All-Star Debate: Allen v. Felton

You’re down to one guard to pick for the Eastern Conference All-Star team, and the choices are Ray Allen and Raymond Felton. Which Ray do you go?

Coming into the season, it’s a no-brainer. Allen, on the basis of a distinguished career, makes the East team hands down. He’s second all-time in 3-pointers made and the leader among active players. Nine All-Star Games on are the résumé. He’s a career 20-point scorer with more than 21,000 career points.

Not only can Allen shoot, he can shoot in the clutch with games on the line. He’s a great teammate and, perhaps most importantly, Allen has won. Two of the last three years, his Celtics have played in the NBA Finals, winning it all in 2008.

While there’s obviously a career achievement element to All-Star elections that can’t be ignored, whether through voting by fans or coaches, let’s stop and consider the half-season Felton has put together. In his first year with the resurrected New York Knicks, Felton is out-playing Allen in most meaningful stats.

New York’s playmaker is outscoring the Celtic sharpshooter (17.6 – 17.5) going into today, has an understandable huge assist edge (8.8 – 3.1), is outrebounding (3.9 – 3.7) and is doubling up on steals (1.8 – 0.9). Allen does has sizable leads in shooting percentages from the floor on all shots (51.3 to 42.8) and 3-pointers (46.8 – 34.4).

One can argue that Allen would put up even better numbers if he didn’t share the load with Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo. Maybe, but it could also be presumed that playing with those guys makes it easier for Jesus Shuttlesworth to get his.

Felton is a vital second banana to Amar’e Stoudemire on Broadway. He’s not only the Knicks’ second-leading scorer, but Felton is sixth in the league in assists. The North Carolina product had always put up solid numbers, with his best season being three years ago — 14.4 points and 7.4 assists. Are his numbers now skewed by Mike D’Antoni‘s system?


On the basis of stats, I’d give Felton the slight leg up. But what about intangibles? Ah, here it gets tricky. Allen is part of the defending conference champs and Boston currently leads the East. Winning has to count for something. The Knicks are mired in a bit of a slump, but they are in the playoff picture, checking in at sixth and have made pro basketball at Madison Square Garden relevant again. That can’t be discounted in the world’s largest media market.

Remember neither of these guys is going to start. In the latest voting returns, Allen checked in a distant fourth and Felton eighth. All-Star voting concludes Sunday night at 11:59 p.m. ET. Fans can still cast their votes on and by mobile phones. Paper balloting in arenas has ended.

Their All-Star worthiness is going to be left up to the coaches. They may pick one, both or neither. Better the coaches than me.


  1. RAYRAYFAN says:

    you cant say felton deserves it “hands down” theres not much of a diffrence between the 2, rays shooting percentages balance out with feltons assists and steals.
    soo you gotta go with ray who is more worthy cuz you know hes a future hall of famer and has put on a show his whole career, other then felton whos first “good” season is this year
    not to mention im sure if felton was in rays shoes in boston right now, playing along side paul, kevin n rajon im sure he wouldnt be concidered

    no one wins “hands down”, but i give it to RAY ALLEN!

  2. FeltonsTime says:

    The Knicks won all of 29 games last year without Felton. This year they have already won 25 games, and will probably make the playoffs. Quite a turnaround thanks largely to Felton and Amare.

    Stats-wise one shocking item is that Felton has a higher Efficiency # than Allen. Tough one for Allen but he is not more deserving. Felton gets the nod.

  3. Boston C's says:

    You Dont even gotta think about it Ray Ray for shure

  4. mohammed al-malt form syira says:

    Ray Allen for the outstanding player amazing best trilogies I hope to see a great match in the All-Star because he deserves a great player, I like Allen

  5. barry says:


  6. Red says:

    Ray Allen of course. Boston’s 4 All Stars this year are better than the Piston’s 4 All Stars that one year. Felton gets props for stepping it up this year but that’s as far as it goes. Fans still prefer Allen (check out the voting) and he’s having his best season this year as a Celtic. Love Ray Ray all the way back to his Buck days when he was the face of that franchise. He should be in the three point shootout this year too.

  7. Allan200 says:

    Ray Allen All-Star 2011.!!!!!

  8. Loc says:

    Raymond Felton has had a better season then ray ray but i think rajon rondo sshould get in because how many assists is he averaging? About 14 thats more than when steve nash got mvp. So i think rondo deserves a spot over both those players!

  9. steven vasquez says:


  10. skieds says:

    Only based on the fact that Ray Allen will be the 3point leader in the history of the NBA until the Allstar game is played, he has to be 8-10 behind Reggie Miller right now), he has to be the one.
    This is the best shooter in the history of the game we’re talking about, and no matter who’s having a great year, he deserves a last call, especially in his record breaking season, where he’s averaging the best numbers of his career too.

  11. Mr.LOVAMON SHABBAAA!! says:


  12. abdul says:


  13. Josh says:

    It’s funny you compare shooting percentages as if it’s the most important stat in the NBA
    And it’s funny that you keep saying Allen is having a better season, when you can obviously see he’s not.
    Felton leads him in every category, except the shooting percentages.
    Felton shares scoring with the 2nd leading scorer with the NBA.
    Felton does more than spot up in the corner and knock down the three.
    I’m not saying Allen sucks, he has the purest shot in the world; the smoothest moves to the rim and probably the smartest basketball IQ in that whole celtics team, but why would you disregard someone who’s lead his team in to a complete turnaround season? Someone who is putting up All Star numbers?
    That’s just dumb, it would be like a shorter version of the Kevin Love and Blake Griffin scenario; an all star is for a season.
    I have no doubt Allen will be a Hall of Famer, but this season it’s obvious Felton is performing better as a guard.

  14. Coachshine says:

    Monta needs to be an all star!!! I do not see how people like Duncan, Nash, and Parker should go ahead of him?

    Sure, Duncan and Parker have the best record in the league, and Manu will probably go from San Antonio, but these players are not putting up CLOSE to the numbers that Monta is putting up! If it wasnt for Monta, the Warriors would probably have about 10 wins. They are still in the “hunt” for the playoffs fighting for the 8 seed, so the team doesnt stink.
    Nash is not putting up the type of numbers that Monta is either, yet since him, Duncan, and Parker are perrenial all stars, they automatically get a higher priority.

    We need to put players who desserve to be all stars in the all star game … Its an ALL STAR game, not a BEST TEAM game. Point said, put the best players in the game … and Monta is one of them!!!

  15. Chris says:

    Ray Allen had his time to shine, he probably would rather have the ASG weekend off anyway. Give Ray Felton his due. I would rather see felton through Alley-oops and show some playground ball-handling skill than watch Ray Allen run around a Million picks, same reason why I wouldn’t want to see Durant play, he’s unentertaining and with all-that size and athleticism does not electrify the crowd.

  16. DaveFish says:

    i find this a pretty absurd discussion. First of all, you’re comparing the stats of a point guard to a shooting guard? Felton handles the rock probably more than twice the amount of Ray. Even with that, he only have slightly more points and it’s really no wonder why he would have more assists. In addition, i’m sorry to say but the only reason his stats (especially his assists) are standing out this season is because Stoudemire came into the picture.
    The amount of points do not matter for Ray b/c he shares it with other HOFs. He said it best: He can’t control the amount of points he scores, but he can control his efficiency, which is precisely what he is doing this season.
    Finally, Ray will break Reggie Miller’s record for most 3 pointers made in just a few games before the all-star game, let’s show him some respect.

  17. Jermaine says:

    The real debate should be Ray Felton vs Loul Deng. Deng is on a waaaay better team and putting up better numbers. Deng is even shooting 3s better than Felton, check for yourself.

  18. jimski says:

    Ray allen of course!!!! felton no way

  19. Chris says:

    this question should not even exist !!! Allen was robbed of the allstar MVP in 2008 I think. He will be back for revenge. And he defnitely needs to be in the 3point shooting competition. his numbers are pretty sick for a 35 year old.

  20. ReadIgnorantPeople says:

    For all the fans saying NBA all-star selection shouldn’t be about career accomplishments but more about current season performance, do some research and look at the stat sheet, you tell me who’s a better and more efficient scorer okay?
    For those of you who says stat sheet means nothing, okay let’s take a look at how many times they’ve come through when they were needed the most. I’m a big time Celtic fan and watched every single one of their games this season, but I’ve also been following the Knicks since they’re doing better than people had anticipated, so having watched both teams play, I’d have to say sugar-ray-ray is more reliable, Felton fans, have you ever watched Ray play?
    How many bad shots have you seen taken by Ray and how many by Felton? When Ray takes a shot it’s because he’s got a good shot not because he wants to hit the game winner or draw attention to his abilities
    Lastly, do you really expect to see Felton coming off of the bench as the 11th man?
    Enough said?

  21. NBA fan says:

    OMG! I dont understand why one of the best shooter of history playing in his best shooting form could be taken in comparison with a promising PG. The Knicks performance depends on whether or not Stoudemire has a good game. Ppl, Allen’s gonna be the best 3 point shooter of history in just few more games. How could u start this debate anyway?

