Business As Usual For Lakers, Celtics

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Too old to dominate on defense?

Jerry West and Phil Jackson believe it to be true about the Lakers. But one of their legendary peers disagrees. Jazz coach Jerry Sloan saw enough of the Lakers last night to know that they are defending the same as they have in recent years and when L.A. feels the need to crank up the pressure, it does.

“The Lakers are a terrific defensive team,” Sloan said. “They have been the last two-three years. When they break down your offense — which they broke us down — you wind up taking desperation shots. And when you’re desperate, it’s hard to make them.”

The Lakers look a lot like their buddies in Boston to us, a team stocked with elders (we’re trying to be politically correct here) playing at an extremely high level when they need be and a team that understands the real prize comes in June. In fact, the Lakers and Celtics look like they are rounding into form at just the right time. (just in time for Sunday’s showdown at the Staples Center!)

Andrew Bynum is looking more and more like the dominant big man the Lakers need to anchor their defense. Kendrick Perkins made his debut last night in Boston and his appearance in uniform alone energized both his teammates and the fans. Once again — all other things being equal — these two big men are the most crucial pieces to their teams’ championship hopes.

Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Ron Artest, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo and all the other key players certainly seem to be ready for another seven rounds of heavyweight action.

Granted, the Spurs currently lead the league and the Lakers in the Western Conference standings. And you know LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat will have something to say about the Celtics mashing through the Eastern Conference playoffs. And of course, we can’t forget about Dwight Howard and Co. down in Orlando.

But you saw the NBA Finals last summer. No one would have complained if the Lakers and Celtics had played a best-of-17 series. The games were that hard-fought, the drama was that thick and the intensity choked the air out of the arena at times during all seven of those games.

Isn’t that what we — as fans of the game — all want?


  1. Branislav says:

    D Rose for the all star game . . .that’s for now,and dont talk bad about Celtics,Heat and Lakers players they dont deserve that kind of a talk . . . .whose in best shape needs to play and that’s final . . .all the best to everyone . . .:-) D Rose for all star . .

  2. Enough says:

    I’m tired of Celtic fans using the Kendrick Perkins injury last year as the reason they lost the Finals. Don’t discredit what Rasheed Wallace did in Game 7. It was his best game of the series. Also don’t forget about Bynum’s injury during last year’s finals. He pushed through 7 games on one leg. You can’t tell me if he had two strong legs he wouldn’t of dominated KP. As good as KP is on defense, Bynum is too long and too skilled for him. Bynum is bigger and just as strong (or stronger) than KP. Perkins can gaurd Dwight Howard easy…why?….because Howard has a mediocre offense game unlike Bynum. So enough of the excuses. Rasheed played great, and Bynum was injured all series long (and all of the playoffs). If Bynum was 100, do you think the finals would’ve went 7 games? I’m not so sure…

  3. 3Peat,17,6 says:

    i just want 2 remind u fellows that regular season games don’t mean spit…especially 2 the lakers…i would not be suprised @ all if they lost on sunday…we saw how they played against the heat on christmas but so what? it doesn’t mean anythin’…in 09 they played against the magic twice once @ staples and once in orlando and lost both games then we smashed them 4-1 in the finals…that same season in christmas 08 they beat the celtics after losin against them in the 08 finals so i think the celtics r gonna be the ones wantin revenge this time…but then again since it is their nemisis the celtics i would also not be suprised if they won cuz the game actually means somethin to them havin lost to them in 08 and recently beatin them last season unlike the heat which they have no history with and probably not have a history with this season either…phil is right they ain’t gettin past the celtics…last season i predicted lakers in 6 i was off by one game this season if lakers have home court i predict the same lakers in 6 and if they don’t they will win or lose in 7…that home court is really important 32-3 @ staples in the playoffs since gasol came 2 LA…celtics beat us twice and the rockets in 09…i would say that is pretty dominate can’t touch us @ staples….back to my original thought, stop hatin sayin that we had the easiest schedule or that we can’t beat good teams or whatever…talk when they lose in the postseason…seriously these lakers r not like phil’s bulls that wanted 2 plain be dominate whether it was regular season or not…they don’t care much bout the regular season…in 01i don’t remember the regular season record but i believe they didn’t even get to 60 an they went 16-1 in the postseason…too long ago? then must i remind u they didn’t win 60 last season either?

  4. clintoy says:

    what miami and boston is doing is not fair at all. the nba should limit teams to have same stocks as the other team is. its unfair to those teams that is doing there best and yet cant afford to have big four and threes.

  5. NBA Fan also says:

    It should be a fun playoff race. Celtics and Lakers both seem like most dominant team too me when they are healthy. Honestly couldn’t pick either one right now for who wins. I don’t really think Heat are that functional as a team, although a lot of fun to watch, and amazingly talented. I like the Spurs, and am interested to see if a non-superiour defensive team could make a run, but doubt it. I’m a Bulls Fan btw and hope that somehow it’s them in the finals, but just being honest about it.

  6. Angel_Killer says:

    WTF? Kobe and Jordan, in the same sentence? Get outta here! LA fans is so funny, don’t you think it is team effort that brought you those 5 rings? You have the deepest bench in the whole league for crying out loud. So do not erase Miami and Spurs in the finals. Because you might wake up one day not watching NBA Finals 2011 ‘cos Lakers aren’t there.. BTW, did you watch the last 2 championships of the Lakers? And the first 3? Who won those games that really mattered the most?Why not ask Kobe, ‘cos I know he did not. lol..

  7. clovis says:

    I hate miami becuz of LEBRON..
    I love Dwade.

  8. Dean Mackenzie says:

    PhilJackson likes to call the Spurs 1st title the Champion with an astrix. Cause it wasnt a fulll season. How about we call him the Coac with an astrix as he has never coached a bad team. Look who he has coached, Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Oneil, Bryant, Gasol, throw in , Grant, BJ, Artest and he has had more to work with than anyone in history…just roll out the balls. Dont see him sighning up to fix Philli or the Wolves anytime over his career. As for the Zen master rubbish, well when SQ left LA , Jackson couldnt do anyhting with Kobe, so HE left.Remeber all the talk about Kobe wanting to be coached by Coach K, even phoned him..big horse power there Phil. Only got stuff out of Kobe after he grew upsome what ( brought down to reality by rape charges) and the team only got better whern Gasol arrived. Finally he had a more loaded team than the Heat does now or the Celtic did in 2008 with his Fall of Fame four back in 2004. How pathetic a flop was that

    Zen Master-Coach with an astrix, load of BS,, no wonderr he can be found in a bar the night before a game, 7 he doesnt do anyhting, roll out the balls Phil, roll out the balls

  9. nbafan says:

    am i the only one who notice that this year is different? big baby davis is better than last year, rondo’s shooting is getting better, kg is 100% now, marquis daniels is back. Their bench is way better than last year. Now they dont have to throw a player like shelden williams in the final. Sure the lakers have a good bench too( Barnes, Blake, Shannon brown, Rattliff, odom), but i dont see their bench better than the Bostons( Shaq, Davis, Daniels, West, Robinson.) They also have jermaine Oneal (which i believe that you all think he sucks, but his defensive plays say otherwise and he has been doing what the celtics wanted from him at the first place). His offense will pick it up as the playoffs approach. (remember, when Rasheed Wallace sucks in the season, but was consistent in the playoffs?) This year playoffs should be interesting with many good teams. I think the Celtics is favored to win it all, but they still have a lot of work to do to reach that goal. But there is something that only the Celtics know: “What hurts more? The pain of hard work or the pain of regret.”

  10. Brandon says:

    How are the Lakers overrated? They are the two-time defending champions. What’s overrated about that? The Celtics are a great and deep team and so is L.A. so why hate on each other when everyone except spurs and heat fans wants to see a finals rematch. I’m a Lakers fan and I am willing to give Boston their just do. They play the best defense and the second best team game (spurs). The Lakers defense proved last finals that it can be just as good though. I can only hope for an epic 3rd round.

  11. CarlosKing says:

    What if Lakers and Celtics won’t make it to finals? lol

  12. Jess L. says:

    The problem with the Heat is that after the Big Three, there’s nobody else left. That’s the strength of the Lakers. Management has surrounded Kobe with a bunch of good players who can take up the cudgels when called and some good role players to do the dirty job. I believe Miami’s greatest weakness is in the middle where some of the elite teams are very strong. How do you expect Ilgauskas or Dampier to handle the likes of Bynum, Perkins and Howard. That’s the price you have to pay when all the money goes to the Big Three for salaries

  13. nikz says:


  14. Frank G says:

    This talk is useless, clipps are going to win it all in 2011 😀

  15. JFFFFFFFKKKK says:


  16. Paolo says:

    To all LAKER haters.. please see vid of EPIC 2010 finals… EAT YOUR HEART OUT ^_^

  17. The Great Dirty-D says:

    The truth….. Miami is just a bunch of stars that couldn’t beat the good teams so they gave up and joined hands. Not the most glorious way to win a ring but, it does have potential. I mean when Boston’s big three did it, they did it at the end of their careers when they knew that they couldn’t win one on their own. I believe that Miami’s stars are saying the same thing. Can’t beat’em join them. There’s nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all. But just don’t act like its some glorious thing they are doing. They are piecing up on a ring. This is also fine but just stop trying to put these players in the elite class of champions even if they win. They don’t belong in the same category as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird. Or even Shaq, Kobe, Duncan, or even Robert Horry for that matter. Players who helped to make their own teams great. They did nothing but quit.

  18. Bryce says:

    When the Fakers lost to the Heatles on Christmas, the faker fans kept on making excuses…. Poor Gasoft, Old weak Kobe, and that waste of a center spot Bynum. Ron Artest still is the only player on the that team.

  19. Mimiboston* says:

    Of cousre celtics had chance to take the title without perk we played well all 3 qtrs but thats not the case here! Excues?! excues that we were getting destoyed on the boards( gasol and the offensive boards ) in Game 7 half way through the 4th qtr honsetly we looked lost hmm that when perk comes in all this. Its not just ohh he got hurt we lost, these centers play an important role on their teams… wtf just stop .

  20. nba says:

    CELTICS!!!! LAKERS!!!!

  21. jasonx says:

    go boston smash the lakers and miami….hunt the crocodile kobe…and arrest the artest…

  22. J-Short says:

    Hey Lakers vs Celtics round three, sounds good and i think that the games will be always historically intense and overall good for the game.

    Like last year Lakers in another nail biter in 7…..

  23. Celtics fans in the philippines says:

    Celtics will win no doubt about it..rondo is the best weapon of celtics…GO CELTICS

  24. PJ says:

    Heat is gonna get taken out in the 2nd round by chicago

  25. lakersfan says:

    highest paid? Lakers? we dont have lebron, wade, and bosch their the highest paid team by far

  26. hoopster says:

    I’m gonna make this bold statement!!! When the Lakers are on the top of their game, they are gonna beat any team on the planet. Don’t care if Boston has ten different big men to insert into the lineup! And I’m tired of people talking about injuries as an excuse as to why their team lost. Quit whining about injuries already!!!! That’s just being a sore loser!

  27. arif says:

    the lakers is the the best!!!!!

  28. LOBSANGRAMPA says:

    I’ve followed the Lakers for almost 27 years- back when they lost to the Celtics in 1984 finals.

    One consistent character of championship teams is their ability to come back from being many points down by shutting down the opposition and connecting on the other side with patience and disciplined offense.

    So far, this season, the Lakers have yet to show how they can come back from way behind. When down, their defense lets opponents make easy hoops and the offense becomes stagnant especially against the zone. They have yet to play a string of quality teams and beat them on a regular and consistent basis. So far I have reservations about their championship hopes. Perhaps this Sunday they can put on a performance that will start getting me excited again.

  29. Kristy Farmer says:

    I don’t understand why i cry so much every time i see this video. Dang! I love the lakers….

  30. XSP17 says:

    Kendrick Perkins abscense had absolutely nothing to do with the Lakers…….uh uh, the refs winning the title last year. Wallace played his butt off and the refs just let the teams play until they realized the Lakers were ACTUALLY going to lose a game 7 on their own floor. They stepped in and started blowing the whistle. I’ve been watching the NBA over 25 years and I’ve never seen anything like it before. Where the NBA ensured a Game 7 and not only got it, but monked up the game so the Lakers could win. Phil had to come back. His ego knows that they truly lost that series and now he has to prove to himseld that were the better team. Look at the differences when Boston won the title vs the Lakers winning the title against Boston. Which team was more dominant? Laker’s barely won that Game 7. They are long and slow. I’m not saying these things because I’m a Boston fan. I’m an Orlando/Heat fan that just love the game and want to see it called fair. You’ll hear about this Game 7 when some of these Boston players retire. It’ll come out on how they felt the series was officiated. But Doc Rivers are not going let them say anything about it; which is understadable.

    • PJ says:

      I couln’t agree with you more. The officiating the last two years has been crazy. Sometimes I laugh and think to myself they must have money on one of the teams, based on the way the whistle blows. Mind you, that is not all refs, but some. Not to mention the ones who can’t keep themselves from blowing that whistle over nothing and continually distrupting the rythm of the game. I could be way off, but I don’t think so

  31. san diego laker says:

    Everyone always want to see Ali & Fraizer.

  32. zolboo says:

    kobe kobe kobe kobe kobe kobe

  33. T.o. says:

    Rematch.. Healthy Lakers VS Healthy Celtics.. That Would Be Fair And Square Match… Quit Writing All That Junk.. All Ya’ll Look Stupid..

  34. Rajon Rondo says:

    rajon rondo is the best player in the nba and on the celtics
    lakers r overrated!

  35. L o L says:

    Honestly.. i looked through some of your comments, and i have to read it twice to understand the point you trying to get across..
    Anyway to Basketball.. Well its pretty stupid to make excuses.. for the Celtics just because they lost Perkins for one game.. lol everyone forget to mention that Bynum and Kobe was playing hurt the whole series.. so don’t give me that.. ” Perkins got injured and that’s why Lakers won ” lmao.. its like half you people.. don’t know nothing about basketball expect how to cheer for a team. Plus.. you make speculations that.. Celtics going to crush Miami based on two regular season games that were close ? lol… I’m pretty sure.. the Miami heat would at least give the Celtics a run for their money.. even though i don’t think they would beat them in a 7 games series…

    • PJ says:

      I love Boston, but I don’t think that they are making excuses, as much as saying it’s a contributing factor. And yes, people should at least know something about basketball than the score…they need to understand how basketball works and what makes a team great. Just like the players, the fans should have some “basketball IQ ” too.

