Nets, Nuggets Will Never Be The Same

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — So all we need now is for someone in Denver to press the button on this three-team, mega-deal that will change franchises forever.

Our main man David Aldridge of TNT said it, and his word is bond around here.

Go ahead and do it already. Please rescue us all from another six weeks of speculation before the trade deadline.

But be warned Nuggets fans, things will never be the same again. You might climb out of this in a year or two and be a playoff team again. You might even be a legitimate contender some day. You just won’t have a charismatic star like Carmelo Anthony leading the charge anymore.

For franchises like the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics, there is always life after a big star departs or fades from the scene. When you are in the championship business for years and years, there is an in-house blueprint for moving on from one era to the next.

In Denver, there is only the great unknown that awaits.

Even with all the assets the Nuggets are set to receive in this — anywhere from 14 to 15 players and draft picks are going to change hands — they won’t get anything close to what Anthony has meant to their franchise in return. That might explain why the Nuggets have been so apprehensive about pulling the trigger on this deal, per Al Iannazzone of The Record.

For those of you whose memory doesn’t go back as far, I remember the Nuggets before Melo was there. While it was always enjoyable to visit a world-class city (and hang with my main man Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports, who was the Nuggets beat writer back then), those road trips to Denver in the early part of the last decade were always marred by an afterthought franchise that didn’t have a central figure for its fans or anyone else to rally around.

That changed when Anthony arrived. The coincidence of Anthony and LeBron James showing up in the same draft to rescue two forgotten franchises has always stuck with me. Both of them leaving those franchises they helped resurrect in a seven month span seems as cruel as it does poetic.

The Nuggets’ pain will no doubt be the Nets’ gain. As quickly as the Nuggets will go into rebuilding mode, the Nets will enter the realm of the relevant in the Eastern Conference. At 10-27, they’ll need some time before they can get into the playoff mix, even with this sort of monumental infusion of talent that could give the Nets a starting lineup that features Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Rip Hamilton, Kris Humphries and Brook Lopez.

This trade is a delayed victory for Nets GM Billy King and billionaire owner Mikhail Prokhorov, who promised to make a splash when he bought the team and fortified the move to Brooklyn. Anthony gives them a superstar name to place on the marquee in Brooklyn, not to mention a star to rival the Knicks’ Amar’e Stoudemire on the back pages.

We’ve been on the doorstep of this deal, or an incarnation of it, being done once before. The sides thought they had an agreement in place in September but that fell through. Even with all the work that’s gotten us to this point, there is still some drama to overcome before it gets done this time, per our main man Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports:

Nuggets officials were angry with the insinuation they had backed away, insisting they never agreed to a scenario where they would complete the deal. As one Denver official told Yahoo! Sports late Sunday, “People are trying to pressure us.”

Still, everyone involved in the trade believed the Nuggets had come too far to walk away, and talks continued between Denver’s [Masai] Ujiri and New Jersey GM Billy King late Sunday.

If a deal is finalized, Anthony is expected to agree to a three-year, $65 million contract extension with the Nets. His agent, Leon Rose, has worked relentlessly to help structure the package of players that will arrive in New Jersey with Anthony.

Anthony “wants to play with Rip,” one front office executive told Yahoo! Sports.

The moral of this story, however, doesn’t involve the fluff of what could or should be or the behind the scenes machinations that will ultimately lead to this entire ‘Melo-drama reaching a satisfactory conclusion.

This is about the fate of franchises, the organic kind and the stuff manipulated by the hands of men.

The fact is, lottery picks come around every year for some franchises, just ask the Los Angeles Clippers.

But true franchise players, guys special enough to resuscitate an entire city and its fan base with their presence alone, don’t come along but once a generation in most places.

With Anthony on the verge of walking out of the door in Denver, there’s no guarantee his replacement is walking through that door (in the form of Nets rookie power forward Derrick Favors) now or anytime in the near future.


  1. BigGame says:

    I think its better for carmelo go to the nets..if chauncey come with him in nets,Nets must trade chauncey billups,travis outlaw and a first round pick for chris paul and marco belinelli..cause melo wants to play alongside with cp3 and rip hamilton^^.
    and after that trade just made a major build up for the team..

    GO NETS!!

  2. Grant. says:

    bahaha Lebron made a good move good on him people are just bandwagon fans if they truly loved the cavs they would not have cared :p

    as for Melo he is doing the same thing (it goes to show there are more player fans than team fans)

    as for the ridiculous posts about Detroit? McGrady a superstar? are you kidding me 4.3 ppg? the man has passed his prime he is no longer a great player and Ben Wallace wtf? ahahaha the man is terrible …

    good on melo for getting out of the team that isn’t doing what they need to win.

  3. em a lebron fan says:


  4. em a lebron fan says:

    one word DALLAS!!!

  5. NYCand1 says:

    Melo won’t get a Championship anytime soon in NY or NJ. In Detroit? Never!! He could get one in NY in about 2-3 years after they get some more pieces to compliment him. felton and Stoudemire aint enough! Of those 3 players just mentioned, Stoudemire is the best defender. If they can get melo to play some “lock-down” DEFENSE,………….things could change. But the bigger issue is who would the Knicks have to give up? Right now almost all of their guys are producing! Whether it be on offense or defense! They’re not playing well enough to beat Boston, Miami or Orlando! They would need more talent and more time(2-3 years) before they could compete with the top 3 Eastern Conference teams. NJ? I say 4-5 years and thats only if they get another Superstar to play with melo! Like Chris Paul!

  6. dude says:

    I hope the Detroit Pistons Trade Rick Hamilton to Miami because Hamilton is great shooter that will fit to the big 3 and not to new jersey remember Hamilton help a lot in the championship run of Detroit against LA Lakers so i hope Dumars will make a good move to hamilton its time to pay him Joe dumars a good player of yours let him play in a contender team like miami not in New jersey… Hamilton will gonna be six man in miami heat roster i know he can play in 1 or 2 position!! this is gonna be a good trade Mr. Joe dumars Hamilton for Mike Miller and Eddie House a good trade… so let Richard Hamilton play in a contender team give him a chance to play in great team not in a go down team like New jersey Nets even the nets get melo and chaucey its no sense at all it will never be a contender!!!!

  7. Blazers fan says:

    I think, being a blazers fan, melo should not stay in denver so that portland could have an easier time with the nuggets. being a basketball fan, i think melo would and should want to go to new jersey instead of detroit right now if he has to. Brook lopez is up and coming, but devin harris is also in trade talks. basically, melos not in a very good situation in any of the three places regarding winning an nba championship

  8. NBA2k11Player says:

    for me, i think it would be better for melo to stay in denver, why? because melo is a great scorer, great leader.
    Masai Ujiri you must do something to make melo stay in your team, why dont you find some player who fits in the right position and dont let melo leave your team…

  9. Chris Ross says:

    Man there’s a lot going on in sports these days. The Carmelo Anthony trade rumours are really interesting and just thinking about how it changes the scope of the NBA is something that is cool just to imagine. I’m not sure it makes the Nets into instant contenders but I guess anything’s possible. It’s weird how we’re seeing the trend change to go for broke and win now. Not very many team’s want to build from within their organization anymore and I’m not sure hoping to sign a couple stars by clearing up cap space is the best method out there. As a Raptors fan I probably don’t want this trade to happen primarily because it shifts more power to the East, which is the last thing the Raps need in the next few years. But as an NBA fan it would be really fun to see.

  10. SYDALE says:

    They should make a deal with the Sixers. Melo for Nocioni, Kapono, and Evan Turner…

  11. Rafael says:

    I disagree, because in Brooklyn he will play with Lopez, Rip and Billups. in 2012 the nets will sign with Paul or Howard, and they will have a championship team.
    GO NETS!!

    • Blazers fan says:

      rip is done in three or four yrs and same with chauncey….
      and pauls not going anywhere near new jersey

  12. moonliner says:

    As a Lakers fan, when I heard Kobe say he was bone on bone in his knee the first thought I had was that Mitch should swing a multi-player deal to let Kobe retire in NY and bring Melo to LA to take his place for the long run. Crazy?

  13. Ice Pogi says:

    Let him go… The man doesn’t want to play for Denver anyway….Ronald Tubid is replacing him for the Nuggets!!!

  14. bidz says:

    hey i think he will fit in Phoenix or in New york .. !!

  15. Mieldrian says:

    Carmelo should go to Barangay Ginebra Kings. That Would make the Franchise Better.

  16. Theodore Tsirpas says:

    he should go to the lakers!

    trade odom, artest and bynum, receive carmello, billups and al harrington bang bang bang!!!

    if he goes to the east he’ll never be an all-star again… lol

    East all-stars:

    won’t be in over any of the above people….

  17. GBRO3 says:

    i think everyone is forgetting he can EASILY not sign an extension unless he is traded to the team he wants. Which would force them to trade him for whatever they can get or keep him and let him leave like lebron. HE still have the option to be a free agent. There may be a team that trades for him for a half year of his services but he can easily decide not to sign an extension and sign with the Knicks in the offseason. Money isnt the problem obviously besides he has a deal with Jordan. This way the knicks doesnt give up their players and have people to trade to bring in Chris Paul… Felton (Gallanari or Chandler) and couple draft picks could bring CP3 to NY. That starting line up to me would be the best starting line up in the NBA on paper.

  18. Melo to knicks says:

    Melo will go to knicks in off season. PERIOD. even if he gets less salary then other teams can offer him, who cares?? In the end he’ll get more $$$ from endorsements in wearing Knicks Jersey than anywhere else in the league , just ask Amare.
    Knicks will become fierce contender in the East next year! and if they can somehow manage to get CP3 in 2012!…Knicks will finally have dinasty potential again for years to come!

  19. Ice Pogi says:

    Before, I thought this trade was not a good idea… But seeing RIP and Chauncy will be part of the deal… Hell Yeah They Can W/ Coach Avery …. No offense on the Knicks… But they don’t have anything to trade…It would great if melo land at MSG with Amare….only thing is… They don’t have more resource ryt now…Nets Nuggets trade will benefit both teams…

  20. BigZo says:

    As much as i dont like Melo, this trade would be good for him and good for New Jersey. Anthony, Billups, Hamilton, Kris Humphries and Brook Lopez is a very strong starting lineup! Very well balanced and solid defensively. Billups and Hamilton are veterans who have a ring together, know each others games and know how to win. Johnson is a good coach. Like it or not Melo is a better fit with New Jersey than New York. New York need a coach that knows defence as well as offence! And someone to anchor the team, that will come in the form of Chris Paul next year…. It would also be a lifeline for Hamilton as well coz the Pistons are going nowhere! With a clutch guy like Billups, a guy who can carry the offence in Melo and a 2 guard that runs and shoots like Rip can and a very solid big man in Lopez all they would need is a half decent bench and somewhere to play! Do it!

