Phil Challenging The Power of Pau

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Leave it up to Lakers coach and noted agitator Phil Jackson to cut through all the hyperbole and get to the heart of what currently ails his team.

Pau Gasol has been missing in action for the Lakers recently.

Whatever the other factors might be, the most glaring factor in the Lakers’ recent stumbles has been the dominant, rugged Gasol we saw earlier this season giving way to the indecisive, 7-footer that can be shoved around by lesser talents on any given night.

Jackson tried to be diplomatic in assessing of Gasol’s problems after the Lakers’ Christmas Day loss to the Heat. He failed miserably in that attempt, telling Brett Pollakoff of FanHouse:

“I have some thoughts on it, but I’m not going to share them with you right now,” Jackson said. “But I do have some thoughts on it. They’re just speculations, though.”

No reasons for the drop in Gasol’s play were given by Jackson, but he did point to some specifics in terms of what he’s seeing out of his starting center’s game right now.

“He’s got no base,” Jackson said. “He’s not shooting the ball with a base, he’s kind of just lollygagging, putting a soft kind of release on his shot.”

Emphasis was placed on the word “soft,” with a brief pause added for effect.

“He’s not decisive about his jumpshots or passes,” Jackson continued. “And those are the things that really concern us because his game has to be effective for us to be consistently good.”

In other words, the Lakers success hinges primarily on the play of Gasol.

Those of you who believe that the Lakers are a Kobe Bryant production first and foremost, might not agree with this notion that Gasol’s performance dictates this team’s season.

But the evidence to support the Gasol theory grows stronger by the day. Andrew Bynum‘s return was supposed to give the Lakers a boost. It hasn’t happened yet.

Gasol is still operating at center and he seems weary from all that inside work without an assist from Bynum, whose game will take some time to round into shape after coming back from knee surgery.

The bottom line, the Lakers go as Gasol goes.

In November he averaged 20.3 points, 12.3 rebounds and shot 54 percent from the floor. This month he’s averaging 17.3 points, 9.5 rebounds and shooting 47 percent from the floor.

It will be interesting to see where his numbers stand after another month of pounding.


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  2. Raff says:

    Gasol needs that criticism, the Lakers as a team have been playing sloppy to be sure but watching Gasol be taken out of his game is just painful. Gasol IS the most dominant post player in the game (Not Howard) and as such he shouldn’t be letting nobodies push him around in the paint. The rest of the Lakers need to step up their production but Gasol is a centerpiece in the triangle offense and his play needs to get back up to where it was in November. Right now he’s playing the way he did against KG in 08 and we all know how that turned out (Especially Game 6).

    Kobe hasn’t played as well either but we can already see he’s seething at himself so no one needs to bring that up. The only guy I have nothing critical to say anything about is Lamar Odom who is stellar thus far.

    But forget the Lakers cause the Spurs look like a real finals contender at this point.

  3. Lal24 says:

    For Kobe haters!!! Y did mrl. Lebronze team up with two superstar? I know why? Becaused he can’t win a championship by himself, and y did some of the good player team up with mr. Bryant? I know y? Becaused this is the only way they can get a championship ring!!! We all know Kobe is the best player in the NBA league, ask the expert!! So for the Kobe haters just stop it ok.. No one can be better than Kobe rite now.. Just wait until he retire ,, maybe mr. Lebronze will get the title to be the best player in the legue.. Ooopppsss I forgot Kevin durant I forgot that Kevin durant is better than lebronze hahahahha sorry Miami heat fan there’s no way u will past the eastern conference finals!! Hahahhahah whatever u guys do even u team up with melo or whoever! Celtics will beat u up!!! Hahahaha so it’s gonna be lakers and celtics once again but as usual lakers willmget the thropyyyyyy!!! And for Kobe here u go MVP!!! Hahahhah

  4. Lal24 says:

    Why Do u guys so concerned about lakers played rite now??? We all know lakers will have the championship tropy once again it’s another game ok?. And beside we all know that Miami heat will be beaten by the celtics it’s a fact ,, so for the lakers fan just sit back and enjoy the regular season we got it guys it’s lakers once again ok.. For Kobe haters just admit how good he is ok?? U dnt have to hate him just love the game .. About gasol play? We all know how tired he is he’s been playing a lot of minutes , dnt worry guys bynum is back!! But not 100% yet we all know when he dominate lakers will. Be unbeatable ok? So go lakers!!!!

  5. kobe Sucks says:

    lakers lost again hahahahahahahaha LOSERS!!!!!!!!!! LA FANS SUCKS 4EVER

  6. B-Ballislife says:

    as soon as good teams starting beating the lakers (like spurs and heat) there suddenly a playoff team now? laker fans are pathetic…

    • Gary says:

      Spurs have been a playoff team for the past decade. Heat not so much but they are playing that way. But yeah the Laker fans are something else when they start losing.

  7. KING_6_JAMES says:

    dis is for DUDE!!!! common man in your dreams!!! wat d hell r u sayin???? miami heat is doing good ryt wats d matter hah???? you try to dismantle dis line up??? are you insane?????

  8. KobeBallHogger says:


  9. Fact Not Fiction says:

    Look up Micheael Jordan and whoever your favorite player is and you can see how the term greatest is used to described Mike, whereas with everyone else it’s “one of the greatest”, Not knocking anyone’s pick but unless you go down in the history books, it’ll just be an opinion and not a fact.

  10. Jason says:

    Kobe is NOT on the top 5 list of the greatest in the NBA history! However, he is one of the top 5 guards. Championships don’t mean you are a better player! GET THAT STRAIGHT!!!!!!! If that’s true, then Bill Russel is better than MJ, Kobe, and everyone in the NBA history! Is he? NO! All the people saying champioships make you a better player are just plain stupid! LMFAO to all the people saying miami can’t win championship this year! What happened in 2006? MIAMI WON WITH ONLY D-WADE AND SHAQ! What happaned to L.A.? They didn’t win!!! You know why? BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T HAVE SOMEONE TO POSE AS A THREAT IN THE POST! Kobe won rings with Shaq and Gasol. Let me see him win a ring without a strong big man.

  11. Usuck says:

    Lakers LOSE again!!

  12. Spliftout says:

    Phil Jackson needs to challenge himself… yeah yeah I know he’s got 11 rings he’s also had the 4 of the top 15 players in Nba history playing for him…. hey Zen everyone in the world has figured out the triangle and as much as i love him D Fish is a backup on every other team in the league….every team… he wouldn’t start on any other team in the league… enough said…I think the Lakers need a coach that shows some passion during games Im sick of seeing that blank look on Phils face while LA is getting blasted because they are not prepared for their opponents and or doing anything new how come Ebanks is in the D league? He shoud’ve gotten 10 mins on Lebron just to see what he brings to the table Phil thank you for what you have done for the Lakers and the Nba but its time for u to go bro pls and thanks…my only regret is that I have to wait until they lose in the playoffs to see it happen… and WTF is up with sean elliot and his classless self calling Odom “Lamar Kardashian” all game? He is a disgrace to commentators everywhere a la Tommy Heinson… just shows how thirsty people are to beat the Lake Show…

  13. Chris Isidro says:

    I agree. Cris Bolado is the best big man of his time. He’s even better than Pau and Shaq. Check his highlights. He’s a monster!

  14. dude says:

    im a miami heat fan the miami heat is better team than anybody else so many criticize them telling they not going to finals but think about this no can guard Wade and Lebron no one in nba can guard them well just wait when they make a move again Trading a Guard and a Center Baron Davis and Kaman is better fit to them also Trading Mike Miller, Mario Chalmers, Joel Anthony then Try to get Kirk HInrinch and javale Mcgee trading Udonis Haslem, Eddie House, Jamal Magloire when this deal than the roster gonna be like this Guard Kirk Hinrinch Shooting Guard Dwana Wade Small Forward Lebron James Forward Chris Bosh Center Chirs Kaman the reserved is Baron Davis, James Jones, Juwan Howard, Erick Damier, Carlos Arroyo Javale Mcgee, Stock House sign it again give him a chance… if maimi than a deal with Suns they can get Nash, Hill, Gortat trading MIke Miller, Udonis Haslem, Joel Anthony, Eddie house so the miami Roster gonna be like this G Nash SG Wade SF LBJ F Bosh C Gortat Reserved Arroyo,Ilgauskus, Jones,damier,Hill, Chalmers, Howard or try to get Marc Gasol and OJ Mayo trading Joel Anthony, Haslem, Mike MIller… so what do you think the best move can make miami heat a very watchable team in nba!!!

  15. MISMO says:

    speaking of best player.,,,. check this player

    CRIS BOLADO – 11 straight champion.

    with one grandslam
    3 different teams..

    again CRIS BOLADO

    you can google this

  16. MISMO says:

    speaking of best player.,,,. check this player

    CRIS BOLADO – 11 straight champion.

    with one grandslam
    3 different teams..

    again CRIS BOLADO

  17. Tenki says:

    @ 3PEAT:

    Finally, I have found someone whom I think deserves to be called a True Kobe fan. I must give credit to your loyalty to the player who you really believe in.

    I am and always will be an MJ fan, and I accept the fact that Kobe is a hard worker. He wanted to become the best so he emulated the best. The only shot that I haven’t seen from Kobe that MJ made is a free throw with his eyes closed. Otherwise, that would be too nostalgic for MJ (and maybe all) basketball fans around the world. I also acknowledge Kobe’s accomplishments, and I have to admit that some of the accomplishments by him was never done by other NBA legends.

    However, there are also some legends that, if you see the magnitude of their accomplishments, would surpass Bryants, thereby putting him somewhat lower than them. Here are some examples:

    1. Hakeem Olajuwon:

    2x Defensive Player of The Year
    The only player in NBA history to retire in Top Ten in Scoring, Blocks, Rebounds, and Assists (which I doubt Kobe will)
    1 of 4 NBA players to achieve a quadruple-double twice (March 3, 1990: 29 points, 18 rebounds, 10 assists, 11 blocks; March 29, 1990: 18 points, 16 rebounds, 10 assists, 11 blocks; )

    2. David Robinson:

    Only player in NBA history to lead the league in scoring, rebounding, blocked shots, and win the ROY, Defensive Player of The Year, and MVP in a career
    1 of 2 NBA players to lead the league in Scoring, Rebounding and Blocked shots in a career (Jabbar was the other one)
    1 of 4 players in NBA history to register a quadruple-double (Feb.7, 1994: 34 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists, 10 blocks)

    With the vast pool of talents that has played in the league, we can only argue non-stop who comes into the ranks. That being said, the players that I have included in my Top Ten of All-Time is intangible, signifying their greatness and indelibly put the game in our minds and our hearts, and are continuing to do so.

  18. KING RULES says:


  19. Robert Kelley says:

    Thank you Captain obvious.

    Gasol’s play does dictate their success. Guess what, if you reverse the scenario, we’d be talking about how Kobe’s impact dictates the same thing. Unless your name is Michael Jordan, you need a dominant big to support you if you happen to be a star guard of some kind. The big is essential in 99% of the cases. Kobe would not have ever won without Shaq or Pau. Just as Drexler’s failure in Portland in his prime was replaced by a ring once he joined up with Hakeem. Just as Dwayne Wade has failed to make it past the 1st round since Shaq was there. Just as Nash is screwed now that Amare is in the big apple. Phil Jackson merely knows the importance of getting into Gasol’s head so that Kobe get’s the support they need for L.A. to have another shot. Why is it that when one key component goes down with injury while the other or others stand, and then the team suffers for it, the healthy guys lose equity?

  20. Tenki says:


    Well done. Enough said.

  21. TESS says:


    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      Wow if that’s true I hope he gets the same love Lebron has been getting for quitting his team. Still, I would love to see two stars like him and Kobe play together. Would make for some awsome highlights.

  22. Marlo says:

    i agree with Danny, as Kobe fans we kinda let him off the hook. Our biggest problem in these losses are our defense. Lakers are letting the worst teams jus run up the scoreboard and barely getting wins. Kobe is getting blown by and there is no help D. Fish always gets blown by and the penetration hurts us. Pick and roll D is terrible. Need more effort! The bench at least brings the effort when they come in. We’ll see what happens as the season progresses

  23. BBallGenius says:

    Some of you clowns are funny…you keep saying what Kobe would have done if he didnt have this person and that…well he has played with Shaq and won 3…He has played with Gasol and won 2…Shaq has played w/o Kobe and won 1…Gasol has played w/o Kobe and won 0…so what is your point…oh yeah you dont have one…so maybe its just Kobe…maybe thats why the Lakers win championships…bc of his toughness and desire to win…you idiots are into stats way too much…I am a professional bball player and have been playing ball for 21 years and the biggest edge you can have in basketball is your will to win…and noone in NBA history with the exception of Jordan can will their team like Kobe can. So you guys keep looking up your stats and making up these excuses about why he has 5…im guessing all of you guys hating on Kobe prolly likes Lebron…the athlete with no footwork, no post game, no shot and no perimeter moves and when he loses his speed and athleticism then he will be of no value to the NBA. You idiots no 0 about basketball.

    • Ice Pogi says:

      What! you’re a professional bball player and the only player you know is KOBE and Jordan…. How about this one
      11× NBA Champion (1957, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1968, 1969) Do you know who he was????
      The Greatest of all time BILL RUSSEL.. Basketball was invented Decades ago not yesterday…professional bball player… You’re really a funny KID…you know that??? Who’s the clown now???

      • Usuck says:

        That was the time of the iceage and only Boston and LA knows how to play basketball. Put his skills right now no where near to Tim Duncan

    • Usuck says:

      Your Kobe just depend on his star big men to get championship ring haha

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      Professional Ball Player now posting comments on NBA blogs to defend Kobe, LMAO. Are we supposed to take that seriously? What’s your name so I can google you? Wait let me guess, it’s probably Derick Fisher!

  24. Ice Pogi says:

    What’s this all about??? NBA Greatness????? I’m a HUGE fan of Dwade from college days to his rookie year until now… I can say that even his time in NBA is over he will not or he cannot be the Greatest… Now… Kobe??? No Way…. He can never be the greatest….. MJ????? Wrong again…. He’s not the greatest of all time… ( But he’s GREAT) 6 rings and all that… But He ain’t….. Have you heard about the Celtics???? I’m not referring to cocky PIERCE, ALLEN or KG even with 2 O’neils… They’re not even close to MJ………… For me the GREATEST basketball player on the PLANET is BILL RUSSEL
    He is the greatest of all time… 11 rings……. and no one comes close….Can Kobe do that???? I guess NOT… Even MJ Fail to do that…. so stop arguing who’s the best basketball player on the Planet co’z It’s already Owned by someone… I’m not a hater but a Basketball fan… By the ways I love the LAKERS HEAT christmas game….. Go Heat…..

    • scottie pippen says:

      how many teams were actually in the NBA during the 60s?
      how can u even compare the competition back then???

      bill couldnt do that in this era of NBA. sorry

  25. big D says:

    The Lakers winning it all again? thats absurd. Right now i cant even entertain the thought of that. They look like a bunch of popeyes without their spinach right now and if they dont start pulling their heads out they wont even make the playoffs. i cant wait to see them matched up against my celts. it will be a blowout.

  26. 136 heat says:

    heat fan but blake griffin is awsome

  27. kobefan says:

    the lakers will get it together. people were saying the same stuff last year and look what happened. the lakers won the title again. This year may be tough for them but they will pull it out as they always do. Lets not forget that they have been to the final 3 straight years. Going for a forth time is not going to be easy at all.

  28. jov says:

    i want the lakers to lose, i hope they will keep on lossing so theyll finally wake up and play seriously

  29. Nato says:

    Regardless of Kobe’s popularity, I’d still say that Pau deserved last years’s finals mvp. He shot at a higher percentage than Kobe(the commentators made note of the fact that the opposition could not take advantage of Kobe’s low shooting percentage) and averaged a double double throughout the playoffs(Pau: 19.6 points and 11.1 rebounds while shooting at 0.539). In short, he was robbed. So my questions is, why wasn’t Kobe bad mouthed during his shooting slumps? While Kobe is obviously the better player, Pau has never truly been credited with helping the team attain 2 championship trophies. “IT WAS ALL DUE TO KOBE….”. LET’S BE REALISTIC THOUGH, WITHOUT PAU THE LAKERS WOULD A BOTTOM RANKED TEAM.

