Camby To Orlando Intrigues

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — When I made the joke to NBA TV analyst Brent “Bones” Barry Tuesday during The Jump about this being a great time for NBA trade rumors, he reminded me of the flip side.

“It’s not a great time for player to hear their names in all these rumors,” Barry said.

Count Trail Blazers center Marcus Camby among those players that don’t seem terribly excited about being in the trade-rumor mix these days. The pre-Christmas chatter had Camby and veteran teammates Andre Miller going to Charlotte in a deal for D.J. Augustin and Gerald Wallacea scenario (rumored, mind you) that apparently outraged the 15-year veteran to the point that a source told ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard:

“If he was traded to Charlotte, he would think about retiring,’’ the source said. “He’s made plenty of money. He’d rather play, but he’s at the point in his career where he doesn’t want to get bounced around from team to team. If he’s traded, it would have to be to a contender.’’

Surely, Orlando qualifies as just that, a contender.

We have to admit, a trade that would send Camby to Orlando — where he could work alongside Dwight Howard — intrigues. The Magic have fortified their perimeter with their recent deals for Hedo Turkoglu, Jason Richardson and Gilbert Arenas. Where they were left vulnerable was inside, by moving Marcin Gortat to Phoenix and getting young, raw big man Earl Clark in return.

With Howard, Camby, Clark and Brandon Bass up front, the Magic would certainly have the bodies needed to fight the Celtics and Heat in a playoff series. (Don’t think Magic GM Otis Smith hasn’t already dreamed about that.)

Granted, we hate to speculate on Camby’s future, especially after thinking about what Bones said about players dreading this time of year before the February trade deadline, when seemingly everyone is in play.

Broussard made it clear that even a move to a contender like the Magic doesn’t excite Camby all that much, not at this stage of his career:

His ultimate desire is to remain in Portland. After signing a two-year, $21 million extension with the Blazers in the spring, Camby moved his family to Portland and has his two young daughters enrolled in school there. One place Camby wouldn’t mind going is Houston, where he lives in the offseason.

With productive big men at a premium, several clubs are interested in Camby’s services. He’s still averaging 11 rebounds and 1.8 blocks a game, which would provide a huge boost to any contender. While acquiring Camby is probably a long shot, Orlando is one team I’m told has an interest.

But if we’re going to play the trade-rumor game for the next six to eight weeks, I’d rather we do it with players that will actually change the dynamic of the entire league.


  1. When was the last time Q. Richardson,Chris Duhon,Jason Williams,Daniel Orton or even Malik Allen played? Or at least more than 10Minutes a game I don’t even remember The Orlando magic are small and we have too much dead weight players.We have allot of decent players to offer to other teams like Portland i would love Camby in my team ( orlando magic ) We already beat the best in the east(Boston) and the best in the west(Spurs) and both with 10+ winning streaks with out playing the players listed above imagine with a center that picks up 11boards a game and 2 blocks the Orlando Magic need defense and not offense considering we scored 100+ points in our last 5 games(all wins ) we’re on the right pace right now and with a new addition like Camby would definitely make us a competitive team against Boston in a 7 game series.

  2. Mikko says:

    I don’t think Camby will be happy in orlando, he’s a starter and can play a lot of mins not jst a back up player… and what!!? ‘Pf’ Oh men, his too old to run for fastbreak opportunities …iit’s better to put ryan anderson in starter to give howard more option for a three-point shooter when dfnce sucks unto him…. or maybe they can trade for jeff green or any other power forward that can run fast break opportunities… if camby wants to win a ring, he should land in miami or oklahoma because these teams needs his presence down low… he don’t need to w8 for blazers’ stars to recover, he’s old enough, think like shaquille o’neal big fella, u need a playoff team which is healthy enough to win a ring…..

  3. Victor Manoel says:

    Hey, BEN, are you crazy? Ryan Anderson for Brad Miller??? Have you forgot Yao’s season(career?)-ending injury? Brad is happy there, playing for Rick Adelman, and Houston needs him.

    Any team which trade for Ryan Anderson thinking he’s a center should be punished… I think a very good trade to the Bobcats would be with Detroit. They could get some scorer like Rip Hamilton, Ben Gordon or McGrady. David Aldridge thinks Rip would be perfect in Utah, and I agree.

    About Quentin Richardson now: he lost a big part of his value, but would be a good fit in New Orleans.

  4. Shouldn’t we talking about Raptors because obviously they are the better team right now.
    Everyone vote for ANDREA BARGAINI FOR ALL STAR AS CENTER. He averages 22 points per game.

