Blogtable: Better team – Mavs or Spurs?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Play along: If one of these teams is going to the NBA Finals, will it be the Mavs or Spurs?

 David Aldridge: I love the Spurs right now.  (Emphasis on “right now.” See Question/Answer #1.) What they’re doing now that they haven’t been able to do, maybe ever during their run, is avoid those long scoreless streaks that put so much pressure on their defense to hold everyone under 90 every night. That’s hard to do in this era, with the rules and Duncan’s declining effectiveness. I know Pop thinks the D is mediocre, and maybe it is by San Antonio’s standards. But it can still be pretty good, especially if George Hill can stay healthy.

Steve Aschburner: Spurs. What we’re seeing in San Antonio isn’t just a start to the season anymore, it’s the season, period. That makes what the Spurs are doing all the more real, and it puts more onus on them to make sure this leads to something satisfying at the end. Beyond that, I just think they’re built better for the postseason and the competition out West. When a San Antonio team can win getting only modest (or less) production out of Tim Duncan, that team has plenty in reserve and ready options. Dallas is doing a great job, but we’ve been forced to choose and I choose Spurs.

Fran Blinebury: I like them both, but will give the very slight edge to the Spurs, especially if they can keep Tim Duncan’s minutes way down during the regular season in order to produce in the playoffs.  Manu Ginobili deserves MVP mention and Tony Parker is healthy and on the attack.  I like the way they are running more on offense and have a roster full of 3-point shooters that has been difficult to defend.  While Dallas has already shown the depth of its team, the Spurs can still improve when they rookie James Anderson back onto the floor and rookie Tiago Splitter becomes more integrated into the rotation.  What is already a great rivalry could climb to new heights with a playoff meeting this season.

Art Garcia: Wouldn’t it be nice if we had BCS standings in the NBA and both went if they finished 1 and 2? Scratch that idea. We don’t need another BCS. This is like choosing between modern-day Elizabeth Banks and Cocktail-era Elizabeth Shue. I’m going with the squad that’s playing the better defense. The one that has more of an inside presence. The one with the better power forward. Yes, in a complete role reversal, the Dallas Mavericks. (Toronto loss notwithstanding.)

Scott Howard-Cooper: Very slight edge to the Spurs because of their championship experience. They are more dependable that time of the year. But what a fun matchup if it comes to be. Dallas with improved interior defense, San Antonio with terrific guard play – good stuff.

Shaun Powell: Love what the Mavericks are doing defensively, and how Jason Kidd, Jason Terry and Dirk Nowitzki, men of a certain age, are ignoring physical logic. This is a very good team, a very veteran team, a very capable team. But, c’mon. You know Tim Duncan’s alarm clock is set to mid-April.

John Schuhmann: It would be an easy call if you just started watching the NBA on Tuesday. But I don’t think there’s a real clear answer. Both are top 10 on both ends of the floor. Dallas has been better defensively, while San Antonio has been better offensively. Dallas is deeper, while San Antonio has the stronger track record. I’ll give a slight edge to the Spurs, because they’ve got the advantage in the standings at this point, and I feel like they’ll end up being just as good as the Mavs defensively when push comes to shove.

Sekou Smith: With their history and this being an odd numbered year, the safe money is on the Spurs. They are leading the league right now. But my gut tells me this Mavericks team could make some bigger noise in the playoffs. Tyson Chandler changes the game for them in the middle, giving them the defensive backbone they’ve lacked in recent years. They are playing better defense and they have better depth than any other team in the Western Conference, Boston’s the only team that can go deeper into its bench.


  1. I can’t nevertheless agree. I always would definitely write in my site similar to that but I speculate you’r faster.

  2. HoodlumHavoc says:

    Bottom line is this teams are both quality teams in different ways…
    IMHO….. w/out Dirk last time they played spurs what happened? Spurs still struggled with mavs..mavs could have even won that if they executed better that last 2 minutes…
    Dallas had won with better teams this season than Spurs…they stopped hornets 8 game winning streak SPURS 12 game winning streak Miami 12 games i think….

    Dallas over Spurs for me

  3. alvin says:

    Ever since the past seasons, spurs had been the better team. A logical reason is that spurs had won championship titles compared to mavs. In the championship game between the mavs against the heat, mavs lose to a starting team of dwayne wade. To think that it was only 3rd season for wade as i recall. While on the other hand the spurs sweep the cavs in the championship. If we would assume that lebron and wade are at the same level, their performance decide the outcome of the game, I’d say the cavs had a better team than the heat as players and line up is concerned.

    Going back to the question, Spurs has really edge on the mavs in all sorts of things. The spurs best standing on the conference says it all. Another thing is that when it comes to playoffs, when the spurs make it to the finals, usually they won the championship. I’d say most of the time. That’s how spurs is way better than the mavs. They have experience and a championship caliber team.

    To sum up, with the experience and talent of the big 3 surrounded by young talents of their bench and supported by some veterans on the team spurs is way better than mavs. Since spurs is a championship contender team unlike the mavs.

  4. Spurs GO says:

    Go Spurs Go!!!

  5. hangai says:

    go dallas go

  6. Racsh says:

    That’s right Pete!and did you know when Spurs had Homecourt advantage in the Finals actually they dont lose!haha!

  7. Pete says:

    Efficiency differential (basically possession adjusted point differential) is BY FAR the best predictor of an NBA team’s quality. The Mavs have a differential of 6.0 points– what a perennial championship contender would have. The Spurs have an efficiency differential of 10.2 points right now– making them one of the best teams EVER. The Spurs are a WAAAAAAAAY better, and it’s not anywhere close. The argument should be between them and the Heat– who have an 11.4 efficiency differential but are 4 games back in the standings and have some major weaknesses at the 1 and 5.

