The All-Star Debate: Love v. Griffin

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Blake Griffin will be in Los Angeles for All-Star Weekend, of this we can all be sure.

The Clippers’ power forward is the headliner in the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest and the odds-on favorite to take home that crown. But his weekend should be busy with more than just the dunks and the Rookie Challenge.

But there’s a bigger question lingering as we get closer to February: Should Griffin be playing Sunday in the All-Star Game?

He’s already among the most feared players in the game and he has the numbers — 21.8 points, 12.7 rebounds, 3.4 assists and 23 straight double doubles –to back up any All-Star campaign.

We asked a veteran league observer this morning if Griffin deserves to be an All-Star this season and before we could get the words out, he cut us off.

“Yes, yes he should be an All-Star,” he said. “Blake Griffin has come in as rookie and become the most exciting player in the league, playing for the Clippers, which is pretty hard to do. Other players look for Clippers games. That’s how nice he is. They’re like, ‘let me watch the Clippers tonight and see what this beast is going to do.’ Who wouldn’t want to see that man in the All-Star Game?”

The knock most traditionalists will bring up is the Clippers’ ugly 13-24 record. It’s the same argument some people will make to squash the All-Star candidacy of Minnesota Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love.

Love’s case for a spot on the team is just as strong as Griffin’s, if not stronger. He leads the league in rebounds (15.8) and double doubles (35) and is also averaging 21.5 points while shooting a wicked 46 percent from beyond the 3-point line. Like Griffin, Love is playing both ends of the floor like few players on the planet are capable of doing it these days.

We posed the same should he be an All-Star question about Love to another longtime league watcher, and he was quick to praise the work that Love has done.

“Anyone that tells you Kevin Love shouldn’t be on that team because of the Timberwolves’ record knows nothing about the game of basketball,” he said emphatically. “This guy isn’t just having a great season on a bad team. He’s putting up numbers that transcend the era. Average guys don’t do this anymore. Regular guys don’t do this. All-Stars do work like this and Love should be an All-Star. There’s no doubt in my mind.”

The Wolves’ 10-30 record will be hard for some people to overlook.

What about you?


  1. HJP says:

    Tim Duncan should be the starting canter for the Western All-Stars. His team has a great record and I believe he deserves the spot.

  2. Dee says:

    Love should be starting Center replacing Yao, and Griffin a reserve PF.

  3. Dee says:

    Record Schmecord.. who the hell cares? Bottom line, they both are BEASTS! and they should both be in it or something is wrong with this League!

  4. Ray Mitchell says:

    I if i was coaching the All Star team , I would replace Gasol’s bum ass with any one of these guys .

  5. JOHNSON says:

    Did you guys not see Zach Randolph beat Kevin Love down last night??? Randolph has to be on before him

  6. tv guy says:

    Griffin should be an allstar

  7. David Sparks says:

    This whole discussion is garbage. Love or Griffin? its Love vs Griffin vs Randolph. They put up similar stats and there’s only 2 main differences. Zbo was an all star last year and the Grizzlies are the only team of the 3 in the playoff hunt which is largely because of Zbo. Hollinger just said Grizzlies could easily be the 6th seed before its over and Zbo has been player of the month twice in Jan already! Lets not forget that Zbo just shut down Love and the Grizzlies made fools of the Timberwolves.

    Just typical the Grizzlies are constantly over looked.

  8. Ant says:

    Take Yao Ming out the whole idea of being in the all-star game and both Love and Griffin can be in it. How did Yao Ming even get voted for? Has he even played this year?

  9. Henry says:

    The Reserves should be like this:
    For the West:
    Guards: Manu Ginobili, Deron Williams, Monta Ellis
    Fowards: Pau Gasol, Blake Griffin, Tim Duncan
    Center: Nene
    Replacement for Yao Ming is Dirk Nowitzki
    Tim Duncan should start as center for west because his team has the best record in the NBA.

    For the East:
    Guards: Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Raymond Felton
    Fowards: Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce. Chris Bosh
    Center:Al Horford

  10. bnabreaker says:

    21/15? Yeah, that’s pretty impressive if you don’t look any further into it. Upon closer inspection though, you see that it’s a perfect storm for Kevin Love.

    The TWolves have the 7th worst FG% in the league. Add to that the fact that literally NOBODY on the entire Timberwolves roster besides Beasley or Love has ever averaged more than 6 rpg or 13 ppg in any season, including this one, and you have a perfect storm for an otherwise talented but overall unimpressive player like Kevin Love to put up big numbers.

    I’m not saying he’s not talented, but playing on a team full of DLeaguers definitely inflates his stats. Regardless of his statistics though, NOBODY on a team that has ELEVEN, count em, ELEVEN WINS at the all-star break, deserves an all-star nod. Stats aren’t everything.

    But alas, I have little faith that justice will be served. People get off to box scores and stat lines, so I’m sure Love will get an all-star spot, and players on teams like the Grizzlies and Blazers, WHO HAVE WINNING RECORDS, will be left out.

  11. Coachshine says:

    Monta needs to be an all star!!! I do not see how people like Duncan, Nash, and Parker should go ahead of him?

    Sure, Duncan and Parker have the best record in the league, and Manu will probably go from San Antonio, but these players are not putting up CLOSE to the numbers that Monta is putting up! If it wasnt for Monta, the Warriors would probably have about 10 wins. They are still in the “hunt” for the playoffs fighting for the 8 seed, so the team doesnt stink.
    Nash is not putting up the type of numbers that Monta is either, yet since him, Duncan, and Parker are perrenial all stars, they automatically get a higher priority.

    We need to put players who desserve to be all stars in the all star game … Its an ALL STAR game, not a BEST TEAM game. Point said, put the best players in the game … and Monta is one of them!!!

  12. DAHEAT UP says:

    I have to agree with RAY finally someone with sense. I have been of the last decade trying to get people to understand all what RAY had to say. It all comes down to the best teams and the fan favorites again the best teams to select your honest all-start team. I think big market areas that have a great fan base will bring in more votes for there host city player and a travesty is just this Yao Ming who haven’t played an honest amount of game to include the sit out of last year is still on the ballot that part is the league fault for doing so which in the end hurts a play that is well deserving of a look the opportunity to be recognized. One other person I must agree with is HAMZ Rudy Gay since coming in the league has been a monster for the Grizzles and proves it day in and day out with going up against the best in the WEST and he still doesn’t get the nod which is unreal, then there “LA” Lamarcus Aldrige without question should be the first name Call when the Reserves are announced. Now on to the list:

    My picks

    Kevin Love (Yao Ming) replacement

    1. Lamarcus Aldrige
    2. Manu
    3. Rudy Gay
    4. Monte Ellis
    5. Russell Westbrook
    6. Tyson Chandler
    7. Zach Randolph
    8. and yes I know there isnt enough room but i think as far as the west is concerned Blake Griffin is a beast and should be a starter but politics will play a big part in this and unfortunetly he won’t be on the ticket.

    Now as for as Pau Gasol, and Andrew Bynum one word Garbage they only show up win they are winning by huge margins if they are loosing the forget what their job is and that’s being a professional basketball player you have to tip your hat to Kobe for if it weren’t for him they would be out of a job and championship less. proofs in the statement look at all the players that left the team after they won to venture on there own, hmmmm last I check only to are employed only because the New Jersey Net team is rebuilding and Farmar and Sasha are good fits for the moment all other cut bagging groceries probably in their home state.

    DAHEAT UP out deuces 2 fingaz

  13. LA says:

    LaMarcus Aldridge just had 40+ points against the Spurs. He needs to be on this list!!! Right now I’d rate him higher than both of these players, although they are all good in their own right. But LA has earned his All Star spot

  14. munkhbayar says:

    griffin now

  15. Damien Nortier says:

    With such a flurry of good forwards and especially power forwards, why didn’t the NBA consider the fact to put some power forwards on the votting list as centers ? I mean : we could have voted for Tim Duncan as a center, and would still have room for other power forwards like Blake Griffin. K Love could also be listed as a center which would make things far easier.
    Think about it next time D Stern… The All Star Game is an exhibition, being a bit flexible doesn’t hurt too much on such an occasion.

  16. Korvpall says:

    blake Griffin is a monster and he deserves to play in All-Star game. Come on, HE IS A STAR, OR WHAT?

  17. dh12 says:



  18. jerome says:

    blake griffin should dunk over a car w/c never been done in the past dunk contest.. its a sure win if he can make the dunk.. ahahhaha. peace out!

  19. Artur says:

    The all-star game should have the better players on nba right. The definition of better should be if they are playing regular and with great stats. I can´t say that Gasol is worth than Nene because Nene has a very regular season and has some great stats(like leads on FG%, 15 ppg and 7.5 rpg) and he really is a center. Nene deserve to be on the all-star this year!!!

  20. Big Blake Love says:

    Blake – Undoubtedly the most freakishly exciting player to watch in the sport of basketball. (HOW CAN HE NOT BE IN ALL-STAR GAME)

    Love – Undoubtedly the greatest stats this year in NBA (HOW CAN HE NOT BE IN ALL-STAR GAME)

  21. JoJo WAR DRUMMER says:

    Blake Griffin, no doubt!
    Rajon Rondo, most def!
    Paul Pierce, yes!
    Shaquille O’Neal, ’cause he’s da man!!!
    Kevin Love, yeah!
    Eric Gordon, YEP YEP

    Because JoJo WAR DRUMMER says so!
    But make sure you ALL pay close attention for the great Major League Lacrosse (MLL) season is fast approaching!!!!!!!!!



