Gordon likely out until break

DALLAS — Los Angeles Clippers guard Eric Gordon may have a torn ligament in his right wrist and could be out until after the All-Star break, a league source close to the situation told NBA.com today. The best case, according to the source, is Gordon missing 2-3 weeks.

While it’s not crippling, it’s a significant blow for a team that’s turned its season around and had some talking playoffs after a 1-13 start. The Clippers have gone 16-13 since Nov. 22, including 7-2 in the last nine games.

Gordon was injured in the second quarter of Saturday’s win over Golden State, but did return in the fourth quarter of that game. He wasn’t in Dallas for tonight’s game with the Mavericks, instead remaining in Los Angeles for further testing. Gordon was officially listed as a game-time decision. 

The third-year shooting guard is the team’s leading scorer at 24.1 points and is half of a formidable tandem along with Blake Griffin. Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro said everyone needs to step up in Gordon’s absence, not just Griffin.

“Ask a little bit more out of everybody,” Del Negro said. “When a player is down, other guys have to step up. Randy Foye will start tonight. Rasual [Butler] will probably get an opportunity. Brian Cook is back tonight. Sure, you’re gonna go to your best players, but I don’t know if we can go more to Blake than we do already.”

The Clippers released an injury update after the NBA.com report stating Gordon “is suffering from a sprained right wrist combined with a small bone chip fracture. He is expected to return to action in three to four weeks.” A sprain could also include a ligament tear.


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  2. Kevin says:

    The “Great Blake” can’t pick up Gordon’s slack while he’s gone?….lol But he is the “Chosen One”, right? Yea Right!!!! A great player should rise in this occasion, but will see his true colors, the Clips true colors, and why he isn’t the most important player on that team. If you were to have any other top forward in the league on the squad without Gordon, I bet they do pretty decent. But with Griffin without Gordon, yea his numbers may rise, but the Clips will fall often.

  3. brett says:

    @tristan- exactly. Im the clippers biggest fan, but we’re done. The next 9/12 games are on the road, and EJ is our closer.

    Foye isn’t nearly the player Gordon is. EJ not only scores 24+ppg, but he’s also by far the best perimeter defender on the team.

    The team needs to get something out of rasual butler and continue it’s stellar defensive lay. Imo they shouldto move kaman for a viable small forward. Imagine carmello added to this team. While Gordon’s out for injury Carmello can take EJ’s place as the main periemter threat and closer, and when EJ comes back the clips will actually have real depth.

    Now’s the time, the clippers should make a move. Kaman+Aminu+a few 1st rounders (minnesota’s) for carmello. Before the Gordon injury news, I wouldn’t have said change a thing, but if they want to keep hopes alive for this season, and change the forecast for the future, they should make that move.

  4. CeeSizzle says:

    Gordon and Blake are the cornerstones of the franchise and what we’ve seen this season is just a glimpse of what we’re in store for over the next decade. Clippers will be the number one team in LA in 2 years and the Fakers will be a distant memory. The Clip Show is one -piece away from contending. Get well Eric! See you in a month

  5. thejerr says:

    maybe if they were in the east .500 would get them a berth, maybe even a 6-7 seed, but out west…. you’re gonna need more, WAY more, its science.

  6. Glynn says:

    Hey, even if they finish at .500 doesn’t guarantee them a playoff position if 8 other teams are above .500

  7. Sander Dijkstra says:

    Others have to step it up now, finishing around .500 could still mean a playoff birth. I just don’t see that happening without Gordon though. Together with Griffin he’s the franchises present & future (yes they both will remain Clippers for years to come, trust me)! Guess we will be having a LA vs LA playoff matchup in 2012……sadly not this year!
    Get well soon my fellow Hoosier!

    S.D. from The Netherlands

  8. Neiru says:

    Without Gordon, Blake will see constant triple teams like in the Dallas game. Blake is the only true threat on the team now. Blake can pass the ball, but his teammates have to hit their shots. No playoffs this year, but next year and beyond I can see it. This year the youngsters are getting their bumps and bruises..learning the game. Next year will be the first playoff run in the Blake Griffin era for the Clipper’s..many more to come. We will miss EJ. Get back soon.

  9. sympathy for clips says:

    i dont think clippers will be in the playoffs.. so clip fans dont push it that will never happen this season..

    sincerely yours,
    blake griffin

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  11. […] Eric Gordon, the less flashy but equally important to Blake Griffin part of the Clippers rise in the past month, will be out for abut three weeks due to a wrist injury, according to Art Garcia at NBA.com. […]

  12. Tristan says:

    I’m curios how Baron reacts to this as he has been comfortable with being the “3rd Option”. He has played well so will he keep playing like a pass first PG or will he be forced to be a scorer and pressured to take more shots.

  13. Henry says:

    I’m a Celtics fan but the Clippers are one of my favorite teams to watch right now. It’s gonna be tough but I hope they can keep winning with Gordon on the sidelines.

  14. CLIP NATION says:

    Damn, I was hoping the clips could slip into that eighth seed by the end of the season. Without Gordon over the next few weeks those chances may have gone from slim to none. Hopefully others will step up and they can get some wins.

  15. Santa ana says:

    Awww thats a bumber to see him go down.
    I been a clipper fan for over 7 years and im enjoying them play this year.
    Expired by “the show” his team has started to hustle more and play with energy. Hope they can keep it up

  16. Verk says:

    i think they’ll do just fine with foye as a starter, i think people have forgotten about him but he did average 16 ppg as a starter for the wolves

  17. nessa says:

    OMG THISCAN”T BE HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GET WELL SOON ERIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!