Magic’s Act Is Over, For Now

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — When my man Dr. Geek (of BluBlockers fame, yeah that’s the same dude) ripped through this rap before Game 3 of the 2009 NBA Finals he probably figured he’d serve as the hype man for a Magic team that would contend for championships until Dwight Howard got tired of chasing them.

Some 18 months later and that Magic team that seemed poised to be a power in the Eastern Conference, and the league, for years to come is on the verge of being dismantled completely.

If the trade chatter surrounding the Magic is legitimate, TNT’s David Aldridge says it is, then the Magic’s act is almost officially over. Magic GM Otis Smith is gutting the roster and starting fresh, hoping that Gilbert Arenas and perhaps even old friend Hedo Turkoglu, per reports from both DA and ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard, can help get this team going after a dismal (certainly by their own recent standards) start to this season.

Rashard Lewis and Vince Carter, along with a few others, could be on their way out of town for an Arenas/Turkoglu/Jason Richardson concoction that isn’t any better suited to challenge the Celtics and Heat in the Eastern Conference right now than they were when this season began.

Make no mistake, the Magic got exposed in the Eastern Conference finals last season by the Celtics. But instead of retooling their own roster in the biggest free agent summer in years, and perhaps ever, the Magic sat on the sidelines poking fun at their Sunshine state rivals in Miami.

Smith was particularly critical of LeBron James for bolting from Cleveland and joining Dwyane Wade on a Heat team that the Magic didn’t think was on their level (though, in hindsight all of this yapping might have been an indication of just how worried they were). Clearly, the Magic should have been worrying about their own team. They split their meetings with the Heat so far this season, but the Heat have moved on from that so-called rivalry to win 11 straight games, trailing only the Celtics (winners of 12 straight) in the standings.

The Magic, meanwhile, have been running in place for weeks, playing .500 basketball the last 10 games after leading the Southeast Division the first month of the season. Losers of five of their last six games and clearly not clicking the way anyone imagined they would, Smith decided to kick off what could be another wild round of major moves as we head toward the February trade deadline.

Anyone interested in competing in the East needs to take  good look at what they’ve got and make sure it’s what they need to keep the pace (the Hawks are the only other team hovering around the top bunch that has yet to make a significant move).

The Magic, wisely, decided not to wait to get started.


  1. Nate Filewood says:

    I love the Magic, dont love this. Probably resistant to change. And sure, They needed a change. Rashard was a good move, but I’m not sold on Arena’s. Am happy to be proved wrong though…

    Hedo has been MIA since the finals and then went chasing his money. Got so good at going after the cash he forgot how to play ball…

    Pietrus and Gortat were too good in their roles to get rid of. And in all honesty, I was feeling good about VC. Theres not enough D left to keep the C’s and Heat down.

    I agree with 3’peat,17,6- lineup.
    1. Nelson
    2. Arenas- get used to it, this aint your team.
    3. JRich
    4. Bass
    5. Dwight.

    Arenas is (my) the area of concern. Bench Hedo and make him earn it. Keep Nelson, dump J-Williams. Go for CP3 next season and a solid 3 (Carmelo WONT jump down there but would be nice!). Oh, and if I can be picky, a big, handy 5 would be nice. Like Gortat, maybe…

    Number 6 seed now… only ahead of Bulls and Knicks.

  2. jordanthebest says:

    I tell u what : The losers are only Orlando Magic. Its very clear and simple. Magic destroyed themselves with this trade. Another Detroit Pistons upcoming.Stay tuned.
    The winner : Suns. Great move!

  3. rhys says:

    youse are all forgetting one little team Cicago.. you think that arenas/nelson will keep up with D.rose….

    wabout boozer to hedo… i think chicago verse miami/boston ECF

  4. kvn says:

    Celtic and Magic @ east finals. Good trade for Suns and Magic. However, Magic would be even better if they lose the current coach.

  5. ZachHenders says:

    Im worried about this trade. I like gilbet and jason but trading away marcin was not the best ideal. I love the Magic and I can only hope they do good.

  6. Heat Fan says:

    If Arenas gets back to actual All-Star form, J-Rich keeps being what he has been in Phoenix, AND Hedo does what he did in the 2009 playoffs, this team will be a FORCE and be ALOT better than what they were/are now. I think Arenas being in All-Star form will make the biggest difference though they needed someone who could penetrate with a dribble drive and 33 year old Vince just hasn’t cut it for them.

  7. dodi kan says:

    if hedo play like he did 2 years ago magic can have a chance
    starting line up:
    j rich

  8. kyle says:

    Orlando– jus doesn’t get it. Otis should have consulted with Miami first before rebuilding. Van Gundy is a good coach with a GREAT TEAM, There is a reason why Pat Riley fired him after 22 -11 start in Miami….. And the finished the season with a championship. Orlando never played Howard and Gortat together… big mistake… Gortat is a top five center in this league…. The never played big…Ryan A, (6-10), Lewis (6-10), bass (6-9), D howard (6-11), with V0carter at 6-6 guard. So MUCH TALENT, So little coaching. Let s not forget, las year B Bass did nt get off the bench and they almost be the Celtics…. This is all about coaching….. plain and simple…. Gortat is more consistant and shoots better free throws.. he also runs the court better than most any big man…. but to only play 10 min per game…. ORLANDO will remain pretenders because they don’t have a serious coach that plays to win. Lastly… Ryan Anderson at 6-10 is one of the best white playersto play since Larry Bird…. but, the coach Gundy won’t give him a shoot. Ontheother hand, IT would not surprise me if PHOENIX goes on a 12 -15 game win streak, they got 3 players (starters) and a 1st rd draft pick, man. … they will contend this year and next (two bigs) and Steve Nash…man

  9. Law064 says:

    I think Orlando did good by getting Agent 0 and J-Rich however Hedo is not the same but he did play well in the international play this summer. The Magic lost a big and Peach a good defensive player. I think they’ll be ok with this move. Gil can create his own shot and J-Rich can also but both are good shooters. I wanna see what happens not with Orlando how they pull together for the rest of the year. Boston 13 straight baby!!!!!

