Stojakovic headed to Dallas

The Mavericks are on the verge of adding All-Star swingman help after losing Caron Butler to a season-ending knee injury. Peja Stojakovic, bought out by Toronto on Thursday, has given Dallas a verbal agreement to sign once he clears waivers Monday, a league source confirmed to

Marc Stein of first reported the agreement.

The Mavericks would open up a roster spot for Stojakovic by trading fourth-team center Alexis Ajinca in a separate deal with the Raptors, according to

Stojakovic, a 13-year vet seven years removed from his third and last All-Star appearance, is one of the league’s all-time best 3-point shooters at 40.1 percent. He just wasn’t a fit in Toronto, which acquired Stojakovic in a Nov. 20 trade with New Orleans along with Jarrett Jack and Marcus Banks.

“We were clear from the beginning that our trade with New Orleans was made with the future in mind, so a buyout or trade of Peja’s contract was a likely option,” Raptors president Bryan Colangelo said. “Although he did not fit into our plan of developing our young core talent, I’m sure that Peja will add significantly to any veteran team that signs him.”

Health has been an issue in recent years, with the 33-year-old native of Serbia playing more than 62 games once in the last five seasons. Stojakovic has played just eight games this season, and only two since the trade because of a sore knee.

He’s averaging a career-low 8.4 points in a limited sample this season, but didn’t score less than 12.6 per game in the previous 11 years. He won’t be asked to fill the void left by Butler, but it’s a low-risk move that potentially helps fill it.

The Mavs also signed Sasha Pavlovic to a second 10-day contract on Thursday after the veteran small forward scored 11 in Wednesday’s win over the Lakers.


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  2. hoopster says:

    Don’t see Stojakovic helping Dallas much. Doesn’t have the energy and quickness of Caron Butler so he’s no fill in for Butler. He might knock down a few 3s, but Dallas already has that!

  3. KingCobra25 says:


  4. bruno says:

    peja is a martian…

  5. Rommel says:

    Peja is a great player but they lost that 7th game in the West Finals with the Lakers because of free throws. Lakers had to play catch up in that game and it was in Sacramento! It was an epic battle one for the ages! That was a great game like Lakers v. Celtics game 7 last year. Another epic battle!! That was the Greatest Kings team ever assembled perfect match for that Shaq-Kobe Laker team. The Finals that year was anti-climactic because the Lakers swept the Nets! Kings v. Lakers in the West Finals was the TRUE NBA FINALS THAT YEAR!!! That was the best game!! 🙂

  6. romy says:

    he’s my neighbor in the philippines he is a pinoy

  7. Jacovitz says:

    The Mavs need to go younger. How many of these guys are over thirty or thirty-five for that matter

  8. Marquiz says:

    Peja’s Japanese.

  9. GREGN626 says:

    Those were some good players on the QUEENS, but you know the lakers owned them..what does that say? Queens sucks, and will always suck, waste of space – the maloof brothers should focus on the casino business..

  10. Cimbombom says:

    I was surprised and felt kinda bad when I heard he went Ontario in November. It’s good to hear he is playing again in an elite team. I hope he feasts us some from his old talented years in Mavs.

  11. annonymous says:

    Maybe if American players realized that if they were a star in Toronto they would be a star in America AND Canada. they would have mass love from 2 countries, not one. think of all the retail dollars when you have TWO countries, not ONE, who adore you. do the math. Bosh almost did it but we are still looking for a loyal player to come and help our franchise. hopefully derozan stays because canadians love basketball too =)

  12. dirkspark_41 says:

    get carmelo anthony and mavs will be the champion…

  13. Sean says:

    Hell yeah @ mike john and get a life ldeez and jeff b gotta bash other peoples teams because your insecure! maybe if stars wouldnt just give up on the team coughboshcough then the team could have more success, dont see you postin anything about your teams so eat it and stop bashing other peoples teams because they are developing. GO TORONTO!

  14. Besim says:

    I respect everybody and it don’t matter where they from !!!!!!!!

    R.I.P. Drug Tito !!!!!!!!

