball more…

    All i can say.. they ain’t winning the championship with the turmoil thats been going on in this team.

    But its really pathetic to watch him play so hard and they still lose (this year)! hahaha:D i think he should know that he should let the game come to him and not the other way around.

    • Tron says:

      you never watched lakers game, and probably never watched cleveland or heat’s game too because lebron is a bigger ballhog than kobe.

  445. simon says:

    lakers needs faster and younger players. Fisher kobe and ron always get blown by.

  446. pintados says:

    when lakers sucks… they blamehis teammates… when lakers becomes a champion (which is more of a team effort and more of a coach’s coaching analytic skills than a player’s talent) they give all the credit to Kobe…….

    the fact is…….there is an unlikeable attitude in Kobe…..intimidating than inspiring to his teammates…

    he ball hogs when his teammates aren’t performing well… yes understandable… but HE CAN’T MOTIVATE HIS TEAMMATES TO PERFORM WELL AND STEP-UP..TO STRUGGLE AND WIN IN THE END… he can’t do this…

    when he starts to see his teammates aren’t doing well…. the more that puts them down… he intimidates them more…. the way he stares at them and then he starts taking the game by himself…

    really… he had rings not because of his leadership….. because REALLY….. of PHIL JACKSON… in a 7 game series… PHIL can really come up with the better plan to beat the other team… plus the big help he got from…shaq…….pau, lamar, ariza and ron…….that’s why…. but not Kobe’s leadership…

    • HeaTeam says:

      funny thing is, the media did blame kobe until someone finally steps up and point out that it was the teammates’ fault

  447. william says:

    what my and our team undergoes now shoudnt concern us too much. h not always roses and downturns happens as it does now…what is important is that individually, players and coaching staff alike, strongly feel deep inside that there’s a lot more to improve and believe they can collectively do it at the right time…h a matter of peaking up when it counts most. are you not convinced that our team is very good at it. kudos to all of us LAKERS.

  448. Sam says:

    Fransisco GOT OWNED!

  449. AMFF! says:

    Seriously! How can a guy called a ball hog if he average 25, 5 and 5?

    • Alucard says:

      he took a lot of shots to get that 25ppg which is a low fg% at least in the last 6 games, hes avg 455fg%, and kobe has the tendency to ball hog when lakers go in a slump…

  450. Let's Be REAL says:

    I am not a Kobe fan, when I was young the team I first fell in love with was the show time Lakers, I was mad when the Lakers Got this punk kid who refused to play where he was draft like he was already special, but that is neither here nor there. The fact is Kobe now will pass to his teammates when they are playing hard, but the truth is they all don’t always play hard. Artest misses a visit to the psychiatrist and he is no good, Gasol shows up now and then, but the worst is the forever under achiever Odem, who has some of the greatest skill set a baller could want but unfortunately he lacks heart. I will become a Lakers fan again once Kobe is gone but he is SICK and has no choice but to put in work when the rest of the misfits aren’t.

  451. SMACK JOHNSON says:

    It’s pretty simple.
    Kobe Bryant came to play
    and the rest of the LAKERS WET THE BED.

    All year long they’ve deferred the hype of “big games”
    all along saying regular season games don’t matter
    … but…

    I can’t imagine your dial all the sudden gets turned up in June,
    when the atmosphere was the same in February and you couldn’t “get it up” then.

    The Lakers need to inject some GM Viagra to remedy some of the most recent flaccid play

  452. A-Unit says:


  453. Lakersbaby. says:

    Kobe Bryant can hogged the ball cause now his team is not as good as it was used to be, Kobe Bryant scored 30+ last 3 games, and i think without him Lakers wouldn’t have won Houston yesterday. i think people are just hating Kobe. If i’m Kobe, i would probably do the same cause his team is no good now, besides Odom who bring off the bench so well.

  454. Mitchel says:

    I agree with Francisco saying this: “Probably his teammates are tired of him getting all credit while shooting 6 out of 24 .”
    But he had 11/15 in freethrow, 15 rebounds, second to Gasol who had 18.. And you can’t deny the fact that Kobe is the focal point of the Lakers.

  455. jake13 says:

    the laker needs a tough defense, a defensive player also needs a good body built to bump guys like dwigth, shaq. there’s no problem with kobe, that’s his role, to score. he is unselfish too. i guess laker need some trading especially what i’ve mention. a tough center and forwards to make them not only an offense but a balance team unlike C’s, they have it all and that’s not fair to others.

  456. alvin says:

    kobe is not a ball hog..he can do his best in every game..i think his teammates had a problem

  457. hahahaha says:

    guys if you want to trade kobe…. well you CANT!!!!!! he signed a no trade contract dummies!!