  10. Hedo is backk says:

    I think this is a good trade for Orlando. Hedo can handle the ball more and be more effective. Gilbert can come off the bench and provide scoring and jrich will get a lot of open looks when teams look to double Howard. Now the only thing the magic need to do is get a defensive stopper big who can play center and forward. They have to trade duhon or jwilliams? By the way does anyone know if Turk arenas and Richardson are playing tonight against Atlanta

  11. 3Peat,17,6 says:

    they got a lot of guards now…and stan has made it clear that nelson is startin…they need 2 give up on him seriously…he also went 2 him in the ’09 finals and sat alston who they got 2 replace nelson cuz he was hurt and of course all laker fans will always remember nelson lettin fisher hit that 3 to send the game in OT after dwight missed free throws(suprise suprise) in game 4…lakers went on 2 win that game and the title…(totally irrelevant i know but had 2 talk bout the lakers somehow) my point is nelson is good but i mean u got arenas and j-rich now and i don’t think they should sit either…arenas will not come off the bench and be effective and j-rich has lit up 4 the suns since they got him 4 bell and diaw…i think he wants 2 sit hedo and have:
    PG: nelson
    SG: arenas
    SF: J-rich
    PF: Bass
    C: superman
    but i think he should start hedo even though bass has been playin really well 4 them cuz hedo can stretch the floor 4 howard like lewis did…and although neither arenas nor nelson r past first PG(they r scorers) u cannot bench arenas it won’t be effective…so it is a very confusin situation even idk what they should do but stan made it clear he wants 2 bench one of the 3 and i don’t think any of the 3 should sit down…but 4 sure he shouldn’t bench hedo start him and have bass replace gortat as howard’s backup…but if nelson and arenas can work 2gether in the backcourt effectively the rest should fall into place…we’ll see if the trade works out but definetly good intentions…the best part of the trade is they finally got rid or carter and lewis…we have 2 wait and see if soon they’ll be waitin 2 get rid of arenas…they should’ve sticked wit just gettin j-rich and hedo and possibly get nash not arenas…now nash is a TRUE PG…i don’t care how old he is…he is still one of the best PG 2day…

  12. gilbert arenas will average 24 ppg with orlando as he is motivated and i saw him work-out 5am-12pm in their practice facility hedo, jameer, and gilbert are good playmakers as well nelson 7 apg Gil 6 apg hedo 5 apg thats a good team they just need to get ben wallace for 2012 1st round pick,2012 2nd round pick and jason williams

  13. celtics4finals says:

    This was an interesting move in a few ways. I view J. Richardson as a solid upgrade. Orlando is already great at the whole “strong on the inside, strong on the outside” concept. So really J. Richardson should work in well with that. The real gamble in my mind is Arenas and Turkoglu. Sure, Hedo has past experience with the team, but neither he nor Gilbert Arenas have been really turning any heads this season. My one big critique is this: Gortot for… who exactly? It’s important to remember that Dwight can/will/and DOES get into foul trouble. Against any team with a great defense and plenty of bigs, I just don’t know how the Magic will hold up inside.

    Of course this is all just speculation. But this trade means huge changes in the East. Say Orlando made the perfect changes and they start destroying, well everything just changed dramatically. Either way I see more and more importance in the East as the season progresses. At first I thought the East was a bore… now? I’m just waiting for ‘Mello to move to the Knicks… AND LET THE GAMES BEGIN! :p

  14. somone says:

    Magic are finished for this season to much to late… need a new coach too

  15. benmkapa says:

    I usually trust D.A analyses, lets see if Arenas and Turkoglu are making their come back, frankly i doubt, Carter aint that bad and Pietrus was a go to player off the bench during playoff.Hard bet, anyway this year i totally agree with BIGL16, CEltics are going for te title.
    This is not only a question of player but also of harmony.Anyone has to face it, shaq brought a bit of sparks and all the players are playing at their best level, look at Robinson , Baby davis or Marquis intensity out of the bench.

