Iverson’s Done, Again?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Is it time for Allen Iverson to hang that Besiktas jersey next to the rest of those he’s worn throughout his illustrious basketball career?

That would appear to be the case, if the reports from Turkey are correct and Iverson is on his way back to the states for surgery on an his left calf and ankle. The translated info from Ajansspor, via our friends at HoopsWorld:

“Turkish Besiktas famous import, Allen Iverson, appears close to end his career in basketball. The former Philadelphia Sixers’ guard injured his left ankle recently and can’t stand the pain anymore. Later today, he will do a press conference to announce that he is going to have surgery in the United States and will be treated here. ‘Leaving the basketball world makes me sad but, sometimes, we have to accept things like they are. I can say goodbye to basketball,’ he revealed yesterday.”

This is what, the third time we’ve said goodbye to Iverson in the past couple of years? He’s entering Brett Favre territory here. At some point you have to know when to say when. Now is the time A.I.

And just like we suggested last year, A.I. doesn’t owe any of us anything. He’s milked every ounce of juice out of his tiny body. And no one can dispute his Hall of Fame status.

A six to eight week recovery time after a potential surgical procedure doesn’t bode well for Iverson’s chances of restarting his career at this advanced stage of the game. So why not just hang it up and ride off into the sunset.


  1. deniz says:

    basketball is for forever

  2. RAP says:

    wow..that guy jacknohara has a big problem on his own..even pretending now that he’s not a kobe ass-kisser.. anyway, it’s really great to see a lot of love for AI here.. he’s definitely one of the most popular player ever as well (voted as an all-star starter even on his last season). i don’t think AI should still play for the Heat and more especially the Damn Lakers (man i despise that team! sorry for the Laker fans that love AI, thanks for the love though). i dont think he should force himself into playing again. although i know in my heart that AI can still perform at a high level, i just dont want to see him suffer the injustices again that he had the last 3 yrs he played.. as someone had said above, the politics in the NBA is just too much to overcome.

    about the dumb-ass saying again that ai is a ballhog, how about this, back in 04-05 season, Iverson became the first player in NBA history to rank in the Top-5 in scoring, steals and assists in a single season..no one has done that no!.. now that’s ballhog when you rank in the top 5 in assists in a seaon??..
    what about the topic of not making his teammates better, he made eric snow atleast a known pg back in his time, he made aaron mckie the best 6th man at that time..and yes ratliff became an all-star before getting traded..

    now about the kobe ass-kisser’s question on pointing out where AI is better than KObe, i can tell you a few dawg. (by the way, just want to mention that i accept the fact that kobe’s work ethics are far better than AI because apparently he’s OBSESSED on surpassing the greatness of MJ, and he had the all-star team with him to back him up when AI did’nt get the chance, ok?).. ok so the crossover you said is not included (i would say his crossover is better than T-Bug’s,, and just another question, why is kobe in a lot of AI’s crossover highlights if he’s that great of a defender?)..ok ok going back to who’s better, Skillset goes to AI, his skills were inborn whereas kobe’s is a result of hardwork. FAnBase, AI’s fanbase is greater than kobe in his prime, remember ai and vince were the two top vote getters then and ithink your kobe is third. hmm.. how about being “REAL”, as someone has mentioned above, AI had the guts to tell everyone what he wants to say and that may have backfired on him (remember practice??).. while kobe pretended his way to stardom, pretending he was such a nice guy (remember Colorado?) (remember the all star game where we all hoped Jordan is the star but poor Kobe wanted to ruin it??tsk).. i guess that’s all i can think of right now, since kobe accomplishments are far better than AI but the character that AI built will forever be on our hearts..


  3. Stuart "English A.I. Fan" McKay says:

    Iverson is one of the greatest players in the history of the game what he did over career was staggering. He kept one of the least talented squads in the entire league in the playoffs single handedly. All those people on hear saying he was selfish, watch his games back and he would have averaged at least another 2.5 apg if any one of his teammates could shoot straight. He was the shooting guard pretty much throughout his career and even when he wasn’t listed as such by position he was still expected to carry his team offensively and he averaged way more assists than Kobe Jordan.

    Think about the best team Philly ever had, the one that went to the finals. Before the season everyone had them picked at best 4th seed in the East. They had the best record in the L with no other star player on their team. Just Iverson. Lynch, Snow, Hill, Ratliff and Iverson. Then they traded Ratliff for Mutombo hardly an offensive Juggernaut. There isn’t one player on that entire team who would make a jump shot. It’s difficult to think of any team in the history of the league that had so little talent but achieved so much and you can attribute all that success to Iverson.

    Every team who’s made it to the finals since then have had a much stronger roster. Lakers Celtics Magic Cavs Spurs Dallas Miami Nets.

    Forget finals teams for a moment. Every team who made the playoffs last year had more talent than that Sixers team. That 2001 Sixers team was the best they ever had and it’s still pretty terrible. Iverson took that team and others worse than it to the playoffs almost every year. He has the 2nd highest career playoff scoring average in history and he accomplished that when every team the Sixers ever played were completely geared towards stopping Iverson. Wade, LeBron, Kobe, Shaq, Duncan, Pierce, Nowitzki every “star” player has always had at least one very good player on their team who their opponents needed to worry about. Iverson didn’t have anyone in his entire time in Philly

    The guy needs some credit! I’ll admit that he should have softened his attitude in his last few of seasons about his role on the team but anyone questioning his attitude before that needs to go back and watch the games. That little guy played harder than anyone I’ve ever seen. He played every single game like it was his last and his heart and body on the line every day. He was a relentless warrior and one of the greatest players of all time.

  4. arn says:

    iverson should hang it.. imagine a guy barely clearing 6 ft to have the nba scoring title.. to have an mvp award in the nba… to have lead a team singlehandedly to the finals is something to be proud of… he shouldnt care if he didnt win a trophy… still, NBA execs should give iverson a chance to have a trophy… squeeze 1.3 million in… AI please take that money, go to a place where you have the best chance to win it all… be the veteran guy for the heat… be that new spark for the lakers as a reserve.. please… give AI a title…

  5. go a.i. says:

    a.i. will not be forgotten!

  6. jacknohara is just a hater and kobe's bitch says:

    this blog refers to ai. and as a fan seeing news about him even he is in Turkey we will be interested about him, so what do you expect to comment in here from the fans seeing some comments or arguments or opinion of yours that he is not great.. don’t you get it?!? even he is not in the nba, he will still have millions of fans.. and what will you expect the reactions from the fans saying that he is not great, comparing to nate robinson, and WHAT IF arguments about kobe ha?!?! what if kobe is in the 2001 PHILLY lineup?? could he reach in the finals??!! could he win the ROY in 1997???!! i can say that from1996-2005 AI is way better than KOBE… in 2001 when kobe want to be the man and scores too much, still the lakers would lose at the regular season.. remember he scores 50+ but still lost to the warriors. even his teammates and coaches are not happy with that. you are just blinded of the situation where AI right now so you just can say that he is not that great, or even respect what he give the league… PLAYERS of today look up to him.
    Then why would you put JESUS name in this arguments?? it seems that you do not have respect… saying that players played with AI looks terrible or horrible?!?! THEO RATLIFF became an allstar in 2001, it turns out that he injured before the allstar break.. aaron mckie became the sixth man, and eric snow is a solid PG that time. when eric snow shifted to CAVS, is eric snow is as good in the sixers?!? NO!! DIKEMBE is the defensive player but shifted to nets he is not that good anymore.. you say that it is completely wrong that his team in 2001 is not that weak?!? put kobe in that team that year and the sixers will not even reach playoffs, if they reach they will just be eliminated early… the EAST contenders that time are KNICKS,HEAT and PACERS but manage to be the nos 1 team in the conference and represent the EAST in the finals.. did you saw in the above highlights ha??! there are many passes and assists to his turkish teammates… all haters underrates his passing ability and just blinded by the scores you just saw on the boxscore and his FG attempts in expressing that he is a ballhog.. but that is the system developed by the team because he is the only one in his team capable and consistent of scoring… give an allstar caliber at his prime that time in philly and surely they have won a championship.. Like KG and C-WEBB prior to his injury… ur logic about the car is not needed… 80’s era MAGIC, BIRD and in 90’s Jordan are incomparable.. those guys have a great accomplishments and reputation.. but they are different.. POSITION and ERA and GENERATION..
    but in the end AI will be in the HOF and you just sitting on your couch or in your computer going to sites or blogs expressing ur opinions or start arguments with other athletes or to anyone you will think of…