  22. daniel says:

    ray allen is the 3 shooting guard in the nba after kobe and wade

    50% fg, 45% 3p, and 86%

  23. erMPic says:

    Felton is whom against Allen?

  24. Amani says:

    The best shooter OF ALL TIME is having a career year. Why is this a question?

  25. Regular says:

    Raymond Felton, no question about it. He is having the best season so far of his career and he’s having all the better stats in a weaker team, besides the shootinfg percentage ofc. But I think the difference is because Pierce and KG draw a lot of double teams which give him room to take better shots. Felton can still improve, I think, and therefore he should be an All-Star.

  26. AJ says:

    RAY ALLEN!!!!!!!!!!! Ray is a vet and still playing at an all star level felton this is one good season so far! Ray is 20 (thats right 20 ) 3 pointers away from tying Reggie Miller for most all time!!! and he i shooting them like 45% this season!!!!

  27. Evan says:

    Ray Allen…. he would score 20+ ppg on most other teams besides the celtics… who also only have 10 losses compared to the knicks 21…

  28. Everyone is basically talking about who they like better in this discussion and what their interpretation of what the all star game is all about. In my basketball career, I played in several all-star games. Never was I invited because I did well in my previous seasons. The 10 best players from each conference were selected based on their performance THAT YEAR. This isn’t an atypical thing. That’s how all All-Star rosters are chosen, in any sport. So why is the NBA the exception to some of you? Ray Allen is obviously a better career player than Felton, but Felton has obviously had a better season. So why is Felton not the obvious choice here? Because Allen has had a much longer and distinguished career? I didn’t realize this was the All-Time All-Star game, I just thought it was the 2011 All-Star game. If it is just the 2011 All-Star game, based solely on 2011, then picking Allen over Felton is insanity. This isn’t a popularity contest, or a career evaluation, it is simply a matter of who is playing better so far this year. The answer to that shouldn’t even be a discussion. Look at the stats and the difference he’s made to his team, Raymod Felton is the obvious choice. Stop the ‘better career’ and ‘more popular’ garbage. It’s about who’s playing better this year. The guard from UNC is clearly the better OVERALL player this year.

    • Pete says:

      No, he is not ‘clearly’ the better player this year at all. How could you even make that argument?

      The only statistical area’s in which Felton as ‘signficantly’ better numbers (on a per minute basis) then Ray Allen are assists (because he is a PG and hence runs the offense) and steals.

      There are another three categories where Ray Allen has significantly better stats then Felton (FG%, 3PT%, Turnovers), and then in all of the remaining categories (blocks, rebounds, points, etc) they are pretty much dead even.

      There is no possible way you could try to argue that Felton has “clearly” had a better year based on the statistics of both players, because they are incredibly close.

      Once you consider how long both players spend with the ball in their hands and adjust for this, Felton assist benefit is probably not as great as it seems.

      Lets look at some ‘advanced’ statistics here and see who is most productive (and most valuable) player to his team, once and for all.

      1. True Shooting Percentage (a player’s shooting percentage, accounting for free throws and 3-pointers)
      Ray Allen: 0.628 (second amoung guards)
      Raymond Felton: 0.530 (29th among guards)

      Summary: No comparison here, Ray Allen is clearly is a more efficient shooter then Felton…but then we already knew that.

      2. Assist Ratio (the percentage of a player’s possessions that ends in an assist)
      Raymond Felton: 30.8
      Ray Allen: 16.9

      Summary: 80% more of Felton’s possessions end in an assist compared to Ray Allen. Felton’s main role is to facilitate the offence while Allen’s main role is to catch and shoot so this result is expected.

      However notice that even though Felton averages about 260% greater assists per game, he only averages 80% greater assists per posession – this shows that the vast majority of Felton’s added assists are purely due to him having the ball in his hands more.

      In fact consider that Ray Allen averages 3.1 APG, and Felton only averages 82% more assists per possition then Ray Allen does. If you do the math this means that Felton would only average around 5.65 APG (3.1 * 1.8 = 5.58) if he had the same number of touches as Ray Allen.

      Suddenly it becomes evident that in the real world, Felton only really gives you about 2.5 APG more then Ray Allen does, effectively.

      Not a big advantage when you consider Felton’s role is to pass, and Allen’s is to shoot.

      TO – Turnover Ratio (the percentage of a player’s possessions that end in a turnover)
      Raymond Felton: 11.8
      Ray Allen: 8.4

      Summary: 40% more of Felton’s possessions end in a turnover compared to Ray Allen. That essentially means that if Felton has the ball in his hands, he is 40% more likely to turn it over then Ray Allen is.

      USG – Usage Rate (the number of possessions a player uses per 40 minutes)
      Felton: 22.6
      Ray Allen: 18.6

      Summary: Clearly, Felton has a bigger role (i.e. is used more) in New York’s offense the Ray Allen does in Boston’s offense.

      This means Felton essentially is given a greater opportunity to produce then Ray Allen is in Boston’s system (where he is sharing the ball with three other key players).

      REBR – Rebound Rate (percentage of missed shots a player gets while on the court)
      Felton: 5.4
      Allen: 6.4

      Summary: Again, Ray Allen is clearly a more effective rebounder then Raymond Felton. When a shot is missed, is about 20% more likely to get the rebound then Felton is.

      PER – Player Efficiency Rating (Player Efficiency, adjusted for minutes played)
      Felton: 17.51 (15th among PGs)
      Allen: 17.93 (8th among SGs)

      Summary: Everyone has been talking about how much more Felton contributes to the Knicks then Allen does to the Celtics. This statistic here proves that this is not true.

      While the two players are both extremely close in terms of their ability to stuff the stat sheet on a per minute basis, it’s demonstated here that Ray Allen actually produces |more| for the Celtics then Felton does for the Knicks, while both players are on the court.

      VA – Value Added (the est points a player adds to a team’s season total above what a backup player would produce)
      Felton: 164.9 (9th among PG)
      Allen: 175.2 (7th among SG)

      EWA – Estimated Wins Added (the est wins a player adds to a team season above what a backup player would)
      Felton:5.5 (8th among PGs)
      Allen: 5.8 (7th among SGs)

      Summary: Like efficiency, these stats come out reasonably close, but the edge once again goes to Ray Allen. These stats tell you that Ray Allen is more valuable to the Celtics then Felton is to the Knicks.


      So, there you go.

      To all those people who have suggested the Felton has ‘clearly’ been the better player this year, think again.

      With the exception of assists (which is purely due to the position he plays) Ray Allen has been a better player, and more efficient player and a more valuable player then Felton has…not 2 years ago, not 5 years ago, but right here and right now.

  29. Celtics Maniac says:

    Ray Allen deserves to be in the East All-Star Roster he’s 3 shooting percentage is over 50% and he’s an three-point devil! BOSTON ALL THE WAY!!!

  30. THEfan says:

    We need to go w/ Ray #2 on this one… FELTON! The Knicks don’t “GO” w/o Felton.. Amar’e doesnt have an MVP caliber seaosn w/o Felton… the Knicks dont have a 6th spot or content for the playoffs… w/o FELTON! Gotta go w/ Ray Jr on this one… the stats dont lie.

  31. coachhadly says:

    This reminds me of the debate two years ago between Ray Allen and Mo Williams. Same exact debate…. Ray Allen with lower numbers (because he plays on a defensive-minded low-scoring team that shares the ball) vs Mo Williams who played over his head for half a season. Well, we all know how that turned out. Williams got the all-star bid and seemed not worthy to be on the floor and has stunk ever since. Felton? Seriously? Something about Howard, Garnett, James, Wade, Felton just doesn’t seem right to me. Allen is on the verge of breaking Reggie Miller’s record for most threes all time. The Celtics are first in the East while dealing with more injuries than any team outside of Portland, and Allen hasn’t missed a game. The Knicks can’t even win a game, having lost (is it 6 straight?) games in a row. Felton is also clearly benefiting from a system the bloats stats to rediculous levels. If Ray Allen played for the Knicks, he’d average 25 a game. Allen is involved in only 10% of Celtics offensive possessions… and he’s averaging 17pts. Felton is shooting 42% from the field! Allen shoots better than that from 3! This is a non-debate.

  32. Big Waile says:

    Ray Ray, all the way. He’s about to become the GREATEST shooter in the NBA. The HISTORY of the NBA. Someone said it’s not lifetime all-stars (hey buddy, don’t hate the player. hate the GAME). It’s not Mr. Shuttlesworth’s fault that Mrr. Felton hasn’t had a career such as Ray Allen. How many player’s can still be referred to in their alternate persona, and people know who they’re speaking about ? Felton has only averaged this many points THIS year (wow, throw him a party). Don’t see him on Team Jordan, nor with any Gold Medals. And most importantly, what every GREAT player (remember, I said GREAT, NOT good) is judged by: NO RING. Nuff said.

  33. felton 101 says:

    people we talking about 2011 allstar balot not career give felton credit hes turned around the knicks team running the floor being a captain with amare….ray allen is great but he will never be reggie miller you guys knows this so its not an arguement.

