Sagging Jazz?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — If we didn’t know better and hadn’t looked at the standings, we’d think the Utah Jazz had a one way ticket to the draft lottery this season.

The doomsday talk surrounding the Jazz these days is a bit overboard for a team that has struggled recently but is certainly still a factor in the Western Conference at 24-12.

But if you listen to the Jazz or their many faithful, we’re seeing the first signs of the demise of a longstanding league power (we do not agree). The Jazz, 9-7 in their last 16 games with just one win over a team .500 or better during that span, certainly sound like a team unsure of themselves.

After the Hawks fattened their lips Wednesday night, smoking the Jazz by 23 points at EnergySolutions Arena, Jazz All-Star and captain Deron Williams sounded the alarm to the Salt Lake Tribune:

“Obviously we’re struggling, then,” said Williams, when asked about Utah’s mark against winning clubs. “We’re not beating the caliber of teams that we’re going to be playing in the playoffs — if we get to the playoffs.”

If we get to the playoffs?

Now you see what I mean. Is it time to maybe rethink our summer predictions of the Jazz being a contender in the Western Conference? Well, maybe. They have had to deal with an assortment of injury issues and we might have underestimated the severity of all the personnel they lost from last season and overestimated the addition of Al Jefferson.

But they are still a playoff team.

Do they have issues? Absolutely. But what team doesn’t this time of year? At least the Jazz have a problem that can be solved without someone losing a job or a franchise being ripped apart.

The Prime Minister is the biggest Jazz fan/critic we know of and he broke it down for us like this: “The problem is simple. No one on the team other than D-Will is able to consistently make a perimeter shot. From Paul Millsap to Raja Bell and everyone else in between, it’s can be an adventure when someone shoots from beyond the paint.”

Sounds like a trade for a quality shooting guard is in order. Why the Pistons and Jazz haven’t figured out a way to send Rip Hamilton to Salt Lake City already is beyond us.

Rip would be the ideal fit alongside Williams and under Jerry Sloan, who would surely relish having a scrappy scorer like Hamilton around to help win now and groom some of the Jazz youngsters on how to compete properly against the best of the best.


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  2. Shaun says:

    I would drop CJ Miles and a draft pick maybe even Haward for Rip Hamilton any day of the week. I can’t stand CJ Miles, never have. He’s the only guy that tries to take over a game by himself. In my optinion, we let 3 really good players leave and got 3 average players. Who would you rather have? Boozer or Jefferson? Mathewes or Raja? Korver or Haward. You give us Mathewes at the starting 2 guard and his 20 points per game and we don’t lose the firt quarter like we have 90% of the time. Jefferson ahs shot barely 40% from the floor in the last ten games and is only averaging barely 14 points in those tem games. Hes’ not even a double double guy. Greg Miller made those moves for the future no doubt. DWill needs moves for right now. Out team has no chemestry. The ball moves around and as soon as Jefferson gets it it stops, and the rest of the team stands there. Watch the game tonight. He never makes a quick move. He lets the defender get up in him and thes throws up that fade away push shot that I can’t stand. A shake up is needed or we have no DWill past next year.

  3. Kevin says:

    Yo dawg, why you be all hatin up on my Utah Jazz. Sloan gon get his first coach of the year award and the Jazz are gon take home the ship this year bra. Don’t be hatin, these boyz r for real homie.

  4. Give me a break. Jazz fans aren’t panicking. Maybe the stupid ones are. The real ones know the Jazz are #4 in the West and will finish at #3 or #4 in the West before playoff time. This article was a waste of time other than to say that the Jazz could benefit from and outside shooter (who couldn’t??).

  5. Gdizz says:

    Jazz need to trade for igulodala

  6. Josh says:

    Jefferson for Rip is an absurd idea…its jeffersons first year in a completely different system. I drank the koolaid too and thought along side D-Will he would start posting 20-10’s every night, but hes struggling right now just wait. I dont think hayward is the answer, the games in started in place of raja he didnt do anything at all to warrant a starting spot. Pistons seem log-jammed at guard yet again with t-mac picking his play up with stuckey,ben gordon, and rip. I think stephen jackson could be a good fit, hes a scrappy defender who’s shown when he wants to he can pass the rock and not be a ball hog. Either way, they need to go get a scorer, D-Will isnt as effective when teams know they can stick on him in pick and rolls b/c theres no shooters.

