Too Old To Dominate?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Los Angeles Lakers legend Jerry West made the initial suggestion. Lakers coach Phil Jackson agreed, albeit through a somewhat sarcastic smile.

But the point is one worthy of debate, especially when the Logo and the Zen Master are in agreement on something of this magnitude.

Are the Lakers too old to play defense, and thus too old to dominate in the fashion they have become accustomed to in recent years? West and Jackson suggested that the Lakers are too “long in the tooth” to play defense the way they are used to. That second part, the domination aspect of the equation, was a little deductive reasoning on our part.

But it all works in concert.

If the Lakers don’t have the energy and bounce to overwhelm the opposition with stifling defense, how could they be expected to dominate teams the way the have during their current four-year run as the class of the Western Conference and the league (for the past two seasons)?

We’ll ignore the fact that the Lakers’ defensive metrics this season actually refute the point West made and Jackson supported, mainly because they are 100 percent correct about one thing, the Lakers are getting old. As Broderick “BT” Turner of the LA Times points out, the Lakers don’t have to worry about being carded at the club anytime soon:

The Lakers do have 10 players on their roster who are 30 or older.

Again, Jackson was asked whether in fact his team’s age plays a part in this.

“There’s some,” he said. “There’s something about just speed, just outright speed. We’re not the fastest team on the board here in the NBA. But we do it if we control things the right way.”

Interestingly enough, the Lakers actually rank as one of the better defensive teams in the NBA. They allow 96.4 points per game, 10th best in the league.

They allow opponents to shoot 43.8% from the field, tied for third best in the NBA, and 33.9% from three-point range, fifth in the league.

They are fourth in point differential, at plus-7.04.

In the last 10 games, the Lakers have allowed 93.3 points per game, fifth best in the league, and allowed opponents to make 43.8% of their field goals, fourth best. Their point differential during that span is plus-10.3.

The Lakers are 8-2 in their last 10 games, a full recovery from the drama of that late December mini-tailspin that sent their critics and tepid supporters to Twitter and the blogs complaining of the team’s lack of focus.

We’ve held strong to our belief that the Lakers have the team to beat in the Western Conference come playoff time, even with the way the San Antonio Spurs have set the pace during the regular season. Now that Andrew Bynum is back and appears to be rounding into form, the Lakers have the pieces that no other team in the West will be able to match in a best-of-seven series.

Is it worth putting to a vote? We think so.


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  2. jamez says:

    spurs-heat finals… dats all it is!! talk all day bout kobe or kg n how allens shots gonna fall or wen pierce gonna lock down kobe… those teams rnt gonna make it to the finals this time… they can prolly star in the A-team version of the finals wid their ‘know-how’ n all dat!!

  3. Lux195 says:

    not completely… Fisher is the main topic of Jerry west. West is a point guard who knows how the team works in the floor. It is so obvious what he is telling. Fisher is the aged, non athletic, most tolerated to become lazy to not do dribble penetration because of the triangle, the most slow starting guard in the NBA who is not a great passer like nash & kidd. Kidd & nash are a big help because of there passing skills, good offense creates good energy/rhythm and defense for the team. The lakers are struggling when against big & athletic team just like the clippers lineup now, boston, bucks, miami(dampier/ilgauskus/james are big enough). & I am sure pau & bynum will struggle against better & more size of a healthy boston in playoffs. The reason is Pau & Bynum can never dominate the opponents center with the same size as them & athletic it is proven over time already. Because they don’t always have a point guard to assist & help them. & most of the time when kobe tries to make plays against good & athletic teams like miami, it is mostly ended with a turnover, they need to pass the ball coming from a dribble penetration against those teams and not always when the opponents defense are set. It is very easy to anticipate the lakers play, w/o a point guard or kobe not doing point guard & just relying on triangle.

    The opponents know that the lakers first option is to take advantage of there two big men. It will be effective if the ball will be delivered inside by a dribble penetration not like when pau & bynum are standing still & waiting for a long pass. Both of them are slow, together with artest, they really need a point guard, the triangle is just punishing them to create there own plays & post up moves. When kobe is trying to be a play maker but they are against tall & athletic teams, just like when they faced the miami last Xmas, kobe is having hard time to deliver the ball to the front court teamates because of the energy & activity of wade & lebron. & even if kobe delivered the ball to pau/bynum/artest/odom, pau/bynum always struggle because in the middle of the game, they will get weary of trying to be a force on there own. They need a point guard to assist them to be effective and finish the game effectively. & I believe Pau & bynums’ confidence are low against teams with super super star like wade. james, etc. They cannot play good defense when they know that those players will be attacking all the time & put them in bad position & foul trouble.

    kobe is also being doubled team a lot or being defended by a tough player, then he will force the issue.

    So the X factor left is the co guard of kobe. He is supposed to be the fastest in the team or if not, atleast a good passer like nash & kidd. Fisher needs to step down as the starting guard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The lakers are doing great when fish is not lazy & making dribble penetrations just like last years finals against boston when he drive all the way & got fouled, then a game winning shot against clippers this season. But I doubt he can do it more often….

    Only shaq can be a force on his own inside. Even dwight howard struggles to get a position.

  4. heh8meN1 says:

    Not sure what “young” team was the last to win a chip (or two, or three, or four, or five); but the Lakeshow should be the Grapeshow ‘cuz they only get better with time. Long live the Don’s of LA/ the entire NBA.

  5. dontdrowninthelake says:

    THIS is when SEKOU made a mistake. Lakers are old? OK so it seems that you forget about the three back to back to back finals appearances, why do you forget hmmmmm I wonder. You also seem to forget that 8 of there players played more games in the last 3 seasons then any other player in the NBA. So why make a argument when the facts are there, Lakers are tired, their exhausted can you blame them? NO but this is what the lakers need, they need the negative so that they play better. That’s why Phil says what he says, if his team was really in a crisis he wouldn’t openly explain to the media what is wrong with his team. I mean the man is a expert at winning rings he didn’t stick around one more season to loose. Lakers know how to numb themselves and play good basketball that’s why I’m not worried about the finals. It will be Boston and Lakers again in the finals, but no game 7 this time lakers will beat them in game 6. Why game 6? well I find it scary that Lakers have the third best record in the league right now and there not even playing close to there potential.

  6. Templeton says:

    I think the Lakers simply need to stop double-Teaming on defense. They are not able to get back to their assigned offenders. We have two of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA in Kobe and Artest,(with Matt Barnes) ,and our two post players are decent defenders and 7-footers at that. We should be able to play man-man defense and double-team in the post (If necessary). Now fisher is my concern, but he always seem to show up in the post season.The Lakers have what they need to win this year. They have the focus, I think Phil Jackson need to change the way we play defense.

  7. KB24 says:

    Wow Lakers do not have anything to prove. They are the two time defending champs. Kobe is the closet player to MJ period. He has been the best player since MJ left. Kobe wins RINGS. Every championship team goes through tough stretches. If the Lakers or Kobe wins another ring or not Kobe legacy will still be in place. Give KB credit and staying with one team. KB has overcome a lot of challenges. Lakers h. last time to repeat with title since MJ bulls. Being in the final 7 times in 10 years not bad at all. Love Lakers or hate them they are the defending champs. Playoffs will be a different story. You never know who is going to be hurt or what going to happen. It wont be easy for Lakers, Spurs, Boston, Miami, Bulls, or Magics. It is really time Kb just get his respect as an all time great. I love Bron but he do NOT compared to KB greatness. Sorry LB fans

  8. CertifiedLA says:

    lol at the haters, its a fact that the lakers won last 2 seasons, right? they are the champs, do you think they will fail this season??
    miami,boston, spurs, where are the rings??
    you people are only talking about expectations and what might happen, keep on dreamin.
    lets see if you are still talking trash after this season πŸ˜›

    • jamez says:

      hey u knw wat… kobe mite aswell quit ball now… he got a hand full of rings n dats da best he can get… dunt think he can get any more… come playoffs its gonna b hard fer u to accept it wen da heat get their 1st ring in the big 3 era!!

  9. Matt says:

    Just a heads up guys: the playoffs is a completely different level of intensity in basketball. Nobody matches the intensity that Kobe has that plays today.

  10. DJ Mbenga says:

    Bobcats will be the champion 2010-2011
    : )
    just joking…
    This year goes to MIAMI HEAT

  11. William says:

    Lack of defense from Kob, Barnes, Artest, Brown, Odom, and Gasol? What a crazy thought!

  12. yanick says:

    People were saying the same thing about boston last year. Remember when they went 500 at the second half of the season? They went on the road during the playoffs and whip everybody butts in the playoff, made the favorite, self proclaimed king chosen one look like a goat. Almost beat the lakers in game 7 at their house in the finals. All i’m saying is wait till the playoff, you’ll see the heart of a champion. I mean these guys went to the finals 3 straight times that’s crazy, they gotta be tired.

