Lakers Circus — Day 3

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Ron Artest is the featured guest on Day 3 of the Lakers’ Traveling Circus.

When Lakers coach Phil Jackson isn’t passing out books, publicly coaching his star players or trading barbs with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who referred to Jackson as Jeanie Buss‘ “boy toy,” he is throwing up his dukes at practice with Artest.

Fine, so we put a little frosting on that last part. But Jackson did confirm the reported altercation with Artest, though he disputed the tenor of the altercation and the way it was initially described.

Of course, Artest was not a happy man when his name showed up on the LTC blotter.

He also confirmed the shouting match between he and Jackson. But he also reminded everyone, including HT fave Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times, that he’s done everything in his power to avoid these sorts of conflicts and public spats since joining the Lakers:

Before Tuesday’s 108-83 victory over the Detroit Pistons, Artest was as lost in the locker room as he has been on the court, clearly upset that news of his standoff with Jackson was leaked.

“I’ve worked too hard to have something like this come out,” Artest said, shaking his head. “My image is very important to me — whatever image I have left — and this hurts, this really hurts.”

He added, “I’ve tried so hard not to be part of any controversy, not to be part of any conflict, for this to come out now, that’s weird, and it’s really hard.”

He was so upset that, as reporters were leaving the interview, he asked them to enhance his emotions.

“Put tears around those quotes, OK?” he said.

Win or lose these days, the Lakers’ in-house affairs are a mess.

Even messier when they get Wiki-leaked for all our viewing pleasure.

But unlike Kobe Bryant, who is used to dealing with Jackson’s motivational tactics, someone will have to mend fences with Artest or risk losing the man who saved the Lakers’ title hopes in Game 7 of The Finals last season.


  1. LakersRus says:

    @ Michael will always be the best. Your statement is: If the Lakers win the championship this year, then you’ll respect them and then, Kobe will be a warrior. If the Lakers won 5 more championships, you would make this same comment every year. After 5 championships, and the nba career that this man has had; you will only respect his game if he wins THIS YEAR. Just tell the truth and state that you’re a Laker Hater and a Kobe Hater, then I can respect YOU!

  2. LakersRus says:

    I love how some of these people try to discredit the Laker’s championships. they even say they were lucky! You have to win three 7 game series with the best in the west. Then one finals seven game series with the top team in the east! Yeahhhhhh!!!!! I would say that’s luck. How friggin stupid can you be. I’m surprised you can type these blogs!! Cause you sure as hell don’t know basketball!!!!!!

  3. LakersRus says:

    Well, the Machine hit 2 key free throws in game 7! Haha!

  4. JOKETIME says:


  5. Ivi says:

    …yo no me he enterao de nada….. que paso??

  6. Marky says:

    its better to care for your personality than your image.

  7. Michael will always be the best says:

    This year the league is stronger, if the Lakers win, I will always respect. last year helped them luck. now it is going to know if Kobe is a warrior or a lucky guy ….

  8. LB6 says:

    Hey Mr. Artest. Demand a trade! get out of the Lakers. seems to me Laker fans dont give u that much importance. They quickly forgot how u performed last seasons games 7 finals, or How u shut down star players with the likes of mellow and durant. They also dont know how generous it could be to sell your ring and put that money into charity. truly laker fans sucks because they are hypocrites. They love you and cheer for you if you are winning and making shots but if you have an off night they treat you like trash. Players are not perfect, they forget players are people too who deal with every type of situation in the court and especially outside of the court as well.

  9. maeko1 says:

    im a nuggets fan. smith dunking on yall.
    but, lakers i could see them 3-peating.
    but i can also see spurs being out 1st round.
    the drama is good, the drama is drive.
    that way when you do 3-peat, you look back on it,
    like, damn. member when we argued this and that.
    now were poppin bottles, whatss up with ya?
    but honestly i dont see heat, getting pasted the second round.
    you all mustve of forgot about magic, boston, bulls, etc.
    lakers got it. its destiny, not dynasty.

  10. DoMoMAN says:

    Counting the Lakers out is just wrong. If you listen to all the team that went on to win 3-peats they all stated that the third was the hardest because it starts to seem as if everyone is against you, even the fans. I’m not too sure what’s really going on in the locker room but the Lakers has Kobe “Lord of the Rings” Bryant and whenever he’s on court you always have a great chance at winning. Though, I may have said what I said I truly feel that this is the year of the Capricorns and two caps are tearing floors up on a nightly basis. I feel this is the year Kobe will have to pass the torch because Lebron and Wade are going all the way this year. Chuuuuuuuuuurch!!!

  11. BLANE says:

    STOP THOS TRADES.. PHIL JACKSON is THE “ZEN MASTER” HE’s Working on his mind games now.. HAAHAHAHAHAHA.. This season is scripted… and its gonna be a 3PEAT! LA HATERS u made me LAUGH.. Take a look back at the 2001-2002 LA SEASON! LOSERS

  12. GodzillaGorilla says:

    i love this
    the Lakers are falling apart

    CELTICS ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Just A Fan! says:

    Man reading these post are better than watching some of these NBA games! Some of ya’ll are straight funny out the box! I ain’t mad at none of ya’ll so continue to speak your mind! Not sure who gonna be in the finals this year but I’m gonna enjoy the ride of watching the games and reading these post! Hahahahaha

  14. Johnny Rodriguez says:

    We will take him in a heart beat in New York. Without Ron Artest, Lakers will not pass the second rounds of the play-offs.