  7. Justin says:

    The best thing Utah did is get rid of Boozer and Korver. Even though big Al is off to a slow start I would take him over Boozer any day. The Jazz screwed up by not finding a way to keep Matthews he brought the toughness the Jazz are missing. But please Randy Rigby make up for that stupid mistake by getting rid of AK please he hurts the Jazz as much as he helps. And why would you want anybody on the team that makes the most money and looks like he cant afford a haircut. We need a shooter on the team please. If the Jazz are banking on Memo to be that shooter they are missing, thats a piss poor investment. I wouldn’t even mind seeing you deal him either. Hey the Magic are looking for a backup Centre? J.J. would be a great fit. I have been a Jazz fan all my life and I always will be, but if the Jazz dont do some kind of a trade before the deadline we will be one and done in the playoffs as we are so often. So come on Randy or Gregg do something to make this team better show the Jazz nation you care about the fans.

  8. alan says:

    trading brewer last season made deron pretty unhappy so imagine if he lost AK.

  9. LA? says:

    get hornacek back haha

  10. TheBob says:

    One of the problem the Jazz are having is Jefferson is wasting too many possessions, he needs to be way more efficient if the jazz are going to start winning more consistently. For him to do that is he has to get rid of that awful push shot/hook shot and start going to the hoop and dunking the ball or pass it out if he cant get there. …..if big al wants to stay in Utah and on a winning team hes going to have to get better offensively, defensively he is great but if he doesn’t start putting up more than 10-15 points on 20+ shots, giving the ball to Fesenko will be a better option.

  11. M-claw says:

    I think Al Jefferson’s lack of consistent rebounding is the most disconcerting thing for me. For Years we were spoiled with Boozer and we took him for granted, Say all the hateful things you want fellow Jazz fans about Boozer, at least he rebounded the ball well night in and night out.

  12. SYDALE says:

    Paul Millsap and Andrei Kirilenko for Tayshaun Prince and Rip Hamilton… That sounds simple enough right?

    • jcom says:

      AK for Rip….yes.

      Millsap for the “not so fresh” Prince….hell no!

    • Josh says:

      if their plan for okur is to have him starting next to big al, this works. you could start tayshaun and rip with okur and big al and now d-will has alot more options when he drives

  13. Nicholas says:

    The Jazz need at least a 1-2 punch to make any impact on the other playoff teams. To reach the Finals, we need a 1-2-3 punch (eg. Stockton-Malone-Hornacek, Jordan-Pippen-Grant, Pierce-Garnett-Allen, Bryant-Gasol-Odom, Duncan-Parker-Ginobili, etc). Currently, we only have 1 punch (ie. Williams), as no one else seems capable of accompanying his numbers.

    Jefferson is not turning out Boozer-type numbers offensively although he does defend better than him.
    Millsap has occasional sparks, which usually tapers off once defenders start paying attention to him.
    Kirilenko & Bell are both no longer the consistent presence they once were.
    Okur is still recovering so not sure if he’ll still have the same impact of interior defense + outside shooting offense.

    This doe not bode well for the Jazz… unless… maybe if Sloan suits up. We need to re-tool & I think the guys in the front office know that & I trust they will do the right thing… soon.

  14. Randy says:

    i agree the Jazz need a steady shooting guard…since Jeff Hornack retired…the Jazz never find a replactment on him…if we need to be more competitive…a great SG is needed…definitely

  15. rexxx says:

    Why don’t we just go for ‘Melo. Jazz would be tied with Spurs with ‘Melo in the lineup. D-will would then have options.

  16. Zach says:

    I don’t like the idea of getting RIP. I’d love to see the Jazz pick up Gerald Wallace. AK is a very good player and valuable asset but I would hapily trade him for Wallace. Maybe we could resign AK to a much smaller contract next year, giving us Wallace and Kirilenko. I feel that something needs to change. The Jazz just need a spark to ignite them, and I believe Wallace could certainly do that.

    • michael says:

      he would help a lot but AK is getting too old and his number and help will start to fall as he gets older.