  7. NDN#===>WARRIOR says:

    Its sad to see his career end this wat with no chaps. But neverthaless he was alsome. I loved his game n will always…

  8. beast@bball says:

    after all the things iverson has caused in the nba plus the fact that he is no longer in his prime, and is not vbery good in the nba anymore, philly, or any team should not sign iverson to even a 1 day deal

  9. PAULBRADY says:


  10. NBA 'S VOICE says:


  11. mezstah says:

    Sure Al didn’t win a ring but i hope a ring is not the measurement to enter the hall of fame.
    Then Steve Kerr, Kurt Rambis etc belongs in the hall and Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing not.
    It’s about individual excellence that is why Drazen Petrovic is in the hall. Despite his short career.
    David Thompson and George Gervin are in the hall so Al must join them. Just scorers no winning.
    As above said pound for pound the greatest baller who has ever lived.
    But let put A-train in first that’s a disgrace then the Worm then A.I.

  12. mario says:

    im not an a.i fan but still, he needs to be remembered as one of the best pg/ sg of all time, he has done his part. nba wouldnt be much popular if a.i didnt come. he is one of the guys to be called great even if he doesnt have rings on his name.

  13. jacknohara is just a hater and kobe's bitch says:

    JACKNOHARA why are you just hating a.i. but you manage to see his stats, winning percentage, shooting, assts etc in his career in order for you to be look like a intellectual or someone expert in determining a player to be a great,not great,good and not good, ballhog or a teamplayer.. ur just a hater.. u just want to be an intellectual bully citing those stats of a.i as your reasons why he is not great for you.. and u just want to argue.. you are just kobe’s bitch.. im a kobe hater back then but im not going pages or blogs or stite referring to kobe accomplishments or profiles or story and make statements against him… some ai fans here already answered why for us he is great by winning ROY,MVP,scoring titles,making to 2001 finals, allstar MVP and others… when jordan retired in 1998, nba does might not have a legitimate superstar who will give the league its excitement and intensity.. there maybe SHAQ, and grant hill back then considered as jordan heir apparent, but grant hill got injured.. and then AI came up at 6ft dunking,slashing, shooting, quicklightning, and that killer crossover move, scoring at will gives the league another excitement for the fans have… AI also gives hope and inspirations to little guys to the young guards of today like D-rose,CP3,jenning,curry etc.. on how a little guys on how to dominate on court by scoring on big guys.. Most of the nba players of today look up to ai, and that is great.. So JACKNOHARA pls stop giving arguements or ur opinions here, go and create some blogs about ur kobe.. praise and worship him as long as you want and we didn’t care!!!

    • jacknohara says:

      Man, I only started by saying that I didn’t think that Iverson is that great, and people threw rocks at me. The thing just went downhill from that point on, and I don’t say things just to say. I try to back it with some arguments (if they are right or wrong , that’s another history). I’m used to have my own point of view, sorry for that.

      I’m not a Kobe fan or anything alike , I have no fav player (maybe Pat Ewing, but i don’t like to fool myself anymore). I just watch the game with a critical eye, and for me, Kobe is way ahead of Iverson in every aspect of basketball, that is a fact. I’m talking about a whole career , not about crossing somebody. Of the active players , only Duncan and Shaq can measure with him, and of those, my particular peaking order would be Duncan first, kobe second then shaq, but that’s another history. Back to the kobe subject , I already asked it in here and I would ask it again: What Iverson can do better than Kobe ?? Cross-Overs ?? And, since everyone in here seems to like to go to the IF territory, IF kobe just sticked to gunning away,he would dwarf Iverson’s scoring.

      There are guys in here saying that AI would get 20 ppg if he was still in the NBA , saying he would fit nice with the lakers or the heat or the knicks or whatever … damm it , those guys are CRAZY, they are out of their minds ! He is 35 years old !! His main asset was his quickness, his hardyness … and that is long gone. To think he would perform well today is just plain dumb.

      There are other guys in here putting him in the same level as Bird or MJ, saying that I need to watch more games … Who really needs to watch more games ??? No way he’s in the same level as those two. Jordan himself is alone at his level, by the way.
      If Iverson was a car, he would be like a BMW, while Jordan would be like a “Ferrari Special Edition with only one unit ever made” or maybe if Iverson was a car, Jordan would be a Space Ship.

      People talk about hiss cross over on Jordan … that is nothing, for real ! Everybody that plays get’s crossed, dunked, etc. And just for the record, MJ came back to challenge it anyway.

      Other thing I read is about is how weak his team mates where. For me that is completely wrong. They paired him with defensive players, with scorers , with team players, old guys, new guys, everyone. No matter who was outhere with him, he just kept playing the same way. My take about that is that he alienated them so much that no one could perform well next to him. He made everyone next to him look worse. He made everyone next to him a look like a looser. Damn it, i think that even if he played with Jesus, he would still lose.

      Now the last thing , I’m not hatting on him, I’m hatting on people saying that he is the last cherry of the cake (for some he’s the whole cake) , that’s all. I actually liked him when he played, I actually rooted for him on those finals (after they robbed the bucks). I wanted to see somebody beat on those cocky Lakers. I used to like to see him on the court (who didn’t), but i know today that he was not all of that.

      Is simple as that.

      In the end, he’s going to get in to the hall someday, and everyone is going to be happy , that’s all

      peace to everyone

  14. To Hater says:

    I can tell u the fact dude, you just let your eyes closed like ignored what he had done past decade. I can tell u that you are just jealous him so much, so much!!!You just want to him to fail so badly!!!

  15. […] NBA.com’s Sekou Smith thinks it’s time for Iverson to hang up his Turkish jersey, right along with the other jerseys he has played in. […]

  16. Nonya says:

    My not put together thought on the NBA politics-
    As a A.I. fan and being a short man with heart I respect this man with everything. As a fan this brought me to tear’s seeing the strong fan base here of supporters. I want to touch on something that many failed too. The NBA is pure politics yes A.I. attitude wasn’t the best and there are things he could have did differently but he never did and that is why we loved him no matter what. he went publicly on things that should have been kept behind closed door’s but no one ever took a step back to see his point of view. His team and front office lead him to feel that he didn’t need to practice seeing as he would come out every night and drop numbers. He was young honestly and tried his best then. The thing here is the politics. Iverson wouldn’t bow and they didn’t want that kind of message being shown. If you disagree well look at the techs being called, or the fact that you can not even taunt or trash talk any longer. Iverson, Francis, and Maubury were traded to teams that literally were politically meant to destroy their careers despite how any of you want too look at this. This is the dark side of politics the ugly things that people just ignore are look away from and down play, quickly (Watch how many people try to counter this and state all kinds of mediocrity).

