Durant: Bosh is “fake tough guy”

OKLAHOMA CITY — Kevin Durant has always shown the league’s elite players appropriate respect. After the Thunder’s Sunday afternoon loss to Miami, for instance, he called LeBron James and Kobe Bryant 1A and 1B, as in being the best players in the game.

Chris Bosh is probably pretty far down Durant’s list.

Asked about a first quarter verbal spat when he and Bosh both picked up technicals, the mild-mannered Durant didn’t mince words. He called the former Toronto All-Star forward a “fake tough guy” who talks because he’s on a good team now.

The incident happened with 6:46 left in the first quarter after Bosh committed a foul. Durant said he didn’t immediately get into it with Bosh.

“I was talking to my teammate and [Bosh]  decided he wanted to put his two cents into it,” Durant explained after the 108-103 setback. “I am a quiet guy, laid-back guy, but I’m not going to let nobody talk trash to me. He’s on a good team now so he thinks he can talk a little bit. There are a lot of fake tough guys in this league and he’s one of them.”

Whoa, but Durant wasn’t finished.

“I’m no punk,” he continued. “I wasn’t even talking to him first off. He decided to butt in and I’m not going to just let that slide. Especially in our house. Like I said, he’s not one of those guys I look at and say he has a rep for talking back to guys or getting into it. He’s a nice guy. I’m not going to let that type of person say something to me like that.”

Durant is not known for calling guys out, but he’s also just in his fourth year and is only 22. He doesn’t lack for confidence and takes his role as team leader seriously. He’s obviously not going to let anyone disrespect him or the Thunder.

Not even one of the SuperFriends.

Circle your calendar for March 16 when the Thunder visit Miami. Much of the talk going into Sunday’s game was the potential rivalry between Durant and LeBron. Might be a good idea to scratch out the King and insert Bosh.


  1. מצברים says:


    […]Durant: Bosh is “fake tough guy” « NBA.com | Hang Time Blog[…]…

  2. DURANT is trashtalker says:

    WHY DURANT ARE U A TOUGH GUY HA? so u have the guts to said to bosh that kind of thing?fake tough guy? u aren’t even a great player . you are the PUNK !! why dont u said to bosh that in front of him? u are not in top i think or in kobe,lebron and wade caliber.i agree wid many said that overrated!!!!! agree wid miami said vastly overated!!!!!

  3. Tenki says:

    I think what Durant did was totally uncalled for. I understand that he can’t just back down from anybody in the league because of his leadership in his team, but that’s also the reason why he shouldn’t have done such a thing. There are way too many trash takers who played and are still playing in the league (Barkley, Rodman, Jordan, Kobe, LeBron, Stoudemire, Garnett, and the list goes on), but they never told anything against their peers of this magnitude. Is that the way he sees his own teammates who are not stars but merely role players who complement his game? Is that the way he see other role players around the league? Being a superstar doesn’t mean you can say everthing you want to say.

    I am a big fan of Durant, and this incident won’t change anything about that fact. He managed to carry the USA squad all the way to win the World Basketball Championships, and despite of his age, he is the leader of the Thunder. In fact, I see him as the future of the league. That being said, he should be more careful about his manners on and off the court. Being a household name around the world comes together with a big responsibility. I can’t imagine my children saying such things against his or her friends, and vice versa. KD, be more responsible with the things you say and do. There are many consequences that should happen with your actions and inactions, whether you like it or not. I’m stating this because I am concerned about KD’s attitude. Be humble, just like the way you say about yourself. Keep it cool, man.

  4. DANDIE says:


  5. Queiros says:

    Now that’s how you put someone on the line Durant! And he’s right, Bosh talks too much… like in that Asik bump that he thought was “too much”… Yeah, right, look pal, from the “Super Friends” (more like super whatever you wanna call ’em) there is one that actually is expendable and it so happens to be Bosh. Bosh is soft, much like Gasol was in Memphis (and still is, at times, in LA) and I don’t remember seing him getting into these arguments when he was in Toronto… Why?

    • DURANT is trashtalker says:

      why?..coz youre a gay.lol

      • Queiros says:

        Like if I really even care that you can only argue with insult. Please, be my guest…

        Back to the point, Durant led the NBA in scoring last year, led the US this year to the gold medal in Turkey and his overall attitude “strictly business” towards the game has made him earn much respect from the fans of this game. So, I’d say that if he does call out an All-Star like he did on Bosh, then something or some sort of reason he must have.

        And I’m assuming you’re a bandwagon Heat fan… too bad for you, maybe you should enjoy the game more and be less about some players…

  6. Waleed DaLegend TCI says:

    And people at home need to stop talkin bout bosh.They dont realize that they sit home and watch these two great players. Both players are good but c’mon u cant insult som1 like that in fromt of the media. Media is full of crap, they always make the situation worse.

  7. Waleed DaLegend TCI says:

    I see Durant Has A BIG mouth now . Just Because hes a Starter For the All-Star Game Doesn’t mean you run the NBA. He needs to stop talkin trash like that bout other players. I know bosh is alittle amped now but Durant needs to chill. Hes Actin up cuz of Wakaflocka.Just Cuz your with wackaflocka you cant call somebody a “fake tough guy”. I’ve seen alot of players who argue on the court but they dont talk trash off the court in front of the media. Thats how you know Durant want attention.

  8. hilmar says:

    hm Durant definetely has a point here..Bosh has always been an expressive guy but as of late he just seems to be getting more and more into others players faces…as for the lebron wade debate..dwade is my favorite player of all time but lebron as to take the cake..he was a beast in the 1st qt against the thunder with 7 or 8 assists even though he had just one fg..thats the essence of a great player, being able to contribute greatly in every category

  9. K says:

    Okay let’s get back to this fake tough guy subject, that was the original discussion. I love this from Durant, I wish more players would start acting this way. These players today are to damn nice to one another. The only team that has that back in the day nastiness about themselves are the Boston Celtics. KG, Paul Pierce, Shaq even Ray Allen have no problem talking smack to their opponets.

    Todays players need to create more rivalries amongst themselves; that’s what sells tickets. When Paul Pierce tweeted that he brought his talents to South Beach, that was great. If I was Chris Bosh I would have came right back at Durant with something; unless what Durant said is true. Back in the day you had guys like Rick Mahon, Bill Laimbeer, Maurice Lucas, Dennis Rodman, Isiah Thomas and a host of other guys who had confidences in their own talent, so they weren’t afraid to say something that may get another player from a another team upset.

    I would love to hear LBJ calling out Paul Pierce, Kobe Bryant and any other player of that caliber. Hell you can respect a player but you don’t have to be scare of them. If you were to put any one player against any other player in this league without any help, I am sure that more times then not; any elite to good player would be able to score. I really hope these comments from Durant is just the tip of the iceberg. Chant it up, get it going, let the smack talk begin!!

    • Corey says:

      @ K u right cause yea u can respect a player but u dont have to be scared of them. I dont get why LBJ wont call out Paul Pierce cause Paul did many things to da Cavs. In like 04 he spat on their bench and he said he taking his talents to south beach. If u can see Cousins isnt scared of anyone he will cursed u out. Thats how all players should be talk trash to people u dont like. Garnett is like the only one that does that. I understand melo and lebron not talkin trash to eachother cause they friends but i kno LBJ dont like Corey Maggette cause they was bout to fight. Talk trash to him or Melo can talk trash to Mardy Collins.

  10. jordan says:

    Why are you guys arguing about whose better? They’re on the same team dum dums dey dont care probably and neither should you

  11. miami says:

    DURANT IS THE one WHO IS TRASH TALK you dont show respect to bosh..bosh is only 4thft away from that vastly overrated DURANT now you have a guts to said to harden that dunk on him bosh nxttym..OVERRATED.YOU ARE NOWHERR NEAR lebron,wade and kobes game i tell u. not even close.get real durant overrated.

  12. qwe123 says:

    bosh should shut up, durant’s right

  13. gameboy7 says:

    Chris bosh is crap. That is the easiest way to say it. He left toronto now his career is over.

  14. BMX says:

    It’s a never ending debate. Interesting points.

  15. The Chosen1 says:


  16. OhMen says:

    Bosh needs to contest inside shots more often rather than just watching them. Have you seen Rondo and Westbrook’s dunk past Bosh? Didn’t even raised an arm muscle.=))

  17. heat_pilipinas says:


  18. Nba best iss says:

    Durant is better den bosh , bosh is a selfish girl talking crap just because he got wade and bron !!!

  19. Basketball 101 says:

    the pint of free agency is so peope can decide where they ant to go the fact that players personal deisions are citicized al around is disrespectful the fact that other players disrspect is even worse( KD) there is a reason wadeand bron wated to play with bosh and on a side note yes bosh is soft but s are alot of players toda so KD needs to shut up.

  20. SERBIAN says:

    aammm… did u watch a game yesterday? cuz i remember that lebron james made an open three for Eddy House. LeBron passed the ball even when he was in a good position, but he saw his teamate in even better one… he was unselfish. he could be a hero but he is a professional 😉 LeBron – BEST IN THE GAME

  21. DirkNowitzki says:

    Dirk is the best in the league hands down, if he never got injured he would be top of the list MVP just as he was 1 month ago…. no one can guard him ;0;0

  22. kevnct says:

    Bosh is a little toooooo sweet if u ask me too gotta go with KD on this one

  23. zero says:

    No argument over talent, but this statement will always be true, Punks go home, sportsmen win titles. I don’t care what you can reveal to me NO amount of talent, NO amount of production will over-shadow sorry sportsmanship. Eddie House, next time, STAY HOME. Chris Bosh, I don’t want your beak-faced sorry attitude around to RUIN a very admirable and competitive game. If you’re winning, SHUT UP, take time to set a good example and show others you are a PROFESSIONAL, not some punk high school KID. My prediction, NO TITLE FOR THE HEAT. They aren’t ready and this shows it.

  24. Hawk says:

    guys lebron and wade r both really good and they both have almost the same amount of points every game but about durant and bosh. bosh needs to shut his mouth or someone will and i dont think durant is afraid to do it for him.

  25. D_from_C's says:

    i think what durant’s trying to say is, bosh wasn’t like this (trash talking) when he was with the raptors and now that he is in a good team like miami he started running his mouth.

  26. […] Durant: Bosh is “fake tough guy” « NBA.com | Hang Time Blog […]

  27. ZZZ says:

    who cares!!durant fag

  28. echase says:

    kevin is so so right on bosh why did he not talk out when he was in TO .hes not going to help the heats anyway.dont you see king james dont even talk to him that much on or off the court .king james is all about dewayne.bosh is trade bate maybe not come febuary but some time down the road.trade him for crish paul.

  29. Mike John says:

    Ok, hold on here…. I’m from Toronto and have been following the Raptors since they came into the leauge… Chris Bosh is a great player – but he can’t do it all on his own, which was clearly shown in Toronto.
    Bosh was a nice guy here in Toronto, never chriped guys, and was a clean-cut player who can lead a team if he wanted to.

    He’s in Miami now, is wearing different colors, perhaps his attitude has changed… good for him, I think he needs that to bring his game to where he wants it to go. If he was more like that in Toronto I bet the Raptors would have done something in the playoffs.

    He’s no beast though.

  30. leon says:

    wat im with the homie rickey wade leaded that team with out shaq n that championship something kobe didnt do final mvp before kobe that shows everything lebron is awsome but wade is mentally better

  31. John Doe says:

    Durant shouldn’t let little stuff get to him. Everyone trash talks. He doesn’t need to make it a big deal.