  23. JMRPRM says:

    I like K.L, lots of 20-20’s and a couple of 30-30’s. He his on basketball matter, just awesome.
    And I think the problem is there, k.l is an efficient player but Blake is just outstandingly awesome. I would like to see Blake Griffin in the All-Star game just as much as I like to see him in the Dunk Contest. Keep the good work Griffin

  24. david says:

    actually gasol instead of bynum

  25. david says:

    1. Chris Paul, Deron williams, and Russel Westbrook
    2. Kobe and Manu
    3. Durant, Melo, Griffin
    4. Dirk, aldridge,
    5. Bynum, Love/Duncan

  26. Tyler Jones says:

    Ok, the all-star game is for entertainment and popularity, right? Well, why not have the MOST entertaining (Blake) in the game, which will also get huge popularity. I mean, think about it, crazy-entertaining in regular games, god knows what he can do in a game with no defense!!!

  27. Fred Flinstone says:

    I just wanted to put in my 2 cents on the comments posted about Tim Duncan and Yao Ming. Its the All-Star game. It’s for the fans, the fans vote for their favorite players. It shouldn’t matter if Duncan’s averages are lower than Blake’s or Love’s, its about the fan-base that Duncan built up over the years as the best PF to ever play the game. Blake and Love are tremendous players, but this isn’t who puts up the best stats, or who is the best player, we have NBA First and Second team awards for that, and rebounding titles, and other awards. This is a breakout year for both of them, if they can’t get the votes right away, it’s because they haven’t built a fan-base yet. I was disappointed last year when Iverson and Mcgrady both were criticized for receiving votes for the All-Star game. Those were two of the greatest players in their generation, they have a huge fan-base because of what they’ve done. If the All-Star game is for fans to pick, then let them pick. If not, then change it so its not for the fans.

  28. I have seen both of these guys play and both are legitimate all-stars despite the win lose record of each respective team. Each one of these guys are the type player that does all the intangibles and the the very tangles that means points, rebounds, and blocks. It is a no-brainer put both guys on the all-star team.


  29. KrillInPDX says:

    Good thing I didn’t lump ESPN into my last comment. And I almost did. But they have a great story about LaMarcus Aldridge:

  30. KrillInPDX says:


    What’s the deal with It’s like LOVE and BLAKE are their love children. Get over it. Yes, they are good. But you don’t have to talk about them, EVERYDAY. LaMarcus Aldridge should be getting just as much if not more attention than these two, given the fate of the Blazer team and what he has done this season.

    Get on board NBA.COM – everyone else is.

  31. amn says:

    who cares, everyone knows the all star game is a big joke now anyways. it’s all just a big popularity contest to get the fans involved. which is the worst part, that fans have the say in all star games. then you get players like yao ming or tracy mcgrady who haven’t played one game but are somehow on the all star team. being on the all star team is not as big of an achievement as it used to be.
    and people that are saying dirk nowitzki should not be on the all star team because he has missed a few games??? get real, without dirk dallas would be nowhere, he is one of the MVPs of the west. but now people think that a couple of players from the 2 worst teams in the western conference should get up on the team over someone like dirk. like i said, all star game = joke. i’d rather see lamarcus aldridge on the team over those 2 guys, look at what he is doing for his team, keeping them in playoff contention with all the injuries and their best player out.

  32. Jamie S* says:

    U sound crazy, the NBA would turn into a YMCA league without true Centers, and when healthy. “Andrew Bynum” is the best pure #5. and deserves to be there o.k. Last year they pulled a slick little bu@#$$ move that kept him off, even though he had the votes. Once again my man got the votes. I really like both Love and Griffin, with Love probably being more deserving. He’s just put up numbers for a longer period. Griffin will still be a part of the weekend, and have a chance to excite the people in the dunk contest. And have plenty of time to develop into a solid All-star for many years to come. What irks me about the All-star game, is that there will always be players left off the team that deserve to be reconized as All-stars. Personally, I would love to see both “Steve Nash” and “Steph Curry” on that team. But what do you do, when you still got CP3, “Deron Williams” and “Tony Parker”. They should make some changes where people can get their just due, Until they do, its going to always be bitter and a little unfair….

  33. Sal says:

    Kevin love are you serious? and just because Griffin can make dunks or exroardinary as you guys call it doesnt make sense why he should make the all star team! LaMarcus Aldridge is the one we should all be talking about! And he has worked hard and not to mention how he demolished Griffin and his team when they played!

  34. Phillip says:

    Whoever out there says that Lamarcus Aldridge doesn’t deserve to be in the All-Star game should go play in traffic. The Trailblazers are 4 games over .500 thanks in large part to Aldridge averaging 27.0 ppg in January alone. The Blazers have been through hell this season. They lost Oden for another season, Brandon Roy has missed most of the season with bad knees, Pryzbilla (one of the best defensive back-up centers in the league) goes down for a month or so, Nicolas Batum gets hurt for a few games, Rudy Fernandez has all sorts of back problems and Marcus Camby gets hurt and is out for 3 weeks. During that time, Aldridge has put up several 30 point games, including a career high 37 the other night and has been handling the boards while leading a team that contains Wesley Matthews (undrafted), Nicolas Batum (not the strongest player), Dante Cunningham (another dude who needs to eat more protein), Andre Miller (past his prime), Patty Mills (future starting point guard in Portland, but is still finding his stride), Rudy Fernandez (having his worst season as a pro, but providing sparks when needed), and Joel Pryzbilla (36 year old enforcer who will retire in the next 2 seasons). Both the Clippers and Timberwolves have more notable point scorers on their rosters than the Blazers do. The Clippers have Eric Gordon and Baron Davis, and the Timberwolves have Michael Beasley and a surprising Darko Millicic. To say that Lamarcus Aldridge shouldn’t have a spot in front of Kevin Love and Blake Griffin is an atrocity. In fact, Blake Griffin should be last in that list of 3 players. The last thing I have to point out is that if you look at head to head matchups between Lamarcus and K-Love throughout the season, Aldridge has owned in the stats. The same goes for the head to head matchup or matchups with Blake Griffin. Look it up if you want to argue with me:)

  35. Phillip says:

    When you say “Gasol,” I hope you mean “Marc Gasol” haha.

  36. teddypicker says:

    From France…

    When i watched the Centers we can vote for in the west I was so sad.
    Why couldn’t Blake, K-Love, Duncan, Gasol be all in the west line up ?? They are all great rebounders and can handle the comparison with dwight or amar’e. Why should we watch a game starting Andrew bynum that even if he’s good has played like 20 games this season and is showing average stats(11pts 8rbds) The 4 other guys could share the time between PF and C and give us a way better game. Because according to the votes, we would have : in East Howard Stoudemire Le bron and in the west Ming(or bynum) Durant and Anthony I think there would be trouble for the western conference to see the ball
    cheers !!

  37. benmkapa says:

    Why is Yao leading the vote ? Easy, there is a billion Chinese voting for him, that is why he was selected even injured.

    At the end NBA is a big business.Considering that, Griffin should be taken without a Doubt as he represent the future of the NBA.
    Let me explain, as someone said above, we all started to watch Clippers Games.Don’t know for you but i watched most of the Clippers game this season than in my entire life and i follow the game since 198-87.Isn’t it big enough to prove Gordon and Griffin IMPACT this year

    The case of Love is different, is an old school player and his charisma is questioned by the people who vote without great understanding of the ball game, not to mention All Star Game is a Show man game.

    BUT and a big BUT , this year we have seen many game team starting lineup without proper center : Phoenix L.A N.Y Portland, Houston … so it will be logic to take deserving power forward than second choice center especially in the western conference and i expect him to spark this game for this occasion he can do it.

    My choice to please heart fan wanting legend and game deserving new comers :
    West C paul – Nash – Kobe- D.Will – Gordon – Durant – Anthony – Gasol – Griffin – Dirk – Love – Bynum replace Yao who appear to say hello.
    East : Lebron, Amare, Garnett, Pierce, J.Smith, Dwayne, Rondo, Rose, Howard, Shaq, Horford then either Allen/Felton or Bosh

  38. Justin says:

    Love is way better than Griffin, he got better iQ that griffin does not have, griffin is just more a exciting player than love, but overall love is better!! LOVE is the best

  39. dave says:

    heres the allstar lineup i would like to see

    pg-*nash, paul, westbrook
    sg-*ellis, bryant
    sf-*durant, anthony
    pf*love, nowitski, griffin
    c*gasol, okefor

    I know you guys would probably put paul and westbrook and probably even wiliams ahead of nash, and bryant ahead of ellis, but I’m a suns fan, and is there a more clutch pg or better shooter at any position than nash?

  40. Randall says:

    Lamarcus Aldridge deserves much more love than he’s getting from the national media. When Roy went down everyone thought that the Blazers were officially done. LMA has put this team on his back since then and averaged 27 and 10.

    Griffin and Love are playing great, but they’re doing it on teams that aren’t playing great basketball. You also have to look at the head to head match-ups between these guys. Aldridge has averaged 33.7ppg against Love, and Griffin has averaged 25.7 against Love. Love against them has averaged 10 less against LMA, and 5 points less against Griffin. And if anything, how do you put someone from a 10-33 record team in the All-Star game?

