Green Money

LOS ANGELES – The Celtics departed Staples Center on Sunday evening with their 109-96 victory over the Lakers, their pride restored following a bad showing a couple nights earlier in Phoenix and, not incidentally, all their money.

It was about this time last season — Feb. 18, 2010, Boston’s lone scheduled road game against the Lakers — that Doc Rivers collected $100 from players, the coaches and the support staff, $2,600 in all. He insists it is true, that he took the money, put it in an envelope, stashed the dough overhead by moving a ceiling panel in the visitor’s locker room, and told the Celtics they would reclaim the money the next meeting with the Lakers in L.A. The implication was clear: Make it back in June for the Finals, rather than wait until 2010-11.

They did, of course, and made the withdrawal. Lost the series, but got the money.

Sunday, with the Celtics again in their only scheduled road meeting with the Lakers, Rivers said there would be no similar motivational ploy.

“No,” he said. “I don’t trust the security here anymore. San Antonio? Well, we’re going to see.”

Sure, that’s what Rivers claimed. But just to be safe, Mark Heisler wrote in the Los Angeles Times, “This time, we’re going over their dressing room with pickaxes and sensory gear as soon as they’re on the bus.”

Nothing yet.


  1. Bren/AF says:

    @ Lebron James…
    I agree wholeheartly with you, Kobe focusing more on scoring more so as a team player. NBA tops. Give it up to Kobe. WAKE-UP Lakers fans…at one time Kobe, allowed the point guard to orchestrate the tempo of the game and he became the wingman. I’m some what mazed with his performance after a game lost. Maybe i’m just old-timey, once the game is over one would shake hands and says whatever. VIP. No hater please. Its ALL love. See LA in OKC…

  2. Lebron James says:

    Come on fellas…specially Lakers fans…your time is over…and the way LA is playing right now…they gonna end up in misery. Kobe is not playing as a team player as he used to..all he wants is to score and score to get into top five of NBA Leading Scorers….they can’t be a champion anymore….they will die forver..

    • Vijay says:

      You are clearly lacking of knowledge. Kobe scores 25 on a trot. The games where he ups his shot is when everyone else takes a vacation on him out there on the court and he is forced to up his game.One thing I like about Kobe as opposed the Queen James, is that Kobe will leave his gun empty in a showdown, see game 7 last years finals unlike James game 6 east semis. Good luck Miami Heat bandwagoner, see Bosh.

      • Fact Not Fiction says:

        You obviously don’t know what your talking about (VJay). Lebron had a trible double(go check the stats yourself). Kobe 6-24 so yeah his gun was empty and he hit near nothing. That’s not a stab at Kobe either, but fans like you need to get your facts straight before you go trash talking. Also no one forces Kobe to put up anything. He’s a great shooter and takes the shots he thinks he can make but unfortunatley that doesn’t always work and lucky for him his team is alot better than you and others who are supposed to be fans claim they are….

  3. Vijay says:

    To all fans. I am a Lakers fan, period. However I’m a basketball fan at heart, that being said, I respect my opponent. I respect and look forward to seeing the Celtics in the finals again this season. No disrespect to the Orlandos, Heats and Spurs of the world. The Celtics should make it out of the East, so too should LA and it will make for a 2 best of three finals format, winner taking all final bragging rights. This is where I say it will be LA in 6!

    Los Angeles laid major goose eggs against Miami, San Antonio and other foes on marquee days and matchups. However, there are no awards for winning on christmas day, or Martin Luther King Day, or Sunday in January. All you win on these days is bragging rights. It’s a long marathon, when June comes around I will see who is left standing when the smoke clears.

    LA to the world.

  4. Jen Green says:

    What a crazy story! The things coaches will do to motivate their team! lol. Thanks for sharing, and for the laugh!

  5. Mr Sensible says:


    I assure you… will not find a bigger Lakers fan than myself. (19 years and im 27) I have played the game, as well as coached it. Im not bragging, but if you play Basketball, then you have probably played a pickup game before with a bunch of older guys that still think they are “spring chickens” that play a competitive game until they start getting fatigued…..and then wild shot after shot starts getting thrown up because nobody has the energy to take it to the rim anymore??? Thats whats happening with my team right now. Its a long season, and playoffs doubles the energy effort it takes to win. The Lakers have very little 4th quarter playmaking ability outside of Kobe and Lamar. Gasol is a finisher that passes well out of the low block, and Bynum is a finisher. With all the zones/traps we have now in this league, you need playmakers in the wing position to break down defenses. The Lakers have Kobe, and virtually nobody else. This year teams have went to zone defense at a higher rate than ever, and I just dont think the Lakers are built for zone….they ALWAYS struggle.
    On another note Viijay, dont call yourself a fan of my team if you dont know facts….Doc Rivers last year put that money up in the ceiling, and this is the only year since Pau Gasol got to L.A that the Lakers have lost more than 3 games in a row. 7 game losing streak??? come on man. My Lakers would NEVER EVER let that happen.