    Iverson doesn’t owe anything to anyone and was given his sign to hang it up or maybe it was faked as Stern asked Iverson to come back for one more run. I mean this is 8 weeks of resting but these kind of “injury to magical return” has happen as so is “had to hang them up”. I know i strayed off topic a bit but I wanted to get that out. Anyway the politics of the game goes as follows in no particular order

    1)Buy offs

    2) Agreements off screen

    3) Go along to get along

    4) Do as I say not as I do

    5) More pay offs

    I mean how many signs do you need. These guys play with no heart or ambition. Open passes just right for the pickings left wide open, oblivious open man clearly over looked, no names treated as such no names. This is just the jist of the politics. Also honestly with the rate of play honestly A.I. should have went to the Cavs. With Baron Scott he could have had a better future to end off at least. Again its the politics. if my point wasn’t made then someone seeing where I was headed please reiterate what I am trying to say.

    My final dream for my idol and all true NBA fans-
    Also stop with the A.I. to Miami the man has way too much heart for that and you aren’t true A.I. fans to suggest that in the first place, also am I the only ONE person who clearly over looked that the grizzles stated that they were going to start A.I. but never did and they benched him, in Detroit they benched him behind who (I am sorry if you respect the guy but I don’t care) a nobody in my book. It was the start of the end due to politics. A.I. if you could come back and get with a contender do so but get with one where you can battle it out one last time with Kobe, out classes that so called wannbe king (seriously why is this guy so hyped up? ),battle D-wade for “who got the biggest heart” contest and win it, have a shoot around with Carmelo in a game for old time sake or hell if you can get on the same team and do the greatest duo of this era one final time.Hell I would fly if Melo went to Philly, Larry brown came back as head coach, and A.I. came back for one final run and they got a decent to good supporting cast (and rid of that snake andre) and took it to the ECF against Boston took it to seven games (cause that game would go full 7 cause what is on the line) and if they won took it to the Lakers for an all out war that we all who did not grow with the Lakers, Celtics, and 76ers rivalry. Just one more for all the marbles, everything to lose and game. This would bring the ratings through the fricking roof more then the 10-11 heat game ever did or could.

    A battle not a game a battle, injuries that no one should be playing in players are playing through, dunks that have a meaning, fouls unlike anything you seen before, refs paid not to make as many calls so this battle will have loses on all sides. One last battle for everything that they can get. I mean I want people crying, fans on the verge of throwing things, a game so great that even if L.A. won the streets wouldn’t even end in riots but people cheering everyone as they waked the streets to their respected buses. A game so damn compelling that not one person could pick from it that a call here should have been made or a call there should be made. No everyone is happy for generations to come a game that brings the NBA to its roots and grounds it there for another 20 years. A game that the NFL or any other league could not compare too. If I am dreaming then let me dream big, and if the NBA want to go politics then go that way with things buy things for heart and spirit. Real NBA fans are not sweating KOBE or Lebron they know it takes a team to win. I want that like before I die and Iverson is really hanging it up and so do many of you so do not pretend like you don’t. This game is destine to happen anyway so why stop what is meant to be.

    A adoring but fading fan

    Nonya (no name should be need)

  17. Hook says:

    How did Kobe get in this mix? This is about Iverson, Kobe has years left at the top of the league. Iverson was in his last REAL season, in the top 5 in scoring. How can anyone call him out as anything else but great with the nuggets? He took them to the playoffs, they won 50 games. Next season they had Nene healthy, Kenyon healthy, JR smith more mature and they got stronger with Billups, of course. But to call Iversons part a failure? Come on. What did Kobe acomplish between Shaq and Gasol? 81 points, hell yeah, but did he collect any rings? No. Neither did Iverson between uhm, no one and no one. If you would have teamed up Iverson with a better big man than Mutumbo in Philly, in his PRIME, he could had reach the top. In the early 2000’s no one could compete with Shaq. NO ONE. If Iverson was so selfish, how the HELL could he score 25 000 points, top 15 ALL TIME, while the NBA should have the worlds best defenders? Did it really take them 10 years to learn that offense? Every team double teamed him, he still scored +30. If he had anyone more offensive minded than a fading Coleman, Eric SNow or Aaron McKie, his apg probably would have been higher. Iverson took the popularity to levels only Vince Carter could, and later on Yao with his billions of chinese fans. David Stern owes Allen a prpper good bye, not this way, it’s not fair. The 76ers should sign him for their last game of this season and just let him turn back the clock. Remember he scored 60 points on Dwight Howard, who is referred to as the best defender in the league.

  18. tioop says:

    RAY ALLEN MUST BE AN ALL STAR THIS YEAR!! >HAHAHA .. 😉 .. IM FAR away from the topic ..just sharing!!! RAY RAY!! ALL STAR!!

  19. AI forever says:

    NBA is not the same with out AI let us give him his proper good byes

  20. jacknohara says:

    To make it simple for the last time :

    He was NOT that good , after all, didn’t have anything to show for after years of service, like other great ones that came before and after him. People are trowing rocks at me because I said that Iverson is more about the hype than about the real deal. Guys should get over it.

    HE WAS GOOD , BUT NOT GOOD ENOUGHT FOR YOUR GUYS KEEP SUCKING FOR HIM LIKE THAT ! Is it that hard to see that he was good, but he doesn’t belong with the big boys ???

    And the other thing … to say Iverson is more skilled than Kobe ??? wich one skill is that ??? cross-over ??? Tim Hardaway had the best cross over ever and look where he ended up. IF someone could please tell me what Iverson could do better than Kobe … sorry guys, but over their carerrs , Kobe separeted himself from the other of his generation, that is a fact.

  21. ZIGA says:

    I don’t know is A.I. done so far or not but I’d LOVE to see him on the cort again. He’s unique. And there’s no doubts that he is the greatest 6-0 scorer ever played in this league. NOBODY can deny that.

  22. isabela says:

    downfall was came in denver. Melo during those times had played really cold Everybody expected win win , but result was reversed. Maybe other reason was poor coaching?


    he’s not done.. he’s always in my heart..

  24. Hyper says:

    If you ever read this AI, I think you can see that soooo many love you. There’s about 10 me for every Jacknohara and if you were still in the NBA, you’d probably still be voted an all-star starter again. That says a lot in this superstar era.

    AI was not just some superstar, he was a basketball legend. Fact. Check the stats. So many players today were inspired by AI…its on them to make sure AI gets his deserved tribute to silence all these Jacknoharas. Please guys!

    Wish you the best for the future AI.

  25. metalslugsman says:

    He was a great entertainer, but a seriously over-rated basketball player with no concept of team. Unfortunately I think he will be remembered as a locker room cancer and a bloke who was very impressed with himself. To echo jacknohara, a good player, but not great. Had the physical potential to be great, but not the understanding of the game to get the most out of himself

  26. Bring the heat says:

    To those idiots who blame A.I for being selfish and saying how he wasn’t any good, you have never watched him play. A.I carried his team to multiple playoffs appearances, but as we all know.. No one in the NBA has done it alone. A.I never had Shaq like Kobe did, AI never had ANYONE. It was him and his 6 foot self. A.I was a selfish player? Really? So when Kobe takes 40 shots per game, that isn’t selfish, but when AI shoots 20 its called being a hog? Regardless of that idiotic accusation, A.I should definitely be in the hall of fame. No one could score like he could and back then if you remember correctly, it was Tracy and A.I discussion, not Kobe. Kobe talk started happening when A.I was being criticized multiple times and trade talks. A.I best little man to play the game. Better than Isiah, WAY BETTER THAN NATE(Whoever said that needs to get some new glasses).

