Rip City Karma

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We will understand if Trail Blazers coach Nate McMillan spends the rest of his days looking over his shoulder, avoiding cracks in the sidewalk wherever he walks and ducking for cover at the sign of a cat any shade other than albino.

We’re just as confused here at the hideout as McMillan must be in regards to what he and the Trail Blazers have done to incur the wrath of the basketball gods the way they have the past two seasons.

Now comes word that Brandon Roy, who was already out indefinitely, will have an arthroscopic procedure on both knees next week. McMillan should have requested Ashton Kutcher deliver the news, as opposed to whatever member of the beleaguered Trail Blazers’ athletic training staff had to deliver the crushing news.

Roy’s knees give the Trail Blazers a total of seven knees that have cost players their seasons, or at least large chunks of the season. Greg Oden is out for the season after having microfracture knee surgery. Second-yard forward Jeff Pendergraph injured his knee and required season-ending surgery. And rookie guard Elliot Williams has undergone surgery this season on both knees. Veteran center Joel Pryzbilla is working his way into normal shape after missing 26 games recovering from offseason knee surgery.

Dan Gilbert and LeBron James toss the word “karma” around without knowing the true dark side of the word. Folks in Portland know all too well what the wrong side of that coin can do to a team’s hopes and dreams.

We cost ourselves any chance at a key to the city in July, when I predicted the Trail Blazers and Houston Rockets would have to scrap for that eighth and final playoff spot, considering both teams had lingering health issues that would affect them this season (don’t worry, we have long since forgiven everyone in Portland and Houston for all the wicked name calling and taunting):

This is not some cop-out for the 8th spot. We are really torn between the Trail Blazers, who proved last season that they could be a playoff team in the face of severe adversity caused by injuries, and the Rockets, who were scrappy but could not reach a playoff level in the face of similar adversity. Yao Ming is far more crucial to the Rockets’ cause at this stage of his career than Greg Oden (and to a lesser extent Joel Pryzbilla) is to the Trail Blazers’ cause at this stage of his fledgling career. Without all the injury drama we could see both of these teams surpassing some of the teams ranked ahead of them here — a healthy Yao is good for another 10-15 wins on his own, isn’t he? The Blazers did have their best player last season. All-Star shooting guard Brandon Roy is still one of the league’s most difficult matchups, provided his knee is sound. And there is a solid and veteran supporting cast around him, whether Oden and Pryzbilla are ready to play at a high level or not. The Rockets have an improving mix of youngsters and several solid veterans on the roster that will allow Rick Adelman more flexibility this season compared to what he had to work with last season. The addition of Brad Miller gives the Rockets a skilled big with experience playing in Adelman’s system.  And we’re expecting an immediate impact from high-energy rookie Patrick Patterson. Again, we won’t be surprised if both of these teams are sitting in the top eight by season’s end.

It’s not always fun being right, or reasonably close to it.

But you have to admit, we nailed this one. The Trail Blazers are clinging to that eighth spot right now. The Rockets are three games back. And the same injury issues that plagued both teams a year ago are back again.

“I’m trying to do the best thing I can to get back on the floor,” Roy said in a statement Thursday. “We’ve been able to get a number of different opinions and it’s something we’ve decided.”


If this is some sort of cosmic payback for the “Jail Blazers” era, we all get the point.

The ghost of Dr. Naismith wins again.

Enough already!


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  2. Truth Hurts says:

    Brandon Roy is done….his career is over…he will be one of the biggest disappointments ever…..

  3. monica says:

    this is not karma for the blazers its just something bad that has happend to this good team…..i love roy and will always love roy and the blazer team..he is a great player and a 3 time all star..all we can do is wish him the best and he will be back on the court one day better than ever..the blazers are doing a great job without him…but i dop not like this artical because he always talks crap about the blazers and what they did wrong…blazers r under rated by alot of people..but im a die hard blazerfan and i am with this team thorugh thick and thin!!best fans in the nba!!!!BLAZER FAN FOR LIFE!!!=)

  4. tbird says:

    Oh I forgot. The only thing Portland owes Darius Miles is an apology from our shooting coach for not teaching that moron how to shoot.