  32. 136 heat says:

    bosh is better in small games lebron in big ones and wade all the time bosh and durant have no rings but bosh has a gold in the olympics

  33. kobe24 says:

    durant will become MVP!!..bosh??not in a million years!!!..haha

  34. RayRay says:

    All of you should watch the highlights of the game and you will realize that KD is completely right. Bosh fouled his teammate who then went to KD and gave him a high-5 and they were talking while walking away. At that point Bosh starts talking what looks like trash talk and KD turns back around and talks back. No one was even talking to Bosh so he had no reason to butt in.

  35. brandon says:

    Wow i dont hear one person saying anything about boston. lebron and chris bosh are wrong for leaving the teams that they did, we all no the wade was not gonna leave the heat. but the thing i cant figure out is they have not won anything yet and they still have to beat boston to get anywhere. and i am sorry i dnt see the heat going into the playoffs and beating teams 4 out of 7 games, and iam sorry the heat do not have a very good bench like the celtics, yea they have clutch shooters but they play no defense like the celtics do. and for the past 4 years when lebron was with the cavs the only player and team to give lebron trouble wus paul peirce and the celtics

    • leon says:

      u are right homie but does celtic better win it this year because as that heat team grow n the celtic get older all this will be diffrent n two year im a die hard heat fan before all this i want all this king james attention he our decore d-wade is on the low dropping 30.

    • SA,GO says:

      yeah heat must get the 2 seed to aviod boston in the con semis. the only way i see heat winning in the east is for boston to get hurt.the bulls migth inflict that to boston. the first round is very predictable given the lower half of the top 8 in the east. but if heat somehow ends up 3 seed they’ll be beaten soundly by the c’s, and the superfriends with all of there super powers would only manage con semis. how sad. and as for the long run bulls and magic have young ultra talented core (yeah younger than the super friends) so the heat must grow faster. boston for now and bulls and magic in the future.

  36. Dave says:

    The best is the 5 time champion including the last two years Kobe Bean Bryant. Flash and The Decision had to come together to try and WIN a championship. Wade is better because of the sheer manipulation to get Lebron to go to Miami…… The three amigos average 75 pts, remember 81pts…… KOBE is THE BEST in the LEAGUE and has been the last 10 years.

  37. says:

    […] Durant: Bosh is “fake tough guy” « NBA.com | Hang Time Blog […]

  38. Ian says:

    Durant said this perfectly, Chris Bosh is soft, i cant wait til guys like Garnett, Shaq, Boozer, Amare and Griffin bully him in the paint. notice how bosh did no trash talking last year with the raptors, now he seems entitled to talk. punk move by a punk player

  39. WG says:

    Looks like Durant is doing the same thing, I agree Bosh is fake tough, he proved that when he complained about playing with hustle

    But Durant usually emotionless and very very quiet himself, now on his second season of winning, starts to open his mouth.
    Durant is a Textbook HYPOCRITE. Shoulda kept quiet and strong…..a class act, like ooohhh i dunno Tim Duncan, but your just a Hypocrite, fake tough too since Bosh is for doing the same thing.

    on something irrelevant D>WADE for MVP………….

  40. hesef says:

    who cares who is better between wade and james their teammates their there to win games to beat the other team in a team effort

  41. Michael says:

    Who does Durant think he is?! He can’t play no defense either. He is saying that he’s a quiet guy but he just made a little comment seem like Bosh just cursed out his mom. I mean trash talking is part of the game don’t go and cry about it to the media.

  42. Rastaman says:

    I agree with you you Gary Wade is the best player in the league

  43. Ricky says:

    you are all idiots who think that lebron is better than wade. lebron may have better statistics because he has the ball in his has tons of more times than D-wade but Wade still scores more than lebron and is extremely close in almost every other category. If anything they’ve boths split on who has better stats each game. Truth is that d-wade does everything better than lebron: better scorer, better leader, better clutch player, better post player, better in transition; lebron is a better rebounder and the only reason he is a better passer is because he is playing pointguard most of the time. The media has made lebron better than WAde, even the stupid nba analysts who are supposed “experts” of the sport are blind…..They say lebron is the best in the world because of his freakish talent for a guy his size…..but d-wade does EVERYTHING lebron does but better….

  44. Ricky says:

    you are all idiots who think that lebron is better than wade. lebron may have better statistics because he has the ball in his has tons of more times than D-wade but Wade still scores more than lebron and is extremely close in almost every other category. If anything they’ve boths split on who has better stats each game. Truth is that d-wade does everything better than lebron: better scorer, better leader, better clutch player, better post player, better in transition; lebron is a better rebounder and the only reason he is a better passer is because he is playing pointguard most of the time. The media has made lebron better than WAde, even the stupid nba analysts who are supposed “experts” of the sport are blind…..They say lebron is the best in the worl because of his freakish talent for a guy his size…..but d-wade does EVERYTHING lebron does but better….

  45. Laurent says:

    @Corey. Wade got the ring because he had players like Shaq, Mourning and Payton on his team.
    Wade is a good player, top 5 player in the league. But he’s fragile. He has a history of injury’s.
    And don’t forget that they had the league’s worst record back in the ’07-’08 season.
    Wade is supposed to be the leader, but he isn’t. Lebron leads the team.
    Ever heard of the word: point-forward?

    • Me says:

      diasagree…Miami does not win that championship without Wade that year. Shaq was ineffective. Payton??? No comment.

      • Donut says:

        ineffective or the coach reminds him that he is not the franchise player? hell, nene’s fg% is way higher than melo, why do we see more melo shooting? because fans like to see melo more than nene. same goes to wade. just cause wade scored the most points, without shaq, the center position wouldnt been dead.

  46. Plasterdat says:

    To all the idiots on d-wade’s jock, please stop. As much as I hate LeBron, there is no player in the league that matters to any team as much as him. For goodness sakes, look at the Cavs, same team, just without James. Even when D-Wade went down, it didn’t matter at all, Lebron just carried the Heat. Hell, even Bosh matters more to the Heat. When LeBron was out, the Heat were garbage.

    And to the idiots who said Wade shoots 3’s better than James, ARE YOU KIDDING ME LOL? The guy is a 29% career 3 point shooter. Give me a break, LeBron is the better all around player period. The only reason he choked in the playoffs was so that he could get out of Cleveland. If he won a championship and tried to leave, how idiotic would that look?

    And also to the moron who said Bosh stopped Wade froming coming to Chicago, give me a break haha. Wade is a snake in the grass, he put up the whole Chicago thing as a front to pretend that the whole free agency thing wasn’t coordinated between James, Bosh and Wade. Some of you seriously need to open your eyes instead of believing everything you hear. Also get your goddamn stats checked too, half of you seem like all those Miami fans who jumped on the basketball bandwagon only when the SuperFriends assembled.

    • Donut says:

      bravo! i really dislike lebron, but the hate is from the fact that his ability is better than today’s kobe. althought i hate him, but i dont make bias statements!

  47. Kirk N. says:

    @No Excuses- Klezia came to Toronto this year after the piece of SH*T BOSH left. I wish DURANT had punched him in the face and broke his nose again to see how long it would take him this year to return. Last year he was a P*SSY and wanted out so he deserted his team. CHRIS BOSH IS A P*SSY and that’s from about 90% of the TORONTO FANS. The Toronto Raptors will be in the top 5 in the Eastern Conf. next year……..

  48. jared says:

    raptor neck only get his shots off other players penetration, he might get the ball and fade away every now and then, the reporters asked durant what happened, was durant supposed to lie?

  49. joe says:

    Durant is one of the five best players in the league. He carries on a team, that has almost as many wins (being on the west conf) as the Miami Cheat, who has three big players, and Durant is only 22.
    He´s 22 so his comments can be understood, nevertheless he shouldn t have said such things about another player, whoever that be. It s quite surprising coming from him, known as a very quiet guy.
    Let see how he plays now that he gets angry, watch out.
    And about people saying he only scores because he shoots a lot, man, Durant he´s one of the best shooters in the league, look at the past HORSE competitions, they are unbelievable. The world championship team without him…no gold…
    He´s a leader. Bosh isnt, James isnt. Look at how these guys played in past playoffs, and how they needed to go to a winner team with lots of money and good players to be able to reach the finals, if they do, we´ll see!

    • SA,GO says:

      kd is a willing and very capable leader. look at the fiba championship, odom and billups are there veterans that have rings but whos the team leader? a 22 year old kd.

  50. jared says:

    personally i think bosh is gay

  51. Jerry says:

    Totally agree with Durant. He is great!

  52. brandon says:

    i think the heat is gonna turn out like when the lakers had karl malone, gary payton, kobe, shaq. to many superstars on one team and cant finish it out.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Well back then, no offense to Kobe, Kobe was a ball hog. Wade and Lebron, both can make plays and can rack up assists when they want, and when one needs to score they will.

      • Donut says:

        LOLOL oh man wade can make plays. beside passing the ball to lebron, who can does wade pass the ball to? anyways, lebron is not the best play maker either, just the best in his team.

  53. brandon says:

    first heat have not beat the celtics yet. i hate how everyones is making the heat to be so great there really not now. when lebron wus in clevland he got to the finals once. he is like a mcnabb in football get to the confrence finals every year and choke. for the heat to get to the finals they either have to beat the magic and def go through boston.

  54. Bigs says:

    Durant need to calm his happy ass down. He no where near a tough guy. He couldnt fight his way out of a wet paper bag.

  55. chicago97 says:


  56. Eric says:

    As for the question between Lebron and D Wade, I would take D Wade if I was starting a team. There are very few cluch playes in the NBA and D Wade is one of them. Koby will kill you and he is the best at that, but if it was Between Lebron or D Wade, Wade shoot. To a point some one made about stats. in the New York game, Lebron was awful. He just kept shooting poor shots and not getting the rest of the team involved. Yesterday he was passing the ball and that is the Lebron I love, getting everyone involved. It seems like when he does that his game, shooting, goes to the next level. Don’t get me wrong, I like both and I believe with Bosh they are going to make rings apart of th life in Miami. As for Durant, show me something, you can be all quiet and talk crap to the media, but show me something. Other wise shut up. for the beast in the west is the SHOW, Must See BG, and I would rather see BG then Durant.

  57. […] Durant: Bosh &#1110&#1109 “f&#1072k&#1077 tough guy” « NBA.com | Hang Time Blog […]

  58. dontdrowninthelake says:

    What Durant is doing is starting WAR with Bosh, Wade and LeBron James. All three players came in the league the same year and were top 5 drafted. They are on the same team, after hearing comments from Durant who currently leads the NBA in scoring, LeBron, Wade and Bosh will gang up on this skinny hungry man from Oklahoma. Who does he think he is just because your a good quiet player doesn’t mean you can open your mouth when your are dissed. I mean you are the scoring champ right? you shouldn’t care what Chris Bosh says matter fact it seems like someone is jealous. I remember in the off-season there were rumors that Bosh was going to Oklahoma, Durant probably wet him self but, when he heard Bosh joined Wade and James, a new hate was born within Durant. Now that hate was revealed in yesterdays game and Durant thinks he is a tough guy? He probably joined a local street gang and has a mix tape out featuring Kristic called “Thunder in the night”. Lets think about this, If a player like LeBron James were to dunk over Durant on a fast break,I think Durant’s NBA career would be finished due to critical injuries. No I KNOW his carrer would be over.