  16. eldridge2943 says:

    Just for the record, the starting line-up should go PG-Jameer SG-Arenas SF-J-Rich PF-Hedu and C-D12. How did the Magic get to the finals before? With PG play, D12 being D12 and 3-point shooting. J-Rich should step right in where VC left off and Arenas should play 35-40 mins a game on this team, and avg. 25 a game, thats what the team needs, although this won’t happen, it should. He’s a scorer, and just because he got in some trouble last year over a prank and because hes a fun guy, doesn’t mean the man can’t play ball. He’s easily the best scorer on the team now, and that’s what Howard needs, J-Rich and Hedu should get their point off 3’s, and Jameer could avg. 10+ assists a game the rest the year. Again, this is what the team should do to win. They might be a little undersized on def. but thats what D12 is for. For you Suns fans, VC stepping in for J-Rich is a better fit. VC is a legit #1 scorer on a team, and they are virtually the same player except VC’s 3 ball is the same, I expect a few high light real ally oops from Nash to VC before the end of the year. I could actually see this trade rejuvenating VC’s career. I don’t think the trade helps out the Sun’s though, but they were never going anywhere anyhow. The odd man out here, and really the guy that got screwed was Lewis. He went to a rebuilding team, that is building around a PG in John Wall. And if your a real basketball fan, you know what is going to happen there, (hint: look at the Chicago Bulls and what they did with Derek Rose, got rid of anyone that had a legit chance at slowing his career down, Chris Duhon, Kirk Henrich, and Ben Gordan to name a few). All is all the Magic get a little better and shake things up, while the Suns fans prolly feel cheated, and the Wizards fans are prolly happy to get rid of Former Agent 0.

  17. Orlando Magic Fan says:

    After seeing all the trades made I thought it was some sort of joke, and I really thought the Magic’s roster changes were too crazy! Still kind of worried about turkoglu (even though I loved him on Orlando), and I’m even more worried about Arenas (although if he gets into rhythm it’ll be alright). I’m still not sure how all this is going to work, I’m viewing Orlando as the new Miami/Phoenix, talent, a lot of threes, but very undersized! Of course Orlando has no weakness at center (D12) or point (Jameer), losing Gortat was bad. He didnt put up big numbers, but he did exactly what he needed to do, and what would help the team out best. Reading through these comments I’m also finding it weird how everyone is pointing fingers at Jameer and getting him traded for a big man so gilbert can start, Stan Van Gundy already said Jameer is starting and I love his leadership on the court. If it were me, I would look for some power-forwards is I was going to trade anymore, although brandon bass is getting a lot better, we more depth in some spots. If you think about it, Orlando traded their backup center and added 3 guard-type players. I love the magic a lot, but hopefully these changes are for the better..

  18. NBAfan says:

    the magic did all wrong whit this trade, the only good thing they did was bringin j-rich, now they dont have a backup for howard and 4 points guards, also i doubt hedo will play like 2 years ago

    now for the suns this was a good trade, they have 2 decent centers now and they add pietrus and vc for more points, and frye will be able to play his real position

  19. obrian says:

    am a big magic fan and i was shock when i saw what had gone down, i really don’t know what to say, i really hope the gm knows what he is doing, well i know they needed to do somthing but this, wow, i just thought they was going to get another big man to run the power forward, so they can compeat with boston. well i do like arenas, i think he will suit them real well but hedo, menn i know he helped them then, yes i said then, hedo for the last 2 years has just been strickly garbage. i just have to wait to see what happen. i don’t want to talk to fast. we need a ring to orlando.

  20. Mora says:

    To Jay:
    As anybody, I can’t foresee how Nash will be playing in the 2 years. I can’t say it even about John Wall and other young players. But, for now, you’re completely wrong: look at the stats, look at the games: in a team that, at best, is not so good, he is still creating space and chances for his teammates. I pretty sure that a lot of teams in the league – Atlanta, Lakers… – would like have him.

  21. deb says:

    Good residence to GORTOC …. to slow… SOFT hands and will never aspire to greatness… and HE can’t JUMP.

  22. Giggity Giggity says:

    Sekou, this article makes me question your journalism skills and your general knowledge of basketball. The Magic act is over? Because the east is SOOO dominant this year that someone like Dwight Howard cant take a team to the playoffs single handed? Maybe you should of posted a video of Dwight’s back to back DPOTY highlights instead of an irrelevant rapper. Should I remind you that Orlando still have a top 5 bench in the NBA? The Magic didn’t get exposed during the East Finals last year, Boston was just that good. You are a clown if you think this puts Orlando out of contention. You probably wrote an article 2 years ago calling for a boston-la showdown when the Magic took everyone by surprise and went to the Finals. Truth be told Sekou, the Magic need sub-par reporters [like yourself] to hate on them, because in reality there is no vacancy on the Magic ship for bandwagoners like yourself anymore. Instead of opening your article with a witty video, why don’t you stick to the facts, as in the Magic have had a top 5 defense 2 years in a row now. Sure, they are slacking this year on Defense but dont be quick to judge them out of contention.

    • Sekou Smith says:

      I’m talking about the Magic’s act from the 2009 Finals. And Dr. Geek is not irrelevant.

      • Hedo is backk says:

        Sekou, will they play tonight against the hawks.? And also do you think they can beat Boston or Miami I’m sure after noahs injury they can beat chicago . Boozer gibson and asik aren’t enough for the bulls to beat any of those teams.

      • Sekou Smith says:

        I’m hoping we see the new look Magic against the Hawks. I don’t think they beat Boston or Miami in a series. But we haven’t seen them yet, so I reserve the right to change my mind after seeing the Dwight-Gil-Richardson Magic in action.

  23. matter says:

    VC tends to slow down the offense everytime he has the ball…
    good thing for him that he’ll have Nash as his PG and savior ..

  24. Ice Pogi says:

    First and foremost It was a good trade… The real bad thing about this trade is timing… like some say its really hard for a team to gel just like that… The Heat struggled for chemistry at the beginning of the season… They’ve been practicing since early this summer…. I think it’s better if the magic traded 1 of their current starter instead of wrecking the whole starting 5.
    Maybe VC for JR for the meantime then Lewis before the trade deadline… once JR gel with the Magic system it is easier the for next one who follows to glue in…. once this trade deal is done they better practice 24/7 to make up for the lost time gelling…. Back from the start I guess… after losing Matt barnes they became so weak in parameter D.

  25. matter says:

    the only reason that celtics is winning is because ray allen not getting injured/hurt fellas … without ray allen, i’m telling you, celtics won’t win a championship … not a chance ..

    jameer for a pass-first PG … like Nash (won’t happen) .. how i wish Magic traded for Chris Paul … get andre miller otis!!..

  26. jr says:

    steve nash..go back to dallas it s the place where you belong..i beg and dirk will bring dallas to the championship title.

  27. d man says:

    great moves for orlando if hedo is motivated and still willing to play at a high level!

    these lineups should workout nice even with hedo at the 4 cuz howard is roamin with help defense for him!..if its rebounding your worried about remember j-rich is one of the best sg/sf rebounders in the game and howard is a beast!whatch out boston!!

    • d man says:

      bottom line is arenas undiniably gives them some major firepower. j-rich is gona put in more effort at the defensive end then then vc and reshard put heard dwight.these guys gave no effort,all the talent,but it was the lack of effort and motivation.that was the problum.

  28. BigZo says:

    VC has no one to blame but himself. The guy is not interested. If he wanted to play on a champion team he should have played like a champion. Feel bad for VC? Hell no. I say good riddance! He should go join his cousin in Detroit and they can both do nothing together! Good move shipping out Lewis too. Big contract, small production just like Carter.
    Hedo will slip back in at 3 instead of VC and Arenas will start at 1 but can play both 1 and 2 and Jameer will start on the bench. J Rich will make a nice 2. Pretty sweet 3 guard rotation! All they gotta do now is find some chemistry and they will be a definite contender for the eastern conference finals….
    Mistake letting your backup centre go….
    And they never should have let Matt Barnes go to LA! Q Rich is nothing like the defender Barnes was. He will be gone by the trade deadline too….

  29. Chris Ross says:

    I was just shocked to see this big blockbuster trade go through and it just makes the NBA season that much more exciting. Hedo Turkoglu going back to the magic with Gilbert along with J-Rich. The Magic really needed a shakeup and I think it will be good for them. Actually, I think it works out pretty decently for all the teams. They seemed to have gotten what they wanted, or gotten rid of what they didn’t want for that matter lol.

  30. Vernon says:

    I feel kinda’ of happy things turned out for V.C. in fact. I do believe he needs someone who has a great court-vision like J-Kidd instead of a dominating centre such as Dwight Howard. So moving on to the Suns might after all be something Vince can offer towards their Playoffs push.

  31. Smoke says:

    The trade with the suns wasn’t bad for the magic, but I dont think they should’ve traded Lewis for Arenas, especially that they could’ve reunited Lewis and Turkoglu. I think part of the reason why they made it to the finals in 2009 was having Lewis and Turkoglu together, as they both could play 4 and shoot 3’s, which made it very hard for defending teams. Otis Smith should’ve cancelled the Wizards trade as soon as the Suns trade was done.

  32. NEAL24 says:

    Aaw they should rather get STEVE NASH than Turkoglu and J-rich! Denm! LEWIS FOR ARENAS THEN ARENAS AND GORTAT or pietrus and carter FOR STEVE NASH and still they have pietrus and carter! Baaaad! ORLANDO WILL BE A HECK OF A TEAM IF THAT HAPPEND!

  33. SkyFox says:

    No way.. Jameer isn’t the anchor in the line up..

    Convention says:

    1. Nelson – Runs well with Howard
    2. Arenas – more scorer than PG
    3. J-Rich – Versatile scorer
    4. Bass – Improving, athletic if not a bit short for PF
    5. Howard – No question here.

    Hedo can be a bench scorer – just like old times – because you saw clearly in PHX how useless he was at the 4.

    You also need Q-rich off the bench because he can 2 & 3, and plays defence well as well as having a game beyond the arc, and Williams is a great back up as Duhon has not been that good.

  34. Maximus says:

    Pretty even trade for both Orlando and Phoenix. That $126 mil for Rashard deal didn’t work out too well now, did it? J-Rich will be a nice addition, ditto Hedo, although as someone else said, losing Pietrus will hurt when playing Miami/Boston. Doesn’t matter for Orlando either way, no1’s getting past Boston (not a Celtics fan, just a logical observation).

  35. Kobe says:

    Boston is the best in the East. Miami has been beating up on bottom dwellers, but they are also playing significantly better. VC has been garbage his whole career. He disappears time and time again in clutch situations and he has not taken a single team he has been on anywhere. You cannot disagree with this. Hedo Turkoglu has taken the magic to the finals. If you ask me, the Magic got rid of a horrible player and got a good replacement. Lewis is definitely past his 3pt shooting prime, and Richardson has continued to produce well. Arenas will provide Orlando with their first scorer who doesn’t need Dwight Howard which will help them for miles. The problem is that on defense, the magic lost Gortat and Pietrus and wont be able to stop too many teams

  36. sphinyx says:

    i think it is a very good move…they should not start bass so that they can have back up big body behind howard…if im otis i will trade there PG to a very great C so they can fight to the big body of LAKERS(im a lakers fan) and the BOSTON…

    my staring line up

    Howard – C
    Turkoglu – PF (they have success in recent years using a PF that can space the floor with Lewis)
    J-Rich or Q-Rich – SF
    Arenas or Q-Rich- SG
    Arenas or Nelson – PG

    • Hedo is backk says:

      If you play hedo at the 4 he won’t be effective and he doesn’t have the power same goes for rich at the 3, arenas has to come of the bench I think he can average about 15 points off the bench… He not the old gilbert anymore. Nelson jrich hedo bass and Howard. Arenas can have 25-30 minutes of the bench

  37. Paulstar says:

    The one obvious move in this trade is VC had to go – in the playoffs, he never feeds an ‘open’ howard during half-court sets and generally ruins set plays when the ball is in his hands (and is very unpredictable to his teammates).