  458. samiam says:

    did anyone watch the last seconds of the 3rd quarter against houston when lakers were down its sad kobe is becoming embarrass his face had this humiliating look heading to the bench he knows what time it is sad to say father time has caught up with him and hes 31 0r 32 one of them but looks 38 in the moves he makes jordan (g.o.a.t) was on his second three peat at that age and looking better than ever
    it is when yoou can argue which jordan you prefer young or old and almost get the same response (ANY) that you know he is the greatest i would hope this be a lesson to you all who class kobe with jordan
    and also role players make kobe a household name (joordan farmar sasha dereck then the real stars behind every thing pau ron ron odom bynum (twin towers really help a team) and you can put an average to above average at the guard spot and it will be curtains for kobe
    foot work just ike what lebron said thats it not bad mind you but deep down he knows that is it

    • 3Peat!!! says:

      Last time I checked, the Lakers beat the Rockets. Kobe had 32 points, 11 assists and 6 rebounds.

  459. lakes says:

    Kobe was never the problem, the PG is, sure fish’s been getting some clutch shots, but lakers wouldn’t even need those if they have a good PG to actually run the offense. heck, Kobe even has more assists than fisher, almost ever single game…….so ya, fisher for nash, problem solved

  460. robert says:

    there is nothing wrong with the lakers, in fact, despite of some issues, they are still the 3rd or 4th best in the league. its just all of the teams are too excited to play against the two time defending champion. for the nba teams its like their last game as a player that is why players brings their A game when competing with the lakers. and for the lakers, they should pursue carmelo anthony. since kobe is aging, they should think another young all star player in the roster.

  461. Lakers says:

    Kobe is stupid !

  462. ayeshan says:

    MIAMI will WIN the championship dis YEAR. LAKERS will no longer get to a 3peat for MIAMI will beat dem in the finals. IF EVER dey get to the FINALS. hehehe LBJ rules.

  463. kobeISnumberOne says:

    kobe is kobe, thats what stars do, pick up the slack. you can’t blame him if he wants to win. We he sees that he needs to step up he does. thats no hogging. pau is been different for awhile, bynum is still trying to recover, ron-ron ia a no show. so collectively something needs to be chaged. at the bench all i see that is a factor is brown. hope they figure it out and fast! go lakers!

  464. brusco says:

    I think their desire to win is missing except for Kobe. Coach Phil should motivate his players, put Odom on the starting, use Gasol as their center. Since Bynum’s return, Gasol’s numbers goes down.

  465. jhames says:

    the only problem with kobe is he was very selfish.. he can score 30+ but.,,.. does he have an assist?? NO how many rebound can he take? 2,3 or 4?.. and last he’s already too old.. he’s not the old kobe that i’ve always watch before..

    • moneyearl says:

      and when he doesnt shoot and they get blown out its still his fault

    • junior says:

      you look at one game and say kobe is old? come on lets be serious here. The 6 for 24? if I recall correctly I believe he had 15 rebounds? Also kobe trusted his team in that game 7 (gasol, artest) because if he would have tried to take that game over they would have lost.

  466. jayee24 says:

    to have 3rd championship ring they need to have again trevor ariza back on the team.. they need some aggressiveness and a defensive stopper…

  467. yoah says:

    kobe’s not a ballhog..his teammates are just inconsistent, and sometimes they’re really soft..(no offense pau)

  468. Ballhog? Not even close. says:

    Is this even a serious question? Its obvious that the Lakers need to step up their game, Kobe’s just doing what he has to. Sometimes it takes someone to just annihilate the other team by themselves to get the rest of the team sparked, and that’s the way I see Kobe doing things right now. The team obviously isn’t stepping up, so Kobe’s gotta do what he does best, and that’s score.

    And you gotta be kidding me with this 6/24 crap. That’s one game (regardless of it being the finals, don’t hate because your Celtics didn’t win). When are the Kobe hater’s gonna back off and accept that this man is one of the greatest to play the game?

    @ FactNotFiction – That was 2 years ago. This is the present. Think about it. What is the team doing? Not a damn thing. In L.A. vs Boston, Kobe had to step his game up and scored 41 points for NO REASON. The rest of the team didn’t do a damn thing.

    To put it short and sweet, the rest of the team needs to pick up their game and start doing something productive.

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      If the team isn’t doing anything then why are they in 2nd? Why is Gasol playing in the All Star Game? Don’t make excuses. They lost because they didn’t play as a team and it’s everyone’s fault, Kobe included.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        Gasol has had all-star votes before this year, and Gasol isnt a STARTER you fool


  469. Chris O says:

    Ball hog? Didn’t Kobe just drop 11 dimes the other nights?

  470. Reality says:

    how can kobe pass the ball if there is no one that want it… kobe has no choice but to shoot and make some score.. how can you pass the ball to your teammate if he is covered by the defender.. if you pass it it only lead to a turn over..