  21. aus mick says:

    i love how so many people get hopeful and start comming up with a million scenarios in which melo would land in their teams backyard. bulls, lakers, all ridiculous suggestions. while pistons is more realistic than those two cum organisations, i see it highly unlikely, unless melo had an IQ of 4, because venturing into a city such as detroit that is home to a team stuck somehwere inbetween rebuilding and age, with a hell of a lot of work infront of it, would surely seal his fate as another talented and gifted basketballer, who failed to reach the pinnacle of the sport, an nba championship. While this nets trade is watering mouths of fans and analysists alike, i do believe that the smartest move for anthony, is to go home to new york. the signs are all their. born in new york, growing up down the road in baltimore while idoloising the likes of ewing. married in n.y also. and the knicks propose more of a threatening and ready made roster than that of the nets. unlike the nets who are 10-27, the knicks sit 6th in the east, with a young and exciting roster, with the likes of fields, galinari, chandler and a competant genreal at pg in felton, and a superstar in amare. it just seems like melos bed is made in new york, and instead of distracting his play with the fuss of the complex, complicated and difficult trade routes proposed and speculated, he should come clean, be honest with himself and the nba world, and tell it how it is and will be. carmello will be in new york come 2011-2012, and will win a championship in his time there

  22. E.DuBose says:

    I think it’s time for a change for Melo because he has given Denver all he had and despite his all star caliber play they just played around with the playoffs. I thought they had a decent team in Denver but they could not beat those tough teams in the West so a change of scenery might do him good. I would choose Jersey over Detroit for sure.

  23. Joseph says:

    I know Melo wishes is to win a Title, why not the nuggets try to make a trade with Lakers? a trade in exchange for Odom + others.

  24. WG says:

    What a usleless trade
    Is Anothony really going to a better team or one with more potential?
    Usless trade. Anthony should be pushing to make a deal happen in New York or Chicago, or stay put if that doesnt happen.

  25. choker says:

    just trade melo to Detroit for Hamilton and Billups to the Nets for Harris

  26. choker says:

    COME ON !!!! MELO!!!!
    -Magic so that you will get Championship!!!
    -Suns so that you will replace J-Rich and Amare
    -Detroit because this is where Billups started to rise maybe this is also the team where you will rise and join with T-mac to revive your career
    -Memphis nothing….normal team, maybe you can lead them to the right path
    -Knicks, team up with Amare….and New York Knicks will be remembered and you may also help them defeat Miami and other contenders

  27. marshMELO says:

    melo should stay in denver , wait for free agency summer a

  28. Ricky says:

    See people, this is what trade “rumors” do. They discourage coaches and players! right now it’s all a complete and utter mess! The only ones reporting on this trade is the MEDIA! And all these blogs! They are the only ones who want this to happen. When the nuggets win, the rumors put to rest, and when the nuggets lose, they come back! Anyone else see this? If i am wrong then tell me why they always say “sources” say a trade is going to happen soon?’ Nothing is happening, people just want it to happen because they don’t believe a team like Denver can compete with the likes of Bron, Wade & Bosh. I don’t want to see a another big three! I want to see 12 players winning! Let it ride out and if both Nets and Nuggets fail then we’ll see what happens but we haven’t even arrived in June yet! So for now, just let the teams play and then talk trades when it’s needed like in February/June!! Sorry, i needed to get that out!

  29. abn says:

    the knicks need bigger guys to be the true center and some better bench players, not another super star like c anthony.

  30. SPIKE LEE says:

    @Aaron This is isn’t baseball……this ain’t George Steinbrenner and the Yankess….you cant just throw money at the team, players have to want to be where they are at. They have to have a passion, without it there’s no chemistry, I don’t care how close Jersey is to NY it will alway be a back yard dump to us. They are a small market and even most NJ residents are Knicks fans..Even when making two finals appearances NJ still was dwarfed by NY as far as a fan base and marketing goes, Melo aint stupid, he’s gonna wait

  31. SPIKE LEE says:

    Also realistically speaking, any trade the Nets landed would surely be a project for next season because they are not going to be contenders this year, They’re competing for divisions worst right now and were THE worst team in league last season. Even with a Russian billionaire and a Multi platinum rapper that’s a lot to swallow. So with that said, why would he sit there and lose this year while locking himself up for the next three years in the process if he can just wait and sign with NY? makes sense since we wont feel the effects of this move until the next season unless Denver throws NY a bone and lets him go for cheap.

  32. SPIKE LEE says:

    What is with you people talking about the chicago bulls?? If you want to see Melo on the bulls, buy NBA 2K11 and trade him there. The man does not want to play there! He has made it public that he wants to play for no other team than the New York Knicks. He has made it public that if traded, he will NOT sign an extension with any team unless it is the Knicks! He is Brooklyn born, His wife is here in NY, If there was any exception in his mind we wouldn’t be discussing this because the trade would’ve went through by now. Chris Paul, Amar’e and Melo have made up their minds about this long before the speculation just like Lebron, Wade and Bosh did last summer. Y’all keep talking about the CBA…look at what the big 3 in miami did, Money isn’t the issue, and because Chicago looks better than the knicks on paper doesn’t mean a thing. They looked better than maimi on paper too last summer until lebron and Bosh went THERE…not thats just a distant dream, get over it!

  33. sorry there was lots of mistakes in my last line i meant to say is that Maybe he does not care for denver anymore maybe he wants to se his family and friends he may just want to be close to his family he will have more of a chance to to make it far on the nets but he may be in it for money or rings he says he will not take the deal un less the owner dont want him he dont want to move chauncey from his home town he also dont want peaple not to like him he is frusterated and confused he is felling for chicago a little they look like if they had anthony they would win it all and other teams he is silent about hes not trying to hurn anybody so melo i will not tell you what i think i will not tell you what to do every one who is with me respond

  34. carmello anthony wants to be on a chapionship team he does not chauncey billups in the deal becouse he wants to be in his home town mello aint going on the net but the knicks he said he dont want to mess up what they already have but it is his home town the nuggets owner wants money more they wins so the bulls will they trade some unimportant players to put anthony in a nice lineup or will other teams come and take him will he go for rings or family or money

  35. newmike says:

    If I were Carmelo, I will look for a team that has a capable winning a championship. 1 superstar in a team is so hard to win a championship, just like what LeBron James did. Today, you need more superstars in a team in order to win a championship like Lakers and Celtics did. Basketball is not all about individual awards, its all about teamwork. Every decision is important, there is no turning back. Your not getting younger, your getting older. Think about it Melo.!

  36. john says:

    i think it should be a three team deal between the nuggets nets and trailblazers where marcus camby, andre miller and rudy fernandez go to the nets and greg oden, nicholas batum and patrick mills go to denver and troy murphy, devin harris carmelo anthony and nene go to portland

  37. YARD BOSS says:

    Yo on the real, I been reading some of the stuff being said here and alot of views are are based on bullcrap… first off why does everyone expect star players to team up with other star players.. what happened to the day’s where all a team needed was a 1 star and a good core group of players to surround him with? if he really wants to be part of a championship contending team then he should go to chicago. he already said that Chicago is his second choice after N.Y. before all this talk about the nets , NY and the Chi where the biggest possibilities. Now lets be realistic, the bulls are a way better team then the knicks are.the knicks are alright but not better, yea they lost to them twice this year but sometimes even the best (Eg; LA, Boston) have bad games and lose to bad teams. so i wouldn’t pay much attention to that. Teams records speak for them self’s. New York has nothing that Chicago doesn’t have, both equally great cities. It has already been said that the knicks have nothing that seems enticing for a trade. Chicago can free up Loul Deng(who is having his best year), Taj Gibson(another great player that is being talked about a lot by teams, JJ and some picks and cash. Denver already said that they would take on that deal if Chicago throws in NOAH. however the bulls already said they wont give up Noah and proved it by extending his contract. So it might be hard for an agreement to happen between both organizations. However the bulls would be the best team for him. If he goes to the Nets they still wont be contenders for years. lets not even talk about the pistons, and the knicks would become a good team with melo on it, however they would still not be at the level of Miami, Boston, Orlando or Chicago. Again in my opinion the Bulls are his best bet. and it all comes down to 1 name: Derrick Rose, Serious contender for MVP this year and on his way to be among the top 3 best players in the NBA in a few years. ,….. Rose, Brewer/?,Boozer, Melo, and Noah?????

  38. Allen says:

    If Melo wants to win a championship, one the teams to consider is San Antonio Spurs. Spur’s Jefferson plus three future first round draft pick for Melo. Afterall with Anthony hanging is Denver jersey, there’s no present for that franchise, but there’s definitely a future, and that’s when a gamle of future draft picks come into play. Go SPURS!

  39. job says:

    Maybe it better to go in Dallas to backup Dirk, to get her CHAMPIONSHIP with DIRK……

  40. Aaron says:

    I am by no means a big Melo fan so I give this opinion with no bias. New Jersey is not a bad destination for Melo at all. This team will become relevant very soon. With or without Melo. They have a new billionaire owner who’s made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t mind spending to get to championship caliber and with the pending move to Brooklyn they will gain a state of the art arena and probably a renewed fan base. These things will make the Nets an attractive option for free agents in the future. Melo knows these things and he’s making a smart choice if he does go to the Nets (well, kind of smart i suppose because by moving to the east he will never see the finals for at least the next 6 years or until the Heat disband.

  41. denverfan says:

    so much debait lets see what the melo man decides its not like were gonna change anything

  42. bern says:

    i bet melo would be more powerful if he will join the LAKERS..

  43. 813snoogy says:

    Melo to grizzlies wooooooooooooooooooooooooo go grizzlies Mayo fan for life :).

  44. NBAest says:

    J.R. Smith and Renaldo Balkman (Nuggets) to Warriors – Monta Ellis (Warriors) to Nuggets

  45. NBAest says:

    Chris Andersen and Al Harrington (Nuggets) to Sixers – Andre Iguodala (sixers) to Nuggets

  46. skeetandcheese says:

    melo is going to hornets for sure ! that team would be too stacked !