  17. Stephen Barrett says:

    Is this actual trade rumors? is it seroiusly possible for Rip Hamilton to be traded to the Utah Jazz? I mean what are the possiblities for them? AK for Rip? Are they Jazz seroiusly considering trading for Rip Hamilton. That would be a GREAT addition for the Jazz. They really need a good shooter.

  18. Joe says:

    Rip Hamilton maybe. Trading Hayward and Bell for Wesley Matthews best.

  19. Jokester says:

    Now look!!! Maybe the Jazz should just trade Deron Williams and Paul Millsap for Sasha Vujacic and Edwardo Najera. Then just sit back and see what happen!!! Who knows!!! Change is good sometimes!!

    • michael says:

      Hamilton and prince would make the jazz a title contenders and if u trade ak and hayward or milles would benefit as well

  20. I Agree, Jazz need a player that make a medium shots.Hamilton is a good name for this, Will be interisting Jazz make a trade for the team entering much strong in playoffs, because i don´t seen problems for that Jazz not appear in playoffs.

  21. Dale says:

    With a healthy Memo & Kirilenko and a deadly Hornacek like 3 point shooter (not Hamilton) the Jazz could very well make the Western Finals. The bench is getting better and better, now if the starters plus a trade for a genuine Korver/Hornacek 3 point shooter get rolling the wild west will be a real shootout, and the Jazz may very well be the last team standing.

  22. LB6 says:

    this would benefit the utah and detroit. send rip and prince to utah in exchange for AK(big expiring contract) Hayward bell 1 future 1st round pick and 1 future second round pick and maybe some cash.

    Detroit wont get anywhere near the playoffs this season. so if i were detroit i would just clear enough salary cap space, get ready for free agency and do their best to pick up young guns for next seasons draft. It would be much better if they start from scratch. Also trade everyone on their team except bynum, monroe, maxiel and austin daye.

  23. Go get back the mailman!lol

  24. Stockton4ever says:

    Rip in Jazz uniform sounds good but please leave the mask in Detroit.

    The Pistons have too too many shooters (?) anyhow. have you seen any good highlights from their games (don’t think so)

    Jazz seriously title contenders (no no), how many times does Coach Sloan needs his hart broken?
    Aye Jordan aye Kobe

  25. B says:

    First of all, AK47 should not be traded. He is a rare player and contributes in many ways to Jazz wins. He is a 5 category player- contributes in Points, Rebounds, Assists, Blocks and Steals. No one else in the Jazz can contribute in 5 categories as well, and not many in the league at that- (another player that comes to mind is Josh Smith). The problem with the Jazz right now is that they don’t have Okur, and their loss to Atlanta can be attributed to not having Millsap as well. Also, Raja Bell is inconsistent, we need a better scorer at the 2 guard position. And by the way, AK47 plays much better at the PF position because that’s where he shines defensively with shot blocking. The Jazz should resign him for much less, which I’m sure he would accept because he loves the Jazz and Salt Lake. The Jazz also need a more productive bench. The second unit provides energy but need to be more efficient. Besides CJ Miles, the bench is pretty bare. Hopefully Hayward can develop his 3 point shot because that would really help the Jazz.

  26. JazzWadd says:

    You guys are crazy for wanting to give up big Al. I think an AK trade feels like it’s on the horizon. I would like to see Hayward and Price get more minutes. D-wills stats are lower because Players like Milsap, AK, Miles, and Bell aren’t nailing the shots like they should. Crap happens. The Jazz will do fine. They really do need to get some of the younger players some time on the court to progress their basketball IQ though.

  27. jerrome says:

    trade AK and raja bell to Carmelo lolz ^^

  28. Miami Jazz says:

    I say AK to Charlotte for Gerald Wallace and picks. Wallace = shorter AK in his prime, steals, block shots, attacks rim, approx 9M less than AK.

  29. Balla Balla says:

    Did you say “Michael Redd”..C’mon son…he won’t even be in the league next year…but anyway the Rip and Tayshawn for Big Al and maybe AK make sperfect sense for the Jazz…Utah is a small market and free agents are not flocking to sign their …I personally think that D-Will won’t leave in free agency and he will finish his career in Utah but at the same time you have to give him some incentive to stay and if a trade like this will help you win a championship and then you suck for 2 years at least D-will would be patient.

