Can you spot the Karma in Carmelo?

The new word today, boys and girls, is “karma.” I suspect even LeBron James, who wasn’t sure about “contraction,” has an idea what this means.

Now that karma is bold-faced and suddenly prominent in the basketball lingo, can we see some examples of such? Well, here’s a start:

Karma: Kevin Garnett (allegedly) calls Charlie Villanueva a cancer patient and then suffers an injury, misses a few weeks with a strained right calf.

Karma: Elton Brand reneges on a verbal pledge to re-sign with the Clippers (or so thought Mike Dunleavy), joins the Sixers, still looking to be who he once was. Meanwhile, back in L.A., heeerrreee’s Blake Griffin!

Karma: Michael Jordan criticizes Jerry Krause all those years for being a lousy general manager; Bobcats are floundering under Jordan’s rule.

Karma: Joe Dumars thinks Darko Milicic will turn out better than Carmelo Anthony; now trying to make a deal with Carmelo as the main figure.

Karma: Suns figure they’d be better off without Bryan Colangelo first and then Steve Kerr. Hmmmmm.

Karma: Ditto Trail Blazers and Kevin Pritchard.

Your turn, readers. Give us your examples of karma in the NBA.


  1. Till says:

    i think its sooooooooooo nice, that after this tweet of LBJ, the Heat lost to the clippers. I guess its true what they say: Karma is a very-quick-mood-changing-person. Greetings from Germany LBJ hope you get healthy soon anyway

    • bigE23 says:

      ( kobe is awesome) but he says he can beat lebron 1 on 1 … in the near future miami adds some banners

  2. Momo says:

    Karma: Lebron dissing on the cavs for being on that losing stretch, next game(yesterday) they get their first loss since what ? thanksgiving. End of the winning streak for the heat.

  3. Chino says:

    Karma back on Lebron with the loss to the clippers and suffering a sprained ankle injury in the 4Q.

  4. BRklynNeTz says:

    Kidd leaving jersey to try and get a ring…………still waiting

  5. J@m@L says:

    The best Karma has to be Portland passing on 2 best scorers: Kevin Durant and Of course, Michael Jordan. And the players they choose over them all became injured and ended their career early.

  6. LB6 says:

    How about Dan Gilbert by him saying cavs will win the championship before lebron does. how about his franchise not getting any championship rings before lebron retires.

    And also cleveland burning their greatest players jersey. how about cleveland not getting anymore franchise players in the future.

  7. astr0thel says:

    How about Tracy McGrady?? 😀

  8. jim berogin says:

    thats what happens when you get greedy.

  9. jim berogin says:

    Karma : Jay-Z and the russian Posting a damn billboard ‘ blueprint for greatness ‘ across the street from the garden. Melo TBA. yep.

  10. Pedro says:


  11. Pedro says:

    mr p control you’re self, he made a valid point, hold your girl parts when someone talks about lebron.

    thegreatest, true but i’m not feeling the lakers this year=/

  12. thegreatest says:

    How about lebron james not having any championship rings and MVPs anymore. Loss of marketing appeal and reduced sponsors..Kobe on the other hand will get another ring and MVPs.

  13. mr p says:


  14. Daver says:

    It’s cool that Lebron learned a new word, next new word he should learn is humility. Maybe Dan Gilbert deserved a little jab, but the players didn’t. Karma has a long memory, it’s not always instant. Lebron has a life time of bad karma coming his way and I’m only talking about his non basketball related behavior.

  15. skeng says:

    Stoudemire suffering numerous injuries, now on the way to become the ’10-’11 MVP

  16. Daver says:

    How about Boozer and his suspicious exit from Ohio, he spent more time on the bench with injuries than Malone, Stockton and half the Jazz alumni in their whole careers combined. Of course that is subtracting all the injuries he milked.