  47. maybe he wants to leave maybe he wants to be near his family his friends maybe he this is a new carmello maybe things change

  48. NBAest says:

    Nuggets get: Eric Gordon (Clippers) and Gerald Wallace (Bobcats) – Clippers get Chauncey Billups (Nuggets) – Bobcats get Baron Davis (Clippers)

  49. Maybe he does not care for denver anymore maybe he wants to se his family and friends he may just want to be close to his family he will have more of a chance to to make it far on the nets but then again anything can happen.I live in chicago

  50. mooks says:

    NO LAKERS 2011 – 3PEAT your wrong and VLAD is absolutely right!
    Lebron could’v handled the situation better instead of a televison show, but he never spat in the franchise’s face, and as a free agent he has absolutely no obligation to give a rat’s ass hint to anybody not even his mom. It’s his life and his career its HIS choice.
    as for cleveland being bitter i don’t blame them, but don;t blame Lebron he got them 60+ wins and look at them now worse record in the league, just shows his value to a team. and as for cleveland giving him everything he wants?
    are you kidding? cleveland gave him a bunch of crap talent that can’t compete add lebron to cleveland now and you got the same team that won 60+

    just stop hating! thats excactly the reason why NBA arena’s are booing him for no reason is because of people like you. so please stop joing the bandwagon.its getting really old, LeBron is proving everyone wrong with his play and that’s all he can do as a basketball player.

    and grow up

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      (clap, clap, clap, calp) well put and that’s the truth. Lebron is gone, get over it and stop acting like he’s wronged anyone.

  51. Nets all day says:

    Knicks fan keep dreamin melo is brooklyn boy and nets ars brooklyn team watch out knicks nets are hungry….

  52. WADE says:

    He will go to miami heat 2011 CHAMPIONS

  53. bostonFTW says:

    @Lu: Hinrich didnt move, he got dumped to the Washington Wizards. That’s one of Chicagos mistakes. Letting Tyrus Thomas go to the Charlotte Bobcats and Ben Gordon to the Detroit Pistons AND Brad Miller to the Houston Rockets. For what? Jazz players? Chicago might make another mistake if they trade role players for Carmelo. im not saying its worth it but you already had a good team against Boston 2?3? years ago.
    K i agree with with the waiting for the free agency part BUT if he goes to the NYKnicks. he has to face a stacked Eastern Conference (BOSTON,orlando,miami,chicago) If he moves somewhere around West (Lakers,OKC,Spurs) then he has a bigger chance of getting a ring and getting to the Finals. Another season after that. he can wait for Dwight and CP3. Im just saying but id hate too see more stacked teams with 3 superstars that are taking the easy way to the Finals.

  54. david says:

    melo wants to join the knicks i see…… but to be honest, i don’t see him fitting in well in there. i mean, you already have amar’e being the team’s main scorer, and we already have really nice players in chandler and gallinari. then of course you have to take into consideration team chemistry, i mean, will 2 superstar scorers be able to work together? AAARGH big dilemma -_-

  55. MJ says:

    Well, you should keep in mind about Russians. They get what they want. I think we might see CP3 and Melo at Nets (they will change the name as well) soon and NY might be facing a huge rival at their own house. Good for us NBA audiences though

    I am an Orland fan I do support the idea of each team having three stars so we might see really good basketball. The more team we have like that,rest will just find a way to copy that otherwise one stars will suffer with their fans all the time.

  56. rayray says:

    who cares melo sucks! They should send him to Miami because maybe if he goes there they might win a WNBA championship.

  57. KB24 says:

    I’m a big fan of melo coz of his sweet jumper. the best decision for him his to wait for his contract to end and go to new york knicks PERIOD.

  58. ansell says:

    melo should go to la laker black mambo will soon leave and when it happen he can have a much better future at least he would have a championship before black mamba retire .

  59. robin says:

    guys, do you think a trade with new york will materialize without denver asking for amare? i don’t think so…the nets is more feasible, along with another team, because, no other player can be traded for melo 1 on 1….

  60. Joker3ni says:

    dont get me wrong…what lebron did was wrong…but hey he didnt do it for the huge payday…he got a pay cut, he only doing it cause he wants to win championships and he got great players to help him who also took a pay cut. Now if Melo waits it out and comes to NY and if the NBA lock out gives him 10mil/yr…he’ll still make a fortune because he will be in NY regardless. Knicks is not a championship team yet, but they can be a dangersous upset team in the playoff. Someone mentioned Amare made Knicks a 6th place team first year. Melo only brings that seed up. HE goes to Nets he knows and the whole nba know’s he’s only screwing himself out of winning a championship. Melo is straight up on where he wants to go. He’s not having and ESPN special to promote it. Chris Paul made it clear last summer his true intentions of where he wants to go and what team he wants to play for. In the end, these superstarts gets what they want, unlike the early 90’s, if u got traded, u got traded, the players just had to accept. Now they have super rights because of the contract agreements. I remember when the west teams were to teams to beat, now u look at it, the East have the power now. Melo wait it out till next season, be straight with the Nets and decline the offer. Take the paycut and win a championship. bring back the days of 90’s basketball with Rivals teams, were a 7 game playoff game goes to the final second. Trust me Melo, u would make that extra money in a couple of months with advertising. LEbron knew he would be the richest bball player if he came to NY. If i was Denver, trade him to a playoff team right now, the other playoff team just Rent Melo for a championship push. if they win, the luck out, but in the end we all know Melo wants to be a Knick. Rashed Wallace was a rent a plsyer when he went from portland to atlanta to detroit and bang…they won and they kept Rashed. It could happen with Melo……after all this is the NBA where anything happens…….

  61. bizerd says:

    melo would be great in detroit. t-mac can still play, tayshaun prince, and they have young tallent like Austin Daye. but it would be in mello’s best intrest to wait it out so he can go where he wants to go like Ny.

  62. hani says:

    I think melo is better off not signing the extension for NJ and going to the Knicks and wait until he is a free agent but i doubt he will do that since he wont get as much money

  63. nomer says:

    theres no place for melo at the east (to many stars ) better stay west side so that you can compete with the elite star and you can challange the big 3.

  64. Lakers Fan says:

    Melo should stay in the West, whatever team he can possibly land on in the East(Knicks or Nets), he won’t be able to go the NBA finals, best finish would be Eastern conference runner-up. Melo should team up with one of the West’s top contenders for him to even have a chance of making the NBA finals. I think Cuban would want him, Dallas is the only viable option for him in the West, or he could wait for CP3 to be a free agent and urge him to team up in Denver. Either stay in Denver or go to another West contender, this is Melo’s best choice if he wants to get into the finals

  65. young rv says:

    in simple best thing,, melo needs go through to new york knicks and thats all!!!!!!!!

  66. mark says:

    i think melo should stay with the nuggets, wait for free agency. teams will be courting him crazy after this season and he could actually decied where to go, but it comes with a consequence remember the looming CBA.

  67. Bring the heat says:

    Once again, LBJ conned Cleveland fans? Its how he left? No disrespect but its his choice, he can do whatever the hell he wants and you guys will cry either way. People use the excuse that it was how LBJ left, or is it because he chose to be in Miami rather than a below average team(perhaps your favorite team)? LBJ also did the news special because it racked in 3$ million for the Boys and Girls club of America, free $3 million to a club and you guys complain? Seems to me there was no way LBJ could of had a easy way out no matter where he chose. He wants rings people, not MVP awards. Carmelo should go to New Jersey and hope CP3 is available or else all of this would of been for nothing.

  68. gordo cholo says:

    amare melo and cp3 in nyc. the new big 3. they will DESTROY them losers in miami.

  69. JNT says:

    All this Nets stuff doesn’t matter if he doesn’t sign an extention with the Net’she can just leave at seasons end. They didn’t really get anything so I don’t see the point in it. The Net’s are going to get the raw end of this deal if he wants to go to New York or else where all he has to do is wait for the end of the season. He holds all of the cards and everyone else is going off maybe we can do this or that and unknowns. Its sad when a team throws away a whole team for one player. Plus I have a hard time seeing the Nets convincing Melo to stay after this season he has some vet players way past their prime and a ok center that didn’t get better from last season but has decline. Thats an extremely hard sale to someone trying to win a championship.

  70. enzo says:

    i believe anthony shall stay either way..he has to prove himself to be championship caliber..

  71. will says:

    Melo will never be as good as some of the other players that came into the draft with him. He is a crybaby that is putting the nuggets over a stump and making them tear there team apart to trade him or get nothing. I hope Billips finds away to stay in denver. He is what will hurt the nuggets not melo. Melo is going to cry wherever he ends up. New Jersy, New york, Dallas, Detrot wherever. He will not change a team to a championship team. He is not that GOOD

  72. Muse says:

    Melo should just go to l.a there getting ready to three peat anyway..why not have some help!

  73. michael says:

    melo to the jazz that would win him a championship in a year easy as that

  74. roque says:

    hello melo is better to go to the team that wants another championship title like Chicago Bulls….melo don’t waste time melo

  75. Sp says:

    Carmelo Anthony should blah blah blah. Who gives a crap until the deal is sealed? Speculating didn’t help the 5,000,000 people who didn’t want LeBron to leave Cleveland, did it?

    If Melo goes to New Jersey they will be better than they are, but who cares? The nets don’t have the backbone to win a championship. It takes more than star players. Boston stamping out Miami over and over, New York rocking everyone this year, the Magic busting streaks left and right… those things were going to be kind of obvious, but its the little things that matter to make a great team. The Jason Terry, Eric Gordon, Nate Robinson/Glen Davis, Nene/JR Smith level players are what make the league worth watching. If your team wins 50 in a row and streaks to the championship, more and more people are going to care less and less. Keep on putting stars on the same teams and contraction wont be an idea anymore, it will be an inevitable probability. There will be 10 teams with 10 stars each and they will have to travel around the country harlem globetrotters style. Pathetic.

    The poster who said that the championship is wide open this year, i salute you! This year it looks as interesting as it has ever been. DAL, SAS, LAL, OKC, CHI, MIA, BOS, ORL, NYK all have realistic chances to win it all. The Bulls always come up big in the play-offs, the Thunder are finally starting to find their feet amidst the hype, Dallas need Dirk to stay healthy and they will stay dangerous, SAS are monsters that are almost as deep as they have ever been, Boston are ridiculous, Miami have to rely on their superstars sticking out any injuries they may face (a la Kobe last year), the Lakers can never be written off, Orlando are going to have to make constant lineup changes, to rotate Arenas into more playing time, but can come up huge in games when he takes over, and the Knicks need to keep working on making sure Felton and Fields and Chandler continue to feed A’mare at every chance.

  76. karextheone says:

    most people says nets sucks as if new york knicks doesn’t… if melo goes to new jersey what makes you so sure that they cant build a good team around melo… new jersey is practically giving away their team for melo so they can build another one with melo + brook lopez + another good player is as good as a trio you need…

  77. Dingy bat says:

    Ya San Antonio Spurs Going to be champions this year if he goes there its over for the lakers and mavericks Go SPURS

  78. mike c says:

    Melo to net along w billups is actually a good idea. They could really suprise people and would probably make the playoffs. Billups would make rip look great again and melo would be melo. lopez will surely benefit and humphries will do the dirty work. It wouldnt suprise me if they made it to 2nd round. the trade has to go through now if the Nets want to make the playoffs.