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      When you make comments like “Lakers have no 4th quarter playmaking ability” or “They have Kobe and virtually nobody else”, it really just discredits anything you say. If you were as big a fan as you claim you would not downplay them in anyway or make excuses. The only thing I can say your right about is the 7 game losing streak, that won’t happen.

    • Vijay says:

      I’m almost sure it was the season that the Celtics won it all that Doc made that proclomation about the money. Anyways that really doesn’t matter at this stage. Last season the Lakers stumbled badly into the playoffs, if it wasn’t 7 games in a row, they lost that many out of 10 going into the post season.

      I have played a pick up games and against older foes, I know exactly what you mean. Gasol is a playmaker and can make plays out of the post, just not the way he was showcasing on Sunday. I’m pretty sure LA will get it right when it matters. The Celtics sure did last season.

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  10. trix says:

    That was a good game by the celtics. Thought im a die-hard lakers fan i must admit celtics played better that game and deserved to beat them. the truth is they are playing better ball this season as well. It will be tough for the lakers to three-peat but dont count out the lakers yet. They have the talent, kobe and the coach. Just have to wait till june. But this playoffs should be fun with alot of good teams with spurs, celtics, heat, magic and mavs (maybe) standing in the lakers’ way

    • Law064 says:

      @Vijay just admit that LA is not the powerful force that you thought they were. LA is still favored but it won’t be easy. I have to say that people complain about KG being dirty but he was the only person that got an elbow and no foul called he also had to get stitches. KG will own Gasol in his late stages, in his prime Gasol wouldn’t have a chance against KG. Rondo jump shot has improved from last year and I can bet you that they can’t just leave him wide open. If you have Kobe guarding Rondo Kobe is less effective on the other side of the court. It was 1 game yes so just mark 1 win for Boston. If they meet in the finals it will be another good series but my prediction if that happens Bos in 6.

  11. Law064 says:

    Good game from the Celtic’s. I don’t see LA beating them in a 7 game series this time around. Healthy KG Perk getting better anyone facing the Celtic’s are going to have trouble. Go Celtic’s

    • Vijay says:

      Clearly a Celtics fan. KG was healthy last season too. All roads still lead through LA son. I will say this here and now as well, If we see the Celtics in the Finals, it will end in 6. Kobe will avg 30+ points, 6+ boards and 8+ assists. And all you Celtics fans who fell in love with the “what if” Perkins didn’t get injured, forgetting that Bynum was injured in ’08, will finally get to rest easy knowing who is the superior team. Much respect to San Antonio. Popovich has always ran a tight ship. Don’t be fooled by yesterdays regular season showing by the Lakers, if you were, I’ll pray for you.

      I’ll point out a few things. First of all the Celtics shot better than 60% for the game, you expect to do that for a 7 game series. laughable.

      Kobe dropped 36 or 38 points. He is caoable of such feats but the success of the Lakers against an opponent like the Celtics rest in the role players production, not Kobe’s.

      Gasol was a virtual no show, again. I will be a little lenient considering the load he had to carry early in the season.

      Bynum got schooled by Big Baby, that simply confuses me. Big Baby couldn’t score on my disabled grand mother as far as I’m concerned. The dude is a joke.

      What I saw from Shaq, I expected to see. Shaq is looooooonggg over the Hill, and playing into retirement.

      Pierce doesn’t normally shoot that well.

      Ray will be Ray.

      Rondo still hasn’t found a jump shot. Probably never will.

      • Law064 says:

        @Vijay dude you have a endless list of excuses how can the road go thru LA if LA have to deal with San Antonio the #1 team in the NBA so far. Last year KG was like 80% not 100% check his rebounds and if you watch the celtic’s play you can clearly see KG jumping higher than last season. I never say if Perk played Boston wins but it’s an argument that has points. I say if the ref’s don’t call 20 plus fouls in the 4th quarter alone then LA was done. Kobe 7-23 that’s a joke and I’m sorry to say Big Baby will school you and yo Grandma at the same time how funny is that. Big Baby blocked Bynum dunk in a couple games in the Finals. What happened to LA when the Heat ran them out of the building on Christmas? They are not going to the finals.

      • Gary says:

        Why are you making excuese for Gasol not showing up but dissing Celtic fans for mentioning Perkins being out?Typical LA fan but it’s all good. the Celtics did what they needed too and hopefully it’s a rematch this year so they can prove what they’re made of.

