Give It Up For Kobe Bean Bryant

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — This is a direct message to the anti-Kobe Bryant crowd out there.

Give it up! Give up the fight.

And give it up for Kobe Bean Bryant.

Seriously, stop hating on the man and surrender. There’s a good chance KB Bryant is going to leave this game with his face on the NBA’s version of Mt. Rushmore, alongside those idols from his childhood, specifically Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson.

You can’t win this argument. Despite all of your theories to the contrary and reasons for why he should not, could not and will not go down as one of the game’s top five all-time greats, it’s going to happen. There’s no stopping him now. He’s already got the championship rings (five of them, to be exact) and career longevity that has eluded so many other seekers of basketball’s holy grail (fame, fortune, rings and legendary status).

And now he’s hunting down scoring legends, one by one, as he climbs up the career chart every time he and the Lakers hit the floor. With 13 points tonight against the Sacramento Kings, Bryant will pass Hall of Famer Hakeem Olajuwon and move into eighth place on the NBA’s career scoring list. He began the year in 13th place. He’ll be knocking on the door of the top five by season’s end.

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny the man his due.

You’ve doubted him at every turn, from the moment he stood at that podium as a high school senior with those shades sitting atop of his shaved head and told the world he was taking his talents to the NBA next year (it was “The Decision” long before we’d ever heard of LeBron James).

There was no way this brash kid was going to take over the league the way he tried to in his first couple of years in the league, butting heads with grown men (on his team and around the league) on a nightly basis. But he did.

There was absolutely no way he was going to be able to co-exist with another all-time great, Shaquille O’Neal, and win titles with the Lakers while they tussled for alpha dog status in the same locker room. But he did. He won three titles and would have probably won several more had they stayed together.

Surely there was no way he’d win it all without Shaq, not after blowing up that dynasty. He’d have to settle for being known forever as Robin to the big fella’s Batman, a shame worse than anything he could stand. But he did. He finally won without Shaq, back-to-back titles even, and now he’s chasing his third straight.

But KB Bryant isn’t just playing for his own legacy these days. He’s doing it for his coach now, too. He’s trying to make sure Phil Jackson exits Laker land properly, with another ring.

It’s yet another improbable twist in Bryant’s true Hollywood story.

The same coach that trashed him in that book after the Shaq-Kobe dynasty ended is the one that inspires him now. Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times explains:

Kobe Bryant doesn’t need any added motivation, but he acknowledges the importance of winning one more championship under Jackson.

“Yeah, for me especially because we’ve been together for so long,” Bryant said. “I’m going to make sure I do everything in my power to send him off in the right way.”

Jackson, 65, reiterated Thursday that he would be done coaching after this season. He said that last season was a “maybe” as far as retirement, but “this year, there’s no ‘maybe.’ ”

He then joked he would find a way to stay in the spotlight: “I’m actually going to have a press conference once every two months just to kind of feel right. Maybe like Jerry [West], just getting it out.”

West recently made headlines by saying at an Orange County auto show that the Lakers’ defense looked slow and old.

Bryant didn’t want to peer too far into Jackson’s departure after 11 seasons with the Lakers, five of which have ended in championships.

“It’ll be a sad day, but I’m sure I’ll get together with him and go fly-fishing at some point,” Bryant said.

You won’t catch us doubting Bryant when he says he and Phil might go fly-fishing together one day. In fact, we’re expecting as much. Look at the man’s history. He doesn’t just chase his dreams, he snatches them up.

Are we convinced that his sole motivating factor is making sure the Zen Master receives a proper send off? Well, of course, not. We all know he wants to climb more than just the scoring charts.

Jordan has that sixth ring.

You know KB Bryant won’t rest until he has seven … or eight, or even nine.

At this point, we’d be fools to doubt him.


  1. aby says:

    Kobe was really polarizing for a period of time in his career, but unlike all of the druggies, criminals, and train wreck human beings who are offered forgiveness for their misdeeds, Kobe is consistently rebuffed by many. I have reached the point where I don’t expect people to ever like Kobe as a person but at least give credit where it is due.














  5. Brian Yu says:

    Kobe wanted to be like Mike.

  6. Angel_Killer says:

    Common guys, stop the hating. This is just an opinion of 1 writer that is like the other opinions of other people. We are just lucky that we were able to witness a guy that is almost identical with the GOAT. But to crack the nut, please, don’t compare Jordan to Kobe. Kobe is the best in this ERA. Jordan is the best, ALL TIME.

  7. Will all of you stop the comparing of MJ to Kobe

    Mj is the greatest in his generation

    so is Kobe in his…

    so just stop hatin
    and start respecting..>.<

  8. 80s90sBaller says:

    MJ FOREVER knows his stuff. To even compare Kobe or even suggest that he may be better than MJ nothing more than an attempt to give a boost to KB’s already huge ego by fan boys, or fans that are not old enough to know how different the league was 10 / 20 years ago.

    Kobe is good, but NOT as good as MJ. You can’t just simply compare 1 stat like scoring in 1 game, you have to consider the opponent, the league, the help he had, the way the ref’s were calling it etc. There are more variables to it, I would suggest looking at the big picture before saying anything.

    Instead of “Give it up”, just “Give it a rest.”

  9. Kikeh says:

    I wont jump into the debate here .. but re the comments about Kobe losing respect because he walked and talked exactly like Mike .. too much man. Growing up we all did the same thing (Like Mike) … Kobe just took it a bit further than most of us … and became his own action figure next to Mike’s. I’m not a Lakers fan .. I got hoarse cheering for the Celtics last year and today … but I do appreciate and respect his great talent. I do get where he;s coming from because MJ did the same thing with Dr. J. And if you watch enough NBA TV (that panel discussion the had w. those hall of famers..) – Dr. J will tell you he got his style from somewhere else.

    Give the man his props .. great players have played this game and won 0, one, two or 3 chips .. Hakeem the Great won only two … this young man wins 5 and you have something negative to say? Noooo .. don’t do it man. That’s like walking off without giving your opponents a handshake after a loss.

    Maan – if his biggest true issue is a legit debate whether or not he’s not better than MJ — then there you go – tells you how great he is. I say the kid acheived his goal. Like Mike .. If I COULD BE LIKE MIKE.

    • MJ FOREVER says:


      Theres a huge difference between trying to copy ones “style” and copying anothers whole “personality and charisma”. BIG difference. Its ok to try to copy styles most people do it. But the reason KB is LAME is because he has tried to copy MJ all the way down to how he walks, talks, SMILES, acts, moves, and even CELEBRATES. Please.

      If you can’t have your own mind to just let emotions flow after winning a championship and let loose IN YOUR OWN WAY, as opposed to what KB did which was jump on scorers table and waive fingers and then sit leaning on the trophy with his hat partially falling off just like MJ did, then you my friend, have some MAJOR ISSUES. Bottom line

  10. GlobeBuzzer says:

    Kobe must be very Great. When he came to the NBA, haters compared him to Allen Iverson sayiing, AI is better. We all know the answer now. Then T-mac came and the haters said T-Mac was better (I really like T-Mac), then time gave us the answer. Then come Lebron, the same thing started again, but now we all know who is better. So now they are trying to compare him to MJ just because they want to down him. The funny thing is that It always Kobe compared to someone else. He must be GREAT.

    Now haters said MJ is better than KB, maybe ,maybe not. But being in my late thirties, I have been a fan of MJ and as a basketball amateur player I remember when we wanted to emulate MJ we use to try his landmark drive to the basket dodging block in the air and laying up the ball to the basket (some tough moves). Or try some of his thunderous dunks. That was what we really remembered most of MJ. When KB came, on the playground imitating KB meant trying some tough shots. So this is the main difference between the two. MJ was good at shooting but KB centered is carried on that. Whereas MJ because of is athleticism was a flyer and a dunker. That also explains the better field goal percentage of MJ over KB or LB or even Shaq. So being able to score lots of point from tough shots is what makes KB so greats, because you are far from the basket and there’s a tough defense on you.

    Now they also say KB could not win on his own. Just tell me how many rings Shaq won before playing with KB? Remember Shaq played with Penny Hardaway who was said to be the next MJ then. They won Nothing. Then MJ did not win it on his own. At one time MJ team had the best rebounder ( Rodman), the best 3 point shooter with steve ker, the best sixth man with Kukoc, and then Pipen.

    The best verdict can only come from the person who helped them get the rings, PHIL. And we know what he said. Hating on KB will not serve you cause he is just getting better.

    Love is sweet but HATE is BITTER. I feel sorry for haters.

  11. b-man says:

    ok to all of you who comapre kobe with anyone, i suggest you go and see the movie Kobe Doin’ Work. i’ve avlways been a fan, but the movie still gave me the chance to see him on a whole new level, what he thinks and stuff. also, the way to make your teammates better isn’t to pass them the ball. this is BS. kobe changes their mind, their reactions to different situations and makes their bball iq a lot higher. this is making temmates better, not passing them the balls so they can pass it back. also, please don’t give me that statistics crap, you can’t compare by solely statistics – in the stat sheet, a rebound you outjumped 2 guys to get is the same as the one where the ball simply bounces right into your hands and there’s no one near to take it away. i hope you get the point

  12. iamlutchie says:

    he’s not going to be MJ coz he’s Kobe.. he already carved his name as one of the greatest player who ever played this sport.. i say one of the greatest not th greatest bcoz there’s bill russel, of course MJ, Magic, bird,cousy, havlicek, kareem and some of the players that came before him.. anyone say he’s the greatest but that’s their opinion same as i do.. he’s the greatest for me.. as for the haters.. they have to admit that they only hate him because he’s winning and he gets a lot of the attetion most of the time.. enough said. 🙂

  13. Mike2323 says:

    Interesting how Jordan was called only 7th year in nba as the best play ever to play in the nba. Where was kobe in his 7th year in nba? 🙂 And dont say for kobe that he had rings we all know why… 😛

  14. Mike2323 says:

    Next year Phill Jackson retires and goodbye Lakers… 🙂 Miami all the way or meybe OKC? 🙂

  15. Mr Sensible says:

    I wonder why all you idiots on here dont pick Karl Malone as one of the top 5 greatest of alltime??? I mean….he only is number 2 alltime in points….and never missed the playoffs in all his years in the NBA…Bill Russell??? really??? 9 championships is alot, but that dont make you top 5 PLAYER of alltime….it would if the question was Top 5 CHAMPIONS of all-time. Seriously, leave it alone…..Kobe is definately top 5.

  16. Jason says:

    The Lakers are most definitely NOT the best team in the league. Kobe Bryant is most definitely NOT the best player in the league. Pau, Bynum and Odom are most definitely NOT the best frontline in the league. Really nice try, but you FAIL.

    Lakers LOSE All Day

  17. lakersallday says:

    The lakers r the best team in the league. Kobe Bryant is the best player in the league. Pau+Andrew+Lamar is the best front line in the league. Ron Artest is one of the best defendders in the league. ALL OF THIS EQUALS CHAMPIONSHIPS. SOMETHING LEBRON WONT GET UNTILL KOBE RETIRES. LAKERS ALL DAY

  18. Mike says:

    I think if Durant keeps his mild manner demeaner and ends up wining alot of rings and scoring alot of points ppl will be ecstatic to put him ahead of kobe. Not being s hster just illustrating how much personaility and character make a difference

  19. CelticsFan says:

    Almost everyone who makes these “best player” lists in the comments have russell in them. He scored 14000 points in his career.. Points arent everthing, and neither is titles.. Charles Barkeley never won a championship, i would still call say he was one of the best players ever..

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  21. Mr Sensible says:

    Wow…..theres an awful lot of haters on Kobe’s n*tz. He takes alot of shots?? he’s a ballhog?? hes not like Jordan?? Lets do this debate…..Who other than Wilt can say they got 80 or more in a game?? also…..Kobes not even in the top ten 3pointers made of all-time…..but he holds the record for most 3’s in a game…Who can say they scored 62 points in three quarters outscoring a team by himself through those 3 quarters? What guard that has ever played can say that they have scoed 50 or more points in 5 straight games?? What guard in the league history can say they scored 40 or more in 9 straight games?? How many guards were known as prolific scorers at the same time “lock-down defenders?” How many guards can say they have averaged 35 ppg in a season?? No disrespect, but the man has been in the finals 7 times winning 5 of them. Karl Malone number 2 scorer of all-time has gone to the finals three times….losing all 3. Wilt Chamberlain scored 100points in a era where there was 1 seven footer…..Wilt! (Before Bill Russel) Back in the day, they use to let players smoke on the bench….nowadays the game is so much more faster, and physically demanding on your body considering there is waaaayyyyy more teams, and the traveling is waaayyy more hectic. To be quite honest….take Kobe in his prime, and put him in any era, and believe me, we still will see that man in the finals… His detemination has made him one of the greatest of all-time, and his commitment and passion towards the game and winning in general is why he without a doubt is top 5 of all-time. Stop comparing legends of the olden days to legends now because Michael Jordan is the one who revolutionized the game in ways that only one man thus far has been able to duplicate…..Kobe Bryant.

  22. miami says:

    dwwwwwwwwwwwyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane wade

  23. cadroy says:

    Sekou you are one of the best writers!Keep up the good work against all ESPNesque Abbotts!

  24. jhep24 says:

    no doubt! no doubt, kobe is the player in the world… what an unbelievable talent he have.

  25. Mike says:

    The word hater really needs to be addressed. I am 25 and for some reason stupid people in my generation love throwing this word out there everytime someone does’nt agree with them. Just bc someone does not agree with you that KB is the best basketball player of all time or any other opinions you have does not make them a hater it means they have a didd opinion then you which is a good thing. Its what makes the world interesting we can’t just all blindly have the same opinion. There is no way in Hell kobe will ever be number one on my list yet I respect and love the fact that someone else out there would disagree with me and i certainly would,nt just say HATERZZZ ALL day like some stupid in articulate thug wanna be. If you wanna debate fine but no the diff between a hater and someone with a diff opinion and come up with a better argument then the overly simplified one of oh there all haters

  26. Marcus says:

    I’m a LeBron’ fan, but hey…KOBE BRYANT is undoubtly The. Best. Player. In. The. NBA. And I’m not sure if LeBron’s gonna get him anytime in his career…LBJ still my favorite player, but I cannot say he’s better than Kobe…anyone should say that…

  27. eightbitme says:


    EIGHT rings WON when it’s all said and done.

    Go Lakers!!!

  28. .:Mimibasketballislife:. says:

    Seriously there are these wanna be laker and kobe fans that dont even know their facts. As a Celtic Fan i have to admit Kobe is one Hell of a Basketball player and has done some great things, hes had his ups and downs but still people should cut the dude some lack and stop hating if you love the game of basketball like i do you should not just look at the rings and championships he has won but how got to it. Its not easy … try doing it yourself.

  29. Brian says:

    In 2006 Kobe’s 81 points if far better than Willt’s 100 because he had an extra 12 min to play with and there were no zone’s so they played man to man. If they played Kobe man to man and gave him 12 more min that night he probibly would of scored 150. Not puting Willt down because that was very impressive but I dont think he would of had 100 with 3 or 4 people draped all over him……you too Jordan. that is reserved for hero’s like Kobe. Go LAKERS!!

  30. lakersallday says:

    kobe at the end of his career will be the greatest basketball player ever!!!

  31. Darth Vader says:

    Sekou Smith I love what you said man! God bless you for that! I’ve followed Kobe Bryant since he joined the Lakers in 1996,(I believe!) From his young, high flying days to his now mature leadership days. The man will be an NBA legend! And, honestly, I have not seen a tougher, more focused basketball player since I’ve been an NBA fan! I love his game and he is in a class of his own. I hate comparing players to one another! He is right up there with Jordan, Magic, and Bird. He is a joy to watch on the floor with his competitiveness. I’m a Laker fan all the way. I don’t know if they will win a championship again this year. I respect the incredible competition in the league right now. But I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the Kobe-Pau Lakers, as I did the Shaq-Kobe Lakers. And I wish Phil Jackson the best if he exits after this year. He’s one of the most incredible coaches in professional sports history! Go Lakers!! And may the best team win!!!!

  32. Gary says:

    Props to Kobe for climbing the ladder. but to the fans saying he’s better because of this, please stop. Do you realize Carl Malone is above Jordan on the list? So even if Kobe is at the top it doesn’t make him any better than the previous leaders. Also he came in the league at 17 so please take that into account as well.