  30. Kristian says:

    I think waiting to see what happens is the best thing. Then next year I believe Michael Redd is available…. maybe a health Redd would help out a fair bit.
    I think Bell is still needed though.
    On a good point…. we have one of the best combos of bigmen in the comp as we speak and that isn’t counting good ol’ Memo!

  31. Echo says:

    Jefferson has been a huge disappoint thus far for the Jazz and the signing of Bell over Matthews has been disastrous. Millsap has the same problem he had last time he played starting minutes: starts out great but burns out as time goes on. The inconsistency of AK-47 and CJ Miles really prevents the Jazz from putting a good string of games/wins together. The re-occurring injuries to Okur have also severely hampered their ability to play consistently or play to their full potential.

    The Jazz won’t trade for RIP since he is being payed way too much money for them to take on (as a small market team) and his age leaves a lot to be desired. The perfect fit for the Jazz would be Kevin Martin or Iggy to a lesser extent. The Jazz have AK’s expiring to try and lure either the Rockets or Sixers to let go of one of the two but they will probably lose CJ Miles or Hayward in the deal as well. Their contracts are also problematic so the most likely scenario is they will stay put and hope to improve through FA in the off season (which is unlikely). The Jazz are in trouble but not as much trouble as they will be when D-Will leaves in FA in 2012 if they don’t improve drastically and quickly.

  32. danito says:


  33. CTMF says:

    jason you have by far topped every idiotic thing previously written before and most likely after on this entire post. Milsap is a work horse!!!!! no one on the jazz or even the nba cries less and plays through injuries more than #24. As far as the Raja Bell comment, your an idiot, it is very well known that Raja is one of the best perimeter defenders in the game flat and simple. As far as the Jazz getting Rip, sounds awesome would be willing to lose almost any sg/sf

  34. Braden says:

    We never should have gotten rid of Korver. He had the outside shot we need and as mush defensive toughness as Bell offers. Bottom line, letting Korver go and picking up Bell was a stupid move in the first place.

  35. Justice R. says:

    ok so im a new jazz fan. and i don’t know this team well. but what i do see is a team that, with some help, could be a title contender. Am I going too far with that statement???????????????????????????????????

  36. carlo says:

    better trade al jefferson and raja bell to lamarcus aldridge!

  37. CP says:

    No, Detroit would never straight up trade Rip for Andrei. They would trade Rip for the 17 million dollars in cap space Andrei frees up for next year. Andrei isnt a valuable asset because of the quality of his play, hes a valuable asset because he helps teams free up money for rebuilding. The more a team is losing, the more likely theyll be willing to trade for Andrei. It might even be smart for Utah to just hold onto him and use the free money in the offseason to try and sign a guard who can score such as Michael Redd, Tayshan Prince, or Jason Richardson

  38. Nick says:

    I don’t know if many of you remember, but right around this time last year, the Jazz were stuck in a similar, if not worse, situation. But after that win against the Cavs thanks to that legendary Buzzer-Beater 3 from Sundiata Gaines, we went on an 8 game win streak and then took off. If we go for something like that now and already ranked 4th in the West, things can look good.

    Like everyone is saying, we are only half-way through the season and cannot go into panic just yet. If you know the Jazz well, just in a single game alone a game is not over until ahead by 12-points with 30 seconds to go, as we know they are the comeback kids, and so this could very well foreshadow the rest of our season, cutting it down to the beginning of April before even being able to decide where the Jazz stand.

  39. Jason says:

    No trade Raja Bell for Rip Hamilton because at least Hamilton can shoot. Raja does nothing for us. He can’t play defense and he can’t score. CJ Miles is a far better choice for scoring and Price is better for defense. We could always start Watson and put D Will at the two guard? As far as Millsap he just needs to stop crying and play!

  40. afermt says:

    It’s tough for Utah to compete all season especially with all the summer changes. They will pick themselves up and get back the right way with or without trades. I see the Jazz in the playoffs (maybe with home-court advantage), but like the past years they don’t have enough to match with the Lakers, (and this season) with the Mavs and Spurs.
    I’m sure that both Prince and Hamilton would love to get the hell out of Detroit…

  41. arvapor says:

    In my oppinion, Jazz are a good team but they just need one or two pieces to be a championship contender team. I would say a SG or SF (It would help if Hayward gets minutes and his game explodes), and a center or PF. Keeping Wes Mathews would have been great. I think that Jazz need a good center or PF on the bench. Someone athletic, good rebounder, defender and if it´s possible, good mid-range jumper.