    • Gary says:

      Yes this is so true. Kobe and Pau are a two part system for the Lakers and they should have given Gasol at least one of the MVP’s for the past two championships.

  30. Manny says:

    Kobe is easily top 5 of all time. Top 2 before is set and done.

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      Kobe will never surpass Wilt, Jordan or West. Great player and yeah he can make numer 4 or 5, but he’ll never be one of the top two players. Not to anyone who knows basketball history anyway…

      • Ice Pogi says:

        Kobe cannot be number 2… coz’ ryt now It’s MJ top 2 all time…No one comes close to the Real Greatest of all Time.. Its Bill Russel…. Top 1 all time… Agree??? end of discussion….

  31. Brian Scalabrine says:

    I heard that after the loss with miami, kobe wants to join miami on minimum contract. he called wade, bosh and lebron up and wanted to be not a starter, but the 6th man on the team. THE HEAT HAS SPOKEN!

  32. Erock says:

    Let’s not forget Pua’s numbers didnt go up until he came to l.a. because KOBE made it easier for him. and by the way, let’s not forget PAU was SWEPT 3 times in memphis when he was in the playoffs as the man.

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      Let’s not forget that the Lakers did not make it past the first round after Shaq left and Gasol arrived. Gasol and Kobe area great combination but don’t try to downplay Gasol because he was on the Grizzlies.

  33. nelson says:

    why is it that we gauge greatness in championship rings? it shouldn’t be our barometer. otherwise, debrosh is correct we should include Robert Horry in the top 5 list as he won 6 championships. take a look at the personal stats, attitude, passion, care for the fan and the influence they brought by playing in the nba. don’t ever remove jordan in the top 3 possition. kobe may have and would achieve more in terms of personal stats but with attitude and passion i think he kept failing. count on lebron and dwayne wade and durant they have many more years to play in the nba and would certainly has a great potential in making it to the 5 players in history before their career ends.

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      Give this man a prize please because he knows what he’s saying. Player greatness is not measured in rings, TEAM greatness is! So everytime people bring up the Kobe vs Jordan, Kobe vs Lebron arguments it can be frustrating because the first thing they point out are the rings, not the other facts which I don’t care to get into because it’s not the blog for it.

  34. danny says:

    As a big laker fan, it’s disappointing to see the lakers struggle this bad. For the first time since Pau was aquired, they lost 4 consecutive games this season. Now, they’ve been blown out of staples center by the visiting Bucks and Heat. I don’t agree that the lakers need Pau to be productive for them to be successful, but it sure as hell helps that he be engaged at all times. Lately, Pau seems disengaged. A good example of that I think, was the game at Chicago against the Bulls. Going into that game, Pau was looking to redeem himself against Joakim Noah after he(Pau) let Noah have his way at Staples Center in a game that could’ve gone to the Bulls. In the game at Chicago, Pau was very engaged early on in the ball game, playing efficiently on offense, and playing hard on defense. He was essential in the Lakers gaining a big early lead. But then, he stopped playing as hard as he was in the beginning and it hurt the team, i think. So, overall the Lakers do need Pau to be focused and tough at all times. It’s a lot to ask from Pau, because you can tell it takes a toll on him physically, and mentally. But, i will say that when we really need him to step up, he’ll do it. We saw it last year in game seven in the finals. He attacked the boards relentlessly and did everything he could to help his team get the win. He didn’t have the best of games, but he played tough, and he played with heart. Right now, he is struggling, Also, i don’t like how Kobe has been holding his teammates accountable for the loss against the Heat. He blamed them of sucking and letting their guard down, also saying he was going to “kick some ass in practice”. As the leader of the team, Kobe usually sets the tone to how he wants to see his teammates perform on the court. You see it sometimes, when he pumps up his teammates or demands that they play harder. But, all these struggles are Kobe’s fault too. He’s not playing as efficiently as he can. Sure, Kobe always gives you his 100%, or close to it, but that doesn’t matter unless he’s playing within the Lakers’ system. On Christmas Day, he was too worried about Lebron and Wade racking up the points and his head-to-head match up with both of them, rather than running the team offense and defense. He really hurt the team on both ends, albeit giving it his all. Wade blew by him too many times, and Lebron just had his way with anyone in front of him. So all you Kobe Lovers need to stop protecting Kobe from all the criticism.

  35. mac says:

    Kobe is not in the top 5 in NBA history. I can not believe people actually are saying this.Thats an insult to Wilt, MJ, Kareem, Magic, Larry etc. Kobe is a good player but he wasn’t even the best player on his team in all of the championships (SHAQ SHAQ SHAQ). It took Kobe years to get good unlike Jordan who was the best on his team when he first put on a Jersey. Now about Gasol. He is a good player also. LA is just looking for someone to blame. I though the buck stops at the top, Kobe.

  36. LAKER3PEAT says:


    • Laker Hater says:

      Tonight they play another quality team and will lose 3 straight for the secound time this season.How long has it been since you’ve seen that?

  37. carmelo says:

    by the way people before gasol got to the lakers in that season the lakers were in a tie with the n orleans hornets for first place in the west. PLEASE LOOK IT UP. all this stuff about gasol being soft. the problem is pau is a forward playing center, if miami had bosh playing center he would struggle too. when the lakers get bynum back fully healthy and they are in the playoffs please then talk. te lakers are coasting just like boston did last year and it seemed to work for boston well enuff to get them 1 gme away for a title.

  38. carmelo says:

    r u guys serious. kobe cant win without gasol?gasol is more important? both players are essential to winning. but please keep in ming pau was 0-12 all time in playoffs before kobe. never won a game. im a kobe fan and i admit hes not playing well rite now and i couldnt care less. why? because in june he plays well and he leads his team. its funny how in the suns series last year pau had 2 game s under 10 points becaus eof “zone” defense. yet kobe averaged in the series 32pts 8rebs 7asst. supposedly thjose are lebron numbers. stop hating and realize “legends are born i the playoffs”

  39. Rodell says:

    Kobe needs a good big man.. It shows.. Kobes good,, but not that good.. So all you people hating on Lebron for leaving. Kobe couldnt take that Cavs team passed the 1st round I bet. So the King had to leave..

  40. Wood says:

    Who cares if they lost! Lakers lose every year to Lebrons team and they seem to get blown out on christmas all the time! I could care less if they lose every year on Christmas. Every year this discussion goes on and they prove everyone wrong year after year in the playoffs. Were a vetran team with one of the best players in history with a solid team surrounding him! Not to mention an amazing coach! Were more of a team that looks as the regular season as a preseason and the playoffs as a time to turn it up! It’s just how we play! Were a second half of the season type team.. just like the spurs other than this year! As for Pau I hate to say he plays soft because he still plays good, but you all know he is not a dominate player like Howard or KG or Shaq in the day. He does play a bit differnt but it’s nothing to complain about! He always comes around!

  41. mc says:

    people seriously wonder why his stats are dropping?? hello…the lakers work off of kobe. dont get it twisted, i believe kobe is a good player, not the greatest but definitely great. but once kobe gets pissed off with his teammates and he starts losing, he starts going off on his own and thinks that he is a one man team. kobe runs the show in la period. pau is more of just a role player rather than a top go-to player for the lakers. so i say stop wondering coz youre just wasting your time!

  42. NSUk says:

    Daley The Dan- think before you post. The 1st three of L.A was led by SHAQ supported by kobe 8 , shaq was the main guy then.Yes they won the next two with Pau’s support as Kobe cannot do it alone.period.

  43. dan says:

    All you people made some valid points and some really stupid ones. Bottom line is Kobe Bryant is a legend rather you like it or NOT. You can NOT take away what he has done in this league for the past 16 years. He is a winner with a killer instinct in the playoffs and dude works harder than anybody in the league people dont realize that. As for his having Shaq and Pau to win the title WHO CARES! Name me one team that didnt have 2 or 3 super stars on their team when they won the championship. People that dont like the lakers or Kobe say the most ridiculous stuff and try to make a point just because they dont like the Lakers bottom line is LAKERS is one of the best organizations in sports history, Kobe is top 5 best ever in the history of the NBA if you dont think so just count the rings ;-). PLEASE DO NOT REPLY WITH STUPIDITY

  44. turhan says:

    this isso tupid men, talking about the one man championshio teams….. has anybody in Nba won a champonship without a quality teammate, like Jordan-Pippen, Magic, Kareem, Shaq-wade pr even kobe without gasol???? the only human being that has been close enough to a title, saying that he had the team on his shoulders was Allen Iverson. Even with his dream MVP Season and his heart on his hand, he could not won that years title …… why??? beacause a team that had 2 superstars and a cast of magnific role players beat them( Lakers of Shaq and Kobe) …… I know this is not a talk about A.I. but not even him with his 40-50 point games, could won a title single handly…… my point is___ STOP HATING SO MUCH ABOUT KOBE,S CARRER AND WETHER OR NOT HE WOULDNT WON WITHOUT SHAQ OR WITHOUT GASOL…. LETS GIVE HIM SOME RESPECT FOR BEING THE GREAT PLAYER HE HAS BEEN…….. HES EASILY IN THE TOP FIVE EVER OR TOP 3……

  45. J. Memo says:

    Pau Gasol is a tough Center,

    I think he’s saving his best for the second half of the season. He might be dropping in numbers to give Bynum a little extra playing time and getting back into the game after his injury.

    He’s a big part of the Lakers but if his numbers just dropped barely a few point and rebounds, THE LAKERS have to step up meaning

    Bynum, Fisher, Artest, Brown, Blake, Barnes, WALTON. They need to step up and go in there and take a load off him and KOBE… Kobe

    As usual Kobe always gets thrown into LAKERS topic’s. Leave him out… The post is about Gasol.

  46. zack24 says:

    come on gasol is the heart of lakers right now. take gasol away the lakers will surely crumble, any way gasol is their main man now bryant is only a wingman for him.

  47. Yobe says:

    I actually think without Gasol the Lakers could have atleast gotten past the first round. They definitely would not have won a title but if you can name a player that won a title by HIMSELF than I can see where some of you are coming from. The reason Kobe’s fg % is down is because he just doesn’t get the same elevation on his shot anymore. Every single time he misses, it’s short. Or he takes a questionable shot. I’m one of the biggest Lakers fans you’ll meet and I can honestly say I haven’t seen the Lakers play this terribly in a while. It’s kind of depressing but there’s no doubt in my mind that they will change the way they’re playing because that’s what the good teams do and you’d have to be an idiot to not believe the Lakers are a good team. It will be Lakers and Celtics or Lakers and Magic in the finals.

  48. benny miami says:

    chris bosh dominated the front line

  49. Manuel says:

    Stop comparing all players no matter who it is. All the players produce some type of greatness especially superstars. Who cares if Kobe is the best or if Jordan is the best. They both did great things and they deserve respect in the game of basketball.

  50. Manuel says:

    All of you people saying nonsense about the whole laker team need to stop because in reality in the game of basketball everyone needs each other to win an NBA championship. Stop naming certain players a team is a team. The lakers are a team everyone needs each other not just Paul Gasol or Kobe. The whole team produces a championship. Basketball is a game that is palyed together in case you dont realize it. Stop naming individuals when in reality they are not that is why the Lakers have won 2 straight.

  51. KB24 Fan says:

    Dont just call out Gasol…call them all out like your leader KOBE BRYANT, he’s playing “SOFT” also. He’s attacking looking for calls complaining about calls and getting kicked out of games. Tell him to lead by example stop crying and play ball. His play in big games have been lazy and real laid back, he wants to be considered a great and he hides in big games…. Now he’s my favorite player, but I cant stand what I’m seeing of late….He cant be the Black Mamba and play like a harmless Garden Snake…

  52. gilbert says:

    well monkey part..your point is the strongest,,with all due respect to everyone elses informative opinions and stats,,
    82 games..few pre seasons..and then o ya! add all that up with every single season,,,
    lets be honest he guys a human being,,,the guy has the best jump shot of anybody in that position today,,the guy is the 11/2 main source of the lakers,,the guy is having a struggle that i WILL guarantee will only last a couple of weeks,,

  53. Tenki says:

    Guys here we go again. I remember that I’ve made a similar comment about leaving MJ as the greatest ever, and Kobe can’t outdo him. It’s like choosing a Mercedes-Benz over a Duesenberg SJ. Point is, it will never happen. I never wanted to compare these particular players, but since some of the die-hard Kobe fans think that Bryant is better than MJ, I will do so. These are fact, not fiction or something that I just made up.

    Bryant can be as great as he can be, but his career doesn’t match anything compared to Jordan’s achievements:

    Scoring average/game (Career)

    Michael Jordan: 30.1
    Kobe Bryant: 25.0

    Scoring average/game (best season)

    MJ: 37.1
    KB: 35.4

    Assists/game average (career)

    MJ: 5.3
    KB: 4.6

    Assists/game (best season, average)

    MJ: 8.0
    KB: 6.0

    Offensive rebounds (career average)

    MJ: 1.6
    KB: 1.2

    Offensive rebounds (best season average)

    MJ: 2.0
    KB: 1.6

    Steals/game (career average)

    MJ: 2.4
    KB: 1.5

    Steals/game (best season average)

    MJ: 3.2
    KB: 2.2

    Blocks/game (career)

    MJ: .8
    KB: .5

    Blocks/game (best season)

    MJ: 1.6
    KB: 1.0

    Rebounds/game (career)

    MJ: 6.2
    KB 5.3

    Rebounds/game (best season)

    MJ: 8.0
    KB 6.9

    Career playoff statistics:

    MJ: 33.4 PPG, 6.4 RPG, 5.7 APG
    KB: 25.5 PPG, 5.2RPG, 4.8 RPG

    #23>#24. Testify!

  54. Aaron says:

    I HATE Kobe Bryant, but in terms of respect for one of the game’s all time greats, it’s hard not to respect Kobe. He IS one of the leagues all time greats BUT basketball IS a team sport so all this “Kobe couldn’t have done it without Shaq or Gasol” IS correct but they couldnt have done it without Kobe either. No team can win without at least a couple of superstar talents or great team defense.

  55. DarlingBryan says:

    just like years few back when pau was not with the lakers. lakers might not make it to the play-off.

  56. eduard says:

    Kobe who? if it was’nt for coach phil, coaching the lakers, they cannot win any NBA championship, it’s phil jacksons brilliancy that made the lakers champion,

  57. Reality Check says:

    Or Not

  58. ReUP says:

    Jus need to ReUP, Lakers is a Team, so lets get it!

  59. Lakers Man Here says:

    You know I usually try not to rag on someone elses blog, but XSP17, what are you talking about? You’re trying to say that the Laker’s championship last year was fixed by the NBA and the referees. You don’t give a team credit for winning a championship! Man I hate it when people make those types of comments. what are you basing this analysis on, by the way? That type of thing really bothers me. Let’s try to base our comments on facts! Blaming referees just doesn’t cut it for me! that 7 game series, ( Lakers-Celtics), was one of the best I’ve seen in awhile. To undermine it like that undermines the game itself.

  60. lakers suck says:

    When Pau fails, lakers fail… Not that they don’t already 😛

  61. lakers suck says:

    Lakers suck, so does everyone on the Lakers, especially Pau & Kobe, watch them lose to the bottom 50% teams this year and fail at the championships.

  62. Lakeshow says:

    lol why do the media always gives the heat on players when they are losing? everybody has bad games. i guess its too early to conclude whats really happening with the Lakers. But we’ll see in the post season who’s gonna be who and then we’ll conclude. And by the way its ridiculous how much haters you see in every Lakers article. I don’t have any bad feelings againts the Heat or even Lebron and im a Laker fan, its just a game its just NBA don’t be too serious boy.

  63. kings says:

    Gasol really improved at 09-10 season, it would have been awesome if KG didnt get injured and played the way he did in 08. Gasol just need to rest up cause he’d been playing as a starting center before bynum get you guys out there, yes! KG dominated Gasol in 08 and as much as i like KG, he was indeed dominated by Gasol in PF position..

