Mixed Signals In ‘Melo-Drama

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — While everyone else on the planet believes that Carmelo Anthony is headed to the New Jersey Nets any day now, Anthony remains skeptical that a deal is imminent.

In fact, Anthony doesn’t seem like a man convinced of anything right now. He’s waiting to hear from Nuggets GM Masai Ujiri and team president Josh Kroenke before he gives all these rumors anything but a roll of his eyes.

All these mixed signals do, though, is set Anthony up to be the fall guy in a debacle that could play out much like “The Decision” did for Anthony’s good friend LeBron James, with Anthony playing the unsuspecting villain this time.

Another of Anthony’s good friends, Nuggets point guard Chauncey Billups, seems to be the player most affected by this latest round of rumors, all of which include Billups joining Anthony and Rip Hamilton, among others, in New Jersey.

Billups, of course, is from Denver and a hometown hero, having won championships in high school and played for Colorado in college before moving onto a stellar NBA career.Β  Billups has talked openly about wanting to not only retire as a Nugget but also about pursuing a position with the franchise after he’s done playing.

“He’s from here. This is his home. He was born and raised here,” Anthony said. “For him to come back here toward the end of his career, and almost seeing that light at the end of the tunnel, where he can have a chance to retire in his home place, and then to hear that he could be sent to New Jersey anytime soon, I’m pretty sure it could be tough on him and his family.”

What’s tough is spending another week trying to get a handle on a situation that seems to change by the second. Al Harrington is now rumored to be the deal breaker for the Nuggets. They want to unload the veteran forward, and the four years and $28 million he’s owed after this season.

Injecting Harrington back into the conversation is just one element of the show of force the Nuggets flexed Monday, when they changed the tenor of the conversation, per our main man Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, who reported that the Nuggets went to far as to threaten to trade Anthony to New York for a weaker overall package if the Nets didn’t keep the details of the negotiations out of the public domain.

With the Nets and Pistons on board to finish this thing, the Nuggets are once again caught in the matrix — just as they were in September, when a deal seemed imminent and then fell apart when the Nuggets wanted to squeeze a little more out of the deal.

The Nets remain optimistic a deal will get done, per the rock-solid reporting of Al Iannazzone of The Record, but they are frustrated:

They’re in a similar position as in September when some thought a four-team deal for Anthony was close. But sources said this three-team blockbuster between the Nets, Nuggets and Pistons was much further along than the four-team scenario, and could happen in some form.

The Nets are frustrated but hopeful they can close this deal with the Nuggets, who are trying to get a little more from the potential trade that sources said was nearly agreed upon Sunday. It’s already a 14-player trade that could increase to 16, not including draft picks, before an accord is reached.

So we wait a little longer, until this “accord is reached.”

We wait until everyone feels good about what could end up being the league’s biggest, most complicated and most talked about trade of all time.

You have to wonder about the collateral damage, though. Someone’s reputation and image stands to take a hit from such a public negotiation. Our guess is Anthony becomes the easy pick for top honors.

Anthony’s going to be a hero to some (fans in the Jersey area) and a villain to so many others, if and when this deal finally gets done.


  1. jdplayer says:

    the nets will be a complete team almost if the trade goes thru cause they will have got melo rip and chancey and maybe al harrington to a starting line up of a good mixture of experiance and skill and maybe playoff team if they trade early enough u can have a losing record in the east to get in. chancey , rip, melo, humphies , lopez and off the bench famars and al harrington and who else every to fill in i see them winning some games now get a good back up center maybe a chris kaman they dont use him down there he was an allstar

  2. MISAM says:

    Carmelo Anthony going to the knicks?? I know ppl are gonna go berserk after they read this comment, but i dont think NY should get Melo. NY’s offense is really based on Raymond Felton and Amar’es strong chemistry, and their pick n roll. Anthony is an offensive specialist, and NY doesnt need offense, they need Defense, so Anthony going to NY would be a bad mix. He needs the ball in is hands to be productive, The only way i see this workin out, is if NY gives up Wilson Chadler, Gallinari, and rising star rookie Landry Fields, because they make most of NY’s outside shooting. This doesnt look like a good combo. Especially , considerin the fact that he wants a ring, yet he would have to go through Eastern Powerhouse teams, like Boston , Miami, and a new look Orlando, which i doubt he has a shot with any teams.

  3. carli says:

    He should just stay with the Nuggets this season and then when he becomes a free agent he signs with the Knicks. He’d be better off with the Knicks than any other team. Amare, Carmelo, Ray Felton, Gallinari, Landry Fields, Wilson Chandler. Nice!!