  15. wadeonfiya says:

    the lakers are melting down hahaha gud luck to you spoiled lakers fans

  16. LakerGirl4Life says:

    Nobody is a bigger fan of Kobe’s than I am, but even I can see that he’s slowing down. He’s 32 (almost 33) years old & has been a pro basketball player since he was 17! Not to mention that he has been playing hurt for too many years to count. As prolific as he is, even he knows he can’t do it by himself. Unfortunately for Lakers fans, Kobe’s drive & will to win cannot be taught. He may not be willing to stop at 2 rings (with this group), but other guys appear to be. Lamar is playing the best ball of his career. Ron needs to focus soley on defense & let the offense come from somewhere else. Fish needs to come off the bench because he has also slowed down. Phil is Phil. His 11 championships as a coach gives him the right to coach any way he wants to.

  17. LakerGirl4Life says:

    @Trio5 : The Lakers lost to the Heat on Christmas day the same reason they lose pretty much every Christmas: they don’t like playing on Christmas day. They’ve said so publicly & obviously don’t put much into it. I would’ve loved to see a better performace from them as would any Laker fan or anti-Heat person who watched the game, but that’s over now. As has been said time & time again-it is only January & the season is a marathon-not a sprint.

    • Trio5 says:

      Your response is very sensible. As a fan, you know and I know that it’s all about the playoffs. But what about the other teams the Lakers have lost to? It looks like they have a hard time beating the “elite” teams in either conference. On the flip side of things, Miami had its struggles and everyone thought they were gonna be a failure. It’s still early in the season, but having won 19 of their last 20 games, I think it’s fair to say they’re only gonna get better as the season progresses. They’re still playing without one of their best defenders as well…plus Mike Miller has yet to get implemented into the rotation 100%.
      What I see from the Lakers this season is that they’re not getting any better. Other teams have gotten better around them but they’ve stayed the same.
      I love Kobe too, but I honestly feel this is his last chance to get a ring with teams like Miami, Boston, Orlando, and Dallas looking better and better with each game.

  18. LakerGirl4Life says:

    @ Teeceezy & Lakers ALL DAY: THANK YOU! I have been saying that since the Finals ended last year. It’s just like you said, people want to give the Celtics all this credit by saying if Perk had played the outcome would’ve been different, but not giving the same respect to Andrew Bynum when he was out in 2008. Or thye fall back on the old,” They’re an older team” excuse. Guess what? You’re paid millions to be out there regardless of your age. You just lost. Period.

  19. Drazard says:

    Those things will motivate Ron Artest to keep try harder.

    Nice Phil Jackson

  20. Paul J, Liverpool UK says:

    Phil has form for using the media outlet to help motivate players. If the player isn’t the type to be whipping boy the way Grant and Kukoc were his piblic game-time whipping boys in CVhicago, then he uses the media, and if they take it too far, everyone can bleat about the tenow, or the context, and the effect becomes diluted, but the message is clear, ”I am the boss and I will use whatever means necessary to ride you if you waver.” I think LA needs to trade for someone…is there any way they could squeeze Melo in under their cap? NY are dragging their heels, LA needs to freshen up. OK, they lose Artest and gain Melo, they will score and concede about another 10 poinst a game, but if they can get Bynum helathy and put Pau at the 4-spot more often, Melo could work for them. Hope he goes to NY though.

  21. KOBE says:

    Oh Cabaret, Oh Cabaret, Oh Cabaret!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ja,ja,ja bay Lakers….

  22. Idol Phil says:

    Guys regular season is not over yet. Think about it, Phil probably has its own reason why he gave some realization to Ron. and besides Ron is part of the Lakers, and Ron is not the only one who experience this, Kobe did as well, who know MJ did too but look at them right now they are already at the peek of greatness in basketball. Phil has his own massive reason why he give this kind of arguments to each player. Bulls will never win 6Champs without this kind of attitude and mentality, same as what Lakers did with there 3straight win. Now let’s see how important this is. Phil wants to make each player realize that each one of them has something that other don’t have all they just need to do is word harder to uplift it into the game.

  23. MJisTheBest23 says:

    they need to trade artest and they need to get a atheletic Sf that can shoot 3’s and defend..too bad….the one that fits is ariza.

  24. KingKong says:

    uh u guys are bandwagoners if u think the heat and mavs are going anywhere. just because u have a good regular season just means u get into the playoffs but it has nothing to do with how GOOD they are gonna do. the mavs suck balls and the heat have lebron who is the biggest flop in sports history and bosh cant play d dwade throws turnovers like no tomorrow so yea LAKERS AND CELTICS as a rematch for the title. the spurs are great but in the end u have arguably the greatest clutch-scoring duo in NBA history on the same team (kobe and fisher). they might take the lakers to game 7 but the lakers got it

  25. MJisTheBest23 says:

    its not half of the season yet…they can still adjust..