  36. BigCCTX says:

    Lakers All Day Kobe for life 3peat Already Im from SA Town but cant stand the spurs but i do love my city what yall know about the dirty 3rd anyways ill be at the Lakers @ Spurs March 6 two days after my B-day (God willin) you better believe i will have my #24 jersey on KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. RoseChicago2011 says:

    @ JUST WATCH. Dont be absurd. Of course im not going to sit at my computer desk and ramble on about the Celtics and Lakers and why miami cant do this and cant do that. But the point you are bringing up is irrelevant Great players are supposed to show up in Play off Games. In fact most of the times they do. But in the playoffs it doesnt matter how good your Star Players are. What really matters is your bench production and the key role players who will have to step up. a GREAT example of this is game 7 Ron Artest. Miami’s bench is too small, and lacks real depth. Ill leave it at that.

  38. biebs says:

    Celtics against Lakers in the nba finals! woohooo! i don’t think miami’s starpower could match boston’s experience. orlando on the other hand, doesn’t have enough but i think they can still pull an upset against miami. in the west, lakers would beat san anonio because la’s starpower could easily outmatch san antonio’s experience. bottomline, celtics can go all the way IF, and only IF they would stay HEALTHY.

  39. Steven says:

    If Boston stays healthy through the playoffs they’ve got it this year. If you assume it’s going to be LA vs Boston in the Finals I’m going with Boston all the way. Kendrick Perkins has and will continue to eat Gasol and Bynum for breakfast down in the post, he just plays so much meaner, with more purpose.

  40. bizzle says:

    sundayy lakersss gonna smashh emmm be a bigg game
    lakerss!!!!! all the wayyy

  41. bizzle says:

    sundayy lakersss gonna smashh emmm be a bigg game

  42. This is a fun season…there are really four good teams in the east and about the same in the west….San Antonio looks really good this year (if they aren’t peaking too soon) and the Celtics, Orlando.Chicago, and the Heat in the East. Of course there are a handful of others who could get hot at the end…Good year for the NBA so don’t ruin it with a strike!!!!!!!

  43. CHERYL says:

    sunday is going to be a great day! CELTICS are going to dominate this game, as they should’ve won the championship!! cant beat their defense.

  44. Carter71185 says:

    steve lakers beat okc already and spurs is not gonna be that hard to be oh yeah and remember when cavs swept lakers and int eh season and celtics whoop cavs but lakers got to the finals and whoop celtics hmmmm and ur point about miami beating la but cant beat celtics that doesnt matter because heats cant beat lakers in a 7 game series so cut it out now

  45. Mimiboston* says:

    ^^^^^ True that steve!

  46. nadige joseph says:

    i cant wait for SUNDAY ! it’ll be a rematch for the horrible game last year. may the best team win. (cough) CELTICS!!!

  47. juanikiyo123 says:


  48. KingCobra25 says:

    These fools of drugs are just idiots to count out the heat. Lebron sweped the celtics and lakers in the regualar season last season. Lebron did not have enough help to beat a powerhouse like boston. Lebron, mo williams, gibson, jamison. Really? Le6ron, Wa3e, Bosh, Chalmers, Miller and Big Z/. That’s what i am takling about. Celtics move over because noone gives a crap about you old folks. lakers good luck getting past the SPURSSSSSSSSSSS! MIAMI VS SPURS> EPIC FINALS MATCHUP

    • Laker fan says:

      Where did those reg. season games get you?

    • PJ says:

      Old folks move over…..give me a break…old doesn’t mean we won’t wipe the floor with ya. Show me a truly “young” team with as good of a record as the celtics

  49. JUST WATCH says:

    DON’T be so sure celtics(even you miami dis early season) and lakers fan coz it will just gonna HURT still the threat to ur teams especially dwyane wade he is too good in playoffs .. just watch and enjoy.. dont expect too much..

  50. PJ says:

    Was I the only one who thought Perk looked great for his first night back…and i love to see him smile. He should do it more often

  51. yO hatas arent yall tired of sayin the same shiet evry year L.A turns up the heat when they want 2 yall kno wits only amatte rfo time L.A tree peatin dat sit ofcourse some hata gona try and reply with sometin slick quit regular season games arent the world to L.A palyers coach etc its all about the playoffs lebron wins 60 games in a season and it results in quick trip out of playoff unlike L.A WHO PLEASE’S THERE FANS BUT CAPS OFF THE SEASON WITH RINGS AND IM WITH THE BALL FANS L.A BOSTON finals REMATCH AGAIN.

  52. Steve says:

    when it comes down to it, there is one thing that every basketball fan — and any sportsfan that matter — across the world wants to see:

    Rematch 2011: BOSTON CELTICS v L.A. Lakers

    This rivalry defines basketball at a global and historical level. NBA should have officials fix playoffs to set up another game 7 again.

  53. twicky says:

    Lakers are gonna finish the regular season as the first or the second in the league, as usual. Then, they will overcome the game 7 till they are in finals. From my point of view Spurs aren’t a problem.
    Celtics are also gonna get the final game7. Despite the fact that Heat are playing a good basketball and Rose’s Bulls are being amazing (let’s wait to see the next match vs Magic), Boston will beat all of them thanks their DEFENSE.
    Then, we’ll see another LA – CELTICS (June 2011). Both of them are too old to dominate, aren’t they?

  54. Steve says:

    When it comes down to it, you need to look at the matchups
    Fisher – Rondo = Rondo (good advantage)
    Kobe – Ray = Kobe (slight advantage)
    Artest – Pierce = Pierce (slight advantage)
    Gasol – Garnett = Garnett this year suckas (good advantage)
    Bynum – Perkins = Bynum (slight advantage even if Perk is healthy)

    fairly evenly matched, across the board, but Garnett and Rondo’s elevated play this season gives a slight advantage to the Celtics in my opinion in terms of starting five, but the deciding factor will be an strong and productive bench.

    Bench – Bench = Celtics Celtics Celtics

    they made the acquisitions they needed to, and when Delonte, Shaq, and J.O. are healthy come playoffs? the Celtics 2nd string could start on any sub-500 team in the NBA. make no doubt that Davis, West, Robinson, Daniels, and Shaq are the real deal. I’m from Boston, so I might be biased, but looking at it objectively: if these teams met in the finals, the green and white would turn out on top.

    YO L,A,! Can your team even handle San Antonio or OKC?! what makes you think you’re going to the playoffs? Celtics have smoked Miami and they were supposed to be our “competition” and we did it with injuries. you all are sht outta luck

    • tRay says:

      Couldn’t agree more

    • MackDaddy says:

      You forgot the bench…. I’d rather Shaq, Davis, and Supernate than any of the Laker’s bench.

      Boston is older, but it’s deeper too.
      The only reason Lakers won game 7 was because Boston didnt have enough big’s when Perk went down.
      Can’t wait for Shaq Daddy to come into LA and take one back with him :).
      Will be ever sweeter taking it away from Kobe.

    • Laker fan says:


  55. Orex says:

    As a fan, nothing beats a Lakers-Celtics finals. You have two teams who are built deep, understand the game on both ends of the court, with contrasting personalities but with the same level of intensity when they play (quiet, tough, blue collar hard work of the Celtics vs the flashy, confident, dramatic intensity of the Lakers). You have teams where the talk is on the court, where they know that the true measure is not the hoopla outside the court but the hustle inside. Where greatness is achieved on June.

    The other teams may be good. But if you’re a fan of the game nothing beats a Lakers-Celtics. (Except of course a Knicks finals but thats another story.)

    • Go Lakers says:

      Most respect the rivalry…’s only the fans of teams who aren’t consistently winning and getting to the Finals that are saying “it’s boring” or don’t respect it which is a shame.

  56. Forget-Y'all says:


  57. PJ says:

    What is going on in Phoenix, with the rumors still hanging around?? Getting rid of Steve Nash and/or just starting all over. I’m not saying they are the great team they used to be, but Steve Nash is one hell of a player and losing him would be a huge loss to the game. If he were traded to a good team that he wanted to go to that would be a differnt story. I would love to see him on a great team with the possibility of getting a ring. I am a Celtics fan all the way, but you can’t help but love Nash. In my opinion he is just an older, more experienced version of Rajon Rondo. I love to see those two go head to head. They are both the whole package….play makers, great ball handlers, rebounds, steals, assists, and scoring too….completely unselfish players. They are examples of how the game should be played. If you ask me, and of course no one is, but…I think it could be a great move to get rid of Nate Robinson as Rondo’s so called backup and put Nash in there instead, I just don’t know if Nash would be willing to play second fiddle to a kid, ya know what I mean? Well, it’s just a thought.

    • SA,GO says:

      “he is just an older, more experienced version of Rajon Rondo” am i reading it right. yeah they rondo is an elite passer and hell of a defender but nash shoots the ball ANYWHERE on the court and maybe the best tf shooter who had ever lived. rondo shoots brick beyond 17ft and one of the worst ft shooter at pg. see the difference?

  58. Randeligan says:

    23, are you mentally challenged or just a moron. “Lakers will going down” ?????? Your comment and phrasing is beyond idiotic. No one takes a person with that kind of understanding of the english language seriously. At least read what you type in the box to see if it at least makes sense.

  59. LakersWillWin says:

    Sundays game WILL be game 8 of the finals. No one should say that it doesn’t count, this is a game that WILL count. Halfway through the season both teams have their chemistry, both are in the groove of ball… Celtics are pissed about the loss, and expect an amazing game. Lakers will come out with their A game, but so will Boston.

  60. dontdrowninthelake says:

    you see no one gives lakers credit except for the fans. 2010 nba finals was the greatest finals I have seen live. No one credits both teams except for fans. But for some reason if Lebron was in a game 7 finals and won the NBA championship it would be something to remember for the rest of NBA’s existence. The amount of praise Lebron would receive would be unimaginable. Why does this player get more credit then any other player in the league? well because Lebron is a engine, and if you don’t run your offence around him you will loose. Thats his policy and if he doesn’t get his way he will throw a fit. A 100million dollar contract before the NBA…. wow Nike created a monster. Its only normal the kid is a diva things must go his way or he will just go to a next team. Do you notice when he was playing for the cavs every possession he had to make sure he got a stat either a rebound shot assist. He is simply what you call a stat hog. SO no more lebron on this blog I just put it to rest. Lakers will win this year by game 6, garnett will get injured and bynum will sit out some of the season for the playoffs.

  61. Mimiboston* says:

    Great match yes! Revenge baby, GOOO CELTICS!!! Its great to have Perk back to start where we left off. More worried the about playoffs and us staying healthy Banner18 lets goo!

  62. RoseChicago2011 says:

    I dont think you should go bashing on all Celtics fans. Im the biggest Celtics fan there is (imo of course), and even i have to admit that the Lakers BEAT the celtics in that game 7. But this is a new year, new teams, new everything. The Spurs are ballin, the Heat are getting in their groove. Only thing i hope is for another Celtics/Lakers finals. Ive never witnessed an NBA finals with as much Passion as that one. I just want to see that kind of heart one more time. Celtics-Lakers 2011!

    • Go Lakers says:

      Just like I don’t think all Laker fans should be bashed. Not all Laker and Celtic fans are biased trash talkers. So I agree with you.

  63. Lakeshow93 says:

    Wassup folks. I stated at the end of last years playoff that we will be looking at Round 3 of Celtic vs Lakers. This what we all want to see. Even me being a real L.A. fan. I will not count out Miami, San Antonio, and/ or Orlando. The question with them remains….do they have what it takes to run a 7 game series. Out of those teams besides the obvious is San Antonio because of there experience. I just don’t think they have what it takes to beat either of those two teams. (Celtics/Lakers) The only way this Round 3 doesn’t happen is if they beat themselves. Look at what will be at stake…. Overall Championship totals, Team Pride that dates back even before the Lakers moved to L.A, and of course the Beast of the East vs the Best of the West. What other teams can build that kind of hype just off of name alone. Are these teams old….YES! But can they still ball when they need to……YES YES and YES. If and when Round 3 happens it can truely go either way. I am Lakershow all the way but will not be upset if the lost came to the Celtics. This is what the NBA is really all about.

  64. NBAFreak23 says:


  65. Mike P says:

    Miami doesnt have a chance against Celts. It would be 4-1 in the playoffs. The only reason lakers have won the past 2 is because celts were injured. This time, theres enough ammo that even with an injury Celts still win- so long as its not the big 3.

    Celts Banner 18!

  66. Laker-Celtics Period says:

    Who Won the Champ Past Two @22222 years ?

  67. Laker-Celtics Period says:

    Lakers ands celtics in Nba Finals again
    Heat spurs Mavs Orlando or any other dumb team u can think of are bluffing
    once come playoffs all those teams wont show up only the lakers and celts will
    cuz they want it more
    so every body just stfu and watch the lakers loose on sunday
    cuz last year the lakers loose to boston twice in regular season
    Nevermind that
    i think either kobe or ray allen will hit a game winner on sunday

    • Go Lakers says:

      Actually last year it was 1-1. And Boston won the second game by one point (Kobe was out due to an injury). The season before that, the Lakers swept Boston. Get your facts straight.

  68. JKey says:

    Ha I thought this article was about warning other teams of their centers having injuries how that impacts on their teams…I guess it does have some minor connection!

  69. Celtics says:

    No doubt I would love to see this match up, but this win wouldn’t prove anything. Let’s wait until June, GO CELTICS!

    • Go Lakers says:

      I agree with you. All this trash talk is nonsense considering its just the regular season which doesn’t dictate the playoffs at all. Hopefully we’ll see you in June! 😀 Gonna be a great game though.

  70. India says:

    Miami will not beat boston…. boston in 2011 ! 🙂

  71. craig says:

    @ Mike, I remember Doc said that about them not losing with their(Celtics) starting 5. Well neither has the Lakers because Andrew Bynum was hurt when the old big 3 first got their 1st title!!! He was hurt in the finals round last year too.
    Don’t wanna here about Perkins, he’s not on Bynum’s level. 3peat!!!!

  72. TwoGoingOnThree says:

    Perkins got injured, that’s why we lost…uhhh, yea, that’s why. The other three games we lost, well, we’ll come up with an excuse for those at some other time. And who cares if Bynum didn’t play in ANY of the games, and lakers STILL won.

    Yea, we heard all about how Boston was going to win last year. So, I forget, who got the ring?

  73. tRay says:

    Should be a good game GO LAKERS!!! But unlike a lot of retard Laker fans I won’t look to far into this game. I’m sure many of those same retard fans will be saying it doesn’t matter wait til the playoffs if they lose but if they win OMG these message boards will be filled with uneducated Laker wannabe fans.

  74. fırat says:

    kobe usually score 30-40 against sha because of their past.but celtics defending kobe wery well ı think despite defense kobe will put up 30-40 because he missed scorng a lot this season and it is golden opportunity for him playing against celtics to score 40

  75. CELTIC ALL DAY#18 says:

    this gonna be a game,im gonna rep my jersey all sunday
    btw:rondo is going to get off, lakers going 2 have to watch out for the bigs(KG,Perkins,and Shaq).

