Lakers Feel The Heat!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — One of the youngest members of the HT family kept reminding us all that we could not miss a second of the Heat-Lakers game.

“Biggest game of the season,” he kept telling us as we watched the warm up acts — the Knicks looked good beating the Bulls and the Magic dazzled while snapping the Celtics’ 14-game winning streak. “This is the championship preview. Heat-Lakers is the biggest game of the season.”

The Heat acted like it. The Lakers … not so much.

We know better than to put too much stock into December statement games in the NBA. We also realize that the team that dominates a regular season matchup can see things flip on them in a flash in April, May and June. But how do you describe the Heat’s domination of the Lakers without thinking about it in a larger context.

LeBron James was magnificent and Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade did their part. It was the Heat’s demeanor, however, that stood out most as they stomped the Christmas cheer out of the Lakers and that star-studded Staples Center crowd that gathered for a clash of the NBA titans that featured only one team that looked the part.

Lakers fans would love to believe that their team just fell flat on the big stage and that the Heat caught them waking up late for the holiday (they know Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol will be ready when the season is on the line in the playoffs, so they can live with a little disappointment for Christmas).

But that doesn’t change the fact that the Heat’s 96-80 win was a tail-whippin’ from whatever angle you try to examine it. Bryant certainly seemed to take the loss to heart, venting to reporters after the game while playing the role of “The Grinch” as my main man Art Garcia of described him from the scene, to perfection:

“This is serious stuff,” Bryant said in full-on tough-guy mode. “You don’t just have two rings and say, ‘OK, we’re satisfied with what we’ve got.’ I’m not rolling with that. I’m not going to let that slide. We need to get into gear.”

And perhaps more damning of all, Kobe called out his teammates’ professionalism despite a 21-9 record.

“These games mean more to our opponents then they do to us,” he continued. “We need to get that straight. We need to play with more focus, put more importance on these games. I don’t like it.”

He even suggested that the league schedule makers take the Lakers off the Christmas Day invite list since they don’t seem terribly interested in performing up to their capabilities.

We’d argue for a little perspective here from Kobe (the Lakers, despite their 2-4 record against teams with winning records, remain among the league’s elite).

We’re not ready to vote them off the island just yet.

Still, Lamar Odom might have captured it best when he pointed out the Lakers’ real problem, accusing the Lakers of acting and playing  like a team full of themselves and what they have accomplished in the past ((this snippet courtesy of the Los Angeles Times):

“Part of our problem is we’re cocky,” he said. “We feel like we shouldn’t lose, can’t lose. That’s been our problem, I think, this season. That’s the way we came in to start training camp. You win two championships in a row, success can do that to people in basketball, just as in life.”

TNT’s Steve Kerr predicted this sort of championship fatigue for the Lakers on Episode 25 of the Hang Time Podcast. Kerr was a part of five championship teams as a player and helped put together a Phoenix Suns team that played in the Western Conference finals last season. So he knows of what he speaks.

The Heat played like the hunter, like the team that knew it needed a knockout of the champ to earn respect. It’s worth noting that in what were arguably their two most important games to date this season, James and the Heat showed up ready to go and demolished both the Cavaliers in his return to Cleveland Dec. 2 and the Lakers some three weeks later.

There is just one loss on their record during that 13-game span, and that was to a Mavericks team that’s playing as well any other team in the league last the month.

The Lakers, meanwhile, are feeling the heat.


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  2. Carlo (Lakers fan) says:

    Come on we lost again 2 straight loses. they need to practice more and practice harder toughen up their defense and be more aggressive in shooting or dunking…

  3. Gary says:

    Laker fans seem to be absent as of late…I wonder why lol.

  4. K says:

    LOL!!!!!!!!!! In reading all these various post on this blog one can only LOL! Prior to this Christmas game every Laker fan was blowing this game up like it was the seventh game of the NBA Championship Series. Nobody wanted to give this Miami Heat team any credit for their current winning streak that they were on. “All their during is beating up on sub-500 teams.” “Wait until they play the Lakers on Christmas Day.” Do all those comments look familiar to all you Laker fans? Now that Miami has gone in to LA and beat your mighty LA Lakers; now comes all the excuses. “It’s just one game out of a 82 game season.” “Championships aren’t won in December.” “The referees cheated.” “The Lakers will turn it on come play-off time.” These of course are typical excuses made by losers.

    Now, let us talk about what if? What if the Laker would have won the game on Christmas day? Every Laker fan whether real or fair weathered would have been on every blog available saying how great the Laker were and how the Heat were just pretenders. Every Laker fan would have tried to take some kind of credit for the Lakers’ win. This one game of 82 would have been the Lakers greatest win all year. The Lakers would have proven that this Super Star studded Heat team was still not at their Championship level. Every Heat hater would have blown-up every possible blog know to man, if the Lakers had won. However they didn’t!

    The one thing that was true in all the remarks made was; “this was one game out of an 82 game regular season.” An for that night, for that game Miami was without a doubt, was clearly the better team. Enjoy the moment, enjoy this spectacular Heat team. Stop trying to make predictions about who’s going to win this years Championship are for that matter who’s going to win any particular game; because you really don’t know. This is the NBA baby; any team can beat any other team on any given night, surely a Lakers fan would know that after getting beat by Milwuakee, LOL!!!!!!!

  5. kobecrybaby says:

    Boohoo! why can’t the Laker fans here accept the fact that LA was smoked on Christmas day! Kobe was thrashed by Lebron and Kobe is definitely not the greatest player of all time! The heat will win atleast 7 championship and last year was the last for Kobe! Thanks to Shaq he got 5 instead of 2! So start crying now LA fans! HAHAHAHAHA!

    • Carlo (LAKERS fan) says:



  6. VivaLakers says:

    The Lakers need to understand that every time they win a championship, it’s going to make it that much harder to win the following season. Every NBA team will bring their A-game when facing off the champions, to prove that they are worthy of having a shot for the title. If lakers don’t get this and if they don’t prepare themselves, they will keep falling and falling.

  7. chicago says:

    Like i said from the begining of the seasons, WADE and LEBRON are the two best playmakers in the game. the HEAT will win the championship.

  8. DeJuanne418 says:

    I really cant understand why a lot of LA fans are sour losser. Why cant they accept defeat, they should respect and be glad that they lost to a Heat team that has potential to dethrone them.
    LA is playing poorly and they need to higher thier intensity to even go to the finals. But i think this would be the hardest year for the laker to go back in th finals (that is if they could win againts the rejuvinated spurs and the improved defense of Dallas, even the thunder has the potential to make the biggest upset for LA.)
    I’m a Heat fan but I dont want to see Kobe cry again.

  9. 6 says:

    the FACT is ol you fans out dir jealous of LBJ and d heat bcos lebron wont join Youre TEAM BUDDY!!!! HAHAHAHAHA LOL!!!

  10. Carlos says:

    LA has been playing with no desire and Kobe in this GAME was just walking around THEY LOST THE MOTIVATION

  11. FACT says:

    LBJ joined the heat coz he CAN’T win a title in Cleveland. If the heat FAILS to win the title, I won’t be surprised if LBJ switches to another title contending team. He’s just plain desperate. LOL

  12. heat says:

    coach erik spoelstra awesome!!! lets go heat beat the knicks….

  13. Carlo (Lakers fan) says:

    Tomorrow is the big game for Lakers and San Antonio Spurs, The Lakers should practice their defense because defense wins Championship. and as we all know the San Antonio Spurs are very aggresive team this season so they need to shape up so that they can win,.

  14. LORDSLUG says:

    kobe and d lakers… feel d heat of LBJ,D WADE, CBOSH… OH HELL YEAH!!!!!

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  16. Lakerman007 says:


    • francisco says:

      trade the BAD SHADOW OF JORDAN and LA WILL BE back in shape. Kobe is 47 out of 131 against teams over 500
      35 Shooting %. this is some notches down his 45.4% average.

    • Gary says:

      Statistics show that the Lakers have only won the title when they are number 1 or 2 in the west, they are currently number 4 & 5th overall. Also a little thing called home court advantage was the real deciding factor for game 7 last year. Something I think they should consider and start worrying about…

  17. renz_garnett says:

    dont worry lakers.. you will face BOSTON CELTICS in the FINALS.. but this time.. BOSTON WILL WIN IN 4-2..

  18. badz says:

    lakers born in finals!!hmmmmm there is no impact if lakers win this game vice versa!! the miami meaning lakers is in uper hand even they lose!!!even the greatest are losses like this!!lol!!!

  19. armen says:

    To all who comented:

    Here we go again. Every year it is the same boring story. Every year when the Lakers go into a slump or lose games that they were suppose to win, people start with thier negative comments. ” Oh Lakers are done, Oh they are too old, Oh Kobe and Gasol are not clicking.”” Give it break morons. Its simple, Lakers are a playoff team. They win the games that count the most. Don’t forget, we have the best coach in NBA history, the best player in the game today, the most skilled big man in Pau Gasol, and a stronger bench this year. What are all of you going to say when the Lakers win it all and 3 peat this year??? Or will be go back to the same boring comments the following year.

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      What slump did the Lakers hit last year? They came out strong and won the title as a team that was expected too. But the media does attack everything. Miami went through it and still will the minute they fail but at least they aren’t passing the blame around like the Lakers. As for future predictions for the finals, it shows little knowledge of the game when people say “They’ll show up during the playoffs” sorry but it really doesn’t work that way. The fact is the Laker championships this decade have all come when the team was number 1 or 2 in the west. The fact that they are number four now is something to talk about. I won’t take they credit away from the two time champs that is due but as of this moment there is none until they start playing like they should.


  21. Tenki says:

    @Lakers Man Here!:

    I guess we are on the same boat, just voicing out what we see and what we have witnessed around the league for the past decades.

  22. carlos305 says:

    great game on x-mas day i thought the heat wanted it more and wanted to prove themselves more the lakers didnt feel like they needed to win because they are back to back champs and wont lose respect if they lose against any team. to me the lakers dont have the same chemistry or spark they had last year.

  23. RealFan says:

    As a Lakers fan, I don’t know what the big deal is about the Miami Heat beating the Lakers by 16 points. The Milwaukee Bucks have one up on Miami Heat; they beat the Lakers by 19 points. Besides, Lakers rarely win on Christmas, rarely.

  24. Lakers Man Here! says:

    The Chicago Bulls got 6 rings without a great big man. So it’s possible Lebron James could do it too.At least I don’t remember a great big man. It was Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman! And the Zenmaster, of course. I think Luc Longley was their center a couple of years. And I forget who the other one was, before him. Team basketball and team defense is the key really. Having the great big man always helps, but who knows, anything can happen!

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      Bill Cartwright and he was a good role player but nothing big like Gasol or Duncan. More like a big Z on the Heat and that’s not taking anything away from Z cause he’sa great player to me.

    • RealFan says:

      Lakers Man Here! says:
      At least I don’t remember a great big man. It was Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman! And the Zenmaster, of course. I think Luc Longley was their center a couple of years. And I forget who the other one was, before him.

      Well, Chicago Bulls always had a center during Jordan days. Bill Cartwright was the one you couldn’t remember before Luc Longley. Not very effective scorers but they were decent defensive shot blockers and they protected the rim well. As you probably know. The Bulls played half court offence just like the Lakers are now. The difference is the Bulls were more committed on the defensive end than the Lakers are any given season since Kobe and Shaq and then now Kobe and Gasol era. Gasol is a lazy defender, Kobe gambles too much on defense, but a solid defender when he’s committed. But on the contrary, I don’t think age is the only thing that is wrong with Kobe, if you watch him closely, his cutting is not as sharp and quick as it was before the knee injury. It is much slower now but I think when that knee totally heals, it would be hard to stop him. Just as it was in the playoffs last season.

  25. big D says:

    celtics 2010-2011 champs nothing else matters

  26. ant says:

    who cares… the cavs crushed the lakers on christmas last year and the lakers ended up winning it all. just another one of 82.

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      Yes another one that put them further down the seeds of the west. What do you think will happen if they keep this up and have to face off against both the Spurs and Dalls to get through the West. Do you think they’ll still be 100% for the Celtics. If so think again. Celtics got banged up by having to get through the Heat, Cavs and Orlando last year. Thus all the playoff injuries.

  27. KobeAllDay says:

    Ya’ll are crazy. You know exactly what Kobe’s going to do when it comes down to crunch time. Playoffs is Kobe’s middle name end of story and choke is Brons middle names, that’s that. Bron just cant handle the pressure in a best of 7 series like Kobe can, he brings it EVERY night when it comes to the playoffs. There’s no such thing as an off game for Kobe in the playoffs. Yes I understand, this year Kobe’s going up against not just Bron but I can guarantee you he’ll still do what he does every year in the playoffs and that is WIN. Something Bron can’t do.
    I’ve said if before and I’ll say it again, Bron won’t win a ship till Kobe leaves the league. No argument. He wins, he’s got heart and talent LIKE Michael Jordan. Micheal Jordan is in his own league but that’s the only person I can compare Kobe to.

    • jayballer says:

      are you serious -dont compare m.j to kobe in the playoffs-look what he did in last year playoffs really -just avereage joe johnson type numbers-in the playoffs it’s all about d-wade-he has bron and bosh with him this time instead of shaq

  28. lakersfan says:

    lakers deserve this lose they played really poorly thats what they get

  29. Lakers Man Here! says:

    Thanks @ Tenki! I try to call it as I see it! I love the passion here! I think that makes the game what it is today! Hoping for no lockout season! I remember the last one and it is not good for the game!

  30. BoB says:

    Miami is better. No doubt. The results of this game were real – not some December malaise or the officials (always a real losers excuse). But they shouldn’t read too much into this. Right now the Lakers are weak and there isn’t a team in the league that can’t handle them – witness the Milwaukee beat down the game before. The Lakers even LOOK small. I don’t know what it is.

    But the fact of the matter is if you bring a couple of fast, quick guards and some energy you will beat the Lakers.
    The real threats to Miami are in Boston & Dallas. Those are the 2 teams they will have to go thru if they are to get it this year.

  31. dwadebosh says:


  32. KobeAllDay re- says:

    Hey ding dong its not just Lerbron your playing against its Lebron,Wade,Bosh,Co and yes Wade does have a ring and many more to come.

  33. re-Laker 4 Life says:

    Its more like Kobe got shut down by Wade.

  34. Jao Romero re- says:

    If your saying that the Lakers meant to lose that game because they didn’t want to play n Christmas games, then can you please explain the holiday that the lost to the timberwolves not sure what holiday that was.

  35. Micah Henry says:

    look people, all this talk about lebron being better than kobe is pointless. kobe is better than lebron one on one, period. lebron is a team player. he is a magic johnson type of player that betters his teammates. kobe is the kind of person that will go one on one with a guy and absolutely roast him with a move that people have never seen before. that is what kobe does, that is who he is. one on one is his thing. but in regards to how they are playing this season, lebron may be playing better basketball than kobe right now, but wait until playoff time. i am sick and tired of hearing about the heat making the playoffs and going straight to the finals because people need to remember that there are still the celtics, the magic and even chicago to compete with to get to the finals. lakers know the importance of winning a championship and will turn it on when needed. if we need to improve our regular season play then we need to stop the complacency and the arrogance within our plays and that is it. but the regular season doesnt matter, what matters is who or which team is up on that podium, shaking hands with mr. stern and holding up that trophy. and whoever is able to give an allround playoff performance, averaging almost 27 points a game, 6 assists and 6 rebounds will be the best player at the end of the day. because being the best player doesnt mean throwing up 35 points a night to keep your team competitive, being the best player means knowing when to take over a game, knowing how to motivate your team, and getting them to work with each other as one single working unit. kobe has done that for over half of his 15 years in the nba and continues to do it now. kobe is the ultimate competitor.

    • jayballer says:

      you maybe right about kobe and lebron-but wade tears kobe a new one every match up-look who guarded kobe this game –it was wade-and kobe guarded him-who won the match up-so forget bron-it is still wade county down here in miami-just ask the knicks who he lit up for 40

  36. Tenki says:

    @Lakers Man Here!:

    You’re a true basketball fan that I’ve seen in weeks posting here at this site! I tip my hat for you, my man!!!

  37. lynch mobb says:

    don’t get me wrong Gasol got talent since he been to Lakers 3 finals, but come on hes too soft!!!! LAKERS NEED TO GET MELO OR D HOWARD TRY WORK SOMETHING OUT FOR REAL!!!!

  38. lynch mobb says:

    what idiot says Miami heat got best two player in game Kobe lebron is best 2!! anall u fools stop talk trash about lakers gotta give respect where its due. miami got big 3 what lakeres got just 2 gasol an kobe rest talented an average! but on this day it was 1 agains 3 gasol rest of lakers bitch out on kobe! trade gasol for a d howard or carmelo gasol too soft thats lakers weekness !!!!

    • jayballer says:

      i say they have the two best in the league-look at the stats-look at d-wades finals performance since m.j.

  39. KobeAllDay says:

    Everyone knows Kobe and Co. is a playoff team. Let Bron have the shine and do whatever he wants during the regular season. Big whoop, all Bron is is a fun player to watch. Everyone and their mother knows that when it comes to the playoffs aka the big dance, it’s time for Kobe to win like he always does and it’s time for Bron to choke like he ALWAYS does. Bottom line is, Kobe wins when it comes to the important games and Bron doesn’t. (Kobe – 5 rings… Bron – 0 rings) Bron won’t win a ship till Kobe leaves the game. End. Of. Story! Goodbye.

  40. Laker 4 Life says:

    Another horrible and soft game by the Spaniard. If he keeps playing like that, why not consider a sign and trade with Gasol and Carmelo. Now Carmelo is a serious young baller. C’mon Mitch. Pull the trigger. You got Bynum.

  41. Lakers Man Here! says:

    to everyone a Happy New Year! And may the best team win!!!!!!!!!! The championship in June, that is!

  42. Lakers Man Here! says:

    Boston, San Antonio, Dallas, Miami, Orlando are all scary teams for the Lakers! One of them could dethrone you Lakers. I hope you pick up your game and show you’re still the champs!!!! I still believe though! GO LAKERS!

  43. Lakers Man Here! says:

    Wow! Just went into this blog and I love it! I think Laker and Heat fans are the most passionate in the NBA! I watched most of the game. Not the end when I knew the Lakers were beat! The Lakers were taken by surprise with that Heat defense! The Heat defense won that game! was surprised by all the missed easy shots by the Lakers! What was up with that! Dwayne Wade had a great game as did Lebron. Apparently Bosh got tired of all the criticism early on cause now he’s tough! I’ve got no explanation for the Lakers play of late. Hope it’s temporary. Cmon Lakers!

  44. keith lee says:

    the lakers is still a better team then miami the lakers struggled, wasnt making shots and the real promblem was andrew bynum did not start or lamar odom, when the lakers play and when we start our paul gasol, andrew bynum, and lamar odom, our big man they are unstoppable. the lakers are still better than miami!!!

  45. Bring the heat says:

    So let me get this straight, its Ok if people talk trash about another team but then when their favorite team loses to that *trash team*, it doesn’t matter because they have more rings? Rings are a team effort achievement. This is why LBJ never won one, he never had a team like Kobe had. Seriously, pull your fingers out of your butt and realize that Miami is the team of this decade. Bosh is finding out his rhythm, LBJ puts up spectacular performances every game and Dwyane Wade at playoffs is Jordanesque (don’t believe me then ask Dirk how mad he got 2005-2006). Seriously, just admit it, your fighting over yourself for no reason, Miami is just too great. When Haslem comes back, do you know how much they are going to improve? Kobe is finished, he takes 20+shots to score 25+ points and that doesnt even seem fair when he misses 60% of them and blames his teams professionalism. Really Kobe? Your finished, please retire with Phil Jackson, even he knows Miami will win this year. As for Boston, just because they beat Miami during their 9-8 W/L spam, that doesnt mean anything. They are 15-1 since then and that goes to show that they improved tremendously since then. If Boston played them today, I really don’t think the result would be the same. I don’t understand Lakers fans, really. Why is it that you guys are so excited about one game where you think Lakers are going to win and start talking trash about Miami since finding out about their Christmas game matchup, but when they lose you pretend like its no big deal? Which one is it?

    • BoB says:

      I replied earlier to a guy earlier who is just as positive. You’re still getting 2-1 in Vegas. Go ahead, mortgage the house and sell the car. Where else can you get a 200% return on one of the all-time mortal locks?

    • jayballer says:

      wow –you took the words right out of my mouth-very well said

  46. Adolfo says:

    Listen All..

    The Heat are for real they should be playing fourty more games into the season Imagine that.. The Heat need to prove to Boston that they belong in the Finals.. When theydo that they will take control of their Conference and will get to The Finals.. All you Heat haters should start some respect to Lebron and enjoy Lebrons game he is on his way to be a Super Super Star like Jordan. If you really enjoy the game of basketball let it go. Enjoy the Game and Respect him for his decision hes only looking for Championships.. You would do the same… Go Heat !!!1

  47. dreadyjun says:

    THis is nothing new. Even last years, Lakers lost games when they should have won during regular season. THe thing is yu have to save something for the play offs. If you show the other teams what all you have then the element of surprise disappears. I bet when it comes play off time, Lakers will defence will intensify they offence will be more in synch. Right now they are just doing enough and hoping they will be healthy enough to be in the finals. So Lakers fans, it all good. Let the other teams work theit but off, cause come play off time Lakers will be there to play. Three straight years in the finals, need I say more.

    To the heat fans, this or more a big deal for them, as they are trying to prove something. The Lakers do not have to prove anything, let alobe Kobe. Lakers and Celtics have won the most title in the NBA. Heat will never get there, not even close.

    As for Kobe, he is a guaranteed hall of famer. He will be remembered as probably the best Laker, accomplishment wise. One can argue and compare Kobe’s greatness to jordan. So Kobe doesn’t need to prove a thing, he will go down in basketball history as one if the the best player that ever played basketball.

    Le bum still have nothing to show for.

  48. the big three is the best says:

    the heat whoped the lakers so thre are no exuses anyone can make

  49. Cmalo says:

    Ok lemme reiterate this again…Lakers have rings but each of those rings have been won with GREAT big men…Gasol, Bynum, Shaq….If lebron had shaq for those 3 years when SHAQ was puttin up those big numbers then no doubt lebron would have rings too. Wade got rings with good big men as well

  50. Tia says:

    Come late May, Boston vs Miami in the East and Dallas vs S. Antonio in the West (provided the playmakers Pierce, Le Bron, Nowitzki, and Ginobli all stay healthy). These four are hungrier than the rest – have either been in a championship in the past or have won it, now desparately want to get back to the finals.

