Uncle Sam’s All-Star Picks

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We have a policy here at the hideout. When Uncle Sam Smith (the vests are a family tradition) speaks, we listen. And he’s weighing in with his All-Star picks, the first set of early returns will be unveiled today. Uncle Sam’s All-Star Picks:


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  2. CanRottleHead says:

    it should be like this
    West:Paul,Kobe,KEVIN DURANT,Dirk,Duncan..Bench:Westbrook,Deron,Manu,Billups,Blake,Love,Melo,Beasley or gordon,nash,scola,martin.. there’s a lot of player that should be in bench but this guys probably will be in the team..broy will not be in allstar this year.. that’s for sure.. KD will be a ALLSTAR STARTER coz he’s great and probably will win the SEASON MVP and ALLSTAR MVP.. and hope to be the FINALS MVP.. :)) KD is simply the BEaST !!!

    East:Rose,Wade,James,Amar’e,Dwight..Bench :rondo,KG,smith,granger,barnagi,jennings ?,bogut ?,Gwallace and even i hate pierce..PIERCE SUCKS !!!

  3. i agree almost in every picks of sam smith . i only disagree with joakim noah on the reserve spot in the eastern conference . i think shaq deserve to be in that spot , even though he is old , he can play well and throw some monster slam .

  4. corleone says:

    this is what it should be:
    east – west
    pg Rose – D-Will
    sg Wade – Kobe
    sf Bron – Durant
    pf Amar’e – Dirk
    C D12 – Pau (there is no good C on the balloting and Pau has been playin Center so far)
    g Rondo – Manu
    g Felton – Westbrook
    f KG – Melo
    f Pierce – Love
    f Smith – Griffin
    c Bogut – Al Jefferson
    g CP3 (he been inconcistent so far so i feel that westbrook deserves it more cause he been ill)
    and the last player for the east would be MO WILLIAMS !!!!! lol
    as a charity for poor Cleavlanders, poor people are stuck with nuthin

  5. rob says:

    for the center off the bench in da east rather then noah it should be bargani hes caryed da raptors as the only legitmate scoring threat whoever said hibbert dats such a dumb pick for an allstar. Kg and duncan should always get in as the vets

    east, rose, wade, lebron, stoudamire, dwight /bench- rondo, ray,pierce, kg, bargani extra 2- felton and bosh

    west, deron williams, kobe,melo,pau, yao bench/ chirs paul,ginobli,durant,dirk,duncan extra 2- westborook and nash

  6. matt says:

    I think that Tyreke Evans should be considered higher than Jason Kidd. Tyreke is better right now and he has Plantar Fasciitis. I also think that there needs to be a requirement for games played. I’m sick and tired of Yao Ming not playing and getting picked to the All-Star team. It really shows how big of a joke the NBA is. David Stern is killing the league. QUIT FIXING GAMES YOU GREEDY PUNK!!!! You will still make a butt ton of money if you let the games happen naturally. Love the sport, hate the Stern.

  7. Fahim says:

    i think it will be
    East: West:
    G D Rose G Chris Paul
    G D Wade G Kobe Bryant
    F LBJ F Carmelo Anthony
    F Amare F Kevin Durant
    C Dwight C Yao Ming
    C Andrew Bogut F Pau Gasol (could get voted to start)
    F Kevin Garnett (could get voted to start) F Dirk Nowitzki
    F Chris Bosh F Rudy Gay
    F Danny Granger G Brandon Roy
    F Paul Pierce G Tony Parker
    G Joe Johnson G Russell Westbrook
    G Rajon Rondo (could get voted to start) G Deron Williams
    F Tim Duncan (maybe gets moved if cuz yao probably doesnt play)
    East Snubs: West Snubs:
    Raymond Felton Monta Ellis
    Ray Allen Manu Ginobili
    Al horford Kevin Love
    Josh Smith Blake Griffin
    Andrea Bargnani Luis Scola
    Eric Gordon

  8. Richard Denson says:

    You should have included Josh Smith or Al Horford in there for the East

  9. kiran says:

    sam smith is an old idiot. Wade is on a whole different level than rose or rondo. He has a ring and is actually the best player in the heat time for some time now.

  10. raumie Faraj says:

    how the hell is tim duncan not in the starting lineup u guys dont know anything about basketball. manu should start over chris paul to. everyone is so disrespectful to the spurs who have the best record and have the best record of beating teams over .500. media has to stop being so biased to the celtics and lakers for real its getting out of hand.

  11. Jake says:

    Wade is on a whole different level than Rondo. He’s capable of carrying a team by himself and he’s shown that he can coexist well with other superstars. He can score, rebound, pass, defend, etc. I guess Uncle Sam doesn’t realize that that Wade has dropped over 25 points in 6-8 straight games now.

    • maldoc says:

      Wade is more capable with the handicap HEAT back in the days, but he cannot do what you claim he could with the ALL STARS team. You need to understand that B ball is a team sport. To win, you need to have each player play one role and one role only and do it very well. Imaging you put 5 wades on one team against 5 Howards on another team – this would be silly. This is why Rondo is more fit over Wade on an All STARs team.

  12. tgod says:

    i know he probably wont get voted in but roy hibert is having a good season. he could be the centre off the bench

  13. Berlin4life says:

    As the votings look right now, theres a good chance that the entire Celtics starting five will make the all-star team. Should be fun seeing them playing together against the west’s best.

  14. jon says:

    Ray Allen should be there- he is sick man!

  15. jon says:

    @leggomymelo-do you even watch ray Allen?

  16. leggomymelo says:

    i agreed with most of the picks. the one i disagree with the most however would have to be ray allen. i understand his team is the best in the east and arguably the NBA at the moment, but he’s not a very big reason for it. i know he helps with points but what else? and its not like he’s averaging 22 a game. or even 18. i hope melo gets to start just because i love him as a player. no doubt that gasol deserves it more though.

  17. doctor 'k' says:

    how the hell is rondo even an option b4 wade?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. swizzboults says:

    I think it would be a bit of a farce if Griffin didn’t get in above Love. You talk about record and the clippers are the worst team in the league, and there are no doubts about this. I have no doubt about the east team, Rose, Wade, Lebron, Amare and Howard will just be a fantastic lineup and arguably one of the most athletic starting 5s of all time. I think Kevin Durant will get the start out West ahead of Nowitski, and i think that Melo could even box out Pau Gasol on voting too. No doubt Westbrook should be on the team. Noah is now out of the running so it looks like Horford will get the gig again. In fact its a good job Roy is injured and Johnson because there would be logjams in both conferences.

    • Andrew says:

      Definitely one of the most explosive Eastern All-Star lineups in recent memory…..In terms of the West, I guess if you are talking about voting then ‘melo is a shoe-in over Pau, but people should really consider both ends of the floor – only one of these players does. Similarly Dirk is playing the best basketball of his life right now, his form is just as impressive as Amare’s – just on a better team imo.

    • pretty good says:

      his pick are pretty good- i only disargeed with 3-5 picks