  80. Pedro says:

    agreed. anthony is giving a heads up to denver and letting them get something in return(aparently 127 players). Lebron made all that stuff and just lay it all out letting the cavs with cap relief. In this one i take carmelo’s side.

    Now, about denver to the nets? ok, we wants a change but would he really be going to a better team? is lopez and humpries better than all of the nuggets frontcourt? is hamilton better than JRSmith, lawson and afflalo together? in my opinion no.
    I hate to say this but it would be better for him (team talent wise) to go free-agent and join Stoudmire, it would be a better team(contending wise) I think. and if they could get Paul then there was no doubt it was the best choice.
    But right now, going from denver to the Nets doesnt seam an improvement

  81. NETS ALL D WAY says:

    Me being a Nets fan they deserve a player like Melo and he should go for it. I dont hate the Knicks but I feel they already have a solid team which the Nets dont have. Also they Nets are also in the running for CP3.

  82. Lil1337 says:

    Melo & Birdman to Phily, Iguadola and L.Wiliams to Denver.

    That could be good refresh to those teams.

  83. lakersfanphilippines says:

    Having Carmelo Anthony in the NJ Nets would definitely make the team much stronger but I don,t think it can match up with the other teams in the east such as Heat,Boston and Orlando.. NY Knicks is probably the right team to land on. With Amare and Melo, NY Knicks then become a good contender for the east!

  84. Balla Balla says:

    Whats funny is that everybody is saying Melo should just wait…like he is the GM if the Raptors had the best offer then the Nuggest would be trading him their….Denver is doing him a favor by accomendating Melo and are under no obligation to pease anybody but their organization and their fans…that’s why Melo is being real political with his answers in interviews because if he ever comes off like he is running the show …they will trade his arse to the D league for unlimited call ups….but he is better off taking that trade to NJ and sign the extension so he can get paid and still be in New York come next season…Melo as a Booklyn Net in 2012 will make the Knicks the second banana in town.

  85. yo melo, u come to the lakers, i got a spot for u

  86. Artest says:

    you, me, kobe, gasol, bynum. champions.. Three peat

  87. Artest says:

    yo melo, you come to the lakers and be a point a gaurd!

  88. b-rad says:

    It’s pretty simple-Melo wants to go to winning NY area team. The nets trade puts him on a team with older vets and they would not be good for long. All he has to do is wait either until the end of the season or right before the trade deadline. Denver is pretty foolish here because I’m pretty sure this is exactly what Melo wants. The longer they wait to make the trade with NY the worse the deal will be. They’ll be forced to take whatever NY offers or risk getting nothing if he stays to the end of the season. Denver is stuck between a rock and a hard place and Melo is in the drivers seat.

  89. charles rambo says:

    wade-county: you should remember that joe johnson was injured in the playoffs with d’antoni and because of that the suns suffered. if they had joe johnson throughout the playoffs they probably would of won. i think he was injured in the first round.

  90. Blakk Ant says:

    Melo to Orlando!!! who would stop them if that were to really happen? seriously i think carmelo should stay with denver. if he really wants to move he should go (east) chicago or (west) clippers. he has to take a pay cut if he goes to NY and the Nets are just horrible. he wont even see the playoffs until he’s in his 30’s or they make one heck of another trade or pick up a very good free agent.

  91. DWADE says:

    I think he should go to the golden state warriors. Just wait through this season and then get signed in offseason as a free agent. Image curry (amazing young player going to be next steve nash) , ellis (4th best scorer in league amazing young talent), dorrell wright (tops the nba in 3pters), and David lee (great pf big man all star). Way better than knicks or nets

  92. povsk says:

    go to NEW YORK KNICKS!!….

  93. Melono says:

    I think Melo shouldnt do this he should go to a team that fits him . For me the perfect team for him is THE KNICKS THE BULLS OR THE HORNETS but i think he would leave Amare alone and go to THE HORNETS . By the way im not no KNICKS , BULLS , OR HORNETS fan i just think this is the right decision , and with chris paul and all three point shooters wow and TREVOR ARIZA coming off the bench thats going to be kill team.

  94. Lu says:

    I watched a lot of Nba games when Lebron, Carmelo, Wade, Bosh, Hinrich were drafted. When I look at it now it’s only Wade who hasn’t changed his team. It’s a shame, really. The league used to be a better place and in my point of view the Nba is not heading towards it’s best years. Hope to be wrong though 🙂

  95. Matt says:

    lol everyone wants him to go to newyork yet no one understands that the knicks dont have what the nuggets wants, and the nuggets wont let melo go to free agency and have a chance of him leaving and them getting nothing in return

  96. lakers fan since i was born says:

    Carmelo, should do what he wants, its his choise, i think nets can be a good thing for him but i dont know, it depends on how he reacts in being on the team. But saying Kobe is a trash ass player? Do you even watch nba dude, hes the best one in the nba right now.

  97. Lu says:

    I watched a lot of Nba games when Lebron, Carmelo, Wade, Bosh, Hinrich were drafted. When I look at it now it’s only wade who hasn’t changed his team. It’s a shame, really. The league used to be a better place ant in my point of view the Nba is not heading to it’s best years. Hope to be wrong though 🙂

  98. Melo to Chicago says:

    Carmelo Anthony really should just wait until his contract is expired. If he does this he can play with championship caliber teams (Chicago and NY). Personally I think that Melo should sign with the Bulls. They have all the pieces already, just need another super star player. The Bulls are also one of the best rebounding teams when Noah returns and with their defensive minded coach, they are a championship title contender with the addition of Melo. It is simple, Derrick Rose Melo and Boozer would be an elite team in the eastern conference.

  99. Carmelo Anthony says:

    Ive decided to take my talents to south beach

    • TO SOUTH BEACH says:

      Melo going to south beach your crazy whoever put that becaus thats just crazy LEBRON WADE AND BOSH THATS IT I think the heat should Trade lets say maro chalmers and eddie house for a better point guard and maybe if some money with that trade I think the heat should find a way to get DEVIN HARRIS yes devin harris great guy and ofcourse he cant say no DEVIN HARRIS TO MIAMI OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

  100. jay pee says:

    As a fan of the game, I earnestly believe he will do even worse going to New Jersey, because its a loose loose situation. Melo should indeed wait it out and go sign with NY, at least that way he will have another star player that can help him and he can possibly become a 2nd option that you will really have to guard. Like that would be Awesome!!! If departs now and gets ghost then oh well to him but he has to be patient.

  101. AQNY 2385 says:

    Mello coming to new york regardless so quit praying for anything else, new york got too much money nd off court opportunities with msg stocks r u crazy who could offer that nd lala wants to come here ,cmon penthouse in new york who could compete with all that besides nyc will give him whatever he wants he would literally b da king of new york

  102. meloconcerned says:

    i think the best move for melo is to stay in the WEST… east is shaping up so new york, jersey or detroit is a little bit of a bad idea..the west needs some contenders..for san antonio and the lakers… so whats probably best for melo is to stay in DENVER or if he really wants a new uniform…DALLAS MAVERICKS WOULD BE THE BEST DECISION…

  103. T.O says:


    • Brian says:

      I thought Toronto was starting to build a great team when Bosh was there. I wish he stayed because they could have built more around Bosh, Cauderon, Baurngni, Barbossa and more. But he split and they suck now.

  104. LB says:

    For the Nets: pull out Favors and put in Kris Humphries.

    Or Melo should go to the Knicks. Whichever one should happen?

  105. tallt says:

    he should go to miami and move bosh over to center and let carmelo play power forward

    • Brian says:

      Be realistic! That would never happen. I don’t even think Melo would degrade himself and run to a team like that. It wouldn’t be good for the league or his image.

    • TO SOUTH BEACH says:

      Dam you shut me up about MELO not going to miami but thats a good idea or just put wade at point and lebron at sg

  106. t says:

    he should go to miami and go power forward and move chris bosh to center

  107. Waahly says:

    If Melo is traded to the nets, how does the extension work? Will he have to sign it straight away or wait till his contracts is over at the end of the season?

  108. DANITO says:

    i think melo should go to the Lakers , even if he goes to new york , i dont think he would win a champion ship there .
    Denver were doing so good two years ago. remember they were the only team who can beat the lakers back then. he ruined everything , he couldnt be patient enough cuz he has a good team, but he didnt give it a chance to get everyone healthy. because when they healthy i think they can be in the final and beat anybody. with the knicks he only gona be good but not a contender

  109. TheKingAllDay123 says:

    Melo to the Heat!!!!!!!!!!!! Lmao imagine nah im playin! But like for real Melo should be out to the Knicks no doubt give up gallinari, chris-douglass roberts, and randolph for him! Then starting lineup would be Felton, Melo, Stoudemire, Fields, Williams!!! Another big 3 yeah! Easter conference for the win! Wack ass lakers and trash ass player like kobe!

    • Knicks Fan says:

      chris-douglas roberts isn’t on the knicks? and gallo? nah IF anything chandler should go him and melo are for the most part very similar players only carmelo is much better. and idk if i’d call it the big 3 more like the dynamic duo felton’s not exactly a superstar he’s barley an allstar. don’t get me wrong he’s killin it this year but that’s it…this year…and kobe’s a beast stop hating. legendary players don’t compare you to michael jordan for no reason. 26000 points bout to be 27000

    • jay pee says:

      Ahhhhh haaaaaaaa u sorry heat fan…..Heat suck anus bruh point blank them dudes will never win a ring oh Norbel Semaj band wagon anus

  110. denis says:

    I feel sorry for Carmelo,you can see i his eyes that they bother him,let the guy play ball !!! Where he will end that will we debate 😉

  111. Ac says:

    Its not carmelo’s choice for the trade to happen but the nuggets want to trade him for something good so they wont be left with a trash team.

  112. Henry says:

    I believe this could be a smart move; with Billups almost assuredly walking away after this season, the Nets may find themselves in a position to acquire Chris Paul. This would mean they could have a starting lineup of Lopez, Humphries, Anthony, Hamilton, and Paul. If they could work as a team with even just a passable bench, this team could go deep in the playoffs.

    • Brian says:

      No good role players or supporting cast though. Chris Paul is not going to another team that doesn’t have it together.

  113. pete says:

    that amuser who mentioned t-mac and ben wallace as detroit superstars must have been really high 😀 .. though I hope Melo will think it through and end up in NYC so they can try to build solid opponent for the HEAT GODs

  114. NYCZAFGZ says:


  115. LouELastic says:

    The Nets need to be patient. This deal is neither good for them nor is it good for Melo. They’re talking about giving up half their team for a guy that doesn’t even really want to be there as well as two soon to be has-beens. Melo is probably a good fit with the Knicks organization. That would make the Knicks VS Heat very interesting, especially if the Knicks picked up CP3 as well. The Nets need to forsake this deal, make smart draft picks these next few seasons, and maybe as GOOD YOUNG TALENT begins to really develop into something promising, they may be able to sign some big free agents once they move to Brooklyn. To the Nets organization – now is not the time. Give Derrick Favors and the young guys a chance. OKC did and look at them.

  116. Bulls-Fan says:

    1. I’m happy that Chicago has a good team this season and I enjoyed the Playoffs-Series against Boston two years ago (crazy) and I also hope they get as far as possible in the Playoffs but to be honest there is a lot of competition and about Melo to Chicago, that will never happen POINT! 2. I have a questions to you guys and I hope you can help me out!? Everybody knows that Carmelo Anthony only wants to join the Knicks and I understand also that the Denver Nuggets want the best deal out of this! What happens if Denver and New Jersey agree to a deal, I mean Anthony does not want to join the Nets what are his options in this situation or are there any options for him! (3. Dwight Howard is a good defender but I think he is overrated when we talk about offense!)

    Have a nice day!

  117. Al says:

    I enjoyed watching melo in a nuggets uniform, espically when the nuggets made that run to the western finals,
    its a shame the team will never be like that again, but new beginnings means no hope

  118. Corey H says:

    I think the deal for Carmelo is a good deal, but sending Billups to the Nets is good for them, but not for the Nuggets. I think the Nuggets should trade Melo, but the question is where does he want to go? The Nuggets need to have a meeting with Carmelo and ask him where does he want to go in order to sign an extension to that other team and the trade will happen. I think the Nuggets have a better team then the Nets and the Knicks with Melo and have a chance to beat the Lakers in the Playoffs. But we will see what happens.

  119. J says:

    “I think it would be better for Camelo Anthony to go to Detroit…It’s impossible for Melo to win the championship in Nets and Nuggets coz not enough all stars…while in Detroit they have Superstars like T-mac, Ben Wallace”

    Not a true statement. Ben was at the top of his game a few years back as well as T-Mac. If you remember correctly it was Chauncey Billups as the catalyst for both teams. Ben and Carmello became better players when Billups was the floor general. Billups is not a premier point guard, but he a premier floor general. Very unselfish player. Also if you recall Detroit was at the top of the Eastern conference, but as soon as Billups left, Detroit crumble and got swept in the first round. Chauncey on the other had took Nuggets out of the first round and eventually to the Western Conference finals. With that said Melo need someone like Billups to take him to the ring.

  120. BLACKOPS says:

    Knicks should try to jump in and offer a trade to the Nuggets. Why wait ’till the offseason to get him? He might get traded before that even comes. Gallanari for Melo?

  121. milos trendevski says:

    I think the best for Carmelo is to sign with San Antonio Spurs

  122. I think melo should go to the nets cause he will have a better chance of wining a championship. with hamilton, brook, and billups.

    • Brian says:

      You can’t be serious!!!! With a line up like that, they don’t stand a chance!

    • JONES says:

      Billups wont play for NJ! Come on now, if your going to act like you know what your talking about please do some research first please

  123. He should go to Europe and play b-ball and soccer….

    • Bulls-Fan says:

      hahahaha then he should play in Greece for Panathinaikos or Olympiakos because only those two teams in Europe can pay him!

  124. Wait a minute says:

    it’s weird… could you guys imagine where we’d be if Celtics lost to the Cavaliers in the playoffs? I don’t think ANY OF THIS would be happening. hahahaha.

  125. JONES says:

    Melo is TRASH!!!! Get him out of Denver and hope he never returns!!! Yes i realize that Melo has taken this franchise to places where we could only dream about before his arrival, but he is still trash! Melo is what is wrong with professional sports these days. It’s all about me, me, me and it is all about what can i do and where can i go to improve my image! The fact that he carries that attitude as a “leader” of this or any other team is just garbage, his mother should be ashamed that her son turned out to be such an egotistical jerk! There is no reason Melo doesn’t average 25 pts, 10 rebs, and 5 assts and game! Oh wait there is one reason he isn’t, HE IS THE LAZEIST PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE. I hope he never wins a championship! Him and Kmart!

    • Terrence W says:

      Lmao pay homage to wat melo did for ya sorry ass nuggets team, they were horrible before he got there, there actally relevant as of right now,the man ows denver nothin, denever ows him a thank you letter

  126. Brian says:

    Just looked at the Nets Roster. If the blockbuster deal goes through, the Nets still do not have a good supporting cast. No good role players. No good players coming off the bench. Melo it would be a big mistake going to the Nets.

  127. Da real slim shady says:

    Carmelo is a good player but his team is struggling to get by and even to make the playoffs, if I was Denvers GM I would ship him off to a team that has no chance of winning, so Carmelo wouldnt be on a title team. I think everyone knows Carmelo wont sign with the nuggets, like all the cleveland fans knew LeBron would resign with cleveland

  128. Mo says:

    I like both CP and Melo i want both to be on the same team and both to win a RING for a bad team im tired of the same teams going into the finals…. maybe melo should go to pheonix?

  129. Steven says:

    Would it be crazy if Camelo went to Miami, just dreaming….

  130. Brian says:

    I don’t see how this trade will benefit Carmelo Anthony. Does he even know, that if he goes to the New Jersey Nets that he will not be competeting in the playoffs this season and probably next season as well. New Jersey is getting rid of Devin Harris(elite point guard) Troy Murphy(essential big man) Anthony Marrow(good shooter fg%). and along with alot of others. They will try to bring in Melo, Billups, and Rip Himilton. It just sounds like a another Denver Nugget team in New Jersey to me. Billups and Himiltons are not young anymore. Not saying they are not good, but they are not the same championship players.

    I think Melo should go somewhere else.

  131. boswell says:

    If the CLIPPERS are an example of why lottery picks don’t really matter, then kindly explain BLAKE GRIFFIN, or Eric Gordon? Kamen, if playing would be another lottery pick. Don’t expect to pick up any combo of them for a scoring machine with no defense.

    • AUSSIE says:

      actually now that someone brought up the clippers, imagine davis-gordon-melo-griffin-kaman….dunno how the clippers are doin financially but that would be damn good to see

  132. Thomas says:

    Trade Him!!! HE just brings bad vibes to denver.. Carmelo isnt an mj so stop making such a big deal bout it!! I am a denver fan and honestly i think we do better without him. So much more players step up n get the job done. Also Chauncey is at the end of his career. He will probably retire in a few seasons, plus we have Ty Lawson, J.R, Afflalo, Nene, Forbes, K-Mart and Birdman. Did any of you watch the games while Melo was gone??? They needed to gel without melo and it might of took em a few games but after that they won 3 in a row. Melo returned and we lost three in a row. Get him out of Denver!!

  133. Kobecow's Milk says:

    If Billups and Hamilton will reunite that’s gonna be a BOOM 😀

  134. fred higgins says:

    bye bye melo…time for jr smith to get his shine on..jr needs his chance everytime he plays 25+ min he produces good they would get harris too..denver would still be like a 7th seed in the west this year with 3 first round picks..u gotta like that if your denver….idk where melo goes anywho though…they still not messin with the HEAT..

  135. AmareisBeast says:

    Carmelo should go to New York and wait it out until free agency. We have a solid back court in that a Felton and Fields, and Stoudimire has gotten the team into 6th place alone. Going to New Jersey would be a waste because its a whole rebuilding process, while if he comes to the garden, Melo , Stat & Co. could be contenders for 3rd of 4th seed in the east.

  136. hans yuberous says:

    Chauncey Billups wont score as much as he did before but he still will be Mr. Clutch. Plus, he’ll be able to make Rip Hamilton a relevant player again AND he’ll be able to set up players like Lopez and Outlaw and maybe even Humphries. Nets will still have Vujacic and Farmar to come off the bench to relieve Billups once in a while. Would be nice if they kept at least one draft pick and drafted a big man to work with Lopez, Humphries, Outlaw and Sheldon Williams

  137. Omarisgay says:

    Melo should do it, If he goes with knicks he’ll lose too much money, at least now he signs that extension. With the knicks he gets:


    with the nets it’ll be


    The knicks team looks better but they may not keep chandler after this season and also sign melo, the nets will probably after aquiring melo resign chauncy and use the picks they’ll have left on a legit pf (the proposed deal involves 2 picks but nets have 4). I think it’s the time now for melo to accept this trade

  138. james says:


  139. seven says:

    Go nets…apple will go to the nets.. billups-Hamilton-Melo-lopez… and Paul 201.. Uhmm!!!

  140. Marc says:

    Man, I’ve always thought I’ve had been missing out so much because I never really saw Jordan play, not even in the early 2000’s (no real basketball tv in germany) but this season tops all of my expectations…it’s getting so hard for every team to be a legit contender and this accumulation of talent in just one team like miami already has is crazy

  141. nyknicks1 says:

    imo melo should wait out the season ….. bcause nets wont even make it to the playoffs with him on the roster . melo,billupsand richardson will be all goin to a new system and it will take time for them to get used to it by that time there season will b done …. if he waits and signs with the knicks as a FA he will make all the money back with the endorsement …… knicks will be a better team for him to sign with … him and stoudamire will dominate ……GO KNICKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. BROOKLYN says:

    MELO is going to be playing for the “BROOKLYN BALLERS” AKA NETS!

    • jukgal says:

      he will look so rediculous in that nets uniform, i hope they stay in new jersey. MELO to the NICKS or bus.

  143. Knicks4Life says:

    @da bulls first time without Boozer.and second time without noah big deal….didnt you guys beat both LA and Boston without one or the other … come on and admit that you guys had it luck….wait untill march or next month and we’ll see whats how the standings change…New york are not going to loose to below .500 teams in january nor in december lol not like you guys Phili and NJ…with Boozer around…oh wait thats right ur excuse would be Noah isnt around…yet you guys beat boston without him….LUCK is on ur side..and just because of that i hope u guys stay 3rd seed and we stay 6th just for the first round playoff! Guarantee the knicks will go through….

