About Last Night: Miami 3:16 Goes Off

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Isiah Thomas was right when he said LeBron James needed to embrace his inner villain and let the venom of others fuel him in this, the second act of his NBA career.

We haven’t had more fun watching than we did Sunday, when he soaked up the hate from the Trail Blazers fans and unleashed it back on them in the form of a season-high 44 points, 13 rebounds and six assists in a gritty 107-100 Heat win.

Remember when James was in Cleveland, having fun and taking snapshots before games with his teammates and dancing and leaving us all to wonder how wicked he might be if he played with a chip on his shoulder instead of with a smile on his face all the time?

Well, now we know.

James didn’t go it alone. The other members of Miami 3:16 — or LeWosh, as our main man and NBA.com colleague Art Garcia likes to refer to them — were in on the fun, too. They combined for all but 11 of the Heat’s points in the game, making us wonder if the Heat could have won this game playing four on five (ridiculous, right, but think about it for a second) … of course, not.

Whether you are a Heat hater or supporter, you have to admit they are fun to watch. They’ve rattled off nine straight wins and 13 straight on the road (they snapped the Trail Blazers’ eight-game home winning streak Sunday). They haven’t lost to anyone other than Dallas (twice) since Thanksgiving and here we are creeping up on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Dwyane Wade might have summed it up best after the game when he said, “You look at games like this and moments like this and you really understand why we decided to team up and come together.”


Despite many opinions to the contrary, the Lakers are not done yet, as the Knicks will attest.

Our main man and Lakers beat writer extraordinaire Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times described the mood after Kobe Bryant, Andrew Bynum and the crew got their stuff together:

For all the claims they are too old, slow and uninterested, the Lakers lobbed a series of counterarguments Sunday at their critics.

Suddenly motivated and surprisingly feisty, the Lakers thumped the New York Knicks and their fleet of young feet amid a tangle of technical fouls, flagrant fouls and a rare ejection for Andrew Bynum.

After the final seconds drained off the clock without anybody getting sent for mug shots and fingerprinting, the Lakers emerged with a 109-87 victory at Staples Center.

The Knicks came into the game scoring a league-high 108 points a game but were rejected at almost every turn by the Lakers.

In fact, the Lakers have been employing a new twist to their defense, telling their big men to stay closer to the basket and funneling perimeter players to the baseline instead of toward their 7-footers in the key, as has been the custom the last few years.

It seems to be working. The Lakers’ big men are staying out of foul trouble, their perimeter players are being held more accountable instead of simply forcing their man into the middle, and the Knicks shot a woeful 36%.

“I think we can definitely win a championship with this type of defense,” Phil Jackson said before couching it with the fact it came against the undersized Knicks. “There’s still a little ways to go before I think we perfect that, if there is such a thing as perfecting a defense.”

Just hearing Phil talk championship after all the drama and rhetoric of the past 10 days has to be reassuring to Lakers fans.

We highlighted some of the Lakers’ mishaps here the past week and half or so, but by no means did we write the Lakers off as title contenders (despite what some of you might have thought). They remain the surest thing to come out of the Western Conference this season, at least until we see someone else stand up to them in a best-of-seven series.


  1. Abdul says:


    I am actually a diehard heat fan, but let me tell you i am not even talking about getting a pg and a center lol there is no one in the league that can play better defense on amare than joel anthony yes you read that write you might have missed that but wooping miami gave to the knicks first time and broke amare’s 30+ point streak thanks to joel, oh and about the celtics you can’t guard wade and lebron there is no one in the league that can guard those two guys and yeah they will drive into the paint and dunk all over KG and SHAQ and big baby is too small to stop them any way and so is JO!

  2. Belmont says:

    @ Gdog

    I am a hater of any other team other than my own just like most true fans. Like I said, I hope all top teams are healthy come playoff time so we can see who truly is the best. My basketball IQ doesn’t have to be very high to be above yours, just read what you wrote above…

    Bull’s had interior weakness?? Was Rodman not the leading rebounder in the league for many many years? He was an absolute physical animal under the basket and NOBODY pushed him around. Need I go on??

    Who will guard Lebron? The same person who shut him down in last years playoff’s. Of course he’s not going to keep LBJ off the score sheet but he will make him work hard for every point and stick to him like white on rice. He’s a very good defender as LBJ would be the first to admit. Allen is also a very good defender and will make Wade work just as hard. How this is a mismatch is beyond me. The mismatches are at the point and down low. Rondo will make them look silly just like he has the last 2 times and nobody can do a thing about it. He has 5 options on the floor and not just 2.5. There is no debating this. I look forward to seeing Bron and Wade trying to drive and see who is there to Greet them. Perk, KG, Shaq and JO. They will have to settle for jumpers.

    You are right, we shall see what happens Feb 3rd. Let’s hope both teams are healthy and I am sure we will see a good battle. I could care less of the outcome until the playoffs.

    It’s funny how so many Heat lovers are having the talk of getting a center and PG. What does this say? They know there is a serious weakness that 3 teams in eastern conference will expose.

    Go Celts’s!!

  3. gdog says:

    Belmont your basketball IQ is limited Dog,you are an undercover hater,just say you hate miami just like the masses.
    all you muttering about is miami’s interior weaknesses the bulls had them too.It didnt matter.What you’re failing to realize is maybe those guys(boston’s front line) will dominate which i doubt,miami’s defense is stifling but assuming they do who will guard Lebron,Pierce, please not enough a..,who will guard Wade, allen please ya see miami is mismatched down low but boston is severely mismatched with wade and lebron its all balanced out.Keep in mind those two losses were in the preliminary rounds,wade and lebron had’nt figured it out.lets see what happens Feb 3.