  64. evan says:

    wow wow wow, Kobe EASILY top 5 in history? Where did you put Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, Larry BIrd, Jerry West, Karl Malone and many others? Kobe is definitely top 20 player but EASILY TOP 5? that’s an absolute stupidity.

    And stop comparing MJ with Kobe. MJ won without DOMINANT POST-PLAYER (although I agree he won with Pippen’s aid), albeit Dennis Rodman (although offensively he was as bad as he could be). Back to the topic, Gasol has been playing absolutely crazy minutes to cover Bynum’s early loss, so I think the physicality has taken its toll now. He definitely needs a break to get back his physical play so Lakers can march again (I am not a Lakers fan but when Gasol is hot the Lakers are harder to beat)

  65. Fastbreak-TheHumanEbolaVirus2 says:

    LOL are you kidding me, I mean all of us, get your facts straight dude, 20% accuracy on fadeaway shots? LOL those shots break 20,000+ hearts/night

  66. green576 says:

    They have problem on the offensive end. Nobody scores but Kobe,Odom ,Gasol and Brown. They can not spread the floor. Fisher should retire , that guy doesn’t do anything but passes the ball, not in the good way anyways. Same thing with Artest , he is great defensive player but he seems to be afraid to shoot the basket. and he is slow too.Also instead of getting somebody who’s gonna attack the rim they got Blake, that guy is useless. By attacking the rim you take people with you and then others can score easy. Those rookies they got should play more as well. Every team has rookies and couches let them play but Jackson doesn’t do that. Matt Barnes is special case, that guy is only good for another tattoo, nothing else.

  67. Monkey Party says:

    Everyone riding Pau at the moment just needs to ask themselves, how many othe PF have the skill set to get a trible-double on any given night?

  68. Nakita says:

    that;s true ,,, PAU GASOL is the CATALYST of the LAKERS TEAM

    remember that KOBE wasn’t able to reach the championship on his own …

    when PAU GASOL entered LAKERS, they suddenly WENT ON TO THE NBA FINALS
    from a nonplayoff contender then to a CHAMPIONSHIP CONTENDER where they lost to the Celtics on their first meet

    BUT IF MY MEMORY SERVES ME RIGHT, PAU GASOL was DOMINANT this season on the early start

    it would take some time before he becomes 100 percent again …

    so if i were phil, i would try to do all the technology and medical innovation to speed up any ailment PAU GASOL is ailing whether is minor or a very little to consider

  69. JamesWadeBosh->GrandSlamEliminationToTheCelts says:

    “because their going to add a big one” -> Sure thing, more teams are going to be a roadblock to Miami in the postseason. Triple the Grandslam!

  70. FineLebron2MVPsKobe1MVP says:


    Kobe – 5 rings
    Lebron – 0

  71. T says:

    Gasol is the biggest factor of whether the Lakers win a championship. Kobe can’t and could not get a team out of the first round without a Shaq or Gasol. These last 3 years the Lakers would not have gotten out of the first round without Gasol.

  72. JC says:

    We cannot compare MJ to Kobe period. MJ is the greatest. He did all the things they said couldn’t be done to win the title. A SG couldn’t be league MVP, scoring champion, and not have dominant low post and pg play and win a Title. Mj proved it was possible. Bill Cartright was on his last straw MJ hand picked him bc he needed a rebounder, and outside playing Center to not clog the middle. Horace was in his 2nd or 3rd year and still developing but not even considered a top 5 and barely even top 10 PF in that era. Stacy King, yeah nuff said. The reason why dominant post players make it easy is becase they draw a double team. The team has to decide either to get their big in foul trouble or allow the perimeter players to do their thing. Easy post points allow for your perimeter players to rest on a couple series.
    Kobe had that luxery with Shaq. The most dominant post player in league history. Yes MJ had Pip who was good but doesn’t give you the easy back to the basket points. He doesn’t draw a double team unless he was hot, maybe. Low post guys could clog the middle and force the Bulls Bigs bigs to win the game by taking jumpers. Instead of 3 foot hooks and around the basket points.
    I know we all remember the two years LA attempted to do the Jordan/Pip with Kobe/Odom. Remember that team had zero low post with perimeter Bigs and Phil running the team. But they couldn’t beat the Jump shooting Suns. It wasn’t until the Lakes got Pau (again arguably the best Big in the league) before they turned into Championship contenders again. Along with a suprising Bynum who quickly became a force. Two fully capable Bigs to draw double teams to free up perimeter guys.
    I’m still not quite sure where to put Kobe but not in the top 5 of all time

  73. Sticker says:

    Your personal rankings doesnt matter to me…as long as I appreciate a player he will definitely be the one for me… i don’t care for the legends co’z the gameplay of their time is a lot more different today…so dont compare yesterday to today!

  74. Sticker says:

    Big man loses composure first than small ones…

  75. Harry says:

    I haven’t read all the comments so perhaps the answer to my question lies therein. Why is it that the heat is on Pau and not Kobe, o.k. Pau has not been performing as well as he did in the beginning of the season but Kobe has not been performing as well as he did last year. Maybe that’s exactly why Smith’s comment that Laker go as Gasol goes (sic) is not far fetched. This season Pau’s influence is greater as his underperformace has a greater impact on the team than Kobe’s has had. He has become pivotal to the team and even more so when Kobe is so below his imperial best.

  76. Ba says:

    Kobe is gay with Gasol

  77. celtics=champs 2010-11 says:

    Lets face facts people. Kobe is getting older, becoming more of a sook (throwing tantrums) and is taking way too many shots. Pau Gasol is also a sook who single handedly beat the celtics by flopping in game 7 especially. These two have brought the bad media attention to themselves because of their lack of leadership of a unfocused team

  78. SEE says:

    My fellows as you see all in the L.A team has their own way in making THIS L.A a TEAM,

    PAU- balanced player as a PF
    ODOM-ALL around man

    THIS isnt about who is the center of attraction of the laker team this is about how the team play with or without kobe or pau they will Play as Hard as they can To win, KOBE isnt the main man though, THEY are the main man,

  79. Tenki says:

    By the way, I would like to apologize for being irrelevant in this post. This is about Pau, not Bryant. However, the reason why I brought up the list a while ago is for Kobe fans to realize that Bryant still has a lot of work to bring himself up that list. Personally, Kobe is ranked top 20 in my list if I were to continue, but it would seem like I hate him that much for you Kobe fans.

    Pau Gasol has to step up his game. He took his rest from the World Basketball Championships, and it should be enough for him to regain his strength this season. LA really needs his presence to be felt. Their loss against Miami should be somewhat overlooked, because Miami is on a groove right now. LeBron had a triple-double, Wade shut down Bryant despite nursing a sore knee, and Bosh had his way on the court, almost having a triple-double himself. But the mere fact that the Lakers fell victims to a toothless predator like the Bucks is inexcusable. They had lost by 19 points, the biggest so far this season, and to make matters worse, their upcoming schedule is a lot tougher than the past 20 or so games. If LA is to have the all-important home court advantage, they should win a majority of these games, especially against elite teams.Pau should show up or their team would have a string of losses again (ahem).

    Now some of the Laker fans think that their loss against Miami was “just another game”, for me it was more important. Why? Miami is still trying to establish its game, and the best opportunity to beat them was on Christmas Day, which they failed to do so. True Laker fans would admit that, if Game 7 last season against the Celtics was played in Boston, we might have witnessed a replay of Kobe with his head tilted down and the Aging Big Three would be raising up the Larry O’Brien trophy once again. That’s how essential a home court advantage is. However, if Pau Gasol would be as efficient as he was last year, it wouldn’t be hard for basketball fans to see the Lakers make their coveted three-peat.

  80. Christian anthony says:

    Lakers……..lets just take it easy……..we still the champs…….it is not the time for us to be discourage….we can get it guys….we have many coming games that giving us the time to recover and have revenge. ….just play hard everyday,team work…and lastly give every with importance and meaning……we are the champs…….Go lakershow….

  81. Jeff Lee says:

    Man, it’s all about gambling. They lost in the Christmas day because a lot of people are watching, hoping, and putting bet on Lakers. No fun to watch a game like that, boo!

  82. Tenki says:

    My list of Top Ten players, All-Time:

    1. Michael Jordan – Kobe ain’t even close, he’s just a good copy of MJ’s moves.
    2. Bill Russel – a decade of dominance is enough.
    3. Wilt Chamberlain – a heck of an athlete who never fouled out and yet held many records in the league.
    4. Magic Johnson – ShowTime LA’s main man.
    5. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – Magic’s significant other, the NBA’s all-time leading scorer.
    6. Larry Bird – the one who’s willing to spoil the party in LA, and yet loved by the people of Los Angeles.
    7. Jerry West – he won’t be the icon of this game if he was nothing.
    8. Wes Unseld – the only other player aside from Wilt to win ROY and MVP awards at the same season.
    9. Oscar Robertson – the only thing he won’t do on the court is to officiate it.
    10 Julius Erving – His Airness looked up to him, and the rest of the high-fliers followed.

    Kobe isn’t even up the conversation here, despite his five championships. If rings would measure greatness, he would be behind Bob Cousy, who was all along Russel, and Robert Horry, known as Big Shot Bob. No disrespect for Mr. Cousy, but it was Russel which most people who give credit to the success that Boston cherished during the 60’s. And if we have this kind of basis, three of Kobe’s rings was earned by Shaq. Sorry Bryant fans, but this is the truth; it may hurt a little, it may hurt a lot, but nonetheless, it’s the truth.

    The list I made here consists of guys who revolutionized the game and took it to new heights. Some Utah fans might be dejected why I didn’t put up Josh Stockton who nearly had 15,000 assists in his career, and Karl Malone, owner of the second all-time scoring record in a career. That being said, they led by example how the pick-and-roll can be a devastating weapon for a team, because they have lead the Jazz in each of their 17 years playing for that squad. Kobe even missed the playoffs, signifying that he isn’t that great to be considered one of the top ten greatest of all-time.

    • 3peat says:

      Kobe’s in the conversation -,-

      he got 5 rings even if the 3 was credited to shaq he couldnt won those 3 without KOBE

      yeah their the one who revolutionized basketball but Kobe continued it on his era

      their Game of basketball and rules are different back then

      your saying the things and accomplishments that they’ve done

      kobe got some accomplishments too

      LA alltime scoring leader
      LA best player Out of Highschool
      5 rings
      second best scoring performance in NBA (81points)
      Yeah he missed the playoffs for sometime
      but the awesome thing is he missed the playoffs but still now he’s only 1 ring behind MJ

      and That scoring List watch out if bryant continues to play until only he’s 38

      he will win that alltime scoring in the NBA

      also the Problem about this is

      all that guys above is done playing

      while Kobe is still at his prime @32yrs old

      so wait until he’s carrer is over

      he’ll be in that top 5 best player of all time discussion :))

  83. LA TEAM says:

    i guess Phil is just up to something. . . maybe they’re experimenting on something. lol!
    just look at the team right now, they’re not playing the way they should be. the rotation’s a mess, their transition game is missing. artest has been busy with his act of kindness thing. kobe hasn’t get it going for a while now. fish, where is fish? haha. and now pau. . . power outage? maybe.
    its the regular season, expect them to grind it out on the post season.

  84. rockylo714 says:

    okay first and for most i love L.A.!!The problem is kobe and his teammates watching him…buy the time 24 gets the ball its already 10-14 secs left on the the shot clock everybody watches to see if hes gonna iso the ball 6-8 secs left the defense closes in on 24 hes force to take an “ugly” shot!!!!Lakers are dominant when 24 doesnt hold the ball but disperse the rock before hes force to a tough defensive shot

  85. ALL TIME GREATS says:

    To be an all time great you have to be the best of your era.
    1 MVP doesn’t make you the best. I don’t care if you have 10 rings.

    Lebron – 2 MVPs
    KB24 – 1 MVP

    • Mickey mous3 says:

      Yeah i agree with you. to be an all time great you have to be the best of your era.
      But how can you call a King without a crown. lolz…

      • scottie pippen says:

        pretty sure lebron would trade his 2 MVPs for 5 championship rings, 2 finals MVPs and 1 regular season MVP

    • scottie pippen says:

      and i guess steve nash should be up there in your comment too.

  86. Mitchel says:

    I must admit that Gasol was one of the two most important key players (alongside w/ kobe) in LA’s last 2 championship…
    Basketball is a team sports. Even MJ can’t win championships alone. Nor Bird, nor Magic.

  87. nelson tun says:

    Lakers haven’t got team chemistry like last year. Last year at this time, Lakers only lost about 4 games but 8 now. And lakers made a lot of mistakes not by the players but by the administrators and owners. In 2009 after they got championship, they drove out Trivor Arisor to save money. Now in 2010 they should have known they need a good point guard but not good enough when they acquired. And then they in put old veteran who are out -of -date. They need to be wise enough to get new blood like Curry, Davon Harris, West Brook, Rajorn Rondo, etc: who are young and quick enough to penetrate to make the other teams surprise. I see a lot of good point guards to be in Memphis team. The bottom like is that if Lakers need championship again they need to reconsider to shuffle and trade in before it’s too late rather than tracing up cheap players. Other wise, they won’t even approach the western final.

  88. l_marquez says:

    u know wat guys,, i hate to see the lakers losing their previous game!! this my message to the all LA laker haters all over the world ” beat LA lakers first” see you in the final to this season

  89. Lakers Man Here! says:

    Gasol is a beast! Face it! Every player has some downtime! Except maybe Kobe and Lebron!

  90. SeñorCalvito says:

    I think Bynum contributes so little (Andrew is injured most of the time, and the team is always aware of him, the other players take on roles that do not belong) that Lakers should think about a possible transfer.

  91. yakir says:

    Finally an article that really explains whats going on with the lakers. Gasol needs to man up and play in the paint.

  92. kazpo says:


    Lets make it real man!!!!!

    Lebron + Wade + Bosh = Grandslam

    because their going to add a big one… hahahhahahah

    that’s for sure.

  93. Joey says:

    I read all the comments and not one person identified LA’s soft schedule until now. They have played 32 games only 7 of the teams are over 500 and they are 2-5 in those games. LA is not that good this year. Last years title was handed to them via horrid officiating and a limping KG. I won’t be surprised if the Lakers don’t make it past the 2nd round this year. They are soft as Gasoft is. Also Kobe is a top 5 SG of all time but not top 5 NBA all time

  94. Patrick says:

    Perhaps, it may be fairer to compare Gasol’s stat in December with Kobe Brian and Ron Artest. Gasol may not have performed too well in December when compared with November but in my opion, is nothing worse than Kobe and Ron. He should not be penalized by Phil Jackson or the others.

  95. mambastrike says:

    I really dont think that L.A is gona be the champion this year… to much other great teams who are rolling san antonio,miami,boston,…. and i cant see this bench now that the lakers have capable of puting them over the edge.. even if Ron Arters stars showing his best games and more minutes.

    P.S barnes sucks !!

  96. henry marcotte says:

    Phil Jackson plays the blame game every time. Look in the mirror, Phil. It’s all on you. Time to retire.

  97. BlackMamba says:

    bynum gotta get healthy so gasol can play pf again… as good as kobe is, he cant do all by himself. when we traded away shaq, the lakers failed… nooooooooooooooooo i dont want the lakers to suck again

  98. Teeceezy says:

    Lies and perceptions Fastbreak! What the worst team in the NBA, bar the coach and the best player, was the Lakers at that time. Kobe and Phil carried that team to the playoffs and almost took out a Suns team that was far better that your assessment. LeBron made it through the playoffs because, as usual, outside of a couple team, the East was a bunch of scrubs. Speaking of LeBron carrying playoff teams, LeBron sure carried Cleveland to a lot. An ass-whipping from Orlando in 09 as Hedo had his way with LeBron , and a crushing from Boston, as LeBron padded his stats once it was clear that Cleveland was going to lose so he wouldn’t get the blame. Yeah.

