‘Melo Chatter Mellows Out

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Any legitimate news on the Carmelo Anthony trade-rumor front would be good news at this point. After weeks of empty table scraps we need a meal of substance where ‘Melo is concerned.

But what we’ve been chewing on lately tastes like warmed-over garbage.

Will we really have to sweat this thing out until the Feb. 24 trade deadline? It appears we could be in for an extended period of mellow chatter on the ‘Melo situation.

ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard lays out all of the convoluted scenarios here, including this brief snippet:

The Nets and Nuggets have discussed various trade scenarios, and just before Christmas they nearly worked out a three-team deal involving the Cleveland Cavaliers, according to league sources.

The Nets have a standing offer of rookie Derrick Favors, two first-round draft picks and Troy Murphy on the table, but last month, sources said the Nuggets aren’t interested in Murphy because they would inherit the remaining $8 million on his expiring contract. So the Nets brought in Cleveland and its $14.5 million trade exception.
Denver would have received Favors, Devin Harris and three first-round picks. Cleveland would have received Murphy and one or two first-round picks, and the Nets would have received Anthony, Al Harrington and the Cavaliers’ trade exception, the sources said.

Beyond the sticking point of Anthony’s accepting or refusing to sign the long-term extension with New Jersey, the deal fell apart because both Denver and Cleveland wanted the 2012 first-round pick the Nets got from Golden State in the Marcus Williams trade. That pick is protected through the first seven slots.

The underlying sentiment is that we should all find other things to do between now and Feb. 24.

Even Nets GM Billy King sounds like a man willing to stretch out and survey the landscape while the Nuggets and Anthony decide what they want to do.

“There’s always deals,’’ King told reporters in New Jersey earlier this week. “We’re in conversations with different teams about a lot of different things. There may be a small deal that we’ll do in a month, or two weeks. But it just takes time.’’

How much time?

We’ve been stewing on these Anthony rumors since the summer. Early on, it seemed like the Nuggets had risen above the mess. They played admirably without injured big men Kenyon Martin and Chris Andersen. But lately, they look like a team going through the motions.

Have you seen some of the outfits the Nuggets have lost to in the last month? Sacramento (last night in a blowout), Charlotte, Philadelphia and the Los Angeles Clippers have all carved a piece of the Nuggets’ hide for their lottery-bound trophy cases.

If the Nuggets aren’t careful, they could join that motley crew at the lottery festivities. Their predicament seemed much more solid when you thought they had a chance to be a playoff team and make a potentially monster deal for Anthony at the same time.

By Feb. 24, the only thing left to do might be to make a deal and wait for that shuttle to the lottery.


  1. Abdul says:

    Alright madmike just for you saying that a coach makes a player mvp material is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard and thats why lebron has been 2 times mvp and even than coach brown got fired after leading the cavs to 60+ win 3 times in a row its the player not the coach you have no knowledge of basketball so just walk out and so tomorrwo you will say jordan won 6 finals mvp because of his coach yes and coach didn’t want scottie pippen to win an mvp right!!!! People stop comparing melo to lebron, no one even talks about melo in the same categorie as lebron, wade, and kobe are all way ahead of melo’ chris paul comes to the knicks you guys can’t stop us(heat).

  2. LB6 says:

    Whoever said Mellow is better than James is dumb. Any franchise if they will start up a team and if they can choose any player in the nba for sure they will pick up LBJ first rather than kobe durant or mellow. Being a hater just makes you say really dumb things. Mellow is just a good offensive player nothing more just like kobe while kobe is getting old now also with durant. but ill give durant more props because he is still young and there is more time to develop his defensive game. mellow cant make plays for others just for himself like kobe is.

    On to the topic. Id like to see mellow go to the knicks make their big three there with felton and stoudamire. trade chandler and gal plus draft picks. do that and maybe they can contend w/ miami’s big 3. or

    Go to Chicago! trade deng brewer taj gibson. or

    Go to UTah. Trade ak47, hayward and either millsap or jefferson but not both.

  3. Hoopsfan says:

    I love how you moron laker fans say you’d like to see him on your team. Sorry your not gonna swindle another superstar onto your roster. I dont think denver is gonna swap Melo for Shannon Brown idiots. By the way your lucky as all hell Perkins got injured in the finals your starting 5 still hasn’t beat Boston’s in a 7 game series and never will!

    As for Melo we all know he wants to play for the Knicks and most likely will. Playing for the Nets isn’t gonna get him any further then he’s been with Denver. Clearly he just doesn’t like living and playing there if he goes to Jersey, a bit of a slap in the face to the team that drafted him and has signed his paychecks for 7 years. Denver screwed up when they got rid of Camby. If they kept Camby with Nene they would of been serious contenders still wouldn’t win it all but would be contending.

  4. Madmike721 says:

    Knicks are a non-destination, Amare just got a standing-O in Phoneix, pulled from the game with 6:23 left, KNICKS up by 32….Ray Felton nailed his first career triple-double…Steve Nash has tears in his eyes…You know what you idiots are right….no one would eer want to come to New York and play for D’Antoni…not if their in their right mind..! SHADDDUP!!!

