Long run guaranteed for BlakeShow

The Clippers have guaranteed that Blake Griffin isn’t going anywhere. Ever. Well, as in playing for another team.

Don’t expect a ‘Melo-drama involving the BlakeShow in 2014 or ’15 or ’16. Don’t think Blake Superior is going test those free agents waters like he’s dipping his toes into the Pacific.

At least that’s the opinion of a big wig at the Clip Joint, according to Ramona Shelburne of ESPNLosAngeles.com:

“I can guarantee you he will only ever be a Clipper,” general manager Neil Olshey said of his prized rookie. “If [Oklahoma City Thunder general manager] Sam Presti arrived on Kevin Durant‘s doorstep at midnight on July 1st with an extension, understand that Blake Griffin lives two blocks away from me in Manhattan Beach so it’s going to be a much shorter commute for me.”

Considering the history of the Donald Sterling‘s franchise, there’s no guarantee Olshey will still be employed when Griffin’s rookie contract runs out. But the sentiment is clear: L.A.’s other team has found a franchise player in Blake and plans to build around the Rookie of the Year favorite.

The Nuggets have thought the same for the last seven years with Carmelo Anthony. Things change, as do priorities. ‘Melo says being in a position to ultimately win a title is his only goal. He’s not convinced that can happen in Denver. As for New York …

Who’s to say Griffin won’t want the same thing. Again, considering the Clippers’ history, winning is hardly guaranteed. Olshey countered that the Clips are winning now, though he’s using a sample size of less than 20 games. The GM also pointed to the young talent being assembled, such as Eric Gordon, DeAndre Jordan, Eric Bledsoe and Al-Farouq Aminu.

“The future looks pretty good. The only question will be, in two or three years with Blake, is how much more we’ll be winning.”


  1. lakersbasketballfan says:

    Blake Griffin will stay in L.A. and go to the Lakers if he wants a championship. The lakers will make him the new franchise player with Bynum (if Bynum stops getting hurt).

    They will get D. Williams because his contract is over in 2012. they will find a few other pieces but build around Blake.

    Go Lakers!

  2. allaround baller says:

    first of all, its blake first season. about first 25 games like they were adjusting the system. and recently are very good record. he clearly lift his team spirit or even clip franchise. eye on clip now. we know west division is tough, let just see how far of this. and kevin you learn the stat number before you admit what is good or great

  3. zxcv09 says:

    superman aint black he’s white so blakes the real superman

  4. carlos says:

    blake griffin is going to do with the clippers what michael jordan did for the bulls. bulls only had scottie pippen besides mj. blake already has eric gordon. it´s a question of assuming their responsibilities and ambitions and play good defence. blake is already my favourite player. he is playing like a veteran and if the clippers go to playoffs, he will be not only rookie of the year but also MVP.
    a great thing about blake is that he is improving every night. we witness that every clippers´ game. i was a nba fan but not to attached to a team or a player. Blake is the nba prototype player, the one i was expecting to see one day and his team is a group of guys that enjoy playing together. now i have a team and the my favourite player: clippers and griffin!

  5. Kevin says:

    Great players make those around them better, in return makes the team better, which would make them one of the top eight teams in their conference.

  6. Kevin says:

    I guarantee you there is not a great player on the bottom 5 teams in the west.. Cause if there were, they wouldn’t be in the bottom.

  7. Kevin says:

    The way everyone talks about him, the Clips should be in the playoff race… Are they, No…. Until then, he’s just a good player, because a great player would have them in the hunt… They’re still competing for the last spot in the west.

  8. Red says:

    get Rasheed Wallace from retirement!!! He’ll be a good fit with the Clips!

  9. walkerdog says:


  10. TrueFan says:

    Stop calling him the Blakeshow, the Lakers already have that moniker. How about some originality? And you wonder why everybody looks at the Clippers as the Diet Lakers….

  11. allaround baller says:

    how bout this next season

    baron davis
    eric gordon
    andre iguodala
    blakeshow. thats is! nickname we need, catchy n so true
    deandre jordan

    eric bledsoe
    randy foye
    ryan gomes
    al farouq aminu
    shane battier / udonis haslem
    samuel dalembert / marcin gortat

    i bet clip has the chance to own staples cntr by this

  12. MeloDrama says:

    here’s a nickname for blake ‘the Blake Monster’ anyone digging it? LOL

  13. alex p says:

    best power forward that played the game i’ve seen in a long while…but the owner doesnt really care winning championship. in a couple of years when he’s valuable is at his peak, watch he’ll be sold or traded for a lot of MOLA…right now clippers are the most exciting team to watch with Blake and co. you dont know which team will show up on each game….just like the owner(pohwee)

  14. allaround baller says:

    I hope he’ll stay for long and HEALTHY.The team situation is similar to thunder, young talents n quite serious threat to big teams. Give them a shot. And if Sterling mean it, he must upgrade the bench. Put a decent defender on SF next year. Try Andre Iguodala, considering 76ers is keep sinking. Keep bledsoe as davis backup, hire veteran guy to establish the defense (especially when the starting five rest) moreover Clip already has enough scorer. Clippers must have big space cap and Kaman for all that trade, now i prefer rising andre jordan

  15. Fact not Fiction says:

    If Blake doesn’t stay on the Clippers you know he will be playing for his hometown.

  16. Vladar says:

    In 2014 Paus and Kobes contracts will be expired. Kobe is staying for a couple seasons more, but Pau is out since he would be 33 by the time, and there is a free cap space for about 16 million dollars. Guess what, Griffins is out of contract the same year, and with the new lockout 16 mill. is more then enough to sign with the Lakers. You can count on that!

  17. SD619 says:

    If the Clipps move to San Diego, I’d be more a fan. I don’t like them sharing Los Angeles..

  18. stu says:


  19. JD says:

    Much better player then Dwight howard. Might not be as Great defensively but much more superior then Dwight offensively. I mean hes posting numbers his rookie season that dwight took 6 years to build. And hes consistent. Look for this guy to be a 30 or 25 and 10 guy in a few years

  20. alex says:

    the clippers are not going to make it to the playoffs, i give him like 5 years to develop, and then a contender will take him. its how this league goes. But let me tell u something, the clippers have a better chance having a horrible season this year, them they will get at least a first round top 10 draft pick. if you got 2 promising rookies, u can build around that. u got to admit, its a gamble worth taking. But this will always happen: lakers > clippers. 🙂

  21. ash says:

    LA Griffins

  22. rjhay says:

    blake is a big factor for the clippers it’s like devoloping a young howard and amare just learn more outside shot

  23. Ti Brown says:

    (In my best Kanye West voice) Donald Sterling doesn’t care about Clippers wins. If Blake cares about winning, good luck with keeping him there.

  24. wuffe says:

    I wouldn’t be suprised if after this next Owner Player contract meeting, the Owners try to put the whammee on the players and close up shop due to the economy. Because the owners had their ego stepped on by the Lebron and Carmello drama dont be suprised when they ask for right of 1st refusal and ask to match any other teams offer for their Franchise player. The players assoc. wont give it to them , but the owners will settle for another route , taking about 2 maybe 3, 1st round penalty picks from the other team that gets their franchise player. They really want to put the squeeze on player movement.

  25. steven says:

    blake is staying he wants to win you dont have to worry about him doing a lebron and moving teams i mean i dont blame lebron he wants to win as well but his team was not picking up the slack but blake griffin is exciting him, gordon, davis, aminu(soon to be) deandre jordan(needs to play more like a complete player) but yea this time is very talented and if denver trades melo then there done for this year and if we keep playing the way we are im almost positive we can catch the suns in the playoff race this year im not saying this is our year are anything but blake is beast and hes committe to the game he wont leave if he has a ring by 2014 and thats along time for a man with his caliber great things to come and there will be plenty excitement

  26. mrball says:

    blake will leve if they are not a good team

  27. chrisman says:

    YO! Blake is the REAL DEAL, most exciting to watch since Lebron and the most rim-wrecking in the paint since Shaq. He’s got big things ahead in his future (providing he’s not hampered by injuries) a future multiple all-star in the making, can’t wait to see what else he brings to the game over the next few seasons.

  28. san says:

    The Clippers are going to be a very good team, but to be a champion you need more then a good team and a star player, you need a very solid deffense, a bench that can win games, and the team have to play like a team. Besides when Griffin and Gordon take some experience, Baron will be retired, and the Clippers will have to make a very important desition to found another pg, the Hawcs are a very good example of what it can happen with a very good young team but that made all very bad desitions with their PG, they trow up they chance and how they are not a big team that have team, their better players with the time they want go to others places (what happen with the cavs), theres only a few teams that have time, and are big cities or teams that had won a championship lately. I think the PG desition and the coach will say if the Clippers will be another very good team that trow their chance, or if they can really win a championship. The Thunders are another very good young team, with a very good coach, the Blazers if they keep healtly are very good too. Those teams are going to fight in a few years in the west, but Lakers and Spurs have a few years more, and then they wont take much to get a very good team again, Lakers have money and Spurs the best direction, they keep stealing picks every year, and with a good pick in a few years, they wont miss it.

  29. hesr says:

    As long as the tight old racist is their owner, the Clippers will always be…well…just the Clippers.

  30. dave rosa says:

    “blake superior”, “the griffin” (half lion, half eagle”…all i can tell you is this, it sure is fun being a clip fan…blake and gordon, the “g-men”…the clips are the most exciting young team in the nba…they have no rivals.

  31. theblackmamba'sno.1fan says:

    BLAKERS! someday griffin is gonna go to the lakers…

  32. Emperor James says:

    Give him another couple of years under the Sterling operation, and this guy is gone. We have heard all of this malarkey before, many times. Sterling will start trying to cash in by selling off first his other important players, and then Griffin will see the writing on the wall. No help! Unless the League gives Sterling and his ilk what they want most, that is, proprietary ownership of Griffin’s body and future by establishing a franchise player tag, Griffin will bolt. He will start to look around at his situation, and that of the more serious franchise operations, and he will bolt.

  33. Syed says:

    The clippers will probably have a later lottery pick this year, and look for them to be next season what OKC was last season- a breakout 50 win team. And that isn’t all to look forward for, for the clippers- They also hold the Minnesota Timberwolves pick. A pick that is top-10 protected this year and unprotected next year. So seeing how the timberwolves are bound to have a 1-7 pick this draft and doesnt seem to be getting any better, the clippers could easily get another solid piece to add on to Griffin-Gordon-Baron-Kaman-Aminu-Bledsoe-Jordan plus this years lottery pick and any free agents they sign.
    Now thats a young and very deep team right there.
    Hopefully Sterling doesnt mess this up, but his recent actions (signing Baron as a free agent for big bucks and keeping and giving Kaman more money, and building a brand new practice facility) but minus the comments he made on Foye, Gomes, and Baron.
    Seems like he wants to start winning now too. hopefully…

    • boswell says:

      I agree! They should get some serious inquiries about the 2012 Minnesota pick. If they take their time, they can get a major veteran player in trade for that pick. Clips need a defensive SF with a decent outside shot. Combined with Aminu’s rebounding from that position, they should be in good shape. They need excellent defense from their bench, with 1 “instant points” type bench player in the mold of Eddie House or anyone else who can hit 40% from 3.
      Anyone who contributes to the overall team defense is who they need. With Kamen back, it will be a new equation. Let’s see how that looks after Kamen is 10 games into his return. I see 2012 as a major upgrade to 55 wins.

  34. Moronga Grande says:

    Yep, he won’t be leaving L.A. He will pull a Shaq on the Clippers and go to the Lakers after his rookie contract is over. Isn’t that good timing. By the time Blake’s contract is up, Kobe will probably retire, making money available for Blakezilla!!

    • boswell says:

      I think by the time Blake is a free agent, the frustrated Lakers will have fouled him so cheaply, in the fashion of Lamar Odom, that Blake will sign with a team in Turkey before he’ll ink with the Lakers. For Blake to become godhead of the NBA, only a complete Clipper turnaround will suffice. When Clips are winning 55 to 60 games in 2012 and 2013, it will be a Blake Griffin slam-dunk that he re-signs with “his” team.

  35. tony says:

    Go Clippers!!..Dont ever leave blake..please!..

  36. michael says:

    Nah, Blake aka BLAKEZILLA!!!
    Anyhow. Carmelo coming to the Clips would definitely be amazing. But like Jake said, it’s all on Sterling to maintain this group and help make the right moves. Tayshaun Prince would be a good upgrade at small forward. Trade him for Kaman; Detroit, at last, would rid itself of Prince and get a proven all-star in Kaman while Kaman gets a chance to play for his hometown team. Clippers, meanwhile, receive a seasoned player with championship experience who– along with Davis– could be the other veteran presence the Clips need.

    • boswell says:

      Kamen is all-star, Prince is on the fade. Can get better than that for Kamen. Best to see how Kamen and Blake play together in the last 1/3 of the season. Notice how they lost to Portland? With Kamen, a different story. I agree that Prince would be a good fit. I’m thinking of getting him alot cheaper than for a solid Center. As soon as the SF position is solidified with a veteran with good defense, the Clips will start winning close games, and road games. Right now, team defense is the key, with the SF position being the place to improve. Artest would be a great fit as well. Anyone with great team defensive skills and a decent outside shot.

  37. Lebron James says:

    Blake is a monster and he is more on the highlight reel. If he will not get injured, he is going to be a dominating presence and brings excitement in the league.

  38. Jake says:

    I hope he stays. In two years (maybe even next year depending on how fast the young players develop) the Clippers could have a sick team. Griffin could end up being the best big man in the league, Gordon is an all-star talent, and Aminu, Bledsoe, and Deandre Jordan all have a lot of upside. Plus, Chris Kaman could give them a low post threat when he gets back from injury, and they’ll probably head back to the lottery this year with a chance to get another young player with potential. The question is how many productive years B-diddy has left, and if Donald Sterling can aviod screwing everything up. Also, I think the Clippers have some serious cap space. What about signing Carmelo Anthony? Right now they have a void at small forward, and if they had Anthony they could be the best team in L.A. in a year or two. I’m surprised I haven’t heard anything suggesting that Anthony could go to the Clips.

    • boswell says:

      Lots of speculation on message boards, with the Clips being mentioned after nets, knicks and rockets. SF is the weak leak, but scoring is not, so Melo’s less than stellar defense could become a negative. I think the Clips made right choice with Gomes, a low-grade Artest, but they need someone like Shawn Marion to put up 14 points in 22 minutes. Team Defense is their greatest weakness. By playing together, and getting a SF with defensive prowess, 2012 could be a major breakout season for the Clips. Don’t forget they have an unrestricted #1 pick of the lowly T-Wolves in 2012. They could trade that for the guy you’re looking for at SF. I think Aminu should bulk up and be a combo 3-4. So a combo 2-3 SF is the answer… CLIPPERS ALL THE WAY in 2012

    • the_watcher says:

      Would be a wise move for Melo to move to the slightly aging Western Conference power base than the soon-to-be Eastern logjam up top. Maybe Melo simply needs a change. Then again, I suspect Melo’s move (specifically, his desire for NYK) to be less about opportunity for rings than opportunity for exposure, love and endorsement, and perhaps D’antoni’s fun and stat padding gameplay. He is, after all, wanting to leave a strong franchise already for a leap into the unknown fire-pit of scrutiny. The Clips have nothing to offer the Nuggets (assuming Sterling can hold his water and not blow up yet another young team for whatever reason), and barring a miraculous free agent signing, Blake and co. may hopefully develop as a team with massive potential without the need for alpha-baller issues. Just gotta stop the franchise habit of constantly stopping to do a bit of window shopping at the pawnbrokers.

  39. :p says:

    Blake Superior is a good nickname. 🙂

  40. Clips4lyfe says:

    Yeah, go Blake!!!!
    aka “the REAL Superman!”