Another Dagger For The Cavs

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — With all the Carmelo Anthony chatter and the hideout being buried under nearly two feet of snow, we almost missed the news of Anderson Varejao‘s season being over in Cleveland.

What a cruel stretch this has been for Varejao and the Cavs. We won’t bother digging up the mess that was their summer. But Varejao has been in the blender since training camp, as Mary Schmitt Boyer of the Plain Dealer reported:

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for the Cavaliers, the team announced Sunday that center Anderson Varejao will miss the rest of the season with a torn peroneus longus tendon in his right foot that will require surgery.

“It’s devastating,” said Mo Williams. “Obviously he’s a big part of what we do offensively and especially defensively. It’s a tough one to swallow. It’s hard.”

Coach Byron Scott said he had not talked to Varejao, their defensive anchor who was averaging 9.1 points and 9.7 rebounds this season.

“When I heard the news, I’m not going to say I didn’t buckle,” Scott said before Sunday night’s game against the Suns in USAirways Center. “A lot of it was because Andy’s been playing great. He’s been unbelievable. He’s arguably our best player and for him to go down that way — in practice on the last drill just running up and down the floor, no contact whatsoever — that’s tough.

“I feel more saddened for him because of what he has put into this season and all the other stuff he’s been through. He’s been through a lot this season. To come out and play the way he’s been playing all season long, I feel real bad for him.”

Varejao left the team during training camp when his grandfather died in Brazil. A short time later, his father had heart surgery. On Dec. 29, he broke his cheekbone during a game in Charlotte and has had to wear a mask to protect it.

In the name of Dr. Naismith, something good needs to happen to that team and those fans in Cleveland!

Enough is enough.


  1. dude says:

    Lebron only use his mind he knew it that he can never be a part of a championship team when his in the Cav’s uniform that’s why he left and go to miami heat because this franchise is a championship caliber team together with his friend Wade and Bosh and many people knew wade is 1 of the greatest player of all time in terms of playing basketball and Bosh is also a premiere all star in toronto and when there together they unbeatable…

  2. Parker says:

    I feel bad for Varejao, but it won’t change much for the Cavs mediocre basketball at this point. Best record in the league WITH Lebron to worst record in the league without Lebron. The only thing I wonder when it comes to the Cavaliers is how in the hell did Lebron ever win so much with this team? He really is the best basketball player in the world and deserves a thank you from the fans for the seven long hard years he put in for them.

    I picture the Cavs going bankrupt and/or moving to another city in the future, preferably somewhere players would actually want to move to.

  3. Damn ... says:

    The Cavaliers are just terrible without Lebron. He had no help. It is evident by their record. Nothing more to it … well, except for being irrelevant in the basketball world.

  4. bolly says:

    cavs have been done since the lost lebron so it doesnt matter

  5. dt15 says:

    Ironicly, Lebron gets drafted to Clevland and they make it to the championship game once, have the best record in the East for the last 2 years, etc… he leaves and now they have the worst record in the league. Glad he left…Cleveland fans never even said thank your for the 7years he gave them. It’s Karma. Because of the reaction, no marqee player will ever want to play there again. I think its just a matter of time before they file for bankruptcy.

  6. It was unfortunate for the Cavs that the King leaves them. But I always believe that there is always something to look forward to. I know that they can come out with master plan and to be competitive again. Just move on and focus on building winning formula.

    • gdog says:

      Their is a curse on cleveland,put on them by Dan Gilbert,until he man-up and apologize to Lebron for his shenanigans you will continue to see this.

  7. King6 says:

    Mo Williams the best player? The Cavs are done for atleast a Decade! A number 1 draft pick would be nice if there were good players coming out! There is not 1 player in college basketball that can change a franchise. Lebron for MVP, again!

  8. kojin says:

    personally they shoud not have been this bad defensively, even with lebron gone. emotionally this team was done for a while, its really sad. i hope they at least let antawn jamison go via buyout or trade (though i dont know who wants to pay him 13 mil) its clearly time to rebuild ,you might as well start now and see if you can get on that deal denver and NJ is cooking up. something.

  9. Spliftout says:

    Maybe they will win the lottery and pick another stud…

  10. Wait a minute says:

    First Greg Oden, next Yao, then Coron, now Varejao. I hate when teams lose HUGE parts of their teams.

  11. B-ballislife says:

    I always thought Lebron was slightly over-rated but I change my mind. 8-30? That is not good at all.

  12. HASHMAN says:

    I have always been a cavs famn, and always will be. We may have no hope this year, but with trades, draft picks, and hopefully, some free agents, we can forget about lebron and move on.

    • Montaellisfan says:

      Why would you even bring up lebron in this post? its about anderson varejao. This is obviously gonna hurt the cavs but they need to find chemistry. Its not like just cuz Lebron left they’re franchise is done. It did take a huge blow but its not done. They will recover and i think mo williams is their best player. He needs consistancy though.

    • Cleveland Management Sucks says:

      Hahaha, if Cleveland couldn’t even make good trades or acquire players when they had a player to build on, how do you expect them to do it now from scratch? Cleveland management just sucks.

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