  4. jim flood says:

    i think the nets should give their head a shake and back out. they have the pieces they have drafts [lots take 3 years

  5. BIG FAN OF MELO says:

    please melo dont go to new jersey.your career would become worse..stay in denver or go to new york..please not in new jersey..

  6. Jeremy says:

    I think both parties are at fault. Melo because of him putting demands on the trade & Denverofr moving like a turtle to get a deal done. It seems like Denver is playing around with the Nets. it seemed like a deal was going to be done right before the season started with the Nets but the deal fell apart. It looked like a 2nd deal was going to happen within the last couple of days when the Nets found a way to deal wtih the Petro holdup, now they want the Nets or a team to take on harrington’s contract. I know Melo is a great scorer but if the Nuggets want to get any resemblance of fair compensation they better not wait til the last minute to deal him

  7. ned says:

    I truly would love to see Melo end up in a Bulls uniform. Imagine that lineup. PG=D,Rose, SG=R. Brewer, SF C.Anthony, PF=Carlos boozer, C=J. Noah. Best lineup in the NBA. Even better then Miami.

  8. DeeJay says:

    whatever your choice, i’ll be with you melo

  9. Quinito says:

    Stop talking non sense here.

    Melo will finish this season with the Denver Nuggets and will become a free agent.

    Then he will play for the Philippine Basketball Association as a Barako Bull player. This is really true. Melo’s dreams is to play in the PBA not NBA.

  10. asdf says:

    don’t really know where carmelo’s gonna land, but if his smart he should wait and wait until free agency and go for new york. but i just had to say… whoever said t-mac was equal to jordan, should be spanked hard on his head. Not even in his prime was t-mac close to what michael was. woww that was one funny comment

  11. big b says:

    This trade is the best thing for the nuggets, besides obviously keeping Melo. If melo wants to go, and it looks like he is because he hasnt signed the extension, then the nuggets should focus only on how they can improve their team the best, not on pleasing their superstar. Chauncey Billups is a casualty in this trade, and he obviously wont be happy. But i think he’ll just move back to denver next year when his contract expires, and then he can run the rejuvenated young nuggets for a year or 2. Derrick favours has a lot of potential in the trade, and is also a number 3 draft pick, just like melo. In conjunction with the first round picks, denver should be well placed to rebuild there team, and be contenders again. I think unless k-mart can spend the rest of the year fully fit, he should be traded, and denver should invest in either luring another superstar, in particular another big man

  12. Impossible says:

    I’d like to see ‘Melo in Knicks, so the Miami Heat have something to worry about instead of the Celtics itself, or this might sound farfetched but he can also go to the Lakers, and pair up with Kobe, Gasol —> Trade Artest and Luke “The Garbage” Walton, or Andrew Bynum since the Nuggets need a decent post player for Mr. Anthony.

  13. Striker09 says:

    I Think Anthony doesn’t want the trade,
    – because he’s still in a situation and with a team that could go far if they come together for a last run! Which he owes to the team who felt short to the Lakers back in…
    – he wants to go to the Knicks who become immediately a contender with him on board next year! (Big three in the Apple: Felton-Anthony-Stoudemire, damn)

    So why does everybody wants to force this trade except the Nuggets and Nets who want to build for the future?
    Knicks can wait, they have established an identity -> don’t destroy it and give away half of the team, because Mike needs young legs for his run-gun-fun bball!

    Detroit-> Give Prince and Hamilton a chance to win and get some toughness on this team! These guys did everything for this team and they are still winners!

  14. drew b says:

    and i will put money on it carmelo is not going to the nets! period! it wont happen i know the game.

  15. drew b says:

    reason i say oden is because he is cheap to get hes great defensive player and if he stays healthy he can rebound and i mean comeone guys we all know no one scores more then the knicks….. with the right big buy defending its over

  16. skeetandcheese says:

    hey sekou !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what mixed signals have melo sent so far ?

  17. Fastbreak says:

    You guys are forgetting about the Hornets. They actually have a decent thing going their defensively, just need more offense to go with CP3.

    New York is not a title contender, nor is NJ even with those trades. Melo isn’t going to stay on any team he is traded to because that team will suffer a blow to their lineup, and no team with a lineup that can handle that blow is willing to sign Melo. The truth is no title contender has the resources or willing to give up the resources necessary for Melo. His best chance is to enter the free agency and go to the Hornets. They have a solid defense and just need more offense and spark to go along with CP3. Thats for a championship option. If he wants money/stardom then NJ and NY come into play. Amare went to NY to be a rockstar not to win a championship.