  76. Jerry says:

    that video was amazing…

  77. KB24 says:

    You all know who is it that is compared to Jordan it’s not KG, it’s not Ray it’s not Rondo it’s not Shaq it is not Pierce it’s not LeBron it’s not Wade. Kobe may be getting older but he’s aging just fine despite everything he is still the best player in the league today and the Zen Master is on the bench. Just so all understand my man 24 has 5 rings Phill Jackson has 11 so when June comes I hope you are not too disappointed with Boston’s performence because Kobe smells fear once again.

  78. Michael says:

    Lakers-Orlando is the final.Lakers will 3 peat again.
    Boston is not a bad team but they will not be healthy after the first or the second round in the play offs.

  79. Alekesam says:

    Wow, lot of junk posted while I typed my last comment.

    First off, Doc might want to remember that his all important starting five didn’t beat our starting five that year because Bynum (who dominated Perk during the regular season) was out and Trevor was injured so if you’re going to play that game, you’ve never beat our starting five either. But hey, we lost in 08, no excuses, just do the same and be quiet.

    As far as Sunday goes, I can’t wait. Should be a good game. The outcome will depend on energy. Bynum can handle Jermaine Oneal, Perk and Big Baby but having to switch constantly through the three, we’ll see how it goes.

    • Pete says:

      Bynum can definately handle Jermaine and (unhealthy) Perkins.

      The question mark is his ability to keep up with Big Baby’s agility / intensity, along with Shaq’s size and inside presense (if he plays). More importantly, his ability to handle both of the above without getting into foul trouble.

      One of the toughest things when playing a healthy Celtics team is their versatility – the fact that they can attack you in multiple ways at any given position, rather then a one-show-wonder (like Orlando, who just try to beat you with outside shooting).

      Boston have four bigs who all have a very differnt playing style – Shaq will use his size and post game, Perkins will attack you with his interior defense, hustle and offensive rebounding/putbacks, Jermaine Oneal is a rebounder and shotblocker but can draw you out with his shooting range and Big Baby will hurt you with his outside shooting, by beating you off the dribble and by drawing charges. Then of top of that you have Semih Erden who is a little green, but another big body they can throw in there for scrap minutes in case their bigs get hurt or in foul trouble.

      Boston don’t really have an all-star calibre big man (outside of KG), but their depth at the centre and PF positions makes them very dangerous once they are healthy. Shaq, Perkins and Big Baby in particular draw a LOT of fouls, and even though Shaq and Perk are mediocre free throw shooters it can still makes a different by getting apposing big men in foul trouble early in the game.

      IF the Celtics have Shaq, Perk, Baby and either Jermain or Erden healthy, it’s going to be a major deciding factor in the series. Gasol on his own will not be enough for the Lakers against Boston’s massive front line. LA absolutely MUST have Bynum and Gasol on the court to stick with Boston over a 7 game series, and Bynum’s ability to contain Boston’s big men |without| getting into foul trouble is going to one critical factor for LA.

      If Bynum gets in foul trouble trying to defend Shaq and Big Baby, the LA become small real fast and get themselves into big trouble. Gasol in foul trouble is not as much an issue because Odom is capable of matching up with KG and Big Baby…but the Lakers really do NOT want Gasol or Odom to have to match up with Shaq or Perkins.

  80. redballer says:

    Celtics is the team to beat….hands down!!!!!! This is because they are a TEAM!!!!! There’s no one man show and in the finals we will all be reminded of that. We were robbed game 7 and thats y we’re coming back this season with our lethal defense this season!!!!!! Can’t wait til all the FLAKERS fans get shut down!!!!!!!! LETS GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!

  81. tim says:

    haha let me just say that those 7 games last year took a year off my life. i definitely would have died in a 17 game series lmao

  82. Tom says:

    what with all the celtic excuse from last year final. how about the 08 final when La dont have Bynum? oh please u think Perkin is more important to Celtic than Bynum To Laker. come on with out bynum in 08 Laker start gasol at center and odom at pf which left there back up is banga and Powell and not to mention trever ariza is injure ttoo. so please all these excuse is just anoying cuz everyone can make these stupid excuse for their team.

  83. Alekesam says:

    “But you saw the NBA Finals last summer. No one would have complained if the Lakers and Celtics had played a best-of-17 series. The games were that hard-fought, the drama was that thick and the intensity choked the air out of the arena at times during all seven of those games.

    Isn’t that what we — as fans of the game — all want?”

    You hit it right on the nose. As much as I love my Lakers being in the Finals so many times this past decade, I love a tight nail-biter even more. Blowout Finals/playoffs are boring as heck (by blowout, I mean either pure dominance or a performance so strong there’s little doubt who will win the overall series despite a win or two) . Granted, you never really want your guys to cut it that close, but I’d take that over rollovers any day.

  84. 24 !! says:

    SUNDAY mann these boston lakers match upsss offcource ets celtics lakers finals again and add more drama shaq and kobe thing 🙂 this time

  85. hoopsfan says:

    The Lakers barely squeezed by the Celtics in last years playoffs. To “hand” them another championship would be foolish considering how hard it was last year and that they are even older now. That being said this is probably Slobe and LA’s last chance at a title for a long time. Do or die LA. Go Heat!!

    • tim says:

      of course it was hard… it was against the celtics…. old or young it’s hard to beat them in a series for any team

  86. Moe says:

    C-E-L-T-I-C-S GO GO GO!!! But I have to admit, without the Fakers, the game wouldn’t be as fun

  87. i.m p.r says:

    amazing rivalry…go BOSTON!!!!!number 18

  88. Linzo says:

    its funny how u lickasss fan keep make excuses; oh they dont feel like playing, they r just cokcy, they knw they can beat any team. well come june lets see if they even get to the finals. celtics we take care of business, come sunday, come June ya’ll will find out.

    • nba fan says:

      Then you of all Celtic fans should know it’s not going to be easy for yall and you know it. L.A. BRINGS IT in the playoffs then takes it to another level in the finals. It’s funny how Laker/Celtic fans supposedly hate each other, yet can’t stop talking about each other.

  89. al- respect d game says:

    well, it gonna be a good game that i know cause both teams are starting to play good ball. i agree that the spurs should not be taken lightly but don’t worry we’ll(LA) remind them(SPURS) of how good we can be next week Thursday when they come into our house. Were about to go on a good stretch that will tell where we are mentally too. enjoy the next few games fellas.

  90. carlos menchaca says:

    hey smith, just want to let u know that i enjoy reading ur post..u always keep it real. never do u smash on somebody or any team…just want to give u your respect for that…keep on doin what ur doin…and i that u for ur prediction…lakers n celtics..but we all know who will come out victorious…Lakers!!! why??? its just that they r better, its as simple as that…

  91. Celtics#18 says:

    This is how it is….The Lakers ain’t playin their best ball BUT they have been to the Finals for 3 straight seasons and faced the Celtics in two of those Finals. Eventually fatigue sets in. Gasol is tired, Kobe isn’t healthy, Artest is playing like a bum, Fisher couldn’t guard a high schooler, and you aren’t as deep as you think. You got two to three solid players coming off the bench. The Spurs are playing great and Duncan isnt even a factor. He’s gonna take over in the playoffs. Miami isnt deep and theyre predictable on offense. If you take care of the ball against them they dont get easy buckets, which they need to win. Orlando is dangerous IF they hit 3’s. If they dont they dont scare anyone because Dwight is hella predictable and easy for my Celtics to defend. The Bulls are gonna be really good towards the end of the season. If the C’s are healthy going into the playoffs and they stay healthy throughout it’s over for everyone else. We’re too deep, too big, too experienced and we play the best defense the postseason has ever seen. Banner 18. End of discussion.

