Casspi On Bulls Radar

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The start of a New Year also signals the beginning of our third-favorite season here at the hideout, trade rumor season.

After the playoffs and the draft, nothing throws more players into the mix than the trade rumor season. So what if most of what’s rumored is complete rubbish.

There are always things that pop onto the radar that intrigue us. And this report about the Chicago Bulls have interest in Sacramento Kings swingman Omri Casspi makes sense on so many levels. (The Knicks are mentioned as a team interested in Casspi as well.)

The Bulls have been extremely patient in their pursuit of another quality outside shooter/slasher to help take some of that perimeter scoring load — responsibilities that both Ronnie Brewer and Keith Bogans have tried to assume admirably (though neither of them appears to be versatile enough to handle the job without major assistance).

Casspi showed flashes of being able to handle those duties, even though Casspi is more of a small forward than a shooting guard. Casspi also plays with an edge that the Bulls need and haven’t had since they shipped Andres Nocioni to the Kings in a deal at the trade deadline two seasons ago.

With the Kings rolling around in the mud in the Western Conference basement, this is the perfect time for a young talent like Casspi to be freed from a situation like the one he finds himself in. Who wouldn’t want to go from a 7-24 team in the West to a contender in Chicago that’s already stocked with a superstar and MVP candidate in Derrick Rose, a veteran star in Carlos Boozer and stud big man in Joakim Noah?

Like we said, this one makes sense on so many levels — hypothetically speaking, of course.


  1. Showtastiik says:

    To really be honest, i think the nba should take a look at this pg in switzerland from CA, fresno. you guys have to check out this guard. up and coming and so overrated. Has all the skills that a point guard needs and more. in college he lead his team in Canada to win a national championship. lead in stls and pts now he’s do’n the same overseas in Switzerland and he’s only 23yrs. check him out on the link–> has his highlights in college and present, along with full games PS. I think he SHOULD BE IN THE NBA NEXT YEAR! what you guys think?

  2. dabulls says:

    i think a deal the bulls could do would be taj and the charlotte pick for casspi

  3. BLM73 says:

    No way to get this to work as a two team trade unless Luol Deng is included in the deal, and why would the Bulls bother with that trade? lol.

    Here’s what I’d do to be honest.

    PG – Udrih, Toney Douglas (Knicks), Head
    SG – Toney Douglas (Knicks), Garcia
    SF – Tyreke Evans (that’s right, play your old High School position lol), Donte Greene
    PF – J. Thompson, C. Landry
    C – Cousins, Dalembert

    This set-up stretches the floor a lot more than the Kings have been with their ever rotating line-up, and gets Garcia some more consistent minutes, something he certainly deserves, hell we all deserve that as Kings fans, give us a consistent rotation to cheer for lol!!! Sure Casspi for Deng would be a great trade for Sacto (and would keep Evans at the ‘2’), but Chicago’s not about to do that, any more than the Knicks are going to trade away Danilo Gallinari, and I suspect that they have some faith in Landry Fields, such that they won’t part with him either, but could move him to SG in the absence of Douglas.

  4. Roadog54 says:

    NOOOOO Keep Caspi here we need a player like maybe Blake Griffin from the clippers.

  5. Shortye123 says:

    Look, the only reasons the Knicks has even the tiniest bit of interest in Casspi, is because of the crowd that he brings with him, think every city that he plays in, a lot of Israelis have come to this special game just because they want to see the first player from their country play. Next the bulls could easily make this trade by trading the late first round pick, some money, and Taj Gibson and C.J. Watson, it is a great deal for both teams.

  6. The Kid says:

    So this def makes sense for the Bull, the Knicks and I suppose even Casspi but how on earth does this make sense for the Kings?

  7. Nacho says:

    This would be a dumb move for my team the Kings. We finally got rid of all the old players on our team and now we wanna get rid of young guys to get another guy, makes no sense and if we are gunna get an older guy in the trade that just sets us back even more.

  8. Zef says:

    It wouldn’t make sense for the Kings, because they need an outside shooter and the Bulls have nothing valuable to offer.

    Yet, wouldn’t be the first time we see a multi-team trade (even a minor one), so that outside shooter doesn’t necessarily need to be Bulls’ for the Bulls to get Casspi.

    Just sayin’

  9. Bharat says:

    is there any new news on this topic of Omri Casspi really have a chance to go to the bulls???

  10. Dunkit says:

    Casspi is one of the better assets the Kings have so this idea of a trade is a very long shot. Cannot see why the kings would do this for what they pay Casspi. Although Westaphal has been very inconsistent with the playing minutes he gives Casspi it is clear that when he does he usually gets some good production and efforts from Casspi. If the Kings will keep moving the ball to find the open man and don’t let Tyreke go often crazy to the basket they might get better. Playing as a team will help them win more games.

  11. dabulls says:

    Omarisgay what the hell you sayin man. Are you saying jewish guys cant play ball, did you know that the first pro ballers were all jewish.