    One thing for sure, Lakers won’t defend! may make a comeback next year.

  51. DeJuanne418 says:

    well said Fact No Fiction..
    this is a game where the heat needed badly to win so they could shut the mouth of all the haters and prove to themeselves that they could beat a good team but as usual they (haters) have all the excuses.
    the heat simply out hustle the lakers in this game but that dont make them a champion in this season.. there’s a lot of work to be done. But im happy so far of the way there playing. hope they could bring this kind of intensity come playoff time.
    As for now the heat is a work on a process. But they do have a chance to make it to the finals.
    And for LA if they dont get there act together, then it’s gonna be a long time that they will taste a championship.

  52. DePaula says:

    Kobe just showed that with a similar defense from 80’s / 90’s …he’s just a regular player.

    • BoB says:

      Yeah, just look at all those current players closing in on 30,000 pts, all-defensive honors and 5 rings. Dime a dozen aren’t they?

  53. dontdrowninthelake says:

    Listen the same thing happened last year christmas day. Cavs came to staples center and beat kobe and the lakers do you people forget or you just try not to remember. The Miami Heat has the best Overall team in the league, thats just my opinion. If you watched the miami laker game and listened to the commentator’s talking about Dwayne Wades all time positioning, this is what they said but didnt completely confirm ” Wade could be 3rd best SG of all time” obviously kobe second and Jordan first. So now that we got that clear, Miami has the 2nd best small forward of all time and 3rd best SG of all time on there team forget about chris bosh. Miami fans you guys should feel ashame rooting on a team which is obviously the best team anyone has seen in the past 11 years or even 12. How would Heat fans feel, if Kobe and Lebron played on the same team with an addition of dwight howard or pau gasol thats the kinna team Miami has and people are forgeting. And there supporting cast memebers are not bad either so honestley, im a laker fan kobe fan, but heat should win it this year look at who they have

    • BigD says:

      how on earth does wade/bron/bosh compare to dwight/lebron/kobe, bad comparison dude. Wade/Bron/Bosh aren’t as good as the Bulls 3 of Jordan/Pippen or Rodman so your whole post don’t make sense.

  54. ILOVELADanG425 says:

    Lakers were uninterested-Miami was hot-who wants it more guys?!?!
    Besides-everyone knows King will disappear in May n June!

  55. lakersfans says:

    excuse my grammar i know it suck.. lol

  56. lakersfans says:

    im a lakers fan to tell you the true what i see from lebron vs the lakers on christmas was the hardest i ever seen him play. was an amazing game for the heat they came out like they got somthing to prove. kobe came out playing hard too also by the look at kobe face he wanted that win badly but the laker was struggling kobe and gasol had a bad game that day, but it is what it is got to give it up for the miami heat came out playing hard. o yeah i didnt want to talk about this but i think pau gasol was getting foul a lot from inside ref didnt call nothing

  57. Lakers says:

    Damn someone using my ID name made a comment that the refs won the game for the Heat. By the way that was not me! I commented about some calls, and non calls, but that statement was not made by me. Just wanted to clarify that!

  58. RunwayFly93 says:

    Well the Heat won one game aagainst a Laker team that is not playing the best of basketball right now. What a big deal. You people are pathetic with bragging over one game, get over it. Plus remember Kobe and Fisher do not really practice because of how old they are, so it’s not like the whole team practices. And besides if the Lakers play traditional pick and roll basketball they would be unstoppable but the triangle is really what works because it negates some of the defensive pressure when the team is running it fully. But enough it’s just one game, after the finals then we will see who will have a ring and who will be ringless.

  59. williee270 says:

    I think it a shame if the lakers didn’t care about that game because people spent hard arned money for the tickets to see it but the heat did give them a beating we must say.

  60. Heat rocks says:

    Lakers just aren’t ready for the Heat

  61. Heat rocks says:

    you have to give heat credit despite their early losses they have one of the best records in the league!
    plus the lakers are to full of them selves, their defence was horrible, and kobe wasn’t his best
    the game was Big 3 vs Big 3 Lakers- Derrick Fisher, Kobe Brant, an Pau Gasol VS Heat- Dwayne Wade,Lebron James, and Chris Bosh
    More importantly it was Kobe and Lebron 1 on 1 and Kobe lost

  62. Antrovel says:

    It was one game and not even a playoff game. Just like hae Heat had a wake up call earlier in the season. i expect for Lakers to bounce back with a great strech these next few weeks… maybe the rest of the season.

  63. Purple and Gold says:

    I wanna weigh in on the elbow issue also! That elbow was thrown out of frustration, because he was trapped on defense. I don’t think it makes him a dirty player as a result! I do take issue with people who are claiming that it’s OK if you’re trying to create space! If that’s the case then NBA players could start elbowing their way out of a tight position. That would set a dangerous precedent. As far as the rule on elbows, I’m gonna give an example, and correct me if I’m wrong. Kobe Bryant was suspended for a game after an elbow to the face of Manu Ginobli. I watched the video and, to me, that elbow appeared to be accidental. This happened a couple of years ago. So I beg to differ on those who don’t consider this to not even be a foul. I’m not an expert, but is there some rule that elbowing is OK if a player wants to create space. If there is I will stand corrected! I also don’t think D Wade was faking injury. He probably was well taken care of by the trainers prior to the game. He looked pretty healthy and played great, but I’m sure his injury was treated by the best.

  64. saint0802 says:

    besides wade,lbj and maybe ilgauskas who is ready for play offs.beautifull lay ups,dunks bla bla bla.years 2gether builds rings not commercial sportmanship.u take jones out who is gonna to stop allen.wade is out who is gonna stop rose.what about garnett and amare and no1 center howard is there any one in heat to stop them.and i tell u not to stop them individually but in a game as a team.heat got 5 centers but none of them can defend.look at their stats, they can go for zone d very well but at the end of the game you need 5 players at 100 % with knowlegde not will.road to hell is built with good intentions.thats not enough, not 4 this year,maybe 2015
    gonna be between celts and lakers again
    ps.i am stilll lebron fan

    • gary says:

      First off Celtics got their ring on the first year they got Allen and Garnett, Pistons won their championship the year after getting Prince, Hamilton and Billups. Heat won right after getting Payton, Shaq and some other help. 2nd of all your talking in big “Ifs” for people being taken out for the Heat. and yes any team that loses a star stands the chance to lose their playoff shot. So what happens when Rose (playing extremely hard) takes a big hit? What happens when Allen goes 0-30 like he almost did last year? What then. Keep the excuses and hate rolling cause it makes us Heat fans happy to see the frustration of others LMAO!

  65. BasketBall Fan says:

    Aight now let’s get this out in the open first I’m a Boston fan but i always liked Bron, Wade and Bosh and now that they are all ont he same team can’t do anything but love it. Now that’s out the way. LA played like the Clippers and Miami played with a mission. regaurdless what anyone says Kobe included they got handled on their court and the worst way. People say that the Heat defense is good but wasn’t that the causing factor in the game. right i beg to differ yeah LA had open shots but they had to work for it in order to get it. Give the Heat credit they played an excellent game Defensive wise they held the Lakers to 80 points!!!!! during the 13 game run Miami has put togher oppentens have been avg. no more than 85 so the defense did something. bottom line LA needs to get it togher and start blaming themselves and not just certain individuals. whoever wins between Boston and Miami will win the title no-3peat this year LA.

  66. Purple and Gold says:

    OK. This is my take! The Heat played better defense, which threw the Lakers out of their game. The Heat shot the ball better, and appeared to be more prepared for the game! They played a better game and they deserved the win! And I wouldn’t blame the referees as an excuse, as some have. Having said that, this is one game. There’s still a long season left. These are both elite teams and I wouldn’t count the Lakers out due to this one game! It’s my belief they’ll make adjustments and get it together. All I’m seeing here is Heat bloggers rubbing in the victory and Lakers bloggers on the defensive and making excuses. The Heat won the game. They were clearly the better team! Now it’s time to move on!!! Peace! Go Lakers!

  67. Fact Not Fiction says:

    Here’s a list of excuses I’ve heard so far.

    Lakers shot poorly and Heat shot out the lights – False
    Heat shot a 44% and Lakers 40%.
    They were 9-25 (36%) for threes, Lakers 6-19 (31%)
    Big difference was in free throws where the Heat were 81% and Lakers were 60%.
    Still shouldn’t have added up to a 16 pt win.

    Lakers were too cocky this game so the Heat won- False
    This had nothing to do with it, it was defense plain and simple and a lack of defense (rather defenders) that could contain Wade or James.

    Lakers are the 2 time champs so this game doesn’t matter – False
    Yes they are the champs, no taking that away, this game matters because if they Lakers cannont beat Miami who everyone though was a joke, what happens when they have to play Orlando, Dallas, Boston, San Antonio and the Nicks? Those losses put them out of the running for home court advantage in the playoffs. Need I remind you LA fans that Boston won the year they had it?

    The Heat have no bench, the stars are doing all the work – False
    This is by far the dumbest statement, for starters when does it ever happend that your star player(s) isn’t the leading scorer? The Heat team outside of the big 3 is averging 45pts per game. Lakers outside of Gasol Odem and Bryant are averaging 50 points.

    The Heat won’t make the finals anyway – time will tell.
    We all have to wait and see who makes the finals but while Laker fans are dissing the Heat’s hopes of doing that, please pay attention to the fact that your team is number 4 in the west now. And over all they are number 5. The Lakers (with Kobe) have never won a championship when they were lower than the number 3 team (just a friendly FYI).

  68. saint0802 says:

    show me the team with and unexperienced players that won the ring.

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      Explain what you mean by unexperianced players? Players that where never in the finals, young players, what do you mean exactly? Just for the record though, Miami in 2006 won on their first trip to the finals with Wade (& Shaq)….is that a good enough example, LMAO.

  69. bob says:

    Miami heat beatin the lakers twice ova and stil is a work in progres cant wait til its offical an output man pple wil b like we knew they where this good lakers and celtics ar old bunch of players they wil b tired as the season goes on and on

  70. Purple and Gold says:

    Wow. Some of these Miami fans really becoming haters. Guess that’s what happens when the team becomes elite!

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      So as a the fan of another elite team (Lakers), are you a hater? That’s basically what you just said.

  71. Heat Fan says:

    The Lakers deserve the fouls that were called against them! They are a bunch of dirty players! Ron Artest deserved the elbow to the face!The Lakers are a bunch of has beens that won’t make it to the first round.

    • Heat Fan says:

      Hey didnt you realize that I already took this name on here? So whoever sees my logical and non hatin statements on here should know this aint me. Stop bein a hater man. Sure we beat them and beat them good but theres no reason to talk like you are thats ridiculous.

  72. saint0802 says:

    to the Jumper.kobe is used in the team as much as he needs to be used at this point
    its only 30 games on, they know and especially jackson what to do.
    about defence -only’ team’ works here not individua.offensivly
    sometimes it takes the one to deliver but in D you need the 5 pieces.if 1 is not commited you d is right now just athlethics and quick movement which works in a single game but it is gonna change when we come to a series. 6-7 games and single work plan attached to athletic skills of 3 players not gonna work.
    age is not a factor look at spurs and celtics they are coming back again.duncan with 5 pts in last game still leader of sas.leader do what the moment ask him to do.remember jordan and his shot with fever against utah.can lbj do this.can dwayne put him self to a position of a sidekick. i think yes but not this year.

  73. Lakers says:

    Anyone here care to comment?Was Artest’s face touching Ilgulskas’ face when the dirty play occurred? LMFAO. As elbow to face stated.

  74. DONALD says:

    The reps were really bad!! Lakers got a bad calls against them from the start of the game!! Lakers miss 13 shots 5 feet or closer!! THAT WAS THE DIFFERENCE……….

    • gary says:

      another lame excuse. Damn did you really watch the game? The Heat shot five more free throws than the Lakers and is that a surprise when you have Lebron and Wade attacking the basket? The difference is that the Lakers got out played and now the excuses are rolling out instead of them just saying we lost to a good team and need to make sure it doesn’t happen again (Although when they go to Miami I doubt they’ll get a win lol)

  75. DONALD says:

    The reps were really bad!! Lakers got a bad calls against them from the start of the!! Lakers miss 13 shots 5 feet or closer!! THAT WAS THE DIFFERENCE……….

  76. lloyd ala says:

    I though lakers could easily beat the heat sorry, although other team become a stronger opponent on this coming year, but lakers must change thier line ups mostly in thier second line up they must have a deeper bench, so that they can go the finals again if they dont do this they cannot defend thier title again. like the heat even though they have the big three they have an arsenal in thier second line ups and a good defender too.

    • gary says:

      OMG, now the Lakers need even more stars?! LOL. They have Fisher, Odem, Gasol, Bynum and their bench is strong. They just couldn’t Handle two stars attacking the basket end of story.

  77. Fred says:

    BRING THE HEAT. Stupid point! Triple doubles? Better player? More FANS? Really? Really? Really? Damn! Your dumber than those morons I guess. ONE WORD that kobe has and lebron ain’t. RINGS baby. Even greater than triple doubles, fans and being a good player. Eat your heart out!

  78. vOnz says:

    Ok. Firstly. Lets just watch the game and enjoy it.

    Lastly. If ure a big fan of LBJ. LBJ has clearly said that KOBE is better than him. + alot of RESPECTED people such as ure president and NBA professionals from the past and current have said KOBE is the BEST ATM.

    So seriously you guys can ahve your own opinion but at the end of the day the professionals themselves think KOBE is the BEST ATM.

  79. Jumper says:

    By looking at the high lights of the game, one thing is evident; Kobe bryant is becoming old. Well, I wouldn’t go too far to say old but just look at him, he seems like he just lost his touch all of a sudden. Back on defense, he was against wade who he can most certainly defend if he can defend lebron and the cavaliers. I’d say that lakers should return to their old mentality and try to give kobe bryant more importance because numbers or even gameplay clearly shows that kobe on the offensive end is a lot less participant when it comes to scoring like he used to be. I know that this sounds like it shows favoritism but lets face it, if we see the past few seasons where the lakers team have won kobe has played a big role, do lakers fan really want him to quiet down and rather let him do other things?

    THe whole point of this paragraph is that we kobe bryant has to recover and he has to do it fast other wise, the lakers are not even guaranteed a play off spot.

  80. Bring the heat says:

    Ya’ll are ridiculous. Haslem who is the teams leading re-bounder wasn’t even playing, Miller can knock down those 3’s like James Jones can. No one is a bandwagoner you morons, are you aware that LBJ has the most fans last year? They simply followed their best player and I think you guys are just mad. It’s amazing how all the Lakers fans were so confident this year and now when they lose, its always *just one game*. LBJ got 3 triple doubles in 30 games. Kobe has been playing for 14 years and LBJ already has more triple doubles than him by far. LBJ is clearly a better player, not to mention if Pau does bad, Lakers will lose because we all know Kobe fg% against great teams is always low(but hey its not Kobe’s fault huh, always his broken finger?).

    • saint0802 says:

      i am lbj23 fan from the day he got into pro but he not gonna win by just getting into new team.fancy team,good on the commercial side and all but where is experience.None.i am going to wait long time before they will be champs.predicting 2015 not many anreliable centers they got.jones any experience against p.pierce
      i admit point guard doesnt bother them cause lbj and dwayn deliver but you need systematic and experienced guys on 5 stops to get the ring.
      meanwhile lakers and boston got all at the moment.

    • francisco says:

      excellent , I agree

  81. saint0802 says:

    miami is 3 players only off time will verificate what they are cant call yourself the king if you dont have the kingdom.lbj23 is the best 1 on 1 in nba but that is about all.what will be if one of them is out.multiple championship?bollocks, get one and then look for another.

    • jayballer says:

      you say he is in a triangle offense and he doesn’t need to be a play maker-then what the hell was michael jordan-is this not the same offense he ran-and you look at stats-his numbers are better than kobe’s in almost every catorgory-tell kobe to step up his game like the man did-if he wants to be called the man

  82. ckaar says:

    kobe should be more like LBJ’s court vision. he needs to distribute more to open teammates. Kobe and LEbron can score whenever they want to. but kobe needs to be a play maker. just like LBJ. thats one thing that kobe really needs to improve.

    • vOnz says:

      You simply dont know how the lakers are coached then. Triangle offense. Learn about it. It doesnt require kobe to be the play maker.

      Put kobe as a PG on a team where their offence focuses around the activity of a PG and i guarantee you he would get 10+ APG.

    • Ice Pogi says:

      The Lakers has 3 Best defenders in the league try now…. Kobe Artest Barnes… Thanks to them… Lebron got a triple double…. Wade being doubled what happens next… Great assist to a Bosh Monster Dunk…After that being Pick n roll between Kobe and Gasol…. 2 handed Dunk….The Lakers do play defense…..the only thing is…. loose Defense…. How about Dwade… defending Kobe,, contested shots , Steal and making Kobe out of his comfort zone… Lakers is no doubt the 2 time NBA champs… And the Heat is on the stage of learning… Just like others said before that Wade is learning to be like KOBE… learning on KOBE’s lock down Defense… Outside shooting… Admitting that he’s not the best on that category and still willing to learn more… That’s why Dwade is getting better and better…. On kobe’s side… there’s nothing to learn… co’z he knew everything…. He’s Been There already…. years and years…. Time is his ally or maybe an enemy…. I mean Age…. Maybe the Lakers will be on the Finals (maybe) And for the Heat maybe (too) but there’s nothing to lose…. again still a good learning experience….. I Don’t know after a year ( they’ll be Unstoppable) Zen Master knows it…72 wins…..He’s own words not mine….So if kobe wants to tie MJ’s 6 rings he must do it now or NEVER…..I’m Not a hater but a HEAT fan…Dwade Fan SInce Marquette………

  83. michead says:

    heats were stronger THIS time

  84. JUKA JE CAR says:


  85. BullsFan22 says:

    LOL, look at all these crybaby, bandwagon Heat fans, lol. Get a grip you lunatics. I am willing to bet that more than half of you jumped straight on the wagon after july 8. Lebron and Bosh haven’t proven anything yet. Lebron is all talk, perhaps he should learn something from Kobe. Don’t say nothin’, won’t be nothin! I don’t see the Heat getting out of the East. The thing is, this team needs to learn how to win as a team, and the playoffs will tell how good they are, obviously. I am sticking with my opinion in that there are 3 other teams in the East that could be in the finals.

    • gary says:

      First off Lebron did learn something from Kobe and that is get yourself more stars to help with the workload. Next your saying they need to win as a team. The team outside of Wade, Lebron and Bosh is averaging 45 points.

  86. JUKA JE CAR says:

    lakers sucks kobe sucks lakers fans also sucks la sucks kobe sucks LA FANS SUCKS!!!!!

  87. DBBJ says:


    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      Exactly! this is a new season and a new team for Lebron (and Wade). But the excuse just keep coming from the Lakers and their fans. Didn’t see any of those from the Heat when it was 9-8.

  88. Kocka says:

    i dont believe it. i mean, dwyane wade ABSOLUTELY destroyed the lakers singlehandedly, and YET lebron was amazing, and wade did his part along with bosh. i seriously doubt lebron needs any more smoke blown up his you-know what.

  89. vOnz says:

    First of all I’m a laker fan. For a very long time now.

    I knew the lakers were gonna lose this game due to the fact that the game meant more to the Heat than it did to the Lakers. I even Had a bet with a friend of mine which involved a good sum of money against my Lakers. He thought i was crazy but i guess i ended up being right.

    For me… when 2 elite teams verse each other. It all depends on who wants to win the game more. I believed prior to the game that the game meant more to the Heat than it did to the Lakers. Thus, miami had more determination to win the game.

    On the other hand. Lakers, In my opinion take it to easy during the regular season. As we have seen they turn it up during the playoffs. Their determination to win increases dramatically.

    Teams who are able to rise to the occasion during playoffs will showcase their max potential and outshine the rest.

    I still believe that it will be Lakers vs Celtics in the finals. Teams who have proven to rise to the occasion.

    Lastly, Miami I believe will dominate this decade. I’m not too sure about this year as i believe celtics have one more year in them.

    – my 2c.

  90. lionel says:

    i dont tthink you need to give any one space when you playing deffance, so they should of call that elbow a flagrant foul, and kobe still need to trust his teamates even tho they are not making any, lamar played his game as usual, but they need to start andrew and have lamar come out of banch like last year plays, that my thoughts

  91. yuri boyka says:

    lebron is amazing lebron my man…:):):):)

  92. paolo c says:

    i am a Laker fan but what could you do when the opposing team just shoots the lights out? it can happen any given day say like he Pacers 3rd quarter near perfect shooting. it’s a bit sad that it happened on Christmas day and on Laker grounds. i don’t runt about what and how the refs called the game. to me, it was plain that the shots just wasn’t going in for the Lakers for most of the time…even wide open ones. on the contrary, practically everything was going in for the Heat. like i said, it could happen any given night. when it does though, the unlucky team finds itself in a double digit deficit. pretty soon, the offense will become predictable as the team would rely largely on its stars to try and pull it off. and predictable offense is the easiest offense to defend against. for the early part of the game, i do credit the Heat defense but the for the latter part, it wasn’t the defense anymore…at least exclusively. it became more of a conditioned response to an ailing offense that became too transparent. i’ve seen the Lakers play well during the season…when pulling out the starters did not decrease or surrender the lead but in fact increased it. the Lakers have a very good deep bench. i just wish they find that touch and that zeal they showed early on.

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      Okay you started off with some truth, but the fact is that the Heat did not shoot that much better than the Lakers. They shot a 44% and Lakers 40%. They were 9-25 (36%) for threes, Lakers 6-19 (31%). Big difference was in free throws where the Heat were 81% and Lakers were 60%. So the fact that is was a 16 point win doesn’t reflect on the Heat shooting the lights out, it shows that the game was about the Heat defense making stops (namely James with 4 steals). Lakers actually didn’t play as bad as people are saying, they just look that bad when watching the Heat play : )

  93. DeJuanne418 says:

    I have been a Heat fan since Zo’s time and I’ve experience a lot of haters for the team but none like the heat roster today.
    I guess it’s because of the Superfriends Joining team. Before I never like Lebron coz he call himself d King, but I guess he has reason to do it.. by far he is the best player in the planet today. Kobe is still great but he is getting old. The only advantage that kobe has over Lebron is his mental toughness going to crunch time. But mark my words if Lebron will not get Injured he would break the scoring record.
    Now talking about the xmas game..
    I know it was just a regular season game and for some haters it wouldnt matter… well it does, if game 7 of the finals where held in Boston I guess it would be a different story. The last 2 championship of LA is they have homecourt advantage through out playoffs. but i do give credit LA for coming off the best team on that series.
    Just like Durantula said that playoff is a different season and it’s back to square 1 so I guess the Heat lost to Boston will be nothing if your reason is that it’s just a regular seasn game.