  13. Josh says:

    I’m a Lakers fan and if I was evryone i wouldn’t doubt the Lakers. They play a whole diffrerent ball game come playoff time. The Celtics struggled last year but when the playoffs started they started playing hard. The Lakers are getting old so they can’t afford to play hard every night they only need to play well enough to get a good spot in the playoffs. No matter how bad L.A palys in regular season I don’t any team wants to play the lakers in the playoffs, especially in the first round.

  14. HaleyBird says:

    Clearly they are getting older but Kobe is Kobe, Odom is playing his best ball since Miami, Gasol is solid and Bynum is coming back into form…the main issue at hand is challenges. How do you get up for each game once you’ve repeated, what’s their drive night-in-night-out…self motivation is a tough gig. You clearly see that this year with Artest, Xmas day fiasco (again)…but they clearly have the talent/size to contend. To West/Jackson’s point….ride out this core group and pull a San Antonio…get a couple well placed young guns at point/3.

  15. DACHIGETTINIT11 says:

    LAKERS are done, KOBE and PHIL are washed up. They wont even make the finals, it will be BULLSvsSPURS, BULLS in 6

  16. Mahogany rose says:

    I think the Lakers are the clear favorite to win the West. The Spurs are playing great basketball now, but i do not think that they have another level that they can take it to. This is as good as it gets for them. With that being said, they can’t seem to beat New Orleans. Maybe New Orleans kicks them out of the Playoffs before San Antonion gets to see LA? Who knows? Plus, the season is long and the Spurs are older too. Is it possible for them to keep up the pace that they have committed to thus far all the way til June? The Lakers have another level that they paly at in the post season. I am not sure that that level can beat the level that the Spurs are playing at now, but I can safely bet that the Spurs will not be able to compete at this level during the playoffs.

  17. Isaac says:

    Hello To All

    1st stop comparing Kobe to Jordan they are 2 diffrent players but very similar.
    2nd LAKERS VS BOSTON FINALS cant wait.

  18. kobe bryant says:

    pau gasol isn’t good at all he only play offense either he doesnt play any defense but look at andrew bynum he is very good on playing defense.artest,i’m pretty much worry about ron because his play doesn’t look like before in the finals 2010.fisher,he is a shooter a left handed guy but for me and him we are too old to play defense.the lakers need a new point guard to face off such good players like rajon rondo the leader in the season for his assists,chris paul nicknamed CP3 and mr. incredible russell westbrook.odom,i have nothing to worry about you my friend lamar.LAKERS KEEP PLAYING WELL WE JUST NEED A LITTLE MORE TIME TO BE AS GREAT AS THE PAST…


  19. Are u serious ? says:

    Their the champs…wat’s to worry about?…
    The Lakers are just BORED..
    but come playoffs…
    its on…

  20. MJ Forever says:

    @ GENIUS!!….You sound annoying BUT you are actually right. I’m fed up of MJ vs. KB thing. If we are to talk about stats, rings (with one who LEADS?), LEADERSHIP qualities and other OBJECTIVE criterias. KB is no match against MJ. These KB fans are fixated and underdevelop. I think they keep doing it for their gratification.

    It’s fair to compare MJ and KB. But if KB fans are keep on insisting that KB is better just basing on imagination. Like saying todays league is competitive than MJ on his prime. You really have a dull brain.

  21. junnexjade says:

    the lakers were just phasing their game for the big one…play off then championship…

  22. junnexjade says:

    wait until play off comes….the balack mamba just reserving his venom….

  23. ryoma says:

    The lakers becomes different team when playoffs came. im sure they’ll win three-peat this season…

  24. seravee says:

    yes,the lakers has been getting older,kobe for example,at athe age of 30+. in addition,it is true that the lakers playing style has changed,they are not exactly the same team as 5 or 6 years ago, still,spurs are not that young either, their big three has been also in the league for almost a decade, and they are in the same situation as the lakers are. but still, LA lakers is still the best team. Cant wait for the LA-SA showdown for the West!Go LA LAKERS!grab the Threepeat!

  25. prof5 says:

    lets just see it from playoff time…Lakers will go all the way to their third straight title..i’m a true blooded laker fan but i also like the spurs but for me Kobe will not be denied…Lakers will win the 2011 championship… lets go Lakers…

  26. Vincent says:

    I think that the Lakers are just pacing themselves for the grueling playoffs. They still have a lot of gas left in the tank.

  27. subash says:

    I don’t think Lakers are that old of a team. Yeah Pau, Kobe, Artest, Odom aren’t young anymore but they aren’t old either. All of them are in their early 30’s so we can’t call them too old. Fisher is the only one who will be vulnerable to the faster and younger point guards. Anyhow they rotate players in such a way that Gasol is the only one who plays more than 35 mpg. Maybe after next season Lakers fan might have to worry about creating a phase of transition for the future so as not to end up like the suns. But for now old might turn out to be another championship gold.

  28. GENIUS!! says:

    First of all, I hate the current LAKERS!! There I said it, but its not even a question that if healthy they will claim the Western Conference without any troubles from the Spurs watsoever. At most it will go 6 games, but I think 5 is most likely. Second the Celtics if healthy will be the ones who challenge them in the finals cause at the end of the day they play like a proper TEAM should. But who wins is anybodys debate to decide based purely on personal opinion. I think Jordan sh*ts on Kobe any day of the week at his prime!! So Kobe di*k ridahs shut the hell up!! U r probably only 20 years of age or younger & never even watched bball in the late 80’s & early 90’s when Jordan was gettin thrown to the ground like a ragdoll on every possession that he couldnt be contained. & last but not least, tell me this if u give Kobe Longley, Cartwright Purdue & Wennington as the bigs/ centres can Kobe win a ring?? HAHAHAHAHA I think not he’d probably hav a cry, demand a trade & ball hog at 45% like he does when his team don’t do so well at times. Also give Jordan Shaq in his prime along with an ageing Glen Rice & I bet u that team would go 82-0!! No need 2 argue here I win the argument lol The early millenium LAKERS were much better then these fairies they have at the moment especially that reality sidekick moron named Odom & mental patient Artest lol Pip & Rod would own these 2 punks if they matched up now!! BUT I do think that Kobe is the best player in the game at the moment hands down!! So if I hate at least I do it realistically & with proper judgment. PS im looking 4ward to the next greatest who has his own style so this pointless debate can cease & no more comparisons need to be made every time these 2 names come up!

    • MJ Forever says:

      You sound annoying BUT you are actually right. I’m fed up of MJ vs. KB thing. If we are to talk about stats, rings (with one who LEADS?), LEADERSHIP qualities and other OBJECTIVE criterias. KB is no match against MJ. These KB fans are fixated and underdevelop. I think they keep doing it for their gratification.

      It’s fair to compare MJ and KB. But if KB fans are keep on insisting that KB is better just basing on imagination. Like saying todays league is competitive than MJ on his prime. You really have a dull brain.

    • Mahogany rose says:

      You have to be kidding me. To say that you hate the current Lakers is nothing but pure hate! You should not ever speak again. I do agree that Kobe can’t touch MJ, but he is the next best thing, and he is dominating the game much longer than MJ did. Fairies? R U serious? If they are fairies, what does that say about the rest of the league since they are the reigning champs? The league is more competitive now than it was when MJ played. There were few players comprable to a Kobe, Kevin Durant, Lebron, DWade, Derrick Rose, Amare, or even Blake Griffin and Kevin Love when MJ played. There were plenty of nights when you knew that the other team did not have a chance when the Bulls hit the floor. Now, with the exception of a few teams, most teams have a fighting chance to win with the roster that they have. Now, I do believe that MJ would be just as dominant if he played in this league today but I also know that today’s Lakers, Heat, Celtics, and Spurs would be a problem for his Bulls. Also, you must like Khloe’ Kardashian cause you hated a little extra hard on Lamar!!@!! LOL!

  29. BLACK MAMBA24 says:


  30. Kevin says:

    Sometimes I fail to understand some of these arguments…I am an in Africa and I think my understanding of the NBA is way better than most people who posts comments here, or even the one who wrote this article. People who know basketball and the NBA know very well that playoffs basketball is a whole different thing from regular season basketball, I never crown any team judging from regualr season play,and for me, don’t ever rule out any team with Kobe..he’s the one player in that entire league who can kill off any team any day single-handedly..And yall are saying the Lakers are too old…how about Spurs,the number 1 about Celtics,the number 2 team…and here comes the so-called old Lakers,number three team…if age was an issue,these three teams could be the bottom three teams in the league…and how many of you still remember the average age in the 2000-2001 Lakers team….lets get real people!!

  31. ildefonso says:

    Lakers will not going to win again 3PEAT you kiddin. East will win this time. So lakers fan dont be expect too much on your team they are sucks this yr. last yr was the last run for the team.Mark my word hahahaha

  32. bostonfan85 says:

    I’m the first to admit to being a Lakers hater but I gotta give them their props. They are a good ass team and while they are getting older it ain’t really gonna matter come playoff time. The Lakers always step it up come playoff team and besides they gotta be in the finals so Boston can get their revenge lol

  33. yayks says:

    lakers are old but they have a heart of a champion, that’s what makes them different than the other teams, it’s not about young or old, but it’s how you make a difference to your team.