  5. Madmike721 says:

    I love all you stupid New York hatin, not ever played the game past CYO sports writers,…with your theories on why Carmelo dont want to play in NY, …because he will be a worse player than he is now in Denver…He should stay in Denver..WHAT?…Are you seriously comparing Denver to NY?..Especially if you have been to Ny and spend considerable time in NY. ….When you are a SUPERSTAR!, and not a yokel, the choice is clear!…You IDIOTS!..NBA PLAYERS WANT TO PLAY FOR D’ANTONI!…And why wouldn’t they?..He has made a player like Steve Nash into a TWO-TIME MVP. Made Raymond Felton into a 18 pts, 8 ast per game All-Star PG!…Inflated stats, that never hurt Stevie Nash did it? David lee sure got paid didn’t he?..Take New Jerseys Dump…I would never want Devon Harris running my team, and those draft picks are devalued, because Melo will make them a 40 win team by himself…Plus Melo is on record of saying he wants to play with another superstar…ala…Queen James!…are you really serious when you tell me broke Lopez fits the bill?…Dumb D’Antoni Now has the Front-Runner for MVP on his squad….Amare hated him so much he followed him to NY!…And NASH is on record as saying he would love to finish his career in NY.And why?, well maybe because his game has fell off so drastically since Amare went east!….He is so miserable in Phoneix his marrige has fell apart….Put it in the books .., if Carmelo does the smart thing and lands in NY, the Knicks become a 60 win team, contending for a SHIP!.. Chris Paul, who is definately done in NO, because that franchise is in such dissaray,( If they have a team in 2012, who the Hell knows?) or my preference Deron Williams , who would represent the second coming of THE CLYDE…(Walt Frazier)…Carmelo and LALA, will be in NY, I heard Spike Lee offered them the lead in his new movie….”HE GOT GAME…TOO!..MELO gets here, it will be …lebron who?

  6. Darth Vader says:

    Go Lakers!!!!! 2010 CHAMPS!!!!!!

  7. Darth Vader says:

    Carmelo Anthony should go to NY. Enuff said! Hes a perfect fit with Amare SLAM DUNK Stoudemire!

  8. mikethee1 says:

    Bottom line Melo wants to be a Knick denver can take a couple of average players and some draft picks and trade him to us or lose him for nothing. Either way dont matter to me, the way were playing we will be better next year with melo because the Knicks is learning to a clutch team now.

  9. KIWIdjrt says:

    melo’s okay but trade away future 1st round picks to get him to the nets, isnt going to make them a championship contender!

  10. mjNY says:

    melo will go to the knicks and team up with stoudemire.. it will be good for ECF… I doubt if they will make it to the finals

  11. Abdul says:

    Retro btw how does Old school have to relate with my comment! C’mon man!

  12. Abdul says:

    no offense dave but you know if the clips get melo the nugs are going to want griffin or its a no deal!

    • Dave from OZ says:

      Blake Griffin should be the first clipper in history to have a lifetime contract. No way the clips give him up for anything. The nuggets will lose melo next year anyway so they’ll be prepared to pay unders so they at least get something in return. CLips aren’t worse off if they say no! Just need to convince melo and the wife that LA is a much beter city than NY. Shouldn’t be that hard right?

      • Abdul says:

        Hey, you know what women do to weak men like melo, melo is a wimp and not a man who is under his wifes influence and not being able to tell her he wants to go somewhere else than NY. He is an idiot.

  13. Dave from OZ says:

    As a Clippers fan (stop laughing) for the best part of 20 years, I can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. Trading Melo to the Clips would round out one of (if not the) best starting 5’s in the NBA. Davis, Gordon, Anthony, Griffin and Kaman/Jordan. The clips have the cash to spend (if Mr Sterling wants to) and they have an excellent core of young players. Clippers get Melo and trade either Kaman/Jordan along with a few of either Gomes, Butler, Aminu and Foye. Would be happy to see Kaman go, even though I love his game his injury record is terrible. DJ is stepping up in his absence and is a real defensive presence in the paint and can still scrap for 10points. The clips have tried everyone except me at the 3 but Melo would solve that. Aminu is progressing well but would likely be the best trade option as his progress would be halted if Melo arrived. Throw in a future draft pick or 2 and the Clippers make the playoffs for the next 5 years and finally make the Lakers look like the “other” LA team for a change.

    • JKey says:

      Dave, being from Oz too, I was thinking Clippers. If they have money to spend and players to throw, why not.

  14. Retro says:

    Old school put everyone of you in your place lol.. Thanks because i read each and every one of these posts and you’re the only one that made sense… Although i will say i think lebron should of went to chicago him derrick rose boozer and even noah would have been beyond dangerous.. but anyway melo wants to be in NY so does his wife la la because there’s nothing out there for her in denver.. Before she got married to carmelo she hosted every reality tv show on mtv now in denver she has nothing its not a marketable state point blank period.. and melo feels he’s just as good as Lebron kobe and wade and wants the same spot light where else could he get that kind of exposure but here in ny?

  15. Abdul says:

    Alrite first of all lebron is better than melo stop hating on him and my heat will always be better than your knicks even if you get melo cause there is no one to stop wade,

  16. paparoach says:

    new orleans is the best fit for melo..but they don’t want to explore some deal to get melo,.cp3 is great and still #1 pg in the league,but he needs help!!.and .put nash on the clippers,that would be awesome!!

  17. Al G says:

    Melo for Blake Griffen

  18. Ty Lefever says:

    ARe you serious!!!! Some of you guys are the biggest idiots ever, do you just pull this stuff straight out of your ass? Melo is a good second string player, Thats the dumbest remark made on this blog! I don’t know many second string players that average twenty four points and eight rebounds. Then saying he is cancer and only wants his points, Melo is unstoppable on offensive and everybody knows and has said this, from big time guys too little chump idiots like you. Whether Melo stays in Denver or leaves, THe true fans will never hate him, he has given it his all to Denver!