  59. NYKnicksAmare! says:

    one min kd u think im fake tough wait till lbj and wade hear bout this cuz WE thats rite all big 3 of us gunna bust u! lol of course hes fake tough anyone whod leave somewhere where theyre the #1 guy and go to a place where not #2 but hes #3 option that could be like one of the definitions of fake tough in this league

  60. Sog87 says:

    I think Bosh feels like he has to talk trash and “appear” to be tough especially after he was labled as soft earlier in the year, Durant did the right thing tho, you cant let anyone punk you in this leauge whether they have a “tough guy rep” or not, your the leader of your team so let guys know that when they come in your house.
    On the flip side, and im no NBA expert but im a fan of the game, the whole whos better thing is funny. Lets just be real Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony,Dwight Howard Derek Rose, these guys are in the top hands down and not neccsarily in that order and if you look at the impact that Amare Stoudemire is having on the Knicks right now you could even throw him in there cause the guy is ballin. Kobe is one of the Fifty Greatest of all time and I hate the Lakers by the way, but its the truth he is one of the best ever, and has proven that by being a champion over and over, but you gotta admit the guy has had a little help, which in order for you to win in this League you have to have help, Jordan who is the greatest of all time, had help and a few allstar caliber guys on his team as did Magic, Bird and the list goes on and on YOU CANNOT DO IT ALONE. That being said look at Cleveland right now, there is no way that you can say Lebron had the help needed to win a championship when these guys are losing games by fifty and havent won a game since I dont even remember, that shows you that despite the “DECISION” Lebron hands down is the #1 or #2 guy in this leauge he took a sad excuse for a team and made them contenders every year, they even made the finals once, but in order for them to win the guy would have to score 50 a game to give them a chance cause the rest of the team didnt show up half the time, that could be frustrating for any player, so of course when the oppurtunity to join Wade was on the table and you throw Bosh in there how could you say no!? Bosh is an Allstar or at least he has been and Wade is one of the best in the League and a Champion, I would be Scottie Pippen to that anyday if it meant being in serious contention for a title for years to come, Especially with the Lakers and Celtics getting older. But the Heat better figure out how the big three in Boston made it work cause those guys got it right and I think the thing that is gonna kill the Heat is too much One on One, they need to learn to move the ball around and Lebrons gotta stop dribbling so much, you are the fastest strongest guy on the court, for gods sake you should be posting and driving it down guys throats everytime down the floor. Anyways this is my first time leaving a comment and I look forward to doing more in the future, NBA is the greatest sports league in the world.

  61. bigboy11 says:

    the reason why the thunder got close to the HEAT in the game is because of all the unforced turnovers commited by the heat but the thunder did not play better than the heat who was giving them the game

  62. SYDALE says:

    I totally agree with KD… I admired the way he stood up for his team without going overboard…

    On a side note: Why are people saying that Wade is better than LeBron??? He’s clearly not better… Look at the teams they both had last year… They were pretty much equally wack… But, LeBron got his team a better regular season record and took his team further in the playoffs…

    To make it so bad… D-Wade is my favorite player…

    • QuestionMark says:

      Agreed, 2 years in a row 60+ wins for the Cavs, and who did Lebron have to get that 60+ win? Mo Williams? Big Z? LOL
      D-Wade is just more clutch than Lebron, like against The C’s last playoffs, Wade knocked like down like 3 threes in the 4th. but Overall Lebron is better.

  63. inshan says:

    Watching Bosh play for give or take 7 seasons in Toronto, obviously we know that he isnt a tough guy…even a fake tough guy. But neither is Durant. Bosh mustve really said something to piss him off.

  64. […] Durant: Bosh is “fake tough guy” « NBA.com | Hang Time Blog […]

  65. kobez says:

    First Shaq calls him RuPaul…now this…

    Geez Bosh….whats next? Brontosauras? oh wait….u left Toronto….Cant call you that any more….

  66. Quincy says:

    Wade needs to play like this consistently. But of late (my opinion) lebron has been playing better. I am a fan of both of them.It should 1a,1b,and 1c(Kobe,Lebron and Wade). But honestly back to the point. Kevin is right. Bosh did dip into the conversation. Ever since hes come to miami hes been acting like a hot head. The refs should not have tec’d durant.

  67. devin says:

    who gives a sh*t about this. celtics taking it all the way………………..

  68. Kobe said It! says:

    Denver fans were dumb/idiots for booing Melo. I think he should, just say fans in general. Durant has said on several occassions “Lebron is a great player and I’m still improving. I’m working on my jump shot and defense I’m not there yet, but I work really hard to get there”. He never claim to better than Lebron. Durant won the scoring championship and said “I Don’t Care about individual stats, this a team game.”. Durants knows he is a great player, but he down plays it and says he is a good player, because there is always room for improvement. When you settle, your game stops developing. Lebron settled and couldn’t win a chip, so he went to Miami. Durant signed an extension to prove his loyalty and prove that he will be a Franchise player.

    Everyone want to say don’t compare Durant to Lebron, but turn around and compare Lebron to Kobe, Jordan, and Magic. Durant is humble and needs to be more cocky. Cockiness builds confidence.

  69. KING JAMES says:


  70. andrew says:

    d-wade is the best player in the world!? lmao! dude you obviously don’t know basketball.
    durant hit half the spot kobe is 1A and pau gasol is 1B. lebron and wade can share 1C. obviously lebron has all the talent in the world but lacks heart remember series vs boston last year! The only reason wade has a ring is they played a fake ass team back then, dallas mavericks

  71. KING says:


  72. CELTICS_MJKH says:

    somebody on here called bosh “the perfect roleplayer”. unfortunately, he was not brought in to be “the perfect roleplayer”, now don’t get me wrong, I totally agree, because he is definitely not a marquee player. one playoff trip in seven seasons on the EAST COAST? sorry to have to remind people of this, but seven years ago the NETS were a good team. The celtics were a blip on the map most nights. the knicks were invisible. only one playoff run in seven seasons in a conference that was hugely depraved and even found a miami heat team filled with misfits and shaq winning a NBA championship. multiple runs to the finals from the philly sixers and new jersey nets… and only one playoff appearance in 7 seasons? plain speak: bosh is among the lousiest of defenders at his size, and when matched up against a quality power forward (KG for instance), even his offense vanishes. don’t be suprised when he has good games against serge ibaka or nick collison, just wait for the playoffs when his soft post defense allows miami to get torched by the likes of KG, Amare, or even al horford.

  73. Daniel says:

    Thats why i love our subjective minds, it doesn’t have to change for you to change.

  74. D Wade says:

    just shut up KD all NBA players are Tough!!!

  75. Kris says:

    This sort of trash talk happens every single game. I don’t see the point in writing a whole article about this 1 incident. It’s not like they threw any punches…

  76. confused says:

    what kind of dimwit believes LeBron makes all the playes and gets people involved? LOLWUT, all he does is run isolations for himself. Ok, he gets things done, but its not by plays “sets” or getting people involved. the way he gets people involved is when he gets double-teamed or gets a easy pass to a open three on a drive -.-‘ grow up pl0x

  77. yeah, he's right but... says:

    Hey wait a minute, am I the only one who thinks Kevin Durant should be worrying about the next game, rather than how tough Chris Bosh is??? Maybe the reason why he had a bad shooting night was because of what happened in the 1st quarter? that’a probably why they lost too; if he would have shot at least 10% better from the field, OKC would have won, but oh well: too bad that’s over, who they play next???

  78. mike says:

    CB youre the man!!! durant youre a faggot talking like dat to my man cb1…

  79. JABS says:


  80. botew says:

    bosh want to be the bad guy for the heat, if you want to win a championship, you need a bad guy.

  81. lb6 says:

    As far as i know talking trash is part of the game. even before KD was born players talk trash inside the court whether they are star players or role players or even bench players.. now from what i see here KD is the one that is soft. He just whines with their altercation because they lost. KD is a better player than CB but clearly Bosh knows how to handle himself better than Durant.

  82. dough says:

    dwade is much better than lebron! of course, that’s why lepunk joined him, not the other way around…leader, anyone…

  83. dough says:

    kd is going to have his ring at age 24! lebron = barkley

  84. dough says:

    fake tough guy is a the understatement of the year! the guy doesn’t want his legs to be touched…lol

  85. bigboy11 says:


  86. bigboy11 says:


  87. Mr Sensible says:

    I agree 100 percent with Kevin Durant…. How can Bosh talk tough after crying about Asik hustling for a loose ball and running into his leg??? I believe his words were….”Come on man, thats how guys get hurt.” Now in his first game back he wants to talk tough to a 22 year old Pheonom?? because he has Wade and James to back him? lol…and oh yea….Eddie House???? somebody needs to go upside his head and remind him that he would be in the d-league if Lebron Wade and Bosh didnt command so much attention on a nightly basis. That smack talking after hitting that shot was crossing the line considering it was a really lucky play, and given the fact that it was the Thunder that gave the game away rather then the Heat taking it. You let you nutz hang when you torch a team, not when your lucky to even get in the game and end up being the benificiary of a offensive rebound/broken play.

  88. MIAMI HEAT 3:16 says:

    common man,, durant youre a fake tough guy!!! bosh is better than you!!!

    • SA,GO says:

      yeah his the pts leader last year and going good this year. the youngest scoring champ in the history. what record bosh has? how many times did he got his team to the play offs? whos better now?

    • Donut says:

      bosh is better? all he does he get the ball and shoot, and occasionally work under the paint. if you look at durant, he actually understands his teammates and actually do move around the court to get himself open. what about bosh? stand there like a retard all game long.

  89. jerry says:

    One thing to say to Durant and all the Bosh haters. The fake tough guy and the heat walked out of their house with a WIN. Now what? lol

  90. iwillfilm says:

    I think that was pretty classless by KD, I’m a KD, and CB fan, KD is definitely a better offensively, and the leader of this team, but he’s been in the league 4 years vs Bosh’s 8. Bottom line, there shouldn’t be any trash talk off the court. I believe that Durant was definitely speaking on emotion by the loss, Lebron just had his number today defensively, shooting percentages speak all. As for Bosh’s Toughness, everyone knows he’s not a tough guy, but why is that so important, being tough isn’t really that important whether your faking it or not, it’s all about what you can do on the court. And so what if Bosh is talking trash because he’s on a better team, that’s the benefit of being on any team, guys will get your back, regardless of what team your on. Honestly KD, why did you speak public ally about this, just makes you look classless, who knows what the altercation between he and bosh was anyway or what it was even about.

    So stupid, this is a stupid article. Sorry, but it is.

  91. Zar The Knicks fan says:

    Durant is right on. Bosh is getting free ride on wade and james. bosh really is fake tough guy. remember chicago games? when bulls play hustle and accidentally hit him he was saying like he’s gonna get career ending injury. see KG played with bloody head today? That’s the different between one of all time best PF (kg, TD) and average PF (bosh).

  92. Naps says:

    Durant and Bosh both need to chill! Bosh overreacted in the heat of the moment and Durant retaliated our of frustration. Neither is right in this scenario! As for the top player debate James/Wade and Bryant all deserve mention.

  93. KD4Three says:

    First of all, I’m a huge fan of Kevin Durant. I think he is one of the, if not top 5, top 10 players in the league. And I totally agreed with him talking back to Bosh to protect his teammate/fire the team up. However, what I do not agree with is how he handled the media afterwards. People always say “what is said on the court stays on the court”. People got angry at Charlie V for calling out KG after their altercation. Although Charlie V is no where as good as KD, and Bosh is definitely “soft”, but KD should’ve just said “It was just part of the game” and left it at that. There’s no point calling out Bosh like that.

    I agree that KD is a tremendous player, and that he deserves the respect he gets. But I hate to see all the fans saying that just because Bosh is not as good as KD, or because Bosh is soft, he can’t trashtalk. And also, “what is said on the court stays on the court”.

  94. supafly says:

    Bosh is way overated!!! only thing kid can do is shoot open jumpers… Come on…

  95. supafly says:

    Bosh is wack!!!!

  96. Are u serious ? says:

    dont rank KD in the likes of Kobe or Lebron..

    in the age of 22
    Lebron already averaged wat he is averaging this season..
    while Durant just a scoring champ…

    LBJ can do dat if he puts his mind into it…

    and btw

    dont trash talk..
    just play the game…

  97. noel says:

    durant a beast

  98. subayloco23 says:

    @Neel says:
    January 30, 2011 at 6:01 pm

    Durant shouldn’t be talking after being held to 35%, he’s just mad that they couldn’t stand up to the Heat and couldn’t be clutch like Bosh who shot 61.5%

    but the change of words happened early in the first quarter and the OKC still has the lead that time.

  99. Cool As Ice says:

    C’mon KD! you should have left Oklahoma when you had the chance.. Now you’re pointing that Bosh is in a better team and with better team mates to compare. That was so pathetic !!! now who’s a “fake tough guy”? it’s a team sports…. You have to have a better team to compete, and to have chance in this league.

  100. DeAndrae says:

    The media do make it seem like Lebron the best player in the league, not to say he not one of the best. While he played for Cleveland his team-mate tip him the rebounds so he was awarded a rebound and he held the ball forever so he got assists much more than Kobe who let his team mates handle the ball. And let face it we all know the refs be letting him get on the calls because he Lebron and David Stern chose him to be the NBA next big thing. And Dwayne Wade is the second best player in the league take him from the Heat when Lebron and Bosh was playing for their former team the Heat would be the NBA laughing stock. And Kobe Bryant the best player in the league. 🙂

    • francisco says:

      Kobe overrated bryant 41 points very nice 16 out 29 .WHY LAKERS LOST? OOOO YEAH THE BAD SHADOW OF JORDAN HAD NO 000000000 ASSIST, HE DID NOT SHARE THE BALL.

  101. Wade Da MAN says:

    Honestly D Wade was the man of this game he came back everytime the thunder tried to get on top and showed them MIAMI is boss. DWADE best player. No doubt

    • Corey says:

      U right D Wade all day, people sleep on him all da time. Its cool though cause he has a ring and Lebron, Durant dont. So he better than them case closed.

  102. miamisucks says:

    Also, LeBron is better than Wade. I’m sorry, but that’s not even up for discussion, I might not like him, but anyone who seriously believes that Wade is better than LeBron is on too much LeBron haterade. He’s faster than Wade, he’s a better passer, rebounder, and he’s literally the only person the NBA that has the ability to get to the rim at will. He’s literally a freak of nature. People don’t get in his way because they don’t want to get hurt. He’s faster, stronger, and he’s the only person who has managed other than Kobe who’s managed to score 30+ on the Celtics this season. He’s uncontainable. He’s done everything asked of him this season; he’s played all five positions and played them effectively, he’s been a facilitator when they need him to be, he’s been a scorer when they need him to be. If you need any further proof, the Heat have a winning record with Wade out, but are 0-4 with LeBron out. Case closed.
    Oh, and to every Miami fan who complains about Durant’s treatment from the refs: you won a freaking finals series because the refs called every possible touch foul on Wade imaginable. That series was a travesty, and you should get off your high horse before you hurt yourself.

    • Corey says:

      Nobody on Lebron haterade lol but @ miami sucks i agree Lebron is great but he not a better scorer than wade, How you going to say Lebron gets to the whole at will. Did you forget the bully Melo. Even chris webber said Melo gets to the whole better than anyone in the league. Lebron is overrated and not better than Melo wade or Kobe, Also wen Wade was out Lebron played booty teams so that dont count. The only reason wade lost without Prince James is because he had to play denver, Its hard to win in Denver and they play Chicago. End of story three people are better than Lebron!!

    • Corey says:

      so what Prince James not better than Kobe or Wade so yeah case closed. Lebron is overhyped and too cocky. Until Lebron get on Melo Wade or Kobe level than talk.

  103. ramon says:

    anymody can get in a fight people take advantage cuz hes a nice guy bosh has always been a good player in toronto and in miami durants mad cuz he couldnt handle the heat he doesnt even have the right to talk his team lost get over it duranttttttt

  104. miamisucks says:

    Durant is a quiet guy…whether or not he’s overrated isn’t part of the discussion. He doesn’t speak up very often, and he’s generally a really respectful guy, so Bosh had to have done something to piss him off. It’s that simple.
    Also, it should be mentioned that Bosh is possibly the most overrated player in basketball. He’s never played a big game in his life other than the Olympic finals. He whines and complains more than most players I’ve seen, and if he’s being defended well, absolutely disappears. KD, for all his faults, gets to the line consistently. Even if he’s playing poorly and shooting a low percentage, he’ll get points and bring his team back from willing himself to the line. Whether or not Durant is playing well, his team is always in the game because of his fearlessness and ability to draw contact. Bosh shies away from contact and is one of the least clutch players I’ve ever seen. Yeah, he can hit a consistent midrange jumper and rebound, but nowadays, what decent power forward can’t? He’s a consistent big man with a few nice skills, but he’s not great, he’s not a future hall of famer, and he wouldn’t talk so much s**t if he wasn’t winning games with Wade and LeBron to protect him.

  105. HEATS says:


  106. E216G.. post season games r important games… If we talk about better stretches of regular season games, D wade in 2008 would win…. Today was Wade’s day… when the media was hoping for a Bron vs During matchup… the got a Wade vs Durant and 3 Refs…

  107. ToughGuy says:

    Since 2005, almost all the players drafted was a bit boastful. Just because you surprise the league last year doesn’t mean you got all the respect you needed from the fans. The 2008 Beijing team is the last collection of players that are humble enough to stay for so long in this league. After that, I think I have to think more than twice. 😡

  108. ramon says:

    durants mad cuz he lost

  109. Corey says:

    yes wade is way better than Lebron he does it better, so dum people stop sayin Lebron better than wade cause he not. Prince James doesnt have a ring and he not better than wade. So that da end of discussion. The list goes Kobe Wade Melo Lebron and than Durant

  110. melvin e says:

    Stacks101… did you just say wade does everything lebron does but better? you obviously dont watch a lot of nba games cause no one in their right mind would make a statement like that. lebron shoots better from 3’s….shoots better from midrange…defenses better…makes him teammates WAY better… have you seen the cavs lately? thats what happens when you take lebron our of a team son… and btw YOU ARE TRYING TO TELL ME WADE HAS BETTER COURT VISION AND PASSING SKILLS THAN LEBRON? COM’ON SON,,,,,

    • Stacks101 says:

      Lebron has great court vision I will give you that. Better jumpshot. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! I do watch the games. I’m not saying Lebron doesn’t have a major impact on his team. If wade decided to leave Heat would look worst than clevland. Of course you have to factor in Lebron and bosh only came because of Wade. Defense is better? Nope, don’t believe the hype Lebron on the ball defense is horrendous. His help Defense is great, but so is D-Wade Mid-range? about the same. 3pt Shooting? Wade hands down. Court Vision? Lebron.

      Maybe you need to watch more games, because if you look at thier games and compare them closely without being biased. You will see that Wade is a better player.

  111. BoshIsAnEyesore says:

    . While Bosh was sidelined, the sight of him at the closest end of the bench doing a fist pump and screaming aloud after either LeBron or Wade was a pain. I wish he’d just shut up.

    The same goes for LeBron.

    Props for Wade for keeping his demeanor in check.

  112. A.i says:

    allen iverson!

  113. LILLIAN WADE says:

    Totally agree with Bencamerondavis!!!


    ITS D-WADE DAY!!! =)

  114. f54 says:

    Dont worry K.D. I think Miami will eat too much pasta so that they can beat the Celtics…LOL!

  115. Nba225 says:

    Durant needs to shut the hell up, he was 7/20 in the game while Bosh was 8/13…Only reason Durant scored was cause refs bailed him out with 19 free throw attempts…Durant is forgetting that Bosh use to destroy him when he was in Toronto, give Bosh those 20 attempts he’d drop 40

  116. travthemang says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but how often do you see bosh talk smack to someone? This is my opinion but maybe Durant said something to Westbrook that Bosh overheard and didn’t like? Just sayin… could be wrong, but yeah.

  117. Haha says:

    How many Allstart games has bosh been to compared to durant, so he shouldnt be talking about a NBA veteran, whose been in the NBA longer. Durant hasnt even been passed the first round just like bosh hasnt, Heat/Bosh has a better chance of winning it… Durant is a Skinny Punk who thinks he’s tought but shuld hit the weightroom…

    Bosh > Durant

  118. Miami 2011 says:

    Durant is overrated, pure and simple. I’ll agree and say Bosh is very soft, but Durant is just as soft. Durant is also one dimensional and other than rebounding, he can’t do much. Take a look at LeBron, he didn’t take many shots but helped his team in every way possible. Durant is overrated, LBJ is clearly better than him and not to mention Wade. Wade was unstoppable this game, made Russell Westbrook look like an idiot the entire game. Sorry guys, Durant is a great player but no way will he ever be better than LBJ or Wade.

  119. aj says:

    i if i had wade and james on my team i would be all the fake tough i want

  120. Mr. 888 says:

    They’re both skinny as hell.. Well, compared to guys like James, Wade, and D. Howard.. They seriously need to put on even a little bit more muscle. I’m a Heat fan but I agree that Bosh needs to shut his trap, What was the point? Plus KD needs to shut it too, just enjoy the game.. The Thunder played great, just wasn’t enough

  121. dude says:

    yah that’s true the NBA League is so unfaIr to Miami when you watch the whole games of miami the Referees is bieng unfair also the league why watch miami heat against all off the team when LbJ or wade and there have contact or players foul them the refs did’nt call but when Lebron and Wade not together you see when wade goes they calling foul also to lbj why when the 2 player together they have many unfair calls!!!!

  122. nbapov says:


  123. dude says:

    There are only 4 players in NBA who is really complete package i mean the tree greatest player in this generation that is Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Dwane Wade,Amare Stoudamire and nobody else so dont ever put Durant in the list because his not prove anything right now his a scoring champion that’s all do you all remember tracy mcgrady is a 2 time scoring champion a very good and more versatile player more than Durant and smarter that Durant but lokk right now what happened to T Mc his become role player…KD cannot lift his team in a new hiegth and also remember his have another all star team mate in Oklahoma Russel Westbrook and Jeff Green but T-Mc when his in Orlando his the only 1 star player there and he lifts orlando in his shoulder… So KD watch your mouth also and your not in the list of the true great player like KOBE,JAMES,WADE… but i konw you are also star player but not good enough so maybe you are in the list of Carmelo Antony,Derick Rose,Kevin Durant, Chris Bosh,Danny Granger, Manu Ginobili, Chris Paul, Derron Williams, Blake Griffin this is the list you must put Durant only….

    • whatrutalkinbout says:

      Amare is not a complete package if u compare him with Bosh they score pretty much the same way but Bosh’s D is better, Amare plays D only here and there.

      • SA,GO says:

        rose this year not on the level of those 4. you must be sleeping. the man shoots the bulls to the 2nd place in the east better than wade, lbj and bosh combined. 24 5 8 1 &1 for a pg is not complete to you? wake up man. and the last time i check it he’s leading the mvp race.

    • Complete Package?? says:

      Kobe is the only one that is an all around complete player. Lebron is more hype than anything else. The fact is Lebron chokes in pressure moments and wasn’t able to get his team over the hump and win a championship. The only reason why he had the trip to the finals was because the east was weak that year. After that you see it didn’t happen again. Wade has the killer instinct Lebron lacks, but he is also inconsistent. Amare plays absolutely no defense. As a matter of fact half the time he don’t even rebound.

      If you are going to have Wade as complete, than Durant, Williams, Paul, Rose, and Howard deserve to be in the discussion.
      If you are going to have Amare as a comlete player, than Rondo, Westbrook, Dirk, all deserve to be there.

      You people don’t know anything about what a true Franchise player is. Kobe is a franchise player and complete package. Tim Duncan & Kevin Garnett are the only 2 in this league that you can say have the complete package. They maybe old, but still make major impacts.

      Wade is a tad head of the pack, but he is the same superstar cailber that Lebron, Durant, D. Will, Cp3, D. Rose, Westbrook, Howard, Melo, Amare, Manu & Parker are.

  124. Mark says:

    Again, what do you expect from the Ru Paul of the NBA? Ha! Bosh feigning greatness and toughness because he’s riding with Wade and James. For shame….

  125. king23 says:


  126. Jesse says:

    seriously? a fake tough guy?
    I will admit durant is more talented, but not by alot.
    and as for bosh being a fake tough guy, durant isn’t exactly the biggest guy either, pretty sure if bosh wanted to he could grab durants forearm and snap it off at the elbow. you look anorexic durant.

  127. READ THE ARTICLE!!! says:

    Obviously he was asked a question and he responded. There is no crime and giving your input, espically when a guy like Bosh interfered with a conversation that was none of his business to begin with,

  128. Marvin says:

    Durant told harden to dunk on bosh and bosh said that wasnt gonna happen thats it

  129. GodzillaGorilla says:

    Durant needs to STFU
    its part of the game
    no need to cry about it to the reporters

  130. inkybreath says:

    Did you factor the 9 turnovers into the analysis of Wade’s earth shattering performance?

  131. Stacks101 says:

    People need to read the article. Durant was asked a question about what went down in the first quarter. Durant is not know for getting into to many arguements in the league so the fact that he recieved a technical foul was the reason they asked this question. He was defending himself when Cris Bosh decided to talk trash. This statement is basically a quote from an interview, it’s not like he went out his way to say this. Calm Down People.

    Love him or Hate him Durant is the future of the NBA. He isn’t the biggest, but he is great in his own right. Bosh is talented, but he is a 3rd option player and a big pick up for Miami. I was always annoyed when people say Thunder has a big three or little three because they only have a duo. Durant and Westbrook. It doesn’t even matter me being a Durant fan, I hope he prospers in his career. We just need a big man and a 3rd option. Still upset about backing out that trade for Tyson Chandler because of a fail physical, but people make mistakes.

    I see the Durant Haters, keep hating!!!

  132. Glynn says:

    Durant lol….he needs to chill. Because the tough guy act is SERIOUSLY not working for HIM.

    Also, he doesn’t have the right to call bosh a nice guy…and say he’s not going to let that “type” of person say that to him. Unless he grew up with dude, he doesn’t know who the hell type of person bosh is. He might be nutty as hell for all we know before nba.

  133. brandon631 says:

    Durant is a baby we can all agree but what really gets me is that he cries over nothing all Bosh said was “no you wouldn’t” to Durant remark about the dunk i didn’t see people getting worked up when KG called someone a cancer patient common nba fans learn what trash talking is

  134. drose23 says:

    bosh is a wimp…KD was absolutely right. KD was just encouraging his teammate to take it hard to the rim but bosh (the deaf one) takes it the other way.BOSH shuld not be talking becuz that guy averages 18 and 8 per game, last year it was 24 and 12. even in toronto, he just made his stats, when it came to the playoffs the guy led them to getting out in the first round. Bosh shuld learn something from klove or griffin…BE A TOUGH GUY, especially when you’re on the miami heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Andre says:

      All these guys should learn something from Robert Horry. How to win rings. Up to now he’s still better than Kobe.

  135. eazy says:

    i love KD! I love Chris Bosh! I think they both are wonderful players! I think KD was just upset, and should of just kept his comments to himself, like Baron Davis said it was just some joking around. But I agree with whoever said DWYANE WADE all day!
    lol let me stop!

  136. Durant pays the refs!! says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Durant gets more star treamtent than even Lebron and Wade (who are proven veterans). There were at least 5 fouls called on heat that makes me wanna scratch my head…. Plus Wade and James don’t even get the same calls. Can You honestly say Durant is more “aggresive” than James and Wade so he deserves to be at the line more? I’m starting to believe the league “conspiracy” theory. But, I do agree durant is a good player, but this is a stupid move. This is th NBA, everyone talks trash, and they leave it on the court. When this happened with Garnett and Villenuve, everyone agreed, that trash talk remains on the court…. I guarantee sports analyst sticks with princess Durant!

    • Stop Hating says:

      You have to be kidding me. If you didn’t watch the game today, they hacked him several times when he drove to the paint and nothing was called. Lebron gets calls more than anyone in this league, espcially when it comes to touch fouls. Kobe doesn’t get calls because the way he plays. He gets deep in the paint and fades with a jumper. Ocassionally when he does drive, he gets the call 35% of the time. Actually out of any “star treatment” I think Kobe doesn’t get it as much as other players.

      As far as Im concerned Lebron didn’t accomplish anything. Two MVP’s one in which he didn’t deserve. They just hand those awards out anyway. Steve Nash got 2 because of his assist and his 2nd year wasn’t that great. The main goal is Finals MVP and Championship Ring. Wade has one Lebron has 0. Wade publically throw that in his face after he won and Lebrons lack of competitive nature, chose to go to Miami.

    • QuestionMark says:

      One reason why Wade and Lebron didnt get calls was because Lebron was the playmaker and found D-Wade open, pretty much saying D-Wade drove to the rim with no one around, while Durant drove when there was pretty much the whole Heats team surrounding him.

  137. Chris says:

    i think durant is right, im a giant heat fan.. but before this season started, when everyone was freaking out that miami had 3 super-stars, i told everyone they only had 2.. i dont consider bosh a super-star.. i dont even consider him at a star, hes just a normal nba player, and a very low one at that.. i argee that dwane wade is the best player in the league, and lebron is second, then maybe ray allen or paul peirce.. but i think chris bosh is last, or close to last.. i never did like him

  138. kobehater says:

    if durant coudnt shoot free throws he wold be averaging like 20 a game, he is way overated

  139. melvin e says:


    • It’s funny.. no one was looking at +/- When Jordan played… Wade takes better percentage shots… he can’t be guarded PERIOD…. And You know it’s true… I Like LeBron, and i am a Heat fan… but don’t get mad when you can’t handle the truth…. Wade is a better performer especially when games Matter… anyone on this blog could attest to that…

      What was Kobe’s stats vs Boston??
      What were Bron’s stats vs Boston??
      What was Wade’s stats vs Boston??

      But the League don’t want to talk about that… Today was Wade’s day and everyone is talking about Durant’s 7/20 performance, and Lebron, when today it was all about WADE….

      • Stacks101 says:

        Actually you should take that statement back. Against boston Lebron has the best numbers. Did you even look at the numbers this year wade had against boston. I’m not knocking wade, because I actually do think he is better than lebron. I tell Lebron fans all the time, wade does everything Lebron does, but better. On top of that he is smaller than Lebron.

      • Damian says:

        Are you high? Serious question. You people have to realise that the NBA is not all about scoring. Yes Wade had a good game, NO he was not most valuable to the team. Look at the stats before you post. 32 points, 2 assists compared to 23 points 13 assists. Ill take the latter any day. 9 turnovers as oppose to 4 for Lebron. It might be “Wade’s team” but he is certainly not the best player on it, and saying the media is against Wade is a complete joke by the way.

  140. Bosh and Durant are the same height!!! Bosh is more physical, and he has dunked on Dwight Howard b4… Bosh has done work on Shaq b4… well, Bosh has done work on Shaquille O’Neal.. When Durant can do that, then we can talk about toughness…. Compare their Highlight reels and be honest with yourselves.

    WADE IS THE BEST… WHEN WILL EVERYONE ADMIT IT?!?! When something drastic happens to him and there is a documentary on him?? Kind of like how people disrespected Michael Jackson… and it taking him to pass in order for everyone to acknowledge his greatness??? THE MEDIA SUCKS……

    • QuestionMark says:

      Its the matter of who has the better mentality to win. Dunking on someone for 2 points throughout the whole game OMG! that makes up for everything. Also Durant is more superior than Bosh for one reason, he is a clutch player with the same mentality as Kobe. When the going gets tough, players like Melo, Kobe, Wade and Durant step up big time. Bosh, I have only a few winners in his 7 year career.

  141. […] Durant: Bosh is “fake tough guy” « NBA.com | Hang Time Blog […]

  142. Chris Bosh says:

    Haha Durant is a JOKE! Chris Bosh is a 4 time all star (2 time starter) and yes he might not make it this year although, Chris Bosh will have more rings in the future than Kevin Durant. Chris Bosh is a third wheel on this team,but Chris would of been averaging more points and rebounds if he was still with Toronto. Although that is not his ROLE with Miami. Lebron and Wade will carry the team while Chris is just another role player. Sure, Durant might make the all star game another 8 years off his time, but the truth is, Chris Bosh will have a rang on every finger on his hand and we will see who the better player was. Lebron joined Miami for a reason instead of joining other teams out there! And it was because of CHRIS BOSH!

  143. […] Durant: Bosh is “fake tough guy” « NBA.com | Hang Time Blog […]

  144. Carlos says:

    I agree that Bosh is as soft as cool whip, but why are people overlooking D-Wade. I find it highly disrespectful that Wade murders his opponents every night and Durant refers to Kobe and Lebron as 1A and 1B. And this is coming from a Celtics fan.

  145. tell me something ,for all you haters saying that durant took his team to the playoffs while bosh only did it once in seven years, Do you think andrea bargani is better than russel westbrook? My point is that durant is playing with a guy that on any other team is a franchise player in russel westbrook. 20+ points and 8+ assists. clearly while durant get’s all the attention i wonder where they’d be without russel westbrook. not to mention james harden and jeff green. think about it.

    • brandon631 says:

      i agree thunder has more depth the bosh’s former team just saying

    • So has Wade… But, he won a title his 3rd year… KD is overrated. he is the Leagues Hope…. his defense sucks… he isn’t aggressive… He at a bugar on draft night… and Bosh would man handle him. Durant has been in the league for a while now… but the league still refers to him like he is a new kid…. He is no longer a Kid… The Thunder is probably Westbrook’s team now…..

    • No excuses says:

      Sorry If you Look at thier roster last year. Tell me that on paper that team wasn’t suppose to make the playoffs. Bargnani and Bosh. 2 big man in the paint. Calderon, Klezia, at one point Turk. Good role players. Even though Bosh didn’t play the last cpl of games they should have been at least a .500 team.

      Durant is a 3yr pro. That is still a young player whoever disagrees is stupid. If you look at the G.O.A.T’s of the past it took them a while to get a feel for the game. Kobe is 5 time champion and his defense didn’t improve until he was at least a 9 or 10 year pro. Lebrons defense improved about 2 years ago. As far as Im concerned you never know what trades may happen in the future to change the outcome of the game.

      If thunder gets one more big player they can be a championship team. If Kevin Love decides to say forget Timberwolves, I’m going to OKC to play with my UCLA teammate Westbrook. You have a high caliber team. Still will need a long big man, but thats a team that can make a run without size.

      To me you can’t discredit Durant and Westbrook accompishments. They are the best duo. They are doing big things and they play out West. Bosh played in the east coast. Look at the 7th and 8th seat in the east right now. not even .500 ball.

      • Ruben says:

        Kobe improved his defense around his 3rd or 4th year in the league, just check when he
        started to be included in the Defensives Teams of the league.

    • SA,GO says:

      yeah westbrook is nothing compared what his doing now than last year. calderon, jack, andrea, hedo, derozan is more reliable veterans than westbrook, (last yr) harden, green and co. is that just kd carried them to the post season on his 3rd year and bosh once in his 7 year tenure.

  146. thunder4life says:

    i am a thunder fan but really why would Durant be so unprofessional like this man Durant you need to grow up and maybe after you do so you could get us past the first round thank u

  147. brandon631 says:

    i hate Durant talk about a guy how thinks his big my god calling out a guy over a little spat like that is low and by the way Durant is not a tough guy this is why i like Kobe, wade, bosh, and lebron they would never do something like this

    • SA,GO says:

      yeah like twitting “hustling is not worthy for the injury” is a tough guy.

    • THE MEDIA TRIES TO DO WHATEVER THEY CAN TO TAKE THE SPOTLIGHT OFF OF WADE…. WHO CARES?? BOSH has grown man strength compared to KD. I LIKED HOW THEY ADDED THAT DURANT SAID THAT KOBE AND BRON Are 1A and 1B… But refused to mention anything about the GUY who kills the THUNDER on a NIGHTLY BASIS…. WADE ALMOST MADE IT THROUGH THIS GAME SHOOTING 80% LOL!! 61% for any guard, or any player is AMAZING….
      WHY is everyone talking about this… I am sure KG called Durant a B*ch on the court b4… I wonder if he said anything back? We know Bosh would… AND as far as saying Bosh is not in his league… Think about it…. What is Stoudemire doing now, that Bosh hasn’t done??!!? Lil fella… Respect the great Players, stay humble and keep your mouth shut… and maybe Wade won’t score 40+ on your team the next time Heat and Thunder play…. and Durant should be kissing the Refs A**… 19 Free Throws??? He shot more free throws than Lebron and Wade together! and those are the best at getting to the line… This game should not have been close… I Like Westbrook… But the League is trying to hard to make Durant “THE GUY”… But he isn’t…. BEST IN THE LEAGUE…. KOBE, BRON, WADE, in any order… BUT I believe Wade is number one… Durant is not in that discussion… He is not even in a league with Dirk… Durant is no better than a healthy Brandon Roy or Danny Granger… everyone knows that, but the Media is not going to ADMIT it…. if those guy took a (Durant) number of shots a game… they would lead the league in scoring with a terrible percentage too…. and those are ALL FACTS!!!

      • SA,GO says:

        what is amare doing now that bosh hasnt done? (in toronto for a perspective if you will) answer winning. thats simple

      • todd says:

        if you watched the FIBA championships it would be obvious that DURANT is very much better than DANNY GRANGER and probably better than all but maybe 4 or 5 people on the planet, and he is on those 4 or 5 people’s level.

  148. Charlie says:

    Durant is mad because he wants this game so bad but couldn’t do it and Westbrook too. After what I see this game, all the respect is lost for the Thunder. The Thunder show no respect to the Heat this game and a lot of trash is talked by the Thunder. It is funny that the Thunder are trying to out play the Heat by trying to go fancy. Especially that Westbrook guy. Who is he seriously? After looking him up, I conclude him as someone who needs to take 18 field goals and 8 free throw attempts to score 23 point. I guess that is impressive stats to him because he certainly thinks that he is an all star. When he blocks Chalmers, which is called for a foul, why does he get so hype up like that block is something else. Now on to Durant, I heard he is supposed to be a superstar and many think he is. But what has he done so far? Besides winning a scoring title, which nobody in this league really looks at, and winning the Gold at FIBA, which should not be overlooked because players who participate plays half-heart defense. Now, his dunk attempt is funny and it gets rejected terribly by Joel Anthony. I bet nobody here even take the Thunder seriously because they are just like a better version of the Clippers and Timberwolves except with a better record. Until the Thunder make it out of the first round, they are LMFAO to me.

    • SA,GO says:

      yeah they lost to the eventual champs on the forst round no shame to that

    • Kel says:

      Miami deserves respect? They have 2 superstars and 1 all-star in their prime and paraded around like they already won 5 titles when they haven’t won anything, except for Wade. What has LeBron done besides win MVP titles and scoring titles. He has just as many titles as Durant. By your logic, they both haven’t done anything. Durant never gets upset, so when he says this about Bosh, you better believe he means it. And as far as being like the Clippers and T-Wolves, you said the difference yourself, they have a better record. That means they win games. And they’re 4th in the Western conference, which is stronger overall than the Eastern conference. The East have the Celtics, Heat, and Magic, and now the Bulls. But the west have teams above .500 that don’t make the playoffs, the east gets teams in with losing records. Westbrook had a terrible game today, but he can be very dangerous when he’s not taking so many jumpshots. The only reason the Thunder lost this game was because they couldn’t rebound the ball.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Im LMFAO at you moron, Thunder are a better version of the T’Wolves or Clippers, WTF?!? that doesnt make sense at all, if they were similar to them they wouldnt be in the playoffs, oh um and guess what, which team between the Wolves, Clippers and Thunder had 50+ wins last season? exactly. Also he is mad because Bosh trash talked him, it is natural to talk back no matter who you are.

  149. Pucho says:

    everybody in the NBA is a pro, so eveybody deserves respect….K.D. is a good player and he is a great player, but you know what for me Chris Bosh is not a fake tough guy…he is not as good as lebron, kobe, wade , durant ,etc….but he is good it doesnt matter where he is, he is a good player…for me is lack of maturity for both guys…especially on K.D.

  150. MissDavis3 says:

    little things like this is why i heart KD. respect!

  151. kantankruz says:

    KD is god. Lets go Thunder!

  152. SA,GO says:

    no disrespect, but letting somebody know that they have done something wrong to you is not that bad. (but i do think kd go way far). but as to bosh, he’s degrading him self. he was reduced to the role of rasheed wallace played for the pistons because ben and bob are the leaders just like james and wade is for the heat.

  153. […] Durant: Bosh is “fake tough guy” « NBA.com | Hang Time Blog […]

  154. Pathfinder says:

    Kevin Durant is highly overrated. I like both players, but I would take Bosh over him any day, and I’m a Lakers fan. I saw the game and Durant is just being a jerk. I’ve always believed that you become a superstar in the NBA based on making the players around you better, Doing multiple things, such as rebounding, assist, defense, etc, and the last time I checked, the only thing that Durant does is shoot.

    • ZeffRz says:

      That’s why he never gets MVP Lol, put him on the top 3 on the MVP list then yea, that would be overrating. But everyone knows he’s not gonna get it. Scoring champion is most good enough for him Lol

      • todd says:

        i think the biggest reason he’s never gotten mvp is because he’s only 22 and hasn’t been in the league for long, and the years he has been in the league have been when lebron james was at his best. there’s no shame in being the runner-up to lebron james for mvp at the age of 21.

    • SA,GO says:

      but hey they are winning alot of games. i’ll go with kd any day. besides bosh done nothing while in toronto conpared what kd is doing now at okc. peace man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • alpaca g says:

        yes but KD has westbrook to help him but bosh had no help

      • SA,GO says:

        not counting their rookie season (by the way bosh has a worse record on his rookie yr), durant carried them to post season almost single handedly. yes westbrook is there but not the type of year his having. bosh has andrea, jack, calderon and hedo ( i maybe biased but there hell better than what durant have last year) yet where are they with him. 9th on the not so great east.

    • Michael S says:

      You clearly are uneducated about the nba lol the only thing he does is shoot?? really?? 6.7 rebounds, 2.8 assists, 1.1 steals, 1 block, 88% from the line, seriously just watch more than one game and comment.
      The media isn’t hyping him up lol he is just that good. Lead his team to 49/50 wins (not sure which) last year and is on course to do it again (probably home court as well), lead team to FIBA championship, youngest player ever to win a scoring title, all-star starter, MVP candidate. Bosh should be showing him more respect lol what has bosh done to deserve respect, no offense to toronto fans but what did he ever do there?? just put up numbers lol don’t make me laugh
      And to say that you would take bosh over him any day must be a joke right?? Durant is right up there as a top 5 player in the league, Bosh is top 30.
      And finally for everyone saying about Durant trash talking lol he’s been in the league 4 years and this is the only controversial thing he has done lol get over yourselves

  155. mrkiv says:

    all you guys need to calm down, kevin durant is obviously frustrated at the loss, as any player would be, and no chris bosh is not “fake tough”, you people are downplaying his years in toronto so much, but he is definitely one of the most skilled big men in the league…and in terms of +/- stats chris bosh is number 5 in the league, so he is vital to the team, he doesn’t put up huge numbers like wade or james but it doesn’t disprove the fact that he is one of the most important people in his team.
    His numbers are also improving so i wouldn’t be surprised by the end of the season if his stats go up to 20 points and 8-9 boards.

  156. D.Rose#1 says:

    I agree with duran but what i hate is eddie house is it me or is he the most arrogant mediocre bench player to have ever played

  157. brandon631 says:

    it’s funny how Durant is calling bosh out like this you just dont say that you should dunk on a guy right in front of him common Durant really

  158. isf says:

    who cares about durant or bosh.
    BOSTON beat la, thats whats up.
    monster game from rondo, allen, peirce n garnett

  159. Givemeabreak says:

    Durant is a great player, but at 22 years old he should NEVER call out a player like that, no matter who it is.
    Considering Bosh is a 4 time all star (twice starting), Durant should quickly take back what he said. I think Bosh deserves more respect than Durant, at THIS POINT. Yes it is inevitable that Durant will outshine Bosh when look back at their careers, but for now Bosh still has the upper hand respect wise.
    Immature comments by KD.

    • ZeffRz says:

      KD can’t just take the trash talk from Bosh though. I mean cmon it’s BOSH.. If it were LBJ or D Wade then yea KD should shut his mouth but Bosh hasn’t produced enough this year for him to talk. It’s cause of his two teamates why he’s cocky

  160. mikemiami says:

    Celtics all day, you’re so right…

    tv guy, just sdfu . I dont think you know what this thread is about ;l

  161. phonso says:

    bosh is just a third wheel. dont get me wrong miami is my fave team. trashtalking kd? not a good move brotha

  162. tv guy says:

    i agree with durant. Bosh is a role player on the heat. simple as that. Lebron and wade carry the heat game in and game out.

    • huh? says:

      so that gives bosh no right to be competitive?? like someone stated, its only obvious durant was talkin crap to begin with to his teamate, otherwise why would bosh of barker at him?? hypocrit….

    • DBBJ says:


  163. Celtics-all-day says:

    I am not a fan of neither teams but all i’m saying is trash talking is part of the game, and if princess Durant can’t take it, then he can just cheer lead on the side. Even if Chris was disrespecting him, how are you going to get back at him when you’re being interviewed mister humble guy.

    • thank you says:

      lets not start bowing down to kevin durant now too… players like d rose, d wade, rondo, and other unsung hero’s should be in the media’s spotlight.