  34. Ida says:

    The Lakers are fine…They’re basically on cruise control until april…The Spurs may be #1, but in the playoffs…I don’t see them getting past LAL…

  35. James says:

    If the Celtics starting four are much older than the Lakers starting four and are ranked as one of the top 2 or 3 teams in defense then I don’t believe in the comment. I think it is a matter of an attitude adjustment and lack of diligence on the Lakers part. I don’t think the team seen in the way they play esteem defense as the most important aspect of the game as they should. I am a Laker fan, but the the most unattractive part of the team are their lack of enthusiasm for defense and the philosophy that they can turn on or off their winning ways at any given moment.

  36. Sam says:

    Lakers are two time champs, playoffs are different then the reg season in a playoff series, you can gameplan for your opponent and you execute better, lakers are still the team to beat out west

  37. lakersbasketballfan says:

    I think this will come down to one of the older teams in the league to win on both sides (Boston in the East, and Lakers in the West. I think L.A. and San Antonio will go to 6 games with L.A. winning at home in game 6. I think experience will win the NBA Championship. With that said, I have to go with my boys though. Go Lakers!

  38. kobeisthebest says:

    I like how peopleare bashing the Lakers and saying they won’t make the finals finals no athelete or sports team or professional basketball players who won 3 years in a row said it’s easy if yall look back when the Bulls got their first three peat they were struggling and so called basketball experts say the Bulls was going to lose either Knicks or Phoenix but the Bulls beat those teams and they beat them same thing in 1998 the Bulls was old and people were doubting they will get 3 and when they made the final most people thought the Bulls was going to lose to the Jazz but they won same thing this year as much as Lakers are not dominating the way its used to its natural all of the teams are improving well except for the Cavaliers and its only natural the Lakers are back to back champs they are the biggest target right one but when the Lakers win 3 peat please haters dont start jumping the bandwagon the Lakers dont want to ruin their reputation as the team with the least bandwagon jumpers(Heat fans,Spurs fans)

  39. Adrian Aquino says:

    ummm Celtics @ Lakers. Let’s see what happens in the game next Sunday, one of those two will win it all this year, I think that the celtics are a more stronger team than the lakers, and have a better chance to win the championship.. but we (Lakers fans) have Kobe and everybody knows who Kobe is and what he can do. In Lakers games you can see that he’s playing in a different way, just preparing the team for the playoffs. Don’t think that would be the same in the defining moments in playoffs. So for now… let’s see what happens in that game.

    • Gary says:

      Why is there another post about meaningless Laker Drama? There are lost of events I was hoping to see in this blog like Mike Millers return, the Spurs getting blow out, the Nicks losing streak, but no we get more of this rubbish to read into. Geez!!

  40. PAULBRADY says:

    Sekou – i’m sick and tired of you guys spewing usless stats- Its very misleading to use the last 10 games as a measure of their defensive ability when the quality of the opposition in those 10 games is far inferior to other 10 game stretches.- Check it out and don/t be lazy and jump to conclision. Phil knows the Lakers are on their last leg- that’s why he is gone after this year.

  41. Jamie S* says:

    Iv’e been reading these fool hearted blogs, and mostly smiling. What people don’t seem to understand, is that it takes more than talent and young players to win a championship. Youth can be a nice tool, if used the correct way. But (Repeating myself from last year), “Its not about who’s the fastest and the prettiest, its about who’s the longest and the strongest”.. It takes (Know How), to be a champion. And the “Lakers” have a great understanding of that process! “D-Fish” has been too old for years! #24 has lost a step, right?? Its called managing a season, (82).. Its not about how long you dominate, its WHEN you dominate. The basketball I.Q.’s on that “Lakers” team, are through the roof.. And thats how they win, come playoff time, oppose to all these teams that peeked in December. Remember how the “Lakers” limped into post season last year, a M.A.S.H. unit, and came out champions. And thats with “Drew” hurting. “KNOW HOW!! Ya lil dumb MF’s……..LOL..

  42. jcm says:

    i think the lakers are still the team to beat in the west, we are only in the regular season, the true match will come in play offs, .

  43. Sp says:

    Kendrick Perkins
    Kevin Garnett
    Paul Pierce
    Ray Allen
    Rajon Rondo

    Shaquille O’neal
    Glen Davis
    Marquis Daniels
    Delonte West
    Nate Robinson

    Holy crap. Putting it out there like that, if every player in every team stayed healthy for every game of this season, and Boston had two separate teams in the league; these guys could probably win 45+ games. Now THAT is deep.

    Anyway, the Lakers aren’t too old for me to count them out, they are just too old for their game to be interesting every single night, week in and week out, for the regular season.

    It sounds like a daunting task getting through SAS in the conference finals, but if the Lakers have to face NOH, DAL, OKC, DEN or UTA before that (which they inevitably will, at least two of those teams anyway), then I can’t see them winning it all this year, no matter how much people want to big Kobe and Pau up. They can’t add any more players at point without going EVEN FURTHER over the luxury tax, so it starts to get silly. Say they magically got Russell Westbrook, and had to pay him 10 million dollars, and they still didn’t win it all… what would the point of that be?

    I think that now has to be the time that either the younger teams (NOH or OKC) step up their games to another level and take on the east, or it will be a laugher for the Spurs, regardless of who they come up against in the finals, if they have a healthy team, of course. Miami can’t possibly expect Zydrunas Ilgauskas to compete with Duncan being backed up by Blair and Splitter, they are (even Tim) too fast and too agile off one or both feet, and all three are too good at getting under a players skin simply by having better basketball IQ and court vision. Sure, Lebron would dominate the lane, he would have to, because if he isn’t getting 44 a game and D-Wade isn’t dropping triple doubles like prom dates, Manu Ginobli and Tony Parker will wrap them up in 4 or 5. Bosh is going to be restricted to helping Ilgauskas, James is probably going to be left to roam free, and TP and Manu will shut down Wade and whoever else isn’t dead on the bench. I couldn’t care less about the spurs, honestly, but I really cannot fathom how the hell Miami (or anyone besides Chicago if they get Noah back) is going to be able to slow the Spurs. A BOS-SAS finals series would be a yawn unless Glen Davis decides to bump Gary Neal 20 rows into the stands. I would be ecstatic to see a Spurs-Chicago final, or a Boston-Dallas final. Or, at the risk of hatemail from everyone, a Bulls-Hornets final. Hahaha πŸ˜‰

  44. Halie says:

    None of this matters anyways because the celtics are gonna win it all this year. western conference got nothinggggg on uss! at the end of the day, the regular season means nothing. everybody’s 0-0 at the playoffs and the spurs can’t handle the pressure. they’re not clutch enough whereas paul pierce and ray allen are the definition of clutch and will bring it home for the celtics v. the lakers in the finals again

  45. Kobe James says:

    for me the ball is “round”. you will never know what will happen next.

    and in the playoffs. anything can happen in the best of seven series.

    sometimes you will have a good games …

    sometimes not.

    but i think, it is LAKERS who will rule in the playoff series.

  46. celtics/warriors says:


  47. Ryan says:

    Its not so much the Lakers being old. its them playing without any passion. The Lakers can beat any team if they try hard enough as seen when they dominated game 6 in last years finals.

  48. Jay says:

    I dont think LA’s age is more of a factor than the other teams adjustments, acquisitions and teams coming into form. The 6 best teams in the NBA (in no order) are LAL, Boston, San Antonio, Miami, Orlando and Dallas/OKC.. Whatever two teams makes it to the finals would have earned it and would be so close to dead it wont be funny. Homecourt and determination will be huge factors come this years finals because the Eastern and Western champs would have to go through two great teams and LA nor Boston had that the last two-three years…

  49. Vinnyo213 says:

    lakers might have a old roster but not as old as the celtics plus its better to have veterans that really want to win and know how to get thru tough situations everyone might doubt us but nobody said three peats are easy the bulls didnt have a good record and the lakers didnt and still won it all so it all comes down to being focus and we have veterans to keep other players motivated so you guys can keep hating but i knw the lakers will overcome those tough teams mostly the spurs so i aint worried as a fan its still the season and the lakers play better in the playoffs kuz they become a different team and were healthy except for barnes so keep hating haters

  50. TouGra says:

    lakers are still the best. remember how kobe dominated starting with game 6 of last years playoffs? same talk that time, people don’t understand. this guy is great. one year more or less, his style of play is playoff-taylormade. nobody stops him until game seven of the finals, and then it takes the celtics defense. they are the only one who really are a threat to kobe. i can’t believe that we have the same discussion every regular season. lakers are finals, no question. let’s see if the celtics are healthy this time.

  51. PJ says:

    What are u all cryin about.The lakers still have the 3rd best record in the leauge.And they are on pace for a 60 win season.Which is more than last year

  52. Mike P says:

    Laker fans should worry. First off, the spurs are a new team this year, dont look to the past. Its a completely new type of game theyre playing. Does that mean I think they’ll beat the lakers in a 7 game series? I dont know yet, but i do know its going to be different compared to the past.

    Second, the lakers have played the fewest 500+ teams. If you check the stats, they’ve only played 13 “good teams” — meaning 500+ and even with that, they’ve barely played any of the elite teams yet that are 650-800 as their record. Most teams have played well over 20 ” good teams (.500+ teams)” so far. expect the lakers to drop. I think they’ll be 3rd or 4th in the west come playoffs. So either they plays spurs in the 2nd round or in the western finals.

    Sorry but the lakers arent as good anymore. I wouldnt be surprised if they didnt make the finals this year but we’ll see.

    Regardless, no team can beat the celtics (if healthy)…their biggest challenge is probably Orlando and maybe a healthy Dallas team…but not Miami or Lakers or Spurs.

  53. Pete says:

    The Lakers are the Lakers and we have Kobe who can put points on the board in a real hurry like no one else can, plus he’s diference maker on both ofense and defense.
    Fisher, who always produce in the play-offs, Bynum will finally play at full strenght with the team (hopes up!), Kobe can change the pace of the game from a minute to another, Gasol who’s a monster offensivly, Brown’s fast but NEEDS to control himself and stop rushing shots, Barnes should be back for the plays-offs and can shoot the three (thank god), and Blake can give Fisher some deserved rest for the tight games.

    All-in-all, the Lakers are the strongest team in the league on the paper, and on the court when focused and playing lock-on D (lookin’ at you Fisher and Bryant.)

  54. chuchodogo says:

    Kobe in the playoffs and in the finals it is of another world

  55. aleksandar says:

    l came to usa one year my coutry we stay awake until 4,5 in the morning just to watch best basketball in the world.this site is the best in the world you can chek everythink about nba.spurs is going to win a l prefer them,and l hope the lakers is going to lose in west final.

  56. lakers says:

    The last time I checked, the Lakers are the BACK TO BACK Champions in the NBA. They have faced these types of criticisms over and over again over the last two seasons. During the beginning and middle of every season, there are articles like this that discredit the Lakers and hype up other teams/players. What matters, is who cleans up at the end of the season and the Lakers will do that again this year. The Lakers have gotten better, with Shannon Brown being a better player, Ron Artest having more experience in the triangle, Odom playing better than ever, while having All-Stars like Gasol and Bryant taking care of business when it counts guided by arguably the best coach in the game.

    Miami and Boston will take each other out in the East Finals, and the Lakers will be waiting and win every time in a seven game series.

    • DACHIGETTINIT11 says:

      LAKERS are done, kobe is done, phil is done too. Were moving back into bulls era, ROSE’S league now.

  57. casias says:

    Laker’s ..hell no .. Celtics Hell no .. Celtics had their chance in the spotlight and they blew it ..the goal for the Jazz for me is .. if they can nut up and knock LA out of the playoffs , and Magic can stop Boston , and the heat . than that would make a world of difference .. however i dont think the Jazz could make it to the finals this year due to inconsistency ..yet again if they stopped LA that would be a final victory to me , realistically id have high hopes for San antonio vs Orlando in the finals

  58. Sid Wallker says:

    The Lakers need to put forth more EFFORT each and every play, each and every game. Now the questions is…is that possible? My answer would be yes. However the follow up question would then be…is that probable? And that answer is “negative”. They continue to develop bad defensive habits and I don’t know if they’ll be able to drop them and pick up the intensity come post season. This season is easily becoming Phil’s most challenging.

    Zen Master, time for YOU to step up to the plate, get these guys into their next gear.

  59. Lebron James says:

    Pray for the Worse LA…your time has come for an end…….take note on that..

  60. Josh says:

    Celtics are going to play lakers or heat in the finals obviously. Paul Pierce is going to pwn. Srry Kobe but Pierce is winning this one.

  61. usbuck says:


  62. KingCobra25 says:

    Y ou don’t have to be the best defensive team like the lakers. This year it should be Spurs vs Heat because spurs are better than thhey have ever been. the heat have the three bigest superstars in the east. It should. It will be an epic matchup. KObe move over because the spurs and the heat will have their time in the playoffs and you lakers buttkisers can take that to the bank.

  63. Artchil says:

    Ok.. Fisher is getting too old… I think he can work well in the bench.. Steve Blake should learn fast and replace fisher…. How many times the Lakers get hacked by opposing point guards, opening them apart, and tearing them down? 13 maybe a small number, but a year ago these guys only have 6 losses before the all star weekend (as i can remember).. D-Fish is a great leader and captain, but I think it is more appropriate for him to command at the bench… He’s the weakest link.

  64. Andrew W. says:

    boston ain’t a young team too but their defense is stifling. OKC is a very young team but their defense is suspect when rubber meets the road. age has no direct bearing on playing stifling defense

  65. Jordan says:

    The Lakers stumbled around this time last year and still recovered in time for the playoffs. That being said, I still think they need a better PG. Not a dominant PG like CP3, because Fisher will still play clutch minutes in playoffs. All they need is a younger, quicker version of Fisher. Someone who can bury threes, and defend the likes of Rondo, CP3 and Westbrook. I think Kirk Hinrich would be a good fit.

  66. steelkobe says:

    I read your article, well written. However, the Lakers are one year older, and just won the past 2 Finals!!! Oh, and where’s your article abour the rocking chair Spurs/Celtics??????????????????????????????????

  67. MTLGW says:

    this is coming from a laker fan…….LAKERS HAD NEVER BEEN A GREAT DEFENSIVE TEAM PERIOD!!!

    they lost to the spurs, the pistons, and the celtics b/c they could’t get their defensive rebounds or else the Lakers would had won 3 MORE RINGS!!!

    It’s all about getting your defensive rebounds…..if Lakers can do that, they will be dominant once again

    But to them the regular season is a marathon NOT A RACE to the finish!!! They’re saving their energy for the playoffs. This had always been the Phil Jackson mentality even during the Shaq and Kobe days.

  68. dfddfdfdfd says:

    Jerry West is to old to dominate

  69. peter says:

    Has nothing to do with lakers being too old, thier problem is that they dont know how to realize that they need to play older, which means wiser and learn how to make teams play the speed they need to play instead of trying to keep up with younger and faster talent. This is the difference between and old boston and spur team vs the lakers. They know how to play old

  70. Erock says:

    Funny how people can say dumb things like that, but then at the same time pick boston with those three grandpas to come out of the east.

  71. yes they are getting older says:

    but men they still is one of the 3 bes team in league πŸ™‚ this playoffs i see only one team that im affraid yes its boston celtics with helthy KG.His a monster in the defense.Celtics are the only team tha had bodys to guard bynam+gasol+odom.And piersce with allen wont let kobe to dominate.ONLY BOSTON CAN BEAT LAKERS 4times in seven games serries this year..spurs dont have big mens to win agains lakers big men game.One game is one,but to win a serries you need to ge easy basket from inside…Heat and magic has same problems….
    If cel,tics gonna win east i agree lakers wont treepeat,but celtics have to be healthy.
    We gonna see whta happens,but if i were lakers haters i wouldnt untirestimate the master of playoffs phil jackson…

  72. asdf says:

    yeah i am a laker die hard fan here, and i agree they are getting old and they’re not as dominating. But i do believe that they still can beat every other team, maybe not in a much superior way but they can. I think they need to rejuvenate the roster next season, if they want to keep winning.

  73. Ryan says:

    i would understand if an article like this came out if the lakers were falling out of the playoff race or playing 500 basketball, but the truth is they are 2nd in the western conference not far behind a very great surprise spurs start to the season, the lakers are on pace to grab 2nd or 1st seed in the west for the 4th season in a row, they have had their incosistencies every year just like every other team, but they always end up on top so this article is pointless. Stop making these articles because you have nothing left to talk about and actually make a story that isnt intended to stir up drama. thanks

  74. Wurms says:

    The biggest defensive problem the Lakers have is Fisher. When Lakers play a team with a fast PG who can score, they get in trouble. Last meetings with elite PGs under age 30: Westbrook (32pts, 10Ast), Parker(23pts,3Ast), Rose(29pts,9Ast), D.Will(29pts,12Ast). All four mentioned above well passed their season avg in pts scored. An avg pts increase of 6.6pts and assist increase of .8 (or nearly 1).

    Now look at some older (above age 30) slower PGs agaisnt Fisher: Billups (16pts, 4Ast), B.Davis(14pts,8Ast), Kidd (21pts,10Ast) Nash(11pts,10Ast). An avg pts increase of 2.4 and ast increase of just .1. So the elite younger PGs get over 4.2pts/gm and nearly 1 ast (.7) more agaisnt the Lakers (Fisher) than the old guys.

  75. berkamore says:

    The Lakers are not too old to dominate but they are too old to just rely on talent like they have been doing.

    The Bulls played with unmatched focus and that’s why they were able to be a dominant team even with an older roster.

    The Lakers won because they just had more talent than anybody else and were also relatively young.

    Well, one is those things (youth) is gone or is going before our very eyes.

    Will they make the adjustment and raise their focus to keep winning? Well, only time will tell.

  76. Maro says:

    Last time I check LA:LAkERS are two time champions,twooooootimeeeeeee championssssssss!!
    And Koby Briant is a KING of NBA!!!!

  77. bo says:

    To be honest I didnt expect you to be writing an article like this Sekou (I understand you dont support the theory that they getting old and thats why they losing games). But all this talk is a matter of motivation, and every week Phil has got something to say about his team. I think what he is trying to do is to wake them up, because they might believe that they can pull off the same thing from the last season (if you remember they had similar crisis last year). The problem is that two other veteran teams are steamrolling through the league and noone brings up speed, agility or whatever. Sure aging is a problem, injuries as well, but if healthy I dont think youth ever dominated over skill, experience, knowledge. As another guy said before me, I will repeat, Fisher was always a lousy defender, and thats it, and if other guys tank, thats because they lack motivation.

  78. ilker says:

    We all know that Regular Season and PlayOff time is very very different !!! Why people worry about it ?

    Its very normal that they seem lost motivation & concentration little bit however Lakers playing in the 3rd gear right now (we re just in middle of the season) But i`m sure they`re gonna shift to 4th and 5th gears in the Playoff time.. Young teams can win games but mature & experienced players win the championships… I still believe there is no team can match with them in best of seven series @ West. On the other hand East is more difficult, there are at least 4 heavyweight teams (Boston,Miami,Orlando,Chicago) so Lakers` another advantage is this if they are going to play Finals again this year.

    I want another Celtics-Lakers Finals this season and I know this would be another epic legendary 7 game Final series of all times !
    Not just only because of the famous rivalry but 3rd time in the last 4 years like old times, (Shaq-Kobe duel, and they are even 1 for Celtics in 08 1 for Lakers in 10 this year would be decisive. I feel Celtics will win this year and get revenge. I can hardly wait :))

  79. Ian Bacallo says:

    The Lakers play like this every year in the regular season. When its the playoffs, thats when they step their game up. They take it to another level when they need to win a game. Especially a playoff game.

  80. jamez says:

    and how come no1 here thinks san antonio is gonna make it to the finals??

  81. jamez says:

    Provided there are no injuries the lakers, celts n heat r the favs…. but considerin how good boston is at gettin their players injured i think id rule them out from getin to the finals… lakers r pretty much gonna run out of gas by the time they reach the playoffs… so dat leaves the heat which has players wid decent playoff xperience to handle the celts n then the lakers to win the championship if they dont loose to the magic which is a pretty good team

  82. Sean says:

    Time will tell because remember the last two years everyone thought it was going to be kobe vs Lebron but lebron couldnt get his team to the finals, im excited for the play offs because it will be interesting to see how the teams play after their stellar regular seasons.

  83. Johnny says:

    You also have to remember Kobe isn’t at 100% like he says he is. He did have knee surgery on the off season. Come playoffs, he should be close to or at 100%. The Lakers also have people on the bench that are hurt right now.

  84. Poulo says:

    People please this has been the argument about the the Lakers for the past few years now. If they’re not too old, they’re too soft, or too hurt….. The last time a checked they are second in the West and third over all. And let’s not forget that best of seven is about making adjustments and being able to use mismatches to your advantage and I believe Phil has proven to us all that he can do that. We still have a second half of a season to play so… before you get them out of the running, wait and see because it’s a long season.

  85. kaloi:07 says:

    how spurs can beat the lakers without their defensive ace player bruce bowen!!!!!!! think about??? they dont have any chace!!!!!BE L.A.

  86. Gerby says:

    for me, yes they are getting older and wiser…
    fisher and blake?? VS WEST’s: Deron Williams (strength, IQ, passing and scoring ability), Chris Paul’s (overall game),
    EAST’s: Rose (acrobatic moves, speed and power),RONDO’s (IQ, speed defense and passing ability),
    no disrespect to fisher and blake, but young legs are very helpful. Brown may help them on the defensive end in some situations but not for a whole game. Artest and Barnes are good defensively but they can’t stop those Guards.

    BOSTON VS LAKERS DEFENSE: boston is very good defensively because of KG’s intensity leading the team, rondo’s quick hands and the PLUS guys(energy guys) persistent defense, which the laker’s doesn’t have. Before the departure of farmar and vujajic they have that kind of guys, plus brown and walton.
    In the inside, the laker’s has no problem on defense, they got the length obviously, which causes them to sacrifice a bit on the perimeter and transition defense. I mentioned perimeter and transition because of OKC’s, CHICAGO, NO, LAC, DAL, MIA, PHO and other teams that likes to run on offense.

    KOBE AND JORDAN? comon man, we all know that jordan is a legend… kobe’s not trying to be jordan, kobe is just doing what he can to get some more rings… and even though he doesn’t average 35 ppg at age 32 like jordan, atleast his winning rings like jordan did.

    KOBE AND LEBRON? Bron maybe the better athlete than kobe, but bron chokes come playoff time while kobe is on the rhythm! LOL, yes! the heat is a good team this season with bosh and lebron with wade on the team, but what can a tripod do against boston on the eastern conference? LAKERS Vs HEAT won’t be the issue in the finals.

    i like what odom and brown is doing for the team this season. i just would like to see more on gasol’s toughness.! (comon man! they got bull’s eye on your back). Bynum, just stay healthy men! kobe, you’re my man, i know you know what you’re doing, just don’t let your teammate’s slack off… I would like to see Ebanks get more minutes if his back on the line up, his like a young trevor ariza for me…

  87. Macuca says:

    The core of the Lakers is really not at all that old and there is so much to be said of experience, San Antonio is playing great ball right now but we will see how they do in the playoffs and see how they do with injuries if anyone goes out later in the season . Miami gets hurt they loose ,Dallas gets hurt they loose , Boston has been able to keep winning dispite some short term injuries but they are also playing a weak eastern conference . Miami will make a run but will fall to Boston and the Lakers will do what they need to, to stay healthy and take San Antonio in 6 or seven games . It will be Boston and LA for another classic Finals . Shaq will not be a Factor but motivation for Kobe and Bynum , Prediction the healthiest team will win in Seven. Either way a Great Finals . GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!

  88. Time says:

    too much assupmption…come playoff time…thats what matters…we’ll see what happens

    • NBAfan says:

      lakers as a team is older than boston and san antonio, and the only team older than the lakers is dallas

  89. Chus says:

    This is the media and the hopes of many for ya. All this article and all of your comments for the most part are only hopes and wishes. This is what you want to believe. I’m used to it I been a Lakers fan all my life since late 70’s. All of you want to see the Lakers fall. Most of the people hate the Lakers because they get tired of seeing them win all the time. It’s like the Yankees or the Steelers. The reality is this. The Lakers are a playoff built team. Regular season is just that, this is the boring grind until the playoffs start. Lakers always get lazy or bored and lose focus during the season at some point or another. For most teams out there, they use the season to find out what kind of team they are. The Lakers already know what they are at this stage. We are not out to win regular seasons, but win championships. When the playoffs start it will pave the way for another three peat. Next year you will be writing these articles again just like last year and the year before that and every other year. See you in the Finals.

  90. ^^ says:

    champs must be La, miami or boston
    1. kobe will take 6 ring and no doubts for future
    2. Lebrons age begins
    3: shaq again shaq..

    • lbjthebest says:

      Let me say the future facts:
      1. Kobe is getting old.
      2. Lebron owns Kobe any given night just like he used to.
      3. Kobe retires

      • + + says:

        4. Lebron quits the playing in the playoffs

      • Ryan says:

        1 kobe is getting old but still wins another ring
        2. lebron does not own kobe every night. they hardly play each other. last time i check the highlights most of the points kobe scores is on lebron while lebron scores his against artest.
        3 kobe retires 7 years down the road with his 6-7 rings.
        4. lebron starts to age and isnt a superstar anymore because his game depends on his athleticism, unlike kobe with his unmatched footwork.
        5. every lebron starts hatin because they know its true and then find excuses why lebron starts sooting 44% a game because hes jacking up shots trying to stuff his stats like he always does.

  91. Steve W says:

    OLD TEAM!! this is got to be one of the most lamest posts I’ve seen in a long time. Only six months ago the same Laker team won the NBA title. They did it with Beta and injured players like Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum. The Lakers picked up some younger and defensive players like Matt Barnes and Steve Blake which makes them potentially even more of a defensive team.

    This OLD Laker team digest is pretty good since they have the third-best record in the NBA. Ironically the Boston Celtics and San Antonio Spurs who are the top two winningest teams in the NBA right now are also two of the oldest teams in the NBA. Skill and experience trumps over youth and testosterone.

    This article may have been more pertinent if the Lakers had avoided making the playoffs the past few years but that is NOT the case.

  92. Rik says:

    so true, indeed no threepeat!

  93. The Real says:

    So the Lakers are old? I heard this last year how they were not going to make it to the finals from so called sports experts and If I’m not mistaken I think everyone had there money on the cavs and how good of a team they were and how they were going to win it all, well we all saw how that turned out. Come on people why do we have to hear this every year what team is going to make it who’s not so on and so on and when it’s all said and done it’s never the case. Why play your self out during the season and have no gas left for the playoff’s? The Lakers are 32-13 and the heat are 31-13 lol but the Lakers are old, if thats the case they should be 13-30 the way all the talk is going. Look people we all seen how winning 60 games in a season doesn’t mean your going to the finals. I know one thing and that is that the Lakers and Celtics always step up there game when playoff time comes, they are well coached teams meaning they been there before and know how to perform in must win games. This is the media’s job to get you all hyped up like they did Lebron’s trade to the heat lol. The Lakers are doing just fine 2nd best in the west and I don’t think they mind people counting them out already!!!

  94. Manu says:

    I don’t think the Lakers are ‘too old’ to play dominant defense, and I say that grudgingly as a Celtics fan. The Celtics are much older than the Lakers and they have the best defensive team in the league! True, neither team is particularly fast in some key positions but they make up for it with experience and determination.

  95. chuchodogo says:

    maybe this one is his last year for the lakers, but they are going to win a championship again =)

  96. Kobe byrant For Coach says:

    The lakers are going to win not to sound cocky but..When lakers has a healthy bynum and gasol they are really dominate..And the way artest is playing is awful really awful..he is not giving us the defence we seen him do when he was on houston..The way Lamar odom is playing is really good he puts up 15+ off the bench phil jackson Shouold really change the line up and put larmar odom over artest..Because is messing up the team really bad..I wish ariza didnt leave never thought i would say that though…………………………………………………………………………………………………….

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Artest is playing welll Melo only scored 23 on 6-18 shooting against LA and had a 35 point night before the at OKC and 36 against the Pacers. Ron isfine.

  97. Fact Not Fiction says:

    Too old? No, but just not quick enough. The Lakers are having trouble with fast and active teams. But that being said they still have the most letal scorer in the game so were defense fails, they turn to shooting the lights out. However, I don’t see that taking them to a 3peat this year, but you can’t count them out.

  98. JMoon says:

    Lakers are still good at defense.

    But Boston will win championship #18 this year, regardless of whether its against L.A. or San Antonio. Boston is the most fundamental and most scrappy team in the league.

  99. alex says:

    yeah, their STARTERS are old. everyone knows that the bench is much faster and as soon as Barnes is back, you have very active defensive replacements for the starters.

  100. jimD says:

    Fisher getting too old to play defense? Fisher never played defense, all he does is run in front people and flop and let the refs do the rest, he’s a Laker guard they’re allowed to do that, you never get to old to flop, he can play that type of defense until he’s fifty, as long as he’s a Laker……

  101. Anthony says:

    The truth is that all this talk about age is just that…. talk. Tell me the last time a truly young team has won in the finals. Veteran teams advance in the playoffs and the Lakers and the Lucky Charms (Celtics) will clash again in the finals for another memorable series. Both teams defend well and score the ball well and make big plays. As old as these two teams are, they still know how to slow down these younger teams such as the Heat,Magic,and Thunder who like to run the whole game.

    • Andre says:

      The point is not knowing how to slow these teams down. It’s about talent. Lakers are the most talented team in the league, by far. This Lakers team with a 27-year old core would be a lock. They are not because they are getting older, and age makes them worst than they would be if younger. Magic, Thunder and Heat has less talent. Period. Just put Howard on Thunder roster and wait to see if they can slow down the younger team.

      And a lot of young teams won the finals. By young, I mean, a core with 28 years-old or less, not a bunch of little boys with 20.

      Spurs won with a young core. Lakers won with Shaq and Kobe.

      Old in this article means achieving an age that slows you down, makes you worst phisicaly. So it talks about people whos 30+, where the signs of age starts to show up.

  102. Emperor James says:

    West and Jackson are right. The Lakers are just too old. They have no hope. They should just forfeit the rest of the season, and go into a retirement village for the golden years.

    This year Portland will obviously win the Championship. They are the youngest team, and that means that they will be Champions.

    All raise their cups in a toast to the old fogies, the Lakers. No longer capable of playing basketball. The team should be blown up, all of their players put into forced retirement, and the team rebuilt. We can watch them as the entire franchise rides off into the sunset and oblivion, never to be seen or heard from again. Maybe within twenty years they might have a chance at a .500 season, if they are lucky.

    • Wait a minute says:

      Such hatred. You need a role model.

    • Are you stupid? says:

      @Emperor James

      Do you seriously think that Portland will win the championship this year. I hope that was just a typo or something, because there is no way they’re going to win. They have just as much of chance as the the Cavaliers of winning this season..

    • brrrrraaaaap says:

      First off, anyone with James in the title is pure garbage. @Emperor James. You need heart to win a championship. Oops, there I said it. In an interview after a regular season game where James hit a ton of shots from downtown, James was asked if there was any limit to his range. He replied that his rage was “basically unlimited”. Fast forward to the playoffs in 2010. He hit so many bricks in the series and especially in the final loss, it made me laugh. Unlimited, huh? As James walked off the court after losing in the playoffs last year, thus ending his season, he took off his Cavs Jersey as soon as he entered the tunnel with cameras ahead of him in plain sight. Showed me and the world that he was done with Cleveland. I thought that moment spoke volumes. He couldn’t even wait until the locker room to remove his Cavs jersey. James has carefully crafted his image as the “good guy” of the NBA, but we all know his true colors now. And just for the record, donating any monies from his “Decision” interview is a joke. If he donated money from his salary or endorsements to the kids/charity, now that would be something. It’s all about James from the “Decision”, interview to the powder tossing before the game. And still no championships. And he really gave the finger to the Cavs organization, Cleveland, and really the entire state of Ohio after they bent over backward to accomodate his ego. Sad, really. But who can blame him? Miami night life is second to none and the latina chicks are super hot and fiesty I hear.

      Players/Teams are too old. Players/Teams are too young. Whatever. You can guess all you want. When the playoffs start, Kobe hits another gear. All this talk is pure speculation. Kobe has played the least minutes of any of his last 12 seasons this year. Reason: Lakers have a deeper bench. Kobe’ll be ok for the playoffs. Believe that. You don’t have to give the Lakers any respect cause they’re too old in your opinion. Whatever. But you gotta beat the champs before you talk smack about the champs. The one team I respect is Boston this year. Everyone else has gotta prove they can win in the playoffs.

      Also, Shaq is a sell-out. Takes near league minimum salary with Boston (making 20 Mil with Cavs, Phoenix, Heat last few years) cause he doesn’t want Kobe to have more rings than him. That, people, is the hard truth. After he won #4, he rapped some rude ship about Kobe in NYC. Ya’ll must remember that. It’s on youtube. Now Kobe has 5 rings so he can’t say squat. Back to signing with Boston. Sorry, you can’t be a Laker legend if you sell out to the Celtics, the sworn mortal enemy (and I say that with respect for the organization). Shaq doesn’t even look good in green. Looks like a big green jellybean. Should have tried to sign with the Lakers, but he wouldn’t want to take so little money while Kobe makes 20 Mil+, and he definitely doesn’t want to help Kobe win more rings. Again, sad. Very sad. If he wasn’t so demeaning to Kobe, he could have thrived as a Laker especially in his twilight years. His ego is his advantage, and also his downfall.

    • Thank you says:

      nice comment man very funny. if you are sayin that an old team can’t win the champ then the youngest team is going to win it

  103. JechoniasJ says:

    AGREED!! All this nonsense these analyst are talking, come playoff time they’ll be eating their words. They did it last year!

  104. Hamid Z says:


  105. Amarerox! says:

    oldest team in the nba.. ready 4 this, the miami heat, are the best defensive team statistically in the nba! i understand that most of the older guy on that team get less min but if they can do it why not the lakers. and the lakers won 2 rings in a row theyre tired but still 2nd best team in the west… what type of questain is this anyway???

    • f-d-l says:

      the miami heat are not the best defensive team statistically in the league.the bulls are 1st in points allowed (celtics 2nd) and opponents fg%. how dose that make miami the best def team in any circumstance?

  106. All Hype says:

    Number one, Sekou, this is a bad argument because the same could be said for any number of teams. Second, we’re not even at the all star break so please stop with the hype. Instead of knocking the championship team, why not blog about something worth blogging about, like the Spurs. They get no love; instead, the Lakers just get hated on.

  107. Chicago Dan says:

    You will notice that Phil Jackson agrees on this just to try and light a fire under his players, thats what he does people! As for Jerry West its blatantly obvious that he was extremely envious of sucess the new Lakers have been having especially Kobe Bryant who is making LA people forget all about who the Logo is. I dont blame Jerry, its natural but hes been trying to take slights at Kobe and the Lakers(saying lebrons better etc.) for a long time now while still faking to everyone his 100% support for the team.

  108. twicky says:

    Wow!!! So L.A are too old. And what’s about Boston Celtics? Ray Allen was born in 1975, kobe in 1978. Garnett is four years older than Pau, and I won’t speak about Bynum and Shaquille. Only in the point guard position Fisher is the oldest. But, surprisingly, Celtics are better than Lakers allowing points and they also have a better point differential (second best in the league in both of them). I mean, if Lakers are “too old to dominate”, shouldn’t Celtics be, at least, out of 10th best in the league?.
    In my opinion, these Lakers are gonna play good for three more years, and they may win the playoffs twice in the next three years. Otherwise, when kobe, Fish and Pau get too old, they won’t win anything for a span till they make a good time again.

    • B.O.B says:

      First of all, Shaq isn’t Boston’s starting center. The Celtics are quite clearly the better team at the moment and are only going to get better come playoff time. They haven’t even played with their full squad yet. No team can compete with this kind of first and second unit:

      Kendrick Perkins
      Kevin Garnett
      Paul Pierce
      Ray Allen
      Rajon Rondo

      Shaquille O’neal
      Glen Davis
      Marquis Daniels
      Delonte West
      Nate Robinson

      They have two very respectable starting lineups. So when you talk about age like that you just look silly. The Lakers starters have a lot more pressure on them with minutes and having to perform at a high level night in night out. I’d take four out of five of the Celtics starters over the Lakers starters. But, that’s just talk, we’ll seen in June when the Celtics and Lakers match up again.

  109. Gman says:

    Boston comparison to Lakers is stupid. Boston has alot of good young pieces, where as the lakers dont. Think before you talk.

  110. Quentin Grzyb says:

    The point of age being a factor is true but it doesn’t mean that the lakers can’t play defense. Phil Jackson once said that a good defense is a good offense. If the Lakers have one thing over the younger and faster teams, it is that they are way more experienced in defensive strategy and locking down their opponents and that wins games ladys and gentlemen.

  111. Jao Romero says:

    “We’ve held strong to our belief that the Lakers have the team to beat in the Western Conference come playoff time?”

    i think you mean: the Lakers ARE the team to beat.

    a lil bit of lapse on that. but good article overall Sekou. it’s a valid point to raise. the Lakers don’t seem as dominant as in their past championship years. and they are still terrible vs winning teams. and the Laker’s history (Kobe’s lakers anyway) in the playoffs when they don’t have HCA tells us this team will be in trouble come playoff time if they don’t have HCA. the Mavs looked too good and capable of beating LA until they lost Caron Butler. the Spurs are a challenge too, and unless anyone hasn’t noticed, the Lakers lose a lot to teams good in 3 point shooting, a specialty the Spurs have excelled at this season. and even if the Lakers still got out of the West, any of the potential ECF winner will eat them whole. Celtics, Heat, Magic, even Chicago will give Lakers a run for its money.

    • Ryan says:

      funny how last year through the season everyone said its a young lakers team, now a year later at this time they are too old and slow. i think its funny. same thing last year once they slowed down and had a bad stretch they became too old until they started winning again. watch it be like tha this year. 2009, lakers disrespected the league because 1, they could win on any given night but stretched out series with teams like the rockets etc knowing they could have swept them. 2, they play half a**** all the time. 2010, lakers were considered a young team, winning failry decent and doing what they did. a bad stretch came and they became too old all of a sudden. playoff time comes, okc gave them a little run in the first round, people thought lakers wer done, then they coasted to the finals and outplayed the best defensive team in the league considering them being “too old”. then there was no copaints when they started 8-0. now they played half a**** this season. they had a bad stretch and now people think they cant beat good teams. if playoff time comes and they win a 3peat this year, everyone that has to talk a bunch of smack, shut up, and dont say anything unless your right. just makes you look ignorant and stupid. let the lakers lose in the playoffs first before you assume anything.

      • Zack says:

        You lose all credbility by your uneducated grammar and writing. Learn to talk/type in complete sentences. Use punctuation. Understand the difference between “your” and “you’re.”

        You just sound like yet another non critical-thinking Lakers homer.

  112. lakers says:

    i think that lakers just need a new point guard…no disrespect to fisher..hes a hugeee reason we won the last two times but we need someone to keep up with the speed of these younger point guards like rondo or paul or even westbrook..just sayin


      i agree 100% with u on this fisher is a great clutch player but we would be better off with him as a second poing gaurd n picking someone young up to run the floor better!! if we had a good point gaurd *(not that fisher hasnt been great) we would smash everyone..but what fun would that be!! i stil pick the lakers to win it…we got KOBE regardless

    • LA AC says:

      Yeah why doesn’t every other team just give up and trade every all-star to the Lakers for d-leaguers? Get real, there’s nothing wrong with Steve Blake as a player, it’s all about chemistry; also, the Lakers’ present offensive system is not designed for a strong point guard (try to name one on a Jackson-coached team).

  113. juanocoro says:

    well, kobe is 32, he’s not that old. MJ was 35 or 34 when he won his last title, and pippen his partner, was 32 or 33.

    • MJ THE GOAT says:

      Jordan was still the best athlete in the NBA at 35!!!! kobe is not even top 10 don’t compare the two, cause its a joke. At 35 yrs old MJ averaged 28 ppg shooting 47% with a dislocated Index finger and CRACKED knuckle on his shooting hand LOL. STOP talking about MJ and worry about Kobe cause the comparison only makes u look silly

      • Ryan says:

        those 2 are the most comparible in the nba tht has had to offer when talking about the greatest. jordan and kobe have always played on injuries. you act like jordans hand was a big deal, kobe plaed all last year with back spasms, broken index finger, as well as his pinky still needing surgery. with his bad ankle and his knee problem. and to still average about 30+ a game in the playoffs, its a easy comparison on how one shadows the other. but jordan shoudnt even be a factor is this debate, its totally off topic. every jordan that hears alot of hype about kobe and what not has to try and shoot it down with a jordan statement. get real jordan wasnt the best at everything. if anything kobe was a better offensive player than jordan, jordan just took smarter shots. and fyi i get notifications to my phone after every quarter to a laker game on kobe, and these last 10 games hes shooting a very efficient 56%. while averaging about 26 a game. game.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Does Kobe not have a broken index finger? And is shooting 51%?Come on don’t be a Kobe hater.

      • Gary says:

        They say “broken” but it’s a fracture that is not severe. Plenty of players play with fractured fingers. Bottom line is there are no bones broken. If that was the case he would not be able to play, no ifs ands or buts. Still you can believe what you want…

      • LA AC says:

        Kobe’s not shooting 51%. More like .458 (check the stats on this site – compared to a career .455) with an incredibly talented team.

      • bball21 says:

        Mj was not the best athlete in the Nba in 98 you are crazy, you should be reminded that Iverson, Carter, Kobe, Mcgrady were all in the legue Mj was the most experienced best overall player yes Athlete noo, & Kobe is also playing far less minutes an playing wit a bumb knee, & a broken finger. I hate when ppl put Kobe down in refrence to MJ. Skill wise there far closer than you think

    • Gman says:

      Jordan also has played alot less minutes than Kobe at that age.

    • No Excuses says:

      Kobe is NO JORDAN.

      • Anthony says:

        Jordan didnt play against as much talent as Kobe has to. Todays players are much faster and stronger; especially at the guard position.

      • Anthony says:

        And why bring up Jordan to hate on Kobe all the time. Why not bring him up when Lebron or Wade goes off?

      • ZendeR says:

        and jordan IS NO KOBE!

      • Please. says:

        You’re kidding me, Anthony. It’s ridiculous how many times I see that athleticism argument. While I might agree there’s a slight increase in athleticism, I think there’s also a general decrease in basketball IQ. Furthermore, the far more lenient defensive rules make this league way easier for wing players offensively.
        Plus, people tend to bring up Kobe because his style of play is the closest to Jordan in today’s league, though his basketball IQ isn’t quite as high.

    • gasolMVP says:

      no disrespect to either of the players but kobe at the age of 32 is like watching jordan at the age of 40

      • Sorry Ray Ray says:

        Lol …. Kobe is way better than Jordan at age 40 and is as good as jordan at the same age, if not very close. In Kobe’s 2nd NBA season at age 18 he scored I forgot was it 33 or 36 vs MJ’s bulls?

    • MJ THE GOAT says:

      Kobe scored 17 of them in the fourth quater on RANDY BROWN AND KUKOC you moron!!!!!! MJ smoked him every game they played that 1998 season. I have all 3 in full. Kobe scored but his FG% when MJ guarded him was Below 40% LOL go away learn what you are talking about then come back

      • MJ THE GOAT says:

        PS Sorry RAy RAY but you have no clue what you are talking about.

        Here is a list of people that have called MJ the Greatest ever Shaq, Phil Jackson, Ron Harper Robert Horry, Pippen, John Salley, Pat Riley, Jerry WEst, Magic, Bird!!!!! LOL I can go on LOL oh and by the way you will notice that the first 4 on that list Played with Kobe or Both or coached Both and NOT 1 say Kobe was better. Oh and go look at the stats Mj’s 93 season when he was 31- 49.5% fg, 32.5 PPG, 6brds, 6 Assits, and nearly 3 stls per game LOL go look at kobes stats and realise how stupid you look saying that it is close LOL MORON

      • Jissa says:

        ur wrong bout dat kobe made jordan and pippen look old dey kept swithcing and dey scroed da same amount of points google da game Lakers win cause jordan got matched point for point with da same field goal percentage u a liar and a hater for ur false satemen u do not hav da tape its obviuos

      • bball21 says:

        That was Mj at his best verse a teenage Kobe cmon now, Kobe in his prime would bust MJ’s ass

  114. Andre says:

    The Lakers are getting older and it’s hurting the team. They were best or second best team in the NBA in the past 3 years, so getting a year older won’t make them a terrible team. But it hurts, obvious. Two years ago, a healthy Lakers would win the Western conference 99,9% of the time. Even die-hard fans aren’t that secure this year.

    Some people need to understand that getting worst doesn’t mean you are not contending. It only means that you will be decling compared to younger teams.

    I believe Lakers still have like 1-2 shots at championships with the current roster, since Boston will still struggle with age, and they are better enough than younger teams to last 2 more years.

    But it also depends on how some things develop in the future. Will Miami be able to get a decent Center? Where will Melo, CP3 and Howard land?

    Miami with a solid defensive Center would be a lock in my opinion, so it doen’t rely only on what the Lakers do.

  115. 24 !! says:

    you know how phil jackson is when he can coach his players live on camera he can say anythin and play around and about jerry west well cant disrespect a legent but y was he thinkg ?

  116. 24 !! says:

    ok firstly sekou really ?? a blog with this title….i would love to remind u here about kobe’s postgame conference after nba finals game7 he said they thought i was old…i really have no idea y is everyone so worried about the lakers they are spot # 2 cuz of their so called bad performance during this season why would they start pushing themselves to the limit when they can make it to the playoffs easily.i mean is it not the whole point of the preseason getting ready for the playoffs well guess what they are doing this from last four years so everyone saying they are slow they are old well see u in the playoffs sugar πŸ˜€

    • Sekou Smith says:

      If you read the post you will notice that I do not agree that the Lakers are “too old.” I think it’s hogwash. But it’s worth discussing if Jerry West and Phil Jackson raise the point, no?

      • cmoney says:

        Jerry West was the one who last year said LBJ passed Kobe as the best player in the nba. And Phil Jackson, well he plays head games all the time. If you believe anything they say and think that its anything more than motivation or that they themselves actually believe that then your sadly mistaken.

  117. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ferentz, Sekou Smith. Sekou Smith said: Too Old To Dominate?: […]

  118. trix says:

    If the lakers are too old how about the boston celtics???…Are they not the best defensive team in the league…and they are not the youngest team around…even the spurs sure they have some young guys but there big 3 is still getting old

    • MJ THE GOAT says:

      Yes BUT the ground that KG covers when healthy and Rajon Rondos ability to pressure ball handlers are 2 things the LAKERS don’t have and that is a big difference when talking about the two teams. This is not an insult at Gasol but he cannot move and cover ground like KG infact no powerforward or centre comes close to hedging and getting back on screens like KG and then you have Rondo playing the point guard sorry but the issue here is comparing a team of KG and Rondo vs FISHER adn Gasol that is why the Lakers struggle when compared to the celtics

    • GoodPoint says:

      It’s not an issue of age; it’s more of desire. The Celtics, however close the players are to 40, has the hunger to play and hustle. On the other hand, the Lakers look bored and undriven.

      The SPURS, for crying out loud, won the ’07 title over the younger Cavs.

      So, yeah, the Lakers are just plainly uninspired. But if it’s their age that’s catching up on them, then too bad for them.

  119. dirk45 says:

    The Spurs aren’t the youngest team either. Yet they’ve found a way to make everything work together. And they will not stare at the Lakers in the CF the way the Suns did last year. Sorry, Kobe, but no threepeat this year.

    • Wait a minute says:

      I can’t wait to see in the playoffs if the Lakers play the Spurs. Everybody knows the Lakers have owned the Spurs in the Playoffs in the last decade, (most recent in 2008) maybe the Spurs will finally get tired of losing to the Lakers and beat them. I’m just not falling for regular season hype, Spurs are playing excellent ball but can they keep playing this way torwards the rest of the reg. season AND the Playoffs?

      • Wait a minute says:

        2001 Western Conference Finals Lakers won, 4–0
        2002 Western Conference Semifinals Lakers won, 4–1
        2003 Western Conference Semifinals Spurs won, 4–2
        2004 Western Conference Semifinals Lakers won, 4–2
        2008 Western Conference Finals Lakers won, 4–1


      • QuestionMark says:

        The way the Spurs are playing, I think they have a chance of getting 70+ wins, but that is not what matters, what matters is beating the Mavs, the Thunder, the Hornets and the Lakers in the Playoffs, I personally think they have good chance of doing all 5. But even if they do, will they be able to beat the tough teams in the East, like a Celtics, who are pretty much the most dominant defensive team so far, and they are close to getting Perkins back which puts another big body back in the line up.
        I dont think Lakers have a chance of winning this year, Kobe is good but is averaging less ppg than he did the last few years, Fisher is getting older, only players that can help the team win is Gasol, Artest,Odom and Bynum aside from Kobe, and we all know how much Artest struggled last playoffs. On the other hand, Spurs are winning without Tim Duncan doing much at all, Parker, Jefferson, Ginobili and Hill have all stepped up and are playing well.
        L.A fans…. welcome back to reality.

    • Anthony says:

      You’re right in saying that the spurs are’nt the youngest team but, they have young players that play along the older ones( George hill, dejuan blair, gary neil and could even include jefferson and bonner(not young but not old either))

      • Owned?NoWay says:

        Not much of an ownage there. More like Lakers 4 (2001, 2002, 2004, 2008), Spurs 2 (1999, 2003).

        I’m just throwing this out there, but I think whoever has had the YOUNGER roster among the two claimed the series. And the title. Well, except for the Lakers’ ’04 and ’08 debacles.

        You know what, speaking of which. there might be a “Spurs karma” out there; whoever “beats” San Antonio will go on just to lose in the next series or two:

        ’04 Lakers def. by Pistons
        ’06 Mavs upset by Heat
        ’08 Lakers faltered against the Celtics
        ’09 Mavs destroyed by the Nuggets
        ’10 Suns eclipsed by the Lakers

      • Wait a minute says:

        2001 Western Conference Finals Lakers won, 4–0
        2002 Western Conference Semifinals Lakers won, 4–1
        2003 Western Conference Semifinals Spurs won, 4–2
        2004 Western Conference Semifinals Lakers won, 4–2
        2008 Western Conference Finals Lakers won, 4–1

        *Lakers have owned the Spurs in the playoff series in the last decade. Maybe Spurs can beat them this year.

      • Bangs Rohan says:

        well, as far as i know when the lakers enters the playoff series… they play different, we cannot underestimate them ^_^

    • L8kshow says:

      Think agian, the LAKERS are still the team to beat and they have the bleam, bleam to show for it, it’s difficult to 3-peat, and they are on the verge of thier second 3-peat…The Spurs are good and I give them credit, but they will slow down in the second half of the season. We are too good and talented and in a 7 game series, it will be too hard to beat the LAKERS!!!!!!

      • piepakisback says:

        sooo right dude’ which team can raise the level in the Western playoffs?! i don’t even understand why people talk about that in january; lakers wants just the title, no need to be ready before mid-march, gasol-bynum-odom in the paint!!! no team can handle that IN PLAYOFF SERIES!!!! sorry im a suspens-breaker c’s-lakers lakers in 6 peAce

    • ddhayesno1 says:

      Look…the lakers are just fine…everybody knows that during the playoffs the game slows down..this laker team has been together long enough..the lakers will have no problem getting back to the finals..i also believe we will see another laker celtic match..the lakers have done this multiple times

    • david says:

      lmao are you serious saying yall can compete in da playoffs. la maybe getting old n arent fast n not playing da best but when have they during da regular season. we could miss kb for 6 games n we would win more than half not lose 6 str8 games like ur mavs do wit out dirk. we may not three peat but its not guna be because of your mavs maybe da spurs celtics or heat but ur mavs are garbage. one of the top 4 seeds last 4 years n have lost in da 1st round everytime except when they lost to in da finals up 2-0 in da series. dont comment ever again cause ur mavs are a regular season team just like da hawks. I got a way 2 get u guys 2 win a playoff series just have it one game and it will be dubbed ” da underachiever bowl” mavs vs hawks.

    • mhysterioh says:

      Im not a lakers fan or kobe’s but I stll firmly believe the lakers will still beat the spurs come in the playoffs.. im not amazed by the regular season hype just like what happened with lebron and orlando last year.. its pretty hard to beat a 2 time champion in a best of seven series if all of them are healthy.. but the finals is much more complicated.. i think lakers and celtics will face each other again this year..