Point made, Raymond Felton

Amar’e Stoudemire is the toast of the big town, and that’s probably appropriate, but New York should really save a little bubbly for the other new guy.

Raymond Felton is really having a satisfying season, lost amid all the fuss about Stoudemire’s MVP candidacy. He’s a refreshing change from a ghastly string of point guards that inhabited the Garden over the last decade. Maybe we shouldn’t even list their names and bring back bad memories. Oh, well, why not. Here are some of the starters, full-time and part-time, who kept the seat cold for Felton over the last dozen years:

Chris Duhon: Really, really foul shooter.

Nate Robinson: Frank Isola, the fine beat writer for the Daily News, nicknamed him “Lil Him” because that’s who Nate played for, himself.

Steve Francis: Stevie Blunder was the symbol of the brief and treacherous Isiah Thomas-Larry Brown era.

Stephon Marbury: Oh, do we have to go there?

Howard Eisley: Not only did Scott Layden give this guy a big contract while they were in Utah, he also brought him to New York.

Mark Jackson, Part II: Nothing like Part I.

Charlie Ward: Not bad; just a better point guard on the football field.

Chris Childs: A tough guy who loved New York. The nightclubs, that is.

Felton has quickly developed a bond with Stoudemire, not Steve Nash-like, but close enough. He’s averaging career highs of 18.7 points and nine assists since signing as a free agent from the Bobcats. Thank you very much, Michael Jordan. If he keeps this up, don’t be surprised if Felton gets some love from Eastern coaches when it comes time to fill out the All-Star reserves.

Of course, this hasn’t stopped the Knicks’ universe from wishing for Chris Paul. So maybe all Felton is doing is keeping the seat warm for the next guy.


  1. josh says:

    I hate to say it, but some time and Melo are all it’s gonna take…..barring injury of course. Hate the Knicks, hate the Celtics, hate the Heat, hate the Spurs! Sucks to be me this season. LOVE the Lakers! Wasn’t that a great decade we just had?!?

  2. NY BOI says:

    one thing Felton needs to lose a couple pounds…..just think how QUICK he be….i mean i haten on Felton just that he looks abit HEAVY……and to me personally..i think were just seeing the start of a new point guard….and he just like any other young guard…STILL LEARNING!!! when he gets the game down and learns to take over the game with Amarie…. they be TOUGH in the 4th qtr!! …..(keep working hard Felton…just think you can be BETTER than this)

  3. souly says:

    felton is O.K., it’s particulary trued that D’Antoni’s system favours him, but stats doesn’t matter most (Billups career apg are not outstanding); i think NY would do good with Carmelo, but even better with player like Milos Teodosic who could play with Felton and without him (if they can afford him). he’s better than Nash now.

  4. NYK says:

    Ray Felt is the new Chauncey Billups…..without the ring of course……He came in the league with high expectations and he has not lived up to them until now

    • C-Money says:

      I don’t see how everyone missed that Felton was going to be a great PG. I always saw it in him, but the second he got paired up with Larry “I-hate-PG’s” Brown, I knew he wasn’t going to flourish like he would have in any other system. That’s why he got the eff out of Charlotte as soon as he could.

      For what reason people will contiue to say Larry Brown is a great coach… I’ll never understand. He’s good. He’s been to the finals 3 times and came back with 1 ring… but the way he treats his PG vs. SG couldn’t be more different. He will rip a PG up and down the court, crush his confidence, and run him out of town for committing a single turnover or taking a quick shot… but when he gets these idiots on his team that are turnover machines, loft up a bunch of horrid shots, and in general act like horrible human beings… i.e. Allen Iverson, Stephen Jackson, etc… he gives full control to the offense and a green light for that guy to do no wrong.

      Go look at Chauncey Billups stats once Brown left Det… +2 points per game, +3 assists per game. The points aren’t really eye opening, going from 16 to 18… but going from 5 assists per game to 8? That’s a 60% increase.

      As far as D’Ants offense and it inflating his stats a little bit… sure, that’s probably “a little bit” true… but then why didn’t Duhon put up monster numbers?

      Anyone who didn’t see Felton as a better player than his 14 pts, 7 assts per game while in Charlotte needs to go ahead and look at the history of Larry Brown with PG’s.

  5. Ken says:

    Okay, first of all Raymond is a top tier point guard who just happened to get stuck with rotten coaches like Bickerstaff, and Brown (and for all you who whince at me calling Brown rotten, this man never allows players to play to their skills, they have to play “the right way”, his way in other words. Only reason he has won, is because he had players who ignored him). Now that Felton is in a system which allows the point guard to stay engaged in the play, instead of bringing the ball across half court passing it, then stepping aside, he is proving exactly what I have known of him since his days at Latta High School. Paul and Williams came in and had the good fortune of going to teams where the coaches gave them the keys told them to drive the car. Byron Scott immediately gave the handles to Paul, and so did Sloan in Utah, to Williams. Basketball is a game of instinct and reactions, Felton has good instinct and great reaction, and is a much better in your face defender than Paul or Williams. His numbers this year are better than Paul, and I see no reason for them to decline. He is clearly performing within the top 3 point guards in the NBA in 2010…

    Stop harping on last year, he is an All Star this year, and if the New York fans vote, he could start…

  6. Ben says:

    When you really think about it, this Knicks team has only been playing together for the last 3 months. Look at what they have accomplished. I think a 16-11 record is pretty good in my books. Just give them more time and they will be in the top 4 in the east.

    As long as Amare is dominating, the Knicks should have no problem making the 4th seed in the East.

    MVP 2010-11? There is a good chance.

    • AussieNBAfan says:

      i agree right now Amar’e is the standout MVP i mean its no coincidence that the Knicks win streak happened at the same time as his run of 30+ ppg but i dont know if they will reach the 4th seed in the east unless Amar’e continues his streak for the rest of the season.. which is unlikely for any player. also trading Felton for CP3 would be a mistake if they got melo as well, the salary would be too high and they wouldn’t have the money to pay their role players and that would just make them another miami heat – a team that will be very good but will never quite be championship calibre.

      • Nick says:

        Don’t agree with either of you. Knicks have been playing against bums and they along with Stoudamire will get found out once the schedule evens out a bit. I say they struggle to even make top 6, which means they get an elite in the 1st round and probably get swept.

  7. ty says:

    @leggomymelo i hate that everyone has a great comment to say about ny players but then take it back and disregard it because of the type of system we run on offense. news flash!! we play a skilled type of offense that not everyone can do or run to the extent felton can, there number arent inflated! just give credit to d’antoni for utilizing the most out of his players!!!!!!!

  8. Andre says:

    I think it’s stupid to go after CP3. Course, he’s better than Raymond, but that’s not the point. Felton is good enough to be the PG a contender needs. He can shoot, he can drive, pass. Getting the best PG in the league when you still have a top PG makes little difference. NY needs to go after Melo. Thats what can make a difference now. CP3 instead of Felton doens’t make NY a contender.

    But of course, it would be different if NOH, knowing that CP3 is leaving soon, would accept to send CP3 to NY for Felton and a draft pick, for example.

  9. THE PEASANT! says:

    On my team in NBA LIVE 2003 CPU game, Steve Francis and Stephen Mabury are great point guards. I do not get why you say they are bad.

  10. leggomymelo says:

    wow, felton is doing great. i understand i have to take it with a grain of salt considering he’s playing for d’antoni and the 7 seconds or less offense which guarantees a team to have a player average 8+ assists. he’s legit and even if they miss out on chris paul, they cant feel to bad ith ray