Kobe’s Frustration: Video

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Kobe Bryant‘s frustrations are real.

Three straight blowout losses by his Lakers can have that sort of effect on a person. And there is the general lack of respect from the teams punishing them.

The Heat pummeled them on Christmas Day at home. And now the Spurs, the leaders in the Western Conference and the league, swat them away and Kobe can’t even get George Hill to do what he says:

The Lakers’ 2-5 record against winning teams is one thing.

But if Kobe can’t even get away with sticking a finger in another man’s face anymore, things are even worse than we thought.

(Kudos to Hill for giving that index finger right back.)


  1. Mikko says:

    If lakers needs new look, I Think melo and billups for kobe and draft picks or maybe fisher will be a great deal… kobe’s contract is about to expire, fisher has an age, so the nuggets can rebuild this offseason while the lakers can continue the quest for threepeat….. I’m a little big fan of L.A but the way kobe is playing right now turned me off and go to miami if no blockbuster trade will happen with lakers…. kobe’s attitude will drive LA off the nba finals… try to look at dwyane wade… his on fire when angry…..

  2. stewart says:

    Negotiation for trade between nuggets and lakers is underway! As per from trusted feedback, there are just some few conditions that are still being discussed. And I think, it is also one of the reason why lakers are not playing well this recent days. Nuggets wants Odom and Artest in exchange for C. Anthony.

  3. Sutton says:

    Sign of stress and doubt coming from Kobe. . . . (Doctor evil laugh) .Muhahahahahahahaha. . . .Muhahahahahahahaha

  4. ryan24 says:

    MELO can HELP lakers!!!!!!!!!!!! MELO to LAKERS can make 3heat nervous!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. El Derado says:

    Lakers have been the true second best team for the past 3 years. They lost to Boston in 08, they won in 09 because they didn’t have to face Boston in the finals due to injury to one of their star players, and they won in 2010 in the 7th game by only 4 points because Boston lost Perkins due to injury.

    Why are people talking like this team is supposed to be unstoppable? I get that they are really good, but they are not the best. Cavs swept them last year btw.

    • yanick says:

      so you are mentionning perkins injury and forgot that bynum was about 50% healthy in the whole playoff last year. You also forgot that bynum didn’t play at all when they faced boston in 08, good job.

  6. yanick says:

    I’ve learned many things, lakers defense is absolutely HORRIBLE. Gasol is the worst defensive big man i have ever seen, all ron artest is good for is to strip the ball, phil jackson is a very overrated coach and i have been saying that for eternity. Based on the way the lakers have been defending the pick and roll this year and past, i even wonder if he teaches them how to. They suck against the zone defense, WHY. Kobe is an extremely lazy defender, he is not playing well, i would like for him to blame himself on the way the lakers are playing but he is not, kobe used to be the best mid range shooter i have ever seen in my life, i mean those shots used to be water for kobe in your face until he had that finger injury in 2008, and the shots have been getting worst year by year but he still refuses to have surgery on it, and his knee clearly lost a LOT of step, when was the last time we’ve seen a flashy dunk from him, he can’t even get past big mans right now, lets face it Kobe is showing clear signs that his dominance is done, if at least he could get that mid range back he’ll be cool but as of right now i have no choice but to declare him done, and i’m a HUGE kobe fan, has been for the past 10 years. Artest is GARBAGE, horrible mistake letting Ariza go, Barnes suck, Fisher is way too old. We need a blockbuster trade, i would gladly take Carmelo for odom, artest, fisher, even gasol. We need a new look. Every body talks about how athletic shannon brown is but all i see him do is shoot shoot shoot, 90 percent of the team take nothing but jumpshots. Pathetic team with no pride, it really hurts me to say that about the lakers but i just had to let it out. That being said, lakers will be champions once again.