    • Madmike721 says:

      Anyone who makes that coment probaly has never made a left-hand layup in their life,… and that includes NBA 2K10….You know nothing about basketball if you cannot recognize the greatness of Carmelo Anthony…Period

  19. lolomo says:

    @einstin the heat will suck ues they will be challenging the celtics or the bulls on the easter conf. finals but they will
    L.O.S.E badly they will never play basketball ever the heat is strong but the heat cannot face a more stronger team a healthy MAVS the heat suck balls!! boooya! and By d way L.A. FOR grandslam baby!!! LA or BULL will win this YEAR!!!
    the heat will go to the bumps better of drink your mojitos in miami because by the end of this season Lequeen is crying his ass out!

  20. carmelo is a bum says:

    Hey man first of all.. dnt ever compare carmelo to lebron… lebron is a franchise player.. carmelo is jus another all star like it or not.. i think hes to overrated.. the only thing that stands outin his stats is his scoring.. hes jus a scorer… i dnt think he can play defence… nd i kno hime leaving denver for new york is gnna be bad.. amare and carmelo doesnt seem like a rgiht fitt… i dk y… buh i thnk watever team makes carmelo their first option is not going anywhere.. im happy the nuggerts get rid of him.. hes not a franchise guy.. Carmelo needs and attitude check… i jus hope he dsnt ruin his career…. nd i kno deep down he jus wants to be on a team like the miami heat.. buh he can nver be lebron or wade.. or evn bosh.. coz they play defence… He didnt play well with allen iverson, didnt do well chauncey billups.. those are two amazing point guards… wah makes u think hel work with Raymond Felton???

  21. Lebron says:

    Lebron is much better than melo hands down. Kobey is just clutch, he isn’t as great and LBJ. Melo scores more and finally starting to rebound. Lebron has been doing that and also dishing assists as a SF. So called lebum here single handedly took cavs to the champion ship and playoffs even though they lost, leboron did it himself.. He doesnt have the surrounding cast like kobey has,wade had with shaq, and melo with billups and or AI back in the day and martin. Its funny how people band wagon when it comes to LBJ and making fun of him. I am a a DRIK fan but its insulting to see someone of Jame’s caliber player be made fun of just because he is so called overrated. Look at his statts, compare them, he is amazing.

    • NY says:

      Um, Lebron had Shaq too….and other contributing pieces on the Cavs. AI was old, Martin?!?!?! And you’re forgetting that both Kobe and Wade won a championship with Shaq. Lebron on the other hand..? Not bashing Lebron, Kobe or Melo but it’s not always about the supporting cast – especially if that said cast involves a Shaq in each of the three cases. Just sayin’.

  22. marama says:

    mas manami kung sa heat ma adto si melo dba???

  23. NOLO says:


  24. DontGetIt says:

    ‘Melo should go to a team lacking an offensive centerpiece, like the Suns. The Knicks don’t NEED him, though getting CP3 would be pretty sweet for ’em. Though I guess it could work, you have Melo on Forward and put Amar’e as center but I dunno, only time will tell.

    On another note…
    Celtics Banner 18.

  25. Kyle says:

    I hope the Knicks can get Carmelo Anthony…And the Bulls need to trade for Kevin Martin, then we will have the best decade of basketball between the Knicks, Bulls, and Heat. But Bulls will still be the best just like in the 90’s…..And just so everyone knows, Lebron James is alot better player than Melo

  26. WEJB says:

    I cant wait Anthony traded for Lebron James its a nice chemistry for Wade and Anthony with Mike Miller Time

  27. oh my god u just spelled MJ’s name wrong

  28. Raindada says:

    One last comment…

    Melo versus Labron….Push

    Stoudimire versus Bosh…Stoudimire

    Wade versus Felton…Wade

    As you can see it would be great to watch and since we (NY KNICKS) have better support players best believe the Heat would not have it easy. melo to NY is Lebron’s worst nightmare. he thought he could go to Miami and take advantage of week ass Orlando and the old celtics over the next 6 years. if Melo comes to NY without NY giving up any of the core six…the Heat will not win! Bet it!

    • Zar The Knicks Fan says:

      dude i am a knick fan but don’t you think you are dissing heat and nuggets a little bit much?? it is true Melo is better offensive player than LBJ (it wasn’t me it was GMs and coaches voted for it) but LBJ is best overall player right now. atm even better than kobe (in term of skills and physical). and i can admit heat is a very good team and they have enough to get the NBA title. i don’t believe they can get 6 but they have enough talent to get a few and wade is a very good and tough player. even LBJ choke he will try to carry heat so they are very good and capable team. a great threat to NY when Melo join next year.

      and denver is a good team. they are not bad. they have good talents. they just don’t have good luck. they got billup, Kmart, birdman, nene, smith, calling debver a bum team is wrong. they got talented, even better than most team in last few years. they just had bad luck with injuries and stuffs.
      the thing about melo is he play his heart out and play his best only when he play VS LBJ. (since HS games to all the devner Vs Cleveland games) if he play like he is playing Vs LBJ everyday he might have get a ring or two cuz that how strong denver used to be. i just hope melo play like he’s playing LBJ every night when he come to NYC cuz he got strong cast already and the city need the title.

    • Crossover says:

      Melo will be a Knick. He’s done with the ground up, been there, done that so no Nets. With Lebron going to the Heat Melo is going to want to team up with another all star, no other team is even in the running.

  29. Raindada says:

    In reading several of the comments, some of you do not know anything about basketball. Is he better than Labron…I am not sure because they are different types of players but if you honestly campare numbers their are very even. Almost a dead heat on points, Melo is out rebounding Lebron and Lebron is out assisting Melo. Get serious he is an all star and all pro always – he only misses all star votes becuase he plays in Denver. He has better numbers than Kobe and a few others but is not getting votes. Overtime he just needs to up his defense. Hate is so low brow! he has a power forwards body and guard skills…unstoppable!