    • chicharito says:

      well good thing the lakers are working on grippin chris paul. gonna be sick., cp3 to kobe.

    • Copperman says:

      I totally agree with you. I rather let Kobe shoot the ball than other guys do. Maybe Lakers can make a trade with Denver Nuggets to get Camelo Anthony to enhance their offence/defence in order to beat Spurs, Mavericks, Magic, Celtics and Miami? That’d be awsome! lolz

    • Gary says:

      Haha, that’s the dumbest excuse. “couldn’t pass because of defense”.

    • sherwin says:

      it’s now time to bring back versatile ariza to’s a great mistakes to let ariza out..he plays more compatible with KOBE..Lakers will rules again if this guy is back..

    • fox3 says:

      trade kobe to blake griffin! !

  471. Fact Not Fiction says:

    How can people say no one helps Kobe out. HOW THE HELL DID THEY WIN BACK TO BACK CHAMPIONSHIPS IF HE HAS NO HELP? Stop the excuses people. It’s all about effort right now for LA because the talent is there. Still I don’t see why people are bashing them as much since they moved up to number 2 in the west.

    • NAJ says:

      Gasol and Artest played well last year. Lamar is the most inconsistent player on the roster and Fisher is done.

      This last 2 months, Kobe hasn’t had much consistent help. It has nothing to do with last year.

      • Fact Not Fiction says:

        Then why do the numbers for Gasol and Odom show otherwise?! Why is Gasol going to the all-star game, why was Odom being considered if they aren’t helping???

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:


  472. get real says:

    well basically, kobe’s team mates are “slacking”.

  473. Julius says:

    Kobe is the only man who carry the Lakers team, when his team mate cant help to score where did they give the ball?
    its in Kobe right? so it means Kobe isnt hogging the ball to much. my point is Kobe is the Key for the Ring. sorry for my bad English..

  474. LebronFan says:

    I may not be a Kobe fan but he’s not a ball hog at times no one helps him out and he has to be the main scorer. They could use a yonger point guard though.

  475. LakersWillWin says:

    I like what Shaun Powell had to say.
    It must be February ;]

  476. francisco says:

    art garcia comment is a joke, kobe is kobe, yes actually he is doing much better now than ever, he never has been a 50% shooter , now he is less selfish , he gets more assists per game , Remenber when he had SHAQ he still shot 45%
    even when SHAQ ABSORBED the double team. Probably He is running out of luck. Probably teammates are tired of
    him getting all credit while shooting 6 out of 24 . 5 rings are enough for a guy who never shot over 47% in his career.
    there are many players who will take kobe place and make lakers a better team.

    • BLACK MAMBA24 says:


      • Paulo says:

        They wont, the lakers wont even make it to the finals this year, OKC is posing as a huge threat to LA, derek fisher CANNOT guard russel westbrook. He’s too fast, too strong, Durant once again is having a monster year, and jeff green has stepped up. And by the way, theres a reason why Westbrook and Durant are the highest scoring duo in the league. San Antonio poses a threat to L.A’s title hopes also, Tony Parker is playing at all star level again, manu ginobli is outstanding, tim duncan can still dominate a game when he needs to, richard jefferson has improved from last year, and the rookie gary neal can and will shoot the lights out. Parker>Fisher, no contest between them/ Kobe>Ginobli but Ginobli can hold his own vs kobe/ Jefferson>Artest, Artest looks as if he doesnt even remember how to play basketball anymore/ Duncan>Gasol, Gasol is once again looking soft and Duncan is still a force to be reckon with, his minutes will increase drastically in the playoffs and everybody will see that he can still dominate/ Bynum>every center on the spurs but as of late the help defense and team defense of SAS has been phenomenal. LAL will not get past SAS shud they meet in the playoffs. I would say Dallas but after Caron Butler going down we’ll have to wait a year for them to contend unless Dirk absolutely takes over the league. And dont sleep on the Hornets, their on a tear as of late. 2011 Finals matchup: BOS-SAS/ BOS-OKC/ BOS-NOH/ BOS-DAL and BOS will be crowned 2011 NBA Champs, they match up best against every team in the league.

      • todd says:

        i think kobe, tim duncan and shaq deserve equal billing on being the best players of their generation.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:


    • A Fan says:

      Oh are we talking about a shooting percentage only? I thought we were looking at overall stats. He is averaging for his CAREER 25.3 PPG? One of only THREE guards to be on the top 10 scoring list. I think his resume speaks for itself? 7 time NBA All Defensive First Team, 8 time All NBA First Team, 2 time NBA Finals MVP, 2007-2008 NBA MVP. There’s a difference between taking over the game because you’re not going to pass and taking over the game because your teammates aren’t on their game.