    Doesn’t deserve to be compared to Magic and MJ? I’m sorry, I thought Kareem and Scottie Pippen were Hall of Famers who played with them, and that they always won championships by themselves? Not to mention James Worthy, Dennis Rodman, Byron Scott, Horace Grant and numerous other talented players. Bryant is a 5-time champ, and a 2-time Finals MVP. Let’s be honest, comparatively the cakewalk that was the 2002 NBA Finals was nothing compared to the Western Conference Finals with the Kings, and Kobe was the Lakers’ MVP for those playoffs. Shaq just showed up for the Finals, because unfortunately that’s all that counts for that award. Next time get your s*** together. And to be stupid enough to disrespect a shot many call the greatest in the NBA, with a ridiculously exaggerated number like 20%? I’m sorry, I missed the part where there was anyone else who could make such a difficult shot with the regularity Kobe has.

  99. Carlo (Lakers fan) says:

    Phil Jackson is right, Pau needs to be more tough, he is a big guy so he should be tough, and he needs to be more aggresive because if he keeps playing like today the lakers will surely lose because Pau is one of the important players in the team.

  100. iggybiggy says:

    It has been proven that when gasol is out sick/injured the lakers lose…….. when kobe is out because he is sick/injured the lakers still have a winning record. Without gasol the lakers are spinning their wheels with every ball hog shot. look it up!!

  101. Teeceezy says:

    Another fallacy is the low FG%. When compared against his peers, especially in years past, he has had a lower FG% than a LeBron James or a Dwayne Wade for a few reasons. One is that he is a perimeter player. By perimeter player I mean that he generally takes 3s or midrange-long 2s. The shot compostiion of him compared to a driving paint scorer like LeBron or Wade means he is taking more difficult shots, and therefore by theoretical design will have a lower FG%. Secondly the fact that Kobe is in his 15th year in the league, at age 32, and is still putting up an average of about 25-26 points in 33 minutes, is a testament to his ability as a scorer. Not necessarily as a physically gifted scorer, but a wise and cerebral assassin with the basketball in hand. Let’s see what LeBron’s average after 14 years in the league is huh?

  102. ABC says:

    i say trade pau to denver and bring Carmelo to L.A just a thought

  103. JHarrlaker4life says:

    there is nothing wrong with the lakers just bench players need to step up stop putting it all on the started this is a time for them to make a name foe themselves look at the two titles they won they got killed last year against the cavs and blew out boston the year before they still won this lost to the heat does’ny mean anything because the heat wont beat boston

  104. KingCobra25 says:

    Damn the lakers suck. The celtics didn’t even win the title and they are doing great and the defending champions look like the weak 2006 lakers who lost and was left in the dust.You lakers fans and lakers deserve your team to suck and everyone laughing at you. MIAMI HEAT ALL THE DAY BABY.

  105. OMG Idiots says:

    Whoever is a clipper fan and posted on this thread, ur a dummy. Yea BG is good but 9 wins? seriously u have one shining spot on ur entire roster so please do everyone a favor and put your head back in ur ass.

  106. Annoying says:

    People are like girls WEAK, just because lakers lost a game they made into a big deal. Seems like none of u have played bball before in rl..and don’t understand what struggle is. Don’t blame everything on kobe OR Pau. Remember it’s a TEAM GAME. Even if Kobe was shooting low % he still putting up points. People always blame the stars. IT”S A TEAM game..Laker’s couldn’t do it without their bench, coach, assistants coaches AND the people = FANS. Let’s be real, one great player can avg good stats and still can fail cause his team didn’t play well. Just like Lebron, he can avg a triple double everygame but still can’t win by himself..he needs his 2 queens and the rest of the team. It’s never just one player..its the team. MJ never won a ring without Pippen. Be real people, stop hating. -_-

  107. Fastbreak says:

    Man this Kobe crap is ridiculous. He is not that great, you LA fans need to dowse yourselves with some reality and then some kerosene and jump in a fire. Do not embarrass the likes of MJ and Magic Johnson by comparing him to them. He is a guy who plays for himself. He is not a leader, and had Phil not found Pau he would of bailed long ago. He sucked when he had no stars around him but a decent team, and don’t give me that BS about needing it. Lebron carried the Cavs to playoffs and even into the Finals. Kobe got stumped by the Suns…?

    As far as Pau goes, Lakers fans should be grateful he is there. You wanna bash him the same way you bashed Bosh who wrecked your team and so called big 3. Give me a break. Gasol is the little glimpse of hope you have for the future, because Kobe dragged his feet last year and is even worse now. No Gasol is not a big tough guy who focuses on defense…have you been on crack? He is a scorer, he is your Amare/Boozer. He would be putting up those numbers easily too I might add if you guys ran your offense through him more, but you dont, because Kobe needs those fade-aways that he shoots at a 20% accuracy….

    GL in the finals, and turning “it” on. Whatever “it” is suppose to be. You act like Lakers wanted to lose this game, news flash they didn’t, Kobe was clearly pissed and so is Phil. This isn’t last year, and there isn’t some kind of long standing tradition by the Lakers to suck during the regular season and turn it up in the playoffs. You played poor teams last year, and even the Suns/OKC took you to 6 games, maybe even 7 barring some luck with Artest and game 5.

    Keep telling yourselves the Lakers have some magic switch to flip when playoffs roll around, because I’l be here to laugh at you when they don’t.

  108. Lewis says:

    I think that Andrew Bynum would give the Lakers a boost if he goes back to the starting line-up. The Lakers didn’t finish well last season because of Andrew Bynum’s knee injury. The Boost of the Lakers at the playoffs was because of Andrew Bynum. Everything that matters to the Lakers is Rebounding the ball and defending the floor. If Andrew Bynum gets more minutes than usual, Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol’s offense would be stronger. Pau Gasol came to LA strong and helped the Lakers to reach the NBA Finals in 2008. Then the next year because of Kobe’s best teamwork with Pau the Lakers won the championship. At the 2010 Finals in game 7, Pau’s rebounding and strength helped the Lakers win the game. The Lakers started tough because Pau Gasol’s strength. But now the team is slacking off because of Pau’s weakness. So the Lakers will be stronger if their 2009 starting line-up is back and they’re hungriness of a three peat. The Lakers also need to improve for number 1 seed. That is very important because their playoff position would get them to be at home for most of the rounds at the playoffs. If the Lakers start to improve their road record and home advantage they will be in good shape to beat the heat in early march for their second match-up in Miami.

  109. XSP17 says:

    Oh Laker fans; Don’t get your panties all tied in a wad. The refs will make up those calls to the Lakers in the playoffs. That’s just what the Pittsburgh Steelers and Lakers have in common; the refs in their back pockets. We all saw what happened in the playoffs last year through every series they went through. In the series with Oklahoma, Westbrook stopped getting the calls he was getting during the first two games. The refs swallowed their whistles starting with Game 5. They saw the Lakers were in trouble and bailed them out. In the finals, when the Celtics were dominating the game like they did in 2008, the refs realized that the Lakers were actually about to lose a Game 7 in their own house and started making tickey tack fouls and non-fouls to get the Lakers back in the game. It’s the elephant in the room. I’ve been watching the NBA for about 25 years and have never seen nothing so orchestrated in the way that series was called. They ensured it was going to go 7 games. We all know Celtic were actually the better team. That’s why the Lakers didn’t dominate the Celtics like the Celtics dominated them in 2008. This is why Phil came back. He and Kobe knows deep down inside that they did not sincerely win that championship. It’s eating at his EGO. This is coming from a Heat/Magic fan. Not Celtics nor Oklahoma. This is first championship that i’ve seen that did not seem legitmate. Lakers bring more money to the game and that’s what it was all about. Stern and his cronies made it happen.

    • scottie pippen says:

      yeah son, you are right, the reffs cheated. HAHAHAHAH

      that is the biggest load of s*** i have ever read in my life! how pathetic!

  110. Fet says:

    Wait til’ the playoffs. I wanna watch what happens then.

  111. jacko1716 says:

    everyone the season lakers got gasol lakers record were 26-13 which was first in the west before getting pau so yea

  112. Yianni Zacharioudakis says:

    Some people still amaze me. They doubt the greatness of Kobe and are ready to throw Gasol into the “ok player” category!! Really guys? Is this how little you understand b-ball? Kobe is one of the top two players in history of the league, with only Michael ahead of him right now. If he manages to win this 6th ring against a Miami team of super-stars or against maybe the best Celtics team of all time, he can easily be considered the BEST EVER!! Gasol is the best tall man in the NBA right now, even though he plays at the wrong position. He is defintely going through a tough time but who hasn’t once in a while? All Phil is doing is getting them ready for the challenge. It’s just a strategy and will get his players to respond on the floor. LAKERS is a dynasty, it’s as simple as that. Peace!

  113. Riley Freeman says:

    haha its funny how people are talking about how LA is nothing without Gasol…ummm where WERE THE GRIZZLIES WHEN HE WAS ON THE TEAM AND WHERE WAS GASOL THEN??? NOWHERE! The fact of the matter is that the triangle offense is created by ball movement. in other words you need a strong center presence to secure the ball. Gasol is soft and we all know that he gets pushed around. But to say that without him the lakers wouldnt be the champs is crazy. Gasol is good but he’s not that good. Put any caliber big player in instead of gasol in and you’ll see that it’s the Lakers and Kobe that make them shine. Ex: Put D Howard in for Gasol… would be better or put Bosh in for Gasol… would be better, put Yao (if healthy) would be better and the list keeps going on like this. IN OTHER WORDS GASOL IS REPLACEABLE KOBE ISNT. END OF DISCUSSION

  114. Charliegone says:

    This is the way I see it. Kobe and Pau are the hands and arms of this Laker team, a one-two punch if you will. If one of the hands and arms aren’t working on the same page, they basically are handicapped against the opponent, especially if that opponent has a potent one two punch. In other words, the lakers need both players to be productive to beat the better teams. They cannot have one guy play well while the other has a bad game, they just won’t win that way. Pau really needs to toughen up. He’s been playing very poorly offensively and defensively and the Lakers cannot beat the better teams with him playing poor, same goes for Kobe. Hopefully for the Lakers sake Pau steps up.

  115. Jon says:

    This all just goes with the territory of being a superstar level player. Gasol needs to learn to accept the criticism in addition to the compliments. Just as Gasol’s presence in LA has transformed the team into Championship contenders, his absence can return us to mediocrity.

  116. JB says:

    Let’s not forget that before Pau was given to the Lakers for basically nothing, the Lakers were a .500 team, and Kobe was complaining about his owner and asking for a possible trade. At the time, before Gasol came, Kobe still had a decent supporting cast with Odom (far better than Lebron ever had with the Cavs, yet Lebron had already led the Cavs to the eastern conference finals over the Pistons and then multiple win 60 win seasons vs Kobe’s .500/ non-playoff bound team when he had no supporting cast). Would Kobe have won a title if he was on the Cavs with a non-existant supporting cast in place of Lebron? Laker’s will need Gasol at top of his game if they want to have a remote chance to win a title or even get out of the west. Both Phil and Kobe now this. Phil knew he was going to lose on christmas. If they face the Heat as it is now, the Heat will win easily. The Celtics will be a slightly better match up for LA but will also pose a difficult challenge.

  117. ALL TIME GREATS says:

    The bigs on LA have to be near perfect because it is their efficient offensive which compensates for Kobe’s offensive inefficiency. In fact it is Kobe’s inefficiency which is the number one reason why he is not top 10 all time. When I say inefficient I’m talking mostly about missed shots and low field goal percentage. Bottom line – when I compare Kobe’s numbers to that of his peers Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, I don’t see him as the best player in the league even know forget being one of the best all-time.

  118. Teeceezy says:

    Man, I’ll be damned at the s*** on here, huh? I’m not immature or biased enough as a Laker fan to say that the Christmas Day game didn’t matter, but anyone would think the Lakers just lost the Finals the way people are talking. The only high-level threats to a L.A. 3-peat, in terms of teams, are the Spurs and the Celtics. The others will show their true colors when the big lights of the playoffs come on. I mean, look at the last two regular season top seeds. Two Cavs teams compiling a 127-37 record, and yet the same crap happened with them. Everyone drooled over how good they were, and that L.A. and Boston were done, and that LeBron James was the best NBA player today. How did that turn out? As I said, the only teams with championship mettle, that have the talent and skill to win another championship are L.A., S.A. & Boston. The others need to prove themselves in the bright lights (playoffs) before it can be assumed they are championship material.

    As for the other issues in here, you put Nowitski, Bosh or even Garnett in the game as the starting Center for 40+ minutes, and by Center, I don’t mean listed at Center but plays opposing PFs. I mean starting Center plays the opposing Center for over 40 minutes. That kind of sh** like “KG owned Gasol in the 08 Finals” is BS, because it was Perkins playing Gasol, not Mr “You’re A Cancer”. The only times KG played Gasol was on the switch or in a double team. They both played PF last year, and look at the series and tell me who played better?

    As for the other played out jaw-jacking in here, I’m sorry, were any of you in both court cases? Was Kobe convicted Guilty? NO! So STFU. The Jordan s*** is just for nut-huggers angry at the fact that there is another shot guard playing like an All-Time Top 10 player. I’m not saying Kobe is better, because right now he obviously isn’t. However to not allow a transparent discussion of such is disgusting, and it seems it’s never comparing the same thing. A man can not beat a myth. And that is not a compliment of Jordan’s play, but a commentary on the blindness of a lot of sports fans. Jordan is automatically the greatest? What about Chamberlain, Russell, Robertson, Abdul-Jabbar, Magic, Bird? Jordan dominated his era, and I’m not disputing that, but outside of the 70s it was the worst era in terms of quality teams, in NBA history. The ghosts and myths of this era prevent a fair comparison, because again your often fighting opinions and perceptions, as opposed to hard facts. People fell in love with Jordan, not just because of his on-court antics, but because of the marketing plan in a less-cynical and media savvy era. If Jordan’s career began today, and he had the same success, he would be considered great after he was done. But during his playing time there would always be constant second-guessing and hating of the same nature that Kobe gets. We are talking about a guy that was the centerpiece of the best franchise of the decade and on top of that was selected as the PLAYER OF THE DECADE. Not Shaq. Not Duncan. Not LeBron. Kobe was player of the decade. Yet apparently that doesn’t warrant s*** when comparing to legends, and that is bearing in mind he is not retired, and is still in a position where he could win multiple championships in addition to what he has already collated.

  119. max says:

    20.3 points, to 17.3 , 12.3 rebounds to 9.5 and 54 percent from the floor to 47 … Pointing somebody out for that? Writing an article accusing somebody individually for that? Are you kidding me? I´m a Laker fan and clever enough to realize that Laker´s problems last games go far beyond Pau´s -obviously evident-bad performance.Why don´t we take a look on Kobe or the rest of the team? Don´t be coward, face the truth ,LAKERS as a team are not playing well, don´t blame the spaniard.

  120. l30 says:

    common we all know that pau needs kobe and kobe needs pau they even took the services of artest, kobe won championships with shaq and pau, without one of those guys kobe never one, same with gasol he never won in memphis he is the only star,like shaq he won with wade. every star needs a assistant or backup, pierce was a star but needs to team up with garnet and allen, all the team that has won championship in the nba have 2 or more superstar in the team. now heat got superstars in james and bosh, knicks are trying to get a trio of superstar also before its just that they didnt succeed, all teams need more that one star to win a championship, when jordan returned he didnt won because what, they need to get the services of rodman as well………… its clear every team needs more than 1 or two star to win, and a lot of great supporting cast… is a team sports… not a 1 man game

  121. Dexter says:

    I believe this trade would be for the best…. I feel Melo would want to stay after the season is over if not we have cap room… Dwight would be hard to get here but Gasol is a good trade… Detroit is only giving up Stuckey for Blake…..
    We can pull this off Mich just BELIEVE!!!!!
    Please K Bros back me up on this

  122. KingCobra25 says:

    I’m a kobe fan so i kinda like the lakers and i am a heat fan. I think pau gasol is palying like in 2008 finals when he choked. Pau Gasol will get better when the playoffs start. For now the lakers will have to worry about not choking when playing teams ike miami and boston and orlando. The heat will crush lakers again when they play in march in miami if kobe chokes like a sissy and gasol please get better. You are nothing like kobe right now. Lakers fans get used to them being number 2. Heat are number 1

  123. Samir Mehmedovic says:

    It’s all good! don’t worry about a loss to miami! Lebron wins christmas games, kobe wins CHAMPIONSHIP games.. now what’s worth more? Everyone has bad games, don’t worry.. soon everything will be okay, and kobe with be bringing the trophy home again! 3peaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

  124. Jan Sal says:

    People who discredit Kobe’s greatness and from winning championships are really just haters. You hear people say things like “it was shaq that got us that ring” or ‘it was Pau that made the whole thing happen’… so I guess shaq and pau played 1 on 5 huh?? or maybe we should discredit other greats like hakeem, magic for having kareem and other hall of famers in one team, michael jordan even for having scottie pippen rodman and many other great players… you Kobe haters are dumb and probably don’t even really watch basketball… instead you try to discredit him and say another man in the league is better than him… guess what? Kobe is still the best for the last 10 years… oh just to re-fresh everyone’s memory on how bad kobe played in the finals while grabbing 15 rebounds… does anyone forget what pau did… im sure he had a monstrous night <—– Sarcastic…. I appreciate Pau, but Kobe is still the leader and the bigger reason why they got that ring…

  125. common stay away from kobe watch untill april n june sure he will bring the A game everybody wanna see

  126. LordoftheRings says:

    Here are The Facts , The Lakers will Threepeat and Kobe will have 6 Rings . The Lakers Legend will expand . Phill will have achieved Two 6 Ring Teams . And the Lakers will have a mountain of Rings as a Team . And by the way Kobe will seek a 7Th , 8Th and 9Th Ring . Those are The Facts , Read It , Learn It , Live It . LOTR .