  8. Mike G says:

    The spurs are the better team. And i dont know what all this talk about the mavs having the DEEPER team, I mean has anyone even watched this spurs team. George hill is an absolute nightmare for big time scorers, kobe would no more about that though than I would so ask him. Matt Bonner and his ridiculous 3 pt percentage and OH YEAH a hidden gem from the summer league GARY NEAL, a man whos gone 22, 22, and 21 off the bench this season. While these guys are becoming more and more comfortable Timmy just has to sit back and relax and wait until April. The rest of the NBA needs to be worried about this team because the Spurs arent even playing their best ball yet, yeah i know its scary to think about. But hey sports writers and nba fans will still put this team on the back burner and continue to hype up the Heat or the Lakers who “will show up in april”, but no biggie the spurs will prove all the stupid people wrong like they do every season.

  9. Ruben Boston says:

    Yes, the SPURS have greater record of recent years, but also the MAVS have also lack a CENTER for recent year. Both
    MAVS center(BRADLEY & DAMPIER) have screwed the chances for DIRK, TERRY, and JOSH HOWARD from been great like TIM DUNCAN and its crews. This center DAMPIER in every night gets (2 points, 4 rebounds and 6 fouls) instead of a center getting at least 16 points/12 reb just like any other championship team. Example: Paul Gasool, the center forward; Amarer stoderemirre as of phoenix suns of then; Tim Duncan of spurs; KG of celticc; and so on. DIRK has always score his points and also helps DAMPIER with is points and rebounds also, which is not possible for DIRK to do every night. With the addition of TYSON CHANDLER, PLEASE DON’T COUNT DIRK AND THE MAVS OUT OF THE CHAPIONSHIP. HENCEFORTH, AS OF TODAY, MAVS HAVE THE BETTER TEAM. PERIOD.

  10. Michael Yang says:

    Spurs is a different team compare to the past few years. when comes to championship ring, I’d vote for Spurs!

  11. Racsh says:

    haha!Lakers?they are losing and losing more games!look what Memphis did to them!haha! This year Lakers bench is not that deep!Compare to the Spurs!

  12. SAarielGO says:

    last time i check it, they were routed by mediocre bears

  13. julieto says:

    just keep on dreaming guys but the celtics will prevail in the finals and win it all by handling the lakers a heck of a losers 😛

  14. typper says:

    Look at the mighty Lakers, they are playing like a second-rate team…The Spurs are the best, although one announcer said, Spurs the best team in the NBA, record-wise…How else do you measure the best…a win is a win…29-4. That looks like the best to me…

    • domedave says:

      Heard one announcer say the Spurs have the best record “for now”……..these guys are just shilling the NBA policy toward the Spurs……Ignore them and hope they go aweay

  15. dallASS says:

    the mavs will choke in the playoffs like they always does

  16. LAKERS says:

    guys dont worry too much at the end Lakers is going to win again

    • Mike G says:

      hey if thats the case tell ur LAKERS to get off their asses and stop actin HOLLYWOOD and play some basketball

    • Eddie G. says:

      This is a Spurs vs Mavs blog, not a Lakers blog. Get lost and go watch your lousy team. Just hope they even make the playoffs this year.

  17. SAarielGO says:

    some surely are born with spacial gifts like Dirk, Kidd, and co, but some are born winners, Duncan, Tony, Manu and Pop were.

  18. Racsh says:

    YEah right!Dallas now is in trouble, look who’s getting old now?and who said chandler is the next KG?haha!unless He score more points!He is just a rebound machine man but not that good player compare to Duncan.

  19. teba says:

    hopefully the spurs won’t end up like the Mavs last season… GO SPURS!!!

  20. vlade4kobe8 says:

    You can’t judge on how the game thursday night went, because no Dirk and the Mavs hung around. I’m a Laker fan and Dirk is my MVP so far in the season. So spur fans need to calm down about how thursday night went becuase if I recall the Mavs allready have beat the spurs. Also that fan is bragging about Bonner being the leader in 3pt percentage, Really dude Bonner II wouldnt brag about that one and I still rather have Dirk shooting 3’s,

  21. vlade4kobe8 says:

    I think the Mavs are better. The Spurs will end up with the 4th seed, just watch and see there schedule has been a joke, just wait and see when they have to go out on the road for more than 2 games, they remind me of the Cavs of the last 2 years great regular season team but I don’t think they can beat a elite team in the playoffs, you all can say what you want about how they have won before and the championships but if mano and tony are you best players in the playoffs then bad news they need Timmy to the man, and if you got Blair as your power forward, I got name for that its called the Utah Jazz, and how did that turn out for them the last 3 years with a small frontline

  22. Bobby Teenager says:

    Are we still pretending that Duncan is the main guy on the Spurs? You can’t compare a Spurs team without Duncan to a Mavs team without Dirk, Dirk is a far better player than Duncan is at this point. As to who is the better team. . .the Mavericks are the better team (deeper, more talented), but the Spurs make better use of the talent they have. The way Pops is able to develop and get the most out of his players is second to none in the NBA. We will have to see what happens withCaron now that he is out for a few months, whether he gets traded or not. Dirk’s probably got 2 years of being an elite player in the NBA left and I doubt Cuban is going to wait for Butler to get healthy and abandon any hopes of a title run. MFFL.

    • chaprl says:

      There is so much talk about Duncan being washed up. It is pretty incredible. He is still averaging a double double with almost no playing time, and almost none of the offense being run through him. The Mavs on the other hand are still hanging their hat and their record on Dirk’s production. And exactly how much younger is Dirk than Duncan is such an old GOAT(PF)?

      –Mavs fans are testy about the quality of their team. But they are going to have to prove it over the whole season and make some noise in the playoffs after that. The Mavs fans want their respect for a 30 game sample. Keep earning it.

      –The Spurs bench is deep. Doubt it at your your peril. The Mavs bench has more name recognition depth, is the big difference.

      –Why is everybody saying the Spurs are so small? How many big bigs does Dallas have that they are lording over SA? I count six at 6’10” and up. Now how many are you going to put on the floor at one time? Dallas has quantity, that is for sure…

      –Dallas lost to a depleted Toronto team at home after an away game in the same time zone. San Antonio lost an away game to a full force Orlando after catching a 3am redeye to the East Coast to play the second game of a back-to-back. Do Dallas fans really want to use that as an argument?