  34. lafan12 says:

    felton 4 sure he has the better all around game

  35. Ft.Lauderdale Heat fan says:

    Ray Ray all day. He could be part of the 40-50-90 club this year if he gets his FT’s up. And 3 PG’s and 1SG really?

  36. floyd says:

    no contest… dont need to think, pick Jesus shuttlesworth!

  37. NBAfan says:

    ray allen all the way, some ppl just dont get it….. he is the best shooter in the nba history (even reggie miller said that) and dont forget he is the best at moving whitout the ball and that give you alot of open space for the rest of the players if they follow ray or a clean shot for ray and we all know this man open is letal.
    felton is having a good year but is like the west, some players should go to the all star but there is no place becouse so many player at the same position is also playing great

  38. Zealous says:

    Felton is the number 3 PG in the east at best. Ray Allen trails only D. Wade. Joe Johnson has been out due to injuries so is behind Ray Allen.

    Ray deserves it. His been consistent and arguably the best player on his team at this point. He’s had no injuries and has ran the PG position with Rondo out and has picked up the scoring in KG’s absence. He’s kept them from having losing streaks. Give the man his due.

  39. Cthornton75 says:

    One question to all you Knick fans if you know anything about the nba there is normally two of each position on the court at an all-star game then normally two wildcard players. So my question is who other than D-Wayde at shooting gaurd in the East is better than or supposedly playing better than Ray Allen??????????

  40. chitownbully says:

    you say look at the impact felton has on the teams success. the knicks is barely over .500 the last i checked,and if that 5 game losing streak continues it looks like feltons former team bobcats will be passin him up. felton has his games here and there but ray allen easily. i like to see one more year like this from felton or better b4 he’s an legit allstar.

  41. KennyFromBosTon says:


  42. theblackmamba'sno.1fan says:

    without ray allen the celtics could survive, but without felton the knicks would falter, so its felton for me.. and its time to show case young blood in the all star game… blake, love aldridge and felton rather than allen duncan and kg

  43. ray allen already appeared in all star games like 10 times already??…cmon now..give felton the spot….

  44. ephraim says:

    no’s ray allen.. there’s no need to debate….

  45. ray says:

    haha….yeah ray allen is like wat 10 years older than him…..and the comparison… i knw the knicks fans have felt a lil left out of the all star game in the last 10 years (exception being david lee off course) and want to put as many players while they have a chance….:p…..kiddin….respect to felton, but im sorry…..ray’s jus better…..

  46. china says:

    LOL!!! The Celtics 5 should all play on the same shift during the All Star game.

  47. david says:

    felton! allen is a household name and a possible hall of famer but felton is playing out of his mind this year. His team has had a huge turn around this season and amare and him are the responsible players for the knicks results!!

  48. Heat says:

    Felton deserves a spot, but he won’t get it just because of Rose and Rondo. If Felton was a SG then he would probably get in, but as long as Rose and Rondo are in the East, he won’t get in.

    • Heat says:

      And why are people talking about John Wall, what has he done this season. Nothing at all except for getting injured and missing alot of games. Keep him out of ALL-STAR blogs and conversations.

  49. jarrett says:

    Ok, everyone who says that raymond felton doesnt deserve an all star spot has NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT! Before you start saying how much better ray allen is than felton take a look at both their stats and compare them. Sure, i would definately want ray allen to have the ball with 10 sec left on the clock needing a big shot. But that aside, he is making on average .4 more 3 pointers than raymond. I play espn fantasy and i have ray allen on my team. There is now way i could trade him straight up for raymond i would have to throw in another big player to make it work. Just because Felton doesnt have a Big time name yet in the NBA does NOT mean ray is better than him…

  50. Korachof says:

    Let’s break it down shall we?

    Rose, Rondo, Nelson, Harris, Wall are all at least nearly as good or much better than Felton. That’s just at PG.
    Jason Richardson, Ray Allen, Joe Johnson, are all playing nearly or better than him at SG.

    Now tell me, what makes you think Felton deserves the spot over Johnson? How about Richardson? Wall? Nelson? All players could have an argument for them.

    Ray Allen on the other hand has been playing phenomenal. Have you guys even watched his play? Obviously not. You guys keep going on strictly by stats but mention no intangibles, don’t seem to care about team record, past ability, consistency, importance to team, or defense.

    Ray is a thousand times better on defense. He’s also a better rebounder, more of a hustle player, and plays much better without the ball. he also moved without the ball and stops his team from being stagnant. He’s hell for other teams to guard. He can light it up for thirty without much trouble.

    Ray Allen is more fun to watch. I would trust him more with the ball in the clutch. I would trust him with a free throw more than Felton. Ray also has to share the scoring with not only 3 other all-stars, but the best bench in the league.

    Why do you answer me this: How many points per game would Allen score in D’Antoni’s system? I can guarantee it wouldn’t be no 17. 25? Probably. He’s a fantastic player. A great role model. A fantastic team player and team mate and can handle the pressure in any situation. He’s also a veteran who knows how to play and how to handle the situations.

    Don’t get me wrong, Felton has done well… But better than many of the other players, including Allen, in the list? Doubtful. Most Improved? Sure. All-Star? Nah. Maybe next year if he continues his play ability and Wall isn’t around.

    And hell, I would play an SG instead of three PG in the All-Star game, so there is another argument.

  51. nj_knicksfan says:

    its funny u guys talk about ray allen hittin the record for most 3’s, ummmm quick to forget that the next game he went 0-13 and of those he missed 8 from 3 pt range…. but this is about this yr not last yr

  52. Nathan says:

    Being a star is to be popular. guys Allen is more popular people like him so stop it. Who’s Felton? Hes good on stats but he has 0 charisma! lol and besides the game is nonbearing so its just for the fans nevermind the stats.

  53. DAN says:

    enough about what ray allen did… we are talking this season..
    felton has had a better season and deserves to be an all star.. who cares about the voters, it just shows who has more fans not who is the better player

  54. POOR FELTONFANS!!! says:


  55. Balde says:

    Ray Allen over Felton

  56. vince says:

    Felton is putting up stats very similar to Chris Paul’s, other than being inferior on FG and 3pt percentages. If people are so quick to vote Chris Paul as a All Star starter, I don’t see a reason why Felton shouldn’t. However, this is the All-Star game. All-Stars are determined by fans and popularity, not by performance. If MJ for some reason averaged 10pts a game for a year, I’m sure he will still be selected.

    • Pete says:

      Paul is averaging better numbers in EVERY statistical category – in reality, Felton’s numbers aren’t even remotely close to Pauls.

      The only stastics that Felton comes close to Paul in are PPG (17.5 vs 16.1), RPG (3.8 vs 4.1) and APG (8.7 vs 9.6) – even in those categories Paul beats Felton in 2/3 fo them.

      The other categories are not even close.
      Points: 17.5 (Felton) 16.1 (Paul)
      Rebounds: 3.8 (Felton), 4.1 (Paul)
      Assists: 8.7 (Felton), 9.6 (Paul)
      Steals:: 1.8 (Felton),. 2.7 (Paul)
      Turnovers: 3.4 (Felton), 2.2 (Paul)
      Field Goal %: 0.423 (Felton), 0.478 (Paul)
      Three Point %: 0.346 (Felton), 0.469 (Paul)
      Free Throw %: 0.869 (Felton), 0.895 (Paul)

      How can you say that Felton’s stats are very similar to Chris Pauls???

      There is only ONE statistic in which Felton is better then Paul and that is scoring, which he leads by 1.4 PPG. This one single ‘lead’ becomes irrelevant when you consider that Felton plays 3.5 more minutes per game then Paul (38.7 vs 35.2). When you calculate scoring per 48 minutrs Paul actually averages a tad more (21.95) then Felton (21.71).

      So, looking at their statistics on a per minute bases Chris Paul has been statistically better then Felton in absolutely every possible categor. In a number of those categories (assists, steals, turnovers, shooting percentages) on a per minute basis Chris Paul is in another league altogether.

      These are the differences between an elite PG (Deron, Paul, Nash, Rondo) and a very good PG (Felton).

  57. Balde says:

    How we compare Ray to Raymon Felton who is not a consistant player, I will take always Ray Allen over Raymon Felton without hesitation.

  58. phullyloaded says:

    Ray Allen going for that number 1 spot in 3 points made. Right now he second in 3 points made behind reggie miller.
    By the end of the season I think Allen will be first… so he deserves to be in the all-star game.

  59. Whitesun says:

    I would like to point out only one thing, which nobody who was comparing stats did not point out for some strange reason.

    How can you compare stats of two different guys like that ?

    Stats would be comparable if they both played identical teams, identical roles, identical matches up until now. But that is impossible. How can you even compare points per game where you have totally different team and in having such high-profile guys in Boston like KG, Pierce, Shaq, Rondo .. they shoot aswell you know, so it’s not like Ray gets 30 balls to shoot in one night. Don’t belive me ? Let me try another approach..

    Paul Pierce’s PPG in the season before KG&Allen came (2006–07) was .. 26.8PPG
    In 2007–08 his PPG dropped to 19.6.

    Now why is that ? It all balances out. There is no more room for individuality in that team anymore. This is not Lakers. If Ray wouldn’t have such players around him who are well known scorers from the past years, i think he’d still have his average PPG around 23-24 at least.

    In similar fashion, his PPG in the season before coming to Boston (2006-07) he averaged 26.4 points per game.
    When he came to Boston 2007-08 it was 17.4. Why ? He rusted out so much or completely lost his touch in only one season ? No.
    He gets less balls to shoot, more well-rounded, team role. And his percentage this year is really great. Add 10 more balls to shoot and it could get scary really fast.

    I’m not even going to dig into his clutch shooting ability or his 3-point shooting because it is pretty self-evident.

    After all, he is one of the only 23 players in NBA history who scored more than 50 points in a single game.

    I’m not trying to take away nothing from Felton, he is a good player, but comparing these two, well, one could say – ridicilous, or – strange at least 🙂


  60. akrulez997 says:

    I love Felton (die-hard Knicks fan here) but Ray-Ray has got my vote. He’s on the verge of beating Reggie Miller and is a consistent 19, 18 point scorer who can spread the floor, drive (he can drive very well.) and play good D on the other side. Don’t get me wrong, though, Felton has been having a great year as well. 18 and 9 dimes a game? Plus, he’s the defensive leader on the Knicks- wait, I just dissed him there. WHATEVER. He’s been having a great season, and does deserve some recongition. However, if there is a All-Star injury replacement, he needs to be the first snag.

  61. Stan says:

    Do I laugh now or later… This shouldn’t even be debatable. Ray Ray FTW!!!

  62. Andrew says:

    Are you Kidding me?

    Is this even worth an article? This is ridiculous. Felton is good. but NOTHING comparable to Ray Allen’s skills AND experience.

    This is the most ridiculous article ever. STUPID.

  63. the realist says:

    well i think felton has the bigger impact on his team..because even if amare scores without felton’s contribution the knicks lose (when amare scored 42 i think and they still lost)..but allen is a proven all-star that is already a legend (look at his jump-shot 😀 ) this is rally a debate of tastes…do you want to see a proven all-star that still makes a big impact..or do you want to see this seasons sensation 😀

  64. Nahid says:

    Are you guys crazy? Ray Allen is the best shooter in the nba. He could knock down threes from anywhere. He’s going to beat the most 3 pointers made this year. And of course he’s clutch. If Ray Allen goes one on one Allen would win. If PIerce and Garnett weren’t on his team, then Ray would be having like 25 points a game. Allen’s FG% is even better than Felton’s. And his FT% is better. RAY ALLEN HANDS DOWN!

  65. Heat says:


  66. Mike says:

    Ray Allen end of discussion.

  67. Jordan. M says:

    For sure Allen.

  68. allen says:

    wat are we arguing w/? votes speaks for it self…. b4 felton, thers wall n jennings! theres no sense comparing the two… ray is ray!!!! the next 3 point king!!!!!! intiendes

  69. vieira says:

    oooo no way ray allen deserves 2 go i mean the idiots sayin that raymond felton should go are blind raymond felton is not consistent he shot 3-13 2 nights in a row even worse one of those teams is the suns the worst defensive team in the league come on and by the way ray allen has gotten better at taking it to the rack not just shooting and when you have kg,paul pierce,and rondo on your team an your still putting up at least 15 points a game please felton doesnt stand a chance!

  70. takethis ART GARCIA says:

    Nice try Art Garcia.

    There aren’t very many sane basketball fans with a full set of chromosomes who would rather watch Felton instead of Ray Allen. Really!!! Show me 10 of them and I will show you water-polo fans.

    If your name is Jesus Shuttleworth you are an all star even after retirement.

  71. Bahamas#1 says:

    Are we seriously debating this? Some one actually thought it serious enough to put Felton in the same conversation for a spot in the All Star game against Ray Allen? I mean did they not realize that they were talking about Ray Allen? Did they not see his shooting percentage this year? Have you not noticed that he is about to break the 3 point shooting record? Have you not noticed the over 60% shooting from behind the Arc? Come on you cant be serious to put Felton in the same conversation with Ray.
    That is not to say that Felton has not helped his team or even played well this year, but it’s not like Ray Allen has lost it, or that he has slowed, fallen short or failed in his roll. He is playing at the top of his game and shooting like no one in the game right now.

    Truly I am just in awe that this is even being debated!!

    • Kel says:

      I’m with you. Felton has been terrific for NYK, but Allen has played as close to flawless as you can get. He does what his team needs, and been shooting the highest percentage of his career thus far. Any coach would tell you that given the choice to oppose, they would choose not to go against Ray Allen. I don’t think it’s even close. Felton is far behind Rondo and Rose for top PGs in the East, while Ray has been the deadliest shooter in the NBA. And he makes clutch shots even in the rare case that he has a bad shooting night.

  72. Steven says:

    @ Harold: Ray Allen isn’t producing this year? He’s shooting better than he ever has! And as far as numbers are concerned, he’s on the damn Celtics! No one on that team averages 20 a game. You can’t knock him for helping to share the load.

    • Kel says:

      Not to mention he usually doesn’t shoot more 10 shots a game, and is one of the most efficient scorers in the NBA. He makes his shots count. One game he shot around 9 times but scored like 23 points. Talk about efficient. And when Rondo and Garnett were out, he and PP stepped up and were scoring about 20 ppg during that stretch to win games for their team. Ray does what’s best for the team, and he understands that means he doesn’t need to create his own offense and instead takes open looks. If you saw him in Seattle, you know he’s quite capable of being a big-time scorer when he wants. And I distinctly remember him getting 51 or 52 points in the Playoffs against the Bulls a couple years ago.

  73. Sorry Ray Ray says:

    Before saying who you think should be in the 2011 all star game only consider what players have done in the 2010-11 season. That means don”t say Allen has been an allstar many years so he should get it over Felton. Baised on this season I would say that Raymond Felton deserves to be in this years all star team more than Ray Allen. Let’s face it.. The only thing Ray Allen does better than Raymond Feltton is shoot 3s. If Ray Allen wasn’t playing with Paul Pierce, Rondo and Kg his Fg % would probably be lower than it is now and that’s the only thing he did better than Felton.

    • Kel says:

      This season Ray Allen is shooting over 50%. If that holds up, that will be the best of his career, even though many o his shots are from outside. Without Rondo and KG in the line-up, his scoring numbers went up. That tells me he does for his team whatever they need. Ray also makes the offense better by just being out there. He spaces the floor like no one else. Even if he’s shooting poorly, you can’t leave him. This is a major reason why the Celtic’s offense is so potent. He hits shots at the clutch, too, when they really need them. He also wears down the opposing defender by constantly being on the move. He’s a difference maker in the game and a leader. People just don’t want to defend the guy. He not only shoots the 3 better, he’s the best shooter in the league. Felton is good, but Ray-Ray deserves to be an All-Star. Not that Felton doesn’t, but he’s nowhere near as good as Rose and Rondo. He’s also an efficient scorer, making well over 1 point per shot. He could shot the ball 7 times and score 20. He’s also been very consistent. The way he’s playing, I just don’t think Felton gets the nod over Allen.

  74. Steven says:

    As much as I love Ray Allen (might be my favorite all time player it’s hard to choose) I think it’s time to step aside for the younger guys. Allen has nothing left to prove, and he’s already been there 9 times. I say Allen should just enjoy a week of peace and quiet. Same thing with Tim Duncan (I think Blake Griffin or Kevin Love deserve his spot), they’ve been there done that. Let the younger guys have their moment.

  75. Alex Lee says:

    Raymond Felton all the way. The All-Star game isnt about a players career, its about the players stats for that season and obviously Felton is having a better year than Allen.

  76. Maravich says:

    Hands Down Ray Allen, future hall of famer, NBA record for most 3 pointers made, past Reggie Miller, Celtcs best Playoff shooting player. Felton the only reason your noticed is because of Amare, Ray Allen can shoot the lights out, you have had half a season, not good enough

    Take Care Comb your Hair

  77. Sea Pea says:

    Stop comparing Ray Allen to Vince Carter. Vince Carter never lived up to his potential in the NBA. He will always be remembered as a great Dunker that came after MJ. Ray Allen is not some washed up player playing in Turkey either. Make your comparisons apples to apples.

  78. Laari says:

    Ray deserves this one, not only has he been shooting great this season, but he’s also, as usual, hit plenty of clutch shots. Just these last to games Boston has been playing (vs ORL and DET) has he hit go ahead buckets with under a minute to go. He is sharing the ball with Pierce, KG and Rondo, and the Celtics usually just roll with the hot hand. When Ray Ray gets his turn, he usually torches teams for 30. Felton has played great, I just think Allen should get the spot.

  79. nene says:

    THE BOTTOM LINE REMAINS……we got 2 pg’s alread n 1 sg so RAY ALLEN!!!