  5. tbird says:

    It sucks but I do think Portland is doomed. They have a mix of youth and experience but I it’s almost like watching a horror movie with these guys. U know someone is going down just not sure who. Oden, Roy, Pendergraph, and Williams just this year. Wow. Even the one of the teams good guys Pryzbilla fell in the shower while working his way back after the first knee surgery. Maybe they should require all the guys over 7 feet to wear those giant knee braces linemen wear in football. So all the fans of other teams that have players leave such as Lebron and Bosh get mad after 7 years of great play, at least you didn’t pay millions and have years of thinking what-if we had this guy healthy.

  6. will says:

    hopefully these surguries make these guys come back stronger and they will be able to cause fear in all the other 29 teams like they did two years ago.

  7. Fact Not Fiction says:

    I can’t believe the Roy is going to be out. It was bad enough when Oden first got injured. How come the players that can change the league always get injured? Imagine if Oden was healthy. Hell imagine what would have happened if Yao Ming never got injured. Just really sucks that we can’t see these guys at their best.

    Also G is right. Someone needs to find out what’s going on up their because that’s to many of the same type injuries to be a coincidence.

  8. G says:

    Maybe its time to start questioning the trainers in portland. That many players with knee issues. The Suns are known for having the best trainers in the league, maybe Portland should make a call and ask for some advice. Just a thought.

  9. Emperor James says:

    Very distressing news about Brandon Roy. The procedure he is about to be subjected to has had extremely mixed results even when only one knee is involved. A great talent, and it would be a real shame were his career cut short as was that of Penny Hardaway for the same problems.

    Nonetheless, Portland does have a large dose of negative karma hovering over it for some reason. If for no other reason, perhaps as a consequence of having spit so many times in the face of outrageous fortune, snatching defeat from victory. LaRue Martin, but not Julius Erving; trading away Moses Malone the year before he became dominant; Mychal Thompson, but not Larry Bird; Sam Bowie, but not Michael Jordan; Greg Oden, but not Kevin Durant. Any other franchise, with an even moderately competent front office, would have bartered all of this rejected talent into at least five or six more Championship, rather than the measly singleton.

    The curse is called the Curse of the Sasquatch.

  10. porky says:

    I’ll tell you where the bad karma came from:

    2009: Portland offers RFA Paul Millsap inflated, front loaded deal knowing the Jazz will try to keep him despite growing salary issues.

    2010: Portland offers undrafted rookie Wesley Matthews inflated, front loaded deal knowing the Jazz are already over the cap. Unfortunately the Jazz can’t afford to keep him. Obviously they should have.

    Why is Portland continually sniping Jazz players for higher than average contracts? Because the organization is a bunch of assholes, and they’re getting theirs now.

    And of course there’s that whole thing where they tried to hold Darius Miles hostage, sending letters to GMs across the country threatening lawsuits if anyone signed him. Seriously. I feel bad for any player on their team that falls under their curse. Let’s hope Matthews makes it out unscathed.

    • Bob says:

      Are you mental? and why is Utah called the Jazz? nobody listens to jazz in Utah…they’re too busy reading the dumbass bible

  11. nick Greek Portland Fan says:

    the most likely is that roy will probably sit out for the rest of the reason or he may come back at playoffs to save the team(we hope)

    However,it will be better to rest for the season and next season be able to return as an all-star and get portland at least at top 4 West

  12. Yes. says:

    And my tiny little nipples went to France.