  7. vicar says:

    still lakers west and boston east 100% sure, lets see in playoff

  8. Kojin says:

    oh no. the lakers lost games. basically people are overdoing it. the same way they treated the heat when they were 9-8 that’s how they are treating the lakers. dont feed the NBA media’s obvious attempts to troll us. they always put some extreme negative connotation to things when good teams mess up even a little (every team does it, for crying out loud its 82 games + playoffs just be lucky they aren’t at .500 or you’ll really see the hate) or watch them go on a winning streak, and these same reporters and column writers will declare them the Dream Team. it happens every season. That’s why im not buying the mavericks until they learn not to choke in the playoffs. that’s why even though im glad the knicks are over .500 in the first time since forever, they’re aren’t gonna make noise in the playoffs regardless (even if they get melo, and that’s not guaranteed.) Realistically the heat shouldn’t beat the celtics ever without inside help, and thats the only team that matters if they plan on doing anything come playoff time. Great NBA season and all, its been fun, but there is no reason whatsoever to pay attention to the NBA trolls over something so silly as watching a person get upset that he lost a few games. it happens. oh nos big story of the year everybody!

  9. Denise says:

    fans are panicking way too much too soon, …this Laker fan is not worried about the Lakers, we just need to make a few adjustments, just like KB said. the team need to start acting like the games matter… but how can they win you got the media saying things like. NBA season does not matter only thepost season.. rediculas ALL games matter.. especially for postions, I am thinking the Lakers win these next f4 games, thm maybe we wont get blog post like this.
    One thing for sure, Bynum needs to get his butt out on the floor, and Pau needs to get toughter or sit his self down get some rest.

  10. john says:

    do not worry that Kobe is going to win most of the teams dim, that he does well, so I get angry when they want to compare this crap with his majesty mj, kobe has to live thankful and gasol shak. and those who believe they’re all stupid kobe muahahahahah

  11. Jake says:

    Atta boy George way to get in Kobe’s grill! By the way Kobe has like four techs in the last five games doesn’t that warrant a suspension?

  12. trini says:

    oh and as for the hill and kobe incident….look at george hill face…he waz scared….and he only point bacc the finger when he see ducan and jefferson….at the side of him…..lol

  13. kb24 says:

    lakers will be fine…..they just need to get it straight is a long season!!! but lakers should look for a point guard……cp3 comes to mind!!!! thats all they need…

  14. trini says:

    honestly…..like last year and the year before….wen it come around dis time..lakers often struggle i dont see the reason why….but some how it happen ing…but throughout those year…we still won the championship…i am a little worried still…but i kno dey will soon get bacc to business…..so..i have faith in my team…so the 3 peat will still occur 🙂

  15. famozwest says:

    Lakers have many problems, Bynum has been Injured, so the starting 5 chemistry is way off. The bench additions seem to shoot way too many 3 pointers, they need to drive it in first and establish an inside presence. But all in all, Gasol must be fatigued and Odom is just being himself, complimentary, and thats what you want. But Kobe?, well i think honestly that finger is catching up with him, which is why he is shooting really bad, and the knee is too, it will never be the same, he’s frustrated because he doesnt have that same explosion, i would be too if I was him, because i never seen him like this, or play where he had to bang into people to get by them,

  16. Fact Not Fiction says:

    Haha, it’s funny how a month ago it was Heat fans with the big paragraphs now the Laker fans are at it. Very funny! But yeah I don’t think the Lakers have much to worry about other than injuries and playoff position. Coming in where they might have to play San Antonio and Dallas won’t be a good move but hey i’m no fan so I really don’t care. I would just like to see more competitive ball from them becaue that’s why we watch and what they get paid for….

  17. ZACKALEX says:

    This is a big trade, but i don’t think “Melo” will be able to co-exist in LA with Kobe, the same way Lebron is doing it with Wade!

  18. Luis Flores says:

    I’m a Lakers Fan but I think the Lakers play bad very very bad in the past week but we need to go on track and need more OFFENSE of Kobe, his frustation passed to the team and this is the problem! We need Bynum back to starter and move the ball inside, outside this is the way can 3peat. The Lakers have the best Player, best defense player, best skill big man, shotters and very good power inside and the best coach of all time!! but the lakers need to win today or the Lakers have big trouble!!!

  19. Kell says:

    Anybody watching could see thAT Kobe was pushed first and he should have fought back as he did…… What ever blind person say different is a DAMN LIE!!!!!!!! I Love You KOBE

  20. Jose says:

    All I have to say is…HOW YOU LIKE DEM APPLES?!?!?!?