  127. jblakers42 says:

    and for all the talk about the SPURS being a threat to the LAKERS…

    let me mind you that the SPURS/LAKERS have faced each other 4 times during this decade and the SPURS only beat the LAKERS once during the 2003 wc semifinals, and that was after the LAKERS won 3 straight…..

    clearly the LAKERS are the team of the decade w/5 championships and KOBE the best player of the decade w/his 5 rings and countless other accomplishments

    I realize KOBE’S reign as the game’s greatest player is coming to a close, he’s 32 now…..and I can live w/that because he’s been the best player, the best conditioned player in the league for the past 8 years at the least, that’s a long time to be considered the best in your sport no matter how you slice it…..

    for me, if KOBE wins a 6th title by beating boston or miami, and I’m not talking from an endorsement perspective, or popularity perspective, or from an image perspective, but on a strictly pure basketball perspective, and the fact that this guy has been playing the highest level of basketball for 15 seasons……..w/a sixth title, he will have surpassed magic johnson and larry bird (which his 5th title already validates), he would have become michael jordan’s equal……

    and I don’t say that lightly or w/out much thought……and I respect jordan to the upmost……..

    but people will have to change the conversatino because 6 equals 6 no matter how we try to divide that up……

  128. BIG VIC says:


  129. kruunk1 says:

    Just so everybody knows… there is one thing in common with the two biggest dynasties of the past 20 years….Phil Jackson was the coach. If Phil Jackson does something, he knows what he’s doing. Do not doubt him. With this statement I’m sure he is just trying to get Pau to try harder. Also, People can not say that Kobe isn’t one of the best of all time. Yes he needs other good players to win championships, everybody does. Basketball is a team sport, Kobe is the LEADER of the Lakers who have won 5 championships with Kobe. He deserves every bit of the Finals MVP award, because he is the head of their team. Everybody just imagine…what would the lakers be with just Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol, Ron Artest, Derek Fisher, and Shannon Brown? They would be the clippers, that’s what they would be. None of these players have EVER won an NBA championship without Kobe and the Lakers organization. Most of them haven’t even made it to conference finals, did Lamar Odom even make it to playoffs before joining the lakers? it’s not like the lakers are an all star team like the heat. They have one player who is the greatest in the league and 4 other starters who are very solid, but what they do better than every other team is that they actually work as a TEAM. Phil Jackson knows a system that works, He gets the right players to fit that system and as long as they play it correctly, they win. Enough said.

  130. Kobe_critic says:

    I wish every Laker fan can see this post. No, every Kobe fan. And if any Kobe fan is going to respond, back it up with facts. Not the BS that Kobe is one of the greatest blh blah blah. Below are facts. If you do not believe, go check the stats.
    Fact 1. Pau’s +/- in the Heat game was -11. This means that the Lakers lost by 11 during the minutes that Pau played. By the way, the Lakers lost by 16. So Pau did better than the average Laker. Guess what Kobe’s was? -21. -Yes, -21. You all know what that means. If not, let me tell you, the Lakers lost by 21 when Kobe was in there. The team did worse when he was on the court.
    Fact 2. Pau shot a lousy (for him) 47% in the game. The whole Laker team, 40.5%. In my opinion, if Pau took some of the shots that his teammates did, he would have made at least 47% (probably better basedc on his season average of 51.4). Better for the team, right? By the way, Kobe shot 37.5%. 37.5%, in case Kobe lovers think it’s a typo. If his teammates took some of those shots, they would have made at least 40% (the rest of the team excluding Kobe season average 47%). Kobe’s season average 44%. Yes, 44% worse than the team average. If he took less shots and let every one else take some of them, the team would be better off. If Pau took those, it would even be better.
    Fact 3. If you converted those #s to adjusted FG%, it will not make a difference because the rest of the team (without Kobe shoots 39% 3s, Kobe, 37.
    I am, by no means, am suggesting that the Lakers are better off without Kobe. He is the best player (not the most valuable, I think that’s Pau, but that needs a separate post). But I absolutely believe that the team will be better off if he stops playing like it was 2005/2007 when Shaq was just shipped off and before Pau came. With those teams he could shoot 30% and the team might still have been better off. The team needs the 2nd most valuable payer. He just needs to play like it. And if Fool Jackson was fair (and not afraid of Kobe), he will not speak like he did. “Shoots without a base”. That’s Zen-speak for “I don’t know so I’ll give you guys what you want to hear”. And since it’s not against Kobe, it must be ok. And again, Pau’s baseless shooting, good for 47%, better than the rest of the team and 125% better than Kobe (who must have been shooting with a base. LOL).

    • Kobe_critic says:

      Just saw it now. Fran Blinebury had the same idea on Thought #16 of his “24-secon Thoughts: . . . ” article in Wow! How about it Kobe-natics?

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Yeah, no one else on the team was getting triple teamed. That’s what you idiots do not understand. Anytime Kobe TOUCHES the ball he is automatically double or triple teamed.

      • john says:

        D-wade was playing Kobe straight up the entire game you moron. Help defense comes when he penetrates the lane BUT it’s the same thing with all the other stars in the league.

    • Blyder says:

      point taken about Kobe FG%…but oversimplification

      actually just read second half of post
      and totally agree…with Kobe it is def not all about stats…but his presence.

      Couldnt turn up XMAS day cos the HEAT were in crazy mode…
      if the Heat play like that no-one can beat em…the question is consistency

  131. Tikhonenko says:

    The incredible skilled player Gasol has been questioned all his career, even in Spain, for his attitude towards the game. Given his dominance in all the game fields; scoring, rebounding, defending, assisting, blocking, lidership, etc. you should add an easy-going character, generous guy who play the intangibles of the game. He definetely make his teammates better, his size and quickness is a total and continous guarantee -he’s incredibly constant in numbres thru 10 seasons-, He’s a super-star. Three Finals in three years, apart from all the titles with his national team -he had won all-. But he fails sometimes after playing 40 minutes game, not getting the calls, and been constantly in question. Human after all.
    Go Pau!

  132. big D says:

    Hollywood fakers suck anyway who cares.Celtics win it all in 2011.

  133. Souljamakinbread says:

    The point people gotta get is no matter how great a superstar is he can’t get it done by himself in basketball. It takes an overall team sure one player might stand out like Kobe Bryant but fact is Kobe didnt start back winning til he got another good post player on the team. In the past it was Shaq now its Gausol cause having a dominant big man takes the pressure off the guard because your opponent is going to be focusing on how to shut down the big man or men leaving the guard more space to do their thing. And hate Kobe Bryant but i’m a realist and even though i hate him he still a great player but at the end he still can’t do it off his own skills his team gotta be on point with him. Case and point even though Kobe got more rings than Shaq who got the ring 1st and that’s a gimmie Shaq. Because D’Wayne Wade is just as good as Kobe and Shaq was in the last years of his prime so that was pretty much the same combo as Shaq and Kobe. And on another note only reason Shaq really doesn’t have as many rings as Kobe is cause when he still was dominant in his prime he didn’t have that leading guard with drive to lead the team even in clutch time except D Wade and Kobe. And only reason i hate Kobe is because him and Shaq was suppose to gotten maybe 6 to 10 rings together but between Kobe snitching on Shaq when he got in trouble and sometimes being a ball hog when u had the most dominant player on your just didn’t make sense to me but Kobe learned though but i still dislike him but he’s a great player. And far as Gausol he is a good post but i been knew he has a tendency to be soft at times Kevin Garnett showed that the year the Celtics won the championship and even though he did pretty good last year against Garnett you gotta consider that Garnett wasn’t healthy in the championship last year either. In the post you gotta be physically and mentally tough along with skillfully good Gausol is good just not that tough he is not tough to where he can get beat up night after night and keep his composure and stay on top of his game thats why he has his on and off nights.

  134. Swingman says:

    People like “LA?” won’t accept the fact that Kobe is great until Kobe wins a championship going 1 on 12 All-star-players. On the other hand, people who appreciate Kobe for what he brings for our game and our entertainment should give up trying to reason with the haters.

  135. Oula says:

    The Lakers will be fine but they played the Dec. 25th game like it was a preseason game that had no meaning to them. Only if Gasol and Bynum had the heart that Kobe has. I saw the same heart in Ariza wherever he goes.I did not even see them (Gasol & Bynum) block even a single shot…. Their rebound numbers were low and this fueled the speed game which is in favour of the heat. Odom, Kobe (playing with an injured fingure) and Shannon have been great and consistent so far this year. You have to want it to get it in life. Gasol and Bynum have to give the lakers double digit rebounds each game. They can easily do it and they have done it before multiple times. All will be fine with LA. Artest has to start hitting the wide open shots that he is getting to stretch the floor for Kobe and Lamar.

    Big ups to LO, Black Mamba and Shanon. I know Fisher’s time is June……I am not worried about him.
    Matt and Blake have to play better since they do not have any rings yet……..keep your eye on the prize…..Lakers will be fine. They have done wonders by winning it back-to-back which only a few teams have done in the history of basketball. (Bulls, Old Celtics, Pistons, Both old and present Lakers).

    Kobe is the foundation of the Lakers Teams for long… Gasol has to step up and play while Bynum is healing. All is well in LALA land.

  136. Lakers Man Here! says:

    Mr Zen Master using psychology on his star power forward! That’s all he’s doing. Phil Jackson, Laker fans, and the entire Laker organization would love to see Gasol turn into some superhuman type of player. The man will just keep playing consistently good, solid basketball. And that’s what the Lakers need from him! Back to back champions! Go Lakers!

  137. jblakers42 says:

    for the past 3 seasons……MAGIC JOHNSON has stated LEBRON JAMES is the best player in the world going INTO the postseason, then after the postseason has concluded, he flips the switch and claims KOBE BRYANT to be the best player on the planet……..

    now, I’m a laker fan, and even though MAGIC is my boy, even though he’s the greatest point guard ever to play this game (there’s no debates on that one), he’s become one of the biggest flip-floppers on the espn/abc panel….pick one or the other, you can’t pick one guy just for convenience…

    this is what PHIL JACKSON so great, the CHICAGO BULLS went thru the same malaise during their first 3peat run back in 1993, where the bulls lost more games than any of the other two previous championship seasons..

    it’s hard to win a championship, almost impossible to repeat, and it’s almost a miracle to win a 3rd straight championship, because like MICHAEL JORDAN said “your opponent makes it harder for you to beat them each and ever time, you lose some of your competitive edge”…

    the BULLS were the 3 seed going into the 93 playoffs and still won their 3rd championship

    this is where the LAKERS are at right now….this ain’t about the regular season, this is about peaking during the postseason, and phil jackson does it better than any coach in nba history…

    once again, KOBE will prove once again he’s the best player in the league (when it truly counts) and the LAKERS will win their 3rd straight title…

    • Blyder says:

      I agree with the flip flopping sentiment….
      but the way I see it the man is just calling as he sees it
      Le Bron was the best pre-conference and Kobe post.
      Truly though Le Bron just needed a better team…sky’s the limit now that he left the cavs…big 3 are finally gelling together.

      As for Kobe can’t deny his performance in the playoffs last year, deserves mvp easily, although pau was really clutch for them as well.

      This article is ridic. Sure the message is fine “Phil motivates Gasol”
      But the headline….please.

  138. Lakers Man Here! says:

    Love Kobe but Gasol’s my man! Best finesse big man in the game! My opinion!

  139. Lakers Man Here! says:

    Also, since Bynum’s return, Gasol has played less minutes. His numbers might decline a little don’t you think?

  140. Lakers Man Here! says:

    Gasol went from 20.3, 12.3, and 54% to 17.3, 9.5, and 47%. Ya his game has really declined!!!LOL!!! Gasol will be fine. Most players in the NBA will take 17.3 and 9.5 I think, don’t you?

  141. LakerFan says:

    Dear SEKOU, it’s very unpleasant to watch such performance by the Lakers, but I do believe that Phil Jackson will be able to fix the problem soon.

    You said: “In other words, the Lakers success hinges primarily on the play of Gasol”.
    Well, in fact I strongly believe that the success of any team, not just the Lakers, hinges on the play of EVERY player, not only one.
    Therefore, a lack of focus from any player, whether it was Gasol, Odom, Fisher, Kobe or whoever, will eventually lead to a poor performance and probably a defeat.

    Can’t wait for the game against the Spurs, I’m expecting to see a different Pau Gasol than the one that was playing against the Heat.

  142. Henry says:

    Cam is an idiot, Charles Barkley (a known hater) has even said that Kobe Bryant is on the Top 5 list of all time. . . Sheesh where do these guys come from?

  143. WHAT says:

    Lakers wont struggle for long and there are many great things about kobe bryant.Because he is a smart basketball player
    Because he can take over a game shooting or driving
    Because he is the most clutch nba player in the lead
    Because he been to the finals 5 times in 8 years
    Because he won 3 Rings
    Because he dropped 35 ppg in a season
    Because he dropped 81 points in a single game
    Because he knows how to defend
    Because he can single handedly take a team to the playoffs

  144. Oh yeah says:

    @Taylor Kobe a hero?why?what did he do?rape women?gtfo all you Koberz.He can`t do crap without all star centers to rebound and do the dirty work inside.Kiddiez.

    • JAVIER CHAVEZ says:


      • john says:

        I watched game 7. I saw how Kobe choked his way to a 6/24 fg shooting. Seriously though, why does Pau get all the heat? Why the hell does the “Zen Master” or whatever you morons like to call him, never call out Kobe like the way he calls out Pau? Kobe hasn’t been playing well too. IMO, blame the whole team, don’t single out Pau.

    • blackstone24 says:

      of course he can’t thats why they put 5 people on the basketball game… you dont know how to play and rules of the game so stfu…

  145. surrengess says:

    while you idiot laker fans saying they will get it together..look at the lakers schedule they had all easy teams an rite now its ganna be very toughf the rest of the wayy,and the lakers need to worry about not loosing homecourt advantage!!!!!!!!!!!cuz their the 4 seed an other teams are only a game short from themm!!!

  146. Dom V says:

    ok guys stop argueing none of u from what i have read, have bothered to read between the lines….

    “Emphasis was placed on the word “soft,” with a brief pause added for effect.” sekou pointed it out for all of you….

    phil knows in 08 when celtics beat lakers pau was called soft, it got to him he worked out and worked on his game they then won 2 in a row….phil is simply psyching up one of his players…

    I’m a heat fan and that win over lakers meant nothing except another step closer to home court advantage…

    I will also admit until the heat get a solid big man they can’t win a championship, i really wanted to see shaq back in miami but riley is still bitter

  147. evo_mtz says:

    Lol….none of the teams you all speak of have nothing on The Spurs….lets see what yall say now?