  15. Ivo says:

    You would not call a jewish person German, so why would you call a Croat Serbian! I guess I can call all Americans Afghan

  16. David says:

    I don’t expect the Mavs to win everything tho. I wish the best to Butler, but I don’t think that the Mavs can win it all, especially if the Lakers can rebound well after a mediocre season so far. The Mavs are a good team that will easily make the playoffs, but winning in the playoffs for them is usually a completely different story.

  17. David says:

    Stojakovic is good, but he’s about 34 now, and for the last few years he hasnt been a monster like he used to consistantly be. But he’ll probably find a decent niche in the Mavs offense. Can he defend well? I don’t really know, so if someone could tell me I’d appreciate it. Thx!

  18. Ldeez says:

    wtf cares where he’s from, he sucks regardless. pls don’t place him in the same category as ray allen. Also, even at their peak the kings (aka queens) weren’t one of the best teams. That’s why they didn’t win a championship.

    for raps fans, pls get your head out of the sand. the team sucks. i’ve been a fan for yrs and i’m tired of the same crap. BC has done squat since coming here and he’s still living off his work with the suns. i miss the glory days with VC, alvin, willis, antonio davis, tmac. that was a real team. rehire grunwald man, relatively speaking, he was the best gm this team ever had.

    • tre' says:

      they were putting him with ray allen because of his shooting touch, if you’d have read, you’d known that.
      & also, think about it. ONE of the best teams. not THE best team, ONE of. Which they were.

      • Ldeez says:

        why are you all over peja’s jockstrap? read the guys comment man. he said he’s the best in the world along with ray allen. you honestly agree with that? there are guy at the YMCA that have a nice shooting touch. i’d say the best shooters are ray and reg miller. if you want to put peja with those guys then you need some meds.

        the other guy said the kings were one of the best ever. many teams win 55 plus games a season, are they all the best teams in history? if you’re not first your last man. kings were and exciting team to watch but they were soft. very similar to the suns of a few yrs ago. would you consider them one of the best ever?

  19. he says:

    now only cp3 is missing .. 🙂

  20. Mike John says:

    To Jeff B – The Raptors are one of the better youger teams out there now – You obviously have no idea about the Raps since you don’t follow them… Toronto is a great city to play in, being the 4th largest sity in NORTH AMERICA it has WAY more to offer than the Fattest city on planet earth (Dallas) Although Toronto’s record isn’t the greatest, they have mad YOUNG talent (Derozan, Weems, Bargnani, Davis, Bayless, Johnson) Just wait Toronto will surprise in years to come….

    In regards to Peja; He is a washed up injury prone player that would have seen time if he was healthy in Toronto – He wasn’t healthy at all, and I’m sure he’ll see limited time in Dallas…


  21. jeffB says:

    Peja is a great shooter and now that he is on a good team just watch for his knee problems to just vanish! Knee problems only pop up on teams that these players don’t want to play for. He is going to drain everything for Mavs then come back and drop “omteen” threes on Toronto on his return to show his displeasure while with Toronto.
    That says it all about playing for Toronto.
    My advise to Barbosa… How’s the knee? :). Oh, but knowing Barbosa he’s got more heart that all the “good” players who suddenly develop “‘itis” after arriving in TO. After watching Toronto since Colangelo arrived is like watching the titanic headed directly for the iceburg while cracking open a cold one.Literally! Enough said.

    • Needles Kane says:

      I feel Stojakovic gives the team hope to advance past the first round of the playoffs at least, and if all goes well Caron Butler will be able to return to the team for the 2nd round. Also Stojakovic will be a huge upgrade over Pavlovic, who has been starting games recently for the Mavs in the SF position. Stojakovic can find minutes both as the starting SF and backup PF for Dirk. I see Brian Cardinal losing minutes because of his presence. Barring any further injuries the team should be returning to their winning ways.

  22. Bubba J says:

    Only Balkan people can turn a regular nba news, into dispute over people and territories.