  33. BigCCTx says:

    Kobe all day Lakers will win this year and the next and the next and the next etc. etc. And he will have the scoring title and more rings so chimin in from san antonio go Kobe cant stand the spurs by the way LAKERS ALL DAY EVERYDAY already

  34. petrovic says:

    kobe Bryant, is a great player, threre´s no doubt about that, but is a step below other great legends, like Kareem, Erving, Bird, Jordan , Magic or Wilt.. Even, I think that the title of the best player of the decade should be gone to Tim Duncan, under my point of view, the best pure power forward ever…



  36. Logan says:

    Kobe Bryant is truly a great player, however it’s important that we all use his overall NBA career when trying to establish his place among the all time greats, not just 2001 on. Kobe Bryant has never been a particularly great shooter in comparison to a number of more comparable all time greats. 43-46% shooting in an era when defenses have softened and handchecking is no longer legal does not stand mano a mano with the likes of Jordan and Bird, who also played both inside and outside and perenially shot better than Kobe has even though defensive pressure was higher in their days. Kobe has undoubtedly achieved great success throughout his career, but due to skipping the college game he was forced to develop some of the skills he would’ve honed at the college level first- such as the tenacious defense, court vision to better utilize the talents of his teammates with timely passing, excellent jump shooting, improved clutch performance that we now see out of him on a regular basis. He worked hard to achieve the high level he is at, but these skills only became consistently apparent around the time the lakers captured their second championship(2001), four full seasons after Kobe entered the league. This part of his career counts as much as the two titles he has won without Shaq, there are consequences to Kobe’s overall NBA career legacy as a result of skipping the college game and being developmentally challenged to the NBA game in his earlier years. Jordan, Johnson, and Bird all came into the NBA game with a greater set of honed skills and it’s no surprise that because of this they all made immediate impacts in the NBA, while Kobe did not achieve this level of influence on his team and his league until his 4th or 5th season. That being said, over the last 10 years, he has been the best overall player in the game, and his consistency on both ends of the floor for a decade and counting puts him among the all-time greats. In terms of the championships, yes Kobe would have three less titles without having Shaq on his team, but it’s important to note that so would Shaq, just as Jordan would have six less rings without Scottie Pippen. Kobe’s contributions to the Laker three peat went from complimentary(2000) to standing alongside Shaq in ’01 and ’02. However, Sekou’s mentioning of ‘motivation for Kobe to get a sixth ring because Jordan has 6’ disturbs me. it implies a justified comparison of the 2 if Kobe were to win a 6th ring. One of the best ways to determine greatness is to ask: “How many times has a particular player been the best player without question on the best team when it mattered the most(ie NBA finals)? There is one man that can say he has been 6 times, Kobe can say that a third of the times. Just as it is foolish to not consider Kobe among the all time greats with Magic, Bird, etc. it is equally foolish to say he will have achieved Jordan-esque status with a sixth ring. Jordan was 6-0 in the finals with 6 MVPS. Not 5-2 with 2 MVPs. There is a critical difference there, and one that Kobe will not be able to overcome by his career’s end. Yes, Kobe should be mentioned among the all time greats, however an overall analysis of his play throughout his career(for example, notably inferior shooting percentages in comparison to some of his all-time greats that played a similar game while facing tougher defenses) is one of a few justifications to him being denied a top 2/3 position at this time. Which of course, could change as he adds to his legacy(ie more championships, more finals mvps, defensive first teams, improved shooting percentages, etc.) For now, all time, he is a top 5 as he has worked hard to achieve greatness in his sport and we all respect him for it. But let’s not get carried away. If he is a top 5, he’s number 5 on the list as of now.

  37. LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:





    • After25YearsOfWatching says:

      Having read some of your comments here, I wonder if you just hit puberty or if you’re simply frustrated in life. No need to be aggressive like in your comments.
      Ppl criticizing Kobe might be bball fans, too. Gotta respect that

    • Heat Fan says:

      Dude are you KIDDING ME? Please how OLD are you exactly? You talk about coming onto a Lakers blog and talkin smack about KB? PLEASE. YOU YOURSELF go on the Heat blogs ALL the time and talk smack about them, give it a rest, cause your really LAME.

  38. brandon says:

    Why anytime Kobe name is mentioned he has to be compared to someone. This article wasn’t comparing him to Jordan so how did that topic come up. Why do so many people hate this man. They will do hours of research(ex Henry Abbott)to discount and discredit all of his accomplishments. How can you discredit 81 points, five rings, 3 mvps, all-time NBA selections up the wazu. And how can anyone be dubbed the greatest. Too many eras, too many players. Bottom line if you don’t like him stop watching, stop blogging about him, put in a Jordan dvd and enjoy living in the past.

    • DJ3 says:

      exactly. nobody is the greatest. there are the greatest for their eras but not the greatest in history. i agree completely.




  39. petrovic says:

    The best player ever, was Kareem Abdul -Jabbar

  40. JJ says:

    The sheer amount of haters is a testimony to Kobe’s greatness. Kobe is one of the few old school players left in NBA. Friend or foe he’ll kill you on the court. All he cares about is winning, and personally thats great to watch. Mj was the same. The difference between MJ and Kobe is, MJ puts up a like-able persona to the media, which makes him very like-able and marketable to the public. Kobe is just real, he is how he is, and he doesn’t care if you like him or not. I personally prefer that.

    To me they are the 2 best players. You can’t compare them because they played in different times on different teams against different players. Why would you want to anyways. Just be thankful that we had the chance to watch two of the most amazing players play in our lifetime. Hopefully someone will be able to step up after Kobe’s time ends.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:




      • Heat Fan says:

        @LAKERS 2011 – 3PEAT

        The PUNK LBJ huh? Yeah, sure he is. How bout your boy KB when he went on a TIRADE in 06 after bein bounced by the suns, PUNKIN out his teammates and his whole team demanding trades or to get better, walkin away from the Suns not shakin hands? Huh? KB was such a PUNK COWARD when he did that.

        Kobe is as FAKE of a personality as you can get. He tries to walk, talk, act, celebrate and just BE MJ, in EVERYthing he does, and it makes him a JOKE in that regard to everyone whos not a Laker fan. When someone can’t even CELEBRATE themself and just let the emotions flow, and they have to think, “now ok this is how MJ celebrated when he won the title”, thats PITIFUL, and LAME. The man can ball, but please, your talking about his personality? LOL he doesnt even have his own which is pitiful.

        The real reason people hate Lebron is not his personality, but because every single scoring record and achievement that KB JUST got done getting, Lebron is RIGHT on his tail to REWRITE and be BETTER. Thats why. Kobe fans hate LBJ because when he retires he will go down as a much better basketball player than KB, bottom line.


        Lebron and D Wade have ALREADY stepped up.

  41. Alex says:

    Comparing Wilt’s 100 to Kobe’s 81, that;s just not right. 2 different eras.

    Its funny, the more Kobe wins, scores a lot, gets rings, the more haters he has.

    Theres a reason to why he’s having success at a high rate.


    The only Nba player that i know of that has received MVP chants in almost every other nba arena including the CELTICS.

    theres no denying the 3 peat this year and for all of you saying the lakers wont pass the spurs in the playoffs, go back to watching cricket, this aint your sport!!!!

    nba finals in last 10 years: 2000,2001,2002,2004,2008,2009,2010

    championships in last 10 years : 2000,2001,2002,2009,2010………2011!!!

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  44. SomeGuy says:

    Kobe is an amazing player. He dserves a spot in the b-ball mt. rushmore.

  45. 24legend says:

    Its all opinions at the end of the day but one fact is that kobe is great

  46. Carlos says:

    I may be repeating previous arguments, but all things considered, Kobe is already one of the Greats. Look at scoring, alright he has been in the league for quite some time, but so did Kareem and no one holds that against him. Jordan has 6 rings and Kobe has 5, while many argue that the first 3 came because of Shaq. While true, it it ain’t the whole truth. Jordan did nor win before he Pippen and Shaq would not have won without Kobe. Both dominated different aspects of the game. And both teams had great role players. Remember guys like Steve Kerr or Robert Horry? You always need a great team to win.
    His 81 points in a regular season game are the highest ever scored by a guard. Wilts 100 points are an amazing stat, but it’s like transporting Shaq back to the 70s and let him go off. No one, except Russel, was able to go against him physically. It was a different time and he was a unique athlete and the lack of the offensive goal tending rule certainly helped a little. Jordans 63 in a Playoff Game against a not so bad defensive team 😉 are still the playoff record(Correct me if I am wrong), but he had to carry more load then and did not win a championship as long as he was doing this much.

    Who is Greatest? I don’t know and I really don’t care. There is quite a list of player you could make an argument for. Magic, Jordan, Bird, Russel, Wilt, Robertson………but when Kobe’s career ends he will be a Hall of Famer and he will be on that list. And like it or not, he deserves to be on that list and be considered to be one of the best, who have played the game.

  47. Ex-KGB says:

    Just after reading Abbott’s article over on ESPN about how Kobe is terrible in the clutch, just a myth and a ball hog etc and then reading this is so reassuring. Nobody does it like Kobe. Lakers Vs Celtics on Sunday, MVP performance i suspect.

  48. Sean says:

    the funny thing is all u haterz that reprisent NUTHING are always searching for someone thats better than kobe well ur never gona find that person so just keep lying to urselfs but me im not a hater i think jordan is great but not better than kobe, jordan wouldnt be as good as kobe if he was playing this new era deff and off and against all these great players lebron is very very good too but kobes hunger and heart and motovation no player has that thats why his the greatest and when he retiers he should have his jersey hung in everywhere not just the staple center

  49. Sean says:

    this is for all u kobe haterz and evrybody that played basketball kobe bryant is the GREATESTTTTTTTTTT player to ever play the game of basketball #1 better than jordan or anyone else dont ever compair that bs 100 point game to the real tough nba now days basketball kobe scored 81 which will never happen again lebron dont even try maybe 60 on the best game of ur career, its the media and all these stupid haterz that under est and dont appriciat a player like kobe his not selfish or a ball hog if he was he’d be scoring 80+ every game haha

  50. MadSammyboy says:

    What most of you are failing to take into account- and I think this is a crucially important and totally relevant observation- is that Kobe Bryant is a huge joke.

  51. KBGREATEST says:

    Most of yall dont know that wilt chamberlain was 7 foot 1. In his 100 pt game, his teammates lobbed him the ball on every play and he literally barely jumped of the ground and threw it in. Why would you ever compare those two performances. Kobe is simply the greatest alive.

  52. vlad says:

    I couldn’t help notice that the only active players on the list are Shaq and Kobe. Just imagine if these two would have stayed together

  53. What's your ranking of Kobe? says:

    What rank would you guys give Kobe on the all-time career list? I’ve seen tons of people say top 5, but I’m not giving that to Kobe because of his long history of being inconsistent. Consistent greatness is one of the pillars of being a true legend in my opinion. But here are my ranks.
    1. MJ
    2. Kareem
    3. Magic
    4. Russell
    5. Bird
    6. Wilt
    7. Hakeem
    8. Oscar
    9. Tie between Kobe and Shaq.

    • Mike says:

      Hes number 4 for me behind Jordan Magic and Bird. If he wins a ring this year he will be 2 and if he wins nother one it will be a debate but will always be jus that…….a debate with most ppl over 25 siding with Jordan and siting his 5 mvps and 6 finals mvps and ppg and most siding with kobe using his what would then be 7 title and the fact that he had to defend better offensive perimeter players . Then there will those basketball savy fans who prefer a better team mate and leader like magic, bird or duncan over kobe or jordan. It will always be objective and there will never be a clear cut answe alothough I think jordan will always be the pop vote as he is on the mt rushmore of famous ahtletes with Babe ruth and ali, a place kobe or no othe nba player is

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:


      • MJ FOREVER says:

        @ Mike

        PLEASE. KB could get 8 rings and STILL not be close to MJ. KB needs 8 more scoring titles, 4 more MVPs, a Defensive Player of the Year award, TWO steals titles, and 4 more MVP’s to match MJ’s MAIN career achievements, not to mention all of his various scoring records. O and retire, TWICE, and STILL do it LMAO

  54. […] resztę artykułu: Give It Up For Kobe Bean Bryant « | Hang Time Blog Tags: a-shame-worse, all-without, batman, being-known, forever-as-robin, not-after, robin, […]

  55. Mike2323 says:

    And this how many season mvp has Kobe?? Even Lebron has more… so plz stop comparing Kobe to MJ! 🙂 Its only one Mj 😛

  56. playa4rings24 says:

    Kobe is one of the Best ever… Espn be hating on kobe coz he proves them wrong each year and espn analysts are a jokke, morans who got a job and don’t know basketball. Kobe = Greatness. Goin for 6th rings……hater choke yeaself after 6th rings and 3peat…..

  57. LakersWillWin says:

    Sekou off topic but how do you feel about this seasons officiating? I think the officials have done a great job this season letting players get away with stupid fouls. I’ve noticed that when they don’t call a foul on something they will do something like give the ball to the opposing team even if it went out on them. Ray Allen getting smacked in the face last night to where he was bleeding and no foul! I like this officiating so far. Ray didn’t even complain either!

  58. from europe says:

    yeah its the as likeble as Jordan was.But common not give him nhis due,because you don like him is ridiculuos..he he most selfish player of his generation? maybe..but also he is he biggest winner of his generation 5 rings nobody has more after Mj retired…You can hate as much as you like,stas and history will say he was the best 2000-2010…as Michale was 1988-1998…maybe as lebron will be…

  59. Mike2323 says:

    First off all…I am HUGE Jordan fan so i say this, Kobe is one of the greatest players. But man?? How can anybody say that Kobe is better then MJ? Please 6 ring 6 mvp finals, 63 points against one of the greatest teams in history ( In playoffs) and so on… dont get me wrong Kobe is great but still Mj is the greatest basketball player ever to play this game. Lebron? Nope. Wade? Nope. Durant? Nope. …

  60. bean says:

    In my opinion, greatness cannot truely be judged by statistics or titles, but by the influence you have on others. In basketball terms, the true greats changed the game. The likes of Wilt, Magic, Bird and MJ had a huge impact on the kids that were lucky enough to see them play.

    Put simply, there would be no Kobe without the above players. I’m not sure anyone could disagree.

    Kobe’s greatness, can only be messured when the next generation hold him as there idol. And for what ever reason, his popularity at this stage in his career is no where near as high as his peers.

    There are other players of his generation who will be remember for changing the game more than kobe. although I think he could except some of the credit for the attitude and arrogance that some of the players that have followed him have adopted.

    Of current players, my farourites at the moment and so those I would try to emulate are Jason Kidd, Tim Duncan, Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard.

    Kobe will undoubtedly be statistically one of the best of all time. But due to the person he is perceved to be, his populatrity and influence will be far less than players with lower numbers.

    You may think that this makes me a hater, but the fact that this is even up for discussion proves my point

  61. boy wasak says:


  62. wissem.azzabi says:

    1st place, KOBE BRYANT, YES YOU CAN

  63. kobe_alldaymang says:

    MJ and Kobe comparison

    jump shot = kobe
    high post = kobe
    low post = MJ
    3pt = kobe
    dribbling = kobe
    offensive moves = kobe
    defense = kobe
    fastbreaks = kobe
    pick/roll pop = MJ

    As i see it kobe has MJ beat in every category possible in the different positions of scoring besides the LOW POST and pick/roll pop…Kobe has the quickest first step in his prime, he would leave guys like rose and westbrook in the dust, look at the baseline dunks on all NBA 1st and 2nd Defensive team players like KG, bruce bowen, doug christie.

    MJ played in an era of hall of fame centers, MJ never EVER defended the other teams best player…The defensive stopper for the Bulls was PIPPEN and pippen alone… MJ always defended players with a career average of 4.6ppg, he basically roamed on defense. If u feel that I am wrong, please post a vid of jordan defending David robinson, hakeem, ewing, kemp,..etc MJ did defend magic a little bit, but that was a warn out on the down hill magic and besides they put pippen on magic 80% of the time.

    The lakers 3peat with shaq, Kobe was the defensive stopper for the lakers… ALL of kobe’s career he has been the defensive stopper to defend the other teams best player, up until he finally got a break as lakers picked up trevor ariza and ron artest….

    You kobe haters give MJ too much credit where he doesnt deserve. I will admit MJ is a smarter player. But kobe bryant reinvented the NBA, the amount of moves this man has is clearly UNMATCHED in the history of the nba. Hesitation dribbles on the dime, crossovers, quickest first step, post up..etc U NAME IT HES GOT IT….i mean have u ever read this book called…

    –the book of basketball skills— author : Kobe Bryant

    • Mike says:

      Are you kidding jordan won defensive player of the year as a guard and was a ruthless shot blocker. I would love to know how you came to the factual conclusion of who has a better jump shot and offfensive moves which in my opinion jordan destroys kobe in, even at age 40 he could score with a craftiness like no others. All of kobes moves that he “reinvented the nba with were jordans”. Wanna talk about dunking on garnett look up the video in the all start game where jordan does it at age 40. People dnt give Jordan too much credit he really was that good. Also when was the las time kobe had a game winner in the finals. For you to just absurdely make up facts is a joke. You prob started watching bball in 2000. Ignorant ppl like yourselves are the reason ppl hate kobe.