  5. Kojin says:

    Actually I’d like Camby in a Heat uniform. they need him more than any of the major teams in the East IMO. juwan howard? Joel Anthony? sorry but no. just no. they aren’t cutting it now, when the team is playing well. the second they actually have to do something you’ll see how bad they are.

  6. Lakers Man Here says:

    You know Portland is kind of a sad story really. They have a great team! Injuries continually plague them. If Oden stayed healthy they’d have a legitimate big man. Especially with Aldridge, because I think he is a beast! And Camby only compliments them also. Just wonder if they get healthy, how scary they’ll really be. They’re doin the right things. (The management, I mean). You can’t predict injuries. Just wonder what will happen if they have a completely healthy year!

  7. Rip Greenfire says:

    Sorry, but I’m thinking a trade with Greg Oden is much, much more likely. Oden is currently broken with no end in sight. However, if ( and it’s a big if) Oden is healthy, he will crash the boards and block the shots. Teams that are failing and willing to take the risk might pick up on that offer. He’ll probably come pretty cheap too, you could probably trade one or two bench players for him. Portland is sick and tired of the ongoing injuries, this is a chance to get something better.
    Orlando wouldn’t do it though, they have a better shot with rookie Daniel Orton then Oden.
    Also, with the trade for Camby to Orlando, I can only see Portland make a move for Bass and Clark for Camby, but Orlando already stuck their neck out once, they probably won’t do it again.

  8. k says:

    Marcus Camby is too valuable to the blazers for them to trade up, especially with all the trouble theyre having up front right now. with Camby, the blazers are a legitimate contendor for the final three playoff spots in the west

  9. Robot says:

    I noticed people mentioning Duhon as a possible part of any trade from the Magic which makes sense since he is now virtually a reserve guard that won’t play in tight games, but I don’t think anyone mentioned Q-Rich. Since J-Rich has come in Q hasn’t got alot of playing time so I would assume he would be a part of any trade for a big man.

    Of course any big man coming to Orlando needs to realize they won’t be getting alot of playing time unless they can also play the 4 spot. It’s inevitable though Orlando must bring in a big body to help Howard, he will get in foul trouble and he’s likely to serve suspensions for too many technical fouls as well.

  10. Ben says:

    Ryan Anderson for Brad Miller. Problem solved. Still only going to make it as far as the Eastern Conference Finals though. Boston are far too good on a team. This coming from a Lakers fan.

  11. Boss says:

    Marcus Camby and Andre Miller to the Heat IMO. We got plenty to offer. Big Z, Erica Dampier, Joel Anthony, Juwan Howard, Jamaal Magloire, Eddie House, or Carlos Arroyo. Take your pick! I don’t think Lebron wants to see Big Z go so I might have to take him off the table, BUT I’d gladly offer Juwan Howard, Jamaal Magloire, Carlos Arroyo, and some draft pickts!!!

  12. Candyman says:

    I agrre with Sam, Allen Iverson should have never been allowed to go over seas, shame on NBA franchises for that. bobcats can use him for sure. anyways…. as far as Camby going to Magic, it’s ok, but I see them getting a guy like charlie V who can play mutiple positions as a big, you don’t want a dud of a big man out there u know. but anyways, Camby can put u some points, but I think someone with a little more weight or jus a bit younger. somebody who may not be offensively refined or honed yet but can be.

  13. Michael says:

    Blazers would be stupid to trade camby to orlando. Blazers wouldn’t get anybody worth a trade in return. Portland already has a problem keeping there centers on the court. You really think blazers would give camby up for nothing they need. Just so Orlando can compete for a championship?

  14. tre' says:

    Camby needs to go to the Heat or Magic. Both are title contenders, and both have pieces to give for Camby. If I were the Heat, I’d go after Camby. We need rebounding & defense at the rim. 11 rebounds & 2 blocks on average is good enough for me to go after him, and with the Heat, he wont need to score.

  15. Ball-Head says:

    What in the world does Allen(me first)Iverson & the vaseline eater have to do with Camby possibly being traded? If you ask me, Miami should be the team trying to land Camby. Their bigs make the Bulls in the mid-nineties look like the ’87 Lakers. Camby would be a huge help to Orlando, but he’s still not an outstanding half-court player, offensively speaking. With Miami he’d really shine in the more open style. But Miami doesn’t have many interesting pieces to offer either. Besides… It doesn’t really matter, neither team should beat Boston in a 7-gm series… as long as they’re healthy. Especially considering that Wade is ALWAYS hurt, come playoff time. Hopefully Spoelstra will find significant rest for him down the stretch, this season.