  21. lloyd says:

    That is true, one thing that kobe dont have is respect from his teammate,

  22. Pito says:

    Guys I still believe Lakers is the best team in NBA..there’s just a problem or malfunction on the team that there were going to figure out..if they did, they back on track…
    I strongly disagree trading lamar and artist to melo…that will cause them a lot of trouble defending opponents’ star player…

  23. nelson tun says:

    The answer is not Power forward. It is point guard. Unless Lakers seek a young and fast point guard who can penetrate the other team’s defense line, the Lakers will still fail. Remember , we don’t have enough time to seek new guys and practice to get a perfect line up and team chemistry. I don’t under stand why they collect old veterans like Smith and releasing good guys like Farmers and now again Lamar Odom. Will be even worse. The other thing is to motivate each player’s confidence. Take a good lesson from 2007 experience. In 2007 Bryant’s one man show which could make nothing good to the team to go to finals.

  24. juanito says:

    Lakers are going to be fine coming playoff’s time, every team has their struggles during the season and since Kobe joined LA every team brings their A game against ’em, Lamar, Fish, Artest are not playing with the sense of urgency that an elite team needs to play with on big games like these ones, there’s personal issues going on with Pau aside from basketball, and he’s not 100% focused and lost of confidence, lakers bench Barnes, Blake, Luke, they’re not the kinda players that lakers need, why do you think Barnes and Blake havent established themselves in the league?, they keep bouncing from 1 team to another cuz they dont represent any sort of much needed help for any team, honestly i dont see these players being stars in any basketball league in the world, Lamar is so cocky that he feels that lakers wont win anything without him, for the money he’s making he should be playing lot better than D-wade, Amare, Dirk & Ginobili, he should come up with monster games along with Kobe and should be the second option instead of Gasol, but for the Laker fans let me tell ya, these guys are going to get together and be the force they are in the playoffs, right now just let them play this low quality laker ball games, they are going to be alright and the managment should get rid of Blake, Luke, Artest and start looking for someone else before the trade deadline.

  25. Ventruck says:

    I think things are being read into too much, especially statistics. The currently-leading Spurs are essentially the same Spurs we’ve seen previous years, and same with the Lakers. They don’t need another player/trade to make the difference. Difference is simply the composure. It’s almost a given that we know LA gets their act together in post season. And I’m not saying they’re just cruising with the false belief they’re already the better team contending for the finals, they’re just performing up to the team’s potential.

    Last season was a lot different. There was considerably still no Bynum, but there was arguably less Kobe with the increase of his own injuries. This year, Kobe appears to function better than Gasol in many games, who was suggested as the leader of the first half of the season while Kobe recovers. This season isn’t going smooth as planned, especially with the recent losses and how they were lost. No surprise that Kobe would be frustrated. Shooting a brick-fest isn’t smart, but his attitude is there and hopefully for the Lakers, starts the path to actual winning ways again – not “looking like” winning ways.

  26. Calm & Collected says:

    I would like to start off by saying that all the Miami Heat fans need to stop talking. Your team started the season horribly, your star, Lebron, has been very disrespectful from snuffing his coach on the floor to talking trash to his former teammates after having left the team in an unnecessarily dramatic fashion. But he can do whatever he wants, because his team is winning, now anyway. As for the Lakers, I really don’t think anybody should be worrying. Yes, we probably won’t finish the season first in the West, nor will we have the best support from the fans and media going into the playoffs at this rate. But at the end of the day, the Los Angeles Lakers are the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe Bryant is still the best player in the world, no matter what anyone says. LAL always have rough stretches in their season, similar to last year it has started again in the month of December. They’re just frustrated right now with all the expectations, new faces, and injuries they’re dealing with. The Lakers are just that type of team, they’re not going to fret and make a scene over every game. But at the same time, they’re not going to win every single one of their games. They don’t have that mentality, starting even with their Head Coach. Phil Jackson is the most relaxed coach the NBA has to offer, he never gets worked up over anything, and that boils over to the rest of the team. But when it comes down to when it counts, the Lakers have the potential to, and WILL start winning games and getting their minds in focus. The only reason tensions are high right now is because Kobe Bryant hates being underestimated, and the Lakers hate it when Kobe is pissed. I think what everyone has to realize is that the Lakers are a team that don’t need to win games. They don’t need respect, and they don’t need fame and media hype. The Miami Heat are a young team with young superstars and they strive to get the attention of everyone. But the Lakers are an older team. They know what the regular season can bring and they’re not going to worry over trivial things like Christmas losses because Christmas games don’t decide the Finals. The Lakers got blown out last year to the Cavaliers, and had a horrible ending to the season and were doubted by everyone. They were doubted again in the first round afters struggling with the young Thunder, but they came back and won the Championship, and they would have regardless of if Perkins played Game 7 or not. The Los Angeles Lakers are the best NBA team in terms of a players, coaches and talents, rather than in terms of wins and losses, and they will prove that in April and June.