    Melo needs to make that choice, and by the looks of it he will enter the free agency. Sucks for Denver, but like Cleveland they had more than enough time to please their star and bring in more talent. They didn’t, so they start looking else where.

    • Husk says:

      Amare is doing well being a rockstar carrying the team into playoff contention. Thts a start to win a championship. Become a star player so others can come. Also which player wouldn’t want to play in MSG? The knicks are doing better than the hornets. the knicks also need an extra spark w offense and well as defense. The Hornets had their chance w CP n David West and Peja…going to the Knicks is a better deal than Nets and Hornets.

  18. drew b says:

    New york dream team. Stad,chandler,fields,melo and greg oden

  19. Jon Gotti says:

    Carmelo has not been sending mixed signals at all. The decision is not strictly about the money, and it’s not strictly about winning a championship. I honestly don’t think it’s a situation like LeBron where he’s selling his soul to get a ring (if so I don’t think it would be a choice between the Nets and the Knicks). He’s decision is about his happiness as a player, that includes good pay and a winning situation, but it also includes location. You can’t blame him for looking at the way knicks fans are treating Amare, and dream of giving his best years to become part of something special in the location where his heart is. What does he owe Denver? Just play 100% every game they pay him for. All they did was draft him, it wasn’t like they raised him (like Cleveland/Akron with LeBron). This is his job, and I know you guys take the same elements into consideration when pursuing ur own careers (pay, success, location = happiness). It’s not one or the other, it’s a sum game. And when you get your heart set on something it’s kind of hard to settle for less. The bargaining agreement is probably making Melo nervous but he was counciled in a similar decision about his college choice, to go many other places than Syracuse, yet his will proved strong and it worked out for him. At the end of the day, if the trade deadline passes him still a nugget he can get his money in a sign and trade deal to the knicks in the offseason.

    • Zar The Knicks Fan says:

      sign and trade???? why would he need that? if he doesn’t sign the extension knicks don’t need to trade anyone for him. he will be free agent next season.
      he won a title for a New York School and he will win NBA title for new york team
      True new york team not “brookyln new yorker”
      plus Knicks got a superstar in amar’e already, Nets got no stars
      Devin harris is over rated. Felton can play as good as harris, maybe even better
      plus who would want to go to NJ over NY??
      MSG and Knicks are world famous and well known. they are basketball royalty.
      i am not Native born and came from asia,
      when i was back in homeland country men only know 3 basketball team, 1 arena and 1 player
      Lakers, Celtics , Knicks, Madison Square Garden and Michael Jordan. Nets?? i only heard of them when i moved to NYC (no mean to dis nets)
      a lot of hearts belong to Knicks and i think melo heart belong to knicks too
      he will wear white blue and orange next season

    • Nuggets No.1 fan :D SHILE says:

      You win πŸ™‚ That’s thrue 100% πŸ˜€

  20. Jonty says:

    The Knicks or Nets need to get Mello know. Know is the time. Mello will play a in part in the new york media. If the Nets get mello along with Farmer and Lopez their are will be unstopable this is coming from a Nets fan. I rather see him in Jersey to full the Rock in Newark so he can be a draw in Brooklyn in 2 years

    • Husk says:

      Farmar, Melo, and Lopez? Unstoppable? man shut up. REally? nets fan? THEY WOULD STILL DO TERRIBLE. farmar is avg player, brook lopez isnt a threat at all. He’s good but not even close to STAT. the Heats triple stars would rape the team easily. Man watch some mroe basketball before you come up with some stupid statement.

  21. mvp33 says:

    @ ” you don’t have to know” : i thought about it like you said and soon realized that i had already thought about it, and that’s why i posted a comment in the first place. so below i took a passage from my earlier post and reposted it as a counter to ur response. i also capitalized the keywords in my counterpoint for you, seeing as how you missed them before ; ]

    the nets would be shipping most of the players with an upside away to make the deal happen leaving them unable to compete RIGHT AWAY. the knicks have an impressive roster ALREADY….

    another thing…i understand the nets will be a “ny team” soon enough but they will not be THE ny team and never will be. ‘melo wants a big stage in a lucrative market, and he wants to win NOW.