  26. careless says:

    There’s a small smiley face on the upper right part of this webpage. XD

  27. Artch says:

    Bring on the circus Phil….bring on the circus… I’m not taking this one seriously. I think the Lakers experimented a lot when Gasol requested a breather, but those experiments went bad. Now that Bynum is back they had to adjust again. The good thing is that maybe just maybe the Lake’s rivals are being deceived by this psychological trips that dr. Phil gives them. Early this season, the lake’s look unbeatable and everyone was looking at them. Now, they’re maybe off the radar a little bit. Oh, and the lakes are a bit unpredictable now than early this season. (and that is not such a bad thing)

  28. cerdeira says:

    Artes except who?

  29. DANITO says:

    i like what luke nba is saying . if they cant get melo a trade with detroit would be nice too, for stucky and mcrady. lakers getting no offense from pg and sf. get rid of fisher blake , artest. for mcradey and stucky

  30. DANITO says:

    Trade artest ,odom , for Melo. lakers need melo kobe cant do it anymore. odome been good but they have to sacrifice somebody to get melo

  31. Basketball Player says:

    “Empires do not fall from outside forces, they crumble from within.” I have no idea who said that but I think it’s holding true with the Lakers as of late. The Lakers were practically nothing in the years between Shaq and Gasol, and then they were restored to the championship team of old. They have Kobe, Pau, Fisher, Artest, and even Odom, who is an excellent bench player. Whatever is going on with them is something on the inside. So I think the solution would have to come from the inside. If they can get their act together off the court, then they’ll be back to normal on the court.

  32. janet jackson says:

    all you dudes that know nothing but to hate just keep hating, all i ask is that dont bandwagon at the end of the season when lakers 3 peat, ight? thanks and ron ron chill out man

  33. Luke_NBA says:

    Lakers need another good player on the SF, attacking thread, crazy shooter or someone explosive… I mean Artest is a great player, but he is none of that, i see him better in a Celtics team… Lakers are talking about defense etc, but they are not playing any! If you are offensive minded, just break the rim with million shots, like DiAntony does all his life…

    Talking about defense and trying to play it? result? 85-106 loss home vs. Grizz 😀 that never happend since like 2008…

    Just do what you can do, dont do what you think is maybe right, basketball is a beatuiful game and we all like Lakers´ offense! So GIVE US SOME!!! Pau, KB, Lamar…

    T-Mac would help KB to get less attention like lebron has in Miami.. They cant just guard LBJ, cuz Wade is gonna score 40! And if everybody concetrates right now on KB? What is going on? Artest missin, Pau missin… There are still something like 2 more years in T-Mac if he can stay healthy… Not 30ppg nba leader but 20ppg Bryant and Lakers helper…. But not artest, hes got biceps like shaq… how do you wont him to lead the team on offesive end?

  34. Luke_NBA says:

    Look, the recent problem of the LAL is that few guys are not really getting used to team strategy etc… Blake can´t find his role, Barnes is ridiculous… After they won a title vs. ORL, people were like dont trade ariza, he was a big part of the team… Now dont trade Artest, he won the game 7… thats a crap, lakers scored 1000000+ points during the 09-2010 season, if there was sasha or fish or kobe, they all would make that three too… It was just meant to be… Trade artest, trade barnes trade blake if it doesnt work and bring someone who hasnt won a championship so far… mcgrady etc… Artest did so last season… Now he is not motivated anymore… Not everyone is like Kobe to win three in a row early in a carrer and compete hard till the rest of your basketball life…

    Blake Barnes Artest for Mcgrady and Stuckey… ENERGY OFF THE BENCH stuckey brown lamar!!! thats it… fish kobe tmac pau and bynum starters….

  35. Mr Sensible aka the new zzanzabar says:


    Ron Artest was brought in for toughness……crying like a little girl to the media defeats the WHOLE PURPOSE!!!! ITS TIME FOR A TRADE…..ASAP!!

  36. Mr Sensible aka the new zzanzabar says:

    This article shows why the Lakers need a change…..If Ron Artest is worried about Phil Leaking comments about his play, (like it wasnt evident when the Lakers lost 4 out of 7) then trade him to a team like the warriors….or the Bobcats because around L.A….we preach Championship quality Basketball!! and lately…the Lakers have not been playing it….so everybody is under the “scope” and their play has been diagnosed! Phil earlier this year gave Pau a chance to get out of Kobe Bryants shadow, and after a great start seemed unable to sustain that MVP type of play. Bynum came back, and so far Pau is doing a little bit better, but nowhere near the MVP-like player we saw at the beggining of the season. Ron is not contributing offensively, and defensively we have not talked about Ron shutting anybody down is ages!!! Soo…Phil being ego-tistical etc….not at all!! This is hollywood, and in Hollywood, the Lakers is still the best show in town.
    GET TRACY MCGRADY——> I wont lie to you, but I was starting to feel like Tracy returning to the NBA this season was A bust… not so anymore. If the Lakers had a player of Tracy’s caliber at the SF position, it will bolster their roster admirably, and not to mention, his hunger is what will put the Lakers over the top!!! PAYING HIM THE VETERANS MINIMUM IS NOT A WAISTE!!! PAYING RON ARTEST MILLIONS TO FILL IN THE STARTING SF SPOT IS A WAISTE!! (LET THE CHANTS BEGIN) ———->GET TRACY MCGRADYGET TRACY MCGRADYGET TRACY MCGRADYGET TRACY MCGRADYGET TRACY MCGRADY<——–

  37. Jay says:

    Shut your mouth Smith!