      -Dallas beat san Antonio at home. Dallas has a good team, no doubt. San Antonio has evened the series up against a Dirkless Mavs team. Time will tell, this argument will remain heated. But respect gets respect, and winning earns it. If the Mavs and their fans want it, they need to give it and go get it.

      The Spurs hang their hat on keeping their heads down and playing hard and smart. Dallas has got to show us, not tell us. Bring on the rest of the season…

    • Eddie G. says:

      Dallas Mavs are what they’ve always been….A very talented team that won’t win in the Playoffs. The Mavs need someone like Ginobli to win the “BIG” games. Too bad he’s not twins. If I were Mark Cuban I’d trade Dirk while he still has some value. Cuban had made Dallas better since he arrived but he’ll never make them a championship team. He has “BAD KARMA”. There’s no getting around that.

  23. Eddie G. says:

    Without Butler the Mavericks are TOAST. Boy that Charles Barkley if funny. He said the Mavs would be in first place by this week. They are only 4 1/2 games behind the SPURS. Good call Charles…..NOT!

  24. puma14 says:

    the Mavs now have 3 stars with injury..
    Butler’s may be serious..
    they are going down.. or at least wont catch the Spurs in the standings..
    the Spurs took it easy defensively early in the season..
    so they have fresher legs.
    But on their first game against OKC, they have showed that they will now be
    playing defense on a higher level..
    for now, i would prefer the Spurs to be great on offense and good on defense enough to win games and save
    their best defense later in the season.
    i would rather let Manu take a lot of threes and save his knees than
    attack the basket everytime and risk injury..
    kudos to the Spurs coaching staff for keeping Duncan, Mcdyess and Manu fresh for the playoffs..

  25. joe says:

    A lot of people talk about the Mavs beating the Spurs in SA earlier this season. What was the mavs record against the Spurs last year during the regular season? What was their record against the Spurs in the playoffs. Nuff said. That was a weak Spurs team last year. This year’s version is so MUCH better.

  26. Abdul says:

    Manu you are correct they could be startars for almost everyteam in the league except for liek 5 teams and you know the heat, celtics, thunders, lakers, mavs. but other wise you might be right!

    • Eddie G. says:

      That’s why he said “ALMOST” which doesn’t mean every team. They could start for Miami without a doubt. Besides the “BIG THREE” the other players on the Heat’s team are just average. Any one of those five teams would take Hill and Neal in a heart beat.

      Wait til Anderson gets back. We’ll only get better. Go Spurs!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Manu/Tony All Stars says:

    I have no idea why they keep saying the Mavs have a deeper bench. No way! Spurs bench has been absolutely amazing so far this year. Even more, I believe they’re the reason why the Spurs are having a great season so far. Neal and Hill could be easily play as a starter for any other team in the league. Bonner, the best 3 point shooter in the league. McDyess has been as consistent as ever.

  28. Eddie G. says:

    No matter what anyone says, the Spurs have owned the Mavs since Dirk Nowitski and Tim Duncan arrived. The Spurs have four (4) NBA Titles and the Mavs have ZERO (0) during their careers. Last year the Mavs had the best record and supposedly the best team and what happened? Yes, the Spurs destroyed the Mavs. Until the Mavs can beat the Spurs in the playoffs and win the NBA Title they will just be a bridesmaid and never a bride. The Mavs have proven that they choke in crunch time, led by their leader and master choker, Dirk. Sad as it sounds….. It is what it is. Go SPURS!!!!! Happy New Year!

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  31. JC says:

    Spurs are really good, but Mavs are even better!

  32. gardo says:

    mga putang ina kayu

  33. J says:

    i can see that alot of people are talking about dallas facing hard teams and the spurs facing easy teams. this is something that arrogant spurs fans should be aware of and accept. dallas is playing good basketball facing boston, miami, orlando, okc. i mean you couldnt see the mavs beat the elite teams in the past few years. they were good but they couldnt beat good teams like the way they are doing this season. Also i see that spurs fan are talkin about the toronto lost and the way dallas played without nowitzki, ok they did play really bad and it did seem like they had to go-to-guy after dirk, but this match was first of all a b2b match, and dallas had beaten okc the day before without dirk.
    dallas is the team to beat this year. dirk is having a mvp year. they have a great bench. great interior defense(which they did not have the past decade almost).
    why were spurs known to be better than the mavs in the past?? because they had good defense while dallas had good offense. in the past you spurs fans said that the spurs are better than the mavs because they had good defence and that defence is wat counts during playoff time. this year its different. teams are going to have off-shooting nights (even the great offense team of the spurs) but great defense is always gonna be there. and thats why good defensive minded teams can win in a off-shooting night. Mavs proved this by beating teams with defense. the mavs offense is going to click and get better during the season. i mean you have dirk caron and terry. mavs are goin to hav good shooting nights. but the spurs this year are counting on their offense. they’re gonna be either real good or real bad.
    the mavs changed this year, they are defensive, they’re gonna choke? u will see the offense-dependent spurs choking in the playoffs, as a mavs fan i experienced the mavs choking, but they choked because all they could do was offense. but now they have defense and they are going to do great in the playoffs.
    so the spurs fans out their??? shut up and stop being arrogant. lets see your offense beat the mavs during the playoffs

    • Tiziano says:

      i agree. mavs are playing great defense. san antonio was the famous defensive team and the mavs were not. and when avery johnson was the coach of the mavs, mavs improved in defense thats why they beat san antonio in the playoffs. but now the mavs have a complete defense better than the avery johnson days. it kinda looks like spurs fan are just making wat san antonio is doin the best possible thing available for a team right now. for the past few years spurs fans said the spurs were a beast because of their defense but now they are saying the bench production and the offense are the reason why san antonio is good. yes, duncan is gonna play better in the playoffs but i dont think he will improve defensively. maybe points and offensive production but he isnt letting the other players to play defense right now just to rest for his best defense for the playoffs? rite?