    Carter’s style of play was never meant to be with a team having a great ‘interior’ player needing touches. He already proved this in Toronto when Bosh didn’t get the touches as often as he should have when the ball was in Carter’s hands – and he proves it again in Orlando.

    Carter needs to be on a team that is athletic and plays a running game (Denver, Phoenix, etc) to be effective and maximized of his abilities. His career has been wasted not playing on a team where the top scoring players would be the 1 ,2, 3 positions (like the Bulls of the 90’s). That should have been the style of team he played on in his career (throw in a great defender/rebounder in the interior to do the cleanup – like a Ben Wallace – and VC may have been a ring holder a few years ago), but he never had that opportunity presented to him.

    This trade is a HUGE plus for both teams:
    Orlando trades away their playoff weak link – Carter – on a team he doesn’t fit with in the playoff ‘Orlando type’ half-court sets
    Phoenix gains a player that can now be maximized to his full potential like never before (regardless of his age, ’cause Carter can still move like he’s in his youth)

    On a different note, Orlando should have done everything they could have to get Steve Nash. Remember that the trade we just witnessed was supposed to shake things up to help ‘keep’ Howard by getting to the finals very soon (THIS YEAR) or fear of losing Howard altogether. With Steve Nash, this could have been the ticket to get there; and since they need to start winning IMMEDIATELY to keep Howard, Steve’s age is not something that should matter (who cares if he retires in 2 or 3 years – he is what they needed NOW). With Steve Nash, you would see a BETTER 1-2 PUNCH in the playoffs than he had with Stoudemire in the playoffs, and Howard would be unstoppable with the inside/outside type of this magnitude!!

    • micasht-dot says:

      I agree completely. VC never had the chance to play in a system that fits his athleticism. Vangundy did not know ho use VC at all. My honest opinion is that the issue with the Magic is the coach. One dimensional and never seem to make any adjustments during a game. No wonder Riley got rid of him.

  38. marc says:

    man oh man what a shock to planet orange. I really feel like a bag of mixed emotions on this, i mean the suns need size so now they have it, I mean whats the starting line up. Steve,Vince,Hill,Pietrus,Lopez or gortat? either way i like this idea because one of the things i have noticed is that pietrus is really becoming an all around player, Gortat adds to our size problem and VC who is like a j-rich but more talent and he is not to old yet he just might give the suns the answer they are looking for. one thing i know is the suns are great a making players healthy and with Steve still here its like we have a big three of our own. STEVE NASH, GRANT HILL, VINCE CARTER.

  39. Unknown says:

    i am glad this trade happened. although i feel bad for R. Lewis to be on a losing team like the Wizards. cause i really don’t like VC on Orlando, ever since he came there, Orlando didn’t make the Finals. and that’s a BIG Bummer. Heat Fans, Celtics Fans, GET READY FOR SOME MAGIC! ahahaha

    • leChoke says:

      at your age…. you really should have known this! THERE IS NO MAGIC!!!! they are just an illusion! ahahahaha

  40. Beebs says:

    This is a horrible trade simply because of the timing. If you’re serious about winning THIS season, you don’t rip apart your team this late. It takes time to make a team with new people work. They have to learn the system and each other. That could take months. Considering that it’s already mid-Dec, I don’t think they’ll have it figured out until around All-Star weekend. And after the All-Star game, look for teams like Miami and the Celtics to take it to a whole ‘nother level. I don’t think the Magic will land outside of the playoffs because the bottom half of the East is week. But they could slide down to the 6th or 7th spot if the Celtics, Heat, Hawks, and Knicks continue to play well. Bad move. Really bad move.

    • d man says:

      worked for the pistons when they got rasheed.more drastic agreed but i think very possible to have the same effect

  41. Brilliant move says:

    The moves made by the magic have been very bold, but it does bring some needed change to their lineup in terms of the shot selection available to their “outside shooters”and also changes the fact that the magic have become increasingly predictable over the past few years.

    Expect a starting lineup of:
    D Howard -C
    Bran Bass -PF
    G Arenas- Sg
    J Nelson -Pg

    with 3 options at SF for Stan

    J Richardson – SF or Sixth man
    Quentin Richardson
    Hedo Turkoglu – (least likely imo with the his terrible play in Toronto/Pheonix, even though he is familiar with the magic’s system, hes better used as trade fodder for Orlando to trade for a big man, ie LaMarcus Aldridge or for a more reliable point guard.