    • MJ FOREVER says:

      Dude your so young and immature your comment really doesn’t deserve a reply, and your really prolly just a troll. But every move that KB got he got from MJ there idiot LOL. Your whole comment was MADE up stuff because you NEVER in your life seen MJ play in his prime. You get NO respect from ANYone in here, thats forsure.. Go get your helmet and crayons because you need to get on the shortbus.

      –the book of basketball skills— author : Michael Jordan

      GOAT = MJ

  64. After25YearsOfWatching says:

    Kobe Bryant deserves minus 4 rings:
    2001: Finals Matchup: Lakers vs. Iverson. 5 against 1. That was a joke.
    2002: Sacramento got robbed in game 5. They are the deserving champs. Finals against the Nets was a joke.
    2009: Orlando played like a no. 8 seed and surely wouldn’t have reached the finals if Celts had KG
    2010: Perkins factor decisive. Game 7 wouldn’t have been close, if Celts had rebounded better, i.e. if they had Perkins.

    I wasn’t always a KB hater. I loved his style in his rookie year. Loved the Lakers with Van Exel, Jones, Shaq, Horry. Love Phil. But things changed as I realized the 24/7-fake mode of Kobe. His way of talking and behaviour are 0% authentic and only kids or blind Kobe lovers hang on his lips.

    As a player I’d rate him top10 of all time. But any comparison to MJ can only be made by those who didn’t follow the MJ era

  65. steve says:

    What is the point of this article Sekou? Even though I’m a Celtic fan i still acknowledge Kobe will go down as a Hall of Famer and all-time great or whatever, but is this hang time blog really necessary. Only a Kobe ****rider would even think of writing this. I’m sure you couldn’t think of anything else to write to make up your “hang-time blog quota” so you said “why don’t I just write about my favorite player, Kobe Bryant?” And of course will put it on its homepage because we all know how biased it is towards the Lakers. It might as well be the Lakers official site. LOL. Anyways I just had to input my rant on this comment section, or should I say breeding ground for laker fans. Just read the names and comments people.

  66. mike m says:


  67. mike m says:


  68. Sid Wallker says:

    Obviously this is a great accomplishment, however I’m more impressed in the next one Kobe will reach. Going into tonights game vs, the Kings, Kobe is only 13 assist short of becoming only the 7th NBA player in history to record 25,000+ pts, 5,000+ rebs, & 5,000+ ast. Joining this exclusive group of HOF’s: Kareem, K. Malone, MJ, Oscar, Havlichek, & West. That’s it.

    This shows Kobe is a lot more than just a scorer

  69. heh8meN1 says:

    From riding the pine to being ENSHRINED. The Mamba is:


  70. Saul Vang says:

    Beautifully written article. Thank you Sedu Smith!

  71. Manu says:


    can u honestly look me str8 in the face and say kobe is better than any of those guys? lmfao he’ll never be top 5 ever

  72. Manu says:


    can u honestly look me str8 in the face and say kobe is better than any of those guys? lmfao he’ll never be top 5 ever

  73. Greg says:

    Here’s the math. Kobe has about 4-5 25+ point game years. then he’ll slow down to say 15-20 for like 2-4 years. I’ll just make that 17.5, right in between.

    4×82=328 games.
    328×25=8200 points for his “good” years.
    3×82=246 games.
    246×17.5=4,305 points for his “bad” years.
    12,505 points in total.
    add that to his current points.
    26,934+12,505=39,439 points. now this is not counting playoff’s, injuries, and his bad years could be worse. but since he’s gonna make the playoffs A LOT, well, let’s just say that things will even out.

    • CelticsFan says:

      Points aren’t everything. Bill Russell has like 14000 – 15000 total. Kareem Abdul Jabbar is number 1 on the all time scoring list, but I think that Michael Jordan was better than Kareem. Kobe is great, and I respect him as a superstar player even though im a big fan of the Cs, but even though he were to top the scoring list, that doesnt make him the best player ever. Dont rank players based on points and rings, Charles Barkeley doesn’t have a ring, I would say hes still one of the best power forwards ever to play the game!!

  74. fvg says:

    im just to happy for him and i think a talk for evryone out there when i say………GO KOBE GO AND DONT STOP WE BELIEVE IN YOU YOU CAN AND WILL DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. lewl says:

    Hi nikki, did you get lost? get back to the kitchen. nobody cares about your opinion.

  76. fvg says:

    thats write git it up kobe is the best the best the best iv benn a fan of kobe since he was a high schooler and (i dont know him )but it makes me proud to hear such thing cuase ive done the good decicion be a infinite%fan of kobe bean bryant

  77. Sean says:

    To all those Kobe haters. Roses are red, violets are blue I have 5 fingers and the middle one is for u 😉

  78. Chike Verwey says:

    Give it up for a another guy who works hard and got ridiculous skills. Thats KB. However don’t dare compare an ALL Round set of athletes like MJ1(Michael) or MJ2(Magic) and put KB in that list. Seriously Sekou!!!! I respect KB for his skills no doubt but as a PLAYER he is a glorified ball hogger chasing fame and in his timeline it will never be achieved and that YOU CAN TAKE TO THE BANK. Oh and Phil should have listened to the Ole Kenny Rogers adage from The Gambler and quit when he got that last ring because it ain’t gonna be forthcoming this time and he gonna go out with a loss to end his brilliant Career

  79. billybueno says:

    OK…some devoted Boston Celtics fans like myself may hate ME for writing this but Kobe is a legend.
    He has proven it over and over again and as much as we want to take the title back any way possible it is always sweeter
    to win it against Kobe and the Lakers. This is the classic sports match up. We always remember the
    players who beat us or challenges us to be better more than the ones who we beat with ease. He motivates
    other players to be better and that is a legend…like Larry Bird….sorry I had to throw that in there!

  80. Litebrwneyes says:

    Wilt, was 7 feet or over. Kobe is 6/6, Has anyone else in the NBA under 7 foot ever scared 81 points in one game. I think not. He should have had at least 3 or 4 MVP’s my now. One of Shaq’s belong to Kobe and one of Lebron should have been Kobe’s also. Like it or not he is the man. Has been for some time now. Stop haten, you will sleep better at night. LOL Love me some Kobe. OKC in the house

  81. the black mamba says:

    kobe is after jordan the best player of all time

    reasons: apart from their number and impossible moves, has 5 champion titles

  82. JAWAR JHON says:

    Is the best player of this time, and health may break many records.

  83. Reggie says:

    Question mark get you fats straight you said Kobe’s 81 point was a one time thing and Jordan has scored 60 a billion times, try 5 times and 3 of those 5 he needed OT to do it. Kobe also has 5 60 point games and he has yet to need overtime and one of them he scored 62 in 3 quarters get off his nuts

  84. noyb says:

    What a load of Bravo Sierra. Kobe it not only NOT playing his best, he’s been punked more times this year than since his rookie year. Have you seen how many times he’s turned the ball over, been stripped, or just plain given up the ball due to too many flashy dribbles? Stick a fork in him, he’s done. He won’t win another championship. EVER.

  85. Brian says:

    What a thoughtless piece of populism.

  86. the future teller says:

    kobe sucks coco puffs

  87. kobe is better than lebron and lebron will never reach kobe. kobe is gonna finish his career as the best or second best player of all time

  88. bob says:

    yeah lakers are the best kobe is such a beast.

  89. LAKERS says:

    Lakers are the best so you can suck it
    and they will win another year

  90. Dutchie32 says:

    I thought this was a great article I loved it. I see Kobe more at the 5-7 spot all time but once you get out the top 3 or 4 it’s a lot based on opinion. Mj and Kareem are top 2, after that it’s anyone’s debate. Oh and Trix…the NBA have always had 12 minute quarters so I don’t know what you’re talking about…But here’s my top 10


  91. AGRESSIVE says:

    Lebron gives 100 hundred percent both sides of the court, Kobe, One side of the court, Lebron has 35 triple doubles in only 7 years, Kobe bryant only has 17 triple doubles in over 13 years, Come on Sekou DO the math man

    • TINGYMAN says:

      yet another person that cant even have respect for one of the best players of the game. Honor kobe for his accomplishments and stop trying to downplay his gift

  92. gifted says:

    beautiful article… thank you

  93. AGRESSIVE says:

    I still dont like em, even with all the sucess, I STILL DONT LIKE KOBE BRYANT!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. jon says:

    Kobes 81 is impressive, but not as impressive as jordans 63 point performance against the boston celtics, one of the best teams of all time. And his 69 point game against the cavs was better. Both of those teams where better then the lack luster joke of a team the raptors were back then. Kobe is amazing, but to those of you saying hes the best ever, get real.

    Kobe has just about played as many games as jordan did in his career now, Jordan beats him in every category.

    Also, to those of you who don’t know anything about Wilt Chamberlain. Look up “wilt chamberlain jumping” on google images. The guy was a freakin monster, now Im not saying he would be putting up 50 points per game, but in his prime, hed easily be the best center in the league right now with an AMAZING defense, and an amazing low post offense. He tossed around guys that were 275 like rag dolls, had CRAZY hops for someone his size(look up the pictures)

    How do I know he would dominate todays game? Cuz when he was old, and not nearly what he was, he matched up with kareem when he was young. Kareem went on and did good in the 80s, possibly the best years for centers. So, if you look at it like that, wilt would be amazing today. NOT AS STAT CRAZY, but by far the best in the league right now.

    (not a kobe hater, hes one of my favorite all time players, I just hate it when people say hes better then Jordan, or when people simply dismiss what wilt chamberlian did. The guy was the most dominant force the NBA has ever seen, and he WOULD do GREAT now. Give the man some props you morons.

    • After25YearsOfWatching says:

      Finally sb. who knows a little history

    • eightbitme says:

      The game where he scored 63, it took overtime, and the Bulls loss.

    • MJ FOREVER says:

      Kobes 81 was by FAR NOT the greatest individual performance EVER on an NBA court. Kobes game doesn’t even come close to MJ’s 69 point, 18 rebound, 6 assist, 4 steals, and 2 blocks against a top 5 ranked defense of the Cavaliers in 1990 (when handchecking and brutal fouling was OK). That is FAR MORE IMPRESSIVE than an 81 point, 6 rebound, 2 assist, 3 steal, and 1 block against a 14-27 Raptors team ranked bottom 3 in defense with a well past his prime with bad knees Jalen Rose as the main defender in 2006 (when NO handchecking is allowed and touchfouls are called on a REGULAR basis).

      To say otherwise is just the talk of a Kobe homer, and thats it. Any TRUE basketball fan would know whats up. MJ was straight BALLIN. Expendin MAD energy for all of those rebounds assists, steals and blocks. Kobe made some jumpers LOL. So someone who made JUST 6 less 2 pointers than another player, BUT grabbed ***12*** MORE rebounds, *4* MORE assists, *1* MORE steal, and *1* MORE block is not more impressive? HAHA. YEAH, right. Even if MJ did it against the very same Raptor team the next night, it STILL would’ve been MORE impressive, LET ALONE the fact that the Cavs had a VAUNTED defense, and the Raptors had NOTHING on D.

      I GUARANTEE you that if if there was a pick up game of professional basketball players going on that MJ and KB had crashed, and none of the pro players had EVER heard of them, but had to pick one AND they were given these two guys statlines from just the night before, that they would go for MJ’s EVERY time. They would want the guy actually BALLIN, that showed crazy mad energy like MJ did. Someone who gets it done IN EVERY WAY like MJ did, not just 1 dimensional like KB. Most average fans have felt the same way as multiple polls that have compared these 2 on the internet have had MJ leading comfortably.

      Kobes was best ever performance in history? No not quite, a true fan will take the above game mentioned of MJ’s, also his 63 in Boston against what most analysts call easily the top 3 teams of all time offense AND defense, and also Elgin Baylors 71 points against the Knicks, over Kobes 81 ANY day.

  95. Nikki Nicole says:

    why is everybody including the NBA stuffing our faces with Kobe…he is an aroggant punk ….who i will admit.. is one of the top players in the league…but seriously there is no way i would ever buy a kobe jersey for my son! He is no role model…so if i see his face on something…i wont buy it…let him play basketball.. its what he does best….and keep him off the damn ads…..

    • CLM says:

      Nikki – so what does it say about you when you call someone you don’t know an arrogant jerk? I guess since you call him names, we should think that you’re nice, quiet and sweet – right? Look, it’s Basketball, not a popularity contest.

      • Nikki nicole says:

        The moment he exceptd ads from Nike etc…he put himself out there to b a role model and b judged …u dnt see me on commercials and I dnt have an impact on our youth… So let’s just a agree that he is a good player on the court but definitely not

  96. heat says:

    2011 nba champions here we go..Go WADE,BOSH,LEBRON. .(we will smash you)

  97. Fido says:

    Please write something worthwhile – your articles are so over-the-top. In December it was an article about how the Heat might break the longest winning streak in the NBA (33). Now it’s about Kobe chasing 9 rings. Next week I predict an article about how Blake Griffin will earn at least 5 MVP awards.

  98. TJ says:

    Jordan had 15 seasons and scored 32,292 points throughout his decorated career with 6 rings. This year would have been Kobe’s 15th season raking 26,934 points with 5 rings. Very close but I don’t think he’d beat Jordan’s record. Kobe is sure one of the greats. Kobe’s competitiveness, moves and tricks are like Jordan’s but I’m surprised he never mentioned Jordan as one of his idols. The kid is ambitious, very good at what he does but you can’t blame some people for not liking him. He’s got attitude and that sets him apart from Jordan. But at the end of the day, hate him or like him, Kobe did not disappoint himself.

  99. Mike says:

    I think at the end of the day as much as no body wants to admit it charisma and likeability (yes thats a made up word) have alot more to do with it then people want to admit. Had kobe been a soft spoken team first kinda guy who was never accussed of rape I think ppl would not hate on him as much. I mean how could you not like some one as vibrant and friendly as magic johnson or as bad ass and rugged as larry bird or as charasmatic and confident as Michael Jordan. Kobe never possesed any of these like able personaility traits and for most of his career appeered to be a smug arrogant prick. Aside from that, people tend to latch on to players with innovative and unique styles nobody will ever have a game similar to bird or magic. And although he is often duplicated nobody will ever quite have the same style as mj. Kobe never really had an original style. Don’t get me wrong the man has earned his rank in the top 10 and will prob be top 5 when its all said and done but I think the reason people hate so much is bc quite frankly unless your a laker fan he is just not a very like able charasmatic guy . Its not fair but thats the way our society has always been.

    • After25YearsOfWatching says:

      Fully agree with you except for 2 points:
      – Kobe has no real authentic personality. He fakes one (from his rookie days till today) and his ability in faking has gotten better over his career, so ppl don’t expose this as easy as earlier in his career.
      – I don’t like him, but not because of the adultery case. Instead, every interview shows how fake he is and although I believe he’s has top5 talent, I don’t like how the media and Kobe fans hype him into GOAT discussions.

  100. Jeff says:

    it’s just a game, if there was as much excitement about Jesus the world would be a better place, we got it all backwards, the sport world is an illusion created to keep you preoccupied while your spirit slowly dies. God bless all who read this and understand, if it causes you distress it’s only the negative energies grip.

  101. LIKE I CARE says:


  102. tRay says:

    I like Kobe a lot he’s been my fav player since I was a kid. One thing I don’t understand is why someone is always labeled a HATER just because they may not d*ck ride him like most do. Grant you he has many accomplishments and is ONE of the greatest. I hate when people say he is better than Jordan though because if you look at individual awards Jordan has hiim beat badly. But big ups to Kobe hope he gets #6.

  103. Gwen says:

    The best article ever written and so, so true to details. I love when the truth is written. Thank you for your comments.
    Kobe is the best and hardest working player in the NBA TODAY, PERIOD. No one in the NBA has the desire for the game like him. Most young players today just want to show-boat and make a name for themself.

    Kobe is constantly working on his game even when people say he is too old to play yet, he some how prove them wrong year after year. He is just keep getting better and better. He takes on any challenges and at the end of the year he is sporting a CHAMPIONSHIP RING!!

  104. tatan says:

    @ Sheed.I totally agree with you, Kobe is great player but has scored well in the NBA because I get younger.

  105. Anthony says:

    Kobe is the best of our time. Plain and simple.

  106. Spurs! says:

    The lakers wont see championship this year, they wont even be the conference champs, I see the Spurs beat them down and bad!

  107. Sunday! says:

    The Celts are gonna hand Kobe’s to Jackson!

  108. Not a Kobe Fan! says:

    @Not a Hater!…I like what you said…I cannot agree more…I’m not a Kobe fan,,,but I respect the man for his game, his accomplishments, but I doubt if you can call some one “a hater” if he/she doesn’t….MJ I still think, is far ahead of Kobe, we’d have to understand that every Gen has its own superstar and some times there’s place for more, so just ‘cos Kobe is a superstar, does not mean every one has to like him. I’m not a Kobe fan, never will be,,,but again I do not deny his accomplishments…as much as I accept he’s a superstar, being a fan of another franchise, I hope they don’t even make it to the championship…I see Spurs beat the hell outta Lakers this year!

