Show And Prove Time For Lakers, Spurs

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Cover your ears the next time someone tells you that regular season NBA games don’t really mean anything.

In theory it sounds about right: 82 games, you lose one or two here and there, but that doesn’t sink you. In reality, there are certain regular season games that mean everything.

When the Heat and Celtics hooked up to start this season, a win or a loss then could come back to help or haunt them five months later when playoff positioning is being sorted out.

That’s why tonight’s Fan Night Game (on NBA TV at 8:30 p.m. ET) is much more than just another game for both the Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs. In the most heated races in years for the top spot in the Eastern and Western Conferences, respectively, every little bit counts.

We’ve already spent time examining the Lakers after their Christmas Day debacle against the Heat — time well spent if you ask us. Any time the two-time defending NBA champs suffer back-to-back blowout losses at home, it’s worth a closer look. Our main man David Aldridge made it clear in his Morning Tip that the Spurs aren’t particularly smitten with their league-leading performance thus far.

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is also not foolish enough to underestimate the Lakers, per our main man Mike Monroe of the San Antonio Express News, no matter how many run through these NBA streets crying the end is near for the Lakers.

“Somebody is winning games, and they are amazing,” Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said after his team’s Monday practice session. “And if they are losing, there has to be all these problems.

“The Lakers are NBA champions. And that’s a fact. And that’s all that matters.”

Good point coach. That’s also why we expect — better yet, demand — an instant classic from these two teams still running on the fuel of their own championship dynasties of the past decade.

A lopsided beating by either team won’t satisfy us. We need the sort of game that keeps us all talking deep into the next day. The sort of game the Lakers play all the time in May and June — but rarely before then.

All the contenders are playing those sorts of games. The Mavericks and Spurs are doing it in the West and the Celtics, Heat and Magic are doing it routinely in the East. Now it’s the Lakers’ turn to step up and give us something.


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  2. sandile says:

    let’s see tonight against CP3. if they loose there, that’s it. I will start panicking. Good thing though New York is playing a bit better.

  3. Usuck says:

    Ron Artest is the man of the christmas donating the only championship ring he has. Will Kobe give one of his 5 rings too for charity??

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  5. Dong says:

    But the news is SPURS won the game against the Lakers 82-97. . . thats the fact

  6. Meanne says:

    I say Lakers would win if kobe knew how to pass the ball .. i remember they started the season as 8-0 . In those first 8 games, Kobe was passing the ball and trusting his teammates. Now he shoots too much and always wants to take over.. if u know that u r having a bad game don’t push it. PASS the ball and trust ur teammates… tonight he was what 8/26 .. that man gotta pass the ball if they want to 3-peat.. seriously !!!!

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      This is very true. Kobe can come up big for the Lakers when they need it but when he tries to takeover it rarely ends up in their favor. Lakers will find their way back but honestly I don’t see them rising from 3 place in the west.

  7. Gary says:

    I’m not a Laker fan but would bet they win tonight. Kobe is a better player when he’s fired up and we know he’s boiling. 102 to 97, Lakers tonight lol.

  8. YouAlreadyKnowWhoItIs23 says:

    waz poppin locc heat all day thats all i gotta say. lakers are trash and kobe is trash! lebron and wade for thee win!

  9. Wait a minute says:

    It’s A LOT of talk about the Lakers today. I don’t think I’ve seen this much coverage on them since the Finals! hahaha. Then again this is an AWESOME match up, LAKERS AND SPURS wow. Spurs are playing great, Lakers not so much. But hey, I don’t expect anyone to get blown out tonight. THE BLACK MAMBA VS. TTTIIIMMMAAAYYY!!!!I think the Lakers are going to win tonight though, no offense to Spurs Fans. All this critisism, and Laker Players being called out, It just looks like the Lakers are FINALLY ready to compete.

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  11. That’s the comment you want 2 leave criticizing someone on their blog??? you took time out of your important life 2 criticize a BLOG having grammatical errors….ok cool (smh) neway…I’m a huge fan of the Lake show but they always get blown out on Xmas or @ the very least lose so nothing new there…I do want to see what they’re going 2 do against NOH, DAL, and especially against the Spurs…ne1 who’s been a BB fan knows that although the Spurs are balling right now this is not how Pop wants 2 win he’s a defensive minded coach and his team is top 10 i believe possibly 5 in the league in offense and PPP (points per possession) so thats no good, we’ll see hopefully LA wins 2nite convincingly b/c if its another 3 game skid, the grumbles will get louder. in LA LA land.

    • tRay says:

      Good points man couldn’t have said it better. I really agree with the statement you made about the Spurs and their defensive it’s pretty sub par by their own standards.

  12. redrover says:

    Man seriously, and I mean this without intent to defame or insult, you gotta do some proof reading of your blogs before you publish them. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, these undermine you as an expert. Have a little pride.