    Also, as a Knick fan I do hope he waits it out and comes home where he belongs and wants to be. Melo + Amare’ is a chapionship or at least they will get there to play! He was never a cancer in Denver until he decided he did not want to stay in that bum city, with those bum players and on that bum team! No center, no defense and no rings ever for Carl! He has carried that offensive inept team since arriving and now he wants out! Who would not want to leave. Melo can drop 40 and they may still lose because it is a team full of knuckle heads and want to be thugs!

    To some it all up in the words of Kenny Smith “Carmelo Anthony is the best offensive player in the game, every thing he does comes easy. He scores on every one at every position and if he ever uped his defense he would be by far the best player in the league”.

  30. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    @ rasco
    melo was born in NYC (brookyln) he moved when he was 8. That make NYC his home town. lala was born and raise in NYC as well. their family and friends are in NYC. That’s how he will come home.

  31. ZAYVADO says:

    Melo may be good for another team but for the nuggets their better without him. He just wants 31 points a night win or lose, trust me i watch every game..Melo is the next lebron, he’ll follow in the footsteps of his buddy and form up big three of his own. Actually i dont no if he’s a good fit in NY and their system remember for melo to be effective he needs to dominate the ball, the reason why the nuggets score around 107 without him and around 100 with him. Sometimes he can stagnate the offensive trying to score on 3 players when he’s surrounded by three point shooters. why doesnt he just pass the ball more he would be the best HINT: KOBE’S at his best when he passes the ball LEBRON is the best because he passes the ball. Iverson should make a commercial for melo (MAYBE IT’S MY FAULT u think u can ballhog and still when a championship or MAYBE IT’S MY FAULT u think ur the only one on the floor that can score…. MAYBE IT’S MY FAULT i made u think defense isnt necessary OR MAYBE YUR JUST MAKIN ECUSES! LOL……

  32. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    first of all let me apologized for typing felton’s name wrong ( i am not a native speaker)
    and i didn’t say felton is better than paul. all i said is we don’t need paul.
    the way felton is playing he seem to be better suit for NY team. it is better to keep all the talents and role players (cuz getting paul mean knicks have to trade some good players like fields or chandler, plus knicks are already having good chemistry and new PG could mess that chemistry)
    i still think melo will sign with knicks after this year.
    people talk about money. Then big apple is where he should be. in NY his wife can make money and
    being a star in NYC mean big money. so melo doesn’t have to worry about money. all he got to do is tare ECF apart with offensive game. for championship – kincks got better team than nets. no question.
    imagine melo, felton and amar’e with all those good role players. they will be contenders. young and talented.
    plus who wanna go to NJ? nets don’t even wanna stay there. that’s why they wanna be “brookyln newyorkers” lolz

  33. einstein says:

    it dont matter where Melo goes as the HEAT will win it the next 6 years running…..

  34. L.A says:

    Melo go to NY, its your chance!

  35. J says:

    He will be in LA before the year is out. Kobe – Mello… a good combination.

  36. dhreamchylde69 says:

    Melo is going to Cleveland because he’ll hear his voice narrated in the stadium by the silky smooth voice of used to be homeless turned SuperStar Ted Williams…Yeeeahhhh Baby!!

  37. Sayy Bruh says:

    I don’t c how melo goes from one “sub pare” team to a team who just sucks.. If he really wants to WIN he should take a good look at trying to get to New York.. Im from L.A. born and raised but i would luv to c him in NY…

  38. Sayy Bruh says:

    I don’t how melo goes from one “sub pare” team to a team who just sucks.. If he really wants to when he should take a good look at trying to get to New York.. Im from L.A. born and raised but i would luv to c him in NY…

  39. RYAN says:

    ok, who else thinks that the lakers are thinking of some way to try and get melo, i mean cumon they aint playing that well and phil jackson is the man, so he could if he wanted to, why wouldnt melo want to come to the lakers, they could give up barnes, or artest and a few bench players or something, they have lots of talent to give

    • J says:

      I just posted, but didn’t see yours… the lakers can give up Bynum, Artest, draft picks, and whoever else…. but the two keys are Bynum are Artest. Send them packing along with one or two others and LA has another championship.

    • NBAguy says:

      Give Up Barnes and Artest! ‘Melo will be worth every single penny!

  40. Rasco says:

    Zar The Knicks Fan Carmelo’s from Baltimore, how would he be coming home to New York… and the best bet for this dude probably is New York, Chicago, or Dallas for him to have a chance at a championship

  41. wowowow says:

    how the hell are some of you saying the only reason why some people are doing well is because of D’Antoni system??? That sounds dumb as hell…if your balling your balling…who cares what the system is…if my team can run your team out the building on a nightly basis then guess what??? WE RUNNIN’ YA ASS OUT THE BUILDING!!…Some of you fools are funny as hell…Melo is coming to the Knicks…Denver better stop playin or else they are gonna get “Bron’d” or “Bosh’d” and left in the cold…Hate it or Love it…Knicks add Melo and they have a damn good chance of making the ECF…

    • wowowow says:

      if they make the ECF then they have a damn good chance at the championship….but understand…we will need melo to push that through

  42. tim says:

    Carmelo is a much better player than lebron.I feel hie best bet at this point is to sign with the knicks.with amar,chanler,felton,and rest of their pieces,they can make alot happen.dont get it twited,melo is better off with the knicks than with any other team in the nba.If he goes to the knicks,he still maintains his star power..