  16. sheed fan says:

    Portland should get thabeet and alongside all the veterans portland bhas he may not end up being a huge bust

  17. Marco says:

    Has anyone asked what about Portland?
    No Oden, Pryz cant play 40 min a game, Lamarcus is already the star player and is expected to carry the team for the rest of the season and his scoring has gone up as his minutes go down. Trading Marcus Canby for anythinh but a power house Forward or Center is disastrous. Not to mention the fact Canby doesnt want to leave. So what room is there for this possible trade to even be a possibility? it takes two teamswilling to make a trade and Orland has nothing to offer, Rashads gone, and they dont have another expendable center…
    As far as a possiblity of a ROY trade, I think it might be necessary to dump ROYs contract now rather than be stuck with another lost potential Oden situation again. Trading Roy for a solid gunner or maybe even working out a deal to get idk…maybe Steve Nash. Like Odens expiring contract and BROY for Nash because then the suns would clear tremendous cap space and have a super star caliber player like ROY. Last but not least heres the deal, We have a great playoff team, just not a play off coach,Nate Mcmillan did a great job developing theseplayers but he hasnt achieved a playoff win. Granted injuries occured last season or so but still you had the suns annd the rockets…and you couldnt win?
    Ill trade Mcmillian at this point to anyy team fora draft pick and some jelly beans.

  18. Victor Manoel says:

    That’s the question, LAKERS MAN HERE. I think Camby could be traded for Jason Williams (or Chris Duhon), Ryan Anderson and a 1st or 2nd round pick. Orlando needs him desperately.

  19. even if the magic get camby, who will they trade? Its not like Portland needs anyone that the magic have

  20. Lakers Man Here says:

    I think Camby is a forward. Or is he a center? Maybe I’m mistaken!

  21. Lakers Man Here says:

    Wow, what’s going on with Orlando. I’d say quit while you’re ahead with the trades! If anything, get a backup center for Howard! Maybe Camby can fill in at center, but who would they have to give up for him?

  22. Jesse says:

    Camby in Orlando would be great for both, but such a trade would likely require more than two teams.

    Orlando’s getting a big man eventually. We’ll see.

  23. Victor Manoel says:

    Everybody forget that Camby doesn’t want to be traded! Leave him alone in Portland, he feels good there! I think the Trail Blazers could be smarter and trade for Troy Murphy. He’s been injured this year, but is a good player and a big body.

    Camby and Miller to Charlotte for Wallace and DJ would be disastrous to the Bobcats. They would miss Gerald too much. He’s their second scorer, an All-Star player. Portland would benefit, but would lose their valuable point guard. I think Charlotte should go to the lottery and hope to get a high pick. Rudy Fernandez would be good there, because he’s a productive scorer.

    Camby would be a dream in Miami, but they have nothing to offer to Portland (only Mario Chalmers, I think).

    Last, I think Gerald Wallace would be fantastic in LA. With the Clippers.

  24. kobe 22 says:

    AI have to come to the Lakers and marbury too because right now they are playing awful and there isnt a team chemsitry right now …Phil have to do something about it.

  25. danito says:

    for question mark guy. talking about a trade for chandler. who said dallas would trade chandler or haywood they need these guys to compete in the west, what a stupid comment

    • Rip Greenfire says:

      Haywood is a huge contract, a lot of money for little production. With Chandler being the man for Dallas, Haywood is losing value. Camby would be a great backup for both Dirk and Chandler. However, I can’t help but feel that it’s a step in the wrong direction for the Mavs in the long term.
      You’re right though, trading Chandler would be a mistake, Haywood is a completly different matter.

  26. danito says:

    come on really someone still talking about Ai and who marbury? lol . the only reason these guys playing in china and turkey, cuz they are below the nba level palyers besides the are old and rusty. orlando needs a big guy, and who doesnt need a big guy these days.

  27. DEVON BAYON says:

    CAMBY BACK TO NY! Camby, Amare, Gallo, Fields, Felton, with Chandler and Douglas comin off the bench… we can send Anthony Randolf out there so he can get some playing time and Blazers could get younger… no draft pick tho camby at the end of his career… but ill throw them Roger Mason also

  28. John says:

    How exactly does Camby going to the magic equate to a disaster? Magic needs a big man and camby needs a title. It fits like a surgeons glove.

    • Matt says:

      That guy was a Boston fan. They still have not recovered from the Game 7 beatdown two years ago. Even though they stomped the Magic last year. Boston fans really hate the Magic. Camby would be a sic fit in Orlando.

