Good/Bad night to be Charles?

Does the Chuckster need to be doing the “Dougie” on TV? Well, since we’ve seen his golf swing enough, this isn’t nearly as embarrassing.

Plus we get the added bonus of Chris Webber getting all fired up by the shenanigans during halftime of the Lakers-Thunder game last night. Ernie Johnson tried to keep it all together, but in Barkley fashion, E.J. shanks it.

Could you work under such ridiculousness?

The Inside the NBA crew isn’t done with Charles just yet. The above play made No. 1 on the Top 5, while this one below with Shawn Bradley checked it at No. 3. It was quite a night to be Barkley.


  1. Law064 says:

    Sir Charles makes that show funny and entertaining. The greatest quote from Charles was about the LA Lakers in 07. He was talking to Kobe and said “I feel for Kobe Your Michael Jackson surrounded by a bunch of Tito’s. That had to be the funniest ish I ever heard from Sir Charles and he was right. Chuck is the best lol

  2. Dias says:

    I love Inside NBA, It’s my favorite NBA show, but I would not see it without the Chuckster! Barkley is the greatest!

  3. Fact Not Fiction says:

    Midlife crisis…