    As for the heat, they should not be over confident about this game. But make this as a moral booster to play againt’s tough teams that if they play better defense and trust their teamates they could beat the best team. I hope they could play better defense than this come playoff time coz im still not satisfied( wish my man Zo is still there to patrol the paint). But i’m glad im starting to see a gelling of the team.

    It’s just a regular season game but a win is a win. So all u Lakers fan suck it up and accept the defeat and appreciate the heat instead of always making excuses. You dont need to worry to much about the heat. because danger is lurking near u.
    Spurs and Dallas is beefing up and they dont care if u have 2 rings.

    THIS IS A NEW SEASON NOT 2010. Remember that LA fans.

  94. Yeyo says:

    as Magic Johnson said after the game “it was an embarrassment”, I felt embarrassed to be a laker fan that day, it seemed like they just showed up to get paid because I only saw 1(one) team playing ball on that game, people should get a refund or something after paying a lot of money for a game that never happened, the Lakers played worse than sacramento if you call that playing, they better step it up NOW or the dream of a 3peat could go down the crapper…
    Oh and please dont blame it on the ref’s thats just ridiculous, just admitted lakers acted like crap and the Heat played really good, they deserved to win 😉

  95. Usuck says:

    The Lakers just LOSE BIG time in Christmas Day! No more Excuses.

  96. rence says:

    miami heat will win the championship because they are a very good offensive team…

  97. Renzo says:

    and Lakers are still going to be the champions…3peat lakers!

  98. Renzo says:

    I’m disappointed at the Lakers.because they don’t play well in these past games..but it’s to early to judge them…..they can still adjust….just like they did last year. i also want to say something about the christmas game..lakers vs miami……don’t make issues that the heat are better or what……….a just want to say that lebron should lessen his boastfulness.he hasn’t prove himself yet…in fact he still hasn’t won sa title….don’t get to boastful.the Lakers will kick your ass in the finals…

  99. josh92 says:

    just wanna say some of you guys have said some stuff about kobe bryant dats hurts… talking about him being selfish ,putting the blame on his team mates for the loss, and poor shooting , first of all kobe has being playinjg in the league for about 13 years, he is not what he used to be, he does not have that physicality to play like b4 ,its no escuse for his low shooting percentage but its a factor . Now lets face it how many players in the league have 5 rings dat dont play for the lakers … kobe is an excellent sports man …he still motivates his team mates to work harder so they can bag more championships … he is still hungry for this stuff ….not many people have the willingness to win after bagging 5…i’m just saying he deserves much more credit than he’s given. Over to lebron ..he is an excellent player .. probably playing the best basketball in the league but seriously he needs to win a ring… we all know dats why mj is the best player in history he won 6 .. the first 2 seasons LBj had in the league i was lyk .. he has d potential to surpass michael.. but now i dont know …he really needs to get a ring..

  100. team_pilipinas says:

    go heat!!!no excuses please….heHE!!

  101. Cmalo says:

    Why is everyone hatin on lebron…He doesnt have a ring because he has never had a legit big man like the lakers have had always and the heat had when wade won it in 06…Lebrons teamates have choked in the playoffs..Just look at the stats..Put him on the lakers instead of Kobe and he is winning as many rings if not more…give him someone like amare or duncan and you gonna say that he wont get rings? Yea he will need role players to but you always need a good inside presence

  102. Momo says:

    Right I must say Lakers have some real issues. No matter what angle we choose to analyse this. these followings are proven facts:
    -Kobe has lost a step on drive reason why he can’t explode to the basket so he’s always trying to post up his guy (even on a fast break situation. solution: it’s time he takes some rest and nurse that knee.
    -Kobe’s definitely lost some consistency on his shoot, solution: he might have to operate that finger and stop acting like a warrior, we know he is (two championship in a row tells is it all).
    -Andrew Bynum must go back to work and seriously, he’s just like a zombie in the lakers paint, and i think coach jackson must leave him out of the rotation until he finds back some kind of rythm.
    -Ron artest’s offensive contribution is somewhat awful (just to say) missing too much open looks, easy layups, turning the ball over…Jackson must do something about that too
    -The lakers bench is been a problem too sometimes they’re just not steppin up with the urgency needed from a bench with some championship pretentions.
    These are some the issues the laker should be dealing with to make things turn in the favor if they really want to flip it over after the all star break(which i believe is still their plan.

  103. Laker/Heat Fan says:

    To tell you the truth, both the Lakers and the Heat wanted to win this game (of course) The Heat came to prove themselves while the Lakers knew they could beat this team ( which they can). Both teams have really good competitors but there can only be 1 winner. This game is all about adjustments and mental preparedness, it’s not about who has more championships rings or who has better stats. I am a Laker and Heat fan because I know both teams will fight to get to the top. The reality is if this was a 7 game series the Lakers would have a better chance of winning it.

  104. Wade says:

    All praising LeBron, don’t forget about D-Wade. LeBron did great, but Wade shut kobe down in every single confrontation (well, almost every), and was playing with a sore knee, but still managed to be Flash. Damn I love that word.



    81 Points.. 5 RIngs about to be 6 with 2 3 Peats; HE IS THE NEXT MJ

    F A LeBrickss im surprised he made his jumpers

  106. Major Johnson says:

    I guess when you talk about this being a preview for the NBA finals, you must mean a year or more from now. Until one or more of Boston’s big four retire, the Heat’s so called big three will be on vacation during the finals. And I actually loathe the Celtics.

  107. dreadyjun says:

    Consider this also.

    Kobe and Wade were pretty much guarding each other the whole game, but wade had a bit more help from his team mates when guarding Kobe yet the sta shows:

    Kobe 17 points from 6 from 16 shooting.
    Wade 18 points from 7 from 17 shooting.

    Unfortunately kobe cannot guard wade and le bum at the same time. Otherwise le bum might have just two points from 20 shots attemps. I’ll have to say le quit has come a long way from shooting air balls back when he was still with cleaveland. If le bon practice hard enough he may just get to be as good as kobe.

    • jayballer says:

      WADE is the man as you can see from your stats you put up so bron doesn’t have to worry about being better tham kobe -his team mate is

  108. lakersftw says:

    hey i was born in miami but i grew up cheering for the lakers and now IN LA and all u miami heat fans wer eprobalby dancing around like you guys won the championship LAKERS have this thing called on/off switch if the lakers reallie wanted this game the wouldve taken it but to u lakers haters there is PROVE lakers are just coasting right now through every single game every season all they care bout is killing it in the playoffs !!! LAKERS CARING BOUT PLAYOFFS = 16 NBA CHAMPIONSHIP
    how many championships did lebron wade and bosh say they would win they SAID THEY WOULD WIN 10+ championshis tht makes me lol

    • jayballer says:

      you have no clue do you-an on and off switch -lol yea right -they are not the bulls with jordan-they are the lakers with kobe and tehy better figure out that on and off switch real quick because the spurs just kicked thier butts too-

  109. Tenki says:


    Guess you’re a twelve-year-old LA fan. What can you say about the ’90’s Bulls, where Luc Longley was always outplayed even by the power forwards of the opponents? Ron Harper, the aging point guard of Chicago. All he did was to play defense against the opposing point guards and disrupt their offense. Now who are those players that won the title those years? MJ, Pippen, and Rodman, who was tripping in the playoffs and was very lucky to hit a free throw (great rebounds, though).

    Although I have to admit that Miami still needs to win against Boston, it does not necessarily mean that they should have a great big man or point guard to win against the Celtics. All Miami has to do is to play their system and force their opponents not to play their game. Orlando was beaten by 26 points, and the Magic was fortunate enough because the only thing that was working for Miami at that time was their defense. The Heat are slowly establishing their identity in their offensive game. Once it gets going, it’s like an avalanche: you can stand in its way, but you can’t do pretty much about it.

  110. Heat Fan says:

    why are you lakers acting like you guy didnt care about the game you are lying if you said you didnt because im lol at yall. lakers GOT BEAT lol LOL lol LOL

  111. Oscar says:

    The reason artest got called for those fouls early was very simple.. Before the game he said he was going to make lebron angry. As soon as the refs found this out they would have made the decision to lock down on him as soon as possible. Artest has always been a great defender because he geats under the opponents skin, but it was a pretty dumb idea to come out publicly and say he was going to be aggressive right off the bat!! I don’t think it would have made much difference anyway.. Heat still would have won.

  112. Zach Galafinakisgastritis says:

    James has all the teammates he needs right now to go deep with him through the playoffs.

    Honestly, I think that the Celtics and Magic are only the 2 teams that they have to prepare for come playoff time.

    Once they’ve done that, I don’t think any team in the West stands a chance if they play defense like they did against the lakers.

    They only need to do three things: 1) Impose Miami Heat Defense 2) Production from the 3 stars 3) Energy and grit

    They do not lose when they execute these 3 things.

    • BoB says:

      You’re still getting 2-1 in Vegas. Go ahead, mortgage the house and sell the car. Put it all where your mouth blogs.

  113. dreadyjun says:

    Say what you want. Lakers 3 Finals in a row. Kobe 5 rings, le bum 000000000.

    I back the lakers to make it to the finals but not any team that le choke (le quit) plays for.

    Really, how many great players have kobe out played over the years. Reggie Miller, Carter, Mcgrady, Arenas, Pearce, don’t really want to count jordan’s come back cause that was not even a contest. Wade and Le bom combined?, i guess we’ll see if the heat even make it to the finals first.

    • jayballer says:

      you really dont know basketball do you-kobe is not a one man team-and if you wanna compare jordan at 40 to kobe –his numbers were pretty dang close-and kobe is definitely not better that D-Wade look at numbers-forget bron-wade already one a championship -and his numbers were much better than kobe’s ever been in an nba finals-so forget kobe –he better get his team involved -or there will be no 3 peat in la

  114. Tenki says:


    Phil Jackson is relaxed because the game is already over. LA never outscored Miami in a quarter in that game. He already knew that the game was over for them the moment Kobe balked at his teammates. He held his teammates accountable for the loss, whereas the whole Miami team made a statement prior to the game that “the whole team is held accountable” for the results that they have right now. Yes, they have struggled. They don’t have any scapegoat to blame the losses to. They won games, some by a small margin, but they were responsible for the wins that they have at the win column.

    I beg to differ in what you said earlier. The way the Heat are playing right now, a win over them isn’t just a walk in the park. You have to lock down one of the Big Three to have at least an edge and exploit their lack of depth. Here are some things that Miami’s opponents can do to be successful against them:

    1. Bring their big men into foul trouble – Big Z doesn’t contribute that much. Make Bosh play defense. Bring out Howard and Dampier from the bench.

    2. Lessen Miami’s free throw attempts – they are ranked number 3 in the league when it comes to free throw attempts (at least 30 of them).

    3. Make them earn their point in the paint – Miami has a load of shooters from beyond the arc, and they make a living out of it. Besides, you can see their points production in the paint at the lower end of the league.

    4. Minimize turnovers – the Heat really knows how to punish the opposition when they commit turnovers. They run the fast break very efficiently, something that they should have done in the early part of the season. Aside from Phoenix and Golden State, they are at their best at transition plays.

    Writing these things down is easier than done. However, if these things are indeed done, they should stand a decent chance of at least having a close game against the Heat, which the Lakers haven’t done this Christmas. They handed out this game as a present for the Big Three, which would definitely boost their confidence coming to the All-Star break.

  115. romel c dizon says:

    i think it’s time for the lakers management to consider changing phil jackson as the head coach of the lakers. if you notice the lakers are winning when they are only lucky when their shots are falling and if not and are being beaten as the game goes along phil jackson does nothing to the lakers to change the course of the game in their favor unlike the other coach who readily acts tio the situation and does something to in in thier favor

  116. As a laker fan,i ‘m disappointed. their defense was horribly bad. if you watched the game,after a 2pf of artest in the 1st Q,10 minutes remaining, whos guarding LBJ, shannon brown? matt barnes? wtf, a 6’4 over a 6’7 footer, thats why LBL got a triple double ass.
    and 1 thing,i don’t think Queen lebron gonna make it to the finals,,, all i can say is they didnt even beat the boston this season. lebron doesn’t have the will of winning..okay lets see,,, last year cavs beat the lakers 0-2 in the season, but who team made it to the finals?IT WAS ALL CELTICS LAKERS TEAM,though…

    • jayballer says:

      you have no idea what you’re talking about-this is a totally different team now tahn when boston played them earlier-and boston is a better team this year than last year-the lakers are ageing even kobe-lakers just better hope they make it past mavs and spurs-because they let denver give them hell last year

  117. joe says:

    There is a big possibility Lakers will win championship . But , frankly , their game is boring .I am not Heat fan or Lakers fan , but i like to watch Heat game more . Actually , i would rather watch SUn’s losing game because of Nash than Lakers winning games .

  118. languager says:

    i think lakers are just feelin the way to pocketing the 3rd crown. when it’s crunch time, lakers will come in a roll just like champions. this win is no big deal as it may sound. Christmas spirit must have sumthin to do with it, pulling away some motivation on the lakers.

    • jayballer says:

      everyone think the lakers have a switch that they can just click on when ever they want–these are not the bulls-and kobe is definitely not michael jordan-the lakers are always in the 1 or 2 spot when they head into the playoffs–and unless the spurs and mavs fall off they are in trouble

  119. benedict72 says:

    The Heat are starting to gel and they are now running with in tent to dominate like they predicted last july.Its to much for them to hate the heat during the early part of the season when they are trying to find there way to gel againts the boston who played for 4 years.What we saw last game of the heat was a statement that they mean business.They are now the unstable team which you really need to do your homework first before you play them.You cannot double team big stars because they could do some damage to open 3 point shooters bad call phil jackson.And that every teams big problem with wade and LBJ nor bosh could play one on one and they attract double team.Bad news for heat haters cause the boys are not back in town they are just starting to have fan…………




  121. Happy New Year! says:

    blah blah blah shut up already people the game is over and it’s just 1 freaking game the lakers played terrible and the Heat take advantage of it and played better period HAPPY NEW YEAR! xD

  122. dantoy says:


    • Usuck says:

      Boston? Orlando owns you haha

    • jayballer says:

      yes it is very possible for the spurs to come out of the west-and for the boston heat match up-its a lil different now-the first two games the heat were playing awful-they are a much better team now-time will tell

  123. Merwin says:

    I’m a Lakers fan, but they look old. And it seems like the hunger is gone, and on this day the Heat were by far the the better side.

  124. young lambo says:

    i hate wen you laker fans do that. You always talk smack before a game and when your team lose you make up an excuse. There is no excuse except for kobe and the lakers didnt play up to their potential on christmas night. It shouldve been a closer game in my opion than that blowout, but as always that HeatSuck dude has an excuse for why his team didnt win. Im not a kobe hater i like his game but i love Lebron because he is the best in my opion. oh. and i forgot to mention im not a heat bandwagoner, ive been with lebron since ST. Vincent ST. Mary so before you comment on me just jumping on a wagon read this first. I should be bragging about the game but all you laker fans gonna do is just make up an excuse. I personally hope the lakers make it to the finals even though i hate them. I hope the heat make it to the finals so we can settle this who is the best in the league once in for all. but my opinion is KOBE < LEBRON

  125. JJErickson says:

    Basketball is a magnificent game, and part of what makes is so magnificent is watching an aging yet still magnificent player still contribute positively to the game that is NBA basketball. Kobe Bryant may have had only 17 points and what some would call a lackluster performance from the field, but any person who knows basketball realizes that his post game comments speak more truisms than anything. His constant use of the word “we” and “our” only exemplifies his commitment to the TEAM. Kobe acknowledges what it takes to win in this league and he was sending a message to his team. And, implicit in the message was “step up LAKERS.” Explicit in his message, at least to me, was his concern for his TEAM–and it is a resounding “his.” It’s about time the Lakers begin to establish some consistency. Go Lakers.

  126. Heat101 says:

    I knew this would happen…since Miami won , all the laker fans are saying oh, its only the regular season..If Miami lost, the same people would say, Miami sucks,can’t beat an elite team..

  127. LakerGirl4Ever says:

    I am so SICK of these people saying Kobe’s a ball hog! Clearly you haven’t been watching the last few seasons. Pay attention: KOBE LEADS HIS TEAM IN ASSISTS. I don’t CARE if you like him as a person, think he’d be fun to hang out with our whatever, DO NOT disrespect his game! I personally can’t stand Ray Allen. That being said, I would be a FOOL to say he can’t play & isn’t one of the best shooters of all time! I’m not a fan of LBJ (not a hater, though). I do acknowledge that he is a beast on the court. Yes, the Lakers played like crap yesterday. Yes, the Heat’s defense was finally on point & they appear to be turning things around. No, I am not now nor will I ever be on the LBJ-Heat bandwagon (I agree with the Heat fan who says true Heat fans remember that that is D-Wade’s team & I actually think his game is more complete than LBJ’s). To the Forner Laker Fan: we don’t need you or want you. If you’re a true fan, you’re always a fan-win or lose. Do I think the Lakers will come out of the West again? Absolutely! Do I have a feeling about who will come out of the East? Not in the least. Lakers-Heat would be more exciting than Lakers-Celtics, but we’ll see.

    • jayballer says:

      to laker girl–you made more sense than any of these guys -WADE is the man and has been for the last couple of years -the heat just haven’t been winning-just compare numbers-much respect to you laker girl

  128. LakerNa says:

    I like Lakers but this past game against Heat, damn, it looks like LBJ owns Kobe !!!


  129. Anthony Celso says:


    • jayballer says:

      what are you talking about he could’nt win gold without kobe–wade was the leading scorer in the olympics-find something else to say now

  130. DFLASH says:

    hahaha… D lakers losses to heat…. its heat all d way to d finals,,,. the big three dominates kobe and d gang…. Artest is too old and rusty to guard LBJ… and no one on d lakers can stop DWade….!!!! its just a sample how can d heat will destroy d lakers…. so lakers fans eat your heart out coz the heat is on fire!!!! HAHAHA

  131. 3Peat,17,6 says:

    no excuses…no excuses…u can blame bynum 4 not gettin surgery in the offseason, u can blame artest 4 not scorin (although nobody seems 2 credit the defensive effort he gives every songle night), u can say gasol is gettin 2 much min, we laker fans can blame it on anythin we want but the fact of the matter is the lakers r just like mark jackson said “bored”…its the truth…we r deep as hell…we r talented…we r the best in the west (u spurs and mavs fans can say what u want 2 say) but we r just not puttin the effort in…the lakers can be completely dominate but only when they want 2…they were tired of losing 2 portland every single yr in the regular season so they showed up 2 work in their 1st meetin and completely dominated them throughout…the pacers came 2 staples and upsetted the lakers so they got mad circle the calender go east 2 indiana and dominated them as well…when they show up 2 work they r almost unstoppable…they r simply bored and effortless right not…i saw a great stat on espn last time it said the lakers were somethin like 13-0 or somethin like that with kobe takin 20 or less FG…i bet they put that up 2 hate on him and tryin 2 say he is takin 2 many shots sometimes…well TO ME that shows that the rest of the team does not show up 2 work and since kobe came into the league in 96′ this guy is a winner…he hates losin…he is a winner…he is tryin 2 will his team 2 a W because his team is bored and doesn’t show up 2 work…which is absolutely ridiculous given what these players get payed…but hey as long as they put it 2gether like they did last yr in the playoffs…ppl tend 2 4get how badly the lakers were playin after the all star break last yr…like kobe said “the rest of the team is satisfied with 2 rings” but not him…well kobe can’t do it himself so i guess we have 2 wait 4 the lakers 2 show up 2 work…they have a good test comin up i think they’ve been playin 2 many sub-500 teams (and barely makin it out wit a W) and not enough competition…we unfortanetly know they play @ the level of their competition so hopefully wit the upcomin schedule wit sub-500 teams and a lot of road games in the new yr they can get their $**t 2gether…

  132. Poncho says:

    Fact: Lebron James has never won a championship without a legitimate No. 2.
    Fact: Kobe Bryant has never won a championship without a legitimate No. 2.

    Fact: Lebron James led a team full of mediocre players and an incompetent coach to the NBA finals.
    Fact: Kobe Bryant as had the most successful and arguably greatest coach in NBA history his entire career, as well as the benefit of playing alongside two of the greatest big men in the league that helped him win championships.

    Fact: Lebron James took the 2008 NBA champions, the Boston Celtics, to SEVEN games and lost by only 5 in the 7th.
    Fact: The same Boston Celtics defeated Kobe’s Lakers in 6 games and trampled them in the last game 131-92.

  133. David says:

    Lets not hate each other. It was a good game and lakers were struggling. I hav been a Heat fan since 2000 and i am very happy to see them play well. It feels like they are once again a championship contender and i hope they will get better and better as the time goes on. I wish Lakers the best also. kobe and LeBron, Wade, and Bosh,,,, i hope tht will be the finals match-up. Serious series between the Heat and the Lakers 🙂

  134. Lakers says:

    Typo in my last comment. I meant flying above the rim! That’s all folks. Just had to have my say after reading some of these blogs.

  135. lakerfan philippines says:

    Im very disappointed with the lakers game, i can say the lack of energy as the main problem, No focus nor excitement, Kobe is taking a lot of shots again and Gasol is not playing the way he should. hopefully by playoffs, lakers play their usual game or else 3PEAT is no more\!

  136. Lakers says:

    And, by the way, I wasn’t claiming the refs won the game for anybody. I was making an observation. And I’m sorry but Wade flying above the room half the game. I still go with the publicity stunt. But that’s my opinion. Take it or leave it.

  137. Lakers says:

    Heat Fan, you’re the same dude. You see what you wanna see. No credibility to you too either. You dudes make completely bias comments!

  138. blabla says:

    jup smarty lebron cant even win a dunk contest that he never attempted. Man he sucks!
    I see this game just as another step to the improvement of the miami heat. It`s just fun to watch them.
    Btw I dont really see how Lebron “choked” or “gave up” in the Playoffs. His numbers even increased in the playoffs.
    Finally he has a good supporting cast that Kobe for example ALWAYS had, that can compensate a “bad day”.
    Is this enough to win it all this season? I dont know, but I´m really looking forward to see great series.

  139. lol says:

    my reaction is when BOSH gave the lakers a christmas gift and the staples center was silent

  140. Lakers says:

    One more point and I’ll get off the bandwagon. Were you(TIMU) watching the Heat-Laker game? Didn’t Lebron James shove Artest after the arm lock? Isn’t that why there was a double T? Maybe you see what you wanna see, that’s why I don’t give credibility to your comment!

  141. Jamal says:

    Haterz still hatin’!!?…I always hated LBJ, and Kobe for dat matterr..but with all this Hate on the Heat is just too much…I just wanna see LBJ get his Ring because of that Dan Gilbert dude…his comments after the Decision rubbed me the wrong way…he was talking like ‘Bron was some run-away slave who got away shh**t. so for that reason + all the other haters talking like Miami stole their lunch money am b a Heats Fan, And shutout to CB4 who should be gettin more love, dudes been getting 20-10 for a min now. Great game on xmas for heat but still just one game! Kobe (even though i hate his ass) is still the man, whoever saying Kobe is overattedd i say u don’t know jack about bball Period….and am ouuuttt…..hate hate hate ….

  142. Lakers says:

    And, by the way, you’re really a fool if you listen to what Jeff Van Gundy says and take stock in it! First of all, he’s never liked the Lakers. Second of all, he makes some of the most ridiculous comments I’ve ever heard! Off the wall comments that don’t make much sense! I can’t tell you how many times he claims with a bold face that something is not a foul, and the foul is blatant! An elbow to the face is not a foul????? Give me a break!!!!!

    • ELBOW TO FACE says:

      DUDE, It’s not a foul when your face is basically touching the offenders face! You cant call it a foul just because his face got in the way of the offensive players movements. That’d be like putting your face in front of a players knees as he’s running and calling a foul when his knee hits your face.

      Obviously you havent played any basketball past the High school level and dont understand the rules of the game.

  143. I hate the FAKERS says:

    Im not a Heat fan but seeing the lakers lose is always a great day for me with that being said, i just want everyone to know IF THE LAKERS WERE FROM THE EASTERN CONF. NO WAY WILL THEY REACH THE FINALS!!!!

    • jack osborne 1716 says:

      that is not true because celtics are the best east team and lakers beat the celtics so you may wanna change that

      • jayballer says:

        you are so last year-both the celtics and the heat are better this year–the lakers have gotten older and remained the same

  144. LAKER FANS ARE A JOKE says:



    THE HEAT, THATS WHO. LEBRON AND WADE. (yes i’m aware of the heats average team age)

  145. cefri says:

    Totally, the HEAT just simply dominated the LAKERS on both ends of the court. They out-hustled the CHAMPs . . . Officiating? No, damn no. the refs did a good job. Its just simply the LAKERS acted as the LOSERS! They were simply caught flatfooted, and as if the were just mere bystanders/spectators in that game.

    But anyway, if the Lakers wanted to win their 3rd straight title and 2nd grand slam, they must add another craving superstar to compliment Mr. Bryant’s effort. They got to have Melo! They should try trading artest & bynum for melo & nene! Something should be done to bolster their line-up & fuel the winning formula.

  146. Tenki says:

    I was pretty sure that the Lakers were to lose this game because of their cockiness, especially Kobe. Why would he blame his teammates for being cocky when he is the cockiest player in their team? Kobe is the leader of the Lakers, and what they do is what he does by example.

    Let me show you my point: I was waiting for Kobe to school LeBron in this game, because, as he said earlier, Bryant would school LeBron, even in his sleep. Certainly there were times when Kobe was being guarded by James one on one, and yet it seemed that he can’t make his move (by the way, Wade was the one guarding Bryant for most of the game). His arrogance of making the statement that his game is dominant in “one-on-one” was deemed pointless, because Miami played exceptional team basketball. Never have I seen the famed Triangle Offense so disrupted that the Lakers decided to abandon their game plan and opted to play pick-and-roll. In short order, L.A. didn’t play their game.

    The last time I saw the Triangle disrupted by exceptional defense was in Game 7 last season against Boston, and the Lakers were lucky because Artest was hitting big time shots for them. However, the Triangle was disrupted in the late stages of the fourth quarter. The game against Miami was way too different, because the triangle way only working for the first 18 minutes of the ball game. The rest was simply an eyesore, considering the fact that I love the way L.A. plays a very disciplined offense, which gave them back-to-back championships. Oh, and did I mention that the Lakers seemed very lethargic at the floor?

    I understood why the Lakers brought in Artest last season, but I don’t understand why Matt Barnes was a non-factor for the Lakers defensively. Everybody knew that last night was a nightmare offensively for the Lakers, but they didn’t make the extra effort to play defense, which Miami did. I was expecting him to play defense against James or Wade, but it didn’t suffice. Barnes was simply overwhelmed by the talents of South Beach, and LA never stood a chance. LeBron was Superman, Wade was The Flash, and Chris Bosh ain’t The Invisible Man anymore.

    I used to criticize the Heat’s game when they struggled, but it seems like they have found their formula to success. Last night they played like they were champions, and the Lakers did not. That being said, I’m looking forward to the LakeShow making the necessary adjustments to exact revenge in Florida, and I think this will be one hell of a game between these two teams.

  147. Lakers says:

    Hey Timu, I’m glad you’re so smart and know everything! An elbow to the face is an elbow to the face!!!!!! Because it’s Ron Artest, people like you excuse it and act like it’s OK to hurt someone like him. You say Ilgulskas is not a dirty player? well, I’m sorry to enlighten you, but now he’s a DIRTY player! And, by the way, when was the last time Artest threw an elbow and hit someone directly in the face with it! Wake up TIMU!!!!! It’s not OK to just hurt certain people in the NBA!!!!!!! The rules apply to everyone!!!!!!!!!

    • Heat Fan says:

      Uh Big Z is like the Mother Teresa of the NBA man, hes NOT dirty lol. He immediately put his arm out to Artest to try to console him and make sure he was good. Dirty players are Dwight Howards elbows and Derek Fisher elbow forearm tripping combinations I’ve seen over the years. Derek Fischer is money but hes definitely dirty. Those are a couple of the best examples that I think are out there, but there are plenty more. But Big Z is definitely NOT dirty.

  148. KobeBallHogger says:


  149. WarriorsFan says:

    Great game by LeBron.

  150. KevinYu says:

    Seems that they don’t play well during Christmas Day. Their loss is not an excuse, true, they really got dominated. They gotta play straight now cause they will be facing a lot of dominant teams after this.

  151. lebron 4ever says:

    lebron james is probably the best there is right now. he can do want he wants in the court. he is unstopabble, as you can see it. kobe can do nothing about it.without help, kobe is nothing. he’s the most selfish, most boastful player in the league. he thinks he can follow michael jordan, the thing is, he can’t, and never will be…go heat! see you in the finals kobe, if you can defeat the spurs, the thunders, new orleans, suns, portland, and the jazz…hehe!lol!

  152. LAFan says:

    Lets give them the credit. Yes! they’ve won the game.. But cant you see how RELAX Phil Jackson is? The normal Phil Jackson will be pissed off on the score and especially on the calls of the referee.

    I dont think they really won. I think Phil and the coaching staff is reading the plays of Miami. When the day comes that they really need to win. Lakers will just win just like walking in the park. with no further effort.

    Still, they are the defending champions and they will push to clinch the 3rd Championship before Phil will retire. Its a promise made. And it will be done.

  153. pintados says:

    a lot says Kobe and the Lakers are for playoffs… and Lebron and any of his team is just good for regular season…

    as a fan of basketball, I believe that Lebron’s kind of talent, despite D-Wade and Bosh with him he still manages to be their top scorer and top in assists. He is the kind of player who COULD lead a team with multiple champs..

    while I also believe Kobe is a great and talented player…. he can’t manage to score most without being a ball hog… he can’t easily create a point for his teammate like LBJ can..or simply Kobe believes he can always drop the ball inside the basket when he makes his fancy moves…but…come playoff time who’s even greater is PHIL JACKSON…

    You can measure a player’s talent on a regular season… coaches can’t analyze how to beat each different opponent every other day…teams rely on their regular practice and their player’s individual talent…

    playoffs on the other hand are coach’s game… for seven games is like seven different moves like playing in a chess where the coach can analyze his next moves…. that’s where Kobe should be thankful…because PHIL JACKSON most importantly and some reliable teammates are with him to do their part…

    If Spoelstera could show that he can be a playoff coach, to be in the same sentence as Brown, Van Gundy (s) , Riley (his boss) or Phil Jackson…. then championship rings isn’t too far from LBJ… otherwise… despite the Miami 3ce… it will be hard for them to even get past Magic or Celtics in a seven game series…

  154. D-Hill says:

    I wonder if contraction really did happen. Every game would be sought out, and ever superstar had a stage with other superstars. There would be more money pool, better talent, and ever excited fans. Not that I want some of the teams, but there’s just too many teams out there for so little superstar talent. I believe everyone has the capacity to become legendary, but nobody is reaching it. They have to come to grips with the fact that they can be the best, and build on it. They have the coach, the investment, the training, what else are they lacking? Willpower? If they became the best of who they are, it wouldn’t have mattered if there were 50 NBA teams, but 500 superstar talents. Every game is a play off game atmosphere.

  155. jack osborne 1716 says:

    i think everyone now should wait stop saying who is better and who isnt because yesterday heat were better and that is no excuse because even if youre not motivated that isnt excuse but i think now everyone should be quiet and wait for playoffs and finals because when it comes down to them lakers are way better but for now we have to wait and see.

  156. ACT Button says:

    As a Laker fan I truly hope that both Miami and LA make it to the NBA finals this. Lebon is clearly the best player in the league right now in what he wholly contributes to his Miami team. I just hope come April both teams play up to their potential and make it to the finals. A Laker squad playing at their best and a Miami team playing at their best would be basketball for the ages…Of course that’s hoping and assuming both teams make it that far. There seem to be a few teams that could knock either LA or Miami out of their finals chase.

  157. keliary says:

    look the heat simply the best team we took care but one thing we not the best team will not yet but one thing if heat keep it like this its over for the nba one thing we need to be consistence more against big team so i got celtics and mav so we got to take care of business but it all acount when we start the playoof so we gota keep it up but dont let the win go to ya head hopefuly not the players head we got about 50 something games left nd then playoof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. waltzki_73 says:

    all I got to say is….”it’s a good thing that it happened this early in the season”…though,it happened on x”mas day…it’s bad for laker fans like me…we’ll live with that…the need to refocus….concentrate…to try to study their weaknesses & to try to defend the heat all star trio…playoff time is in the next 3-5 months more…so cheer up guys….the season is not over yet…let’s just see who’s on the Finals by june.

  159. Sanjeevi says:

    Seems to me, LAKERS purpousfully played this game to loss. Giving a hint to HEAT, that they can beat LAKERS. This phsycological touch might stop the HEAT to further improve their game. That’s going to be a problem for HEAT in the playoff. LAKERS are great players, yes they seems clever too. Careful HEAT.

  160. Jao Romero says:

    it’s just the regular season anyway. we will turn it on in playoffs
    boo hoo! how can we beat Spurs/OKC/Jazz/Mavs? we didn’t have HCA

    when was the last time a Kobe-led Lakers won a playoff game without HCA?

    just a question.

    anyway. go on with your excuses. every game is just a regular season game anyway.

  161. Jashaun Agosto says:

    The Lakers need a shake up. Trade Ron Artest. Matt Barnes and one other throw in for Carmello Anthony. The only players I would keep for sure are Kobe, Lamar, Bynum, & Gasol. Carmello is hungry and another scorer and solid defender. I believe it would be the best move for Carmello and Denver can get some quality players instead of lose him for nothing when the year is up.

  162. heater says:

    blame it to phil…bwahahaha

  163. stfu says:

    i dont even know if the lakers are gnna make it to the finals, cuz theres is the spurs and mavericks which is a competition

  164. Jao Romero says:

    i guess what Kobe is trying to say is: Lakers don’t want to play christmas games anymore. phil for one hates playing on christmas day. so he just told the lakers: come on. if we keep playing terribly during christmas, i’m sure Stern will realize we’re boring as hell and take us out of the christmas match ups.

    it’s a good tactic to get out of christmas games. play badly and hope next christmas the “honor” goes to someone else.

  165. smarty says:

    lebron ok back to back mvps but not a champion everybody talkin bout how lebron is a great dunker but he hasnt won a dunk contest which kobe has

    • francisco says:

      Lebron is better than Kobe in most stats(career stats) .Lebron was not as lucky as kobe of being the second man behind
      the DIESEL ONEAL.

    • Gary says:

      Dude your defending statement for Kobe is like the Laker D was against the Heat, weak!

  166. smarty says:

    The heat have know point guard or center which are two critical positions. the celtics will definitely beat miami in the playoffs arroyo compared to rondo r u serious and lets not forget miami has no bench to tell the truth bostons bench can be a starting line up with nate marquis big baby jermaine and shaquille they could beat teams like the kings anyways it will be celtics vs the lakers again

    • francisco says:


    • Gary says:

      The Heay found a system that doesn’t need Arroyo to handle the ball now. Lebron at point Wade and Arroyo on wings and Bosh and Z inside. Perfect setup and downright genius move by Erik.

      Also no one on Boston can contain Wade or James. No one in the league for that matter. Celtics in fir a big surprise come playoffs.

    • lebron 4ever says:

      lakers and celtics era is over dude…boston just got lucky with the win…heat will beat them in the playoffs baby,bank on that…!nothing can stop d wade and lebron.and when bosh is in heat…you watch out!you bunch of old fashion losers!

  167. LenHard says:

    wow the cocky lake fools fans are complaining with the officiating?? there are also a lot of bad calls favoring your lake fools.. but the heat played well so they didn’t felt it that much.. I’ve watched the game twice and the officiating is consistent on both teams (except for the tech called on LeBron which he didn’t do anything wrong).. that game was meant to be a physical game and that happened you complainer’s cannot expect that the refs will blow their whistle every time someone bumps someone.. just face it lake fools fans even the bucks embarrass your team more also in your own floor.. time change and players change the lake fools show is starting to be spoiled over maybe they can make the changes like what orlando did when they notice that their doesn’t have the same energy and effort every game day.. maybe shaking up things is now ideal for the 2 time defending champs..

    • ACT Button says:

      even though I’m a laker fan I couldn’t agree with you more. Officiating should never be used as an excuse, especially when the disparity between the points at the end of the game is so big.

  168. bob says:

    We live in a society where every fan tries to say wait we have anthr match up and hav an opinion in every final results come june and the finals lakers can b beaten by utah, mavricks, sant antonio the physcology pple ar gona hav wen the playoffs stage opens is jus diffrent. Writers and analyst jus making excuses fo miami heat beatin lakers bt if it was vice versa it would hav been crazy. I love nba bt am tired of boston and lakers talk miami heat ar there to beat em and make history. Actions speak louder than words ddnt ya old folks tell u that

  169. Heat fan for life says:

    the Heat are not even at their best yet. WE still are missing haslem and Miller hasn’t been involved yet. The rest of the NBA needs to be worried. The celtics beat us in our first 2 games. let me remind you when those games occurred, the 1st two weeks of the season, when they werent used to playing together. Let’s see them face off now, watch the Heat beat them every time. The heat have the best defense in the NBA and the 2 of the top 3 players in the league. The celtics will be old and aching in pain in a & game series. They will not be able to run with the Heat in a 7 game series evey other night. I can’t wait until they beat the CEltics in the Playoffs.

    I predict a Heat-Spurs NBA Finals!!!

  170. HEAT says:

    Its funny when I played for Providence college you always had a handfull of sore losers. Makes me laugh how the laker fans jump in and talk about how the heat lost to the Celtics. Thing about the sorry teams the Lakers lost to. Also the Magic took care of the Celtics and the Heat are 1-1 with Orlando in which one was a blow out by 26 points. The Lakers have an establish team so there is no excuses. The Heat are starting to gel and well only get better.

    What a bunch of sore losers


    The most anticipated game of the year brought excitment to every living organism in the planet, except for the two time defending champs. Kobe Bryant said that this game was just another game and that it means nothing. So the Lakers treated the game like it meant nothing which lead to them producing absolutely nothing. The Lakers were flat out embarassed yesterday by the Miami Heat. D-Wade, Lebron, and Bosh put on a clinic last night by dominating the Lakers in every possible way. What surprised me the most was the defensive showcase put on by the Miami Heat which made both Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant struggle the entire afternoon. I’m going to be the first one to say this. After seeing last nights performance, the Miami Heat are going to win the next 13 championships and the Lakers are on a downward spiral. If I didn’t know anything about basketball, I would have definitely came to that conclusion but since I’m not brain dead I’m just going to go on a limb and say that the Lakers are still a dangerous team and the Heat still aren’t the favorite to win it all. Sure, the Heat did man handle the Lakers last night but one needs to remember that yesterdays date was December 25, 2010. The day that matters comes sometime in June and for some reason the Lakers keep finding themselves playing around that time. Everyone needs to calm down and remember that the Lakers are the two time defending champs and simply give the Heat credit for beating them yesterday not in June. I agree with Kobe when he said that the game mattered more for the opposing team rather than for Lakers. The Lakers already know what type of team they are whereas the Heat are still trying to completely find their identity. That doesn’t mean that Lakers should continue to play unmotivated like they did yesterday, It means that Lakers need to redeem themselves quickly especially since they are playing the red hot San Antonio Spurs next week. As far as the Heat, enjoy the win but refocus quickly because they still need for improvement.

  172. Nopp 10122 says:

    I want Lakers to play their best and win over Heat… Anyway, understanding they may want to be relax after a long tired 3 consecutive NBA Final, especially on X’mas eve with friends and family. Lose one game is not a big deal… Let them get up in Feb, Mar, Apri, May and June….
    Go Lakers…

  173. Rood Meliscat Diehard Heats Fan says:

    Finally we gained some respect . After all the mess people been talking about my team . Now the Lakers have to watch out because the Heats are not backing down to NO!!! team. That win alone prove that the heats are itching for the NBA championship and there not going to let the Lakers or any other team get in there way. Only time will tell if we get it of not but i believe if we keep play like we played on Christmas against the Lakers we can.

  174. vic says:

    WOAH, I was only able to read a view comments and MAN lakers fans reaklly got shaken to the bone with how this game progressed. Really bad sign for LA


    GO HEAT,

  176. LOL says:

    Congrats Heat Fans and Lakers Haters. Remember the Cavs swept the Lakers last season and what happened? they just fall apart. Lets see in the playoffs coz that matter the most


  177. lebronfan says:

    gogogogo heat!!!

    lebron will knock out all,,

    i love the he play..

  178. CarlosKing says:

    Good Game for the Miami… =)

  179. Number 8 says:

    The Lakers are more banged up than that they like to admit
    Kobe’s pride is not going to win championships he needs a rest this is not number 8 we are talking about anymore.
    Kobe missing the All Star and DNP afterwards was vital for the succcess of last season.

  180. Lakerfan says:

    I don’t know what happened. The Lakers did not show up. I keep on thinking of some good excuse to tell everybody, but sadly there isn’t. They didn’t play aggressive and they didn’t have the will to win. The Heat on the other hand had everything going their way.

  181. KC says:

    Really Lakers Fans! JUST TAKE THE L. Y’all got DID at home with every celebrity along with TMZ watching and it wasn’t even close. LBJ is better than kobe hands down!

    • Carlo (LA fan) says:

      i don’t think so because Lebron doesn’t have a champion ship ring

      • Heat Fan says:

        The rings will come though, and we are talking OVERALL better player discounting rings, just talking talent and skills and athleticism combined.

  182. for real?? says:

    *3 superstars. 2 of which is top 5

  183. Carlo (LA fan) says:

    Kobe’s right they need to train harder and work on their defense, because all other teams are very aggresive like San Antonio Spurs or Dallas Mavericks, if they meet along, the lakers will surely lose. the problem is that they don’t try hard enough, i know their trying to win but that’s not enough they need but remember to much is bad it can cause injury so they should learn when to practice hard and they should learn how to cool it down

    like Kobe Bryant said
    This is serious stuff,” . “You don’t just have two rings and say, ‘OK, we’re satisfied with what we’ve got.’ I’m not rolling with that. I’m not going to let that slide. We need to get into gear.”

    he is right don’t say that “ok we have 2 rings i’m satisfied” because if they keep playing like that they will lose for sure in the championship.

  184. for real?? says:

    No surprise at all the Laker fan comments. Before the game, I bet most was preparing to humiliate the Heat and tell the Heat fans that this hype really shouldn’t be there but since they lost, I get the most common excuse in the book “it’s just a regular season game”. yeah, Lebron and the Heat still have a lot to prove. Lebron needs to step up in the playoff times but now the most important thing is that he got his backups. he got D wade who can take over and Bosh as of late shows that he can really help. Everybody goes to say Lebron can’t win in the playoffs. That is because in Cleveland, coaches had 7 games to figure out Lebron. Now, they need to figure out 7 superstars. The Lebron that “gave up” during the Celtics’s series almost averaged a triple double. He just had no backups like Kobe does or Paul Pierce does. Kobe is off game 7, Artest and Gasol step up. Lebron is off, Cavaliers just couldn’t stand a chance.

  185. The Fallen says:

    Lakers lose and some can still com up with excuses. They won B2Back titles and nobody made excuses. Typical LA loser.

  186. Wait a minute says:

    I saw this game and it turned out EXACTLY like I thought it would ( not a Laker hater,or Heat fanatic, both squads are great teams). But I think the Lakers have FINALLY woken up and are ready to compete. It’s gonna be VERY INTERESTING to see how the will try and bounce back against the Spurs on Tuesday. THAT GAMES GONNA BE CCCCCRRRRRAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  187. its two good teams says:

    People that are saying that this game was too physical and the refs didnt do good reffing the game, are just jealous that Heat won by a far margin. Im not saying that LA sucks, they got my respect, but the fact that eveyone complains for the physicalness of the game is stupid. These are two strong good teams and of course its hard to ref them. They will with passion and toughness. They arent gonna give easy points at all so the paint is gonna be tough. And if people are still complaining, then they shouldve watched the Orlando Boston game. THAT was a physical game and alot of calls werent called due to the toughness of both teams. Also people complain that refs gave dumb calls on Artest and that got him into foul trouble, but dudes isnt that wat the god defenders go through? Yeah when they play bad teams they can get away with some calls but when they are playing the good teams like the Heat, the opponents are smart or smarter too so they know the strategy that they need the good defender into foul trouble so the game temp can be on their side.

  188. Old School says:

    Its funny that the LAKER FANS ARE A REFLECTION OF THEIR TEAM. OVER CONFIDENT AND COCKY. However, I actually find it funny that Kobe was blaming his teammates when he shot a lower percentage than the rest of the team and D-Wade was running wild with a bum knee past his shoddy defense.

    Its a reflection on their fans to say”regular season doesn’t matter only the playoffs” which is exactly the attitude the lakers are playing with. When you guys wake up and realize that you don’t have home court advantage against possibly Oklahoma city, Dallas, and an unstoppable Spurs squad that has the best record in the league and has been known for destroying the Lakers with a once unstoppable Shaq and younger and better Kobe Bryant you’ll realize miami is the least of your worries(lol.).

  189. jack osborne 1716 says:

    I dont think the christmas day match will have a huge effect on lakers and in no way does it mean that the heat are better then lakers or that lebron is better then kobe.

    Lakers have never really been heaps good on christmas day. Last year they lost by a substantial margian to the Cleveland Cavaliers on christmas day. Alot of people started saying Lakers are worse then cavaliers and cavaliers may win the championship and Lakers rose to the occasion and won in the finals to celtics which meant the cavaliers didnt even make it.

    Lakers have always have had obstacles to overcome and this is another one for them. An example is when they came off a humiliating loss in the finals to Celtics a few years ago. Not to many people thought lakers could bounce back and win but they came out and proved to good for the league in the playoffs. another example is when lakers vsed celtics and thunder last year in the playoffs, but, once again even though lakers were put in a tough position they overcame it.

    So dont count lakers out just yet.

    I also dont think the heat have what it takes to win a championship this year. My first point is that the heat have chris bosh with hardly any playoff/final experience, they have lebron whos team has never seem to finish over the hump because theywere so far behind other teams and that leaves wade who has won a championship. I think when it comes to teams who have played finals alot or playoffs alot and have experience like celtics, spurs, mavs and lakers, the heat will crumble. My evidence is that wade against mavs and celtics so far hasnt been very effective and neither bosh. This leaves lebron, who is having a great season and maybe another MVP season(and i am a kobe fan so this is hard for me to say haha, but i do think amare, dirk and kobe just are ahead of him at the moment) who has dominated these games and from the past with the cavaliers, if lebron is the only player doing anything or at least with a good or even avg effectivenss, his team struggles. This year aswell if it gets tough in playoff/final time i hope Lebron doesnt give up and he fights through and hopefully we can see them vs Lakers in finals but i still think it will be Boston vs Spurs or Boston vs Lakers.

    I also dont think Lebron or is better then kobe. I believe kobe is a better defensive player, better passer(better passer doesnt mean more assists), better shooter, better in clutch, better in playoff/final times and a better leader. This is my opinion and i dont care what anyone else thinks of it but for now lebron is way behind kobe especiallt at their best.

    So all I am trying to say is the Heat have a long way before becoming a championship winning team.

  190. Old School says:

    Its funny that the LAKER FANS ARE A REFLECTION OF THEIR TEAM. OVER CONFIDENT AND COCKY. However, I actually find it funny that Kobe was blaming his teammates when he shot a lower percentage than the rest of the team and D-Wade was running wild with a bum knee past his shoddy defense. Its a reflection on their fans to say”regular season doesn’t matter only the playoffs” which is exactly the attitude the lakers are playing with. When you guys wake up and realize that you don’t have home court advantage against possibly Oklahoma city, Dallas, and an unstoppable Spurs squad that has the best record in the league and has been known for destroying the Lakers with a once unstoppable Shaq and younger and better Kobe Bryant you’ll realize miami is the least of your worries(lol.).

  191. It's A Game says:

    Heat are finally showing their potential of being the top teams in the NBA. Even though they lost to the Mavs, they still played that game with passion unlike the last time they played the Mavs. This game is also an important game, but people shouldn’t just jump to conclusions. LeBron is my favorite player but this happened last year too, when Cavs played LA and beat them and everyone said Cavs are gonna win this year. It turned out that they didnt even make the Conference Finals. So as much as I love the Heat as my favorite team, im not jumping to conclusions about June or even April. This is just a game and it was a wake up for LA that there are teams that can dominate at any time so dont be too “cocky” go out there and play the game. HEAT ALL DA WAY!

  192. shar says:

    yeah ,right, the Lakers lack of effort…..give me a break!! Looks like they were playing hard to me. They got beat, plain and simple. So all you Lakers fans……please NO MORE EXCUSES……OK

  193. Jerry says:


    This is coming from somebody who is truly ignorant and narrow-minded. I understand if Lebron James is your favourite player, but there is no reason to bash Kobe Bryant.
    Look, i’m not going to sit here and lie about what seemed to be an extremely disappointing game from ALL the lakers (yes, including Bryant) but to make such an outlandish and completely ignorant remark such as “kobe’s the most overrated player” is a complete joke. I understand it may seem like I’m getting too defensive but I literally HATE people who bash Kobe just because they love Lebron. To accuse Kobe of “not being a team player” demonstrates a new level of ignorance. You clearly have no idea of what basketball is and how it should be played to make such a comment. This is one off-game compared to many great ones, i’m sure anybody could nit-pick at lebron’s failures but that too, would be stupid and an invalid argument. My point being is that Kobe had a bad game, I think we all know that, but you should not make any comments similar to yours because I’m POSITIVE that anybody who understands the game of basketball would never say such a thing.

    Now onto the pressing matter, which seems to be the Lakers overall arrogance. As Kobe said, they are “too cocky” and I think that that even applies to himself. The Lakers need to understand that yes, this is the regular season but they still need to play with a sense of inspiration, and urgency for it is the regular season that may ultimately decide whether you have a ring come June. One could claim that without Andrew Bynum, they are not 100% but that should be no excuse. They’ve won their last championships with Bynum in a similar state. We all know that they can play better and they know it too, but they’re simply not preforming with “professionalism”. I personally believe that this and the bucks game served as warnings and that if they don’t pull it together, they could end up with a undesirable seed when the playoffs roll along.

  194. D-Hill says:

    The NBA likes building up drama, don’t they? It’s like a T.V. series with 82 games of tension build up climaxing at the playoffs, only with basketball. I’d be careful before making claims of anything right now.

  195. LotusFreak says:

    Some people say that it was lucky that miami won like Johnathen Davis-Green who says it was lucky. Watch some tv because The heat’s defense is why the team win againist big time teams like new york and orlando and jazz and hawks. The heat don’t get easy buckets because their opponent don’t come out with intensity because oppnents like knicks,magic and hawks do. The heat have great defense which leads to excellent offense. BOSTON WATCH OUT FOR THE HEAT AND MAGIC. SOUTHEAST DIVISION=STRONGEST DIVISION IN THE EAST

  196. C says:

    The Lakers did not lose by two or three points, they lost by sixteen a blow out and by the way a back to back blow out lost for the Lakers. It is very hard to see a three peat for the Lakers Because of the simple fact that they have some serious competition in the western conference (Mavs, Thunder, and the Spurs) on the other hand the Miami Heat only have to really worry about the Boston Celtics an obstacle that I believe they will over come. And if both the Lakers and Miami Heat make it to the Finals There is no way that the Lakers are going to beat Miami. Wade and Lebron always play well when playing the L.A Lakers and Gasol can not hand Bosh, Bosh is to quick for Gasol.
    The L.A Lakers should pray to God that if they do make it to the finals that it wont be the Miami Heat they’ll have to face.
    If Miami ends up playing Lakers in the finals best believe that Lebron, Wade, and Bosh will get what they came to Miami for and in Wade’s case what he stayed in Miami for an NBA Championship.
    Sorry Lakers fans its the truth… cry about it… the truth hurts :-).

  197. Pranay says:

    Like a lot of people are saying, the Lakers really blossom during the Playoffs. Last year they lost to the Cavaliers on Christmas Day, and the Cavs had a better record in the regular season. But Who Won the Championship that year…. the Lakers did. But,

    I definitely have gained respect for the Heat because they played much better in every way and have the potential to get in the Conference Finals (Maybe even Finals) this year. They have to stay clear of the Celtics, Magic, Knicks, Bulls, and Hawks though. I’m excited for the Playoffs this year.

  198. Gary says:



  199. lakerfan says:

    its funny that people think the lakers are feellin the heat its just a struggle that a championship team goes through well after winning the championship 2 years straight i dont think anyone will count them out last time i checked last year they limped to the finish line and still won it all there still one of the best teams and its just a bump in the road and i know kobe and company will rise to the moment when it counts so lebron and the heat can have there moment well see whos smilin when june comes around

    • Gary says:

      Limped to the finish line??? They were number 1 in the west with one injured player(Bynum) whereas the Celtics played Miami, Cleveland and Orlando before getting to the Lakers. Yeah we really will have to wait till June but from now till then this victory will do lol.

  200. Joel Chua says:

    i guess the lakers is not playing as they were in the last two seasons. they are so bang up right now. it’s time for you guys to step on the gas, you have a strong line up and a reserve key players. i guess the reason you guys are loosing bcoz of the confident that every time you step on the court that you can win it which is not. it’s a wake up call to the lakers what happen this xmas,after that loss you will play nxt against the spurs by the has the best record right now on the league. only what i can say is lakers must get thier foot back on track or else thier aren’t no rings for you guys for this season. stop all your day dreaming and starts a new defend your title and play like a champion.

  201. hisashi says:

    You uneducated Heat fans are fools to think that just because your team beat the Lakers for just ONE GAME makes your team sure champs in June! Worry first about Boston and coming out of the Eastern Conference before you all gloat all you want! Good luck with that! See you in June,if you’re lucky enough! LOL

  202. Bob says:

    If miami heat cud hav lost then it wud hav been miami dynasty is fallin down bt when they win they cant go to finals, when they dont beat the teams wit .500 or more they ar nt gud bt when they do this is jus regular season. Am sure if miami ar ontop of their game no team includin lakers, celtics and orlando can get near fire

  203. KOBE COW's MILK says:

    Hahaha xD then if the HEAT was beaten by another team you’ll change your name again to FORMERHEAT Fan?

  204. kobeyousuck says:

    kobe stop blaming your team for loosing this xmas game.learn one basic basketball ethic: you share the ball. you lost the spotlight on this one and lebron did stole it from you completely. remember THERE IS NO “I” IN THE WORD “T-E-A-M” and you know what that means. better luck next time and next christmas!!!

  205. Vishal says:

    This is what I like about the Lakers. Every year they remind me not to waste my time watching regular season games. However every year I forget.

  206. whykeepgoin says:

    MIA has to go through BOS NY and ORL to get through the Finals. If LA somehow avoids DAL, LA will once again get a free ride into the NBA Finals. While BOS ORL and MIA fight in basically a pre-finals matchup before the finals. The Lakers are so tall with Pau Bynum and Odom the West doesn’t have the size to really compete against them. If LA avoids DAL their playoffs wont start until the finals. That sucks! That’s why you Laker fans and Kobe can say were going to the finals. Duhh theirs ZERO competition in the West! Will Lebron and the Heat? I don’t know cause MIA unlike LA will actually have to fight to get there!

  207. whykeepgoin says:

    MIA has to go through BOS NY and ORL to get through the Finals. If LA somehow avoids DAL, LA will once again get a free ride into the NBA Finals. While BOS ORL and MIA fight in basically a pre-finals matchup before the finals. The Lakers are so tall with Pau Bynum and Odom the West doesn’t have the size to really compete against them. If LA avoids DAL their playoffs wont start until the finals. That sucks! That’s why you Laker fans and Kobe can say were going to the finals. Duhh theirs ZERO competition in the West! Will Lebron and the Heat? I don’t know cause MIA unlike LA will actually have to fight to get there!

  208. Paulstar says:

    Lakers just missed too many easy lay-ups and close shots. WIth the amount of times Gasol was near the bucket, he should have had a mammoth game, but missed too many easy ones. Kobe didn’t move when Wade made his move. Artest couldn’t drible. Phil benched fisher too much not allowing him to spark a change. Brown provided no athletic spark. Bynum moved like a turtle.

    This game was a joke . . .

    Miami did win, but the Lakers lost it moreso than Miami actually won it. If Artest can’t dribble a fastbreak and also misses two easy lay-ups, you got problems already.

    • Heat Fan says:

      No they didn’t miss too many easy open shots LOL. First they were shooting over 40% from 3 point land better than the Heat, until they missed their last few in the 4th. Secondly, they missed the shots because of the Heats HOUNDING defense. There was constantly a hand in their face. Kobe couldn’t see the rim thanks to Wade and Lebron. The Lakers were outplayed at EVERY position. Bar none.

  209. AK says:

    Lol, you people talk too much and make too much expectations and arguments about little things.

    Last two years, cleveland had the best record in the league, and both times didnt make it to the finals. Last year they blew out lakers on christmas day, and won the second game at home, still didnt make it to the finals. Lebron was said to be playing superb, better than kobe, came playoffs time, it was back to the normal articles about kobe and jordan.

    I’m not talking here as a lakers fan or a kobe fan or whatever, im talking as a basketball fan, stop arguing about which team is better and which player is better. Its not cause bucks blew out lakers means they are better than them and they’ll win finals, same as heat game or whatever game it is.

    Lakers were just playing sloppy, and they’ve been playing like that all season. As Odom said, they’re being cocky and they dont put any effort, and kobe said it aswell, the games doesnt mean anything to them they just go out there and chill and played relaxed.

    Don’t blame kobe for not playing well, its a team sport. Kobe could have easily tried to take control of the game and take 30+ shots, but didnt and was finding the open man and taking jumpshots when open, not forcing anything, but his teammates weren’t hitting them neither was he. Gasol was invisble and has been for the past ~8 games, not doing anything at all, nor on offense or defense. I dunno whats wrong with him but he’s playing like crap.

    So yeah, when its playoff time, you’ve seen it the last 2years, lakers play their best aswell as kobe and they’ve won the past 2 years, and been to the finals last 3 years.

    So dont go around talking and hyping it up cause every year lebron fans just talk so much crap about how hes the best, how they’re going to the finals, and winning it all… While i just tell them wait till June then come talk to me, and same year every result, lakers make it to finals, lebron isnt near anything.

    So please, stop talking too much until June.

    • Heat Fan says:

      First off you made the big mistake of putting Kobes name in the same sentence as MJ. Secondly, the Lakers WERE ready. Theres no excuses. The Heat defense beat them fair and square. You really think the Lakers weren’t ready? HAHA. Yeah. Thats why not even 5 seconds after they won the tip Odom was slamming through an alley-oop. Lets not get it twisted, the Lakers WERE ready, they just couldn’t handle the Heat. Bottom line.

    • Usuck says:

      You’re the one talking too much huh… BTW don’t expect there’s still a June for your Lakers.

  210. Gotti says:

    I dont really leave comments but WHERE’S EVERYBODY AT? everytime the Miami Heat is in the discussion there’s always about 60+ Miami Heat haters/L.A. Lakers lover, now theres a bunch of ppl that dont like the Heat but gotta respect them.R.O.T.F.L. HEAT fans they was lol @ us but we laughing at them now an this joke gonna last for years…………

  211. jt says:

    Come on guys!!! The lakers are not a championship team. They cannot beat San Antonio or Dallas in a playoff series. Lakers fan keep talking about the heat not getting pass Boston in a playoff series. Look at your team lakers fan. You cannot beat San Antonio

  212. ar.pogi says:

    yeah.. the heat have a lot more to prove.. but remember.. the miami heat are no cleveland cavaliers.. this team will just continue to get better because of the talent and the chemistry building in there.. the heat has a shot of winning the ‘ship this year.. i hope so..

  213. regular Joe says:

    to all LeBron haters – what that guy else has to do do not hear “LeBron sucks” . It is different question arguing who is the best – him , Kobe , Wade , Durant , etc … but saying “Lebron sucks” or “Kobe sucks ” – it is just not true .They are greate athletes and we just should be proud to see them in action
    Happy Holidays !!!
    Hope , Lebron will get ring he deserves

    • Wait a minute says:

      thanks regular joe, other people can recognize great players like these because they won’t be here forever.

  214. orlando says:

    will to like your heat or Lakers ? will to players and who playoff next Heat or Lakers yes trun kobe lakers 2011 champs
    want to like trade Nash , Anothey or Kobe Three big ………….good place !!!!! Now like to your heat losses you james Lebron trade stop stop or Lakers Not !!!! your james Lebron BABYCRY help champs not YES Kobe champs 2011

  215. tonyh says:

    The Heat are still getting to know each other, so imagine when they get to the point of playing game 82 they will feel as if they had played all their lives together since high school. Pros like them know the game so well that it will be a different, easier game. Doc (the Celtics coach) already said that the Heat they faced at the beginning of the season will not be the Heat they will face in the coming months. Wait and see. I believe Lakers this year are overrated because of their rings. Look at San Antonio and Dallas and Utah. Beware Lakers fans. you might only get to the semifinals, if any.
    Go HEAT!!!!

  216. 3peat says:


    the lost yesterday is okay its just the regular season

    it proves that the Miami heat is a good team

    but the lakers are struggling

    just like the heat when they lost to boston

    And LA starting 5 last season is not complete

    BYNUM start bench 🙂 and still not 100%

    LA 3peat 🙂

    I’D like to see a rematch though its a fun game haha

  217. Batsirai C says:

    The Lakers should start praying hard that either the Boston Celtics or the Orlando Magic stop Miami Heat in the play offs. Why / Lebron single handedly destroyed Lakers last year with Cleveland. and with Wade and Bosh as evidenced by Christmas Lakers demolition.. I don’t see the Lakers beating Miami in the Finals. It seems the Lakers don’t have an answer for Lebron, Now with Bosh and helping him forget it. Kobe & co knows it. Mark my words people

  218. Teaser says:

    To all Lakers fans, Kobe Bryant is getting old. Don’t expect him to do spectacular basketball nowadays and in the coming playoffs. Haven’t you heard of the saying — “The Rise and Fall.” You see Jordan, where is he now? There is past and there is present. And Lebron is the present. Kobe got his 5 rings, I consider him great at his time. Not at all time like they always say about Michael Jordan. That is the beauty of basketball. There are new pools of talented players that will emerge when the great one has retired. After Lebron James retires, I am pretty sure another superstar will rise in my favorite sport names BASKETBALL.

  219. Kobe says:

    all i gotta say

  220. weeman says:

    lakers played like heat were playing earlier in this season, believing there hype too much and paying the price. Once they realise they have to stay focused and not be contempt with only two rings then they will be back on top. Looking forward to the playoffs especially the finals cant wait too see lebron and kobe have that long awaited battle in them!

  221. jm says:

    @felipe i agree

  222. lakers says:

    the refs did a horrible job! they only called fouls agenst the lakers

  223. JHAWK862 says:

    the lakers aint playin LIKE CHAMPS, BUT dont jump to conclusions the lakers losted to the bucks by 19 their last game and the bucks damn sho aint better than LA . LA gone get dem in the play offs well thats a lie cuss the HEAT(K) cant beat the celtics(k). 3 PEAT COMIN.

  224. Tenki says:

    Definitely, the Lakers felt the Heat, and not in a good way. They let down their fans on Christmas Day with a 16-point whooping, and they didn’t play as a team. They let the opposition rotate instead of the ball. They were forced to commit turnovers, and they were burnt by the speed of Miami’s play.

    The Heat right now are having their way. They dropped their game against Dallas, but it seems like the Mavericks just slowed the avalanche temporarily. They have been playing great offense and exceptional defense. As far as I can remember, no opponent has scored at least a hundred against them for the past 14 games. James and Wade are thriving on the passing lanes, Jones is their leading player in drawing charges, and Chris Bosh made his presence felt in the paint. Arroyo and Chalmers are shooting and passing the ball pretty good, and the beneficiaries are responding in a positive way.

    I think Miami should take this win positively, because people are criticizing this team for not winning against better teams around the league. The way I see it, this team won’t struggle for at least five games in a row. Laker fans, beware of the opposition in the East. Boston lost last night, but they are still on the top of the pecking order in the East, Orlando is a force, and Miami beat the Lakers on their home turf. Beware, defending champs. Beware.

  225. heat-pete says:

    As a heat fan i`m happy with the win! But, can`t overrate this win over the lakers!1 reg. season game in LA great win, but if they bring the remaining 2 games against boston if they beat SAS and if they end up 60-22 then i say they might have a chance for the final! we know the LAL played the same way last year and they ended up winning the ring!!Like i said great win in LA but don`t overrate it!! GO heat!

  226. Terry says:

    I’m tired of so many people making excuses about the Lakers just played bad watch the game again Miami defense was all over the floor and and Miami is a match up problem to the Lakers because the Miami Heat big men can stretch the floor witch takes gasol out is comfort zone of guarding outside like that it opens up alot of insides to help wade and bron drive to the basket to either score, get fouled or create shots to their shooter and thats exactly what happened yesterday!!!!!! Miami destroyed the Lakers on offense and defense so you haters stop making excuses for why the Lakers didnt win the game

  227. fedex says:

    Personally I think heats are just as elite as the teams up there…but the fact is East come playoff time, if the schedules play out right…the road to finals are a lot tougher than the west…Wests legit powers are lakers spurs and Mavs…i believe other than these 3…the rest can get no where…not even close…and Spurs will get manhandled by lakers for sure…Lakers sits at 21-9 but they are capable of much more…im no laker a boston fan…but thats how i see it…and whereas for the east…the best teams are built for playoff grinds like boston orlando heat they are so close to one another…that the battle would be brutal…throw in up and coming knicks….bucks…hawks…they can all be spoilers….and chicago bulls might even be one of the elites if they have everyone on the roster….its harder for eastern teams to come out on top…and they will be less rested in the finals…

  228. Greg says:

    Lebron James is by far the best player in the NBA. He dominates the matchup with Kobe and shamed the whole Laker team in front of their fans on Christmas. The way D-Wade shut Kobe down reminded me of the days when Bruce Bowen used to shut him down. Go Heat! You guys can win the NBA title!!!!!!!!

  229. Keep it real says:

    As many of the people here have already said – Lakers haven’t even gotten into their groove this season, and i’m sure many lakers fans here will understand the frustration that is associated with being a lakers fan – that they’re content of sitting back and relaxing during the regular season. All this that has been said about lakers beating the regular season record for wins won’t happen, it’s the lakers dude! these guys are more willing to sit back and just drift into the playoffs when they’ll give it their best crack there – and because they have the best closer in the game along with the most skilled big man, this regular season meeting really doesn’t matter. As for the heat, they’ve taken the easy way out and they’re expected to perform, hence during the regular season I see them winning a lot, but as for the playoffs, when you see the same team for a minimum of 4 games, maybe even 7? I’m sure when we get to the playoffs the heat will NEED to sweep teams out of the playoffs by those 4 games, because there’s no way without a good point guard or center that the heat are going to be winning a seven game series, especially against teams like Boston or Orlando. Keep it real dudes!

    • KingCobra25 says:

      they have tons of good centers. Dampier,Ilga8ukes, Joel Anthony. Did you see the lakers-heat christmas matchup

    • jayballer says:

      how can yoiu say they will need a real point guard –for what? they have wade and bron all needed–just as the bulls had jordan and pippin enough said.

  230. Heat Fan says:

    The Lakers got DOMINATED last night. In EVERY possible way. Lebron with the first Christmas Day triple double in 40 years. End of story.

  231. Lakeshow says:

    lol its funny how media made this loss a big deal, I just hope the Heat don’t turn out like the previous Cavs, regular season show-offs and early exits playoffs.
    but I give credit to Miami they played well, especially Lebron, I like him better in a Heat uniform.
    I hope for a Lakers-Heat finals!

  232. Canny Cat says:

    Funny…didn’t Oklahoma just put the beat down on the lakers at HOME 3 nights ago as well? Sorry Laker fans, the end is upon you. It was a nice little run though.

  233. A heat fan. says:

    If they don’t win, my bad 😀

  234. A heat fan. says:

    Heat played a good game last night..if they will play like this all season, they have a lot of chances to be the champs. They need time right now. If they don’t need this year the championship, next year they will, trust me 😉

  235. LB6 says:

    Lakers lost embarrassingly. their crowd booed them. kobe once again choked like what he did in the finals game against boston. the only player who showed up is Pau Gasol which doesnt surprise me. And wow Wade nursing an injury shuts down kobe. Lebron with a triple double. Bosh with a double-double. This is what kobe gave to his avid laker fans this christmas. Lakers got bullied. Embarrassed and Harassed at their home court all at the same time.

    • jack osborne 1716 says:

      kobe didnt choke against celtics that is the stupidest thin anyone has said he was the finals mvp and simply dominated get ur facts right or u dont deserve to comment because that is the most FALSE! statement ever

      • Wait a minute says:

        PAU DID NOT SHOW UP BRO. Pau is so, so talented, but he has games where ALL HE DOES IS COMPLAIN, AND COMPLAIN AND COMPLAIN to the refs about he being fouled almost like EVERY offensive play. Then while he’s staring at the refs, he doesn’t get back on Defense in time and the other team scores. It’s really frustrating when you see it, like Pau can be even BETTER than how he is now if he’d just have the mind set that the refs aren’t always gonna see his way in games, Especially BIG games like those when there’s all stars, hall of famers, and superstars all around.

  236. kazpo says:

    Wlang binatbat yang si kobe kay Lebron.

    GO Miami!!


    Lebron James is the best player in the NBA and proved it again last night that Kobe isn’t at his level. Lebron always wins the matchup and showed that he truly is the KING. I can just hear Lebron singing, “KOBE. TELL ME HOW MY ASS TASTE!” LOL

    • jack osborne 1716 says:

      that is stupid kobe is seven years older and kobe has dominated lebron it countless occassions before yesterday and even michael jordan knows kobe is better even go on youtube and see it for yourself haha suk it

      • KingCobra25 says:

        you should suck ass because lebron went to the finals when kobe was layede in spurs dust. Lebron has crushed the two times they met in la and clevaland and he crushed him in la and will inj miami. You need to see a doctor because you so much mental problems.

      • francisco says:


  238. Garnett05 says:

    Heat played well last night but they will choke in the playoffs!!! There are two teams in the East they have to get through to even get to the Finals! Orlando just acquired Arenas and Jay Rich so they are a lethal team (especially if they acquire a back up center to Dwight Howard in case of foul trouble in the playoffs)!! Then there is Boston Celtics, if healthy, the best playoff team in the NBA. Lakers on the other hand are a really good playoff team but this year they also have their work cut out for them because the Spurs look hungry and they are also an experienced playoff team!! I see a higher probability of Lakers defeating the Spurs to get to the Finals than Miami trying to get through both Orlando and Boston!!

  239. tRay says:

    It’s very funny how the Laker fans on this site are saying that this game really doesn’t matter, which is kind of true. BUT if they would have won then you guys were have been saying oh the Heat suck blah blah blah. The Lakers will be okay but you fans have to be realistic that the road the championship is not as clear cut for the Lakers as it has the last few years. Oh and LBJ is better than Kobe right now. Kobe is my fav player but individually speaking, NOT LOOKING AT RINGS PEOPLE, LBJ is better.

    • NBA Fan says:

      CAN WE PLEASE STOP WITH THE “PLAYING BETTER RIGHT NOW” STATEMENTS PLEASE. It’s really annoying to read,see or hear that statement. Every player in the NBA is going to be playing better than somebody else “RIGHT NOW” that’s such a cop out. The Question is: WHO ARE YOU PICKING AS YOUR BETTER PLAYER, NOT NOW NOT YESTERDAY NOT A WEEK LATER, NO. WHO IS THE BETTER PLAYER OUT OF LEBRON OR KOBE.

  240. same old story last year when the cavs destroyed and swept the lakers..
    but this time the end result will be a lot different..
    keep in mind lebron now has a CONSISTENT 2 superstar team mates unlike the past two years where he does it all and just sees his old cavs team choke in the playoffs..

    the real deal is in the east..

  241. DKNiels says:

    The game was a blowout.
    But still, I see one bright spot. Bynum. He on his way back. He taking it easy, but the few minutes he saw yesterday, I believed he played like the dominating center he can and will be as soon as he is 100% fit. I know Heat still have some injuries, like Miller, but Bynum is way more important for the Laker than Miller for the Heat.
    I would like to see these two teams playing when Bynum is back fully recovered and playing 38 minutes.
    Hopefully both teams are without injuries when the meat in Miami.

  242. james says:

    i do not know why when a team wins championship trophy the gm’s trade the players to the other teams; and bring in better players like mat barnes and james blake or wrose than all theo ratleaf or joe smith , have this new players won championchips prior to joining the lakers ? is this a good idea to take those who contribute to winning a championship to be traded to another team ? and in return get players that donot fit in?when barnes was playing in florida he was making 3 pointers but ever since he came to la, his game has changed.and goes for blake as well.

  243. Lebron Fan says:

    Enough of the crap about Lakers will win when it counts.. for the last two seasons, lebron has proved he’s better than kobe in every single aspect of the game, maybe miami or the cavs could’nt beat boston, but they can sure beat LA anyday of the week. Lebron knows how to beat Kobe, and he will continue to do it. The heat did everything they wanted to do with the lakers last night and will do the same the next time they face, even in the finals.. Lebron beat kobe by himself with the cavs last year, and will beat him with D. Wade and Bosh anyday of the week!!!

    • jack osborne 1716 says:

      haha kobe is better then lebron especially in their primes even watch michael jordan say kobe is etter then lebron on youtube

  244. Prento says:

    All the talents in South Beach!

  245. Sam says:

    Typical glory hunter which are at least 70% of the fans in any sport I knew. FORMER Lakers fan, You’ll never know the true meaning of supporting, loyalty and sport.

  246. richuncle says:

    One game does not make a 7 game series. If the Lakers do meet the Heat in the Finals it will be a war for the Lakers to overcome those matchups. Last year the Lakers lost both games to the Cavs who had the best record, but still lost in the Eastern semies to Boston. Head to head regular season games have no meaning in a 7 game series come playoff time, but I’m sure the Lakers are glad the Heat are in the East and not the West after that game.

  247. LakersR says:

    fan and a Nationals fan. I suffered with Tiger Woods this year and Jeff Gordon. Thank Allah I am a Laker fan.
    Three peat baby.

  248. LakersR says:

    @Former Laker Fan.
    Glad you showed that you are not a fan by changing your allegiance after one game. Didn’t you watch last year’s game? Surprised that you aren’t a Former Cavs fan.
    Us true fans weather every game, every trade and every injury.
    I am also a Redskins

  249. mac says:

    L A is not the team to beat in the west its the spurs.The east is the BEAST boston miaimi

  250. Daver says:

    A real fan sticks with their team through thick and thin, what happens when the lakers get it together at the end of the season FORMER Lakersfan? you going to jump back on the Lakers bandwagon or just align yourself with whatever team happens to be playing well at the beginning of the playoffs.

  251. Tim says:

    Horrible game for the Lakers, but hey, they have been playing horrible all season long (keep in mind they just lost by 19 pts to the Bucks).. I believe they will have it together come April, thats when a team like this one looks forward too, theyve been thru all these media hyped games over and over again.

    On the flip side, I do not appreciate the negative comments being made towards Kobe Bryant becauseI think he did what he was supposed to (except defensively, he roamed away from Wade far too much). He consistently drove to the basket and looked for and found open teammates, setting them up for wide open shots that they just could not knock down. If you watched the game, you would that everyone in a RED jersey surrounded Kobe whenever he touched the ball (even above the 3pt line for the most part) and he made the right play, instead of going up over a triple team all the time like old Kobe would. The Heat forced the Lakers out of the triangle and into pick and roll and Kobe made the right play almost everytime. No showboating or fade-away jumpers over 3 defenders, just passing to the wide open men. Now if he would of taken 30+ fga like he would have been then, I could see people talking about him, but he didnt! that shows how much he’s changed as a player. He trusted his teammates, they just failed to deliver. Lebron on the other hand had a magnificent game . It would be foolish to compare the stats of Kobe v Lebron because LBJ enjoyed a free play offense and 1 on 1 coverage (he wasn’t even doubled off the pick and roll like Kobe was every single time & w/out Artest in the game because of foul trouble)

    Im not one to harp over the officiating (I dont even call fouls during Rec play), but i think the refs were a little to hard on Artest and light on the Heat players. With good reason though because the Heat were active and moving their feet. It was so many of them around the ball, they probably couldn’t figure out who to call the foul on. But still. it was a bit lopsided.

  252. Nemke says:

    and of course,Lakers fans are mad at the refs…i wonder,if they won(what a joke),what would the storyline be??? come on,you lost,suck it up…if i was a Laker fan,id be woried about this…The Heat just beat Lakers on the road in the most anticipated game of the last few years…ooohhh id be woried…

  253. Hammar22 says:

    great game! what happened to kobe the ball hog? can anyone guess?

  254. LakerFans Are Dumb! says:

    When the Lakers lose the fans will just say it’s a regular season game and it doesn’t matter to them! But if they win they will brag how great the LA Lakers and how they will crash every opponent in the league!!! Oh well….. I’m not surprised at all, LA fans are all dumb and full of themselves.. hahahaha.. It doesn’t matter if you’re the defending champs, this already a new season! You are already facing a different teams which has more talent than the previous seasons, so I suggest you start acting like a team to beat or you will be just a team full of hype from the previous season accomplishments!!!! LOL

  255. B-baller says:


    WOW, No comments from THE HEAT SUCK… after all the garbage he has spewed about the lakers being far superior to the Heat… Im not surprized at all. The Heat were assembeled specifically to crush the Lakers. Kobe can’t handle wade.. Much Less Lebron, who cant be handled by anyone. Maybe now you”ll stop your rants about how the heat suck,

    I wont gloat or talk crap, cus that would make me just like most Laker fans, I’ll just point out that all this time, I was right about the heat.

  256. Hamid Zahoor says:


  257. Chris Ross says:

    I thought the Heat showed a lot on Christmas and even though it was the close game I was hoping for it was still intriguing. The Heat showed they could hang with the big boys and overcome their deficiencies that people keep talking about. The Lakers up-front did not dominant like they were supposed to be able to. The Heat are finally looking like a real team, which I guess goes to show that you do have to give even great players some time to form some chemistry.

  258. lakersfan says:

    i dont understand why everyone is making such a big deal about a regular season game. Lakers have one focus and that’s a threepeat. Heat can beat them twice in the regular season but i dont think they will be so lucky catching the lake show off guard in the championship which i doubt the heat will make it to anyway

  259. steph says:

    lebron is the best people keep talking bout the cavs but this season is not the cavs its miami babe lebron is going to get help frpm wade nd bosh so watcha out lb better than kb

  260. CHEEA says:

    Funny with these haters. When the Heat lose, they are all on our blog board talking crap. When we win, they say we have not beaten any quality teams. When we beat a team above .500, they say wait until you play the Lakers. When we beat the Lakers, they say the game didnt matter in the first place (even though they are the same ones who have been talking about this game all year long). It’s sad that most of the Heat haters are not even true Heat haters, they just simply dislike Lebron.

  261. ErictheHeatman says:

    One word..LBJ!

  262. LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

    “Jackson understood Bryant’s frustration, citing a team-wide lack of energy and confidence. Gasol is lollygagging out there, Phil added, and playing, as he alluded to time and again, soft. Andrew Bynum is still a beat or two slow in reaction time. What does Ron Artest do again?”

    I give the heat credit, they showed up…..and the Lakers didnt. Read that quote above a good few times, Kobe’s supporting roles aint doing there job, people keep saying Gasol is really the leader of this team??? Yeah right, even Jackson says he is goofing off. And I understand Bynum is just getting back from injury but he is playing soft, LA shoulda did the sign and trade for Bosh, because Bynum is injury prone and Bosh is playing solid for the Heat now.
    And this fool Artest is overrated, people think he is so good?? He is a great defender, but besides that he barely giving us any offense…..

  263. Round The Globe says:

    Agreed as you all have said, the Heat played at there top level. They scored 96 points to prove it with the Lakers playing poorly. The Lakers missed there shots, the Heats defense was not responsible for the Lakers missed shots. The Heat does not have fantastic defense even at there finest but they have great offense. They scored 96 at there best level of play against a poorly playing defensive and offensive Lakers team. The Lakers normally score over 100 against the leagues premier defensive teams which proves an easy victory if they were playing at there top level. 100 or more Lakers points at there good level of play equals more then 96 points of Heats excellent level of play against a sluggish performing team.

    As Lebron as said “I’m going to finish my greatness with the Heat”

    I’m happy for his greatness, a triple double and his team playing at tip top shape scoring 96 points at its finest against the Lakers. Hot Damn, what are they going to do when the Lakers play better defense therefore holding them to less then 96 points and score over a 100 points as normal??

    It’s better to be humbled during the regular season as the Lakers just were and strike back with full passion in the post season. Some players however think it’s more important to strike during the regular season and humble them selfs during the post season. To each it’s own.

  264. Jrodiuos says:

    Indeed the Laker’s played a weak game, however, they are the defending champs. What was impressive was the Heat’s domination defensively. You could argue that it was reminiscent of the Chicago Bulls teams that dominated the league in the mid 90’s. Regular season or not, when the big game is here, go big, or go home. That is what is expected from greatness, on and off the court. Miami rose to the occasion and brought their “A” game, L.A. did not. Defining moment of the future? Time will tell.

  265. Melo says:

    Bosh isn’t overrated no1 said he was Tim Duncan or Garnett i believe You would have to actually be “overrated” to be overrated… just settling that for you idiots

    i’ll tell you who is overrated Kobe (best ever?) and A’mare (MVP candidate?… we’ll maybe Knicks are impressive lol)
    consider who Bosh plays with before you call his 18 and 8 overrated also understand he has high fg% and ft% with or without LBJ and D-Wade and he doesn’t turn the ball over… he struggles defensively but he’s not overrated.

    p.s. the Raptors have been mediocre his last for years there but he wasn’t he actually has a good winning percentage his last 4 years as a Raptor which are the years you could say it really was his team… they struggled because his supporting cast sucked and when he got injured they lost almost every game

    Thank You 😉

  266. G-RidEr says:

    Blah blah blah……To all the so called expertists of analysing the outcome of unpredictable games Well, I think the last night game betwween the Heats and the Lakers was nothing but a media hype on one of this holiday is whereabout to make their rating go up.The really deal we should be talking about right now are the Spurs and the Celtics if you want to know which teams deserved to be mentioned when it come to really championship contenders discussion which everybody in the NBA know the Spurs will be crowned comes June.

    Go Spurs Go!

    • KingCobra25 says:



  267. big mike says:

    i feel for all the haters, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to comment on LJB’s success. Patheric haters get your haterade bottles and watch the lakers

  268. jesse says:

    The lakers are 4-8 on christmas day and lost last year to the Cavs. The lakers are doing better this year than they did last year, as Kevin Durant said ‘the playoffs are a new season and everyone’s 0-0’. I co-sign that.

    • Gary says:

      Lakers are not doing better this year. They are currently the number 4 team in the west and 5 overall whereas last year they were between the number 2 and 3 spots.

  269. Chris says:

    It was a repeat of last year’s Christmas day massacre. Once again Lebron came out on top BUT who was hoding the trophy in June?? It was nowhere near Cleveland!

    • D-Wade25 says:


  270. Yugiowe says:

    @ FORMER Lakersfan – then you should have been not a laker fan since december last year because the LAKERS was also beaten badly by the CAVS Christmas of 2009 ……………..but …… who came out the champions for 2010 ?

  271. I didn’t even watch this game though I really wanted to. I had a really bad feeling about it because of the hype! A lot of the time when hype steps in one team gets blown out.

    One thing is for sure; The Zen Master (Phil Jackson) learned more from that one game than most coaches could in a full season. It’s just like in life; you learn more from a loss than you do from a win.

    Win or lose, I’m a true Lakers fan for life!


  272. aaron says:

    you stupid lakers fans, if not an important game you peiple must be ssssss to buy 900 $ and get beaten up. go heat will get you all when time come one a the time.

  273. lebraun says:

    I live all the heat players but lebron. I don’t like lebron attitude. He always want to show people himself. He is nobody.

  274. Nilton says:

    LAAwesome, you must be onto something really strong…. Miami’s lack of SIZE? Are you serious? Ilgauskaz, Chris Bosh, Eric Dampier, Joel Anthony, Jowan Howard, Mike Miller, LeBron, lack of size?

  275. Nilton says:

    LeBron just proved to the world once again, that he is and will always be better than Kobe. That kid is amazingly a beast.

  276. The Big Bang says:

    Wait why are we talkin about how good LBJ did? Wade was the one who shut Kobe Bryant’s offense down. He also was the player of the game, with a injured ankle. LBJ just scores. Wade is actually the team captain here.

  277. Nilton says:

    Lakers (FAKERS) fans, you guys are pathetic. It’s a proven fact that the HEAT is better than the Lakers. You guys got beaten badly, just accept it and move on. The Heat will be at the Eastern conference finals w/out q doubt. Loserssssss….


    You guys remember us getting spanked last year during christmas I do. You guys remember the cavs winning the play offs last year I dont.

  279. kobe hater for life says:

    you wuld think kobe wuld be sick of getting his butt kicked on christmas every year by LeBron. kobe is wayyy overrated and LeBron could embarrass him any day. Go Heat!

    • jack osborne 1716 says:

      i advise you to go on youtube and watch michael fordan say kobe is better then lebron, u r only thinking right now and shore right now lebron maybe a little better at getting stats and offensively but that is only because he is 7 years younger so in their primes kobe is better even MJ agrees with me

  280. KB24808 says:


    • D-Wade25 says:


    • Gary says:

      Lakers number 3 this season. New season new teams. Just keep it in mind. Heat losers? No the team with the most points wins the game but don’t worry keep watching and you’ll get it.

  281. john says:

    Former laker fan… when Lakers do good are you gonna flip back to Laker mode. This is a BIg Reason I cant stand the Laker fans. I am from Los Angeles and cant stand the Lakers or the fans. THe fans are the biggest fair weather fans in NBA. The Lakers do good then all of a sudden we got these fake fans come out and then the Lakers suck and they are back to watching womans volleyball.

  282. QuestionMark says:

    Both teams that I wanted to win won the Chrismas day games, and they are the Magic and the Heat, Magic had a great game against the Celtics and Lakers got their ass handed to them by the Heat, but we all know both the Celtic and the Laker play twice as better than they normally do in the playoffs, and we all know that is when Kobe is fully motivated, and I think if the Heat play like they did, with great D and offense then I think they will get past the Celtics, and if the Magic can play better than they do, then they will get past the Celtics just like they did, even though Rondo was out. All the action begins in the playoffs, the regular season doesnt mean anything.

  283. Filipe says:

    The Lakers have definetely the right tools for a third consecutive championship, the only problem at the moment is mental, as pointed out by Odom.

    My view is that this result is a bittersweet one, bitter this Christmas, but coming the playoffs the sweet part of it will come. There was some true frustration from Bryant, Jackson was seriously unhappy about the performance, and hopefully this can take this team to think about what needs to be done to win the title. Maybe a couple of players have the wrong mentality and need to be off loaded…

  284. Felipe says:

    I don’t think the Heat will win the championship, the Celtics will most likely come out of the East, but they are definetly being underestimated by the rest of the league, last night was a perfect example.

  285. FORMER Lakersfan says:

    I used t be a laker fan but not anymore after that game yesterday. They got destroy by LeBRON. Now I am a heat fan. Everyone, respect LeBRON for destroying KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • QuestionMark says:

      LOL doesnt look like your a fan of anything if you give up on the Lakers that fast, Im a Magic fan and a Raptors fan, Raptors suck and Im still with them, you need to learn some loyalty lol

    • jomica says:

      @former Lakers fan: I really can’t believe what I’m reading from your post. For you to say that you’re a Lakers fan and totally change team because they lost this game is nonsense. Maybe if the heat lose to the magic you’ll become a magic fan instantly. One loss can’t determine a teams success. You should know that if you’re indeed a basketball fanatic

    • Heat wont win says:

      such a bandwagon fan. so when the lakers beat the heat then you’ll jump ship to the lakers? dude you’re a bad fan for the NBA.

      • LotusFreak says:


    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      you pathetic…..was a laker fan now a heat fan? You a cock hopping bandwagoner…..stick by your team through thick and thin. Dont even derserve to post on this blog

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Well good thing you hopped off the Laker bandwagon and onto the Heat, us real Laker fans who have lived in LA for 20+ years don’t want losers like you that can be influenced by a game in December as a fan of the Lakers. You are what gives the fans of LA a bad name!

    • IHateBandwagoners. says:

      and im definatly glad your not a lakers fan anymore….. you sir, are a perfect example of a bandwagon jumper…. one game you lose faith ? look at last year. LeBron and the Cavs Dom’d the Celtics in the regular season…. how far did that take them ? not even outta the Eastern Conference. pce out former Lakers “fan”

    • BILL MCBLAZE says:

      your a stupid bandwagoner you gonna be crying when you Heat dont even make it to the finals

    • BOB says:

      u suck when lebron wins a championship then he can call himself the king. heat suck and will always get demolished by celtics in the east. as for lakers they will turn on there game in the playoffs been like that last year when they got smashed by lebron during the christmas game and went on to win the championship

      • LotusFreak says:


    • King Nothing says:

      That was a quick switch.
      Like King Nothing no Commitment, and No Responsibility
      Obviously a James fan. (SAY one thing than DO another)

    • tingyman says:

      haha “former laker fan” giving up on the 2 time champ lakers to jump on the heat mobile di@#?

    • Wait a minute says:

      Bro, how can you leave your team after a bad REGULAR SEASON CHRISTMAS GAME?

  286. jason says:

    There is no reason for that performance on xmas day. The lakers are suppose to be the best team in the nba despite their record and losing like that to the Heat shows just what Kobe and Lamar were talking came to light….. over confidence and cockiness. The Heat are a team hitting their stride the Lakers are a team supposedly have found it already but no evidence of that yesterday. There was no help defense the lane was wide open if you play that way any one can beat you. It made me sick just watching.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:


    • Heat Fan says:

      Nope NOT buying the overconfidence and cockiness excuse playin against the Heat. The Milwaukee Bucks? O yeah, DEFINITELY. But the HEAT? The HEAT??!! Who have 2 of top 5 players in the league and the 2nd or 3rd best power forward in the league? Ummmm NO. Your not overconfident against talent like that, NOone in their right mind would be like “aww nah we gonna steamroll right over them”. NO sorry. The Lakers might have had confidence they could win, but theres a difference. They should have confidence, but OVERconfidence? NOPE. The Lakers admitted in interviews it was a BIG game, and Ive said multiple times there is PROOF they were ready. Not even 5 seconds into the game after tip off Odom slams through an oop, and they AREN’T ready and hyped up? Yea, they WERE, they held the lead for the first few minutes BECAUSE THEY WERE READY. But then the Heat very quickly figured it out and played lockdown D the rest of the game. I’m not naieve and I still realize the Lakers obviously can play better than this, and of course the Heat wouldn’t sweep them in a series none of us are saying that. BUT the point IS that they WERE ready to go, whether you Lakers fans want to admit it or not.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:






  287. Johnathen Davis-Green says:

    This was more about the Lakers lack of effort than it was about Miami playing flawless basketball. We’ve all seen that when a team comes out ready and gets up to play Miami that Miami can’t win. There’s no reason why the Laker bigs didn’t exploit Miami’s lack of size and swallow up Chris Bosh. LeBron puts up these kind of performances win or loss so that has little to do with anything. The Lakers played with no heart and effort which is why they came out on the losing end of this contest.

    • KingCobra25 says:

      What! are you kidding me. The heat have faced the magic,knicks,hawks and jazz and these teams are good playoff teams. It’s not becasue the opponent of Miami is not ready; it is because Miami plays lock down defense which leads to transition scorers like wade and lebron with bosh. Say something right would you you whining little human being

    • tingyman says:

      thank you for this intelligent post

    • DBowe says:

      Excuses, excuses…….. why not just leave it alone. Your team lost. Just accept it and move on. We all know that the Lakers are far more capable than what they did yesterday, but we will never know what would have or could have happened if they played like the team that won the Finals last year so quit making excuses.

    • Smooth says:

      @Jonothan Davis-Green

      Every team gets up for Miami. What are you talking about??? Dont you watch any games?? Probably not!
      I bet your one of thoes fans that ignore the regular season and wait to the playoffs…

    • Gary says:

      This game was about and egotistical Kobe Bryant wanting to play the team that was overshadowing his recent championship win. It’s been in the news, Kobe has said it so don’t try to flip it into what YOU think it is. If what your suggesting is the true story then why are we even talking about Miami when the Bucks did the Lakers even worse? Get the hate out your system and look at the facts.

    • LotusFreak says:


  288. LAAwesome says:

    The Lakers may have lost this matchup, but when it really matters, the Lakers will be full fledged. The Lakers are a surprising team, especially when it comes to the playoffs. But you have to admit that Phil, Kobe, Pau, and Ron were totally off. Phil has to step up the Lakers defense. I’m sure they saw that, and will definitely ramp themselves up.

    • Heat Fan says:

      Um, they were OFF because of the Heat. The Heats defense was just NASTY. That was some of the best individual defense on Kobe I’ve ever seen from Wade, or anyone for that matter, all on a bit of a sore knee. Lebron also played shutdown D on KB too. But what I find really crazy is, that most Lakers fans are saying well wait until the playoffs. Ok fine, but its funny because you KNOW if the Heat lost you would NOT be saying well “wait until the playoffs”. You would be saying they suck and this one game would mean EVERYTHING to you. You would say they are overrated and will NEVER be any good. Like the Heat are NOT capable of improving just like your Lakers are, or ANY other team in the league for that matter LOL. Thats where the hypocrisy is. You would’ve said that the Heat can’t cut it in the playoffs, but yet noone has ANYTHING to base that on considering that the Heat as newly formed have played exactly HOW many playoff games together? Um, ZERO. Thats just funny stuff guys, funny stuff.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:



      • Gary says:

        Heatfan don’t listen to this guy, he was the first one bragging that the Heat’s win streak got snapped by Dallas. Also he post some of the most BS statements trying to pass them as facts.

    • Gary says:

      People alwasy say that about them being surprising but it’s not true, what have they done that’s so surprising? When they’ve won in the Playoffs they have been the number 1 or 2 team so that’s not a surprise. A surprising team is one that is not expected to do much during the playoffs and goes further than expected, not teams that are already good…

  289. BullsFan22 says:

    I wouldn’t read too much into this game. Yeah the Heat played well and the Lakers were just awful, but let’s be honest, this is still 29, 30 games in. Anything can happen in the regular season, just as much as in the playoffs. I have a funny feeling that Lebron will fail (again) and the Heat will be beaten by any of these four: Celtics, Bulls, Magic., Knicks. The Lakers know how it works, if they play well and up to their potential, they will dominate. While the West is deeper (again) this year, the Lakers still have the talent and the belief and obviously the coach, to see them through. I can’t say that for the Heat. The only real winner on the Heat is Wade, and he has been quite up and down this year and seems to be injury prone. Bosh is overrated and Lebron will feel it in the playoffs. We’ll see.

    • KingCobra25 says:

      You are such an asshole BullsFan22. lebron did not fail it’s because the worthless clevaland team expecteed him to make every shot. The heat have three of the biggest stars in the league who can make shots. they have a solid bench too with house,ilgaukes,howard,chalmers and arroyo. Your bulls lost their streak to the clippers you dumbut. The heat have beaten the knicks, magic and will destroy the bulls when they meet because they always had the advantage. Watch some tv would ya.

    • LotusFreak says:

      BullsFan22 stop talking and talk to a doctor because you have some mental problems because the heat have the three biggest players in the league in bosh, wade and james. James didn’t have a great bench with two superstars to help him in clevaland. Oh yeah the bulls lost their seven game streak or whatever number of win streak to the clippers. The heat have beaten the knicks,magic and will crush the bulls when they meet just like they always had. The heat that faced the celtics didn’t have chemistry but now they have speed and chemistry to crush the celtics. Oh yeah the celtics lost their streak to the magic who have lost 12 games into the season of 30 games. BULLSFAN22=mental issues

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        any ring lebron wins was on the back of wade and bosh, so in the end what did he really prove?

      • Gary says:

        First 3peat was saying Lebron won’t win a championship and now he’s trying to downplay any future championships LMAO.

    • DBowe says:

      I’m a Heat fan and I loved the game yesterday. I loved that we didn’t just win, but did it convincingly.
      Anyway this game still doesn’t matter too much since this is just the regular season plus I think we play them again in Miami later in the season. But the thing that bothers me the most is when the media and aaaalllllllll these bandwagooners refer to the Heat as Lebron James and the Miami Heat. I’m happy that Wade is as humble as he is; because if he wasn’t, there would have already been problems in the locker over this. I expect this from the media because I believe they’re hoping for a locker room fight so they can have more to write about, but for so called Heat fans (really former Cleveland fans) this is a real disrespect to D Wade.

    • tingyman says:

      the bulls healthy even have the possibilty to beat the heat. joakim noah could crush the already crumpled head of bosh in the paint, and they have carlos boozer and a very, very, very,very [can i emphasize it more?] very underated player in luol deng. plus, they also have a dynamic pg in derrick rose which will give the heat all sorts of problems. all this coming from a laker fan btw.

      • LotusFreak says:


      • Heat Fan says:

        Hmm..funny how pretty much all analysts call the Lakers the BIGGEST team in the league, yet Chris Bosh OWNED them.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        the bulls will beat the heat, fuqk both of u

      • Wait a minute says:

        I don’t believe Chris Bosh would EVER work Noah. Hell yeah Chris has a GREAT offensive game foot work is excellent, form is ABSOLUTE BUTTER, but defensive? IT’S ALL ABOUT JOE. (plus Noah is an absolute BEAST inside the paint when we’re talking about rebounds and toughness so that’ll be a FUN match to watch.)

    • showbaba says:

      If you are waiting for Heat to be knocked out, you might feel bad to hear this. The Magic is knocking out Bostin in playoff and the Heat is knocking out Magic in Eastern Final. You confidently mentioned that Bulls or Knicks would beat Heat does not reflect truth but hatred towards the Heat but it doesn’t matter. wait and see what happnes in the Eastern Playoff.

      • magic fan says:

        whoa there… the heat cant beat the magic… unless its the 1st home game of the season after all the summer hype. each and every time the heat go against a team with a solid pg and big man, they struggle. Utah(d will, al jefferson/millsap) Dallas(kidd/nowitzki), Boston(rondo, garnett), Orlando(nelson (14 assists against heat), howard) +arenas now.
        the heat arent winning this season. next season when they have a mid level exception to spend on a solid big and development of mario chalmers, they’ll have a chance. until then, the big 3 will be exposed by orlando, boston and other elite teams. miami can’t play like they did yesterday for 7 games…

    • francisco says:

      last year lakers beat an exausted CELTICS(old) after too many hard series. But they took the credit, y=this time they will
      not be that lucky

    • Heat Fan says:

      Your wrong on at least 2 things in your statements. This is the HEATS 30 games in, NOT the Lakers. The Lakers core has been playing for 2 and a half years now. So no they have 7 or 8 times as many games played together as do the Heat. Its funny when people are not a fan of a team you are quick to just push their win aside like its nothing, but when your team wins though it IS something. YOU KNOW that if the Lakers won, you would’ve been talkin mad crap about how the Heat suck. Without ANY doubt. It IS just one game we Heat fans know this, or the sensible ones, and we KNOW theres ALOT more work to do. But the fact of the matter is, it does mean SOMETHING, just not EVERYthing, like so many Lakers fans would’ve been prone to say if THEY won.

      Bosh overrated huh? Yep you are DEFINITELY a hater. How is Bosh STILL gonna be considered “overrated” when he just destroyed the Lakers frontline last night? They couldn’t stop him. At times he went straight up for shots and rebounds against 3 of them all by himself LOL. He grabbed **4** more boards than the next closest Laker big. So NO, Bosh JUST proved last night that he is indeed NOT overrated. He played with the fire and passion he needs to take on 3 players that are either equal to or bigger than him. He didn’t wilt. Chris Bosh JUST stepped up hater, so you can definitely back off of that statement. After his impressive strings of 20 10 games and double double games, and THEN this dominant performance against the World Champion Lakers, Bosh is most definitely NOT overrated.

      • LakersChamps says:

        whatever you say…
        HOPING for a 3-PEAT for the Lakers and the downfall of the Big 3 in Miami…
        the most overrated Big 3 of the Millenium (Miami Heat)…

    • Gary says:

      Heat losing to the Bulls or Nicks…pleaze! Celtics are/were the only threat but anyone can see that the Heat team is only going to keep up the momentem. But anyway your just a hater because with statements like Bosh is over rated and he just dominated the NBA champs on the inside shows nothing but hate. And to say Wade is the only winner is just another bias statement made from a Lebron hater. Keep the hate up cause as we see it only makes him better : )

    • Usuck says:

      Don’t include your Bulls pls coz they are WEAK

  290. It makes me laugh when the teams come to L.A. on Christmas and usually beat the Lakers, then in June when it means something they get their asses kicked by this same non-interested in the regular season team…Lebron needs to win some playoff games to get cocky and Wade only won with a much younger Shaq, so before you laugh too hard win some June games….

    • HEAT FAN says:

      ummm…correction..did you forget about the rest of the old Heat squad that showed up and destroyed wasnt all Shaq buddy. ErrrrrrrrrrrrBody on the Heat showed up to win it. And this the looks of it they are marching their way up.

    • LAKERS says:

      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Just wait until June. A time when lebron knows nothing about winning and everthing about choking! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Heat says:

        Your probably right, LBJ will probably choke. He isn’t the only player on the team. I recall D-Wade CARRYING the Heat against Dallas in 2006. The one game, i think Game 3, where the Heat was down by 13 with 4/5 min left and who showed up?..

        D-Wade. O ok

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        lebron will choke, and thats why he NEED dwade. Dwade does not faulter in big games like lebron does….

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      this is funny, but true!

    • B-baller says:

      You mean like when he won 8 games in a row and swept the first two rounds of the playoffs against above .600 teams. Take a history lesson.

    • tingyman says:


    • cb says:

      Yeah…cos Shaq carried that team on his back through the finals!!! Wade did nothing!! (you moron)

      • Usuck says:

        Yah Shaq who also carry the Lakers 3 championship ryt? and Kobe is just a flower.

      • gary says:

        2006 Playoffs. Dwade points per game 28. Shaq point per game 18…Shaq carried who?

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        CB ok if you gonna play that card of “Shaq carried Kobe first 3 rings”

        then wtf is going be any different for Lebron? HUH?????????????????????????????

        not a god damn thing, if Lebron get a ring or rings, people will say he got them on the back of Bosh and Wade.

      • Gary says:

        @3peat. We know that if Lebron wins this year it’s because of a collective effort. People talk bad about Kobe & his rings because all u fans make him out to be the reason he has five rings. Not the fact that Shaq was the one who won it for them. Kobe stepped up after a five year hiatus and with Gasol’s help won back 2 back titles.

      • jayballer says:

        how can you say wade did nothing. He only averaged 40 in the finals

    • francisco says:

      I am so sure last year the cavs would have beaten the lakers on june(playoffs), if cavs had stayed together(they did not and lbl quit). now could be different, most talent is in MIAMI side. LBJ AND DW are more talented than the BAD SHADOW of Jordan.True he has 5 rings that is the principal thing that the sport drive by media uses to say he is the best
      in the league.but most PEOPLE who watch close the NBA KNOWS he is good but highly OVERRATED.

    • Heat Fan says:

      YOU would’ve been laughin ALL day if the Lakers won, you KNOW it. So you can say whatever you want, but you ain’t doin nothin but hatin. Yea Lebrons never won a playoff game huh? Zero. Yeah ok. Wade won with a younger Shaq? LMAO. Well lets see there smartguy I believe KB did there too didn’t he? LOL. What are you about 12 or 13 with this kind of attitude? Dam

    • Smooth says:

      @steven a smith

      Didn’t LBJ lead the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals by himself with no help??? You don’t remember him against the Detroit Pistons???? Come on Mannnnnnn… Win some playoff games??? He’s done that without D-Wade and Bosh… For the Heat/LBJ haters, quit comparing last years Cavs team to this years Heat team.

    • luis says:

      young shaq u say? hahahahahaha i never laughed so hard in my life….i can tell your a nba newbie..shaq was the same age eric dampier is now 35….young my ass….and obviously u didnt watch the 06 finals….in what game did shaq have a good game? NONE u dumb sack of monkey pile….in game 6 they had to sit his fat ass down cause he played horrible and thank god they did cause thats when alonzo mourning came and got some critical blocks late in the game and saved the day….young shaq hahahahahahahahahaha……..newbie go get some nba knowledge before u come here and act like u know it all bum…..

    • PaULA says:

      Steven A Smith: Lebron did win some playoff games! Even made it to the finals! As for Wade winning with a much “younger” Shaq: Shaq wasnt that much younger. just 4 short yrs ago. He was still an older player & past his prime. If I recall Dwyane Wade was the MVP of the finals not Shaq! So there! haha

  291. bigboy11 says:

    where are all the Lakers fans, told them 2 days ago this was gonna happen a blowout, guess they at the staples center wiping the Lakers off the floor, they have never faced a defense like the heats from the season started ,the king came and they all bowed

    • Chris says:

      The lakers have undoubtedly faced better defenses than the Heat! Celtics? Rememeber them from last year? Where was Lebron in June after steamrolling the Lakers on Christmas Day last year – planning his big “Decision”. I’m afraid as good as the Heat seems right now there are still LOTS of games left to be played. Long season, remember. 82 games to be exact and then comes testing time. Up to this point nothing for Lebron in post season.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      im right here…so wassup?

      • gary says:

        Wassup is your team just lost two consecutive game by 15 plus points. Wassup is that the Lakers haven’t beaten a top seeded team this season. Wassup is that Laker fans keep belittling these losses yet the Wack Mombo himself said that this is serious stuff. That’s wassup!

    • tingyman says:

      um, maybe not since the season started but celtics anyone? we have beaten them in a tough playoff series, dont be an ignorant ldiot and think that the lakers cannot fight through defense. btw, whats your record against the celtics this year heat?

      • Usuck says:

        Celtics? Is this the team LOSING to Orlando in Christmas Day also?

      • gary says:

        You keep playing the Celtics card when they Lakers haven’t even played them his year. At least the Heat can manage to keep the game close in their loses.

    • IHateBandwagoners. says:

      ahaha king ? never seen a king with so little jewelery…. we’ll see how far the Heat make it in June….. and lemme tellya its not gunna be lakers vs heat in the finals….. probs Lakers and Celtics again

  292. gary says:

    Yes they are and I think Sekou got it right. Lakers are still the team in the west to beat. We know their game will step up when the playoffs come, but this game shows that the hype behind the Heat is more than that, it’s real!

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      Still nothing but hype. This teams weaknesses will be exposed come playoff time.

      • Gary says:

        And that weakness would be what? That is such a empty statement. Just something I keep hearing Heat Haters say because there is no big weakness to the Heat, but whatever helps you sleep at night go with it lol.

      • Usuck says:

        Lakers is still the BIG LOSER! haha Merry Christmas

      • Heat Fan says:

        HAHA your such a troll man. You gotta be 12 the way you act all the time LOL

      • luis says:

        and what are their weakness? you say it but you cant tell me what they are??? lakers cant even defend pick n rolls lol lakers are garbage…..who leads the nba in all defensive catagories? miami heat hahahahahahahaha

  293. Rohan says:

    Hope Lakers are back in May and doubt that heat are getting to the finals lol

    • tingyman says:

      they are 0-2 against the celtics, i KNOW that they arent meeting the lakers in june

      • tingyman says:

        also considering that the heat are basing their skills on one game against the lakers, i have the right to base their ability to come out of their conference by their two fail losses to the celts.

      • gary says:

        So what’s up with the Lakers losing by 19 at home to the Bucks. Can we base anything on that? LMAO

      • luis says:

        its so obvious u are a nba newbie….i can sit here all day and name you so may teams that got swept by another team in the regular season then to revenge them in the playoffs…remember 2007 finals spurs and cavs? cavs swept spurs and detroyed them in the regular season…look what happened in the finals…so before u come here and talk all that yap and act like you know it all i suggest you go get some knowledge about the history of the nba….newbie

      • Gary says:

        At Luis STFU. I’m not just some kid like most these people shooting off their mouth. If you LA, Boston or whatever fans want to bring up the fact that the Heat lost to the Celtics then best believe that I’m going to rub the Bucks victory in your face. As for bringing up the Spurs and Cavs that’s all well an good but NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THAT NOW! Heat fans or Lebron fans whichever it may be are talking about this year and 2011. Get with the program because if you want to really get down to facts the Lakers and Celtics are 1-1 for the Playoffs this decade, each winning when they had home court advantage, who do you think will have it this year should the Celtics get past the Heat and Orlando??? Think about that before you trying to call people out. I got the facts all day!

  294. kobehater says:

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! the little lakers lost 2 my heat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kobe sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lbj all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LAKERSITA says:

      Winning back to back championships it’s an amazing feeling…Better than just winning a cristmas day game!

    • tingyman says:

      how many rings does your “king” james have? meanwhile, my man kobes hand is so full of them that he has one on each finger. whats up?

    • wegetrings says:

      how many rings does lbj have again??

      • Heat Fan says:

        gay is right. They can’t keep the blog about the game nope not at all. Well gee they have to look at somethin else when their team got blown out. We Heat fans aint sayin its the be all end all cause its one game and its not, but we WILL point out the haters that give the Heat no credit when they deserve ALL of the credit.

  295. MRA says:

    Big surprise, no Laker fans want to talk smack now. The Heat brought it with an injury riddled roster and the Lakers came in with a full roster and no heart. Merry Christmas!!

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      You heat fans are soooooooo funny! This joke of a team still cant beat the celtics, so its too bad the LAKERS wont meet these chumps in the finals. Becasue we all know its a different story for the LAKERS when the playoffs and finals roll around. Too bad the heat wont make it to the finlas to feel the rath of the LAKERS. True LAKER fans knew the LAKERS would most likely lose this game, judging by the way they have played the last few games. But lets see what happens after the all star break. If i remember correctly the LAKERS have started off sort of the same way the last two years, last two years ended in championships.

      • KobeBallHogger says:


      • Heat Fan says:

        Dude what are you 12? Your funny just in the blog a couple days before the game you yourself said the Lakers would BLOW them out. LOL. You know what you are man? A JOKE.

      • gary says:

        Lakers couldn’t beat the bucks and your talking about the Heat losing to the number one in the east? This is a new year buddy and ridding the 2peat train isn’t getting the Lackers anywhere lol.

      • BUCKS says:

        If you’re such a TRUE LAKER fan.. did you know that the Bucks would also whip your team’s ass??? LOLOLOLOL

    • tingyman says:

      yet your still 0-2 against the celtics. good luck meeting us in june!

      • Faceofbear says:

        It’s nice to know that you are basing your championship hopes on not seeing the heat in the finals

      • tingyman says:

        basing my championship hopes on not seeing the heat in the finals? ah no my friend, im merely displaying the fact that the road to go to the finals is extremely tough for the heat, due to the fact they have to beat the celtics. we already have beaten the celtics in a 7 game series, so i have no fear of our chances for the 3peat. However, good luck with your “3 kings and 1 ring” making it past the celtics

      • Usuck says:

        Celtics!? Orlando owns you… Lakers is still a soooooooory team right now, Kobe still can’t sleep from the pain his feeling about the game.. Were not talkin about championship here, yah were talkin about the BIG LOSER for the Christmas Day hoohoohooo Merry Christmas

      • Heat says:

        Well, if i remember correctly, the Heat when they played the Celtics, weren’t playing to their full potential. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but when we played the Celtics in October/November they were trying to get comfortable playing with each other. Now in my opinion, and i may be wrong, if the Heat played the Celtics we would most likely win just because they found what makes them play together and fluidly. The commentators even said it. During the first month of the season, the Heat were standing around, not making good passes, and looked completely out of sync. The way that we’re playing now, we look unstoppable (not saying that we are of course). So stop with that Celtics garbage, because the Lakers will probably lose to the Celtics as well.

      • Gary says:

        @ tingyman – I think if your going to bring up past meetings of the Heat n Celtics this year, you should also consider the same stats for the Lakers and the teams who beat them and may play them in the west playoffs. Also Lakers have a tough schedule ahead so this is the time for them to get serious. More losses mean a lower position in the playoffs and with the Laker History they don’t win or get to the finals when they are not the 1-3 team in the league.

  296. Bryanskie says:

    nice job Heat. LA better luck next time.

  297. maldoc says:

    Lakers sux! They deserve the beat down.

  298. Najk says:

    I remember last year christmas when the lakers lost to cavaliers . There were comments even worse than these todays . But same old story lakers time is in playoffs ..

    • HEAT FAN says:

      Judging by their style of play right now..I doubt they will get far in the playoff..remember that if youre the first or second seed you get to play the weaker 8th 7th or even 6th seed..making it easier to dont give me this bs about how they show up in the playoff’s…the entire season decides how you gonna do in the playoffs.

      • wegetrings says:

        so did the lakers not win the ship after being blown out by the cavs worse then the heat beat them?? but were was lebrons team durong the finals?? watching kobe do work and get his 5th right or wrong??

      • heatfan sucks says:

        “entire season decides how you gonna do in the playoffs” huh? just like cavs did 60+wins in 2 seasons? is that it?but still in finals i call him.”winless james”

      • Usuck says:

        Many teams have realized now that only the Lakers have many all star in their line up for the past years but this time teams has changed to equal ur force and put also all stars in a team… Lakers has just just been destroyed this time so no EXCUSES pls. BTW Lakers might not be able to reach 2nd round in playoff this time ^_^ haha

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        yea Heat Fan the 2nd guy above me brings up a valid point….

        Lebron 66 wins 2 years ago, and 61 wins a year ago, and the were the number 1 seed. They faced a so called “weaker” team in the 8th seed. But go put out before the finals two years in a row??? So the entire season reflects the playoffs huh??? LMFAOOOOO you are a hypocrit. The Cavs were a facade, all the regular season glory, the MVP trophies, and didnt play number 1 seed bsaketball in the playoffs when it matter most, and your beloved MVP failed his HOMESTATE when got only 15 points and a bunch of turnovers ON THEIR HOMEFLOOR, A CRITICAL GAME 5 FOR THE CAVS.

        LMAO, read carefully your posts before you post, because people will expose it for what it really is…..

    • francisco says:

      LBJ has been the Best in the league for a while.Kobe and the lakers are the champions but Miami has the two BEST
      players in THE NBA.

      • Lakerz All Day says:

        u r krazi if u think lbj iz betta than kobe. kobe iz da best handz down n da nba and haz been since like 03. Lebron iz gr8 too but hez not there yet he chokez n da playoffz.

  299. Mr Sensible aka the new zzanzabar says:

    Very good article. As a Lakers fan, yesturday was extremely dissapointing, but from a basketball standpoint…..I could see this coming. People need to realise, after 3 straight trips to the nba finals, and back to back championships….the Los Angeles Lakers are playing against themselves (fatigue, complacency, injuries, new additions, etc…). As a fan of the Lakers, I wanted Kobe and Gasol to mop the floor with the Heat, but as a fan of the game for many many years, I understand that when you have a team as talented as the Lakers, and the decorations they have to show for their talent, an up-and coming Heat squad that was designed to dethrone the Lakers can quite possibly on any given night catch the Lakers in their Hollywood mind frame….(evidence….last night). I am glad that happened in a sense because I myself cant stand when the Lakers get into Hollywood mode…All that Miami win did last night was kick the complacency out of L.A…but to be honest, the Lebron/Kobe trash talking and the Dwyane Wade checking into the game afterwards when the game was decided and he was already being iced down…just goes to show the class of Spoelstra’s Heat. Quite frankly, they are extremely “dumb” for trash talking the Lakers and celebrating the way they did…Lebron needs to keep this stat in mind…He is 9-5 against Kobe Bryant all-time during the regular season…0-0 against Kobe in the finals…Lebron needs to concentrate and let the hype come to him instead of always seeking attention. Kobe got called for an offensive foul so he starts arguing with Kobe?? and I will put money on it that Kobe probably told Lebron “Its too bad we aren’t going to see you in the Finals! your 0-2 against Boston”. And Lebron probably responded…”doesnt matter to me, I only play for the regular season awards anyway”….Thats how I saw that convo between the two.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      i wanna know what they were saying to each other so bad….lol

    • tingyman says:

      lol so true. i am actually happy that the heat beat the lakers the way they did. it has exposed the weaknesses that the lakers have, and that is the tendency to get complacent. i know that heat fans will now start to sing “tis the time to troll and brag, trolololo lololo” but they need to remember that the lakers had nothing to prove in this game, the heat did. I must admit that the heat are a legitamate team, but they still arent there yet, they still need to show that they can get out of the eastern conference by beating the celtics and the magic, and possibly a healthy bulls, so good luck and nice win by the way.

    • andrea cawagdan says:

      lebron probably told kobe : your lime green shoes is ugly.
      kobe responded : I know it is…

    • Heat Fan says:

      No, the Lakers WERE ready to play. You aren’t gonna go that route. They even said they were in interviews and said it was indeed a BIG game. Evidence to show this was directly after tip off when Odom got an alley-oop for the slam. YEAH they were ready. So no excuses with that, sorry. The Heat didn’t kick the complacency out of ’em, they kicked their butt PERIOD.

      Sure we Heat fans realize it’s just one game, and they certainly wouldn’t sweep the Lakers in a series, but they completed their mission. Proving that they CAN beat the leagues elite, with a DOMINATING performance.

      The NBA is full of trash talkers, Kobe is right there with them. Lebron is certainly allowed to trash talk when he just got done showin Kobe up. Let’s get that straight right now. YOU say Lebron needs to concentrate? LMAO. Yeah, because a triple double on Christmas Day happens all the time I know. OOOhh wait thats right they said its been what, 40 YEARS since a player did that? Yea tell Lebron he needs to concentrate.

      But its cool I can feel your bitterness because your team was dominated, you just make yourself look like a fool though by making things up. The Heat did NOT celebrate in no other way than the Lakers would’ve IF they won, which was simply some high fives and smiles all around. There weren’t any Heat players doin “airplanes” or dancing their way to the locker room, NONE of that. So the WAY they celebrated was JUST fine. They got to prove their haters wrong AGAIN, so they are certainly ALLOWED to be happy and celebrate it, as much as you haters think you have the right to laugh at them.

      The fact of the matter is, the Heat did this withOUT Haslem, and a no show Miller until he can get his shooting rhythm back. So no matter what, the Heat can still take to heart that even if you Lakers fans say they will be better in the playoffs and they probably will I don’t disagree, so won’t the Heat!!! The Heat are STILL reaching their potential, bottom line.


      • wegetrings says:

        we get rings haha

      • Eastwood says:

        Though I’m quite disappointed with our lackluster performances of late, folks should remember that Bynum is a HUGE part of who we are. So, when folks mention no Haslem or Miller–huge parts of this Heat team–remember the huge void in the middle without Bynum. Lakers fandom AND non-Lakers fandom should keep this in mind.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        Damn Heat Fan is that serious though??? You going make it WWIII over the guys comment?

        Dude said the Lakers didnt show up, and you nah its an excuse? How so…you and i both know what the lakers can do and if you think their performance was anything up to par you smoking real good. Nobody was hitting shots, Gasol idk wtf he was doing….Artest two early fouls, plus he barely provides offsense anyway. The only ones tryna to create anythign were Lamar and Kobe, and outta fustration alot of things were forced. It was a bad performance by the Lakers.

        And you say LBJ allday, like come on, lebron getting a triple double on xmas is no different from him getting one in any other game. Cuz its xmas now the triple double must be so glorfied? And remember this please, for the last two years we have seen put up nice numbers throughout the regular season, that aint nothing new, you should expect that from him. Playoffs is where he hsa to be analyzed…..

      • LakersChamps says:

        your words/comments are repetitive.. make some new analysis, moron

        is that all you can say..?? such a bird brain you are..

        they didn’t miss easy open shots? they DID miss a lot of open shots, faggot!!
        did you even watch the game..??
        you’re pathetic.. maybe you just got those idea through idiot mind-boggling heat fans…
        ohhh!! you’re one of them.. thats why..

        whatever talk to your hand, dude..

    • Carlo (LA fan) says:

      your right, about the “hollywood thing” when it comes to hollywood they forgot what really matters they should train their defense because their defense are shaking up and leading to an easy lay up or field goals and they should train their shooting at any part of the court so that whereever they are in the court they can shoot the ball.

  300. Zhiggi says:

    Miami is playing really well with a great deal of confidence. Their defence versus the lakers was arguably the best that i have seen so far this season. If the heat can keep this type of great basketball going throughout this season then i must say Miami is the team to look out for come this april. Im not being biased but it is the type of game their displaying that shows that the heat is capable and a determined team to come out on top. The heat can be too much to handle as the season go by.

  301. FLASH 40 says:

    I love LeBron James, he played very well but I don’t care about this win we are still 23-9. We have a lot of work to do. Mavericks swept us, Spurs are on fire, and last time i checked Lakers are defending champs and they’ve won back to back championships. I really do not care about the regular season because last year i was soo happy for Cleaveland and nothing happened in the playoffs so I’m not satisfied yet.

  302. bryan says:

    ‘I don’t like it,’ says Kobe. Well, guess how many people like the way Kobe played. Only 6 out of 17 from the field Kobe is still trying to blame on his teammates’ professionalism? Seriously?

    If he was good in the years past he certainly is NOT now. With Gasol and Bynum and Odom and Artest and Barnes and Brown and Blake all by his side all he could muster with his infallible professionalism and superior skills was 17 points and 6 assists. Taking the most shots as always he still tried to be the team’s alpha dog no matter how bad his shooting was. Well, with his FG being only 35% in this game while the rest of the team well above 40% Kobe should seriously consider tossing his big eagle and play like a team player, such as Paul Pierce, or Dirk Nowitzki, or for that matter, LBJ.

    In my mind the most overrated player in the league for the past few years and yet the player with the biggest ego, Kobe Bryant has in no way been a + for the Lakers in recent games. Miami taught Lakers a good lesson this Christmas day and that is — share, and you will be rewarded.

    • HEAT FAN says:

      KOBE is allowed to complain because its rare that he has a bad game. “17 points” ..what other player on the Lakers squad tried to carry the team on its back….NONE! so get off Kobe..he tried harder than anyone on that was all Odom and Bryant..Gasol was playing his usual soft self…I used to to think Bosh was a soft player but his recent play changed my mind. Gasol on the other hand needs to step it up.

      • francisco says:

        he has a lot of bad games , where do you think that 45.4 career shooting % comeS from? HE is not an oustanding
        shooter like the media tries to present him.for instance DWANE WADE is 48.2 career % shooting , which is a lot
        better than KOBE’S

      • KGFan says:

        So the definition of “carrying a team” is to keep shooting even though your shots aren’t falling? You can still “play hard” without forcing shots. He could have set up his team mates more. 6 assists isn’t a bad number and Kobe has insane talent but he could have made better decisions than to keep shooting, Why do you think he drew so much criticism for not being a team player earlier in his career? I have seen too many games where Kobe has shot very poor percentages but still makes 20 attempts.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        Heat fan thank you for standing up for my boy kobe

        and Francisco dont talk to me about Wade having better fg% when he has played only half of kobe’s carrer and takes more dunks and layups then midrange jumpers….

    • LeChe says:

      you bet!

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      kobe bryant has been averaging more assists than season then last…..stfu….and his is this teams leader. Catch up on the sport before you speak

      • LOL ! says:

        LMFAO ! I think you should catch up on english before YOU speak. And is Kobe averaging more assists than LeBron? Nope. How many triple doubles does he have this season? ZERO. Compared to LeBron’s three triple doubles. LeBron is clearly the better player, Kobe has just had a better team, but not this year. Three Kings !

      • KGFan says:

        Oh wow – don’t critcise Kobe around this person! They might end up in tears! XD

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        LOL, ok i made some typos, hop of my nuts for a second. And where anywhere in my comment did i say kobe averaging more asissts than lebron? Nowhere….

        And peep this lebron is 25, 26 in a couple days…Kobe is 32 years old, 15 seasons in deep. Kobe at 25, 26 was untouchable, Lebron wouldnt been able to do shyt with him. BTW at 32 Kobe is still top 3 in the league which says alot…gtfoh

      • gary says:

        @ 3 Peat, you never know what your talking about.

        Kobe at 25 and 26, no rings without Shaq and non until Gasol.

        Lebron at 25 (a rookie) lost first two games to Kobe. Next season they split 1-1 in their meetings. This is Lebron at 19-20yrs. Fast forward now to Lebron at 25 and he beats Kobe in the majority of their meetings (I would guess 90%).

        Lebron also before 25 goes to the finals without a supporting cast…when has Kobe done that?

        We all know Kobe has rings, he’s good but the fact is he can’t do anything by himself as we’ve seen from 2004-2008.

        So Kobe is better to you basically just cause of the rings, I get that and if that’s your argument what more can I say other than let’s see how many more he gets now.

    • showbaba says:

      I don’t believe that Kobe is overrated and nobody would believe that. Kobe is just Kobe and his complain after the game made me to believe that he really wanted to win my team Miami but his effort did not materialize. That is how basketball is, somedays you over perform and some days the ball just don’t drop into the net. I love yesterday game though. Go Miami gooooooooooooooooooo. Though I respect Kobe but my love is for Lebron, Dwayne and Bosh.

    • Mr.B-Ball says:

      I don’t believe Kobe was passing the blame nor was he targeting the lack of scoring from the rest of his teammates. The problem lies with the defense of effort from the teammates, the silly and-one fouls, and turnovers. If you saw the game, you would’ve saw this. Kobe is one of the greatest players which the NBA will see for some time to come. The lakers will and should live or die through him, just as Boston does with Ray Allen. It does matter that last night he was off, that happens, but how often? Kobe and Gasol rated the same last night, bad game, that happens. The playoffs are seven game series.

      • KGFan says:

        Very good post.

      • grammar says:

        defense of effort? Seriosly? And this is why your opinion means nothing lol C’mon Man that doesnt even make sense, its defensive effort. And this just in Lakers fans… Yall did win a ring last year (keyword being last year lol) But its a new day and as it stands NOW, yall aren’t competitive enough on either ends of the floor to even win the west forget about another ring

      • DieHardLakerFan says:

        @ grammar, you have no business correcting other people. Did you proof-read your comment? You write like a 4th grader! Please!

    • al says:

      Agreed. He often shoots so poorly but hes lucky that hes always had team mates to make up for it. He puts up a low FG% but lucky for him the high %’s of Gasol, and in the past the league leading FG%’s of Shaq have more than made up for Bryants crappy shots. Over rated indeed.

  303. Miguel says:

    Nice win for the Heat. Really weak game by the Lakers. But the Heat should keep in mind, and I think they do, thats its only regular season. Lebron played the Celtics last year and they showed him that they can flip the switch. If the Lakers can do it too (it looks like they are trying), will be shown. I think the Lakers will play better in the playoffs.
    By the way, Lebron showed he is indeed right now the best player in the league. Thats clutch too, and Kobe failed under the spotlight this time.

  304. nata says:

    I’m an all-time lakers fan and they disappointed me, there’s no excuse!

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Agreed, there is no excuse. Heat came out and played harder than LA, simple as that.
      I’m tired of this over emphasis of Miami’s defense though, the Lakers just played a really awful game. They missed so many wide open shots, and if we would have made those it would have been a lot closer of a game. Lakers really looked like they did not care one single bit about that game. Since their shots weren’t falling I’m surprised they didn’t clamp down on D. The Heat ARE great defensively, but its nothing LA couldn’t have broken down eventually. If this game means a lot to anyone, than well, I’m sorry. I WAS excited since I saw the schedule, but if we base everything on the regular season than LeBron would have all the rings and Kobe wouldn’t.
      Either LA really does have some issues, or they are going to flip the switch after the all-star games. Look at Boston last season, only time will tell.

  305. Nonya says:

    And the Lakers vs Miami bragging and excuses take off in t-minus

  306. Lakers says:

    I have to give the Heat credit! They played with more passion and determination, and they stole a road game from the Lakers! Having said that, here is my complaint. 2 minutes into the game the referees throw ticky-tack fouls,( 2 of them), at Ron Artest; and take him out of the game! So one of their best defenders out to start the game. And since when do you throw an elbow to the face on purpose,(Ilgulskas at Artest), and not get called for a flagrant!!!!! Isn’t an elbow to the face an automatic suspension???? this was a physical game and I thought some potential big fights could have happened. I have to give Artest credit! the Artest of the past wouldn’t have been as kind! I thought the officials didn’t control the game well at all! This threw the game off kilter a little and sometimes teams lose their rhythm. I do have to give the Heat credit for the victory though! They played great and with a lot of confidence. And I like Dwayne Wades public relations stunt! Sore knee??? Give me a break! He’s learned from some of the best!!!!!Lol!

    • showbaba says:

      Ron Artest is my man but I felt he was too close physically to Ilgulskas and personally I felt llgulskas should not have been awarded the fowl because Artest did not give the guy any room to move his body, but I migth be wrong though. Thanks.

      • Daniel says:

        i understand what your saying, but Ilgulskas could of dribbled the ball or called a time out too ya know? you dont just throw an elbow when your trapped offensively. However, lakers are playing with 0 focus over the last past few games… not to discredit the heat who played good D.

      • MiamiFAN says:

        Its funny how laker fans have made so many venomous comments toward the heat and how much they suck, then the heat come in and dominate them infront of the globe.. in a game that both teams prepared for and marked on their calandar.. and laker fans make excuses. ___________________________________________________________________

        Maybe Z should have gotten a tech.. it wouldnt have changed a thing.. the king still dropped a tripple douple in staples _____________________________________________________________________

        Wade pretended to hurt his knee.. maybe he did, but what did that have to do with the lakers being blown out infront of millions? he didnt fake an injury there it was in phoenix.
        lakers had 3 days off before christmas , heat played without wade, 2 days before..

    • Timu says:

      Ok ..Let me tell you what I saw..I bet you had a different vision while Artes was playing against Lakers and defending Kobe..
      1- Z who is not a dirty player like Artes did not throw the elbow on purpose and the movement was in his space. It was not even a foul as Jeff Van said.
      2- Calling tech foul to James who was trying to get out of a head lock of Artes?
      3- Not calling anything for Artes for flying over Jamaal Magloire on purposes.. Watch the video you will see..
      Artes is a dirty player as all we know..He did not even deserve to finish the game. LA knew if and still get him please do not cry and blame the refs. Refs did their best for you as they always do!
      Btw I am wondering who will get the Oscar this year Kobe or Pierce! So far my vote goes to Pierce..

    • Heat Fan says:

      Naw man you say you give the Heat credit but then go on a rant about the refs! lol. SORRY but the refs did NOT win that game for the Heat. Anyone with a brain can see the Heat dominated the Lakers. Talkin about flagrants? Ok well lets see Artest puts Lebron in a straight up HEADLOCK, EVERYONE could see that. But Lebron gets a technical? Please. So don’t go there. Yea Wades really the kind of guy to fake an injury ok. Yea your gonna base that on what? LOL. Wade banged knees earlier this week so its not like Wade said “oh my god I can barely walk and need a wheelchair but I’m gonna give it a go”. NOOO what Wade said was that his knee is sore just enough to simply cause fatigue to set on quicker, thats IT. Maybe if you tried watchin his interviews you would know that. He sat out the Phoenix game to rest if for this one, so NO there’s definitely not a PR stunt goin on thats just ludicrous and LAME to even throw that out there.

      • Daniel says:

        yeah im a hardcore Laker fan and i dont feel the refs did a bad job. they gave lebron and artest a tec just so things dont get out of hand for precautionary measures ya know? If anything, Heat played good basketball and Lakers played terribly out of rhythem. For laker fans i dont think the problem is that were loosing to the heat, its that were loosing PERIOD and not playing our style of basketball or intensity with ANY team.

      • KGFan says:

        Hey man, you can give a team credit and still quetion a ref’s decision dude. At what point did he say that the refs won the game for the heat? The man is trying to make a legit, non byased comment… but go ahead and critcise the DW injury comment – bit silly that one. 😉

    • lakerfan says:

      terrible officiating how many times did the lakers get to the line 3 miami all they did was get touched and it was a foul diddnt they shoot like 20 free throws

      • DBBJ says:

        hey I dont wanna hear any excuses, we whooped y’all behind

      • heat fan says:

        for your knowledge lakers fan ………. heat tried 20 free throws ( 1 because of kobe’s technical) and lakers tried 15 … so miami get 4 more times than lakers ….

      • Vlad says:

        lol…considering the way the Heat dominated and atacked in that game… 19 to 14 is very surprising…i could say the Heat can complain about the refs :))))))))…..but that comment above is a tipical laker fan comment…like the Lakers can never loose a game…

    • Gary says:

      If your going to point what happened between Z and Artest, please also include Gasol throwing Dampier(I believe) off him after a bucket in the 4th. The game wad physical but and it was the Lakers doing most the rough housing. I’m glad the officials called a fair game. The Lakers (Kobe especially) run into people and call it drawing the foul lol.

    • wwe says:

      speaking of artest.. he’s the one who headlocked lebron right? he knows he cant win agains lebron man to man so he just did what he does best, wrestling. he should be in WWE not in NBA! lols

      • wwe says:

        and mister Lakers, wade faking sore knee? sore knee is not that serious thats why wade can still play good ballgame. anyway i figured that maybe u are just a wimpy kid that can be affected so much by sore knee. pity u dude


    • Heat says:

      I respect you for giving the Heat credit and not saying that the officials cheated the Lakers. The foul on Zydrunas, i thought, could’ve went both ways. Yes he did hit Artest with his elbow, but he should have the right to pivot. It shouldn’t have been a flagrant, i don’t think it was intended to hurt him though. Besides, Artest started smiling at Zydrunas after and over-reacted a little. Lol

      • GMAN says:

        Last year Jason Terrie had his cheek broke with an elbo and the foul was called on him so there. It was a good no call. Go MAVS.