  80. Ray Leighton says:

    Here we go again — OK, first, it would definitely be wrong to base the All-Star picks on past accomplishments. But Garcia, like so many people out there, kinda blew it — he said, “based on meaningful stats” and then he goes and uses a bunch of individual stats that simply are not that meaningful. If you are going to make this comparison, you have to take into account advanced stats that incorporate your opponent, and take into account defense. And if you look at such stats — production differential, on/off, Roland rating, and win share, then Ray Allen has the better numbers by far. You guys can stop arguing about who is more valuable to their respective teams; we actually have something called data to look at — and Ray Allen’s win-share is larger.

    I’ll keep arguing for those stats until people start listening.

    As for four Celtic players on the East All-Star Team — why is that a surprise, given that they lead the conference? The All-Star game should reward good players on the best teams — there is a reason why those teams are the best.

  81. Eugen says:

    rayray all the way

  82. KC says:

    Raymond Felton hands down has had the better year. if he doesnt make the team it will be an injustice

  83. Joe M. says:

    This entire article is just disrespectful to Ray Allen. This is a question that shouldn’t have been asked. Ray Allen has contributed solidly for years and years and years at a high level and is showing no signs of stopping any time soon. Raymond Felton is overrated but still has plenty of time to do the things that he’s already being unjustly praised for.

  84. ROSE_MVP says:

    Since people here want to say felton is having so much of a better year that Ray Ray lets look at it. Felton is only shooting a tenth of a % point above Ray Ray(thats 0.1% better) only grabbing 2tenths more rebounds(thats 0.2% better) of course Felton has more assists he’s a pg Ray Ray is a 2guard who has Rondo runnin the point. But Ray is shooting extremely better than felton inside n outside. So this a no contest Ray Ray will get voted in cause he has the better record. Debate over………….BTW you see the name ROSE 4 MVP

  85. bbbr7377 says:

    Art Garcia needs to learn how to write a sentence:
    ‘Allen does has sizable leads…’
    just because you’re a sports writer doesn’t mean you get to talk like an imbecile

    furthermore, Ray Allen over Felton, best shooter to ever play the game (sorry Reggie)

  86. Bajanqueen says:

    It has to be Ray all the way….He has always been a replacement in the previous All Star games. He puts his heart into the games, yet you never see him whinning and being aggressive.

    Another thing, it has nothing to do with how many Celtics players are on the team.

    Stop it Media haters…what is there to debate?

  87. Joem says:

    Ray Allen!!

  88. Ambush says:

    The reason the organize the all-star game is to entertain people, I mean what can a fat little guy can do to amaze u? No disrespect to Felton, but he is not an all-star calibre player. People want to see a show, and Ray Ray is one of the best at that. His jumpshot doesn’t only look good, the ball goes in as well. Even the shots he misses look like they are going in. His stats are not higher tan Felton’s because Celtics are a balanced team, so stop saying they choose him just because he has a greater career cuz ur wrong!

    And remember it’s about what people want to see. I would rather see a dunk by VC or an amazing 3-pointer by Ray than seeing a regular layup by Joe Johnson or a pass to Amar’e in the post by Felton…

  89. No Excuses says:

    lets not kid ourselves! what would felton bring to the all star game? what would Jesus Shuttlesworth bring to the all star game?

    Felton couldnt bring anything to the game.
    Nothing (well beside blake griffin dunking) is more exciting than seeing Ray Allen splashe fade-aways with Kobe in his face.

    Sorry Felton fans. His time will come

  90. Sentral says:

    Besides Rose and Rondo, who is playing better at the PG position in the east than Felton? He should be an All-star, his #s are down in the last few games because of his injured hand.

    • Acid says:

      There are already two PGs, Rondo and Rose. Felton isnt a SG, he’s a PG. Why have felton playing at SG behind Wade? Why have Felton going up againsts the SGs of the West? Recipe for disaster.

  91. asdf says:

    i would have ray allen shoot a clutch jumper instead of Lebron anytime. I think both are having marvellous seasons.. if both could make it would actually be the fairest thing.

  92. Harold says:

    Fans should no longer be allowed to vote for all-star game starters. What a player has accomplished during the course of his career should have no impact on if he makes the team or not. When you have players like Iverson, Garnett, Vince Carter, and Yao Ming receiving more votes than players that should have made the team year after year. Yes, Felton should be on the team over Ray Allen. When you look at the Knicks, Amare and Felton are the two best players on the team and leading the charge almost every night. Ray Allen is not producing this year and he is not one of the 3 best players on his own team, if he makes the team KG, Pierce and Rondo should all be there also. Simply even though Ray is one of the best clutch players in the game and maybe one of the best all-time, he is not putting up numbers constantly like a Raymond Felton, Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, Stephen Curry, Tyreke Evans, or Ginobili.

    • Acid says:

      No one can deny how great Garnett has been playing this season. If ANYONE tries to deny that, they are just stupid. Ppl like Blade Griffen, Kevin Love, Stephen Curry, Tyreke Evans are the main focul points of their team, so of course they are going to score more and also, they are in the West, so u shouldnt even bring them up in this. Put Ray Allen on those teams and he would prob be averaging 20+ no doubt. When ur on a team like the Celtics with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, u dont have to score much. All of the Celtic starters are prob gonna be all starts… Being on a team like that, and ur still able to score 17.5 PPG to Feltons 17.6 PPG, when Felton is the second best player on the Knicks really says something. He is also shooting 50% from the field when Felton isnt. This has nothing to do with the player and there past when it comes to Ray Allen. He’s having a great season.

    • Kel says:

      Seriously? He’s shooting over 50%! And he scored more when he had to (with Rondo and KG out). He does what his team asks him to. The Cs don’t just depend on a couple of players, but get everybody involved. He shoots less shots than any of those guys.

  93. Pseudoelite says:

    Is this really a serious discussion? Even not considering Allen’s excellent career, he’s having a better year than the much younger Felton. That alone is enough to pick Ray Allen over Felton. Felton will have chances in the future, his career is far from over for the time being.

  94. Ray Allen says:

    Pick Ray Allen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Mikey says:

    I’m a UNC boy all the way, and Felton has done a tremendous job as the Knicks point guard, and it’s great seeing him become the type of NBA player he is today. I think Ray Allen should be ahead of Felton though. Jesus Shuttlesworth is still getting it done on a daily night at his age (he is on my fantasy team and is giving up great performances on a nightly basis.) I do hope Felton continues at this level of play and I’ll look for him on the Eastern Conference squad next season!

  96. kenny says:

    This is a sad day in NBA history…you guys are comparing the Best Shooter in NBA history to some guy who is having one good season. lol. Allen all the way

    Allen good luck on breaking the NBA record for most 3pointers of all time. two thumbs up

  97. Give Felton credit. Knicks can’t win without him!

  98. Nick says:

    It’s hard to say which guy deserves a spot over another, but I think that this would be a good time to honor Raymond Felton’s first big time season. He’s always been telented and I’ve liked watching him play but now we’re really seeing what he’s capable of, recording his first trip-dub. Ray Allen may have an easier time making the team because there are not as many good shooting guards in the east as there are point guards.

  99. Hasib says:

    every year someone who is a ‘breakout’ player is on the team, then they disappear later on. It’s better we give the proven Vets theirs rather then looking back at the allstar game and saying ew how the hell were these guys allstars. RayRay all the way out of respect.

  100. kenny says:

    its the last 20 seconds of the NBA finals and you have one last play to run, who do you want taking the last shot? some guy who had a good first half of the season: NO

    I will pick Ray Allen any day over Felton. Come on Guys

  101. Gabriel Sombini dos Santos says:

    Ray Allen is a best player, and thats it. This is not even a comparison, come on guys…

  102. SeaPea says:

    Legends deserve a spot until someone takes it from them. If Feltons numbers were that much better than Ray Allen’s we wouldn’t have this conversation. But if it’s close it goes to the Legend.

    • nene says:

      I agree allen has earned it and according to the fans he’s still the man they wanna see its up to felton to step his game up and take it from the man himself……i say the 2nd SG voted over the 3 PG

    • Kel says:

      Plus, no SG behind Wade? Why would you do that?

  103. Ray allen says:


  104. timao says:

    yeah i’m gonna pick shaq he had the best carreer howard didn’t win anything.

    see how pathetic these arguments about allen’s past are?


  105. Xc3lticsfanX says:

    Ray allen all the way. without him celtics wouldnt be winning

  106. Zealous says:

    Jesus Shuttlesworth. With the injuries to KG and Rondo who has been carrying the Celtics? Ray Allen has ran the point with Rondo out and picked up the scoring void left by KG when he was out,

    He has been shooting lights out this season and is arguably playing the best from the Big 3. Felton may mean more to his team but with the injuries that Boston has had Ray Allen stepped up big time. They could have easily lost more games than they have in that span but it was Ray Allen who carried them with his clutch shooting.

    Now this is a season thing, not a career thing but you talk about consistency and its Ray. Not to mention look at the east. Felton is a top guard no question, but look at the other guards in the league who are playing better than him. Then look at the PG’s in the east that are playing slightly better (saying slightly cause Felton is a beast). Now look at the SG’s. Ray Allen is second to only D. Wade. Joe Johnson has been hurt and in my opinion doesn’t deserve recognition at this point. Not to mention Ray Allen has a lot of votes for him. So do you pick the number 3-4 Pg in the east or the number 2 SG in the east?