  42. BigL16 says:

    This trade is better for Orlando although it’s risky. They weren’t going nowhere with this team. You don’t win championships by jacking up threes and one man defense. Orlando now had two legit scorers in Gilbert and Jrich and if Turkoglu can revive his career they got the same formula as the 08-09′ Magic but with better scorers and playmakers. They also can now play a conventional frontcourt with Brandon Bass and Dwight in the paint or can also go with Ryan Anderson, a young 4 that can shoot threes like Rashard Lewis and do the same crap they did when they got to the Finals although they got there by winning game seven against a Celtics team without K.G. and beating D-Wade’s sidekick and his d-league team who all choke in the big stage. BTW Vince Carter was horrible defensively so how worse can J-Rich be? Under the right system he can do well defensively, the Suns were always horrible defensively, it was the system he was in. Orlando still has the big man in the middle who’s worked his a— off to improve his game but his team didn’t improve at all, in fact it got worse. They’ll be a better team, probably the second best in the East, but they still won’t beat Boston and neither can the Heat.

  43. lb6 says:

    they should trade jameer nelson for a good back up center and a young athletic wing who can shoot. they dont need nelson anymore cause they have lots of pg like williams and duhon. trade duhon and nelson also cause turkoglu can run the PG spot and make plays.

    I seriously like the trade because Arenas needs a breath of fresh air and can make wonders when motivated. richardson will still be himself and will do ok. and Turkoglu is back and will be revived. He will make the same plays as before when he was with orlando a couple of years ago. And i think turkoglu is the reason why orlando magic reached the NBA Finals.

    PG – Arenas
    SG – Richardson
    SF – Turkoglu
    PF – Bass
    C – Howard

  44. Lee says:

    Now the Magic is in the business! I am very glad to see that Hedo is back even he literally sucked after he left Magic. J-Rich, are you kidding me, this guy is one of the most underrated superstars of NBA. Btw, it is good to see that Pietrus and Gortat is off the way, their existence does not make sense with a contender team.

  45. John says:

    I just think that neither Hido nor JR are players who can solve the mach with one shot as VC can…Hido especialy

  46. QuestionMark says:

    As a Magic fan, Im actaully super happy they made a trade like this, its about time Otis Smith!.
    J-Rich, Turkoglu for VC and Gortat: amazing trade, right now I would say J-rich is a better player because he is alot more consistent than VC and can shoot 3s better than VC, also he got sweet dunks. If Hedo can play like he did with Orlando in 2009, I think the Magic got a better chance to win the title than the Heats. Trading Gortat….hmmmmm… that is controversial, he was an amazing backup C, if I was Otis Smith, I would have gottten Channing Frye or Robin Lopez and trade either Jason Williams or Duhon.
    Arenas for Lewis: good trade also, Arenas is another killer 3 point shooter. and Lewis struggled and will struggle, especially against KG or Gasol in the Playoffs. but is Nelson coming off the bench or is Arenas? and are either of them willing to come off the bench?

    Overall, Im happy with who Orlando got in this trade. Im just hoping Hedo can play like he did in 2009, averaging around 18ppg, that is who he is, not how he played in T.O or Phoenix.

  47. lew says:

    Suns not loser – my bad. As long as they have Nash they’re good. Besides Pietrus and VC not bad for Suns either. Gortat gives them size in middle too.

    • Frank the Tank says:

      This was a great trade for Orlando and it should be interesting on whether Arenas or Nelson will be a starter, but I have to disagree with you about the Suns being good as long as they have Nash, they should of tried to trade Nash as well and see if they could of gotten something for him hes still got some gas in the tank but, its obvious they arent going to win a championship anytime soon, that window closed back when they traded Marion a few years ago and hes getting old and Id hate to see the Suns end up like the Pistons….a team full of players who should of been dealt away years ago…

  48. Bob daniels says:

    can someone explain the starting lineup to me. Are they gonna start J-Rich at the 3 and Arenas at the 2? Hedo off the bench? Or even Hedo at the 4 over Brandon Bass? (though i doubt this last one.) The Biggest question is what the Magic are going to do if Dwight gets in foul trouble, they no longer have as much size, as they’ve gone more guard heavy in getting rid of Gortat and Lewis. They might end up putting 4 guards and Dwight out there, who knows!

    • kingfonte13 says:

      the rumored starting lineup is 1) Nelson 2) J-Rich 3) Hedo 4) Bass and of course 5) Howard…Van Gundy garaunteed that jameer nelson is going to start

  49. lew says:

    OMG!!! Gil and JRich playing off DHoward?! My only problem with this is that they gave up “Peaches” — He was a great defender on LeBron, Pierce. Should have never let Hedo go in 1st place. Hedo still gets his money and back with Magic. Rashard just was not getting it done. Feel kinda bad for VC. Back with another loser.

  50. jason should not come off the bench for this team the line should b……1)Gilbert Arenas 2)Jason Richardson3)hedo turkolgu 4)brandon bass 5)dwight howard or if your not planing on dealing jameer……..1)nelson 2)arenas 3)richardson 4)hedo turkglu 5)howard……..i really want to see wat they are going to do with jameer neslon because gilbert has proven this season he could still get double digits in assits look at his number wen john wall is out its the old gil

  51. bostonFTW says:

    Dr. Meek? you mean Cory Baxter. Anyways, the Orlando Magic shouldnt have traded Hedo for Vince Carter in the first place, Well now, they realized it’s their other regret/mistake.. missing out on the free agency this summer. Miami, LA Lakers and even BOSTON stacked up their rosters even more.
    Dwight Howard – C
    Brandon Bass – PF
    Jameer Nelson – PG
    Gilbert Arenas – SG
    Hedo Turkoglu – SF
    Where does Carmelo Anthony fit in? Keep making those big moves Otis Smith but its just not your year cause the Celtics got this.