  27. Bring the heat says:

    AI would fit perfectly with Cleveland. I mean what does Cleveland have to lose? They are already the worst team in the NBA with no superstar on their team. A.I can still sell tickets and perform at a high level. I can see A.I scoring 20PPG, 8APG, 4RPG, 1 SPG. Call me crazy but the only reason A.I hasn’t been playing well is because everyone has been criticizing him and that isn’t fair. A.I is one of the best players, in my opinion if he was in Kobe’s shoes instead of Philly, he and Shaq would definitely be the best 1-2 combo. Little man and big man would probably have 5 rings instead of Kobe+Shaqs 3 rings. NBA needs to give this man one last shot. He shouldn’t retire playing in Europe, NBA is his home.

  28. AI4LIFE says:

    FOR jacknohara,

    how is scoring 60 points as a little man (which is crazy hard to do against steve francis in his prime and against a young dwight howard) who is 6 feet not an amazing feat??? Only GREATS can acheive this. He was the rookie of the year and averaged 22 point where kobe averaged 8 or something. He then won multiple scoring titles, all star mvp, league mvp, all nba first team. These accomplishments are amazing for a guy who is just 6 feet playing on a team that had no quality talent that the lakers or the celtics have today. Kobe was a one man show when shaq left, enabling him to score 81 points, and when he recieved assistance they became imminent once more. Im pretty sure if AI was 6’6 he would have achieved more, even as much as the great Kobe. He wouldve won a ring if it wasnt for the insane lakers and everyone thought they were gunna get routed!!! They won the first game and couldve had a chance in the others as well if it wasnt for SHAQ NOT KOBE!!!! and I AGREE WITH XPTHAKING!!

  29. Lux195 says:

    Join the lakers AI. if they said the lakers don’t need a point guard because of the triangle. You can replace fisher, you are a consistent better & faster shooter than fisher. You are more of a help than fisher to kobe in reality because when kobe gets doubled, and the lakers big men are against a tall team just like Miami(ilgauskus/dampier/bosh), Milwaukee(bogut), a healthy portland(aldridge/joel) and healthy boston(perkins/oneal/garnett. Yes it’s true The lakers lost to them because pau struggled, even if bynum is around and healthy, he is prone to foul trouble. Boston should have won the finals last year if perkins is not injured. The fastest guy is the only one that can save the lakers from big teams and kobe from being doubled team. See all of the big games that lakers lost, Pau/bynum front court struggled. why it should be the same for the backcourt? because fish is too slow to maker dribble penetrations when kobe is doubled. Fish got the most consecutive games played of all the players because of the triangle that tolerates him to become lazy in driving the floor. Why the lakers are dominating when kobe makes a lot of dribble penetrations to past and make plays. why not fish be the one to do that so kobe will have a good shot percentage.

    The lakers are denying that they dont need a point guard and yet they are dominating when kobe is distributing the ball by making dribble penetrations. The lakers struggled when kobe is doubled team or the whole team being defended well or when kobe decides to pass and his team mates can’t make a score, it is proven already overtime. It will make a lot of difference if there are two quick guards/backcourts in the lakers starter. please get iverson. i am sure AI will respect and get along with kobe…

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      wow aye i loved this comment my dude….you really just kept it real about the lakers situation.

      and people keep saying kobe is selfish, NAH, when he passes the ball people arent hitting shots, then the team gets behind and he takes matters into his own hands (like any other leader would do)…but when he does that his fustration causes forced shots and missed attempts

      only when he penetrates the lane and gets guys wide open are they being effective. fisher has gotten old and does not drive the ball at all anymore….

      everybody should read this post, because im really tired of people bashing KOBE likes its all his fault when LA loses games

  30. WG says:

    Iverson should come back to the NBA, The Heat

    It wont happen,because the Heat have no cap room and AI probably wont take the Veterans minimum.
    The reason Im saying the heat, is he would have a shot at a championship and the Heat are pretty thin at the point guard spot and from his Turkish highlights there, it almost looks like he’s a better passer and wiling to give up shot he would have taken back when..

  31. carl says:

    Iverson should be a first ballot hall of famer. He was born with the skills. Unfortunately the hall of fame looks at a persons entire life to be considered a hall of famer. He had to be freed from prison just so he could attend Georgetown. He was great in his prime with sixers but he was selfish. It was all about him and never about the team. He was the franchise player and how many championships did they win? Hell how many playoff fames did they win? Did he make his team mates better? No.. The latter part of his career has been an epic disaster. Rumors of gambling and drinking problems. He had to go play in Turkey because no NBA team would give him a chance after he screwed over Memphis and the sixers last year. I know his daughter was having health problems but that was no way to treat your employer. Personally I don’t think he deserves the hall of fame. He is a waste of god given talent. I used to be an Iverson fan.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      you sound stupid…he should be a hall of famer? then u say he dont deserve…

      LOOK, AI is a frst ballet hall of famer period ….sad to how his career is ending, but the guy was great for 6’0 or 6’1. He had the biggest heart of any player, and FACED adversity head on…people in the media and david stern criticized him and he pulled through it all…..all the drama he had in his life is hard to coup with and he did it while playing at an elite level….it speaks volumers….so shut ur ignorant A$$ up……you are classless and dis-tasteful

  32. XPThaKinG says:


    Obviously I see that some people are making statements about Allen Iverson that they have no proof to back up as usual. Just another typical Allen Iverson hater. I hear comments all the time from people who haven’t played basketball a day in their lives say “Allen Iverson is a cancer to the team”, “He’s not a team player”, “He’s a ballhog” and now I’m hearing that he isn’t “Great”. Are you serious? You’re telling me that Allen Iverson is a “good” player but not “great” now that’s just ridiculous. First of all let’s clear this ballhog thing up. Allen Iverson runs the two position which is shooting guard it’s not really his job to distribute the ball like that but he indeed does this at times. They say he’s a ballhog but will someone please explain to me how a “ballhog” can have a 6.2 career average in assist per game? Michael Jordan who is the greatest player of all-time only averages 5.3 assist per game for his career so I’m guessing he’s a “ballhog” too right? Kobe Bryant averages 4.7 assist per game for his career so I guess we got another “ballhog” right?

    Well let’s start naming some people that you wouldn’t consider “ballhogs” than and who actually play the point guard position Derek Fisher has 3.1 assists per game for his career, Tony Parker has 5.7 assist per game for his career, Chauncey Billups who you clearly said was a better point guard right and DEN got better when he arrived and Allen Iverson left only has 5.6 assist per game for his career and just to throw another good point guard in the picture who has had a long career Mike Bibby has 5.8 assist per game for his career average. Let me guess all “ballhogs” right? Allen Iverson posts better career assist stats than all of these guys I just named so tell me how’s he a ballhog? Then I noticed the comment that DEN got oooh sooo much better when Allen Iverson left and Chauncey Billups arrived which again isn’t so true.

    The first year Allen Iverson was there DEN won 45 games (now let’s remember when Allen Iverson first got there Carmelo was suspended because of the fight in New York and the trade was done in the middle of the season which means no team chemistry could be built right away) but DEN still managed to make the playoffs with the 6th seed. They ended up being matched up with the San Antonio Spurs in the 1st round and be eliminated by them. The Spurs went on to win the NBA championship that year as well. The next year the Western Conference was so tough that 7 games separated DEN from being the #1 seed but they managed to be the #8 seed with 50 wins that season. This shows you how tight the West was that year because in the east Atlanta won 37 games and got the #8 seed in that conference. Long story short being the 8th seed means you have to play the 1st seed which was the Lakers. They beat DEN in the 1st round and cruised their way to the NBA Championship where the lost to BOS.

