Iggy Pop … And So Much more!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Sometimes it feels like Andre Iguodala has faded from our conversation about the game’s best skywalkers. Then he goes and does something like this:

But his was one of the many sick dunks that filled the Top 10 Plays reel from Sunday.

We honestly don’t know how the folks in the video department can sort through them all to come up with the two handfuls that make the list:


  1. ariel_1 says:

    Iggy is a very good defender so welcome to CELTICS.
    Celtics is the best place for great defenders like you.
    Celtics can even turn a player from a no defender to a good defender, Just ask Ray Allen

  2. nihil says:

    I think many people forget how good actually Iggys defense is… yes,he’s also good in at offense, but just think about this summer, when he was the key defender of the national team.

  3. sylvon says:

    Iggy dose have back up. He has a great fan base,a great permanent coach, and young talented player with defined roles around him. This year is all about stability, and the sixers have that. That is why the they are an improved team.

    • Ty Dollaz says:

      Ive been a sxer fan for 14yrs now and iggy been one ov da top playerz we hav had and i dnt wnt to c hym leave all we need to du iz get the ryte players to play ar0und hiz gayme nd he’ll put up all star stats

  4. Fact Not Fiction says:

    Players like this just need the right team otherwise they’ll always just be silent but deadly.

  5. Gordon says:

    Iguodala seems to vanish from conversations not only about dunkers, but one of the best raw talents in the league in my opinion. Averages of 14-5-5 for this year, while certainly respectable, still seem to be short of what he can do. Part of the problem could be the pieces around him or his, sometimes questionable shot selection, but I’ve always thought of him as being someone, with a team all his own, should be in the 20-7-7 area as much as he’s got the ball in his hands. Never seems to sell himself short on the highlight reel dunks though. As Hubie Brown would say, he’s “one of the best we have in the league at finishing”.

  6. Lebron James says:

    Wwattaa Dunk I love Iggy. I hope he can have his backup in Philly…