  92. After25YearsOfWatching says:

    Kobe scores above 30, but Celtics win. Health granted, the Celtics will win because of their more balanced and have a deeper bench. Shaq can limit Bynum btw. What an ironic matchup. Remember the 2 dunks by Shaq and Bynum in the first matchup after Shaq left LA

  93. Mike says:

    Lakers fans seem to forget that Perkins wasn’t in Game 7 of the Finals last year and we really had no replacement at center for him other than a 6’9″ Glen Davis. Now we have Shaq, Erden, and Jermaine (if he gets healthy) in the rotation. And like Doc Rivers has said, “the Celtics have never been beaten in the playoffs with our current starting five”. Last time the Celtics had their starting 5 throughout the entire playoffs, we all know what happened. Celtics would win it in 6, the Lakers simply can’t handle Rondo and our improved post game.

    But that’s just speculation, of course. I don’t even believe the Lakers will make it that far. Look for the Spurs and Celtics in June!

    And btw, the Miami Heat won’t make it past the second round of the playoffs. They are doing well in the regular season, but their vulnerabilities will be picked apart in the playoffs.

    • LAL says:

      hey buddy, it seems like you forgot about the fact that bynum and ariza were injured the year the celtic’s five won. If your memory doesnt serve you right let me refresh it; Rasheed Wallace started and played a damn good ballgame. So dont bring up your ignorance by stating tha Davis was the only one that could play. Its fascinating how stupid celtic fans can be. You lost, now pack your bags and try to get there again to beat us. Until then, STFU.

      • Jay says:

        LAL, judging from ur comments, u sound like someone i know…hmmm.. just wondering, Always got an excuse for the lakers shortcomings, fact of the matter is, injuries is a part of the game, thats y u have guys on the bench to step up when their time comes.. If u get beat, u just got beat, period. Ariza and Bynum dont make the Lakers, if Kobe is as great as yall Laker fan say he is, they would still have won in 08… THis is 2011, leave the excuses in the past.

  94. RMshady says:

    Boston’s frontline is getting healthy. That’s doom for LA. Got lucky last year w/ That Perkins guy missing game 7 and David Stern’s ever burning hatred for Boston(See 21 FT att in 4th qtr of GM7). Talk about WWE! Unfortunately for Stern and LA, Boston is too deep up front this year and Fisher is another year older while Rondo appears another year better.
    LA’s only change is Boston gets banged up again before the Playoffs. Sunday’s game will be entertaining, but not mean much. These 2 should meet again in June, but I could see LA imploding or Boston getting hurt. That would open the door for the BULLS!!!!!! LOL

    • LAL says:

      Lucky that Bynum and Ariza were injured in 08, or else you would still be in your celtic dark ages buddy. Check the facts before exposing your ignorance. BTW the above sentence was derived from your flawed logic. Safe to say the Lakers were to go for a fourpeat this year right if bynum n ariza were there in 08?

      • LAL says:

        yeah smartass thats cuz bynum n ariza were out all 7 games instead of just 1….stupid? I think you are my friend.

        BTW last i remember celts lost a 13 pt lead in game 7 of the nba finals…pathetic. Stop making excuses for your shortcomings, we were just better and manhandled you when it mattered… Just remember, youre finished second, which is the same as last 🙂

      • kobeisthebest says:

        @LAL your right I agree with you like kobe said in the post game conference in 08 2nd place means your the first loser

      • Pete says:

        “BTW last i remember celts lost a 13 pt lead in game 7 of the nba finals…pathetic.”

        Umm…didn’t Cetics set an NBA record for the biggest comback in NBA finals history when Lakers gave up a 28 (or so) point lead in game 6 of the 2008 playoffs?

        Just a thought 🙂

    • TwoGoingOnThree says:

      Yea, don’t forget Bynum missing ALL 7 games. Perkins missed one game and that’s why you lost? I guess the other three games were some other excuse, right?

      • No Excuses says:

        i dont remember there being 7 games in 08 buddy? i think there were 6. and that one wasnt even a game! didnt you lose by 39 points??????

    • Stuart White says:

      So sick of all the Perkins wah-wah. If the Lakers had had a healthy Bynum, it wouldnt have gone to a seventh game in the first place. Why cant you green punks take your loss like men. Pansies.

  95. Jhomel23 says:

    I like how kobe playing right now, hes getting everyone involved. if he keeps playing like this he will win more championship than MJ. Gasol was playing soft, but this past three games hes being more aggressive….and men Odom is a plus playing like this through the whole season and finals…i gaurantee he can win 6 man of the year and another championship for the lakers…..

  96. Edd says:

    This sunday is going to be a great game… 2 of the best teams in the league going at it…

  97. Bryce says:

    Celtics by 25 goooooooooo BOSTON. Kobe is weak and so is gasoft and bynum. Ron-Ron’s still the man though.

    • LABRYANT says:

      Celtics by 25 ..i take that bet all day ..Kobe is weak lol…Bryce you just made my humor..

      • trix says:

        haha this reminds me of all the celtics fan/lakers haters comments during the finals and before game 7…funny didnt hear from them after game 7 tho….wonder why

  98. krazy says:

    LAkers ALl the way, KObe will prevail.

  99. Louis Hohl says:

    Lakers are not going to be full strength come playoff time. One of the bigs will be hurt and Kobe will attempt to pick up the slack. That will in turn take his “team” out of the games and the rhythm will be lost. I think they will struggle against the Spurs in the western conf finals and if they can salvage a win they wont get past the Celtics. Celtics are too good and too upset about last year. Im a Heat fan and know that this is not the year of the Heat…our year will come once the Lake show has dwindled and Phil is retired and the Celtics are dismantled…

    • Alex says:

      “our year will come once the Lake show has dwindled and Phil is retired and the Celtics are dismantled”
      Wow! Why not waiting to play alone in a league? Maybe that could be heat’s time ahahah

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      Yea kinda like what happened the last two years with the LAKERS ha? Your an idiot!!

  100. Gabe says:

    To not seriously take into account the Heat and the Spurs as formidable roadblocks to a Lakers-Celtics Finals is an oversight of apocolyptic proportions… I honestly don’t see the Lakers getting past San Antonio…and in a 7 game series the Celts will have their hands full against Miami …don’t pencil either team in just quite yet.
    However, Spurs – Celtics would make for a fascinating series!

    • No Excuses says:

      I disagree. Celtics beat San Antonio without KG, Perk, Delonte, and with Shaq and JO injured. Shaq and JO might always be injured, but a healthy KG Perk and Delonte, good luck San Antonio

      • john says:

        So the Celtics beat the Spurs once in the regular season. I mean by that logic the raptors (who beat the Celtics this season) should be a legit threat to make the playoffs. Lets be reasonable here. One regular season game, unless an absolute blowout, is not a good, or even a decent indication of the way two teams stack up in a 7 game series. GO MAGIC

    • Lakers ALL DAY says:

      How can you not “see” the Lakers getting past the Spurs?? They have played only 1 game together so far lol. Spurs are looking alright right now, but that really doesn’t mean anything. Don’t make rash predictions based on how these teams are playing now. The Spurs could easily wear-down towards the end of the season because of the high level they are playing right now. Granted, Pop is playing his best players in moderation in preparation for the crucial stretch. Still, it is impossible to “see” the Spurs getting past the Lakers at this point or vice-versa when they have only played 1 game. Wait until they play each other in LA next week at least lol.