  13. DevMacK says:

    This is karma from the threats made to otehr teams regarding the signing of Darius Miles

  14. maicosphere says:

    Brandon is a great player.. oden is an Intimidating force inside.. imagine this to guys playing together HEALTHY. with batum as wing man, aldrige as PF and miller as a steady PG.. with fernandez coming from the bench.. Damn thas a pretty gud team. But unfortunately injury strikes. how i wish to see them play together in a whole season……

  15. Bobby says:

    BLAZERS MADE THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE w/1st round draft picks – 1st Bowie then Oden. Always bet $ against the blazers, that’s how you win! Guaranteed!

  16. NBA 4 LIFE says:

    dude… i wish theyd stop letting you do this page already…just annoying man..everytime you write about the blazers your just talking a load of trash about them…now i get it you dont like em…but atleast now i know not to read your ignorant articles anymore

  17. Tony Snow says:

    brandon roy is the truth. po turnin their back on broy a lil too soon.

  18. […] something that will make you want to slap the usually adorable Sekou Smith in the face? Try it here. I mean, come on. Look at the picture. Roy’s the nicest guy the league and the smoothest guy […]

  19. BRoy for MVP says:

    Life is short, stop complaining and have a great day!

  20. NBAJAZZ says:

    Karma? what about the Blazers trying [and succeeding in the case of Wes Matthews] to purchase our players at prices they know we cannot match? i say to hell with them.

  21. luiluiely says:

    Where were any of you when we learned that Roy had had knee problems in High School and Allen and Pritchard knew it when they drafted him? He had surgery back then so now his time is up. And..Oden has always been accident prone and they knew that also. So the only hex on this team is the front office. They keep drafting for who knows what instead of taking the best player available at the time and it will keep bringing them down and us fans with them. Oden instead of the unanimous player of the year? Please!
    Roy instead of Williams, Webster instead of any 4 year tested and tried college player? You’ve got to be kidding. And people wonder why we are in the shape we’re in? Look no further than Allen. He’s the man/joke.

    • Duh? says:

      C’mon dude seriously? Not one person that year was picking Durant over Oden. Everyone said Oden was a can’t miss. You can’t blame them for picking him, nobody even said they made the wrong decision when they drafted him, it was only after. Why would you take Durant when you had a health Brandon Roy? Yeah he’s terribly beat up now and hurt, but at that moment in time Oden was the right pick.

  22. john says:

    its time to rebuild keep lamarcus, batum, mills and wathews and stock up on draft picks.

  23. Looster401 says:


    Props to you… I’m happy to see anything written about my hometown Blazers on

    You should know, however, that news of this sort is pretty much par for the course in Portland these days. Whether Roy undergoes surgery or not, few expect him to return to the court this season, and fewer by the day expect him to play any significant role in the team’s future any longer..

    Is it fair of us to turn our backs on him so quickly after what he’s done for the franchise? Probably not. But this has always been a city and a fanbase hungry for wins, and a less than 100% healthy Roy (which many fans feel we are unlikely to see ever again, surgery or not) isn’t going to push this team to the next level.

  24. Gensin says:

    A new discovery is made every year in the medical world, so I would be surprised if they found something to fix his knees in the next five years. Just look at all the technological advancement, If I had to place blame I’d blame the Blazer fans and his teamates. When Roy played they just watched him instead of playing with him and the fan are worst constantly blaming him for everything, on the radio that’s all they ever said. They forget that if not for Brandon they would have never made it to the playoffs. Portland still has good talent they should learn to limit players time on the court, regardless, not everyone is Lebron. I would be surprised if the same thing happenend to Lamarcus.

  25. Kenny says:

    Well Sekou, you called it… I’ll give you that.

    I am upset as any Blazer fan about everything. But you better believe I have high hopes for them next season and will be watching every game until then as well.

    Maybe I’m a sucker, but I still believe in Greg Oden. His first knee on which he had microfracture surgery is supposedly stronger than ever. If his other knee can become strong again too, perhaps he will become the player he was supposed to become. I would be upset if this happens and he is playing for another team.

    I don’t know what to make of Roy’s situation. I can only hope for the best. Have any other great players had similar meniscus problems?