  42. Trent Smith says:

    I have watched the JAZZ play my whole life thanks to my dad being a big fan. I have not missed a game in 5 yrs. Even though I have only gone to 3 in that time. The Jazz are a great team and have one of the best coaches in the league. Some night’s I feel like they have the potential to beat any team in the league and on other night I am shocked. It’s like I can’t believe what I am seeing. I get so mad! ( my gf tells me that I am no longer aloud to play with my golf clubs while watching the games!) I think that Hamilton could help us out alot, but I don’t think that they would take anything other than Jefferson for him. We all know that isn’t going to happen! We desperately need some solid consistent shooters though. You never know what you are going to get from night to night out of this squad. It can be so frustrating. i spend about 1 hr. each day going over the player’s stats and D-Wills #’s are not down. They are actually up! Except his turnovers are a little higher. He would have 11-12 assists avg. right now too if his team could make more of their shots when he delivers these beautiful passes. D-will is the best point guard in the league and the Nash comment was ludacris!

    The jazz will be fine and I guess in the end all we want is to see them WIN anyways right! I feel a good 10 win stretch on the HORIZON! Come the playoffs, this team will be ready! Especially if DERON keeps doing what he has always done. Go JAZZ!!!

  43. Terrance says:

    I like the RIP Hamilton comment but let’s take it a bit further….

    1. Detroit has talent but is old and needs to re-tool

    2. Jazz are 1-2 tough competitors away from a Western Conference / NBA Finals run.

    Jazz trade Okur & Kirilenko to Detroit so they can spend big dollars and re-tool in the off-season. (Almost 30 million in expiring contracts)

    Detroit sends Prince and Hamilton to the Jazz so we can compete / defend the Lakers and Heat. (Defending the Heat was a very optomistic comment)

  44. Paul says:

    I’m a Pistons fan and if Joe Dumar sends Rip to the Utah Jazz he is making another idiotic decision. The Utah Jazz have NOTHING we need. Al Jefferson would not fit simple as that, AK? Wtf? Why would we take something the Jazz WANT to get rid of. And to say Prince AND Hamilton for Jefferson and AK is the STUPIDEST trade ever. Prince is worth a LOT more than that. Hamilton will end with any contender BUT the Jazz. They have NO ONE to offer. I feel bad for Deron Williams because he’s stuck with this team of half assed talents

  45. Devon says:

    I would love RIP but the problem is I don’t want to loose anyone for him….if we could find a way to give up a draft pick for him, then sure lets do it, but I think we’re better off with Raja, Cj, Hayward or AK instead of RIP. They’re too valuable to the team, though I’m tempted to get Rip.

    I don’t want the jazz to trade anyone unless the name Melo comes up and that will never happen. The jazz need to figure out how to put a first half together, then they’ll be fine. My finger is no where near the panic button, they’re just in a rut right now, and hopefully they’ll get out soon. Once Okur comes back healthy, and the bench wakes itself up again and plays consistently then the jazz will be one of the deepest teams in the league, but consistency and slow starts are the Jazz’s biggest problem right now.

  46. Mark says:

    I think the Jazz are trying to get under .500 by double digits so they can comeback at the end of the season and win the Western Conference. Hasn’t that been their game plan pretty much all season long?

  47. Philip Banks says:

    Been a jazz fan for over 10 years and all I’m saying is that ak 47 has to get the hell out of the team ….. we need better shooters and some people who can rebound the frinkin ball!!!!!!!!!

    • JAM says:

      So Philip banks You were saying get rid of AK47 before he had his first major injury when he was a Menace for any team that played Utah averaging around 17pts, 3 blocks, 6 rebounds, 4 assists…. ya okay… We get it at the time that contract was given to him it wasnt an issue as we expected his scoring to get better since it was his only 3rd or 4th year but you cant deny after acquiring boozer and his injuries he became way different to how he is now.. remember he was the first or second scoring option then. Even so now still decent numbers but not worth what he makes now.