  22. Aaron says:

    I feel compelled to correct a few things here. First of all, to the gentleman who compared T-Mac to Jordan,Melo to Pippen and Ben Wallace to Rodman- Really? Seriously? Really? I mean….. I just can not comprehend how you came to that comparison. If I had to guess, I would say that comment is from T-Mac himself. Just wow…….wow. I don’t even know how to put in to words how ridiculous that sounds. Moving on……for everyone who thinks that Denver should just trade Melo for the best available package,the reason Denver doesn’t just trade Melo is that no team is willing to give anything tangible up unless Melo agrees to an extension which he won’t unless it’s where HE wants to be. This seems to be NYC who KNOWS that it’s smarter to wait until free agency where they don’t have to give anything up trade wise for him. If NYC and Denver can not work out a trade (that will be very lopsided) before the deadline, i don’t expect to see Anthony traded at all unless a team out there is willing to give up valuable players to “rent” Melo for 3 months.

  23. tony says:

    i think melo should go to the garden him and stoudemire would be a threat and if they add a big man like camby or oden they will be the best team in the league, the nets are stupid for this trade if they do it trading away half theyre team for one player who doesnt even want to play their favors is 19 years old by the time they in brooklyn this kid will be a stud they should just work with what they have

  24. bob says:

    This “trade” is not going to happen. Mr. big shot doesnt want to play in new jersey. And melo dosent want to play in new jersey either. i think the best is for every one to stay where they are.

    • JKey says:

      Probably one of the best things said about this whole trade business. I think Anthony should wait until he can opt out on his contract. It’s messy now and at least at the end of the season, it doesn’t need to be so messy with players going across the US (probably against their wishes). But then again, management wants solutions now and not later.

    • Sunsman says:

      How about another option. Melo and his expiring contract and troublesome but talented JR Smith for Vince Carter and his expiring contract and Hakim Warrick and Josh Childress. If either star likes his new home can resign, Nuggets get rid of headache in JR, who would thrive next to Nash, and Warrick and Childress would help Nuggets with replacement SF and a back up PF in case of injuries to KMart again. Numbers should work even, given size of Carters contract. Gets Nuggets out of hole and shakes up Suns. Only issue would be Melo might have to start at PF.

  25. emann says:

    i think anthony’s best bet it to stay in denver. after the trade anthony’s chances of winning a ring are probably going to be slim. anthony should ask for the management to get better players to support anthony in denver. they just one big man away from being a serious threat.

  26. Omarisgay says:

    Nj might be a better desicion for melo, personally I think this trade is more possible then the earlier trade scenario’s because now melo will play with his quarterback billups AND Rip hamilton, those two with a team which has Brook Lopez will make NJ a very good team this year. If he goes to new york, they’d have to give up too much talent to get him, and the situation won’t be that much better then Nj, and assuming NY keeps all their players in a trade (impossible), they still will have a hard time keeping Gallo / Chandler when they’re up for resigning. That said, I think this is the trade which should happen, I’m from toronto I don’t like the idea of Atlantic getting stronger, but ultimately this is best deal for melo because even after this summer they’ll have money.

    • Husk says:

      Billups wouldnt play for Nets….he said he wants buyout if it happens so once he gets traded NEts will have to let him go and he goes back to Denver.

  27. CELTICS says:

    melo > james

  28. Nuggets No.1 fan :D SHILE says:

    I’m just hope that he didn’t go to New Jersy.They are the worst team i league in last 2 years.Their score in last 2 year are 22-93.That’s terrible Melo can’t go to that team! I know that probably Billups go too but that still isn’t good choice for Melo. It will be better for him to go in New York. They was bad but they now have a feature. And if Melo and Billups go there they can be one of better theam’s in league. And Melo say’s that he wants to play with 2 other star player that will bi Billups and Stoudemaire! I hope this drama will be and soon and that all situation will be good to Melo first πŸ˜€

  29. rico says:

    melo sucks, cries, can’t lead a team, gives up on his team, cant establish chemistry. Second third option at best. Pure offense in the Reg season. Pure Dirk Nowitzki…sounds familiar (LBJ) ..no post season talent. Ill take billups and harrington all day for a throw away 65 mill.


    • hARHAR says:

      no, no respect.

      As if you could do better. He is pure offense, but that is 1ST OPTION offense. Not one of the best players in the league, but scorer? I’d take him over you.

    • Melo says:

      your jelous u couldnt make it to the nba asshole better then ur favorite player and dnt say kobe bcuz ur a damn lie

  30. you dont have to know says:

    Getting Melo is the first strategy of the Nets to build a power house team. Once they acquired him(Melo), he can attract good players/free agents to sign(or ask to be traded) to New Jersey. I think CP3 will soon to be a Nets player as soon as Melo signed up to NJ. So for all of you saying that Melo coming to New Jersey will be his bad move well think again. I hope I had given you something to think about. =D

    • Husk says:

      Who the hell would want to play for the Nets? They are just a wack organization and team. Oh yeah get Melo where’s yourr good point guard? Denver is going to have a bad deal w Devin Harris, crappy Derrick favors etc…I’d rather have Melo traded for chandler n fields instead of this. Besides if Nets want tor rebuild, they have first round draft picks…start from there. and if they get Melo this eyar, they still wont make the playoffs because 1, Billups would leave the team 2. Hamilton is freaking washed up. 3. Brook Lopez is avg…and 4. Melo won;t have the support he wants. Besides no way CP will come just cuz melo plays there. The jersey is ugly, team is wack. enough said.

  31. drew b says:

    now another thing this trade will be big for newyork but id rather get a good big man than mello because its not all about offense knicks have bad def

  32. mvp33 says:

    nets, if they make this trade… should play there games in a high school gym next year WHEN ‘melo leaves. why spend a billthe ion $ for a building that’ll be empty on game nights for the forseeable future and beyond. there 4 most promising guys are devin harris, brook lopez, derrik favors and anthony morrow. they are all under 26 yrs old and have the potential to make solid contributions for years to come. three of the four would be included in the trade. this swap would net (no pun intended) them the services of ‘melo who is NOT goin to resign there, and two past their prime guards who won a title in upsetting fashion almost a decade ago. i like billups, but he’s on the decline. not to mention he’ll be very unhappy having to leave his hometown team with whom he planned to retire with. rip is in the twilight of his career as well. then there’s the ? of why would ‘melo wanna play in jersey? the nets would be shipping most of the players who actually have an upside to make the deal happen leaving them unable to compete right away anyway. the knicks have an impressive roster already and a winning record. they unlike the nets are willing to wait til free agency to sign him so ‘melo would be joining the current roster and immediately propel them to the top of the east with the likes of miami, orlando and maybe boston.

    • well.... says:

      Devin Harris is 28…just sayin’ and Melo would propel NY past a team like Atlanta but without another big I don’t think they could get past Orlando or Bostons’ size…maybe Thabeet XP

  33. drew b says:

    he will go to the knicks. why not? the knicks have stad,felton,galinary and chandler is a beast. they would win alot but the knicks lack one thing! a big man. hey new york a question for you! why not lookinto greg oden yea he is hurt but hes 95% back and he is a big guy and cheap to get ahold of! other wise we will lose to the celtics and the magic and la over and over cause no one big enough to guard pau and howard and oneil.

  34. Yorgo says:

    There is always Madison Square Garden and always would be the one with the lights, fame and everything else that comes along with it! Anything else is simply bubble gum!!!!

    If you are one of those that can’t take it (and I know Anthony wants it so badly) then you shouldn’t be playing basketball!!!

    If you want to shock the world… CARMELO COME TO NEW YORK!!!!!!!

  35. i think carmelo should go to the nets for the rest of the season and see how it goes, and if does not go good then try to sign with the knicks or try to get chris paul to come to the nets

  36. Vanessa says:

    Nuggets front office is pretty smart in this whole thing … In order to make sure Anthony remains with them .. they have given him just 2 choices :

    1. Sign the contract extension with us
    2. Get traded to the Nets and sign the contract with them ..

    They are no way going to give Anthony a chance to play for the Knicks rather a chance to play for a team he doesnt want to.

    • drew b says:

      the nuggets are not gona do anything for him. and the nets are a bad francise plus who would go there over newyork? its the meca of basketball! the knicks will get mello and if they get a big guy it’s over they will dominate

      • awesomeman says:

        Okay listen. The Nets are located in Newark, New Jersey, right across the river from NYC. It wouldnt hurt Carmelo to drive 45-60 minutes back to Newark from some luxury condo in manhattan. Not only that, but the Nets will become the Brooklyn Nets in 2012-2013. I dont think that would be an issue

        I agree however, he would rather play with amare, danilo, and felton than old chauncey, old rip, and lopez.

        This trade would be an utter disaster for the nets. What happens when they retire? And where would that defense be?

        he’ll stay in denver for the rest of the year. either resign with denver, or pack his bags to new york. with the KNICKS.

    • Jones says:

      Anthony will get a chance to go 2 NY during the off season. He doesn’t have to sign the extension and therefore he can just opt out 2 free angency when the season is over. As a New Yorker and a NYK fan, I’d love 2 have Melo in the Knicks jersey now, but hey if he ends up in Jersey that’s fine we’ll just sign him and start the ’11-’12 season fresh.