    • NBA FAN says:

      If the Spurs play the Celtics in the finals, the Celtics would win in 5. Spurs lost to the Celtics when they didn’t have Shaq, KG, or Perkins! The Celtics used Big Baby and Jermaine Oneal the whole night! Imagine what would happen if they had Shaq, KG, and Perkins. Trust me, the ONLY team in the west that can beat the Celtics in a 7 game series is the Lakers. NOBODY ELSE CAN.

    • trix says:

      i dont know if i agree with that…the Lakers are the still the team to beat they are the 2 time defending champs and 3 time western conference champs….so till spurs prove they can beat l.a, the championship still goes thru lakers…spurs – celtics fascinating series???….did u miss last year’s finals that was as exciting as a finals series got in so many years lets hope we have one more of it this year:)

      • Jay says:

        The best series will hands down be Heat vs Lakers, 2 of the most popular and yet hated players in NBA history, Kobe and Lebron, ratings will be out of the roof… Thats what the fans want to see Lebron and Kobe, whose better, that could only be answered with a head to head showdown in a seven game series…

    • Ben says:

      The Spurs will probably have the best record in the NBA at the end of this season. But that being said, the best record doesn’t get you far in the playoffs. Let’s look at the past two seasons. As Kenny Smith says, it’s all about match-ups. Match-ups are the most important thing when it comes to winning a championship. Boston, Miami and LA are by far the hardest teams to match up against.

      Haters gonna hate on my Miami comment, but how are you going to stop LeBron and Wade? There is not one player in the NBA that can stop those two.

      Lakers all day, everyday.

  101. fırat says:

    please write your predictions about the kobe’s scoring against celtics

  102. fırat says:

    ı think kobe will be on fire after 6-24 shooting in the seventh game of finals against boston

  103. fırat says:

    how many points kobe score can he put up 30 or 40

  104. Ronin says:

    I can’t tell you how many times I have had to explain the way the Lakers work. I’m a Laker fan and I have been for a long time now. Kobe’s Lakers is a team that decides when they will play hard. It’s not laziness, but it could very easily be cockiness. There is good reason for them to be cocky, but it can be frustrating as a fan and as a basketball fan to watch. The Lakers put themselves in a position to be at the top of the league and they have not been playing their best basketball by any stretch of the imagination. Despite the level of their basketball, they are still ranked 3rd in the League while other teams have beaten up the rest of the NBA (Spurs/Celtics/Heat). Meanwhile, the Lakers have a better overall record than the Heat and they haven’t even turned on the heat yet.

    Sloan is right. When the Lakers decide to turn it on, they do and it turns into rings. 3 PEAT!!!

    • B.O.B says:

      and they say Celtics fans make excuses..

      • TwoGoingOnThree says:

        Seeing as we got the ring last year, I wouldn’t say we need any excuses.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA Celtic fans are full of excuses! How many times have we heard “if Kendrick Perkins played in game 7 the LAKERS would have lost. Even your coach keeps crying that story!

    • No Excuses says:

      We will see how good the lakers are starting after the all-star break. Before the break, the lakers had the easiest schedule played by any other NBA team. After the break, they have the second hardest. Im a boston fan so i hope the lakers pick it up because otherwise the EAST finals would be the NBA FINALS… Im pulling for lakers celtics round 3. Ding ding ding

      • PJ says:

        I’m a huge Celtics fan and I love the rivalry between the Lakers and Celtics, but this year we have a great team and a healthy team. I’m not a fan of the way LA plays. Like quite a few other teams, they don’t always act like a team. Too many players try to make the game all about themselves and what they can do alone, Kobe, for example. Now I know the guys got skills, but a good team is an unselfish team. That’s what you have in Boston.

    • Zachary says:

      Its not cockiness, its just him knowing that NOBODY in the league can stick him one on one…………. not even LEBRON. Lenron is good but I don’t even put him in the same converstaion as Kobe and Jordan or any of the greats………..He needs rings and he won’t get one for a few years at least. If he gets any LOL

      • rs says:

        LeBron does not need a ring to be one of greatest (btw , he is already is) … b-ball is a team game .Kobe is great player , no doubt , but to compare players with their rings – it is just not right . Kobe was very lucky , unlike Lebron ,Nash , KG , even Wade – where they did not have a good players around them .saying that , of course , Lakers players were very lucky to have Kobe .
        You can say greatest in tennis , chess , …
        where you are alone with rival .

    • Champkobe says:

      not to mention Pierce’s bull cockiness after game 2. You remember that “we wont need to come back to LA quote?”

  105. Cordell Knighten says:

    Just remember, the Lakers usually struggle getting up for “big” regular season games. So either way, to read too much in the outcome of this one unless of course someone just gets molly whopped. Lakers by 7.


    • LakersWillWin says:

      I think this is a game LA would go all out for. Obviously they didn’t care about the HEat game, it almost seemed like they were trying to prove a point on how much they didn’t want to play on xmas day. But this is going to be like game 8 of the finals. I expect someone to get hurt, some techs, and even a flagrant… maybe even some ejections.

      • rs says:

        “they did not care ? They had special shoes to steel x-mas from Miami .
        I think Lakers will go to final and may be win championship – they have too many big guys . But their game is not briniging any excietement . They do not have James, Wade , Griffin , Nash , Rondo …
        They are just boring

  106. Ambuj Arind says:

    they did a heck of a job in boston…in BOSTON..not in our house … go LA !!

    • Burner says:

      Thats right..only the MIlwaukee comes to the Staples Center and shuts it down!!!! Hahahahaha

      • Wowstupidpeople says:

        Are you f*cking stupid? Do you really think the Bucks, THE BUCKS, have a chance of beating the Lakers when they actually TRY in a series? Lakers would sweep the Bucks by at least 20 points if we played the Bucks in a series. So many idiots base things off one game. Lakers are impossible to beat when they play at their best. If you people think Lakers care about regular season, you must have been dropped as a child. Lakers coast every year. They see no point in wasting energy trying to get 1st seed. They don’t need it. Lakers have the best record on the road this year. Shows how much we need HCA

  107. kikz says:

    Of course, it is LA Lakers 3-PEAT. It is exciting to see Lakers beat Celtics again in Game 7. This would be another classic game. Go Lakers…

  108. Harry4romNorthHWD says:

    When matched up with someone his own size, Bynum hasn’t produced the way he should. Take the game against Tyson Chandler the other day. He simply couldn’t do what he wanted to do against Chandler. The excuse is that he’s still rounding into shape, and we’re hopeful he’ll get some of that athleticism and quickness in his legs he once had. I’m eager to see how he does Sunday matched up against Perkins, Erden, and Shaq. And Gasol isn’t on top of his game either. He’s been looking more like Gasoft as of late. If these two aren’t in tip-top shape, i don’t see LA winning again.

    • TwoGoingOnThree says:

      “Lakers aren’t on, won’t be making it to the playoffs, they can’t win”.

      We heard that all last year, and dispelled the naysayers. In LA, we don’t collect talking points, we collect rings.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Bynum even said that Tyson Chandler is his #1 hardest matchup in the league. It’s not just anyone his size, particular players can give you a hard time. Therefore you can’t use one specific player and say he can’t produce against someone his size…

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      Blah blah blah blah…..same story we herad from you LAKER haters last year.