    • Pat says:

      …you’re joking right? Is this a joke? You, and seemingly everyone else around here who is picking the Mavs, is harping on better defense. Okay, true, the Mavs are higher ranked than the Spurs defensively. But does that really matter when you consider that the Spurs are STILL a top ten defense? Yes, their defense isn’t as good as it had been in recent years, but it’s not as awful as everyone here seems to be making it out to be. With that point, granted, the Mavs offense is still top ten as well. So it’s the same situation either way. It’s not like either of these teams suddenly got good on one end and started sucking completely on the other.

      Now, to address the point of scheduling. Yes, the schedule makes a big difference, however we’re still talking about professional players here. There’s a reason all of these people play among the greatest players in the world. Look at the Bucks for instance, they’re offense is horrible and with the exception of Jennings (and Bogut, where the hell did this dude come from?) they don’t really have anyone who’s recognizable. However they STILL manage to upset great teams like the Lakers, and push the Spurs to a close game.

      Finally, for those who are comparing wins/losses to other teams, and who are referencing the Spurs/Dallas game earlier this season, you’re all seriously missing something important. Look at the Spurs’ four losses this year. Look at the statistics as far as shooting percentage goes in those four losses. Then take that percentage and compare it to all of their wins. The difference is ridiculous. In every one of the Spurs’ four losses this season, they were throwing up bricks, and nothing would fall in the basket. And it’s not necessarily the other team’s defenses that are doing it, because if you’re watching the games you can see that the Spurs are getting open shots almost every trip down the floor.

      In the end, it’s still too early to call, especially with the season series split at 1-1, however my money is on the Spurs. Gary Neal is playing out of his freaking mind, and George Hill’s defense on Koby Bryant Tuesday night was a thing of beauty. Both teams are gearing up for a stellar playoffs.

    • domedave says:

      I appreciate you ardor, if not your grasp of reality….Do you really think we cannot play D? I realize you do not see the Spurs on a regular basis and do not get to see the excellence of the Spurs, so I should cut you some slack for parrotting the national media line on the Spurs…..Most of the Mavs players could not make the Spurs roster….keep rooting for your Mavs but understand the Spurs are head and shoulders above the Mavs, and most other NBA teams

  34. Taylor says:

    @atom… Concisively said.

  35. Taylor says:

    Everyone says that Dallas chokes come playoff time, but which mavericks? The team has been completely overhauled in the past 2 years with the addition of Marion, butler, haywood, Chandler, Stevenson, cardinal, Beaubois….and of course a new coach.

    I don’t think its logical or fair to label a team playoff chokers with essentially one playoff series in the book to go by. Go back just a few seasons and more than half the roster is full of players that have now been replaced. Cuban is constantly making trades to improve his team, maybe it’s possible the mavericks have found a group of veterans with chemistry they’re willing to stick with? Maybe they should be given more than one playoff series and a half season to mesh to prove themselves?

  36. Mike says:

    If you have ever watched the Spurs at all in the past 10 years, they seem to always play their best ball after the All-Star game, and while they are on their rodeo road trip. If that is the case again this year, the Spurs will be a scary team to play for the last 40 games of the season.

  37. puma14 says:

    ok so the Mavs had a tougher schedule..
    ok so the Spurs had an easier schedule…
    but, they took advantage of the easy sched..
    and they will get better as they face the big dogs.
    yes the Mavs has the better Defense. But the Spurs i think because of good offense has won games without needing
    to play much hard defense. But they do play good defense come 4th quarter..
    Against the Lakers, they proved they can play defense for 48mins.
    I think they are just saving their legs so they arent playing that hard defense because their offense can bail them out.
    Dallas is an old team too, and by playing hard defense every night, they use more effort, in the long road, it will hunt them. will they still have the legs come playoff time? we will see..
    as the season goes along, the Spurs will have the separation they need from Dallas and the rest of the West
    to get the number seed..
    so Dallas will be the one to face the Lakers first..
    the question now is, will they beat the Lakers in a 7 game series?

  38. Atom says:

    Couldn’t really put that much importance to the Spurs being slightly ahead than the Mavs currently in the standings, considering the Mavs have the 4th hardest schedule (opp. average .575 W/L) up until the OKC game while Spurs have the 24th hardest (opp average .474 W/L) up until the Lakers game.

  39. Mikko says:

    My vote goes to spurs, maybe they are not big enough to mutch-up dallas, but their bench is improving as the season goes on, once more, they have younger roster than dallas and it seems spurs will take the game if they ill use their quickness and stamina against mavericks… dallas are better when play is set up, but when manu takes the job, all other members boost up and take the floor…. spurs biggest advantage is—- they have a continuous improving young and healthy players, the veterans just need to stay healthy to lead this team….. Their rotations is very flexible, everyone can step up and play different positions..

  40. henyo matalino says:

    i think spurs is a better team. if manu ginobili and tony parker would be healthy throughout the season, i think they have the best chances of winning the championship.

  41. Eliasan says:

    I’ll still go with the Mavs! They are better Defensively and Offensively, thanks to the addition of Tyson Chandler giving lots of interior defense,blocking shots and shooting some hoops while Deshawn Stevenson is so hot beyond the arc shooting .500%. Their bench is playing well also with Terry as their leading bench scorer.

    And with their previous Match-ups this season (Mavs leads 2-0) ,the Mavs proved that they are the best in the West. Just looked on what Mavs did to this Team the Magic, Heat, Celtics and Thunder.

    Unlike the Spurs..Mavs is much Better! 🙂

  42. Spark says:

    I’ll pick the Spurs over Dallas, but just slightly. The schedule for San Antonio has been relatively easier compared to Dallas, but the story changes when you consider who’s been playing for each team–that Dallas lost on a game that they lost Dirk Nowitzki, while San Antonio has been winning without seeing much from Tim Duncan, gives the Spurs quite some edge. Defensively, Dallas has the advantage, but only if San Antonio won’t turn on the switch on their defense as well. With Pop preaching defense for the past couple of games, it won’t be long before the Spurs finally execute some good D, especially against a team that has beaten them. They’ll know all the necessary adjustments they need to do when they deal Dallas on the floor on thursday.

