Hang Time Podcast (Episode 37)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — When a monster trade happens and you need an extensive breakdown, we’d like for you to be able pull up a chair here at the hideout and get all your questions answered.

We’ll take care of everything, including asking all the right questions of the people in the know.

So on a weekend that sees Rashard Lewis, Vince Carter, Mickael Pietrus, Marcin Gortat, Gilbert Arenas, Jason Richardson and Hedo Turkoglu all change teams on the same weekend (in two different deals instigated by Magic GM Otis Smith), we want to make sure you come here for the breakdown.

And we took care of all that and more on Episode 37 of the Hang Time Podcast.


Several friends of the program were kind enough to lend us their time to make sure we covered all the bases. Our main man Michael Lee of the Washington Post joined us to break things down from the Wizards’ angle. Evan Dunlap of Orlando Pinstriped Post weighed in on from the Magic perspective.

If this is just the start of a crazy couple of months before the February trade deadline, two more teams that could be in the middle of the movement mix are the Hawks, the only team in the Southeast Division yet to overhaul their operation in the past two seasons, and the Knicks, who are desperately pursuing another All-Star (Carmelo Anthony) to play alongside Amar’e Stoudemire.

So naturally, we decided to take a proactive approach in that regard. Michael Cunningham of the Atlanta Journal Constitution helped us out with the Hawks’ thinking as we head to the deadline, while Alan Hahn of Newsday helped us finish off the show in style with some Knicks chatter.

As always, we welcome your feedback. You can follow the entire crew, including the Hang Time Podcast,  Lang Whitaker of SLAM Magazine, our super producer Micah Hart of NBA.com’s All Ball Blog and your host Sekou Smith on Twitter.

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  1. I really enjoy the article.Thanks Again. Will read on…

  2. KO says:

    1-Point G. who can run the offence + hit open shot+ control pace
    2-Perimiter defender who can hit open shot
    3-Interior defender+ shot blocker+rebounder (hopefully U get this out of your bigs)
    4-Low post scorer (the BULLS did it without 1, they used 3 roleplaying bigs in rotation)
    5-Scorer who can create his own shot
    6-A bench with a minimum of 3 solid bench players ( PG, SG or SF, PF or C) hopefully you have some1 you can plug in at both SG & SF…& a big who can play both PF & C positions
    7-Add to that a couple of fringe players who can give you a few minutes, Toughness & a bit of luck (no injuries etc.)

    There U go…CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!

  3. Eduard says:

    its not all about dwigth, a game of basketball plays with 5 a players, each of those player needs to step up every game to get a winning combination and win each constest. trading lewis is a bad move for the magic, the reason why the magic didnt get much winning is that there coach is obviously lack the potential to assign his players and tell him to do his best, but how could a player do its best when his position which he is used to play and dominate is changed? lewis tough to guard in his old position but recently got bitter on his new position and try to adjust, thats kinda long process for a player. second, the magic made a very big mistake trading carter to the phoenix suns, he is a great scorer, he makes mismatches and create big plays for dwight and to get the other players involve. carter didnt get himself play best because jamer, didnt make much assist to his playmates, instead he would like to create a name for himself as best point gurad like nash, parker, or williams. he is a one man player and give more of his trust to his center dwight who cant even score 30 above when he is match to duncan, oneal or amare. it is carter who can make more plays than the other player. i bet orlando cant make it in the 3rd round in the playoffs. pietrus gave the magic strong defensive mindset and also gortat. if only van gundy is a good coach he woud decide to engage gortat and dwight together in the game thats a tough much up for the oppenent team like pau and bynum, thats a tough match up in the low post.. IF I WERE THE GM OF THE MAGIC I’LL FIRE VAN GUNDY AND TRADE JAMER. van gundy got fired in miami as a coach because he cannot win a championship considering that he has allstar wade and shaq, with all the key players who work hard every game, thats why he was replaced and as a result the heat win a championship ring.

  4. Omarisgay says:

    Good PG/SG + Good PF/C and a very strong supporting cast is better then having, 3 players which cannot support one another + no supporting cast. The guy above read my mind, It’s very true.

    Magic have the best Centre, He needs a GOOD Sg or Pg, the mediocre players he’s had up until now have still let the team contend with the best, but they know what they need for a ring.

    This trade really looks good for orlando, but things haven’t gone good over the first 2 games. I’d love to see PHX benifet from this trade, and Wizards have Hinrich and Young who are very potent SGs, the trade worked for them. This is one of those trades you’d hope works out well for everybody.

  5. LakersForTheTitle says:

    the download link isn’t functioning?
    please fix it? Can’t wait to listen in again 🙂


  6. andyk says:

    the boston celtics started a trade trend a couple years back so, now everyone and their uncles are making key position specific acquisitions to their rosters. If you ask me, getting the keys to unlock the door to getting a ring a team needs two dominant players atop of their position. Those being a point guard/shooting guard and a center/power forward. No, thats still just 2, one speedy guard and one tall post play big man center. Dont get me wrong there have been many exceptions through the years. For example, John Stockton and Karl Malone, Charles Barkley and Kevin Johnson, Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp, and on and on and on, and on and on and on. In conclusion, Orlando will obviously be better with the recent additions to their squad no doubt in my mind but, with saying that, will they play together through each other game in game out and NOT go away from coach Stan Van Gundys game plan assignments. Dwight Howard is a prime time all star player by himself and surrounding him with shooters will constantly continue to keep them atop the East.

    • Marv92 says:

      But did GP win a ring with Kemp? did Stockton win a ring with malone? Did Barkley win a ring with KJ? nope and on top of that a speedy guard and a tall center wont get you much. speedy claxton is a speedy guard and zaza pachulia is a tall center but they didnt get the hawks 2 the finals or ECF. Zhi Zhi Wang is a tall center and he didn’t do so hot. A team needs skill players and hard workers.