  109. superman says:

    the only reason miami will not make it to the second round of the playoffs unlike boston and LA is because they have 3 players on their team and i think im right in saying that most people notice that it doesnt look right when all 3 of them are out on the court. it just looks like all three of them want the ball and their offense is really predictable because when lebron or dwade drives to the hoop and if theres too much traffic they have to kick the ball out to all those perimeter shooters (which is really predictable) thats why they get so many turnovers and thats why its going to be LA vs boston yet again

    • KindLikeTheHeatles says:

      “the only reason miami will not make it to the second round of the playoffs unlike boston and LA is because they have 3 players on their team and i think im right in saying that most people notice that it doesnt look right when all 3 of them are out on the court. ”

      Jesus man, are you counting off Haslem, Miller or Big Z? That wouldn’t be fair (cause “Z” has a really decent jumpshot that spreads their game) Haslem is a pretty good rebounder, good for 8/10 rebs a game, and Miller is such a wonderful shooter that’s yet healing (check the 32 agaisnt the Raptors). You can’t tell that they are a 3 man team.
      I completely agree that the Lakers, Celtics and Spurs have a deeper roster, no doubt about that, but neither as even a single player that can match the explosiveness, spedd, scoring and playmaking ability that Wade and James can provide to the game and their team (except the Black Mamba of course). James Jones can hit the open 3, Miller (when fully fit) can hit from anywhere on the court, Z can shoot it real close to the 3-point line that is an awsome exploit to capitalize with the ability to drive and shoot/pass that D-Wade and Lebron have.
      The real big problem you can point is the PG, but then again James and Wade are pretty good ball handlers and Chalmers and Arroyo occasionally can get off to good games. So real challengers to fully fit Heat? Magic (cause the reigning, and future for years to come, Defensive Player of the Year) and LA (with a good, for about 30/33 minutes, Bynum).

      The fact that you believe that they don’t look good the 3 on floor at the same time? Ask any basketball fan if it doesn’t seem that sweet to watch them play.

      We will wait for June to check it, so don’t count them off, not till game 7 of the Eastern Finals at least.

      • Ruben says:

        nice story.. but you are over lookin’ the other team defense, besides the 3, the other guys only can
        score with jump shots, what about points in the paint? what about the great defensive teams like Boston and the Lakers who can play great perimeter defense? Ilgauskas won’t ever win a battle against Howard, Bynum and Perkins, so, the bottom line is that you are pointing like they will shoot
        with no oppositions, and that’s no true. Do not under estimate the others team’s defense.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        Z is a 7′ 3″ softy, Haslem wont be in game shape when the playoffs start,,,,if he can come back at all this season. And miller wont be able to produce anything in the playoffs if you put someone who knows how to play defense on him…. lets say like Ron Artest!

      • KindLikeTheHeatles says:

        I’m not underestimating anyone, but if you put the ball in the hands of Wade or Lebron and don’t a second defender on them when they’re driving to the hoop you might just put 2 points on the board from the beggining from each time they drive, and if you do it they’ll kill you with the shooters they have. I’m aware that Bosh is the only one who can hurt the other teams in the post but so what, if you have Wade and James?
        I know the major candidates can play good D but the Heat can play well offensively and very well defensively.

        Question for THEHEATSUCK:
        If you put Artest on Miller, who (besides Kobe) can keep up with James or Wade? ( don’t say Barnes cause is good, but not that good) and don’t forget: if Kobe is asked more than usual to defend, a lot of rush shots will start to jump out( cause it will tire him more and is not 25 anymore).

  110. Carole says:

    Hey y’all! So is everyone counting out the “Heatles”?

  111. stardom says:

    Sunday 4 life, I love this rivalry go LA….

  112. dontdrowninthelake says:

    You see I told y’all, Phil and West say these things to step there team up they don’t say it cause its 100 percent true.They know what sparks the team.I guess (SEKOU) read my comments yesterday and understood its going to be Boston and Lakers again in the finals. Yesterdays lakers game was just a taste of what people will see towards the end of the season.

    • Sekou Smith says:

      I predicted the LA-Boston rematch in July! Ha.

      • sweet equity says:

        “That’s What I like About you, you tell me things I wanna hear ” (read), by The Romantics.

      • 23 says:

        not really. I still go for miami. Lakers will going down. =)

      • 23 u suck piss says:

        miami is garbage. nuff said. nothing u say or any of ur heatdreamers say will ever change the fact that miami is garbage. u want proof? 2 games against boston. now what do u have? Nuuuuuuuuuuuthin!


        I predicted it too. It’s happening, this sunday.

  113. Wait a minute says:


    • Wade fan says:

      The two two HIGHEST PAYED teams in the league are the top teams in the league and is why they have so many fake fans. The Celtics have 4 all stars and two more past all stars. The lakers have great players too but i still repect them. Yet people still hate the heat for having 3 allstars….. makes no sense

      • Lm Mortel says:

        @Wade Fan: I’m also a D-Wade fan ever since he was in Richard’s High and then God left & took him over to Marquette & now they both reside in Maimi..but let’s admit…WE (as D-Wade Fans) DO NOT have three all-Stars in our team..WE have TWO and an All-Star wannabe in Chris Bosh! We Will have a ring or two..or even three..but it won’t be this year (I SINCERELY HOPE THAT IT’LL BE THIS YEAR!!). WE have to wait… =)

      • Champkobe says:

        Actually, Miami has three superstar type allstars, and three past all stars in illgauskus, magloire, and Howard. Thats the same amount as Boston and more than the lakers…so get your facts right…LOL

      • Wait a minute says:

        That’s how it is brutha. hahaha sorry. ( i don’t hate the Heat though)

      • mark says:

        hey WADEFAN! where have you been? Are you so dense that you do not know why they hate HEAT? Well it’s not actually the Miami Heat that people hate, it’s James! By the way your first sentence is so messed up that i couldn’t understand what you mean. And it’s P-A-I-D not P-A-Y-E-D

      • rey says:

        Correction, 3 SUPERSTARS. . . And 1 more thing, 3 players who are in the TOP 5 in the Draft Pick. . . Now you know why they are hated?

      • Jon says:

        The heat have more fake fans than the Lakers and Celtics combined. stfu, you’re probably one of them.

      • MackDaddy says:

        nono… people dont hate the Heat because of 3 Allstars, it’s HOW those 3 Allstars got together that annoys most folk. Lebron going to Miami wasnt the issue…. it’s how he did it (aka The Decision) that people will remember for a long time.

        Boston’s all class, LA’s all hustle (when they want to that is), but Miami’s just another team trying to get there (like Orlando, like Dallas, like Chicago). Until they knock off Boston or LA for the gold ring, they are just another ‘team with potential’. But I’m telling you now…. until Miami get someone to anchor the middle properly, they arent winning anything.

        Boston in 6 against LA.

      • keith says:

        ok u got to remember that the lakers were not bought. if u look at boston, they bought all their players instead of building what they had, with the exceptation of Pierce. Garnett demanded a trade to join up with pierce and Ray joined up to compete for the championship the he longed for. i nthe case of the Lakers, Kobe was made into what he is by the lakers and so was Fisher, pending he is in his later years now, odom was sent here for a much better player in Butler and no body wanted to deal with Artest anymore, the only steal that the lakers got was Gasol. now when looking at Miami, the reason why people dont like the fact that all three “superstars” not allstars are on the same team is because all three stars are all able to run a team and win games on their, something none, except kobe, of the other players can do. they are also three of the best players iun the league right now, not to mention all of NBA history. not to say that they are the best. thats the issue with those two teams and thats why no one vents over the Lakers allstars, because they were molded into whjat they are, strays brought in by a team that has always believed in 2nd chances.