The Most Interesting Man In The NBA

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Rudy Gay with the instant classic All-Star promotion!


  1. datRueASIAN says:

    has rudy gay even scored a triple double?

  2. nick says:

    wow, hope he makes it

  3. sohaib says:

    ok rudy gay has to be on the allstar team he is a very good player he can probably take melos spot.

    love the vid

  4. One says:

    I think Derek needs a hug.
    On the video: this is pretty funny, gj Rudy.

  5. AllBall says:

    Cool video. Hope Rudy gets in the All Star game.

  6. will says:

    arguably the best player from the 07 draft right now that Brandon Roy is out

  7. jokester says:

    This video is funny as hell! He’s got my vote!

  8. Ray-Ray says:

    His first half season play should secure his spot on the West All Star squad, but Rudy Gay, by this clever add shows that he’s an all star whether or not fans vote for him. Great work!

  9. dutchie32 says:

    What’s wrong with derek, he obviously knows as much about basketball as a squirrel knows about algebra. Rudy totally deserves to be an all star this year, and prob will especially if Melo is gonna be on the East

  10. Dawite says:

    Rudy Gay. You just got my All Star vote. Amazing.

  11. Guillermo says:


  12. Jake says:

    What a baller.

  13. HASHMAN says:

    Hahaha this is the best video i have seen in a while

  14. Derek says:

    God! Please show more dance girl than some gay @%$$@^$ geez post some news that really matters for crying out loud. Injuries, Status point drop or increase, and other similar player related professionalism.
    I didn’t see the video.
    Just look at the cover of this video is will certainly attract most or all homosexual in rooting for Gay.