What’s red and white and Bull all over?

CHICAGO — The Chicago Bulls and their fans at United Center are a little late to the 2010-11 phenomenon of the Miami Heat. The LeBron James-Dwyane Wade-Chris Bosh-fueled Insta-Team already has faced 27 of the other 29 teams at least once and has played 21 of them on their home courts. Some of the curiosity about the Heat is gone, replaced by simple awe and dread, along with the grind of facing Miami on the tail end of a back-to-back, in the midst of a four-games-in-five-nights stretch. Which is what Chicago, still missing center Joakim Noah, will do.

Still, the Bulls are determined to make things special Saturday night when Miami plays at United Center for the first time this season. Specifically, the team will be touting Derrick Rose, the young point guard and MVP candidate alongside whom James, Wade and Bosh opted not to play.

The Bulls will have red-and-white placards at every seat before the game urging fans to vote daily and often — the Chicago way — to put Rose in the Eastern Conference starting lineup for the NBA All-Star Game Feb. 20 in Los Angeles. If they’re successful, Rose would become the Bulls’ first All-Star starter since Michael Jordan in 1998 and likely would join James and Wade in the East lineup at tipoff. In the most recent balloting results, Rose (1,225,575 votes) had moved ahead of Boston’s Rajon Rondo (1,171,311) for second place among East guards; Wade was No. 1 with 1,499,768 votes. James held a big lead among East forwards (with Bosh a distant fifth).

The signs will remind fans that voting for the All-Star Game continues thorugh Monday in NBA arenas and through Jan. 23 online. They can vote for Rose — or anyone else their heart desires — at Bulls.com/votebulls or by texting Rose’s last name to 6-9-6-2-2 (MYNBA). Starters for the 60th All-Star Game will be announced on Jan. 27.

By the way, as late as Chicago is to Miami experience this season, San Antonio has that beat. The Spurs won’t face the Heat for the first time until March 4 at San Antonio. Ten days later, those two contenders wrap up their season series in Miami.


  1. K says:

    Will the real Mike Miller please return to the Miami Heat and get rid of this impostor that’s been wear the number 13 since the early part of January. This guy who’s wearing the number 13 for the Miami Heat is certainly not the Mike Miller that was signed this summer. This guy that’s out there right now doesn’t even look like he could make a roster spot in the NBDL. The Mike Miller that has played for the last 9 years in the NBA would come of picks ready to shoot without hesitating or at least be able to put the ball on the deck and drive pass any average defender with the greatest of easy. This chracter that has returned to Miami after a thumb injury doesn’t even look to shoot; and when he does, he shoots with absolutely no confidences. This form of Mike Miller makes you worried if the old Sci-Fi movie (The Body Snatcher) exist in real life.

    If Mike Miller is still hurt then Miami needs to sit him down until he’s fully recovered from his injured thumb. Miami needs this guy to seriously rediscover his game with the quickness. This Miami Heat team needs the 10-15 points that he was capable of scoring each game prior to his injury. Since returning from his injury this imposter has scored only 2 points in the 9 games that he’s been available to play in. Now I’m a fan of the real Mike Miller and I believe the real Mike Miller can be a very valuable asset to this Miami Heat team. However, if the real Mike Miller doesn’t step forward very soon; like before the NBA trading deadline, then Miami’s front office may need to seriously think about moving this imposter for some one who can bring some energy and true scoring off the bench.

    Will the real MIKE MILLER please step up?????

  2. K says:

    I just finish watching the Miami Heat drop their fourth straight game; this one to the Atlanta Hawks. I watched this game and like the last three loses, Miami came out with absolute no energy whatsoever. It’s getting very frustrating to continue to watch them play with a lack of energy in the beginning of games and then have to spend so much energy just to get back even just to run out of gas in the last minute and a half of a game.

    After 44 games Miami’s coaching staff have yet to create some form of half court offense for this Miami Heat team. The whole team is still just standing around while one of the big three try to go one on five. This game tonight featured no Bosh, (out with an ankle injury). Lebron still looked injured because all of his movements appeared to be labored. D-Wade appeared as if he was tried or suffering from injuries to various parts of his body. However, with all that going on it appeared that they had several opportunities to win this game both in regulation and in overtime. However, due to a lack of a half court offense all Miami could come up with at the end of regulation was a desperation 28 foot shot from LeBron and that came after D-wade pound the ball to the floor for almost 20 seconds trying to get pass Joe Johnson. The coaching staff never even attempted to call a time out. The same identical thing happen at the end of the overtime, Miami’s lack of a half court offense again lead to LBJ pounding the ball to the floor for 18 seconds with absolutely no other player movement and him then unleashing a desperation 25 foot shot, which he missed. Eric Spoelstra is a good up and coming coach with a very bright mind when it comes to defense. However, he needs to truly consider revamping his coaching staff and bringing in an offensive minded coach who can implement a true half court offense that involves all five players. If not, their going to continue to play this inconsistent form of basketball.

  3. Gary says:

    Sekou I’m still hoping you put some focus on other teams soon. Clippers for starters. They’ve snapped 3 of the best teams winning streaks and without their center Kaman. Well hopefully you write about some other teams soon.

  4. ephraim says:

    are you nuts? LOL

  5. jokester says:

    Oh that’s right; they’ll be back when the Heat starts winning again! LOL!

  6. jokester says:

    Looks like Miami’s 3rd loss in a row. Just wondering where the trash talking Heat fans are right now. The Lakers had a slump recently and everyone was jumping on the bandwagon! C’mon dont go into hiding! LOL!