    I think they should both make the team but if I had to chose one it’s Mr. Steal The Game himself (Trey Songz voice lol), Ray Allen.

    He has game indeed

  107. John says:

    ray ray is by far the best

  108. carlos says:

    Of course Raymond Felton! Are you guys delusional??? Someone said he didn’t know who Felton was???

    This is for THIS SEASON and this season Raymond Felton is the co-captain and second leading scorer on a playoff team. Better stats then Allen all around, WTF does it matter what they did in the past. This isn’t an all time all star, its 2011 all star team.

    If that’s the case why don’t we re-elect Yao Ming to start at center. So what if he’s hurt and barely played in 3 years, he’s had a MUCH BETTER CAREERE THAN NENE LMAO IDIOTS!

    • B.O.B says:

      every good player will tell you that stats don not matter.

    • Pete says:

      “This is for THIS SEASON and this season Raymond Felton is the co-captain and second leading scorer on a playoff team”

      Felton is the second leading scorer on a playoff team, and Ray Allen is the second leading scorer on a championship calibre team with the best record in the Eastern Conference.

      How does this make a stronger case for Felton?

  109. chuchovsky says:

    why not give a spot to vince carter, shaq, jermaine, and all those stars of the past. their careers speak for themselves too.

  110. AmareisBeast says:

    I have to go with Ray on this one. No wait Ray. Just jokes. But I would have to pick Ray Allen only because he goes deeper then Felton. Ray Allen can be counted on in the clutch and even though his stats aren’t like they used to be, he deserves one more spot in the limelight.

    • Kel says:

      Yeah, I think his stretch during the time they had no Rondo or Garnett, he and Pierce really stepped up, winning games w/o 3 of their starters. Ray was scoring 20 or more points that game. When they came back, he dialed it back a notch (though not in percentage). This shows me he can still score in bunches when he needs to. He’s also the healthiest Celtic player despite being the 2nd eldest on the team (second only to Shaq), at 35. He’s dependable. Always there. And the greatest shooter of all time, sorry Reggie.

  111. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    this is how usually fan vote
    1. most popular players. like LBJ, KOBE and yao ming (chinese fans voted yao ming who is not deserve to be an all star this year) btw b4 all the chinese fans get mad i am chinese mixed.
    2. Dunkers with good scoring average
    3. old players with reputations (like carter, TD, iverson in his last all star game)
    4. player who actually played good and deserve to be all star

    and hang time bloggers are really good ame making drama.
    like two week ago they asked if Tim duncan deserve a pot over kevin love and griffin
    and most of the fans are like oh TD is done this and that. TD average is down blah blah. Griffin is up and coming deserve this and that
    you all wanted griffin cuz he is a dunker

    now here same question allan or felton but doesn’t seem to have same view here.
    ray is very good player possibly he might be HOF one day but he is not getting better anymore. felton is getting better and deserve to be an all star. he is the one of reasons Knicks are playing good again.
    if u really think of it who deserve more? this is all star 2011 only for this season. felton is got better stats and he is also more important for his team than allan is to celtics. Knicks without felton won’t make playoffs. Celtics without allan will probably still grab a third seat.

    i am picking felton not because i am a knicks fan (i voted rose and rondo for starters) but to me i think he deserve more than allan to be an all-star. (no dis to ray ray ofc)

  112. Mark S. says:

    RAY ALLEN.. Allen’s numbers are lower because the way the Celtics play. His shooting% are higher this year than his entir career. I respect felton. He plays hard but not Allen’s level.

  113. Sammy says:

    Raymond Felton deserves it more because he is young and is still building in his career where as Ray Alle, although playing one of the greatest seasons of his career, is aging and winding down upon his career. Don’t get me wrong, Ray Allen is an excellent shooter and I do like him but I think players like Felton deserve the all-star slot more because he is younger, less experienced, and still doing very well with the knicks.

    • B.O.B says:

      he’s younger, less experienced. that shows he shouldn’t be in the all star game. hahaaaaaaaaaa.

  114. ROCKETS says:

    i mean ray allen

  115. ROCKETS says:

    rat allen

  116. Jamie says:

    Umm.. They both should be in the all star game..

  117. RRRR says:

    Ray Allen, if you start playing better but your also aging, thats a thing to respect.

  118. jadon says:

    Ray Allen all the way!!! best 3 point shooter in the nba!!! don’t foget to vote for him please!!!

  119. HE IS THE BEST says:


  120. they often call me speedo but my real name is Mr. Earl says:

    All the way with Ray Allen. Best clutch shooter in the game. This may be his last. Let’s get Shaq on the team too.

  121. Dmitry says:

    Sorry Raymond,but when player produces such statistics at this age in contender team,definetly Ray Ray.

  122. knickerbocker says:

    they are both solid, but in my mind felton should get it. ray allen has had a better career, yes, and he is on a better team, but that is not the issue. the facts are that THIS SEASON, which is what THIS SEASONS all-star game is about, raymond felton has been playing better than ray allen on a nightly basis. if i had to choose between them THIS SEASON, i would choose felton over allen.

  123. Ty says:

    Both hav had incredible numbers this season, but Felton has had more of an impact so far this season

  124. Nokz says:

    This shouldn’t even be a debate. Lets first look at the votes. most people wanna see allen in the All-Star game. it clearly shows on the wide margins in the votes. 630,588 votes against 246,208?? DUUUHHH?? people think john wall deserves to be in the All-Star game better than felton. Allen All The Way!!

  125. JOhn says:

    Ray ray made an amazing shot against detriot when the score was 84-84. Ray Ray all the way

    • Amarerox! says:

      ray felton made a btr shot against toronto and his waas actualy the game winner

      • B.O.B says:

        oh my god, how many game winners has ray allen made? who cares if felton made a game winner? seriously. and detroit didn’t even score 84 that game, the score was 86 – 82…

  126. chyeah says:

    thumbs up.

  127. Zach says:

    wow…just because of his past and name you guys pick allen over felton who is playing better? its the same thing with Yao ming getting all votes in the west and garnett was getting more votes than Amar;e to start just because of the name and not because of stats…its ridiculous

    • Pete says:

      “wow…just because of his past and name you guys pick allen over felton who is playing better? its the same thing with Yao ming getting all votes in the west and garnett was getting more votes than Amar;e to start just because of the name and not because of stats…its ridiculous”

      Better stats?

      Ok, lets look at both players’ stats for comparison.

      Raymond Felton (per 48 minutes):
      PPG: 22.0
      RPG: 4.84
      APG: 10.91
      SPG: 2.23
      BPG: 0.25
      TOPG: 4.22
      PFPG: 2.73
      MPG: 38.7
      FG%: 0.426
      3PT%: 0.352
      FT%: 0.869

      Ray Allen (per 48 minutes):
      PPG: 23.0 (+ 1)
      RPG: 4.92 (+ 0.08)
      APG: 4.12 (- 6.79)
      SPG: 1.20 (- 1.03)
      BPG: 0.13 (- 0.12)
      TOPG: 2.13 (- 2.09)
      PFPG: 2.13 (- 0.6)
      MPG: 36.1
      FG%: 0.510 (+ 0.084)
      3PT%: 0.460 (+ 0.108)
      FT%: 0.874 (+ 0.005)

      We have 3 categories which are essentially a tie:
      RPG: +0.08 Per 48 for Felton is insignificant
      BPG: +0.12 Per 48 for Felton is insignificant
      FT%: +0.005 Per 48 for Allen is insignificant

      That leaves the following ‘significant’ victories per catogory:
      PPG: Allen (+ 1.0)
      APG: Felton (+ 6.79)
      SPG: Felton (+ 1.03)
      TOPG: Allen (- 2.09)
      PFPG: Allen (- 0.60)
      FG%: Allen (+ 0.084)
      3PT%: Allen (+ 0.108)

      Out of these 7 statistical categories, Felton wins two (2) and Allen wins five (5).

      Felton’s biggest advantage is assists, but this advantage is heavilly a result of his role on the team – firstly the fact that he plays PG (hence facilitates the offense), and secondly because he has the ball in his hand a LOT more then Ray Allen does – for both reasons, it’s expected that he should create more plays on offense.

      While Felton creates more shots for teammates, he also creates more scoring opportunities for the opposing team by averaging twice as many turnovers (4.2 Per 48 vs 2.1 Per 48 for Allen), committing more fouls (2.7 for Felton vs 2.1 for Allen Per 48) and shooting at a FAR lower percenting from the field on both 2 point and 3 points field goals.

      Though Feltons increased assists jumps out as a favorable statistic, the above disadvantages (turnovers, fouls, higher percentage of missed shots) makes him more of a liablity on offence – his is much more likely to make a mistake when the ball is in his hands.

      Ray Allen doesn’t produce the same raw numbers as a playmaker, but then that’s not his role. Ray Allen’s role is to be a scorer, straight up. If anyone can come up with a ‘per possession’ statistic, or a number that shows what Ray Allen produces in relation to the amount of time the ball is in his hands, I have no doubt you would find that he is one of the deadliest and most efficient scorers in the league, period.