  27. mark says:


    • Steven says:

      Artest can and should be traded, with Odom’s versatility the lakers will be loosing a good player, but Melo brings alot more to the table. Artests defense will be missed

    • Smooth says:

      The Lakers win because of their size… If they let Artest and Odom go, who will come in off the bench to spell Bynum or Pau??? Nobody… Melo might be a gud scorer but that trade wouldn’t be the answer to the Lakers… The one advantage Lakers have over a lot of other teams is three 7 footers… Take away one and Pau and Bynum get exposed…

    • Amarerox! says:

      the lakers r under salary cap like every other team they dont have an unlimited budget no chance
      of that happening

  28. SeanA23 says:

    This just shows the difference between mj23 and Kobe, mj never would’ve let this happen to his team, this is pathetic ball. Come on Kobe, shut up and show us what you’ve got

  29. QuestionMark says:

    If this keeps happening the Lakers can forget about a 3-peat. the 3-peat hopes are fading away for them now. but I still think they will show them selves in the playoffs, but I still dont think they will win. I think Spurs the way they are playing will pummel the Lakers and the Mavs and go to the Finals, on the other side, if Magic can get Camby, then they will beat the Heat, and barely get past Boston and make it to the Finals. but who knows whats going to happen. possibly the Lakers make a blockbuster trade and get a few younger guys?

  30. francisco says:

    Loving this , Hollywood is being exposed. IF he had had a poor team since his rookie year , his shooting % would be 30


  31. The Lakes better act now or they will be dried up for a minute. They need to makes trade power moves asap. Get Yao over their or Melo. i think Melo would be a better fit. Id like ot See Yao go to the Clippers with Blake Rim Griff. we need some new blood in the post season. sick of seeing the old beefs and grudges duking it out. new blood in di nba meh say.
    Kobe adjust your game to stealth smooth mode. get in where you fit in for the team, your not the same player anymore.
    All the greats did this especially MIKE Jordan.

    • Gary says:

      MJ took on the ball hog role (never a stealth one) but he produced wins and championships. Kobe racking up assist not points = victories and championships.

      • (Re: MJ ‘s transition from super scorer to stealth smooth winner) The New Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is a 12 cylinder producing up to/over 1200HP.It has already entered the Guinness Book of Records with an average top speed of 431 km/h (267 mph). smashing the record set by the Ultimate Aero I. (yes they made a new Aero II but this will be a cold war of top supercars Europe vs. US over the next years)
        Everything about this new veyron including the older model has style, glamour, poise and pretty much no weakness.

        1984-1993 Michael Jordan was a tenacious, relentless all around prolific scoring machine with no weakness. part of that was he went to team with no direction but up. When Kobe was drafted by the Lakers via Hornets. That team was not rock bottom they were a decent team during the post showtime dry spell era with Shaq (26.2ppg reg/26.9ppg post; Kobe 7.6 ppg reg/8.2 ppg post) in the line up at 56-26 and losing to the Jazz 4-1 in the semi finals. meanwhile MJ’s first season with the bulls finsihed 39-43 with MJ avg 28.2ppg and Orlando Woolridge (22.9ppg) as his sidekick and no playoffs, until the next season (63 in the infamous garden).