  164. steve says:

    thats bosh,trying 2 get in his head and kd wasnt trying to hear it,prolly let his emotions get 2 the best of him,but wonder what bosh said 2 get under his skin

  165. stevieooo says:

    same goes to KD,he made all star starter and bosh probably wont make all star so now KD decides he to run his mouth because he feels hes being recognized by the nba,all this non sense has to stop just play the game!

  166. jeff says:

    ows look at the miami team right now,,,, what coach Spoelstra said Chris bosh is an important player for the Miami playing basketball is a team not one man or two man show, the important thing is to win.. you score a lot 61 points 71, 33 like Kevin’s did. everybody in a team has a talent look at eddie house who shots a three pointer in last 24 seconds.. how would you say a player is ” fake tough guy”. everybody has a deciding talent for every player… Kevin Durant watch your mouth… look at your self and your team before commenting on Chris Bosh. if you want some respect respect the others. Chris Bosh is already Chris Bosh in NBA……………..

  167. slomo says:

    i think he has played kind of quiet since moving to south beach. i guess everyone 4got the bosh with the dread locks. he had a few altercations a few years back. durant take a back seat to this one.

  168. mikemiami says:

    You all want to know the mark of a scrub? Let me show you how KD is acting real scrubbish.
    “I’m no punk,” he continued. “I wasn’t even talking to him first off. He decided to butt in and I’m not going to just let that slide. Especially in our house.”

    LOL? Durant, the heat just came and torched you in ‘your house’. Good to know that you’ll let that slide in your house, but you wont let a few words slide.

    Like I said, he’s not one of those guys I look at and say he has a rep for talking back to guys or getting into it. He’s a nice guy. I’m not going to let that type of person say something to me like that.”

    HYPOCRITE?! Durant has absolutely no history of even showing any type of emotion in a game, and now this little kid comes and starts talking about Chris Bosh like this? Durant, Chris Bosh is physically and mentally tougher than you can ever hope to be, so what are you even saying.

    It’s funny because Durant thinks he’s so great. For all of you idiots out there who think Durant is a great player, let me tell you why he’s not.
    Durant is 6’11, almost 7 foot. The guys that guard him are at most 6’9. With Kevins quick release, theres no doubt that he should be scoring, especially at the amount of shots he takes.
    Durant cannot hang with star players, so he isnt even there yet. He is talking crap about Dwade and Brons teammmate, and he expects nothing to happen. Trust, the next time you guys play, LeBron wont be so easy on yo punk self.

    • so very true says:

      im glad someone saved my breath and energy… who is this kevin durrant guy?? he played kobe in a playoff series and led a team of young guns in FIBA…. tough guy…. he’s absorbing too much of the lime light.

    • josh says:


  169. Pag says:

    Bosh would shoot the same amount of free-throws if he wasn’t afraid to attack the basket,it’s a joke to compare K.D and Bosh

    • whatrutalkinbout says:

      Bosh was top 5 in free throw attempts last year in the league, he just doesn’t get to hold the ball as much heck no one would if they were playing beside dwade and lebron I CHALLENGE U TO NAME ANYONE!

      Amare, Pau, Tim Duncan, Garnett, Dwight Howard

      • No Excuses says:

        I would take any one of those guys over bosh… Bosh is completely overrated. Wait i have an idea, lets not hustle during the game because youre scared of injury. The sounds like a puss to me… Next time he wont want to break a nail

  170. abn says:

    this is how it started. durant told harden to dunk it next time(bosh was guarding harden), then bosh was being a women and got offended.
    i mean, come on, durant was showing his leadership and motivate/encourage his teammate to do better.
    do you want a leader to be like “you cant do it, just pass the ball to someone else.” NO, what kind of leader is that to discourage teammate?

  171. Trey says:

    wow why is everyone bringing toronto into this? chris bosh is a pretty laid back guy himself even now in miami. As good as KD is, i think he went too far with this. in any sport, trash talking is a good way to get your team going but durant should lay back a bit on this one.

  172. balla says:

    I thought what Durant did was un-professional, Still, Bosh is a whiner. He complained about a rookie hustling and accidentally spraining his ankle. Did Bosh lead his team to the playoffs? Is the focal point of the team? You can forget that rivalry.

  173. Peebee says:

    I do not like Durant…..period. KD show some respect for veterans okay? at 22 he is got this attitude..whoa. Heat Vs Lakers NBA Finals man! OKC get real.

    • Law064 says:

      Celtic’s vs SA or LA Miami will not win in the 2nd round

    • dina says:

      peebee plz stfu kd is one of the best players for being 22. he don’t need to switch to another team just so he can win a championship like fake ass lebron.eff the heat get serious if u think they going to finals.

    • NYKnicksAmare! says:

      idk bout attitude hes (normally) one of the quietest and nicest guys in the league. but he stood up 4 himself and hes got a scoring title to back himself so to speak

  174. mikemiami says:

    First of all. Durant shouldnt release this sort of statement after a loss, it just makes him look like a sore loser. If he truely felt that Bosh was a fake tough guy, he should’ve adressed that later on.

    And whoever said that Durant will take Boshs spot in the olympics doesnt know anything about basketball.

  175. Sp says:

    Chris Bosh could take a lesson from Steve Nash in how to get clowned on physically and keep killing it. KD could do with putting on a few pounds too, but Bosh is a crybaby on the court. If you replaced him with ANY other top 25 player, they would have more wins and less injury worries.

    Amare, Melo, Pau, Love, Beasley, Griffin, Nick Young, Big Baby, Brook Lopez, Bogut… the list could go on and on. Any of these players would make Miami better than what they are with Bosh. He was the dud of the deal. I don’t care if he wins them the next 10 games, I will still call him out for being a wimp and a big kid.

    • john says:

      Pardon me but did you put BIG BABY on that list? Where do you get the idea that he is anywhere NEAR a top 25 player in the league? The guys a joke!! And if you want to comment on idiotic trash talking what about `Big Baby` trash talking the numeral uno center in the league, Mr. Dwight Howard. Talk about a lack of respect!

  176. Jr Borito says:

    Dont waste your time to chris bosh mr. durant he is nothing … your right he is not a tough guy that`s why he join miami miami doesnt have a big 3 power duo only.

  177. wheel says:

    what’s wrong with shooting those shots? that’s the way he plays and he gets to the foul line a lot. funnily bosh shoots more jump shot than he should consider his position and the way his team needs him to play. besides if westbrook is the man on the thunder then i don’t know what bosh is cause lebron and wade are much more mvp like than he is.

  178. BullsFan22 says:

    “I am not going to let nobody talk trash to me.” Where did he learn English?

  179. SimplyMe says:

    Good for Durant. I saw that game and Durant was talking to his teammate and Bosh felt the need to run his mouth. He needs to go sit down. Good for Durant. Don’t let no one trash talk to you and you not say nothing. Bosh just needs to shut his mouth, “fake tough guy” lol.

  180. mikemiami says:

    First of all, Chris Bosh is not a ”fake tough guy”. He is just Bosh and he does him. Kevin Durant is actually the ”fake tough guy” here. Kevin is a self proclaimed humble guy, and is not known for talking much at all, but look at what hes doing now. After a loss to Miami, instead of being his humble self, he comes at another player. Kevin Durant is obviously feeling himself a little too much to release a statement like this. Kevin Durant is about 90 pounds, nowhere near tough. Though that was a bit of a hyperbole, in the play off series verse LA, Russel Westbrook was the star. Kevin Durant was his normal weakling self and couldnt step up when his team needed it. Now this little punk is trying to come at Chris Bosh? This is a little note for you KD, Chris Bosh has always been a relaxed player, but let out his emotions every now and then. Just because he may’ve said one thing to you does not make him a fake tough guy. It’s not like hes hitting himself on the chest and in the head and cursing like there is no tomorrow like Kevin Garnett. You in effect [Kevin Durant] are the fake tough guy here, and apparently one who can’t take a loss.

    • abn says:

      there is a difference between acting “tough” and being tough. in durant’s case, it wouldnt make sense to that he was pointing out physical toughness because if you notice he said “I am a quiet guy, laid-back guy, but I’m not going to let nobody talk trash to me.” Pretty clear that bosh was trash talking and what durant mean by “tough” is that he(bosh) thinks he is far superior than other people.

    • QuestionMark says:

      No matter who is tough or who is not, no player would take trash talking and just walk away.

  181. eric says:

    Now what point did you make?…. bosh is not the tough guy you think he is…… I’ve never heard bosh run his mouth in toronto & since he’s so “clutch”…. when was the last time you have seen the raptors in the playoffs???? Durant took his team to playoffs in his third year in the league plus he’s the focal point of his team…. bosh in seven years went to the playoffs one time before he went to the heat… I guarantee he takes bosh’s spot in the Olympics next year won’t take James or wade but bosh is not going period

  182. NBA Guy says:

    Bosh needs to shut up before this happens again

  183. Andre says:

    Bosh is not “fake tough”. He’s “plain soft”, and everyone knows it.

    Despite of that, Durant acted as an idiot, like all the haters that don’t know why they hate. Free Agency is there so you can choose where you go, and people insist in not respecting players decisions. It’s worse when a player is doing that.

  184. John says:

    just let this slide… both of them are good guys no need to talk trash.. just play the game.

  185. M&M says:

    durant needs to shut up. he was obviously talkin trash with one of his teamates and it was bosh that wasnt gonna take it. Theres a reason why lebron n wade wanted 2 play with bosh.

  186. RRRR says:

    Neel, Durant was guarded by Lebron James, Bosh was guarded by Jeff Green and Nick Collison, there is a big fkin difference.

  187. Lebosh!! says:

    Durant needs to shutup he looks like the least toughest guy who is too scared to drive in thats why he only shoots jump shots. its easy to score alot when u shoot alot. 7-20?? good thing he can shoot free throws or else he would have had less than 20 points plus westbrook is the mvp of the thunder not durant

    • Waterside says:

      So then tell me where Durant gets his FT’s from ? From “not” driving in ?

    • Israel says:

      Please do all of us a favor and shut up.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Oh umm lets see, the guy that shot a game winning 3 over the Knicks, the guy that outscored the Blazers in the 4th quarter, the leading scorer, the guy in the MVP Race, isn’t the best player for the Thunders? WOW dude dont talk when you cant back it up, please do us a favour and not embarress yourself. And the reason he shoots like 20 FTs a game is because he drives to the rim. Also Unlike you Durant can talk all he wants because atleast he can back it up.

      • SpuesFan says:

        LeBosh you need to shutup!!, maybe if you took Miami’s balls out your mouth you would sound less stupid,If Durant never takes it in then how does he get to the foul line so much

  188. Sammy says:

    Durant sucks.

  189. Pag says:

    K.D. has shown that he respects those who deserve it

  190. mv3 says:

    lebron isnt 1b. wades 1b. lebrons not even top 5 players in the league

    • thank you says:

      after this year when miami wins a ring, and wade gets his 2nd finals mvp, the media will switch off the bandwagon and come over to heat… wade is not 1b… he is 1a, playing unhealthy. just wade and see 😀

    • tre' says:

      lebron is #2 in the league, you’re blinder than hell.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Not top 5? WTF? Your like a friggin Cav fan aren’t you? Your saying that the guy that puts up atleast 27.8.8 per game is not in the top 5? Think before you talk. try proving me wrong if you can.

    • todd says:

      it’s just idiotic to say that the reigning two time mvp is not one of the top 5 players in the league. ask the cleveland cavaliers, who won 60 games with lebron, if he’s one of the 5 best in the league.