    My votes are for Aldridge and Griffin.

  41. Ray Leighton says:

    I agree with Tobuas — for one thing, we need to get rid of the “traditional” positions, which no NBA coach has really been paying attention to for the past two decades. Instead of one center, two forwards, two guards, it ought to be two bigs, two wings, and one point. This would be particularly relevant given that players keep getting put at the wrong positions for the ballot — for example, regardless of your opinion on Bynum, Pau Gasol has played more minutes at the 5 for the past three years than he has at the 4, and more minutes at the 5 than any other Laker. If we are going to keep the traditional positions, then Gasol and Duncan should have been classified as Centers, not forwards. Converting to two bigs, instead of one center and two forwards, would be more accurate and solve this.

    As for Blake and Love — these guys are going to be great, but it is really unfair to knock off players from good teams, who have helped make their teams good, in favor of a “bright spot” on an awful team. LaMarcus Aldridge was an excellent example of someone more deserving. I don’t think anyone from a team with losing records as bad as the Clippers and Wolves should even be eligible. And who would you knock out? OK, obviously Yao should not be eligible. But do you really think that Griffin or Love are among the five or six best bigs in the West?

  42. jeff says:

    They should both make it. its hard to pick though. Durant and nowitzki are locks. Melo is a fan favorite and he is producing. Make Gasol a center, he spent of the first half at that position. I like blake, Love and Aldridge.

  43. Dissapointed says:

    LaMarcus and Randolph are easily the most under rated players in the game. They’re are just as good if not better than Blake and Love and are also on winning teams. Last I checked Blazers were 8th in the west and over .500 while Grizzles were right behind.

  44. Dissapointed says:

    LaMarcus and Randolph are easily the most under rated players in the game. They’re are just as good if not better than Blake and Love and are also on winning teams. Last I checked Blazers were 8th in the west and over .500 while Grizzles were right behind. Clippers and Wolves are near worst in the league. LaMarcus has been carrying a team that has lost three superstars and kept them above .500. And don’t get me started on Yao Ming. Why don’t we vote for Greg Oden too, he’s played just as many games as Yao.

  45. John says:

    Lamar ODOM should be in the talks. Coming back from the world championships, he has put up some crazy number.

  46. JonniSixx says:

    LaMarcus Aldridge! 4 games over 500 in the WEST! With all the Blazers injuries, he should get in. He career high’d on LOVE last week and beat Griffin last night!

    • Randall says:

      Agreed! Since Roy has been out Aldridge has been averaging about 27ppg and 10rpg. Also, the Blazers have played and beaten the Clippers and Timberwolves 3 times each.

  47. Joseph says:


  48. bernard17 says:

    Griffin should be the one playing in the All-Star game.. this is an exhibition game. we need excitement. and Griffin can bring that to the game..

  49. they often call me speedo but my real name is Mr. Earl says:

    Hopefully Kevin can bring his uncle Mike and the Beach Boys put on a halftime show.

  50. YOUNGKANO says:

    They both deserve it. But if you were to choose one over the other, i’d go with Blake Griffin. Here is why. Both are great rebounder, but with Griffin he has another great rebounder in Deandre Jordan, who splits rebounding duty with him. Love can grab all the boards he wants, They are both great scorers. Love is a good shooter from mid to 3pt range. Griffin is a monster down low, but shows he can score within 17ft. Difference here is Griffin scores, while commanding double and triple teams. I cant say that for Love. The Clippers started off 1-13, bad start with injuries to baron davis and others. Now Griffin has put them on his shoulders, and the team is playing top echelon basketball. It’s no suprise the clippers are playing well, just as Griffin numbers has risen to 27 and 14 in the last month or so, going 10-4 in last 14. You can’t say the same for Love. And If trend continues, by allstar break, you might see a clippers team nearing .500 mark. As i said, i think both deserve to be there, but if only one could go, then Blake Griffin should get the Nod over Love. Nott o Mention Allstar is about showmanship and giving the fan a show. Thats what blake Griffin is, he’s Mr Top 10. One more fact, it’s in Griffin, home court.

  51. jskeeloo says:

    They both deserve it….but one wont make it because of fan favorites…meaning duncan will prob get one of their spots even though hes not having a great year…but honestly who was the last person to rebound like these guys? only ones i can think of are ben wallace, prime kevin garnett, and rodman.

  52. Gian says:

    Blake should be an all star because he is the most exciting player to watch now. and because of him baron and gordon are playing a lot better. because of him baron is having the most fun he has ever played and deandre jordan as well.

  53. John says:

    I think they are both worthy of being all-stars. i would be suprised to see Griffin not make it but i wouldnt be suprised if Love didnt make it. I think Love is a little more worthy of all-star for his dominace and skills, really who was the last guy besides Howard to grab 20 boards a game more than once a season. Griffin jus brings exactly what the all-star game needs and wants exciment which is why he is gona make it.

  54. glock93308 says:

    honarable mention: L. Aldridge, maybe even argue he makes it over Melo or Dirk but I do think Randolph deserves a spot; having another monster year.

  55. glock93308 says:

    Heres what the west should be,
    G D. Williams
    G R. Westbrook
    C/F K. Love
    F K. Durant
    F B. Griffin

    C. Paul, M. Ellis, K. Bryant
    P. Gasol, C. Anthony, D. Nowitzki,
    Z. Randolph

    I think Williams and Westbrook are having a better year than Kobe and CP3 but of course they wont start. Love is listed as a forward but i think he should start as center. Gasol whos listed as a forward but has played center almost the whole year so far should be counted as a center. No legitimate centers in the west should be on the team this year but of course the league are sticklers for the position voting. Monta prob wont make it but in my opinion is a top ten player in the league or Randolph whos having the best year at power forward in the west after Griffin and Love with 20ppg and 13rpg.

  56. wayhall says:

    Aldridge beasts on Love last night and proves it’s him that deserves the spot.

  57. Whozdat says:

    I think both Blake and Kevin deserve to be on the all-star team and i also agree with Andrew saying that Alridge deserves a nod to. NBA is it a way to have Alridge start at the center position because looking at the Western Conference there they to me are not really All-star caliber.

    I choose Blake as the PF but Kevin to me should be a definite.

  58. Harry G says:

    Both Griffin and Love deserve to be all stars and you leave off Duncan and Melo. It’s pretty easy. Look at their career stats compared to what they’ve done this year. Actually do some research. Got a lot of fools out there.

  59. Harry G says:

    I want all of you to shut up now if you have not watched an entire clippers game. You don’t have the right to comment on anything, especially on Eric Gordon or Blake Griffin. Shut up. If you actually watched the game they played against Indiana yesterday, you’d see that Blake Griffin doesn’t just do dunks! Blake set a league high 47 points and had 1 dunk the entire game. Eric Gordon had 23 points and 7 assists and wasn’t even looking to score much because of what Blake was doing. Both these guys are without a question all stars.

  60. Harry G says:

    YOU CAN NOT SAY LAMAR (pot smoking) ODOM IS HAVING A BETTER YEAR THAN ERIC GORDON?!?! Thats insane, idiotic and dumb. And Rudy Gay has not been playing at an all star level this year. I want all you to stay up Wednesday night and actually watch the Timberwolves/ Clippers game…then tell me who made more of an impact on the game thus who deserves to be an all star more, kevin love or blake griffin? watch eric gordon too aka flash gordon.

  61. alphonso roper says:

    I’ve just voted for my starting five for each conference. I’ve besed it upon who deserves it the most and I’ve come up with these names…
    For the East- D.Howard, A.Stoudimire, L.James, D.Wade, D.Rose
    For the West- Nene, D.Nowistki, K.Durent, M.Ellis, D.Williams
    Now based on this season’s credibility that above should what the starters look like.

  62. Gary says:

    The guy just dropped 47. Please continue to tell me he’s all dunks and nothing else.

  63. CCC says:


    “But a guy like Monta Ellis, even if reaaly good, still has 5 guards better than him in the West: Bryant, Paul, Williams, Parker, Ginobili, Westbrook (that´s 6).”

    No offense, but there’s no way that Manu Ginobli or Tony Parker are better players than Monta Ellis. The guy is 3rd in the league in scoring and also 3rd in steals. He’s 1st in the league in assists among shooting guards. His 3P shooting has improved dramatically (.40) and he’s really become a well-rounded, efficient player rather than a one-dimensional volume scorer like he was when he came into the league. I’ve watched a whole lot of Manu and Tony this year and I’ve watched every GSW game. The Spurs are putting on a clinic in team play, but there’s no contest on an individual level – Monta is a better player. Put him on that Spurs team in place of Manu or Tony and he’s MVP of the league, easily. Kobe and Phil Jackson have both said that Monta easily deserves to be an all-star, yet Yao Ming is an all-star starter and Monta isn’t in the top 10 western guards in voting. What that says to me is that All-Star voting needs to be among players, coaches, and media rather than fans.

    • SA,GO says:

      yeah if manu and tony plays the same system that monta is in not to mention the difference in their bench depth, nobody can say if they’ll have the same score. basically monta and stephen are one-one guys. put them in a team first playing style and nobody knows how they’ll perform. yeah they have the better stats but their results really stinks. but them being an allstar its ok for me.

  64. chon says:

    LaMarcus Aldridge should make it or Love & Griffin

  65. Yoyo says:

    Both are All Stars period……………..