  109. mrwatson says:

    man that was 1 heck of and article and yes kobe will get 7 title forsure and him and phil have had a long relationship feeld with trials and tribulations but they far as him catchin mj i think he has especially in skillset hes the new

  110. Davide says:

    Well, scoring total isn’t everything, Karl Malone is 2nd in the overall scoring list, really an excellent player, but very few rank him in the best 10 all time.
    Also the numbers of titles won isn’t everything, otherwise Robert Horry (7), good clutch player that was in the right team at the right time, would be better than MJ and Karl Malone, in this case, would mean nothing, which is by far more false than saying he is the 2nd best player all time.

  111. Josh says:

    Micheal Jordan @ 32 yrs old = 3 rings / 21,998 pts

    Kobe Bryant @ 32 yrs old = 5 rings, maybe 6 / 26,934 to 28,000 pts

    • sean says:

      Kobe Bryant @ 32 years old= 25 ppg

      Micheal Jordan @ 32 years old = 35 ppg

      did you know that one josh?

      • Josh says:

        Its a fact, I didn’t mean to hurt your little feelings! Kobe also started at a younger age in which those first couple of years bring his avg’s down. Not to say they would ever be as high as Jordan’s though, but it was also a different game then. Fact is that Kobe could potentially win several more rings than Jordan and have as many Finals MVP’s and people like you still wouldn’t give him any credit for what he has achieved. I never said Kobe was better than Jordan, I just think that those are interesting stats!

    • vor says:

      robert horry has 7 and derek fisher also has 5

      finals of the mvp is what counts

  112. kobe says:

    Kobe is a beast.

  113. lakerslane says:

    Its’ funny how as I read through all the comments, you have haters and you have true fans. For the true fans, more power to you. For the haters, you hate him so much that you actually know a lot of facts and even know more about Kobe than the true fans. With that note, as a Laker fan and of course kobe fan, I’m glad that you have haters, you continue to prove that he’s the man to beat and in some form know that there’s a possibility that HE is the Best!

  114. legendary24 says:

    Seiku you’re the just read my mind.

  115. Damonaise says:

    @ Kobe. You do rule. From one Angelino to another, THANKS for taking the torch in the modern nba era and keeping Showtime alive. We’ve watched you grow and mature into one of the greatest the league has ever seen. Are you better than this guy or the next?…such idiocy. True B-Ball fans know what you’ve contributed to the game and it is incomparable. It’s unique greatness, modeled after the great ones before you. Props my brotha!

  116. vor says:

    well, jordans got 6x finals mvp

    kobe has a ways to go yet

  117. lakerslane says:

    Its’ funny how as I read through all the comments, you have haters and you have true fans. For the true fans, more power to you. For the haters, you hate him so much that you actually know a lot of facts and even know more about Kobe than the true fa

  118. lakerfan724 says:

    haters gonna hate but you gotta love kobe!

  119. sean says:

    @ daniel i was talking about the nba FINAL game which is game 7, not game 6
    so so much for proving me wrong only to find about your not talking about the right situation

  120. Jack Wood says:

    For the ppl that say they don’t like Kobe’s attitude off the court I can’t argue with you that’s your choice, but reality is I’m not here to judge the man’s character, I’m here to watch him display his skills on the court…plain and simple that’s all I care about. Now if you want to talk about how someone carries themselves off the court, let’s talk about Jordan. I think everyone has realized especially after that HOF roast (to the crowd and his old arch enemies) Jordan is a real douche who despite his success clearly showed how bitter he was and still is and how he can still not except even the mere mention that someone can be better than him, but again…who am I to judeg character. Deuces!!!!!

  121. KB24 says:

    Kobe Bryant 24

    Definitely one of the most greatest player that entered the league.
    The Best in this Era and better than anyone in this league.

  122. miguel says:

    If you think about it all the players ahead of kobe on the top scorers list are all from a totally different time,only one is still playing and he has 6 years on him.Which goes to show its much harder to get those type of numbers nowadays and no one wil ever enter the top 3 again.And not to knock the guy cause i like him but like look at all the hype about how great lebron is and hes 26 he hasnt reached anywhere close to what kobe had by that age kobe had 3 titles shaq or no shaq.shaq couldnt have done without him and visa versa. if kobe has at least another 4 years in him hell most definitely be in the top 5 scorers of all time and he will always be spoken about perhaps not as the greatest to ever play but definitely amongst them.

  123. DC says:

    Haters will be haters but all you haters wish Kobe was on your team. Dont deny him! Kobe has more rings than the greatest power forward of all time Tim Duncan, more than Shaq, more than the great Larry Bird and the same as the great Magic Johnson. I would rank Jordan ahead of Kobe right now but once Kobe’s career is over Kobe will be the greatest. Kobe already has a better SKILL SET than Jordan i.e. better 3-point shooter, better mid-range shooter, better ball handler

    • Nikki Nicole says:

      really?? then… that would mean that Horry is better… if ur theory is correct

    • Mike says:

      really? Better mid range shooter thats funny I’m pretty sure MJ shot almost 50 % from the field for his career. So just please if you would’nt mind explaining to me how exactly he is a better mid range shooter. Bottom line is if my life was on the line and I had to put the ball in the hands of any player im going with the guy who has multiple game winners in the nba finals. If stating the truth makes me a hater then I am proud to be the biggest hater here. Come up with some factual reasons

    • Ryan says:

      Man you must be crazy for thinking Kobe has a better skill set than Jordan… That’s straight up crazy talk!

  124. cha says:

    kobe without lakers and phil jackson equals never would of happen.
    you want to put a man who whine against other star teammate on the NBA greatest list? the top five great basketball players? you can only put him there, because he’s got the numbers. And if points and numbers are like currency with inflation and deflation, you’ll see that kobe can only be great in this generation. He faced less adversities and whined more than most of his predecessor you mentioned. I won’t say there’s no greatness in Kobe, but definitely not top five.

    • NYKnicksAmare! says:

      mj had phil j also

      • cha says:

        when phil jackson was coaching bulls, he had lot less experience. I believe the growth in MJ and phil were mutual. If phil never had MJ as a player, he probably not where he is today.

        the biggest difference btw Kobe and all the other greats is leadership through the career. Most of the greats show the leadership quality throughout their career. Kobe did not. From that perspective Lebron is much better in every single way.
        Yes, Lebron made a fool of himself making the “decision” but look at the true cleveland character without Lebron. they went from number one in the conference to last one in the league. When kobe first landed in Laker they were no way near, then came shaq, the most powerful center in his prime, and phil jackson. all i am saying is this – Kobe as an individual player is not larger than life. never was. The load on his shoulder vs other greats is smaller.

  125. Armin Halvadzic says:

    Kobe in my eyes is big as any other hall of famer.Jordan,Oscar,Magic…whoever.
    Kobe is up there and no one can’t take that away from him.
    He’s that special.He had so many obstacles and every thime he was able to ga pass by it.
    His every era is a good era.

  126. Old School says:

    You’re all missing the point of the core of haterism. We don’t dislike Kobe because of his talents, accolades, or ability. Its because we’re sick and tired of him being compared to the greatness of his airness(michael jeffrey jordan). His career stats don’t compare to MJ’s and, although he has won 5 rings, lets not forget that he played second fiddle for the 1st 3 rings. Even if he wins six rings Jordan has 6 MVP finals. And that “impressive” scoring list that he’s supposedly passing is because he had a “4 YEAR HEAD START” as he didn’t play college ball. As a matter of fact, his all-time scoring numbers are even more blown up in that Jordan retired for 1 and a 1/2 seasons and still is a little more than 5,000 points ahead.

    It will always be Kobe’s character(although he’s matured a bit in the past 3 years) that’s called into question over the length of his career.He’ll always be suspect because unlike Mr. Lebron James’ “decision” I’d place a suspected rapist or, at the very least, cheating on your fine-a#* wife with trailer park trash as being more tarnishing than any “decision” that could be made. So all of you need to stop looking for hater’s remorse cause we ain’t buying what you’re selling.

    • CLM says:

      @Old School: your argument is “factually” incorrect, but I’m certain you won’t let facts get in your way… 1st off – what 4 year head start are you talking about? (You do know that Jordan only played 3 years @ UNC right?) Furthermore, you do realize that they have played approximately the same # of games (MJ – 1072, KB – 1067), so there is no headstart and do you realize that in those 5 games that Jordan took more than 4000 more shots than Kobe right? (MJ – 24537, KB – 20607) – that’s more than 2 plus full seasons of FGA yet he has only scored 5200 more points. That’s right, in 5 more games, Jordan took 4000 more shots – now who’s the ballhog now??? And for all of you who love to talk FG%, (MJ – 49.7%, KB – 46%) you do know that is a difference of less than 1 FGM/game on 20 FGA/game – right??? (MJ – 22.9, KB – 19.3) Look, I could go on, but this is flat out ridiculous, I’ve been an NBA fan since 1969 and I’ve seen most of the greats over that time (on TV and in person and I played college ball, too), like Sekou said, it is time to give KB24 his due respect – period, end of story. MJ may be the GOAT, but stop PRETENDING that Kobe doesn’t belong in his class just b/c you dislike him or his mannerisms or anything else about him except what he does on the court! If you are a true BB fan, you should simply be thankful, we have gotten a chance to see 2 of the best ever up close and personal! Now do the right thing and give the MAn his due!!!

  127. Sam says:

    It’s pretty ridiculous that people keep claiming Kobe isn’t as good because he rode on Shaq’s back for the first 3, and because when Shaq left he couldn’t take the Lakers deep into the playoffs.

    For the first point, Shaq is one of the greatest and most dominant Centres the NBA has ever seen, and he was in his prime when with the Lakers during that three-peat, barely any player to have played the game would have been the main man coming into a team with Shaq at his best.

    Secondly, once that first 3-peat era was over, did you see the players that were on the team? For all people say Lebron’s team in Cleveland was weak, that mid 00’s Laker team was garbage. I mean come on, Smush, Kwame and Walton being starters? During that time LA may aswell have put me out there. No one wins by themselves, even the greatest need help.

    Lastly, of course Kobe is not perfect, he does take a lot of shots, he has been a selfish player, and no he’s not as good as Jordan was, but he’s still one of the all time greats.

    As for the Kobe 81 vs Wilt 100. For me Kobe’s is better, first of all it’s much harder for a guard to do than for a big as they play further out, and before anyone brings up the 3 point argument, Kobe only gained 7 extra points from that. Secondly, The last quarter of Wilt’s 100 game was a complete farce, the last quarter was just the two teams fouling each other trying to get the ball into/keep the ball out of Wilt’s hands.

    • sean says:

      i am just curious as to how you figure kobe only gained 7 points extra from 12 3 pointers. Kobe broke the NBA record that day and still holds it with donyell marshell. 12 3 pointers is 36 points and if your counting the fact that the baskets are only 1 point more, than in fact it would 12 points more, not 7. just curious to how you came up with that number

  128. fırat says:

    at the end of season kobe will average 20 points he should be retired after this year

  129. LAKERS! says:


    • DJ3 says:

      who beat the lakers on christmas? HEAT!!! kobe said all the other teams need the win more crap because he wanted to cover up his bad playing!!!! shut up and prepare for battle

  130. Mike says:

    MJ > Kobe forever in terms of season vs season.
    It will be interesting to compare Careers in the end though.

    Would you rather make 2 million a year for 10 years, or make 1.5 million a year for 15?
    Would you rather have 13 A+++ seasons or 20 A+ ones.

    This debate is Isiah vs Stockton 2.0. Anyone alive during the 80’s/90’s know Isiah > Stockton. But Stockton’s career was so much longer at a high, though not championship high, level that the debate is tight.

  131. lol says:


  132. alex says:

    man, the thought of kobe winning more titles than jordan is scaring the light out of me. he just seems unstoppable…

  133. smith says:

    Kobe kobe kobe kobe kobe kobe kobe !

  134. Imad Akel says:

    He’s not one of the 5 greatest players in NBA history.
    Listen, i’ll give you this much: he is DEFINITELY one of the 3 best shooting guards in history.
    He’s just not the best all around player i’ve ever seen.
    Him winning those rings, we might as well make a case for robert horry being better than kevin garnett then…Lol

    Come on some things are just circumstantial you have to admit him “chasing those rings”. Everyone chases those rings. You think kobe does it harder than every1 else? I call BS sir.

    Kobe Bryant is just lucky he’s with a franchise that builds winning teams, PERIOD. He had shaq, then he had gasol, and he’s always had fisher who does really well come playoff time compared to other point guards who were expected to do better (cassel with wolves back in the day…sadness…)

    Kobe just scores. Alot of players can score. Him moving up that list will have more to do with how many years he’s been in the NBA than anything else. Not trying to jinx the fella, but he’s lucky coz he never got bdaly injured. Grant hill, tracy mcgrady, and let’s not forget magic johnson, are all players who lost “it” or had to quit the game because of injury\disease.

    Kobe’s great, but he’s not top 5 great….
    Michael jordan, Kareem abdul jabbar, Karl Malone, Wilt chamerlin and magic johnson.

    The only reason i left out Shaq is coz as far as great centers go he is 3rd and even tho they brought home the most stats im not going to put 3 centers in the all time top 5 list (its not really fair in terms of what shorter players’ limits were)

    • K says:

      @ Imad Akel …
      Your comment is the greatest crap i’ve read on this. You’re just a big time Hater.
      Your words “Kobe Bryant is just lucky he’s with a franchise that builds winning teams, PERIOD.”….. what a load of crap. And in the same comment you mention Magic Johnson as one of the all time. Last time I checked, Magic played for the same franchise as Kobe is playing right now and Magic had HOF players around him.
      And all this Kobe had Shaq and then Gasol excuses is just getting too old and stupid. It could equally be Shaq had Kobe .. just same way he had Dwayne Wade before he could win any other title. Magic had Kareem.. Jordan had Pippen, Tim Duncan had Robinson then later Tony Parker and Ginobli….. Paul Pierce had nothing till they shipped KG and Ray Allen to town. Even Karl Malone whom you put as one of your top 5 all time had Stockton who is a HOF and one of the best PGs ever couldn’t even win a ring.

      Give the Black Mamba his props. The man is great.

      • Imad Akel says:

        @K hey man i gave him top 3 Shooting guards of all time didnt I?

        I voided the argument for rings having to do with being one of the greatest players. I never said Shaq didnt have kobe. and im not even saying shaq > kobe (although stat wise, shaq at his prime was more useful for a team then kobe at his prime. This is always the case for athletic big men.)

        Im just saying you dont pick top 5 by number of rings other wise Bill Russel would be number 1 (and the truth is simply the game wasnt very developped back then)

        Then i voided the argument for most points. Because its easy to score every year there are alot of scorers. Making that list just means you were lucky enough to play that youthfully for that long. All time points is more of a measure of how long you were able to stay healthy. Not how awesome a player you were, and not how much you stood out.

        Kobe bryant doesnt stand out today. There’s always been his likes. Tmac back in the day, lebron today, wade today, kevin durant, paul pierce back in the day, he just doesnt stand out.

        I pick that top 5 because IT IS JUST LOGICAL to pick players from different positions. These players CHANGED THE GAME. The other players did NOT!

        Tim Duncan and Kevin garnett are the equivelant of Karl Malone except for one thing, they are the spitting image of HIM, not the other way around.

        Kobe Bryant could score more than jordan, he could score even better than jordan, but his playing style was inspired by Jordan not the other way around. And Kobe isnt the only Jordan like athlete out there. Like I said, Lebron, Wade, Tmac, there are many who could do what Kobe does, and what Jordan did….but Jordan DID IT FIRST. Jordan CHANGED THE GAME.

        Magic johnson also CHANGED THE GAME. His point guard play style was not classical. And magic johnson was an inspiration to basketball. He was unique in his charisma and his game. People cried when they heard the news of him having AIDS.

        LOGICALLY you have to put a point guard up there because if you judge by specific criteria only, then only the players of ONE position will be up there.

        My criteria is like i said CHANGING THE GAME.

        So again i say:
        MJ –>Inspiration to shooting guards of today
        Wilt Chamberlin: hardest player ever to pwn STAT sheets–>Makes others want to pwn stat sheets
        Kareem Abdul Jabbar –> sky hook, actually there’s still no1 who pwned as easily as he did with that.
        Magic –>Inspired insane popularity. He was truly loved. And he was a great player. Insipires point guards today.
        Malone–>Inspired hard working power forwards who kind of do it all. Tim Duncan is just a monkey-face rendition of this dude.


        I’m telling you, he’s one of the greatest. If it makes you feel better, i’ll say second greatest shooting guard instead of top 3. But not top 5 greatest players of all time…

  135. dt says:



  136. spdaboy says:

    Sorry, I meant to say Shaq would not have one WITHOUT Kobe

  137. 3Peat,17,6 says:

    finally u post something about the greatest basketball player in the world!!!!….nice article very nice article….respond to those haters…they always got something to say some excuse but i mean how can u not admire this guy? have u not seen him play? he is the greatest seriously without a doubt…stop makin excuses haters and recognize greatness when u see it…he might not be jordan although i would argue that he is greater then magic (being a laker fan) but he is the next best thing!!!….so 4 u protectin jordan i would have 2 agree wit everythin u say history speaks 4 itself but just defend that he is better then kobe but don’t hate on kobe…..the classic thing always mentioned in last yr’s game 7 performance…what about jordan game 6 against the suns?…what about other playoff battles like against the knicks….jordan the great also struggled….and i would rather not argue wit laker fans being one myself but don’t respond 2 my magic statement…magic had kareem worthy scott and not bad role players either like nixon thompson mcadoo wolkes cooper the iron man green(although different yrs not the same yr)….the only time kobe had that good of a roster was in 01…they won with a really really bad bench last yr with all due respect 2 farmer…there bench was just brown pretty much farmer has not been good since 08 odom played starter min so not much of a bench player….havin said it all u youngster band wagons who defend lebron and the heat just wait til he loses his athletic ability u’ll see just how good kobe really is…kobe has lost that explosiveness and is still great…he’s got every shot in the book every move my god he is amazin…lebron on the other hand got his strength and ability to take the ball to the basket ummm thats it….he is a crapy post player (u guys see him last night tried 2 post probably cuz ankle was botherin him and made a fool outta himself) not a consistent jumpshotter sure i’ve seen him get hot but he still sucks i’ve seen the bricks 2….he is so overrated seriously…strength and drive is all he has…kobe has it all….i’m done final point: kobe is top 2 i don’t care what any of u say the rest of the great players were tall or from a long ass time ago which i could really not care about…#1 jordan #2 kobe and put whoever u want on the rest of the list….

    • miguel says:

      well said, thumbs up

    • MJ FOREVER says:

      KB is without ANY doubt NOT # 2 on the All-Time greats list. Also LBJ has a BETTER jumper than KB and he’s proving it more so this year than any. LBJ is ALSO just now starting to work more on his post moves and footwork, at least a whole year earlier than KB did at about 27. So please, you can MAKE UP stuff all you want, but noones buying it other than KB homers. End of story.

  138. spdaboy says:

    just for the record, yes Kobe wouldnt have won without Shaq. But that works both ways, Shaq definitely wouldnt have one with Kobe, hands down!

  139. Denise says:

    Kobe is the man right now, the guy is going for greatness, not against his peers but againts the old pro’s in history, Broken fingers, bad back ,jacked up knee, not even complaining, Kobe is out their playing hard everynite. the dude loves the game of basketball, thats enough for me!

  140. Dave says:

    It’s very difficult to compare sports figures across eras or on different teams, particularly in basketball. Headline statistics, particularly scoring, mean something, but not that much. Wilt Chamberlain was a scoring and rebound machine for most of his career, but had no championships during that time and frequently didn’t even make it as far as the conference championship game. Once his physical skills started to erode somewhat he actually improved as a player even though his stats went down because he had to play more of a team oriented style of play. Another of many examples is Richard Jefferson. He was scoring 20+ points a game with crappy teams and is now scoring 12 points a game with good team with a reasonable chance at going to the NBA finals. On top of that his stats last year were almost the same as this year, but if you saw him play both years you’d know he is a much better player in the context of the San Antonio system this year than last.
    You need to look at the success of the teams a player was on(assuming he was one of their stars), have seen him play, and then look at this stats to know how good a player was. For my money Bill Russel, Jabbar and Jordan are the gold standard among nba players with a host of other players who aren’t on the list of scoring leaders close behind, like Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Tim Duncan, etc.

  141. vERSATILE says:

    While Lebron james is currently the most talented player in the nba possibly followed by dwayne wayde Kobe is still the greatest player in the nba of this era five rings 2 finals mvp three all star mvp what else do you guys want. he has proven he can do it without shaq and that he is the man the alpha dog. He has also shown leadership and resilience to bounce back from his prior indescretions. We also have to look at what Kobe has done for the game spreading the publicity of the nba more than any nba player except michael jordan . Although i grew up in the jordan era jordan is the greatest basketball player ever. kobe is the greatest in this era . for his olympic achievements, intelligence with the press and i do reiterate five rings, two finals mvp, 9th on the alltime scoring record, three time all star mvp, clucth shots in the final minutes and super dunks earlier on in his career. Stop hating haters he is between number 2-5 on the alltime greatest

    • bigmill says:

      lebron is not the most talented ur going to tell me he has more skills than kobe. i will tellu what lebrons got,he’s younger,faster,stronger,and a better passer.only one of those are talent the rest r his gift as a human. jump shots fade aways post ups pump fakes those are talent which kobe has alot more of

  142. here i go says:


  143. Draftz24 says:

    @Sheed. Jumped on Shaq’s back? Shaq was the most dominant player at the time, yes. But during their three peat, both shaq and kobe averaged over 25 points per game. To me that means Kobe pulled his own weight. Were the Lakers Shaq’s team? Absolutely. But its not like Kobe got the ball,ran down the court and lobbed it up to shaq all day, although i loved seein that happen.

    Kobe plays better in the regular season than in the playoffs and finals? You obviously dont know basketball. If kobe can’t score, he does EVERYTHING else he can to help his team win. Example: Game 7 last year, horrible shooting night, so whats he do? Grabs 15 rebounds, forces the double team, and gets his team involved.

    And yeah Jordan broke his foot, but Kobes played what, 2-3 full seasons w/ a, correct me if im wrong, a fractured finger? If you actually watch him play, look at how much support is having to be put on his fingers.

    Like someone else already said, the Lakers that Magic was on, has 3 hall of famers, Jordan is the greatest right now, yes, but he was WAY ahead of his time. Jordan in todays game would still be great, but wouldnt be portrayed as great as he was.

    • Mike says:

      He was ahead of his time but also some of the better perimeter players of that era in particular Grant Hill and Penny Hardaway became injury prone 1996-2001 would have been much more interesting if they didnt

  144. DGold says:

    Not to mention that Kobe is 13 assists away from reaching 5K career assists.
    He will then have over 25K points, 5K rebounds & 5K assists.
    The only other players in the history of the NBA to do this are:

    Jerry West
    John Havlicek
    Oscar Robertson
    Karl Malone
    Michael Jordan
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

    That’s pretty good company.

  145. Josh says:

    My favorite thing that I have read in a long time. He doesn’t just chase his dreams, he snatches them up. True words.

  146. Erock says:

    And the same way people said “Kobe can’t win without Shaq” is what we will be saying when and if the Heat win a championship. It’s only fair until Lebron proves one day that he can win without Dwayne Wade.

    • trix says:

      “shaq can’t win without kobe” is ridiculous..and he did twice now. But now we hear that “kobe cant win without pau” How come its always kobe that gets these. No one ever said “MJ cant win wthout pippen” or “Magic cant win wthout kareem” Look at all the championship teams it was never a one man team. So dont take credit from a guy because he has a good team. That’s just plain stupid

    • MIAMI HEAT says:

      LEBRON, WADE all the way!!!!!! 2011 nba champs is waiting for us heat fans.yooohoooooooooooooooooooooo

  147. bigmill says:

    states alone do not make u the best player ever if so there would be 3 players ranked above mj. (1.kareem most points ever,longevity. 2. bill russel 11 championship WoW. 3 wilt chamberland most 50 points game 3 times more than jordan same average and scored the only 100 piont game in history(playing against guys thats 6′ 7″ and he’s 7″.not his fault he still got to score yao ming didn’t do it and he’s taller than anyone else of his era.
    states do help alot in this great game that we love to watch and debate about but its not everything it also depends on which team ur on also and how many other good players thats there with u.if jordan never had pippen and those guys he might have average 40 and no rings.kobe its great wether he’s the greatest or in the top 5 time will tell where he ends up, just enjoy it while we still can its not every day in sports we get to see a guy competing to be the best ever and have a shot at it.
    one thing i can say for sure i will miss kobe bryant when he retires and hope by then someone will be competing to be the best ever so the whole basketball universe can have a debate like this again.

  148. Gabriel Sombini dos Santos says:

    Seriously, Im not a fan of Kobe. You can actually put me up there with the haters. I dont think hes up there with Jordan, and he will never be better than Mj even if he wins 9 titles. But I do think he is a close contender for all time greatest, up there with, MJ, Magic, Birg, Osar, and all of these legends. You can denny what the man has done for the game and how great he is on a basketball court. Not liking the man is one thing, denying his greatness is another.

  149. Daniel says:

    And by the way, for those people who say Kobe Bryant is a ball hog and takes too many shots..

    Shots per game Michael Jordan: 22,89
    Shots per game Kobe Bryant: 19,31

    Also, to those who say MJ has a better FG% than KB..

    KB took more than twice as many three point shots as MJ.
    The important stat to compare is POINTS PER SHOT TAKEN!!

    Michael Jordan: ~1,3 points per shot taken
    Kobe Bryant: ~1,3 points per shot taken

    They are equally as efficient.
    Had KB been a ball hog like MJ and taken the same amount of shots, they would have had roughly the same Career PPG.

    • MJ FOREVER says:

      @ Daniel

      Its cool you are a KB homer and all, but I feel bad for you that you didn’t get to watch MJ’s career. In no way would you be sitting here making a fool of yourself saying things like “They are equally as efficient”. LMAO. YEA, they are equally efficient in YOUR fantasy land and thats it. They don’t have the same PPG average BECAUSE of the simple fact that MJ was a MUCH better player, and a MUCH better shooter, period. If they would’ve taken the same amount of shots then UUUHH lets do the math, 46% for KB and 50% for MJ. Yea again MJ WINS. KB is nothin but a shotjackin ballhog and you KNOW it. Everyone who is not a rabid KB fan knows that, even though the past few years he does it with less frequency, he still does it.

      We can even point to just todays game Jan 30th vs the Celtics. What was it, about 6 times in a row KB took a shot in the last 4 or 5 minutes, trying to beat the Celtics all by himself, yet again shotjackin? YEP. He didn’t rely and trust his teammates, and they DESERVED the losss.

      KB will ALWAYS be known for being a shotjacker, sorry about it. MJ will ALWAYS be GREATER than KB.

    • MJ FOREVER says:

      O and I also forgot to add, more specifically because you actually use the word efficient? Its funny how MJ has the highest PER in NBA HISTORY at 27.91, and LBJ is 2nd at 26.81, Wade is 6th at 25.66, and KB is all the way down at 16th at 23.56.

      PER is a MUCH better “EFFICIENCY” rating than whatever system you use to come up with made up numbers and whatnot LOL

  150. BIG VIC says:


  151. Eli Eichert says:

    Like it or not kobe will if not the one of the greates all time he will be regarded as the greatest of our generation. People hate on him cause he had great teams wen u can find me a superstar whether it be jordan magic or russel who won a title without one other great player or two plz im all ears. And if im not mistaken jordans knock earli in his career was he didnt trust his teammates. the same u all put on the blk mamba. And u cant use the shaq excuse come one shaq has onli won titles with two of the best wing players in the nba wade and bryant since shaq hasnt won anything. give kobe his props

  152. Micah says:

    Top 5 all time Sekou? You trippin’?

    I don’t even think he’s better than Duncan
    5 rings – 4 rings
    1 MVP – 2 MVP
    2 FMVP – 3 FMVP
    12AllNBA – 13AllNBA
    10 Defensive – 13Defensive

    Most importantly Duncan has the 2nd best win record through his first 1000 games ( an internet cookie for who can tell me no.1) and the spurs are the best North American franchise over the bast 15 years.

    Oh yeah i forgot the spurs were boring so none of that counts.

    • NYKnicksAmare! says:

      20,000 to 27,000

    • miguel says:

      spurs suck and so does duncan

      • Nikki nicole says:

        Duncan is the greatest power fwd dnt hate on the man… Give him his dues! Role model on and off the court!

    • Rayo_Mortal says:

      Let me show you a FACT:
      You Are Right In ONE Thing

      The SPURS are the most boring team in the history of the NBA….
      no one care about the Spurs or Tontin Duncan…
      The Spurs playing in the NBA FINALS = ZERO RATING ON TV…
      watching Duncan just hitting the basketball glass to get a basket is major bleeding boring sh……..
      im sorry but it just the true…
      lets pray they dont make it to the finals again…..

  153. superjc says:


  154. Daniel says:


    NBA Finals 1996, Game 6, Michael Jordan: 5 – 19 .263%

    So much for that..

    • Mike says:

      I guess you will just conviently ignore the 93 finals when he almost avg 40 ppg or the 98 finals when he had the steal and the final shot at age 35. Just use the facts that help your argument and ignore the rest right?

    • MJ FOREVER says:

      Right. You didn’t want to point out that he shot 33% from 3. Shot 11 for 12 from the free throw line. Had 9 reb, 7 ass and 2 steals. LOL. Trying to compare KBs RIDICULOUSLY poor overall showings in the NBA Finals to MJ’s makes you look like a complete FOOL.

      KB’s quick short NBA FINALS stats

      2000 NBA Finals
      15 PPG 4 reb 4 ass 37% FG 20% 3PT
      Shaq blew him away

      2001 NBA Finals
      25 PPG 8 reb 6 ass 42% FG 33% 3PT
      Shaq STILL blew him away
      33 PPG 16 reb 5 ass

      2002 NBA Finals
      27PPG 6 Reb 5 ass 52% FG 55%3PT
      Shaq STILL blew him away
      36PPG 12 Reb 4 ass

      2004 NBA Finals – Loss
      23PPG 3 Reb 4 ass 38%FG 17% 3PT
      Shaq STILL blew him away
      27PPG 11 Reb 2 ass

      2008 NBA Finals – Loss
      26 PPG 5 Reb 5 ass 40%FG 32% 3PT

      2009 NBA Finals
      32 PPG 6 Reb 7 ass 43%FG 36% 3PT
      FIRST NBA Finals series win to be actual leader and best player on the team

      2010 NBA Finals * Celtics Lose Perkins to Injury for deciding game 7* There will ALWAYS be an asterisk for this
      29 PPG 8 Reb 4 ass 41%FG 32% 3PT

      Now lets look at MJ’s 6 NBA Finals Series with same short statistics

      1991 NBA Finals
      31 PPG 7 Reb 11 Ass 56% FG 50% 3PT

      1992 NBA Finals
      36 PPG 5 Reb 7 Ass 53% FG 43% 3PT

      1993 NBA Finals
      41 PPG 9 Reb 6 Ass 51% FG 40% 3PT

      1996 NBA Finals
      27 PPG 5 Reb 4 Ass 42%FG 32% 3PT

      1997 NBA Finals
      32 PPG 7 Reb 6 Ass 46%FG 32% 3PT

      1998 NBA Finals
      34 PPG 4 Reb 2 Ass 43% FG 31% 3PT

      The steals and blocks numbers are all better too for MJ just look them up then. MJ is also 24-11 in Finals games, with only 1 loss over 20 at 21. The rest of those losses are 11 or less points. KB is 23-15 with a 40 point blowout loss and multiple losses of more than 11 points against overall MUCH weaker opponents than what MJ faced in his 6 trips. The fact of the matter is, MJ overall RAISED his level of play in the Finals which is what truly great Legends do, while KB’s level of play overall as a whole went DOWN.

      So once again KB fans get OWNED. Whats new.

  155. A S says:

    Sekou u r totally right. i agree with u…specially in the shaq and kobe dinasty…after the dinasty kobe showed that he could win a championship ring by himself…(kobe being the main figure)

  156. fırat says:

    can kobe score 51 at the age 38 like mj or can kobe put up 63 against celtics in playoffs like mj come on man that surprass kobe from every angle in this season can kobe score over 40 again ı don’t think so thus don’t compare kobe with jordan he never will become as good as jordan kobe is old maybe he can score over 30 three or four times but not more that is not the style of jordan

    • NYKnicksAmare! says:

      why does someone have 2 be the best of all time y cant u just admit that kobe is great and the things he does/ #s he put up were crazy

      • Mike says:

        I don’t think anyone has a problelm admitting he is an all time great it is just annoying when younger fans who most likely never saw jordan play start making comparisons based on assumptions and false information

  157. idris says:

    kobe is the greatest of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. gregster says:

    kobe is the greatest player in the world, he has been the best player in the nba from since 2000 , he is the player of the decade 13 all star appearances =,2 allstar mvp’s, 1 time mvp which is a shame and 7 finals appearances 2 finals mvp’s, 5 rings and now he is taking down scoring leaders just as fast as he changes his underwear. kobe bryant is one of the greatest to ever play the game second to michael jordan. we need to stop giving props to every johny come lately that enters our league(lebron,melo,durant,). the same way kobe had to struggle for his props and his due we need to scrutinize these players and let them put in their time just like kobe had to do. everything is given to these so called new school players that haven’t mastered the game as yet like how mj, kobe, ,magic,and bird did and honestly it needs to stop

    • MJ FOREVER says:

      Dude PLEASE. KB isnt from the OLD SCHOOL get your facts right. That ended with MJ’s era. Kobe didnt struggle for ANY of his props are you kidding me? The man was labeled a god coming out of high school and when Jerry West traded for him to bring him to the Lakers, and with their press, he just BLEW UP in the media. SO no your ALL WRONG about that.

  159. CelticsFan says:

    Kobe is a great player, no doubt about it. One of the best ever, and this is coming from a big celtics fan. Although I think it is going a little too far, when saying hes on the top 5 ever. Personally I dont think that you can really measure whos the best player ever, since stats and awards dont always mean everthing. Charles Barkeley never won a championship, but to me hes still one of the best players ever. Kareem Abdul Jabbars has recorded 38k points and bill russell has won 11 championships, but many still think Michael Jordan is the best player ever (including me). Its all a matter of preference, i dont think anyone is 100% objective on this matter..

  160. jeffkobe says:

    kobe will be in the top 5 by the end of his career..i wish he could be on the 1st but i dont think its gonna happen the way SHEED your an dont know about basketball. your the number one hater..i bet you cant shoot a ball to a ring..KOBE ALL DAY

  161. what did you say says:

    Nobody is denying Kobe has skills. Kobe is an all-time great player but Jordan is just flat out better. Jordan came into this league on fire while kobe had to heat up his first 3 years with his first 20ppg season coming in his 4th year. Jordan scored on double teams and had a 50% FG% as a bull while Kobe didn’t even get one season with that percentage even with shaq getting him all those open looks. Kobe has the edge in career points because he played since he was 18 while jordan came from UNC. Also where are the looney toons, thats right kobe couldn’t save them.

  162. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by G-Eazy, theg0at and Fernando Rigacci , Juan Manuel Barrenat. Juan Manuel Barrenat said: The Black Mamba! […]

  163. kikz says:

    Common, man! Kobe redefines the game in his era. He is the best and many (if not most) of the players look up to him as the baseline for greatness in today’s basketball game. That’s awesome!
    Give Kobe his due/respect for his love of the game…

  164. Red says:

    Maybe one of the top 5 guards. The problem is in the comparison though. For SG, he’s definitely no better than second. So then you either have to flip one of them to SF, or say that there are definitely more quality shooting guards than some other position. Which is hard, because although SF is a relatively weak position, there are also definitely more than 1 extremely qualified PF, PG and C in the history of the NBA. Although he can do a lot of stuff, he’s primarily a scorer. Which means that if he’s even to be considered for top 5 ever, he needs to be at least top 5 in scoring… and probably better, since most of the top 5 have massive career rebounding totals and you’ve still got to account for ball handlers and all around players.

    A dynamic player like Kobe is helpful… sometimes. He’s helpful when the offense stalls or the defense is playing tough and you need to keep the pace. His many +40 point games with an relatively poor overall career shooting% shows how effective that is… it works, sometimes.

  165. Bashiri says:

    I am a “Black Mamba” fan, period. In saying that, I say that it’s impossible to compare MJ and KB24 with regards to accomplishments. With everything that Kobe has done in this generation of basketball, against the BEST athletes at the wing(LBJ, KD, DWade, Da Truth, Sugar Ray, Joe J, Half-Man, etc.), and the speed of the game today, there’s no denying Kobe’s greatness(and remember, he’ll be 33 soon)!
    MJ’s era of ball was filled with shooters who didn’t really get up and down the court like they do today. That was the era of the big man, not the wing(The Admiral, Pat, The Dream, The Dutchman, Rainman, The Mailman, The Diesel, Zo, The House of Mutombo, etc.). The only other atheletic wingman(with complete game)in that era was The Glide(and he was pretty slow). MJ was DVD in a VHS world back then, KB24 is The best movie on Blu-Ray in a video store FULL of Blu-Ray Discs!.
    There are better, stronger and faster players in this era of the game, and not only is Kobe the best player in that era, he’s also the craftiest. When it’s all said and done, if this team stays together and healthy, they’ll win about 2 more.
    He’ll retire as the best in THIS generation, period.

    • sean says:

      except jordan was better at getting to the rim than kobe is, and your saying that the Big man were better in that era. so MJ was getting around better big men and putting up better numbers? this just makes jordan look better.

    • miguel says:


  166. Kobe Byrant says:

    i rule. 24 all day!

  167. MJ Eats KB says:

    At the end of the day kobe is a great player i aint gonna lie but kobe has to show his own character everything he does reminds me of MJ like the way he talks also sticking his tongue out like MJ did when dunking man kobe do u wanna be known as #2 to MJ cause u move just like him and when the reporters talk to u about u were your favourite players u watched and learned from u never bring up MJ name until the end dont u wanna have your own signature thats the only reason i hate him every other player in this league thats a superstar has there own character. KOBE u will prolly pass every record jordan has cause u played way more years than him but at the end of the day your a rapist and will never be as popular as jordan was in the nba and the world and i still think jordan is more popular than him today in the market wise with shoes and everything else. CELTICS OR HEAT WILL BE CHAMPIONS THIS YEAR

    • miguel says:

      u really suck it hard

    • TwoGoingOnThree says:

      You really just showed us three things:
      1) How completely retarded you are: Allegations and case dropped. But we got you still sucking on the hind teet of a dead carcus

      2) Immature

      3) Irrelevant

      4) BiPolar

    • MJ FOREVER says:

      HUH? Say what? Pass every record MJ has, are you kidding me? You didnt watch MJ’s career then to say that. I know you say you are a fan, but no way would you say that. KB has absolutely ZERO chance of matching the main career achievements that MJ has that are used to gauge players careers and legacies. So wow you really have no clue saying that.

  168. CAR says:

    I love and appreciate the article on Kobe, so many people have had an issue with him since he came into the league, but moreso since the incident that should have been between him and his wife. But nonetheless, people seem to ignore the fact that he is an all around player that brings a lot to the game for players and fans. You know I heard one of the commentators last night say that Lebron is the best player in the league! I find that to be very funny because the best player in the league should have a ring by now. I am saying this to say that I am sick of people trying to compare him to Kobe as a means of putting Kobe down. The way that I see it, is right there in the writing-the list that Kobe is climbing, the top five don’t list Lebron. The Kobe haters need to give this man his just due-he has changed from the initial entrance into the nba-all kids make mistakes but grown ups learn from their mistakes and get better. Kobe has. I thank you for the article-because it’s nice to read something good about such a great player. Kobe, Phil, Lakers I’m with you in winning again this year-we know that it’s possible so let’s go and accomplish it. Kee up the great leadership Kobe!

  169. sean says:

    @ Ruffhouse most out of what you said was true but no kobe bryant does not have a poor shooting percentage because of fractured fingers it is in fact, because he hucks up too many shots. its just his style of play he takes like 25 shots just to get 29 points. if you actually watch some of his shtos are pretty bad like contested fadeaways with 2 people in his face but he makes them sometimes and in effect does turn out to be a pretty effective scorer. WILL SAY THIS THOUGH= MICHEAL JORDAN WOULD NEVER GO 6-24 IN A FINALS GAME AND NEED ARTEST AND GASOL TO BAIL HIM OUT hahaha

    • wrong says:

      Jordan went 9-26 in game 5 of the ’98 finals against the Utah Jazz so yea he actually did. learn facts before you make yourself look like an idiot and just another Kobe hater

      • lol says:

        paxson bailed jordan in the phoenix series and kerr bailed him in the utah series. lol

      • sean says:


      • After25YearsOfWatching says:

        Kerr bailed him out? LOL! Jordan made the play, gave the assist and showed his whole career that he doesn’t need to be bailed out for the final shot.

        Kobe failed in the decisive game 7. Can’t be compared to game5 of 1998 finals, where the Bulls dominated the series, leading 3-1. Guys, start to differentiate a little

    • Joshua S says:

      Did you even watch Game 7 of the Finals? That was one of the biggest defensive battles in NBA History. All the great scorers in that game were off. The defense was that good all around. Pierce shot 33% and Ray Allen shot 21%

      By the way, in Game 7 Kobe was the leading scorer and handily out rebounded everyone on the Celtics. This game was a defensive battle and Kobe shined in it.

      As for MJ, you clearly don’t know your history. He has definitely struggled in Finals games. He had games against Utah which he couldn’t shoot his way out of, but he facilitated his team mates and did what needed to get done to win. The great ones do what needs to get to done to win.
      Fools like you look at one dimensional things, like the highlights of Jordan shoving off Bryon Russell for a game winning shot and ignore the rest of the series.

      • Ryan says:

        I didn’t know people slipped when you shove off…. woah, been playin for 15 years non-stop and never saw that happen…hmmmmm…..

    • NYKnicksAmare! says:

      i think ur saying alot 4 kobe. his worst game of the finals he pulls off the games leading scorer/rebounder with 24/14 that was his worst game! you dont even relize it but u just gave major props 2 kobe

    • Nikki Nicole says:

      jordan would have never lost at the finals…..that itself seperates jordan from kobe fo show!

  170. Not A Hater says:

    This was not a bad article. Kobe is def one of the greats. My question is who are these so called haters? I see many people who route for other teams so of course they would rather the Lakers not win. Every year I hear Kobe fans talk about people not giving Kobe his dues. I never actually hear non Kobe fans saying anything besides they hate going against him but they respect him. I live in Atlanta and have met way more Laker and Kobe fans then Hawks fans. Even with Atlanta being a descent home team to pull for in the last couple years. Kobe has made great accomplishments no doubt, but it seems I am constantly being reminded to not forget it. What about Shaq and Duncan? We don’t here nearly as much about their greatness and they are both sitting in the league with Kobe and owning 4 rings a piece. I think LA fans feel if anybody else is given props then it is somehow watering down Kobe’s career. Recognizing Lebron doen’t mean you hate or doubt Wade. Giving some props to the up and coming Rondo does not mean you are forgetting the 3 championships Parker has won.LA is one of the best teams assembled. They are lead by a legend, with some of the leagues best players and the sports best coach. This is a fact, just because it is recognized does not mean Kobe is being hated on. Kobe is the real deal you cannot deny him, but I think people would recognize his greatness a lot more if his fans (including Sekou Smith )did not make it so dramatic.

    • cris says:

      see this what i like a person who can give props to someone who deserves’s jus that it is rare to see or hear a non lakers fan give kobe props it’s always the opposite and not all true lakers fan don’t give other player props. but i defitnely feel where u comin from peace

    • Coronil says:

      There are always haters, its just that Kobe happens to have a lot more of them. When he was younger, he made some unfortunate and difficult decisions on and off the court which has led to all this hate. Kobe has changed through the years. He has matured, he has become a better player and a better person. He has done some unbelievable things off the court as well, its just unlike all the other hypocrites, he doesn’t run around screaming about how much good he’s done for the world by volunteering. He’s a good man and an amazing player.

    • miguel says:

      nicely said but kobe has 5 rings not 4 like duncan

      • Not A Hater says:

        I know kobe has 5, I was just making the point that duncan has had a great career too and acknowledging it doesn’t mean Koed be is hated or overlooked. Thanks though.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      What people don’t realize is that all basketball teams try and build their teams around the Lakers. In an article over the summer Dallas (Laker-Proofed) themselves with a set of 7 footers.
      You can’t deny that every team builds themselves like LA, even BOSTON. Hate all you want but we got Kobe Bryant

  171. uncas says:

    Kobe is the greatest player to play the game since Michael Jordan left. He’s got every shot in the book. He’s consistently improved his game in every aspect. Most importantly though, Kobe has winning mentality. He’s a leader who doesn’t cry and complain but leads by example. There is no doubt in my mind Kobe will end up as one of top 5 greats of this beautiful game.

  172. anthony dejesus says:

    kobe’s going to be third all time im callin it right now

  173. DJ3 says:

    the thing i like about him was that he was traded for one of the biggest busts in nba history. if he wouldve stayed with the charlotte hornets then he and chris paul wouldve won many, many, many championships.

    • trix says:

      Can never predict what wouldve happened like that…maybe they might have never been a position to get paul if kobe was there in the first place…Being from toronto its sad that we can say we would have had the following starting linup

      Damon stoudamire

      But things dont really work out that way

    • LakersFanSince80's says:

      ??? How can you say Vlade Divac is one of biggest busts in NBA history? He’s by far one of the most successful international players in NBA.

      • DJ3 says:

        pau gasol, dirk nowvitzki, zydrunas ilgauskis, andrew bogut, thabo sefalosha, nenad kristic, anderson verajo, sebastion telifair, manu ginobli, luis scola, andri nocioni, leandro barbosa, nene, luc richard mbah a mute, joel anthony, steve nash, samuel dalembert, yoa ming, yi jianlian, the late drazen petrovic inducted into the hall of fame, dikembe mutombo, charlie villanueva, al horford, tony parker, boris diaw, micheal peitrus, ronny turiaf, chris kaman, zaza pachulia, loul deng, ben gordon, omri cassipi, marco bellinli, danillo gallinari, mike dantoni, adris beidrins, linas kleiza, kelenna azuibike, marcin gortat, radalndo balkman, carlos arroyo, serge ibaka, andre kerilinko, peja stoakavic, goran dragic, sasha vujacic, rudy fernandez, marc gasol, jose calderon, beno udrih, manute bol, erson illiasova, hasheem thabeet, hedo turkglu, carlos boozer, tim duncan, patrick ewing hall of fame member also, hakeem olajuan another hall of fame member, anthony randolph, dominique wilkins that makes 4 hall of fame members from different countries, raja bell, and im finally done. yep 4 hall of fame members and all of these people are better then vlade divac.

  174. Hamid Z says:


    • DJ3 says:

      YOU KNOW IT!!! HEAT WIN IT ALL!!! unless the c’s beat them. but if they get past the c’s its a sure thing!!!!

      • QuestionMark says:

        LOL dude, I love the Heat, but its a sure thing that they are not getting past the Celtics, Celtics got too much size and depth, especially with Perkins, KG and Shaq taking up like half the court. I dont think the Lakers will be able to get past them, but that is if the Lakers are able to get past the Spurs.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:


      • Heat Fan says:

        @LAKERS 2011 – 3PEAT says:

        What the hell kind of comment is that ? I thought you weren’t actually a hater but that aint nothin but a hater comment. On the back of Wade and Bosh? PLEASE. He’s LEADING that team. What are you talking about? IF you say that about Lebron then you also have to say Kobe has won rings on the backs of his bigs? Whats the deal man that aint right.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        @HEAT FAN

        dude you kno me, i aint no hater, but i said that about Lebron because ppl KEEP SAYING kobe has won on the back of shaq, so if thats the casse then IF lebron wins it would be no different…..on the back on Wade and Bosh….see my point before you make judgement calls

    • mike m says:

      I like Lebron hes my second best player rite behind Kobe and u know wat Lebron will never win a championship when Kobes still playing Lebron will get a championship until Kobe retires when hes not playing anymore

    • Big J says:

      This comment is lame, as you could see your be loved James is not even part of this blog. Come back when James has a title, or when he makes average players champions… oh no, not happening now since he had to go to another great player’s team. James is a great player with awesome skills but until he proves he could do more than personal stats he should not be allowed in conversations about legends….

      • DJ3 says:

        hey um guess what hater. shaq did most of the work for kobe when they won 3 times, and now he has pau, artest, bynum, odom, and alot of great players. lebron had who? shaq who is wayyyyy older then when he was with kobe, and who else? nobody!!! and now lebron has dwade, bosh. thats only 2. kobe has 4. so yea read next time. read the rosters. who was the best player on the lakers with the kobe, shaq duo? SHAQ!!! and kobe is very very very lucky that he was traded. or else kobe wouldnt have any rings and would be like bosh. all alone on the court playing 1 on 5 because nobody was good. face the facts. kobe is NOTHING with out the lakers and their great coach, gm, owner, and players.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        DJ3 aye you a damn TROLL!

        GTFO of this blog forreal, cuz if you going hate take it else where…forreal, you sound like a damn 16 year old who only seen the highlight reels of Lebron James and a older Kobe’

        If you watched any of the title games bak in first 3 peat you would know that KOBE played just as an important roll in getting those three rings as SHAQ did…..if you know your history you would know Shaq was on the Lakers a year before Kobe came and he didnt WIN JACK!!!

        Then you say Kobe has 4 allstars, get lost….are you really going to compare ODOM, BYNUM, ARTEST to the stature of BOSH and DWADE….last time i checked neither ODOM, BYNUM, or ARTEST were ever in the top 5 players of the leagure nor 10…HELL Gasol wasnt either…..

        And if you going say KOBE had SHAQ, well look your punk ass boy LEBRON JAMES now has DWADE AND BOSH, so any title LBJ WINS WILL BE BASED ON THE BACKS OF THOSE TWO since thats what you wanna say about Kobe…

        Just get out you troll, damn, take that LBJ non-sense in a blog about that runnaway coward…NOT HERE!!!

        Lebron can only dream to get in the top 10 ALL TIME SCORING LIST as well as FIVE RINGS

      • Heat Fan says:

        @LAKERS 2011 – 3PEAT

        Lebrons a runaway coward huh? Yea all that bs you talkin in Miami blogs how your not a hater and you respect him. Ok. Man what a joke. Lebron is most definitely NOT a runaway coward lol. As I recall, he never went on a frikin TIRADE like Kobe did a few years ago, who he was STILL UNDER CONTRACT, and was going to demand a trade or get better. SCREW THAT!!

        O and your throwin in Bosh as top 10 in the league to make it sound worse/better for the Heat depending on your perspective. Thats real funny. Bosh is definitely NOT top 10 player in the league. Thats ridiculous and if you know anything about ball then you KNOW thats false. Bosh is definitely a top 10 at the *4* spot, and thats it. Nothing else. Who knows, maybe even a top 5 on some peoples list at the *4*. But even then, please.

        Lakers got KB top ten in the league. Gasol no worse than top 3 at the *4* spot. Bynum definitely no worse than top 5 at the *5*, and really with shortage of big men hes top 3 centers. Then Odom is top 5 or 6 between the 3 and 4 spot. Then Artest is still top 5 wing defender easy. PLEASE. Lakers fans just get mad when another team is trying to amass the kind of talent that they always have due to players always wantin to live it up in Hollywood. Thats ridiculous.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:


        i never said i respect james, i lost respect for him in leaving cleveland….

        i respect that he is good and NOW the best player in the nba…but thats it….

      • Heat Fan says:

        @LAKERS 2011 – 3PEAT

        Yea lost respect for him leaving Cleveland huh? Right because he WASN’T a free agent or anything like that. I forgot he was STILL UNDER CONTRACT LIKE KOBE WAS YEARS AGO GOING INTO A TIRADE DEMANDING A TRADE OR TO GET BETTER, THROWING HIS TEAMMATES UNDER THE BUS, ACTING LIKE A COMPLETE *BABY*. Yea ok. Lose respect for a player that FULFILLED their contract? No I dont think so. Alot of fans lost the last little bit of any respect they had left for KB when HE did THAT, which is WAY worse than what Bron did.

        The reason that almost ALL haters of LBJ hate is the fact that the guy is already so daaam good, and was ALREADY a threat to their favorite teams chances of winning, let alone when he teams up with Wade. So of course your gonna hate. Haters would hate DH and OKC both if he went there, because then without a doubt it would be all over for the Lakers. People just hate when they know a players great and it severely HURTS their teams chances of ever being good while that respective player they are hating is in his prime. Thats it. Bottom line. If LBJ was Tayshaun Prince or someone else of meager status, you wouldn’t say CRAP about him leaving Cleveland as AN UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENT, who is allowed to choose ANY team that he wants to play for. End of Story.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      LOL…. Even when D.Wade shoots whatever he did from the floor (at one point he was 10/11 THAT’S AMAZING)… They lost to the Knicks who were shooting as poorly. So many wide open shots. If the Knicks would have actually hit their 3’s last night Miami would have been blown out. The only player on that team other than the big 3 who has potential is Jones.

      • Heat Fan says:

        PLEAAASE. LOL. Knicks win proved they can BARELY beat a Heat team that is about overall 75 to 80% LOL. Wade migraine, Lebron ankle still weak and has tweaked it, Bosh isnt even PLAYING right now, and everyone forgets ole Udonis Haslem who we will get back in about 8 weeks now woot woot. Heat ALREADY proved with at least the Big 3 at 100% that they crush the Knicks. EXACTLY the reason their win got very LITTLE press. GEE, because Miami is FAR from 100% THATS why.

  175. trevor says:

    I’m not even a Laker fan, but as a basketball fan I love to see history and greatness happen. I’m rooting for the Magic to win it this year, but if it can’t be them, LA is my second choice – if only for the history it creates. Along the same lines, I’m praying there’s no lockout next year, because if Kobe can press forward for next year, and the year after…he’s going to make it into the 30k pt club – along with Kareem, Malone, Jordan, and Wilt. Again, I’m not even a Laker fan…but holy cow that would be awesome to see.

  176. Ruffhouse says:

    The man is a beast. He was the 13th pick in the draft. How many 13th picks have went on to become this great. U may not like the way he carries himself, but u can’t eny his skills. The man has taken the game to another level. He see’s double teams on a nightly basis and he stil averages 25 a game. I know a lot of people say he has lost his explosiveness(and he has) but when u have floor game it doesn’t matter. He can take u to the basket or he can beat u from outside. The only reason his shooting percentage is down because he has a fractured finger on both hands. Nobody gave the kid from Phillya chance at making it. Now he has become arguably the best player ever. His respect is long over due. Atleast u could do is respect him now. Because no one in the top 10 in scoring is sorry. They are legends.

  177. kin says:

    i am lebron james fans. but 1 thing i can say for kobe.. he deserve the best becos he is the best for this era. if anyone says lebron is better, lebron is not better than kobe before he can make more than 5 rings.

    • Greg says:

      OMFG!! THANK YOU. I’m sick of every freakin james lover saying that “oh, you can’t say who ever has more rings is better.” i and deal with fans, just not haters. thanks for the comment. i hope EVERY SINGLE LEBRON FAN IS READING THIS.

    • After25YearsOfWatching says:

      OMG, dumb & dumber. According to your theory, Kobe will be better than MJ, if he wins 7 rings? Guess Horry is the greatest in last 40 years? Ah, I get it…

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        jus shut the hell up…you kno nothing….that wasnt their point

      • After25YearsOfWatching says:

        Wow, sb. has a bad life. You are the prototype bball fan: Intelligent and master of the haute couture of communication. Bravo!

    • kobe_alldaymang says:

      Lebron’s game is weak, the cause of weakness is because of his height/weight. He is 6’8 240-260lbs, but he wants to play like a point guard. He is hoping to beat people on the dribble and drive in, LEBRON is at the peak of his athletic ability, but his speed/quickness will never reach a prime kobe, and his dribbling skills will never match kobe’s. Lebron could take some hints from carmelo. Lebron has NO POST UP skills what so ever. Ray allen guarding lebron on the post, instead of backing up ray, lebron tries to go around him which caused 3 turnovers and the cavs lost

      just last night, lebron on the high post being guarded by raymond felton..a 6’2 170lbs pg, lebron again tries to go around felton…when he should be slowly backing down felton..

      again and again i see many flaws with lebron….until he fixes his flaws, and plays like HIS BODY IS built to be played in the nba…he will never get anywhere close to a ring. … matter how fast lebron is…his 6’8 240+ frame WILL NEVER GET IN THE LANE.. when he plays the celtics or magic….

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:









      • francisco says:

        you say lebron game is weak but in MOSTcareer STATS HE is Better than Kobe, weak game jejjejejejejej

      • Heat Fan says:


        You absolutely know nothing about NBA basketball, and more specifically Lebron James. Yea Lebrons game is so weak thats why hes 2 time defending MVP and put up seasons that only 4 other players in NBA HISTORY have come up with. Ok yea hes real weak. You say he NEVER GETS IN THE LANE. LMAO. What a RETARDED childish comment. Yea cause we don’t see him dunking all over guys on a regular basis or nothing like that. He’s dunked all over the Celtics and Magic frontlines many MANY times, so man get a clue, cause you have NONE.

        @LAKERS 2011 – 3PEAT

        First off Kobe hasn’t held the undisputed crown for at least 7 years, thats definitely false. Then you say LBJ is flawed and not improved much. Please go look at his stats number 1. Number 2 hes still just beginning his prime, if he doesn’t really WANT to have a post game he doesn’t HAVE to yet. Not that it wouldnt be great if he didn’t, but does it really LOOK like he needs it RIGHT NOW to be a great player? UHHHHHH NO he doesn’t. Funny he JUST turned 26, and THIS SEASON, RIGHT NOW, CURRENTLY, we are starting to see LBJ with some more post moves, so don’t even say he aint tryin to work at it. Please, KB was the SAME exact way. He used his athleticism until just about or 7 years ago when he was about 26 or 27. Funny how LBJ is 26 and hes starting to work in the paint now with post moves. Theres no difference with what they are doing. KB was barely, if at all, more advanced on post moves when he was 26, bottom line, sorry about it.

        OH, and LBJ DOES have a great jumper, FUNNY how hes shooting career best 3PT%, at 36%, and KB’s shooting 30% well below his career average. Also funny how LBJ’s career FG% is 48% and KB’s is 46% LOL. Please LBJ has a GREAT JUMPER, and it just keeps getting BETTER and MORE consistent every season. Your comments are baseless.

  178. Peter2010 says:

    I will pray for KB & Lakers everyday. (No injury bugging them any more)
    KB deserves at least three more rings.
    The purest winner. The American Idol. Will be GOAT by the end of his career.

    • After25YearsOfWatching says:

      You’re digging your head way too far into Kobe’s ass. Pray for the poor or sb. else. Kobe doesn’t need your prayers.
      He deserves minus 4 rings:
      2001: Finals Matchup: Lakers vs. Iverson. 5 against 1. That was a joke.
      2002: Sacramento got robbed in game 5. They are the deserving champs.
      2009: Orlando played like a no. 8 seed and surely wouldn’t have reached the finals if Celts had KG
      2010: Perkins factor decisive. Game 7 wouldn’t have been close, if Celts had rebounded better, i.e. if they had Perkins.

      I wasn’t always a KB hater. I loved his style in his rookie year. Loved the Lakers with Van Exel, Jones, Shaq, Horry. Love Phil. But things changed as I realized the 24/7-fake mode of Kobe. His way of talking and behaviour are 0% authentic and only kids or blind Kobe lovers hang on his lips.

      As a player I’d rate him top10 of all time. But any comparison to MJ can only be made by those who didn’t follow the MJ era

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        Why anytime Kobe name is mentioned he has to be compared to someone. This article wasn’t comparing him to Jordan so how did that topic come up. Why do so many people hate this man. They will do hours of research(ex Henry Abbott)to discount and discredit all of his accomplishments. How can you discredit 81 points, five rings, 3 mvps, all-time NBA selections up the wazu. And how can anyone be dubbed the greatest. Too many eras, too many players. Bottom line if you don’t like him stop watching, stop blogging about him, put in a Jordan dvd and enjoy living in the past.

        lIke forreal dude u sound dumb as hell, lmao, its so funny to me….because you say you would put him TOP 10 ALL TIME….i mean you saying it like TOP 10 ALL TIME is a bad crowd to be around??? jus stfu up and get off this blog you are a troll, and pathetic really…

      • After25YearsOfWatching says:

        Damn, you guys must be very frustrated in life to be aggressive and ignorant like that.
        The comparisons certainly don’t start from the MJ corner. All you Kobe fans praise him as the GOAT, so it’s just natural to get it right.
        Why do so many ppl hate him? Because he’s 100% fake. Simple as that. No personality. Sorry dude, if you’re not completey blind you notice that he’s just pretending to be sb.
        Ppl who are able to differentiate can see his performances in top10 while criticizing his play. No contradiction there. Sorry to disrupt your black&white world

      • Jason says:


        WOW HELL YEA DUDE…I feel this same EXACT way…Kobe is so FAKE man…the reason I started hating him to is because EVERY SINGLE THING he did he tried to walk, talk and act like MJ. ALL of his mannerisms, celebrations and whatnot. He’s a clown man with no personality just like you said. He can’t even be HISSELF. I mean COMEON WHO has to actually CELEBRATE THE SAME EXACT WAY as another basketball great? This means Kobe actually had to think and remember during the championship runs, MJ’s exact fistpumps, jumps in the air, fingerwagging, and jumping on the scorers stand, and clutching the Trophy the SAME exact way. What a CLOWN man, for real. WHO does that kind of ish??!! He couldn’t even just let the emotions flow and just have fun, he actually had to be thinking and rehearsing, now ok MJ did it this way, so lemme make sure I remember it. LAME

        Its like he has to just try to take over MJ’s WHOLE entire character, he isn’t good enough to come up with anything new. Even part of MJ’s OTHER knickname the “Black Cat” he had to take and put Mamba. I guarantee MOST of you have NO idea that MJ had that name too but it never made it mainstream in the media. THIS IS WHY Kobe fans, that MOST people hate KB. Because we think he truly believes he is MJ, is just as good as him presently, and will be greater than him when hes retired. All this and his career cant even COMPARE to MJ. Kobes a frikin JOKE compared to him. I’m not even goin into it because MJ’s career achievements puts KB’s to shame.

        Bottom line.

  179. Ruben says:

    Kobe is the G.O.A.T. period!

  180. Gary says:

    As a player you gotta love Kobe. As a person he comes off as a douche.

  181. trix says:

    There are alot of haters out there putting him down for various reasons. He is a ball hog not a team player: Well you cant deny that he has 5 rings and 7 finals appearances so far, thats taking his team pretty far. Then when he does that people just say its because he has a good team: the same people that are jumping on the heat bandwagon after lebron abondoned the cavs for search of that good team. No-one won a championship without a good team from mj to magic to bird or russell. they all had a good team. So for me thats a stupid argument. So stop hating and give the man his dues for what he has done. Sure he does take alot of shot. but there are alot of people in the league that have put up alot but no-one scored 81 points in a game nor are they all in top tein in all time scoring. Just give it up for him. Cant deny the man’s drive to win!

    • Dean Wells says:

      @ trix
      Wilt scored 100, just reminding you

      • AlexPate says:

        Wilt scored 100 because his teammates kept fouling the other team to get the ball back in order for him to keep scoring…
        How is Kobe’s 81 not better? Or his 62 in 3 quarters (He outscored Dallas by himself 62-61) How are those not better?

      • Mr. B says:

        Wilt scored 98% of his points from less then 1 foot away. Also, His team mates did all they could to prolong the game and it no longer became an NBA game but a circus. Why would you throw that up? Just to find another way to put Kobe down. Please join the line of haters. Going through life hating must be a heck of a way to go.

    • DJ3 says:

      Wilt chamberlain. 4th in the all time scoring list, and he put up 100 points in a game. that by far beats kobe. state your facts better next time. your just making yourself look that much more stupid

      • LAKER_NATION_24 says:

        you are an idiot…if u think you can compare wilts time frame and kobes u r one dumb person…
        it makes me laugh everytime i see a laker hater or better yet kobe hater…just find something dum to say lol

      • trix says:

        When wilt scored 100 points they had 15 minutes qurters…thats an extra 12 minutes in today’s game

      • Lakers ALL DAY says:

        Moron, you should look deeper than just what the number says. No sh&t 100 > 81, but there are ramifications to Wilt’s game that hinder that performance. Don’t get me wrong, scoring 100 points in any fashion is impressive, but not AS impressive as what Kobe did. That was the greatest individual performance ever seen on the NBA court.

      • Nikki Nicole says:

        seriously is it really an accomplishment if u scored 81 pts in a game….;that just adds to the fact on the kind of player he is …..this aint a one on one game….its a team sport

      • trix says:

        @Nikki it is a team sport and the goal of a team sport is getting the win…and kobe did get the win that day before he started going off his team was loosing by double digits to the lowly raptors

      • Jack says:

        @ LakersALLDAY, your name says it all, you’re a Kobe d*ck rider. Scoring 100pts is scoring 81pts. Kobe scored 81 in 2004 when the NBA had soft defense, and they would call fouls for a little touch. Today’s NBA is much worse than Jordans or Wilts. Defense existed back when Wilt scored 100.

      • Jack says:

        Scoring 100 is more impressive**

      • AlexPate says:

        Hey Jack Kobe scored 81 in 2006 ya dunce

      • AlexPate says:

        Where in the world do you see 15 minute quarters? Everything Ive looked at says Wilt played 48 minutes which is the entire game… When was a game 60 minutes?

      • AFOJAS says:

        also, the league didn’t have a “3-sec in the key” rule as well. The absence of this rule had to have added to the possibility to Wilts 100pt game. Now just sticking to a game i was able to see in my lifetime.. kobe’s 81pt game was amazing!

      • DJ3 says:

        i thought i clicked the reply button when i posted that. i was replying to somebody saying that he scored the most points in a single game ever and that he was the only one with a 80 point game thats in the top ten of the scoring list. so yea back of losers. and im 11. most of u are 43 year old noobs who dont have jobs. so ha ha get out of your mommys basement and get a real job.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        DJ3 and NIKKI, if u going hate then why are u even on this blog…..go put lebron nuts back in ur mouth or something

      • BlnC says:

        just to make sure i get this stat thing right…
        Wilt is – NOW- on 4th spot but KB is only 5358 pts away that means only 16.4 pts/game for the next 4 years excluding playoffs! he’s 32, he’ll get that i’m sure about that and i think he’ gonna pass Wilt. maybe even Jordan…
        100 pts in “1830” compared to 81 in 2006….basketball styles that are away from each other like earth and jupiter…you know that it is not the same game anymore! peace

      • MJ FOREVER says:

        @ LAKERS ALL DAY

        That was by FAR NOT the greatest individual performance EVER on an NBA court. Kobes game doesn’t even come close to MJ’s 69 point, 18 rebound, 6 assist, 4 steals, and 2 blocks against a top 5 ranked defense of the Cavaliers in 1990 (when handchecking and brutal fouling was OK). That is FAR MORE IMPRESSIVE than an 81 point, 6 rebound, 2 assist, 3 steal, and 1 block against a 14-27 Raptors team ranked bottom 3 in defense with a well past his prime with bad knees Jalen Rose as the main defender in 2006 (when NO handchecking is allowed and touchfouls are called on a REGULAR basis).

        To say otherwise is just the talk of a Kobe homer, and thats it. Any TRUE basketball fan would know whats up. MJ was straight BALLIN. Expendin MAD energy for all of those rebounds assists, steals and blocks. Kobe made some jumpers LOL. So someone who made JUST 6 less 2 pointers than another player, BUT grabbed ***12*** MORE rebounds, *4* MORE assists, *1* MORE steal, and *1* MORE block is not more impressive? HAHA. YEAH, right. Even if MJ did it against the very same Raptor team the next night, it STILL would’ve been MORE impressive, LET ALONE the fact that the Cavs had a VAUNTED defense, and the Raptors had NOTHING on D.

        I GUARANTEE you that if if there was a pick up game of professional basketball players going on that MJ and KB had crashed, and none of the pro players had EVER heard of them, but had to pick one AND they were given these two guys statlines from just the night before, that they would go for MJ’s EVERY time. They would want the guy actually BALLIN, that showed crazy mad energy like MJ did. Someone who gets it done IN EVERY WAY like MJ did, not just 1 dimensional like KB. Most average fans have felt the same way as multiple polls that have compared these 2 on the internet have had MJ leading comfortably.

        But your a Kobe homer, and still allowed your opinion, however absolutely LUDICROUS that your comment is. Kobes was best ever performance in history? No not quite, a true fan will take the above game mentioned of MJ’s, also his 63 in Boston against what most analysts call easily the top 3 teams of all time offense AND defense, and also Elgin Baylors 71 points against the Knicks, over Kobes 81 ANY day.

    • woca says:

      but you can not deny MJ is absolutely greater than him, except for the three pointer, even he get the ring of this year

      • Mr. B says:

        I bet you never saw more than three games the MJ played. If you did, you would have called him a ball hog, and on and on. When you die or retire, with time, kids like you believe that you can walk on water. Grow up and know your facts. I placed them both on the same level and I seen them both play hundred of times. Have you? What? Another lie is coming.

      • MJ FOREVER says:

        @Mr. B

        Maybe he didn’t, but I sure did, and MJ was LESS a ballhog than KB is was and always will be, while STILL being a MORE prolific scorer, thats without ANY doubt. So get YOUR facts straight.

    • lakersfan1129 says:

      I completely agree with you just said. Especially about him taking too many shots. I think people don’t really understand that while he was taking all of those shots, some years there was only one other person on his team that was even close to a legit scorer, Lamar Odom. And in all honesty, you don’t get to be in the top 10 on the NBA’s all-time scoring list by NOT taking a lot of shots. Kobe also never won a championship “on his own.” Neither did Michael Jordan. He didn’t win ANYTHING until he had Scottie Pippen as his 2-man and Phil Jackson as his coach. Even the Kobe-Shaq duo didn’t win anything until Phil came along in 1999, and they got the right role players. And once Kobe got Pau Gasol by his side in 2008, it automatically put the Lakers back into title contention. Same thing with Bird, Kareem, Magic, Russell, West, all of those guys. People need to stop hating on Kobe, whatever reasons they have for doing it, and appreciate all this man has done for the NBA for nearly 15 years. He is a sure-fire hall of famer, first ballot, and SHOULD be regarded as one of the greatest of all time.

      Enough said.

      • Tré says:

        You know what I hate more then anything is people who proclaim to love the sport but can’t respect greatness. That’s like saying everybody should just play the game because they can but don’t ever expect to be greater then the next man. When you start hearing people hate and critize this and that and most of it has nothing to do with basketball because most of us are watching and still hating. You hate the fact that he takes so many shots but half the time, he’s making them. Let’s get it straight, if he was launching a bunch of shots and they weren’t going in most of the time do you honestly think we would be sitting here discussing this dude? Let’s remember before he came to Los Angeles they were a team already stacked with All-Stars and couldn’t make it past the first round. Granted the dude might’ve been arrogant, cocky and self absorbed but I respect that because he wanted to prove he belonged just like everyone else. He didn’t come in saying ‘I’m here, respect me’. He came in showing you and backed up his words. So what he played with Shaq, hate Jerry West for that because evidently he saw something, went out and grabbed it. My thing is since when does playing with the best to become the best to win became a problem? Are we that selfish that we really want to believe you can’t accomplish it all on your own. For goodness sakes the first thing Mike did at his HOF acceptance speech was give Pippen his due respect. After that was all about him but after the tears feel he told you ‘I can’t take all the credit, you see Scottie Pippen’. And what did the camera’s do for us all across the globe to see, show us Scottie Pippen. Even after losing Shaq and Phil we were still watching like we’re doing today.

        I’ll admit, I didn’t care for him in the beginning #8 because they were comparing him to #23 who was still playing the game. My respect came after the dynasty broke up and everyone blamed him for it but he still went out night after night proving regardless I’m going to play at a high level. He became what we all know he could become and some hated him for it, a true scoring machine. Isn’t that what Mike was? He put up numbers just like Jordan. I don’t know if we can say he was trying to be like him per se because anybody that play the game should want to play to be the best. We don’t except average so if he was average then there would be nothing to talk about. The only other player that has been with their respective team the longest is Paul Pierce but you’ll never put him at the top of any catergory other then tenure. And it’s not because he’s not a good player but over the years you were never really oh and ah about anything he did other then play the game. I’m like do whatever you have to because at the end of the day it will be your legacy with your name and what you did that will stand tall. And that’s what greatness is all about.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        aye tre that was a lovely comment my dude, i feel u….people dont respect kobe and it dont make senee if u claim to A TRUE FAN of the game of basketball

      • MJ FOREVER says:

        @ Tre

        You said “He put up numbers just like Jordan”, speaking of KB. He has put up numbers NOTHING like what MJ put up in his career. Sorry bout it! Sheeit, if your talking about just straight scoring then, your man Kobe needs to get another *8* scoring titles just to be in the same sentence as MJ. Please. 8 of em. LOL. Thats really funny guys, really funny. Kobe is a GREAT player, and will go down I believe as a top 15 for sure and possible top 10 of all time, but STOP with all the fantasy land stuff about him being as great as MJ. Kobe can’t even tie MJ’s shoes. End of Story.

    • Sheed says:

      @ trix. You are WAY of base here dude. There is no denying that kobe is a great player and he has certainly made some noise during his years in the league, however he does NOT compare to greats like jordan and Johnson! First of all, he jumped on shaqs back for his three first rings, when shaq left he couldnt get out of the first round or he didnt make the playoffs at all despite scoring more than he ever has in his career. Kobe got drafted to a team that already had 3 all stars!!! Do you seriously believe that Jordans teams for the 3 first championships were better than kobes first three??? do not think so! Mj took a team with nobodys (exept for Pippen) and made them champions in those first three! He didnt have a solid team until those last three! Jordan was the man on ALL his 6 ships, 6 finals mvps, how many does kobe have??? only 2. Kobe has lost 2 times in the finals and you know that it is on him right if hes the leader of the team! Kobe plays better in the reg season than in the playoffs and finals, That his climbing the all time scoring lis is just because he takes a million shots and played a million seasons but he has yet shot 50% in ANY of his seasons. Think about it, Jordan got to number 3 all time despite retiering 2 times AND being out for almost a whole season with a broken foot! All this im telling you is why kobe will never be as or equally as legendary as the greats like jordan, johnson, bird, russel, chamberlain etc. Having said all this, i give kobe his props but dont go to far with this sekouh!

      • DJ3 says:

        no he didnt get drafted to the lakers he got drafted by the charlotte hornets. know your facts. he was TRADED to the lakers.

      • trix says:

        Magic’s team had 3 hall of famers…thats a fact…

      • DJ3 says:

        im talking about the FACT that he got traded. you said he was drafted by the lakers

      • cris says:

        first off kobe did not get drafted by the lakers he was drafted by charlotte hornets than he got traded to the lakers for vlade divac.secondly he may not be as legendary as the russell’s jordan’s and the majic’s which is true because HELLO different era different circumstnaces but he’ll be a legend for his era so buddy he’s still gon b a legend like it or not.

      • jay-b says:

        You are truely a hater. Magic lost FOUR TIMES
        in the finals and has five rings, Kareem lost more than kobe in the finals too. Bird also lost in the finals TWICE AS DID KOBE and Bird only has 3 RINGS
        u keep bringing up

      • Ryan says:

        sir, kobe did not jump on shaqs back for the first 3 rings, if anything, when it was crunch time, and when it mattered most they went to kobe. shaq was first option the first 3 quarters if you watched laker games. and kobe has been considered by all analysts, players and coaches he is the greatest laker to play the game, so that must put him in front of johnson. and sir the year they didnt make the playoffs, they played many games without kobe when he hurt his ankle with the severe ankle sprain. so thats of course going to be a 20 game slide from them, so if kobe played the whole season they would have went. and your argument for when he got drafted it stupid. who cares if he got drafted to a team of all stars, he had to work for his spot in the league, bulls gave jordan that superstar role coming in. and you sir dont know much of what a scorer does, kobe in those seasons averaged 28-30 shots a game mainly lamar odom was their 2nd best scorer, and we know how inconsistent he is. and dont get me wrong kobe still does have yet to shoot 50% in a season, BUT since hes been healthy in his last 15 games hes averaging a good 54% from the field. possibly more. so basically your a jordan fan, and usualy jordan fans have to protect jordan and have to try and shoot down the image of kobe, because you dont give the credit where credit is due, eeryone knows kobe is a better offensive player than mike, may not shoot the percentage, but has better offensive ability than him, and sorry phil jackson even said kobe has better skills than michael, so stop hatin and go hate on lebron, hes the one that gets to much credit.

      • Mr. B says:

        Hey kid, you really need to grow up and know your facts before you sit down at the grown up table. You, like so many of your types, really believe you know your facts and that is what makes you looking so dumb to the rest of us that do know all our facts. You have no idea on how the voted for MVP during MJ times and that is why he got so many, I give up with kids like you. You make me feel tired all over. So stupid and not knowing your facts and twisting it all around. Haters are all the same. You know what kid, you will go to your grave hating because you have a close mind. And you know what is said about those that have a close mind.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        sheed u a damn hater man…GTFO…you talking bout Kobe rode the back of Shaq for the first 3? REALLY NOW….LOOK SHAQ even admits he needed Kobe, without Kobe he wouldnt of won tthose titles….

        And what about ur boy lebron huh? He is going to get a title off the back of Wade and Bosh so does that take away from his greatness???????

        Damn moron man

      • MJ FOREVER says:

        @ Ryan

        Another fan who has no clue and who definitely did NOT get to watch MJ’s career. Any idiot who got to actually watch them both would NOT say that KB is a better offensive player or has more offensive ability like you said. LMAO. And then you go as far to say that EVERYONE thinks this. HAHA.. Man you gotta be about 15 or so. Those are some real childish, uninformed, young fan comments. WOW

      • ryan says:

        lmao! i watched mj’s career, phil jackson said it himself kobe has better basketball skills than mj and the dude coached both of them get out of here with your ignorance i play basketball i knew a guy that played against jordan and he would say the same thing. Bernard thompson 1984 draft 19th pick. blazers suns and rockets. shut up and dont try and say i dont know anything i know people around the league.

      • MJ FOREVER says:

        @ Ryan

        LOL. YOU sir just showed your complete ignorance. You are going to comment and say that Bernard Thompson who had a 5 year NBA career with a best of 8.6 PPG is the be all end all of the discussion right? LIke what this guy says really matters then doesnt it? LOL

        You dont know ANYone around the league you just fantasize that you do. You and Bernard do NOT know more than over half of professional sports analysts, writers, commentators, and pro players past and present that say that MJ is the GOAT. Sorry bout it. You just DON’T.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Kobe did score 81 and that was a great performance, but that was a one time thing, so get over it, don’t get me wrong, I love Kobe and I love watching him play, but unlike him, both MJ and Wilt have scored more than 60 a billion times.

      • trix says:

        Get your facts straight dude…im not saying kobe is better than MJ (i believe mj is the greatest ever) but both kobe and mj have 5 60 point plus games each…thats a fact

      • Big J says:

        Questionable Mark, again, you cannot compare the era which Wilt Played vs today’s game.
        You are also assuming this blog was about Kobe being greater than Wilt and MJ. This blog is about haters like you always having a excuse to hate. We will not know Kobe’s total greatness until he retires but ofcouse people like you will always have a excuse to hate.
        Hate on haters, and keep watching Kobe as he climbs those all time leader charts.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        Yea question mark u and these other haters are pathetic forreal…..



      • MJ Forever says:

        @LAKERS 2011 – 3PEAT

        GEEE IDK maybe just because he even mentioned MJ’s name in the same article and sentence as MJ, which is a travesty.

        Your examples as you asked for. Sekou said “There’s a good chance KB Bryant is going to leave this game with his face on the NBA’s version of Mt. Rushmore, alongside those idols from his childhood, specifically Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson”.

        He also said: “Jordan has that sixth ring. You know KB Bryant won’t rest until he has seven … or eight, or even nine”

        So there are 2 times when he brought MJ’s name into it. LOL Sekou is really out there to think that Kobe is MJ and Magics equal, because he was, isn’t now, and NEVER will be, even if he gets 2 or 3 more rings LOL.

        I tell you what though? If Kobe goes the next 6 STRAIGHT years leading the league in scoring, gets 4 more MVP’s, a Defensive Player of the Year award, leads the league in steals twice, and wins the title all 6 of those years along with Finals MVP, then YEP, he da man, he would definitely be the BEST EVER.

        Ok, NOW we come crashing back to reality and any true fan knows that will NEVER happen, and MJ will ALWAYS be greater than KB, end of story.

  182. 24 !! says:

    SEKOU U R THE MAHNNN loved it 😀 i told yea west and phil are just missin around but on a serious note sunday will be quite serious do write somethin on that

    • alexzo48 says:

      Very well said Sekou. “Ain’t nobody gonna stop Kobe!” .. “When all is said & done, He will be the ONE!”

      • Ti Brown says:

        Ditto to the other comments in this thread! Another great read from Sekou and another affirmation of what all real NBA fans know: Kobe is a winner. There is no point arguing that. I’m such a Kobe believer that I’m willing to bet Kobe hangs around for at least 1 ring after Phil leaves. Bet it! Kobe will be driven to prove he could do it without Shaq and without Phil. He’s a beast like that. Love him or hate him, he just keeps going & going & going & going. A winner. And think about it – if you hate a winner, what does that make you?

      • Heat Fan says:

        PLEASE. I respect kobes GAME, SKILL, and TALENT, and thats it. It puts him nowhere CLOSE to MJ still, but I appreciate it. A far better talent than most players who have ever played. I do not in ANY way respect the fact that he can’t have his own personality though, and feels he has to walk,talk,act, and celebrate EXACTLY like MJ did. That part made it really lame for me over a decade ago. But yes in his prime he was fun to watch, and Kobe fans should definitely enjoy and APPRECIATE what they have left, these are the memories they will carry with them forever, just as we MJ fans have ours.

    • MJ FOREVER says:

      LOL. Even if Kobe gets 8 or 9 rings, he wasn’t, isn’t, and will NEVER be as great as the GOAT MJ. Thats a very idiotic comment. Kobes career PALES in comparison to MJ’s. Sorry about it, thats JUST HOW IT IS KOBE FANS.

    • Eman says:

      Correct Sekou yuo are the man!, I remember when Kobe Start in the NBA every body see new Highligths plays, New Energy, New era and New generation comes, maybe copy MJ plays, a new generation who have NBA JAM and NBA LIVE games and dreaming to play like Mike and Kobe comes to do that and better. When Kobe start to win I hear my friends saying Kobe Its too proud, and start tobe jelaous because he start to overthrow the dinasty of MJ. Kobe mantain the Nba Fans loving to see the NBA and a couple of years ago comes Lebron James, but James are not risig to Kobe records and numbers. Now I am seeing a nes start rising, Blake Griffin. Sorry but Kobe it’s the player of the decade.