    • octane says:

      true they have given him 2 choices. but he may rake option #3. free agency. and then the nuggets get nothing.

  37. lakers all day says:

    lakers all day guys kobe bryant all day everyday young money all day

  38. Balla Balla says:

    This Melo shouldn’t go to the Nets talk is crazy…first off Denver is doing him a favor and trying to accomadate him while getting the best value they could get..if it wasn’t about trying to accomadate him then Minnesota would probably offer the best package…I don’t blame the Nuggets or Melo ..I think both sides have their fault…Melo has told them he plans on testing free agency and basically do what is best for your franchise…and the Nuggets trying to convince somebody that already had their mind made up are stupid..just trade his arse adn get as much as you can because if he stays he is gonna walk after the season anyway.

    • hARHAR says:

      Did you forget about the New Jersey’s place in this picture? They will not accept the trade unless Melo guarentees that he will sign an extension with them. That means a contract on paper.

  39. Tom says:

    i’m no expert but i’m pretty sure one way or another he’s going to play for the knicks next season.

  40. JBR says:

    My opinion (as a Nuggets fan) seems to be that Anthony has told the Nuggets he wants to be traded, has told them where he wants to end up, and is now trying his best to step back from it, wait for it to happen, and focus on basketball. Watching him play sometimes this year, he has played with incredible focus and tenacity, while at other times he has seemed unfocused.

    Granted, his family situation is very sad, and must be adding to what is already a rather stressful situation. We (as fans and observers) like to think that these guys with the life they have and the money they earn much just all have charmed lives of milk and honey, but no amount of money can blunt the effect of having people the world over calling your motives and intentions into question, and acting like he (the player) owes them something.

    People like to talk about loyalty, but in reality, there is very little loyalty in the NBA, and in fact, the NBA is probably one of the worst sporting leagues in the world – MLB, and most European soccer leages also come to mind – in terms of loyalty. Not only of players to teams, but also of teams to players, and fans to players. If Anthony was 38 years old, and averaging 1.7ppg, he would be a ‘list-clogger’ and a ‘has-been’. Where would the loyalty be then?

    But I digress…

    As a Nuggets fan, I’m waiting for this trade to happen, simply so it will be over and done with. If Anthony wants to leave, make it happen sooner rather than later. Don’t keep him around hoping to win enough games to scrape into the playoffs; trade him now, then concentrate on rebuilding. It seems obvious that if Anthony was going to re-sign with Denver, he would have done so by now. If there is one thing they do have in their advantage, it’s that the Nuggets know that Anthony will not want to try his luck on the open market. Yes, it’s not about money, we all know that, but Anthony stands to miss out on A LOT of cash if he signs a deal under the new CBA.

    On one hand I commend Denver on not pulling the trigger early and holding out for maximum return. It shows a lot of poise from the front office that they are not allowing themselves to be railroaded into a bad deal. But as a fan, I just want this mess over with a quickly as possible. And best of luck to ‘Melo wherever he winds up. I hope and expect he will get the respect and gratitude he deserves each time he returns to play in Pepsi Centre.

    Sorry for the long post, but I’ve been reading so much about this lately and I wanted to express an opinion. I’m getting tired of going to work each day and then coming home and rushing to the computer to see if the deal has been done. Like everyone involved, I just don’t want to have to think about it anymore.

    P.S. Here’s hoping Chauncey Billups stays in Denver, because he really does seem to want no part in this trade.

  41. Steven says:

    I want Carmelo on the New York Knicks, If he goes to the Nets that’s a step in the wrong direction. Meo and Amar’e Stoudemire tell me that don’t sound like a championship?

  42. kojin says:

    if i was melo why the heck would i even go to NJ they are a losing team with no garentee they can get anything done in the future. NJ needs him to get people that are good to come without him they are done. thats why they are so desparate. Melo is playing it smart so he wont get stuck to mediocrity for even more years. the nuggets as they are aren’t and cant get any better and he knows this. he sees miami’s success and wonders why his team isn’t that successful since theyve been together longer. injuries, inujuries, and the players overall dont cut it in the playoffs. NY isn’t there yet but they are way ahead of the nets and nuggets in terms of making noise.

  43. Rip Greenfire says:

    I think there is a big problem with this trade, ‘Melo doesn’t want to go to New Jersey. The Nets have tried everything, but ‘Melo’s not budging. He want’s a big three too, and Lopez, Billups, and Hamilton will not be enough.