  66. Brian says:

    The problem is if both make it, whom do you leave off? Here are the players that absolutely MUST make it because they are elite, and have been having great years. Paul (#1 in league in PER), Williams, Westbrook(talk of MVP), Nash(17,10,50,90almost same as MVP year), Kobe, Melo, Dirk, Durant, Gasol, Duncan(has to be there, because there has to be 2 centers…if not him than Nene). This leaves 2 spots. If you give them both to Griffin and Love, you leave of Manu(who is getting MVP talk on a great team), Randolph, Aldridge, Scola, West, Odom, Milsap, Ellis, Gordon, and Parker. Out of all those, I think Manu is the only who is a must, so 1 makes it. Love is having an all world season, but he’s not exciting to watch, and this is an exhibition. I haven’t been to a Pistons game in 2 years, as I live 1 hour away and that is the home team. They are horrible, and horrible to watch. But I took my son and dropped 400$ to see them a month ago, why? Because they were playing the Clippers and I wanted to see Blake Griffin. He had like 5 dunks and was so awesome in person. My son who isn’t even a big NBA fan, loved it and we are both huge Griffin fans.

  67. igador says:

    Griffin should be in All Star. They win against lakers and they are playing play off type of basketball. If this trend continues they will have a shot for 2011 championship.

  68. jokester says:

    Responding to the blogger who said Blake Griffin is the power forward version of Lebron James. I agree, but don’t think Griffin shoots the 3-ball as well as James. Other than that very similar other than the size. Griffin is somewhat bigger physically

    • mj says:

      he cant shoot the 3 because he is the “power foward” version of LJ power forwards aren’t suppose to hit threes

  69. joe says:

    As some mentionned, the NBA should change the following thing:
    -Centers and Forwards in the same category, because with Ming injured, we ll end up with Nene and Bynum in the All star game and uys like Aldridge, Randolph, Griffin or Love absent. The thing is that players like Gasol, Duncan, Garnett would have played centers 20 years ago, it´s just that with the years, these tall guys got more athñletics and started to play power forwards. Things have changed, so rules must change.
    Also, We don´t care if the all-stars come from losing teams, it´s an all star game. Of course, some great players play for some bad teams, but they re still great players. Otherwise, what happens, losing teams don t get to playoffs, no chance of having MVP, no chance to be in the all star game, that´s too much. I fyou defend the argument that the position of the team in the Conference should determine the presence of a player in the all star game, the NBA will move more and more to a league with very big teams (Heat) vs very bad teams, ans less ans less avergae teams. That´s what has been happening in the East. The 7th and 8th seeds have negative % of wins. So yes, the best rebounder should be in the all star game. (Love) The most exciting player should be in the all star game. (Griffin). But a guy like Monta Ellis, even if reaaly good, still has 5 guards better than him in the West: Bryant, Paul, Williams, Parker, Ginobili, Westbrook (that´s 6). And stats are not the only indicator. Duncan has worst stats that some others, but still, who is the best player? Duncan or Randolph? Garnett or Boozer?

  70. Andrew says:

    my bad not Howard at center, Pau Gasol

  71. Andrew says:

    West All Stars
    Starters: Paul, Kobe, Durant, Melo, Howard
    Guards: D-Will, Westbrook, Ginobili, Parker (Spurs deserve 2 all stars)
    Forwards: Nowitzki, Aldridge
    Center: Griffin

    Replacements (in order): Love, Ellis, Odom, Gay, Randolph
    Not deserving this year: Nash, Duncan, Billups
    Maybe next year: Millsap, Jeff Green, Steph Curry, Scola, Eric Gordon, Tyreke Evans

    **if Melo is traded to my Knicks, Love gets his roster spot and Griffin starts at the 4

  72. jokester says:

    Players from teams with losing records don’t seem to get the nod for the all star game with Blake Griffin being the exception; and Kevin Love for that matter. So why not consider Monte Ellis of the Warriors, who is also a scary good player. Maybe his numbers aren’t quite high enough, I don’t know. I think he put up almost 40 points against the Lakers the other night.

  73. DALLAS41 says:

    ALDRIDGE sucks i hate that guy.. his playing like streetboy………

  74. mj says:

    i was thinking the other day and please tell me if im wrong but isnt Blake Griffin sort of like the power forward version of Lebron James

  75. heat_pilipinas says:

    chris bosh is better than the two names…..hahahahaha…..

  76. DBBJ says:

    If it had to be between both I’ll go with Blake, ’cause he is more exciting to watch, I mean Love is a heck of a player, but he is not so exciting to watch as Blake. But really I don’t care much about them, I THINK MONTA ELLIS SHOULD BE AT LEAST A RESERVE IN THE DAMN ALL STAR GAME

  77. jj28 says:

    Griffin is great player for his age and i saw a bright career for him in the near future however i believe that Klove is the better player as of the moment. Love has done it all from points, rebounds,blocks and FG% plus the fact he’s the Minnesota’s main man!

  78. Slimboy says:

    Both Love and Griffin are deserving of being all stars but unfortunately there won’t be enough Love to go around. Love has the stats skills IQ work ethic and game but lacks the excitement of a Star. It’s not as if people don’t recognize his game, they just don’t care to pay attention to him. Now if he keeps up with these numbers and isn’t All-NBA….then something is wrong.
    Duncan, Gasol, Odom, Melo, KD, Zach, Aldridge, Scola, Millsap = LOGJAM

  79. Keith says:

    Well Pau and Dirk will both be there at the PF spot. Yao will be voted in but won’t be able to play so they’ll need someone to replace him. I don’t think that there are any rules stipulating that any reserves or replacement players necessarily have to be “centers” but I my be wrong. That would leave 2-3 spots after Pau and Dirk for other big men. I don’t see how Griffin and Love don’t get two of those spots. Even great players lose lots of games when the talent surrounding them is pathetic. Look at Nash this year without Amare or KG his last couple years in Minnesota. All-Star sports are for INDIVIDUAL performance

  80. AG says:

    If you look at what blake griffin is doing, theres no argument. Only two other players in nba history had numbers like hes having as a rookie, not to mention he fills the seats, even though its a clippers game. Enough said.

  81. Mister Moses says:

    Love is good and all, but High Griffination is of the charts. I mean people are actually watching clipper games because of this man. Give him the respect he deserves

  82. abc says:

    interesting battle see what happens

  83. Burma says:

    Yea, McLovin, I am still laughing about , “Black Griffin”. The way that man jumps, his nickname should Black Griffin instead of High Griffinition. Hilarious.

  84. Gabriel Mitchell says:

    Da NBA All-Star game isnt a game 4 stats. Da NBA All-Star game is a game dat showcases da most talent n da leauge. Gotta show some love to Kevin Love dis guy is a great player. But Blake Griffin has the advantage over K Love in this battle. I mean come on its the All-Star game………. I would chose dunks over rebounds evryday I dont know who wouldnt chose dunks over rebounds. da all star game is a eye popping showcase. not a stat sheet stuffer…………..

  85. ALLSTAR - GENIUS says:

    Tonight’s MAVERICKS/MEMPHIS game solidifies tha Z RANDOLPH should get the last forward all star spot instead of DIRK.
    DIRK does not deserve a spot.. WEST FORWARDS ARE –


    • lol says:

      so just because dirk came back after 9 or 10 games and is not back at 100% again, this one game determines anything? yes, for this one game he was better than dirk, but for the season? no way.
      Their stats are about equal, dirk has more points per game, better percentages, assists etc., and slightly less minutes and Randolph has the edge on rebounds. But their impact is way different. Leaving aside that the Mavericks are a winning team and the Grizzlies are not, Dirk has by far (almost 100points or 50% more than the next best player) the best +-stats of his team, while Randolph only ranks forth in his team at about 70% of what Gasol is putting up.

  86. James Faustino SMS says:

    BLAKE GRIFFIN ALL THE WAY. It’s really all about the WOW factor in the All-Star game. I mean, Love is a good player and all the others who are having a great season right now, ( carrying their respective teams, double-double mania, or even making “the big step” and adding another level to their play but, GRIFFIN is just too good-a-dunker to be left out of the All-Star Game. I think he should start.

  87. abn says:

    there is a reason why we call it all star. nba is an entertainment, whoever can entertain the crowd deserve to be a star. blake griffin is definitely among the tops

  88. lawofueiki says:

    there is no doubt that both griffin and love should be both all-stars this season but if a choice should be made, then GRIFFIN is my man…

    people keep arguing love because of his 30/30 game and highest rebounder status… thats all good but thats just one 30/30 game its not like he had any repeat performances… also they keep saying his 3pt fg is 45%, i mean who cares cuz his overall fg% is 47% which i think is a better gauge of how good a player is…

    to make my argument for griffin, let me point out several things… blake is more consistent than love, in fact blake has never scored in single digits in any game whereas love has at one game even scored 0 for a whole game he played into, blake has 24 straight double-doubles and 14 straight 20/10 games… his team has won 8 of 12, his team has a better record, his team beat the HEAT!!!… to cap it off i should point out that griffin’s 3pt% is 50+% (i know people would say that doesnt count cuz he shot too few 3pts, but if you people keep arguing that love shoots at 45% then my argument is and should also be valid cuz a three is a three that means if ever shoots another three there is a 50-50 chance it goes in)

    last i just want to point out that, blakes stats is as follows 22/13/3 (PRA) and that number is rising by the month while he has a combined 1.5block/steal where as love doent even reach to 1block/steal per game…all this in his rookie season… OH AND I ALMOST FORGOT HIS DUNKS!!! loves highlight reel = 0; blake = at least 1 PER GAME AND DID I FORGET TO MENTION THAT BLAKE IS A ROOOOOKIEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

  89. will says:

    Love is sooo overrated. Hes is putting up huge stats on a crappy team with noone else on it. He steals rebounds from his teammates, scores his points when his team is down by twenty. Atleast Griffin and Lamarcus make their teams competive and draw double teams and are more exiting to watch. If Love makes it over these guys the coach’s must be as dumb as Charles Barkley.