  148. ash dallas says:

    well here we go again with the laker haters what do you expect lebron plying his nba final agaist kobe and the lakers. we didn’t see that
    when he play agaist dalls in mamia.

  149. Teams are evolving Lakers were the team of this last decade from start to finish, however every elite team in the nba has also upgraded their roster, competion is almost a leveled playing field. Lakers have 1 more championship & even thats up for discussion. Miami is the new rising star, & that sun is now rising out of the east not now but maybe 1 year or more +. The sunsetting fast on the Kobe era this is coming from a true laker fan…btw in my opinion, somebody please agree with me He’s going to need a more muscular & athletic 4 powerforward to take him to the promise land once again. Gasol is floating around like a paper boat in the middle of the pacific ocean. We need a more defensive oriented team & Gasol does not have the needed defensive skills & presence to counter the best blows of the newly configured elite teams in the nba. Lakers need to upgrade their roster to have a chance…..theend

  150. Pnator says:

    Phil Phil Phil, eres mas tonto que los pelos de mi culo.. El baloncesto es un deporte de equipo, ya se que en la NBA no es asi..pero… Pau por su raza y condicion no puede jugar 40 minutos cada 2 dias y hacer un 25-15. Acaso alguien cree en la posibilidad de haber ganado los dos ultimos anillos sin Pau?? Ha renunciado a la seleccion por su equipo, lo ha dado todo mientras Bynum en lugar de entrenar para recuperarse se pasa el dia de Pub en Pub, juega para el equipo en lugar de tirarse todo como Kobe, y va el tontaco Phil y le pone verde?? Pau pide el cambio, todos sabemos que eres el 4 mas grande actualmente de la liga. You never walk alone Pau

  151. jack says:

    Phil jakoff given all the talent hes has had over all the years should have more championships then has now. A[most anyone with a little basketball knowledge could have done what he has done. And most would have done better.

  152. TRUE BALLER says:


  153. Gabriel says:

    He played lots of games with 39+ minutes because Bynum was not there. Now that Bynum is back, he still needs to play a lot of minutes until Bynum is fully recovered.

    That and that he isn’t playing on his position. He isn’t a Center, he’s a Power Foward.

    I KNOW he SHOULD be shinning anyways, but he is just too tired, which would be enough to explain this outage, but adding to that, he isn’t playing on his position.

  154. TRUE BALLER says:


  155. Mz. Preston says:

    As much as everyone would like to blame Gasol for the teams recent pitfalls, one player should not dictate the outcome of an entire team, especially when we’re talking about a team that has won back-to-back championships. The Lakers have clearly proven that they are among the elite and can withstand the trials and tribulations of a long 82 game season and yet prevail at the very end. It takes, persistence, diligence, effort and team work and this is a team that has dominated the west for the last 3 consecutive years. If anyone wants to try to diagnose the Lakers recent ailment it certainly is a team issue. Why did Kobe wait so long to score, he literally didn’t make a basket until the 2nd quarter, why wasn’t Bynum and new acquisition Joe Smith playing more minutes to help back Gasol up? And whats gotten into Ron Artest? Has he even been attending the team practices? His offense and passing have been absolutely atrocious. Last but not least where was the “D”? Was it in Pau Gasol’s back pocket?? So the conclusion to my diagnosis… The team is clearly infected with the lackadaisical bug!

  156. lakerfan1 says:

    as a frustrated laker fan i gotta say pau gasol is playing like a sissy..yeah he is fundamentally skilled but ive seen women college centers/forwards that are more decisive/aggressive than this guy. I mean yeah he’s a good guy; he’s a major contributor for nba cares but theres something about him that gets every laker fan ticked off. he has the swag of spongebob once he steps on the floor he just wants to hold hands and be friends. lol.. toughen up man i hope kobe drags this guy to the gym and makes him hit the weights.. he’s supposed to be one of the leaders of this laker team and he’s setting a horrible example..i speak for every laker fan when i say that i want the old pau gasol back the one that was actually hungry enough to win a championship..oh and i want the old ron artest back too..and the old andrew bynum (the one that put championships first instead of going to watch some soccer game). nonetheless, kobe will whip them into championship form real soon. and i agree w/ phil jackson statements im sure it will tick gasol off..

  157. CelticNumberOne says:

    Kobe z a hard worker and done it all his career and for that he deserves respect, but Pau has always been a softy and only now ppl start to realize it

  158. John says:

    I don’t think the Lakers have a skill problem, or a depth problem. They have an intensity problem. They seem to be waiting for the alarm to go off, and then they will wake up and get intense. Problem is, that same alarm went off for other teams many games ago. Is Pau playing up to potential? Absolutely not. Is Kobe playing up to potential? No way!! The best way to make a demand on your teammates is for them too see the demand you have placed on yourself. I’d rather lose with people whose heart and head is in the game, then with people who just show up.

    • TRUE BALLER says:


    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      The Laker problem to me is that the league changed so much this year and it’s catching not only them but alot of teams off guard. I am not a fan of them but I won’t count them out the playoffs or even finals, BUT they will need to make adjustments and hope that the players other than Kobe, Odem and Fisher can adjust well. I mention these three because to me they have shown throuhout the years that they can. I love Gasol as a player but right now he’s having some hard times adjusting to people getting rougher with him. Not to mention the league officals are not whistle happy this year (so far).

  159. e man 4maqn says:

    and that clip at the top was just bad defense. but also good offense cause pau had to jump one inch to complete that play.

  160. Spliftout says:

    Hopefully the league will stop scheduling the Lakers for Christmas as an LA fan I can’t stand seeing them not show up yr after yr with the exception of the Celtics game a couple yrs ago all i can remember is recent dismantlings of them on that day for some reason…

  161. nervebomb says:

    lol @ gasol and the lakers

  162. e man 4maqn says:

    the lakers need to do what boston does which is play as a team. no finger pointing no individual stuff just a team. but pau deserves a hat to be tipped to him for him saying he was responsible for the loss, that shows his maturity. most players would blame any and everything but them selves.

  163. pablo says:

    Phil jackson and many fans of the lakers demand from him too much Pau, it does his work whereas different many in the lakers do not even the half that, it is a player’s piece though not this one done to be the star of an equipment as big as they are the lakers, I believe that if I was working completely well bynum and kobe it does his better game in the track. Of a Spanish in Spain.

  164. anonymous says:

    In my opinion, Kobe won’t get more than 5 rings in his whole career. Jordan would remain the sole back to back three peat player in the NBA. Phil Jackson is coach to beat by all coaches with a impressive eleven championship rings. He got also a championship ring as a player so a total of twelve rings.

    Dallas Mavericks may get another shot in the NBA Finals.

    Mvas beat Jazz 4-1 Lakers beat Spurs 4-3
    Mavs defeat the Lakers 4-2

    Heat beat Bulls 4-2 Magic beat Celtics 4-3
    Heat defeat the Magic 4-2

    NBA Finals 2011 – Dallas Mavericks vs Miami Heat (The new rivalry unfolds)
    Dallas Mavericks won their first NBA Title by routing up Miami Heat 4-3

    • TRUE BALLER says:


    • OrlandoMagicFan says:

      I would love to see the DALLES – HEAT series! I’m really looking forward to see that! I think or its gonna be a 4-0 or the full 7! But it gonna be a really good series!

    • KingCobra25 says:


  165. Ivan Filipovic says:

    Oh no the Lakers are struggling. Who cares, it’s only been 30 games. The Lakers have always had a streak were Gasol plays soft and the Lakers just struggles. At least it’s not like they are struggling in the playoffs, then I would really be worried. The Lakers will turn around and start playing like a championship team. I have watched every single Lakers game since they got Gasol and Lakers always really just don’t get motivated until they are in the playoffs. Remember the 7 game series against OKC Thunder, the Lakers were playing really bad. Then after they dominated the rest of the playoffs. So I’m not worried because they got 50+ games to figure it out.

  166. GA-MA-TOS says:

    I don’t buy it for one moment that Pau’s problem is toughness… He has been a pro for 8-9 years now and he didn’t start to take “beatings” just now…dude is just having a bad streak of games that’s all…

    • tingyman says:

      in truth, we need pau back at his natural position, which is the power forward. His body isnt exactly designed to play that tough game required of centers, bynum’s own is, and thats why we need him back and in top form quick.

  167. e man 4maqn says:

    ron artest has been missing all season. steve blake and barnes are both way over rated. the lakers didnt improve with these offseason moves. they needed to keep dj mbenga instead of getting ratliff. with out dj mbenga they arent as big a team.

    the lakers could use a good trade before the deadline, that would hep them. just cause they make a move doesnt necessarily mean it will be for the good like this previous off season.

    • tingyman says:

      so blake, a point guard that can play the triangle offense as good as he does and still make those key pointers wasnt a improvement over farmar, a very fast point guard more suited to a run and gun offense? matt barnes, a solid defender and a smart player off the ball wasnt an improvement over powell, a guy that seemed lost in the offense at times? you cant say the lakers didnt improve in the offseason, thats just ignorant

  168. john says:

    the culprit is Kobe, he wants to be like jordan to prove it …

  169. BugEarn says:

    Can anyone tell me why Bryant is in the top ten of the MVP race? Is it image?

    And Sekou… Sekou, Sekou, Sekou…

    >“He’s got no base,” Jackson said. “He’s not shooting the ball with a base, he’s kind of just lollygagging, putting a soft kind of release on his shot.”Emphasis was placed on the word “soft,” with a brief pause added for effect.Phil Jackson is openly questioning the toughness of Pau Gasol<

    Ridiculous. But you got me to read this article so I guess it worked. Not a good longterm strategy though.

  170. JJBLAZIN says:

    Kobe Bryant is the most talented hard working player in the game today. That is why he has 5 rings and is on his way for a 6th. All Kobe needs to be on a championship team every year is a good reliable BIG man. Gasol will never win without Kobe, but Kobe can with just about any decent big man. This is basketball, the one-two punch is what basketball is all about!!

    Kobe wins games thats what he does! But most of you idiots on here are simply GREATNESS haters! Give the man props!!! BEST player in the world!

  171. LakerGirl4Ever says:

    @Laker Hater #1: I see you’re starting your New Year’s Eve celebration early ’cause you’re obviously toasted making statements like that. Clippers nation? Uh…no. And if PAU chooses to be called PAU & not PAUL, does it matter? Last but not least, making fun of the way Pau looks? How old are you?

  172. likedamaster says:

    So things go wrong with the team and they blame Gasol? The team as a whole simply got outplayed & outhustled, not just Pau.

  173. Israpil says:

    Omg guys..Do you not know Phil Jackson?? He does this to his players all the timee! He is the Zen master! Remember he did the same thing to Ron last year? Lakers had a slump last year too..This is a championship team, and they show up in the playoffs, same will happen this year.

  174. LakerGirl4Ever says:

    @LA? : Really? Did you really try to make a case that Kobe had nothing to do with the 5 championships he’s won & that it is only because Shaq & Pau that he won them? I truly hope not. Basketball is a TEAM sport, as has been shown by every championship winner there has been up to this point. MJ didn’t win his 6 championships alone, KG, Ray Allen & Paul Pierce didn’t win their championship title alone & KB24 didn’t win his alone! He has never said he could win a championship by himself. That is why he asked for help repeatedly after Shaq left: because he didn’t have a good supporting cast. And before anyone gets on the Shaq-Kobe debate, Kobe couldn’t & didn’t make Shaq leave the Lakers. That was management. Even Shaq has admitted that.

    • OrlandoMagicFan says:

      But, if i good remember, what he does said was, that he wants to be better than MJ and cause MJ didn’t do it alone (winning the rings) he wants to prove he CAN do it alone
      And he fail..

      But when Pau came playing with lakers (the fist full season) you saw how much impact he has on the lakers offence en defence!

      Sorry for my english! Im from over seas so it isn’t great, and please correct me when I’m from about my first comment, i love to argu with you about that!

    • JAVIER CHAVEZ says:


  175. LakerGirl4Ever says:

    @Fact Not Fiction: I agree with you about the calls. I am a Laker for life & I feel the calls were even. I don’t want to dwell on that game (REALLY I don’t). The fact is the Heat stepped up & the Lakers didn’t. Now, back to the topic at hand. Pau hasn’t been playing well for a few games now & it’s obvious he’s exhausted. He’s been asked to be something he’s not & that is a dominant bangin’ type center. Pau is the most skilled big man in the game today, but he is not a big dominant player. That’s what Andrew Bynum is supposed to be there for. Of course, since Bynum is so injury prone, we’ll have to wait & see.

  176. Stop the yap-yap says:

    No point writing big paragraphs here on ” what gasol or the lakers need to do ”, their not gonna read some random guys post here

  177. bruno entringer says:

    If Kobe was the main reason of the first three peat of Lakers, why Shaq was the MVP of the finals in all of them? Why Shaq criticized Kobe (and he was right) for 2004 season joke and won at 2005? Some kids really prefer to think are seeing God play basketball. You`re not!

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      You said it right. For all the teens on here you need to look at the facts and not what the media puts out. Kobe is the glorified poster boy right now for the Lakers but it wasn’t so when Shaq was there. The fact that Shaq said I can just to Miami with another top scorer and win a title in the first year says alot. Whereas Kobe did nothing for years until Gasol.

      • gasol! says:

        cos shaq still needed another superstar,,,d wade? wade also got the finals MVP.
        and kobe didnt win after shaq cos he didnt have another superstar.

    • 5 says:

      if shaq is sood then why king james is still a prince w/ out a ring and steve nash did not get one either

    • Me says:

      For the same reason Shaq has been citicized for not winning another one after Wade you dummy…Shaq needed Kobe and Kobe needed Shaq. Obviousbly in 2005 Shaq need Wade also.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      You know whats funny is that Mitch Kupchak traded SHAQ for Odom and 2 other players when him and Kobe were feuding. They didn’t trade Kobe did they? NO THEY TRADED SHAQ!!!!!

  178. Nate Dogg says:

    Look at Dwight Howard vs the Celtics: 1 field goal all game in a Magic win. What would people be saying had they lost? Give Pau a break, he’s been incredible until recently; a few bad results (especially against a triple-doubling James & co) shouldn’t result in the harshness we’ve seen, especially from Jackson who should take responsibility.

  179. Michael Ruben says:

    Lakers are aging plain and simple. Riding Pau to the finish line isnt the answer. Bryant is no longer a capable 40 pt score, within a reasonable shooting %. Bynum will only bring a presence in the paint, nothing more nothing less. Lakers won’t win it this year, nor the future.

    My clear cut favorite in the West is Dallas.

    • Croat1991 says:

      You are a dumbass, I can’t wait until the playoffs start and you will see the Lakers playing to their full potential. The Lakers always have streaks were they struggle, it’s who they are. I don’t know why but they always just don’t look interested in the game and you said Kobe is getting old, I don’t know about that. He still averages about 26 ppg 5rpg and 5apg, but the funny thing is he isn’t playning that much because he didn’t need to because the Lakers were dominating at the beginning of the season. Kobe is just waiting until the playoffs and then everyone will be saying he the best in the league. It’s so funny how people like you say Kobe is getting old and isn’t the best player in the league. And then when the playoffs come around everyone is saying that Kobe is the best ever. Just wait until the playoffs when Kobe and the Lakers will prove you and every other Lakers/Kobe hater wrong.

      • JJBLAZIN says:

        I couldnt agree with u more about people doggin on KOBE, hes too old, hes played in soo many playoff games, doesnt make his teammates better…blah blah blah, just like you said as soon as playoffs roll around and KOBE is on the main stage, killin like usual people will kiss his butt.

        This is how it has been going for years, people just have a problem giving KOBE his props, i dont know why cause every year he makes all those haters look like a bunch of dipsh*ts

        long live the REAL king!!

  180. Moe says:

    The reason the lakers won’t win when the dont have an active big man is cz it becomes a 5v1 against kobe smart 1 .. lamar odom is not on all the time and the rest r not paid to score

  181. john says:

    Pau Gasol really needs to stop being soft when he’s playing it seems like hes not sure what to do half the time. Like phil jackson said he’s not being dicisive pau needs to be tougher for us to be succesfull but i dont know what the hell some of you are talking about saying pau’s more important then kobe!!! sorry but thats not true kobe has the potential to win games on his own if puts his mind to it but its a team sport. Lastly ron artest is playing like a 5 year old his I.Q is the I.Q of a gerbil he’s horribly missing layups and shots and isn’t defending like he should. I think i’ve made my point.