  191. bosh? clutch? says:

    clutch like bosh? did you not see bosh’s shot near the end? ROFL

  192. RyanT says:

    They both need to add a bit of muscle

  193. OhMen says:

    Chris Bosh needs a reality check.

  194. Carlo says:

    lol bosh owned him

  195. josh says:

    Sounds like someone is being a baby over something dumb, Durant is no “tough guy” so calling someone out like that is being a hypocrite.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      boy you kno nothing….DURANT is from my CITY…DC….and was raised in one of the worst placest SEAT PLEASANT, MARYLAND, right off the borderline of SE DC…so whether Durant is “a nice guy” or not he was raised in a bad area. So he knows what “bad” is, and BOSH is no where near that

      Plus Bosh is and never would be better than Kevin Durant so quit with that nonsense TALK…

      Bosh wantitng to start drama when just a couple games ago he got mad at ASKI from the Bulls for a HUSTLE PLAY! If that dont tell you Bosh is soft then you people are BLIND!

      • josh says:

        boy you “kno” nothing, I never said anything about bosh being better then durant or anything about “Nice guy”. Who cares where he is from, Durant was being a child for calling out a player like Bosh for being a fake no matter what was said on the court. Players talk trash and Durant showed how soft he was for speaking. Take a seat.

  196. oscar says:

    im not a big heat fan but durrant is just talking cuz hes mad… bosh aint a tough guy we all know that.. but why throw it out there.. bosh trys the best he can…

  197. Neel says:

    Durant shouldn’t be talking after being held to 35%, he’s just mad that they couldn’t stand up to the Heat and couldn’t be clutch like Bosh who shot 61.5%

    • GLM says:

      that wasn’t even the point, it wasn’t about who’s better. besides, it was first quarter nobody could know what percentage will anybody have nor could anyone predict the final income of the game. i’m with kd on this one all the way.
      i hate this kind of guys myself, they’re all big talks ’cause they’re on good teams and always like have protection or someone they can rely on. (not necessarily they’re bad players, but if they’re good it’s because they feel like someone else is gonna take over when it matters most and they can be totally relaxed)

    • Martin says:

      When you have a bad shooting night and still score 30 it means you are great. Since when does shooting %=clutch? Mike Miller saved them by getting that offensive rebound that led to House’s 3. I don’t see Bosh being clutch in that game.

      • Fastbreak says:

        Are you dumb? If you are having a bad shooting night you need to pass the ball and drive into the paint, not just keep shooting at a low percent.

      • Law064 says:

        Bosh is far from a Beast dude. Wade is better than James. Lechoke is a stat chaser not a winner. KD called out Bosh and that was that. KD is just stating his opinion that Bosh is a Fake tough guy. On a side note KD is better in the clutch than Lechoke Wade should be the go to guy in the 4th

    • Sikchelo says:

      Totally agree!

    • Heel says:

      Durant was held to 35% shooting. But how many times was he on the free throw line? 19 times, sir! And he made 16. That gives him 33 points on 20 attempts, higher percentage than Bosh’s 20 points on 13 attempts.

      And for Bosh, he has a +/- of ZERO on a winning team! on a freaking WINNING team!!!

      Please do not talk when you have a one-dimensional view on stats. It makes you look like a moron.

      • wrong says:

        actually, you are wrong, bosh does not have a +/- of ZERO!!! he is actually 2nd in the league so you may want to watch who you call a moron…anyone can take 20 shots, 20 free throw, and get 30 points,,,

      • wrong says:

        bosh is actually 2nd in the league +/-, so before you call someone a moron, get your facts straight buddy. bosh is one of the most efficient players the league has to offer…. he doesn’t demand attention, yet he delivers up there with every other star. perfect role player.

      • Michael S says:

        Wrong he was obviously talking about this game lol

      • todd says:

        to the person that said bosh is a perfect role player, role players don’t get paid 110 million dollars.

    • Josh says:

      Lol you’re dumb
      He scored over 30 points still
      Bosh shot 61.5 percent because most of his shots were either tip ins or wide open jump shots
      Might not want to call him clutch either, since he missed a potential game breaking shot with under a minute to go

    • C172 says:

      Wow, you obviously didn’t watch the game. I did because I was at the OKC Arena. The only reason Bosh had 61.5% FG percentage, all of his shots were from 5 ft or less. I think he took 1 or 2 from over 10ft out. And you comment about standing up to the Heat, it was a great game. Both sides played hard and with a minute left in the game it was 102-101, what do you mean we couldn’t stand up, we went toe to toe, the Heat just won this contest, there will be others.

    • LATWIAN says:

      you must be a heat lol…bosh soft as hell :). Durant is the leader of his team, Bosh is third option…sometimes

  198. Andrew says:

    totally agree with durant….but don’t worry about the ‘rivalry’, pretty sure Durant led the Thunder to the playoffs while Bosh filled up the stat sheet in Canada – even Bargiani can do that

    • fk says:

      hello bosh led the raptors to the playoff too, n without the talent that durant has…

      • strike32 says:

        Last time I checked, u can have a losing record and still make it to the playoffs in the east,,,,

      • #1_Mavs_Fan says:

        Wow, very nice comeback ! Couldn’t agree more, lol !

      • Soft serve says:

        Funny that the Rupaul of big men would say something stupid. If you wanna act tough play some defense first. KG and the rest talk crap but they earned a rep as some of the best defenders. Bosh is a little puss when it comes to defense. He should keep his mouth shut. It’s like a poodle trying to bark at a pitbull, you aint gonna win that fight.

    • brakeman1 says:

      actually he can’t.

  199. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by John Schuhmann, ♫ Ran$om RegAL ♫, Drenched Frog, Jorge E. Cuellar, Lebron James and others. Lebron James said: Durant: Bosh is “fake tough guy”: Chris Bosh is probably pretty far down Durant's list. Asked about a first quar… http://bit.ly/dDWWC4 […]

    • Corey says:

      lmao wade is better than Lebron and @Alicia I didnt lose my freedom of speech, You did so shut up and I didnt kno we was in English class and we have to spell right so ok. Plus melo is my fav player and i kno he better than Prince James. He scores better and rebounds better. He mite not get more assist but dats it, So like i said before Kobe Wade Melo Prince James and than Durant, I dont care bout ur opinion Alicia so dont comment but if anybody disagree with my list I will listen with no problem,

  200. Gary says:

    Bosh needs to shut up. I love Miami but he keeps putting his foot in his mouth. sooner or later someone will put it where the sun don’t shine.

    • I also like how the NBA and every website refused to mention the biggest thing to take out of this game is that. DWYANE WADE IS THE BEST PLAYER IN THIS LEAGUE!!!! HANDS DOWN!!! So there are all of these articles causing controversy on something that no one really cares about…. My question is why didn’t Durant mention anything about the guy who pretty much killed them the entire game…. “Kobe and LeBron 1A and 1B”? Who asked you about Kobe and Bron…. TODAY WAS ALL ABOUT WADE!!! And more times than often when the Heat play the Thunder, it IS ALWAYS DWYANE WADE!!! Why was NBC talking about Durant who was 5/10 in the first half while Wade was 8/10?? I wish the League would stop doing this to Wade… Who only went to the line 8 times….

      Stop Trying to make a player great, while the GREAT ONES are performing on a nightly basis with or without the help of the REFS….

      I AM NOT BEING FOOLED BY THE MEDIA…. So why is everyone else Allowing the Media fool them, just because nobody wants to admit the TRUTH….

      • E216G says:

        You must be out of yo mind if you think Dwade better than Lebron after on night of having better stats. Let me ask you something. Who averages more points, more rebounds, and more assist every night. And if you want to talk about big games look at Heat L.a. or Heat New York (first Game), Lebron had triple doubles in both. LIKE DURANT SAID YOU KEEP PUTTIN YO FOOT IN YO MOUTH SOMEBODY ELSE WILL PUT IT SOMEWHERE YOU WONT LIKE.

      • abn says:

        you are out of your mind to think wade is better than lebron. true, lebron joined dwade, but we are seeing lebron’s game and not wade’s game. say whatever you want that wade is leader, i dont care and it doesnt matter, lebron is better.
        who give a sh!t if dwade has better fg%, lebron is the one who made all the plays and who get everyone involve. dwade is just like another kobe but a little bit more willing to pass the ball, other time he will just try to do it by himself. now i dont know if lebron or wade is a better leader since lebron is all about regular season, and wade just cant carry his team through final without shaq.
        no offense to kobe and dwade because i love kobe, but someday, people need to realize that lebron is the best PLAYER(keyword) today.

      • Corey says:

        Wade is better than Prince James, why is people actin dum, Its wade team and alwayz will be so dum people dat say Lebron better than Wade is just dum lmao. Wade has a ring and does everything better, yea he cant play powerfoward like Lebron thats just cause he too short, So da list go Wade Kobe Melo Lebron Durant,

      • Batman says:

        I think Wade is a better clutch player than LeBron, but LeBron’s health and athletic abilities put him over Wade at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, Wade is one of my favorite players, but when you have the appraisal from journalists, statistics, and Air Jordan himself, the Black Mamba is the best in the league.

      • gqmezone says:

        dwade is the best…he has the ability to bring the game back even down with big pts…

      • Usuck says:

        If Miami has the NO.1 draft pick choice during 2003 draft… Do u think they will choose Dwayne Wade as No.1 over all?? I don’t think so!LOL

      • Alicia says:

        Corey, just the fact that you attempted to insult people by calling them “dumb” but being either too lazy to add the (b) or simply too dumb to spell it correctly, proved enough itself. Yet, you went on to imply C. Anthony’s better than LeBron?!?! You’ve officially lost all credibility & your freedom of speech on the matter has been revoked. Goodbye.

      • trix says:

        i hate lebron but i will even admit wade is not better than lebron…to further prove this point look at the team record when lebron missed games and wade did vs lebron carrying the heat without wade…the bottomline is lebron wins games with just about anybody just ask the cavs

      • LATWIAN says:

        shut up…D-Wade isn’t the best. it was about him puttin Bosh lame self in his place

      • Bobby McDowell says:

        Forget Wade.. Ima Boston fan so what can you say now!!!!!!!!!!!!! We swipe yall twice bk 2 bk….Wade couldnt stop us huh!! Naw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Corey says:

        @ Alicia shut up ok, no one ask for ur opinion. My list Kobe wade Melo Prince James and than Durant, now shut up you cant aruge bout it so be quiet now you lost your freedom of speech lmao

      • Jac says:

        Ben Davis you are so right…if he is not the best then he is at least neck and neck with kobe & LBJ

  201. […] Durant: Bosh is ?fake tough guy?NBA.com (blog)After the Thunder's Sunday afternoon loss to Miami, for instance, he called LeBron James and Kobe Bryant 1A and 1B, as in being the best players in the game …and more » […]

  202. ricky says:

    waste of time , who cares

  203. Read this!!! says:

    couldn’t agree more with durant!!!!

    • For all of you who are saying that LeBron is better than Wade… you have to think… LeBron could have went anywhere…. What made Miami so appealing?? Also, There is a reason why Wade has a FINALS MVP and a Championship Ring…. I like the way that Durant refused to mention the guy that torched the Thunder while shooting 61% from the field… This Bosh Stuff is irrelevent. The Thunder Lost… Refs tried to help… but Wade was too much… Bosh too much… and Bron too much… there is no way that that game should have been that close…. everyone on the Heat pretty much shot over 50%… Durant 7-20 from the field with 33 points?? Could the Refs have been more obvious?? Wade was definately the best yesterday eventhough he did have 9 turnovers…. But I will take that especially since he was 13/21 from the field…