  44. Lm Mortel says:

    Melo is better off staying as a Nugget if he wants to keep his championship aspirations up! They (Nuggets) wouls just need to stay healthy..which I know is hard regarding some of Melo’s teammates due to age; but nonetheless; They are still a contender in the west.
    Moving to the Nets or Knicks would be a bad move, considering that hose teams don’t have the pieces as better as the Nuggets. Sure, Stat is playing the best ball of his career, but it’ll take more than him & Melo to win that ring.
    If it ain’t money that concerns Melo, then what is it exactly? If he just wants to have a New York City Zip Code, then with all the G’s that he has, just buy a freakin’ mansion there, but what really is it that Melo wants?
    Nobody can tell but him..maybe Melo doesn’t know what he wants either..Well, we know what he wants, & that’s to win a ring, that’s His goal, but what exactly is his plan?

    • NOOOOOOO says:

      al harrington, kenyon martin, washed up billups, sub 6 foot lawson and chuck up every shot mr j.r. smith aren’t part of a championship team. sure they gave the lakers a run, but to be honest, no one expected them to win. and they didn’t. this year their worse off, losing to the kings, clippers, and the hornets. only the hornets might make the playoffs and even then they aren’t serious contenders. he needs a superstar on his team. maybe the nets give him that later. or he can guarantee it by joining the knicks. the nuggets aren’t that nice this year at all

  45. fingers says:

    i just believe this is a move by the nuggets to dump a whole bunch of money off thier hands…to be honest its typical nuggets move … they always off loaded talented players and the fans of denver are left to watch sub par basketball like they are’nt worthy of good nba talent or championships… well for denver fans back to bottom feeders lane…

    • TWizz says:

      Lol don’t blame the Nuggets, blame these players who think they have to team up to get a championship. Thats all they ever want. Why not just be happy that they are playing in the NBA? People would do anything just to sit on the bench… Honestly if Melo leaves, I will stop watching NBA. All these “Big Three” or superteams is getting ridiculous.

      • hARHAR says:

        It goes against human nature to remain complacent when one can be successful. Don’t we all want to live our lives to the fullest? He may be better off than the rest of the population, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t follow his goals. And did we all forget his fiance wants to be in a big city?

      • WOAH says:

        lol im sure their all happy to make it to the nba and stuff. but its like once you have a job, wouldn’t you want a promotion. you get more money and more respect. its more awards and more gratitude from people. players should be allowed to play for championships. that’s what the game is all about. to WIN. its a competitive sport and players should be allowed to do all they want to win in such an environment. we, as fans, created this environment so that we see our teams win championships. and these stars knew they were going to the nba. they’ve earned the right because of their talent and work ethic. so now they wanna win championships. go ahead.

  46. fan says:

    maybe not having his sis call after his first game without her really had a negative effect on him mentally not having that phone call after the game her telling him about his play…could have played a factor to his 8pts and only 11fga

  47. Eddie says:

    It’s a tough place for the Melo-man to be at. On the other hand, the Nuggets would probably loose a stellar small forward for n uncertain future. Furthermore, Melo have never said he wanted to be out, however. It seems to me that the money he is getting for three isn’t sufficient for a All Star as his caliber. The reality is, Melo would like to play for a championship contender team. In addition, it’s important for Melo to step out in the locker room his leadership alongside with Billups. More importantly, he’s got to step up his game as well as one of the league elite scorer, he has many ways to score and he need to let speak volume for all of the rumors.

  48. jerve says:

    Melo going to New jersey isnt going to be a good move for them. One simply because its very obvious that melo doesnt want to go there. publicly although indirectly saying he likes new york ( no offense to new jersey ) . second if he wants to be in new jersey he should be the first person pushing the trade or the move ( like LBJ ) and not avoiding it. third YOU DONT WANT TO PAY A PLAYER AND PUT IT INTO YOUR TEAM WHEN HE DOESNT WANT TO. YOU WANT A PLAYER WHO WANTS TO PLAY FOR YOU BECAUSE OF THE GAME AND NOT BECAUSE OF THE PAY

  49. melo says:

    Melo has donated $ 4 million, so it’s not hungry for money

    • abn says:

      4mil is nothing near what he gete paid

      • Just a sec says:

        Well 4 million would be about 1/5 (or more) of the money he makes in a year. So for a guy that makes $60,000 a year that would be equivalent to a donation of $12,000. That’s a pretty generous donation.