    • bostonyeahbutyourewrong says:

      Isn’t it
      Dwight – C
      Hedo – PF
      Quentin/Jason Richardson – SF
      Arenas/Jrich – SG
      Arenas/Nelson – PG

      And I don’t think they’re shopping for melo, but for CP3.

      Btw, they got too much depth at the 1 and 2 spot, Better trade them for a backup big man

      • QuestionMark says:

        I agree, but I think they should watch for now, between Nelson or Arenas, or either trade Williams or Duhon
        which ever one is worse trade them for a big man, possibly Nelson for Channing Frye or Robin Lopez, or Duhon/Williams and Orton for Frye or Lopez.

    • Oliven says:

      You guys are forgetting the Magic’s Daniel Orton. Once he’s done rehabbing he will be a very valuable player to the team. He might be even more productive than Gortat, but for now we’ll have to wait. I hope DO won’t play this year so that he can go for the ROTY award in the next season (as there will most likely be a lockout)

  52. I don’t think this is the end of the road for the Magic. Theis team is built around Howard, offensively and defensively. All Orlando has done is change the cast of shooters they use to space the floor around Howard. Brandon Bass needed to play more at the 4, and Rashard Lewis was slipping. I like Arenas, Turkoglu and Richardson over Carter, Lewis, and Pietrus.
    Good trade for the Suns too. Gortat needed to play more, and it wasn’t going to happen behind Howard. He should make Phoenix a lot better.

  53. Tenki says:

    Miami was the talk of the town in Florida for the past six months, but Orlando doesn’t wan to be counted out the NBA Playoff conversation. Their acquisition of three (actually, two) new players at this point of the season makes their Christmas game against Boston all the more interesting, if not entertaining or exciting. Hedo is back on a marquee team, Richardson can have a relatively easy transition because of a former teammate in Gilbert Arenas, and Arenas himself can start his career all over again with a championship-caliber team.

    This is what I’ve been anticipating, the shipping of key players from other teams. I wonder if the new CBA next year would make them happy or regret the players’ and the teams’ decision at this point of the season.

  54. KOBEPAUANDME says:

    Ah i dont think this was directed toward Miami. Its what you are doing now, which is making everything about Miami that made them upset.

    This was a very nice trade, that Orlando came out the clear cut winners. i think this was made with an eye toward the east best, that being Boston. If this does not make them better than Miami it def makes them deeper.

  55. Admir says:

    Now if only we could trade jameer nelson or chris duhon for a better back up center now that gortat is gone , possibly even a great wing defender but i love this move by the magic , now we’re serious the D shouldnt have changed that much at all since Dwight was the key to our excelent defensive numbers but i expect the magic offense to take off drastically picking up 2 leading scorers from different teams as well as a clutch fourth quarter performer.’ my only fear is again matching up with the size of the lakers.

    what are your thoughts?

  56. Carlos says:

    I think the Magic are still in the conversation and as long as you have Dwight you always have a shot..

  57. Trevor says:

    Thank you Rashard and Vince for some great games and all the best to you. I’m liking these moves. J-Rich and Arenas bring some serious back-court energy and fire power. J-Rich has 62 3’s already in only 25 games. Hopefully Hedo fits back in like he used to. A little sad to see some new favorites in Pietrus and Gortat go so soon, but the Magic acquired some serious talent here in return. Plus Earl Clark was the 14th overall pick 2 years ago and highly sought after, so maybe a nice piece for the future too.

    Go Magic!

  58. He@TFan says:

    GREAT move by Orlando, i thought it was great that they let go of Rashard Lewis and Vince Carter, 2 players that were bringing the team down cause of their age and inconsistence style of play.Now they upgraded to Arenas (who is getting back to his All Star style of play), Turkoglu ( who struggled recently but i think will have success returning to the Magic ) and Jason Richardson ( who should be just fine in the Magic’s system).

    • Jake says:

      I don’t know. Hedo has been absolutely terribble that last two years. One Suns exec said “it was like he retired.” I’m not sure the Magic will be able to integrate so many new players so quickly and now they’re stuck with Gilberts contract which was even worse than Rashards.

    • claytaurus says:

      All this movement when, if they could, should have just traded Hedo for Carter. When Hedo left and Carter came to the Magic, is when they didn’t look as strong as they did in their run to the 2009 Finals with Hedo. They were almost swept by Boston in the ECF last season, going down early 3-0, before showing some fight and going down anyway 4-2. Carter and Lewis mainly stood around because they aren’t known as playmakers–Lewis is a spot up shooter and Carter was good at getting his own shot. If Carter is shut down or his shot is off, he “disappears”, like he did in the ECF vs Boston. If Hedo is shut down or his shot is off, he still knew how to make a play for Howard, Lewis for the 3 ball etc., just the right plays, He was the glue for the offense, Hedo kept it flowing. A lot of people like to say how un-athletic Hedo was, but if you really watched him during their 2009 Finals run, he made the right, key plays at the most intense, clutch times. I think Otis Smith jumped the gun after they lost to the Lakers in the Finals. Hedo must have been instrumental for the Magic’s success when he was here or else Otis wouldn’t have made moves to bring him back. The Vince Carter experiment was done, I guess. I never got excited when Carter arrived in Orlando, he never fit, from the beginning to the end, Carter looked good only when he was on. I was shocked to hear Hedo had been shipped to Toronto in 2009, after seeing how important he was to the Magic during that Finals run, I guess Otis finally regrets that move he made in 2009 to save money for future deals. Look what “future deal” he ended up making a year and a half later…….

