Steve Nash is No. 1 … For Now

NBA All-Time Leaders: Free Throw Percentage
Player FTM FTA FT%
Steve Nash 2711 2999 0.9040
Mark Price 2135 2362 0.9039
Ray Allen 3949 4419 0.894
Peja Stojakovic 2222 2484 0.895
Rick Barry 3818 4243 0.900

Another week, another Hang Time post about Steve Nash‘s shooting. Last week, it was Nash’s two perfect shooting games already this season. This week, it’s Nash’s place in free throw history.

In Wednesday’s win over the Nets, Nash passed Mark Price to become No. 1 all-time in free throw percentage. Nash had been lingering behind Price for a while, but with 48 straight makes (going back to Dec. 15), he’s taken over the top spot.

As you see to the right, Nash isn’t the only current player who’s money at the line. In fact, beyond Nash, Allen and Stojakovic, there are four more current players in the top 15 in free throw percentage:

Chauncey Billups (6th): 89.3 percent
Kevin Durant (12th): 88.2 percent
Earl Boykins (13th): 87.8 percent
Dirk Nowitzki (15th): 87.6 percent

In contrast, only one active player is in the top 15 all-time in free throws made. That’s Kobe Bryant, who ranks seventh with 9,325 makes at the stripe.

Of course, because the above list is based on percentage and not totals, Nash has to keep shooting well to stay ahead of Price. In fact, if Nash misses his next free throw, he’ll fall back down to No. 2.

He’d also fall back down if Price comes out of retirement and hit 2-for-2.


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  2. Load Central says:

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  3. Phamie says:

    Nash should stay in PHOENIX, i know he can give his team a championship.
    Steve is a great player, all he need is a good Teamate… GO PHOENIX!!!! GO STEVE!!!!

  4. Atli Steinn says:

    The Suns would never trade Nash vs Arenas, I think Arenas has like 3 years left of his contract. When you are trying to rebuild, that is the last thing you need. The Suns already got what they could have got from the Magic… Carter’s non guaranteed contract and a big man in Marcin Gortat + a possibly good roleplayer in Pietrus.

  5. steve nash fan says:

    but to be honest.. his style of play wont really fit in with any of the top teams as they already have established role players. for eg. heat already have 2 good passers dwyane wade and lebron james plus a pure shooter like mike miller and house.
    mavs already has an established point guard (kidd) with steve and having 2 of em wud just clash their style of play.
    lakers dont need a good point guard in their triangle offense so maybe magic wud be gud for him, but i doubt magic will trade arenas for nash cuz nash has a different style of play that i dnt think will fit into their defense.

  6. skipper--8 says:

    i think trading him to MIA would be great for both heat and the sun.. maybe getting Chalmers + House + draft picks (if they have). Sadly maybe SUN would get Bosh specifically in return cause HEAT is already at luxury tax. So i think its kinda complicated to have Nash on Heat uniform. With his Salary Heat have to have 1 of the 3 stars as a trade bait. Cause after the big 3.. only Mike Miller is the next richest HEAT at the moment.. And SUNS dont want Miller in return just to clog up their swingman problem.

    For me the best TEAM that Nash can go is MAGIC, LAL, MAVS…

    Magic – trade Arenas or Nelson
    LAL – maybe trading Odom or Bynum would do…
    MAVS – everyone can be traded to him.. imagine a backcourt of NASH and KIDD (well his always playing with PG with Barea and Beabiuos. and even Terry.. so its okay to play him at SG)… damn that would be nice

    For all the greatness that he accomplished.. He deserves to win a championship… Few players Won 2 MVPs. Few won it Back to back.. So he deserves to win at least a ring….

  7. steveN ASH says:

    i love the suns.. much more with NASH. what if hel join at the big three to make fantastic four?

  8. LA Resident says:

    Just hope he comes to LAL so that we can contest Boston in this year’s Finals

  9. harley6 says:

    trade nash to miami heat,..

  10. Dwayne Wade says:

    Heat Bandwagoners! In their natural habitat of trolling.

  11. Annonymous says:

    Best free throw shooter of all time: A CANADIAN!!!WOOO! START COMIN HERE TO LOOK FOR MORE TALENT LOOKHOW IT PANS OUT lol =)

  12. Sean says:

    Nash is the best! title or not! would just like to see him given another chance, was not his fault that the suns never reached the finals!

  13. stevieFAN says:

    nice! its good to hear my idol is the best free throw shooter!! yahhhhoooo!!! gooo suns!

  14. vana says:

    nash doesnt need a good team or a ring to show hes a champion, all that sh*t is overated when you that good

  15. nashtyfan says:

    even in nba 2k11 nash got tradet to the heat ^^
    i love steve nash, his game, his unselfishness, all of him, i loved the suns all the time and saw how steve kerr broke parts from it away from year to year, and now after being everytime a candidate for the title, they became a lottery team… disapoints me alot……
    And for me as a real Nash fan, i would give him a chance to try somethin different on another team, for the last years he got….

  16. Derek says:

    Nash is a old man with maximum steroid without actually taken any. The Sun is being nice to Nash in allowing him to go to a better team than the current because:
    1. he is getting old, his time remain in the NBA is shorten.
    2. the Sun’s future of playoff or even the a slight chance in the conference final is none (within 5 yr)

    Recommended team for Nash: Heat (90% useful) and the rest will endanger Nash into the bench (backup)

    The Heat need a leading man such as Nash as a guard position to lead the transition of the game. Just looking at how the Heat passes the ball makes me laugh of my chair.

    Great feedback, Encourage More

  17. Sasha says:


  18. Nashfan says:

    i agree with vegas, nash is the man, best overall shooter to EVER play the game and the most unselfish player i have ever seen. If i was nash’s teammate id be incredibly grateful to play with such a talented point guard that took pride in setting up his teammates and making sure its a team game first before any indivdual.

  19. vegas says:

    glad to see nash getting his. one of the best shooters to play the game. even without a ring hes the man