Paul Pierce Will Still Dunk On You!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — What is it with Paul Pierce and Toronto?

Give him a crease and he’s going straight to the rack on the Raptors.

He’s done it before.


  1. LOL says:

    Oh my goodness Paul Pierce is the best dunker of all time.

  2. M. Jones says:

    love the Celtics and the raptors…dunno who i should cheer for in that

  3. uh oh says:

    man, the fans of the C’s are laughing on chris after that dunk

  4. defencebosh says:

    Peirce kicked bosh in the balls .. that’s an offensive foul than a facial…. man pierce is the most hated player in the history of NBA…

  5. Chase says:

    H kneed that dude very close to the groin. Looks like it hurt… =D

  6. heatsux says:

    lmao chris bosh got sacked by pierce!! 😀

  7. heat says:

    lbj is d best dunker that pierce….

  8. sea pea says:

    Paul is the truth. No Paul no finals.

  9. mr goat says:

    And the truth will set you free…… was out of my chair when I first saw this dunk…

    rest up KG and GOOOOOO the C’s