  43. Fait says:

    Nets are garbage period. If Melo is smart he will try his hardest to get onto NYC. If your protecting the Nets, your a loser.

  44. Nathan says:

    Alright, let’s make this clear. If anyone has been watching the Knicks this year they’d realize that the Knicks have some great young talent. Landry Fields is a hard working good rebounding SG who doesn’t need to be featured in the offense in order to be effective. Wilson Chandler is just a great young player who has improved every year, his shot has become almost automatic from the corner and he’s attacking the rim more frequently now which opens up the outside shot for his teammates. Danilo Gallinari is a talented shooter who in the past has shot himself out of games because he didn’t have it going; that being said he has started augmenting his game, attacking the hoop and getting to the free throw line. Now those are just our backups, all of whom have potential to grow into stars, our real stars are Amar’e and Raymond. Now while I am not dumb enough to say Raymond Felton is better than Chris Paul he is a very good point guard and is playing at an all-star level this year. He plays with Heart, is a leader on the floor, and most importantly he’s developed a chemistry with his teammates. It is because of this chemistry that I wouldn’t mind letting Paul stay with the Hornets, but Paul is arguably the best PG in the league. As for Amar’e, he has stepped up his game to a whole new level this year. His outside shooting is greatly improved and he has timely defense, especially when it comes to blocking shots. Not even discussing our bench the Knicks are much better than the Nets, and are just missing another primary scoring option for when Amar’e is on the bench or if he is getting doubled. If we get Carmelo we’d definitely be contenders for a championship. The only question would be how long would it take for the players to click and figure out how they each fit in with Melo on the team.

  45. Old School says:

    Dear Murse Mike

    #1-That young talented Nets team is sitting comfortably as 3rd worst team in the eastern conference.

    #2-The Nets don’t have any “proven stars” out there. Knicks have Amar’e Stoudamire a big man Carmello can play off and something he never had in Denver.

    #3-D’antoni has had the same system in New York for 3 years. Your telling me that the players just decided to “execute” his system this year? Bull. Raymond and Amar’e’s combination helped that system improve.Just ask the San Antonio Spurs.

    #4-You said it yourself. The Knicks are a low seeded team without Melo. However, the Nets are a non-existant one at the moment and came off their worst record from the past year to 3rd worst in the conference this year.If I’m Melo I’d rather start with something(going to the Knicks) than starting from scratch. And going to the Nets is starting from scratch.

    #5-The Knicks don’t have any assets? They sure had enough money to try to get Lebron to play alongside Stoudamire so what the hell are you talking about?Your point is even more mute in that the Knicks will have Eddy Curry’s inflated garbage of a contract coming off the books next year!!! It seems to me that they’ll have plenty of mula to spread around for Melo andd then some.

    #6-It wasn’t the Knicks that ran their own organization into the ground but a man by the name of ISIAH THOMAS and the smartest thing the Knicks have done in the past decade was fire him and the second best thing was shipping Stephon Marbury to China or Japan or where ever the hell he’s playing nowadays. As long as they don’t seek to bring in Isiah again in any form or stretch of the imagination the Knicks should be fine since they cut those 2 cancers out.

    #7-Review #1-#6 again and repeat until you get it.

  46. coop says:

    matt, if he wants to go where the money is or where he can win, he’d stay in denver. the $65 mil is the most he’d get, plus denver is better than NY/NJ. dont get me wrong, if he went to NY they’d be a very solid team, but they’d have to change up their roster a bit, which could hurt their chances of competing with boston/miami/orlando,

    as a nuggets fan, i wish he would just sign the deal, but it doesnt look like thats gonna happen. best to just trade him and at least get something in return before he walks off scot-free.

  47. knicky says:

    No1 is saying that raymond felton is better than Dharris or cp3..
    Its just that hes here in ny getting the job done..

  48. Ryan says:

    alot of players like to play for d’antoni, especially offensive players like melo. he gives them the freedom to basically jack up any shot they want, and i think melo has made it clear he wants to move to NY. and the knicks do have some nice up and coming talent in landry fields, felton is playing good, toney douglas, and of course you have amare, galo & wilson chandler, so by adding melo they would be a great offensive team, but they would still need to step up their defense and get a defensive minded center to contend for a championship, and for all the people using stats as their argument….really? who cant put up numbers in the d’antoni system

  49. Tremelj says:

    Hometown means nothing. Wade is from Chicago but he’s not playing there. Lebron’s from Cleveland but he’s not playing there.The point is hometown has little affect on where a player wants to go in terms of winning a championship. Yes every player would love to play in their hometown or state but if they don’t see any potential in the team they won’t go. I do believe however that there is a good chance for Melo to go to the Knicks, but on the flipside he can also go to: Chicago, Cleveland, Clippers, and or not excluding the Nets.

    • LJAMES6 says:

      LeBron is from AKRON, you morons! He’s not a traitor because he didn’t abandon his hometown. Even LeBron (while he was on the cavs) said that growing up, kids from Akron hated Cleveland. He probably didn’t like playing in Cleveland because of that, even though he did make a stupid decision, I must admit.

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      Thank you for that sensable comment. To all the people who hate Lebron for leaving Cleveland.

      Do you also hate Kobe for not going to the 76ers?

      Do you hate Jordan for not going to the Hornets(at the time)?

      Please grow up because this is just basketball.

  50. Matt says:

    It’s academic, Melo’ goes where the Money is, and/or where he feels he can win a championship
    Seems like the Nets (Money)
    Knicks? (Possible Contenders)
    And if Cleveland play their cards right (Money and prospect)

    If he isn’t traded, we’ll have yet another great off-season free agency to drool over.