    • Vlad says:

      i don`t think the knicks can be a match for the bulls…especially in the playoffs…not with that defence. And as Doc Rivers said ” I allways go with defence” :))

  144. hmm… how many times have we heard ‘melo to nets is almost a done deal? i think this is the third time. its gettin hard to believe ‘melo to the nets these days

  145. Mr Sensible says:

    I dont know about the Nets… Personally I think him going to the Knicks would have been better, but a lineup with Billups, Hamilton, Melo, and Lopez with Farmar and Sasha backing them would make an immediate difference in the East….only problem is we wont be seeing Carmelo in the playoffs this year. But I still think Tracy Mcgrady needs to go to a contender, along with Tayshaun….If this is a day and age where we are stacking up teams, might as well do it with some Veteran talent….T-Mac to L.A!!

  146. Nate says:

    we want melo in new york! he should bring chris paul and steve nash with him if it worx

  147. JNT says:

    I don’t see way the Nets would go through with this deal. Melo could still and probably will leave unless he signs a extension. And the Nets are giving up alot of young talent a pretty good point-gaurd, the #3 pick who could be good, and a good shooter in Morrow. It makes no sense for them to go through with this trade.

  148. Karl says:

    I think he should go to the Knicks,Nets suck just face it…

  149. g-money says:

    melo should go to the houston rockets better chance to play the up tempo fast game with coach. g

  150. vincent says:

    sucks if billups leaves, and all those players denver get cannot fill billups and anthonys spot.

  151. NBAfanCRO says:

    im a Denver fan and its NOT Melo who decides…He refused to sign for the Nuggets in the offseason so they have to trade him or they will lose him for nothin,..Only problem for them is that this trade looks like they will give him for nothin…if this trade happens i hope Favors will play much he has to play with that 3rd pick

    • NY says:

      You do understand that many, if not all teams won’t pull the trigger on the trade if Melo doesn’t agree to sign the extension? Therefore, no, it is Melo who has the leverage.

  152. This year has been really sad for me as a basketball fan. For a while, I thought the group of guys who came in starting with this draft class — and for a couple seasons after that, too — were so great for the NBA. It gave the league a fresh batch of talent. Now, all these guys, especially the ones who played on Team USA, want to team up together. They beat up the rest of the world. Now they want to be the big bullies to the rest of the league. It disgusted me last night to watch the Heat steal that game from Portland and then see LeBron taunt the crowd. Seriously, if all these guys want to do is get together and play in the flashy, big cities, what is the point in putting teams anywhere else. They just become like D-League teams for those cities. And then when they get good, they go play in the big cities. How do they expect the teams in those other cities to sell tickets when there are only stars in the big cities? It costs just as much for them to run their teams, and people don’t want to be paying $100-plus per game per ticket to watch their teams unable to compete so they can go to the four or five times a year one of those teams that has all the big stars on it comes to their towns. It’s great for those stars. And it might work for the league and its TV partnersbecause they make the big bucks. But for the 20-25 other teams in the league that are left decimated, why should their cities have to build new buildings and fans pay to watch their teams struggle to have any chance. Especially when the TV partners and even the people who cover the team for the NBA seem to spend all of their time encouraging the big stars to team up together. If it continues like it has gone this year, I don’t think the league has a sustainable model currently for more than 10 teams at most to be successful financially or on the court.

    • Luke says:

      100% agree. I couldn’t have said it better.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        i agree with u luke and losingthelove….they mite ass well make 10-15 teams in the league cuz all others are subpar if that and nobody wants to watch it. Apart from that nobody wants to see their home team play with no superstar player or at least if they are always losing

    • Knicks Fan says:

      …all great teams had 3 or more superstars? McHale Bird and Parish, Jordan Pippen Rodman, ok Kobe and shaq were two but fisher was nice so was fox and horry, duncan parker manu, allen pierce garnett

      • eazy says:

        i agree with u 100% reason is that look they coulnt do it them selves jordan went 2 years without a ring till he got pippen then he won consitently and then when rodman came forgt it they were a mosterous team boston celtics too the 1st year they got together they took the league by storm its just that they to old now to make more runs lakers with kobe fisher shaq ect. won 3 rings bak to bak lakerrs now with kobe pau and fisher lamar ect… have won 2 in a row so this proves u need more talent in a team to win i agree with u 100%

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        knicks fan u sound real stupid….yu kno that, lol like u try to talk like u really know basketball nd such….

        yea we all know Bird had Parish and McHale, and Jordan’s crew …but remember there WERE LESS TEAMS BACK THENNNNN like the guy above is tryna say, if you going have these superteams formed up in todays age then get rid of some of the others. Like they are just waisting away, and when they get a star like James seven years later they walk… in the end what really was the point of it all???? Just get rid of the teams like Cavs, Bobcats, Hornets (since the katrina incident things just havent bn right), clippers, ect…

        also the guys in the 80s played against other teams built with stars, so the games were competitive…nobody else is built like MIA in the league when it comes to having those 3 talents on one team. They outmatch alot of teams…

        ANd i hate this KObe and Shaq crap, dont compare that to these three please. Lebron, Wade, and Bosh planned for this and put it together….KObe was drafted by hornets and traded to the lakers, he did not say “oh yea i wanna go join shaq and crew” …and fisher nor horry nor rick fox combined were on the same lvl of Bosh or Wade so dont throw their names in it

    • Knicks Fan says:

      …it’s the way of the league if anything there’s MORE teams now that could win the championship.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        wtf u mean there’s more teams now that culd win the ship? there is now ONLY one new team that culd may win the ship and thats MIA….boston, orlando have been in discussion prior to this

        and really MIA isnt coming in as a new team to win it, it just replaced cleveland, and now cleveland has been dropped to the bottom of the barrel

      • Knicks Fan says:

        wow um my point was there’s now more teams in the NBA then there was idk maybe 10-20 years ago that could win the championship there’s only like maybe what 10 bad teams in the NBA now. and the reason the Cavs lost lebron wasn’t lebron it was the organization they had 7 years to put a team around him…in case you didn’t get that SEVEN YEARS. they put a crap team around him and a horrible coach that they never changed. if the clippers don’t do something within the next 2 or 3 years whenever blake’s contract is up, to make the playoffs you better believe he’s going to leave. but then i guess it’s all the players fault cause they keep leaving these bad teams. maybe it’s because these bad teams don’t do anything for their good players. see a trend here with bad teams and poor management? and good teams with good management?
        And how are you a lakers fan and gonna say that the talent in which their team possessed when they got that three peat with shaq and kobe wouldn’t crush the heat now…shaq in his prime. nobody on that heat team is stopping shaq incase you forgot he was just as intimidating if not more so then dwight is now on the inside oh yeah and he was able to drop 30 points whenever he felt like it so who would of stopped shaq? bosh? bron bron? wade? maybe juan howard, or anthony i guess right? telling me it’s stupid to compare that team to the talent in which the heat have. you sound stupid just saying that. and btw bosh is an allstar not a superstar. it’s really the big 2, hop off their jock.

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      100% Disagree…

  153. Fact Not Fiction says:

    Worst possible move career wise for Melo…

  154. jm says:



    -NJN would give up anything on the roster plus draft picks except for Brook Lopez

    Plus… NYK doesnt want to ruin the team right now and rather just wait til the summer..Chigago can only give up luol deng.

    The championship ring is not worth $10 million dollars

  155. u are all idyots says:

    all those saying that melo wait it out are idiots. the reason why he will accept at long term deal is because of the pending CBA situation, which means less salary for all players signed after this season, melo will be walking away from a large amount if he chooses to wait until he becomes a free agent. thats why he wants to go to a team with some good guys and still have his money. IDIOTS.

    • WadeCounty says:

      Your making a lot of assumptions. First that Melo only cares about $, if that were true he would stay in Denver. Second, you are assuming that they are going to significantly lower the max allowed to players. Even if that does happen, I think Melo could live with making a few million less to go play with the Knicks where he will make that $ back through endorsements, playoff bonus’ and the endless business opportunities available in New York. Thirdly, that Melo will opt out of the last year of his contract. If he choses not to, then he still has one year left after this, which means this contract will get grandfathered into the new CBA, giving him more loopholes and leeway. I find that when people call others idiots, they are telling you more about themselves than anyone else.

      • NY says:

        “First that Melo only cares about $, if that were true he would stay in Denver.”

        Uh…not if he wants to win a ring AND make some dough.

    • Vlad says:

      that is stupid. if he wants money he signs the extension right now. i mean….whatever the CBA situation he will still get a huge contract…he allready has zilions of dollars, why risk not having a good chance of winning over a few more money? That would make no sense

  156. chicago97 says:

    GO BULLZ!!!!!!!

    • WadeCounty says:

      New Jersey is the one team that has given Denver everything they can possibly hope to gain from trading a superstar, and certainly more than Cleveland got for Lebron(Two-first round draft picks and a trade exception). With that said, I think it would be foolish for Prohkorov to think he can convince Melo that he is going to build a super team ala Miami when Melo would be the only one in town and no gaurantees of landing any other superstars. His best move is to wait till the offseason and then let teams woo him like they did James. Let the teams build the visions, and he just chooses which one seems like the best fit. Thats what Lebron did, but for some reason Cleveland fans wanted Lebron to be a psychic as well as a basketball player.
      If he goes to the Knicks, as everyone seems to believe is his destination of choice, that still doesn’t solve the Knicks problem of no defense. The Suns under D’Antoni had a starting five of S.Nash,R.Bell, J.Johnson, S.Marion, A.Stoudimire, and they couldn’t win, what makes you think R.Felton, L.Fields, C.Anthony, D.Gallinari, and A Stoudimire fare any better?
      I think the Bulls would be the best fit for Melo. They have a defensive minded coach that can help Melo become a complete player, and not a one-dimensional one like he is now. He would be playing alongside another superstar in D.Rose, and have solid bigmen in Boozer and Noah. The Bulls go through these dry spells where no one can score, Melo would solve those droughts making Chicago a ligitimate contender.
      I would love to see a team where Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, and Dwight Howard were all playing together, but I don’t believe that there is a team out there that has positioned themselves like Miami to land three superstars.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        No team can really position themselves like MIA….Wade is good freinds of Bosh and James, and they have probably been coming with this decision to join up years ago, the MIA move was orchastrated by THEM, not pat riley. Wade told Pat we want them two here, and i can pull it off…and riley just crunched the numbers with getting rid of cap room

        No other team is going to do that seeing what happened to NYC and NJ, they got rid of cap room thinking they were going to land LBJ BOSH and/or WADE…and only ONE team got all THREE of them. No team wants to go thru that, being in a hole and begging for that star to pick them outta 4 or 5 other teams. Unless a team can talk whatever free agent to come there like Wade did James and Bosh no team is just going to dump cap space with just A HOPE they sign a big name

  157. da bulls says:

    new york is only good at baseball bulls are way better than the nets and knick the first time we faced the knicks we didnt have boozer and the second time we didnt have noah

    • Amir says:

      Wow!!! Excuses, Excuses and more Excuses. So, the first game we destroyed you we didnt have Azubuke andRandolph, two crucial bench players. And we still destroyed the bulls sh## easily. It doesnt matter if Noah or Boozer are there because they are no MATCH for STAT. He destroyed Noah and than Boozer. When they are both there they will still get destroyed. The Bulls were garabage before Jordan and are definetly even worse now than before Jordan. We will finish ahead of the Bulls, guaranteed. Who wants to goto Chicago? The Bulls are not even mentioned in this trade. Fake City that wishes it was NY!

