Dunk (On A Man) Of The Year?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Dunk fans around the world, we present to you Mr. DeMar DeRozan with the Dunk (on a man) of the Year:


  1. Stephen says:

    Yeah the dunk that blake G got on the knicks was sick!! but this one is really really sick cause its a 6″7 6″8 guy dunking on a 6’10 6’11 dude. and deMar get way up and finishes strong… it’s up there for dunk of the year

  2. Marco Dela Cruz says:

    I gotta agree with the majority. Blake’s throw down over Timothy Mozgov was way way way better than that of DeMar. You can also make a case on Blake’s rollercoaster move over Danilo Gallinari. But yeah, Griffin over Mozgov should be at the top of this list.

  3. John says:

    You guys are forgetting Westbrook over Battier too!

  4. Bahamas#1 says:

    NO WAY is That the dunk of the year BLAKE has like 5 dunks that top that!!! GRIFFIN has the TOP 5 dunks of the year!!

  5. mr.awesomesauce says:

    That dunk was sick

  6. Dylan says:

    Watch this dunk over and over again and see how uncool it gets each time. While with Blakezillas dunks, it gets better and better every time. Its a good dunk, but you notice a few things after watching it a lot. When Thomas jumped for a block it came from the side, while Derozan was going full speed, easily pushing him back and getting a prety easy slam, which he fell down due to his unbalance, not from getting fouled

  7. wowowow says:

    wilson chandler reverse poster on javalle mcghee was sweet…

  8. brydon11 says:

    Blake’s on Mozgov was better.

  9. blake griffin says:

    That was nasty no doubt but I have the dunk of the year actually 2 in 1 game against the Knicks

  10. nhigel says:

    you don’t do things like griffin. things he does just shouldn’t be allowed for public people to see.

  11. digs says:

    Ya’ll forgetting russell westbrook on the entire rockets defense?!

    (ps. the griffin dunk would win handsdown if he grabbed the rim after after. And I dont think you can take the dunk crown if you fall on your ass afterwards. )

  12. Falco3403 says:

    I cant believe what you haters are talking about. Blake Griffin has the (put his “situation” in you face and smell it) dunk of the year. The fact that you would penalize his basket on Mozgov and define it as a lay up is STUPID. No one in this blog can mimic that dunk. Wait…… no one in the league is doing that……. wait……. might as well go as far as no one is doing that type of aerial attack period, except Blake. No in the league comes close to doing that in a game. (Although Lebron makes me say what the…..). Im a true hooper, dunker, worked for every bit of 37 in vertical I have. I definitely give credit when credit is due. If you were to go around the league and take a poll in regards to that attempt being a lay or dunk, im positive only one guy in the NBA would say it was a layup. Of course, Mozgov. Why? To down play a phyical but yet ‘nutty’ connection those two will always have. Show some respect to what a real dunk is defined as and who the real Dunk on Man of the Year is.

  13. clara says:

    Derozan dunked over a SHOTBLOCKER
    Griffin dunked over a nobody

  14. no way!! says:

    NO WAY!! dunk of the year!!???! COME ON!!!!

    blake over mozgov is the best so far!

    whether he technically touched the rim or not IT WAS A SICK FACIAL!!


  15. Ryan says:

    NO WAY. Blake Griffin has multiple dunks better than this one. And Eric Gordon does too!

    Its a good dunk, but far from dunk of the year

  16. Banks says:

    Blake Griffin’s dunk WAS a dunk….do u know what it means to dunk somethings, its to put the ball inside the hole while ur hands are over the rim…u dnt have to grab the rim for it to be a dunk

  17. Harry says:

    Hey Sekou, Eric Gordon on Tim Duncan…Eric Gordon on Paul Millsap…Eric Gordon on James Anderson!!! Go search up these dunks and stop making a big deal about an o.k. dunk. Please lol

  18. Harry says:

    DEFINITELY NOT. Eric Gordon has 2 dunks (both against the Spurs) that are better than this one. Also, Blake Griffin’s dunk on the Knicks’ center was way sicker. Sekou Smith…stop playin

  19. iamthegame13 says:

    Igoudala has been in a dunk contest already. He did pretty well, but they gave ot to Nate anyway if you remember.
    Griffin’s “dunk” was an amazing athletic feat, but it wasn’t a dunk. You can’t bend the rules just because it was pretty. Griffin’s move might be play of the year, but he never touched the rim, it was the best layup of the year.

    • SoWhat75 says:

      The definition of a slam dunk:
      A slam dunk (or simply a dunk) is a type of basketball shot that is performed when a player jumps in the air and manually powers the ball downward through the basket with one or both hands over the rim.
      A slam dunk is a basketball shot in which a player jumps in the air achieving such a height that the player may then force the ball through the hoop in a powerful manner.

      Note: Touching, grabbing or hanging from the rim are not a requirement for a slam dunk.

      So I guess, u can count Blakes ‘Layup’ as a dunk..