  4. gdog says:

    I hope you miami haters will continue to squall in late april,may when miami dethrones boston.The old has to make room for the young.This is a modern day bulls team.Wade is jordan,lebron is Pippen,and Bosh is Rodman,mike miller is steve kerr,carlos is BJ armstrong and Anthony,Z,and Dampier is longley,cartright,and purdue.Old school put it down for ya, he’s right.You guys keep saying what if lebron gets hurt,look at Dirk that can happen to anybody,what if kobe gets hurt,what if stoudemire gets hurt,Durant,Etc.Get real miami will win the championship THIS YEAR mark my words……..

  5. Belmont says:

    @ LOL

    Actually I am not a hater of the team but more of a Hater of all the Bandwagon jumpers who all of the sudden think the Heat will win the championship. I am praying for no injuries to the Heat in fact so I can see how they match up against the Celtics, Magic, Bulls, Spurs, Mavs and Lakers. It’s time to be a realist and realize how hard it is to in fact win a championship and what it takes. The fact is they have 2 injury prone players and if one goes out, they are F&%$ed! Like I said, I hope they all are there come playoffs so I can see them get Beat straight up by a better team.

    As far as your comments about Arroyo can lead in 3’s all season long and that means absolutely nothing. Jason Kappono lead the league in 3pt% a few years back and where is he? What did he ever do? Nothing cause he sucked! You actually have to be able to dish out dimes and score the odd point to be effective. When you have to switch another player to the point cause you are not capable kinda means you suck..

    Bosh is a china doll cause I watched him in Toronto for 7 years. He is injury prone and has never stepped up to the plate when it mattered. He will get thrown around like a rag doll when he steps in against the big boys in the playoffs. You Honestly going to tell me that he can match up with KG and the Oneal’s and Perkins or Bynum and Gasol come playoff time. What about Boozer and Noah? Come on! Seriously?????

    Big Z is old and slow. Also, Duncan can hit that same 20 ft shot off glass all night long too. Actually, another 7fter can hit it as well. KG Anyways, you pin your hopes on the big 2.5 and there DEEP supporting cast and we shall see what happens.

    The East will be a war just to get out of the first round and will get even tougher from there. Is Miami playing good basketball? Absolutely, some of the best I have seen in many years. Let’s all hope they can make it to the dance Healthy so we can see what they have when it really counts. I could care less if Boston beat them twice now nor do I care in February. I only care that they destroy them come playoffs.

    P.S To all you idiots talking about getting Nash and CP3. Seriously? Who the hell they going to trade for them? Wallace is a possibility and that would be a drastic improvement for them. For everyone else’s sake, I hope that doesn’t happen.

  6. K says:

    Let me ask the question; what does it take to become an NBA official? How many of these guys actually come up through the officiating ranks (High School, College, Semi-Pro), before they became officials in the NBA?

    Officials in the NBA are supposed to be the cream of the crop when it comes to officiating, right? However, you have so many of these guys who have never officiated prior to joining the NBA and why is that? Thanks to having a NBA League Pass this season, (I purchased so I could watch the Miami Heat), I have had the opportunity to watch a lot of basketball and in the course of watching so many games this season I have come to relies that their are a lot of horrible officials in the NBA.

    Let me start by validating my remarks; I officiate basketball at the High School, College and Semi-Pro levels. I understand the importants of experience and training to become a comptent official. I have attended officiating clinics/ camps all around the country and I am presently on the staff of officials in the ABA. In all my training the most important lesson that I have learned was to work hard to get to the spot so that you can see through the play and call what you actually see, DON’T GUESS! Now, I have observed a lot of NBA officials and the way that they call games in the NBA is very different then any other place that I have ever seen. These guys call all over the floor with little of no consistency.

    In the Miami/ Portland game Sunday night I watched while Bob Delaney, (who many say is a good official) made a call on James Jones while he was trying to fight over a screen to get to Garcia who had received a pass in the corner. Now I have no problem with the foul; however, the problem for me with that play was that he counted Garcia’s basket from the corner. At the time of the foul by Jones, Garcia was still trying to gathering himself and was not in a shooting motion yet. Delaney never looked over at Garcia after he blew his whistle but instead counted the basketball an put the other player at the line for one free throw which was correct if, indeed it was a shot or Portland was in the bonus.

    Another bad officiating call in that same game occurred when a Portland player clearly committed a flagrant foul against LeBron and the officials after coming together decided to call it a common shooting foul. Both of these plays could have been corrected by simply going to the sideline monitor. Illegal screens another call that is called inconsistently in the NBA. I’ve seen Zydrunas Ilgauskas set picks with little of no contact and the officials will have a quick whistle. Then you’ll see other players set picks by extending their legs, hips and elbows and you have nothing. I understand all the different philosophies of officiating; so many that I could right a book. But officiating in the NBA, brother, that’s some of the most inconsistent and poor officiating that I have ever seen.

  7. K says:

    Hate on, hate on…….. Please continue to hate on LeBron and the Heat and help hate them into a NBA World Title. LeBron, D-Wade and Bosh have finally accepted their villian roles and have embraced it to the point that it has fueled them to want to take it out on every team in the NBA. Every game is a play-off game for this team; everybody trys to bring their A-game when they play this Miami Heat team. Yet, the Heat continue to match the energy of these other teams and continue to win.