      Taking a look at Allen’s numbers he is close to the stereotypically perfect SG – he doesn’t commit bad fouls, he doesn’t commit turnovers, he gets a good amount of assists (given the amount of time the ball is in his hands) and when he catches the ball in a position to score it’s as good as money in the bank.

      His raw numbers aren’t as high as a lot of other guards because he plays less minutes then most, but also because Rondo and Pierce facilitate the vast majority of the office in Boston – Ray Allen is usually the third person to touch the ball in Boston’s offense, so he doesn’t get as many touches as someone like Felton (who is the primary ball handler for his team).

      Last time Ray Allen played for a team where he was the primary option and wasn’t sharing the ball with 3 or 4 future hall of famers was in the 06-07 season, where he averaged 26 PPG. Give him 37-38 MPG on a team where he would be a first or second option (such as New York or Chicago) and you’d see him put up 22 PPG, 4-5 APG night in night out…and he’d still shoot a high (albeit slightly reduced) percentage.

      Felton has been increadibly valuable to the Knicks, no denying that – but then the Celtics would also struggle more then you think if they lost Ray Allen also. His ability to keep the defense honest with his outside shooting, combined with his ability to get opposing defenders tired chasing him off countless screens, helps to weaken opposing defences and open things up for the other Boston scorers. He is just as critical to Boston as Garnett is (for his Defense), Rondo (for his playmaking) and Pierce (for his ability to take over on offense).

      Also Ray Allen is one of the most clutch shooters in the game – if you’re the opposing defense with a 1 point lead in a tight game, who would you rather allow an open shot to – Felton or Ray Allen?

  128. Jy says:

    Why is this a debate. Ray duh? Who the f#$k is Felton smh…

  129. Chow Wing Kin says:

    sorry, i made a typo on the second last sentence. I should be writing “Felton should be selected into the all star game, or not, both (allen and felton) should deserve a place there.

  130. rashad says:

    were not talking bout careers were talking about this season right now felton is top 3 in pg in the east behind rose and rondo. anybody can shot 50 percent when you only take 10 shots a game with a allstar point guard and pierce and garnett on the floor

    • nene says:

      so now u gonna punish ray for shootin less than felton does? THE NBA is indeed corrupt…..if felton was on the celtics team he wudnt be attempting that many shots either……….so whats the argument? the point here remains who’s deserving of going to the all star and i say they both are but if id choose one to be on my team for the allstar it would be ray becuz while he may not be the go to guy he delivers 99% of the time when the game is on the line…….THATS CLUTCH……..felton is good but is not needed when u have rondo and rose and in my opinion he’s not even close to any of the 2 guys consistently he has good nights but i wouldnt compare him…….in the east he’s not even 3rd are we forgettin john wall who hasnt played much but hands down is better than felton…..or brendon jennings for that matter…….so felton to me is irrelavant on this team

      • ray says:

        yeah i feel DJ Augustin is having a great run of late… is jrue holiday…….so shud they be in the all star game…… mean wat raymond has done for the knicks is amazing……but ray is clutch…….he’s a delight to watch……and the celtics have a way better record…….the entire starting five need to be in the all star game…..coz boston’s a team…..and its tough to choose individual stars from boston bcoz all of them are good…..collectively……if the pistons did it a few years ago, so can the celtics……

  131. Sean says:

    Ray Allen! gotta love the guy doesnt complain to the refs , very professional and great player. he is the role model for what all shooting guards should be= respectful and professional about their job

    • Amarerox! says:

      wat does that have to do with allstar recognition seriously this isnt the humanitarian or sportsmanship award!!!!!!

  132. Chow Wing Kin says:

    I would vote for Felton. It is indeed important to consider the standings in the conference. But nevertheless, we should also consider the imporvements a team has had from the pervious season. And the knicks are certainly one of the most imporved team in the league. Felton should go into the all star or not, but should deserve a place.

    I am from hong kong.

  133. Joeseph says:

    I believe that when voting for an all-star one can only consider what that player has produced in this season alone. Previous seasons do not matter since it is the 2010-2011 all star game. If previous seasons did matter, than tim duncan should be starting over carmelo anthony and kevin durant. I’m not saying Timmy doesn’t deserve to be on the all-star team, because he does, his team record, leadership, defense and numbers demand it (and also even though his numbers are decining, he is the backbone of that spurs team). However, Carmelo and Durant have both had better years with winning teams, and are more deserving THIS YEAR of an all-star spot. The same notion holds true when talking about Felton vs Allen. Ray Allen without question has better history as a player in the NBA than Felton, however you have to take that out of the equation when discussing this years all-star game. I think that although Felton has had better numbers than Allen, they are inflated because of Mike D’antoni’s uptempo style of play. One cannot ignore the fact that ray allen is the fourth best player on the Celtics, but if he were put on an average team such as the 76ers he would be he best or second best player on that team, and his numbers would be much more than they are as a Celtic. Also, Allen’s team record is better than Felton’s, thus Ray Allen has the all-star edge againts Felton.

  134. GreenCro says:

    Was soooo surprised that anyone would even try to make a case out of it all
    Allen all the way, of course
    Also, having in mind other guards at All-star, I would always choose a SG rather than another PG (who is IMHO no way close to East All star PGs)
    Nevertheless, as John Hancock (WS) would say (to Felton): Goooooood job…
    what a silly comparison xD
    Go Celts!

  135. bobcatsfan 3 says:

    Raymond Felton. He has been a huge factor in making new york what it is this year, and thats after being dumped by the team that he wanted to spend his entire career with. He has stepped up his game in large amounts this season, with his playmaking and shooting, and he is a phenomenal leader on the court. with all respect to Allen, felton should get the spot this year.

  136. tj says:

    RAY RAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. C Money says:

    So……What? Four (4) Celtics in the A.S game? GTFOH. I could be considered biased but, truth is Felton deserves to be in the A.S game this year! He has had few games where he wasnt effective and non-existent but,so has Ray Allen and in MY OPINION Felton is more important to the Knicks success than Ray Allen is to Boston’s. Felton has made NY forget about trying to get another PG (or at least a star PG)because hes been playing so well. At this point I can bet the majority of Knick fans wouldnt want a Nash or Paul to come to NY when Mayor Felton is playing so well and putting up such incredible numbers (almost on a nightly basis)But,in end I dont feel they will put Felton on the team because there are already two (2) other PGs who will be in the game (Rondo and Rose) In end they are both deserving but I give the edge to Felton.
    And I dont think players should be given consideration due to their past. In sports yes legacy is important and so is the past but, IT IS A NOW LEAGUE/SPORT! What have you done for me lately. And one(1) other note…………
    The NBA NEEEEEEEDS to do away with the fans voting. It is not fair to players who arnt as POPULAR but, are putting up better numbers and on winning teams. Yao Ming having th most votes as the Wests starting center is a travesty!!!
    I understand that the choices for western conference A.S centers are all a joke but, instead of voting by POSITION if they want to keep this current rule in place (that the fans vote the starters) it should be POPULAR VOTE. If 4 Guards and 1 PF get the most votes then thats who should be on the floor starting.
    If fans should vote for ANYTHING (given that responsibility)when in actuality most of the people who vote are IRRESPONSIBLE (children)but, IF ANYTHING the fans should vote for the skills challenge,Slam Dunk and Three Point contests but, NOT THE A.S game starters….

    (IN a Tupac voice) FOLL LLOOWwww MEeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • tRay says:

      LMAO at the Tupac voice

    • Rich says:

      “in MY OPINION Felton is more important to the Knicks success than Ray Allen is to Boston’s”


      I don’t think people understand how good Ray Allen is. He is having a fantastic year and will break Reggie Miller’s record by the All-Star Break. He’s is arguably one of the best shooters of all time.

      • Kel says:

        He’s scary good. Shooting crazy percentage from 3 lately. And he finds a way to get open even though the other team’s strategy is to prevent that… And he usually knocks them down. He’s also playing the best defense of his life. He definitely got the better of Wade on both matchups.

      • Rshaw says:

        Like the other guy said, WHY is this even a topic of conversation?? Ray or Felton….Who is Felton??? Before he came to NY you didn’t even hear about him. Thanks to Amare now you get to see Felton now. Before Ray was on Celtics he was PURE!!!! The best! No disrespect to Reggie Miller.

      • Heat says:


        Are you serious??? ” He definitely got the better of Wade on both matchups.” You’re joking right. Wade clearly has the advantage over Allen, except 3-point shooting. Wade plays beter defense, he is more consistent, and he’s younger. Allen can’t create his own shots consistently like Wade can and he’s definetly not better than Wade on the defensive end.

      • BC says:

        Heat, learn to read before you say anything or you risk looking like an idiot like you just did now. He stated that Ray Allen got the best of Wade on their two meetings this year.

    • C Money? says:

      Felton doesnt deserve anything! Ray allen is having his best season overall shooting since he has been in the league! He is about to become the leading 3point shooter of all time. Ray is (outside of Kobe, LBJ, Durante) the player you want shooting the last shot for your team. Who cares if hes 35 years old. Who remembers 2 all star games ago? Ray couldve won the Game’s MVP. Who doesnt want to see Ray splash 8 three pointers in a row? I am pretty sure Felton doesnt deserve it over Ray, and he certainly isnt as entertaining as Ray.

      This shouldnt even be a post. Only Knicks fans would vote Felton.

      Who would you want on your team C Money?

      • Amarerox! says:

        we talking bout this yr idiot not all time! of course all time allen btr but this is not a HOF ballot its an all-star ballot!

    • knickerbocker says:

      i would agree with you about felton deserving the spot in the as game. but why should they kill fan voting? the all star game is a game for the fans, the only reason there is an all-star game is for the entertainment of the fans. yeah i know that yao ming being first in that category is laughable, but…so what? people dont vote on the basis of who they think is best, they vote for who they want to see.

    • Debenz says:

      4 Celtics in an All star game? Have you watched the 2006 All star game when there were 4 Detroit Pistons? Nothing to complain about, and Allen is ahead of Felton in voting.

    • nene says:

      As a huge boston celtic fan i have to agree with u on the fan voting thing….yao ming and the votes is absolutely ridiculous i mean the guys is out for the season why waist a vote on him? just goes to show the ignorance of the fans really . that vote could have gone to someone else deserving of the spot.
      Back to felton and allen. Id say allen becuz i’m a huge fan and u cant deny that he is definately cluth and a pure shooter…..thats skills he has over a # of guys in the league and his record shows that but he has been an all star he’s entire career so maybe just maybe felton is deserving of that spot when u look at it from the now not then senario…… but reason why id still choose allen over felton is because we do not need 3 pg’s on one team. we all kno rondo and rose is gettin in there along with wade as sg we need ray to back him up………so thats my edge for ray over felton

  138. bil7iu says:

    lets put it this way if you heard ray allen eas being traded for felton ( obviously wudnt happen coz new yrk needs a pg) hu dyu u think wud be gettin a better deal?

    • Heat says:

      Actually BOS would benefit more if you think about it. He would come off the bench to back up Rondo. The guards coming off the bench would be Felton and Robinson, along with Davis and Daniels, possibly making them the best bench in the league. NY wouldn’t have a PG and Allen isn’t a natural PG.

      • Ryan says:

        Uhm no actually Boston wouldnt…. ? Boston already has arguably the best bench in the league as well as arguably the best starters, they have robinson coming off at PG anyway so what would be the purpose of obtaining Felton ? That would just take minutes away from Robinson and Rondo … both of which are good. The Knicks adding Allen would fit perfectly since they are a 3 point shooting team and they have Toney Douglas to play PG. So yea none of your reasoning makes any sense

      • Storm says:

        … Srsly? So who’s gonna start for the Celtics at SG? Nate? You’d be trading a starter at one position for a bench player at another position. Why would you want the best bench in the league when you could have the best starting line in the league? You could argue Felton is a better deal because he’s got years ahead of him, but Rondo and Nate are both young enough to carry the team at PG for 10+ years.

      • Jake says:

        Boston doesn’t need a borderline all-star pg as a backup. All that does is create problems with who gets what playing time. Look at what’s happening in Orlando with Jameer Nelson and Gilbert Arenas. Neither of them are playing as well since the trade because they don’t want to step on each other’s toes, and they don’t have as much playing time which makes it harder to get into a rythmn. My All-star pick is probably Allen. Felton’s a good candidate for most-improved, but Ray is just shooting lights out. He may not get a lot of assists, but his mere presence makes it easier for everyone else on the floor. Felton deserves some serious props though.

      • Kel says:

        Absolutely not. NYK needs a PG, but Boston needs Ray Allen. He compliments Rondo perfectly. He moves without the ball and makes sure the offense isn’t stagnant. Whereas Rondo and Pierce are better with the ball in their hands, Ray can be just as deadly without it. Ray Felton can’t do that for the Cs. And don’t forget, the Celtics will have Delonte West alongside Nate Robinson. No way do you trade a legit starter for a guy to come off the bench. If Ray leaves, they won’t have a solid SG to start, even though Nate and Delonte are good guards, Nate gives the bench energy and has some questionable decision-making at times. What I’ve noticed, how Ray Allen goes, so goes the Celtics. They don’t usually lose when Allen’s doing well. He stretches the floor by just being out there, giving room for Rondo and Pierce to manuveur. You can never leave him, even if he’s having an off game. This spaces the floor and is a major reason why the Celtics’ offense is so potent. Go double Shaq? Oh, wait, you can’t because you’d be leaving Ray or Paul open. Without Ray in the line-up it’s not as much of a concern. The trade would not be ideal for either team, but I definitely agree with bil7iu. They are both important to their teams and gives them what they need. But Ray has been shooting over 50%, and has been around 70% from 3 in the last ten games or so. That’s ridiculous. He’s doing better than last year. He definitely deserves an All-Star spot. He’s been having, what I think is his most consistent year since coming to Boston.

      • B.O.B says:

        who would play shooting quard then? boston wouldn’t get the better deal. at the end of the day it’s not about the bench, it’s the starters that matter. the celtics are stacked enough with two very talented point guards. getting rid of one of the best shooters in the history of the game and bringing in an average point guard would not be a good move. the knicks would quite obviously benefit more from that move.

      • Heat says:

        Ok. The main point I was trying to make was Felton deserves to be in the all-star game this year. Allen is a better shooter, but Felton has more of an All-Star type of season. They are both talented and both deserve to be in it, but at the end Felton is more worthy of an All-Star slot.

      • Amitpal says:

        Actually the knicks have tony dougles who plays the point pretty good and could probably put up similar numbers to feltons. With amare in the paint ray would be averaging like 23 point cause of all the wide open looks. Felton is an average point guard. And no way is boston better with felton. They already have nate and rondo if they give away ray they won’t have a shooter. Ray complements the boston celtics with his style of play. Felton on the other hand doesn’t. Look at Feltons number when amare isn’t on the floor. He is below an average point when that happens. Also in Mike antoini system ray could average a lot of points cause he’s the best shooter ever. Even at this age I rather have ray then felton. You can find an average point but you can’t find a great shooter who plays defensive. Another thing Felton doesn’t do.

  139. HuH? says:

    Is this even a debate? LOL?

  140. Malkese Edwards says:

    I like Allen but Felton has arguably had about the same impact on the Knicks as Amare. Night in and night out he goes head to head with the top point guards and does more than holds his own. The Knicks are also in the 6th seed 3 games over .500 due to his work.

  141. no way allen deserves it more says:

    come on, theres not even a comparison here. felton carried the knicks alongside amare to where they are now. boston already has a pretty damn good line up and proven teammates. the knicks had neither (if gallinari is your no. 2 1/2, you know your *set* offense cant be all that great). felton deserves it way more. hands down.

  142. bryan says:

    felton has been all around better than allen this year so since this is the 2011 allstar game and not the lifetime allstar game then felton by far you guys can’t still be on that pick him because he more known stuff thats for kids!

    • knickfan212 says:

      I agree!! Give Felton his props. This is 2011 allstars not lifetime allstars.

      • Amarerox! says:

        felton hands down! come on the numbers arent even close and the reasons that ppl r giving 4 allen… shooting %??? oh so now thats what gets you in the all star game!?!?! the only other all star that felton has is amare and allens playing with 3 other HOF and one of the best pg in the game. R. Allen is one the greatest shooters ever but this yr its ray felton 2 the all star game!!!!

    • Celticfan247 says:

      No way Ray Allen has a better shooting percentage and can make a three when you need it. Didnt Ray set the record for most threes made in a finals game? i think he did. Rays better and is 10x better than raymond

    • Amitpal says:

      Well you have to look at that allen is averaging about the same amount of points on a great team. They are winning with 3 other HOL players. he is averaging 3 plus assist when rondo or paul peirce have the ball in there hand basically the entire game. Plus he’s playing in Mike Antoinie system which always make the players seem better them what they really are. Ray allen is a proven all star. Felton can’t do anything when amare off the floor. When your playing with amare it isn’t hard getting assist. If you take away amare felton can’t do anything. Ray for Allstar not doubt.

  143. ROndo says:

    ray allen for sure

  144. nene says:

    definately Ray Ray…….he is a team player can create his own shots and is definately clutch……..with rondo and D rose at pointguard positions already there is no reason for Felton maybe when the vets retire Raymond could stand a chance…..and seeing that ray allen came in forth so far that tells who the fans wanna see

  145. celtapwm says:

    I can hardly believe this is a debate worthy of discussion. Allen is shooting over 50%, shares the shots with two other future HOF players, and is scoring only one tenth of a point less, per game. It”s not even a contest, Ray Allen all the way.

  146. goddess♥RAY says:

    RAY ALLEN! thats precisely the reason why he is number 4 in the voting! He is a good and smart player. He deserves to be in the All-Star!

  147. Law064 says:

    I have to Agree I would pick Ray all day yes Shuttlesworth Mr Allen great shooter and is a contender. He’s aging but still will put daggers in you.

  148. Fact Not Fiction says:

    Allen hands down. Better shooting percentage, better seasons (with poor teams), and just more noteworthy.