      • A Fan says:

        On the NBA ALL Time Scoring leaders*

      • Gman says:

        ^ this man speaks the truth.
        Kobe is a great player, but he needs help. Specially now since his knees are screwin with him. All in all the team is talented, but the mental toughness is not on par with Kobe, then again thats how it usually it. He needs to find a way to pass that toughness. Kind of like KG does for his team, even Noah to a lesser degree.

    • BOB says:

      fransico I hope for your sake that you just don’t sit in front of a computer all day and look at stats, because if you do that is both really sad of you as a person and a contribution to society.

      If you read all of that and are already started to read this, I respect you. Half the others I write this type of thing to will stop after the first comment and write hate comments to what I say, but they in reality do not have the guts to put what I put on paper.

      I think that Kobe’s numbers, for his entire career should be eliminated. He did not make it big, though he did a lot of commercials in his first 4-5 seasons in the league. If you look on his biographies that quote him well, you’ll realize that he himself admits that he takes some wild shots, and every commentator and analyst says that as well. He does not have the smartest shot selection, Brandon Roy does. Kobe, also did not possess a three point shot in those seasons as well, and I’m sure that Kobe’s stright up field-goal percentage is at least 48-49%. This means you take the number of field goals shot and attempted and subtract the three-pointers.

      I hope you realize that when they acquired Ron Artest Ron acknowledged that it was Kobe’s team. When he hit that game-winner against Phoenix the first person he hugged was Kobe even though Kobe missed the shot, that is how much everyone respects him. Gasol listens and respects him, because he knows he couldn’t do it by himself in Memphis, and so does Derek Fisher, Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum. In a Bynum dunk over Shaq it was Kobe who delivered the ball even though he could have taken it himself, so he is not just not selfish anymore he’s getting the assists that are not on the board by drawing double teams and kicking it out for a swing. This is untold story of every player who is a star on any team.

      So I hope that you realize that none of what you said makes much sense, and i especially hope you do not call me a Kobe lover, instead I enjoy Kobe’s game because he definitely is one of a kind.

    • TJ says:

      for someone who knows stats you sure don’t know the game of basketball. Stats don’t tell the whole tale, but actually watching it does. I’m also a fan of the great game of basketball and what i see from kobe is a defensive first minded player. I like how you forgot to bring up those stats. watch some games and get off the computer

  477. kobe24 says:

    fisher??,,cmon…we dont want the captain to be traded or anyone else on the team..lakers are doing fine…they just need more aggressiveness and motivation. I still believe on the LAKERS…i will not blame anyone on the team or saying that fisher and artest should be traded…we must believe on them coz in the end of the day LAKERS will still be the champ!! 🙂

  478. Dorothy P says:

    Kobe no longer hogs the ball,thats why his assist number has gone up.the Lakers need serious help,and i think Ron Artest and Derrick Fisher should be traded.No matter how many clutch shots D-Fish has made for us,i think for a guy who doesnt even average 10 points a season 5 rings is enough!we need offense,Steve Nash and Jason Kidd are 2 point guards who have worked very hard in this league and deserve championship their better scorers than Fisher

    • maldoc says:

      Trade Ron Ron for Mugsy. LOL

    • NAJ says:

      Agree about Fisher. He made a couple clutch 3’s last year to save us but what about the 5-6 open ones he missed earlier in the game. A decent shooter would have made 2 of those at least and we wouldn’t need to shoot clutch shots. He’s washed up and done.

  479. Joel says:

    For the love of god, when will they see sense and put Odom at the starting 3!!! He is the perfect point-forward, is having an all-star year, and as aforementioned, Ron is on Pluto! Trade artest for a backup big, and get 3 7 footers on the floor, and THEN the Celtics have problems

    • 3Peat!!! says:

      Thank you for pointing that out! I’ve been saying that for the longest… Sit Ron, Ron’s ass down and start Blake, Kobe, Odom, Gasol, & Bynum. Who can compete with that starting five??? They would dominate teams with this line-up. Coming off the bench should be D-Fish, Shannon Brown, Barnes, Artest/Joe Smith, & Ratliff @ center whenever he gets healthy. Or start, Shannon Brown, Kobe, Odom, Gasol, & Bynum… Odom/Kobe can run the point, put Kobe/Odom at the three, Shannon Brown is a better defender than D-Fish or Blake, so he can guard the opposing teams point guard.

      • maria says:

        YES YES YES finally someone agrees with me! Putting Odom in the starting 5 would be a huge and smart tthing for Phil to do, but I don’t think blake should start. He’s too inconsistant shooting and just cannot keep up with any of the quick point guards out there…startign Shannon over fish would be the best thing in my opinion. LAKERS STARTERS SHOULD BE Kobe, L.O., Bynum, Pau, and Shan, just so he could give us the quick spark that’s been missing since ariza’s left.

