About Last Night: Manu’s Encore!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Mr. Clutch, Spurs guard Manu Ginobili, was at it again last night.

The league’s best team (22-3), the Spurs have won seven straight games, continuing this month’s streak theme around the NBA, and two straight on Ginobili game winners.

And unlike his shot to beat the Bucks Wednesday night, there should be no controversy on this latest one (above). Nuggets fans will argue (and who wouldn’t?) that the charge Ginobili drew on Carmelo Anthony on the ensuing play was iffy.

Two dramatic games this week didn’t change the way we feel about the Spurs here at the hideout. We were on their bandwagon before now. The way they came out of the block, let us know that they realize that time on South Texas Big 3 of Ginobili, Tim Duncan and Tony Parker is running short. They only have a small window of time left to contend for titles, and they are playing like it.

Duncan has had an interesting time adjusting to his new role, as the aging warrior still trying to squeeze big nights out of a body clearly fatigued from years and years of big nights.

The biggest mistake teams will make this season in dealing with Duncan and the Spurs is believe that they are over the hill. As they Nuggets learned last night, Duncan still has plenty left in his tank:

The Prime Minister might have said it best in an e-mail this morning:

“What can you possibly say about the Spurs? They just always seem to find a way to win … I would have to think Lakers fans are more than a little worried about the old vets from Texas giving them a run for the money. If they keep this up and Manu doesn’t finish in the top two or three of MVP voting, it’s a travesty.”

Ginobili will definitely have to keep up his big shot ways if he’s going to climb his way into that MVP race. But the Spurs are definitely a team for the Lakers and every other contender, including the mighty Boston Celtics (winners of 12 straight after their win over the Hawks and seen below in the Daily Zap) to worry about.


  1. Beacan says:

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  2. spursgermany says:

    lot of jealousy and blindness.

    Somehow sekou seems to fall in the same trap :Spurs are too old ,they are vets etc etc

    Duncan, McDyess, Manu are the only players over 30+!!!!!!!!

  3. D says:

    Is there anyone in the NBA you would rather have shooting free throws at the end of the game than Manu? He’s Mr Clutch. Why do so many people laugh when he is mentioned as a possible MVP? Is it because Spanish is his native language? He’s the best player on the best team in the NBA and is one of the best game-finishers there is. I notice he is ahead of Nash and Williams in the All-star voting so far, so somebody outside of San Antonio and Argentina appreciates his talents.

  4. lilkedamaster says:

    You know, I love the Spurs but Ginobili’s a fraud. Sure he has rings, yada yada… but no way is he Super Star status, let alone MVP. A few good games? Please. And Kobe should be lower on the MVP list.

  5. j.v says:

    nope you are wrong! The spurs are just a great defensive team. they are smart at what they are doing. The spurs are an under rated team. probably the most under rated. now, why would the NBA favor the spurs when they are under rated?? and parker creates contact by using the opposing players body its a legal play, Duncan blocks shots and gets nothing but the ball, and as for ginobili flopping i got one question, who doesn’t flap in the NBA these days?? !!GO SPURS GO!!

  6. ghad says:

    God bless Ginobili and the Spurs..I’ve followed the Spurs since the Robinson-Duncan era, and the current Big 3 dynasty of Parker-Duncan-Ginobili…Of all the Kobes, James, and Wades in the NBA, they aren’t close to what Ginobili has been doing so far..Ginobili has this intoxicating, exciting, swashbuckling style of playing basketball; attacking the paint, putting up regular circus shots, and his 3-point daggers..not too mention, the go-to guy for game winners…all that, without the ego and cockiness of other so-called ‘superstars’…with their form right now, hope they can push it further, and bring back the title…plus, Pop got to find an heir for Duncan, for the future…

  7. Nick says:

    Did you know that not one Spurs player has fouled out yet this year. The refs have to force themselves to call a foul on Duncan. Parker consistently leans into the opposing player when driving to the hoop and yet the opposing player is called for a foul. They also have the biggest flopper in the NBA (Ginobli). No wonder they don’t foul outThe NBA obviously has their favorites and will do anything to keep it that way.