  90. Neiru says:

    They both deserve to play in the All Star game. Love may never have a season like this again in his career and Griffin is just a rookie learning the game and dominating as he is. A guy that is averaging 14 points and 9 rebounds should not be in the All Star game no matter what his name or team are. The All Star game is for the best players in the league..not for a guy that is on a team with a winning record.
    I would make the argument that Griffin one on one outplays Love. Love has improved a lot in this three years and has probably hit his ceiling. Will he be better than what he is right now? Griffin is just a rookie and has far more to improve and get better. Just a testament on how good the kid is.

  91. mike xin says:

    Andrew Bynum is a good player and when healthy can be dominating in the post, but the guy was injured half the season and just started getting his rhythm back in the game. This is the all star game, it’s based on this year’s performance, so why would Andrew Bynum qualify? Since yao ming is injured and if he maintains his vote, the coach will vote on the starter which I believe will be Gasol. As far as Love, and Griffin, both deserves to play in the game because seriously they’ve been monsters. Aldridge and Odom should also get serious consideration, and I would vote for Odom way before i would Bynum, who else is more versatile then Odom in this league, he’s having a sick season.

  92. anonymous says:

    David Stern already planned it a long time, Blake Griffin is on the starting line-up as center mark my words.

  93. igador says:

    I hope Blake griffin will be in All Star and they will become 2011 NBA champion……….

  94. whoDAT says:

    Kevin Love’s rebounding is sick, and his 3-pt shooting is unreal for a big man. BUT…. he also consistently boxes out his man rather than defend him, which mean a) his rebounding numbers are inflated; if Dwight Howard chose to do that instead of manning up he would grab 20 boards a night. and b) he cares more about stats than wins. A lot of shots that aren’t rebounded by Love and go in wouldn’t if he played proper D. Watch a T-Wolves game sometime, you’ll see what I mean.

  95. Lebron James says:

    Blake Griffin is displaying great durnks with power but the question is….his creativity. How he will perform it….this competition is all about art and creativity which he don’t have.

    Good Luck Bro.

  96. ghost says:

    lolwtf? have you been following the clippers at all? they are one of the top teams in the league right now, and they will have 20+ wins before the all star break. blake has gotten doubled and tripled almost every game. is that not a good enough reason right there? ask the players who they think is the better player. its griffin and its not close, griffin’s a dominant force in the game, love is all stats no impact.

  97. Harry G says:

    Kevin Love=Best white player in the NBA. Best rebounder in the NBA. Best 3 point shooting big man in the NBA (look at the stats)

    • Michael S says:

      firstly bonner is the best shooting big in nba (look at stats) secondly i could name quite a few white players in the nba better than him Dirk, Ginobili, Gasol, Nash, Griffin (its debatable but i think he is) dont get me wrong i think he is an all star but don’t start overhyping him.
      West will be

      D Will

  98. Harry G says:

    I just want to know what yall think about Eric Gordon getting no love at all for his play???

  99. Harry G says:

    Here are 5 guys who’ve been playing at an all star level but are getting little to no consideration (as in voting) for the all star game:

    1) ERIC GORDON (24 ppg and not even voted top 10 in his position!)
    2) MONTA ELLIS (25 ppg and not voted top 10 in his position!)
    3) KEVIN LOVE (20/15 every game is pretty good?)
    4) RAYMOND FELTON (along with Amare, the reason why the Knicks are one of the East’s elite teams)
    5) ZACH RANDOLPH (like I always say, stats matter and this guy is puttin em up)

    Here’s another 5 guys who have been getting crazy amounts of votes, but don’t deserve it:

    1) YAO MING (has played in 5 games, all year!)
    2) TIM DUNCAN (career lows in every major category)
    3) SHAQ O’NEAL (definitely not the 2nd best center in the East!)
    4) VINCE CARTER (not what he once was)
    5) JASON KIDD (same as above)

  100. RRRR says:

    The man has putting up double doubles whole season i dont even wanna know how many games he recorded over 20 rebounds a game that is just IQ and Effort because you see hes not the most athlethic PF in the game.
    But if one of them is gonna make the allstar team its gonna be Griffin because even if Kevin Love would put up 30 30 every night the league and all the league fans (NBA), are still gonna be ridin the Griffin train because, well he dunks, yeah, thats about it he dunks and thats all it takes to impress the fans and the league apparently.
    I mean look at the numbers Dwight howard and Amare stoudamire put up and their not really much better than Kevin Loves, but dwight and stoudamire are in the MVP conversation, i belive if Kevin Love would be for example like in the Celtics instead of KG(Kg on the timberwolves), he would be in the mvp conversation too because god damn look at them numbers if you dont belive me hes a 6’10 white guy and leads the league in rebounding.

    • whoDAT says:

      Kevin Love does not have the impact on a game that KG does. For a start, KG plays help defense, while Love will box out his man to prepare for the reboound rather than try and stop penetration…’s actually quite pathetic to watch… his 3-pt shooting, that’s something.

  101. Harry G says:

    Dirk is NOT a lock. He has missed his teams last 10 games!!! Enough said.

  102. gdoggy says:

    Blake!!!!!!!!!! Griffin!!!!!!!!! Sooners need an nba all star to get some represent

  103. EL says:

    They both deserve to be Allstars, but when it’s all said and done… 12 spots and 4 fowards, who you gonna replace Melo, Durrant and Dirk are a LOCK. I would put any of these cats over Pau Gasol, this year… so that leaves us to the choice of style over substance. Griffin FLASHY playing, and Love is OLD SCHOOL, so what do you do?

  104. ALLSTAR - GENIUS says:







    • Bill says:

      West Forwards: (latest vote tally)
      Kevin Durant (Thunder) 1,270,729
      Carmelo Anthony (Nuggets) 945,720
      Pau Gasol (Lakers) 851,456
      Blake Griffin (Clippers) 702,784
      Tim Duncan (Spurs) 663,487
      Dirk Nowitzki (Mavericks) 615,243
      Lamar Odom (Lakers) 364,950
      Luis Scola (Rockets) 347,986
      Kevin Love (T-Wolves) 301,529
      Caron Butler (Mavericks) 205,146
      Top six get on the allstar team.
      Love is puttng up great numbers similar to the Thunder’s Westbrook who also will not make it on the allstar team.

  105. Lowbudgetballer says:

    And this article is about love and griffen. Not ellis. I’m sure ellis will get his own all star article so don’t complain about ellis on this blog. Although i do have to say that he does deserve to be an all star and i have no doubt that the coaches will make that happen for him.

  106. Young Wolf says:

    Love is a great player but Griffin’s explosiveness and watchability makes him an immediate All-Star choice. Sometimes All-Star is more than just stats. Griffin is killing it and will hopefully be a highlight reel on a contending team for years to come!

  107. ALLSTAR - GENIUS says:


  108. Lowbudgetballer says:

    To the guy that said kevin love was a nobody until his 30-30 game. U are an idiot. U probably only pay attention to your local basketball team. This is his 3rd year in the NBA. And this is Griffins second year in the NBA. As i can recall griffin was a nobody last year too. (not his fault though)And there are a bunch of players that arent exciting to watch on the all star team. The all star team shouldn’t just be about watching the most exciting players play. But Sadly thats how it is now a days. I miss watching the all star game back in the old days when both the east and the west actually competed against each other until the last second. But now its just a regular exhibition where everyone shows off what kind of dunks and alley oops they can do. I mean its fun to watch but no one is really playing defense or playing to win the game.They are only playing to show off. You just don’t get the feel that everyone is playing at their best to win the game. And to me, thats just stupid. If thats the case then griffen should go over love then. Because no one will care who wins anyway. And frankly, i don’t really care about the all star game and i haven’t over the past 3-4 years or so. Just another meaningless exhibition game, thats all it is. I just think that Love deserves to be an all star because he is putting up all star numbers almost every night. Like i said, when was the last time someone averaged over 20 points and over 15 rebs a game?? A long long time ago…..

  109. Harry G says:

    And tell me, how is Dirk Nowitzki a *for sure* All Star? The guy has missed his last 10 games!! I’ll take Blake Griffin over Dirk right now. I’ll take Kevin Love over Dirk as well.

    • sebastian says:

      even if you average 100 pts/ game and 50 reb/ game,,, but you are on a losing team,,, you dont deserve to be an all star… basketball is not an individual skills,,, its a team sports,,, players on winning teams reconds,, deserves more to be an all star…

  110. vana says:

    i thought we were voting for blake griffin or kevin love not the clippers or the timberwolves, who cares if there on crap teams they are awsum players isnt that what a all star is……

  111. Bagodonuts says:

    If the world is fair, the forwards will be Durant, Nowitzki, Melo, Griffin, Love, and maybe Aldridge or Randolph (I like Millsap too but he stands no chance). I don’t like the lakers so I didn’t include gasol but yeah he obviously deserves it. As it is though I don’t see both Griffin and Love getting it so I’ll pick Blake just because he’s more fun to watch. 100% agree that the center position needs to be included with the forwards. Bynum is gonna steal someones spot which is seriously uncool. Anyway, cool discussion. it made me realize just how amazing the talent is in the league this year. I honestly don’t think its ever been much better but than again I’m only in my 20s

  112. Harry G says:

    ERIC GORDON AND KEVIN LOVE ARE BOTH ALL STARS. It’s pretty easy. Fan voting is stupid because you got some real stupid voters!!!!! Like every single person who voted for Yao Ming.

  113. Adam says:

    If we’re judging the players that deserve to be all-stars regardless of their team’s record, Monta Ellis has to head that list!
    He is completely dominating the offensive side of the ball (3pt shooting, midrange game, and of course slashing/driving game comparable to dwayne wade, kobe). He is average about 5 assists, 5 rebounds and 4th in the entire league in scoring).
    The Warriors record is better than both the Clippers and Twolves and Monta is largely responsible for that.
    Every team in the league sets out a defensive scheme that is entirely focused on stopping him. But 95% of the time, no player or amount of players can check him.
    Kobe Bryan is quoted as saying he “absolutely” deserves a spot on the all-star team.
    Phil Jackson said “At times, he is unstoppable and he is learning to do that on a consistent basis.”

  114. juanocoro says:

    kevin love is more complete than griffin, griffin only does dunks

  115. dobry ziomek says:

    love is realy a great player while griffin is only a great dunker 🙂

  116. Harry G says:

    There are so many awesome guards in the West that I would give an extra spot for a guard and subtract a forward. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter how many players you have in each position, as long as you have the same number of guys on each team. I’m saying this because of Eric Gordon. I’ve seen him play this year and anyone getting 24 points a game is an all star!! I would definitley put him over Nash, over Vince Carter, over Jason Kidd, over Kevin Martin and over Tony Parker for *this year* yet he isn’t top 10 in voting for western conference guards!!! Totally B.S.

  117. Brooklyn says:

    This is easy as ABC. We have three people to send up in flame: pau, tim, yao and Dirk (injury). These guys are playing way better than these players and we shouldn’t even be asking that question because K love and Griffin deserve each and everyone of these guy spot. Come on people these guys have been putting up numbers like no other. Even howard don’t put these numbers up and he is suppose to be superman.

  118. Larry O'Connor says:

    The Problem is at center. Love could be voted in at center but they have yao ming in there and no hope of playing. they should open up the voting . allow two position players to be voted in, especially at center because that position is sooo weak. Many power forwards could easily be a center in the all star game like Duncan or nowitzki

  119. Harry G says:

    Alright, I’ve seen just about everyone play this year and these guys without question are All Stars. In no particular order.

    Western Conference Guards
    Monta Ellis (GSW)
    Eric Gordon (LAC)
    Kobe Bryant (LAL)
    Deron Williams (UTA)
    Russell Westbrook (OKC)
    Chris Paul (NOH)
    Manu Ginobili (SAS)

    Western Conference Forwards
    Kevin Durant (OKC)
    Blake Griffin (LAC)
    Kevin Love (MIN)
    Zach Randolph (MEM)
    LaMarcus Aldridge (POR)

    Western Conference Centers
    Pau Gasol (LAL)
    Luis Scola (HOU)

    Total: 14 players

    Eastern Conference Guards
    Derrick Rose (CHI)
    Raymond Felton NYK)
    Rajon Rondo (BOS)
    Dwayne Wade (MIA)
    Ray Allen (BOS)

    Eastern Conference Forwards
    Amare Stoudemire (NYK)
    Paul Pierce (BOS)
    Al Horford (ATL)
    LeBron James (MIA)
    Chris Bosh (MIA)
    Carmelo Anothony (NJ/NYK)
    Josh Smith (ATL)

    Eastern Conference Centers
    Dwight Howard (ORL)
    Andrew Bogut (MIL)

    Total: 14 players

    Assuming Melo gets traded before the All-Star Game to the Eastern Conference…
    For me, Tim Duncan’s numbers aren’t good enough this year to be considered even though he’s on the leagues best team. Dirk Nowitzki, John Wall, Kevin Garnett have been hurt of late and have missed too much time to be on the team. That’s who I got yall.

    • Bill says:

      West Forwards: (latest vote tally)
      Kevin Durant (Thunder) 1,270,729
      Carmelo Anthony (Nuggets) 945,720
      Pau Gasol (Lakers) 851,456
      Blake Griffin (Clippers) 702,784
      Tim Duncan (Spurs) 663,487
      Dirk Nowitzki (Mavericks) 615,243
      Lamar Odom (Lakers) 364,950
      Luis Scola (Rockets) 347,986
      Kevin Love (T-Wolves) 301,529
      Caron Butler (Mavericks) 205,146

  120. Michael says:

    LAMARCUS AlDRIDGE deserves to be a all-star way more than griffin or Kevin love.

  121. art says:

    love and griffin are beasts on the glass and good scorers!! what else do u need for an all-sta?

  122. Steven G says:

    Maybe next year fellas. Fans vote for the Carmelo Anthony’s of the world not the Kevin Love’s as much as it pains me to say.

  123. Jimmy Cheung says:

    Id have to ask you a question. Out of these forwards in the west, who DOESNT deserve to be on the all star team?
    Kevin Durant
    Carmelo Anthony
    Paul Gasol
    Tim Duncan
    Dirk Nowitzki
    Lamar Odom
    Lamarcus Aldridge
    Zach Randolph
    Kevin Love
    Blake Griffin.

    Only 12 people can make it onto the team…thats 10 all-star worthy forwards right there. Obviously, at least one of them has to miss it.

    • Ab14 says:

      Melo should be nowhere near the All-Star Game .. All he has done is ruin his teams chemistry throughout the year.

  124. NBA 4 LIFE says:

    This sekou guys writes the worst articles on nba coverage consitently every week. ive also notcied a trend of his hatred towards the trail blazers. its quite obvious, but quite hilarious

  125. TP says:

    I think Love should be in the All-Star team

  126. kyleblonglive says:

    both deserve to be allstars. For all the crap teams KG was on, he still got all star nods for putting up numbers similar to Love and Griffin. But knowing how all star voting works, id be surprised if either of them get in

  127. Ryan says:

    Honestly I’ll go with Griffin. nothing against love, but the all-star is all about entertainment, but watching a guy grab all the rebounds isnt enteraining, only when you look at the paper. griffin’s play is more fun to watch, who does not like to see a guy get dunked on 3 feet away from the hoop? the guy is a freak athlete, yeah love is great, but i honestly see griffin tearing love up in a match-up. i wish they could both make it, but id rather have griffin in for the los angeles all-star game, if it was dallas i wouldnt care but l.a. is one of the biggest cities for basketball and entertainment, and we want a great all-star weekend right?

  128. Sean says:

    Yea whoever said they ahvent heard of love until the 30/30 game doesnt watch much basketball because hes been on the scene for awhile

  129. HaleyBird says:

    The only knock I would have for players with bad records is points; since a player may be the only option thus high number of shots/low shooting percentage., but that doesn’t appear to be an issue with these two. As for the rebounds, that’s pure effort, hustle and determination which makes great players…All Stars (Rodman’esk)! Regardless of team & record., aren’t they playing the same players at their respective position(s) night in – night out? Give’em some credit., Bosh is now getting his and came from the same arguement(s)!

  130. HD says:

    This is a ridiculous question of “WHO SHOULD BE IN” , there’s no way to skip these 2 kids in the all star game.

    I have just read about a dude said he doesn’t heard of LOVE b4 his 30/30. Come on, you have watched no games at all besides your home town/favourite? He has shown his ability in the past year but that was the problem of the coach , giving him less than 20 mins a game and he’s still averaging 10+ boards.
    Watch more games before you make that kinda comments.

    No matter what, LOVE & Griff , both of the kids deserves the love and encouragement from every single basketball fans. They are humble, they’re hard working, they’re beasty in their own style…. guys that are having terrible ego and pride are in the all star game, those are down to earth with crazy ability are not participating? It’s gonna be a joke and sorry I’ll skip this years all star game.

    P.S. I agree with one of the folks, LOVE has really changed basketball vision, 20/20 is no more something explosive, it’s like a nightly habit, this kid has totally changed basketball’s concept !

  131. TORCHYA says:

    Who are we taking off the team? Pau, Melo, Duncan, or Durant? Which 2 are we taking off?

  132. triptin says:


  133. Sid Wallker says:

    Both should be in, both are having better seasons than Tim Duncan (who I’m sure will get a nod)

  134. Mark says:

    Blake Griffin should be in All-Star because, in his first season he’s putting big numbers after went back on injury showing people that he’s worthy to be the 1st overall pick back in 2009. and the kid is humble. i think people will actually love griffin in the all-star game. oh yeah he’s also in the dunk contest.

  135. both griffin and kevin love should be in the all-star game both of them are playing like all-stars and are also young

  136. jj says:

    gotta go with griffin! we need that wow! in an all-star game. who cares if you can grab 25 rebs in that kinda game. 3 or 4 griiffin-oops and the crowd will go crazy!

    • JB says:

      ur totaly right! griffin has to be an allstar, he’ll take care of the oops, he’ll make the crowd go crazy, i’m so sure that he won’t dissapoint anybody!

  137. tjlaughs says:

    Since when does being on a bad team hinder a person’s all-star credentials? Vince Carter was on a long list of mediocre teams throughout his career and it never hurt him. So why should Love and Griff be punished because they are stuck on losing teams? What I love about these two players is that they produce the same type of numbers in about the most opposing style you could think up. Both deserve it, but the West is loaded with excellent forwards. There’s 16 or 18 guys who could be on the team, 8 of them being locks, and two of the others being perennial all-stars, and the other guy (Ginobli) being one of the most dangerous players in the game, and excelling on the best team in the league record-wise. But Dirk’s hurt, so subtract 1 and you get 10. Nash has had a subpar year for him, and plays on a bad team, but he’s still fantastic and he’s a vet so he’ll probably get in. Love and Griff deserve it over LaMarcus. Scola’s had an excellent year though, as had Monta Ellis. But, again, same argument goes against Ellis. Frankly, I just wanna see Love and Griffin on the floor at the same time, so I hope they both make it over Scola, who deserves it as well.

    1 Kobe
    2 Pau
    3 CP3
    4 Deron
    5 Durant
    6 Westrbook
    7 Dirk (Injured)
    8 Duncan

    Monta Ellis
    Gordon (Should make it, but wont)

    You’re teling me L

  138. Melo says:

    Everyone who keeps saying give it to Love because Griffin will get it next year watches to much TNT and knows nothing about basketball. they should both make the All-Star game no doubt… how you gonna snub someone because he’s so good he can make it next year. what happens if Griffin gets injured again and never plays again.

    If this was the first and last year of NBA basketball would Griffin be an All-Star YESSS!!!
    It’s a seasonal award. Not A Life Time Achievement Award

    And both these guys are Amazing!!!

    • triptin says:


  139. Herr says:

    Why not LaMarcus Aldridge? LMA is having a better season, plays way better defense, and at least brings his team the wins. He had a slow start with Roy hogging minutes and not producing, but with how many times people have counted out the Blazers, someone has stepped up and sent the team to the playoffs. LaMarcus has done that this season, and is breaking records that are better than just rookie records. He averaged 25-10 in 20 days, Last person to do that was Shaq in 2005.

    Love has produced nicely offensively, but his defense is worse than the entire Phoenix Suns. Griffin isn’t any better, and we already know how much the refs help Griffin compared to the other two.

    But in the end, all 3 of these deserve it more than Dirk, Gasol, and Duncan. Dirk has already missed 25% of the season. Gasol has let the Laker’s expectations fall, and Duncan has been having a nice quiet season, well below his career averages.

    Thank god it’s the coaches that decide and not the biased NBA media.

    • youtillyt says:

      Why can’t I vote for both these guys?

    • salia says:

      How exactly does the refs help Griffin?, and how is LMA playin better defence then Love and Griffin?, when they are avraging 1-2 in boards, are 1-2 in double- doubles, and playing way better offence than LMA. but u are right tho, all three of tham do deserve to be there. but Love and Griffin are at a different pace that LMA

  140. Trip says:

    Why not both? If both players deserve it then let both of them go. Don’t snub a deserving guy because someone else at the same position deserves it too. If that means there has to be one less center or one less SF on the roster then so be it….Let Blake and Kevin be on the All Star team. It’s only right. Also, I hate the fact that Yao Ming will make the All Star team this year. I like Yao, but he is not a 2011 All Star. He has only played in a handful of games and he’s been hurt most of the year. Being an All Star should mean you performed ON THE COURT…not just because fans think you’re popular.

  141. Demitry says:

    Love and Griffin deserve to be in the All Star game but so does a lot of other players so somebody is going to be left out. I believe Lamar Odom is having his best season and should definitely be there over LaMarcus Aldridge. Portland has underachieved this year. But the way Love and Griffin are playing, they will be there!

  142. Lesley says:

    I have a question…since the west doesn’t have good players at center position, why can we choose a forward instead? Because people are choosing Yao Ming as center and well is kinda of injury ( XD )….but yeah i don’t understand why….about the question i think at least Black Griffin should be in there… many double doubles does he have by now? And is not because he’s in a bad team….i think he would do the same in another time….K. Love doesn’t get much love, but he’s great but not as exciting as Griffin….but who knows….

  143. ballbuster says:

    Blake Griffin deserves to be in the all star game!!! He ia exciting to watch, he has very good technical skills. He knows the game well. He is also Rookie Of The Year for sure. Love has been in the league for a few years and lets be honest, you didn’t hear much about him until his 30 30 night. Now everyone is like oh Kevin Love hes a great player, butrealistically he had one good game and he was blown out of perportion. Blake Griffin for all star and Rookie of the Year!!!

    • DIGGER says:

      Ballbuster you say LOVE had 1 good game. Do you know anything about BBall or are the Doctors just testing your typing skills after your labotomy.

      • WhatHeSaid says:

        Completely Agree. Do you even watch basketball, ballbuster? 46% from 3pt? Six 20-20 games and one deservingly noted 30-30 game? I’m embarassed it’s even questioned that he should be in the all star game.

  144. scottie says:

    Love has been playing out of his mind this year, 21/16 averages is just straight ridiculous, not only that but 46% for 3 as a big man along with being the best rebounder IN THE GAME and people are wondering if he should be in it or not? Please. Man is averaging over 2 rebounds than anyone else and not only that but his 31/31 performance is historic and is easily the best performance so far this year in the NBA, I mean nothing like that has been done for like 30 years. If Kevin Love didn’t play for a small market team like the Twolves this wouldn’t even be a question. But sadly, all-star voting is basically just a popularity contest now. Yao has barely played all year and he has something like 750k votes I mean come on..

    Props to Griffon too he is really puttin the Clippers back on the map, and his stats are solid too especially for a rookie. I would be kind of upset if neither of these players miss out on the all-star game, especially Love considering Griffon will be in the Dunk Contest and would be in the Rookie/Soph game if he doesn’t make the All-Star game.

  145. LoveTriangle says:

    This is my western All-star line-up


    C *K.Love – P.Gasol – T.Duncan
    PF *D.Nowitzki -K.Durant – L. Aldridge
    SF *B.Griffin – C.Anthony – Z. Randolph
    SG *K.Bryant – Ginobili – M.Ellis
    PG *C.Paul – Westbrook – D.Williams

    • salia says:

      This is the nicest team of the year

    • Jumpman1344 says:

      i think Zack randolph should be replaced with rudy gay

    • Usuck says:

      15 players in west?lol

    • Ab14 says:

      What? Why would KD be at PF while Blake is at the 3? Love at center, okay. At the 4, it should be Dirk, Griff and Randolph or Aldridge (Randolph has better numbers but L.A has the winning team). At the 3, KD to start (he’s the leading scorer, how are you not going to start him?) and Rudy Gay. The 2 should have Manu starting (best team in the NBA and he’s the catalyst) and Kobe backing him up. And finally, starting PG should be Russ with CP3 backing him up. D-Will is brilliant but his points are inflated because Utah has no true (effective) swingman. He would probably be down to 16 ppg if he was surrounded by more shooters. Also, Utah has been slumping like crazy and he hasn’t been able to pull them out of that rut. That’s what all-stars are supposed to do. No way are there going to be 15 players so this seems more realistic:
      C – Kevin Love – Gasol
      PF – Blake Griffin – Dirk Nowitzki – Lamarcus Aldridge
      SF – Kevin Durant – Rudy Gay
      SG – Manu Ginobli – Kobe Bryant
      PG – Russel Westbrook – Chris Paul

  146. bobcatsfan says:

    I think kevin love should be in if i had to choose, if not both of these players should be in, the reason I said kevin love is because the guy is averaging almost 16 per game, last time i checked that hadn’t been done since the 1980’s or something like that.

  147. Sean says:

    i think it would be an embarrasment to leave kevin love out of the all star line up. yes griffin is well deserving but we know is he going to have many all star appearances for years to come and look at the year kevin love is having. 46 PERCENT FROM THE ARC AS A FORWARD? 30 POINTS AND 30 REBOUNDS? Who does that? these are nothing short of incredible stats especially seeing as kevin love is not an overly muscular or big guy. give the guy some credit its All Stars, not How Good Your Team Is Doing-Stars. its about stand outs and he is fighting hard and not giving up on a team that is going nowhere this season.So Il say it again, LEAVING KEVIN LOVE OUT OF THE ALL STAR GAME WOULD BE AN EMBARRASSMENT TO THE NBA!!!!

  148. Shorty says:

    Love is an very effective and useful player, Griffin has the x-factor so he should be in the All-Star game

  149. awesomeman says:

    All star scoring and Hall of Fame worthy rebounding at such a young age? Love.

  150. Lowbudgetballer says:

    I remember when someone had 20 points and 20 rebounds like dwight howard, they had a beastly night. LIke i would be amazed by that. Now kevin love is doing that like every other night that its become normal for him to do. Its so common for him to put up 20-20 that i would only be AMAZED if he put up 30-30! which he did do also. Any of you guys know what i mean? LOL

  151. Lowbudgetballer says:

    Well if the only argument people can think of why one of the players shouldnt b in the allstar game is because of their team’s record, then neither should be in it. If one makes it and the other doesn’t, that would be messed up because they both deserve to go. If i would have to choose between one or the other, i would choose love over griffen. Griffen is no doubt a beast but Love is such a better all around guy. The only reason why people think griffen is better is because of his athleticism. Love may not be as athletic, but he can shoot the ball a lot better from all over the floor. Especially from the 3. And free throws. He may not be as exciting to watch as griffen, but as long as he gets his points and rebounds thats all that really matters. They both rebound very well but c’mon, when was the last time anyone in the nba averaged over 15 boards a night??? Besides, won’t griffen be in the rookie vs sophomore game anyway?? And there are plenty of other players in the allstar game that aren’t all that exciting to watch….