        When MJ came back for seconds from 1995 (partial) -1998. He wasnt the same player attack attack attack the rim. he was way more savy as out thinked the opponent with flares of creativity, which consisted of more mid range jumpers, team play with better surrounding players than the early stages of his career, but similar to the 91-93 championship teams. In my opinion MJ was equivalent to the 2010 Bugatti Veyron. 1000HP/ top speed of 253mph/407 km

        2001-2003 MJ was more of instructor to student project where he displayed at many times the greatness at age 39-41, sometimes he was sub par meaning that father time had caught up with him and just about every human being on this planet. In my opinion during the period Mj was equivalent to the Bentley Continental GT which was smooth, yet very fast, luxurious, top speed of 198 mph/ 317 km.

        My point is Mj wasnt some player who came in the the league and jacked up shot for the hell of it. he had a purpose to win. medicore scrubs as his side kicks in the beginning molded him to become the very player he was. Ask James Worthy his college teammate said he never thought MJ would turn out to be THE MAN.

        Kobe came into the league trying to MJ. he will tell you himself and said it on many occasions.

        If Kobe doesnt look similar to MJ at times when he plays, then some of the people who say that need to get there eyes checked. straight copy cat, which has some good and bad point of views. hey you want to strive to be the best and imulate the greats in some ways. But geez. Kobe copied everything. why not mix in a little Oscar ROB or Magic?

        MJ in my opinion i saw DR. J, and David Thompson and a little of his own creativity mixed with in his game.

        But its ok Kobe got 5 rings (3 with shaq shining) never the less. mission accomplished!

        It is very much too early to judge the 2011 Lakers season, but they do have some serious issues and they need to figure it out. I personally dont see them winning anymore titles.

        The Heat if not this season they will win a title if not multiple titles over the next few seasons. you can print that

        Iam a fan of people making monumental accomplishements in front of billions of people when those very same people say YOU CANT, YOU WONT, IT WONT! thats why i love this whole LBJ movement. I dont like how he left but show me a manual on how to leave a company with out breaking hearts? there is no way to do that other than put in your 2 weeks notice. again could of been better managed by LBJ’s advisors, but its the past now move on.

        Kobe in my opinion is a Ferarri F430 top speed of 197MPH/316km and thats the old Kobe with Shaq.
        I dont know what he is now. maybe a the new Nissan Z 370 or the old 350.

        I didnt know other way to put it when it came to analogies and comparisons, since iam car person just sharing my thoughts.

        Happy Holidays Everyone!

  32. LEAN says:


    • Gary says:

      Yes, there’s no need to panic. No, they won’t be full force at the end of the season if this keeps up. Slumps happen to every team but this is the 2nd slump in a month for the Lakers and now the schedule is going to get tougher. If they are already burned out now, what makes anyone think they will somehow get rejuvenated come playoffs? it doesn’t happen and has never happened that way for the Lakers. Last year they held it together until Bynum came back but there was never anything like this going on. Again I am not knocking them..only the fans and sportscasters who continue to make excuses. Suck it up and start playing ball, that’s all there is to it.

  33. mistahanz says:

    Sekou, I ditto your praise to Hill for not worshiping Kobe. Kobe shouldn’t be treated like Gretzky was in the NHL: a sacred Cinderella who can’t be touched. *Jesus died at the cross: a star must learn renunciation and sacrifice for the greater good. Kobe’s family (team) may accept his disrespect, that’s one thing; but his competitors don’t need to accept his disrespect – he should be the example of the one taking the high road! It is very evident that the Lakers have lost their esteem in the eyes of other players and teams in the league.

    Leadership by intimidation? Teams and players league-wide are now realizing how foolish it is to fear any team, let alone a player! Even Derrick Fisher was fuming in the 4th when Jefferson made a nice defensive hustle play on him. Kobe, Phil, and the Lakers will need to earn back their respect, and even then teams may still not give it to them when its warranted.