  182. rob says:

    Fakers stole Pau………

    Pau + Kobe = rings

    Shaq + Kobe = rings

    Kobe + Kobe + Kobe + Kobe…. OR
    (wanna be Michael)+(wanna be Michael)+(wanna be Michael)+(wanna be Michael) = no rings.

    Need we say more?

    Kobe Ballhog wanna be Michael stuck up suck up Bryant

    Every time he goes on camera, he tries to talk and act just like Jordan did. WANNABE! Wife beater!

    Even Artest has more class than Kobe.

  183. celtic533 says:

    what’s the point.GET OFF THE GUYS BACK.Every player has a slump once in a while.DON’T SEE WHY YOU HAVE TO MAKE A BIG DEAL ABOUT IT.

  184. emelki1968 says:

    It makes me laugh this coward journalist. They always go to the good, polite player to find some reason for why the Lakers are showing such a horrible team chemistry. They know that Gasol is not going to complain, that’s all. Also, it is always easy to attack the foreing player than the American palyer. Gasol was and is the key player for this team, and we shouln’t expect from him to a ” tough” physical player when he is more of a skill player. Nobody criticies D. Howard or S. O’Neal for not knowing how to bounce or even shoot the ball.

    • JJBLAZIN says:

      All people talked about when shaq was in LA was his horrible FT shooting, and dwight people talk all pre-game about his horrible jump shot and his lack of moves around the hoop.

      Gasol is the best skilled big man in the NBA he has everything, but he is a little soft and he will always be that way, hes not a shaq or dwight, but at the end of the day he is great, but there is always room for improvement!! And might i add for anyone saying Phil isnt handling Gasol good, the LEGEND has a championship ring for every finger, and one for his toe!!! obviously he knows what he is doing!!idiots

  185. Wait a minute says:

    I agree with Phil’s comment on Pau’s shot confidence. He’s becoming indecisive when he shoots the ball. In some previous games it looks like he thinks to much on what offensive move he’s gonna make. I wouldn’t call it “soft” though. That’s pushing it hahaha.

  186. gordo cholo says:

    the softy needs to toughen up. this is 08 finals alll over again…get bigger pau

  187. Nato says:

    From my perspective, as a fan that is, it seems that the “Lamar in the starting lineup” plan isn’t fully working. If Odom likes starting from the bench (he has said so himself) then why not play him from the position that he is most comfortable with. This seems to have worked for the past 2 seasons and if it’s not broken then why fix it? This way, Pau’s numbers (aswell as Kobe’s) would be forced to increase(due to the lack of scoring and rebounding provided by odom and Bynum) while the Lakers have a solid all-star caliber player on the bench(Odom).

    • Me says:

      Are you serious??? As a basketball player, when your number is called its your job to come in and do what you’re called to do, from the bench or as a starter. Another reason Odom is coming off the bench is because Bynum has not been playing and is not in game shape to just be thrown back in the starting line up.

  188. victor acuna says:

    EVERYONE STRUGGLES IN THE NBA……….. give the man a break he’s BEEN putting it down, in LA and spain! he’ll bounce back like every great champion does. WE believe in you PAO, GO LAKERS!!!!! NBA finals= lakers vs celtics………….lakers in 7! AGAIN

  189. Jo Luis says:

    Gasol is not a real center, he’s a power forward, but he has to play mainly at center. It’s not his fault. He can get good results operating at center, but the best Gasol is the one operating at PF. Do you really think other PFs would play better at the center position (let’s say Garnett, Bosh, Nowitzki, Stoudemire, Boozer, Scola, Bosh)? Would they even accept to play most of the season at center? Also, Gasol is playing too many minutes per game. He certainly could play better, as he did over the first weeks of the season; but the real problem comes from the Lakers organization: Gasol has to operate at center because there are not consistent and healthy centers in the team. The organization and Phil Jackson knew that Bynum is not expected to play the whole season. This problem puts the team out of order: Gasol has to play at center, Odom is expected to play sometimes at power forward, sometimes at small forward and so doesn’t really know which his position is… Some order please!

    • BigD says:

      Stoudemire, Garnett play Centre for most of the game dude…

      • JAVIER CHAVEZ says:


      • Fact Not Fiction says:

        @ JAVIER CHAVEZ, last time I checked Pau Gasol is listed as a center (his whole career). He starts as the center and plays that position the entire game so…he’s called a center but that really means he’s a power forward because you say so. That makes a lot of sense, LMAO.

  190. LikeMike says:

    When Phil wins, hes the greatest, when he loses, you put him down as the losers? Come on guys!! Get real…

  191. KEV says:

    this is because if kobe and pau not performing, the lakers get questioned. but no one looks at the other team mates.
    besides those 2, only odom can score consistent 15 plus points
    brown can score consistent 10+ points, but look at the others
    blake, fisher, artest, barnes are very inconsistent
    best not to blame just kobe and pau
    a good example is the heat game, where kobe and pau only scored something like 17 pts each? this means to win kobe needs about 25 and pau 20 pts each

  192. Laker Hater #1 says:

    One more thing, Paul should quite basketball and join Geico, He would make a way better CAVEMAN….. lol

    • Mo says:

      keep tp the point. what s with the caveman jokes. you wouldn’t say it to his face. gasol has just had aslump if he was playing his natural position he would have better stats. he hasn’t got the body of a centre so he’s going through wear and tear once bynam is back to peak physic lakers will step up. also artest needs to make his shots. players are leaving him open as he is more likely to miss the open shot. if he can get his FG% up then it will open up more space for the team and make the pther team work harder

    • gasol! says:

      u have got to be the biggest idiot on this blog.

  193. Laker Hater #1 says:

    Paul, Is his real name first of all, all this PAU BS needs to stop, Dont try to make him a superstar you need guts to be a super star and Paul has none. He is weak……. When your a 7 footer and only need to jump 4 inches to dunk the ball you should be dunking over everybody and nobody should punk you around…. He should be leading the league in rebounding and blocks but never has even came close to it…… Yeah they won 2 championships that pretty much were given to them… Lakers get all the calls. all the time, Both with Kobe’s screaming every time he drives the lane and Paul’s stupid look every time he gets punked out of the lane…. The league needs the lakers for ratings thats the only reason they are good…… But you can only help them so much before there time is up… After this year there time is over… Everybody should come join the RISING CLIPPER NATION is about to rule L.A………

    • Gary says:

      Sweet, another Clipper fan lol. No seriously I’m in the LA area and I’ve always liked the Clippers. I’m a bigger Lebron fan but Clippers got the next thing in Griffin. I like Gasol too but that caveman joke is got me dying, I always thought he looked like one LMAO!

    • JAVIER CHAVEZ says:


      • Fact Not Fiction says:

        Yeah I guess we can’t be like the smart Laker fans who only show their love for the team when they win championships. From 2003 to 2008 I forgot the Lakers were even around. Then all of a sudden those stupid little flags on the car popped up when they won the playoffs, give me a break. Real fans support day in and out. Laker fans are just their because it gives them a reason to drink and seem like they are part of something that succeded.

    • Andrew says:

      Pau Gasol i Sàez – His real name IS Pau. You fail.

    • juju says:

      Paul Gasol??? Are you SERIOUS?

      whats next, Pau Pierce?? Chris Pau?? Pau Milsap??

      Do you even watch the NBA??

      EPIC FAIL!!

    • gasol! says:

      what a stupid thing to say.

  194. KeCe says:

    i agree with you josip. Phil’s asking to much from Pau Gasol after 40+ min/game on a very fysical position. Kobe still draws lotta attention. his shooting % gotta go up. But so as artest offensive game. cuz when kobe draws double teams, artest and fisher gotta knock down those shots. Lamar Odom has been solid. but you see that Gasol is not the true Center. Bynums gotta fill it in like last season. Luckily for the lakers its still early in the season. I like the bench performance this season. It’s really the starting line up that isnt working properly. You gotta see how easily the offense gets good shots when running the high pick n roll on the lakers…

  195. Joseph says:

    Gasol should not be singled-out by Phil Jackson while almost exonerating himself for their loss against Miami. Basketball is a team sport, so the blame should be put on the whole team, not just a few. All five players on the court must play their respective roles if the team is to win its games. Now, it’s the coach’s responsibility to assess and make decisions as to what adjustments the team will on a given game. Gasol and Bryant are marked men. Other players on the Lakers’ bench must also step up if they want to become competitive against great defensive team like Miami.

  196. Ricky says:

    I think Phil Jackson knows his players better than any of the media and certainly any of you guys. Sure, the game is a team effort, I agree. But a lot of money has been invested in this man, and no, his stats are not compared to what they were at the start of the season. And I do agree, he is playing a bit softer. He’s just in a slump, they are by no means as bad as the slumps Kobe gets into.

    But the thing is, when your front court isn’t aggressive, that leaves the paint open for abuse. He can step it up, but then again so can the rest of the team. That game was horrible, I mean, talk about missing every easy shot on the court.

  197. Verk says:

    90% of nba championship teams have a dominant big man, shaq was that for the lakers and miami, duncan was that for the spurs and gasol is that for these lakers, garnett was that for the celtics. The success of a team rides on the big mans shoulders

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      I agree. Having a big man is key to getting a chamionship, even if he’s not the best in the league (look at how Houston did with Yao when he played, little points but big wins) you need a presence there. Gasol and Bynum are key for the Lakers, but mainly Pau as he is a defender and scorer.

    • juju says:

      The big man plays a big part, but to say that it rides on his shoulders, well that’s not always the case. What did Garnett do in Minnesota?? They only made it out of the first round of the playoffs once. Yeah they made it to the conference finals that year too, but they lost to the Lakers, who then lost to the Pistons in the finals. What has Dwight done in Orlando, or what did Shaq do in Orlando for that matter. The success of a team rides on the TEAMS shoulders. All the pieces have to fit. It’s not about whos big man is better. it’s about how well those big men fit in with what their respective teams are working to accomplish. Thats why the whole argument of best player ever is rediculous. Sure there’s a best shooting guard of all time (Jordan) and sure theres a best center of all time (most would say Chamberlain, others would argue Shaq because of the eras of basketball in which these players played.) but you cant say one player is head and shoulders better than any other player who’s played the game. They got it spot on in 2k11 on the intro. the first time i played it i was watching the intro and at the end they say “He rose above all and became…” then the pause, i thought they were gunna say the greatest, but they more accurately continued with “a Legend.” There have been many great players in the league who werent necessarily on great teams. and there have been many great teams in the NBA who didnt necessarily have a “superstar” player on their team. The Spurs are a perfect example. dont get me wrong, Tim Duncan is a beast, but it’s not because of his athletic ability. It’s because he is consistent, much like many other players on the Spurs roster. And they play well together, AS A TEAM. Same story in Boston, same story in LA. Kobe isnt the player he used to be, but he’s on a great team. When kobe was one of the only great players that the Lakers had, they didnt win. but when they got other good consistent players like Pau,. they began to win. AS A TEAM.

  198. Ricardo says:

    When Lakers are champions,people only look for kobe and phil jackson.When they are not doing so well, people blame on the european guy.Yeah,Lakers were going just fine before Pau entered the team in 2008.3 NBA FINALS,2 won,1 lost.Not bad,not bad at all!!!

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      Seriously, that’s the formula. Blame it on the new guy. Neither Phil or Kobe are directly taking the blame for not keeping the team in shape mentaly and physically.

  199. Elgin West says:

    that’s what Gasol needs….criticism….keep bashing him….light a fire in his belly…wake him up…and the rest of the Lakers…..complacency….seen it before……Gasol big in January

  200. objective says:

    The game saturday just show that stars doens’t have to get all the calls from the ref’s. And you can tell the LA players are used to get them. That’s why kobe get a technical. And i agree Pau is for me is the hardest working guy on that team. He needs to get his act together fast otherwise it will be another lost tomorrow against the Spurs. Lakers, you just lost your supremacy.

  201. Josip says:

    You media people are like women. Somoebody has one bad game and here it goes……You are right, Lakers hinges on Gasol(the MVP of the finals) and Bynum, because Bryant is consistently bad. Shoots low 40s, settles for TERRIBLE shots. He does not penetrate much, but I undestand that if he would, he would not last a whole season. Therefore, he shoots low percentage shots. I am Laker fan, but SA and Dallas are right there. Last year was tough to pass first round, so there are no gimmies in NBA. Lakers were fortunate last year, but I am not so sure this year. Kobe is diminishing, but still there. Good thing we got Barns. But blake has been disapointment for $4 million dolar point guard. Bring AI back as and pay him minimum:-) There are not favorite, but too chriticize Gasol who shoots in 50s, and not Kobe, it is a joke.

    • lbj son says:

      agreed no gasol no championships 4 lakers he is more important than kobe his presence is essential 4 them to win

      • lakersfanforever says:

        I know Gasol is important to the team, but it teak a team to win a championship Kobe and the rest of the team are important as Gasol is. No Kobe no Championship either.

    • Turkmeister10 says:

      did u jus say bring AI back? the man who scored 1 point in his 2nd game in the turkish league and is averaging less than 10 points there? lol good joke. but i dont think kobe’s the problem either. there isnt as much ball movement this year; lakers is less “team-like” and do more take a chance style of play which i dont think they are doing on purpose. they jus all need to work harder and step up their game (not just gasol or bryant but like u said blake and all the guys on the floor and bench). and bynum has to show that he can deliver after the countless injuries and help out the team in some way (not be an amazing scorer or anything but just get his stats up a bit and help the team actually win). if he gets injured again or he doesnt improve, i think they should trade the kid. i know hes young and he even came up in the town next to mine (plainsboro) so i know he can be really good but he hasnt shown it ever since he came to the NBA (just been another case of Yao injuries) so it might be worthwhile to make something off of him

      • Daley The Dan says:

        Point Guards are to be leaders and floor generals frankly for years the LAKERS have not had one but this is the worst it has ever been!!!!D Fish should retire or come off the bench.If I paid 4 million for point guard I would be working him into a starting role!!!Right now Fisher makes less of a contribution than he ever has and I believe maybe they should save him for playoffs at most but they need to redesign they way they running things NBA is evolving they also need to or get left behind.I still feel they have 1 more Championship in them with this bunch but the COACH needs to rework his strategy he has the pieces just needs to put them together a little different this time OR ELSE!!

    • haguir2 says:


      Phil is critizing Pau because he is a different kind of player than Kobe. There have been only a handful of athletes like Kobe (Michael and Tiger) are the only other players I can think of that are wired like him. He is the biggest self-motivator in the league and he is also his own biggest critic. Pau on the other hand is not wired as such so a different motivating technique is needed. You are right, Kobe doesn’t shoot like Pau does, he could shot 2-for 13 from 3 point range and I guarantee you that if the Lakers are close in the game, one of his makes was to tie the game and the other was to take the lead. His is a timely shooter, Michael was the same way. As a perimeter shooter, you will have a lower percentage (Michael’s SPG was not much different from Kobe’s).

      Phil is just using mind-games to motivate Pau. Trust me, they will be fine and Pau will respond.

      I think Shaq leaving was the best thing for the organization long term. As a Laker Fan, I will be a fan longer than any of the current playes will remain players of the team.

      • juju says:

        DUDE, Tiger Woods plays GOLF, not basketball. I know that you said athletes, but golf doesn’t take much athletic ability. and on top of that Tiger has been playing horrilby as of late.

        As far as the Lakers go, Kobe is a ballhog, and he shoots WAY too much. His percentage reflects this. If he’s such a timely shooter then why doesnt he take those clutch shots when needed, and use the rest of his team instead of jacking up stupid 3s and taking offbalanced shots the rest of the time? I am getting so tired of everybody saying that hes the best player in the league when it’s OBVIOUS that statistically, he isn’t. not really even close. I’m not saying that he isnt one of the best of all time. I’m not saying that he isnt one of the most clutch players in the league. I’m just saying that there are many players in the league right now that are better statistical players AND better team players than Kobe Bryant.