  152. Blair says:

    I swear if these two aren’t on the All-Star team come All-Star weekend I will not watch the game. I will watch everything else, Dunk contest, 3-Point Shootout but unless they’re in the game I won’t tune in. That year 4 Pistons made it was a joke and now they’re actually debating whether two All-Stars should be in the All-Star game. Give me a break.

  153. J Wolf says:

    Love is the first guy ever to be rebounding like this – leading the league by 2.3/gm over Dwight Howard – and shooting like this – 8th in the league in 3pt%. He also has the best outlet pass in the league. Griffin is exciting and will be an all-star for the rest of his career, but right now Love is a better basketball player, and I for one try to catch his games before Clipper games.

  154. SYDALE says:

    I’d say give it to Love this year… Blake is more than likely gonna see plenty more ALLSTAR appearances… plus, Love is slightly ahead of him in stats this year…

    Love may not provide the dunks that Griffin can… but, he can be exciting in other ways… Dude has nice passing skills, especially his outlet passes…

  155. tobuas says:

    iIt’s annoying that Andrew bynum might make the team and these guys wont. i think they need to get rid of the center category and just have PF/C. The real good centers will still make it (Dwight Howard). But all the other posers who dont deserve to be mentioned witht the allstar game, won’t. (Yao. Bynum)

    This being said. They both need to go. when you have a 30-30 game in a season. and own highlight films. you should be in the allstar game. not to mention they are 1 – 2 in doubles-doubles.

    The reason these players and guys like monte ellis and danny granger wont go to the allstar game is because their markets are too small. and not nearly enough people watch them on a daily basis. They get no air time compared to the other stars, and that ruins their chances of anyone voting them in.

    Go Blake. Go Kevin.

    • Grant says:

      How is Monta Ellis in a small market? the warriors play in the bay area bro. ellis sadly won’t be a starting all-star until kobe retires

    • triptin says:

      that was great to read. and on the money

    • salia says:

      Exactly. Bynum is one of those players who dont deserve to make the allstars as much as Yao. I mean u dont even need to compare them to the like of Griffin, Alridge, Randolph, and Love this season. But am going with Griffin on this this one, He is one the most breathtaking player in the nba at the moment, and probably the the most exciting to watch. What is Bynum even doing on the list.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        How could Bynum be one of those players who doesn’t deserve it? He may not be on the highlight reel like Blake or Love but he is a hell of a basketball player. Griffin and Love BOTh deserve to be on the all-star team, what they are doing for their teams is incredible. Blake Griffin has the mentality of a veteran it seems like out on the court, he is not afraid of anyone out there. Love is only going to get better, and that is scary,

    • Harry says:

      I agree… The center category should be converted to C/F… Point guards and two guards are grouped together and their positions are less interchangeable than the power forward and center positions.

    • msingy says:

      i agree mate but there is a simple solution… what i do is keep voting for yao cus he aint gonna make the allstar so will be replaced by a decent C/F e.g. gasol or duncan

  156. Arda says:

    Zach Randolph and Griffin’s front court teammate Chris Kaman became allstars last season and their teams’ stinked as well. So both Griffin and Love deserve to be in that game. Their performances are incredible and they’re really fun to watch. And also who is going to play if these guys won’t? Tim Duncan who is averaging 13.7 and 9.3? If these guys won’t play it will be a big disappointment. I also think Michael Beasley should be considered too. He improved a lot this season.

    • nbasfan says:

      Good points, but Michael Beasley is a horrible basketball player. His one of those that you can call a ball-hog. I’ve seen when he play against tough teams and his horrible

      • Grant says:

        beasley is young and adjusting to being “that guy” on the timberwolves. give him some time to adjust to being the leader of a team.

      • Mike says:

        Are you kidding me? Beasley as the “go to guy” in Minnesota. Only true T-Wolves fans know Beasley has tunnel vision and Love is their go to guy. The man has a 30-30 and 6, count em, 6 20-20’s. Dwight Howard led the league last year with 3 20-20’s. This shouldn’t even be a debate. Love is averaging over 20 and 15 boards. He should be getting votes to start. So he doesn’t flash and dash. He just plays great basketball and gives 100% every play. Pssh. Love for Prez.

  157. Dmitry says:

    I would agree with statement “they both deserve it”.Are you kiddin me?One has 30-30 game this season and 26 straight double-doubles as well,another has already 90 dunks(most of them are spectacular),21 points and 12 rebounds per game.I don`t care that these guys playing for bad teams,matter fact Clippers made a great run,they both should be on a squad.

  158. dangles says:

    love should be an all star dam don’t you see how his stats shoot up from last season.. the man is dominating his position. double double after double and incredible rebounding

  159. James says:

    Way too many quality forwards in the west this year… Don’t forget about Zack Randolph!!

    • Mike says:

      And Odom paying one of his best seasons since his rookie season

      • msingy says:

        i agree about there bein 2 many decent fowards in the west… u usually c 2 centers, 5 forwards n 5 guards in an allstar team. its likely that melo n durant start that leaves 3 spots… unquestionable u gotta have dirk n gasol in there then for me its between duncan or love. i really enjoy watchin griffin but love’s stats cannot be denied… there arguably better than dwights ffs!
        the thing that annoys me about the allstar is how weak the west centers are so listen up people this is how we fix it! keep voting for yao cus he wont be available n will b replaced with a decent C/F such as duncan or gasol n this will open up another spot for credible west forwards e.g. griffin, aldridge, gay, odom etc…

      • NAJ says:

        Agree 100% with Gasol @ centre to let another PF like Love or Griffin in

  160. Tony Monteiro says:

    Both he and Griffin are having Stellar seasons but, I have to side with Griffin if it HAD to be between these two in the long run, The clippers although having a bad record have been one of the most exciting teams of late and despite the record have what, won their last 10-12 or 9-11? thats a great stretch for a team that is basically only young and the chemistry is flourishing. Love is phenomenal there’s a few reasons why the T-Wolves won’t get over the hump this year or maybe even the next but that doesn’t take away from what he’s done this season he’s been fantastic, both these guys deserve to be in it, but I have to side with Griffin.

    • Jake says:

      Agreed. I personally have to think that Love’s rebounding numbers are a bit inflated because the Wolves play such an uptempo game, and there aren’t really any other good rebounders on the team. Griffin’s numbers are slightly less impressive, but I think he’s the better (not to mention more exciting) player.

      • Sam says:

        What are you on about man? Michael Beasley is one of the better rebounding 3’s in the game and when you have Darko in there then you have another big man gobbling up the boards. Throw in Anthony Tolliver and the team has several rebounding options it’s just that Love shows all that hustle, not only on the offensive end to get rebounds, but the defensive glass as well. 21 and 15 and not on the All star team? What kind of world is this?

  161. Zzanzabar says:

    Since the All-Star game is all about the ‘WOW’ factor, then it should be Griffin instead of Love. No one is going to tune in to see the Timberwolves play just to see Love (although Love is a very good player). Personally I think that Yao should be off the voting list and Griffin (or at least Love) be put into his spot.

  162. Beto says:

    Hopefully they both could make the team this year, they both deserve it.

  163. Andrew says:

    LaMarcus Aldridge should be thrown in this conversation as well. Numbers are quite as good, but he has been carrying the Blazers to an above .500 record.

    • Read this!!! says:

      It’s not a question of which of the two should be in the all-star game. If any of those two guys are not in the all-star game, you’re not encouraging good basketball out of anyone especially players on bad teams. These players are too good not to be in the all-star game. I don’t care if you’ve got to have more forwards than guards or whatever. They must be there.

      I also agree that Lamarcus Alridge has been playing really well for his team and deserves consideration.

      • Rondofan25 says:

        heck ya lamarcus alridge is great i cant tell u when i last saw him do the things he is doing this year

      • dave says:

        both of them are great, but love is a little better. they both deserve allstar spots like you said, but I just realy hope there is a spot left for nash.

    • Read this!!! says:

      It’s not a question of which of the two should be in the all-star game. If any of those two guys are not in the all-star game, you’re not encouraging good basketball out of anyone especially players on bad teams. These players are too good not to be in the all-star game. I don’t care if you’ve got to have more forwards than guards or whatever. They must be there.

      • Hubi says:

        To think playing on a weak team means that producing is easier is ludicrous. The best player on a weak team gets double and triple teamed quicker because there are less other options to worry about. If Kobe gets doubled someone else will easily score. Apart from Gordon, that consistent punisher isn’t there at the Clips. So is it that easy to preform on a weak team? Why do we consistently denigrade good efforts on solo considerations?

    • PDX says:

      YES YES YES, i agree, aldridge has stepped his game up and has a bigger impact on the game then love or griffin. plus the blazers are winning so its a no brainer.

    • Vuji says:

      Aldridge is the only reason the Blazers have won a game so I think you are wright.