  38. Hi says:

    lol, look at all you silly fans. Notice that this year, NBA decided to put a rule saying that no one can question the referees’ calls. That means that they have the will to control the game however they want. Starting this year, the teams that win the championships will be determined by the NBA officials in the interest of making the most money. It doesn’t matter which team is better or worse anymore. NBA became nothing more than a planned show.

    • Trio5 says:

      This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read on here.

      So the players having the ability to score has nothing to do with the outcome of a game?

      The players and coaches aren’t allowed to overly question the refs. Earlier in the season, they were more strict about it but have since been more lenient. I can’t believe how ridiculous this was.

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      The rule isn’t that you can’t question them, it’s more like zero tolerance on complaining rule. Also the refs are easying up on the rule if you’ve seen various games from the start of the season till now.

      Also never in the history of the NBA has a player gone to a ref and question the call and the ref then turns around and changes his mind. What happens is they make up for it with a “gimmie call” if you will, after a previous bad call. But that alone has been my issue with the refs because in close games it can really mean the difference.

  39. Iannyb says:

    Artes can walk dude, he hasn’t given squat all year and is washed up. Letting Ariza go will hunt Lakers until they find a legit defender. Go home Artest Say Queensbridge

  40. John says:

    Every year its the same thing. Laker haters talking about Phil or Kobe being old , unpassionate or whatever and they come together and put together a great run when its all said and done. the Lakers cannot always remain on top but there is still one championship left in the tank this year .

  41. Smooth says:

    Yeah lebron can win games by himself, but like jordan says individual wins games, play as a team wins champeonship. That’s why lakers won 2 in a row and are goind to win this year also and it’s going to be Lakers vs celtics once again. Peace 😉

    • Trio5 says:

      Is that why the Lakers lost to Miami by 15 points and Kobe couldn’t stop Wade and no one could stop Lebron and Pau couldn’t handle Bosh? Huh?

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA @TRIO5 relax buddy this is the regular season. Not to mention the LAKERS never play well on christmas day. Dont read to much into the win the heat had over the LAKERS. Matter fact, yea read all the way into it. Believe the heat can beat the LAKERS in the playoffs. Believe all of a sudden bosh is a beast, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then get your heart crushed in JUNE! Cant wait to rub it in!

      • Trio5 says:


        Don’t read too much into the win the Heat had over the Lakers? What about the win Memphis had over the Lakers? Or what about the win the Pacers had over the Lakers? Or what about the win the Bucks had over the Lakers?

        See a pattern? You can keep saying “it’s just the regular season” or “playoffs are when it counts!” etc…but if they keep this up, they’ll be watching the playoffs with the Clippers.

  42. Heat Fan says:

    this is happening cause they know that they are too many teams who are better than the lakers this year,
    they got lucky last year and took the championship,

    I think lakers problems will continue, Heat, Mavs, spurs, & Bos are way better than LA, so good luck smelling the playoffs,

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Same thing little hoes like yourself said last year and look the LAKERS went back to back! You LAKER haters are just toooooooooooo funny!

  43. AD2 says:

    “Expert writers and Media” Need to get a hobby. Covering a story and writing the facts is what is considered, in my opininon, good coverage. Wrting a story, and adding, or trying to create something that’s not there is crap reporting just like Sekou Smith and others have done recently. Don’t take a comment out of context and try making it a huge contreversy and the downfall of a team, coach and players. It is not your job as media to play the role of the little birdie and whisper in players ears to try and test their mental toughness and ego’s. Yes it your job to give us the best stories possible, WHEN there’s a story.However, when your going on for four days now about a comment that was taking out a context, and about a coach, who by the way, has publicly critized his players and has played mind games with them his whole career, and you try to make it seem like something is so wrong and dysfunctional with coach and the champs, that let’s myself and others know your just riding this wagon to stay relevant.

  44. Teeceezy says:

    Boston would have won if Perkins wasn’t injured? How about the series wouldn’t have made it to 7 games if Bynum & Kobe were fully healthy. See the thing with revisionist history is, it’s not real. You can get all ‘shoulda, coulda, woulda’, but at the end of the day, it was L.A. that got the rings, trophy and banner for that season. That is also outside the fact that if you watch that game again, and see how Sheed played, you would know that he played better than Perk ever could.

    • Lakers ALL DAY says:

      Yup, couldn’t have said it better myself! Not to mention, in 2008 when Bynum didn’t play AT ALL. Why is it that everybody using the excuse that Perkins got hurt — including Doc Rivers — fails to mention in 2008 when the Lakers didn’t even have their starting center for 1 GAME!? If you are going to use excuses like this, then you must be consistent and apply it for every season, which would be ridiculous because there are always significant injuries! SO GET OVER IT AND ACCEPT THAT THE LAKERS WON FAIR-AND-SQUARE.