  23. derek Rucker says:

    Sekou, great pickup for dallas, but do they need another shooter. They just picked up Pavilc I guess you can’t have to many. I have another question. What is the name of the song by Curtis Mayfield that NBATV ran in a commercial during the playoffs last season? I have been trying to find that song… Please drop me an email with that song title.

    Thanks Derek (Ruckman) Rucker

  24. theblackmamba'sno.1fan says:

    damn the lakers should’ve gotten him! he’ll produce more than artest is right now

  25. MackDaddy says:

    Umm…. it’s not where you are born, it’s what your heritage/background is!
    Your mum taking an overseas holiday to France while pregnant doesnt make you French :).

    You can have whatever birth certificate or passport you like, but a piece of paper doesnt tell you who you are- your family tree does. Both his parents are Serbian, he’s SERBIAN.

    Immigrants may be citizens of one country or another, but what their family background is what their nationality is. Chinese, German, Russian… whatever, you come to Amercia you can call yourself American- OR whereever you come from. Peja may have been born in Croatia, may have gained Greek citizenship, and may now have American citizenship (or plan to in the future), but nothing will change the fact that he’s parents are Serbian, therefore he is Serbian.

  26. One says:

    Decent replacement for Caron imo, good move here by the Mavs.

  27. DD says:

    @Nino: Hey Man! I’m from former Yugoslavia and am not nationalistic at all. Call me Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian…it all isn’t correct to me. I feel Yugoslavian. I really appreciate your effort, but you are mixing it all up. Czech Rep. and Slovakia have absolutely nothg to to do with YU. And YU was never a part of Russia. And we have much more than only slavic influence in our culture. I feel more connected to somebody from Italy, Greece or Turkey than to somebody from the Czech Republic for example.

  28. LeBron Wade says:

    bad move for the mavs… how can he help the team with his SORE KNEES????? go BULLS! DRose MVP!

  29. LeBron Wade says:

    believe me is is Serbian…. if not, he will shoot you with his AK47… ^_^

  30. karex says:

    good find for the mavs… just a little bit concern bout the way he play defense,

  31. obaid says:

    ohh i just hope peja can really help the mavs, since that day when butler got injured, mavs fall from being a title contender to just a simple nba team, But i believe that mavs can still do it! LETS GO MAVS!

  32. Wikipedia says:

    Predrag “Peja” Stojaković (Serbian: Предраг “Пеђа” Стојаковић, IPA: [pɛdʑa stɔjakɔʋitɕ]; born June 9, 1977 in Požega, Croatia, Yugoslavia)

  33. CockSuckerDavidStern says:

    Peja Stojakovic, if healthy is still one of the purest shooters. Back2Back All-Star 3 Point Shootout Champ. A great addition to the Mavericks.

  34. jeff says:

    …cool, he’s got a lot of playing years left

  35. Niño says:

    Pls tell me to all croatians,serbians or yoguslavian why is it u dnt wnt to ve called croats for sebian or vice versa? And correct me if i am wrong croatia,serbia,czech rep, slovakia, all came from yoguslavia or you all came from russia? And lastly is it true that the no. 1 sports in former russian states or former yugoslavs is basketball? Tnx!

    • Djordje says:

      Cuz there was a war between Serbia and Croatia before less than 20 years, and the enviroment, everyone around us, are teaching us not to love, or even to hate Croatians. When you think about it, it’s bullsh*t. But, that’s the reality. I don’t hate Croatians, but I wouldn’t like if someone says to me that I’m Croatian.. It’s hard to explain.. That’s some kind inside of us.. My english is not so good to say everything I mean, but this is the part of it. About the 2nd thing: Man, you’re wrong.. Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Slovenia were parts of yugoslavia, czech republic or slovakia has nothing with it. And the 3rd: Yeah. It’s true. We are very good at basketball and waterpolo, but most of the money goes to football or soccer how americans call it… Best wishes.

  36. Fact Not Fiction says:

    Jesus people does it really matter that they got where he was from wrong? The news is his trade not him being from Serbia. This is a blog not the New York times…

  37. Kemm says:

    Well, Peja is a three pointers player but sorry it is Miami Heat year….But I hope my favorite point guard will become a NBA champs…Jason Kidd…

  38. tom says:

    just like croatians they always claim the best athletes are theres get up on your info. He is 100% serbian



  40. nada says:

    Who care if he is serbian or Croatian. World championship is over so stop trash talking . This is the NBA

  41. CBass says:

    Trade info incorrect. The Raptors traded Jarrett Jack, Marcus Banks, and David Anderson and received Peja Stojakovic and Jerryd Bayless. Article says they received Marcus Banks and Jarrett Jack.

  42. Ivo says:

    Peja je stara i učinio

  43. Ivo says:

    Stojaković was born to Serbian parents in Slavonska Požega, SR Croatia, Yugoslavia but his family fled to Belgrade during the Yugoslav wars. Also, no Croat would want to be called Serbian.

    • wikipedia says:

      way to copy and paste the first line from wikipedia and try and act like it was your own. That’s the last place to look and expect information to be correct. I could change it right now to say he is of African descent from Kenya and people like you would believe it

    • NAJ says:

      I don’t think anyone would want to be called a Serb tbh

  44. hama says:

    Peja stojakovic was born in croatia city of slavonska pozega he moved to serbia when he was teenager it mean he is croatian but he choose serbian citizenship and greece citizenship too before he moved to nba.

  45. EK says:

    Good look for the mavs. Nice length and good shooting touch. See how this SacTown King will help this team, as they seem to leave and help every other team. smh

  46. awesomeman says:

    Oh god I hope Stojakovic can help. The Mavs are strangely good at rejuvenating players without their mojo.

  47. ChrisWAMBO says:

    Got to love awesome journalism! Wait they might say Toni Kukoč is from Serbia!
    Stay in School kids and pay attention.

    Good addition for the Mavs is Peja gets in shape.


  48. jo says:

    LMAOOOOOO he’s Serbian… if you think he’s Croatian then youre really uneducated

  49. Josh Lee says:

    thats a good move. i can tell mavericks are going with the foreign side. but im glad hes on the mavs now, i had enough of those memories of him draining 3’s during the playoffs. peja will start for the mavs

    • Ryan Gebilaguin says:

      that’s right josh…and the mav’s will truly be a great threat to the nba’s elite teams once peja comes in together with dirk,jet and j-kidd draining 3’s..dirk and peja were former nba 3 point shooting champions..i cant wait to see the mavs play with peja..go mavs!cant wait to see u in the championship..

  50. Wrong says:

    For all of you guys saying he’s Serbian, he was BORN in Croatia, and became a Serbian basketball player.

  51. souly says:

    he was BORN in Croatia, played for Serbia

  52. Hakala says:

    He is Croatian Ortodox, or Serb from Croatia, the way they like to call them self!

  53. akka says:

    i like it!!!!! go! go! go! mavs

  54. Djordje says:

    @Theodore Tsirpas yeah, you know it bro 🙂

  55. Theodore Tsirpas says:

    FYI He’s a native of Belgrade, Serbia, lives in Greece, trust me you don’t want to call a Serbian, Croatian.

  56. Alexgkv says:

    HE IS FROM SERBIA NOT CROATIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Manu says:

    Good move by the Mavs, Stojakovic will get good open shots in their system. He’s the best three-point shooter in the world along with Ray Allen in my opinion.

    BUT he is a native of Serbia, NOT Croatia!

  58. Djordje says:

    Hey, WHAT? 33 years-old native from CROATIA?! People, educate yourself!

  59. Victor Manoel says:

    Good move, Mavs.

  60. Hannah Miller says:

    Peja has been forgotten! He will rise again as a Maverick but he’ll always be a King in my heart 🙂

    • awesome person says:

      thank you!!! one of the best kings of all time!

    • Sanzy says:

      Vlade, c webb, Peja, doug christie, Bibby.. 6tman Bobby jackson, Hedo, G wallace, Scott pollard, Keon Clarke… that kings team will always be considered one of the best ever even though they didnt win a championship….

      • lmnopqrs says:

        I will NEVER forget those Kings…ever..those were the days! Go Peja!!! Sacramento still loves you and always will. Make us proud