    Perhaps the pressure factor also comes in to play. Dallas feels more pressure because since it’s last finals appearance, they’ve only managed to be one of the best teams during the regular season, but find themselves exiting early in the playoffs–mostly thanks to San Antonio. While the Spurs, on the other hand, were never expected to be in the top eight of the standings this early–not to mention the top spot. Even if Pop says that the window of opportunity for another trophy is fast closing on them, it doesn’t hurt the cause of San Antonio for another championship, as much as the pressure of finally bagging one does for Dallas.

  43. Eddie G. says:

    Yes both teams are very good and both will probably be in the top 4 seeds at years end, but the Mavs always have trouble with the Spurs when it really counts………Playoff Time. That’s the the way it usually is and until Dallas beats SA and wins an NBA Title it will continue to be in the Spurs favor. Yes Dallas is Good, but San Antonio can be Great.

  44. boss lei says:

    its the mavs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are the better team… and they will become not only the western champions but the world champions…. promise it will happen this june 2011………..

    • LABRYANT says:

      Boss lei…they will choke like they always do in the playoffs…promise it will happen ..

    • Mike G says:

      Mavs had their chance in 2006 but CHOKED yet again, how does it feel to watch ur team being up 2-0 then losing the next four games………yeah champions FER SURE this year hahahaha. U guys can just ride the shoulders of Chandler all the way to the finals hahaha, cuz thats why everyones saying they are the “better” team.

  45. Lakers Man Here says:

    I’ll take the Spurs! The Mavs are playing well but the Spurs have the history, the coach, and the championships! I love Nowitski’s game but he hasn’t proved his championship mettle yet! The only thing to knock the Spurs down now are injuries! I sincerely hope that won’t happen because I’m hoping for a Laker Spurs showdown in the playoffs! Two healthy teams-Lakers-Spurs in the playoffs! It doesn’t get any better!!!!

    • Nick says:

      True it wouldnt be right for theSpurs to face anyone else its like to be the best warrior u must face the greatest warrior…the difference in rivalries SA vs MVS is that mavs always feels like they have to prove they are better than their big brother on the blacktop Spurs vs Lakers is respect from 1 champ to another knowing each has Skins fought thru epic battles and the victor goes on to the next WAR stronger and battle hardened

    • LABRYANT says:

      Totally agree….Spurs have the track record while the Mavs have only shown that they are a good team in the regular season but when the playoffs start ..THEY CHOKE…

  46. Alex says:

    After readying the comments, the majority of people say the Spurs are the better team. The one’s saying the Mavs are the better team mention the major loss the Spurs had to the Mavs earlier in the season, and that they Mavs are going to beat the Spurs in tomorrow’s game, “IF DIRK IS PLAYING THE WAY HE SHOULD PLAY.” Well can’t the same be said about the Spurs BIG 3?? BUT then again, after seeing yesterday’s game, the Spurs have proven that they can win with 2 of the BIG 3 barely producing what, 11 points combined. The Spurs have the experience and focus to win games and come back from behind without cracking. The Mavs have a great interior presence but the Spurs are #1 in the league from the 3 pt line. And when you’re shooting from that line, the Mavs intterior defence doesn’t matter as much.

  47. pete says:

    your are only as good as your record. the nba is a very competitive business where the worst team can beat the best team. I remember a time when the Michael Jordan Bulls use to rule with an iron fist and they lost a game to a team with the worst record. The Mavs and Spurs are very talented teams which are capable of taking it all this year. The potential is there for both. However potential is just that potential. Who ever wants it most will win. I am a Spurs fan but I would not mind if that Mark Cuban character takes an trophy this season. GOOD LUCK AND MAY THE BEST TEAM WIN!

  48. jAmes says:

    Spurs and Mavs.. I choose Dallas.. Dallas May lost To Raptors but that is not an issue.. Mavericks Beaten the Best Team in the NBA exept the Lakers.. When the Dallas meet Spurs in the First Game of the season .. Look at this game.. They have no answer to Dirk Nowitzki.. Dirk Nowitzki is playing the best Season so Far.. His Leading the MVP candidate.. Like NBA SAID “last season” was Last Season its a Brand New Season.. Dirk has the best Supporting Cast to Win NBA Championship..

  49. Ryan says:

    Toronto loss notwithstanding? Isn’t it very likely the Spurs could beat Toronto without Ginobili? The Mavericks are deeper? Do the Spurs even have anyone that can be considered third string? An Elizabeth Shoe reference and yet no mention of DeJuan Blair’s offense? The media should realized their 3 year vacation away from San Antonio is over and watch some games.

  50. Shawn says:

    I like the Dallas squad but to put your money on them come playoff time is wacked. No, no one cares what Dallas does in the regular season cause they have been kicking ass in the regular season for a long time. They looked great during the regular season last year to. Dallas could beat the spurs every game in the regular season but come playoff time it’s a different story. This Spurs team is only gonna get better. The Spurs always loose the 2nd of a back to back on the road so don’t read to much into the Orlando loss. Lets face it Dallas even if you made it to the finals you would just blow it again.

  51. Jose says:

    FYI Mavs beat, well whooped the Spurs at their house and ended their 11 game win streak earlier this season. So if Spurs win I won’t really care.

    • Shawn says:

      Dallas could beat the Spurs every game during the regular season but come playoff time it’s all Spurs baby.

    • Shaun says:

      Just because mavs beat Spurs ONE time, or TWO times, or even THREE times, during the regular season doesn’t really matter. What matters is the record at the end of the season & it may be that mavs end up meeting the Lakers in the 1st round & get tossed out again. History has been known to repeat itself. But I agree with others here that come April/May is when it will all be decided. Will Spurs come out of the West?…will mavs choke again???…or will Lakers come from behind & play Spurs in the playoffs???? We just have to wait & see.