  48. Josh Cook says:

    I have been saying to trade for Richard Hamilton since last year!
    The Jazz would trade Okur and Kirilenko, maybe some draft picks.
    Detroit would send Prince, and Hamilton.
    Detroit would benefit from Kirilenko’s expiring contract, and would receive a center.
    The Jazz would benefit from gaining perimeter shooters and quality defenders, that would fit perfect into the Jazz offense.

  49. Nick C says:

    I am extremely skeptical that Okur will ever be a dependable player again. He has always been one of my favorites, but anymore the man can’t play for ten minutes without getting injured. At BEST, he can work back up to being a bench scorer. If the patterns of injury continue, he can’t be relied on for more than 9-10 points. It’s like he isn’t trying, poor guy. I have a lot of respect for him, but we might have another Yao Ming on our hands.

    AK is scrappy but extremely inconsistent. His defense is very overrated. He allows tons of points. He tries to double team someoneone and always leaves a wide n open path to the basket–consistently. That’s why even mediocre players get huge numbers when playing against the Jazz.

    Bell is one of the best defenders in the league, but can’t make shots. His fg% is very close to AK’s, but his efficiceny is lower (+9 vs AK’s surprising +14).

    At this point in the season–when they are playing–those three players are good for a combined 25 points max (hopefully Okur will improve). Odds are, one of them will be out for the game, playing with an injury, or playing inconsistently.

    That makes Bell, AK, and Okur combined dependable for an average of 15-20 points. With two of those players in the starting line up, the Jazz are not a scoring threat.

    With CJ MIles, Raja Bell, AK Kirilienko being extremely inconsistent from game to game, we are an extremely inconsistent team. would rather be able to depend on someone to consistently make 10 points than sometimes make thirty and other times make 4–on a regular basis.

    I think Hayward will only improve. He could potentially be the shooter the jazz need. Potential trades for Bell, Kirilenko, Okur, Miles, Elson, and possible Hayward for a solid shooter or solid center/forward.

    • Tom says:

      @ Nick C

      Agree with just aobut all you said although i’m not quite as skeptical about Okur. Kirilenko contineus to be an offensive frustration, he apparantly worked alot in the summer on his shooting, particularly his otuside shooting, but is only shooting .437 which is a career low. He is shooting .397 form downtown (career high) which is a huge improvement on the .292 he shot last season but last season he shot .506 from the field (career high) at 8.3 fg attempted per game for an avg of 11.9 points. This season, despite career highs from downtown and the free throw line (.813) he attempts 8.4 fg per game for an average of 11.4 points. Where are these supposed offensive gains? He used to be one of my favourite players (still kind of is) but unfortunately Kirilenko is a big offensive frustration and is tieing up a lot of cash. Despite his defensive energy and the x-factor he can provide when he’s on song i don’t really want him to hang round after this season. I believe his ocntract expires after this season so unless something changes i think (hope) he will be gone.

  50. Casson says:

    Guess Oklahoma will take the division since Denver seems to be doing poorly as well.

    • go jazz says:

      the seasons not even half over, This happens to the jazz every year but we always figure it out and do pretty good

  51. Erhan says:

    The ONLY problem is Al jefferson plays slow and Jazz play fast passing ball so its kind of different for him.

  52. Tyler says:

    Yes to get Rip would be awesome. Bell has been dissapointing and is hardly a scoring threat. But the real issue is money. Jazz are paying Kirilenko $17,822,187 (worst contract decision in Jazz history), and Okur $9,450,000 (worth it when healthy) and getting almost nothing back from either player last month. How are they going to afford Hamilton? No one in their right mind would trade for Kirilenko or Okur, and trading someone else wouldn’t fix the money issue. They should have bit the bullet ans kept Mathews.

    • bradenjames says:

      we still have money from the Harpring/Oklahoma deal. Something along the lines of 6 million on a trade exception. Trade Hayword, keep everybody else and go into the luxury tax if needed for the year. Then resign AK for half or less than prior, then were not in the luxury tax next year, were a good contender for the ttile and we keep D will happy so he’ll stay here in Utah. Maybe throw in draft picks, Detroit wants to rebuild, this way they get a young up and comer in Hayword, $, and draft picks. Then we get the scorer that we need and some vet “winning” experiance in Rip H.