        And for the rest of the players, Fisher is weak, and old, and he should not start. They have great defenders in Artest and Barnes, but both of these guys are mediocre at best on offense. Lamar Odom is under-utilized and would be a superstar on any other team, but in LA he comes of the bench? Pau has been weak lately, but thats because he has carried this team on his shoulders throughout the start of the season.

        And that’s the number one factor to consider, this is just the REGUALR SEASON!!!! When the playoffs come around, the Lakers will be there, and they will be ready. I personally hate the Lakers, but i respect their talent, and they have possibly the best coach of all time behind them. The only way they wont make it to the finals is if they come into the playoffs and someone suprise upsets them in the first round. If they get past that first round, by that time they will be in Laker playoff rhythm and will go to the finals and most likely meet Boston or Miami.

      • martymar says:

        I can you don’t know anything about basketball because kobe leads his team in assest so how is he a ball hog? now years ago he was a ball hog beacause they didn’t have anybody on his team he trusted and i don’t blame him for that. now Pau he plays very soft for a 7 footer. no player in the league respects Pau because of that. he would rather shoot a jumper or layup than take the high percentage shot which is to just dunk it

  202. Fact Not Fiction says:

    Gasol is been playing alot of minutes this year and is probably a little fatigued. Also I think the press is being really unfair with him. His decline in points and rebound is not a large drop. Give the guy a break and should we reminded everyone that the so called closer is on the Lakers. But as of the last 2 games he’s been getting shut down more than closing. LOL

    • Daley The Dan says:

      Everyone knows Kobe hasn’t been 100% yet for the season with all the injuries he finished last year with and recovering from the knee surgery.Pau has been carrying the “Superstar’s” load early in the season No need to HATE on Kobe every chance you get man.You guys are something else Come Playoff time We will Separate the MEN from the boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Fact Not Fiction says:

        Why hasn’t he been a 100%. The non exsisting injuries that are used to excuse his poor performances? Please! Kobe is and has always been at 100%. Just another excuse. Yeah we will see and so far the coming attractions have been great LMAO!

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Kobe is and always has been 100%?
        Oh, so you think he wears a brace on his finger because it helps his shooting %? He got fake knee surgery? Get real. It’s early in the season, Lakers got no hype in the begining of the season when they were back to back champs but now they have some issues and they get all the attention.
        Does this really just void the 3 finals appearances and 2 NBA Finals? I can’t believe people look past Kobe’s 2 finals MVP’s. and say he didn’t deserve them. Everyone who says that really can’t be real basketball fans, or didn’t watch the entire playoffs last season.

  203. Gary says:

    Phil is not really showing is “greatness” in coatching with these declarations.
    He should know better that basketball is a team sport in which the wins and defeats are to be found by anyone of the team. Starting with Phil himself.

    Just looking at numbers is not fair neither for Pau neither for anyone.
    How much help did he get from his team mates?
    How many of his team mates were really “in the game”?

    True that a star player should make a difference comparing of an averaged player.
    So let’s see how many games were won this year “thanks to Pau”.
    I still believe his numbers are much in his favor.

    On the other hand winning Q1 in Sacramento with 30 points and then loosing the game
    can only be blamed to one guy… “PHIL”.

    • haguir2 says:

      Gary, this is not an unusual tactic of Phil, he uses psychological games to get his players motivated, he hasn’t won 55% of the last 20 Championships by being conventional. He knows his personnel and how to get them going. And I agree Basketball is a team sport, however, one man can make a difference, Theo Ratliff is why they find themselves in this predicament. They were already light up front when the season started (Drew’s absense), when Theo went down, they got really thin. DC is a good talent and a hard worker but asking him to play Back-up Center for the 2-Time Defending Champions when he had realistically only 1 semester of Basketball at the Collegiate level is too much to ask. Pau got fatigued with all the minutes he was playing. He is a great player (probably the best front court player in the league because of his Basketball I.Q. and abilities), however, Phil is just trying to challenge him because he knows how great he is and isn’t seeing it right now. The Bulls went through a similar thing in 92-93 and 97-98 (ironically trying to finish off a 3-peat with Phil Jackson)….and guess what, they were just fine.

      • fake phil says:

        im sick of people saying phil plays mind games with his players…everything he does is LUCK…and that 55% is from only wanting to coach teams that can actually win a championship.i doubt he would ever coach a team like the bucks or bobcats no matter the know he has to keep his winning record and make his mind games A.K.A luck making him seem like a genius..the only mind game he plays is the one on the fans that think he plays mind games with his players

  204. Johnathen Davis-Green says:

    Pau Gasol better get his act together because he’s starting to look a lot like the Pau Gasol that was getting punked around by Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins in the 2008 NBA Finals.

  205. haynes says:

    gasol’s not soft he got hacked on christmas by everyone on the heats team that wasnt good defense they were fouling him and kobe every other time down the floor the lakers were just not getting the calls.

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      OMG here we go. Even in other post we have to hear about the x-mas massacre. Get over it. The Lakers get calls more than anyone. I won’t stray away from the topic here but let me say this, please go look up the stats for that game so you can see how even it was and that the determining factor was defense.

      • lakersfanforever says:

        We will see you guys next game and si if they can beat us again.

      • Wait a minute says:

        That’s the game I wanna see, I knew that Christams game was gonna be a disaster for the Lakers.

      • Matthijs says:

        Well let’s meet in the finals!
        This game was the only game of the season..

        @daley the dan
        I guess shaq won his titel without kobe? 2005/2006 season if i get it right..

        On topic
        And the lakers are not just kobe or just pau, but together are the big 2 @ the lakers team. maybe big 3 with Odem.
        But kobe didn’t win anything without a big man! look at the season when kobe left.. the lakers hardly get a winning record in the season’s!

        Off topic
        Btw, every superstar need, at least one more super star to win any rings..

        Kobe/shaq, wade/shaq, MJ/pippen, and now kobe/pau , lbj/wade/bosh
        So no one has ever done it alone!

      • haguir2 says:

        Of course Lebron got the best of Kobe and the Lakers…. I Have said it for the last 3 years “LEBRON IS HANDS DOWN THE BEST REGULAR SEASON PLAYER IN THE NBA AND IT ISN’T EVEN CLOSE”. Unfortunately for Lebron, the NBA season doesn’t end in Mid-April when he gets his NBA Season MVP TROPHY (2wice in a row now), it ends in Mid-June with KOBE holding his FINALS MVP TROPHY (also 2wice in a row) and racking up jewlery on his hand. So Let the massacre’s continue on Christmas Day, New Years, MLK Day, Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s, Easter and even Mothers Day, cause come Father’s Day, it is usually D-Fish and Kobe holding fingers showing how many championships they have WON and this June…..they will both need another hand.

      • re:wait a minute says:

        no sir. the Heat will not be in the playoffs b/c they will fall to the Celtics.
        Lakers vs. Celtics. Lakers in 7 again.

    • haguir2 says:

      @ Matthijs

      My man or woman (not sure of your Gender so I wanted to make sure i didn’t insult you), If I were the Miami Heat or Heat Fan, I wouldn’t be worried about the the next game with the Lakers, I would be worried about how we are gonna get passed Boston or Orlando, cause quite frankly, those two teams seem to have your number right about now (Especially Boston). Unless the Heat can grow a few inches and bulk up a little bit, you all better pack a lunch (maybe even dinner) against the Celtics.

    • Gates says:

      What game were you watchen.? Wade played GREAT D on Kobe the whole game. Kobe almost never got to the lane for the refs to even make a call. He took a bunch of mid range jumpers.

      • lakersfanforever says:

        To matthijs you shoul check the schedule better before you make a comment to see us in the finals, if the heats make it they have to beat the Celtics and Orlando 1st, FYI we play one more game on 03/10/11, That wasn’t the only game against Miami for the season.

  206. andrea says:

    I will be rooting for Pau Gasol no matter what. He’s among the league’s elite; nobody can question that. The reason why the lakers are struggling right now is a team-issue. Everybody has to take responsibility, not just Gasol. He is a huge factor of the team, but people don’t need to point fingers.

    Go Pau!

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      Seriously thank you for a sensable statement. I’m no Laker fan but Gasol doesn’t deserve to be hounded by the media or his team for this small drop in points. It happens and he is still the Key to their success this year. Now if you want to talk about someone throw Bynum under the bus for only averaging 6 points since his return. No injury talks just be real. You get on the court and people expect results.

      • RazdizzlefoShizzle says:

        Lets keep in mind however that Bynum isn’t playing 35+ minutes a game as of yet, so you can’t expect him to average more at this point. Besides, it takes time to get back into NBA playing shape..especially after knee surgery. Now with that being said, Gasol needs to get back to his original position, which he will very soon. Once Bynum returns to the starting lineup, I have no doubt that Pau’s struggles will begin to diminish.

        Now on to a different topic within the Lakers, how’s the idea of inserting Lamar Odom into the starting Line-up at the three position replacing Ron Artest. Sure, this could weaken out bench slightly, but my bigger issue would be who can back up Gasol, knowing already that the Lakers have issues with their big men?

      • TRUE BALLER says:

        Sorry I usually dont comment, But after the whole basketball world has waited since july for THIS GAME. I a huge Kobe FAN from Since 1995. The Big Man does deserve all the beaten hes getting from the coach. He played so soft out there, it almost looked like he didnt want to play. And to do that on such a big stage he deserves to be blasted. because he played like a bitch and phil called out. BE REAL CALL IT LIKE YOU SEE IT. If he doesnt get the message from this game we will not three peat. AND IT HURTS ME TO SAY THAT, BUT ITS THE Truth!!! LIKE IT OR HATE IT!!!!!!

    • gasol! says:

      andrea you are 100% correct. Ron also needs to lift his game, bynum needs to get back into basketball shape and fish seriously needs to pull his finger out. if not, play kobe at PG and brown at SG or have steve blake playing more minutes and fish on the bench. its a team thing. u cant only blame gasol for the lakers playing bad at the moment.

  207. LA? says:

    recent LA championships came along with Pau… as tha last championships left along with Shaq… i do hope people got the point.

    • Jason says:

      Of course, Pau had won absolutely nothing before teaming with Kobe, and Shaq has only one 1 other title away from Kobe, when teamed with another superstar.

      • Daley The Dan says:

        What is your point then Dude ????Kobe Bryant is the common Denominator in 5 NBA Championship teams a fact that you just reiterated neither of those 2 players would have won those championships without Kobe Bryant either so I hate people coming up with that BS argument about would he have won without Shaq or Gasol of course not Basketball is a TEAM sport.However Kobe is one of the greats the NBA has seen Hate it or Love it

      • Taylor says:

        Daley Dan is right. Kobe is easily top 5 players in history and haters need to give up. “LA?” I honestly bet you are a jazz fan because LA has dominated Utah in the playoffs for what..4 years in a row now. People need to quit worrying about the regular season it’s so annoying. Kobe always brings his A game in the post season as he scored rebounded and dished more than he did in the regular season last year. He did all of that with many injuries including a messed up knee and a broken finger, which he still is playing with right now. Really the lakers just have to worry about getting past Dallas and San Antonio in the playoffs depending on how each team plays the rest of the regular season. So haters quit hating the talent Kobe doesn’t have to prove anything he’s already a great/hero in basketball history.

      • Cam says:

        I wouldn’t call him a top 5 in history. No way. He is one of the top 5 guards in the game right now, but saying he is a top 5 player in history is absurd. Yes Kobe was the common denominator in 5 NBA championships but he couldn’t have won them without Shaq and Pau in the same way that they couldn’t have won a championship without him. If you recall, the Lakers were falling fast that season before Pau showed up. IMO Kobe didn’t deserve that MVP because his team didn’t even start winning until Pau showed up.

      • Dan says:

        this is to that cam guy
        your argument makes no sense saying hes not a top 5 player in nba history because he couldnt win a championship without shaq and gasol???? thats moronic how about michael jordan? number 1 on that list didnt eget anywhere in the playoffs untill mr pippen showed up and would have NEVER won a championship without pippen, but pippen took the bulls to the east semis without jordan. and another moronic post the lakers were a SURPRISE TEAM THE SEASON THEY AQUIRED PAU they had a winning record with andrew bynum finally flourishing as the potential laden center he has become, they had momentum without him, they just werent a contender, they aquired him for a championship but la was already on route to be a top 5 seed in the west without him. ignorance is bliss. sure lets take your word over nba analyst that kobe isnt a top 5 player in history. the only problem challenging that theory, is its a tough decision who to take out in the jordan, bird, magic, chamberlain, russel rotation.

      • haguir2 says:

        No Team has won a Championship without a quality Front Court…Name me one. Kobe is the straw that stirs the drink, however, Even “His Airness” didn’t win until they had a quality frontcourt (Bill Cartwright, Horace Grant, Stacy King, Scottie Williams), they were a solid unit for the first 3-peat. Pace for the Regular Season is crutial, expecially for a team that has played an average of 1 month longer than any other Play-off team over the last 3 years…..They are no “Spring Chickens” either. This is another one of Phil’s Mind games to get his guys motivated. He owns 55% of the last 20 NBA Championships won. I think he knows how to motivate his players.

      • Micah says:

        Top 5 in history?!?!!
        Don’t be ridiculous.
        I put him 12th on my list. People don’t seem to understand people win championships as a TEAM. Kobe needed Shaq. Shaq needed Kobe, Kobe needs Pau. But Pau wouldn’t win without Kobe. This is why the Spurs won 4 championships. its why the celtics won in 08. TEAMS win not players.

      • DeBrosh says:

        so let’s apply this abdusrd logic one step further. Robert Horry is the best player in the histroy of the NBA cause he won 6 championships with three teams right?

      • CHIRO says:

        And where coach Phil Jackson fit in this equation?
        You all seem to be forgetting his masterful influence…

      • T says:

        Gasol is the biggest factor of whether the Lakers win a championship. Kobe can’t and could not get a team out of the first round without a Shaq or Gasol. These last 3 years the Lakers would not have gotten out of the first round without Gasol.

      • rapaulraykevshaq says:

        for “DAN”
        where the hell did you get “Jordan No.1”? how can you tell the greatness of a player though? by the no. of rings he got? Bill Russel is the Greatest of All. nuff said. jordan… move over.

      • Ron B says:

        i think we all agree that if Kobe and Shaq had stayed together, they would have at least another 3 rings by now. So what does that mean? Kobe can’t do it without another star just like Shaq can’t. In todays game, you probably need 3 stars to get her done

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Waht people don’t get is that the REASON Kobe has a lower fg% than most players is because the SECOND he touches the ball, he is double or triple teamed. What do people NOT understand??? The fact he makes any shots at that level is awesome.
      If Kobe would have gotten to the line more than 2 times during the Heat game he would have gotten his average.

      • KGFan says:

        So what do you do when you are double teamed or triple teamed? Pass to the open man! It’s not like he doesn’t have quality teammates – that’s how a TEAM operates. Man… most ridiculous post I have seen so far…

      • Gates says:

        Kobe doesnt get doubled team the moment he touches the ball. On christmas he was played straight up by dwade the whole game. Kobe does get double teamed when he gets hot and gets into the lane but thats every superstar, not just him, Lebron, Wade, Durant, Melo.

      • NBAFAN says:

        KGFan, your comment is idiotic. If you had ever watched a Lakers game, you would know that Kobe passes more than most shooting guards and superstars. Sometimes it even seems that he has a pass first mentality. Lakerswillwin is right. KGFan, please get some sort of basic NBA knowledge before commenting here…moron

    • iggybiggy says:

      When Gasol misses games due to being ill or injured the lakers lose… when Kobe misses games the lakers still have a winning record… look it up folks it is the truth. without Gasol the lakers lose games with every ball hog shot!

      • laker royalty says:

        that’s regular season they can do nothing without him in the regular season, that means nothing

    • team says:

      no one can win a title by themself i don’t care how good they are, it takes a team and a good one too, thats why lebron had to leave clevlend : )
      why do people always say “kobe couldn’t do it without shaq” or “kobe couldn’t do it without pau” however no one ever aknowledges that mj didn’t win until pippen got there.