    • NBAguy says:

      The only advice I have for Melo, is don’t become a LeBron! Don’t leave your home team because you’ll regret it due to all the fmae you’ll lose. LeBron was a king but now he’s just a member of a trio. The Heat don’t have a poster in Miami saying “We are all Witnesses” to honor the King. Heck, Lebron was everywhere in Cleveland, EVEN ON THE PUBLIC BUSSES! He gave that all up for what? A lousy ring that he could’ve lived without? Stay in Denver ‘Melo, it is where you belong.

      • NBAguy says:

        That word is supposed to be fame.

      • NY says:

        Ever cross your mind that maybe he doesn’t consider Denver his “home team?”

      • Taylor says:

        okay if melo goes to the Knicks he will have about at least a hundred times more fans because HELLO MSG WORLD’S MOST FAMOUS ARENA! and since he’s more of an offensive weapon he will thrive under D’Antoni’s system and the knicks will be a great contender like when they had Pat Ewing and John Starkes….

  51. amair says:

    Hi Now will to like your on trade Anothery or Lakers walton ……….i will to your Lakers Anothey or Kobe Bryant happy two big
    will to trun Lakers 2011 champs..

  52. Old School says:

    Dear Murse Mike,

    Ummm……..Do you actually watch basketball? I’m not a Knick fan but are you referring to the team with the number 1 offense in the league?Or,perhaps, the team that beat the best record team known as the San Antonio Spurs? Or the team with one of the top 5 leading NBA MVP Candidates? You must be a young buck to make such ignorant comments. Please watch at least one Knicks game this year so that you can see that they have vastly improved. They’ll eventually settle into the number 5 seed as Atlanta will drop to the 6th seed as they’ve been over rated for years.

    You contradicted your own self by saying that the Knicks would be a low seeded team as what are the Nets right now? Exactly, battling it out with cleveland for the under achiever award at the bottom of the conference. Yeah buddy your right Carmelo would much rather play with “a never was a star” like Devin Harris over playing under the glitz and glamour of Madison Square Garden with 2 all-stars in Raymond Felton and Amar’e Stoudamire where they’ve already established themselves as a playoff team. I suppose you were also one of those people who thought Lebron would stay in loserville Cleveland(can you tell by their 8-27 record now who the man was out there!!) in the cold in the middle of nowhere instead of the sunny vacation spot in South Beach with Wade and Bosh. Its people like you who will always remain suprised and clueless when star athletes make the most logical decisions for their future(LOL.).

  53. Knicksforlife says:

    Hey Mike, what are you talking about…. u cant compare Nets to Knicks…..without Melo Knicks right now in the 6th spot….by the end of the season they will be in the 4th or 5 th spot…..u can never compare Knicks players to Nets ….cuz Nets players suck big time….Look at their record…they were only good in previous seasons….because of Jkidd…..because he makes players around them a lot better…..So as far as Knicks…They have a young point guard…Ray Felton…and a powerful Power forward AMare….and other pieces such as Wilson, Gallinari, and fields…..( who are all below 25 )…..So, please dont even companre Nets with Knicks….We dont even need Melo….Melo wants to come to NY because he knows if he comes here he can compete for a championship….with Amare on his side…and ray felton running the point…….Even if Nets get Melo…..they will barely make the playoffs……they definetly have to give up devin harris if they get melo…so i take back what ever i just sais…..Nets wont even make playoffs……

    • satown says:

      Haha Im not even a Nets fan, but I will say this. Knicks are ONLY good because of Amare and Raymond. You make it seem like the Knicks have been making the playoffs. Do you remember last season? The Nets, a team that won 12 games the whole season, beat the Knicks TWO times. So what? Nets are in a rebuilding stage. Let them do what they have to do. But as I said, without Felton and Amare, they wouldnt be anything. Honestly in the playoffs, Knicks wont even last against Orlando, Boston, or Miami. Hell, even Chicago will give them trouble.

      • NY says:

        Last season? The same season where the Knicks were gutting the roster to sign a big time FA? You act like the Knicks have been competing to win the finals season after season. The knicks were in a rebuilding stage too idiot so it’s not much of an excuse for your Nets either. The Nets can beat the Knicks all they want it makes no difference if NJ fails to make the playoffs and NY actually does.

  54. Wizard Fan says:

    Carmelo Is From Baltimore He would be a Good Fit With Cleveland But better off in New Jersey.

  55. soulja slim says:

    mello the best in the league after kobe

  56. Knicks1 says:

    Dude ‘melo shud totally go to the Knicks, with Stoudemire, they wud totally own ballz…. Murse Mike doesnt even realize how good Amar’e is, didnt even mention him… He is real cute too…. The best thing for Carmelo wud b to go to the Knicks, and he knows it… The Nets are going no where, and Carmelo wouldn’t make the team that much better.. He wud need help, and he would get none

  57. Pedro says:

    well said Murse Mike

  58. Pedro says:

    nah, he “is good now”, you can call him that-guy-better-than-paul or whatever you want =P

  59. taker says:

    melo, steve nash and dirk in Dallas!

      • GMAN says:


  60. Pedro says:

    1-Lebron was going to the knicks too remember XD
    2-RAYMOND is good now, better than devin harris. Great one, i admit felton is playing well but he is also playing for D’Antoni, not a hard thing to do.. i am not a harris or even nets fan but he is way better than felton, despite this down year he is having… “randy felton is good now”, so glad you don’t want CP3(or even Harris xD), you got felton who”s way better!

    you new yorkers are a joke. But this time you might be right about ‘melo, but just because Amare is there and melo wants what lebron,wade and bosh had(and have).
    wish you the best

    • OJ says:

      Lebron doesnt have the heart to carry a team to the finals, thats the obvious. But Melo on the other hand, along with Amare, now thats a different story.