  480. gcsgc says:

    kobe is a smooth operator! he needs help…

    • Riggy says:

      I dont get how people can say Kobe needs help. The lakers have one of the best teams in the league.

      • cal says:

        they do? they have 2.5 stars in their game, plenty of team has 2-3.

      • moneyearl says:

        kobe only still guns in big games because no one else had fortitude to

      • Ldeez says:

        I agree. how the eff can people say Lakers need help? Are you people serious? they have one of the highest payrolls in the NBA. Kobe and Gasol are both all stars. Although Artest hasn’t been playing well, he was a 20 ppg player before he came to the Lakers, and he’s also one of the best defenders in the league. Bynum and Fisher are solid players. The game on Sunday proved why the Celtics and Spurs are so good – they play a team game. Kobe took almost every shot down the stretch. For anyone who plays sports and doesn’t just watch it on the couch, confidence is HUGE. If your not getting the ball and your not getting any shots your not going to try as hard and you’ll lack confidence when you get it. No doubt Kobe is an awesome player, but he is, and always will be selfish. It’s just the nature of his game.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        LDEEZ you must b the guy watching sports on the couch then….

        We have the Best team in the nba? and old ass 36 fisher who cant defend any of the point guards on the playoff teams and all the moves we made havent worked…

        Matt barnes was doing ok, but he hurt, steve blake isnt turning out they way people thought he would…

        Odom has been the second best and most consistent player after Kobe..

        Gasol playing softee boy again, idk wtf wrong with him…and Bynum is tryna to get bak into his groove…

        Kobe took most of the shoots down the stretch yes, but because we were down double digits in the fourth quarter with 7mins left, a RUN had to be made, KOBE SPARKED A 7 PT OUTLET, and after than NOBODY COULD CAPITALIZE and HELP HIM get the game bak….


  481. Pepemiwe says:

    kobe hog the balls too much, thats normal.

  482. The Iceman says:

    Besides kobe and fisher the lakers bigs need to get the job done, and we need ARIZA BACK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • francisco says:

      trade Kobe , get a young and unselfish guard, Kobe is the problem here, he collects all unearned credit.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Francisco is such an idiot. Kobe had 7 assists in the 1st quarter yesterday before he even scored a basket.
        Real selfish. this guy is the epitome of a Kobe HATER

      • francisco says:

        For lakerswillwin , Dude I do not hate any player, I am not fan of any player ,I love basketball and check stats(facts)
        Certainly Kobe is a great player , but he is not actually the best shooting guard in NBA . go and compare his career
        averages against for instance Dwane Wade. THEY have the SAME game. Kobe had not won any rings in a mediocre team
        look, After Shaq exit , he could noT pass first round of playoffS. HE has a nice jumper and pretty moves which make him
        likeable, but his quality stats are just OK.


      • seriously? says:

        a team can win when the best guy shoots 6 for 24 if their defense is spectacular and other players shoot great. have you ever even looked at the celtics field goal shooting percentage in game 7? they shot 40% which isnt great.
        the lakers shot worse, but the lakers had 23 offensive rebounds to the celtics 8. did u know that huh? i bet not. did u know that kobe shot 11-15 free throws? how about his 15 rebounds?
        the celtics had more turnovers than the lakers as well.
        just because they won one game with kobe shooting 6 for 24 doesnt mean they can do that everytime, in fact they cant.
        Nobody ever says he gets all the credits. have you never seen anyone congratulate ron artest for his work? or gasol? or odom? maybe you are lost in your hae of kobe hatred, but everyone else knows that a person can’t win by themselves. they can win one game, sure, but no one can ever win the nba finals by themselves. they need a team and a coach.

      • butzokoy511 says:

        Francisco! Did the Bulls traded Michael Jordan when he was so-called “Hogging” the ball? I didn’t think so! It’s a TEAM effort, the rest of the guys need to find a way to contribute either getting stops on the game or whatever. Please don’t talk about something that you know nothing about.

      • huh says:

        they would never trade kobe and he’s not at fault the bigs are playing soft and lazy.

      • sean says:

        That’s not true Artest and Fisher need to pick there game up…..Bynums getting his swing back and who can complain about Lamar the problems not Kobe the problem is an old Point Guard who Kobe’s doing his job for and a Empty side of the court (Artest) where he’s unable to pass. Pau Gasol will get stronger as the team gets stronger.


      • abn says:

        they do? one played triangle, one played whatever the heat was playing

      • michead says:

        i really don’t think you know what you talking about dude…!!!

      • CaucasianAsian says:

        Apparently this dude is all about stats. Ok… Here are some numbers to crunch:
        81 Pts in a regular season game (2nd most ever, more than Jordan ever had in a single game, note it was also done on very efficient shooting stats so you can say he took a lot of shots, but it’s far from hogging the ball if Kobe shooting is the most efficient option… also FAR more than your boy d’wade, who you apparently don’t love or hate, has ever had in a game and probably more than he ever will have)

        12 three-point field goals in a single game – tied for the most ever in a single NBA game. He was 12/18… very efficient, again. That game, he even had the same number of “selfish” assists as the Lakers PG did vs seattle on jan 7th 2003, check the box score.

        4.7 Assists per game – Kobe’s “selfish” career average. Since when is dishing almost 5 dimes a game selfish? Wade is averaging 4.2 per game this season with LeBron finishing on his left and Bosh finishing on his right, Kobe has Artest bricking away and Gasol being a woman in the post, Kobe doesn’t have anyone to throw lobs to on a regular basis since they use Odom to throw lobs to Shannon Brown on their out of timeouts lob play.

        As far as your “he could not pass first round of playoffs without shaq” comments:
        Despite saying you’re not a fan of any player, we’ll use your Dwayne Wade example,
        Number of rings Wade has without Shaq: 0
        Number of rings Kobe has without Shaq: 2
        I’m starting to see a bit of flaw in your logic.
        Number of rings Kobe has without Shaq: 2
        Number of rings Shaq has without Kobe: 1
        Last time I checked, 2>1

        “The guy is a lucky winner”
        Yeah, especially during games like December 20th, 2005, when he outscored Dallas 62-61 by himself through 3 quarters. No literally, he had 62 pts through 3, Dallas had 61, and he sat the 4th, Lakers won. Real lucky guy. We’re talking a Dallas team with Devin Harris, Dirk Nowitzki, Josh Howard (in better days for him), Eric Dampier, and Keith Van Horn. Not exactly random scrubs.

        “What team in the NBA beats the Celtics when the best player shoots 6 out of 24 in game 6”
        Only the team with KOBE BRYANT on it.

        “He gets all credits from collective efforts”
        I thought he was busy hogging the ball too much for it to be a collective effort? Furthermore, name me a team that you would say doesn’t win through collective efforts? Come on, it’s not communism here, collectivity does not imply equality. Sure, Odom works his ass off too, and Gasol *tries* to but tough but just really isn’t, and I’m sure Artest *thinks* he’s trying, so sure it’s a collective effort, but does that mean everyone deserves equal credit? This isn’t your little league games where the coach has to pretend everyone is good enough to get playing time.

      • chase4ever24 says:

        are you retarded you would trade your franchise player who (by the way ) has given you 5 count it 5 championships just because the lakers hit a rought patch. i would be a ball hog too if my team wasnt providing support dont try and be funny it just makes you sound like the biggest idiot in the sports fan world

      • MJ says:

        Are You For Real?!?!?!!!!
        Trade KOBE?????????
        Please I beg for the love of the game of basketball
        Stop Talking because u are definately talking BS

      • Imad Akel says:

        i gotta say ur comparisons of wade and kobe dont take into consideration:
        Kobe got GASOL

        this spanish guy does not get enough credit
        and when lakers acquired artest there really was a defensive boost

        and that game 7 vs celtics COME ON

        the lakers didnt deserve that win Perkins was injured celtics had no center!
        people think the lakers were the strongest team last year. that’s wrong.
        They were the strongest when the Celtics were injured.
        Unfortunately for the Celtics, that was most of the season.

        Healthy celtics vs. healthy lakers, come on!
        Just answer these TRUE or FALSE questions: (when BOTH teams are healthy)
        1) Celtics share the ball better offensively, and have more people capable of scoring.
        2) Celtics are better than the lakers defensively.
        3) Celtics are more consistent in their performance. The Lakers have their runs and their droughts, but the Celtics are always in battle mode.
        4) Lakers has a better coach, but the team is not as close together as the celtics. The lakers have the same goal as a team. But the Celtics are players that have ONLY the team as goals.

        Just to add to my 4th point: The Celtics WOULD NEVER blame one player for anything, and the Celtics’ players don’t have issues with “who is better than who” and “who is carrying more”. Everyone does their part. They consider each other more or less equal. No player would step up and stay “I’m doing all the work here” or “I want more credit”.
        Even SHAQ who had problems limiting his ego in cleveland, has limited his ego with the Celtics. How? Team!

        Lakers deflect to players alot of the time. “Ron Artest needs to pick up his game”, “Kobe Bryant is doing everything alone”, “Pau Gasol was shut down offensively”

        Even when the celtics lost that game at home were Ray Allen missed almost all his shots (game 3 or 4), Doc Rivers said “WE had some shots that normally go down. WE missed some shots. OUR offence should’ve been better.”

        Even offcourt the Celtics are always together whereas the Lakers like most teams lead individual lives.

        Come on guys, if this was a movie, who do you think wins in a happy ending? The team that plays together and seems like a fairytale comeback story, or the team that has Kobe?

      • Moses says:

        maybe you should trade your brain kobe the best man

      • boogieman says:

        @francisco, hey man you should play ball for you to understand things going around basketball, yes it all about stats but most of the time its the experience on how to play the game not just eating your stats and base things on it. Try to play the game its really fun instead of reading on your stats.

      • Steve says:

        Francisco, I’ve been around basketball 32+ years coached and played with guys who have made the highest level. Firstly Kobe does have games where he IS the problem, but in the Celtics game look at his FG% his intensity, watch his D and then compare it to his teammates. Artest has had a chip on his shoulder since they recruited Barnes, he wont admit it, but he has lost it since he feels the organisation has put in an “insurance policy” in case he flips out. His, and Gasols play is what the true barometer of the Lakers depends on. Fisher also has to stop relying on his playoff rep, and start focusing on reg. season. The only way Kobe wont be the problem is if his teammates step up their intensity and become the solution!

      • Surette says:

        @Imad Akel “the lakers didnt deserve that win Perkins was injured celtics had no center!” Lakers weren’t all healthy either, Bynum barely played and Kobe had broken fingers and a bad knee.

        “this spanish guy does not get enough credit” Should he really when he’s not playing as hard as he was at the beginning of the season?

        “Lakers deflect to players alot of the time” then you make quotes of Phil Jackson? Question one of the greatest if not the best coach of all time? He’s the Zen Master, so of course he wants to get into his players heads. Think his job is to worry about their “feelings” when they don’t pull through?

        Sounds like youre a celtic fan or laker hater and are a bit upset they won the championship. get over it man. you have no idea what youre talking about

      • LAKESHOW says:

        if all this francisco guy cared about was basketball
        why are you focusing on just one player(kobe)?

      • S.E.D says:

        you must be kidding or do you have no basketball since?

      • 8675309 says:

        for caucusainasain it was jason kidd not devin harris. jeez get the facts right

      • 8675309 says:

        for the asain dude if d wade was on the lakers and kobe was on the heat at the time that kobe scored 81 points do you really think he couldve done it with the heat? of course not!!!! the heat didnt have anybody that would steal, block, or play defense so the other team only had to pass 3 times to get the heat confused and get an opeen look. where as kobe had all these guys that could steal, block, and play defense which made it harder for the other team and it led to a bunch of turnovers

      • LABRYANT says:


    • vk1519 says:

      youre right . they need ariza. i didnt like the trade for artest in the first place but they won it all last year so i
      didnt complain. now, artest not fitting the team is starting to show. ariza was perfect for the lakers. dont know why he left.

      • Sandile says:

        problem is, if it were Jordan doing the samething?? would we have this topic “Ballhog” Kobe is not one if he was i’m pretty sure he would not reach 5000 assist in his career.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        ariza left becuz he thought he deserved more money from the lakers seeing as he had some great moments in close games in getting to the finals

        but ariza was far better than artest, and he was an INVESTMENT becuz of his youth! dude is like 24 or 25

    • Imad Akel says:

      lol this article is mostly talking about the celtics game
      the truth is even last year the celtics were better than the lakers
      they have always been stronger defensively
      and now they are stronger offensively coz rondo calls all the plays without some dumb shooting frenzies like they had in the past

      last year, they lost the championship to the lakers because their center was injured, rasheed wallace didn’t have enough defensive and offensive presence (never at the same time atleast), and some games, certain people got trigger happy (i love ray allen, he’s the reason they won a game at the lakers home court. he’s also the reason they lost the next game at the celtics home court.)

      Now they have their good center back and they have a good role player in shaq to come in and pound for a few minutes. And there’s no more of that “if we keep taking those good open shots, they wll fall” crap from Doc. Rondo finds only the best shots for his team mates. The kind that almost always fall.

      • Chakachaka says:

        Last year, Rasheed was retired. It’s funny how easily you can refute your entire argument with a mistake.

      • junior says:

        I’m a laker fan and you make a strong point, but I wouldn’t blame the celtics game 7 loss on loosing their center for that game. Boston was up 13 late in the 2nd half with kobe shooting less than 30 percent for the game! Fact of the matter is they choked. Yea they were without perkins but the lakers were without bynum in 2008 for the enitre series right?. Its the same thing no excuses. You go with who’s ready to play. However if they both get back to the finals and both centers are healthy and barnes is healthy then there will be no excuses.

      • Imad Akel says:

        lol i saw the finals vert closely last year rasheed wallace wasnt retired LOL

        i remember his tremendous effort coming in, shooting one 3, making it, and then doing nothing else.
        Oh yeah i think he got a technical or 2 during the finals lol.