  45. john says:

    and even if the boston celtics did lose in the nba finals. evrey one thought they were going to lose iin the first round, but wait they destroyed the miami heat then they said that they were going to lose to the cavs ya right i meen the celtics have to much experience and then they said magic would kill them and boston destroyed in six. and then came to the finals perkins got an injury in game six. then in game seven boston took took the lead going into the fourth quarter and to only lose by 4 points people. if perkins was the there for that game the boston celtics would have won. they were so close and now look at the lakers they added two key guys to there roster(matt barnes,steve blake) but when you look at boston they added 3 key guys(s.oneal,j.oneal,d.west) it looks like boston is one step closer then the la lakers this year.

  46. CelticFan says:


    God, you are so ignorant and I cannot stand it!!! Do you understand that is Duncan is averaging the least amount of minutes in his career? Do you know why? So that he can be preserved for the playoffs you nut! Regarding the Heat however, you are partially correct. They will beat Orlando in 5, maybe even sweep them but they will lose to the Celtics in 6 or 7. I apologize for my remark, but when you say dumb crap like that, it makes you look retarded.

    • Steve says:

      I’m telling everyone now it will be Lakers vs Celtics in the Finals. Both teams will turn it on when it matters – the playoffs. Both teams are battle hardened and know how to win. Spurs will push them but they have a problem with Kobe when it comes to the playoffs – some would say he has a mental strnglehold on them and they have no viable match up for Bynum when he gets back into form. In the East, Celtics will beat The Heat through being deeper or Orlando through Garnett, they haven’t got a clear defensive option at the 4. And the Finals will go 7 games again.

      • Gary says:

        Funny how no one made these Celtic Laker predictions last year(around this time). If the Celtics manage to keep a healthy roster then I would consider them to revisit the finals. Same thing for LA with Bynum. These type of injuries don’t get better while you play. Bynum is playing yet he’s not a 100% better and that’s supposed to fix it down the line?

  47. john says:

    listen Artest is upset and Phil is upset to but that stays off the basketball court. When you are on the basketball court you do your job dont bring it on the court. Your job is to win as many games as possible and go to the nba finals.

  48. STOP says:

    I read these comments on almost all the articles all the time. You know what everyone does? Bitch about stuff. Rant on and on about whos better… Please grow up!

  49. kobe says:

    no matter what problem the Lakers will pull it out as Champs!!!

    • NBAguy says:

      Wow! I didn’t know people could read minds like that! If you’re so confident, why don’t you bet your life on the Lakers winning? Never mind, your life probably isn’t worth anything anyway considering you’re a KOBE FANATIC.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        At least we are fanatics about a player who has won 5 rings. As opposed to being a fanatic to a player who has no rings and is nothing but hype.

  50. Heat says:

    This is for all the NBA fans that say “I’m surprised that “this team” lost to “this team.” Every team has a few games in the season that they are supposed to win, but lose. For example, the Heat lost the the Jazz when they were up by 20+ in the 3rd. The Mavs lost to the Bucks to end the 13/14 game win streak they had. The Lakers played multiple games that they shouldn’t have gotten blown out of. So discreditting a team just becuase they lost a game, doesn’t really make much sense if you think about it. #thatisall

  51. Danny says:

    Will someone call Jack to help baby sit Ron Artest!!!! Shut up and play,,,, The coach runs the team, just live with it. That is the problem with these players when they start making millions. Pathetic!!!!

  52. alfredk5 says:

    Simply put, Phil’s the problem b’cos of his egotistical and self-serving tendencies… Years back, he once dubbed Kobe as “uncoachable” , but later lauded him (KB) with praises so that KB and crew could help him surpass Red (pathetic!) … Phil’s quick 2 resort 2 finger-pointing as soon as the boat starts to rock… What an artful way to avoid blame-sharing… He must remember he earned his greatness thru the individuals of the teams he’s been coaching, not by himself–their efforts have been a huge payoff to him… So when his team’s experiencing a downward descent, he should employ whatever tricks he has in his bag to keep them afloat, not to act dumb and break the cohesiveness thaz so important for total team cooperation…. Phil, for goodness sake, act like the true zen master, stop publicly lashing out at ur players, other coaches, or owners… U have a task to perform: that’s to defend the championship… If u think, u can’t, simply bid “Adieu “… LAL will sure miss u but will get over it and move on… One quick thought: had it not been 4 Artest, u’d not have earned ur 11th ring (remember game 7)

    • AD2 says:

      Coach Lou Holtz said this yesterday after the Sugar Bowl to Ohio States coach Jim Tressel. ” You can bring great players in to win games, but it’s the coach who puts those great players in position to win the games”. Without Phil Michael Jordan would not have won 6 titles. Facts- Jordan was drafted in 1984. Bulls went to the playoffs that year (1984- 1985) and lost in the first round. Same thing in the 85-86 season, 86-87 season, 87-88 season, and the 88-89 season. In the 1989-1990 season the Bulls hired Phil Jackson as Head Coach. Bulls got to the Eastern conference finals and lost in six to the Pistons. In the 90-91 season the Bulls one their first championship and you know the rest of the story. So to say the problem is Phil? I mean your entitled to your own opinion. He’s always tried different methods to get the best out of players. Phil knows calling Pau soft gets Pau fired up. Phil knows questioning Ron’s mental status publicly gets Ron fired up. Phil commenting on the Heat, Magic’s coach Stan Van Gundy, and Dallas owner Mark cuban, refs and publicly critizing players and the team is all tactics to gain an advantage. 90% is mental.