    Some crazy hater said that you need three good scorers to when a championship; well that’s not necessarily true. You need guys who are not afraid to take that big shot, that will take the challenge when when the game is on the line. LA has Kobe, because when the game is on the line that’s who’s hands the ball is going to be in, (not Pau’s, Lamar or Andrew). Boston as Paul Pierce period. But when you look at Miami, you have two of the best closers in the NBA in LBJ and D-Wade and then Chris Bosh is one hell of a third option, seeing how he was that guy in Toronto for 7 years.

    All you haters keep hating please. Keep booing, keep talking trash and please keep telling these guys that they can’t win together. That hatred is going to be the fuel that will continue to power this team to the play-offs and possibly to a World Championship.

  8. jos says:

    Hey guys, what’s up? Hey I’m a big Heat but I’m also a realist. Look… why do you think Orlando pulled off that trade? I don’t think I need to say it.. The Magic is the team to really take a look at. These guys are killing everybody. I think the Magic at THIS POINT is the most talented team and the most dangerous. Nobody wants to play Orlando. With that line-up, they are downright.. SCARY!! When the Heat played them twice this year, they were a different team. When Boston played Miami twice earlier this year, they were a different team and you all know that. LOOK.. first half of the season is in the books. Miami’s got the best record in the east (not really surprised) but who will get the homecourt? Orlando might catch up. The games between the top east teams will be a lot different than what they were like before. You know already Boston isn’t just going to roll over Miami. Miami has found their identity and Boston will need to acknowledge and adjust. Orlando, after the trade, is a different team and Miami and Boston, again, will need to adjust. The second half of the season will be a fight to the finish, the playoffs will be intense. Only then are we going to know who the real eastern powerhouse is. Right now we’re just playing games to see who gets the best record. I wouldn’t be surprised if Orlando ends up on top. Hedo Turkoglu belongs in Orlando and that’s obvious. You all have a great winter and springs and have fun watching the games!

  9. Wait a minute says:

    ha! why you got the Spurs twice?

  10. mike xin says:

    Whoever said the big three of miami can win with any crappy players next to me must be into basketball just for it being the popular sport and don’t really know much. That was the most ignorant comment and this season has proved it. I’m a major heat fan who supported the heats since was a kid and I wouldn’t make such bold claims. The role players might not score much, but each of em has played a role in the games, and they did their jobs well. And adding chris paul or steve nash doesn’t guarantee anything except now it’ll be called the big four.
    I watch and love this game as a true fan, and as a true fan of basketball, I know that championship is not certain, and know that when it comes playoff Boston, Orlando, LA and the other teams will be a challenge and not a rollover. But also to the boston guy, for you to make claims that Miami Heat won’t go far in the playoffs is also way too early to predict. Unless any of you are the gods of basketball or something nobody will know what can happen, and the Heat’s have a legitimate chance of going far into the playoffs, as if they do win or not only time will tell. And for u to predict things like you do, it just makes you sound like a silly hater. This game is exciting to watch, and for true sports fans it’s a thrill just to be in the moment of watching great teams play. So stop trying to be the expert and just enjoy the game. It’s ashamed that although you guys call yourself fans, you guys remind me more of elementary school kids arguing over who’s better.

  11. nkmagic says:

    1. heat
    2. celtics
    3. magic
    4. bulls
    5. knicks
    6. hawks
    7. pacers
    8. bucks

    1. spurs
    2. lakers
    3. spurs
    4. thunder
    5. jazz
    6. hornets
    7. nuggets
    8. rockets

    lakers three-peat !

  12. DBron says:

    The heat’s fast break were simply awesome and at the speed of light@!..With Wade and LeBron, its invincible…Bosh plays well too by making timely shots. Bosh is a good shooter though..I think if the heat were to make it into the playoffs, they really need to reshuffle their roster and lineups. Arroyo would only cause the team their title hopes

  13. LeDosh says:

    Arroyo totally suck!..a very very bad point guard…its such a disgrace that LBJ is playing forward but needs to set the play during offense.Should just get rid of Arroyo. He is not suitable to even play in the NBA..WORST POINT GUARD OF ALL TME!!..

    • pfft says:

      i can assure that arroyo is better than YOU. arroyo is a good point guard, not great but good. you just watch nba dont you? have you ever watched FIBA? look at arroyo’s stat. pfft

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  15. ben10 says:

    its funny how the haters disappear after you prove them wrong, two months ago if you read any of the miami heat team blogs 80 to 90 percent of the comment posted up was all about how the miami heat will fail… hmmm it look like the haters took an early vacation. The heat have a long way to go as far as the season go, but you have to like the way they are playing now.

  16. Jake says:

    They’re not getting Nash and they aren’t getting CP3. Seriously, there are some greedy folks down in Florida. The All-Star game is in L.A. this year not Miami. That being said, Miami is SCARY GOOD right now. D-Wade and Lebron are having their way right now, and the rest of the team has found their ways of contributing. Kind of crazy to think what they would be doing with a healthy Haslem and Miller.

    Still…GO SPURS GO!

  17. bigboy11 says:

    the heat is getting the A game from every team they play they wont get any easy games all teams circle the date on their calander when they are going to play the heat they are villan #1 and their arenas are packed when the heat come there,think it mis working out for the heat for they are building this mental toughness that championship teams needs come playoff time,the coach was right the last 2 games the heat3 never had the look of a defeated team when the bucks and the blazers are leading them with less than 2 mins. left in the game. the blazers made their run and had nothing left in the tank they were done in over time.the HEAT dont need a all star point guard aaryo is just ok for them he dont turn over the bal he is a lot better than Chalmers he makes too much mistakes he was the reason why the blazers 1got the lead in the 4th so the coach had to yank him 3 turnovers and 3 fouls he gave the blazers like 10 pts. the heat needs a good center zeke looked so slow last night Aldridge just kept blowing by him and j anthony is too small they kept putting baskets over him. why are some of these reporters saying james should not react to the blazers fans,they have been booing him and calling him names all night he did right beat them and jeer them

  18. Belmont says:

    Let’s try to sum this up in point form.
    1. Miami is one injury away from going on a big losing streak. You had better hope Wade and his history of problems or that China doll bosh don’t go out cause they have NOBODY to replace them.
    2. Yes, both Miami’s point GUARDS and centres SUCK. You honestly think Z can match up against Howard, Oneal’s, Perkins, Bynum. Bosh will get eaten alive by KG and Gasol too.
    3. You can’t win a championship when your bench and 2 other starters get 12 points. What happens when one or two of them get into foul trouble? Then what?

    That’s a lot of pressure on your 2 and a half men. I’ll stick with the big green machine that has beaten them twice already.

    DWade21, you should stop talking because you clearly have zero basketball intelligence. Arroyo does suck and Z and Anthony are brutal. Just accept it. Best field goal percentage among point guards, that is effin hilarious. He is not allowed to shoot. He takes 3 shots a game…….

    • LB6 says:


      Talk about basketball intelligence u dont have any of it.

      Thats why they have the big three at miami. any of the big three if they get injured there will be one of them who will carry the team. if wade gets injured lebron will carry them and vice versa. if u will compare it to boston. if pierce gets injured who will replace him. ray allen cant shoot threes every night. have u watched the playoffs vs the lakers at one time ray allen was lights out from 3’s at one game then the next cant shoot anything.

      Talking about arroyo. his field goal is up. and he doesnt turn the ball over that much. and whenever he gets open shots he puts it in.

      Then if you talk about depth. how can the lakers celtics have more depth than miami?? at one time miller arroyo and ilgauskas became starters even haslem can be a starter. if u will compare bench with lakers. lakers starting pg sucks barnes even sucks look at the stats. only odom and brown is giving the lakers quality minutes, w boston only davis and nate giving them quality min.

      So please just shut urself up coz u dont know what your saying

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      If any team loses a superstar to injury they are pretty much out the running for the playoffs.

      Lakers – Kobe, Gasol or Bynum

      Miami – Wade, James or Bosh

      San Antonio – Parker, Duncan or Ginobili

      Dallas – Dirk, Terry, Chandler

      Boston – Pierce, Allen or Garnett

      If any one of these players is absent for the entire playoffs you can put money on the fact that they won’t get a championship.

      But I think it’s sad that your subliminally hating and wishing for a injury on a player.

    • LOL says:

      @ Belmont

      Lets sum you up in point form.

      1. We better hope noone goes down? Sounds like YOUR hopin there HATER. Wishin injuries on someone is pretty pathetic. Bosh is hardly a China doll.

      2. Big Z CAN match up against these guys because of his length at 7’3, AND because hes the only center in the league who can drain 20 ft shoot shots consistently and even hit 3 pointers LOL. Yea Big Z sucks real bad doesnt he? How’d you like that Knick game where he SWATTED Amare on his first move against him? And knocked the ball away 2 other times? LOL. How did you like how he helped Bosh and the team to outrebound the Lakers? Yea he sucks huh? Not quite try again. Bosh?? BOSH OWNED THE LAKERS FRONTLINE on Christmas, but apparently you didn’t watch it. Yea Gasol really looks capable of stopping him doesn’t he? Yea, right. And Arroyo is 5th in the league in 3pt%, yea tell us ALL how bad he really sucks too huh?

      3. Your talkin about the Blazer game with everyone else scoring 11. Well gee besides the fact that they just proved they can win that way if the other players are having a down game, its not going to happen very often. They all average well over 11 points per game. This is just a stupid comment among your others.

      Big green machine that beat them twice? Thats laughable. Yea beat them twice in the Heats first and 7th game EVER PLAYED TOGETHER. And Boston has played around 300. OK yea live in that fantasy land all you want. Fact is the next time the Heat play Boston they will cruise to a 10+ point victory. Sorry bout it.

      No YOUR the one with zero basketball intelligence, and simply and immature hater. Why dont you find something else on the internet to do than waste your time trying to impress people with ludicrous and lame comments.

  19. Tropic Thunder says:

    I too am a little worried about the big three burning out by playoffs, but Spo seems to be a clever guy. He’ll probably get the W’s to the high 50’s as early as possible then concentrate on developing the role players for the rest of the games leading up to the playoffs. 55 – 59 W’s should put them in the top 4 in the east. I love the fact that MIA could survive back-to-back drag out OT games and come out on top with no injuries (despite some questionable UFC takedowns). I didn’t think the team would gel so quickly and had them as serious contenders for next season, but with more than half of the regular season left, I think they could do some major damage in the in the post.

  20. Tenki says:

    Miami landing Nash and Nene is a very good thing to think about, but it’s very unlikely for Miami to acquire the services of these guys. I mean, they don’t have anyone that would garner the interests of Phoenix and Denver, and Miami can’t afford these players. There’s no way Denver would trade Nene because of the issues surrounding Melo, and Phoenix won’t be ready to leave the franchise to Goran Dragic and a bunch of old-school players like Grant Hill and Vince Carter.

    The Heat should involve more of their team in playing offense. They have proven that their Big Three can provide the scoring, but in the playoffs, it’s another thing. As a Heat fan myself, I would like to see Jones and Chalmers combine for at least 20 points off the bench for Miami. Wade, Bosh and James scoring 90% of the points is amazing, but it won’t be enough for them, especially when they face the Celtics in the post-season. KG is a great defender, Pierce is a monster against LeBron, and Wade will have his hands full against Ray Allen when it comes to defense. Plus, Boston has a presence in the paint that Miami is all familiar with, and both O’Neals played for their cause prior to this season. If playing in June is the Heat’s ultimate goal, they should learn how to play against Boston in May, and don’t let the ghosts of their two losses haunt them.

  21. ALL TIME GREATS says:

    Lebron showed there is only one reigning MVP and he’s been reigning since 2008. He is not giving up his crown without a fight. These guys are a dynasty in the making. 6 rings is not out of the question for the Superfriends!!!

    Lebron > KB24
    Wade > KB24
    MJ > KB24
    MJ > Lebron
    Pau > KB24

  22. lakers fan says:

    i like wat buddy said about haters fan disappearing lol honestly am a heat hater but wont lie they r doing very well rite now actually there playing the best nba game ive seen so far but all do respect i do not see them beating a boston team four game in the playofffs so far against boston ther 0-2 like i have always believed a team with lebron will always hold the best record title now and for years to come but dont see a title this year sorry boston or lakers gonna win it this year strong feeling boston but am a lakers fan so cheering lakers pce out

  23. lebronfan says:

    hey pat riley your acting like they need a good center to win a championship when they already got all that talent on their team have you seen the past 22 games your nuts if u don’t think they are gonna win it all with what they have.

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      Agreed. Z is enough of a center for them. People really don’t give him enough credit, and Dampier is decent sub if he doesn’t shoot. With all that said the only thing left to put the Heat in a better position to win will be Haslem returning and getting Miller back to his old game.

    • LB6 says:


      How can you say this their winning streak is little? they have lost 1 game since november at dallas and dallas won by just 2points. hey i think even if they win the finals you will still have an excuse. haha stop being a hater coz your just embarrassing yourself. u sound like you dont know anything. every coach and every player in the nba knows miami is a big threat and can win them all.

      Miami doesnt need a point guard. what they need is a center. not a scoring center but a rebounding center who hustles alot. a lot like verajao or ben wallace. they need someone to bang inside to get the rebound. adding a point guard is just a waste. trade mike miller jhoward and magloir for a quality center. if they can get maybe nene, biedrins, camby, dalembert, kaman, chandler or haywood. they will be unstoppable

  24. KingCobra25 says:

    The thing is Miami now is a reat team and is playing like the lakers team of last year and it shows they have a 95% chance of winning in the finals. The heat are definately better than the celtics and spurs and all those elite teams. Ricky can you shut up and jump off a clif or get a life because every one knows you are just like that cavaliers poser that talks trash about the big 3 (MRTHEHEATSUCK). You need to see a doctor because either you are on drugs or you need a new brain

  25. cozi says:

    Pg- Nash
    Sg- Wade
    F- lebron
    Pf- bosh
    C- anthony, haslem…

    this could be greet if happen..^^ wade and james run the court..hahahaha

    defense can win it easy…

    Go Heat!

  26. cozi says:

    Pg- Nash
    Sg- Wade
    F- lebron
    Pf- bosh
    C- anthony, haslem…

    this could be greet if happen..^^ wade and james run the court..hahahaha

    Go Heat!

  27. cozi says:

    Pg- Nash
    Sg- Wade
    F- lebron
    Pf- bosh
    C- anthony, haslem…

    this could be greet if happen..^^ wade and james run the court..hahahaha

    Go Heat!

  28. Rogers33 says:

    Some of you guys are idiots who do not check before making posts. Look at the stats before stating Arroyo sucks. He is in the top tier of the league in 3 point field goal percentage. That is his role and he is doing it extremely well. How can someone say, he sucks?????????

  29. to pat riley.. says:

    pls pls pls im begging you we need a true center in miami,, to match up dwight,gasol,bynum, before it’s to late… if the play offs come

  30. Abdul says:

    Guys the trade deadline has not approached yet, btw we have the greatest coach of all time in my eyes Pat Riley as our president don’t worry my heat fans lol the master mind is sitting and looking and waiting for that trade deadline to come and baby we are probably going to land a point and or a center! maybe nash or billups, not cp3 to much money! and nene maybe as center!

  31. for real?? says:

    wow after those last 22 games, i seriously thought the haters would stop. finally get a life and move on… but they still here. Have Miami still not proved themselves. Stoppin a Portland streak, one of the hardest teams to beat @ home n winning 21 of last 22. wat more should they do? n for the ppl hatin on LBJ particularly, watch the replay of 2 big 3s in OT to give Heat the win. THe guy is incredible. yall just need to stop hatin n find yalll own gift. im sure hatin aint a gift

  32. Bob says:

    on the top ten when lebron dunks it, didn’t the blazers just back away from him???

  33. jenny gordon says:

    loved the game yesterday, ever a ‘bron fan, time to stop hating and embrace him for the player he is….wondering like ZakJohnson y Eddie House is warming the bench???

  34. Ricky says:

    This is what makes the NBA sick to watch, these 3 UM-EGO’s getting all the airtime for their little streak and making the NBA a much smaller world. I will NEVER jump on this bandwagon and if Jordan was bad enough for u people, this makes Jordan look like Obi-wan kinobi to this ‘galactic empire!!’ lol. I can tell alot of these comments are from ppl jumping on the bandwagon already! but NO! not me! NEVER! Keep in mind people, they BARELY beat PORTLAND! Portland is a great team but i thought MIAMI set the standard higher for greatness!? Still not seeing it. Boston will DE-MORALIZE this team if they catch just these 3 guys doing all the work! Let’s face it! 3 and 1/8 of a team has NO CHANCE against well built teams like Dallas, Boston, San Antonio!! Ok they beat the lakers, but they had their time, their done now! Beat those 3 teams and your empire is well suited to run the next decade! But even then, I will remain a JEDI!! 🙂

    • Wait a minute says:

      I just don’t get why people CONTINUE to say the Lakers / Celtics are done. You have NO evidence for that statement, not their record, the teams they’ve beaten and lost to, what they’ve accomplished since being in the finals. NOTHING.

      • Ricky says:

        Wait a minute.. am i those people who have no evidence that the lakers are done? No you know why? it’s cuz im simply not like those haters.. i’ve seen the lakers play and as of late, they look like chumps right now. My evidence is what you see on tv! Boston ain’t done! and i forgot to add Magic are in the mix.. have i included my favorite team? which is portland? no so i have not shown any bias to all you thinking im just a heat hater! They will be GREAT! but im not just gonna lay down and bow down like 90% of fans in the nation! You guys miss my point so easily and king cobra25! come see me again on sekous blog when the finals come and then we’ll talk.. peace.

    • Phillip says:

      You are a lunatic. Get real! Miami are good and I don’t see how bench would be a problem unless injuries strike at some point. Still Miami’s bench is surely not that bad at all with Jones, Mike Miller (he was supposed to be good, wasn’t he) and Anthony, who is improving game by game. The argument that they need a point guard sounds lame, how so when Lebron plays at the point most of the time when he is on the field. I would still like to see how Udonis Haslem joins the team whenever he comes back from injury and he is hardly a scrap.

      Mind you, expect Heat to start playing better in the next months, we are still in Jan, playoffs are far. Boston, LA and SA have played long time together as a team, it will still take some time for Heat to reach perfection or at least excellence but hey, wasn’t it supposed all this to be competitive and unpredictable.

      Still, I love all this people that have held a basketball two times in their lives making predictions about NBA basketball.

      Keep it real and be entertained.

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      Boston barley beat New York at home; Miami killed them. So what’s your point about them barley beating the Blazers?

      Also the Lakers are done? You must have just started watching ball this year.

      If I were you I would stick to Star Wars which you seem to know but as for B-Ball leave that to guys who actually know what’s going on in the game.

    • Wait a minute says:

      When you say a team’s done, that means you don’t have to worry about any kind of championship run or even being effective in the league, i.e. the Pistons, Raptors, Sixers, Kings etc. But it’s cool Ricky all i’m saying is that the Lakers are way away from being done. (I didn’t say you said the Celtics are done, i just put the Celtics in there because a lot of fans are saying they’re done because of age.)

  35. LakerThreePeat says:

    I think what some of you guys need to understand is that a team is all about depth. Some teams have depth and can’t do anything with it and other teams just have no depth at all and are destroyed because of it. Sure the Miami Heat are rolling right now. I’m a Laker fan, but I can admit that the Heat are probably the best team in the league right now with the way they’re playing, but you simply cannot expect a Championship at this point. When you have a trio scoring about 90% of the points night in and night out, they’re going to get fatigued. Remember when Bosh went on a tear for the Raptors last year. He went for 30-40 points for a month, then totally wore down. Dwyane Wade is so injury prone, that him playing at this level every night is very dangerous for Heat fans. Lebron can easily post these numbers every night, but at the end of the day, they have no talent surrounding this team. Barely anyway. When it comes the playoffs, every team that will make it will expect solid effort from every teammate. Whereas, the Heat will just continue to depend on their stars. You can’t do that. And I know none of you Heat fans will admit it now and will make fun of all the other teams with hopes for a championship. And that’s fine, go ahead enjoy your team’s streak right now. But in June … it’s going to be a whole new story in the Finals. That is if the Miami Heat can survive their way to the Finals.

    • CHIRO says:

      I am a Heat fan and I agree with you. Nevertheless, I dont think Spoelstra is overplaying any of his players. He has being extremely careful resting them adecuately. The other thing I dont agree with you is the fact that there wont be a LakerThreePeat. No doubt it will be the Heat all the way!!!

    • Fastbreak says:

      A team is not about depth at all. Having a deep bench does you nothing when your starts arent producing or working well together. Only job of the bench is to give the starters rest without flopping – giving up easy points and scoring at least some. And to be honest Miami has a far deeper roster than Lakers. They can play 3 stars at once or 1 and produce on both ends of the floor. Lakers produce little to nothing against good teams with bench players, and are winning only on the backs of Bynum/Bryant/Gasol. Depth is important sure, but in the Lakers case it doesn’t even matter because your biggest issue is your starters not your bench.

  36. Mr Sensible says:

    People People People….The Lakers is where the fun is at!! Do you not get the point that the second best Center in the Nba ANDREW BYNUM is almost healthy??? Teamed up with the best Power Forward Pau Gasol??? The best Shooting guard Kobe Bryant??? And the best player off the bench Lamar Odom??? I feel sorry for whoever plays them in a best of 7…hahaha you writers are going to wish you never talked trash when they were losing….and Amare…..you are still the same player you were in Pheonix….and they had a better team then your Knicks…you coulnt stand up to L.A then, you definately cant stand up to them now..Enjoy your success in the watered down East.

    • hahahahahaha! Lakers lovers. They are just lucky to win it last season because of Perkins Injury. But I’ll tell you what, they can’t do it again. Kobe is too ambitious and Pau is acting like a gay…Phil Jackson is displaying overconfidence which is bad….they will have a hard time winning the Western Conference…

    • francisco says:

      kobe is not the best shooting guard , only 45%

  37. Old School says:

    I can tell must people blogging here are probably to young to realize that when the bulls won 6 championships in the 90s that they never had a dominant or even a decent point guard(both Steve Kerr and John Paxson were undersized shooting guards cause everyone knew that Pippen(the small forward) ran that offense and Jordan fed off it) or center(Luc Longly was able to clog the middle, Bill Wennington was like Ilgaskus able to knock down the 15-footer, and Will Perdue was atrocious).

    They don’t need anything right now but Mike Miller at full strength and Udonis Haslem back while they still have a 21-1 record without even those 2 guys!! You add them with Joel Anthony(the Amar’e stopper) and Eric Dampier(your fellow 7-footer to clog the middle) and Miami has their 9-man rotation for the playoffs. I gotta say that this team right now looks to have a very similar structure to one I used to watch in the 90s that won 6 titles.

  38. 136 heat says:

    arroyo sucls to trade him for a good pg like nash, d williams, or pual

    • Wait a minute says:

      Don’t think other teams are that stupid. hahaha. Besides Arroyo is not as bad as you / others say, trust me he isn’t, arroyo can shoot from deep, distribute and can play ok defense, that’s all you want in a pointguard.

  39. LBJ is undoubtedly the Most Valuable Player in the World. Miami on the rise not because of the so called ‘Big 3’ but because of King James and definitely you will agree on me for that….

    Miami will dominate and will continue dominate in the years to come…just let others give a chance to play and contribute in the team.

  40. zakjohnson says:

    Add the Miami TRIO to any cappy supporting cast and they will still deliver.
    I look at the supporting players performance and they are comparable to if not worse than
    the bottom NBA clubs.
    If anyone is seeing what i am seeing, the team have struggled during the last 2 games. Looks like the TRIO is fatigued and the bench support is not coming
    The support get their fair share of ball posession but can’t do much with it. Their shooting abilities are horrible.
    The point guard, Arroyo is a complete mismatch for the trio. How would u rank him among the rest of the NBA point guards.
    Too eratic and his shooting is poor. Missing almost all his 3 pointers regardless of where he’s shooting from.
    I see him as negatively impacting the efficiency of the TRIO. They will need to play him less or trade him.

    I wonder why the coaach is still clamping Eddie House to the bench. He is better than either Chambers and Jones or any of the support he is featuing on a daily basis. If they dont need him . they should trade him and dont mess his career.
    I’m suspicious of the coaches decision sometimes. He makes me very nervous with how long he keeps players on the floor and his matchups. I thnk he should have had Wade play fewer minutes during the last BUCKS match. Wade had one of his bad days with barely any shots going in for him but this coach stil left him out there to continue to miss shots.

    I wonder how Miami will fare should LEBRON miss a couple of weeks.
    Right now the whole MIAMI team is hinged on this 3 guys and the rest are soso. Any one is out for a couple of games dont see the bench savaging the stuation.

    MIAMI will find it very difficult to win the championship if they dont spruce up their bench.



    • CHIRO says:

      In what planet do you live? Go to the statistics. Have you ever played ball? Any competitive team sport?
      Pleae turn to the fashion pages…

      • Sammy says:

        Yo, who the well is Chambers! Sounds to me you have no frickin clue about what you’re saying. Arroyo??? Missing 3’s??? That’s why he LEADS THE LEAGUE IN 3 POINT PERCENTAGE THIS SEASON! EDDIE HOUSE DOESN’T PLAY CAUSE HE DOESN’T want to! After the Orlando game, in which House recorded only 2 points in 17 min out of 1/8 shooting, Spoelstra knew that House needed development and House agreed to not play unless called upon! Do you even know what you’re talking about!

  41. celtics will win says:

    to scrappycoco if any team in the league get a good point guard and center they are goin 2 b a force. u cant win d nba wit 3 players. d gulf in class between lbj wade nd d rest of d team is too big. bosh isnt in d top 5 power forwards in d league at d minute.

    • 051carlos says:

      at least they got a PG who can shoot unlike the celtics

    • Wait a minute says:


    • HEAT says:

      the celtics won in ’08 with 3 players, by your definition

      the heat have a decent pg in chalmers, just unproven like rondo was in ’08

      As for the C position, the size is just fine, if they could nab someone like camby it is jus scary

      bottomline you can’t dismiss this team when all theyve done all season was prove everybody wrong ( including their fans, at the beginning)

      • jag says:

        damn! that would be sweet if they could get camby in the center position, not for his points but for his defense and rebounding ability..that would be good for miami..

  42. naitsirk says:

    when the heat is on….its on!!! and where are ol the haters now??…
    gone fishing..? 🙂
    so much fun watching the heatles… and i bet when the heat makes another mistake all haters comes out again…
    give ’em sum love.. and appreciate their game…don’t deny the fact that the heatles are amazingly fun to watch…

    • Wait a minute says:

      I KNOW HAHAHAHA. It’s crazy like, I’m still in shock Pat Riley pulled it off! Like i’m watching the game, and i’m like… Is that Lebron James wearing a Heat jersey?hahahahaha then like a few minutes later i’m like… who’s that forward right there?… he looks like Chris Bosh? then i’m like IT IS CHRIS BOSH!!.HAHAHAHAHAHA.

  43. long memory says:

    People find a way to hate. The new one is “this wont work in the playoffs” . I can tell you what works in the playoffs. Every team needs role players to step up and every team needs their star to be a star. The funny thing about This Miami team is, their 2 and a consistant Bosh is SO dominant, they barely need those role players to ScOrE. (and all that they need a point guard & they need a coach & they need size crap was put to bed) Role players just have to defend and rebound and hit open shots. (they got the personel for that) This road win streak is impressive just because there were about 4 or 5 games that Miami was SUPPOSED to Lose! And when you think of how they carried their teams individually in the playoffs in previous years (with no substantial help) Can people really say its IMPOSSIBLE to carry a team with 3!?!?! (and yes its 3 if you’ve been watchn these last 22!!) – you have 3 strong teams in the east and boston is the favorite (at full strength) so no predictions here , just sayin you’d be dumb for counting out this Miami team (like some of you did when they were 9 – 8!)

    not so many comments on here about the Heat. I remember TONS of haters writing & commentating and analyzing Miami…. Wins silence mouths huh

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      I agree. People talk about a Miami not having a complete team but it really is just a hater comment because they have nothing else to talk trash on. Unless one of the three stars gets injured this team is going all the way.

      • Wait a minute says:

        agreed*. except the part about “wins silence mouths”. People still continue to hate on the Lakers. Even after they won it all twice. hahahaha

  44. James>Kobe says:

    i agree with you scrappycoco. if they could possibly land Nash or CP3. they would pretty much be unstoppable.

    • Kobe>James (so say the rings) says:

      CP3 to Miami? How do you expect Miami to pay for him? By having 5 players on the roster? The only way they get Nash if he accepts the veterans minimum when his current contract expires for a chance to win a ring, but then I still doubt he goes to Miami. Remember, the new CBA still looms.

      • HEAT says:

        Phil Jackson > LeBron (so say the rings)

        Lebron > Kobe (so say the stats)

        Kobe > Lebron (so say the fans)

        Jus let em play.. both will be on the top 20 (at least) all time neway.

        IMHO, WADE>>>ALL 3 (very biased, i know)

  45. scrappycoco says:

    I am so very proud of LBJ!!! His decision to leave Cleveland has made him one of the most hated players ever, WHY? These opposing fans boos are getting sooo old. Give ’em hell Lebron. If the Heat can get rid of Arroyo (totally sucks), get at least one good point guard and a good center, they are going to be unstoppable.
    Way to go guys!!

    • James>Kobe says:

      possibly land Nash or CP3?

      • DeBrosh says:

        i don’t think they need Nash or CP3. what they need is a Banger at Center for when they play Dwight, and the O’Neals in Boston, unfortunatelly there are no centers out there. any suggestions ??

      • Ra says:

        Nash: Possibly but very unlikely.
        CP3: No way in hell.

    • Dwade21 says:

      Arroyo does not suck, he does not turn the ball over and he has the best field goal percentage in the league. Meaning he makes the shots he needs to make, he understands his role and he is embracing it

    • CHIRO says:

      With the Big 3 controling the ball 95% of the time, all you need is a “sacrified” supporting cast to complement the effort. The Heat are indeed playing great on both sides of the court! But dont rely on the present. You have to look forward. Injuries happen. Nobody is exempt of it. You need a well oiled machine. Spo is doing his share, so are their PG’s and Ctrs. What do you want? Go play with your computer, maybe you can build a dream team, play in an imaginary league and WIN…

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      Arroyo doesn’t suck.He’s no Steve Nash or Chris Paul, he just plays his role like Fisher but with a better shooting percentage. However I would like to see Miami get back Raffer Aston.

  46. LBJ ALL DAY says:

    Can’t stop the L-Train

  47. CELTICS says:

    LOL, lebron and wade aren’t enough in the playoffs lol, at this rate these 2 guys are basically there offense. good luck in the playoffs because you need more then these 2 guys.

    • DexterK5 says:

      yes your right with the MIA’s big three all the other players need to do is chip in a few in every stat column like they have been doing and this streak will continue but i think they do need more help in the post, like if they had a bigger forward/center or 2 like boston or LA this team would be much better cuz thats where they are lacking is in the paint

      • Dwade21 says:

        That,s not true, coach spoelstra has been rotating big Z, erick Dampier and joel anthony, they all have different types of playing and they all fill in a role. No other team can rotate 3 guys at that position and still win. Theyre doing it, Big z has been a consistent player for 15 seasons, erick dampier is still a force in the paint, (he started all those years in dallas, including the 2006 nba finals). and joel anthony keeps getting praised by the team and coaching staff and he is visibly getting better, he is athletic and an excellent defender who uses his feet instead of his hands to keep the players he defends in front of him.

    • HEAT says:

      left out 18-20 ppg there mate…… they have bosh, not to mention a bunch of shooters

      they’re second in the league in pp100 offence and 3rd in pp100 defence….

      and all they need anyway in the playoffs is their defence to keep them in the game til the fourth quarter, by then they have the most clutch combo in the nba

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  49. HEAT IS ROLLIN says:

    big 3 in miami awesome!!!!!!! fun to watch… great,,great,, great!!!!!!

  50. B-ballislife says:

    Simply Amazing. James with 44 and D-Wade with 34. This is turning out to be one of the great 2-man combinations of all-time. And Bosh was also playing great. But seriously, LeWosh? Creative much. 😀

    • raps24ever says:


    • DexterK5 says:

      but also look at LBJ’s 13 rebounds 6 assists 2 steals and a block and Dwades 8 rebounds 5 assists and a block and CB4s 18pts 8 boards a steal an some blocks as well man. Like when u have 3 guys who put up huge/very good stats in all categories like that and including FG% its virtually unstopable. All miamis bench and other starters have to do is chip in with 4-12pts a couple rebounds and assists like theyve been doin an this streak will continue. And wen u have LBJ, D Wade and a point guard on fast break, incredible

    • DeBrosh says:

      i know! LeWosh is sooo lame.