      • Vijay says:

        Mr Law, when Dallas finished with the number one seed couple years back, how far did they go in the playoffs. Because the Spurs have the number one seed doesn’t mean the road to the finals goes through San Antonio, Popovich will tell you that. Look at Cleveland last season. Anyone with brains will tell you in the East the road to the finals goes through Bean town, in the West it goes through LA LA world.

        I still say Big Baby is joke. Because he blocked Bynum means nothing. Least we forget that Bynum’s knee was jacked up in the Finals, as someone so delicately mentioned that Garnet was 80% and jumping higher this season. As far as I’m concerned a dwarf could’ve blocked Bynums shot, then and now on accassion. Not discrediting my Big Man, but sometimes he plays small, not keeping his arms straight, reaching too often.

        If Perkins had played the Celtics would not have gotten the points they did from Rasheed. Two, let’s not blame the refs, because the amount of illegal screens that Perkins and Garnett set and the refs miss them, my word. Well at least they have started to call more of them.

      • KG is back says:

        a healthy KG had 12 defensive rebounds which is 2 more defensive rebounds than gasol bynum and odom combined and also a healthy KG means a no show for Gasol and we saw that last night and in 6 games in the 2008 finals and btw rondo doesn’t need to develop a jump shot he can control a game without scoring he had 16 assists last night that is 6 more than your lakers team the only fact that you said that ray is gonna be ray, oh and another correction paul usually don’t shoot that well in LA but remember in case your team made it to the finals there gonna be 4 games in boston where he shoot that good
        Ps San Antonio aren’t Dallas

      • Vijay says:

        What continues to amaze me, is that a quality team, which the Celtics are supposed to be, you guys are stuck on this home court advantage thing. Don’t get me wrong, would I prefer to have a game 7 in LA over Bean town sure, but all great championship teams are capable of winning on the road. See Bulls, past Lakers series victories, Spurs.

        Next KG has found the secret to defending Gasol, elbow him, shove him, foul him excessively. Now seriously as a basketball fan I would love to see Gasol overcome that on a more regular basis. KG doesn’t risk those tactics with Power Forwards of note. Talent wise Gasol is KGs superior at this stage of their careers, might I add. Garnett before he turned into a very dirty player was stellar, now he has resorted to dirty play to make up the difference. Note when Bynum is on KG or Artest, there is no shoving or dirty play, especially in terms of Artest.

        Rondo controlled the game when Kobe came off of him. Unfortunately no one else came to the party, so therefore as Kobe moved, pressure released. The overall defense by my team especially in the second half was deploreable. Rondo controls the game when the game speeds up and against inferior guards. Rondo is skilled, don’t get me wrong but is still a huge liability offensively. Note when his teamates aren’t scoring from direct passes from him, Doc inserts Nate, who has a jump shot.

        I also believe I made the distinction that San Antonio is not Dallas, I was just making reference to the trust placed in records and not the overall merit of the team. Let me put it this way, the years when Sacramento was running things and finishing on top the West, they were well aware that no matter where LA ended up in the standings, they were a tough out. Put another way, the Celtics last season finished middle of the pack in the Standings, yet everyone in the East knew all roads to the Finals passed through boston.

      • Miami cHeat says:

        BJ, vijay, veejay, whatever… get a job on espn, fox or nba. smart ass. we’re not blind. you are obviously a LAKER FAN and that alone justifies why youre coming up with all the supposed reason Boston lost to Lakers last season and why they “will” lose again(?). get real. Lakers are soooo last year. Clearly, Lakers don’t look like the team that went to the finals the last three years. The core is there but the play isn’t the same. Paul Pierce admitted though that Lakers is “THE” team to beat. but the last 2 finals match up by these two teams were decided by HOME COURT advantage. lets take out that Perkins Injury factor. 2008 Finals Celtics had homecourt they won. 2010 Lakers had homecourt they won. enough about the injury to bynum and perkins. both these team are capable of winning, core intact or not. but to win a series, that extra home game makes the difference.

      • KG is back says:

        @vijay Oh is KG dirty player now!! And when did he turn dirty in summer 2007 when he turned down playing for LA to be a Celtic? In 2007 aren’t you lakers fans who used to say that he is the best PF to ever play the game? Didn’t you guys made websites to get KG to play in LA. Let me guess he wasn’t dirty then…. With all the millage and the injuries that Garnett had he is still much better than gasol, as you admitted gasol is so soft remember that defense is half of the game he is skilled offensively but not as good as KG, KG is still unguardable down on the block, and when did Artest or bynum guarded KG it is always Gasol or Odom, I would love to see artest guarding KG that would be a joke you guys have a great coach that won’t make such a mistake, artest guarding KG lol KG just play center in the closing mins and at that time Bynum will be on the bench because the Lakers closes with Gasol and Odom.
        Idk which game were you watching but if you go back and watch the game you’ll see that all rondo’s assists came when either kobe or fisher guarding him the whole 16 assists, I watched all the Cs games this year and that is not what happen, Doc always stick with rondo, when the shoots aren’t falling they plays small both rondo and nate will be in the floor with the big 3.