    The next year 3-games into the season Allen Iverson was traded and in came Chauncey Billups. That year the west wasn’t a tight and with 54 wins (just 4 more that DEN got with Allen Iverson) DEN was able to get the 2nd seed in the playoffs which gives you a home court advantage. How is this sooo much better than what Allen Iverson did for DEN? Denver hadn’t won 50 games in years before Allen Iverson arrived but people seem to forget about that success. When AI arrived in DET they were already a team going down hill that’s why Billups was traded in the first place so how can you blame AI for that? He’s been put in terrible situations where he has to take the blame for things he hasn’t really caused. The coach in DET asks him to take a bench role so that Rodney Stuckey could start. Now you tell me is Stuckey better that Iverson? NO! So AI doesn’t agree to taking this role and it gets blown out of proportion. Do you think Kobe Bryant would get traded and then be asked to come off the bench? What about LeBron? Maybe Dwayne? But yet it’s a crime when Allen Iverson does it?

    The season before he was traded to the Pistons he averaged 26.4 points per game (which was 5th overall in the NBA) and 7.1 assists for the DEN Nuggets. You mean to tell me you’re gonna ask a guy coming off a season like that to come off the bench when “starting” and playing big minutes is all he’s known and not expect there to be a problem? Any superstar would have complained about that cause it makes no apparent sense and ever since that day all you hear now is Allen Iverson shouldn’t start but he should come off the bench. Well if Allen Iverson should come off the bench after a great season like that then so should Kobe Bryant, LeBron and the rest of the NBA superstars. The only thing that takes Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and players like that out of the argument of comparison with Allen Iverson is success with championship rings and that’s it. Now you tell me how is he not a “GREAT” player?

    I could easily keep going but I will stop right there.

  33. les diamond says:

    You can’t compare AI to Nate. Nate don’t even start. Fish is a 5 time champion. Not to take away from what Ai did. He made it to the finals as the best player on his team at 6’0

  34. ariel says:

    As for now Heat doesnt need a PG anymore. .LBJ and Wade can handle the ball very well and Arroyo and Chalmers are playing well lately. . Nothing to add coz the system is already good from offense to defense.

  35. Murse Mike says:

    AI was a completely selfish player that didn’t care about the team, winning, or anything/anyone else other than himself. He always needed everything to revolve around him. He routinely showed up to team meetings late, famously took practices off, and refused to share the ball on the court. He was one of the loudest people to protest the NBA dress code, ans was always focused more on putting up numbers and selling shoes more than winning. No one wants a guy like that on their team. He could still be playing in the NBA, but he caused so many problems for teammates, coaches, GMs, and the league so no one wants anything to do with the guy. He’ll be in the HOF because he was league MVP and no MVP miss the HOF, but he’ll always be touted as a loser, never mentioned among the greats.

  36. sebi says:

    how sad..he made me like basketball after i have see him in the first game of tha 201 nba finals,he was so fun to watch i can’t belive how time passes,and now one is imune to time,we all get old,is so sad…i hope he have surgery turn back to turkey,end this season,and after that he turns back to the nba for one more glorious year..he cand still play…

  37. RAP says:

    Hey Jacknohara (Jacknobrains probably)… and to all the haters that followed the imbecile’s comments about AI.. first of all, comparing Nate Robinson to AI? you must not be watching the NBA from the 90’s man.. you’re just a “trying hard’ NBA fan dawg, someone that found the little stat about AI’s winning percentage with Philly and then bragged about it since you hate AI so much because that was what the media has shown the past 3 years.. since when did you start watching bro? when AI’s game was starting to decline? when teams started fooling themselves that AI is the problem? (note: Pistons sucked more after AI left) (note: Denver was winning more when they got Billups, but just wondering where was Nene when AI was playing? right, he was injured the whole season bro. the damned Nuggets were a more complete team when Billups ran the show, got it?)(note: Memphis; bunch of dumb-asses thinking AI is not worthy of sacrificing Conley’s minutes, but how is Mike Conley doing now?).. going back to you dude.. people here are just trying to give props to “The Answer” because he definitely changed basketball..brought basketball to a new height..he carried the NBA to a new generation we’re watching today..

    And since obviously you’re in love with your Kobe Bryant and your little stat that Philly is sub-500 with AI, can you please name the players on AI’s team when he brought Philly to the Finals?Tyrone Hill, Aaron Mckie, Mutombo, Snow, Jumaine Jones, wow what a line up.. a line up that would make the Cavs team that was abandoned by the King look very formidable.. oh and you’re saying “East was weak back then blah blah”.. well 56-26 record won’t say they’re weak since that is tied with the 2nd best record overall that year.. so please stop giving us the bull on that team stat okay? Allen has been dragging the Sixers all by his lonesome for 10 years, unlike your Kobe guy that has had Shaq and now Gasol and an all-star team with him (i don’t even want to get started with this topic)..

    But please don’t get me wrong haters, i respect your opinions, though please stop rubbing pointless statements if you really aren’t familiar with the NBA and it’s roots dawg.. AI IS THE BEST POUND FOR POUND BALLER THE NBA HAS HAD. Enough said. It’s a shame it had to end like this, given unjust treatments from trashy NBA organizations. someone from the top comments said it right, AI should be given a proper send-off. No i don’t think AI should force himself again out of retirement. He needs to prove NOTHING. He’s done his part.. He’s an icon for me. truly a GREAT NBA player..No Matter What!

    • JGPro says:

      Dude I love you for this comment!

    • garry says:

      AI is the best….whatever they say, kobe can never compete with AI in terms of skills in the court….maybe kobe has the character and proper ethics in work than AI but surely and will never be in the nba games………………………………….!!!!!!!

  38. Kyle Godoman says:

    Allen Iverson to me was always an enigma in terms of his NBA career and as a person. He was a great player to watch, always lit up the scoreboard and his highlights were awesome. For probably a four to five year period he was arguably the best player in the Eastern Conference. I know, the east was really weak during that time, but that says a lot about his ability. Four times leads the league in scoring, all those all star appearances, an MVP award, all hes’ missing is a ring. It’s unfortunate that people are going to remember Allen Iverson the idiot over Allen Iverson the basketball player. I agree, Iverson kicked himself in the mouth plenty of times with his rather inflammatory comments and clashed with lots of coaches. I agree he was a polarizing figure in the NBA’s political circles. I also think he tried to act like a baseball hall of famer in decline, trying to start for the nostalgia and glory with his great statistical credentials on his side, but tried doing it in a league where nostalgia means next to nothing and the good of the team comes before anything else. But I’m not a moral judge, I’m just a fan of the game and what goes on in the games not outside of them. Allan Iverson was a great basketball player, and I think he’ll be missed.

  39. Stackjack1 says:

    I really can’t believe that you would compare AI to Nate Rob…man. The heart AI brought to the game cannot be measured, as well as his skills.

  40. Frank the Tank says:

    Sucks to see A.I have to end his career, too bad he has to end it without a ring or with an NBA team like the 76ers. I wish he would of been able to win a ring during his NBA career. Not only sucks to see him pretty much ending his career but to see other players from the early to mid 2000s ending their career or far out of their prime such as Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter, Shaq, and unfortantly so many more.

  41. China says:

    Man… Why did the NBA give up on AI???

    Especially Miami, who needs a PG!!!
    And old men retire in Boston!!!
    Why didnt any of these clubs pick em up???!!! Lol.

    Best of luck AI, hope to see you back in the US soon!

  42. anonymous says:

    RIP A.I. my childhood friends admire you, but M.J. is my favorite back then. Allen Iverson is the same as the current Cleveland Cavaliers team (Only Varejao and Gibson are playing on the right pace, Mo Williams get nerfed) that lacks effort, love for the game.

    His goal is just to milk money from teams until everyone quits on him (NBA knows it very well, that’s why nobody signed him), then when he want to quit, he try to injure himself (he knows his legs limitations, there is no such thing as stupid NBA player, Greg Oden seems one of those.)

    I hate A.I. for not playing like how Yao Ming played. Yao Ming is playing with everything, while A.I.’s soul is not in the game, and just bidding the time before a games end.)

    Ben Gordon is turning into A.I. attitude as well.

  43. gabriel says:

    Practice??? We’re talking about PRACTICE????? Psssssh….. what a joke. The guy was good but way to selfish, everything had to revolve around him or else. If was a true team player he could have probably gotten something done in denver. He did it to himself and he has no one to blame but himself. He should still be playing in the NBA but his personality turns every NBA organization off. Kobe was on the same path until he came to his senses and realized that basketball is a TEAM sport.

  44. jacknohara says:

    Well everyone in here is getting fooled by the news !!

    There’s a guy saying Iverson would “do well on the 80’s cause he’s i a sharp shooter” – Did you know that iverson made more than 100 treys in a season just twice in his career ?? and he has 1059 overall for his career ? did you know that his career FG% is .425 ?? that doesn’t look like sharp to me … To say he would perform well in the 80’s … is the biggest nonsense of all time. Think he would survive the hand checking ?? stop fooling yourselves !!

    About the Hall – There are GREAT players in the hall, like Jordan, Bird, Magic, Kareen, Russell . And there are also the VERY GOOD ones, like Ricky Barry, Ice Man, Sir Charles, Pete Maravich . For me, there’s an ocean of difference between the first group and the last ones. There’s also the ALSO RUNS hall of famers, like Ewing, McHale and others that I bet none can remember are there. And I’m sorry, but Iverson is leveled with the also runs HOF , and thats just because all of the props he got from the media.

    • Ron says:

      jacknohara, you repeatedly say you are’nt a hater, but you insist that AI is not great. How many “greats” single-handedly take their teams to the finals? not too many, AI was amazing to watch back in 2000

    • umm your retarded says:

      first of all nate robinson has no where near the skill level ai had or has. Allen iverson may have taken 20-30 shots per game, but no GREAT players took less then that. In fact allen iverson is one of the most efficient scorers. He held the record for most 25 point games in a row! now that makes him second behind durant who just broke it last year. and when your averaging 8 assists per game, THAT MEANS YOU CAN PASS RETARD. ai was always a passer(hint: POINT GAURD). You think Derrick Rose is a good player don’t you???? WELL HERE ARE SOME STATS FOR YOU BUDDY. Derrick rose took 25 shots per game in 08-09 and only managed to score about 16- 18 points per game. Allen iverson on the other hand shot 44 percent in 07-08, 35 percent from 3, and he had 7-8 assists per game, 2 steals. and 26 POINTS PER GAME. WOW how efficient is that. Back to your superstar hubby nate robinson. nate robinson is garbage! doesnt matter how much shots he took he wouldnt make half. this guy nate robinson has never made an and1 his whole career. Allen iverson lead the league in fouls drawn for about 4 seasaons. You said iverson cant shoot threes right?? well ai is 54th all time in 3 pointers made. And the team ai had when he went to the finals had no offense. the second leading scorer was theo ratliff. a whopping 12 points per game. no wonder ai took so many shots. Oh and one more thing, brandon jennings has a every play run for him, and he has 18 points per game 5.9 assists and shooting 38 percent, thats terrible!!! even your boy nate did better

    • ClevelandCAV says:

      Jacknohara is absolutely correct. Not only does he give several reasons to as why AI isnt a “great” but the people who disagree keep presenting the same arguement. good player? hell yes. great player? i dont think so.

  45. Devon C says:

    For any true fan of the NBA they will know that this a sad day for all basketball fans. AI was instrumental in the resurgence of the league and should be going out with a championship but instead ends his career in Turkey. And the worst part is he’ll be remembered as an egomaniac when in reality he was the heart and soul of a franchise and NBA fans around the world tuned in to watch this man leave his heart on the court.

    Speaking of heart, there’s very little left in the NBA. All that’s left are divas who have no credibility with their fans. These next generation ballers watched AI and aspired to be like him. Now they mimic his egotistical side well but they don’t back that up by leaving it all on the court. They never sacrifice their bodies they way AI would driving for a tough layup in traffic. I used to think that D Wade was the second coming but even he eventually sold out.

    The league is heading toward irrelevancy yet again while they track their divas’ discontent and selfish behavior. A message to “His Quitness” and “Melo-drama” we’re tired of hearing about your tough decisions. While you sulk and ponder over a few million dollars Mr. Anthony, some of us are struggling to pay bills.

    It’s a new day in the NBA. Back in the day, Garnett could talk trash without his opponent snitching on him. Back in the day, refs were on point and replays weren’t necessary. Back in the day, a bad call wouldn’t get you T’d because you wouldn’t be whining you would be playing the game. Back in the day, warriors like Allen Iverson were revered.

    “Back in the day when I was young, I’m not a kid anymore. But some days I sit and wish I was a kid agaiin.”

  46. mezstah says:

    Iverson was inhuman sacrificing his body every night, saying that he wouldn’t stand a chance to modern day’s PG is a disgrace for all who understand basketball. Iverson his philly-years was a phenom one of the quickest players who ever wore sneakers. Saying he was shooting alot right who were his teammates? Theo Ratliff ErIc Snow he has to shoot no choice.
    MJ jacked up thousands of shots his first 8 years in the league and he won nothing that period. When was the last championship of Philly? 1983? With 3 of 4 HOF’s that time. Iverson carried his team single handly in the finals.
    Big respect for A.I truly one of the greats of this game.

  47. Like Aguila says:

    Truly the best player i’ve seen wearing a pair of snickers. The Smallest person with the biggest heart in the NBA. Even if he’s done right now. With or Without the ring, she surely made an impression that everyone will remember. How he never quits, never back down and Beating all the ODDS. Truly, what a NBA Champ means.

  48. TRAVFCE says:


  49. Media always hawking athletes like Favre and Iverson about there retirement. they will retire when they are ready Mrs. Media. just like some women and probably most. complaining about this and that. I know Favre-Iveson wasnt stable with retirement decisions in the past, But at the end of the day its there lives. They can do what ever they want regarding there careers. My man AI just wanna fit in and conclude his goals before the road ends, maybe it has maybe he has 1 left in him. “We always have 1 left in us. sometimes you use it, sometimes you dont. maybe never” – quote by John madden

  50. kobe says:

    i cant believe what i just saw!! Allen Iverson PASSING!!

  51. albo96 says:

    iverson will not stand a chance against a modern day PG

  52. Arnas St says:

    Just sad when someone goes away from the game like that. A.I was my icon. One of the best little man who have ever played the game of basketball. Hands down A.I Good luck in life, take care of your family. It was a realy great ride.
    Miss you at the basketball court.

  53. jovy says:

    now a days nobody can surpass what AI can done to a the ladder hes unstoppable men w/ his height! AI be proud and no body owes what u done amazing things that ppl watch on you full of heart on court so be in real life too.be cool your the best!!! and we will miss your highlight…

  54. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Griffen Giordano, gil tyree, SoP, Vegas Basketball and others. Vegas Basketball said: Iverson’s Done, Again?: [nba-video vid=/channels/nba_tv/2010/12/15/20101215_allen_iverson_turkey_121410.nba… http://on.nba.com/iiGSrJ […]

  55. Green says:

    Hope this “retirement” is just to get out of Turkey. Sign with a contender in 2 months, A.I!! He played actually pretty well over in Europe against non-stop zone defenses.

  56. Valter says:

    Dear jacknohara, Allen Iverson took the the sixers to the finals twice, and didnt get swept like mnost teams did in the Shaq/Kobe era. Nate Robinson? Seriously? We’re talking about a guy who made the sixers an Eastern conference contender every season. Not even Lebron would do better with such mediocre cast…and he never did, at least in the postseason. Kobe takes 30 shots every night, KD always takes more than 20 shots a night and he’s got RWB on his team and they barely avg more than 29, not to name a dozen guys who always have 20+fgs,
    The little man had his own style and The Answer was simply outstanding. Not to mention the best 1on1 player the NBA’s had.