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        u doin a lil too much …lmao

      • CelticsFTW says:

        LMAO are you trying to say the Knicks actually USE their bench. HAHAHAHHA all the starters play 38+ minutes, this team will be tired as hell by the time the playoffs start

      • LAKERS3peat says:

        OH MY GOD!!

        are you on drugs??

        You cant even differentiate the words Before from After..

        go back to school for crying-out-loud before posting some thoughtless nonsense comments..

        You ARE dude is an embarrassment to the human world..
        think BEFORE you post !!
        so that people don’t get confused AFTER reading your kick-ass stupid lame comments

      • Law064 says:

        I have to dis agree with you Amir. Ney York is the filthiest city on the planet not just the US dude the rats are the size of cats and all the Bums on the street get real. New York is a shi*thole and the only team worth mentioning is the Yankees. The Bulls will have a better record at the end of the season. I like Amare and the Knicks are serious this year but dude the Bulls will eliminate them in the playoffs and to call Chicago a fake city is just being a gay hater. The Chi is cleaner and we dont’ have cat sized rats running around downtown

    • Orlando Fan says:

      Dude u r funny, I live in NY and by the time playoff starts, Stat and felton will b out of breath, 38+ mins for starters and wasting talents on the bench, Playing just 7 or 8 players a night, Kid randolph could play and better than Douglas and should have start him at center or give him mins, If NY starters keep playing 38+, they will get swipe in the first round easy cause bench players will not help when call upon cause already feel rejected and wont have any chemistry even if practice together cause practice is different from real game. Are you high when you are writing crazy stuff like that Bulls was trash with Jordan in it and still trash with rose in it

  158. boom says:

    Man, the nba became very interesting this season. I love the eastern conf.

  159. PRkng says:

    I don’t see it. It’ll be a big mistake for Melo to go to New Jersey. If what he wants is to win a ring his best bet is to wait until free agency. Even if this trade goes down, he’ll be no better than he is in Denver (except he’ll be in Brooklyn where he wants to be). Both Rip & Chauncy are on their way out. The Nets are giving away so much that even with melo they’ll be fighting for 6th or 7th seed in the East. Where as if he keeps his cool & waits for free agency, he can go to the (already) 6th seed in the east & turn them into contenders. Plus, everyone in NY wants to see you in MSG not Brooklyn. The combination of Melo & Stat & co. is gonna be crazy. Go Knicks!

  160. da bulls says:

    if carmelo waits until the end o the summer he can sign with the bulls we are already a 3rd or 4th seed team and with carmelo we would beat boston. we beat boston without noah we beat the lakers witha rusty boozer. if he goes to new york him an amare cant beat the lakers or boston. and lets face it new york knicks fans boo their own team when their losing. the bulls have the best fans and thats y we had the most sell outs last year

    • get real says:

      da bulls wasn’t even a choice and they would have to move 2 to 3 player to free up cap space just to keep boozer if melo waits for the end of the summer the nets, knicks, or even the cavs have enough money for him to sign a 3 year $65 mil extension money the bulls don’t have at this moment and the bulls only beat the cetics because garnett is out they already lose twice to the knicks oh yea they lost to the nets to you forgot to put that up there lol!!! get real

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        get real the bulls are going to put a top tier team out of the playoffs watch….idk y ppl keep sleeping on the bulls like wtf wrong with u ppl? THey have a good record for a team who had Boozer out 2months and then shortly after Noash gone for 10weeks…..DRose is an allstar, you ppl need to take notice

      • jay pee says:

        Aye I agree and if it goes down like seeding is now and Chi finish 3 seed and Mia 2 oh weeeeee….them Band wagon James fans are gonna have no excuse and he is gonna cry like a HCTIB again

    • rosneek says:

      Thats right, and might I add even without mello da bulls are going to kick some eastern conference butt this season…don’t sleep on dem bulls

      • Law064 says:

        What up Lakers 2011-3Peat People are sleeping on the Bulls. D Rose is a goon and has been killing all year, I have to agree with get real they beat boston because of KG being out but the Bulls will upset someone in the playoffs. They have a good shot at going to the ECF if they play consistant. I say Melo should wait until the off season to go where he wants but he can’t control the trade game. If he ends up in Jersey then he’ll be taking a step backwards. Go Bulls & Go Boston.

    • bobthaman says:

      Dude, the bulls will not attract a star like Carmelo with the kind of cap room that they have after they already have Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer, and they don’t have the best fans in the nba, there are plenty of better fan bases (Boston, Portland) so why don’t you shut up because the eastern conference has 3 legitimate condenders who are going to be able to win consistently in the post season (Boston, Orlando after the trade, Miami) and Chicago simply cannot compete with them.

    • bobthaman says:

      and the bulls didn’t have the most sellouts last year

    • Antman says:

      I’m a Knicks fan and that’s not true, we booo a lack of effort and what fan goes to a game and sees them team under acheaving and dosen’t boo? Knicks fans are smart fans that really know the game and very loyal, you guys are there because of derek rose, where were all the bulls fans 6 months after Jordan left? It was a ghost town there for many years, MSG has been packed through the ups and the downs. The knicks are doing good this season with the team they have, we have beaten the teams we are supose to and a few top flight teams like the Spurs, Thunder and your team the bulls and this is the first season this crew is together. If he came to NY and won he would be a Legend! no doubt about it.

    • lakeshow says:

      dude, isn’t it clear that the only place melo wants to go is NEW YORK,………. get real man!

  161. CAAARLO says:

    I believe that Carmelo should just wait it out. Face it, Carmelo is the only stellar player in the upcoming off-season. And teams are like sharks during free agency period, trying to rack up as much good players as possible, to solidify their back and front court. During the off-season, I am sure teams like the Raptors, New York, or maybe Cleveland would all give offers to Carmelo.

    New Jersey is just not that big of a team yet. I mean, aside from the Jason Kidd-Kenyon Martin or maybe the Jason Kidd-Vince Carter-Richard Jefferson era, New Jersey has not been that big of a team. If this deal pulls through, I have a feeling that Billups wouldn’t play to his extent compared to his performance at both Detroit and Denver, and would be moved to another team. The best thing that could come out of this trade is if New Jersey decides to let go of Billups and Hamilton altogether as a package for another star player, probably from New Orleans? Chris Paul for Billups and Hamilton sounds like a good enough offer.

    • kobez says:

      Are you serious? Chris Paul for Billups and Hamilton is no way a good enough offer…Those two, plus a young rookie prospect along with 2 first rounders at least for Chris Paul….

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        lmfao yea…he was kinda crazy to say thats a deal…cp3 is allstar and deserves to be traded for like one….

    • chris says:

      couldnt agree more

  162. Heat631 says:

    Smells like Carmelo Anthony will be ala LeBron James.. LeBron is public enemy no.1 in Cleveland and so Carmelo will be public enemy no.1 in Denver if ever the trade happens.. This season may be the biggest season yet since the Michael Jordan era..

    • PRkng says:

      Dude, does no one in Miami get it. LEBRON ISN’T PUBLIC ENEMY #1 BECAUSE HE LEFT CLEVELAND…IT’S HOW HE LEFT. Lebron sold alot of dreams… Conned alot of people. Melo already stated where he wants to go…a year in advanced.

      • Dev says:

        Exactly. Melo won’t be even considered an enemy since he’s been straight up. Only if he is stupid enough to have a televised segment on espn as well as a summit conference with fireworks and smoke with he and his future teammates braggin’ about winning 8+ championships…then, then he’ll be an enemy.

      • LAKERS says:

        Not only that bet Melo aint running to another superstars team to chase a championship. You cant compare how Melo is handling his business to the b***h way Lebron handled his.

      • Vlad says:

        1. Conned? That is absurd. Everyone knew since the early morning ot that day that he is going to Miami. It was not a surprise.

        2. So what is so important about the way he left? i dont get that. If he had left in another way would a Cavallier fan feel better now with his team having the worst league record?

        The media turned him into a villain and now people booh him because it`s the fassionable thing to do at the moment. I mean, there are a lot of players that have done a lot more than he did and are not boo`ed at all.

        This full scale hypocrisy arround NBA arenas is getting really anoing. There are 15000 people booh ing him now during an NBA game but if the next second he says simething like “i`m going to play for your team now” there will be 15000 at his feet.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        PRking good post …Melo wont be made into a villian because:
        -he didnt sell any dreams of bringing denver a championship the year before his free agency
        -made it quite evident that he was displeased with the team in their offseason moves
        -never denied the thought of being traded

        Lebron did all of the above, and plus didnt make it known till a television show. So Vlad ur wrong…people in cleveland still would’ve been mad, but if he said something early or even gave the “hint” he was gone people wouldnt be hating him. He spat in the franchise’s face after they gave him everything he ever asked for…..the least he could of done was said “look i loved it here, but i just wanna play somewhere else now” and people would’ve respected him way more

        Melo gets it, he sees where lebron’s mistake lies and didnt follow….he has just had that “im outta here” demanor all season long

      • SDOT says:

        Vlad do you seriously believe that Lebron letting people know on the day of his “decision” is the same as Melo letting everyone know a year in advance? Atleast now Denver can get something out of him and if you seen any of the trade reports Denver is milking it. The way Lebron left about 75% of all analysts believed Lebron was coming back to Cleavland and so Cleaveland didnt do anything in free agency or trade him to get something in return.

      • Antman says:

        The way LeBron left is the main reason why ppl hate him I boo him because he was a punk f-g the way he left, running to another superstar’s team in his prime to try and get a ring. Two alpha males that play the same position basically, how wack and disapointing. I would have rather seen him in NJ, NY or Chichago. And he screwed the cavs, all he had to do was say Clevland thanks for all the support, I love the fans etc. but at this time I think it’s best for me to move on. He could of still did his stupid show but let the cavs off the hook so they can persue other options. By the time he made his decission the cavs were left with no options, Gay had already signed, Joe Johnshon, boozer, stodimare etc. even if they couldn’t get any of those guys give them a fair chance to try.

      • ChicagoFan says:

        I agree. I also think part of the reason Carmelo isn’t waiting until free agency is because he doesn’t want be seen the same way LeBron is. This way he is letting the Nuggs know he wants out, and is letting them do it their way, and letting them get things in return, not absolutely screwing his franchise. Integrity, that’s what this is about.

      • osdany says:

        i hav a question did anyone wille the decision was on notice or think oh this is mesed up, everyone was like w.e because they wanted him to go to their city, i mean averyone had to know he was leaving who douse an hour show to say everything is gona be the same, yes it was a litle mesed up or just messed up that is trou but it has to be admited that the hole thing was blown out of proporssion by the medea. One last thing up untill last year one of the most criticided things about profecianal athlets was that they rather have money instead of geting less to be with beter players now its a bad thing to be a championchip chaser.

      • Fact Not Fiction says:

        How did he sell dreams other than everyone THOUGHT that he could do it himself. Turns out he couldn’t. So because he couldn’t he becomes the villian? Real stupid of anyone to think that way.

        As for the rest of you who keep talking trash about Lebron…why? Why do you even care? Are your lives that meaningless?

        It’s just basketball and players leave, trades happen, get over it.

    • Terrence W says:

      lebron went on national t.v and embarrassed cleveland thas the reason why he’s public enemy #1 every he goes til he wins a ring, carmelo will be public enemy #1 in denver and thas it

  163. cris says:

    if this deal goes through they’ll be nets “fans” everywhere

    • eazy says:

      not really nets fan will stay in nets dont forgt we got boston fans everywhere and lakers and knicks now too even the miami heat cause they actually got alot of opportunitys to make things happen nets at 1st people will be excited after they will be sceptic about it after that it will die down as soon as they see that they can make a run into the playoffs but cant move from the 1st round cause there is way to much power in the east

  164. Zzanzabar says:

    Let’s see…Carmelo has his own future in his hands so he should give that up for a broken New Jersey (Brooklyn) team? Yeah that makes sense. First I feel that he should stay in Denver and see if CP3 will be available for the Nuggets in a trade over the summer next year. As it is now he would be going to a non-playoff situation and a terrible team which he could only make a decent contender, and while that is enough to make it to the playoffs in the Eastern Conference (a .500 record should do it yet again), he still would have to face the gauntlet of 3 or 4 really tough teams (5 if you somehow count the Hawks).

    In just one season Carmelo would have the chance to take his pick of teams that will woo him (and him alone probably next year) as the Big Man on the Trading block, so why lock up with New Jersey? The Russian isn’t the only owner out there with deep pockets, both Cuban and Buss (don’t count the Lakers out, after this year whether they win the crown or not a change is going to happen with that team) have the money and the savvy to make a bold move.

  165. Anthony says:

    i believe that carmelo anthony would be better off waiting out his contract with the nuggets, and immediately sign with the New york knicks.

    • WEJB says:

      I think it would be better for Camelo Anthony to go to Detroit…It’s impossible for Melo to win the championship in Nets and Nuggets coz not enough all stars…while in Detroit they have Superstars like T-mac, Ben Wallace

      • Antman says:

        T-mac and Ben Wallace? are you smokeing? You can’t be talking about winning a championship. To do so your team has to be built to compete with the Heat, Orlando, Boston, and the Lakers. These other guys your talking about will only put a team in the 2nd tier of teams and if that’s the case he should just stay in Denver.

      • Lakers fan says:

        t-mac was a superstar at one time but in no way could be considered that now to old and to many injurys and for wallace he has never been a superstar he had some good years but not superstar like years melo to pistons would be a horrible idea

      • James says:

        You mean washed up superstars in detroit…..tmac and wallace are way pass there prime hed be better of in Jersy then detroit, his best move is NEW YORK

      • David says:

        What are you talking about superstars like T-mac or Ben Wallace? T-Mac is a has been, he almost couldnt find a team that would hire him and is coming of the bench. Ben Wallace is still a descent defender but will never again be considered a star. Carmelo Anthony has a better chance of winning with the Nets then with Detroit if thats the case.

      • osdany says:

        jajaja let me guese your from detroit, its 2011 those guys are don ask any kid outthere they’ll just say who da hell are they???????

      • eazy says:

        you dont know basketball cause tmac is down and ben is a nobody in the league nhow and if he goes to detreoit might as well just kiss that championsip dream goodbye they in the rebuilding process and 2nd nets are a better contender if they do get rip chauncy melo together than the knicks do

      • Phoenix Fan says:

        I think he better go to phoenix after his contract end in denver.

      • Terrence W says:

        kinda sad to kno that melo is leaving denver soon he’s been my favorite player since he played at SU and he single handley turned a horrible team to a relevant team as soon as he put the jersey on, but i dont blame him for wanting to go to a bigger marker to display his talents, he wont sign that extension, new jersey should try to target danny granger or somewone of that tear bcuz melo will be a new york knick at the beggining of the 2011-2012 season no matter what, i think he’s better off in new york, he’s in the most famous bball arena in the world, one the best basketball cities, and he’s not to far from were he played at in college syracuse university(my home town) and baltimore his hometown, i think this is destiny he’ll take his superstardom to the next level in new york and compete for the title for the rest of the decade if the world doesnt end lol

    • Dev says:

      Agreed. Melo. Amare. Felton. Seems like a more entertaining lineup and better contender then this deal with the nets.

      • eazy says:

        i disagree reason is that knicks have one bad thing on their side defense they allow there opponents over 100 points a game and they lack size and the nets at least has a coach that has been to the championship befor in avery johnson and have championship experience remember the year the pistons took it who was on it rip and chauncy so imagine that leadership and the scoring of melo forget it the nets will be contenders off the bat

      • eazy says:

        i disagree becuase between rip chauncy and avery johnson they got championship experience and melo’s superstar status and abailty to score whenever he wants is just gonna be a complete team all they will need to do is work on thier rotations and they will set im not sayin championship caliber team like heat magic boston lakers no im sayin to get into the playoffs and make a name for themselves and bring in more names next follwoing seasons

    • Vlad says:

      I totally agree

    • Brian says:

      I agree, but I like the Detroit Piston idea more. I think he could do better there than New Jersey because that is exactly what detroit is missing these days.

      If Melo goes to New Jersey, we will not here about him anymore.

      • eazy says:

        i think you mean if he goes to the nets you will be hearing more about the nets about there winning streaks they will be runnning across and the way the team is more complete and more exciting to see if he goes to detroit no rings no chance and he will dissapear in detroit has no future u must be a detroit fan

    • Richard Robes says:

      He needs to go to the clippers, the clippers have picks and cap and some rookie’s to burn in a deal. melo griffin, gordan and davis. They have good rookies to send back and some draft picks.

      • Derek says:

        OK, the Clippers… really? The Clippers aren’t even a real team anymore. Sure they were good with EB and Maggette and Cassell, but now a days it’s all about Blake Griffin and he can’t lead this team to the post-season even with help from Anthony. Anthony’s best bet is to hold off for now and sign with the Knicks in the summer. There have been trade talks of Chris Paul as well, so how about a 3 team deal involving the Knicks, Nuggets and Hornets? That way CP3 and Melo can play together in New York and then my Knicks will at least make the post-season. That could then give NYK a potential starting lineup of: Paul, Felton, Anthony, Gallinari, Stoudemire. It doesn’t make much sence now to send Melo and Billups (two best players on the team PLUS 2/3 tri-captains (third being Kenyon Martin) nonetheless) to NJN for Harris and Favors and 4 other Nets because the trade deadline is in February, so the Nuggets should really hold off for the time being and explore their options. Who knows, maybe the Knicks will throw in a deal last minute? But if this deal is approved, the Nets might actually win enough games to not be in last in the Atlantic division, and that means that Anthony would have to sign a 3-year deal for $65M or A LOT of Nets fans (including Prokhorov) will be very upset. Every team just has to be smart and play their cards right in this situation, but in the end it’s really Melo’s decision to stay or go. The world is in the balance…

      • Jake says:

        Blake Griffin will be the best big man in the NBA within the next few years. Mark my words. He’s not just a highlight factory– he puts up numbers and he’s in the process of rejuvenating the worst franchise in the NBA.

      • Lakers fan says:

        That would be a good solution if the knicks had anything to offer but they dont have enough to get both cp3 and melo much less just melo the knicks would have to wait to sign him as a free agent if they were going to get him a trade for cp3 might be possible

      • Zen says:

        @Derek: UH, so who can the Knicks trade to land both CP3 and Melo?

        So you’re saying the Nuggets should hold off on the trade to see if they can somehow send Melo and get the Hornets to send CP3 to the Knicks for nothing much in return, instead of trading for a potential star in Favors and a decent guard in Harris? Just so YOUR Knicks can make the post-season?

        I’m all for discussing other potential deals that can be made, but c’mon, at least be realistic instead of just being a ridiculous fanboy.

      • griffin and anthony says:

        if anthony went to the clippers they would surely become a playoff team, they have a great team with great stars like griffin, gordon and davis. All they need is someone to take the lead and they will surely make it to the playoffs. If anthony joined the clippers the lakers wouldnt stand a chance, they barely managed to beat the clippers last time with 1point. This would surely spark a good rivalry between the 2

      • denverfan says:

        great idea but i dont mind if chauncey and hamilton hook up again

      • heat_champs '10-'11 says:

        Blake Griffin will be the best big man if he changes his style of play and he stays out of injuries way. His explosiveness will always be hindered by injuries and you can’t always go to the paint and dunk all the time.

    • Antman says:

      Anthony Knows his stuff! If he does that it will give him the best chance to compete with the other league power houses. Then all the knicks will need to do is pick up a few big bodies, maybe form the d-league just to give 6 fouls kinda like the bulls did when there were no good centers around. the knicks already have all the other role players in place and a star guard and super star low post player, pleanty of good shooting to spread the floor so i think that’s the best look for him. If he dosen’t sign the extension, He’s still gonna get a big contract and all the endorsements he’ll get in NY will more than make up for the cash.

    • J.D says:

      Exactly. Thats what im saying. He should wait out his contract and Sign with the Knicks even witht he uncertain CBA . I mean he wants to play for a competitor . So why not allow the Knicks to keep their assests and build a team around him and stoudemire.

    • debo says:

      its not carmelos decision.. he cant control being traded. so waiting out his contract til end season is not an option

    • NBAest says:

      No it wouldn’t with the current Collective Bargaining Agreement coming to an end. If Carmelo doesn’t sign his extension before the trade deadline he’s likely to leave at least 10 million dollars on the table… You go tell that to LaLa.