Butler tests/results coming Monday

The Dallas Mavericks won’t know the full extent of the knee injury to Caron Butler until Monday at the earliest. The initial concern is a torn patella tendon in his right knee, but further tests to determine the injury’s severity won’t be performed until Butler meets with the team’s medical staff for an MRI exam on Monday. Butler has already flown back to Dallas.

NBA.com first reported the possibility of Butler suffering a patella tear, according to league sources, after the Mavericks lost Saturday night at Milwaukee. Dallas is at Cleveland tonight.

Asked if the team knew anything more about Butler’s injury today, Dallas general manager Donnie Nelson told NBA.com: “No, not yet.” Dallas coach Rick Carlisle also said he didn’t have any additional information. The team didn’t want to speculate on the nature of the injury before further tests are done.

Butler, averaging 15.0 points and 4.1 rebounds, was injured in the first quarter of the 99-87 loss to the Bucks. Losing the Mavs’ third-leading scorer is potentially a crippling blow for a team that began the season with championship aspirations and looked every bit the title contender through the first two months.

The Mavericks, though, have lost three in a row coinciding with Dirk Nowitzki‘s knee sprain last week. Without their MVP candidate in the lineup, the Mavs (24-8) dropped games to Toronto, San Antonio and Milwaukee. Dallas was also without Shawn Marion (bruised thigh) last night. The injuries to Nowitzki and Marion aren’t considered serious.

Butler was one the players Carlisle was counting on to pick up the slack in Nowitzki’s absence. Butler scored 30 in the Spurs loss, and is a proven scorer who averaged more than 19 points per game from 2007-09. The 30-year-old Butler is in his ninth season and on the last year of his contract.

Marion is the most likely candidate to fill Butler’s spot in the starting lineup, a move that considerably weakens Dallas’ bench. In addition to playing behind Butler, Marion is also the primary backup power forward to Nowitzki. Brian Cardinal has started the last two games in Nowitzki’s place.

Expect sixth man Jason Terry, the Mavs’ second-leading scorer who’s been mired in a shooting slump, to take on more responsibility. Dallas also hopes to get a boost from rookie guard Dominique Jones, who was recalled from the D-League today after averaging 18.7 points in 10 games for the Texas Legends. The Mavs are also waiting on second-year guard Roddy Beaubois, a dynamic scorer who’s currently rehabbing from a broken foot suffered this past offseason.

The Mavs could apply for a disabled-player exception worth approximately $5.3 million, which is half of Butler’s $10.6 million salary, if it’s determined that Butler is lost for the season. Dallas could sign or trade for a player to fit into that salary spot without giving up anything in return.


  1. 29&4 says:

    If the mavs trade for melo they will have to give up a lot. keep in mind some eastern conf teams are willing to give up a lot. its up to the nuggets not melo. even with butler the mavs weren’t going to make it outta the west so if anyone thinks the mavs have any chance without butler then they are lying to themselves. this is the spurs year baby!! bout to change my name to 30&4 and then 31&4 and by the end of the week 33&4!

  2. Bolivian Rob says:

    To BOBBY..I feel u man, the mavs gonna pull thru no matter what, cause Dirk knows its his year, i just hope caron´s injury isnt too serious and hope he´s back at the latest in a month or so…if not, best option might be Melo, only if we don´t have to give up much!! we could give up Haywood, Novak, cause they aint doin much, n make sure we keep tyson n mahinmi..but doubt that happens, unless melo determined to get ring, n lowers his cost!..Say BOBBY..u from bolivia?? cause im currently living here in Cocha, and am a hardcore mavs fan!!! let me know whats up!! k..
    To Dude…man ur suggestion is really awful n looks like u need to look into another sport!! maybe more like Golf!! Lol

    • MavsFan says:

      I think Haywood is good against Big centers like Shaq and Howard…he has more strength then tyson who is a more finesse type defender. Have to be careful who they give up for Carmelo. Lose to much depth then you play ur starters more who will be dead tired by the time the playoffs start. Then there is chemistry. With 1/2 a seaon and a training camp this team had great chemistry. Remember after the trade last year? Nothing was clicking…it showed in the playoffs.

  3. KobeBallHogger says:


  4. brad douglas says:

    If this is a season ending injury, then Jason Kidd, Dirk , and Tyson Chandler need to step up and seize the Championship that Dallas wiffed on eariler.

  5. SPURS says:

    BOBBY … BOBBY … The MAVS will get eliminated in the Play-Offs …
    and the SPURS will win the CHAMPIONSHIP in 2011 !!!!

    • GMAN says:

      If the lakers play either of these teams they will lose in seven. The lakes need to stay in the # 3 spot and dallas in 2 and San A in 1. That way dallas knocks out the lakers and San A knocks out Utah. Then this will set up one of the best western finals in History with Dallas winning on the road in Game Seven>>>>

  6. 29&4 says:

    Its unfortunate what happened to Butler but they weren’t going to do anything big anyways. I know they are a great regular season team but I don’t understand why EVERY season people still really believe they are contenders. The Mavs have only been to the finals once and they LOST! The Spurs are the true contenders. By the way the Heat aren’t contenders either. Lebrons teams always have great regular season records but it never amounts to anything.

    • MavsFan says:

      Yeah, the Spurs were truly contenders last post season when they were swept by the Suns. Losing Butler pretty much nixes the Mav’s chance at a title this year. Dominique and Rodney are not small fowards and since the Mavs are already loaded at shooting guard, they won’t be much help. Having Butler starting with Marion spelling him was a awesome rotation. Now Marion will have to start, and now Cardinal or Novack will have to come off the bench. Maybe that trade talk about Carmelo isn’t such a bad idea after all. Did anyone see Butler’s knee cap after he took his hand off it? Completely dislocated…he is done for the season.

  7. barge says:

    the mavericks are 25-8 2nd in the west w/o our mvp dirk nowitzki dalals is 1-3 record missing the texas match if dirk play they will get the win over san antonio again

  8. krid says:

    yeah!intersting fact.they’re strong on the road but very vulnerable at home.thats a disapointing fact for mavs fan watching at home.its a place where you’re expected 2 be tough coz everythng and evrybody is behind you.neah!worthless homecourt advantage,better not look after that.1 thing 4 Roque,try 2 exploit Mahinmi he’s a heck of a reliable youngster in the absence of Dirk

  9. khadija says:

    yes, Ineed to know why the Mavs loose at home so much? If they’re striving for being at the top of the Western conference, there is no need for them to fight for homefield adantage. It just won’t help them at this rate.

  10. BigD says:

    stupid trade dude.

  11. bo says:

    Every injury is devastating to any player, and i dont like to hear news of injuries. I really hope it is not anything serious as every initial report can be wrong and exaggerated.

  12. dude says:

    i think miami needs the work of butler so Mark Cuban trade jason Kidd and Caron Butler and Chandler to miami in return you’ll get Mike Miller, Udonis Haslem, Mario Chalmers, Joel Anthony… What do you think a good trade???!!! Let Jason Kidd go in contender team like miami heat!!!

    • ernad says:

      no that is not a good trade on dallas part… jason kidd is your point guard and butler just brings a lot to the table… and common trading chandler who has sparked this teams amazing start noo way… but this would be a steal for heat but it is not going to happen…

  13. the miami heat is no match for the mavs

  14. dallas mavericks will become champions even with injuries they are the teams in the west that can beat the heat and the lakers