  53. Cazmo says:

    Both need to remember that they weren’t champions until they met Phil Jackson.

  54. Spliftout says:

    Sorry to say but Phil Jackson is losing the locker room… he has about as much passion as Jenna Jamison in a porn flic… the Lakers need a fiery presence on the sideline not someone who is half asleep… sorry Phil love ya but its time for you to move on and go play mind games with somebody else … or try some new offensive sets? Maybe work to the strengths of some of your players possibly?

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      All of these idiotic LAKER haters on here need to understand the LAKERS started off the same way the last two years, and the last two years ended in championships!! Further more, keep in mind, the LAKERS and Celtics are the only teams in the league that have nothing to prove. So it doesnt matter who we lose to in the regular season. LAKERS and CELTICS have bigger fish to fry in the playoffs! Teams like the heat, magic, hawks, mavericks, bulls, those are teams that have everything to prove.

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      11 Championships and Phil is losing the locker room? Makes no sense at all!

    • LA FAN says:

      WOW are you serious Phil is loosing the locker room? That sounds pretty stupid to say Phil needs to move one when he has more rings then any other coach in the league. Phil knows what hes doing and the lakers will be at the show when it counts. The last two years everyone has said the lakers have lost it, lost there intensity its someone else’s year and who won the last two years . rest my case

  55. sonics says:

    Bring back the sonics. they will go all the way

  56. danlges says:

    yell at the m—— artest..

  57. moshe says:


  58. Vijay says:

    I love Lakers Haters. Dallas will not make the Finals, especially now that they have lost Caron Butler. The Spurs are good but it is yet to be proven if they are for real in terms of, is there new up tempo free lance play going to hold up in the playoffs when the game slows down. More importantly though, the Knicks hung 100+ quite easily on them and that concerns me, as a basketball fan, in terms of them being a real threat to the Lakers in the West. Utah is for real. Miami is a joke, not in terms of if they are a good team, they are a good team, but just like last season with Cavs, who dismantled the eventual champions on christmas day last year, there isn’t that much competition to oppose that squad in the East, so they will look fantastic during the regular season. I await the match up against the Magic and more importantly the reigning East champs, Celtics. As a Lakers fan, I’m all to aware that Miami has to get out of the East first, just like the Cavs failed to get out of the East last season. I heard soo much talk about how the Cavs will crush the Lakers in the finals, we will be no match, and low and behold they didn’t even make it out of the East.

    P.S. given the way the Lakers are playing now, more so Pau Gasol, I will have to add that the Lakers need to get out the West this season before bothering about three peat or not. Just like their fans last season on christmas day, and at the Grizzles game, I’m none too happy about their habits and performances.

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      The Spurs aren’t worried anymore about a loss to New York, than the Lakers are about the loss to the Bucks. These are teams they will not have to play in the playoffs.

      Calling Miami a joke is understandable to me for those who dislike them but be real. The Cavs or Heat couldn’t advance last year because each team (Star) was lacking help. As you can see this year they both have that help and I wouldn’t take them as a joke.

      • jj says:

        fact not fiction i think you are talking alot of fiction because especially knicks are and potenially bucks are going to make playoffs

      • Gary says:

        jj, I think your dreams are greater than your grasp on reality. Will either the Lakers or Spurs play the Bucks or Nicks in finals? I rest my case…

    • LB6 says:

      with your comments your more of like a joke coz you dont know what your saying. How can you compare the the cavs w/ LBJ and the Heat now w/ James Bosh and DWADE. Totally different team. so stop embarrassing yourself.

  59. SSD - LAKERS FAN says:

    Lakers are still in the top able to first or second seed in the west. Cant count them out, and hopefully they are out of their slump. This team seems like it needs controversy the way they were playiing.

    Time to wake up for Kobe and team, the Wild west got a lot tougher and so has the entire NBA. Maybe time for a trade if they cant beat teams over .500 ??

    Although I love Derik Fisher, hes a back up PG now, need to trade Blake and others and try to get a solid PG to start with Lakers. Derik would be sold off the bench.

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      Lakers will probably get 3rd seed if they fight for it. The early losses to teams they shouldn’t have really killed their chances to me (for 1st or 2nd) but we’ll see.

      I agree with you on the point situation. Blake should not be there, not over Farmar anyway.

  60. AlmostThere says:

    Where are you Heat haters now??? 19 Wins on the last 20 games. Not bad. And we’re not even half way through the Season yet. This Team will get better than it is right now. We’re AlmostThere…….

    • LA FAN says:

      I understand what your saying and they are playing good but this is the regular season. The championship isnt won during the regular season wait til the playoffs when the have to play orlando or boston then say something boutthe heat. Remember dallas and the cavs both had the best record during the regular season then what happened in the playoffs?

  61. Zzanzabar says:

    Artest, man you don’t have to worry about your rep at this point in your career. As far a many fans are concerned you have more than erased the bad taste that a younger, sillier you put in people’s mouths in Detroit. Considering what many expected when you first joined the Lakers this is choir boy stuff. You have done more on behalf of others to put you in solid with all but the most die hard haters out there.

    @Knick fan
    What are you, 12? These are grown men out there making TONS of money for other people. Whatever they are paid they earn it day in and day out in just practice. The fact that he shows passion for the game and expresses exasperation at how he is doing is a good thing. I’m fed up with the ‘average person’ label that knot-heads use to compare themselves with sports figures, we PAY to see them because they are NOT average. Who wants to see skinny 12 year olds or beer belled adults make millions playing the game averagely?

  62. playa4rings24 says:

    Ron Artest is type a guy if you got problem with him tell him face to face, don’t talk on his back them zing tactics don’t work on Ron ron… but ron needs to step his game up and start producing for lakers he looks lost on offense and doesn’t seem enthusiast or interested when playing game… so ron should shut the #### up and play ball and get his team excited thats what he was brought in for that energy player…. If ron is not producing Trade him for Turiaf…I would love to have Ariza back….

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      just trade him, i dont think he will improve, he had his moments in the playoffs last year but his run is done. Trade him for a guy that can bring in some quality offense because artest isnt going to bring us scoring

      • NBAguy says:

        Hey how about LeBron? We could have another decision special and everything and now LeBron could play alongside with Kobe! I’m just joking!!! HA HA HA!

      • joey says:

        Now this trouble comes out with the lakers……whos better now kobe or jordan…..take out phil jackson and lakers will not even be in the playoffs….i think kobe need again a help a superplayer again ,trade artest to howard and if they win the championship its kobes credit again,how many of this will happen in kobes watch of the lakers…….

      • jj says:

        JOEY DO BE STUPID of course lakers would be in the playoffs with out phil jackson, they have players like kobe, bynum,gasol and odom.

    • LA FAN says:

      i totally agree with you on that Artest should be traded he brings no energy to the game. This is just fantasy talk but if Kobe could put down his pride and they picked up Melo …………. just imagine

  63. joshua says:

    this siiku guy loves drama queen type stories.. but we read them so he’s doing what he knows.

    guess it’s don’t like the name then don’t read huh?

  64. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    damn it enough with the lakers and heats. those two teams pop up every other days on show some love for teams like Chicago, Mavs, Spurs, and Knicks.

    LBJ accidentally bumped the coach and that drama last for like a week
    kobe argue with phil and there goes drama again

    does TD have to punch pop or Stats have to choke Mike D to get some attention for teams like Spurs and Kincks who are doing way better than last season?

    • Wait a minute says:

      You are so right about the publicity Zar The Knicks Fan. But think about it, if one of those teams Bulls, Mavs, Spurs, and Knicks won 2 championships in a row, then of course ANY LITTLE PROBLEM that would rise would get over- stated in the media. The Miami Heat haven’t won the Championship yet, but we all know why they get all the press.

  65. James says:

    “But unlike Kobe Bryant, who is used to dealing with Jackson’s motivational tactics, someone will have to mend fences with Artest or risk losing the man who saved the Lakers’ title hopes in Game 7 of The Finals last season. ” ………
    ……….or lose the man (Artest) that saved the title hopes for Laker’s the season before……via playing with the Rockets.

    • heat says:

      are you stupid or just not watch basketball at all or did you forget to read the other comments before where people are talking about how artest sold his ring to donate money to charity… call me crazy but i could of swore he didn’t win that ring.. “via playing for the Rockets”

  66. Rik Rissewijck says:

    lakers will not threepeat this year. Boston has a better game if they can stay healthy. Heck if they don’t it might even be miami or the spurs that take em out but i do think they won’t win it this year. You can see there’s something wrong in their chemistry at this point on and offcourt, maybe it’s time for a new coach or maybe the team’s drive is to be questioned and they need to hussle way way more than they are used to the last few years and forgot how to put effort inlike it’s your rookie year?


  67. Steven says:

    That’s a pretty bold claim the way things are going in the league right now. Kobe isn’t going to beat the Spurs and/or Mavs by himself that’s for sure.

  68. Steven says:

    I’m not much of a Lakers fan so I’m enjoying reading about all this drama with them. That said, Ron Artest has been keeping it pretty real these days (off the court I mean, he’s been playing pretty badly) and it sucks to see this happen to him.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      I READY FOR HIM TO BE TRADED…other than defence the guy looks lost on the court…cant dribble and is shooting fadeways like come on…if u wanna score be smart and use that muscle to post up in the paint

  69. steve strachan says:

    Sekou you are a drama queen. the lakers are going to three peat. please stop leaving these dumb articles that are like a highschool girls facebook

    • The Truth says:

      Lakers 3 peat? NICE JOKE. I see Spurs or Heat take the Final on this season. Say Sayonara to Lakers in 1st round Playoff Fo Sho.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:


      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! The Spurs, really?!!! Your an idiot. The spurs look good now, but this is a pace they will not be able to keep up. When the playoffs roll around, one of their most important players (Duncan) wont have any fuel left in the tank to make a serious push. And the heat, all im going to say is i cant wait for the playoffs to start! I do not expect the heat to get pass Orlando not to mention Boston. The heat look good now, but that team is not built for the playoffs. Now i know what you lebron ball sack gobblers are going to say. How is this team not built for the playoffs with lebum wade and bosh. Well when the playoffs start, you fools will find the answer to that question out.

      • Fact Not Fiction says:

        Ducan is only two years older than Kobe so saying his gas will run out is a statement that can also hold true for someone like Kobe (but it doesn’t for either). Just one of those remarks people throw out there to try and discourge fans…

    • KB24 says:

      You are right! I am from chicago and I watch Phil do this over and over with PIP and Rodman MJ Its is call getting yr mind to work again and again make u mortal again, bring u down to earth! PHIL new Artest would yea and scream. Angry will make u become superman remember MJ when he got mad! Artest is no MJ but u don’t want to mess with him when he is angree!!

    • j says:

      @steve strachan sorry steve….but the lakers arent going to three peat. your dumb for thinking so. my best bet is the heat, mavs, celtics or spurs for championship. personallty i say heat, why? 1. lebron, wade and bosh….nuff said 2. no injury problems so far, and given the fact that they are all like 26 or 27 years old….not likely, i could see wade getting injured maybe but you cant injure lebron haha and he can win games by himself

    • Sundi says:

      jo u made my day…2 much stuff , which isnt needed.

  70. Jay says:

    MAVERICKS ARE BETTER THAN THE LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      HAHAHA, MAVS lost Caron Butler for the rest of year……Dirk prolly be back for another week or two….

      Im glad ur laughing because the title hopes for MAVS ARE OVER NOW!!!!

      • brent says:

        Dude, I dont get where you are coming from??? To be the best, dont you want to beat the best? Why is it funny to you that an athleet getsetting hurt improves your chances??? Then you have a dud of a finals like in 1994 & 95 when Houston won the title by beating New York & Orlando… Probably the worst repeat chanpoin ever!!!

  71. Knicks Fan says:

    well if your image is so important then don’t yell at your coach. that’s you’re own damn fault. you’re only upset that it was leaked out and your image is messed up not that you and your coach got into an argument…some of these players really are pathetic…what are we suppose to show sympathy for do you know how much you get paid compared to the average person? it’s your job to give 100% whenever you’re in practice or in a game. You signed the contract. there are literally millions of people who would give 10000000000% if they were put in the situation you’re in. and that’s really the only thing i can see Phil yelling at him or anybody else on the team for lack of effort cause it’s definitely shown in their games.

    • kenny says:

      Hahaha!! who give a rip? I love reading these comments people leave because its almost like yall are part of the team and put as much emotion into it as the players. I especially love how the fans come up with simple solutions, when yall really dont know what the hell is going on. We all know Phil is an egotistical, self serving deuch bag who doesnt care about anything but himself and winning. PEOPLE! THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN BASKETBALL. So the only thing you can do is speculate about what is happening. hilarious

      • Knicks Fan says:

        Rigggght…but you know phil jackson personally so i guess you can speculate that he’s an egotistical, self serving douche bag.

      • Steve says:

        Knicks Fan got you on that one Kenny, you are a hypocrite! How do you know what Phil Jackson is like? Know him personally do you?

      • TK Jackson says:

        Thats funny because you probably dont know a thing about basketball or lakers. Phil Jackson is a great coach and has more rings than you can probably count. Please do not disrespect legends, and if you are assuming that he is all of the names you listed, you make an A** of yourself when you assume.

    • ricky says:


      • brent says:

        All good things must come to an end!!! Where is the respect? As a lifelong “Laker-hater”, I am soooo happy to see the dynsty end. However, from a realistic standpiont, the Spurs are no joke… Duncan is resting and his minutes are down. This will be a huge pay-off once the playoffs come around. Manu and Parker are healthy, and one of the most overted players in the league (Richard Jefferson) is no where near the brick-layer he was on the Olympic team or in NJ for the finals runs of the early 00’s… Dont get me wrong, I hate the Spurs as much as anyone, but I have madd respect for Timmy, Manu, and Parker. I just think that Jefferson is a coat-tail riding hack that never really work hard enough to deserve to win a title!!!

      • Lakers ALL DAY says:

        Brent, the dynasty isn’t over yet!!! WE ARE STILL IN JANUARY! LOL!!!

    • LAKERS FAN says:

      he has mental issues and he sees a therapist of course youre suppose to have sympathy for him. He sold his ring to donate it think aboyt that

      • YourMomsStrapOn says:

        its so impressive to see how consistent yall dumb-fob-kobe-doubting-hacks are. but on the real i have to thank yall waste mans for the contribution of increasing some of my favorite athletes skills (Hense: MJ, KOBE & YOUR MOM) because every year yall continue to talk all that dumb fockery about they aint gon do this and that, not realizing that when you say that, they will destroy you and the horses that your wack texan teams rode on…

        Lebron for MVP, no sarcasm… oh and kobe has 5 chips and 6 is on the way if they stay focused and listen to the ZEN.

      • bimbalao says:

        He sold his ring because he’s a dumbass.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      If you read the ESPN report you’ll see that Phil states it was not a LOUD ARGUEMENT.
      people really think they are part of the Lakers.

  72. Merlin says:

    it feels like phil jackson forgot the feeling on loosing.