    I know Portland will eventually get a break sometime… I’m just hoping it is sooner than later. These past few seasons have been rough! Why can’t the injury bug go somewhere else. Like Los Angeles or Boston! (just joking… kinda:))

  26. Boxhead413 says:

    Ok why won’t anyone else say this…..the problem with Portland’s injury woes has nothing to do with the players but the staff. For so many players to have similar (and sometimes the same) injuries happens too frequently to be a coincidence (Brandon, Greg, Joel) – I place the blame on the medical staff. Something needs to change here or this franchise will continue to reduce the effectiveness and lifespan of their players.

    • Jer says:

      I am a fan of Portland and I actually agree with you to some extent. They have to have some impact on this situation.

  27. Jazzfanman says:

    Portland would be so scary good if they were healthy, and that’s coming from a die hard Jazz fan. Being a Jazz fan I love Wes Matthews, however I thought that the contract the Blazers offered was extremely high. Signing him, I think, is very fortunate for the Blazers and I can’t wait to see how well he does with Roy out.

  28. manny says:

    i hate to say this but Roy is done he will be just like tracy magr… this will affect him mentaly to the point that he will play carefuly just to try to make to at least 70 games a season. eg tracy vince and so many others

  29. Michael says:

    Patty Mills baby!!! Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!!!!!!!!

  30. BlazN Inc says:

    No Karma, No Bad Blood. If you play to a certain extent, you’re bound to get injured. Every good player in the league has been injured. Just some have been more severe then others. Hopefully he’ll be back. One Love.

  31. EowynAmarie says:

    Seriously, it is pretty clear that 1) commentators here don’t know anything about BRoy’s condition, 2) are not actual Blazer fans, and 3) are not nearly superstitious enough, lol!

    First, Brandon Roy CANNOT, under ANY circumstance, recover from what is going on with his knees. His meniscus is either gone, or almost gone. NEWS FLASH – the meniscus DOES NOT GROW BACK UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! No amount of rest takes care of this. What Roy is undergoing is merely a surgery where they scrape the cartilage in the hopes of smoothing it out and alleviating pain. His condition is permanent and degenerative….that means it GETS WORSE NO MATTER WHAT! Eventually, he will have severe OSTEOARTHRITIS and will have only a full knee replacement as his option, which will retire him. How long? That is the $1 million question, okay? This surgery may buy Brandon time and we may see him on the floor again, but he will NEVER be 100%, EVER again, and if we are lucky, we will see him for a year or two, maybe longer. Since the Blazers clearly have no luck, how likely do you think that is? Not much.

    If any of you followed the Blazers at all, you would already know this!

    The curse is real man! Sure, injuries are normal for NBA players…..but this many, all with the KNEE?!?!? Seriously, I will sacrifice whatever is necessary to appease the Basketball Gods! Honestly, we are so spooked here in Rip City that we fans talk about how Lamarcus cannot EVER be called a Center, as it will put him at risk for the Center Knee Injury Curse. I am NOT kidding, we seriously list that as a reason to not list LMA as a center……. 😦

    • theNAMEisJOHN says:

      hey didn’t B Roy play play the old school game-using his size to shoot over like KD’s game so doen’t it mean he just won’t be able to push the tempo like he use to?? please correct me if i am wrong 😀

  32. daddy troy says:

    I dont understand Sekou this is why he is only doing hang time and not the beat because it is crucial that brandon roy plays but everyone knows this when one fall another rise and right now we are seeing the rising of Aldridge which I think he is one of the most underrated powerfowards in the league because he has prove week in week out without roy that he can score alot of baskets so this could be a blessing in disguise and remember i know there is still a lot of games to play but the blazers are still in 8th spot. Give me your comments

  33. j says:

    How is Brandon Roy’s knee injury karma? Sekou Smith just proves to me again that he is a writer that has no writing talent what so ever. Watching and listening to him on nba tv is like watching a sweaty confused fat kid in gym class that trys really hard to seem knowledgable on basketball but in the end hes just a plump dull writer being paid to cover a sport that he has no knowledge of.