    To love one another is an ability not a right – some people just don’t seem to have the strength to love the Lakers anymore 🙂

  34. longmemory says:

    Lakers are going through a tough stretch and mainly because they are just now starting to play tough teams. Early in the season when they were playing nobodies, I kept hearing from everyone (charles barkley quote), “Lakers are the best team by far”… i remember writing “by far”?? that game 7 in the finals didnt look like “by far”!! but granted they are the champs and they will get through this tough patch but I LUV the mud in peoples faces – like phil jackson, making statements about pat riley taking Spolestra’s job, commentators talking about they have no point gaurd, no real big man. There’s even some dilussional Miami haters still that say they havent beaten. anybody on thier win streak. Now Miami Stomps a mud hole in LA in LA and bloging is minimized, Sekou is neutralized, (even though he’ll say he was just reporting facts, I remember OpInIoNs as well!!) all these experts that pointed out different flaws each time they lost only have “Dont Worry” comments for the Lakers. these guys are waring with words (coach included) Kobe going NuTT!, blown out 3 straight games and nothings said. Why? because they have won already.? understandable. cant live in the past though. Point is… Its a long season – good teams are going to go through bad stretches, but yall didnt wanna believe that in terms of miami. – this season there are a few teams that have a chance at winning it all and i think people are starting to see that now. as well as the MUD in their face!!!

  35. Lakers Man Here says:

    Agreed! The Lakers are not playing well, and I’m baffled by it. Their team is intact; no change in personnel. I fear that if this keeps up they’ll involve themselves in some blockbuster trade, like Orlando. Personally , I don’t wanna see that! As a Laker fan this is painful to watch. I don’t give up and quit on my team though! Shots are not going down for them. That doesn’t bother me though! Their team defense has really weakened, and that is the heart and soul of the game to me. Most of these teams beating them are shutting them down on defense. Then they (Lakers), start trying to outshoot them, and that rarely works! C’mon Lakers!

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      u mention a blockbuster trade? really who would they even trade for…….

      and there defsnse is lackluster, it also is terrible to watch….

      • T-Bag says:

        I agree with the LeBron statement. I don’t like the new tech foul rule full stop but if it’s gonna be there it needs to be consistent. The last 2 Heat games I’ve watched I’ve seen LeBron disputing multiple calls or no-calls, at length too for about 30 seconds, waving his arms around etc, and no tech foul called for it. 2 of Kobe’s techs were just for flinging an arm in the moment then moving on with the game. Obviously his second tech & ejection against the Bucks was warranted for swearing at a ref, but the initial tech was just an arm fling in the moment – much less than LeBron’s reactions that don’t get called.

    • Gary says:

      I’ve been seeing rumors of Carmelo coming to LA. What a sight that would be.

  36. mel says:

    alright things get worse kobe is one of the greatest guards of this era but when it comes to respect show some respect.just play basketball move on last night’s game loss because in basketball winning and losing just a part of it and right now they play with intense mixed emotional actions i understand its hard to lose 3 straight games with a double digit game but they must accept their mistakes .
    not all the time lakers will win most of the time because there’s a team going to beat you cause you’re defending champs you mission is to defend.the question is
    is the lakers will three peat it should be tough.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      if they 3peat it would be something, seeing as right now they arent they strongest in the west currently

  37. Gary says:

    He shouldn’t be able to get away with anything. Not him, James, Wade or any other NBA star. I love the fact that David Stern made the rules for getting a tech foul more strict for EVERYONE.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      Nah, I barely see lebron called on tech “for respect the game” rule…he cries alot if he doesnt get a call….if u watch

      • Gary says:

        Don’t try to throw Lebron under the bus because your on Kobe so tough. Seriously get off his sack. Every player in the league does it and Stern was getting tired of it. Honestly are you like 12 or something? because you can never come up with an unbiased statement when it’s about Kobe. plus your always throwing Lebron’s name out their.

  38. Kendall W says:

    This is the dumbest blog I have ever read. “Things are worse than we thought.” George Hill is a man and no matter how much skill and experience Kobe has over him. No man will let another man “punk” him. Even though Hill was out of line, Kobe got in his face and he didn’t want to back down. For this blog to be about foes fearing Kobe because of that small time altercation is dumb. Oh and trust me every man fears Kobe when he has Spalding in his hand.

  39. Heat Fan says:

    Yea while I respect Kobes game and consider him a top 5 shooting guard of all time, I am not a fan though. But this video just shows again that both Kobe and the Lakers are in complete disarray right now. He’s letting his frustration boil over in EVERY single game that they are losing anymore, which is crazy. It appears like he needs to stay focused on just playin ball, because it used to be stuff like this didn’t really bother him, and instead of pointing fingers and jawin so much at other players, he would simply take it out on em on the court. Now he gets mad, points fingers, talks trash, and proceeds to keep taking WAY too many shots for the percentage that he’s shooting, apparently letting OTHER players get in HIS head. He shot the basketball REALLY close to once per every minute he was in last night. 27 attempts in 30 min. He made 8 for 29%. REALLY? I think thats ridiculous, even more so when you only have *1* assist. Hes going back to the Kobe of old when he didn’t trust his teammates at all and would just shotjack his team to a loss on a regular basis.

    Hill had a good steal and a block on Kobe and overall Spurs played good defense on them again. The Lakers have the rest of the season to recover of course, so plenty of time to turn it around, but SOMEthing is obviously amiss in Hollywood, and I guess we will find out sooner than later.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      Heat Fan you of course know im a Laker fan, and I will defend them against anyone, but now i seriously agree with you and others that LA has a problem.

      But you saying not trusting his teammates? That part im not really agreeing on, becaue Gasol played like crap in my opinion. Bynum really started to come alive, but missed FOUR key free throws when the game was TIGHT. And really no one had a good shooting night along with Kobe who was PLAYED NAGGING DEFENSE ON.

      And back in the day when Kobe really didnt “trust” his teammates is when he played with garbage, Smush Parker…a terrible Odom…Chris Mihm…Kwame Brown….Cook…should i go on??? But back then he was able to takeover games with 40-50-60 point performances, a la’ averaging 35pts that season. Now he is older and needs help, but his teammates have to step up just as much as hit shot selection. You are right the teams are getting in his head and needs to go back to cooling out…

      Thats just my take on it…

  40. Tenki says:

    Oh man, what’s happening to the defending champs? This isn’t the way I expect them to play. Many basketball fans (myself included) used to criticize Miami when they lost three straight, but a four-game losing skid by the Lakers earlier this season just proves that they are playing sub-par after a terrific start. And now this: another three game losing slide. Milwaukee without Jennings, a scorching talent playing in South Beach, and another, albeit seasoned, Big Three from Texas. All losses were more than 10 points.

    With the tough competition the West, they should play with a sense of urgency. They should remember that they are the one who have targets on their backs. Just like I said in my other posts, LA should have the home court advantage if they are to achieve their three-peat. The elite teams in the East are on fire right now.

    • Ice Pogi says:

      yeah well said….I’m a Heat fan but I do respect the Lakers for being the champ 2 consecutive times… But the sad part of it is their losing their touches… I mean they should be one cool costumer… how about the HEAT… since summer they’ve taken a lot of jabs… from the GMs From other owners from former stars… from the fans…. from the start of tip off when the Celtics trash them…They moved on…Remember that Cavs owner even curse LBJ and the HEAT…. They Didn’t blame anyone but themselves…I bet the Heat has a lot hell of pressure than the Lakers… Maybe the to blame is in the Lakers front office… Why??? co’z they let Farmar slide to other team…. If I wer to choose between blake and farmar i pick farmar… I do believe that he was a better floor manager than steve blake… he can handle both offense and defense…

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        I think they shulda kept vujaic (however u spell it) over farmar. the lakers need SOME desperate OFFENCE. Everyone is looking out-wack and Vujaic was a dead eye shotter. IDK why they took him out of the lineup…

      • Amarerox! says:

        all u heat fans dont even deserve a say. the lakers r struggling like all teams do kobes the best in the game and most of you heat fans now were cavs fans last year!

      • Gary says:

        Lakers should have kept both of them. What they lacked in size with Farmar and Vujacic, they made up for in speed and perimiter offense. Not to mention they had a solid backup for Fisher in Farmar. Lakers were really dumb for making those trades.