    • Larry O'Connor says:

      Rip and Gordon are mirror images as far as atats go but gordon would fit better with the jazz as far as playing styles go. Okur would fit better in detroit and used to play there. he was the starting center when they won their ring. he was totaly underated when they let him go. I think a trade involving Okur and gordon would benefit them both as teams and players. Jefferson will improve as the season goes along. Raja can still replace Gordon when a defensive stop is needed more than outside shooting and gordon can play when the Jazz are struggling to score. Kirilenko should ride the bench until he gets motivated. Maybe the whole team should shame AK into volunteering to accept a reduced contract or perform better.

  53. danito says:

    pistons wont agree on rip for ak. we got to many sf in detroit. we dont need ak. we need a center. otherwise jazz wont get hamilton. we can either take al jeferson or okure. that what joe dumar is looking for a center we have at least 4 small forward. we need a big man

  54. gabe says:

    the Jazz should get Nash for Williams. Williams plays a great game and the next is lost

    • go jazz says:

      That is never going to happen. That would be the dumbest trade the jazz could possibly do

      • Detrick says:

        Gabe, have you ever even watched a basketball game? Nash for Williams? Are you kidding me? Nash has like 3 seconds left in this league and Deron is the best PG in the game. Get real Homie!!!

    • A TRUE JAZZ FAN says:

      your a complete retard if you think the jazz will get rid of deron!!!!!! HE is the Utah Jazz!!!!!

  55. JAZZFAN says:

    Raja Bell is a good player and he does his Job when needed but I do believe the JAZZ do need a shooter right now. I think Rip Hamilton is a good idea. It Hopefully will happen.

  56. WNBA Fan (lol) says:

    Rip for AK sounds like the best deal. AK’s becoming old and lacks a lot of energy…he’ll eventually be replaced by the two rookies…

  57. danito says:

    iam a pistons fan, we can really take this deal rim hamilton for al jeferson even rip and stucky for aljefrson.we really need a big man in motown. and u guys can have a good shooter and a really good back up for d will

  58. BigD says:

    Ben Wallace is at the pistons now lol

  59. Mark says:

    AMEN, give us rip hamilton and get rid of AK’s expiring contract for it.

  60. asdf says:

    Give up Al Jefferson? doesn’t make any sense giving up your only proven center if you want to actually fight the spurs, lakers, or mavis in the playoffs. Okur is injured, and he is more comfortable shooting outside

    • Tom says:


      Yeah a straight Hamilton/Jefferson swap would not happen but it is an intereting hypothetical. On the shooting, Utah just need more consistency from Bell/CJ and Hayward needs to step up (Recent signs are pretty good but its clear he’s still not playing near his potential), Anywya, im confident the jazz will get back to their best in time.

  61. Todd says:

    All of you guys need to chill the Jazz have a great team they just need to get back into rhythm. The Jazz have always been a powerful team and a steady contender in the western conference. Bell is starting to score more and Hayward is coming into his zone. Cj needs to relax and let things come to him instead of force it. D-wills stats are down because the rest of the team is struggling as well. Just give them a little time they will pick it up and will do just fine.

  62. Mark says:

    Easily the Pistons should swap Rip Hamilton with Al Jefferson. The Pistons will get a real big man at PF or C they have been waiting for since losing Ben Wallace to Chicago years ago. The new Ben Wallace isnt much of a presence. The Jazz will also get the shooting they need and a solid SG.

    • Houdini says:

      Rip For Al Jefersson?

    • Teewhy says:

      This will never happen

    • Tom says:


      Interesting proposal. Potential to pay off but if injuries hit big men would be absolutely terrible. I think Okur,Milsap,Kirilenko,Elson would be enough big-men for our team (with Fesenko,Evans back up) BUT with injuries e.g Okur’s current injuries we would be in big strife, particularly since i dont know if Kirilenko is really comfortable at PF (he plays PF regularly with 2nd unit). The big bonus of that trade would be we would not only get Hamilton’s shootng but because Kirilenko would be playing PF more often, we’d get more time into CJ Miles/Hayward off the bench at SF so we would suddenly turn into a decent ‘outside the paint’ shooting team.