    “We will understand Trail Blazers coach Nate McMillan spends the rest of his days looking over his shoulder, avoiding cracks in the sidewalk wherever he walks and ducking for cover at the sign of a cat any shade other than albino white.”

    Enough said.

    • I am smarter than you says:

      Smith is implying that given the bad luck that the Blazers have had, it’s almost as if something was done to deserve it. Is he being serious? Of course not. It’s rhetoric, and it’s a creative way of telling the same story (that is, another Blazers injury).

      If you don’t like it, don’t read it. I don’t understand why you took the time to comment on it, considering it just makes you look rude and ignorant.

    • unimpressed says:

      could not agree more.

      Beyond the dramatic babble and bragging, there was very little substance to this article. I don’t understand how one of the rare mentions of the Blazers on could be this awful. Why is Smith bragging about predicting that the Blazers would be battling for 8th seed in the west when that prediction depended on a franchise player getting a major injury to be worth bragging about?
      maybe Sekou Smith could write a real article about the Blazers (maybe about Aldrich, Mills and others who have stepped up without Roy, for example)

  34. Omarisgay says:

    it’s good they’re sittin roy out for the rest of the season, better to give up on this years odds then to ruin next years.
    I think they should tank it and try and get a high round pick. If that’s not the solution they should try and trade Oden + Miller maybe get a good Bigman or PG in return, since Wes Mathiews and Batum are doing well they can still make something of this season.

  35. tim says:

    blazers should trade for melo

    • theNAMEisJOHN says:

      can we stop the “they should trade for melo” they don’t have the picks and the pieces required to make the trade and even if they melo they wouldn’t be able to keep Melo cos melo wants to go to the knicks

    • theNAMEisJOHN says:

      why would wanna trade for melo they don’t have the picks or the pieces and even if they do get melo they will just lose him in free agency to the knicks

    • Typical says:

      Wake up, Dude!

  36. NBAfan says:

    so far of waht i saw portland is playing better whitout roy this season, maybe becouse they move more the ball or aldridge is playing better lately

  37. BlazeCard10 says:

    ridiculous to think that aldridge right now plus a DOMINATE roy as of the 08-09 season, an even somewhat effective oden and pryzbila wouldn’t be in title contention. with everyone healthy (which i have all but given up on as a blazer fan) they have great shooters with batum, rudy, and roy, sick interior defense with camby, pryziblla and oden and a fantastic power forward in aldridge now. they would have been scary good. then you could throw in eliot williams our first round draft pick and a healthy pendergraph would have helped out too. so rough to see them at the 8 spot when i know they could easily be top 4 in the west. easily

  38. sam says:

    The blazers are coming off of back to back 50 win seasons under Roys leadership not to mention hes a 3 time all star and, former rookie of the year. He IS going to come back from this surgery and be back in tip top shape. Getting pretty much an entire season off does wonders for the healing procedure. The blazers are so deep that we continue to with WITHOUT him or oden so i feel pretty confident that we in fact are still contenders. Were going to be at least 8th seat in the west and, its gonna be hard for teams to come into Portland and beat us we love our team too much. RIP CITY BABY

    • I am smarter than you says:

      It’s just as likely that he will come back from this injury a lesser player. Look at Glibert Arenas.