    • Nick says:

      If i were a Mavs fan id be Happy with just ending win streaks too but Im a SPURS FAN and TITLES are what make me HAPPY ’99 ’03 ’05 ’07 (’11) u can have ur division banner but come to our house if u wanna see Champioship banners

  52. Romel says:

    Provided Spurs main guys are healthy through to the Finals….no doubt they can beat Mavs or Lakers in the West Conf…

  53. jorge says:

    yeah yeah everyone is getting hype up becuz the spurs won against a struggling laker team and the mavs lost to the raptors that same night but lets see tomorrow when nowitzki comes backs and kicks the spurs ass, then everyone wil start saying the mavs

    • Shawn says:

      The Mavs are alway good during the regular season it’s the playoffs when shrivle up and die.

    • Nick says:

      We’ll see in the playoffs but doubt dallas will ever get back to the finals Mavs are the Bills of the NBA sorry but 3-1 lead in the finals 2006 will always be in the back of dirks head

      Go Spurs GO!!!!

  54. ChrisTx says:

    All the comments are wonderful between the Mavs and the SPURS.
    However its all about the post season.

    Here a few things:
    – Coach Pop is not the same Coach in the Post Season, meaning he is going to be wearing a tie.
    – Timmmmmmmmmmmy is not going to look old. His job today is to ride the wave not drive it.
    – Manu is as good Kobe in the playoff

    Both Mavs and Spurs is going to the playoff, lets hope the Mavs doesn’t meet the Lakers in the Playoff.
    Spurs going to be number 1 seed in the west so it will not meet the Mavs or Lakers first round.

  55. Taylor says:

    @WG.. Yes, the lakers are over the hill. I’d say the same about both the mavs AND the spurs but their record and level of play obviously indicates otherwise.

    The mavericks beat the spurs at their place previously this season in San Antonio and I believe they’re going to repeat on Thursday in Dallas… dirk being healthy of course

  56. To all of you who think a team has more depth than the Spurs, list each teams players, side by side, from top to bottom, and imagine you were picking teams. Choose between each player match up and see how many of each teams players you have on your team. That will give you a different view. In my view…..Spurs come out ahead in every match up, but then I get to watch them every game and are not suceptible to the NBA marketing machine…

    Here’s the first one…

    The “declining” Mr. Duncan’s numbers versusTyson Chandler, who is an effective inside presence, but has missed 68 games the last two years …

    10-11 DAL 29 29 27.3 .659 .782 2.2 6.6 8.9 0.4 0.6 1.2 1.0 3.3 8.6

    10-11 SAS 31 31 28.9 .487 .701 2.7 6.7 9.4 3.2 0.7 2.0 1.9 1.7 13.2

    When you consider career and play-off numbers, it is no contest between the two….Happy New Year….GO SPURS

  57. Taylor says:

    @adam… I never mentioned the celtics. The celtics aren’t the best team in the east in my opinion. Miami is. However, your being dismissive of “quality games.” Your opinion of the spurs must be based on past seasons. You are telling me that the spurs are the better team when the mavericks have about three times the amount of quality wins against elite teams… Teams that we could ALL agree on to be elite… Not to mention that the mavericks have beaten the spurs at their place. My opinion could change, but I have to see some of their upcoming games against tougher opponents. Thus far, THIS season, the quality of their record simply doesn’t merit the title you’ve bestowed them as the team to beat in the west.

    The spurs are two games ahead of the mavs…. If we replace 5 or 6 games on the spurs schedule with Miami, Boston, Orlando, etc… I highly doubt we’d be having this discussion. The spurs no longer have the interior defense they used to, I have my doubts in them.

  58. Paul J, Liverpool UK says:

    Spurs for me. Hunger and experience is priceless. Lakers have one and not the other, Dallas the opposite. They have hunger for sure, but not sure they’ve got the experience to pull it off deep in the playoffs. Am worried for the Spurs that they’ve only played 11 road games so far and worried for Dallas that they were so poor v Toronto withou Dirk. If the Lakers don’t freshen things up though, they’ll do well to get 3rd seed. Spurs to come out of the west.

  59. BigTjom says:

    I think from what I’ve seen so far, the safest bet is San Antonio. But Thurs. game will be the test. SA has the better bench & younger legs. Yes Chandler is huge difference this year in the paint, but the Spurs have proven many times that they don’t have to rely on Duncan as much anymore. Only clear advantage for Dal is Dirk. 38 year old Kidd is no match for Parker. And George Hill cancels out both Barea & Terry. Oh yeah, need I say Dejaun Blair? I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, SA with a healthy Ginobili can beat any team anywhere in a 7 game series. But we’ll see in May & June….

  60. WG says:

    @ Taylor

    Your a Joke ‘Buddy”

    The Spurs will destry the Mavs like they did L.A
    Over the hill L.A? So what are the Mavs exactly, Taylor your a pure Joke

    • Free Roddy B says:

      They showed a stat last night during the Mav’s game on difficulty of schedule up to last night. The Mav’s were 6th in the NBA, the Spurs were 20th. Thats a big difference. The stats, standings, schedule to this point dont matter. Both teams will get to the playoffs. The only question is who will prevail. Judging this new Mav’s team on past experience is a mistake.

    • A fan says:

      As per the NBA, LAST SEASON WAS LAST SEASON!!!!!

      I believed the Mavs have the edge right now, the way the team is playing.
      C’mon, Spurs is playing the typical Spurs Team, give the benefit to the Mavs who improved their weakness for the past seasons and that is to “D”

      Not to mention come trade deadline, Cuban has some magic tricks left in his bag.

    • GMAN says:

      Both teams are great!!! I Want them to remain 1 and 2 in thw west so we have a great western fininal!!!