  12. Mr Sensible says:

    Lol….Thats a Phil Jackson type of “SLY” remark. I dont trust the security here….San Antonio maybe”……To me thats saying he thinks San Antonio will make it over L.A….I always said, even though I am a loyal Lakers fan, if a 7 game series began right now with Boston, the Celtics would take it just based on the fact the Kobe seems to be the only “credible” play-maker from the wing position. Shannon Brown is just an explosive player, meaning he is a scorer and not a guy who draws any double teams. Then on defense, virtually the Lakers are vulnerable because of slower legs so they double team more and end up playing scramble defense. The numbers are misleading because the length of the Lakers causes alot of disruption, but for the most part, teams get almost any shot they want. People thought I was crazy for this, but You need a guy like Tracy Mcgrady who can come in off the bench and make plays as well as score baskets. His length and quick feet (not speed…quick feet) would make him a solid defender especially with 2 sevon footers protecting the rim. Id like to see people call Kobe a ball hog today, because todays an example of what Kobe is talking about….Gasol 12 and 7….hmmm, maybe Kobe is more Valuable then people give him credit for, because Gasol isnt as “great” as people think…Ebanks, and Matt Barnes for Tracy Mcgrady..??? I think thats fair.

    • Vijay says:

      Don’t be fooled, Mr Sensible. The numbers are not misleading. The Lakers are good defensively when they want to be. However they are some games when players are ineffective. I chalk up Sunday’s game as one of those where Gasol was ineffective in spurts. As for the energy they had in the third and fourth quarter, leaves a lot to be desired. Big Baby taking Bynum to school in the block, my word. Now before I go any further, I wouldn’t disagree with bringing T-mac along for the ride. But let’s not get carried away, I’m always quick to remind that last season the Lakers were beaten soundly by Cleveland on christmas and lost the rematch in Cleveland. Unfortunatley the Lakers arent very interested in the regular season and as a result we (lakers fans) get these kind of games from them. Don’t forget last season as well that Boston was a middle of the pack team and washed off everyone on their way to the Finals. I’m just watching for Championship level habits from my team. The wins only matter in terms of seeding and home court in the Finals. I just hope the Lakers don’t take the season too too lightly. Also don’t forget the eventual champs last season went into the playoffs sporting a 7 game losing streak.

      And by the way guys it was in 2008 that Doc Rivers left the money in Staples Centre, not last season. In addition, San Antonio is good and will have to be reckoned with come playoff time but let’s not get carried away again and remember what happened to the Cavs last seasons Regular Season Champion. (lol). I’m not saying San Antonio will be dismissed easily, but don’t get too excited, I respect Pop and the Spurs as he does Phil and the Lakers. He said it himself, all roads to the Finals lead through LA, no matter their record.

      • Gary says:

        Don’t ever say that the Lakers are not interested in regular season. If that was the case why have they been in the top 1-3 seed the past few years? This was just another loss and nothing to look to deeply into but don’t make the excuses everyone else does and say that they don’t care, because they do…

      • Vijay says:

        The Lakers finish in the top 3 seeds because of their talent level. They show up and just win most nights. However as seen in ’08 talent alone won’t get you a ring. You need to mix a liitle desire into the mix. And it’s not an excuse, LA is not that interested in the regular season. As far as they are concerned, they get the right patch of games, run of 10 or eleven, they will make up ground on the Spurs and keep ahead of the rest. That is all that is required. No sense killing yourself to be crowned regular season champ, there is no such title, just ask Dallas or Cleveland.

      • Gary says:

        ….Lakers at this point will not overtake the Spurs for number 1.
        In fact there are a coulple teams right on their heels for number two seed. You say they are not interested in these games but be real, we all hear and see what’s been going on this year and if that was the case Kobe and Phil would not be trying to motivate the team. As a fan you may not be interested but you can’t speak on behalf of the Lakers.

    • KOBEPAUANDME says:

      Ahh not Matt Barnes, besides Lamar he is our most consistant bench player.

    • mr deniale says:

      oh mr sensible, LA will make it as long as they are prepare, but it defends upon if they are it bad luck or good. actually they can make it, lets see in the play off, i bet $10,000 i’m in LA