GP Aiming For A Return To Seattle?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp are getting back together again in Seattle, teaming up on a series of basketball camps for kids and other charitable endeavors.

But GP would love to make it a more permanent move. He’s one of the many NBA diehards in the Pacific Northwest hoping that the NBA makes a return to the Emerald City. He’s even opened the door to coaching in Seattle, provided, of course, that there is a team to coach one day:

“I really want to be back in Seattle, and be on a bench in Seattle,” Payton said on Dave Mahler‘s Show on KJR in Seattle.

Payton said he’s not sure he would ever want to be a head coach, but he is interested in coaching fellow point guards in the league.

“Basketball has changed a lot since my era,” Payton said. “They don’t play basketball the way I played.” He said Deron Williams of the Utah Jazz is the closest thing in the league today to The Glove.

No matter how long it takes the NBA to return to Seattle, we’ll always have the memories GP and Kemp gave us during their glory days (tell me Kemp’s top 10 dunks don’t rank among the very best you’ve seen)!


  1. dhreamchylde69 says:

    Hey Hang Time…I have a question….In those Shawn Kemp clips…I think the 5th or 6th dunk, Shawn actually posterized TWO defenders at the same time. Is there anyone else in NBA history that posterized TWO defenders at the same time??
    Shawn Kemp I think had the best “in game” post-dunk flash/entertainment after his dunks (e.g. pointing at defender on the floor in crouching position after dunk), and how cool was it for one NBA player to actually give Shawn a pound/hand shake after he was posterized, in effect saying “hey man, I didn’t dig you making me into a poster, but dang that dunk was tight!!”

  2. NBAfan says:

    thats why i like to said blake grifin is close to this guy, but kemp dunks are better xD

  3. Fact Not Fiction says:

    LMAO at number one!

  4. Leandro says:

    Simple amazing! Thanks Rainman for that dunks!

  5. Mr Sensible says:

    Kemp windmilled over a man… a game!!!! wow!!

  6. Gary says:

    Man if that stupid lockout never happened Seattle would have a title and the Sonics would still be around! But Payton still got his. If Kemp would have laid off the big macs he might have had one too. Good to see them giving back though.

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  8. Gaz_23 says:

    Basically i’m gonna say this, Seattle deserves an NBA team, it makes me mad to see a great team like the Hornets not being appreciated by the folk in New Orleans, i’m aware they are more about Football and who can blame them after the Saints recent successes but even so I see empty seats at their arena everytime they play, if they were in Seattle it would be a full house every night. Bring back the good old days of the Seattle Supoersonics, we miss you guys!

  9. Sea Pea says:

    Oh yeah GP was good to. Master of the art of stealing. Yay area!!! If Jordan was never born GP would have had at least three championships.

  10. Sea Pea says:

    Jordan and Nique had the best dunks in the contest but Rainman had the best dunks in game situation. It was like he was dunking on a nerf hoop or something. Hang on the rim on you, then hit the ground squatting and give you the Issac from love boat point at the same time. Rain Man was the best dunker of my era.

    • Palmer says:

      Shawn Kemp was the “Reign Man” not the Rain Man, that’s Dustin Hoffman. As in, his dunks will reign over you!!!