    • Husk says:

      if the Mavs had Dirk healthy against the raptors, they wouldnt get this much criticism. Besides I highly doubt the spurs would “destroy” the mavs with Dirk on. Oh they killed the Lakers OMG Lakers have a worse off record than the mavs you tard and wait they died against the Heat just like the way the Magic destroyed your team. Besides the Mavs had a more difficult schedule…did the Spurs face the Heat, Magic (back to back) and Celtics? Please choose your words wisely before they eat you up.

      • RIck says:

        Come on people…both teams play great basketball. It’s just a matter of preference…which team you go for. It’s crazy to compare on games so far..both teams have much to work on. Spurs need to play better defense which greatly improved against the Lakers Tues. Mavs need to not be so overconfident in their playing ability…that can be any teams downfall. Mavs may have played tougher teams now…but what really counts is how both teams play come mid April. Everything can change between now & then. Can’t wait to see who comes out on top.

  61. Xellos says:

    Well, this is my opinion on this matter. The Spurs have faced a team with Chandler as a defensive anchor before. They won the series in 7.

    There are quite a few similarities I am seeing in the personel for the Mavericks that reminds me of those NO Hornets. The only difference is their bench. The bench of Dallas is pretty much superior in every way. I do think that the bench of the Spurs can give the bench of Dallas all they can handle and then some. James Anderson was playing well before the injury and Splitter (if he could get some more minutes) could become more effective.

    As of now I give the nod to Dallas, simply because they beat the Spurs already. I would still give the nod to Dallas (if the Spurs in on Thursday) because Thursday’s game is too soon after an injury to Dirk (should Dirk play). However, if Dirk has a typical Nowitzki game, the Spurs will have the nod. But then again, that is why the games are played eh?

  62. RIP says:


  63. Brian says:

    so far the Spurs have been better period. Mavs have had great regular season teams in the past but they are known to choke in big moments! I could use every single post season during Nowitzki era as an example. I think one factor that’s overlooked in all of your arguments is the master, Popovich. As much as I hate to say it that’s an advantage that Spurs will have against every single opponent, that means Lakers as well.

    • GMAN says:


    • MavsFan says:

      Talking about choke…didn’t the Spurs get swept in the second round last year by a Suns team that is not even going to make the playoffs this year?? Popovich should how much of a genuis he was on defending the pick and roll. Nash killed them. 1 year later, 1 year older, the same Tim and Parker/Ginobli will be trying to defend it. Mavs just need to take a page from what the Suns did last year…mismatch and drive or pick and pop. They have the bench and the players to do it with…the Spurs DON’T have the bench or the players to defend. And I will take Roddey over this Anderson kid any day of the week and twice on Sunday. The Mavs have beaten more quality teams then the Spur’s and their soft schedule. They have 1/2 a season + a training camp with this crew and it shows. As good as the Mavs were last year, you could see the chemistry was not right. There were some games were they totally got blown out. Don’t see that happening this year. And for those who say this isn’t really the same suns tean sanns amare and the brazilian blur…nash and warrick pick and roll of todays team could devestate the Spurs of today. Spurs defense is average last year…sub par this year.

      • Yo says:

        Get a life. The Suns are not going anywhere this year. The Mavs do not have anything close to what the Suns did to the Spurs last year. If they meet in the playoffs it will be a very good match.

      • Spurs fa-natic says:


  64. Adam says:

    @ Taylor and Steve… Look at Bostons record in the East right now, other than the Bulls, Heat and Magic, what qualifies them to be the #1 team in the east? Based on your arguement, the Celtics would have to win a lot more “quality games” for them to be #1 in the east. And look at who the Spurs have, then the Mavericks have. The Spurs are beating teams with the likes of Gary Neal, Matt Bonner and George Hill. The are doing more with less. We’ll see who the better team is come mid-april.

  65. Gordon says:

    I know the Spurs have the track record and the pedigree, but from what I’ve seen this year I’m sold on the Mavs. Chandler gives them a low post defense presence that they’ve never had and they’re defense this year has been outstanding. You combine that with their bench, which is as good as anyone’s in the league and I can see them giving the Spurs a run in a series.

  66. Steve says:

    Nobody is talking about Spurs being CRUSHED by Magic that was beaten by Mavs. Nobody is talking about Mavs beating Heat twice, Spurs, Boston, (heat and magic back-to-back in away games). All those stuff matters.

    • Michael says:

      By the way, the Spurs also beat the Magic the first time, then they had an awful game scoring wise and defensively. Like in my earlier post, one game doesn’t show too much but it did give a hint at how each team does without their primary guy.

      • Free Roddy B says:

        Well, if the Spurs had an off game and got blown out by the Magic and everyone is ok with it. Why all of sudden are people flaming the Mav’s for losing to the Raptors after they too, had a bad game. Its a 2 way street. Not necessarily directed at you, but at everyone using the toronto game as a crutch to why the Mav’s are worse. These 2 teams are still the best in the West…Hell, the best in the league?

      • Michael says:

        Umm… lets see….. Losing to Orlando, or losing to Toronto, which is worse?

    • err yea... says:

      are you saying that the raptors are the same caliber as the magic??

  67. Taylor says:

    This is a joke.

    The spurs schedule has been a joke for the most part. Yea, yea, they beat the over the hill lakers team last night, but they were blown out by Orlando when Dallas beat them decisively on a back to back (after defeating Miami for the 2nd time). Go down each teams schedule and it’s obvious who has had the more impressive track record, THIS season at least.

    The mavericks have gradually evolved over the past couple of years with the addition of Marion, butler, haywood, chandler,stevenson… And not to mention a new coach. I don’t believe these are the same chokers we are used to seeing from Dallas, half the personal has been replaced. My pick is the mavericks, I’d have to see more quality wins from the spurs against tougher opponents to consider them the team to beat in the west right now. Besides, aren’t the mavericks still missing Beaubois? What happened to him?

    • ChrisTx says:

      Just to comment on Orlando, it was a matter of time when Orlando was going to win with its new crew and the SPURS could not shoot. The Spurs did beat Orlando early in the season.

      Its too early to tesll who is better Mavs or SPURS.

      Time will tell

      However we all know FANS and Media could care less about the SPURS (i.e. Barkley) asked if any SPURS care.


    • Khoa says:

      Orlando is actually good and beat the Celtics as well. Your Mavs lost to the Bucks who the Spurs beat. It goes both ways.

      Saying that just because you have a new roster doesn’t change anything, Mavs always make trades and choke in the playoffs. Cuban loves signing washed up veterans. I live in DC trust me, you’re not getting any production from the three former Wizards players come crunch time. Look at how erratic Stevenson’s three point shooting is (18% with Wizards last year), he’s not maintaining that pace. Haywood already has issues and as a Mavs fan you should be accustomed to Butler’s pump fakes and baseline fadeways by now. Tyson Chandler was on that Hornets team that lost to a lower seeded San Antonio game 7 at home.

      Good point about Roddy but Rick didn’t trust him last year and with Stevenson’s play who knows how that’s going to work out. Rick might not want to mess up a good thing. Again you can make same argument for Spurs, they’re missing James Anderson who was shooting 50% from 3 before he got hurt.

      The Mavs have evolved alright but has it been for the better? Finals appearance in 2006 to 2 first round exits in the last couple of years? I don’t recall any major injuries being a reason either.

    • Steve says:

      What’s so easy about the Spurs schedule? Of course Orlando was going to win…they’ve got a good team & Spurs shots weren’t going in. Every team is going to have their bad days now & then but it didn’t bother the Spurs. They just forgot that game, played the next one & won. So everyone can hate on the Spurs all they want, but Spurs & Spurs fans don’t care. We’re behind our guys 100% just like every other fan who supports their team. We just have to wait & see what happens. Meanwhile it should be interesting.

  68. Jeffersn says:

    There is no team in the West could bet the Spurs now. They should be able to crush Dallas this comming Thursday

    • GMAN says:

      like they did the last time the two played each other. Dallas walked all over the spurs in the first game this season. If dirk isnt there it wont be worth watching….

      • Rob says:

        I think Dirk is going to play…they always pretend to be hurt & then last min by some “miracle” they’re up & ready to go. Spurs aren’t worried about playing the mavs & I’m SURE they want dirk to play as much as everyone else does. First games of the season don’t count…what counts is where they’re going from here till playoffs. dirk didn’t play last night & they lost…Tim’s playing very limited minutes & they still continue to win. Anything can change in the West, Lakers can come from behind & beat the mavs…mavs can be knocked out of the playoffs (like every year…1st round) or Miami’s big 3 who were called overrated from the beginning can win it all. It’s all up in the air until that very last game before the playoffs. We just have to wait & see. How fun it is!!!!

  69. Chris says:

    I agree. As much as I love Jason Kidd, the Spurs have a better bench and better team. I don’t think the Mavs could beat the Spurs in a seven game series. However, I am not completely sold on the Spurs just yet. They are playing very well, but the regular season and playoffs are two different animals. I guess the question is, would the Spurs be able to beat the Lakers in a seven game series? Should be interesting.

    • Im not sold on the Spurs just yet, also if you look at the starting lineups the Mavs look better at every position. I give the edge to the Mavs because of thier defense.

  70. MIKE says:

    Charles Barkley promised by Thurs. the Spurs would not be in the lead in the West. Guarantied it! Said the best team in Texas was no doubt the Dallas Mavericks. But look what happened when Dirk went out and they fell apart to the Raptors who had lost 3 games in a row, and on their home court as well? Everyone says the Spurs cant play defense and that the Mavs have all the “d” now but just ask the Lakers if the Spurs can play defense and win when Duncan only scores 2 points, Ginobili scoring 9 points. I think when they need to the Spurs can play the lock down defense and with their improved offense pushing the pace they will be just fine come April. Charles needs eat crow and start realizing the Spurs are for real!

  71. Abdul says:

    Micheal you are 100 percent correct on that, and c’mon we all know timmy is going off in the playoffs, this my second fav team i am a heat fan! But i am saying these guys can beat my heat if they wanted.

  72. spurs all day / ever year says:

    hey michael good post.

    I would not yet compare the Spurs and Mavs just yet, it is still way to early.

    but if I had to pick whos better it would be the Spurs, look at last year in the playoffs. Spurs just lost that one game to them. WOW! YIPPY! well that aint jack, the Spurs played like crap that day, and thats it.

    i just want to throw it out there watch and see, Tiago Splitter will start getting ALOT MORE MINUTES and WILL BE making a difference in the games. It will take time but by the time the playoffs come he will be a big contributor in every way.

    • Chris says:

      You can’t use last year as an argument. It’s a brand new season and a long way to go. It will be interesting to see what the end standings are. Also, the infamous Rodeo trip will be crucial to where the Spurs end up.

  73. Michael says:

    I know it’s one game, but look at what happened to Dallas against Toronto without Drik. Now look at how the Spurs did against the Lakers with Timmy only having 2 points and not really being a factor. Minus the big guy on each team, who really has more depth? Dallas might have more big names, but the Spurs bench production has been the key difference this season.

    • Hooked on Ebonics says:

      Look at what Dallas did in OK against the Thunder when Dirk went down. They had an off night. It happens to every team. Shots that normally fall in, werent. Spurs played a good game against a struggling lakers team. Mavs were upset by the Raptors, happens all the time. I wouldnt read to far into it, or use this as the definitive argument that the Spurs are deeper then the Mav’s. Both teams are playing great, both are destined for the playoffs. Who goes further is anyones guess.

    • Jake says:

      Agreed, the Spurs are ridiculously deep especially once they get Anderson back and if Splitter turns about to be as good as he was hyped up to be. Dallas is deep two, but the Spurs basically take turn sharing the limelight and on any given night a role player can step up (Bonner, Neal, Jefferson, Hill, Blair) and be a game changer.

  74. Khoa says:

    Should have waited to do this article after Thursday’s game.