  20. Cameron says:

    Yea gotta agree with Jaedan, need to get iggy back in the dunk contest. His dunk over gerad wallace, with wallace pushing him away and he still finished , was the best dunk of the year, give the give credit come on

    • MrSlevin says:

      If u don’t count Blake dunking right over Mozgov (and i personally consider it as one of the sickest dunks ever), then you have to choose Iggy over Wallace and Iggy over Cardinal or Blake smashing on Gallo. Way better than DeRozan.

  21. Eric Frazier says:

    sorry Sekou…..Blakezilla’s had at least 3 dunks sicker than this one.

  22. Stereoview says:

    You can’t be serious. This is just a garden variety Griffin dunk by Derozen. The dunk over Mozgov was possibly the best dunk ever. 25 games in, Griffin’s highlights are better than most all other NBA players except Wilkins or Kemp. Actually the highlights of just that Knicks game are better than most NBA players for their whole career.

  23. miro says:

    I completely agree with U!!! Look at his dunk when he kiss the rim flying over Cardinal. But much better is when he throws it down over G-Dubb He’s the best in that business.
    BTW Iggy should have won Slam Dunk Contest in 2006, instead of Little Nate.

  24. chrisman says:

    Nice… but not nice enough. Blake Griffin for dunk(s) of the year in all categories. Dude is just SICK!!!

  25. Carl says:

    Jarek i like the idea of the dunk contest bringing some one from TFB

    and what blake did was a throw down not a throw in and is still technically a dunk.

  26. pete says:

    blake griffin did not dunk it was like dwight howards “throw it in the net”. demar derozan is more athletic and has more air time than griffin. demar wins this hands down…

  27. Lex says:

    Please get James White in the dunk contest. He was picked up by Houston, San Antonio, etc. but was never good enough to have actual playing time for them. ALL his dunks are from the free throw line. Windmill from the free throw line and between the legs from the free throw line. Get HIM in the dunk contest! Youtube him if you think I am making this up.

  28. Lex says:

    Please get James White in the dunk contest. He was picked up by Hosusotn, San Antonio, etc. but was never good enough to have actual playing time for them. ALL his dunks are from the free throw line. Windmill from the free throw line and between the legs from the free throw line. Get HIM in the dunk contest! Youtube him if you think I am making this up.

    • Scott says:

      I want to see a no name kinda guy in the dunk contest. There are teams out there that have guys that don’t get much playing time that can jump to the ceiling! I’m tired of Lebron. They tried to get him in the dunk contest and he denied them. He lost his chance. Lex i’m all for James White or Jeremy Evans (Jazz). Maybe a little guy would be fun to be in it too. Like Ronnie Price! (Jazz)

  29. Larry Coleman says:

    actually the blake griffin dunk wasnt really a dunk………. (never touched the rim) and the jordan hill was a bit nasty then this we you u say on somebody…

  30. Jaedan says:

    Blake Griffin on MOZGOV!



  31. Victor Manoel says:


  32. herbigmonster says:

    both were nice but ill give the edge to derozan because he is a shooting guard goin up over a shot blocker

  33. James says:

    Blake Griffin’s dunk wasnt a dunk, it was a throw in like dwight howard in the slam dunk contest, DeMar wins this hands down

    • Riley says:

      Just because Griffin defied gravity and was able to throw the ball from to far away to dunk your saying he doesn’t deserve dunk of the year. Dwight Howard won the dunk contest doing only difference Griffin did it in a game over some one. Griffin’s dunk wins PERIOD

    • jimmy says:

      yea i agree blake is good but his dunks are overated any one can throw a dunk in if they r 6 10

      • Grant says:

        Okay, go find videos of all the people who are 6’10 doing what he did…. oh, you only found one other? oh, and that was in a dunk competition and not in someones face? that’s what i thought.

  34. James Not Worthy says:

    This is sick…but griffin on mozgov was waaaaaaaaaaay sicker. That’s the dunk of the year, not this one.

    • nunya says:

      I agree…DeRozan’s was nice but Griffin over Mozgov was ridiculous.

      …and I suspect Griffin will be having QUITE a few more of those…

      • Jarek says:

        ^ yup, monstar slam on Mozgov by Blake is the best facial of the season now, i would still give some credit to Eric Gordon for his jam against the Spurs and yet once again to Griffin for his behind the back 3-60 against the Knicks/Gallinari.

        anybody notice that ther havn’t been any discussion about the athleticism of Griffin vs. LeBron yet ? i would give blake slice of the edge here due to his height (amazing versatility for that kind of big guy)

        btw All Star Game Dunk Contest:

        – Blake Griffin
        – Lebron James
        – Shannon Brown
        – winner from amateur Sprite Slam Dunk Contest ( let’s say Air Up There or Justin Darlington with one of those under both legs, or simple jumping over 6’10 between his legs)

        how bout that ?

      • Grant says:

        Derrick Rose NEEEDS to be in the dunk contest! And yes, sick on DD, but i like Griffins more too!

      • rhys says:

        yer i htink D,rose would be good in the dunk contest… not to tall…… and i reckon d.rose gets dunk of the year against the kicks.. two hand behind the head