    • Bminus215 says:

      I agree with you Valter…. 100%….. but they only went to the finals once…. a shame….. Ima die hard Sixers fan, and I blame it on the execs…. how are you gonna make it to the finals… and then the very next year, you trade all but 3 players away…… Dumb

  57. scottie says:

    AI was truly one of the best if not THE best small man to ever play the game. Sad to see his career coming to an end, he was and will probably always be my favorite player of all time. I really wanted him to play in the NBA again this year, especially with how bad some teams are doing so far, hell I’m a twolves fan and I wouldn’t have minded him on the team, would have attracted more fans and ticket sales. I hope for the best for AI and hope to see him play again no matter where it is.

  58. Bminus215 says:

    So you mean to tell me, Jacknohara, that if you put Nate Robinson on the same team that Allen Iverson took to the finals in 2001, they wouldve made it to the finals? Not at all… dont kid yourself……. you cant even name where one player was the next year after that team except Eric Snow and Aaron Mckie and thats only because they were the only two left on the Sixers. He drug that team to the finals all by himself. A.I. was a great player…. he was 6 ft. doing things 6’6 guys do. You call him a selfish gunner, but you say the team ran plays through him and gave him the shots….which one is it….. cant be both. You also said he did good enough to be in the Hall of Fame…… there’s not ONE player in the Hall of Fame that isn’t great, thats why they call it the Hall of Fame. A.I. earned every credit he received. With all the records he has and awards… to not call him great is crazy. He won an MVP for crying out loud… theres people IN the Hall of Fame that didnt even do that.

  59. dewey says:

    i agree with the guy who said iverson should consider becoming a muslim. it will definitely help him turn his life around. just look at napoleon from tupac’s outlaws, or loon from badboy records or muhammad ali or kareem abduljabbar. those guys are very respectable figures, now that they joined the islamic faith.

  60. Devante says:

    best basketball player

  61. petty taratino says:

    personally I think A I would still give an nba team his all and wood be better than a bunch of these so called PG threats I KNOW he’s not the A I of old but he’s still got game

  62. RaeveN says:

    I think all the past injuries are already showing their effects.

    Being the one with the sickest crossovers ever, I hope he rests until his career is stained.

  63. Melo says:

    hes like charles barkley didnt win a ring but still a great ass player top 5 SGs of all time with no ring even though he was sapoose 2 be a PG but sixers didnt need one

  64. Shafeeq says:

    Thanks AI for giving all of us little men a thrill in the NBA for all these years. We love you!

  65. Bob says:

    Give Nate Robinson 30 shots a game and he’d be Iverson??? You know nothing about basketball. Nate would probably get 20ppg, but he wouldn’t take a team to the playoffs, let alone to the Finals. The same goes for Steve Francis, Marbury, all the other small guys compared to Iverson. Iverson had some attitude issues for sure, but he was as legit an NBA Superstar as Jordan, Bird, or Kobe. He simply had that thing that makes very few players the best in the world.

  66. He should become a coach says:

    He can still win rings as a coach of the nba, maybe bobcats or wizards or 76ers.

  67. lakersfanphilippines says:

    I will always consider Allen Iverson as one the best little player of the game. with his size and built, its amzing to see that guy break legs and scores against larger defenders. his image may have been damaged due to negative issues but we can never deny the fact that he’s one of the best player to play the game. Good luck AI.

  68. Reeko QUagga III says:

    WOW!!! The “Iron Man” Trophy for the little Man from G-Town… This is definately one guy who brought it everytime the laces were tied. It was sad when no NBA team would extend a seat, and even more now that an injury is taking him away from the game. The Brett Farve comment was thrown out there, but I’ll be the first to say that for Iverson I would watch him play still. My hats off to you, my prayers are up for you, and I’ll be looking for you to be among a group headed for “The Hall”. You are turly the picture next to the word “Champion”, and your highlights will be a part of what I’ll show my grandkids when mentioning basketball. Small when measured by a ruler, but Big when measured as a Man.. Much love and respect to A.I.

  69. Joey says:

    No way Iverson should walk. I think the teams that are doing the worst right now could actually of benefited from A.i this year. I could name a few. Me and my buddy were just talking a few days ago how he use to be pretty sick and be with it and all of sudden he didnt have players well of course he wouldn’t be what is use to be because he didn’t have the team anymore. and age. but can sill play good ball. and skills are up there with a lot of players that are still playing today like Derek Fisher

  70. jacknohara says:

    Sorry , I have to disagree …

    Iverson is a made up product. The NBA needed a star, you guys know, when MJ left. When the offense is running trough the same guy for like 10 seasons, obviously he’s going to get points. Give nate robinson 25-30 shots a night and he will get the same 30-40 wins Iverson averaged per season, same points as well.

    He’s Just a selfish gunner that couldn’t shoot straight, with no purpose or results to show (not to mention his work ethic). Of course he was very fun to watch, but let’s not get delusional about it. It’s like saying Pat Ewing was a great center … I mean, he was good, at his best, and that’s all. Both of them where good enough to get in to the Hall and all, but not to be paired with the word great. There’s an ocean between great and those two.

    I’m no hatter or anything alike, it’s just that I don’t like to have the media creating “greats”when there’s nothing great actually.

    • Ron says:

      Are you crazy there is no way Nate Robinson is as good as Allen Iverson……. Show some respect for one of the greratest to ever lace them. The great Kobe Bryant only caught up to Iverson’s scoring when AI’s career was going downhil and he will never catch-up to AI’s assists per game..The Iverson “product” was hated on by the media and ppl like yourself so if anything call Kobe a product since the media has done all but say Kobe is MJ, even tho Kobe is not that good.

      • jacknohara says:

        I will have to quote myself on that :

        ” When the offense is running trough the same guy for like 10 seasons, obviously he’s going to get points.”

        If you ever played ONE single organized game, you certainly know that schemmes say a lot about who’s going to get the ball and who’s not. The whole league wanted to see the tiny man score, no matter how the results would end up for the 76ers.

        “He’s Just a selfish gunner that couldn’t shoot straight, with no purpose or results to show (not to mention his work ethic). Of course he was very fun to watch, but let’s not get delusional about it. ”

        Kobe is not as great as MJ, maybe no one would ever be. But he’s also way ahead of Iverson in everything, you just can’t put them in the same sentence, is not about who cought who on the scoring list.

        Let me put it this way : In the 10 seasons Iverson played for the 76ers, they went 391-397 (.496) . Is that what a great player is suposed to do ?? That’s ridiculus (for a GREAT player). They made the playoffs 6 times. 3 times they’ve lost in the conf. semis, once they lost in the finals, and twice in the first round. Is that GREAT ?? Looks like a good player, but never a GREAT one.

        More : When the Nuggest traded him for Billups, wich team improved more and went to the Conf. Finals ? The rest of their teams remained the same , it was a straight up deal. Who won on that situation ??

        Stop fooling yourself, my friend, Iverson scored a lot, was great to watch , will be on the Hall and bla bla bla . But he’s VERY far from great. VERY VERY VERY FAR.

      • I agree AI was not a fluke. Kobe is Great but with a legend star next to his name to represent the watered down era he played in. If there was a way to prove this i would bet serious money on this. I think AI’s game would of been better utilized than Kobe’s in the 80’s and early 90’s Jordan-Magic-Dr J era. One Ai is extremley quick,Kobe he is quik but not that quick and there were a ton of SG-SF back in the day would of mopped Kobe on the floor like Drexler Phi Slamma Jamma, Bernard King, Michael Cooper, Len Bias, Ron Harper (Cavs), Joe Dumars, Dennis Rodman (Pistons), Micheal Jordan!, with those rules they played by with hand check. i think kobe would of won any championships and be just a 20-25ppg guy in his prime, maybe slightly less. AI would of been better because of his quickness and sharp shooting.
        i still take Nate ” Tiny” Archibald over AI the only player in NBA history to lead the NBA in scoring and assists the same season!

        Only player in NBA history to lead NBA in scoring and assists in same season

        At 6’1”, Tiny Archibald took the reigns from Bob Cousy as the NBA’s best pure point guard. Coming from the streets of New York City, Archibald was a playground legend. Archibald’s carrer gets a tremendous boost historically from his unreal ‘72-73 season when he became the only player in NBA history to lead the league in points and assists in the same season. Tiny’s numbers for that season are legendary. The 6’1” dynamo averaged a mind-blowing 34.0 and 11.4. For comparison, in his best scoring season, Allen Iverson never reached more than 33.0 ppg and in his highest assists season, Jason Kidd never broke 10.8 apg. Archibald topped both in the same season. Unreal. Tiny didn’t have the longevity to make it higher on the list.

    • Bminus215 says:

      So you mean to tell me, Jacknohara, that if you put Nate Robinson on the same team that Allen Iverson took to the finals in 2001, they wouldve made it to the finals? Not at all… dont kid yourself……. you cant even name where one player was the next year after that team except Eric Snow and Aaron Mckie and thats only because they were the only two left on the Sixers. He drug that team to the finals all by himself. A.I. was a great player…. he was 6 ft. doing things 6’6 guys do. You call him a selfish gunner, but you say the team ran plays through him and gave him the shots….which one is it….. cant be both. You also said he did good enough to be in the Hall of Fame…… there’s not ONE player in the Hall of Fame that isn’t great, thats why they call it the Hall of Fame. A.I. earned every credit he received. With all the records he has and awards… to not call him great is crazy. He won an MVP for crying out loud… theres people IN the Hall of Fame that didnt even do that.

      • Dallasman says:

        Jacknohara, you are quite right. Iverson was a good player, but great players are great teammates as well. I don’t care if his APG ratio was great, he was one of the worst teammates basketball has ever produced. True, he carried those 76ers teams on his back and went against one of the greatest Lakers teams in the past 20 years, but that doesn’t change the fact that he has been a selfish player all throughout his career.

      • jacknohara says:

        Nate is just an example, I’m not saying he would have the same “sucess” as Iverson( if you like to call Iverson’s career a sucess) . I’m saying that , with the same props they gave to Iverson, Nate could be remembered as the small guy who challenged the big ones and scored a few buckets , just the same as AI. After all, what else did Iverson did for the teams he played for ?? He played in 914 games, and got 466 wins and 448 losses (.509). That’s too little for a GREAT player.

        About the sixers making the finals in 2001, I just have to remember everyone how weak it was on the east on that year ? The east on that year was like that old saying , “in the land of the blind, the guy with one eye is the king”.

        And for the guys putting him on the same sentence as Jordan, Bird … The only thing i can say about that is that he’s smaller than their’s toe fingernails.

    • Noizemaker says:

      You don’t know any better based on what you wrote so we will ignore your comments.

    • hARHAR says:

      Agree with your opinion on iverson, except for one thing…EVERYONE who makes it to the HOF deserves to be called great. There are many many good players in the league, but only a selected few make it to the hall, so to say that he is to be a hall of famer and he isn’t a great player is an oxymoron in itself.

      • jroman says:

        I agree with jacknoharra… Iverson was an amazing player… but great players didnt just get their numbers. if you look at only numbers then iverson was great… but there werent ANY teams that would sign him last season… and got lucky with a signing with the sixers 2 years ago just cuz louis williams got injured. He didnt have work a work ethic and didnt improve the teams that he was on. He was amazingly talented but… is missing something to be called great.

    • WHAT?!?! says:

      What makes you so crazy is that not only are u saying Iversons only as good as Nate Robinson (is so wrong its kind of funny) but you are also claiming that Pat Ewing wasn’t even a great center?!?! I bet you think Marcin Gortat’s just as good he just doesn’t get enough shots.

  71. Spliftout says:


  72. DJ3 says:

    AI is possibly the greatest 6 foot SG in history of the nba. I wish you the best at your new job when you retire from basketball

  73. hey says:

    I wonder if he will convert to Islam? It will do wonders to his character. I hope he stays in the Muslim world and benefits from the scholars! So much wisdom there, I wish I could study with the scholars there. It’s too bad they get such a bad name in the media. Big ups Iverson. Congratulations!

  74. well =S says:

    You can blame him for what he did to memphis, the only team which gave him a chance.
    Or for the detroit fiasco,ir 76ers second time around,etc
    I feel you, hall of famers with no argument but we was no simple victim in the ways his basketball future came to be when his skills started to decline,..
    All the Best AI

  75. Hook says:

    Iverson can walk like a true champion. He’s done more than enough for the sport worldwide than most people understand. The only thing missing is that NBA ring, and he came so close in ’01. Probably the one that keeps him chasing it, but he, if anyone, can retire and keep walking like a champ. Thanks for the memories and the dreams you brought all the kids like myself!

    • everyone knows a.i. is one of the greatest players to play the game&hes a hall of famer,no dobut about it.im an a.i. fan and i think if he cant recover fom the suguery that he should call it quits b/c he has nothing as to prove.he is a champion and a great player.

  76. Brian says:

    If this were facebook, I’d like your comment right now.

  77. bossreagan says:

    Allen Iverson is one of the greatest basketball player that ever played the game. How I wish he could retire gloriously but if it’s the way he would retire it doesn’t diminished what he had done for the NBA. He has the biggest heart in all of basketball, he never quits and never makes excuses. I still remember watching him beat the lakers in Game 1 of the NBA 2001 finals. For me, Iverson is the greatest little man in basketball.

  78. Jalil Phillips says:

    Allen Iverson has been through enough adversity in the last two years for a whole lifetime. Between his exit from the nba and his familial issues, he has had to have the strongest heart in the world. Its no wonder his body is finally giving out on him. Im the biggest Allen Iverson fan to walk the face of the earth and I will be the first to say that he has done his time in to the media and the critics. He owes us nothing. He can walk away with a clear conscious if he wanted to. No one blames him for anything. Time to move on.

    • Zzanzabar says:

      Hear, hear Jalil. I couldn’t have said it better. Good Luck AI it was a great ride and as a fan of the sport I can say that you have ALWAYS given your best and I’ve gotten my money’s worth as a spectator. You owe NO ONE any apologies. Be well.

    • NBAguy says:

      The NBA should give A.I. a proper send off like they did with Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, etc. in their last games. He is too phenomenal of a player to just leave without a trace. He deserves the proper praise and ending that is worthy of his illustrious NBA career. Allen Iverson has brought so much joy and inspiration to fans as we watched him play throughout the years. A.I is a NBA legend and should be treated like one.

      • I Love AI but says:

        While that would be great, the problem being Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, etc. were all still part of the NBA before their career was over. Which teams gonna sign AI to a 10-day contract just so he can have his farewell?

      • DevMacK says:

        Philly should bring him in for a send off, that would be excellent

      • Richard Robes says:

        He is not done yet, he always got more assists than they credited him for, he should just not have signed such a big contract, cause alot of teams in the nba, could use him as a starter. He would be no worse than fisher at the lakers in fact alot better. bobcats could use him, Jersey, Indiana, toronto he could do better than calderon.

    • Reese says:

      I thought I was the biggest A.I fan lol…Good luck to him i wished he would have gotten a championship but I think it is time to hang it up as well he had a good run unless he can find that fountain of youth lol