    For the bulls, i like this idea we could use casspi, ship johnson and maybe the charlotte pick

  12. jkogkk says:

    yo casspi is a great player that needs to practice more and talk to his teamates like thryeke evans about shooting fundamentales

  13. Omarisgay says:

    Why would they want Casspi he is jewish

  14. c_cantrell says:

    would be a good fit in chi-town… plays so much like Andres Nocioni

  15. Thomas Spider says:

    For the King, this deal only makes sense if the Bulls put Loul Deng on the line, but i don’t think that’s possible .

  16. chi-town says:

    yeah this’ll be great for the bulls, but i dont know what sacramento can get out of it. maybe james johnson and our 1st round pick? guys like donte greene and jason thompson could get even more minutes and jj is willing to come off the bench whenever, and produce

  17. Actually_Been_There says:

    Let’s see – Bogans, James Johnson, Bulls 1st and 2nd round picks…

    Run it out there and see what happens. Johnson could be a good talent. He has performed well in the few chances he’s been given. And teams always overpay for draft picks – everyone wants to get cheap bodies!

  18. Someone says:

    I miss the Kings of the early 2000s. First I liked when I started watching NBA.

    The Kings need a few more experienced players. Maybe even bring back a few old Kings players. For a start Atlanta and Toronto is all im saying.

  19. Uncle Joe says:

    I like this for the Bulls, but can’t imagine the Kings giving up Casspi for Charlotte’s 2012 pick, plus end of bench types like Bogans or James Johnson.

  20. David Echard says:

    No Mention of Luol Deng? The Kings have coveted Deng for a while.

    • John G. says:

      As a die hard Bulls fan, I’d have to say chances are slim they’d get rid of Deng for Casspi. Even if the Kings would take on Deng’s big contract, it wouldn’t be a good move for Chicago either. Ok, so they get Casspi and fill the need at the 2 spot. But then they lose Deng who is not one of the best, but above average at the 3 spot and playing solid all year. Then they have a hole at the small forward. Who’s going to step in for Deng? Korver? Probably not.

      I agree with whoever said the Bulls don’t have anything the Kings would need for a trade (other than the draft picks). I just don’t see the Bulls filling one hole while creating another.

      Just my opinion though…

  21. Johnny WHAT! says:


  22. Blair says:

    Wishful thinking.

  23. Johnd925 says:

    I agree, doesn’t make much sense for Kings.

  24. KoolaidkiD says:

    Why would the Kings trade away a cornerstone piece to their young and hungry team? I’m LMAO over here in Sacramento, because it seems like everybody thinks this Young Kings team is garbage, yet every team in the League wants a little piece of it. Petrie isn’t getting rid of Casspi, Cousins, Tyreke, Jason Thompson, Beno, and probably not even Donte Green. Personally, as a Die-hard Kings fan, I like the young and gritty team that we have right now. Sure, we may not be winning a lot of games right now, but we’re playing HARD every night, and in time, those wins will come. As a fan, I want to see players who have that “EDGE” mentally, and right now, we’ve got that. Why would a GM want to mess that up. The Bulls don’t have ANYTHING that the Kings need. We need shooters on the perimeter. Well, Casspi is turning into that for us. If this trade ever went down, which it WON’T!, then the Kings would be getting screwed BIG TIME. The Bulls have nothing worth equal value to what Casspi will become in the NBA.

  25. Joell83 says:

    How about Evans and Cousins for the Bulls 2nd round pick. It makes sense on so many levels!

    • Knowledge says:

      Are u crazy!?

      I truly think the only thing the Kings could be realistically thinking about in this deal would be looking at getting draft picks AND a key player to their organization. Maybe the kings might just offer Caspi and Cousins for Noah?


    • The Kid says:

      Keep dreaming

    • beast@bball says:

      r u honestly serious the kings are in a rebuilding stage and those two guys are the centerpiece for the franchises coming years

  26. Joell83 says:

    How does this make sense for the Kings?

  27. aag says:

    if this goes through it will be awesome, westphall is obviously giving dante green more credit that casspi, and since he’s been coming off the bench and filling in roles it would be better for him to do roughly the same role in a much better team with a bigger emphasis on defense
    it makes sense for the bulls because omri is a great outside shooter and a pretty good defender and if the kings are really relying more on donte green and garcia to fill in the four spot it makes sense for them to try and fill a different space in their roster (for example an experienced guy who can put some discipline in a young team like sacramento)

  28. Chris says:

    “Like we said, this one makes sense on so many levels — hypothetically speaking, of course.”

    Makes sense for the Bulls, but how does this make sense for the Kings? They are a rebuilding team valuing cheap, young talent. Their biggest need other than getting their young stars (20 and 21 respectively) more experience is outside shooting, so why would they trade their best and cheapest outside shooter? Sure if the Bulls blow them away by offering Rose or Noah in some package, the Kings would be ecstatic, but we all know that’s not happening. So other than that, what do the Bulls possibly have to offer the Kings? A late first round pick? Not enough. Brewer or Korver? Doesn’t make strategic or financial sense. Sorry, but I just don’t see a deal happening.

  29. Wait a minute says:

    SWEET TRADE. The Bulls will be Heavy Hitters in the East.

    • Johnny WHAT! says: