Bobcats clawing way back

Few talk about the Bobcats, and judging from attendance figures in Charlotte, few watch them as well. But if you look now, these ‘Cats are giving us reason to jabber.

Interim coach Paul Silas has turned around this crew, which is 8-5 since the Larry Brown‘s (forced) resignation. Michael Jordan‘s squad is seventh in the Eastern Conference playoff race and its modest two-game winning streak includes an impressive victory at Chicago earlier this week.

That the Bobcats are even in this position is impressive enough after the Brown meltdown. Silas is holding players accountable and they’ve responded by playing with passion and energy again, and that’s often all you need to get one of the lower playoff seeds in the East.

It won’t be easy in the months ahead. Not only are Stephen Jackson and Gerald Wallace going to be the subject of plenty of trade speculation going into the Feb. 24 deadline, but the Bobcats are without Tyrus Thomas for eight weeks after knee surgery.

“It’s unfortunate that he’s out, but life goes on and we just have to play through it,” Silas said after last night’s win over Philadelphia.

Charlotte gets another crack at a team above it in the standings Saturday night at home against the Hawks. After that it’s a five-game Western Conference trek.

“The game against Atlanta is going to be big,” point guard D.J. Augustin told “The Hawks are a great team, and it would be a big win going into this long road trip we’ve got coming up.”


  1. The Game says:

    LOL, no comments as well….Tough to watch this team indeed, boring, boring, its hard to consider Gerald Wallace your “to be watched star” or Jackson, they play a bit boring, keeping the score low, so usually adds to the slowness, extra fouls, zzzzzzz where was i, the most exciting parts of watching a Bobcats game, are the camera cameo shots of Michael Jordan sitting there,lol, makes you remeber his greatness,lol

  2. Pistons fan says:

    It’s time MJ to show that he’s not a version of great player – bad boss,cos for the second straight year the bobcats have a very tallanted crew – Jackson, J – Dubb, Augustin is improving. Jordan must keep those guys and build a solid team around them, ‘cos they prove that are winners. He must try to land a big offensive force downlow, cos’ that would open up the floor for Captain Jack and for Wallace and the bobcats, with their very solid and proven deffence,will become very difficult to beat.The other option is to try to land Melo in a trade for Jackson, Diaw, draft picks because many players like caron butler and chris paul will be free and it would be very interesting if charlotte land melo cos that will immediately gain interest from caron and CP3 and the bobcats could be one of the fran chises with very bright on court and of court future