        Defensively sometimes he was a presence, but then he would start getting cocky and suck on offence.

        And whenever he made a 3, he spent too much time hyping the crowd his defence was pretty weak (Odom and gasol and bynum would all pwn whenever rasheed was on the floor lol)

        he wasnt retired last year that’s for sure lol

        it’s funny how people assume other people made mistakes.

      • NAJ says:

        @ chakachaka – you’re wrong. Sheed did play last year and retired after it.

    • junior says:

      True but I don’t know if they really need ariza back though. He was a great fit but the only knock I have on him is he isn’t strong enough to body up the bigger superstars of the league. (carmelo,, pierce). They all have had big games against him in the playoffs. To where at least artest was able to slow them down a couple games out of the series which is all they need artest for. Artest is a much better shooter thought.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        nah, a more terrible shooter …artest cant hit a shot to save his life…i see it every LA game they televise on national channels

    • SOCOLD says:


    • Jtizzle says:

      dude you say you check stats right? well you say in game 7 kobe was 6-24 right? well how many rebounds did he have? i’ll answer that for you 15!!! ya if it wasn’t for those measley 15 rebounds Lakers would not have won.

    • GKobe says:

      yeah!,,,ARIZA is the right guy,

    • lakers says:

      Kobe is the man, but other players will be big key to win the final If Laker still want. I think trading Kobe will be the best idea for Laker’s future if Laker’s managerment really wants to make a trade, Getting LeBorn, Kobe is getting older and only may be couple years left for his peak time, Young and good players will be helped Laker. For games 7 in final last year, Kobe did worse job in whole game, but he passed final shoot ( he nornal does) to Artz and won the game, it was so so so lucky for Kobe and whole lakers + all Lakers fans. i don’t think it will happen again in this year if Laker can be there. we will see night’s game ( Spus vs. Laker), Laker has to win this game with no question, if not, trade, trade, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        trade kobe? really…that would be a total slap in the face to a guy who has given the franchise ALL HIS YEARS and FIVE CHAMPIONSHIPS

    • Alexzo48 says:

      I’d go with Mr Aldridge on this one. Sekou, u got a point too. If kobe still hogs the ball like everyone accuses him to… Then he’d be the scoring champ for the last 3 years & he’d still be dropping over 30 a night, 40 every other, 50 a week after and so on… If he’s still selfish as people perceive him to be..then he’d be hell bent on breaking 81 & catching up on a hundred. That being said…tell me if none of you were entertained or even amazed by kobe’s play in the past. Me, i’d give my all just to see vintage kobe play!

      • Gman says:

        Kobe cant drop that every night. Get that idea outta your head now. If he did his knees would be gone in 20 games.

    • dt15 says:

      Finally someone says it! Why do we have Steve Blake & Matt Barnes, but no Ariza? Get Ariza Back Now!!!! And while we are at it, get Farmar Back asap. If we have to trade Artest to do it…so be it. Love you Ron Ron, but seriously, you aren’t consistent. We need to move odom to the starting small forward spot.


      I am so tired of hearing “Lakers are just bored right now. They need to be motivated..But when playoff comes..I bet anything they are gonna be unstoppable”.

      This is nothing more than a RIDICULOUS, and PATHETIC excuse that the Lakers and Lakers fans are using WAY too much. Its one thing to have the occasional lapse in a couple games throughout the year. Thats human. But its something completely different when you go on MULTIPLE LOSING STREAKS of games where you feel you have to use that excuse. Then theres something ELSE wrong there, BOTTOM LINE.

      • gmt32 says:

        Imad Akel what are you talking about perkins was injured for one game thats not an entire series the celtics had 6 games before that and a lot of help from the refs and still couldnt be the lakers im not sure what series you watched last year but you are mistaken. Bynum was injured the entire playoffs and finals playing on a torn mcl thats not playing at full strenght and that was the entire playoffs not one game. So check your facts before you start talking. And do you remember game two minute left lakers down 2 boston knocks the ball out of bounds the horrible refs give the ball the celtics anyways even after review when you see clearly that it should be lakers ball. The celtics then run 20 seconds off the clock and hit a three the lakers down five with 30 seconds lefts refs give game two the celtics. And if you look at the 08 finals the lakers werent healthy then as well ariza came back just for the finals on a injuried knee and bynum didnt even play so dont give me this the celtics are better at full strength because they are not they have yet to play the lakers at full strength even this year bynum is still trying to get back to 100 percent and matt barnes is out for atleast 4 more weeks. The lakers are the better team and we will all see that come june just like the last two years.

    • hihi says:

      i feel that lakers should have a good playmaker and a good reserve centre w this,lakers should not have any problems in the season/playoff