  59. Robert Zimmerman says:

    All in all the Magic needed another point guard and Arenas fills the bill. The only player that will hurt the Magic is Gortat. Van Gundy never gave Howard and Gortat a chance to start together. That was a major mistake. Look for the Magic to make another deal to get rid of Quinton Richardson and Chris Duhon for a big man.

    • Daniel says:

      ^This man knows what he’s talking about. These trades have the potential to work well for all teams involved, we’ll just see how they turn out. (And why have so many people forgotten about the first round draft pick? That’ll be pretty useful for the Suns going forward)

      • BC says:

        @Robert Zimmerman you hit it right on the head. This trade makes sense but Van Gundy never allowed Gortat to display his full potential. Q-Rich has already moved to the bench now that Hedo is back. I think that Ryan Anderson should start at the 4 because of his ability to shoot the 3 and his length at 6’10, almost like Lewis. Q-Rich and Duhon will be gone now that Gilbert is the 6th man.
        @Daniel you are right. That pick could turn out to be the perfect pick and roll guy to play with Nash…..assuming he isnt traded to the knicks by february along with Carmelo.

  60. pooppants says:

    damn, this was a HUGE shock to me. Hopw Otis knows what he’s doin cuz, who’s gonna replace Gortat? i dunno. :l I think Arenas could be a nice addition, but givin’ away Gortat? confused

    • nba superstar says:

      They are giving away Gortat because Bass is becoming better. So now they have no room for a 3rd center.

      • fedex says:

        bass is undersized…giving away lewis means they have one 5 and one 4 plus clark but he isnt proven…like the analysts say….they will make another move to beef up their bigs or else they wont b able to beat boston period…

    • 3peaters says:

      ur right. bass is just 6’8″ he can’t be a backup center. look at bostons center- shaq7’1, jermaine7’0 perkins 6’11. canbass be a decent backup? no he can!! he is better if he is just a pf!!

  61. I think this was a bad trade. they should have kept vc.

  62. illnana24 says:

    First time commenting……….lets just wait and see how Arenas and Turkoglu do (does this trade mean that Otis Smith agrees that the Rashad Lewis trade was a complete bomdiggity??)

  63. I’m glad that orlando did both of those trades now, rather than later. It will help them in the long-run How about trading Jermal Nelson for either steve nash, or chris paul!

  64. John says:

    if U R going 2 trade VC 4 Hido, U R idiots. thank U

  65. Macbook says:

    You’re an idiot. Heat fanboy.

    • HEATSUCK says:

      Boston beat the sorry heat twice and they dominated those losers Heatfan your a dumb ass the Heat suck dude and they won’t beat boston at all gay boy

  66. Crazy says:

    Your telling me that orlando got j-rich, arenas and hedo. Damn! they got a good deal. J-rich is a brilliant 3-point shooter and so is arenas who can play both the 1 and 2. hedo the weakness but mayby the only place that he can play is in Orlando. we will see. at least now we know that orlando are scared of Miami. and who wouldn’t be they are playing great-(i’m a lakers fan). they got a long way to go but they are reaching their expectations.

    • KOBEPAUANDME says:

      Wow slow down. What about Boston? The best team in the East? Why is everyone so quick to call Miami? FYI Boston has a longer winning streak than Miami, while having more key players out than Miami, while playing MUCH MUCH better teams. Yea sure their meeting expectations, who didnt expect them to beat up on the leagues bottom dwellers?

      • BigL16 says:

        IMO the Celtics are pretty much a lock for the Finals, the Lakers have the harder road to the Finals this time. The Spurs and Mavs are playing the best basketball I seen them play in recent years and the Thunder are still around. The Celtics have already proven that the two man team of Wade and Lebron can’t beat them, and Orlando and Chicago aren’t good enough to win a seven game series against Boston. These so called analysts say the Lakers are a lock and it’s uncertain who will win the East when it’s the other way around. It’ll be Boston vs (fill in the blank) for the 2011 NBA championship.

      • Heat Fan says:

        Boston longer streak by a game LOL. More key players out? No thats Miami. And YEP we are beating up on bottom dwellers MORE than Boston is, so whats that say? LOL. This is supposed to be about Orlandos trade there guy, so you should leave it at that.

      • Heat Fan says:

        Boston proven they can beat a team that played their first game together after they’ve played 250 to 300 together? LOL..You funny man. Why dont this blog stay on topic about Orlando

      • kc says:

        I agree with you with everything except that the celtics played better competition. If you were talking about in the current win streak, then yes the Celtics Played better competition, But when the Heat were 9-8 they had some tough matchups Much more so than the Celtics. So I think things have evened themselves out.

      • Goceltics says:

        Heat Fan: The Heat don’t have more key players out than the Celtics. Heat – Haslem, Miller. Celtics: Perkins, Rondo, both O’neals, West.

      • rhys says:

        there win streak is only one longer :S

  67. Mora says:

    I’m a Suns fan and sicerely I this frachise management: swap for J-Rich, the best scorer in that team, for VC?
    First, they didn’t hold Amar’e; now, they let J-Rich go… I’m done with Suns manegement: I hope Nash leave the franchise and find a real contender as soon as the season is over.
    Best regards,