      • lil rar says:

        brandon roy has a future with the blazers— as a cheerleader
        hes getting some 20 milli per year, and hes never going to to get back to his former all star self
        i just feel bad for the guy cuz he had such a bright future ahead
        still go blazers + blazers

  39. leaf says:

    knee inj are harsh hope the best 4 that girted young player hope he comes back 110 percent

  40. Jer says:

    A good move to have him sit out. Brandon is the face of the team. I would rather play it safe then have something really serious happen. Portland has good players. Just some bad luck, but I think we would be very close to, if not a contender if not for the injuries. With a healthy Oden and Przybilla and Roy, the was Aldridge is playing right now, you couldn’t count us out. They would be close to or as good as the elite, LA, Miami, Boston, SA, OKC, and Orlando. Very disappointing and trying for a fan, but injuries are part of the game. I caution anyone to talk trash, it could happen to any team,

  41. DK_Aussie_32 says:

    Wayne – could not agree more..
    Pat Mills, while still young and learning the ropes in the NBA, has improved dramatically with more minutes and general output this season.. will be another big step for him, but everyone in the team needs to step up.. here’s his chance!

  42. Wayne says:

    Bring on Aussie Pat Mills.

    • lil rar says:

      patty mills is saving the blazers right now- without him, we wud fall short in every game we played
      im not austrailian but im likin the aussie right now

  43. lakersfanphilippines says:

    sad to see those player getting injured all over again.. i just cant imagine how good the team could be if their roster is healthy.. anyway, good luck to the players.

  44. Joe says:

    With all do respect, how dare you imply that these young men are being injured because of the character of players in the past. These are peoples lives, your backwards superstition has no place defaming this great franchise, nor trivializing the strife of these young men.

    • I am smarter than you says:

      You try too hard to sound smart (you’re not). Trivializing the strife? It’s basketball, dude. Chill out. The karma angle was merely a creative way to talk about the problems in Portland. I don’t know where you come from, but karma is a pretty normal thing to believe in. I don’t believe in it, but I would never go so far as to call it “backwards superstition.” But, again, you’re trying too hard to sound smart.

    • Jake says:

      He didn’t imply that the Blazer’s woes were because of past players misdeeds. If you would have had a sufficient level of reading comprehension you would have realized that he was being sarcastic.

  45. Abdul Kayani says:

    Brandon Roy needs to step up his game when he comes back. He presence needs to be known and he has to become that great people expect of him. Sure he is good right now, but thats not his full potential, he is a great player and that was why he was chosen in the first round.

    • lil rar says:

      what are you talking about? he was a premier player, but right now nobodys worried about wether hes good or great- they just want him to get back in uniform

    • Darron says:

      Yea, its not that Brandon Roy is not a great player or that he is not trying to step his game up, its the fact that he is no longer physically capable of being the player he once was 2 years ago. The meniscus in both of his knees are gone and the doctor’s say there is nothing more they can do about that. His knees are like that of a 50 year old man, He’s lost his explosive first step, elevation and speed and because of that he can no longer physically contribute as a superstar anymore. Look at Jamal Mashburn’s career, and that’s how this story ends, sad to say

  46. POOPFACE says:

    There is no word that Brandon is out for the season. You should reword that front page.

    • Serious? says:

      Are you serious?
      He has to have surgery on BOTH of his knees, And then rehab completely and then practice basketball skills before he can come back onto a basketball court in a competitive environment. And with the amount of money Portland have invested they wont rush him back and try to keep him long term.

      Pryzbilla is still recovering from his pre-season knee surgery. And we are almost half way through the season now.

    • josh says:

      are you nuts? maybe, and thats a BIG maybe, this was in the summer you could argue that. its almost the AS break and hes getting surgery on both knees, before even comming back 100% from his previous surgery. they made a big mistake forcing him back in the playoffs. you better believe portland more than anyone knows to not bother thinking aboit roy and this season

  47. Ares113 says:

    well i think derek fisher will retire after this season and maybe portland will get rid of brandon so it would be sick to see lakers get roy for a point guard but who knows

    • Read this!!! says:

      brandon roy is not a pg :/

    • Typical says:

      What a non sense comment.

    • come on sekou says:

      are u serious? what kind of karma? what did the blazers do?? you need to think of much better stories to report on or at least point out something that the blazers have done to deserve it instead of blindly using the word karma. actually point something out