    • Ryan says:

      hahahaha are you kidding me??? the spurs are the last team that the NBA would favor, the spurs are a small market power house who were apart of 2 of the lowest rated nba finals in history. do you honestly think that the spurs are who they want in the finals? the league tries as hard as they can to make sure that they do not do well with ridiculous back to backs and a schedule that has all of the elite teams late in the season so they are tired going into the playoffs. the league does this every year but the spurs pull through anyway. if you actually pay attention we are probably one of the nba’s least favorites, now the lakers, heat and celtics are another story

  8. Hi says:

    I watched this game 25 times so far. Bye.

  9. EuLo says:

    Hi guys,
    I’m an italian basket lover, and I love manu since he was in Reggio Calabria and Virtus Bologna (in italy)..
    I have to say that also in NBA I still haven’t seen a similar player….
    Incredible in all the aspects: offense, defense, match approach, intensity, wish to emerge as a team and not only as a player…
    Another unique carateristic is his killer instinct (as certified by the 3 nba finals, expecially against detroit, and by the olympic gold medal that HE won with argentina)… nobody in NBA with his physical impact (incredible also without the muscles of Lebron or wade) has all these possibilities, nobody has his ability to take the game winner shot in the warmer moments… this is manu!
    let me also say that a great part of tthis miracle (that the spurs are) is due to Greg Pop.. incredible coach from all the point of view, incredible is his ability to “read” the match an adapte the strategy….
    Thanks Manu but also thanks Pop!

  10. Salvi says:

    Guys just think for a moment, when you watch the spurs on the 4th quater since a long time ago, in the last minutes who is the one that get’s the ball in the last play of the game, in the hardest play on the night with all the pressure and eys on him, that guy you know he’ll score, who is this guy for the spurs?
    Yeah u got it, is super MANU !!

  11. Bruno says:

    Yes this Argentine is so good in the fourth quarter, Spurs don’t have a guy owner of team, Spurs have a team of talented players…Because this many people say they are boring… They are a very good team!!

  12. irakli_kobakhidze says:

    guys don’t you think that MELOs last second shot was’nt a charging foul? it was more likely that there was foul on manu ginobili in defence , not on carmelo anthony on offence.

    • Seriously? says:

      Did you even watch the highlighted before you opened your mouth? Both of Manu’s feet were clearly outside of the circle, they were both planted on the ground, and he beat Melo to the spot. Last time I checked, that is a charge. Of course, obviously your expertise on the subject eclipses everyone else’s in the matter.

  13. André Beraldo Ireno says:

    I’m a brazilian SPURS fan and I say: Ginobili is the only one argentine that I like! Great joba man! Keep That Way and you’ll get another ring for sure.

  14. MJ23 says:


    this is about celebrating what the spurs are doing, rather than throwing thinly veiled disses at a certain big 3. boring now.

  15. brlando says:

    VAMOS MANU! here in argentina its called “en la chicharra” it means the buzzer beater,

  16. Ian says:

    SPURS are back! get ready NBA, cuz the drive for 5ive is still alive in these mighty vets! under rated and under appreciated, the spurs are once again, turning heads! g’bye doubters! see you at the river parade! >:)

    Go, SPURS! Go!

  17. David says:

    What a game!! @Jake in some places it is called “la chiquita”. GoSpursGo. PD: this made me laugh a lot http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=5926209 Spurs are probably the most underrated sports team in history an so are the players

  18. Jake says:

    How do you say clutch in Spanish? Way to go Spurs!

  19. Chris says:

    Yes yes yes! What an awesome game last night. Clutch shooting from Ginobili. Manu deserves to be mentioned in the MVP discussion.

  20. Sportsman003 says:

    Wow what a game! The Spurs are a team that has great players with no big egos who take care of business. Manu has accomplish so much in his career gold medal, multiple nba championship rings, and his fan support is growing every week. He will be the first the tell you that its the whole team that deserves the credit. Great Job San Antonio Spurs for proving team work wins.

    Go Spurs Go