      • DunkaSlam says:

        Tru dat but it’s still a lot of money.
        I don’t believe in using percentages though because making 20 million/yr is just not the same as $60k/yr.
        A guy making donating $12k of his 60k/yr is more generous that someone who donated 4 million and makes 20 mil just because he only has $48k to left for his needs. After taxes, mortgage, utilities, groceries, car payments, etc. he won’t have much left compared to the other guy who still has a cool $16 million to pay for all that.
        I’m not saying Melo wasn’t generous or not. A 4 million donation is still great regardless but it’s just not the same thing.

  50. Zzanzabar says:

    There are no ‘mixed signals’ as far as I can see. All I see are a bunch of ‘experts’ trying to push a trade between Melo and NJ and twisting it as though it is Carmelo’s fault because ‘everyone’ else is ‘on board’. Melo would be insane to be stampeded into a foolish trade such as this, and everyone who says that he will lose a ‘ton’ of money because of the new contract are equally foolish. Obviously it is NOT about the money, if so he would simply go for the 64 MILLION that would be guaranteed if he signed with Denver.

    As Antony has said so many times before he wanted to explore his options (ie. read the best team for his talents and chances of winning a title). He has give Denver 8 great years of play, and Denver, to be honest, has reciprocated by making him a home favorite, but now he faces 3 more years of banging on a team that has not made a ‘significant’ move since Billups and feels that maybe New York or Chicago (or impossibly, L.A.) might be a better fit. It is the NEWS HOUNDS that keep pushing this disastrous trade (from Melo’s standpoint) and accusingly say that he is ‘holding up’ the trade or that it is ‘one again off again’. It is NEVER going to be ‘on’ until Carmelo says so PERIOD.

    • LOL says:

      Yea because you are an expert and know all of this. LOL

      • Rip Greenfire says:

        He’s more of an expert then you LOL.

      • Vlad says:

        You don`t have to be an expert to know that no team will give up so much to get Anthony and then lose him next summer. Before any trade is done he must sign an extension. And no one can force him to do that so…
        i dont understand what`s with all these stories of him going to the nets, today , now , here bla bla when even the guys writing the articles must know that if does not want to go to the Nets…he won`t sign the extension.

    • WEJB says:

      Has anyone here read my comment last night? I told you all that Carmelo Anthony would best fit in Detroit Pistons. You wanna know why? It’s very simple in which team in the present you will find 2 superstars like Tracy McGrady 2 time scoring title champ and Ben Wallace 4 time Defensive Player of the Year. If Melo will go to Detroit it’s like Jordan=Tmac, Pippen= Melo and Rodman=Big Ben version of today, a big chance for the Championship

      • jessquo says:

        WOW!!! YOUR AN IDIOT!!!

      • hARHAR says:

        except both wallace and t-mac are old and far from their prime. They are nothing but role players.

      • WOAH says:

        aright. woah you need to relax buddy. there’s a reason no one cared to acknowledge your comment. That was possibly the most out-dated, washed up analysis of the pistons. Ben Wallace is no where NEAR what he was as a four time defensive player of the year winner. Last time he was even on the NBA all defensive team was 07, and that was second team to boot. McGrady hasn’t done anything since leaving the rockets. He didn’t do anything his last season with the rockets. You need to remember its 2011 now and that those two do not attract superstars as role players. lol tmac as jordan and wallace as rodman…melo is better off staying with the nuggets.

      • KdurantCHEA says:

        I simply cant believe you just compared Jordan to Tmac and moreso, do you even realize how old Ben Wallace is? Think before you speak bud.

      • SpursFan says:

        yea i agree with Vlad, the Nets are willing to give up a huge part of there team just for Melo,but if melo’s not on board to commit & sign an extension theres no way in hell there gunna pull the trigger on the deal,no one would.

        My prediction the Nuggets wont be able to deal Melo & he will just walk as a free agent in the summer

      • mamopo360 says:

        i like it, never thought of that, but, i like! but it will never happen. you are an idiot

      • bone saw says:


        this has got to be a troll comment. why don’t the pistons bring in karl malone and chuck too?

      • Whut??? says:

        Buahahahahahaaaaaaaa…..You must be playing NBA Live 98 or some crazy sick fantasy sports basketball….or you’re just di-di-diiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

      • Zen says:

        I really hope you’re trolling…

    • NAJ says:

      Agree with you totally Zzanzabar, as always you make a very good point

  51. jimT says:

    MMMM (MyMainManMelo) is still grieving his sis so yall stop harassing him with Qs.