  29. QuestionMark says:

    If Camby is hoping to ever get close to a ring, Orlando would be the place to do it,with Roy injured most of the time, Blazers are not going anywhere. but I think if Camby came to Orlando, Stan Van Gundy should start him at the PF position, with Camby and Howard at the 4 and the 5, the Magic will undoubtedly be one of the best defensive teams in the league, but if Camby starts, then the Magic are back to their main problem… no backup C, and Bass is too small to play C., so I suggest the Magic trade Duhon, Anderson, and maybe a 2nd round pick to Portland for Camby, or trade the same and get Haywood from Dallas, who is another great rebounding shotblocker, or Magic can trade Nelson/Arenas (Whichever plays better) for Chandler, that would give the Magic size and defense in the frontcourt, which they lack in. But getting Camby will bring their Championship hopes alive once more.

  30. Magics says:

    He shloud go to Orlando. they really need him and he could be in the playoffs run again, maybe the finals. he should think about it.

  31. Behemot says:

    And what could Orlando offer Blazers? It would be nice to see some deeper analysis in an article on Jameer Nelson, probably not. What are the options?

  32. John says:

    A Marcus Camby and Patrick Ewing reunion would be great! I loved MC in the knicks day’s and the only reason I watched the trail blazers was because of MC. He would be a very nice addition to the Magic. He brings much experience to the table and he may just get his first ring if all goes well. He and the rest of the magic deserve it!

    • james says:

      good idea…but should go to miami or orlando best fit for him and best situation period…..but i really think orlando needs gerald wallace more

    • Chris says:

      No team deserves anything. I’ve been a Blazer fan all my life and I could say that we deserve to win a championship, but it doesn’t work that way. You are either good enough to win or you aren’t. Stuff happens. Oden gets hurt. Roy gets hurt. That’s the breaks. Nobody deserves anything. But I can appreciate you passion.

  33. Orlando says:

    Camby is just fine where he is. Going to Orlando would leave uncertainty for his career after the 2011 season; esp. the prospect of being a low paid free agent. He would also be fighting for playing time with Brandon Bass and no veteran realistically wants to reduce their playing time. In Portland there are lots of injuries and he really gets a chance to shine for this team and put up numbers.

    • Dave says:

      He would get time. I could see him playing along side dwight, or if dwight gets into foul trouble (which is quite likely). And bass hasn’t secured his starting position yet.

  34. Joseph says:

    Well if there was a deal for camby and miller to go to the bobcats for D.J. Augustin and Gerald Wallace thats is a great deal for portland because in return you get a get scorer in Gerald Wallace and a point gaurd in D.J. Augustin.

    • BSMPDX says:

      That actually is a bad deal for portland, they dont need a SF (Wallace) or a young point guard who can’t shoot well and turns the ball over (Augustine)

  35. The Giant Baba says:

    For the sake of stimulating the creative parts of ours minds. What about Camby to the Spurs?
    Spurs trade Jefferson and a first round draft pick for Camby.
    Camby, Duncan, Blair, Manu and Parker.

    • N says:

      Creative but pointless. The Spurs already are the BEST team in the league and RJ is far more valuable to his team than the 14 ppg he puts on the board, plus he’s that versatile player, who can go from being the first option offensively to being the 4th or maybe even 5th on any given night, that the Spurs need in order to stay a contender. He was having a terrible season last year and you saw how terrible the Spurs were. I say let’s see how great they are this postseason.

      • spurs all day / ever year says:

        that would be a HORRIBLE trade.

        jefferson did just have a bad year, AND THATS THE REASON WHY THE SPURS DID WHAT THEY DID.

        i was thinking they could trade mcdyess or bonner but i dont know if i would really want to.

      • k says:

        jefferson is valuable to the spurs, more than just points. hes athletic, and knows the twists and turns of the nba (hes a veteran) how bout trading george hill and/or gary neal?

  36. KGM Da Master says:

    Camby in Orlando equals disaster! I can see why the big man doesn’t want to go to the Magic. A perfect fit for him would be the Miami Heat. They need a PRODUCTIVE big body and who would be better than Camby controlling your lane? He doesn’t want or need to score at this stage of his career. Already being defensive juggernauts, Camby would make them a clear favorite to go to the Finals with even more big substantial bodies to dispense of fouls against people like Howard and O’Neal. I would give up Mike Miller and Carlos Arroyo or Mario Chalmers to get Camby. Heck, I may even throw in Joel Anthony considering he’s listed at 6’9″ but is shorter than LeBron James! Lmao, we shall see where he’s headed now that the rumors are stirring and everything’s getting interesting. Speaking of the Trail-Blazers, wouldnt it be amazing if Denver pulled out the trade of the year by acquiring Brandon Roy and Marcus Camby for multiple players like J.R. Smith, Nene, Kenyon Martin and draft picks or something along the lines of that nature. It’s proven that the Trail-Blazers are effective without Roy. To lure the Blazers into the deal would be the problem. I dont want to see Carmelo leave the Nuggets. Just like LeBron, he wont be the same player anymore. You cant hold talent like Anthony’s down but you can limit it. Going to the Knicks, would limit his chace to become a primetime player and LEAD his team to victory.

    • DAC says:

      Miami doesnt have anything of value to offer in a trade for Camby. No one is touching Mike Miller’s bloated contract and the last thing Portland needs is another walking injury.

    • Ron B says:

      I like the way you think young man. Camby to the Heat would pretty much ice the deal for them the way they have been playing lately except for his huge contract and they would have to give equal $$ amts, so who would that be? 3 players to cover if they dont want Miller very interesting. I would love for this scenario to be done. GO HEAT

  37. G says:

    Marcus Camby, if ever moves to Orlando will be good for him and his new team. A lot of veterans and proven role-players all wanting to reach a championship. Orlando would be strong upfront. They could give up Chris Duhon, Jason Williams, Earl Clark and or ryan Anderson. Any combination of 2 of those 4 player I think is worth Camby. Definitely will help up front especially on the boards and blocks along with the reigning Defensive Player of the Year, Dwight Howard. Hope that trade talk pushes trough.

    • spurs all day / ever year says:

      a combination of any of those guys you have are NOT worth cambys value.

      if the blazers would do that, that just would show how dumb of a franchise they are.

      • Chris says:

        The Blazers are not a dumb franchise. They have been hit with some tough breaks and the injury bug, but I would not call them dumb. I love the fans that have a championship team or the best record that all of a sudden can speak from their high horse and call a franchise dumb. I remember when the Spurs were a grease fire.

  38. Victor Manoel says:

    OK, and what would Portland get in a trade with Orlando? Jameer Nelson? Andre Miller wouldn’t like… So he could be sent to the New York Knicks 🙂

    If Orlando wants to get a cheap big man, they can trade for Hasheem Thabeeth, the sleepy giant. He’s big, athelitic and young, but seems to be the rawest player in NBA, too…

  39. Sam says:

    This is something that should be discuss if one is talking about MJ’s team. DJ Augustin is not a floor general yet. Now what MJ needs to do is bring Allen “AI” Iverson over from that team in Turkey. It is only fair that Jordan should give AI his props after Iverson did put him on Skates on live Television and made the shot. TRAGIC!! Jordan should really do this because when that happens AI should bring his Georgetown and Rucker park buddy Stephon “Starbury” Marbury to the Bobcats with him over from China. That way them two will be the right place guards to run the show in CATs town. These two All-stars have no place playing in Turkey and China they are American, American Superstars at that. If this happen then AI, Marbury, Wallace, Jackson, and Nazi should be the starting line up and it will and should work. Somebody tell JO this fast h needs to jump on it.

    • jacknohara says:

      yeah great man … now pass it up, man ….

      • k says:

        really? AI is trash and so is starbury they need a get a point guard like russell westbrook or someone who has a lotta yrs left

    • Chris says:

      That would be stupid. Those two guys are freaking train wrecks. There is no way they could play together. Luckily Jordan has way too high a basketball IQ and would never put those two grease fires together. And if you are talking about AI crossing up Jordan, I think that hardly qualifies for him giving AI a shot. I guess he should see if Damon Stoudamire needs a job too since he crossed over on Jordan too. Might I add by the way, that Jordan recovered too challenge both shots. AI can keep his selfish rump in Turkey and whine about practice and Marbury can stay in Greece and try to remove his head from his rear hind parts.

    • MAILMAN says:

      Ok so if that is the staring lineup….look at all of the attitude there. The only thing the CATs would lead the league in would be technicals and ejections. There is no way that lineup would ever work unless the NBA started playing the game with 5 balls so that everyone could have there own rather hog everyone elses.

    • samisdumb says:

      dear sam, your knowledge for basketball is comical. throw your computer away and pick up a new sport. perhaps running? that should be easy enough.

    • Omarisgay says:

      There is no escape claus for iverson to leave turkey for at least 1 year it’s not possible

    • tizzle says:

      Sam, wow, that is the worst idea I have ever heard of. Steph and AI? Two dudes who would rather look good and lose than look bad and win? Please, I would rather have Boykins come over to Charlotte and bring Luke Ridnour too than to have those 2 bums on my team.

    • Are you an idot says:

      That was the dumbest thing have ever read. ^

    • Ben says:

      your an idiot. i agree that you should give up on basketball and find a new sport.