      Problem is though, you take away Jefferson and suddenly wte Jazz lose a lot of paint presence so it would certainly fix one problem but create another. All hypothetical cause Jefferson/Hamilton swap will never happen unless there are other players/picks involved, but it would be interesting. Plus, i think Sloane is rather comfortable with the team at the moment, we just need to play better. A more consistent CJ Miles would help big time and so too would a firing Raja Bell.

      Don’t panic yet but if it continues like it is for much longer…..i wonder if management would be tempted to pull a Magic-like trade? I’d think not because it would be a huge huge gamble (we have NO finals experience, plus the eastern conference top end is incredibly strong) but you never know.

    • Detrick says:

      Wake up bud… We need a big man more than we need Rip. He’s well beyond his prime and we are overloaded at that position. Jefferson is solid and will just get better as he plays more in the system and with D-will. Lets not blow up the roster cause we hit a bump in the road!

  63. Omarisgay says:

    half the jazz team went to chicago from last year, they’ll still be good tho. I think most underrated centre in the league when healthy is okur this dude does like 17 a night with 8 rebounds which is pretty good for a centre, hopefully when he’s back jazz compete wit the best.

    Like the trade idea, send bell maybe a young player for hamilton.

  64. Bos3ayed says:

    totally agree ! many time i said the jazz need a shooter!! Hamilton will be a great addition for them .. they have problems but i can we gonna see them on the playoffs .. COME ON D-WILL!!!!

  65. SYoung says:

    The Jazz have consistently been a second- half team. They’ll be fine. Agreed that they overhyped Jefferson’s contributions, but they can learn to play with his style. If outside shooting is their problem, get Hayward some more minutes. Granted, his d is less aggressive and physical than Raja’s, so you have to make that tradeoff.

    They’re a good team, and Jerry Sloan has been coaching the same philosophy for a long time. Watch out for them in the second half.

    • CPC12 says:

      Since when have the Jazz been “fine?” Perhaps I have a different definition of the word. I love them, but they can’t beat Phil Jackson’s teams in a seven game series. I hate to say it, but the Jazz aren’t going to win a championship until there are significant changes and risks taken. (Not a popular idea in the state of Utah.)

  66. UtahJazzFinatic says:

    Please give us RIP Hamilton utah jazz. Also where did D Will’s stats and leadership go the last month? His numbers are down and our wins are down too. He needs to take over more and be that leader of a superstar. Lets give them Hayward for RIP. Seems like Jazz will make playoffs no problem, then just beat Denver first round again and lose to Lakers second round lol….

  67. Nick says:

    Should have signed mathews and not Bell!

    • brent says:

      Hell!!! should have let CJ go to KC and kept Brewer/Korver!!!!

    • Detrick says:

      Are you kidding me??? We couldnt pay matthews that kind of money. Bell was a lot cheaper and gives the Jazz a tough perimeter defender!

      • Hugie24 says:

        First off the reason the jazz could not afford matthews is because they are paying kirilenko 17 million a year. Kirilenko i not even an allstar and if you look at his stats of late then people should realize that the best thing for the jazz is to get rid of him and give the jazz some money to pick up a real star. Lebron James and Dwayne Wade both are only getting payed 13 million dollars a year and they are superstars that are consistent. Jeremy Evans crashes the boards better than Kirilenko and is sitting on the bench all game. So if you want to know why the jazz cannot pay for players that are allstars then start paying attention to the one player that takes all the jazz money. Kirilenko needs to go.

  68. TroutBum says:

    More minutes for Gayward, less minutes for Bell = Wins. At least we didn’t sign him to some absurd 3 year deal, right?

    • Hugie24 says:

      More minutes for Jeremy Evans

    • Hugie24 says:

      I think hayward is a good rookie but he is just a rookie. Putting him in instead of Raja Bell will be a big mistake for the jazz. yes he had one good game so everyone hypes him up. The thing with hayward is he is confused on the court and is still trying to grow to the experience. Watch the games and see how D-will and earl watson have to show him where to go on the court. Raja is a defender, Hayward is still growing to the position. Obviously people have already forgotten the lakers game where Raja held Kobe the entire game.

  69. Wait a minute says:

    The Jazz’ll be fine. They’re the come-back kids.

    • Big Johnson says:

      Only fools believe that you will get a different answer out of the same equation. Jazz need change or else they are headed down a slippery slope

      • Wait a minute says: