K. Love Shines On The Campaign Trail

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — If you’re going to wage an All-Star campaign folks, Timberwolves’ double double machine Kevin Love shows you how to do it.

Rudy Gay might be the most interesting man in the NBA, but Love takes the title as the smoothest man in the business. And he’s got the NUMB#RS to back it up!

“Who has the NUMB#RS? You tell me!”


  1. Bruno says:

    What about Zach Randolph? He’s putting up monster numbers as well. Man screw Duncan and Nowitzki and especially Ming (why is he even still in this game?). Griffin, Randolph and Love should be Allstars no matter what.

  2. This Guy says:

    kevin love > blake griffin for the all star game HANDS DOWN. all griffin does is highlight dunks and some double doubles. love has the longest double double streak in the league (also has more double doubles than griffin), owns a rediculous 3 pt percentage for someone of his caliber, and has the highest efficiency rating in the league even over players like kobe and lebron. when griffin gets a 30/30 game, then we’ll talk. oh yeah…love has his own fragrance 😛

    end of story

  3. k-love fan says:


  4. Big J says:

    The thing about it is that I think Blake Griffin and Love should be on the All Star Reserves no matter what. People forget that the starters are the ones on the popularity contest, the reserves are hand picked, and they should get it right.

    I love Timmy’s game and what he means for the NBA, but my Islander is not an all star this season, Pau is putting up 18 and 10, I ain’t even going to make a case for Love, but even Blake is putting up 22 pts 12 boards. Dare to look at the stats and tell me who is having a better year.

    You don’t punish a player for the teams record. It’s an all star game, not the playoffs.

  5. stevekeller says:

    If Kevin Love is not in the all star game with his first half showing this season, I ain’t watching

  6. Ti Brown says:

    Free KLove! Free Big Griff! Send them both – woohoo!!! And then check out my quick remix of KLove’s ‘NUMB#RS’: http://www.twitvid.com/KSKKH

  7. Omar says:

    21 and 16 pretty sick, but his team sucks crap; and Griffin is more popular, ppl rather see griffin jamming then kevin love posting up in an allstar game

  8. Michael says:

    Is no I

  9. Michael says:

    His opponents got numbers.his team got losing numbers. 10 games won I horrible.anybody can get rebounds

  10. Travis says:

    Also, I think he should have done a “Cooler than Me” mock-up with Posner. Those guys look similar, though Love prob has a foot and 60lbs on him.

  11. Travis says:

    When nobody has posted 30 and 30 since the 1982 season that tells me its significant. It has only happened 8 times EVER!!! 7 Were in the 70’s and on was in 1982. That also says that the pace was either faster, or fg% was lower in that era. More rebounds to be had. People want to talk about how One Love plays for a bad team, and its easy to put up numbers on a bad team. There have been plenty of bad teams, and also plenty of good rebounders on bad teams. But this has only happened 8 TIMES BEFORE, and not at all in 28 YEARS. This guy is special. He needs an All-Star appearence. TD has had a great career, but this isn’t a lifetime achievement award. LaMarcus is playing solid, but Kevin “One” Love is playing better, albeit for a bad team. Is that his fault? Big guys don’t handle the rock most of the game, so the fate of their team is tied less to them. Do the right thing Mr. Stern and replace Yao with him. Pau, Blake, and Dirk will all still get in, but not sure he will otherwise.

    • Knows History says:

      8 times ever? Basketball did not start in the 70’s. Do some research and you’ll find that there have well over 120 games of 30-30. Most by a guy named Wilt Chamberlain.You ever heard of him?

  12. HD says:

    He is the leader in DOUBLE DOUBLE STREAK this season. He has the 30/30 that haven’t happened in 28 yrs. He is the only guy in history with 20/10(reb) + 40% 3pt%. He is the rebounding leader in the league right now. He has half time double double record more than the whole league’s dlb dlb holder.
    He makes nightly 20/20 is nothing surprising. He would never make a complaint even he is in the dog house for no reason.

    Who else can do what LOVE is doing?
    Who deserves an all star spot better than LOVE?
    Is it possible to have an all star game that is missing the record holder for all these?????
    Just because he is in a bad team? Or it’s just because he is not making lots of statement or “the decision”?
    Or he can’t fly around the rim which a bee can do?
    This guy makes a difference in NBA, silently, hard-working(ly).

    LOVE, you have the love from ASIA, and you are suppose to be respected and admired by all basketball fans/players.
    Those love haters should find someone who is able to have better performance than him before talking about replacing him from the all star game.
    If those numbers do not deserve a spot, it’s not an all star game but a fooling show is all.
    And it is a global joke.

  13. cris says:

    this guy is deserving of an all-star nod

  14. trix says:

    Must admit that was good…but blake griffin still gets the nod from me over k-love mostly because i would want to see some highlight reel dunks only blake can produce…

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