      • LOL says:

        Right because the 2007 NBA Finals didn’t feature the Cavs vs Spurs or anything. That was a figment of everyones imagination. Man why dont you think before you speak you just look like a complete FOOL.

      • NBAguy says:

        Neither can ‘Melo by himself! And if im mistaken, you said ‘Melo was better than LeBron??? At least LeBron took the Cavs BY HIMSELF to the FINALS in 2007. WTF did ‘Melo do with the Nuggets? Get wrecked by the Lakers? Stop saying absurd things.

      • OJ says:

        LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! @LOL AND @NBAGUY you two losers are obviously lebum fans, which tells me a lot about you two. Look the fact is MELO has never got as much hype as lebum. All i am saying is, if he is as great as everyone makes him out to be, why is it that after being in the league for 7 season he has no rings, and has been to the finals,what, once. Give me a damn break, this chump is no KOBE and he is NO JORDAN! And @LOL, what damn difference does it make who he faces in the finals, hes the man right? Hes the best right? THen he should have taken the cavs to the finals at 3 times the 7 seasons he was there with at least one ring on his finger. You guys just have his sack to far down your throat, this guy is a loser comapred to the true greats that played the game. Russell, BIRD, WILT, MAGIC, JORDAN, KOBE! These are names of real players that had heart, stuck with their team no matter what, took their team to multiple finals and have multiple rings. You cant and should not be comparing lebum to these great players it is flat out disrespectful and that is what i am tired of!

      • Blueprint says:

        Okay, you must be trolling. You can’t be that stupid, right? As everybody said before, 2007 Finals.
        And seriously? You’re whining about LB when you’re defending the KING of overrated players, Kobe Bean Bryant? Get real. That guy has immense talent and skill, but he has HORRIFIC shot selection, leading to low percentage shots. Moreover, he is inconsistent as hell! He’s still not a true team player either. Also, please stop rattling off names like Bird, Russell, Wilt when you clearly don’t know anything about basketball history! Kobe…pft. He has crazy good work ethic and passion, but that doesn’t excuse him from playing individual basketball.
        Also, maybe you’re too young to remember 2004-2007? Kobe nearly left the Lakers then. Also, perhaps when Kobe was drafted?….He freakin’ demanded to be traded to a winning team like the Lakers. Funny how people are so quick to forget a player’s mistakes and shortcomings when they’re winning (with tons more help than LB ever had).

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      I think this guy (OJ) just had a melt down. Geez man what did Lebron every do to you? If your a Kobe fan be happy for Kobe and stop the hate on others.

  61. STAY_IN_DENVER#15 says:

    i wish melo would just stay in denver… if he would sign in denver the nuggets would start getting better again becouse the melo trade thing is causing alot of pressure on melos teammates. And as for the nets, i dont know why they think they can get melo for so little.

    • NBAguy says:

      I agree. He has such a great chemistry with Chauncey, JR, and Nene, that when the four play together, they’re in union. If he goes to the Knicks, and I am sorry to say this, but Melo might not improve the Knicks’ record, and the Knicks may not even be a championship contending team if ‘Melo doesn’t bond with NY’s players; heck, he could even make New York worse. It’s best for ‘Melo to stay put.

  62. Murse Mike says:

    You Knicks fans swear up an down that your roster is actually talented. The whole league is aware of the fact that EVERYONE’s stats are better under D’Antoni’s system. Felton, Chandler, and Fields would all be mediocre if not in that system. And they’ve done nothing but run their organization into the ground that last few years. That’s why they have no assets, just banking on the lure of MSG to free agents. The Nets have made smart deals, are loaded with young talent that the rest of the league covets, and other assets like expiring contracts and draft pics. Without Melo, the Nets still have a lot to build with. Without Melo, the Knicks are stranded as a low seeded playoff team for years to come.

    • matthew says:

      oh yea? how come the knicks went down by 20 points to the heat twice and orlando once and cam back to within 3 points all three times? how come they lost by one tenth of a second to celtics amare made the three but too late how come they alredy hav victories over chicago 2 times oklahoma new orleans denver and finally the spurs best team in nba with all their players intact no injuries? you are just bitter selfish shut up and go to sleep with your naiveness

      • satown says:

        Lol matthew. Do you remember the Nets last season? Worse NBA team? 2 of those 12 wins they got the whole season was against the Knicks, who had a better record. 1 of those wins they got against the Celtics, who went to the Finals. Another one of those wins was against San Antonio. There were also some games they lost to Cleveland by 6 points and 10 points. My point is just because a bad team gets close to beating or actually beats a good team means nothing. THESE ARE NBA TEAMS! And also, just because a team has the best record doesnt mean there isnt a team that can match up good to them. People need to actually learn about basketball…

      • LOL says:

        Your forgetting the first game and just generalizing because of the last 2. The Heat never relinquished their lead to 3 in the Garden after they started blowin out the Knicks. After they got the lead they kept it and CRUSHED them.

      • NBAguy says:

        Murse Mike, you obviously have no clue about what you’re saying.

    • NY says:

      Just a low seeded playoff team, yes. But the Nets are just lowly period – even with Melo, so those statements don’t really make for a reasonable argument. And the Knicks would be just mediocre under D’Antoni’s system? The same system that basically fails to preach defense and yet we’re still going to make a “low seed” correct? You speak as if D’Antoni is some godly coach. He has an influence yes – to some point – but it doesn’t mean that the roster wouldn’t thrive under another coach. EVERYONE’s stats are bettter under D’Antoni you say? Well incase you’ve forgotten, the coach of the team IS D’Antoni so how are you bashing the Knicks for this exact fact? It’s actually a positive thing according to what you said.

      Silly Nets fan.

    • NY says:

      if not* under D’antoni’s system

  63. Knicks Fan says:

    he’s going to the knicks. it’s where he grew up and where la grew up. if he doesn’t get traded to them he’ll just wait a few more months and then sign with them. especially with the way the knicks are playing, if he goes to them they are a contender. and with him, amare and if the knicks make the playoffs they’ll attract some talent this off-season. it’s definitely the smartest choice if winning a championship is what is important to him.

    • Slim says:

      who cares where you grew up?

    • NY says:

      Not that easy. You can’t just sign Melo in the offseason and expect to keep everyone else that is relevant to the Knicks roster i.e. WIlson Chandler. As much as we all want him in NY, we can’t be definite contenders as adding Melo would mean that the roster will change in some way – that is IF certain players intend on taking paycuts to bring in Melo.

    • Bulls says:

      you sound dumb is hell he grew up in baltimore

      • Knicks Fan says:

        my bad he was born in brooklyn and move to baltimore when he was 8. he still has a lot of family in NYC. lala WAS born and raised in NYC actually in brooklyn where carmello was born. they actually came back to NYC for their wedding. so yeah say what you want. everyone can speculate blah blah blah he’s most likely coming to NY. IF he goes anywhere.

      • Knicks Fan says:

        and yes i just googled that information

    • celtics fan says:

      u are dumb he wont go the a sucky team like the knicks

      • Taylor says:

        youre a moron the knicks don’t suck. the celtics suck they have a starting lineup full of all stars and former all stars and they still get beat by the lakers. and the knicks almost beat the celtics both times they played already. and they def shudve won the second game because paul pierce shoved into a’mare and it shudve been an offensive foul. But paul pierce is fat and gets away with everything and can’t play defense so there is no point debating.

    • corleone says:

      he was born in brooklyn but he grew up in baltimore

  64. The Green Nugget says:

    Please trade him! This team is not going anywhere with him. He and Kmart are cancer to this team, I like the Nets offer for this offencive player. HE’s no Jorden he’s not even a LJ. He reminds me of AI dribble dribble shoot.

    • OJ says:

      AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA….Melo s**ts on AI. And in my opinion he is better than Lebum.

      • Randy Felton says:

        true dat dude. leGay Gaymes is tuurrrrrrrible

      • NBAguy says:

        You probably are diehard ‘Melo fan without a life or you just absolutely hate LeBron. Whatever the reason is, you’re wrong.

      • OJ says:

        @NBAGUY Your wrong on both idiot! I am a die hard KOBE fan, i like and respect MELO! Whether you agree or not, MELO does have a better all around game than lebum. I get tired of lebum getting all of this undeserved hype, when players like MELO and KOBE s**t on lebum all day long. Its just disrespectful to better players like MELO,KOBE,DURANT! Bet none of these guys wont need to join another superstar to chase a ring! You are just like everyone else, cant get lebums sack outta your mouth.

      • YAO says:


      • Fact Not Fiction says:

        Haha, this is supposed to be about Melo and yet the attention is again turned to Lebron. As for OJ’s comment about Melo or Kobe not wanting to join up with other stars…hmmm Melo, Billups, Iverson…sound familiar? Kobe, Odom, Gasol…ring a bell? Are you going to tell us now that Kobe or Melo didn’t want those guys on their teams?

    • R4 says:

      I have to agreed. Melo is a cancer. He was good for a championship in collee because that game rely on player like him but in the nba where you need at least 3 stars. He a good back up top tier man. He a deadly second threat but not a true first threat. I just wish this new CBA changes the mind frame of all these players and make it back to a sport where it has nothing about the money and city night life but all about the fans.

      • faygeo says:

        lets see denver has made it to the playoffs every year melo been there. before he got there when was the last time denver made the playoffs gee its been so long i cant remember so i dont know how you can say he is cancer

  65. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    i am still wishfully thinking Melo will play out this season in denver and come back home to NYC
    once eddy curry contract is gone Knicks will have space to sign melo without losing anyone
    we don’t even need CP3 anymore cuz randy felton is good now

    Nets fans i don’t think you have anyone melo wanna play with. your ex-all star Devin harris is overrated. check the stats this year and career stats. Felton is better. less injury and plus a year younger. and our rookie is better than yours. players surrounding amar’e are better than nets players. you got better chance trading those 5 picks to miami for bosh than melo coming to play for nets

    • NY says:

      Raymond Felton.

    • chris says:

      the chris bosh trade would never work out cause it would ruin their chemistry

    • BUDDY LUVE says:


    • Rolando says:

      This possible trade would be good and i tell why. Melo is in his final year of his contract so if he plays a couple of months for Nets isn’t that bad. In the off season the Nets will eventually agree with a sign and trade deal with New York to land Melo. That will be a fact. Which players involved i don’t know. Look at what the Nuggets will get in return. Favors, Harris and several first round picks. They will be loaded with good players to fill the void that Anthony has left. So this possible deal would be good for Melo, Nuggets and the teams involved. All though the turning point is the protected first round pick in 2012 from Golden State, via Nets. If the Nuggets do nothing, they risk of losing Anthony for free or several picks. The Nuggets have to do it now or before the trade deadline.